SE02E20 - Ma Ma Ma My Corona - Music Parodies, Video Chats, & Doc Judy on COVID-19

SE02E20 - Ma Ma Ma My Corona - Music Parodies, Video Chats, & Doc Judy on COVID-19

The reach of the COVID is strong! We're late to the party with this latest episode, where we catch up on some of the video chats, family time, and music we've been into during this quarantine. Also, we celebrate some of the parodies created by the amazing users on Youtube in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Doc Judy joins us for a short interview to discuss COVID and it's impact on the lifestyle, and a sweet new cocktail from Mallory on COCKTAIL corner!

All songs are the property of the creators and can be consumed in their entirety on YouTube at the addresses linked below


National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Secrets Hideaway - Our home away from home in Central Florida


Tabu Social Club

ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Casual Toys - Because your pleasure is priceless

Podcast A Palooza Event: May 2020

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Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica

Desire Resorts

Bliss Cruise

Double Date Nation

Our Naughty Escapades

Euphoria Chronicles

Swinging Downunder

Sapphic Swingers


Links to the AMAZING Youtubers with COVID parody songs:

The Holderness Family - Songs to get you through this

Brent McCollough - Stayin' Inside

Luke Murgatroyd - I think we're alone now

Chris Mann - My Corona

Chris Mann - Stay Home Vogue

Rekording & Chris Franklin - Stay the Fck At Home

Adrian Grimes & Dana Jay Bein - Coronavirus Rhapsody


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