Damn, that was fast! (Our favorite moments from 2019)

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That was Fast – 2019 Recap

Thu, 9/2 10:24AM • 1:06:35


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mickey Gordon  00:03



Mallory Gordon  00:20

welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advised.


Mickey Gordon  01:04

Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  01:07

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  01:09

I’m assuming it’s back because everybody listens to our show at this point is probably a repeat offender.


Mallory Gordon  01:13

Right on welcome back y’all.


Mickey Gordon  01:15

Right. So this episode is called? Damn. That was fast.


Mallory Gordon  01:19

Yeah, it’s also a reflection of our morning sex Christmas.


Mickey Gordon  01:22

Oh. Cut me deep. That’s what this episode is all about is premature ejaculation. Yeah, sure. You get some tips on how not to ejaculate prematurely. Jackie, wait, Jackie. Wait. That’s a new word. Jakob eight, huh? I just think about Barbara Bush. What? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  01:40

I’m so confused. You have to remember him hung over very much today. So I’m a little slow on the uptick.


Mickey Gordon  01:45

I think about barbara bush in my orgasm goes well.


Mallory Gordon  01:50

So what you did is retied yourself up to use your sound effects I could have said great.


Mickey Gordon  01:57

Was the Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher. She was hideous too.


Mallory Gordon  02:02

Was Janet Reno. That’s another good one.


Mickey Gordon  02:04

Yeah. Right. We’re What does it Ruth Bader Ginsburg, think about her and your erection will not just know you probably lose your erection completely. It’s not like you won’t even come it’ll just be


Mallory Gordon  02:14

you’re looking at me like I’ve masturbated to this or something.


Mickey Gordon  02:18

I don’t know what you masturbate. What kind of porn you watch. You’re like, it’s all technical, technical porn. Who here likes tentacle Born in 2020? folks? So this is our last episode of 2019.


Mallory Gordon  02:30

Believe it man.


Mickey Gordon  02:31

Neither can I this is insane. Like it went so fast.


Mallory Gordon  02:35

I really did. I really didn’t. We had a really great year, which we’ll get into some of the highlights and talk about, you know what we’re looking forward to in 2020 here shortly. But it really did. It was like a blink of an eye this year.


Mickey Gordon  02:47

Yeah. And blink and you miss it. And you know, one of my friends actually talked about this not too long ago, I was bitching about how much faster time moves. And because he’s a total nerd. He’s like, oh, and that’s just because you’re getting older and you have more days in your life. So it’s a smaller percentage, rather. And I’m like, really, motherfucker. I was just saying Time flies. And you had to go and give me the scientific reason for it.


Mallory Gordon  03:07

Like you have that clock above your head that’s ticking down that day or a doomsday clock. Right? Either that or till the beans kick in. So glad I’m younger.


Mickey Gordon  03:17

Whatever. We I’m not going to start calling us an age gap couple anytime soon.


Mallory Gordon  03:21

No, no, no. But


Mickey Gordon  03:23

you know, it’s, I swear to God, it feels like yesterday was our Halloween episode. We were doing spooky scary stuff. And now boom, New Year’s.


Mallory Gordon  03:30

Yeah, it happens like that every year. Right. And I think it’s just a combination of all the things that happened between Halloween and yours, right? And it’s another reason why there’s such a huge law. And our LS activity


Mickey Gordon  03:43

is like between Halloween and then all the lead up to Christmas and now the lead up to New Year. Yeah, everything’s dead.


Mallory Gordon  03:51

Yeah, well, and you know, we were pretty busy. We have our Jamaica trip in November, then you know, thanksgiving a big deal. So that’s literally the following week.


Mickey Gordon  04:00

Right? And you know, it’s funny because we’re sitting here and we’re talking to each other going wow, things are so dead. But then everything like all hell breaks loose here in like a week


Mallory Gordon  04:08

later. Oh, my God. Yeah. Like so New Year’s Eve are spending time with freakin Sheila. Yes. Right. And the kids are coming up. I love them so much. It’ll be a blast and they love our kids don’t


Mickey Gordon  04:20

Yes, she was gonna get naked.


Mallory Gordon  04:22

Probably. That’s right. But there’s so good our kids like in they can vanilla it up for them


Mickey Gordon  04:30

a little bit, right? except she leans to shut the door when she’s the boy walks by and he’s like, oh, Sheila’s here. That’s like, cover him up.


Mallory Gordon  04:41

She slips on her belly. So it’s like full like asshole shot.


Mickey Gordon  04:44

Exactly. There’s the bunghole


Mallory Gordon  04:46

but you know, CPS is gonna get called pain,


Mickey Gordon  04:48

right, whatever. It’s our kids are older. But you know, it’s for us. I think that everything in the lifestyle is just gonna go nuts. We’ve got Frank and Sheila coming up. We’ve got the double date. Double your pleasure. Coming up this shows hideaway Yeah, yeah. And we’ve got so it’s us in swinging down under hosting. And then our friends are coming as guests which we’re just blown away by we have our naughty escapades coming Yeah, epic swingers are coming here


Mallory Gordon  05:15

for years Chronicles which we just listened to their latest episode last night and oh my god, I just I didn’t think I could love them more.


Mickey Gordon  05:22

Yeah, that was something else. I mean, it’s we talked about it on Twitter, we said that the the greatest thing that you can give a creator is the your own inspiration to create from what they do. And they did an episode based on spirituality based on this last episode we did, which, by the way, guys, huge response to that episode, I was blown away, actually, by the listener response to that episode.


Mallory Gordon  05:42

I was too I was too and I feel like it’s a reflection of what I got out of that one on one conversation with those guys. It was very impactful for me, and I feel very fortunate to have that kind of dialogue, to have them be so open about it, and kind of lift that veil between spirituality and sexuality and what it means and how Shane came into play. And it was just it was absolutely wonderful. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  06:04

I think it was just a reflection of what a badass Mitch is. I mean he was so yeah, open and welcoming and kind and it just it translated so well over the air. It just made you feel like you were talking to somebody they made you feel like whatever you are is just fine. Whoever you worship is just fine. I mean it was just it was so cool. And I think it really resonated with everybody that listened including our friends Ray and D so that was so fucking cool and we get to hang out with them for double your pleasure. So double your pleasure is a two day event at sea grits and what’s gonna happen is Friday night is single guys and then Saturday is twinsies so everybody’s going to come in and they have to dress like their partner and get a discount or try to get to $20 increases


Mallory Gordon  06:42

Yeah, I can’t we just see some of the outfits were struggling a little bit I have a few ideas but we also want to make it like logical because I come up with the the crazy shit that does not get us laid. Like the witch doctor makeup which was a total fail and then Wayne and Garth which was really cute, but not sexy.


Mickey Gordon  07:00

No one wants to fuck it. Dude.


Mallory Gordon  07:01

I know. I know. I really I really I’m looking at you going I know this is not something you enjoy doing per se but I need you to take the reins because obviously I can’t handle


Mickey Gordon  07:13

time. I let you dress us for theme night. I don’t get close to getting any booty.


Mallory Gordon  07:17

I don’t know why I always lean towards the ridiculous what’s fun. I


Mickey Gordon  07:21

think we’re good at it. I mean, we’re pretty good at ridiculous but I mean if we’re trying to hook up we probably need to glam it up instead of goof it up.


Mallory Gordon  07:29

Yeah, you can dress me any any which we will lose.


Mickey Gordon  07:32

You promise. Yes. Hey, take it away. Take it you have the reins. Like Alright, I got a little something to go in here. Right on anyway. So Christmas was was really great. I mean, you know, not a lot of swinger stuff. We had family and I listened to my we’d bow and Christmas album. It was really, it was really good.


Mallory Gordon  07:51

I love that album. And it was really sweet to hear you listening to it while you’re wrapping presents, which I know you hate doing.


Mickey Gordon  07:59

I hate wrapping anything. I don’t like wrapping my penis. I don’t like wrapping presents. It’s no fun at all. And it’s very difficult. And I got you some large presence this year, which were a pain in the balls to wrap.


Mallory Gordon  08:09

Yeah, yeah, I love my full length mirror, by the way.


Mickey Gordon  08:12

Yeah, thank you so much. It’s about not having one.


Mallory Gordon  08:16

But you also wrapped a few and it was so funny to watch the kid pull presidents on He’s like, I don’t even know like Who are these people? Because you said to Mallory from Mickey. And he was like, what’s up with these? And I looked at you and you’re like doing the like eyebrow raise like yeah, baby. I know. I know. I can’t open these in front of my folks.


Mickey Gordon  08:36

That’s kind of what the the note was. Right? So your your mom thought that they were just presents for friends of ours? Because you know, our neighbors are vanilla last neighbors came over? Yes. And you know, we had presents for their crotch goblins. And then they, you know, we’ve seen some bottles with them. And you know, we’re gonna have them on an upcoming episode. I don’t think we’ve told her listeners about that. No,


Mallory Gordon  08:53

they finally said we’ve been talking to them about this for quite some time. And they’ve always had some really interesting questions that give us a perspective on what other people think about us and what we do kind of like those really funny memes. And they’ve finally agreed to come on the air with us. We’re going to do an interview with them in the next month or so.


Mickey Gordon  09:10

Yeah, well, and she kind of shot the questions over and we’re like, Wow, those are really good. And they’re fantastic. I think you guys are gonna love this episode. I think it’s going to be really informative. And it’s questions vanillas have. So vanillas are going to sit down with us here in the casual swinger studios in sunny Florida. And they’re going to ask us questions that they have about the lifestyle. Correct. So this is a very much top of the funnel type of conversation, where if you’re new to the lifestyle or thinking about the lifestyle, or maybe you want to introduce your spouse or significant other to the lifestyle, this would be a great episode to do that way.


Mallory Gordon  09:43

Exactly. And I think it’s a great platform to educate people who know of the lifestyle, and maybe you haven’t been in but they just have an idea of it. And it’s kind of lifting the veil a little bit, because we’re also going to ask them questions, too.


Mickey Gordon  09:55

That’s true. Yeah. And this is coming in the first couple of weeks of 2020s. Yes. Look forward to that, guys. But I guess you know, we should probably talk about the other goings on where we’re going in this first sec, as I just said, First part of 2020 is gonna be nuts,


Mallory Gordon  10:09

because we have rascals coming to visit in January. And then the great couple that we met and then and the front end, and they’re amazing. I know you’re getting all squirmy over there says they’re coming to visit the end of January. That crazy. And then in February, we have our I believe our Canadians. Oh, my God are coming to visit as well.


Mickey Gordon  10:32

Holy moly. So we’ve got rascals coming down. Uh huh. We’ve got Canadians coming down. We have our event coming up at secrets in a very short order. We have the rascals February hedonism trip coming up.


Mallory Gordon  10:45

Yeah, do we still have a room open for that one,


Mickey Gordon  10:47

we do, we have a couple of rooms left for that one in February is a bit more expensive. In terms of the rest of the year, February is one of the more expensive ones. So the rooms don’t sell as fast. But what we do have rooms for what we just opened up is summer swing, and vaden, June 2020. And that’s with us. And this is a lifestyle specific event that we’re doing in partnership with iOS connection. So this is all swinging all the time, this is going to be the games are going to be more sex for the parties are going to be a little harder, there’s going to be organized play room events, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff going on, that’s a little different than our typical, you know, party on Friday night with the RAS right, it’s gonna be different for a reason, right? We want that to definitely


Mallory Gordon  11:28

kind of right. By no means does that mean we corner everybody’s that you have to play and do all these things to your lifestyle. That’s not how we will we just want to make sure we’re opening up to have the best experiences you want. And as many as we can afford to give you


Mickey Gordon  11:41

You got it. This is gonna be just an open door, right? We’re gonna open more doors for you and give more organized events. If people want to participate in a rap show. I think that’s going to be super fun. And again, that’s in June 2020. You can check out our Twitter feed or web page, travel with us and see information about that hido trip or rascal trips because we are selling rooms for November 2020. Right


Mallory Gordon  12:02

through and I think they’re like 80%. booked?


Mickey Gordon  12:04

We are we’re 70% sold out loud now. We just opened that two weeks ago.


Mallory Gordon  12:09

That’s crazy. absolutely crazy. November 2020 is going to be bonkers because we’ve added more rooms to the trip already. Except they haven’t do it. We probably been at capacity already. But backing up let’s talk about may dude, God


Mickey Gordon  12:23

podcast a Palooza


Mallory Gordon  12:24

in Miami. That’s happening in May was truly we’ll have a segment that we’re doing. I find it to be I’m a little nervous. I’m not gonna lie, because this is really like opening up myself to other people’s and an audience.


Mickey Gordon  12:40

I’ve seen a lot of times were you nervous?


Mallory Gordon  12:42

I’m not talking about like, spread my legs. I’m talking about our heart heart. And giving them a look inside. You know, some of them not so great things that we’ve experienced and some hilarious things and how we got through it together.


Mickey Gordon  12:55

Yeah, this is this is gonna be real when the shit hit the fan presentation quite literally, quite literally shit hit a lot of things. So yeah, it’s I think that is going to be really interesting. And you know, some of the other podcasters that are going to be at podcast at Blizzard are doing some really neat interactive stage type stuff.


Mallory Gordon  13:12

Games. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  13:13

I think it’s gonna be really cool. I can’t wait to see what some of these folks do. But what you have, as you have 10 groups of really, really great personalities in the lifestyle that you listen to, and you follow on Twitter, or you listen to their podcasts. And Kate from swinging down under put all this together for you to have an opportunity to go meet some of your favorite personalities, ask questions and participate in some of these interactive panels. I think it’s gonna be crazy cool. And the entertainment. Oh my god, she gave me a sneak peek of some of that stuff.


Mallory Gordon  13:41

Yeah, well, I heard I mean, the, the variety of things that are offered at this event is just mind blowing. So I’m looking forward to meeting all those people. They’re having a great time partying it up, having you know, some hilarious conversations and giving some insights and I don’t know dancing with my top off. It’s one of my favorite things in


Mickey Gordon  14:02

the world to do is gonna be a topless party. So well, you know, without further ado, let’s let’s jump to our next segment here and talk about 2019. And that’s really what this episode is because Dan, Matt went fast. This was our first full year is casual swinger. Yeah, it just happens so fast.


Mallory Gordon  14:20

Yeah, that’s right. We kicked it off late 2018. You know, got our sea legs by, you know, early 2019 here, I think. And it just like you said,


Mickey Gordon  14:30

like, given I really does and this community that we’ve built around, you know, this silly name you and I came up with sitting here right here in the casual Springer studios in beautiful sunny Florida. You know, we we were just sitting around talking about who we are, and we’re casual swingers. And then here we are. I mean, it’s, it’s a thing and we we see people I mean, remember the sunglasses we saw on the floor of the store. Oh


Mallory Gordon  14:53

my gosh, that was so funny. I’m, I know that somehow I’ve trained myself to do this at this point. Because of Everything we’ve done this year, but there was someone dropped a white pair of sunglasses and I looked at the side I’m like, is that a casual swingers? That


Mickey Gordon  15:07

sure did look like it anyway.


Mallory Gordon  15:08

And if all places were in a Christian owned


Mickey Gordon  15:13

store, we were a Christian retailer they were not casual swinger class.


Mallory Gordon  15:16

They were definitely not but the irony would have been fantastic


Mickey Gordon  15:20

out of this world. Why don’t you tell everybody where they can find us and we’ll bounce out of here and come back with Damn that was fast a year in review.


Mallory Gordon  15:26

Sweet we’re casual swinger everywhere folks. That’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SLS, SCC quiver, double date, nation. And Kathy, have a question reach out to us at podcast at casual swinger calm. Want to travel at a semi casual swinger calm and click travel with us.


Mickey Gordon  15:42

Awesome. We’ll be right back after this. You’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  16:10

Welcome back, everybody. This is Mallory of casual swinger.


Mickey Gordon  16:13

I’m Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  16:14

All right. So let’s get into the meat of our discussion today. We were reflecting over the holidays at you know, 2019 and, and started having conversations about 2020. And what that looks like for us. So we thought we’d share some of that conversation with you guys.


Mickey Gordon  16:30

Yeah, instead of going back and just kind of playing old episodes that you’ve probably already listened to, we thought we’d talk about some of our top lifestyle moments from 2019. Because I think it’s an evolution for everybody in the lifestyle, I think we all kind of start out in the same place dipping our toes in back against the wall, the club or the house party. And in everybody’s lifestyle journeys different some people don’t like super teakettle into the pool, and some people go really slow and start out soft swap, and just watching and then, you know, 10 years later, you know, they’re hosting gangbangs.


Mallory Gordon  17:03

Well, and everyone’s journey is a little bit different. And I think when I reflect on ours over the last, you know, 1314 years, it’s, it’s a waveform, right, we have our highs and our lows and our lows, and, you know, where, you know, we’re just so busy that it’s hard to find time to meet other people.


Mickey Gordon  17:22

It really is, especially, you know, as we travel, and that’s, you know, one of the things I thought about putting in my list, but it’s not in my list, so I’ll talk about it for a second is, is maybe having, you know, opening ourselves to more travel interactions, both living in Orlando, and with our traveling, like having some more lifestyle experiences that are on the road.


Mallory Gordon  17:39

That’s interesting. That’s actually in my list. So let’s get back to that.


Mickey Gordon  17:42

Yes. Okay. Welcome back. So


Mallory Gordon  17:43

let’s explain what this list is. So guys, I’m gonna I’ve asked Mickey, and I’ve done this for myself, what are the top? Like you said, three lifestyle moments of 2019 that are highlights for you? And you tell our listeners a little bit about yours?


Mickey Gordon  17:56

All right. Well, I think for me, number one, hands down is all the listeners that we met this year, right? I mean, if I had to say the number one thing in 2019, that was just transformative for me, in my opinion of what we do, you know, initially, when we started this thing, I we kind of said, whatever the hell we want hit and just laughed and made jokes. And you go back and listen to those episodes. And sometimes I said some things that were a little insensitive or, or just kind of struck me as funny. But I realized that not everything is funny to everybody, number one, and number two words have a lot of power. And when you put the kind of power behind them that a podcast has, you can affect a lot of people really quickly. So I had to get really careful, really fast with some of the things I said, but meeting some of those listeners changed me as a person and opened my eyes to some of the things that I wasn’t sensitive to, which I think was pretty big. You know, but the thing that really stood out to me is we were in the pool at secrets this summer. We did a joint event with iOS connections down there. And there was a couple they were telling you your mom from didn’t know who you were,


Mallory Gordon  19:05

and I am so Oh, it was so slow. Cuz I was like, I have a she knows the same jokes. I do. Like a total ding dong. Like I did took the third joke for it to register. I was like, wait,


Mickey Gordon  19:18

yeah, I was like, Oh my god, that’s so funny. Adorable. So it’s happened dozens of times this year. And it’s happened in some crazy places. Remember, we were down at Hito and that listener from Qatar came Oh my god, you get that T shirt. Yeah, you know, I listened to those guys were like, yeah, that’s us. This is our podcast. Yeah, it was like holy shit. I love that podcast. And so we have a bunch of listeners in the Middle East that listen on a Discord server because it doesn’t broadcast over there. Which that to me just absolutely blows me away. And that means to me so much these listeners and that it resonates with them and that our show is a show that’s about more than just having sex with people it’s it’s something that people can really relate to you and I love that. So our listeners is my number one.


Mallory Gordon  20:03

I love that. Your turn. No quid pro quo. Okay, so Oh my god,


Mickey Gordon  20:11

I love that I’m the squishy one today,


Mallory Gordon  20:15

you really are flip the script. So I have to say that my first legit single guy experience so I’ve had experiences without you, right? But never intentionally in our backyard on home base gone out alone away from miles away from you to have my own sexual fantasy fulfilled and it’d be by proxy yours as well and it was fantastic. Yeah, yeah, it was absolutely wonderful. It’s gonna be nice being pink for a long time. But that was definitely a highlight because it took me out of my comfort zone. So say like, we’ve had a few experiences in Jamaica right? But you’re we’re on property together so it feels very, very close, where this was definitely more segregated, or isolated, insulated, whatever word you want to choose less of a curated experience here you got more in the wild and more in the wild and more freeform, and I did everything we wanted to do and it was amazing. I’m so glad I did it. And I know you are too because he’s too like me to tell you the dirty stories.


Mickey Gordon  21:24

I’m a pervert There we go. Everybody knows I’m a pervert you know cuz listening to casual swinger didn’t tell him shit.


Mallory Gordon  21:30

Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, we


Mickey Gordon  21:32

do we get the toy box today. Definitely. But that’s all right. All right, my turn nadion. Nolan’s Oh, yes, you know, but naughty. Nolans was so big and so encompassing, that I’m going to kind of focus in on one thing, which was the podcast meet and greet that Kate from swinging down under organized. I was just so blown away by all these podcasters now we’re probably 30 podcasts and blogs that were represented in that building at one time, and we didn’t add Channing Tatum, saints and sinners.


Mallory Gordon  22:06

Right. Can I ask you? Can I interrupt you? Were you a little intimidated by that? A lot. Okay, good. So I wasn’t the only one. Well, come


Mickey Gordon  22:13

  1. When you first of all, we got there. And we kind of walked in. And it wasn’t


Mallory Gordon  22:16

because of the people on how they treated us because they were amazing. And so kind it was just, it was almost like being like in the myths of rock royalty. I cannot find the


Mickey Gordon  22:27

word belonged. Right?


Mallory Gordon  22:29

We still feel fresh, right?


Mickey Gordon  22:31

We were like the posers in the rumors. Yeah, the posters. We got there. And we were we got there kind of when the schedule said to get there, right. And when we did, we were late, late. And we walked in with all the people. So there was this long table with all the podcasters kind of standing at it next to their swag that they were handing out for free and in shooting, you know, kissing babies and shaking hands. And they’re like, Oh, yeah, casual swinger. You go all the way down there at the end. When we were like, Cool, thanks. I mean, it didn’t. That wasn’t not meant to be an insult at all. We were late to the party, but they made space for us a really day Angie, who didn’t know us from Adam made a big spot on the table for all the swag that we brought to giveaway because we had sunglasses and Okay, yeah. It was amazing. It was so cool. But the thing that I loved was how just how excited the listeners were, again, we’re going to go back to the listeners, but they all came in. And they were so excited to know and meet all these different people. And what my favorite thing was, is they asked us, Hey, have you met, swinging down under yet? Have you met average swingers? yet? Have you met euphoria Chronicles yet? Do you know where they are? I really want to meet them or we know them. And we’re friends with them. Would you like to meet them? And that was so cool. Because it came a very familiar family like experience that this has remained that way even once we left and in that podcast meet and greet. Kate hit it out of the park. Yeah. And it was a highlight and in for me.


Mallory Gordon  23:48

Yeah, there was a high level sense of community. Right. Like it was almost like, I think this is like a new part of the tribe here.


Mickey Gordon  23:56

Yeah. And I don’t know how we’re going to do that next time. We got to do something like it. We’re going to work with the folks in in even if Kate doesn’t come out, we want to make sure that people get that opportunity in the podcast, just get that opportunity to because Nins big. There’s 3000 people around they say that once you see somebody you better jump on him because you might not see him again.


Mallory Gordon  24:14

That’s true. At note self,


Mickey Gordon  24:17

yes to self.


Mallory Gordon  24:18

So it’s funny because my number two is also known in the reason I am all about the newness and new experiences are something that drives me to create environments where we have new experiences, because we’re only afforded those opportunities maybe once in our lives, you never know. Right? So I love taking advantage of that kind of stuff. And then with something new for us, I’d never been in New Orleans before. I’d never been to Nadi Nolan’s never been to any and in any environment that’s like this at all. So I was like a little kid in a candy store. My eyes were the size of saucers looking around and just trying to take it all in and appreciate everything. And I think something we did really well. was we kept ourselves open to those opportunities while we’re there. And lo and behold, we got to meet an amazing couple. And the last night and we lost them twice, we saw them pretty much every day. And I’m like, okay, we have to make sure like, we have devoted time to them. Because I’d like to get to know them because I get a really good, you know, sense and energy of those guys and I get along gra. One more time. Do it again. And I’m coming across. No, no, please. Please don’t. I was on a roll there to search a


Mickey Gordon  25:36

little emotional. You’re doing it. Um, they’re coming to visit us today.


Mallory Gordon  25:39

I know. Exactly. And if we hadn’t gone and we hadn’t kept ourselves open, you know, we wouldn’t have we may never have met those guys. And I think they’re just another enhancement to the circle of wonderful people. And I hope that, you know, what they do for us is reciprocal, you know, just having that kind of friendship.


Mickey Gordon  25:58

I think that they’re the first deal you’ve ever closed all on your own for us? No, I think so. No, yeah. Cuz you’re usually like, Oh, yeah, me. Hi.


Mallory Gordon  26:10

Okay, so um, I do have I do have a history of sending you in as the closer you do. I’m the opener. You’re the closer Yeah, yeah. Okay, I see that as our typical dynamic,


Mickey Gordon  26:21

you’re hotter than me. So stop it, it works out. So that’s, uh, that’s pretty awesome, actually. So I think we got a lot out of Nin is what we’re trying to tell her this? Yeah, we


Mallory Gordon  26:30

did it. And like you said, meeting everybody. Um, it? To me, it was definitely a highlight of the year.


Mickey Gordon  26:40

All right, well, number three, for me is probably gonna sound really contrived. And I don’t mean it to I promise, but casual toys. You know, we launched our toy site this year. And it was a highlight for me not because you know, it’s a way for us to make money because that’s why we started it right, we kicked it off as a way to make a few bucks, we don’t have a Patreon, we don’t charge for anything, we don’t charge to come hang out with us, unless you’re coming to Hito. And that’s because Ito charges us to bring you but for me, it became something else really, really quickly. You know, we had a few folks that bought toys, and use them as gateways to kind of enhancing their sex lives, and growing as a couple and talking about their fantasies and growing together. And the number one question that we in every other lifestyle podcast get we all get the same number one question, which is how do I get my partner into swinging because one of you has the fantasy and the other one? You haven’t talked about it yet. And we just talked about this in our last episode, that when you feel ashamed, you’re more apt either to lie or to not talk about it. Right? And I think these toys have given people a door and a gateway to talk about their sexuality and talk about their fantasies and that’s what I’m seeing people do that buy from casual toys. You know, we’ve sold an absolute ass load of male sex toys more male sex toys than female sex toys on casual toy since we started it, which is mind numbing to me,


Mallory Gordon  28:07

I guess I’m not as surprised as you are. I think maybe traditionally speaking you would assume that it would be a predominantly female arousal objective there and no no it’s definitely not I definitely not.


Mickey Gordon  28:23

I mean, flashlight has changed the game hot octopus has changed the game. There’s some folks out there that are making some really neat stuff blush has made


Mallory Gordon  28:30

some really when you think about it, like at the same time the drivers behind you know pornography and sex toys are the sex industry in general, has been male dominated the most part it has. I mean, I think that that’s changing as far as the pornography and decision making and management of it, but


Mickey Gordon  28:47

no, well the reason why casual


Mallory Gordon  28:49

consumers still heavily male.


Mickey Gordon  28:51

Yeah, well, the reason why it’s it’s one of my favorites really is that it It opened my mind casual toys changed my view of sexuality in couples and how men approach sexuality especially with toys, seeing other people’s behaviors Not that I pay much attention to it because if we have an order come in, I just process the fucker I don’t pay a ton of attention to what how you guys masturbate, I promise. But I really thought of it is a place where someone could just grab a vibrator a butt plug or a dildo, I really did not think that this would alter how people interact in their own relationships. But I’ve seen casual toys do just that. I see people buying and using things in new and innovative ways and I mean, for example, that that male sex toys couples are using it you know, during oral sex. I mean, it’s just crazy.


Mallory Gordon  29:36

Oh, yeah, that quick shot.


Mickey Gordon  29:37

Mm hmm. So I’m just I love it and I love that we have given people a resource that also helps us It does put a couple bucks in our pocket and helps pay for some of these travels that are absolutely crazy in 2020


Mallory Gordon  29:50

and the software’s and productions and what I’m glad that we got going on. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  29:53

Oh, yeah. Adobe just took a big chunk out of my ass for the next Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  29:57

they did. I love that. It’s part of your personal growth. That That’s huge for me, that’s amazing. Because I’m over here thinking like, you’re just love that other people are getting off. And it’s because of you.


Mickey Gordon  30:08

Hey, they could buy sex toys from a lot of places. But I would like to think we give them better service.


Mallory Gordon  30:13

Get it? You give great service? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  30:16

yeah. Service service you are later, your turn.


Mallory Gordon  30:21

Alright, so this is the last one on my list. But I think this is just as important as the rest of them. I’m looking back in 2019. This podcast, what we’re doing right now is absolutely a highlight for me the influence that it’s had on other people or impacts and conversations and dialogue we’ve had around subject matter that we’ve discussed here, or subject matter to be discussed that and has ended up on the podcast. It’s helped me grow as a person. But at its core, what I love the most is the dedication of time that you and I get to have conversations with each other, to make sure we’re taking that out of our schedules. Sitting down being creative together, and posing, posing questions in a very neutral environment. Even if you and I don’t agree or see it in the same way. We’re still a lot. That happens a lot. There’s parts of me that are very surprised with if we had to put it like in a pros and cons list. Like how are we still married?


Mickey Gordon  31:19

I can see the look on your face eventually. Press pause, motherfucker, we’re gonna find


Mallory Gordon  31:22

out right.


Mickey Gordon  31:24



Mallory Gordon  31:26

to tell and it’s all in how you say it to me, not necessarily what you say. Because the louder you get the lesson listening, I promise.


Mickey Gordon  31:35

I have a naturally expansive voice.


Mallory Gordon  31:37

I love that. Just because you’re louder does not make you right.


Mickey Gordon  31:41

So does your favorite.


Mallory Gordon  31:44

Anyway, I digress. But I love that, by way of having this podcast, you and I have grown together as a couple. And we’ve afforded more time for each other because it’s really difficult with work life raising kids, and sometimes you take advantage or not advantage. What am I thinking of? After you’ve been together for a lengthy amount of time, sometimes you’re not always cognizant of the time you’re not spending together. You know, sometimes just occupying the same room should be enough to fill your cup in. And it’s not always that that way.


Mickey Gordon  32:22

I think that it’s it encourages us to think about sex. Because as a married couple of a long time and we’ve we’ve been in the lifestyle a long time. There’s a lot of times we just don’t think about sex, we think about the party we think about the drinks or how other people are feeling or how other people are doing this reminds us at least every two weeks to sit down and think about our sex life. Yeah, and and how we interact. And I think that has been a very handy tool for us, and has led to some more interactive exchanges between us just when it’s us.


Mallory Gordon  32:56

It is I think it’s brought up additional fantasies. I think it’s made us a little more goal oriented.


Mickey Gordon  33:02

We’re gonna get into that in a minute. Yeah, well, my segway You’re welcome. You know how to do this shit.


Mallory Gordon  33:09

I’m still an amateur. But I’m like,


Mickey Gordon  33:12

can you meet me some inventory video?


Mallory Gordon  33:13

I think that’s on our list or next year.


Mickey Gordon  33:18

We’re gonna fuck up the word. We’re gonna do it.


Mallory Gordon  33:19

Right. Yeah. So what about next year, you want to go ahead and start talking about our goals for 2020?


Mickey Gordon  33:25

Do it. People are still hanging with us. Let’s tell them what we’re gonna do in 2022. Now are these are these commitments? Are these just fantasies?


Mallory Gordon  33:32

I think we’re just putting them out into the ether. Right? Because you have to have you have to start somewhere, you have to have a goal. And then we’ll get into like, what if these goals change? What if our goals are different? I mean, we both kind of skimmed over each other’s but we didn’t read too in depth, because we want to have a very natural conversation around these. Yeah. And then do some follow up questions for each other after all


Mickey Gordon  33:51

right. Let’s do that. You want to go first this time since I went first last time?


Mallory Gordon  33:54

Yeah, sure. So a goal for me for 2020. And again, minor, usually preferred ID, but I want to have more girl time, I feel that I just have this itch that needs to be scratched deep inside of me. And I think I want to go out of my way to kind of service that part of me. You know, I’m openly and furiously bisexual. And I had that single guy experience and it got me thinking I was like, there’s no reason I can’t do this with a girl. And How awesome would that be?


Mickey Gordon  34:24

I think the biggest problem for for girls out there is that once you identify yourself as a married woman, they automatically assume that I’m going to be that guy that wants to sit in the corner and jerk off and watch. They don’t realize that they don’t even give us the opportunity to say I don’t need to be involved in this.


Mallory Gordon  34:40

Well, and that’s for me, and you know, we’re all in sales that’s overcoming an objection or an obstacle. I think that’s something that we can do. And I’d like to try. Oh, well, that’s that’s a personal that’s a personal goal for me. What about you? What’s your first one for next


Mickey Gordon  34:54

year? It’s a it’s a very noble goal to serve the women of Central Florida. Me, you’re a giver,


Mallory Gordon  35:01

I am a giver.


Mickey Gordon  35:02

Alright, so what do I want? Oh, this is definitely selfish. But this is my goal. So I can do it, do it. I would like to capture more of our fun on video, whether through personal or yours. Oh, preferably yours. But I’m a total freak. And my favorite videos are always a view. And I only really have one and it’s really dark. Like, it just wasn’t a good video, and it’s old as shit and, but it’s the only one I have. And it’s one of my favorites. It’s like in my spank tank rotation. So I would love to get more of that. And I think you know, with all the sexy things we do, and other people are into it to that it’s actually kind of a fun way to bond with a couple that you have a good strong relationship with or singles. If you trust each other enough to do to create that kind of content and share it amongst yourselves with that distinct understanding that it’s not going to be distributed.


Mallory Gordon  35:53

I absolutely love that. And I almost feel like I have to apologize, because maybe one of the drawbacks are not drawbacks. I can’t talk today, I should not have drank last night,


Mickey Gordon  36:03

whatever you got booked.


Mallory Gordon  36:04

I did and I tweeted about our dog because she got me on the field


Mickey Gordon  36:08

he treated. What do you choose to treat it? You tweeted her snoot.


Mallory Gordon  36:11

I did. But I think I never went out of my way to really do that. Because I felt very self conscious about myself. I don’t like seeing myself in pictures and video and stuff like that. It’s just one of those like, things that I need to work on myself. And I think I’m at a point where I feel confident enough, that won’t be a factor at all.


Mickey Gordon  36:26

Yeah, it’s not for you to it’s for the rest of us.


Mallory Gordon  36:28



Mickey Gordon  36:30

Okay. It’s for all of us out here. And well, you know, maybe we shouldn’t be certain snippets of it for you folks out there. Right on


Mallory Gordon  36:38

your turn. Alright. So I would also like to continue down this path of new adventures, through this podcast, whether that’s traveling to different cities to go to a club or, or do a meet and greet or meet other podcasters or new people. I’m really loving riding that wave with you. And I can’t frame it into specific, I just know that I want it to continue. You know, life has a funny way of changing the game on you are shifting or opening up doors. And I would I just want to make more your foot. Just want to make sure that, you know, as we go into the new year that we have our integrity to continue doing the podcast, you know, twice a month, every two weeks, and that we’re doing it together and walking through these doors together as a couple.


Mickey Gordon  37:26

We want to defeat pod fade in 2020. Yes. So if you guys don’t know what pod fade is pod fade is something that happens to podcasts all the time. It’s basically when they start to slow down in their cadence. And they take longer and longer between episodes until they just stop producing episodes. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  37:42

And I had that fear a little bit. I mean, we had some family tragedies and some sicknesses come up. And I was scared that those laws would put us behind the APL and that it would create a vicious cycle.


Mickey Gordon  37:56

Yeah, and I guess I thought about that a good bit too. But I’m not too worried about that. And I think you and I have similar goals because my goal since I’m going next, is actually to grow our podcast. And when we talk about that interesting not just about listeners because we’re perfectly happy with both of you fuckers that are out there listening right now. So that’s not it. What I want to do is I want to make sure that we continue to grow as a variety show. It’s casual swinger has been intended from the beginning. we modeled it more or less after Lucille Ball. And I love


Mallory Gordon  38:32

that so much. She’s my hero.


Mickey Gordon  38:34

And it was it’s a variety show it You never know what you’re going to get with us. Sometimes we get hurt, get our asses waxed. Sometimes we have great interviews. Sometimes we just talk about silly stuff. Sometimes we do a song, you know, bit. We never know what we’re going to do. And we want to keep it that way. And we want to keep growing the podcast and one of the ways that we want to grow the podcast is in 2020 before it’s over. We will do our first meet and greet Yes, yes. That’s Yeah, that is isn’t it straight up goal


Mallory Gordon  39:02

a little befuddling that we have not managed to do that yet. While we’re because that was the that was that was part of the list from last year was we didn’t do it. And it’s okay. Well done. Yeah. Yeah. happens and happens. So I love that you’re continuing on on with that goal.


Mickey Gordon  39:18

I think I’m I’m with you please into it, though, if I gotta be honest about what I’m afraid of with the podcast is that we will book an event and no one will show up.


Mallory Gordon  39:25

Kinda like your birthday party when you were like seven, huh? Yeah. And you invited your whole class and like one person showed up because their mom made them.


Mickey Gordon  39:31

And they were all like a cartoons. Ron couldn’t make it. Sorry. Yeah, that’s, they’ll get the same Excuse me. Sorry, cartoons run. Yeah. But I just I feel like, if we’re gonna do something, I really want it to have value. And I can give you a good example of this. And I’ll tell you, two people that are really good at putting on events for people to come to our Rei and D. And they’re, for example, their party landing into a great thing more than a meet and greet an absolute blowout of an event. They’re doing it again in August. Those guys are great at it. Those are two folks we can take pointers from to try and build something here in Central Florida for people to come to.


Mallory Gordon  40:05

I absolutely love that. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and I had a little FOMO from there a little bit little from their August event and if we can squeeze it because I so want to go I would love to be


Mickey Gordon  40:17

there. I hate phone parties, but I want to go see our friends.


Mallory Gordon  40:20

I I’m not a big fan of phone parties. But


Mickey Gordon  40:23

yeah, I just get up in there. Yeah, I just hate foam. My manly bits. Doesn’t sound as good when I call them manly bits. But I’m


Mallory Gordon  40:33

with you and I support support that wholeheartedly. twig and berries. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  40:37

cash and prizes. Whatever Emily do your turn.


Mallory Gordon  40:42

Um, this one’s a little more broad. So, in 2020 I want to expand my horizons a little more when it comes to the sexual experiences I


Mickey Gordon  40:52

am having. We’re talking about a gangbang because I can make that happen.


Mallory Gordon  40:55

Maybe Maybe I am keeping an open mind because I came to realize that when you’re having these conversations with other people about like, the sexual experience they’re having, I realized that I have been a little more on the mild side than I would have anticipated if I had to grade myself in a vacuum. And like I’ve never done dp before we busted that out of at in Key West with our folks. And I’m looking around the room and I’m like, I am literally I might be the only chick here


Mickey Gordon  41:27

that’s I forgot about


Mallory Gordon  41:29

why not like why what is my reservation behind this? What am I internalizing that is prohibited me not to penises? I will I know where I’ve had two penises. Willow like Mehmet imao. Like get up in there. Like say something, ask the questions. Am I scared that they’re gonna be like, no, it’s not my thing. Like, what am I scared of? So I think


Mickey Gordon  41:51

you’re scared of you know, rook jump, Queen, knight, jump, Queen, pawn, jump, queen, king jump.


Mallory Gordon  41:58

You know, I, you know, I’ve never really had like, we’ve traded off that like that true. MFM like we’ve had it but it’s been very short lived


Mickey Gordon  42:08

as part as a part of a foursome kind of thing. Yeah, it was just I think you want like a straight up to you guys, for you, ladies


Mallory Gordon  42:16

doing round three kind of event?


Mickey Gordon  42:18

Yeah, where you just like, like, we’re locked away for hours, you crawl away on your knees when it’s over? Yes, no more holes can’t take any more. But your belly buttons free.


Mallory Gordon  42:27

Yeah. So in order to enable that what I need to do is get better about having frequent conversations on the instant messaging and other applications that we use to connect with other people. Because usually you handle the email sites and whatnot. And I handle the the messaging part. And I’ve gotten a little bit better, you know, every other day, every couple of days, but I have trouble focusing on those platforms daily. And if I want those experiences, I have to participate. I have to do it more often. And I have to engage more people. So that’s part of my 2020 goals is to be more visible, more available, and more proactive.


Mickey Gordon  43:10

I’ve said it repeatedly like on the sites people want to see a picture of me to know that I exist and then I’m not a troll. That’s not true. I want to talk to you okay to ever I mean, it’s just I I’ve only had I’m just Vanna really had 10,000 conversations with couples between, you know, Virginia to Florida and I can tell you, everyone wants to talk to you know, and as soon as you enter the conversation, I become dust in the wind.


Mallory Gordon  43:37

Yeah. Well, and in fairness, it’s a it’s a bad habit I have in our vanilla world to you like I just should go dark.


Mickey Gordon  43:44

You do? Yeah. Bye. And then they’re like, oh, you’re like, Oh, it’s August. We haven’t talked to anybody. So Alright, so for me, and this is my last one on this. And I do have a surprise question for you. But, you know, we have so many wonderful friends that we’ve met in the lifestyle, just amazing people, and some amazing couples and some great experiences. But we have this habit and we picked it up in Maryland. We only hit it off with couples that live 100 goddamn miles away from us. 2000 miles away from us. We never hit it off with anybody that lives within 100 miles of us. It’s never happened. Not one time. Okay. That’s my goal for 2020 is to meet one couple that we want to bang that lives less than two hours away.


Mallory Gordon  44:32

Okay, that’s fair. that’s reasonable.


Mickey Gordon  44:34

I feel like it is I don’t know how I can make it happen. Because we have been doing this 13 years. We ever ever, ever meet anybody. We like that lives close. I don’t know why it’s either you or me? Or both? We’re like, nope, nope, nope. Why? Why does that happen? listeners? Does that happen to you guys to reach out to us on Twitter and tell us if you have a problem with meeting couples that you play? With the lives of god damn far away, it’s just unreasonable. Yeah. No,


Mallory Gordon  45:05

I don’t know what it is. I wish I could because then if you could identify where the potential issue is, you could solve a problem like, right let me this is where it hurts. Give me a band aid. I can’t give you a band. If I don’t know where the booboo is. Let’s right here. We’ll


Mickey Gordon  45:17

stop poking it, it’ll summer. No, so I have a question for you. Okay, shoot. And then, you know, once we get through this, we’ll we’ll kind of wrap up and get the toy box. I think toy box is gonna be fun. That’s your segment for today, folks is Mallory’s toy box. So what’s the biggest thing you learned in the lifestyle this year?


Mallory Gordon  45:36

Oh, you’re gonna catch me on the fly? Yeah, put me in a corner, no pressure,


Mickey Gordon  45:40

none whatsoever.


Mallory Gordon  45:40

The biggest thing I learned in the lifestyle is that there are tons of resources out there for everyone. Right? It’s, um, I was really impressed at the availability of other podcasters and bloggers and websites and therapists and pastors for crying out loud, that you can have these open conversations with, even if you’re, you know, not at a point where you’re discussing this openly with maybe with your partner, maybe that’s the starting point is looking into these resources or talking to your partner how to talk to your partner, I love that, you know, and the level of different resources for, you know, kinks and fetishes, and I mean, we all kind of thought about it, maybe a little subconsciously. And even though they’re not all of my bag, you know, I was able to go out there and do some discovery of my own that I wouldn’t have known about if we hadn’t done this podcast and gotten to this place. We are now kind of love that it was really interesting. Yeah. What about you?


Mickey Gordon  46:41

Um, you know, I think the number one thing I learned this year, was that you have to ask for the business, you have to be very pointed. When we talk about something like naughty in Orleans, you have to tell people that you’re interested in them, and that you find them attractive or interesting, and that you would like to spend more time with them privately? Absolutely. I have to say it, you cannot be coy because Koi does not work in the lifestyle.


Mallory Gordon  47:06

always worked for me a couple times. Just say because I’m freaking awkward. I gotta learn how to close the deal and not be weird. Right is only weird, only charming, like half the time.


Mickey Gordon  47:19

Yeah, so that was a big one. But what about you? I mean, what are I mean, coming out of 19? Going into 2020? What questions do you think? Do you have anything else?


Mallory Gordon  47:27

Well, I just wanted to, you know, I wanted to have a conversation with you at the end of this and ask you like, you know, we just talked about our goals? What if they’re different? And some of them really are? How do we achieve them together? You know, and, and what? What can we do to like, support each other in that?


Mickey Gordon  47:45

Well, I think, once we’ve got the goals out in the open, like we tell people all the time, we need to communicate those goals and make sure we’re on the same page. And be honest, when we need help. Right? I mean, I think a great example would be when you were open to the single guy thing, but you really didn’t know how to tee it up, you know? And so I said, Okay, what I’m going to do, I’m going to go out, and I’m going to pick three and you pick one, and I will start the messaging. And if he’s not a douchebag, and he’s you know, he can put two words together and form part of a sentence within, you know, I’ll introduce them to you. And so I kind of enabled you, I felt like and I think that’s something that we can do is enable each other, to reach those goals, support each other, and reaching those goals help each other, to help make those things happen for each other.


Mallory Gordon  48:34

I love that I agree wholeheartedly. And something else I think we’re able to do as we go into the new year is adapt, right? Because maybe at some point, these goals change. Maybe they developed or they go away, you know, how do we create new ones and keep communicating and having those conversations and enabling, like you said each other? To do that, even if they don’t align?


Mickey Gordon  48:56

I would like to see us be shameless, in our sharing of fantasy.


Mallory Gordon  49:01

Whoo, I like that.


Mickey Gordon  49:03

I would like I think that will make a big difference, as as adaptations happen, if we’re shameless, in our approach to communication, and to say, look, this is what it is. It’s a thought that I had, and maybe it’ll never be anything more than a thought. But I’m not going to hide it. Because I don’t know how you feel about it.


Mallory Gordon  49:17

Fair enough. I will create more time to have more of those and share. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  49:22

I think I usually


Mallory Gordon  49:23

do that when I’m asked.


Mickey Gordon  49:26

Well, it doesn’t it just because we have the conversation just because we share the idea doesn’t mean has to happen, right? Because some things logistically are very difficult to do, but they make for great fantasy.


Mallory Gordon  49:36

Yeah, fair enough.


Mickey Gordon  49:37

I mean, that’s that’s something. What do you think’s the best time to make time for these things? I mean, because we’re busy.


Mallory Gordon  49:44

What do you mean, like in the day in the week,


Mickey Gordon  49:47

morning, week night, I mean, on the road when we’re traveling,


Mallory Gordon  49:50

you know, and that may be something we have to consider and have more conversations around like, is this something that we’re going to incorporate because we have some pretty heavy travel schedules that don’t include each other, it’s set a separate track. So maybe that’s a conversation we start having is, is this an opportunity to, for one of us to get what we want that’s on this list? I don’t know. Or both. I think we need to have I would love to have like a breakfast date with you once every other week, right? Like, pick like a Tuesday morning or something. And just kind of do a check in. Maybe, you know, every other weeks too often or not often enough. I


Mickey Gordon  50:25

don’t know. We’ll have to gauge It feels like a new year’s resolution. So breakfast check in


Mallory Gordon  50:29

breakfast check in.


Mickey Gordon  50:30

All right. So now I think that check in sexist, sexist. Okay, that’ll be our meet and greet sex best 20.


Mallory Gordon  50:42

with bacon,


Mickey Gordon  50:43

now with bacon, and sausage, lots of sausage. You know, I do think that we’ve just kind of opened the door for our listeners to ask us. Hey, how are your sex breakfasts. But we’ll, we’ll try to do that and kind of keep communicating with you guys and letting you know how that communication of shameless fantasy goes for us. Because I think that’s how we grow. And I think that’s how we learn what we want. And that’s how these goals adapt and change. And we’ll have to go back we’re gonna keep these notes over the year and go back in the end of 2020 and see how we did we’re gonna give ourselves a report card at the end of 2020.


Mallory Gordon  51:23

There is no failing this.


Mickey Gordon  51:24

I just need you to know that there is no I in team. But there is me. There’s a me. so fucked up. All right, we’re gonna get out of here and come back in a couple of minutes. We’re gonna come back with Mallory’s toy box where you’re gonna hear about a couple of toys. This is Yeah, joint toy box. Yeah, we’re gonna collaborate on this one. It’s gonna be fun. Now you’re gonna tell me where to find this and we’ll be right back.


Mallory Gordon  51:46

Ah, they know who we are. We’re casual swinger everywhere. Check the social media sites, check all the you know, sexy dating sites, we’re there. And if you want to reach out to us, it’s podcast that casual swinger.com send us a note, send us your love. And if you really do love us and are enjoying the show, feel free to write a review on iTunes. We love those and appreciate them so much.


Mickey Gordon  52:06

There we go. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back in just a minute you’ve been listening to casual swinger. Welcome back one more time, everybody to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  52:31

This is Mickey. And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  52:33

And finishing up this episode of Damn, that was fast is in a box. Right now these boxes right here for all of you opened what’s inside your body.


Mallory Gordon  52:47

Pull it out. Um, so we’re going to talk about a couple new toys that we tried recently. And it’s been a hot minute since we’ve done some exploring in this area, you know, with busy with the holidays and whatnot. But I had a really great experience with a blush product that I want to talk about. So I got into the blush Aria amplify, this is like the rabbit toy. And back in the day, I used to be a huge fan of the doc Johnson rabbit. And as I’ve come more into myself, I’ve noticed that the design of the rabbit, the old school one the duck Johnson made, it’s very textured. And that’s really not my bag anymore. That’s just not something that I get a lot of pleasure out of. So this toy specifically has a smooth design with a slight curvature at the end of it. So it’s insertable submersible, and it’s got the little rabbit clip tickling ends on there. Right.


Mickey Gordon  53:43

Yeah, kind of looks like it’s pointing at it space, like look me


Mallory Gordon  53:46

a little bit. But here’s the thing. Um, some of the rabbit type toys that I’ve tried in the past, either don’t have like, the right curvature. I have to insert it so far before like I get to the end where, you know, the the tickler is I I’m sure it’s got a more like, sophisticated name than tickler. But for the purposes here we are. And also at the tickler and it has like the two little prongs like rabbit ears, right that are very soft. It’s high quality. Like, what is it called? silicone? I’m gonna look it up now.


Mickey Gordon  54:23

The cool grade silicone.


Mallory Gordon  54:24

Yes, there you go. And I’m super sensitive down there. So I went out on a limb and I tried it without a condom on the insertable end and totally fine.


Mickey Gordon  54:33

That’s awesome. That’s like, that’s rare for you. That’s


Mallory Gordon  54:36

super rare for me. So they did a really great job at creating a high quality product here. But on the tickler and there’s this little ball knob that creates more a deep rumbling effect than the vibration, which I’ve come to really, really enjoy. Like the womanizer is more of a rumble effect than it is a vibration


Mickey Gordon  54:58

even in their description. They See deep rumbly vibration. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  55:01

that’s a perfect descriptor of this. And not always usually when I masturbate, you know, it’s clit and surrounding nerve endings is is where I get off, but occasionally I want to insert bubbles. And this allows me to use only one hand versus two, right? Sometimes I want to use two, but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I’d rather like squeeze my own boob or, I don’t know scroll through porn with the other hand, sometimes you feel like a nut. Yeah, right. Super simple to use. And it’s got the magnetic charging cable, which a lot of these toys have turned to versus the plug in USB. Really love that. And it charged fairly quickly. Nice. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  55:45

Yeah, that’s one of the things I’ve seen a lot of questions lately about charging cables. And I know we’ve I’ve in particular has settled on a universal charging cable. So all Yeah, I just read that. But I don’t know if blush has followed that yet. We need to look into that a little


Mallory Gordon  55:59

I will look into that. Because this one’s a little different. Most of the magnetic chargers are two prong. This is a single prong magnet, which in a lot of ways is a little easier. Because you’re I’m always like, is it this way and then like flip because it’s opposing magnets do


Mickey Gordon  56:13

and you know, blush has a lot of neat stuff, but I would consider them to be more of a middle of the road line than say a we vibe or a womanizer below fair


Mallory Gordon  56:22

enough. But they’ve done a really great job at creating a high quality product added an affordable price.


Mickey Gordon  56:27

I agree. Yeah, cuz this guy’s only come in and about what 7374 bucks.


Mallory Gordon  56:30

Yep, yep, right around there.


Mickey Gordon  56:32

I mean, in at that price point. You know, that’s that’s pretty fantastic quality, I would say because the doc Johnson rabbit when it first came out was what? 150 bucks.


Mallory Gordon  56:41

Oh, easily. And you’re the one that bought me my first one. Yeah. And I broke it.


Mickey Gordon  56:46

What they’re only good for 100,000 miles.


Mallory Gordon  56:48

Yeah. But gathered, the length of the actual tops is about seven inches, but I did not have to insert the whole thing before the tickler got to my desired area. It’s only four inches. insertable Okay, so it’s not a super deep toy, which for me, that’s kind of perfect in it. It does. If I angle my my hips just slightly it hits that internal spot. That’s like the money zone. Yeah. squishies Yeah, it was great. It’s only about maybe an inch, quarter inch and a half wide. Okay, so it’s not like super like I don’t know you don’t have to take I didn’t have to take a deep breath. It to put it that way. It’s it seems to be super portable too. So I think when the next time I travel this is something I’m gonna pack with me.


Mickey Gordon  57:39

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot lately with companies like blush and dorsal and Fun Factory that they have their designs are they’re a lot less I don’t realistic they look more like sketches of cartoon characters, then cock and balls with veins right I think they’ve realized that women don’t need it to look like a dick for it to work and do what they wanted to do. No


Mallory Gordon  58:02

and I have to say I enjoyed the pretty colors like this one’s a pretty Aquamarine. So I mean it’s right up my alley. I love all my blues. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  58:10

well there we go. But it


Mallory Gordon  58:11

was also really quiet totally waterproof. I could take this in the shower with me in the bathtub if I wanted to. I’m super easy to clean because of this smooth design there’s not a lot of cracks and crevices that you have to worry about because a lot of times when it has a lot of texture to it like I’m you know me I’m kind of a germaphobe I want to make sure my shits clean so like I’m not in there with like a Q tip trying to get like every crack and crevice to make sure it’s completely sanitized.


Mickey Gordon  58:37

That’s actually a brilliant thought I didn’t realize that maybe they were doing it to make them easier and more hygienic to clean.


Mallory Gordon  58:42

It could be I don’t know if that was intentional, but I I absolutely appreciate that about


Mickey Gordon  58:46

the product. I’m looking at a page full of them on our website and they’re they’re all kind of have that same theme going for Yeah, that’s brilliant.


Mallory Gordon  58:52

Yeah, have a texture but they’re rounded and smooth. So you don’t have again, cracks and crevices. are not sexy.


Mickey Gordon  59:00

crevices just


Mallory Gordon  59:02

want to get up in my crevice.


Mickey Gordon  59:04



Mallory Gordon  59:05

  1. Let’s talk about your toy review. Okay, so


Mickey Gordon  59:12

our number one selling sex toy of 2019 on casual toys. Was the flashlight quick shot boost. And yes, this is Mickey talking in Mallory’s box. No. Don’t get anyone find my keys. But you know, this particular device. We sold sodium many of we actually sold out of them during the Christmas season and we had to get more in. I want to say we sold like 36 of these. Wow. Which is not nice. You sold a ton of them. And it all started with Kate at SDU. It’s weighing down under she actually put it in a newsletter that she put out to a bunch of their listeners. We sold like five of them right out of the gate which moved it into our website’s hot seller section because it was selling frequently. So once it moved into our hot seller section, we just started selling a ton of them.


Mallory Gordon  1:00:03

That’s awesome that this was I mean, her testimonial to it was used during a blowjob, right.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:08

Yes, that’s exactly what she said in her newsletter was that this tool was ideal to be used during a blowjob. And so of course, I got one in, I went ahead and bought one for myself. And it’s really kind of a neat design, right, because for being a flashlight and flashlights have this long insertable kind of tube, it looks like a big ass flashlight, for all intents and purposes. But this guy, the flick the flashlight, quick shot boost is actually shorter. It’s only about four and a half inches of insertable length, and it’s open on both ends. It’s very soft. And the soft inside can actually be removed from the hard outer shell for washing, cleaning, turning inside out doing whatever you want to do with it. What I realized when I looked into this thing is it actually had a partner product initially that you could buy with it. That was actually that would actually jerk you off. Which was Zuma way. Oh, yes. Yeah, it looked like a like a spaceship that held this thing inside of it. And it would jerk you off mechanically. I Oh, that’s cool. I think it ended badly because they don’t sell it anymore. What they do sell is the quick shot boost, which it’s a masturbator. I mean, it’s it’s kind of neat, right? I mean, I’m a little thicker than average guy.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:24

Yeah. How did that fit for you? It was for being a girthy. Guy tight.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:29

You know what to be honest, it was, you know, I’ve had friends that have gone to some of these passion parties and type things that have bought me the sleeves before. And they they won’t fit at all, I can’t get it in this guy I was able to get it in. And the nice part is that you know, it comes with a packet of water based lube to kind of incent you to get the right lube for this because if you try to do it with a silicone based or an aloe based lube, it really doesn’t work very well because they dry out, right. But the water based lubes or the stroker lubes tend to work a little better with it. It is intended for you to be able to penetrate all the way through and come out the other side, which makes for some interesting opportunity to use it in partnership with your with your partner or your friends, or I don’t know whip it out for neighbors. I don’t know, whatever you want to do with it, but you can actually use it in the act of giving a blowjob, which I mean, I haven’t personally experienced it yet. But I think you know, today’s young,


Mallory Gordon  1:02:24

I was gonna say is that an offer, as I may accept that’s a request.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:29

But it is it is really cool. And it felt amazing. You know, not as good as Mallory, but it was never even the next best thing. Really just kind of a nice experience and a neat way to kind of enjoy private time, in a different way. And it was easy to grip. I didn’t lose grip on it. It was very easy to use. And, you know, I think people would say it does the job. No. My favorite thing about this particular product is I was looking around when I was creating the page for it. And there is a blog out there called things my dick does.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:03

Oh my gosh. So we have been huge fans of things my dick Doug’s does for many, many years. And we’ve shared it with friends. One of my funniest experiences with it is a friend of ours thought it was your deck at first. Yeah. And I was like, that’s cute, actually, because you have similar shaped decks. But it’s utterly hilarious. It’s the guy and it’s his little dude, and him and their experiences and travels and he puts faces and outfits on it and it’s fantastic. And he does have a video review out there he does


Mickey Gordon  1:03:33

video review of the quick shots. So I reached out to him and I said, Hey, would you mind if I posted that video on our site? And he said, Hey, man, super cool. I don’t mind at all. Would you mind sending me one because I lost mine and I’m brokenhearted over it. So we went ahead and shipped him one in exchange for putting this video on our page but it’s there if you go to casual toys, and look up the fleshlight quick shot boost. There’s a video from things my dick does and I gotta tell you that guy’s Tumblr blog. funniest shit I’ve ever read. Oh my god. Now he’s on Twitter pretty much exclusively because Tumblr got all weird. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  1:04:05

yeah, with a privacy and Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:04:08

you got all that stuff. But that’s two recommendations from us here at casual swinger. We talked about the blush, Aria, amplify,


Mallory Gordon  1:04:17

amplify and Aquamarine Aquamarine.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:20

The flashlight quick shot boost. Now there’s a lot of different types of those. There’s the flashlight Vantage, and the Quinn boost, and they’re all kind of the same thing. But if you want to check those out, you can check him out on casual toys calm and if you do go on casual toys calm. Make sure to use a coupon code and save yourself some money. For example, you could use coupon code rascals, coupon code rascals will save you 20% and show how much do you think that Rachel’s rascals are pretty cool. And those are the friends we traveled to Hito with Justin here in February, so


Mallory Gordon  1:04:51

right on, I think that’s a wrap.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:54

That’s a wrap to tell everybody how to leave us a review and tell them they love us.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:58

Yes. So thank you guys so much for all With your support across 2019 We look forward to meeting more of you in 2020. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please reach out to us podcast that casual swinger Comm. And like I said before, those reviews are amazing. They make our day we’re so appreciative of a man if you you have some love to give, please share it on iTunes.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:17

There you go. This has been our urine review. Damn, that went fast. You’re still listening to casual swinger?



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