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Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear makes some of the coolest, most innovative furniture items to augment your bedroom games.  We have Angela from Liberator join us to tell us more about this great company making American made furniture to liberate your sex life!

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"She had a club foot, she wanted to put it on my shoulder...I was shocked..."

"It was a stump..."



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Mickey & Mallory have been on the road more than they've been home for the last month or so, including Jamaica and the bitter, frozen tundra of the great state of Iowa. They recap an epic first February Rascal's trip and a wedding born of love on the beaches of Jamaica. Also, Mallory finds herself of the wrong end of a waterboarding experience! (Or...the right one. Depends on your point of view.) In Mallory's Toybox, we talk about Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear and some of our favorite toys from this innovative manufacturer of bedroom goodies!

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"I convinced myself that she is the only thing in my life at that time; That she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen; I kiss her, I caress her, I dance with her, and make her feel special...because I feel special being with her."

Harry Lange, CEO & Owner of Hedonism II on his secret to success

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