Welcome & Thanks for Stopping By!

Welcome & Thanks for Stopping By!

Welcome, Casual Swingers!

Thanks for stopping in and checking out CasualSwinger.com! 

I’m Mickey and she’s Mallory, and we want to welcome each and every one of you that has a Casual Swinger inside you!  (Get it?  See what we did there?)

Wait…what?  What’s a “Casual Swinger,” anyway?  Well, that’s the easy part.  Everyone is a casual swinger, at least at first.  When it comes to us, we’re definitely “casual.”  That means we LOVE our lifestyle friends, and every relationship we’ve made along the way.  But with kids & dogs, jobs and…I dunno…problems?; It’s just not easy to make time for spicing things up with other folks.  There’s a Casual Swinger in all of us, who mix our personal lives with this crazy alter-ego we seem to embody in the lifestyle.  Between work, kids, vanilla friends, and the avalanche of responsibilities that come with them, it’s a wonder we make time to breathe!  But, let’s be honest…it’s a lot.  We listen to these podcasts and look at hundreds of profiles, some with exotic travels and lives that just look like they are ALWAYS somewhere.  Gotta admit…sometimes it can make a person jealous!  Some of our good friends up north, for example, call themselves “non-breeders,” and travel the world meeting friends on every continent.  #envy.  Many times, casual is the best we can commit to.

Great friendships are hard to find, too!  Sure, we meet folks at one event or another who we share a hobby with and we become friends, but how often does that result in a sweaty pile of naked bodies?  Unless you were already hanging out with some seriously awesome people, probably not very often.  That’s one of the coolest things about being in the lifestyle, though.  The people are, in general, some of the coolest, most laid back and down to earth folks you’ll ever meet…if you have the time.  So, as a casual swinger, what sort of challenges do you encounter?  Do the relationships take longer to develop?  What works for you? 

Those are some of the questions we’ll tackle on the regular as we apply our twisted perspective to our cartwheel through the lifestyle.  We’ll talk about some of our stories from over 10 years in the lifestyle as a couple, and even a few from before we met.  We’ll interview some names and faces from around the lifestyle, and with any luck, make some new friends.  Most importantly, we’ll approach this just like we do if we met in public…with humor and affection, and a large dose of professional-grade sarcasm.  (Provided by yours truly.)

In reality though, it’s hard to be a pro at anything.  Just wait until our first episode and we’re sure you’ll see that for yourselves…we’re not professionals. We’re the Mom & Dad, the man & woman, or even the boy & girl next door, living a lifestyle decidedly less than ordinary.  

Casually yours,