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All Cucked Up w/ Cuckoldress Venus

Thu, 9/2 10:24AM • 59:49


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Cuckoldress Venus, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advised.


Mickey Gordon  00:51

Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. My name is Mickey. And I’m Mallory. And we have some fun stuff teed up for you guys in the essence of what went on two weeks ago with Jack and Kissy, we have a cooked up situation for you.


Mallory Gordon  01:09

Yeah, in response to all of the questions and feedback that we got from the episode with jack and Kizzy. We wanted to bring cuckolds Venus back on to talk to us a little bit about that dynamic. Um, she has a brand new podcast out there. That’s right. She’s a blogger, been a blogger for four years now, and has been a big contributor to this part of the lifestyle.


Mickey Gordon  01:29

Yeah, so we figured we’d get her in here to answer kind of some questions from maybe a little bit of an authoritative point of view and tell you a little bit about her podcast. She’s up to like three episodes now. So


Mallory Gordon  01:39

yeah, and they’re wonderful. Actually, it’s


Mickey Gordon  01:41

the first time we’ve had another podcaster on our show, if you can believe Oh, my gosh,


Mallory Gordon  01:44

it is. Yeah, I didn’t think of that.


Mickey Gordon  01:46

And we’ve got so many great friends that are content creators swinging down under Keaton Darrow, which we we actually have a great show teed up to do with them, so we’re gonna do it. I mean, well, no, we didn’t we did. We were on Janie Angie show. Technically. Yeah, that’s true. So I guess yeah, a


Mallory Gordon  02:01

couple times. Yeah. Cuz we run a Jamaican than our Austin trip.


Mickey Gordon  02:04

Yeah. So yeah, we’ve done it. But this is like the first time we’ve ever like sat down and had somebody on like, in the casual Springer studios in Orlando, Florida. But I’m excited. It was a really cool interview. And I think you guys are really gonna dig it. But I’m like, we’re cramming all this stuff in right here before we leave.


Mallory Gordon  02:25

Yeah, we have like days, like 12345 days before we hate your fingers to aged when? I’m not. I don’t math. Well. Okay. That’s


Mickey Gordon  02:36

why you can’t tell me how many men you’ve been with.


Mallory Gordon  02:42

This is called dead air. Why are you Why do I have to keep count? We’re just having fun. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  02:48

That’s fantastic. So we aren’t leaving for hedonism. We’re leaving on Friday with Rachel’s rascals and this is our February trip. We’re really excited about it. Very


Mallory Gordon  02:58

excited. I mean, that’s, that’s our most favorite place on Earth. Let’s be honest, your listeners


Mickey Gordon  03:03

going to I know.


Mallory Gordon  03:05

I know. I’m so excited to have our listeners there. It’s gonna be a wonderful trip. We have a lot planned some new games, some newer games and some fast favorites.


Mickey Gordon  03:16

Yeah, yeah, it’s, I mean, I know we’re gonna play FaceTime and melancholy. He said, that’s gonna mean that game was just crazy. Last time. There was fuckin watermelon everywhere. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  03:28

I’m excited. I’m so excited. We have a new one. It’s like throwing some game. That’s gonna be like a flirt game. Kind of with a twist. I love that big


Mickey Gordon  03:36

twist. Yeah, so that’s, that’s gonna be crazy. And I think during FaceTime was the only time I’ve ever seen you look at a man and say spit on me. Oh my gosh, I was so good. I was so good. Like, what the hell? But yeah, we’re going to Hito we’re going to be at Hito from Friday of this week. So you guys are gonna listen to this tonight. So cache from Friday, right on through the following Sunday.


Mallory Gordon  03:58

Yeah, February 21. through March 1.


Mickey Gordon  04:01

Yeah. So if you happen to be crossing over with us, come find us. We’re not hard to spot now.


Mallory Gordon  04:05

Mickey will be wearing a ridiculous hat. So it’s kind of my thing.


Mickey Gordon  04:09

Yeah. Kind of what I do.


Mallory Gordon  04:12

Yeah, I’ll be frolicking behind him. That’s what I do when I’m there. I frolic I wiggle.


Mickey Gordon  04:17

frolic, wiggle you and Rachel just wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.


Mallory Gordon  04:21

Yeah, she’s the queen of Wiggles, though.


Mickey Gordon  04:23

I’m looking forward to it. I just I’m looking forward to being in one of my favorite places on the planet with some of my favorite people on the planet. Maybe drink a little bit of tequila?


Mallory Gordon  04:32

Yeah, some rum cream dirty bananas.


Mickey Gordon  04:35

Yeah, was the diag excited. That’s all right. It’s gonna be a blast. And let’s see what else we got going on. Where you’re going to Nashville. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  04:44

this trip is gonna be amazing. I’ve never been to Nashville. So I’m super excited. I can’t wait to get a concert. But we’ve it’s developed into a get together now. Oh, it’s legit thing.


Mickey Gordon  04:54

Yeah. So here’s kind of the details, guys. So we are going we got a hotel. We have a Roomba. I’m going to put all of this on casual today. So if you go to casual travel with us, there’s going to be a big spot right there where you’re going to get all these details, but I’m going to tell you real quick anyway, right on. We’re staying at the Millennium Maxwell House in downtown Nashville. You got a room rate of $149 a night for Friday and Saturday night, which means we’re going to party in downtown Nashville on Friday because Mallory and I are going to a concert. Yes, but then you’re going to be able to party with people like double eight nation. Yeah. Chronicle or not escapades. So you’re gonna have plenty of people to keep you busy while we’re at a concert. But then we’ll catch you guys afterward.


Mallory Gordon  05:38

Yeah, I think we’re trying to talk sapphic into joining us as well.


Mickey Gordon  05:42

Yeah, so that’s gonna be so much fun. Now, by the way, Saturday night, we’re going to Minaj


Mallory Gordon  05:47

Ooh, that’s right. We have a theme night for that too. Doing


Mickey Gordon  05:50

thigh highs in Bogota. It’s gonna be so high. It’s gonna be so fun sex. There’s


Mallory Gordon  05:54

something about women and thigh highs that just drives me insane. And that’s why it’s so hot.


Mickey Gordon  06:01

I am. So looking forward to this. We’ve never been to Minaj you’ve never been to Nashville now. So this is just going to be a great event. And we’re going to be staying like I said at the Millennium Maxwell House. Why did we pick that place? They have a bar, they have a restaurant. They gave us a great rate. And they have a bus to get us downtown. So no Uber, which is going to be great. It’s gonna save folks money.


Mallory Gordon  06:20

Yeah. And from the pictures, I wouldn’t anticipate opulence. Now it looks like it looks like a very clean place. I mean it and it’s centrally located, which was very important. I mean, because to Nashville can be expensive. Oh


Mickey Gordon  06:31

my god. The first time I looked at the rooms, they were like, $350 a night. And I’m like, I don’t need Porsche swingers showing up going. We just spent our whole life savings to come hang out with you for a weekend to be inexpensive.


Mallory Gordon  06:41

Well, and let’s be honest, we didn’t want to spend the money either. You don’t


Mickey Gordon  06:45

want to get the hotel. Exactly. As long as it’s clean. I’m good. Alright, so we’re gonna be in Nashville on April 3 and fourth. And that’ll be at the Millennium Maxwell House. We’re really looking forward to it. I think it’s gonna be awesome.


Mallory Gordon  07:01

I am super excited. I can’t wait. Right?


Mickey Gordon  07:03

And what about film again, that’s coming. for that.


Mallory Gordon  07:07

Thank you so much. Because I know our schedules are really crazy this year. And we’ve actually had to dial back a bit and try to like leverage PTO with our vanilla jobs and the kids and everything. And I knew this was a challenge. I don’t have a lot of expense when it comes to my personal time off with work right now. And I really appreciate going because I had some serious FOMO with Oh, my missing out


Mickey Gordon  07:31

on the foam FOMO Yeah, foam Mo. Mo FOMO FOMO show? Oh, I hope they don’t listen. Anyway, no, it’s I gotta tell you, when we do things, we go places, you know, we try to host and make sure everybody’s having a really good time. And we work pretty hard to make sure our friends are having a good time. But this phone party of euphoria is Yeah, we’re we’re just going to have fun.


Mallory Gordon  07:57

I know. And I am super excited. We here I mean, Randy do such an incredible job. And I really want to be there to see it firsthand. I mean, and support them and see our friends and meet new friends. So I


Mickey Gordon  08:09

want to see how the crows do it. Right. These guys know what exactly, exactly. And they do so much to support the community to like there’s like they’re like, hey, send us like last year, send us your stuff. We’ll put your stuff on a table and promote casual swinger, it would have nothing in return. I


Mallory Gordon  08:24

know. They’re just amazing humans. So lucky. can’t ask for


Mickey Gordon  08:28

more and we get to see Bob and Nikki and sapphic is coming and it’s just going to be stupid. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  08:33

Jay and Angie are coming like holy crap.


Mickey Gordon  08:37

You know, putting j and I in the same place with a whole lot of


Mallory Gordon  08:40

liquor. So my favorite, so my favorite.


Mickey Gordon  08:43

That guy and I should not be allowed in the same building. Dude, I’m


Mallory Gordon  08:46

gonna bring tissues because I’ll be crying from laughter


Mickey Gordon  08:50

I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see them. I know. We’re gonna see them this year. We’re gonna do film again this year. We got so many cool things coming up now. Just so you guys know last thing about hedonism. Before we get up to the last thing that we want to talk about. Our November trip is all most sold out. Yeah, it is. So if you are thinking about going to Hito with casual swinger and Rachel’s rascals this year, you’ve got to reach out to us very soon. We are literally like 90% sold out. I


Mallory Gordon  09:19

think we’re over 90 now.


Mickey Gordon  09:21

Yeah, it’s crazy how fast this trip is booked up. This is going to be the largest rascal trip ever. Yep. And the last year was already the largest we we sold out all of those rooms in the first like five days after we got back.


Mallory Gordon  09:35

Yeah, yeah. And it’s a great dynamic. It’s a high energy group. We have the cat crews that always sells out, right? Yeah, yeah, there’s a waiting list. Because we try to keep everyone on one boat. So we’re all together same energy. Um, so if that’s something you’re interested in and haven’t booked it and already going into November, definitely look into that because the cat cruises a lot of fun. We have pool parties. I mean the tequila. It’s just, it’s insane. We take over the disco.


Mickey Gordon  09:59

It’s gonna be be crazy. And the other thing that I think is a big attractant for us this year, is we’re sharing space with the dirty pervs of week. So, that is a great party we’ve saw for years that uh, you want to go to the best party you’ve ever seen major legit party


Mallory Gordon  10:15

every single day.


Mickey Gordon  10:17

Yeah, that those guys throw the best party on earth. And we throw a damn good party.


Mallory Gordon  10:22

We do. But our livers also need a break.


Mickey Gordon  10:24

Yeah. I’m telling you if you come in November, with Rachel’s rascals and casual swinger, and you get to party with dirty perv weak, I will suggest that you actually apologize ahead of time to your liver. Yes, you might need to. It’s crazy. So anywho let’s talk about the last and most important thing that I am really excited about another 80% sold out event.


Mallory Gordon  10:46

Yeah, p cap and Miami in May. Yeah, that’s coming up. I am so excited to be amongst some of these people in our community and industry that I really respect. I mean, we’re gonna have a lot of podcasters and content creators there. There’s going to be breakout seminars. Dude, the work that Kate has done, like we just want I think I can’t love or respect this woman more. She upped the ante I mean, she’s organized she’s creative. She’s constantly looking at you know, something like this event and like how do I bring the most value to people that are attending? What do they want how how can we give them you know what they what they’re looking for? And the entertainment alone for me is just I’m blown away by her I really


Mickey Gordon  11:29

am and keep in mind we’re talking about I mean, we’re gonna have we got a thing swinger diaries, US average swingers sex uninterrupted, uninterrupted, sapphic. It’s it just the list, the list goes


Mallory Gordon  11:43

on and on. And there’s no way we could name off everybody without leaving somebody out. No,


Mickey Gordon  11:47

I’m too stupid. But I will say this. This is a can’t miss event. This is going to be one that’s talked about for a very long time. Yeah. And I do think if you have any capacity to get to this thing you should. And of course, it’ll be in the show notes. If you want to go check it out and see more information. Or you can just go to the website, www dot podcast, dash, a dash Or you can follow him on twitter at Palooza podcast and get a little more information. Now. We got a couple of minutes left here to go over what we’re doing today.


Mallory Gordon  12:18

Yes, I’m so excited. So again, we got some really great feedback and responses from our episode with jackin Kizzy, that couple is so amazing. And I think if we had to pick someone who’s a shining example of a cook relationship, a cooking relationship, they really frame it beautifully. I mean, even the dynamic with their bowl was amazing. But we did get a lot of responses that, you know, you and I aren’t in that scene. You know, we have our experiences, I’ve been a hot wife, we have our you know, for some reason, you know, stuff that happens. So we’re not really in authority to speak to it. So we thought it best to bring her back on and have some dialogue. And she also just started her podcast


Mickey Gordon  12:58

seemed like a great reason. And what I loved when we did this interview with her, is how she just kind of gushed over jackin kisi she’s just she lost her shit before we before we even started recording. She did


Mallory Gordon  13:09

it and she’s an amazing human being. And I love that she takes such an intimate part of herself and shares it with the community. And she’s she’s unabashed, and she’s, you know, very straightforward about it.


Mickey Gordon  13:19

Yeah, and everything she does kind of comes from a place of love. Yes, whether it’s a love for herself or a love for her cook or it’s or a you know, a love or respect that they share with the bowl. I think it was a really, really cool conversation to have. And I think it really kind of when you combine that body of work with the conversation we had with jack and kissy it really kind of completed the story.


Mallory Gordon  13:44

It really does. It really does because you know we were talking about this I don’t know however many months ago when you research cook or cook holding and porn. It’s what number one number two. Oh, yeah,


Mickey Gordon  13:56

it’s way up there.


Mallory Gordon  13:56

It’s way up there.


Mickey Gordon  13:57

everybody’s watching that shit and


Mallory Gordon  13:59

I love porn, but I don’t know that the porn I’ve seen in that environment or under that category really paints the picture that in the wild it how it really is. So


Mickey Gordon  14:10

yeah, maybe not. I it’s I’m I don’t watch a ton of that that kind of porn in particular, but


Mallory Gordon  14:16

I get it my porn k hole so I am watching like a bunch of things because I’m not one that watches a lot of porn to masturbate. I watch porn to get in a sexy state sometimes.


Mickey Gordon  14:26

Well, just because I’m bored just different porn than sober me does because I wake up after a night of drinking and be like, why was when I’m not into wizards? wizard porn, wizard porn, look at my wand. orgasmic or make them yeah. Okay, love you. That’s our cue guys. We’re gonna jump into this conversation with good soldiers Venus malar. You want to let her know where they can find us?


Mallory Gordon  14:52

Absolutely. You can find us as casual swinger everywhere. That is casual swinger calm. We’re also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Cassady SLS double eight nation quiver an STC.


Mickey Gordon  15:05

That’ll do it. We’ll be back in a hot second, you’re listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  15:31

Welcome back everybody to casual swinger Mallory here.


Mickey Gordon  15:34

Oh, I’m Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  15:35

And hey, guys, we have something a little different for you. Today, we’re revisiting one of our most popular guests on the podcast, called Coulter’s penis.


Mickey Gordon  15:45

You know, you know, the sex was good when you go back for it again, right? Oh, yeah. Okay, Venus, honey, how are you? We haven’t had sex with you. But you know what, this was almost as good.


Cuckoldress Venus  15:54

Hi, guys. It’s so great to be back. I’m great. Thank you.


Mickey Gordon  15:58

So Venus, you are a cold dress, you are a blogger. And now you’re a podcaster We are so excited to have you join our community of content creators. And you know, your your dynamic is different in the lifestyle. It’s still lifestyle is very different. Right. So we It was so much fun to have you back in right after, you know, we had jack and Casey on last week, and we heard you listen to that episode. Everyone was asking questions about it. We’re like, you know what, we’re not qualified. But we know a girl who is. So we wanted to get you back out here. So do us a favor. Tell us what you’ve been doing? And this podcast? And like, I mean, what? How did you take the leap?


Mallory Gordon  16:35

Yeah, cuz you started as a blogger, right. So


Cuckoldress Venus  16:38

yeah, talking? Yeah. Okay. So I have been The Reluctant podcaster. I will say that, because it’s not something that I wanted to do for because I just was overwhelmed with the idea of it. But yeah, I’ve been blogging for four years. And with, I’ve always been trying to reach women with my blog. And that’s been a bit of a challenge, like 95% of my readers are men. And so I kind of took a little bit of a break last fall, and I was like, Okay, what should I do, because I want to be able to kind of branch out and, and reach more women and kind of let them know about this, this cuck lifestyle. And there’s this kind of relationship. So it was actually it was a friend of mine on Twitter, who sent me a link to like podcasting one on one. And he’s like, I really think that you’d be great at it, you should really consider it. And I was like, No, I don’t think so like, this is too much work. And it’s expensive. And I don’t know what I’ll be doing. And it’s a big commitment and stuff. But then I was like, Okay, fine. I’ll just read this link that he sent me. And so it was basically like a podcasting one on one. Like how how to do it most simple way possible. And so I was like, Okay, well, this actually doesn’t sound too difficult. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and do it. And I literally within, like 10 minutes, just decided, Okay, I’m just gonna order the stuff I need. And I’m just gonna just go for it. And didn’t want to kind of know what I was doing.


Mickey Gordon  18:13

For taking all the mystique out of our fucking job.


Cuckoldress Venus  18:17

Right now, I thought it would be so much harder than it actually was, I guess because so many people are podcasting now that there’s lots of resources online about how to do it. So I was like, oh, like I if I have a question, I can literally just YouTube question and just like figure it all out right then and there. So it was way easier than I thought it would be. And so yeah, now I’m podcasting. And I’ve done three episodes, and I’m just having so much fun with it. But it is a little bit difficult trying to find the time to do it. Because my my life is pretty, pretty busy as it is. But it’s been great so far. I think


Mallory Gordon  18:56

it’s gonna be a wonderful outlet and an additional resource out there. And I love that you’re trying to reach women specifically. Because when we do engage in some of these conversations, or we get questions that surround cook cooking, it’s usually from a male perspective. So I love that. So can you tell us a little bit about the format that you’ve chosen? It’s a little bit more of a short form, which I think is easily digestible. And what’s your thing like? How often are you releasing like, What’s your plan?


Cuckoldress Venus  19:23

So yeah, I aim to be just about 20 minutes in length for the podcast because it’s just me speaking. So I’m not I don’t have guests or anything. Not yet. Anyway, I’m a little bit you know, afraid of that part. But it’s just me speaking. And so 20 minutes and I I talked about a little bit about my story. I talked a little bit about my ideas and beliefs about cuckolding and relationships and stuff like that and have some sort of tips for couples and singles and stuff. And so yeah, I just I keep it short and sweet. And I’ve been aiming for launching a new episode every two weeks, which is just about as much as I can do right now. So we’ll see how that goes. And maybe it’ll be more often maybe it’ll be less often. But for now, that seems to be just right.


Mallory Gordon  20:15

I think you got a good thing going there. I mean, it’s a very, because I listened to first couple of episodes, I downloaded the third today. And you really do connect with your perspective there. And you know, like you said, it’s just you, but it feels very intimate. So I think you got a great formula there.


Cuckoldress Venus  20:32

Thank you. Yeah, you know what, I just try to be myself and tell my story and just try to get across my feelings about how amazing this kind of relationship can be, and how amazing it can be for women, specifically, how empowering it is for women. And, you know, part of the introduction to every episode that I have is says, For the sexually empowered woman who wants it all. And that’s really what this is all about. If I can portray that, then I feel like I’ve succeeded.


Mickey Gordon  21:03

Yeah, obviously, I mean, it’s I I personally is a guy. I even love that though, because I think when we talk about anything, sexual men always seem to kind of put themselves at the forefront because, you know, I don’t know, maybe they’re the one you know, providing penetration or, or whatever it is, that makes men feel like they’re always driving the bus. I love when women are driving the bus. Because that means as a giver, I can really see you being satisfied with getting something that you want. I’m pointing at Mallory right now. So I love that you’re doing that. And you’re coming at this from a feminine perspective. So when it comes to your podcast, I mean, is it about visibility to COC holding as as or it being a cuckold dress as a lifestyle choice? Is it about promoting cuckolding as a lifestyle choice? Or is it? Is it more about education? What is your goal?


Cuckoldress Venus  21:55

It’s literally all of that, my my hope was that it would be in the category of relationships online. I managed to do that. And I was super happy with that, because that’s what I want to be able to promote the most about this kind of thing is that it’s an actual relationship. And it is not so strange and not so weird and not so taboo as people might think it is. And so if I kind of packages, package it as something that’s a little bit more mainstream, then maybe more women would be able to look at it and think about it as like, Okay, well, maybe I could actually like some of this. Or maybe I’d be open to this as a possibility. So that’s what I’m kind of hoping to do. But also education is huge. I mean, there’s so much out there online, that is not true about this kind of relationship, there’s so much out there that kind of deceived people a little bit about what it really is all about. So I really just would like to set the record straight about what it actually is versus what you actually see. And so that’s a big part of it for me.


Mallory Gordon  23:02

I love that. And, you know, the fact that this is tied and dedicated to cook holding, in general, to get the most out of that lifestyle. I mean, it is really awesome. And I’d like to dig into it just a little bit and give our listeners a little bit of a refresh. Can you tell us what a coldness is?


Cuckoldress Venus  23:21

Yeah. So it’s, your listeners might be more familiar with hot wifing, which is basically just like wife sharing, so where he’s not playing with other people, he’s just simply loved watching his wife sleeps with other guys. And so that’s what hot wiping is there’s no kind of power imbalances, not a lot of sexual denial or anything like that. And it’s very just, it’s just, he really gets off on watching her. And so that’s, I think, the most common form of this, where, you know, he’s still call the CAC and she’s a hot wife. It’s also called stag and Vixen is a new terms that have come around to kind of differentiate what what it is versus cockling. But with cocooning, it’s a little bit different. There is the same dynamic where she could sleep with whoever she wants, and he cannot. But they both love it that way. I mean, obviously, we both have to really enjoy it that way. It’s not about unfairness although it seems like it’s unfair, but it’s really not because he gets off on it like that. And she loves it that way as well. So with cackling there is this kind of power imbalance it is more about her and she is more the one who is in the driver’s seat. She’s the one making the decisions about who she books, and it really just comes down to her happiness is his happiness entirely. So it’s a it’s a it’s a beautiful thing. It really is. But there is some sexual denial. There is some sort of what we call humiliation which I know sounds like like it’s kind of a mean sounding more But I like to call it a tease. And so if you think about a sexual tease, it’s more like that where he’s actually getting something out of it. The little embarrassing it’s a little bit you know, makes him a little anxious and stuff like that. But he’s so turned on by it. That’s what I mean by humiliation. So with cackling there is that factor involved? And that’s the part that I love the most. Why I can’t I’m not into hot lighting. This is why COVID is my thing.


Mickey Gordon  25:30

That’s really, really crazy. So like we talked about earlier, our last episode with jack and Casey, they were really, really passionate about this lifestyle, and about each other and the love that they share together. And one of the aspects that they talked about in some of their stories were the humiliation aspects and kind of the mindfuck that went on, not just between him and her, but him and her bowl. So yeah, when we talk about what a cuckold dress is, and you just did a really good job of kind of articulating what a cuckold is, there’s a lot of permutations to this and porn has done a really good job of making it look like a cut has to be humiliated. So in your opinion, can you be can you be in a cuckold relationship without it being humiliating? And, and how, what’s sort of the differences between something that’s genuinely humiliating in cities? Because I think the tease is probably a lot more attractive to people than the idea of being humiliated.


Cuckoldress Venus  26:31

Yeah, I want to say first of all, I want to say that episode Oh my with jack and kissy, holy man, that was such a great episode. I loved it so much. The passion and excitement they had for their relationship in this style of relationship is just amazing. They were so much fun to listen to. And their story was just incredible. Their wedding night. Oh, my God


Mickey Gordon  26:58

said that, oh, Venus is gonna shit.


Cuckoldress Venus  27:01

Oh my god, I was so jealous when I was listening to that it was like, but so happy for them to I mean, I love hearing stories of couples who are in this kind of relationship dynamic, and it’s successful and loving and long term and just fantastic. As I’m sure it is for you guys, when you talk to other swingers who are in this in your lifestyle, that swinger lifestyle, who are just, you know, they’re, they’re incredible at it and then succeeding in every single way. You’re just like, oh, it just makes you feel good. I don’t remember what I was gonna answer that question. I just got a little carried away with jack and kissy because they’re just so incredible.


Mickey Gordon  27:47

What we were talking about is humiliation. And is it is it punishment is how do you make the tease less humiliating or less negative?


Cuckoldress Venus  27:58

Yeah, so Okay, I’m with the with that, okay. This is common misconception that, to be a cop, you have to be less of a man, you have to be like lower on the totem pole, you got to be submissive, you have to be weak people associate COC with weak, weak in every way. And with a when a guy thinks of a cop, they think of physically weak, mentally weak, emotionally weak, and less of a man. And this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because to be a cut, like you said earlier, this is a mindfuck this kind of relationship is really a mindfuck. It’s a mix of emotions, it’s a roller coaster ride, you have to be actually very strong to be a cat. You have to be strong in so many ways. And I think jack is such an excellent way of showing that. Okay, these he’s not worried about his wife leaving him for someone else. Because, okay, maybe he can’t give her the, you know, 10 inch stick that this bull can but he gives her every single thing else. And so she’s so fulfilled in every single way, because he’s in her life. And so, I think that for people that think that a cat needs to be disrespected or feel disrespected, is totally untrue. It’s absolutely untrue. In fact, a cuckold dress, loves her cup, so much that she adores him in the same kind of way that he adores her and that’s just the way it is. So when it comes to differentiate, differentiating between a tease and humiliation, I feel like humiliation is or or teasing is really whatever it is that that couple defines it as, and it’s different for each couple. So it depends on what he likes. It depends on what he wants and he wants to feel like his dick is really small compared to her bowls and he loves being you know teased about that. He gets off on that. And then that’s great. That’s what it is for them if that’s hurtful for a cook, and he doesn’t really enjoy that, that she’s not going to do that. And so it’s really about like, what it is that your your partner finds enjoyable. And that, yeah, so in that that’s so different for each couple.


Mallory Gordon  30:20

So it sounds like it takes like a high level of communication and maybe a little bit of trial and error. You really have to know your partner and figure out what those teasing or humiliation points are, they get them off.


Cuckoldress Venus  30:30

My friend Mike, who does the keys and anklets podcast, he said he has this thing, and it’s so hilarious, and it’s so true. He goes hard dick never lies.


Mallory Gordon  30:45

He said something else in that dialogue we just had. pretty frequently you say cuckolding is love? Can we like talk about that a little more? What does that what does that mean? Because I think there’s a taboo out there that it’s actually emotionless. And if it’s emotion, negative, so let’s talk about the love aspect of it.


Cuckoldress Venus  31:03

I think that porn has done an injustice to this lifestyle by portraying it as merely a femme Dom kind of situation. So where, you know, he is on his hands, knees, crawling on the floor, you know, she’s stepping on and whatever kind of thing and it’s just, it’s, it’s really, you don’t, when you watch this, like that, you have zero idea of the love that’s in the relationship at all. So this is why I feel like, please don’t watch cat porn, like it is not showing what’s really going on there at all. And it’s just because it’s not possible, you can’t translate that through a screen. But cackling really is all about love. And so if it’s not, then it’s not an actual relationship. That’s why this whole thing kind of only works within a relationship that’s loving, because otherwise you wouldn’t have those kind of feelings towards each other. This would just simply be role playing a scenario. And, and that’s, that’s not accurate at all. I mean, sure, you can find somebody to play a cock, cackle, just fantasy on a Friday night. And it’ll be really fun for both of you. But it’s completely not the same. In order to have that kind of mind magic that goes along with this. The sequence of events within you know, this tripod of cocktail bowl and cackle, just in order, in order for that magic to happen, there has to be that kind of love and respect there. And all three players need to be tuned into that. So yeah, it really is a gesture of love. And my friend who, who did this great piece on my blog, she wrote this post called humiliation. And she really kind of put it into perspective that when, when you’re with your partner, the ultimate symbol of love, or show of love that you can do is to give them what they want and need in different ways of your relationship, obviously, but also sexually. And so if that includes something like humiliation, if that includes something like teasing, then you would be mean not to give that to them, that would be cruel not to give that to them. It is a loving gesture, and that you’re fulfilling that part for them. And so when you learn that as a woman, you’re like, Okay, you know what, I see this differently. This is not about being mean. This is actually about love. That’s, that’s really important.


Mickey Gordon  33:30

So let’s talk about an example real quick, since we’re talking about love and in the framework of being ethical dress or or being a cock. So let’s talk about it from the husbands perspective, the wife’s perspective and the bulls perspective. What is an example in your mind of a if a cop showing his coldness loves a cold dress showing her cuck love and a bowl showing respect and or love to both of them?


Cuckoldress Venus  33:57

Okay, so between a talk and a cackle, just the the caucus involving him in some way in her sexual experiences, that’s love. And so it’s not that she’s out fucking some other guys and not telling him about it. And you know, it’s kind of secretive, or she just come home and doesn’t talk about it. I mean, that would be cruel. His whole enjoyment of this whole situation is being involved in some way, either being there hearing about it, listening about it, whatever, or, you know, like just all of these things. But that is blood. That’s how she’s gonna give him what it is that he needs. And for him to be able to give that gift of non monogamy to her and say, Look, there’s so much great sex out there. I want you to be able to enjoy that. And that’s like a huge gift. As you guys know. This is a huge gift that you give each other. Oh, yeah. And so that in itself is is so freeing, and so loving it. But it’s just like you feel like oh my god, I love this person forever for allowing me. And for a bull oh my goodness, I think jack and kisi did such a great job of talking about the way that they went through you know, guys it versus a bull and the way that they talked about this bull this military bull who by the way I wanted this number I’m just saying Sharing is caring.


Mickey Gordon  35:32

You’re listening.


Cuckoldress Venus  35:35

You’re listening. Yes. So and then the you know what the way that they talked about it where he they, it sort of clicked in their minds that a great bowl is someone who understands that rule, but also appreciates it and loves being in that role. So for me, being a cockle just I love being a cackle, just this is what I get off on, this is my thing. And for a CAC, that he you know, loves being a cat, this is exactly how his brain works. This is exactly what makes them happy. But for a bull, a real bull. That’s what he loves. He loves being in that position, he loves this kind of synergy that’s going on between the three of them. It’s not just about sex with the wife. And that’s like a huge difference. So for a bulk be like really aware of what’s going on between the wife and husband is it’s rare. And and that’s hard to find. So, when you have one, you’re just gonna keep them forever. locked down. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  36:42

yeah. Cuz it seems like in reference to that episode, like he really did have an act of participation, not just in the sex with her, but in the mindfuck. And the dynamic between the two of them and built up and into those fantasies and their needs, which was amazing. It’s completely nurturing.


Cuckoldress Venus  37:00

Oh, totally, he got right into it. And that is, that’s a real bull. That’s why they’re so hard to find is because he gets it. The key completely gets it. That’s a man. Yeah. And when you have somebody like that, that will push your boundaries a little bit. They will help you explore each other like, Oh, my God, that’s so hard to find. So good on them.


Mallory Gordon  37:20

Yeah. For real. So, you know, between Mickey and I, you know, we have our hot hot wifey in our lifestyle, like, you know, foursomes that go on. And I was sitting here wondering one day, like, how would I know sitting here in my vacuum that I would make a good cuckoldry? So if that’s something that would suit my needs? Can we talk a little bit about that? How do I know what’s right for me?


Cuckoldress Venus  37:46

Yeah, okay. So yes, very good question. Because I think a lot of wives are approached by their husbands about this kind of lifestyle. And they asked themselves that, that would be the first question, I’m sure was like, Okay. First of all, do I really understand what this is? But also, like, could I actually do this with would I be happy doing this? And yeah, there are a few qualities for a woman to really love this kind of lifestyle or be very comfortable as a casual dress. And I think the first one is that you need to have a pretty high sexual appetite. If sex is not really on your radar very often, then this is probably not on it either. And so I think that you need to really enjoy sexual exploration and not not all women have had the chance to go down that road before. So she might not be comfortable with that, but also being open to the idea that non monogamy is okay. Yeah, this is still a very difficult thing for women because they question Okay, like, is my husband still gonna love me if I’m, if I’m sleeping with somebody else? Like, they just they get worried about that, but they also get worried about their safety, like, Am I gonna be, you know, am I going to be okay, is my husband gonna be you know, watching out for me? Also, they just, they worry about like, okay, the stigma of it, like the slut shaming that goes along with it, if people find out and stuff like that, this is a huge fear. So you kind of can’t, you have to kind of own it. Yeah, I’m a sweat. I love it. I’ve always been that way. I you know, I and I found a man who loved me for it. So how lucky am I? Right? You kind of have to be okay with that. You got to get past that. And then also, I think the most important part is being able to understand the difference between sex and love. And having a clear line between the two of them and being open to the idea that different men can each give you a part of what it is that you need. And so you can get all your love and affection and adoration and everything like that. From the The guy you’re married to, and yet you can still have your sexual needs met by other people as well. But knowing that there’s that clear line in between those two, that’s really important. So either way, if you can’t figure out the difference between the two, then you’re probably going to run into some travel down the road when there’s feeling caught between you in a bowl. So that can be a little bit dangerous.


Mallory Gordon  40:25

Oh, okay. That’s a great point. And do you think the same goes for men? You know, deciding like, Am I cuck? Would I make a good cook?


Cuckoldress Venus  40:35

Yeah, I think for men, it’s like a little bit more. black and white. Like, I feel like they’re, they’re either wired that way completely, or they’re not. And it’s usually in it’s funny. If you listen to the story of Cox, the majority of them will all say, it’s happened. I had this one moment, when I feel like a switch was turned in my brain. And now I can’t ever turn it off. And or they’ll say, like, my girlfriend cheated on me. I was so devastated. But then I was so turned on after that, that’s all I can think about. Yeah, and so or like, guy will say, I, I’ve always been this way, as since as long as I can remember, this is the only thing that turns me on. So I feel like we’re cogs. This is like a hardwired thing. And so if they’re kind of not sure, if they would make a good cup, but probably not a cat, I would think it’s usually very, very obvious.


Mickey Gordon  41:34

Well, you’ve been wired this way for a very long time. And when we talked to you last year, you shared a fantasy with us about your wedding night. And it’s come up a bunch of times and a bunch of different conversations, not the least of which was that conversation with jack and Casey that we were referencing a little while ago. So when we were talking to them, we actually if you listen to episode, we actually called you out when we said we’re gonna love this shit. So remind our listeners, what is your personal fantasy for your wedding night and did jackin kissy inspire you to go get that shit done?


Cuckoldress Venus  42:12

Well, actually, that episode was the first time that I’ve heard that story. And they’re the first couple who I’ve heard about who actually did something like that on their wedding. Oh, so yeah, interesting. Yeah, so I was like, so excited to live when I was listening to it. I was like, Oh, my God, really? I’m so happy for them. But yeah, so my, my wedding night fantasy has always been that I will have my first CVC gangbang on my wedding night, and obviously my husband they’re watching. And there’s something that I’ve wanted for so, so, so long, and I’ve kind of planned it all out in my mind and even like, picked some of the people, some of the guys were gonna be there. So I’m like, Yes, you’re gonna get someone like you. If you can expect an invitation one day, just have to find the guy who’s gonna be my husband.


Mickey Gordon  43:04

Right, you’ve got all the hardship done. You just got to go out and find a husband. Yeah, exactly. Let’s talk about it. Because we haven’t talked in a year. So how about your urine review? If you checked off any new boxes, you have any new fantasies that are out there? Is that kind of still the gold ring?


Cuckoldress Venus  43:21

That one is still always going to be my number one fantasy for sure. And I within the last year has, sadly not made much progress on that. But who knows, maybe 2020 will be my year.


Mickey Gordon  43:38

That’s what we keep saying 2020 is gonna be our years swingers. Like,


Cuckoldress Venus  43:42

I know, I’m pretty sure I said that last year, too. But who knows maybe with this podcast, and I’ll just connect with the right person. We’ll see. There’s someone I’m interested in right now. But we’ll see. Yeah, we’ll see if it works out. Okay. You never know. Fingers


Mallory Gordon  44:00

crossed. We’d love to hear that. You check that box off. That’s amazing, right? I know.


Mickey Gordon  44:06

So next time we get together and do this. We’re going to talk about your flirt game. And how Yeah, but we still got quite a bit to get into today. So I don’t want to get on that path today. But next time we have you on the show, we’re going to talk about cold risk Venus’s flirt game because I think that’d be interesting. Oh, I’m


Mallory Gordon  44:24

all in I want to take 1010 my


Cuckoldress Venus  44:27

god okay, but I’m just warning you right now. It’s gonna be insanely hot.


Mallory Gordon  44:33

I’ll bring blankets and towels. Great.


Mickey Gordon  44:37

I’ll bring lube. You won’t need it. You will not need it. So let’s get some advice from Venus. For listeners. What do you think? No.


Mallory Gordon  44:45

Oh, I love this idea. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  44:47

Alright, so why don’t you start?


Mallory Gordon  44:49

Okay. So, if I’m starting to embrace my power in this role, and I start, you know, cooking with my guy a bit. You know, how do I start having this conference? Without making him feel like he’s losing something like, I think in our heads, we kind of psych ourselves out when we start into this discovery mode. And then we kind of retract a little bit because we’re scared on how it’s going to be received. Do you have any advice like, on how to talk to your partner and approach the subject, if you kind of have a feeling that this could be part of your new dynamic?


Cuckoldress Venus  45:22

Yeah, I mean, obviously, communication is really key, but sitting down, and actually maybe just sit down and go through some potential scenarios, talk it through with each other. And if there’s one that he you can tell, if turned on by or a part of it, then kind of dig deeper and figure out exactly what it is about that scenario, or about that piece of that scenario, that kind of gets them going a little bit. And once you kind of understand his mind in that, in that in that part of it, then it’s easier to expand upon that. And my advice to everybody is to just take it slow. And I think jack and kisi, they said the same thing as well just take it slow, because you’re you’re bound to make mistakes, and the mistakes are going to happen. And yeah, and so it’s easy as a woman, like we don’t want to hurt our partner, we don’t want them to feel hurt or feel isolated or whatever. And so it’s important that you take it slow, so that if you do make a mistake, it’s easy to take a step back instead of taking 10 steps back by jumping in too fast.


Mallory Gordon  46:31

Fair enough. Yes. And if you’re in a loving relationship, and you’re already, you know, having, you know, consensual non monogamy, you know, your role is to protect your partner, and you don’t want to make them like you said feel isolated or hurt so that that dialogue could be a little challenging. But I think it’s a it’s a way to develop that. Now, my other question to you because I have had this in my head since the last time I talked. Have you seen in the wild, a relationship that’s cooking or cuckolding that doesn’t have the cook as part of the primary relationship? So say my husband and I, but maybe I have a boyfriend, or a play partner that enjoys that aspect, and then adding in the bowl, does that happen out in the real world? Have you ever heard of that? Is that even possible?


Cuckoldress Venus  47:21

Yeah, there are different kinds of scenarios within this kind of relationship dynamic. I have heard of some of them. And and usually I’m kind of like scratching my head trying to figure it out in my mind a little bit. But whatever works, whatever works for couples, I mean, go for it. If you’re happy, everybody’s happy, go for it. You don’t have to be really confined to the labels or the expectations, the role expectations. Within this, you can branch off and do something completely different. And it’s not it’s, it’s, it doesn’t make it bad. It just makes a difference. That’s all. Love it. Alright, so let’s,


Mickey Gordon  48:01

let’s go from the guy’s perspective for a minute. So I know from the female perspective, you said, Take it slow, right. But let’s say for a minute, I’m a guy. I am. But that’s good to know, sir, who fantasizes about his wife? embracing her power, dynamic and hot wifing dabbling and cocooning. What advice do you have for a guy who’s approaching a woman about this subject? Maybe? Maybe they are in the lifestyle? Maybe they’re not in the lifestyle at all. Maybe this is just something that’s consuming his personal fantasy time, right? It’s in his spank bank. So how do I communicate my desires and fantasies without sounding like a total psychopath? I mean, you you approach your wife and say, Hey, not only do I want you to go out and get fucked, but I want you to humiliate the shit out of me in the process. I mean, how do you have that conversation? Where do you even start?


Cuckoldress Venus  48:55

Oh, so hard. I get asked this all the time by husbands about how do I porch my wife? How do I bring this up? And you know, and there’s a huge fear around it. Obviously, if you’ve invested, you know, years and years and years of marriage with this person who doesn’t know the side of you and you need to bring it up to them. It’s a huge fear what how they’re going to react, and usually it’s not that great, their reaction. So it’s really important how you approach her. But I think that for couples who have never communicated about anything sexually, honestly before, it’s well worth the money and the investment to actually get an open minded counselor to help you out with that. So that you both feel heard, and listen to and able to communicate what it is that you actually need in a space that is going to be okay for that. Because let’s face it, this is difficult to talk about. There’s a stigma around hkex. Like I said that they’re weak and that they’re pathetic. And, and some women would look down upon that, and because they just don’t understand it. So if there’s a huge fear that she’s just going to walk right out. And that’s unfortunate, if she really knew and understood this kind of lifestyle, that it’s really not that bad, it’s not that scary. It’s not that strange, then maybe then she would be more open minded to it. But for for couples who have never really communicated like that, they really do need to get some help for that, I would think. But if she’s already in, let’s say, the swingers lifestyle, this should be an easier way or an easier conversation with her. Because it’s the whole non monogamy factor is not she not fearful of that that’s not strange, that’s not weird, that she’s likely more open minded to all sorts of other things. That’s what I found out, lots of couples in the swinger lifestyle has turned into the cackling lifestyle. As an ex, you know, just the road that they went down. Because of their being, they’re both open minds, open minded. And so that part shouldn’t be too difficult. For all those married couples have been married forever and ever, that’s gonna be really difficult. I think if you’ve never talked, honestly about it before,


Mallory Gordon  51:17

that’s jumping into the deep end.


Mickey Gordon  51:19

Yeah, for any of our listeners that have heard what Venus had to say here about maybe finding a open minded counselor or somebody to talk to, I’m gonna put in the show notes, a link to the National Coalition for sexual freedom, you can reach out to those folks, they do maintain a database of different types of resources for this sort of thing. So if you do want to find a counselor or someone to talk to, they may be able to help you along that path, in addition to our own counselor that we have as a pseudo staff member here on casual swinger, which is Dr. Aisha Bailey out of South Florida. So we’ll also put her contact information in there. So you can talk to her if you want to go down that path. Yeah. However, great. So let’s talk about what’s next for you. podcaster, Venus, you got any other projects coming up? What’s going on?


Cuckoldress Venus  52:11

I just launched my third episode yesterday called the art of the T’s. And so that one is kind of explicit, it goes into some, you know, examples of how to really get your cat going. Perfect. Yeah. And that was really fun. But yeah, so for now, it’s just I’m still kind of just we’re just focusing on my my podcast right now. And you know, what, I’ve been really enjoying all the feedback from couples, and single women. Nice. I’m doing this podcast. Yeah, I would say the feedback is split. 5050 50% just men see that 50% couples and single women, which I’m just like, thrilled with, awesome. So I feel like I’ve been able to really connect with a different audience with, with more people who I’ve been really trying to connect with. So I’m just really happy with that. That’s my biggest goal is to just continue with that for this year, and hopefully be able to connect with more and more people. I would love to be able to travel and do some stuff like that this year. But I’m not sure if that’s in the cards. My my personal life is just too busy right now.


Mallory Gordon  53:27

Fair and understand that and I love that you’re starting to see that transition to couples and single women and speaking of women. Right before we started recording here, we were talking about your contribution to international kinky Women’s Day. Yeah, the panelists are happening. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We haven’t announced it yet. But I figured this is a great segue and what I love about this event, and we’ll put the link in the show notes, it’s totally free. It’s like an all day webinar that covers many different subjects and different people of different backgrounds, whether that’s, you know, cooking, or poly or femme DOM, I mean, just about everything, and it’s for women by women.


Cuckoldress Venus  54:07

Yeah, it’s gonna be really great. I, I’m Nikki, who does the website and the webinars? She’s fantastic. A man. Right, she’s just done so much work. It’s just amazing. But that’ll be really fun. And I hope everybody tunes in. I think I think it’s gonna be really empowering for women. It’s going to be a great a great experience and on women’s day. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  54:32

So just so everyone knows international kinky Women’s Day is all day webinar. It’s gonna be March 8, ad slots, trollops and trams, women and ethical non monogamy is the panel that Venus and I are speaking on. That’s at 5pm Eastern. And as overall because this is an all day event, this is king stirs from all over discussing a wide variety of experiences and different kinks. You know, and it covers you know, having better sex, but mostly Celebrating and promoting women, this is a great opportunity to log on. It’s totally free. You just register for your space and the webinar of your choice. And there’s quite a few out there. I want to say there’s like seven or eight. If I’m, if I’m right, yeah. So it great opportunity to get out there, ask questions, because there’ll be hosting the platform in order for you to be able to do that, which I think is great. And it seems like it’s going to be a nice intimate environment. Because when women come together for stuff like this, our force multiplier is just, I mean, it’s, it’s amazing. The last time I did something like this, I walked away feeling like, I’m a million dollars. I’ve never been more confident in my life and my lifestyle choices.


Cuckoldress Venus  55:45

Yeah, and this is the voice of women needs to be heard. When it comes to non monogamy, the voice of women really needs to be heard. I feel like and this is the proper stage for it. So I’m super excited about it.


Mallory Gordon  55:55

Me too. I think you’re gonna be an amazing contributor. I can’t wait to do it. Now. I’ve been a participant. I’ve never been on the other side of the equation. So I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited to be there. It’ll be fun. It’ll be fun. It’ll be a great time.


Mickey Gordon  56:08

I’m just excited that there’s a girl named Nikki that’s hosting. No, no king. She’s


Mallory Gordon  56:13

amazing. really lucky. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  56:15

Does that happen? Yeah, perfect. Right. Perfect. She was born for this. She


Mallory Gordon  56:20

literally was and I can’t wait for you to speak with her. I had a wonderful conversation. We’re going to talk to her later this week. She’s She’s this amazing entrepreneur that’s kind of framed sex and lifestyles into this this business. I mean, she’s got dating kinky website. She’s got this event. She’s got book series. She’s She’s a badass lady.


Mickey Gordon  56:41

Alright, well, she’s figured out how to do something we haven’t figured out how to do which is not lose money. I did not ask her that.


Mallory Gordon  56:47

So we can maybe offline.


Mickey Gordon  56:50

That’s fantastic. Well, Venus, we have eaten up all of your time on this beautiful afternoon. At least it’s beautiful here because we live in Florida. So we want to thank you so much for joining us once again on casual swinger to talk about you know, something that obviously we’ve been talking about a lot lately, but everyone wants to hear about it. And I think they want to hear about it on your brand new podcast. So why don’t you take this opportunity to tell everybody where to find your blog, where to find your podcast? And then we’ll have


Mallory Gordon  57:19

our social media. Yeah.


Cuckoldress Venus  57:22

Well, sir, so my blog is Venus cackle, just calm and the podcast is available on nearly all of the podcasting listening services so and my Twitter is at cuckold dress fi and I just started the podcast on Instagram. And it’s called the Venus cockle just podcast or you can just search Venus cackled and it’ll pop up so you can find me all over the place anyway.


Mickey Gordon  57:57

So anywhere you can find us you can find her or you want to tell everybody where that is and we’ll get the hell out of here. Yeah, we’re


Mallory Gordon  58:03

casual singer everywhere. That’s a casual swinger calm Of course, if you want to send us a message, it’s podcast that casual swinger for social media we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and you can find us on the site that’s w eight nation STC SLS. Cassidy quiver, and I believe that’s all


Mickey Gordon  58:21

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