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Great music and hilarious anectdotes right away. Quips such as "Judge Swapner" and a tale of an Italian woman sucking fireball-soaked gummy bears out of a man's ass pool-side at Hedo make it a must listen.

That Couple Next Door - fellow LS podcasters

OMG - both the toy fails and the Halloween hotel party fails had us rolling! But also super helpful as we’re headed to our first hotel party this weekend, so thanks for all the hilarious perspective!

Ric & Rachel

I highly recommend episode 3 though if anyone hasn't listened to it. If you have kids AND you're in the Lifestyle it's a must-listen! I don't think I've laughed that hard at a podcast before... Thanks guys! You make my boring commute fun!

mt4morefun (again...but it was too good to leave off!)

CHECK THIS OUT!! The Casual Swinger Podcast!! Excellent show! It’s smart, sexy, funny, and very informative!! Keep up the great work, @casualswinger!


Listened to episode one! Probably the best 'first' podcast I've listened to. You two come off as professionals! And it just goes up from here! Nicely done.


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