SE01E02 - Are you down with PPP?

SE01E02 - Are you down with PPP?


Join Mickey & Mallory as they dive into the world of online dating! You'll hear how they failed hard, brought it back together, and what makes a great online profile...hopefully while having a laugh at our expense.

**Part 1**

Mallory invents the worst screen name in the history of screen names. Naturally, it follows us for 8 years before we let it go.

**Part 2**

Using PPP to build a great online presence. Pictures, Personality, and Presence.
Find out how we use those things to make a profile stand out from the crowd.

**Part 3**

Our special segment today is: NOW YOU KNOW!
We'll talk about the House Resolution 1865 that became the "SESTA-FOSTA Act," or the "Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act - Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act." (I'm really glad they made this an acronym...that's a mouthful.) This act dramatically changed online dating and where we interact, so we'll tell you why it did and why it's a good thing!

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