SE03E21 - Hotwife Euphoria (w/ The Monogamish Marriage)

SE03E21 - Hotwife Euphoria (w/ The Monogamish Marriage)

A hotwife pursues her own sexual adventures for pleasure & excitement with the blessing of a loving husband who is excited by her adventures. Mallory has a great time as a hotwife when she feels the urge, but we recently learned that another couple we VERY much respect has engaged in similar encounters with very similar emotions in the aftercare phases of their experiences.

Kate & Liam, the authors of "The Monogamish Marriage" blog, are a married couple from Canada who articulately, humorously, and lovingly detail their journeys in non-monogamy for their readers. They're friends of ours and we've wanted to have them on the show for ages...what better time to have them on than right after some of the hottest times of the last few years...Podcast-A-Palooza!

We talk about the emotional impact of hotwifing experiences on each of us, what drives us, and why men are so damned excited that we might actually REWARD our wives for their deliciously slutty behaviors.

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