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#BANGOVER & An EXCLUSIVE Interview With Hedonism Resorts CEO…

Thu, 9/2 10:24AM • 1:18:16


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Harry Lange, Cuckoldress Venus, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mickey Gordon  00:15

Valerie, if you’re interested in getting your first box working or 18 years or older, probably get back to your snapchatter


Cuckoldress Venus  00:42

Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. This is. I’m Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:47

And I’m Mallory.


Cuckoldress Venus  00:49

I love how you sing.


Mallory Gordon  00:50

You say it with a smile.


Mickey Gordon  00:52

Right? You do a lot of things that come with a smile. Yes, leave with a smile


Mallory Gordon  00:57

and drops with a smile.


Cuckoldress Venus  00:58

I like when you get there. My favorite. Everybody, Ellie’s American listeners are all fat and happy from a Thanksgiving holiday, which we were late. We’re a little late getting back to everybody.


Mallory Gordon  01:10

So we are we are we had some family stuff come up that kept us really busy and frankly, a little sad.


Cuckoldress Venus  01:16

Yeah, we had a loss in the family. Yeah, we had to take a week. I know we’re a little late, but you guys are gonna get episodes and back to back weeks. Our little holiday gift to you guys before we get into the spirit of Christmas.


Mallory Gordon  01:29

Yeah, love it. So good to be back.


Cuckoldress Venus  01:31

But we do have something new for you. Because where were we last time? You know, between the last time we were here?


Mallory Gordon  01:37

Yeah, yeah, we were on the rascals November trip for 2019. And I’m telling you what that trip was fucking epic. Oh,


Cuckoldress Venus  01:46

it was holy crap. Crazy, right, because we had a lot of holdovers from the dirty part of week that stuck around. And then we had our group which is one of the largest groups we’ve ever taken down. There was almost 200 people down there.


Mallory Gordon  01:57

Yeah, it was insane. But it was even with that many people like the energy was off the charts and everyone was kind and inclusive. Everywhere looked people were laughing and smiling and having sexy time like it was just absolutely perfect.


Cuckoldress Venus  02:09

You know what else was perfect? was our timing when we got down there because we actually ran into Harry Lang.


Mallory Gordon  02:14

Yes, yes. And we have some big news for our listeners at the end of this episode, don’t we?


Cuckoldress Venus  02:18

Yeah, we do. So we got actually to sit down with Harry from his 30 minutes to talk about what’s coming for hedonism resorts, what they’ve done, the upgrades they’ve made, and he made lots of time for us.


Mallory Gordon  02:28

Yeah, he did. He was absolutely amazing, so generous, and he gave us a little tidbit about where the resort and the brand is going to go. Awesome. So


Cuckoldress Venus  02:36

we’re gonna get into all of that here in a few minutes. But before we get into that, this is the intro section. That’s one way of saying this is the crappy ad section.


Mallory Gordon  02:47

I don’t think it’s crappy. I think there’s people out there that enjoy knowing where and when will be places in case they want to come join the party. And some people who don’t


Cuckoldress Venus  02:54

write I call it a housekeeping it’s housekeeping. This is the good housekeeping section so you might have noticed that the intro today was from our friends at the euphoria Chronicles Ray and D


Mallory Gordon  03:04

love those guys so that’s kind of our boxes


Mickey Gordon  03:07



Cuckoldress Venus  03:09

fuck understand that joke. Oh, so funny too drunk assholes came up with that in in like so. Right so the euphoria Chronicles are another lifestyle podcast we love those guys. They’re absolute who re Indy fun as hell to hang out with. We got a chance to really get to know them better. And then and I think everybody that really loves them. Just keep swinging actually did an episode there most current episodes. Yeah, the euphoria.


Mallory Gordon  03:35

I just downloaded it to listen to it tomorrow. So I’m very excited. So what I love about these guys is they do a lot for charity. Like right now they were doing a Christmas drive. And they have their own code for that cold code for casual toys calm and any of the, you know, affiliate money they put right into the charity, cause that’s exactly with Christmas around the corner. You might have someone naughty, you want to buy something special, you know? So if you go there, what is their code? Again, their


Cuckoldress Venus  04:03

code is euphoria. It’s EHORI. A, if you can’t spell you for you


Mallory Gordon  04:11

need some poems when you do that.


Cuckoldress Venus  04:13

But you know, the cool part is, I think last I saw D So what a lot of people don’t know is that Mallory and I actually run a charity for fun in our spare time at Christmas, and we build bikes for needy kids. That’s great. And so if you buy from casual toys and use euphoria as code, they will donate their their percentage, which we give them a little percentage for that. Back to the bike charity. You can actually help put a kid on an ED bike for Christmas by buying sex toys and using you for your Chronicles code which is twisted or weird at all. That’s right. Since it’s the crappy head section, it’s www that casual toys calm where you know, your pleasure is priceless. So it means check it out and use euphoria as a code save 20% and give money to needy kids on a bike while you get off.


Mallory Gordon  04:59

Yeah, yeah. That’s again totally appropriate. Also speaking of toys, we have an affiliation with the high massager folks don’t wait.


Mickey Gordon  05:07

We do we do. And I


Mallory Gordon  05:09

think I sold a couple of those when we were down there just talking about my experiences buying. Well, it’s an amazing tool.


Cuckoldress Venus  05:16

Yeah, you your experience. And when when you talk about it, people say hey, what do you think of a high massager and I’m like, oh, ask Mallory. And then you talk about how you fell off the bed twice. Twice. Yeah, twice. So I personally don’t know how to use the damn thing. But Mallory’s a pro.


Mallory Gordon  05:31

Yes. I love that damn thing. So if you guys are interested, it’s available. What is it called Women and couples?


Cuckoldress Venus  05:38

Yes, women and couples calm. And the code is casual swinger, and it will save you 50 bucks. So it makes it $199 of pure orgasmic bliss. And yes, you will have an orgasm with squids nose on your lady parts.


Mallory Gordon  05:53

Yeah, yeah. It’s amazing that I think the progressive along with the vibration, and the placement is, it literally is mind blowing.


Cuckoldress Venus  06:02

Yeah, well, and I get laid after you use it because you’re a wet, sloppy mess. You know, like, come to me.


Mallory Gordon  06:06

Yeah, but I actually have to come to go away leave my body. For a short amount of time afterwards. I’m gonna have to like, Wait till I come back.


Cuckoldress Venus  06:15

Wow, this episode is all about leaving your body because we’re going to talk about that a little bit later, too. We get into talking about our experience down in Jamaica. However, let’s talk about double date, Nisha. Oh, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  06:25

that’s right. That’s around the corner, right?


Cuckoldress Venus  06:28

Well, those guys are coming down with us for our event at secrets that we’re co hosting with Kate from swinging Down Under. And they have a hot new platform. If you haven’t played with double date, nation. It is another dating platform out there. For lifestyles, it’s easy as hell to use. I’m a tech guy. So the reason I like talking about ddn is first of all, they’re hot. Yeah, Dave and Andy are smoking.


Mallory Gordon  06:53

They’re all they’re also very bright, very sweet. But they have created a platform. I’m not, I understand technology. But I wouldn’t say on tech savvy. So if I’m able to use it, go go into there and set up a profile and search and communicate with those people. It’s really, really easy and pretty.


Cuckoldress Venus  07:14

Yeah. And so you get some free time to try it out. If you use code casual, you can go in and check that out. It’s just some free time on their website. Highly recommended. We do actually have a community there on double date nation as well. So feel free to join. And, you know, as we launch in 2020, our meet and greet schedule, you’ll be the first to find out about it on double date nation.


Mallory Gordon  07:34

Sweet. So let’s talk about that event in January. I think everyone’s getting there between the second and the parties through the fifth. So it’s talking about what it is first. Yeah. Oh, just kidding.


Cuckoldress Venus  07:46

We’re going to secrets hideaway on right after New Year’s, you know, New Year’s is a crazy time. And a lot of folks want to spend New Year’s with family they don’t. I mean, it is the second largest swinger event on the calendar all year long. It is but it’s also unbelievably busy. It’s crowded. It’s you know, tough to get a drink. It’s there’s a lot of things about New Year’s and maybe New Year’s needs to be spent vanillas. Maybe you want to spend it with your kids. So what we did is we partnered with swinging down under and secrets hideaway, and we’re going to have an event that weekend after January 1 so it’s January 4, is that Saturday, I


Mallory Gordon  08:19

believe? I believe so.


Cuckoldress Venus  08:20

Yeah. So and we’re getting down there with swinging down under and a lot of our friends are joining us. This is crazy, like aren’t escapades is coming. Yay. euphoria Chronicles. Yay, sapphic swingers are coming up for my dad


Mallory Gordon  08:34

and then our local folks mix nuts.


Cuckoldress Venus  08:36

They’re gonna be there to love those guys. That’s Korean. Brenda, so they’re going to be coming in. Can’t wait to see everybody so you have what amounts to 12346 podcasts in one place. That’s if you like any of those shows, you want to hang out with us make jokes fall down, get you know, get drunk, have sex, whatever. You know, I might be willing. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  08:57

we’re gonna party. Like a party. 2020 right. Um,


Cuckoldress Venus  09:01

yeah, like it’s 20 it’s gonna be fun. I think we’re really looking forward to it. I know we’re gonna play some poolside games. We’re gonna do that casual swinger style me and Mallory and I know we’re looking to get one of the big fancy rooms so we can do kind of a meet and greet up in the room and get everybody up meet all the different podcasters that are going to be there so that is again January 4 at secrets hideaway so book your room now book for Friday and Saturday we’re going to be there all weekend long hanging out with listeners making friends telling stories and you know what, you do the right things or the wrong things you might just make your way onto an episode of casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  09:34

Hmm, love it.


Cuckoldress Venus  09:36

Hey, speaking of swinging out under you know, they just put out their code for desire they actually have a affiliate code for desire.


Mallory Gordon  09:43

Yeah, I saw that which is totally awesome. I know the love that resort and they hooked on $50 gift certificate for casual toys for booking through that link right


Cuckoldress Venus  09:53

did which I was really excited about. So I thought we’d talk about their link and we’re gonna put that in the show notes. So if you’re thinking about going to desire bio means both with our friends Kate and Daryl doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be there when you go. But you know, you got to support your favorite podcasters How are they choose to do their thing and for us, we sell sex toys. A lot of people sell trips. And Kate and Darrell are one of those folks. They’re selling trips desire. So by all means book with those kind good folks, and we’ll give you a $50 gift card to casual toys if you book with him.


Mallory Gordon  10:21

Woohoo, lots of good stuff.


Cuckoldress Venus  10:23

Holy crap. So what else do we have? We got a tropical escape in February. That’s right.


Mallory Gordon  10:27

Like literally, we just got home and we’re already planning for February’s events. Just a side note here, the rascals do have a couple rooms still available. So if anyone’s interested in booking one, escape the cold, come down, hang out with us. Let us know go to the travel with us page or shoot us an email at podcast at casual swinger.com. We’ll get you hooked up with a quote.


Cuckoldress Venus  10:48

Exactly. That’s really, really simple. So if you want to come hang out with us in February, we still have a couple of rooms just like Mallory just said. And you know, we’ve got this thing coming up in June. This is so new, so hot. It’s called summer swing. It’s we’re partnering with iOS connections in dirty perv week. So this is a lifestyle only trip that’s going to be so much fun with extras and parties in us. Yeah, right down there party with those crazy fools, where I’m going to be emceeing the parties, you’re going to have Taylor time DJ and the parties, we are going to have a blast. Now here’s why we’re doing this. We’re doing this June 20, through 27th. So 20 through 27th. And we’re doing it in June, because there are so many trips that you can pick from in the winter, or spring in the fall where your kids are in school. But you know what, some people can’t travel while their kids are in school.


Mallory Gordon  11:38

Right? And it let’s be honest, in the higher traffic months, it’s a little more expensive. So go, you know, between that November, December to March, timeframe, you know, June is where you know, they start to see a little cost savings there. It’s


Cuckoldress Venus  11:52

pretty much the cheapest time of year, June to August. Yeah. And it gives us an opportunity, right to spend some time with people and it’s gonna be a little slower at the resort. It’s not as crazy because if you come with us in November, we don’t get to spend any time with you. Yeah. And it’s not a lifestyle only trip either. The rascals are awesome. They’re lifestyle friendly, but it’s not a lifestyle trip. So we’re not going to have speed dating. We’re not going to have events in the playroom.


Mallory Gordon  12:13

Yeah. And I’m desperate to play vibrator rodeo and blowjob karaoke. Hell yeah.


Cuckoldress Venus  12:17

So we’re going to be able to do those six board games, we’re going to be able to do takeovers, the play room, we’re going to be able to do sexy stuff at summer swing. Yeah. And that’s June 20, through 27th at hedonism. So in the show notes, you’ll find a link in that link, you can book and come hang out with your friends at casual swinger. Now, one last event to tell you about and we can move on to the


Mallory Gordon  12:39

other. Love that we have so much in our calendar and it just it gives me so much to look forward to, especially at a time like this where we’ve experienced the loss. I’m really excited to be participating in podcast Palooza may in Miami. That’s gonna be so it’s what second annual because the first one they did last year in New York. He is spearheading the creator of this so excited to be able to work with those guys as much as possible. Because let’s be frank Keaton. Yeah, Darrell are just amazing.


Cuckoldress Venus  13:10

They are and Darrell is hilarious. In Kate, no, she’s a Type A have to the nth degree. She has every detail with a fine point on it. You know, she and I’ve talked a lot about some of the things that are going on down there and I am just flabbergasted at every detail. That girl has covered.


Mallory Gordon  13:25

girl’s got skills. She’s hot. She’s funny, she’s smart. Yeah, she’s on point.


Cuckoldress Venus  13:29

So if you are thinking about podcaster Palooza, this is a weekend you don’t want to miss. We’re talking about 200 rooms, or things. 200 people it’s 100 and some odd rooms but 100 people, topless pool parties. We’re talking about all kinds of events, circus performers, flame eaters. I mean, she doesn’t have a fucking elephant walking through that ballroom will be stunned.


Mallory Gordon  13:50

Yeah, and it’s topless optional. So please come look at my boobs and you can’t miss like Mickey’s poolside dance moves.


Cuckoldress Venus  13:57

Those are pretty epic. Watch me do this. So that is coming up. And we’re gonna have again links in the show notes. So come check out podcast a Palooza in May that’s gonna be us. And let’s see swinger diaries. And we got to think oh, my gosh, so many people make an average swinger?


Mallory Gordon  14:12

Yeah, I’m not gonna show marriage. Yeah. And they’re gonna have these breakout sessions, right in the morning parties during the day, you get a bunch of stuff going on. I think this is gonna be one of those events that anyone who’s there’s going to talk about for a very long time, because you have all these content creators in the same space. And we’ve been working on our outline and content material, which I’m very excited to present.


Cuckoldress Venus  14:33

Yeah, I kind of am too. I think it’s really I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun for the crowd. But I also think that what we’re putting together is going to help people a lot and it’s something we can never talk about on this ever, ever, ever show. We’re going to talk about stuff you’ll never ever hear. If you listen to our show. And I think that’s a real big advantage for you guys. You can hear us be a little more Frank, a little more honest than we will be. Absolutely. I think it’s gonna be pretty engaging, entertaining and little scary. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  15:01

yeah, it actually will be a little scary but I’m totally on board to do this. I think you know if it helps one person or you know, inspire some thought provoking questions or dialogue between you know, maybe another couple that’s totally worth it to me. I will lay my vulnerable ass out there on the table.


Cuckoldress Venus  15:18

Your ass is always like put it in Big Daddy.


Mallory Gordon  15:23

Yeah, no, I don’t think I’ve ever said that ever. No,


Cuckoldress Venus  15:27

no, fuck my ass daddy. None of that no Okay, can we can we try it? No, please


Mallory Gordon  15:33

Okay guys something else daddy.


Cuckoldress Venus  15:38

Alright guys, that is pretty much it for the crappy ad Section A casual swinger. Thanks for sticking with us through it. We’re gonna come back and we’re gonna talk about bang over and other tails, sexy, sexy places hedonism to and Negril, Jamaica where we just got back from so Mallory, you want to tell everybody how they can find us if they are still with us after all those fucking ads?


Mallory Gordon  15:59

Are you done? No. Okay, just so we’re casuals when you’re everywhere. That is STC SLS double date nation, Cassidy cuivre, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget us there you got questions hit us up at podcast at casual swinger. And you can also look us up at casual swinger.com.


Cuckoldress Venus  16:20

That’ll do it folks. We’ll be right back after this with Tales from Eden ism, you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  16:48

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to casual swinger. You’ve got Mallory,


Cuckoldress Venus  16:53

and this is Leroy.


Mallory Gordon  16:55

What’s up Leroy?


Cuckoldress Venus  16:55

I just want to be somebody different.


Mallory Gordon  16:57

The roast chicken, chicken. I hope some of our nerdy folks like geeky folks out there get that joke.


Cuckoldress Venus  17:06

Somebody’s never fucking him ever. Never gonna happen.


Mallory Gordon  17:11

So let’s talk about our November trip. You know, we’re what, three, three weeks from getting back. And there was so much I was looking back at my notes. And the bank over had me snorting No, yeah. Yeah, that’s,


Cuckoldress Venus  17:23

I mean, you know, first of all, let’s just start with best November trip we’ve ever had, it’s always our biggest most crazy rascal trip. I am the emcee for the group. And I have been for a long time. But the thing that really stood out to me is one of the things I get to do is I get to address the crowd during our cocktail party. And I get to remind all those folks how they became rascals in the first place. You know, we became rascals, because we met Jim and Rachel. And they invited us to join them and their inclusive group and how friendly everybody was. And I looked around and realized that’s how every rascal became a rascal. Right? Is somebody they met, that they connected with invited them to come be a part of this thing. So what I was able to do is get up there on those stairs at Hito. And tell everybody, Hey, remember how you got here. Don’t stand in close circles, open those circles up and invite people to be a part of it. Whether they’re part of our group, or they booked with us or not. They’re Welcome to play our games. They’re Welcome to hang out. Remember how you became what you are? And everybody did it all week long. It was so fucking amazing. How


Mallory Gordon  18:28

wonderful was that? It’s, I don’t want to say I was proud. But I felt very fortunate to be connected with everyone on that trip, just watching it from afar and taking a moment to look at the scenery and see everyone inviting folks in introducing them to other people inside the group. Having sexy time with them playing our games, you know, coming to dinner. Yeah.


Cuckoldress Venus  18:50

I see. I was thinking of it in a totally different way. I was I felt godlike. And I’m like, What else can I get him to do with a microphone? Everybody blew me now. Which actually, folks, let’s do this. Yeah. But it was super fun. We did have an absolute blast. We played some of our just crazy games that and I tell you, we’re gonna get into the games here in a few minutes. But a couple of these games went off so big. You know me as an emcee, my job as an emcee is to control the tone of a party and bring it to a fury right that’s the idea. And it got so furious that I lost control


Mallory Gordon  19:29

but in the most amazing way Yeah, we’ll get into that here in a second. So can we get back to bang over because I’m so fucking hashtag proud of it. It’s important hashtag thing over. Oh, our friends that we met in there and I can’t wait to see these sexy fuckers again DNA. And we were talking about it at breakfast because I was severely hung over and we had some fear sex the night before.


Cuckoldress Venus  19:51

We did knock the bottom out of it


Mallory Gordon  19:54

was good. Yeah, they’re like, are you okay? I was like, I just have a bang over.


Cuckoldress Venus  20:00

By the way, a bank over means she’s hung over and her buzzer Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  20:03

Never that smart. I was so proud.


Cuckoldress Venus  20:08

That is definitely going in the swing scenario, which if you haven’t found the swing share yet it is a dictionary of lifestyle terms that you can find it www casuals when you’re calm. And that’s where this functionaries located in bank over. That means you’re fucked up and your posi hurts. Yeah. So we did leave Mallory with a bang over. We also learned something because we were trying to figure out what constitutes a gangbang.


Mallory Gordon  20:31

What I was trying to go back into my brain and pull this memory and I don’t know what the bookend was the bookends were for this. How do we get started on that conversation? And how did it end? And what was the importance of defining a gangbang? Well, remember, I


Cuckoldress Venus  20:48

know that we started talking about like, if you just add a third that’s that’s a threesome or three way. Oh, yeah. Okay, and then they’re like, Okay, so what’s for and we’re like, pretty much a clusterfuck was a clusterfuck. And they said, What’s five? And I went a gangbang. That’s pretty much word game. Okay, cuz


Mallory Gordon  21:06

I thought we were trying to quantify gangbang like backwards and I’m like, I just I couldn’t remember. But


Cuckoldress Venus  21:10

it was hilarious. Oh, it I mean, it came out to be just the weirdest thing, but we decided that four is a clusterfuck. Five is a gangbang. And that’s the important part. Now what six?


Mallory Gordon  21:22

isn’t anything over five again being


Cuckoldress Venus  21:24

exactly right. What? Seven or eight?


Mallory Gordon  21:27

What defines an orgy?


Cuckoldress Venus  21:28

Um, I guess if if you’ve got like five or six dudes, that’s just a really sore pussy indefinitely a gangbang?


Mallory Gordon  21:34

Is it also boot cocky?


Cuckoldress Venus  21:35

It depends on if they all finished at the same time on your face and you’re on your knees in the middle. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  21:38

my brain hurts.


Mickey Gordon  21:41

I thought that was your Botox. No,


Mallory Gordon  21:42

it’s not me. I don’t have Botox.


Cuckoldress Venus  21:47

Shit, though, right. You’re gonna have lions if you keep making that face. Hey, that’s all right. But you know, we we spend a lot of time down there at the resort and we meet some crazy cool people. That’s the best part. It really is. Like creepy Steve. Creepy Steve came out. He was all over the place. He started out scuba Steve.


Mallory Gordon  22:10

I think I can’t believe he still want to be friends with us.


Cuckoldress Venus  22:13

He said don’t mind the closet doors rattling that’ll be me. Touching myself. Oh, really? Dude, but it’s creepy. See? Right and Harry Belafonte?


Mallory Gordon  22:25

Oh, I love Harry Potter content. We have to say hi to him every time we go down there. And I love when he like dive bombs, the water excuse? People like trying to get the fish.


Cuckoldress Venus  22:34

It was so funny. Because there was one girl who wouldn’t go in the water at all. This girl She’s like, No, I can’t go into the Pelican scare me. I don’t mind him. And as soon as we gave him a name, she wasn’t scared of him.


Mallory Gordon  22:44

I know. It was so cute. It was pretty


Cuckoldress Venus  22:47

going in, like me and Harry pelicano day I’m like, good for you


Mallory Gordon  22:50

say hi, he’ll leave you alone.


Cuckoldress Venus  22:52

You know, but when we were talking a little bit earlier about just the inclusivity of everything, and all the folks and just how warm and welcoming everybody was. There were two guys that didn’t book with us at all, but ended up really kind of absorbing into the group, one of which was a fella named Don and another fella named Phil. Yes. Now Phil, I had met. And he had showed up with another group that was very lightly attended. And he was single, his wife had died. And he was just looking to have some fun. Yeah, he got there and realized he didn’t know anybody. Yep. And I said, You know what, Phil? hang with us? Yep, we’ll make sure adopted around the shenanigans. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  23:32

yeah. And he I he’s a very sweet man, you know, coming to that resort. I’d been on his list for quite some time. And he gave us an I’m going to try to like repeat the advice or the sentiment he gave us. The second to last day we were there. Because we did spend a lot of time with Phil, we may, you know, again, we made sure he was included in everything. He was very kind, very thoughtful. very respectful of everybody, and you seem to enjoy it.


Cuckoldress Venus  23:59

Before you tell everybody this Yeah, I want everybody to know what they’re about to get. So when Mallory and I meet people, we give immensely of ourselves. And sometimes we get lucky and we get something back that we get to keep forever. And that was one of these things. So by all means, Malory tell her Oh, no, you can No, no, I’m not telling the story. You are so much better at it than I am. I just want people to know that this was so important to me, that we got something so wonderful back from Phil,


Mallory Gordon  24:25

it is that this was I don’t I don’t know if it was life changing. But it was definitely life marking. Right. Like I remember that moment. For the rest of my days. His you know, his wife passed and he spent years going through that with her and he held her hand every day. Right? And he said, it’s, it’s really important to take advantage of those moments, right, you know, to always say, you know, I love you as many times as possible, and he could tell how in love you and I were and how connected we were and to just remember to continue that and take advantage of those moments because you’re never you never know how much your promise


Cuckoldress Venus  24:59

yeah That was that was huge. And you could tell how important it was to Phil to tell us that Yeah. And and to share it with us. And I just thought that was so incredibly kind of him. And he was such a great dude. He just wanted to have a good time. And for him to give that back to us and remind us of something that’s so important, and we thought we’d share it with all of you, our listeners out there, that it is super important that you have people you’re connected with in to maintain those connections and work for them. And they are at work, you know, yeah. easiest thing in the world. Absolutely. And,


Mallory Gordon  25:29

you know, without, you know, meeting Phil and including him and, and being present and engaging in conversations with him. I don’t know if he’ll ever realized what he gave back to us.


Cuckoldress Venus  25:41

No, he won’t. Yeah. How about Don? Tom? He spent his birthday with us and didn’t tell.


Mallory Gordon  25:46

Never Never knew it was his birthday. Yep. He was hanging up the same bar. We were waiting for our table at the restaurant. And he asked to join and of course, we said yes. And we ended up having a long conversation. He’s one of the original like, hippies is super nice. Like,


Mickey Gordon  26:01

went to Berkeley the whole


Mallory Gordon  26:03

time at Berkeley like hitchhiked across the country. Dead concerts, like you name it. He had some cool fucking stories you really did. And it was a lot


Cuckoldress Venus  26:12

of fun. He spent this whole dinner we had dinner with him at flame, which is the steak house on the beach. And he never mentioned it was his birthday. Never nothing. It was two days later, we said, Yeah, he was alone on his birthday until he met us. Yeah. And so what what I think about Hito for us, is that we get the most amazing spiritual opportunities and personal growth opportunities. Yeah, we have no idea they’re happening. And this guy crossed our path. we embraced him and he needed it. Yeah, he needed somebody. And we were in the right place at the right time. And I’m so grateful that we got to do that.


Mallory Gordon  26:48

Yeah, I’m so glad you said spiritual because, I mean, we have an opportunity to have lots of fun and sexy times when we’re out, you know, traveling to Hito, or secrets or wherever we’re at, right? I think this trip hit the more spiritual side of things for me this time. It was really remarkable. And when I go back and, and, you know, check off these memories, and these little tidbits conversations and, and how this all transpired. Sure, it definitely rubbed me there more than it has in the past. It’s always a very spiritual place for me anyways,


Cuckoldress Venus  27:21

well, and I always kind of clean my feet, one of my favorite, you know, marketing taglines at the resort used over the last, you know, 30 years is the mind, the body, the spirit, the soul. And I felt like this particular trip spirit was very strong. Yes, it was a very, very important like a break down to just walking amongst, you know, the gardens there. And it was just awesome. And you could just feel the energy of that place. And that energy is poured in it by the people. And we talk about, you know, the people like creepy Steve and pastors Mitch and Cindy, who you’re going to hear from in our next episode. Yeah, yeah. By the way, pastors? Yes. Who we met on the beach erotism.


Mallory Gordon  28:00

That was definitely one of the most impactful conversations I’ve ever had with other humans as well. I love their perspective. And you know, we won’t get into too much details. I don’t want to give them any spoilers, but it was a enriching conversation. I left that feeling like a better person.


Cuckoldress Venus  28:16

Well, we certainly were in the company of better people.


Mallory Gordon  28:18

They’re amazing people. Like I adore them.


Cuckoldress Venus  28:21

Yeah, well, so we got to spend time with them. And you’re gonna hear from them next episode of casual swinger, but people like Don and Phil and Harry Bella Conte, you know, we got to see mark and Carly and Jason and Heather,


Mallory Gordon  28:32

our friendly ta friends.


Cuckoldress Venus  28:34

Yeah, so it just love those guys. I can’t say enough about the people that keto. So if you’re listening to this right now and going, why are they going on and on and on about these people I’ve never met, because that is the heart and soul of keto. When you go down there, you will make friends that will last a lifetime and they will feel so impactful and so important. It’s so meaningful, whether you’re there with us or not. Make sure you go down with an open mind and open heart and open ears. Listen to the conversations around you engage with the people around you enjoy that connection, because it’s like nothing you’ll have anywhere else on the planet. I guarantee it. Amen. So let’s talk about our games a little bit.


Mallory Gordon  29:11

Nuts, dude, the games were off the chain. This year we came up with a few new ones added an old favorite right that ended up just taking the fuck off. So do you want to start with melon coffee and FaceTime? Sure with dessert those were a lot of fun for me they were


Cuckoldress Venus  29:28

so so we do in this particular week? We did parties on Tuesday and Friday and the two state parties for us we usually mean for those to be a primer


Mallory Gordon  29:36

yes it’s a warm up. Yeah, the


Cuckoldress Venus  29:38

warm up so we really don’t expect those games to go absolutely nothing fights that they did. Whoa. They did. Did they go nuts. So we added some new games this time. And this these games were on? We did melengkapi on


Mallory Gordon  29:52

Tuesday. Okay, yeah, that was the Food Day. Okay.


Cuckoldress Venus  29:55

Yeah. It was one of those things You know, where we weren’t sure where it was gonna go but it was melon, khaki and FaceTime. So the way these games worked is we took watermelons and we cut them in half. And we put them between our Rascal Flatts legs, and we had the guys get down on their knees and show the ladies in the pool. What kind of skills they had eaten out.


Mallory Gordon  30:21

Yeah, yeah, so the whole goal is it was it was twofold, right? You know, showmanship always counts. Oh yeah. And also you like how much of the watermelon can you get through or how what technique Do you want to show and then at the end the watermelons were challenged? So a couple of things here. We have a couple cannibals. Yeah, one in particular that I be here


Mickey Gordon  30:42

guy was a cannibal


Mallory Gordon  30:43

No, no, it was that was the guy next to us that that like actually like bitten to the rider was tearing


Mickey Gordon  30:51

us well what do you do?


Mallory Gordon  30:53

Yeah, you don’t you don’t choose the Libya you don’t choose to live you know to know to to


Cuckoldress Venus  30:59

tell them before the event that the seeds were like pubic hairs in the 70s just spit them out.


Mallory Gordon  31:04

Gross. Anyway, so my guy I mean, he was going to town I was so proud, my chairs rocking back and forth because I’m trying to hold this this watermelon steady between my legs, so that he has like some resistance to get really good in there. And I’m looking around I’m like, Alright, dude, showmanship counts, and that and I know he can hear me I was like, spit it on me. And like he stops for a second and keeps he was like No, seriously spit it on me. And the next thing I know I am just fucking covered in water.



Like he looks up


Mallory Gordon  31:36

like all over my belly.


Cuckoldress Venus  31:37

I don’t feel special the next time we’re in bed and you go spit on


Mallory Gordon  31:40

never said that to anyone ever because I actually spitting but I was trying to be helpful because everyone else was like reading their guys on and I was like, okay, we can do this. We can do this. And you came up with spit on it and he fucking did it. It was hilarious. What was great though, do something sexy. We were walking to dinner later that night. I was like, I bellybutton inches and I pulled out a watermelon.


Cuckoldress Venus  32:08

You need to shower. But my guy wouldn’t. He won. He did the whole damn thing. And those games so that was called FaceTime and then we played a game called melon khaki and the way melon khaki works is we took a brand new half of watermelon and we got ladies up there and we bought a lot of strap ons before this trip. We had like 14 strap ons.


Mallory Gordon  32:30

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what tipped off customs agents.


Cuckoldress Venus  32:32

Oh my god. All those help people have to get to that in a minute. Yeah, totally forgot to put that in our Notes for this episode. But we did get raped by customs. That was fun. No, it was it. You’re not allowed to talk to customers.


Mallory Gordon  32:43

Never bring in strap ons again. Strap ons, your snacks don’t talk. Yeah. So we put all these ladies and strap ons. And we have the half a watermelon against they have a partner or helper. Some of them ended up you know in several teams but only one strap on per watermelon and we


Cuckoldress Venus  33:01

have various sizes and colors of degrees.


Mallory Gordon  33:04

Right It’s real world through a great environment. And pitches are ruthless. Let me tell you like I there are several of those ladies, I would not let come to me all of the strap on because I’d have an episiotomy.


Cuckoldress Venus  33:19

Right. Well, and you know, it’s funny because my favorite comment that came out of the whole week actually came from you. Me from you. When you looked up at me and went oh my uterus and I knew I had done some solid


Mallory Gordon  33:39

oh my god that was the bank over and over again from my uterus. I was trying to drill it back in and your rep have a big deck and I wasn’t thinking and my uterus was burst like an awesome but I’m sure


Cuckoldress Venus  33:53

that’s not the case girls would have broken your uterus to except for the one that didn’t have balls and she had like a pencil like penis she had the tiniest is so cute. And then this one or that one woman which I want to say that was that was Jay from New York had this giant dick yes huge club to baby seal before she broke the water wielded


Mallory Gordon  34:13

it like it was the like she had the power of grayskull she did. It was awesome. It was impressive. And she was shaken like she’d had like watermelon debris and shake it on people


Cuckoldress Venus  34:24

shaken the debris ahead of her caulk. It was gross. I am 100% confident that Hito will never let us play this game again. There was fucking watermelon everywhere everywhere. And the guys were were neater which I’m still surprised the women’s like they can shoot everywhere guys ate it like they were down there. Chow on on watermelon. Yeah, women were just fucking the snot out of it making baby food out of it. It was awesome. So we did have a pretty big winner from that, which is pretty cool. And then, I mean, there’s a game and this is the one where we just we lost the pool. This is Oh my god.


Mallory Gordon  35:01

So this is the Friday pool party and Fridays always ups the any right? You have new comers that are just getting in some people come in a day earlier, whatever for their trip. We still had people leftover from the dirty perhaps the pool was on fire.


Cuckoldress Venus  35:17

Yeah, it was well, and it didn’t start out that way. Yeah, it’s really quiet because the folks that were on before us had hired a DJ who super nice guy liked him. He was super friendly guy. But they weren’t. They weren’t crazy. You know, they were just kind of playing music and playing some games and nothing crazy. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  35:33

And I think that’s what their group anticipated to be. Think about it. It’s early in the afternoon. It’s not prime party time, right? Yeah. So the energy was a little mellow when we got there. So it was a little it was a little we’re a little nervous.


Cuckoldress Venus  35:48

What excites me is when people see that it’s our week, and they know that we’re there. They they come for the party there. They’re gonna fuck shit up. We better be there. Yeah. And they were really glad that they made it this time. So once our pool party started, the pool started filling up. Yep. And we knew something was about to go down. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  36:06

so we kicked it off with a game called assholes, which is essentially very large nipple tassels that Rachel makes for butts. And we had so many participants, she had 17 pairs, and we ran out of them. And we saw people waiting to play the game. So notice if we may have to do shoe rounds next year. But again, our winner from last year showed up and hammered at home again. Oh, yeah.


Cuckoldress Venus  36:29

Just he was great. Dude, it was a dude, you’re supposed to put these nipple tassels on your ass. And then torque and make those tassels


Mallory Gordon  36:38

swen like a like a like a burlesque dancers do? Yeah. And it was great. The only


Cuckoldress Venus  36:42

thing spinning his ball sack was foil.


Mallory Gordon  36:44

Everything was everywhere. I mean, they were just going to town. Like I think that’s what really started to increase the energy level and the engagement of everyone in the pool. Was that game and it’s it’s silly. It’s fun. It’s short. And people love it. And people were those fucking assholes. Like, even to dinner that night. Whatever. Pay tape is made out. It’s genius. Is the bomb tip. If you’re going to be sweaty, wet, whatever. You need something to stay to pay tape over double sided tape every time learn that that’s not come off.


Cuckoldress Venus  37:17

Ever. Yeah. But you know. So we got done with assholes. We partied a little bit. I get in the pool, I play a game called make me laugh where I kind of walk around and talk to folks with a mic and give away a bunch of free casual shit. And I got back out. And we started calling for guys. And we started lining up. So the way we do this particular game, we call it Guitar Hero. And we lined up all these guys. And you know and


Mallory Gordon  37:41

one girl. Well, I’m getting Oh, I’m sorry.


Cuckoldress Venus  37:45

And we lined up all these guys. And we told them they’re going to play air guitar. And they’re like, Great. I’ll play air guitar. That’s fine. So we get all these guys lined up and then all the rascal lads come out with their attire the rascal let’s dress these guys in full on rock star drag.


Mallory Gordon  38:00

Yeah, yeah, we had wigs. We had g strings. We had skirts, Bolero jackets. We had scarves we had you fucking name it. We put it on these guys.


Cuckoldress Venus  38:10

That’s right. And then I went and got one of these badass girls from the pool to put on a strap on and join the guys up there.


Mallory Gordon  38:17

That woman is a literal badass. She made every game and I know she did like Kimmy never lets us down. Never, never always. Fucking rockin. Yeah, it was so glad to see her up there it was.


Cuckoldress Venus  38:30

She was just glad we were there. Because she didn’t book with us again. She’s like, Oh my god, you guys are here. I’m so excited. I’m gonna play every game. And so she gets up there all the guys like, what’s this bullshit? This is a guy’s game. I’m like, well, hers is bigger than yours. She had that giant dick that the other girl had. And so here’s the trick. We told everybody you’re gonna play your guitar. And then at the last second we drop it on him. Alright with Patrick Cox. Because you’re actually gonna play your Cox. Yeah. So we had 12 guys and a girl playing air caulk on the side of the pool. And it started off with Welcome to the Jungle. Yes. By guns and rows. Yes. And these guys were just jamming it out. I mean, we’re talking straight up Eddie Van Halen on the news.


Mallory Gordon  39:11

Yes. You can tell like I know you listen, that shit driving to high school and the


Cuckoldress Venus  39:15

play role is so into it. They’re getting so loud. They’re screaming so loudly, you can’t even hear yourself think for these guys. And so I count down the pool. I count it down. And then I said we’re gonna give her to give these guys a big hand and instead of giving them a big hand, the pool starts screaming one more song.


Mallory Gordon  39:32

Yeah. I’ve never done that. Yeah, no, the pool went insane. like looking at people’s faces and them cheering on the contestants was absolutely amazing. I mean, the contestants put their heart and soul into it. Like you said, they were jumping on tables and on their knees and on their backs. And like, no cops were injured by the way, as far as we know, in this game, but I mean, they were playing it like it was like it was their job. It was their job like America’s Got Talent.


Cuckoldress Venus  39:58

But here’s the thing that really blew away about this whole thing. So first of all, everybody’s screaming one more song. I know. And I’m like, fuck it. Let’s give it to them. And the look on those 12 guys faces were like, seriously? Yeah, I’m going to die. Soup. See, oh my god, it was awesome. And at that point, my voice was done. I mean, I had been, you know, bellowing into a mic all week long. And these guys start yelling so fucking loud. Yeah, that afternoon, a couple walks up to me with de bands on. Yeah. And they said, Hey, are you the emcee? I said, Yeah. And they said, We are guests at sandals. And we heard your party from sandals. Downtown bought day passes to see what the hell’s going on. That’s awesome. Yeah, it was just


Mallory Gordon  40:42

it was it was so epic. So we get through the second song that was demanded by the crowd, which was totally cool to see. Right. And we pick what three to five was five, three or five? finalists? I think like five okay. 355 Let’s do the final songs. We can all vote on them and choose the winner. The last song was dueling banjos. No, it was Enter Sandman. No understanding and was the one more song that was the one more song Okay, then we need to dial that back. Because one of the coolest report backs I got or feedback I got was someone who went to the men’s room. Whoa, this Enter Sandman had come on. And they’re like, I’m sitting here. I’m standing here taking a piss. And I hear the entire pool singing it and I’m thinking I don’t know that life can get much better than this.


Cuckoldress Venus  41:28

First of all, they’re naked, taking a piss outside for the most part, listening to a pool full of grown adults singing Enter Sandman at the top of their lungs while 12 guys play their dicks to air guitar. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s our vacation folks. Yeah, that’s what we do. For fun. The energy was as high as I’ve ever seen it. And by the way, Mallory and I emceed the bliss cruise coming in, that was a pool party when the last year yeah, last year, there were an extra 500 people in that pool. And it wasn’t as loud and didn’t have as much energy as that pool. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  42:00

it was epic. I don’t know how we’re ever going to top that. But I’m so glad we got to experience it.


Cuckoldress Venus  42:05

I feel like it was a lightning strike. I don’t I feel like that was just one of those things that we couldn’t reproduce. It just happened. But the thing of it is, you know, a wise man told me once you will never catch a fish sitting on the couch. Right? So you’ve got to get out there. You got to get on the lake. You got to get out and do it. So if you don’t come out to events, you don’t get out with people. You don’t get social. You can’t


Mallory Gordon  42:25

win. Yeah, you can’t win if you don’t play right. That’s right. Yeah.


Cuckoldress Venus  42:28

And so you got to get out there. And it’s not doesn’t just have to be a hido. You can do it anywhere. You can go and have those lightning strikes. The perfect couple might be somewhere this weekend. If you’re not there. You won’t meet him.


Mallory Gordon  42:41

Yeah. I don’t know how we’re doing on time over here. But I know there’s two more things I want to make sure we get into this one is talk about the Kama Sutra palace,


Cuckoldress Venus  42:50

right? I think we have to talk about a cat cruise, we have a talk about tantric massage.


Mallory Gordon  42:54

Those are the two things that I want to let our listeners know about. So I’ll let you pick where we start there.


Cuckoldress Venus  42:58

Well, I think we start with the cat cruise, right? Yeah, I’d like to finish with tantric massage. Okay, it was amazing. But the cat cruise was our biggest cat cruise ever.


Mallory Gordon  43:06

Yeah, right.


Mickey Gordon  43:07

We were the megatonnes Yeah. Mayflower.


Mallory Gordon  43:11

I love it. Yeah. And we had invited a bunch of people who you know either didn’t go with a group that had a cat cruise or wanted to migrate over to our boat. So we were at full capacity, which means that


Cuckoldress Venus  43:22

on a brand new fit another person on it No,


Mallory Gordon  43:24

no, but it was perfect though it wasn’t too cramped that you couldn’t move around. It was brand new boat. The crew did an amazing job. And we were a little scared because it started to downpour in the other side of the island. So we weren’t sure it was going to get off but it did they did an amazing job getting us around those storm and getting us over to Rex


Cuckoldress Venus  43:40

they did and so our cruises go over to Rick’s but we actually don’t go to Rick’s because the best party in new grill is not at Rick’s no no if you go to fucking sandals or any other lame ass resorts that are up the island. Rick’s is where the party’s at. Yeah, but if you go to Hito the parties Aikido I promise. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  43:57

I think we saw at least like 20 sets of titties. Alright, so


Cuckoldress Venus  44:00

Well that’s because we were leading a chance to show your tits and well I would then enjoy your book and I don’t know what other chance that we gave these guys were but I will tell you this that whole boat was just just laying it out there just screaming and partying and dancing.


Mallory Gordon  44:19

Yeah My legs hurt I dance so much on that boat and so did all the other escalate.


Cuckoldress Venus  44:24

I mean, what a hell of a sound system well


Mallory Gordon  44:25

they had a great sound system so much so that you know Jim and Rachel let the data DJ that was onboard that we had no idea was gonna be there now. Like fuckin rocket. He did an amazing job. He did a recipe quests. Yeah, the the Rascal Flatts and the staff there on the rascals trip did an amazing job getting like the chocolate and tequila and keeping the party going and then on the way back.


Cuckoldress Venus  44:47

Don’t forget this guy wearing a squid on his head. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  44:49



Cuckoldress Venus  44:50

I’m sure you’re gonna be gullible. Very gullible, because I know my picture was taken about 1000 times every


Mallory Gordon  44:55

time I can find you because your fucking hat too. I love it.


Cuckoldress Venus  44:59

Well, and you know It’s funny last year, there was a bunch of shots of me taken on the boat wearing that giant cowboy hat.


Mallory Gordon  45:04

Yes. And that’s what I found of you. Yeah,


Cuckoldress Venus  45:07

this is the one now I’m wearing a squid. So there’s a naked guy wearing a squid on a boat that somebody took a picture of. That’s me. And, you know, the idea was to take the focus off of people because we did tell everybody Hey, if you don’t want to be in photos Get the hell to go to side of the boat.


Mallory Gordon  45:21

Yeah, get to the back of the boat because people do take pictures from Rex.


Cuckoldress Venus  45:26

Yeah, but it was absolutely hilarious. We had such a good time. But the highlight of the cruise for me was we were on our way back. And we were just just before we came in was the sunset we played a great song everybody was just you know, super family energy. You know, thank us and all that fun stuff that the MCs do when when you know you hand the mic to me. But my favorite part was we timed it so perfectly. We played Bohemian Rhapsody on the way back in Oh 170 people singing Bohemian Rhapsody together. Yeah. Which is awesome. And it ended right as we docked.


Mallory Gordon  45:58

It did. And the crew thought we had lost their minds, but they think they enjoyed us as well. Our group was a lot of fun there. I think my favorite part of the cat cruise was when we were doing the name the the rascals position. And I had already started handheld vibrators and people were already going to work on that. And the creativity that happened in the nets in the front. Like people were like really thinking through some of these expositions. And it was hilarious.


Cuckoldress Venus  46:22

Oh my god, I totally forgot we played that game. It was named that pose.


Mallory Gordon  46:26

Name that rascal position. Yeah,


Cuckoldress Venus  46:28

they like to decide what sex position we would call the rascal. And God, these guys came up with some inventive shades.


Mallory Gordon  46:33

And I’m like, I don’t know that I know that many people. There’s like 12 folks in there.


Cuckoldress Venus  46:38

And then when? Oh, my gosh, what was the girl’s name Angela. And Ray. Got it on. They just started getting it on right there in the net. That was awesome. Like, that’s


Mallory Gordon  46:46

the rascal.


Cuckoldress Venus  46:49

Mickey has voted. That’s the rascal. They’re hot, and they’re fucking each other stupid. And I’m just gonna stay in here and watch. So let’s talk about the new experience because I am writing an article about this for ASN magazine right now, which I’m very excited.


Mallory Gordon  47:01

I think it’s gonna be very insightful. Very helpful. This is this is actually something that was life changing for me.


Cuckoldress Venus  47:07

Yeah, it was a brand new experience. Right. So they opened a center in the old squash court. So if you’ve been to Hito, back behind the tennis courts, there was a building that never got used for squat. Really, it wasn’t used for squash either. It was a competition squash court. That was put up and you’re going to hear more about this in a few minutes from Harry Lang. So a little surprise for you guys. If you’ve hung in with us this long. You have a surprise coming, which is an interview that we did with the CEO and owner of hedonism resorts Harry Lang.


Mallory Gordon  47:36

Yeah, love it here. We asked him some questions about the recent updates, what to look forward to him what is coming down the pipeline for


Cuckoldress Venus  47:42

the brand. That’s true. And so if we get to that part, here in a minute, which you’ll hear that he talked about the squash courts, and we talked about what they became, which is something they call the Kama Sutra palace, and the Kama Sutra palace has got a couple of hot ass European women in it. But more than a couple Shrek moustache,


Mallory Gordon  48:00

they have a great crew there. And we’ve heard of the massage. And I’ll be honest, you know, I’ve heard of, you know, like Lauren, and Rich’s, you know, art of touching. And I don’t know what the names are called. But I haven’t really done a lot of research. So it was kind of just pulling the cord on this one and going, you know what, let’s do it. Let’s, let’s just have the experience. Even if we go on a little blind, we’ve heard good things about it. We talked to a couple people that had it earlier in the week, so why not? We’re here to have new experiences.


Cuckoldress Venus  48:29

Yeah. And so we met with Harry and he talked it up and we’re like, shit, we got to do this. And we went over there. And I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, I like a bit more of a relaxing, more gentle massage. But to have a beautiful Eastern Bloc, naked girl do it to me, that was extra odd.


Mallory Gordon  48:46

Yeah. Yeah. Because they weren’t topless. Right. Yeah,


Cuckoldress Venus  48:48

they were and but that was it. There was something really weird that happened to there,


Mallory Gordon  48:55

there was like this energy exchange something that again, they they kind of said they had this interview with us before and kind of, you know, told us what to expect. Let us know that you know, this is something we can talk through work through. It’s very organic, it you never get the same, you know, experience certainly twice. And we were going to be in the same room together. And it’s something very spiritual and almost magical happened. Like I can’t find the words to describe it. As central as it was. It wasn’t as sexual as I kind of imagined it to be. And when I left there, I felt more clear headed, more relaxed, more at peace completely than I ever, ever, ever have.


Cuckoldress Venus  49:43

Yeah, I spent most of the time just trying not to fart because it was just so relaxed. It was just like, please don’t, please don’t. It’s like you’re asleep. But you’re not.


Mallory Gordon  49:53

No, you’re like suspended right like in this Limbo place. And I could tell it What was touching me and were but there were, there was a lot of moments where everything was so fluid between my body and hers. Like a like, maybe I was touching her face. Maybe it was her breasts. It was, it was really amazing how I just kind of got lost in it. Yeah. And just I was so completely present in that moment. But I didn’t know anything about my surroundings or again, what I was touching it was, it was mind blowing.


Cuckoldress Venus  50:30

It was ethereal. It was cereal. Yeah, it was very just kind of like I’m here, but I’m not. Yeah. And my recommendation to any of you that are listening is if you do go to hedonism, definitely check this out. You know, listen to this interview that’s coming up in just a minute with Harry Lang, from hedonism resorts and I think you’ll, you’ll kind of get what I mean, they really wanted to add to that in mind, body, spirit soul, and this was the spirit and the soul. This is really just kind of pulling all this together and making this more of a sexy and interesting experience. And also, he tipped his cap a little bit about what’s coming for hedonism resorts. And so that’s an exclusive for casual swinger that’s never been told anywhere by now.


Mallory Gordon  51:13

I know. That’s really exciting. Pretty exciting stuff. So anyway, and also we had mad sex after we did have sex like that. That was one of the longest orgasms I’ve ever had in my life was amazing afterwards. Yeah,


Cuckoldress Venus  51:25

super cool. So hey, guys, that kinda sums up our trip. Just absolutely nuts. You could probably


Mallory Gordon  51:32

go on for another hour, but we got to cut this off.


Cuckoldress Venus  51:34

At some point, we really do have to end the episode at some point. So enjoy this interview with Harry Lang. I think you guys are really going to enjoy what he’s got to say. And you’re going to learn a lot about hedonism if you haven’t done it before. And also Hey, we got a shout out that we missed. I don’t want them to think that we don’t love him and we didn’t enjoy our time. We had dinner with listeners.


Mallory Gordon  51:54

We did tequila sun lovers tequila. So


Cuckoldress Venus  51:56

if you guys have been listening to this long, big shout out for you all by yourself your own little section on casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  52:02

Love you both.


Cuckoldress Venus  52:04

Super cool. Now you want to tell everybody where they can find us. We’ll come back with our interview. They probably


Mallory Gordon  52:08

know where they can find us but I’ll do it. Anyways, we are on social media as casual swinger Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We’re also casual swinger on SLS STC Cassidy double date nation quiver. And I think that’s it, right? That’s probably good. That sounds sounds pretty good. You can find us as casual swinger calm. And if you have a question for us, please reach out at podcast at casual swinger.


Cuckoldress Venus  52:35

That’ll do it. We’ll be back in just a hot second with our interview with CEO Harry Lang, you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mickey Gordon  52:57

All right, welcome everybody back to casual swinger. My name is Mickey. Mallory, and we have a special guest with us here we are on site at hedonism two, we have Harry Lang, CEO and president and all things power and owner and owner of hedonism to Kim, forget that. Welcome. Thank you for spending a little bit of time with us, Harry, we really appreciate it.  Thank you. Yes. really enjoy being on your podcast.   Yeah, well, and we actually get to look at Harry while we talked about what we’re doing here today is we’re gonna catch up a little bit about your kind of the changes in hedonism because there’s I mean, walking around here we see changes everywhere. The first change that jumps out to me when I walked in this door yesterday was the tower for the waterslide is gone.


Harry Lange  53:38

Yes, we’re trying to figure out what to do with that we had to take the water slide out. We just had that tower there and didn’t have any great ideas. You’ll want to guess that well, let’s have bungee jumping but that wouldn’t have that would have improved the safety off lap so we could think of a use of it. So we finally took it out. That’s almost a throwback to the trapeze days. Oh yeah. Right. That’s way back in the day. We talked about the trapeze So okay, so we don’t know what we’re gonna do with it yet no, no don’t know yet but this right now open up some more space for other choices they used to do. But yeah, we always are doing new things every time it’s been almost seven years since I took over and you’ll see changes every single time we come fantatic there are changes so we noticed there’s changes to the premium rooms on the beach One of my favorites is that the room numbers are actually beachfront yes that’s that’s new within like the last two or three days you’re pretty observant


Mallory Gordon  54:25

now that they’re painted white, they’re they’re easily to spot it looks more like cohesive with the beach.


Mickey Gordon  54:32

Really renovated those first took over. So five and a half for a six year old renovation. Yeah, so we want to do it again. We totally got it a new tile, new showers, bathrooms. It’s really spectacular change and new hot tubs, new balconies to do everything. What’s the thought process are the mentality behind a five year renovation schedule? Because that’s pretty aggressive, even in the hospitality space. I mean, that’s really great, right? It’s not really what I originally planned to cover cash flow this It should take right seven to 10 years, right? Sure. They’ll be done pinging around Mr. Naveen just we did all the regular rooms. I seen the regular rooms. Yes, they’re all finished within. We started, like two years ago and finished like six months ago, I started liking the regular rooms better than the premium rooms, really. So that’s why I had to do something either cream anymore, or you got him a liquid another step higher. So that’s why I did it. three rooms are fine, but now it’s got way more stories better lighting better. You’ll see it’s a big, big change. Well, the first thing I noticed is there’s actually space under the bed for luggage. Yeah, which is brilliant. Right? Yeah. luggage under the bed and more drawers and things. There’s plenty of storage space now. It’s still the bathroom and the premium rooms is larger than the regular seat the two sinks. And yes, we really think that the pm rooms are really worth a big premium again. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  55:54

I have to agree. And I love the fact that he added additional storage. A lot of people come especially saying the premium rooms outside of that seven day traditional schedule. So they have


Mickey Gordon  56:02

extra stuff, right eventually things. Yeah. So the regular room said like 10 drawers, no premium rooms at three. And that was a lot of other features. So I thought yeah, we’ll start things off people to stay a little bit longer. Right. So one of the things that I noticed again, we got here and you know, you can’t make your beach bigger. You can’t add lands, right? You’re not making any more of it. But the beach feels bigger it hido today than it did before. Did you take things out? I mean, I feel like maybe like there there was a hot that used to be there was a massage that that’s gone. It feels like maybe a couple of trees maybe had been redone every year. We don’t really take out trees for any reason about this disease or it’s like interrupting their water supply. So if we have to take them out, but really that we gain actually a little bit of sand sometimes. That’s kind of cool. But just in general, we have over 20 acres and it’s only 280 rooms. And we can rezone for probably 800 to 1000 rooms if we wanted to. So we do we are spread out we relieve a lot of the beach on touch so we’re not building right out to the edge or anything like that. We want people will enjoy the beach. It feels bigger. Yeah, it really does. More just cleaning. I think it’s more just is raking in cleaning up the gardens and things around makes it look bigger.


Mallory Gordon  57:16

Yeah, the staffs doing a great job. It looks pristine walking out by this morning,


Mickey Gordon  57:21

and you guys landscaped each block. That looks really neat. Although I can’t find my way through it. Now I don’t know how to get around and I used to be able to do it blindfolded now I can’t even work yet just maintain the grounds you notice is really one of the resorts that has the most greenery the most trees. Very nice big old trees. We are keeping all those just clean it up. So did you enjoy the greenery to one of my favorite things is


Mallory Gordon  57:47

the big tree behind the piano bar. Oh, yes. I know. It’s really it’s kind of out of the way but I love it more out there at night after watching the show. And people are dancing and doing karaoke. I mean that treats me looks


Mickey Gordon  57:59

millennia old. Oh, yeah, it’s a spectacular treat trade. Was that law is a little problem because it’s actually the highest point in the grill. Is it really actually yeah, that is because we’re shit because we built up a little bit you know, it’s you have to walk out to the water. The other resorts are right, even with the water. Right. Okay, so we get lightning strikes is the highest point that you know, our personal home has been struck by lightning nine times. All right. Yeah. We have to the highest point Florida.


Mallory Gordon  58:33

town that is the highest


Mickey Gordon  58:35

or lightning round. Alright, so you just learned something new on casual swinger folks. ism two is your best chance of getting struck by lightning and laid in Jamaica. So you know, when we talk about Quito, and we talk about it in circles. We talked about it we go to other things like naughty in New Orleans or when we’re down at secrets hideaway in Orlando. And there’s a lot of people that haven’t been to Quito, but they’ve heard stories about keto, whether they read about it in playboy or heard about it on naked news or any of the other various podcasts that have covered keto. One of things I like to talk about is things like we’re talking about now that the beach feels bigger that you guys are renovating grounds and it really is about how it makes you feel great when you come to here. Yes, right now is in the renovations that only all the rooms are at bay, but every single common area every building, so motivates took over but we put a lot into it is it cleaned up to this trimming things and keep it really pristine. Why took over the 260 staff here? It was the same number of rooms basically the same number guests are now at 430. Wow. So 170 net staff, just for the grounds of for housekeeping and for service. You see how quickly you get served by service. So it’s driving me crazy. I go somewhere else. What and we’ve had that happen America, we covered that in recent podcasts, there’s places we love, they were just so busy. They had so many customers because he did such a good job of marketing themselves. The staff couldn’t keep up and we actually waited like 40 minutes for Drink and Hirohito you walk to the bar and you know in my hats it’s pretty hard to miss me. So what I usually am 10 feet from the bar and they know homecoming but regular people that don’t have a crazy hat on instantaneous yeah hard pressed. see many people wait more two minutes for drag. And here’s all inclusive here Yes, I can’t believe I’m taking all this money it’s this other bar may take 20 minutes.


Mallory Gordon  1:00:22

That’s very spoiled for me.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:24

It’s crazy. So let’s talk a little bit about some of the new new things that hedonism has added things like the dispensary for example. Let’s talk about marijuana in Jamaica and what you’re allowed to do here does it change the experience for guests at all to be able to buy legally here? And what about the beaches there so people walk up and then sell and stuff on the beach yet people still sell stuff on the beach for the first hotel resort to get a license to sell marijuana on property. So we’re excited about that their own branded one veto veto. That’s gonna be mostly like Colorado strains but growing by Jamaican fibers so it’s gonna be very high quality or know exactly what you get, which is different from the beach. So these beaches still guys will be there selling it cheaper, but not really sure


Mallory Gordon  1:01:08

it does provide safety, right against right who are seeking


Mickey Gordon  1:01:13

legal standing illegal in Jamaica till like two and a half years ago, but Chris is no enforcement. Yeah, right. Yeah, right. He’s getting technical legal now finally legal to sell it. So we’re pretty excited about that. Is it going to be strictly marijuana? Are there going to be gummies? and oils? Do you have any knowledge of what they’re going to sell? I’m obviously going to sell bowls and stuff, right. But right now we don’t have edibles that been licensed yet for anybody, I think mostly just feels government’s fear how to regulate it grows tax and stuff like that. edibles is a big variety. Right? Right. Safety and pharmacists. We’re out of regulate and tax. So that we expect that fairly soon, I would be great because I think people jump in the car at random to Jenny’s right and get a brownie and then Lord knows what happens when you beat that round. Right? Some people say nothing, and some people pass up for a day. And so I lost a week of my life to. And we want to make sure that by the time we sell those that we really know what it is exactly the potency of that.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:13

Yeah, fair. Yeah. So I’m interested in the the tantric area because that was being renovated. Last time we were here is that finish


Mickey Gordon  1:02:22

with finishing the offering a workshop solidly since April this year called the Kama Sutra palace. It formerly was the squash courts. Yes. Yeah. And then we never having squash trim is actually for tournaments and everything. It was really nice squash courts. But we didn’t have any tournaments or that may be playing. So we ended up being it out and just calling a social reviews that sometimes sort of playroom, stuff like that, but didn’t really do much until we met these people from a Europe that really experts in Tantra. And so they came here and they set up and designed it to be very tantric. And so they have workshops pretty much every day. And then they offer types of massages to which is very erotic. It’s non sexual. There’s no happy ending, but it’s essential as you can possibly Okay, yeah, this is a very happy ending comes in the room at the end with Mallory. Yeah, yeah, that’s been a real big, successful addition to us. So it was popular enough as I get a tattoo besides today, and just sold out. So how he can get the really good regular physical massage. And this is what’s your staff? There’s Amazing, right? This is very essential. The lighting and the sounds and smells. And I feel like I need to do this. Yeah. Yeah. So you can wrap your body on yours and they rub their hair against you. And they know all the real sensitive erotic spots in the body. No kidding. Yeah, that’s it. So yeah. It’s been very popular shirts. This is the Harry Lang sales pitch for the tantric. Guys, I’m going to go spend some money now. Thanks. And I’m going to get laid. There’s a big general area where they have the workshops and other classes and other groups can use it to that just our own people, our own staff. But when other groups like eventually I’m swingers before, I’d say so they come in, they can change how they want it for the week. So it’s a big, gentle really


Mallory Gordon  1:04:22

kind of how like they set up like the glow parties and pool parties.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:25

They can make that part of the weekend. Yeah, that’s nice. Because it’s it’s often behind the test scores. So it’s a quiet area. This is very nice than the two massage rooms are separate than the big gentlemen the two massage rooms on the site for the tattoo. This is nice. It’s really cool. It has showers. They’re pretty nice. I can’t wait to check this out. So one of things I noticed last night looking down that way. And this kind of speaks to something else that that people talk about a lot, especially when visiting third world countries is safety so that the tantric area is a little off the beaten path right? This washboards rolling all the way it seems like the resort has invested a lot of money in lighting. Yes, a lot of lighting. And of course, we do a security to every possible access point coming from woods or road or beach or whatever. Pretty big security for us. And the lighting is a big thing, too, is even though there’s good security people still sometimes late at night walking back to the hot seat, dark shadows have to get scared. So now, a lot of lighting and yeah, we noticed that in the end, we have security cameras, too. Excellent. Yeah, they’re not monitored all the time, we only just go back and look at some of the things as opposed to something but people know that the security cameras are gonna catch them if they ever tried anything. So the security is really important here. That’s very, very privacy do we never got these security cameras, these videos are trashed after three or four weeks or something, if it hadn’t been any issues that people have to worry about. There’s no bad people sitting around looking at these. But why would you do it anyway, just to see what you have to do that. I wondered about that. And I definitely saw you know, there was a bit of a backlash when the cameras went in online, people freaking out on social media and calling you out on social media and, and I posted back to a few of those people saying, don’t you want someone responsible? Looking after you, you’re fine with a security guard, but you’re not fine with that person being able to recreate an event and protect you in the event of something happening. And even the security people are not allowed to do those videos. Only two management people are controlled. Yeah. Well, people even worry that some people worry that security guys cause half the trouble. I don’t think that’s true. But I mean, people worry about everything, right? So so even the head of security can’t see those wild. So we’re very controlled and strict is just for solving problems. Those people know that they’re safe, and they don’t have to worry about because everybody knows that those cameras are there. Yeah. So we’ve talked a little bit about safety and privacy. We’ve talked about making the way we make people feel when they come to hedonism, we talked about some of the stuff you’ve added like the dispensary in the tantric lounge what’s your strategy what where does this come from? Because it seems like this is all very well thought out. You didn’t do any of this by accident. So what’s what’s your vision for what this space is going to be? And are you starting to get getting pretty far along I’d say probably as far further than I ever would have made my initial plan to go over for the long is better it’s going better but you always have to keep improving the product all the time there’s people out there like us they have other choices they can go desire they can go on lifestyle cruises and things like that. So actually is it the other place like desire like a secret site away and run on four or five lifestyle cruises? I just want to catch up mate. It’s really very headed something Why not? They’ve all copied me because this is first one here right? lifestyle resort there no cruises, so ever. That’s true. I don’t feel bad about coffee itself. Yeah, guy do I know



if that’s what the public wants? Yeah, absolutely.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:54

So what’s is there another project like that’s around the corner here for Hito plans.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:59

I do have the only brand worldwide and like 230 trademarks and vigorously defended if someone tries to start up a veto or even as around the world, and now they’re pretty happy with this is possible it might either license or build another hedonism somewhere. That would be amazing. As some other parts of the world to see not the Jamaica is not amazing, because it is. That’d be really cool. And we’re fully booked here so often. You probably will probably have to add a few more rooms here. Not going to make a monster that maybe add another 50 100 rooms here, down the road. And yeah, think about licensing something in Europe or Asia or something. Yeah. Alright, that’ll be cool. You’re gonna keep us posted.


Mallory Gordon  1:08:38

So tell our listeners I love I love the dream been dreaming big aspects


Mickey Gordon  1:08:42

of that. Right? Yeah, it’s so we come down here frequently, obviously. And one of the things that we had noticed over time and the first time I saw something about hedonism was a playboy. Back in the 90s. There was no such thing as a backup playboy about hedonism, because the internet wasn’t as big of a deal. And today, it’s a different demographic Aikido than it used to be. I actually saw, you know, way back when I first started coming here and this is the SuperClubs days things are starting to get rundown. And I saw somebody say that hedonism was a result as a resort for old swingers. And I’m like, I don’t know that I agree with that. Because I think I was in my 20s when I started coming back, but today I see more young people at hedonism than I’ve ever seen before. Oh, that’s definitely true. Yeah, some of the younger groups are adding a lot of weeks and things like that know that demographics age has come down. I think at least three or four years. It’s the time I bought it. Yeah. Do you think it’s because you’re doing nice? Did it’s nicer or maybe that new generation is different? If you think differently. I think the new jerison thinks a little differently and things like we have good Wi Fi and things that young we think about the young people, every promoted we give grace to people that bring in new younger crowd because we know that’s our future. So you’ll see there no wheelchairs are It’s not like getting on a flight in Orlando. No, no, no, no. I like that. And as you just walk around, you will see so many young people’s. Yeah, I’m really happy to see that. I am to. I mean, we have,


Mallory Gordon  1:10:14

I mean, the younger generations are so legalist. So like, it’s not like you’ve been at Hito for a day, and you can already That’s fantastic. But I love the energy that they bring to the table, right? Because it’s something it’s another element that’s very positive. And in this community,


Mickey Gordon  1:10:36

we’re doing more things on the polling app societies, as you know, part of it are the beats in the Google and I tell that part, you’re required to be naked, which I really think works well, because a lot of people would not be able to get naked, less everybody else. Yeah, and that it seems so natural, and everybody’s equal and level playing field. truck drivers and circuit judges, they’re all the same. We don’t hide behind your fancy clothes or purses something right. So that’s the magic there. There’s some young people aren’t comfortable yet yet. Then we have we’re putting up we’re working to the folding episode site. So some people then can maybe hang out there for the first couple of days to get comfortable with it and actually probably migrate down to the nude side. But I saw a cool new sign down on the beach as a matter of fact that it’s a stop sign. And it says, get naked here. You had a whole flight and a whole taxi ride to work your shit out. Drop it. Is that a huge sign? No, that’s, that’s a group or guests. I thought that was fantastic. Yeah. And it was not here last time we were here. So it really is amazing. People get so comfortable so fast. They think that they’re going to oppose me the whole free strip for the first few days. But that doesn’t take long. And that’s the first thing we hear when people are talking about coming who haven’t heard before is I don’t know if I can get naked like that. I’m like, that’s actually the easiest thing you do. First thing you do is put your clothes back on when you go home. Right? It’s It’s hard to explain why people are naked. They talk a lot more to other people make a lot more friends. It’s hard to explain to people why that would be you know, I think people have never been knew this lifestyle world. Assume that you’re naked you’re trying to cover up and so they somehow know you just opened and out there. And yeah, yeah, I feel like and I’ve met some people here that are have some pretty amazing walks of life. US Court judges, great District Court judges, Supreme Court Judge states, colonels and military, people like yourself have been very successful and walks of life. And the thing that stands out the most to me is you don’t really want to talk about their life, that they’re what they’ve built outside of here. They want people to get to know them for who they are, what their interests are music, comedy, books, great. They want to be seen as a person not is what they became. Right. So it’s maybe almost like an escape for the world where you’re always dealing with people in your country club or something where you have to brag about your latest thing or about the kids did in school or something like to hear you just be you and talk about your fantasies and dreams. And ideally.


Cuckoldress Venus  1:13:06

So let’s dig into that for a minute. And I want to let you go because I promise you only a few minutes. And I really, really, really appreciate this by the way. But you know, this place has become more sex for us than it ever has been before. We’ve got play rooms now in multiple locations on the resort app, which is awesome. We have groups that are swinger oriented coming down here a dirty perv week is a lifestyle week. Young swingers week is a lifestyle week. And there’s lots of others. Right? So is that something I mean? are more lifestyle oriented folks coming to Hito today than they used to? Because of the types of amenities you built in what sort of amenities have you built form? And is there anything in the future you’re thinking about doing? Like Kama Sutra that’s going to bring people more sexually for us? I


Mickey Gordon  1:13:48

think we’re trying to become more sexually forward we have some advanced over cruise ships. This is a big competitive virus because cruise ships you like to be naked. Smaller is like around the pool. Only when you would see important cats I mean, we want to be a place to be for me free and naked all the time. I took over they used to be behind the spa. There was something that uses the playroom maybe once a week if a group requests. So I immediately made it every night. And then now but the one that gets us most is behind the atom is a little playroom 24 hours a day. See that place I’ve heard someone in there once Valerie, but that place is so so popular that almost like lying to get it’s been used by growers and that’s Yeah, that’s, it’s crazy. As soon as we supply the sheets and towels all the time and the condoms. So people some of the meat in the pool or hot tub and like they want to get something on and it is locked right there. It’s so easy and very just right there. And that kind of goes with the theme, right?


Cuckoldress Venus  1:14:56

We’re creating a convenient atmosphere for people to experience their fans. MCs and get it on,


Mickey Gordon  1:15:01

right? Oh yeah. Strike the nurse had I guess? opportunities, dance, listen to music so well. Do you have anything else for Harry? I had a bunch of stuff in my head and it all went away


Mallory Gordon  1:15:15

the questions we’ve got is the disco any future plans with discount?


Mickey Gordon  1:15:19

If you do say this that’s been renovated, but it hasn’t been changed a lot. But yeah, that’s one of them. But doing now is it’s hard to get enough people to just go to a party every night. So we are the groups that try to work to focus on like two nights. That’s what


Mallory Gordon  1:15:33

our Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:15:35

yeah, swill parties in the pool deck or the courtyard and then the focus people into a couple of nights and it’s got the critical mass to make it fly back. But there’s still a chance at some stage might even move it up near the courtyard. That’d be amazing.


Mallory Gordon  1:15:51

You think that may benefit the area,


Mickey Gordon  1:15:54

a little distance to walk to go back and forth? are in the playroom back there that something is thinking about? Okay, that would that’s actually awesome. We’ve actually discussed that exact thing that this games room, the gym that area up there to, if that were a disco, and that other stuff was down there, because that stuff, you actually go there for a reason. If you want to work out, you go there, right? If you want to spy want to be quiet, so the spa, gym, and the pool table stuff all moved somewhere else. So that was disco. That’s what considering doing that. That’s gonna make a lot of people happy. Well, Harry, thank you very much for making the time to sit down with us. I think our listeners are gonna get a lot out of this. You know, we talk about keto a lot. We get a lot of questions about keto on our Twitter feed. We’re just about to go over 10,000 Well, it’s, it’s important to you right, because you were on very early in the show, you actually trusted us to spread the message. So we appreciate that. Thank you very much. And, you know, we’ll we’ll see you again soon, hopefully. All right. Yep. All right. All right, folks. That’ll do it.


Cuckoldress Venus  1:16:59

That’s our interview with Harry Lang. And that’ll call it an episode. We’ll see you next week on casual swinger. Hi, I’m Venus from the Venus calculus podcast and I have a special message for all of the single ladies listening. What if you could have a loving, committed partner who wants to stay totally faithful to you, but who would love to see you have incredible experiences with others? It sounds too good to be true, right? It is true. You really can have it all and be loved, celebrated and even put on a pedestal. Learn more at Venus connections.com