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Podcast-A-Palooza is LEGIT.

We traveled to Dallas, Texas (we LOVE Texas!) with over 160 other lifestyle minded folks to learn, network, and connect in the sexiest environment anywhere, the highly curated lifestyle experience we call “Podcast-A-Palooza!”

Content creators from all areas of the lifestyle descended on Dallas to share experiences with fans & friends alike in educational and entertaining sessions designed to expand on each of our journeys personally, sexually, and even professionally.

We laughed, we danced, we broke stuff…find out what’s so damned special about this event and why we can’t IMAGINE not attending this event every year!  We dig into our favorite aspects of the event and even drew in attendees to tell you guys what’s so great about PCAP!

Listen in…and join us next time!

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Mallory Gordon  00:08

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast. As your hosts we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults once the button that

Mickey Gordon  00:22

we’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously casual speakers of variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show was about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and her stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused the opinions of a licensed professional

Mallory Gordon  00:46

now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy


Hey, everyone, this is Mr. And Judah and Mrs. And Judah. We want to give a big shout out to Mickey and Mallory of casual swingers for letting us tow all you sexy podcast listeners. What an amazing time we have at peacock encore. Kate’s love and dedication truly made it a smashing success. The event was over the top and it was so great to hang out with all our sexy friends. You know who you are looking forward to seeing you and he kept 2022

Mallory Gordon  01:33

Hi, this is Mrs. Our Sexy Social. And one of my favorite things about PCAP is the theme nights Kate is so creative with the nice that she comes up with. It’s not just a boring, White Night or glow night or the norm. She comes up with some amazing themes. And what I love is of course, stretching my imagination and working to fund something great for us to wear. But also seeing what everybody else does the creativity the costumes. And then the added you know DJ and fun party just turns out for a great night. Love you Kate Thanks for always doing such a great job.


PCAP was amazing and PCAP encore did not disappoint. I had so much fun fangirling over my favorite podcasters seeing old friends making new friends. The classes are insightful, the themes and the costumes so much fun. That the best part was introducing our friends PCAP atmosphere, such a diverse group of people all coming together and celebrating each other and being together. Some people were lamenting about having to go back to the real world. But I think my friend said it best. She said leaving PCAP was like leaving the real world and having to go back to the fake world.

Mickey Gordon  02:47

A Mickey Mouse This is Mr. Coachella Kellian day and man PCAP last weekend was amazing. My favorite part was probably watching all the beautiful people dancing on the dance floor. All the content creators just bringing in energy that elevated everyone else around them. Thanks to Kate for putting on a great event and we look forward to the next one.


By far the people are the most important part and Kate has attracted such a great group for PCAP events. She finds interesting locations and coordinates first class parties and entertainment. It’s such an amazing group of sexy people and we can’t wait for the next one.


The sessions were great. The host and podcasters were all amazing. But my favorite part is the atmosphere Kate and her team were able to create it felt like summer camp for our tribe.


My favorite part about PCAP encore was the feeling of being so comfortable in completely uncensored.


Okay, Miss on a spoon. What was your favorite memory from PCAP encore Dallas.


Okay, other than the mankini plunge other than the seminars and the dancing and the fun, which was all really great. I have to say probably just watching the energy of everyone the positive vibe, the camaraderie and just blossoming friendships really stood out for me more than anything. Oh, and of course any opportunity I get to make it with Mickey and Mallory. It’s always a good memory for me. How about you


kind of go a bit dirty? I would say the two eight person orgies we had with amazing old friends and new friends. It was a great connection for everyone super fun time and I can’t wait to see everyone again and


I can’t believe you just mentioned that. I think she meant out of the bedroom but okay. All right.


Hi guys, this is Mr. Our Sexy Social. We went to the original PCAP in Miami and would not miss the Encore in Dallas. So many good things about hot couples. Great venues. awesome theme nights. But by far, the best part and my favorite part is the just the personal touches that Kate of wanderlust swingers puts on every single detail her fingerprints are on the entire event. She takes everything personally and wants to make sure that everybody has a great time. Love your cake. Guys, if you get a chance, go to PCAP take it, you will not regret it.

Mallory Gordon  05:26

After all those steps to get to PCAP we’re really happy that we went and we’re really thankful to our friends for encouraging us. I mean, we really enjoyed the communication and the discussions that were had we had at the different sessions. They were not just informative. They were really fun. And the speakers were just amazing, and very eye opening to we really enjoyed the quirky events that were created by the attendees. I think that’s such a nice thing that is allowed to happen. And the evening affairs oh my gosh, they were over the top. Beautiful, sexy, welcoming costumes everybody got into and it was so much fun. We had just a really great time. And so would we go again to PCAP hell yes.


I’m Jake. I’m entering. And our favorite part of PCAP encore in Dallas was my was probably the bus driver to collect when Mickey and Mallory started playing queen. Don’t stop me now. And Angie did her thing and pay. They talked about that. That’s fine, but I’m not talking about exactly what happened. Just you know, magic. Angela’s favorite part? That mankini mankini fun. What was the main kini Blanche? Do you remember? Yeah, you started this? You didn’t really start it but you told everybody you were gonna wear your mankini like you did in Miami? Yeah, maybe you had followers see guys wearing either speedos or thongs or something else but a few and their wives thought. Yeah, cuz yeah, it was great. It was it was awesome. And that was it. I felt it. I think if it was good for the guys. And if it was good for the guys, they seem to be really nervous right up until everybody started taking off their shit. Yeah. And they’re like we’re really doing this. Yeah, they’re all just together having a wall. Yeah, it was it was a good it was a good time for the guys. Woman catcalling Wisla water was fucking cold though. Yeah, yeah, no warm. Yeah. Alright, so Mickey malar that’s our favorite moments of the cap encore on seeing new cuts. Kate everybody else’s Nice. Oh, sorry real quick. Back up favorite was probably having bomber where are you? Ready my shirt? Yeah. From his review. That was that was my short

Mallory Gordon  08:14

and welcome back to another episode of live casual squared

Mickey Gordon  08:19

away with casual swingers? I don’t know. I don’t know. What we are not is the casual swingers. And everybody seemed to do that in the beginning of this episode.

Mallory Gordon  08:29

Oh, yeah. Well, because there’s two of us. Oh, I’m a swinger yours swinger. So we’re swingers

Mickey Gordon  08:33

I’m a swinger yours when you’re Jewish. You worse when you’re two. No,

Mallory Gordon  08:36

no that. So that was really cool. Hey, thanks for hanging out for the long intro, everybody.

Mickey Gordon  08:42

Yeah, that was one hell of a long intro for us. But I love that. That was your it was all you by the way.

Mallory Gordon  08:47

I mean, it was a cool idea. Sometimes I have ideas and you’re like, That is horrible. We’re not doing that. That’s insane. And this time you were like, Okay, I’ll play your silly game.

Mickey Gordon  08:57

Well, I mean, it very rarely happens. I mean, every once in a blue moon, you’re like, hey, what do you think you’re doing this? And I’m like,

Mallory Gordon  09:05

every time you hit one of those buttons, like there’s part of my eyeball, like there’s a vessel on there that kind of like bubbles up and it’s on the verge of exploding.

Mickey Gordon  09:14

Like every time I press one of those buttons every time yeah, baby.

Mallory Gordon  09:21

Why? Why? This is why we fucking rank for poop. By the way. It is all your fault.

Mickey Gordon  09:30

Alright, well, every time the toilet flushes back kills again.

Mallory Gordon  09:33

I’m so love of God. So anyway, so just wow, like those reviews of cap or ENCORE were absolutely amazing. Thank you everyone who contributed.

Mickey Gordon  09:41

I’m blown away. I’m blown away first of all by the response that you got, just from some of these attendees. I mean, I guess it makes sense to me. I mean, every one of these human beings left a weekend feeling so bonded like it was. It was actually the closest thing I can liken it to is when we leave Hedo.

Mallory Gordon  09:58

Actually, that is zactly I mean, it’s easy for me to draw that comparative because he chose an unknown quantity for me. And it’s a favorite quantity at this point. And you and I got into a conversation and, you know, I’m allowed to be biased. This is probably my favorite lifestyle event.

Mickey Gordon  10:13

I think it actually is my favorite lifestyle event at this point. I’ve been to two of them now. They’re, they’re amazing. The people that come are amazing. Obviously, Kate’s gonna shit when she hears all of those, I hope gosh,

Mallory Gordon  10:24

I hope it makes her heart happy,

Mickey Gordon  10:26

I think is pretty freakin awesome.

Mallory Gordon  10:27

I think it’s awesome to see the impact she has on other people that she has curated such an amazing event that it touches people and in that way they find such value in it. I mean, people are had an amazing time. It was great.

Mickey Gordon  10:40

I think my favorite thing is they’re all different. We asked like 1012 different people and we got different answers from everybody.

Mallory Gordon  10:48

It’s it’s a Build Your Own Adventure, even though it’s a it’s an organized event with seminars and tracks and events. And you know, we had a gallon and we’ll get into all of that stuff later. You still have the ability to make it whatever you want it to be, which is akin to what it’s like for me to be Hedo.

Mickey Gordon  11:04

Oh, yeah. And I don’t know, I just think it’s really cool. But I do want to send a shout out to everybody. That gave us a little bit of love here and did this to help us send some love to Kate. These voice clips were super cool. And you guys did it on short notice you guys did it in like a day.

Mallory Gordon  11:20

Like seriously, I work with fucking professionals in this kind of field. And I can’t I could not get them to to have that kind of turnaround time though. There’s no chance and

Mickey Gordon  11:29

I don’t know how many takes it took but they were all

Mallory Gordon  11:31

they were so great. Like, I think there’s like some people have voice work and like some natural podcast abilities.

Mickey Gordon  11:38

So we got closet podcasters. And yeah, we know you do. Is that what it is?

Mallory Gordon  11:42

Yeah. But I mean, you were talking about the hangover. From the event, right?

Mickey Gordon  11:47

Yeah, I think when we left I mean, it wasn’t like like a liquor hangover.

Mallory Gordon  11:51

Yeah, not not a Yeah, liver liquor. No,

Mickey Gordon  11:54

my liver was actually surprisingly okay. I think it was just kind of my heart, you know, leaving all those people and some of them you know, we only get to see a once or twice a year. I mean, honey spoons, a good example. They live in Canada, they’re freezing to death most of the time, so we don’t get to see guys you know, those guys. And then we got our friends in Winnipeg that we don’t get to see very often that we sometimes get to see in Hedo and their Hedo right now we’re not I know, right? So it’s just that kind of stuff. And then of course, our friends in Iowa who we talked about pretty much every fucking episode. We don’t get to see them all that often. But people a PCAP we don’t get to see you know, it’s so there was a hangover there. I think that we just kind of miss out and some people could see more than others. We’d see Janie Angie a few times a year, but it was just kind of hard, I think.

Mallory Gordon  12:35

Yeah. Yeah. And I think the feedback from this event and kind of recharges your batteries, right? Because you do have that delay that hangover, right? And hearing these kinds of things. It just helps. So I mean, that’ll tide us over till PCAP 2022.

Mickey Gordon  12:48

Oh, yeah, that’s a thing, isn’t it? Yeah.

Mallory Gordon  12:51

I mean, it is. And we know some things that we can’t see anything, though.

Mickey Gordon  12:54

We’re not allowed to talk about it yet. It is not officially launched. But it is going to happen. There’s going to be a PCAP 2022 So I suggest you get ready. One thing I think that really jumped out at me about PCAP Encore is how many repeat offenders there were from Miami. There were Yeah, so I think there’s gonna be a lot of repeat offenders for the next one, and I can’t see where it’s going to be. But I think there’s gonna be a lot of repeat offenders. There’s gonna be less rooms to go around. Even though there’s more rooms for this one. I think that that’s what’s gonna happen is this thing’s gonna start selling out fast because it’s so good. Well, because,

Mallory Gordon  13:26

you know, like us, you know, I’m we’re gonna tell our friends right to come and hang out. We haven’t they’re gonna tell their friends. We have a couple so both our friends Yes. Yeah. cornfed Swinging. Are you?

Mickey Gordon  13:38

There? There? Are there are. That’s the end of the wave. Anyways.

Mallory Gordon  13:44

Now I lost track.

Mickey Gordon  13:45

We’ll get back PCAP here in a minute. Let’s talk about what’s new. All right. Um, yeah. You

Mallory Gordon  13:49

mentioned that a rascal crew? They’re actually in Hedo this week. This is the first November we’ve missed is in 1892. Yeah, like I much I it’s it’s been a long time. And thank you for everyone that’s reached out or send some love our way. We definitely miss you guys. And like Mickey said, We want to hear you fucking from sandals. So blow the roof off that place and have an amazing time, everyone.

Mickey Gordon  14:10

Oh, my God, what she said so much what she said, you know, obviously not being a heater right now breaks both our hearts not being with the rascals matter of fact. Got a couple of messages tonight. Because tonight was the cocktail party. It’s Sunday night. It was released on Sunday. Yeah. The cocktail parties tonight. And Jim and Rachel got up and gave us some love. Oh, and we got a bunch of messages from the crowd. Because we were catching some shit by not being there. But he was also getting some love and I just can’t thank those guys enough for that it was

Mallory Gordon  14:40

Amen. And by the way, shout out to the fans that are down there. They’re hanging out with corn fed swingers that are now your ambassadors and your buddies.

Mickey Gordon  14:48

That’s right. And there’s a couple from Tampa Hedo. Yeah, you’re

Mallory Gordon  14:50

Hedo Sherpas. Right.

Mickey Gordon  14:52

So your new Hedo Sherpas are our friends the Iowans the cornfed swingers but that couple from Tampa, we know who you guys are We can’t wait to meet you. You guys aren’t that far from us. So one of these days

Mallory Gordon  15:03

yes to buy drinks. Yep. 100% We owe you drinks. Yeah, super cool. But

Mickey Gordon  15:07

hey, you know, why did we not go? Because people asked us that I got a lot that is true. Why aren’t we a Hedo?

Mallory Gordon  15:13

So traveling internationally with the timeline, we just didn’t we have a new grandbaby and all of our children so and and all of our children who most of them are adults are going to be here for the Thanksgiving holiday, like extended like for that week of Thanksgiving. And even though we are in a good position to be free and clear, and statistically speaking, we should be fine. But we just weren’t risking not being able to be home with our

Mickey Gordon  15:41

kids. I wasn’t taking a chance personally on a on a false positive. Because a false positive what a fucked up Thanksgiving. Right. And I mean, I feel fucked up right now. And I’m missing the rascals. But I don’t want to take a chance on missing arkad

Mallory Gordon  15:56

Yeah, I think there’s so is so much in life that you know, when you do the risk reward thing is selfishly do I wish I was there Hedo? Absolutely. But at the same time, I want don’t want to send that message to my kids, too. I love hanging out with them. They’re amazing human beings. And I feel so wonderful when I have all of them together in the same room. And anyone who’s got extended family, you probably know this too. It’s hard to get everyone together like that, especially around the holiday. And as their families are

Mickey Gordon  16:23

expanding. I don’t know. I like the Swinging Hedo better than our kids. But I’m going to

Mallory Gordon  16:27

tell them I’m going to play this for them. Travel. I’m gonna be the new favorite parents,

Mickey Gordon  16:32

right. You’re gonna play it for the grand spawn.

Mallory Gordon  16:36

Oh, yeah. And this is after I feed them like all my yummy food be like Yeah, who’s your favorite parent? Just go ahead. Tell me. It’s good.

Mickey Gordon  16:41

You are the favorite on Thanksgiving every year because I’m Thanksgiving. Yeah, well, because as hot as you are. You’re an amazing cook. Like it’s fucking ridiculous. Like, it’s no what? I don’t know how I’m not 500 pounds. Like your cooking is crazy. Good.

Mallory Gordon  16:56

Thank you. Anything. So that’s why we’re here. What else we got going on?

Mickey Gordon  17:00

Well, how about casual toys sexual? Their sexual bisexual white chocolate? No sexy stockings. Sexy stockings are coming back this year with some sexual chocolate? I don’t know. We’re waiting for chocolate. Just as my second one.

Mallory Gordon  17:14

Just this is no I’m gonna go with it’s more than two? Well, it’s because yeah, we’re gonna we’re getting our sexy stockings together, they were um, they they’ve been a hit. So we’re gonna put some packages together for you guys to do some shopping.

Mickey Gordon  17:27

I think we’re gonna have to be a little harder on it this year. We’ll talk about that in a second we get to the casual toys part. But you know, the supply chain issues that are affecting every industry are going to make the stockings interesting this year, because we got to make sure we keep that stuff in stock for you guys for the stocking. So we’ll come up with something.

Mallory Gordon  17:42

Yes, that’s why I’m in charge.

Mickey Gordon  17:43

Yes. This is why I just do what I’m told.

Mallory Gordon  17:46

Hey, and if you don’t mind, I just want to take a minute. And just big shout out big thanks to everyone that’s given us feedback in the last episode about my hot Wi Fi and hiccups that I’ve had, I’ve gotten a lot of support and a lot of positive feedback. And it does feel good when you put yourself out there and you make yourself that vulnerable. And you get feedback that’s very positive, encouraging and supportive. I don’t know how to describe how not happy that makes me feel just whole like it. I feel whole after I hear those things.

Mickey Gordon  18:22

Yeah, I absolutely have some feedback on that. So I feel that a lot of our social media, I feel that a lot of our you know, websites, STC, SLS, W, nation, etc. And so when we get feedback on those episodes, whether it’s the podcast, that casual swing or whatever, I always share it with you, generally speaking, unless it’s something disgusting, and it happens. But I struggled with this one because you are such my person that when I heard you during it was a hot wife hardship was the last episode when I heard you talking about questioning your own worth. And maybe reducing or maybe changing your expectations of other people’s behavior. When you kind of compromising what you needed. It hurt to hear you say that. And hearing all of these people, these people that hear our voices on the radio, step up in, encourage you not to compromise and encourage you to be your best self and to celebrate you for the things that you bring to their lives made me so happy. It really thrilled me to know that there are so many people out there that were willing to give you that encouragement. It was probably the most feedback we’ve ever had on an episode. And so I really really really love all you guys for that and want to thank you for joining me on Team Mallory. And I mean that from bottom of mind,

Mallory Gordon  19:55

you know you’re right, you’re right and I’m not compromising I guess in short definitely no compromising but definitely feel very loved and supportive and thank you and I’m sorry that I hurt you.

Mickey Gordon  20:10

Oh no not over here I can rocks or you know what though that’s a

Mallory Gordon  20:13

risk you take when you you open yourself up you become vulnerable and you give that level of transparency You can’t help it sometimes that that’s could potentially be a byproduct. I’m sorry for that.

Mickey Gordon  20:24

Oh, it’s okay. I just I it didn’t You didn’t hurt me what you said it hurt me that I could still in that space for you.

Mallory Gordon  20:31

I know. I understand. But we can’t be responsible for 100% of each other. That’s unreasonable. That doesn’t mean I won’t that is that is a level of codependency that is just ludicrous.

Mickey Gordon  20:43

I can never be Superman, but I can still be your hero.

Mallory Gordon  20:45

Ah, you just want to get your penis sect

Mickey Gordon  20:48

100 Fucking.

Mallory Gordon  20:51

What else is going on? Well, we’re

Mickey Gordon  20:53

trying to figure out what the fuck we’re gonna do for New Year’s Dude,

Mallory Gordon  20:55

seriously, this is the first time we haven’t had New Year’s Eve plans in forever.

Mickey Gordon  20:59

Well, last year I think we didn’t we have a party. We did.

Mallory Gordon  21:02

We had a Wednesday party that our in vanilla neighbors invaded, which that was fun. That was very weird. But we had a great time. I mean, I love our friends that showed up for it. Oh

Mickey Gordon  21:12

my god. We had Janie Angie. Yeah, we had. Rachel we had a black nation. Yep, we had swing fashions. Yes. We came in which now they’re on the west coast. So that’ll never happen.

Mallory Gordon  21:21

I know. I miss those fuckers. Um, yeah, it was a great time.

Mickey Gordon  21:25

I mean, it was a great. I mean, it was a small shindig Miss COVID. So we only had five couples here then everybody was like, No, we don’t know anybody don’t see anybody sure we’ll come to your house. Yeah, it’s gonna have that happen. But yeah, I don’t know what that we’re gonna do for New Year’s. We’re still trying to figure that out. So we know what we’re gonna do. We’ll let you guys know. Yeah.

Mallory Gordon  21:41

And I think I want to go with our philosophy that we had for Halloween. I don’t know that I want to do the club. No, absolutely. It’s just too crowded. And I we’ve been there done that like a dozen, you know, dozen times at least.

Mickey Gordon  21:52

The only thing I hate more than swinger clubs on Halloween is swinger clubs in New Year’s.

Mallory Gordon  21:57

I mean, because we’ve done them it’s so much that we can say we did it it’s just not really what I’m feeling this year.

Mickey Gordon  22:04

Yeah, well, and you know what I do say I do you like swinger parties better than Halloween parties, or rather swinger parties on New Year’s better than Halloween parties.

Mallory Gordon  22:13

Any swinger? No.

Mickey Gordon  22:16

Look, here we go. I am not impervious to getting tongue tied, folks.

Mallory Gordon  22:20

I need to learn your button.

Mickey Gordon  22:21

Which button do you want? Oh, I

Mallory Gordon  22:22

don’t want you to hit it. I want to hit it.

Mickey Gordon  22:24

You just want to smash one.

Mallory Gordon  22:26

Hell of a smash.

Mickey Gordon  22:27

Appreciate that. Alright. Okay. But no, it really for me. I guess I like New Year’s better just because women are beautiful. They’re dolled up to the nines. And you can tell who they are at least and that’s the thing. I like the least about Halloween. But in terms of the IRS, you know, it’s just so crowded. Yeah. No fun.

Mallory Gordon  22:46

Yeah, we’ll have to investigate and do something.

Mickey Gordon  22:49

Yeah, well, we’ll keep you guys updated. We figured out what the fuck we’re gonna do. Who knows? Maybe we’ll just sit at home and

Mallory Gordon  22:54

talk to the dog. No, no, not happening. What’s happening now?

Mickey Gordon  22:58

The casual dog says yes. Casual dog is fine for a night my dog doesn’t know where he is. He’s completely bewildered by his environment. I love that boy dumb as fuck anyway, but casual toys. Let’s talk casual toys from

Mallory Gordon  23:13

it. Alright, so we as everyone knows, supply chain shortages are a real thing, regardless of the industry you’re in. So the we’re not immune to it. We’re not impervious. So please be patient as we work through these machinations.

Mickey Gordon  23:27

Yes, absolutely. And some of the hotter ticket items that are in stock today but might not be in stock in the next three to five weeks. Just so you guys know, things like the Doxy things like womaniser premium two that’s right womanizer came out with new versions of all of their best sellers like the starlet and the premium. Those products are in stock today. Probably the last stock we’re gonna see before Christmas. So if you got something you guys are wanting desperately now’s the time things like that we vibe Moxie, the Levin’s lush Daisy corsets I got an email the other day that Daisy is running out of course it’s it’s what they fucking do.

Mallory Gordon  24:00

Yeah, but I mean you think about what that buildings made out of and the different materials and voting I did and that’s what it’s called and I was there no the hard pieces that go oh yeah should call vertically hold it wouldn’t Never mind him done educating you. But some of the reason is the components right? So most major components especially if they have Bluetooth enabled, those are going to be really hard to find so but definitely have plenty of of Uber lube or any condoms kick sees kick sees we have quite a bit of stock on so if you’re looking to shove them thighs covered,

Mickey Gordon  24:39

we got the best kicks he started by the way we got a new kicks he’s customer because of PCAP all the girls ap capbreton Yeah,

Mallory Gordon  24:48

I remember that.

Mickey Gordon  24:49

This one sexy blonde is like, you know, I’ve always had trouble with because she’s got some thick thighs. And she’s like, Hey, you know, my stockings roll down and all I think didn’t have to say a word. All the girls were like, these won’t roll down. And she got them and she rocked them. And they took a picture and they posted on Twitter, and it’s hot as fuck. And they look amazing on her and she’s thrilled and she’s converted. And it’s one of the reasons why I love putting our name on Pixies.

Mallory Gordon  25:14

They’re, they’re amazing like, and it’s one of those things are also strong because I’m a total fucking klutz. And as sexy as I try to be, My grace fails me from time to time. And I usually like I’ve never owned a pair of thigh highs for more than one use until I started using Pixies. No kidding. Yeah, and the only cases I’ve ever only worn once is because I got them really fucking dirty. They were the bright white ones, which should never wear away because I’m just a mess. I I took my shoes off and

Mickey Gordon  25:45

I didn’t think you’re allowed to wear white for an entirely different reason. So that for virgins.

Mallory Gordon  25:49

Anyway, moving on was your hey, let’s talk about that. We have a PSA don’t we?

Mickey Gordon  25:55

Yeah, we well before the PSA just in case you guys are looking for something that you can’t find on casual toys. Just check out a gift card. We added gift cards this year. So if you guys want to do casual toys, gift cards, I didn’t sell a single gift card last Christmas season. I’m like how does that happen? Because everybody found what they were looking for. I think this year they’re probably not going to so those gift cards are out there if you guys want them, by all means grab them and you can still use Coupons and Coupon Codes after that. So end of sales pitch. Yeah, sorry about that PSA.

Mallory Gordon  26:24

Just a quick shout out to everyone out there working with any kind of charitable endeavor for the upcoming Christmas season. It’s gonna be a rough run we worked in our own you for over 20 years me by proxy for however long we’ve been together. And we actually can’t this year because of supply chain and that kind of breaks our heart a little bit a lot of it. So as we’re sitting here today and thinking about what we’re going to do, because you know, we’re still gonna proceed with something of some description. Consider you know, ways of finding something to do you know, be kind to another human this holiday season. There’s a lot of people out there especially this year that are going to need it. Stuff like Angel Tree Toys for Tots, local women’s and shelters, homeless shelters and even some of the volunteer first responder or shop stuff Shop with a Cop. Yep, yeah, shop

Mickey Gordon  27:15

with the cops. One of my favorites. Yeah, I think it’s it’s I mean, we’re blue line people around here you support cops more than I do. Right?

Mallory Gordon  27:23

Well, I was having sex to them.

Mickey Gordon  27:26

I think they feel very supported when you’re fucking them. I think they feel like yeah, that’s pretty much like yeah, I’m just doing back to Blue Baby. Back into all the

Mallory Gordon  27:36

way back all the way. God I used so hard to stay focused and organized with you being the fucking peanut gallery.

Mickey Gordon  27:45

I could just sit here and say nothing no one would give a shit your voice is so sexy no one cares if I talk

Mallory Gordon  27:50

Yeah, except when I get aggravated and then I feel like I sound like Charlie Brown’s mom you’re like I’m a whip that as that’s all right all right, I think it’s time for us to let these guys go.

Mickey Gordon  27:59

Now already know. All right, we’re gonna get we’re gonna come back to you guys in just a couple of seconds with our encore encore PCAP recap. And we’re gonna do that right after Mallory tells you guys how to find us. Should I just took a drink Hold on. That’s okay, we’ve got nothing but time. Okay, here we go.

Mallory Gordon  28:18

We are casual swinger everywhere you want to shoot us a message that’s podcast that because of Swinging comm you can find us at casual swinging.com as well. Love us want to say something nice because I love affirmations. You can write us a review on Apple podcasts. That would be awesome. We’re also on social media. That’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. And if you want to check out our dating profiles where NWA nation Cassidy SLS NSDC

Mickey Gordon  28:44

diggity Damn, we’ll be back in just a hot second. For more this encore he kept recap episode with us you’ve been listening to cashmere sweater Alright folks, welcome back to casual swinger. Still Mickey sitting here and I’m Mallory. You were supposed to do this episode naked. Oh, yeah.

Mallory Gordon  29:18

Forgot it’s cold in here though.

Mickey Gordon  29:20

Well, that means your nipples will be hurt. No,

Mallory Gordon  29:22

but it’ll also be mean. I’ll be shivering and uncomfortable.

Mickey Gordon  29:25

Oh, all right. I just get to watch you sit there and your sweatshirt and sweatpants with your mukluks or whatever it is you’re wearing.

Mallory Gordon  29:31

I am wearing mukluks I love these fucking slippers. And I get that right? Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  29:35

don’t look sexy. Oh, yeah. You’re wearing nothing but mukluks maybe. Alright,

Mallory Gordon  29:39

I’ll get undressed as we go through the episode.

Mickey Gordon  29:41

All right on with the recap. All right,

Mallory Gordon  29:43

so let’s talk about PCAP encore. So this is the second PCAP event that we’ve been able to attend. And I will say this is one of the best curated events we’ve ever been to. He’s really knocked it out of the park once again. I think he did. Spoiler alert. Like, if you can’t go to PCAP in 2022, you’re gonna have some serious FOMO. And I’m sorry for you. Yeah. Because, and we’ve been to quite a few lifestyle events. Over the years we’ve been, you know, to the resorts, we’ve had a plethora of experiences in this one. Yep. Really sets itself apart, in every way, every single way. And by the way, I think I mentioned this, we have juicy details about 2022 that we can’t share yet, but the announcement is coming, I believe, end of this week. But

Mickey Gordon  30:35

wait, there’s more. Well, what not, I’ve seen that the announcement will be later this week.

Mallory Gordon  30:39

I can see for the price of one, two bucks. Two bucks or better and one.

Mickey Gordon  30:44

Now we are going to have some tidbits coming later, but we have been sworn to secrecy. Just trust us on this one. Big F 22 is going to be utterly epic. It’s an epic location. You guys are gonna have a great time. And it’s going to sell out. I’m 100% Confident cancel out.

Mallory Gordon  31:00

Oh, you’re you’re Yes.

Mickey Gordon  31:02

I had my question. I mean, this last one was a sellout to Oh, so it was Miami. Yeah, but I had my questions right in a COVID era and with in Miami, because it’s a weekend it’s only three days and to do what Kate offers. It’s not cheap, right to do that. But I came away from it and went man that was worth it.

Mallory Gordon  31:21

Well, I was just gonna say there’s a lot of value in it and it is hard to condense an event like that in a very short period of time. But like for instance, she included breakfast and lunch for was a Saturday and Sunday Yes, Friday was a rival day you didn’t have to go like off property no for anything but the location was conveniently located to where you could walk to get anything you needed. Like if I wanted a Red Bull I could go down to the convenience store it but the hotel had them they did but if you want to you or monster guy I am unique. Yeah. Different. Yeah. Okay, anyway. But let’s talk about the event in and of itself. Yes, let’s do let’s do that. The hardest thing for me is identifying the highlights right because there’s so many wonderful things that happen is conducted condensing them down and being such things so you may have to like stay on my ass to keep it short and sweet. I’ll start with I fucking overpacked go for one because I was so excited about the theme nights and not knowing the weather and what to expect to like I brought literally an additional suitcase that was unnecessary.

Mickey Gordon  32:26

I’m so excited. By the way that Southwest lets you have two suitcases because for an overnight you would literally bring your unlike Mallory, why do you need a camel? You don’t need emotional support camel,

Mallory Gordon  32:40

that’s not true. That’s not true. But here’s, here’s what happens. I panic. And when I panic, I pack an enormous amount of shoes. And every single fucking time I wear two, maybe three. And that’s for like a two three night trip two, maybe three at most, and the same fucking thing happens that he didn’t want to go for 10 days. If I panic, I pack 15 pairs of shoes. I didn’t even know I own 15 pairs of shoes.

Mickey Gordon  33:09

My concern here is why did you need nine pairs of underwear for three days when in 16 years I’ve seen you wear underwear like nine times.

Mallory Gordon  33:16

That’s a lie. Because remember, I thought I forgot underwear and I found like a scratch suit.

Mickey Gordon  33:23

That was my face mask.

Mallory Gordon  33:26

I didn’t need him to wear the whole time. Well, my

Mickey Gordon  33:29

face masks this delicious. No. Oh, I didn’t know I say what even I overpack. So I know I’m making fun of Mallory right now, but I can’t believe I had two suitcases. But I did bring hats and I did dress in theme every night you

Mallory Gordon  33:41

did such a good job. Usually, your 5050 I can get you to do half the theme nights, but you were fucking gung ho and you did an amazing job. You actually were the master of your own outfits this time? Yeah, you didn’t do any of it. I refused. I was like, No, that’s all you bro. And you did a great job.

Mickey Gordon  34:02

I appreciate that. And I did love doing it. I mean, it was super cool. And I wanted to do it for Kate too, because having seen how much effort she put in in Miami, I knew it was going to be just like that for Dallas. Plus planning that ship from Croatia is not easy, but I think the hardest part is I think I’m afraid always I’m going to leave somebody out. I’m afraid that I’m going to leave somebody out that did something epic or went the extra mile for somebody else.

Mallory Gordon  34:27

Like the bartenders and the the staff at the hotel

Mickey Gordon  34:31

rights were the the security staff that was attentive but effective. They were never dickster Anybody that in fact, he just called me out to be the ticket. Somebody had to be an asshole. He was

Mallory Gordon  34:41

like, Yeah, we’re gonna introduce you this big guy with purple hair.

Mickey Gordon  34:44

Yeah, yeah.

Mallory Gordon  34:46

It was all really very tall man walking your way that looks like that upset. He’s gonna be more upset when he gets

Mickey Gordon  34:52

Yeah, it was really funny because one of the security that security growth where she was like three foot six or something and I was like your insecurity. She’s like, No, you You are I’m here to call you. Alright. Looks like I’m gonna be the bad guy. It was pretty good, but I really am worried that and please know guys, if you’re listening to this episode and hoping to hear your name, we honestly want to include everybody. But if we didn’t mention you, it doesn’t mean we don’t remember you. It just means we couldn’t fit everybody in and it breaks my heart. We want to we want to remember everybody mentioned everybody

Mallory Gordon  35:24

100%. So the hotel she picked was absolutely amazing. Had a very great vibe to it. It I would call it a boutique hotel, right? Pretty much southside of Dallas. I don’t know how the hell she finds these places. I mean, she lives in fucking Croatia.

Mickey Gordon  35:39

I wondered that allowed many times, like, how did she vet this place? The surrounding area, the restaurants, the things that were accessible getting there from the hotel. It was all perfect. Yeah, but it wasn’t me from the airport.

Mallory Gordon  35:52

There was something really cool about the hotel. Do you remember?

Mickey Gordon  35:56

It used to be a coffin factory? Yeah, it

Mallory Gordon  35:58

was an old Sears and coffin factory. And it was renovated to the six storey hotel at a rooftop bar with a pool. Like what are they called? The infinity pool? Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  36:09

just like look, I could dump right off the side of the building. Yes. Yep. A couple of really neat pictures came out of that. I think Kelly NT took a really good one. Yeah. Was kind of her ass like pointed away from Yes.

Mallory Gordon  36:19

Which we’ll talk more about her later because these motherfuckers need to follow that shit. Like now, today. Um, yeah, monogamish took some great pictures up there. And yeah, like a ton of great photo ops. Very very sexy pictures too.

Mickey Gordon  36:34

So cool, but I was not getting enough fucking pool. I put like my hand in there were Floridian Mm hmm.

Mallory Gordon  36:39

It was probably like 80 No, it was warm. It was but like it

Mickey Gordon  36:43

was 33 degrees. No, it wasn’t so cold. No, no, my literally my deck would crawl up inside me and I would never see it again. If I jumped in that water. There’s no way but I gotta say there was some really really cool photographs taken up around that infinity pool and I thought that was really neat and the staff the staff was really neat. I just didn’t care for them taking my monster so every time I came upstairs

Mallory Gordon  37:06

no outside food and beverage I know Come on.

Mickey Gordon  37:09

I figured it out after the third one that I had confiscated. Thank God it’s my own doing I did it. But I really did love the venue. I think the venue is outstanding. I think that it was really neat and I love the brick facades and even the rooms were cool.

Mallory Gordon  37:24

Yeah, and I think it translated over to like the event space there was Gillies Dallas, which is literally just down next word like literally next door like a hop skip and a jump away same vibe same and Gillies upstairs right because it was technically the same building just a different part yes. Where we had the final night out again same look and feel that rustic but yet contemporary like brick and and mortar and exposed like piping and yeah, that’s true. But a very upscale yeah at the same right yeah, it

Mickey Gordon  37:55

was it was really neat and I think my favorite part about the gala night that we did not you know write in our overview here but it hit me just now that I remembered and our if you remember this, but there was an event going on downstairs as well. And it was a gospel singer. So people were standing in line or those people were in line for gospel a world church people go in and with all the speakers were upstairs,

Mallory Gordon  38:18

you know what, on the ledger we cancel each other out. Right now we’re all we’re all even. It’s cool. Oh, Larian, the weather was great. Well, we’re there to

Mickey Gordon  38:27

Oh, it was beautiful. I know. It’s Dallas in the early winter, so it’s still nice. Yeah, I would praise my ass

Mallory Gordon  38:34

off. Wait, this is basically like a like a homage to Kate over here. So but I can’t fucking give her credit for the weather. So sorry, bitch. That had nothing to do with that.

Mickey Gordon  38:42

Oh, that dirty bitch doesn’t get credit for the perfect weather all weekend. It didn’t rain.

Mallory Gordon  38:46

Yeah, it didn’t rain. That’s great. Can’t say that for Miami. Yeah. What did you think of a theme night someone in the intro mentioned the theme nights and how unique there were?

Mickey Gordon  38:56

I think that that girl’s got more creativity and a little finger than I have my whole body. I think that those theme nights were I mean, every once in a while she comes up with a theme. Right? That makes me scratch my head and go exactly what is that? Because she’s European, you know? So, like, some of the things that she thinks about or does is that she’s Australian. She you know what I mean? She’s very worldly. She’s She’s fucking Australian. We know that. But I mean, like, she thinks like a European. And so like, for PCAP Miami. The the visuals were like these hands clutching an eyeball. And she had and it was just like, what is that? Like, am I art? Are you going to rip my eyeballs out? Is that what I’m going to have done? And but what I think we’ve seen though, is that that creativity in that abstract create the way her brain works, really lent itself to some really neat theme nights. So the first theme night was a video game, slash

Mallory Gordon  39:49

like superhero.

Mickey Gordon  39:51

Comics, video games meet calm or video games vs. Comics kind of thing. Yeah. And I don’t think people realized that yours in my costumes. We’re actually tied to our session from PCAP. Miami. Yeah, because we were villains. Yeah, we were the villains in the story. So we were villains. Here’s how

Mallory Gordon  40:10

it works. It works. I will say that your Joker was fan fucking tastic you did an excellent job. I was so proud of you. Oh, your makeup look good too.

Mickey Gordon  40:21

Well, my makeup was all you. I mean, you crushed the makeup I would have literally looked like an ass clown instead of the Crown Prince. Clown Prince of Crime, which is the Joker.

Mallory Gordon  40:32

Is that mood shine? You’re drinking? Like I feel like it’s high test.

Mickey Gordon  40:36

It’s not I’m not hammered. I just am struggling tonight. It is what it is.

Mallory Gordon  40:41

I give your tongue a workout. So much so that it’s

Mickey Gordon  40:43

like my tongue is sore from last night sucking on your little lady button. Yeah. Okay. My bad. But anyways, anyway. Yeah, I think you and I honestly, your makeup job was outstanding. My hair’s already purple. So we just rocked it. And I think it just kind of really, it was one of the coolest theme night outfits I’ve ever done, but I gotta give you credit for yours. Holy shit. Oh my. Oh my god. First of all, guys, I gotta tell you something about Mallory. Mallory has been working her little ass off for the last year. Going upstairs everyday working out and she looks like a million fucking bucks. She’s always been hot. But she just looks so good. And she comes out of the bathroom at PCAP wearing this piece of vinyl. I mean, it’s just like, I don’t know. It’s like somebody made an outfit out of a handkerchief of vinyl. It was

Mallory Gordon  41:30

it was literally like two feet long and like foot wide and I was like fuck we’re gonna get this

Mickey Gordon  41:38

Oh, you came out and I was like The X Files how every time you saw him you boom that’s how I Yeah, so one of the guys that we met at PCAP who and they are The X Files is what they call themselves they’re super cool couple from Colorado. Love a lot they are so

Mallory Gordon  42:00

Bruce Almighty joke cuz I put it I put it on my watch list. He

Mickey Gordon  42:03

did. He said that every time Mallory walks up in front of him he feels like that. The NEWSCASTER on Bruce Almighty where the guy was giving him like making him talk jibberish on the air and he said every time he sees Mallory he goes oh no, no, no but and I was so fucking funny because he the elevator would open he’d be standing there he got a walk away

Mallory Gordon  42:24

swinger club to


know I can’t stop laughing. It was

Mickey Gordon  42:29

funny as hell. You know what, I felt him so much when I saw you in that vinyl. I

Mallory Gordon  42:32

love that outfit so much. And what was really cool about it is it had that special zipper. So the zipper actually allowed me to do like this keyhole effect with it, which is super sexy. But it also it’s purposed to like unzip all the way down to your nether regions. So like I could unzip my pussy and my ads.

Mickey Gordon  42:52

That would have been handy if I had not zipped your pussy up in it.

Mallory Gordon  42:54

Thank you for stealing the punch line. Did I? Oh yeah. Yeah, I was ready to fuck and then we decided not to have sex with the suit on because it was odd like it was bunching and acting weird. And why we decided that we had to zip it all together to get it off is beyond me. But I got caught. You chirk to zipper like part of my pussy lip in it. Now granted, no, nothing broke. no bruising, no bleeding. Like it wasn’t carnage. But it was white light pain. So neither has had sex until the next morning.

Mickey Gordon  43:32

That’s from being angry with me. And I was like,

Mallory Gordon  43:36

I wasn’t angry. I was just in pain.

Mickey Gordon  43:38

Why did literally just bite your pussy with the teeth of a zipper?

Mallory Gordon  43:43

Yeah. I felt really bad about that. But it just made my PC sound really meaty. Anyways. Isn’t it was a really tight

Mickey Gordon  43:49

outfit. That thing was like skin.

Mallory Gordon  43:55

All I can think my skin’s that date.

Mickey Gordon  43:57

And this is gonna date me but Michelle Pfeiffer should be eating her heart out right now. Because Batman Returns. Yeah, I believe so. Yeah, I can tell you like at the time. That was the hottest Cat Woman The world had ever seen. And Anne Hathaway didn’t touch her when she reprised the role, but oh my god, you were so goddamn hot in your claws. I want to call the NT was really into your claws.

Mallory Gordon  44:21

Oh yeah, I went to pet everyone and I wanted to like tickle your balls with them and I think I threw them at Mr. Whoops. They’re like little ninja stars and Slippery little suckers.

Mickey Gordon  44:31

Okay, well you mean just keep those around. You never know look come in here man.

Mallory Gordon  44:35

So the second night let’s talk about that real quick. She did and she called it Cal person.

Mickey Gordon  44:39

Oh person. You’re woke Are you

Mallory Gordon  44:41

first? The first thing I thought of it was like I’m not getting in a suit where one of us is the front one’s back. I’m not doing that happening. No, like the donkey? No. Definitely not doing that. But it was like a latex mashup. It was like really fucking cool. This

Mickey Gordon  44:56

was so hot. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon  44:58

thank you. I painted hands on.

Mickey Gordon  45:01

I think they’re made of the same shit the other hand

Mallory Gordon  45:05

which is why I had two suitcases, everything I work and fit in and like my purse for the most part everything else was shoes. Yeah. Shoes. Okay.

Mickey Gordon  45:13

Anyway, your shoes we 2000 pounds. Just you know,

Mallory Gordon  45:16

I love the outfits that you in J warp. They were inflatable? Yes. Yeah. And you guys had these big hats.

Mickey Gordon  45:23

Oh, we were so stupid. Oh my gosh, no, like, I mean, cute. So j and i, j was Mongo from Blazing Saddles. And I was the sheriff. And so I had an inflatable horse and he had an inflatable bowl and he had this big chain around his neck and it was absolutely fucking hilarious. All we needed was a Frisco Kid. We had a Frisco Kid, it would have been the perfect ensemble. I’m also not black. So that didn’t work out very well, because the sheriff in Blazing Saddles is black, because in case you’re not up on your, you know, Mel Brooks,

Mallory Gordon  45:54

okay. You don’t care. All I care. I care deeply. I was just thinking about a crooked Kellyanne T’s booty shorts center. Chavs. Speaking of I don’t know what the fuck she was looking for that corner. But I was praying to God, she never found it.

Mickey Gordon  46:14

Right. She bent over in the whole room. It would. Yeah. I was thinking holy moly. Oh, I don’t know what her parents fed her as a child.

Mallory Gordon  46:25

But thank you. Yes, we appreciate that. You were very appreciative. Yes. So appreciate that. Anyway, so Oh, the latex night so we actually had two opportunities to visit let’s first was Thursday night was kind of like a pre warm up event for the early arrivers of PCAP. Encore g&g hosted like a mingler was really well attended for everyone that like came in early Thursday on the Thursday night, right? Yeah. So the Saturday night the CalPERS event that we’re just talking about the outfits for CalPERS that’s what he called it.

Mickey Gordon  46:54

Really? Yeah. Oh, I didn’t know that. The fuck is wrong with us cowboys and cowgirls.

Mallory Gordon  47:00

I know but it’s literally in the collateral it says cow person. So I’m rolling with it.

Mickey Gordon  47:06

I should have gone in there dressed as a cow but like Moo

Mallory Gordon  47:09

I identify as a cow person identify scalpers. Eat more chicken but both events both Thursday and Saturday were actually off site we went to collects Dallas, which is owned by John and Jackie Melfi. They have done an incredible job. Oh my god is that venue. Top five swinger clubs I’ve ever been to. Yeah, I just love the layout. I love their staff. I love how it’s organized. I love how it’s configured. I love the opportunity to dance and mingle with people because either that’s they hit it hard or they miss it hard. There’s never in between with a swinger club, and their play rooms super fucking clean, great policy and how to interact what each one’s for how to tell if it’s clean. Like they got their shit together. And then plus and Saturday, we had that private area that was just for the PCAP attendees to have a chill space.

Mickey Gordon  48:06

Yeah, I don’t think on Saturday that I even left that room. The VIP room No, but

Mallory Gordon  48:09

in all fairness, because Exactly. And you know, with your, you know, hearing and everything, it worked out better. But you know, we ended up having a wonderful conversation and a couple of makeout sessions and other things and it was

Mickey Gordon  48:23

great. I had an I miss the makeout session between you and Katie Kelly. And I

Mallory Gordon  48:26

don’t know I didn’t miss it. I mean, I miss it. Now. I’d like to revisit

Mickey Gordon  48:31

that makes two of us because I apparently was sitting right in front of you and somebody and I know who it was, as a matter of fact, that son of a bitch lock from the sweet life got my attention and I turned around and I was talking to him when you guys decided to start making out

Mallory Gordon  48:47

when I call Mr. Locher cock block.

Mickey Gordon  48:49

Oh, the cock blocker in chief. Mr. Sweet Life himself lock. Oh, he’s the one that kept me from taking in that little show. And I I I feel like you just have left me out to dry there, brother. You could have been like, Yo, turn around. We can finish this conversation in a second. But instead they pointed the wrong direction. And I think it’s because he secretly hates me.

Mallory Gordon  49:18

I doubt that but it’s funny. It’s funny that it but it’s definitely funny.

Mickey Gordon  49:23

You know, I do gotta say I think getting off site actually was a really good thing. We didn’t do a ton of that in Miami. And it was kind of neat to break it up a little bit, get on the buses and go check it out. We went to trapeze in Miami. But this was it was really well organized. Everybody had a good time. Jay definitely danced and sung his ass off in the back of the bus. He was so happy.

Mallory Gordon  49:42

Oh my gosh, they were hilarious. And Angie was just doing her thing and I mean going for it. Oh my gosh. Did you see me like Yeah, I did save her life though.

Mickey Gordon  49:51

You did? Well, she was she had to get her. Her. Her out of the hat fell down

Mallory Gordon  49:55

by the bus stores and she was trying to go down to get it and all I could see was her head going down. The doors in into traffic and I’m like, not today Satan.

Mickey Gordon  50:03

All I saw you holding gas and her bells. And it looked like you were gonna ride her off the bus.

Mallory Gordon  50:10

Yeah, it did look a little dominating. Like you’re dominating

Mickey Gordon  50:13

I saw what you guys were doing there. Yeah, anyway gala night

Mallory Gordon  50:18

gallon I was great. So I’m not gonna lie the inner princes in me really loved the opportunity to really dress up and go all out. Don’t get a lot of opportunities to do that like once once every couple of years and even then I do it conservatively because it’s usually aligned with like a vanilla work event. So that was a lot of fun and everyone looks so amazing. Like brand new fucking pennies. I know rainy and sparkly. Just absolutely stunning, right?

Mickey Gordon  50:48

And I’m kind of torn right because I’ll tell you a tryst like first of all there were like three times this that weekend that I saw trisko Walking by I was like

Mallory Gordon  51:00

dawning human being other fucker that girls? Yes. I mean, am she doesn’t make you catch your breath a bit. I think you might be blind. But

Mickey Gordon  51:08

my favorite thing about that girl isn’t how beautiful she is. It’s her when she turns around and talks to you. It’s like you’re the only person in the room. Yeah. Like she’s really good at engaging with humans. And she loves to talk with our hands. And I love people to talk with their hands. And she doesn’t all the time, which is like it’s really funny to watch her do that. But the other person I want to give a shout out to and it’s somebody actually that isn’t his naturally outgoing and that’s Belle from black and kinky so I saw her engaging with some people and first of all that girl looks like a million fucking die. Yeah. And I’m like, No, she didn’t. Yeah, like that girl is good. Fucking

Mallory Gordon  51:46

amazing. So she did awesome, but I see her outfit on the first theme. whoo that

Mickey Gordon  51:51

fuck you think I’m talking about

Mallory Gordon  51:53

right? Okay, okay, cuz that’s the first thing I thought. Okay.

Mickey Gordon  51:56

Well I loved her so she and bomber did Guile or gulay depending on what version of Street Fighter you follow because if you the movie, he’s gulay but he’s got everybody else to play the games. Anyway, nerd alert. And she was CAMI from Street Fighter. And if you don’t know who Kenny is CAMI was this badass little like fighter wearing a Baray and just I mean they they pulled it off like nobody’s business their outfits were awesome for that particular evening.

Mallory Gordon  52:21

Yeah, no, you’re you’re spot on like gala

Mickey Gordon  52:24

night just you know. I loved how dressed up you were I loved that you bought that dress just for this event. I

Mallory Gordon  52:31

which is a little unlike me, but I wanted to let’s wait because I don’t have any other gowns.

Mickey Gordon  52:36

Yeah, but you were also stunning. I mean, one of my favorite memories from gala night was you and honey spoon dance and first of all, honey spoon.

Mallory Gordon  52:44

Oh, and that red dress? Yes. He Licious?

Mickey Gordon  52:47

Yeah, it looks like both sides of my face fighting for supremacy in the cracker harass. That’s what I saw when I saw her dancing.

Mallory Gordon  52:54

Sounds about right.

Mickey Gordon  52:56

It was absolutely amazing. No it just watching you guys dance and have fun and watching just how much fun a ruse having and I saw that from a couple different angles because I was dressed like an asshole. Yeah, like I did not.

Mallory Gordon  53:07

You had a t shirt bow tie Tux thing going on? And then you brought one of your like ridiculously large hats. It was a big hat. It was a very big hat. I could climbed inside the hat and and yeah, actually,

Mickey Gordon  53:19

honey spoon could have had sex in that hat while I was wearing it and emceeing.

Mallory Gordon  53:23

Okay, let’s do that next time. Yeah, we

Mickey Gordon  53:25

should do that next time anyway, like, No, I did wear a giant hat. But honestly, part of it was because I knew I was going to be on stage and I knew that I wanted to call attention to all the amazing creators from the week because some of the sessions we had to try to talk about here in a second but some of the sessions were just out of this world good. And I wanted to make sure that you and I got up there and called attention all those people and gave Kate some love. Kind of like we’re doing here on this episode for just the amazing stuff they did

Mallory Gordon  53:49

100% I believe we have to call out Mrs. Sexy Social because she took your breath away shit.

Mickey Gordon  53:56

That woman’s dress for formal night again. How many do Oh, but yeah, she walked up to me and she’s like, What do you think of my dress? And I’m like, yeah, what dress

Mallory Gordon  54:07

stunning It was awesome. There’s something that is intangible that you can only see really experienced it if you’re there is how wonderful those moments are when you get to see them happen when you get to see someone feel amazing and what they’re wearing and who they’re with. And in the time that they’re having like just overall enjoyment like almost euphoric for me witnessing that and watching that happen with people while we were there was absolutely amazing. Fucking love that shit.

Mickey Gordon  54:43

You know what I love is seeing in your eyes. And people like Mrs. Are Sexy Social in your and in honey spoons, eyes and misses in Judah. How beautiful you guys feel when all of us tell you the truth about how you Look, because in the real world, we don’t get to do that. We can’t walk up to somebody at the grocery store and go, you look beautiful today. Yeah, that’s when you get slapped. You know, you can’t do that. But at these events, you can be so authentic. And welcome and good. That dress makes you look like you’re on fire. You’re amazing. You’re radiating. And this should have paid you to wear it. You know, and little things like that makes such a difference. And you can do that at these events, particularly at PCAP.

Mallory Gordon  55:28

Yeah, I agree. I love that. It’s yeah, it’s embraced. Yeah, very much so and everyone was really well behaved. Oh, by the way,

Mickey Gordon  55:36

I don’t think anybody got out. I didn’t get I didn’t get hardly any reviews of anybody that had any troubles. I mean, it was very minor. If there was anything, it was easy to handle.

Mallory Gordon  55:45

Let’s talk about the staff and entertainment for a second cuz I think you and I have a pretty high bar coming from the industries that we’re in. Yeah. And then adding in? You know, Hedo, right. Because there he sees their crew, their staff are the best in the fucking business. Oh, hands down. And when you go to event like this, it’s it’s different. But yet the same in some ways. I have to admit that some of the entertainers, the, the the people that came to content creators for the the track sessions, the DJ is the burlesque performers. Everyone was exceptional. I totally

Mickey Gordon  56:20

forgot about the burlesque performers. Those were awesome. Right?

Mallory Gordon  56:24

Did you know that there was a bunch of people that had never seen a burlesque show before? Their first time? Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  56:29

it was, it was amazing. You know it, I gotta tell you, one of my favorite things about this particular PCAP. And again, it’s just going to be different than what you guys heard at the beginning of the episode. But one of my favorite things is that there were so many opportunities for the entertainer, because every podcaster, every content creator, on some level were entertainers. Okay. And there were a lot of opportunities for us to entertain, just to be right. So and we’ll talk about it in just a second. But like, for example, when we were just hanging out by the piano, and we got to talk with people and have deep conversations, and the cast of characters kept changing over the course of like an hour, we hung out by the you know, that’s true, or things like the whiskey tasting, which we’ll get to in a second, but, but things like Catherine from expensive connections to yoga.

Mallory Gordon  57:16

I heard that was her first time ever doing something like that. I couldn’t tell me either. And it was awesome. You had some amazing photos of her doing that. I mean, she is a specimen in and of itself, and an incredible human being on top of that. That was really cool to witness. It was just organic. It just happened.

Mickey Gordon  57:35

Bad photos of that human do not exist.

Mallory Gordon  57:37

And I have to agree. Just say I think I agree.

Mickey Gordon  57:41

But and then I mean things like and then could take it a step further. Right. So the DJs, who were also lifestyle, by the way, and hot and hot, okay, I’m sorry. Yeah, she’s hot. But I love watching her with like her headphones on and like dancing and DJing. I mean, she was DJing. She wasn’t just iCandy. Like we’ve seen couples that DJ where the like, one of them does all work. And the other one is kind of stands there a Bob’s along to the beat. No, she was DJ and he was watching. Like, it was badass. It was so cool. Kate knocked that one out of the park. I know he’s I thought so. And then, of course, I mean, the breakout sessions, which is really where the content creators were supposed to shine.

Mallory Gordon  58:22

Yeah. And unfortunately, we didn’t make it to all of them. But every single one I’ve heard good things about I love that we had an opportunity to hear lock interest because we did not have that in Miami. No. Um, so if you don’t know who Locke and trust are, they have live in the sweet life podcast. They did a session planned versus organic play, which spawned some very interesting and introspective conversations about the perception and how you go about approaching it with that those intentions, whether it’s planned or organic, and they were there a lot like us, and in the way that we have conversations around things that maybe we don’t exactly see eye to eye on. Yeah, but it doesn’t negate or mitigate our execution,

Mickey Gordon  59:09

just yet. The fact that we don’t agree doesn’t stop us from delivering content. And that content really is designed to make the listener or the participant think,

Mallory Gordon  59:20

Oh, you’re not on the same page as me. I meant actual execution of the event planned or, or organic. Oh, you’re like, oh, like even if we don’t see eye to eye doesn’t necessarily negate or mitigate how we approach it. Oh, no. Okay. Yeah, just because we have different opinions on it. 100% Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  59:36

sometimes it’s even better. We don’t agree. Yeah. Like, no,

Mallory Gordon  59:39

no, what? No, I’m just I’m just like, he’s not listening.

Mickey Gordon  59:42

Actually, I was listening. I just didn’t understand you.

Mallory Gordon  59:45

Well, I can speak it. What do you say to our kids? I can speak it for you, but I can’t understand it for you.

Mickey Gordon  59:53

Okay. Thanks for using that. I appreciate that. I’m only gonna sit here and feel small for the rest of this episode.

Mallory Gordon  1:00:03

He gonna take my shirt off.

Mickey Gordon  1:00:05

No, that’s not gonna Well, that’ll help me not be small anymore. Now I gotta say my favorite thing about Locke interests session though. And again, I adore those guys. Anyway, I love tuning in for their live show, which by the way, every show they do is live I love that about takes fucking balls of steel as it does. And they really did a great job of opening up conversation in the crowd as opposed to dictating to them or telling them how it should be. And it really gave people an opportunity to share their perspectives, which I thought was a neat approach to doing the session like getting the crowd basically to to the work, which I really liked. I thought it was good because it was it was so good. Like, I left there feeling like I learned a lot from the room.

Mallory Gordon  1:00:47

Yeah. And it was almost I was, I was a little concerned at first they were like Team planner, Team planner, like everyone was like to Team Roman. Roman. Oh, my God, guys. Sorry. I can’t be there. You know

Mickey Gordon  1:01:04

what? If lock interest listen to this episode, they’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Oh,

Mallory Gordon  1:01:08

yeah. We also got to see Jean Angie, which was a little unexpected. We just wanted to go take a couple pictures of him. But you and J is where you have this bromance where he was like subliminally messaging or he was calling you like some fucking alien or, yes. You walk through the door and bam. You it was seconds. Yeah. I didn’t even have time to breathe now. And you ended up telling the Italian giant up story.

Mickey Gordon  1:01:35

Yeah. Well, I mean, I walked through the door. And apparently this is what I learned after I walked through the door that they were talking about the most awkward moments as a swinger. And I was trying to listen in and figure out what was going on. He’s like, Mickey, how about that time? And I’m like, baba, baba, what are we talking about? And so he explained to a company, oh, fuck, we’re doing this, aren’t we? And he goes, Yes, we are, say to put the camera down and like, just start telling a story, which out of the blue, I was not prepared for that at all.

Mallory Gordon  1:02:02

Yeah, it was great, though. I think the crowd really appreciated it. And I don’t know what stories were told before. They’re like, yeah, he wins. He wins. I was like, Bitch, I was there too. I had some strange woman cuddling me underneath her armpit covering my eyes saying baby don’t look.

Mickey Gordon  1:02:17

That’s the same trip or some lady beat you in the clip, though. So that is that was very weird. It was very traumatic. Yeah. Anyways, anyway, one of my favorite pictures, by the way from the entire trip was Angie was laughing her ass off at Jay. And I caught us in just the right angle. Yeah, it’s easy to laugh your ass off at Jay. By the way. He’s one of my favorite humans on the face of the planet. And I say that all the time. But it’s honest to god true. And a she was laughing so hard. So naturally, at him that it made me smile, just to see them interact with each other doesn’t further him.

Mallory Gordon  1:02:51

That girl is good. And she though Damn. Right.

Mickey Gordon  1:02:55

I mean, she’s like, I mean, she really has done come a long way. And not that she was she was gorgeous. But you

Mallory Gordon  1:03:02

know, yeah, 100%. But there’s another element of her feeling really good, too. I think that you add into that mix. And she just fucking glows man. Like, I’m just I’m happy for her. And she looks amazing.

Mickey Gordon  1:03:16

Yeah, I agree. Now, you know that. I think that the best moments of PCAP. I don’t, this is probably gonna come out sounding wrong. Because I think the theme nights were great. The parties were great. Everything that came planned was great. But something else happened. Sometimes when you create something it takes on a life of its own. And that happened to PCAP with all of the moments that were interwoven between everything that was planned.

Mallory Gordon  1:03:41

Yes. And those are always my favorite team organic. It’s up girl, Team Roman. Some of those are some of the most value moments and takeaways because there’s so unexpected, right, because they literally happen because they just fucking did. Well, frigid. swingers. Yeah, yeah, the frigid swingers actually had put together a group chat inside the app that was tied to the event. And unfortunately, they couldn’t make it due to some circumstances out of their control. We were being asked to we’re like, fuck it. Yeah, we’ll we’ll impromptu like help spearhead this. And hopefully we did it justice. It sounded like people had a great time. And I mean, I didn’t know going in there maybe a half dozen whiskies or so. And like, come on, come on, come visit us. Like

Mickey Gordon  1:04:26

there were like three. And I thought that was good. Yeah.

Mallory Gordon  1:04:29

So we’re trying to find a spot somewhere in the agenda where it would be okay to do whiskey tasting, because we had heard that people were bringing them from their, their local distilleries and or in their travels, they picked up something special. So we’re thinking, you know, we have a couple, you know, maybe there’ll be a half dozen. I’m pretty sure there were 3540 people in that room.

Mickey Gordon  1:04:49

More than that. It was nuts. It was standing room only like it was wedged

Mallory Gordon  1:04:53

and at least 15 to 20 Different whiskies. So I didn’t even count I should go back and look and see if it took me pictures of the whiskies on the table and see how many there were. We had stuff from Canada and Michigan and Washington State and Texas and fucking New York. I mean, everywhere quick

Mickey Gordon  1:05:13

shout out to my wayward soul by the way, he brought some really cool local stuff. Oh, yeah, where he lives and I just thought that was so thoughtful of him to really try and bring something unique. And I know a lot of people did that too. Right? The moonshine some folks brought in some moonshine. Yeah, I believe New York, upstate New York. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon  1:05:31

a lot of those whiskies had interesting stories and histories to them. virtuals is a great example of that, because he even talked about like, the grain was locally sourced. Oh, man, and I’m not going to do it justice. So I’m not even going to like really try. But there was a lot of thought and investment and almost emotion tied to some of these and it was just a really fucking cool experience. I was feeling really good. When we left there. We were trying really hard not to pour full shots right like third God and have these if possible. I’m sorry if we got Yeah, hammered.

Mickey Gordon  1:06:06

Anybody that left their shit faced blames Bridget swingers blame them?

Mallory Gordon  1:06:09

Yeah, fuck you guys. No kidding. We love you. And we’re glad you guys are. Everyone’s doing well. Now.

Mickey Gordon  1:06:15

glad everyone’s Well, no, but I do gotta say that my favorite thing about the whiskey tasting was everyone’s and this is kind of the thing that kind of was overarching for PCAP was their thirst for knowledge. So I started talking about the individual whiskies the processes, I’d look at them and see what they were and I’m a whiskey junkie.

Mallory Gordon  1:06:33

Is that what I want to say? Yeah, and a historian all in one. Yeah. Cuz I

Mickey Gordon  1:06:37

talk about the history of the distilleries, and kind of the processes that go into them. And everybody got like, really quiet and wanted to hear all about it. And I’m like, You guys give the shit this much about whiskey. I feel like I know a thing now and I can talk to people. So so cool. And I just love doing it. It was it was just really Yeah.

Mallory Gordon  1:06:53

I love that someone brought four roses.

Mickey Gordon  1:06:56

I know that. I mean, yeah, by the way, there were two people that bought Bladen Bo while we were there. Yeah, that’s a great whiskey, which is our second whiskey. But this is this month. Whiskey of them again, was WinBot. But also, I gotta tell you, one of my favorite things to do anywhere all the time, and I know it’s probably a broken record. Next to the corn fed swingers in Iowa. Two of our favorite humans in the planner, Janie Angie,

Mallory Gordon  1:07:20

I’m pretty sure that listeners have surmised that. I think they figured

Mickey Gordon  1:07:22

that out. I love hanging out with those two. I can’t say enough good things about him. I really can’t.

Mallory Gordon  1:07:28

Yeah, they’re um

Mickey Gordon  1:07:32

I’m not gonna say this. Jay looks like a penis with a goatee saying that. I can. I can’t say it out loud. Angie looks great. Jay looks like a penis with a goatee.

Mallory Gordon  1:07:42

Oh, yeah, no, you’re right.

Mickey Gordon  1:07:43

Right happiness.

Mallory Gordon  1:07:44

Every time we leave them. I just I I love them more every time I see them. I just love them a little bit more.

Mickey Gordon  1:07:52

Yeah, it’s I you know, it levangie Love Jay. They’re great. And I think that was really great. We got to spend some time with him.

Mallory Gordon  1:07:59

It was also really cool that we got to see some OG PCAP people and some folks that we haven’t seen since in swinger diaries. Oh, my god there. Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  1:08:08

I didn’t expect them. I didn’t know they were gonna be they

Mallory Gordon  1:08:10

did neither. And that was such a nice surprise. Right there. They’re people that this this, this short opportunities I’ve been afforded to be in their presence. I just feel so warm after leaving them. Like in being with them. They’re just I don’t know, there’s something about their energy. That just makes me so happy.

Mickey Gordon  1:08:31

You know, I feel like and I think it probably Jay falls into this category as well. I think Mr. Jones falls into this category as well, that when we get to talk to them, I feel like I can learn something about podcasting. I can learn something about being responsible. I can learn something about the lifestyle, I can learn something about being a man, I mean, for these, these are men I respect. And so when I get to sit down and talk with them and hang out with him, it’s always a treat. I think if more people knew that swinger diaries were gonna be there, they probably would have clamored to probably that’s true. I mean, because they weren’t they were just attendees, but they they held court in the breakfast room at one point, they were stuck there all day, because so many people kept coming. I was

Mallory Gordon  1:09:11

gonna say, I think they ended up having lunch after breakfast ended because they never got, I never they never left. It was great. But it was so nice to see. You know, even faces like you said, from PCAP. Miami, and then we get to meet new friends like we just keep We were so lucky to have the ability to add to that pool of humans just keeps getting better. I know. I know. I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yeah, because there’s part of me that that really denies the fact that I deserve to have those kinds of people in my life, which I think it’s a fallacy I get that. But I do feel very fucking grateful. And it excites me that events like this afforded me that kind of opportunity, because that’s another intangible that you don’t get when you buy your ticket. Right.

Mickey Gordon  1:10:00

Yeah, I think I can see in the edges off of that for you and say, These are the kind of people I want to deserve. Yes. Oh, they make me. I love that. And that made me want to be a better man. Well, they they make me want this. They make me want to dress for theme nights. They make me want to create great content. They make me want to be a part of this community. People like I mean, it’s just some of the repeat offenders that we’re talking about here. We’re talking about people like honey spoon who we love are sexy socially. We love them. By the way. I’m having lunch with those two sexy fuckers this week. I heard you’re going back to Texas going back to tech. Yeah, we’ll be in Austin. I’m gonna have lunch with our 62nd shooter who we got

Mallory Gordon  1:10:37

to meet in Miami. Yes. sassing Lassie into the fire playing for fun which we know this guy’s from heroes. Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  1:10:45

so so it just so many others, right and the new ones?

Mallory Gordon  1:10:49

Yeah, yeah, we get to finally meet birch soul, which is fucking awesome. Yeah,

Mickey Gordon  1:10:53

I love those guys. And they love each other like, The X

Mallory Gordon  1:10:57

Files. Mr. Mrs. Burns? Those precious little gems from Seattle. Wink wink, you know who you are. We just didn’t know if we can say your names. Yeah, and it just so many more. I mean, UK.

Mickey Gordon  1:11:10

Yeah. I mean, I mean, you know, we can go to Durango if you want. By the way there’s

Mallory Gordon  1:11:15

nothing rendering. So I was chatting with them. And there’s something about elk like they were gonna go look for elk. I was like, I forget that people fucking do that in parts of this country, because it’s so foreign to me.

Mickey Gordon  1:11:26

Right? I mean, if they could have said, we’re gonna go hunt a T Rex, we would have been like, K. Sure, enjoy that. Watch out for philosophy have to

Mallory Gordon  1:11:33

goofy. I was just thinking I gotta go feed my velociraptors No, I just thought that was cool. Anyway, what else baby?

Mickey Gordon  1:11:44

Well, you know,

Mallory Gordon  1:11:45

I feel like we’re being long winded. And this is very self serving. So anyone that’s hung on this long. Thank you. Yeah.

Mickey Gordon  1:11:49

What if you guys are hanging in? We’re a little long today. But honestly, I don’t mind because I feel like PCAP deserves this. If we could talk about this in 30 minutes, it wouldn’t be enough.

Mallory Gordon  1:11:59

That’s fair. And can I I’m just gonna go ahead and skip ahead. Because there’s something I just wanted to call out cuz I was really fucking proud of myself for doing this. You’re totally out of my comfort zone. So there was someone that I’d met previously, that was attending the event that I left and the last time I saw them, I felt like there was a missed opportunity there. And I think that was a hesitation little reservation on my end and just being busy in the moment. And I caught myself off guard and pulled the ripcord the first opportunity I had, I went up to them and I said, Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I felt like that there was like this little crush thing I had for you. Like, there was an attraction. And I feel like there was a missed opportunity there. And I just wanted to let you know that I felt that attraction and wanting to say it out loud. And I’m I’m summarizing this. I don’t even know if I put it that eloquently. And that’s not eloquent at all. Because let’s face it, I’m fucking awkward in those moments, but I did it. I fucking did it. And I was really happy. I did because I think it’s gonna maybe turn I don’t know. Oh, like you got to single. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s, it’s new.

Mickey Gordon  1:13:10


Mallory Gordon  1:13:10


Mickey Gordon  1:13:12

well, I was wrestling.

Mallory Gordon  1:13:14

Let me just say we have an ability to communicate outside of that vacuum.

Mickey Gordon  1:13:18

Why so that’s what come out of this right? Yeah, I start communications that maybe go further because you’re not a transactional swinger. You’re somebody that

Mallory Gordon  1:13:26

I? I am who I am. Yeah, so

Mickey Gordon  1:13:30

in me, I wrestled an inflatable horse while you flirted with a boy in school.

Mallory Gordon  1:13:35

You’re a little bit fan so your inflatable horse to the outfits that him and Jay were had the little fans kind of like the T Rex costumes have I hated and it was on us but so Kevin second shirt is

Mickey Gordon  1:13:47

a dead horse. My horse going limp. And I was like God dammit, my horses got erectile dysfunction

Mallory Gordon  1:13:52

is lame. was so lame old mare.

Mickey Gordon  1:13:57

I named my horse Viagra. But you know what I ironic? Right? So the mankini plunge was kind of a neat thing that I’m sorry we didn’t get to see because it happened while we’re doing the whiskey tasting though. That’s right and it was like 15 Guys and there it was super popular and it actually stemmed from Jays mankini in Miami. Yes. And they all decided they were going to jump in this 18 degree pool in men kinis

Mallory Gordon  1:14:20

Why is it slowly getting colder? Because

Mickey Gordon  1:14:23

it was frozen solid and I would have died if I tried to jump into it.

Mallory Gordon  1:14:27

Okay, I just don’t think your dick and balls would have fit in the mankini

Mickey Gordon  1:14:31

probably not. No question about it. But

Mallory Gordon  1:14:33

apparently that was a major event. Yeah, and some of the pictures I’ve seen from it are fucking awesome.

Mickey Gordon  1:14:40

Can I call out my one like most favorite event from PCAP? Yeah, of course it’s your show too. Okay, cuz this one is in if you guys are hung in this long it was worth it. So bomber left a semi shady review. For average swingers like five years ago. This is like fucking forever ago. This is before bomber Bell had a show Three out of five stars three out of five stars like if you can deal with crap audio quality and people talking about nothing then you may enjoy the show or something like that. I mean it really wasn’t it I’ve gotten way worse reviews like you can go looking where people talk shit about me on our reviews and it’s hilarious and I love it so keep doing it but like this was so good because they ended up having a podcast of their own and it’s like biking kinky podcast now and so when they go through look at the reviews and we’ve figured this out when we went out with the Joneses and did the when we went back and did the sorry got a phone call but when we went back and did the mean tweets episode with the Joneses

Mallory Gordon  1:15:43

Wow crazy ex girlfriend huh

Mickey Gordon  1:15:46

yeah, people just keep calling me but went back did the mean tweets episode we saw this nasty or not nasty just bad review. J decided to do the fucking funniest thing ever. And make T shirts out of this review

Mallory Gordon  1:16:01

matching t shirt matching T shirts on the bomber he’s got one in the bombers got one and he gave it to bomber during the opening of their track right there breakout session.

Mickey Gordon  1:16:11

It wasn’t quite the beginning of the makeout session it was or not make it wasn’t a makeout session it was so Jay invited me to come downstairs with him to find bomber because he had the shirt in his hand. This was right before their session. And he’s like you’re gonna want to be there Mickey trust me. I was like if Jay says Come with me trust me we’re gonna have a good time. I’m going I don’t care if we’re getting an a biplane and learning how to fly like we’re going

Mallory Gordon  1:16:35

that actually that is a something very unique about your relationship with him that you don’t ask questions don’t just do just go

Mickey Gordon  1:16:42

in the same way like Jay we’re doing some shit. He’s like fuck it. Let’s do it. And it was so fucking funny when he when when bomber opened that shirt up. Dude look like he could have just melted like butter. It was so funny. And you were upstairs with the MG 30 or the engine. We’re getting stuff for the next session. Yes. Oh my god. It was so fucking funny. I was crying laughing bombers face. I mean, if you’ve ever seen a black dude turn pale. It’s like it’s like, Oh, I

Mallory Gordon  1:17:12

love this. He wore the fucking shirt. And he did he put it on and then he just make sure he said he does actually. You could picture a bomber to write motherfuckers faux genic shit.

Mickey Gordon  1:17:23

Yeah, like Yeah, rocked it and you rock really all day. I got to give that dude so much credit J credit for being funny and hilarious bomber credit for just, I mean, obviously having a huge dick because he didn’t give a fuck what anybody thought about that shirt. I just thought it was awesome. Really, really got I got a couple of great pictures honestly, out of that.

Mallory Gordon  1:17:40

I’m really proud of you. I know the photography thing has been something that’s interested you you’ve really started to dig into it this year. And you’ve got a natural talent. Oh, and it’s really wonderful to see you honing in on your skills and growing.

Mickey Gordon  1:17:54

I’m trying now. I’m trying I love taking pictures of you. You’re my muse.

Mallory Gordon  1:17:58

Kind of sometimes I’m like, Look at my sexy outfit. Go get your camera and you’re like, No,

Mickey Gordon  1:18:03

I never say no, I just my problem. Here’s my thing. And this might make sense to other people or not. Maybe not. I love taking hot pictures you but I love having new places to take them in. Actually,

Mallory Gordon  1:18:16

that’s what I was gonna say you never have you told me now. Yeah, but it is hard when like, I’ll try something on the way home and you’re like, there. It’s it’s challenging. I get that because it’s the same backdrop. Every single something

Mickey Gordon  1:18:31

of you though, is that we can put wrinkles in it like so we were in some mirando like Renaissance Hotel last month, and you put on a really sexy outfit. And there was nothing special about that hotel room for photos. But you found a mirror and you leaned against the wall. And it made for the coolest effect for a couple of photos. And only three out of maybe 30 photos came out. But God Damn those three photos are hot. So it’s fun. It’s totally worth it. So you know, really just, I think the last thing we want to talk about other yummy. We talked about drag queen bingo and a few other things I just mentioned they were cool. Yeah, that was funny. Okay, it was really, really neat. But the last thing and I’ll let you tell this story, but on our way out the Southwest gate agents, I’ve given southwest a lot of shit on this show for being dicks to me,

Mallory Gordon  1:19:20

rightfully so. But if you’re gonna you’re gonna give the bad you got to give it to God to give me especially when you witness it so firsthand. And we have witnesses to this that said it was with us Yeah. So we’re sitting there waiting for our flight had been grossly delayed whatever happens we traveled for a living totally get it fuck off, whatever. So another flight is currently boarding and we’re witnessing a woman who’s I don’t believe on that flight. But is having an obviously having a mental breakdown of some big one a mental health crisis if she was in a connecting flight and she Well, you said you’re gonna let me tell the story right should you believe so? Okay, so I don’t believe she was on the flight was a flight leaving to Austin from Dallas. And she was insisting that they stop boarding the plane. And she was so adamant about it, it shook you to your core a little bit, right? Because let’s be honest, most people are nervous about air travel. And you could see the effect it was having on the passengers in the gate agent, and she was approaching the gate agent. Granted, she was probably late 20s, unaccompanied by herself, small human, but she was approaching the gate agent was trying to check people in to go in there. And obviously, she’s not allowed back there. But she kept insisting do not board this plane, I have to help these people. And she’s just kind of losing it. If she was convinced something bad’s gonna happen, convinced something bad has happened, because right before that, she was the same woman that was standing in the middle of the aisle going, I get it. I get it now. And we’re all like, good for you machine. Like, we don’t know what that means. But cool. They all heard her. And in that moment, no one realized what was about to happen. No, something had snapped. She’s alone. She’s got no support system, and she’s obviously not okay. And the gate agents could have taking it really far because they’re entitled to at that point, I think actually, if anyone with a badge could have tackled her as she, she was up at the the agents like personal space and being very, I can’t find a nice word for it. But she was she was aggressive. She’s super confrontational to the point where we were watching her hands to see what she was going to do next. She was right in front of us. She was 10 feet from us. So I have to admit that the gate agents handled that really well. They got a buddy over there another gate agent to make sure she stayed away from when they were trying to check into passengers and they were getting somebody else over to take her away from the gate. They brought in a distraction she did. They were very calm with her. They didn’t. They didn’t they did not approach her with any sort of aggression. general concern, you could see that they were concerned for her not just for what was going on and the other passengers and customer service faces. They were genuinely concerned about this woman got her away from the gate. And last we heard they got her help she had left with the EMTs. So they got her medical attention. And EMTs unfortunately, she was we found out later she was trying to get on a connecting flight. And she had

Mickey Gordon  1:22:19

just lost her she

Mallory Gordon  1:22:21

breaks my heart especially in a moment like that, knowing that they don’t have a support system that could have gone way way worse. So kudos to them for for handling it and in keeping her her Manatee and decency intact. I you know, was the passengers that were getting on the flight to Austin were not there was one woman is fucking yelling at her. Yeah, like, you need to stop that lady. I’m sorry. During a mental health crisis. You saying stop. Oh, okay. Yes, all of a sudden, all of my medic, I don’t need my medication anymore.

Mickey Gordon  1:22:49

She said, stop. I’m good. I’m cured. Yeah, no, I gotta tell you there were more than one person in that line. Who were the not awesome. But the Southwest staff out of this world out of this in face when faced with a mental health crisis of a passenger, not on the aircraft. I don’t know that they could have handled better if they tried. And I don’t love how they treat normal, not crazy people. And I’ve certainly still got my issues with him. But that girl was not okay. And they handled her so well. That I have nothing but love for how they did that. I really do. And that’s coming from somebody that doesn’t think that they’re awesome. That’s okay, but let’s put a bow on this thing. We’re gone long and honestly, I don’t mind going long because I love PCAP and I think this was so much fun.

Mallory Gordon  1:23:39

Yeah, and I know it might sound like we’re like a very long sales pitch and trust me when I say that’s not it. Are we a little biased? You know what? I’ll call I’ll call the ball Yeah, a little bit. We do love Kate the Wanderlust Swingers, we live J and Angie, we live everyone that we’ve talked about on the show. But we wouldn’t give you a value proposition or our our honest opinion on the event, we just wouldn’t say anything at all. It’s I didn’t think it was good. And I truly believe that this is lightning in a bottle. It’s it’s going to be a can’t miss event. It’s going to have a different feel than anything else you’ve been to. Again, the closest thing I can compare to hito. But it’s it’s its own flavor.

Mickey Gordon  1:24:24

And the personalities are so diverse. I mean, you’ve got everything in terms of I mean, you have obviously we have racial diversity with you know, different types of podcasters with from different walks of life. You have intellectual diversity is because I’m a jackass. And then you have people like monogamous marriage who are utterly brilliant. They’re both geniuses. Well, I think

Mallory Gordon  1:24:42

you have a different relationship dynamics. There’s like we had, you know, there was different Yasmin’s Yeah, that well, there’s also different levels of poly there. Oh, yeah. Which was that was very interesting. Yeah. So I just different versions of nominate different versions of non monogamy. It was it was pretty eautiful actually,

Mickey Gordon  1:25:01

we I just I just think it’s it’s a beautiful thing as you said, and it’s it’s an amazing thing. If you have an opportunity and you got the time when we release the dates for pickup 2022 Don’t wait. Book it. Right? It’s that’s a man just have it, it’s gonna sell out again. But the swag bag was worth the price.

Mallory Gordon  1:25:17

It was awesome. It was so fucking cooler

Mickey Gordon  1:25:20

with your bag.

Mallory Gordon  1:25:21

I’m totally using that plug.

Mickey Gordon  1:25:23

Right? Yeah, that’s right, you do get a bit. I’ll say this. Nothing about PCAP is just an event. No, it was it was an experience. Agreed. And that was fantastic. And just make plans do it. It’s worth your PTO. It’s worth your dollars more importantly, it’s worth those moments of your life that you’re trading for the experiences you’ll share with the most open and sexiest friendly humans you’ll ever meet. You

Mallory Gordon  1:25:45

know and again, it’s a Build Your Own Adventure and everyone there was was did their part in built theirs. And I think it’s been unanimous across the board to everyone we talked to and engage with it. They had a wonderful time.

Mickey Gordon  1:25:57

Yeah, well, we had such a good time that we injected this episode before what you’ve got coming.

Mallory Gordon  1:26:02

What do I have coming?

Mickey Gordon  1:26:05

We told everybody last time that we’ve got a sneak or give a little sneak peek of the best episode ever.

Mallory Gordon  1:26:10

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I can’t wait to have Dr. plank on here.

Mickey Gordon  1:26:13

Yeah, so we got a doctor come in for you guys to talk about Mallory’s hoots.

Mallory Gordon  1:26:17

Yes. My new hoots. I I’m not even gonna lie. I love them. Oh, I feel so fucking good. Like, they. I wouldn’t have guessed that they would have made me feel the way they make me feel.

Mickey Gordon  1:26:29

Well, you’re gonna have to think about that until our listeners when we come back next time. Alright, why don’t you tell everybody where to find us. We’ll get the hell out of here. We’ll come back.

Mallory Gordon  1:26:37

Alright, we are casual swinger everywhere. Casual swinger.com podcast that casual Swinging calm if you want to send us a message. You can find us on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook is outward. Assault people are calling out. And we are on the nation SLS SDC

Mickey Gordon  1:26:58

thanks for listening. We’ll catch you guys later. You’ve been listening to Casual Swinger!