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Derek & Jess were Hedo virgins before they met us, and now that they’ve made it home from their first ever trip to the most notorious resort on earth, Hedonism II, we catch up with them on some of the thought processes they endured before, during, and after their visit to the island of Jamaica and Hedonism II!

This episode was recorded back in February 2020 after our trip with Rachals Rascals.  Since so many people were struggling with COVID-19, we didn’t want to release this episode out of sensitivity to people struggling with the virus.  Today we’re  BACK at Hedonism II and giving you a window into a new couples world who loved every minute of their first visit to Hedonism II!

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Feels like the first time – Hedo Virgins Derek & Jess

Thu, 9/2 10:03AM • 1:04:25


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Derek Cornfed Swingers, Mickey Gordon, Jess Cornfed Swingers, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your host, you need to warn me that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like we don’t watch the fun in that.


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle, then we take almost nothing seriously. Guys, will Springer’s a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals out anything. And our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused by the opinions of a


Mallory Gordon  00:39

licensed professional. Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy.


Mickey Gordon  00:48

Welcome back everybody to another episode of casual swinger. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:52

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  00:55

It’s always the same sexy little voice that comes electromatic


Mallory Gordon  01:00

That’s true, which I’ve been a little cranky tonight with like all the packing and just working so much this week to make sure I’m I’m ready to go.


Mickey Gordon  01:08

Yeah, and I don’t ever ready to go. They’re like oh my god, Mallory’s leaving. We need to dump all the work on her. But that’s okay. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  01:14

that’s okay.


Mickey Gordon  01:16

So by the time our listeners listen to feels like the first time, which is the name of this episode, we’re going to be on the beach in Jamaica.


Mallory Gordon  01:23

That is true. Not to brag or anything.


Mickey Gordon  01:25

I don’t think it’s bragging. We’re taking one for the team. We’re jumping down and we’re going hey, if we make it through this trip unscathed, it’s safe ish, as long as you take precautions.


Mallory Gordon  01:33

Yes. Yeah, science and stuff.


Mickey Gordon  01:37

What’s paperwork?


Mallory Gordon  01:38

Oh, my gosh, so much paperwork, I will say that I have a lot of respect for the country Island of Jamaica, because they have taken a lot of steps. For safety precautions, documents testing, I really do feel like I kind of signed my life away


Mickey Gordon  01:56

a little bit. It was like getting a mortgage, like the paperwork that we normally take the Hito would fit in a standard envelope normally. And we have a package of paperwork that wouldn’t fit in a backpack, right.


Mallory Gordon  02:09

But at the same time, like I appreciate that they’re they’re taking these precautions, and you know, we got a brain swab. That was fun.


Mickey Gordon  02:16

Yeah, that was the third time. I just want you to know, yeah, whatever it was, it was not as bad. The one that I got in Jamaica back when I went to write the article for sn just kind of cover some of the reopening. That one was bad. It was like maybe she was a newbie, and she was convinced that wherever wherever COVID was, it was behind my springs.


Mallory Gordon  02:36

No fairness did you have to get back there pretty far for the tests to be accurate. So it’s very uncomfortable, but it’s not like searing pain.


Mickey Gordon  02:45

No, no mine, when you know, I really am proud that Jamaica is, you know, our home away from home. Because these guys really, really, really put the precautions and, and thought and science based approaches to reopening their economy and getting people in down there. So the first thing if you guys don’t know it, that you have to do if you want to visit the island of Jamaica, and that depends, I mean, if you’re going to sandals or Hito, it doesn’t matter. It’s all in what they call the resilient quarter. And that resilient quarter is a huge part of the economy for that side of the island. So the first thing you have to do is you have to get a trial or a COVID test within 10 days.


Mallory Gordon  03:21

Less than a day.


Mickey Gordon  03:22

Yeah. So yeah, that’s basically nine days is what it boils down to, it needs to be a test from a CLIA see Li a certified lab, or ISO, I think it’s 1598. By CLIA is the one that you really want to go after, it can’t be a


Mallory Gordon  03:41

rapid test.


Mickey Gordon  03:41

Yeah, well, rapid tests usually aren’t rabid. So there’s some there’s some recommendations for it. I’m going to put all that in the travel notes for anybody that’s looking for it, but it is well documented on visit jamaica.com. You can you know, by the time you listen to this, it could have changed. So you really shouldn’t be looking at visit jamaica.com anyway, and not casual swinger. In this case, as much as I hate to singe elsewhere. Definitely go check it out. The Travel Authorization is the second thing that we had to do.


Mallory Gordon  04:06

Yeah. And part of that was very much like the customs form that we filled out. Like when you’re on the plane, or Well, they went digital last year, the year before. Yeah. So some of that, but also went into much more detail like, exactly who am I traveling, traveling with confirming and agreeing that we’re traveling together? How many bags? You know, there was a lot it was it was a ton


Mickey Gordon  04:32

right to watch them you masturbated?


Mallory Gordon  04:34

Yeah. What’s my you know, you’re seriously What’s the name? And the last word, my social. My mother’s maiden name. Yeah, it was it was intense. And I had to have two points of emergency contact. That really


Mickey Gordon  04:47

Yeah, but only had to do one for Southwest but we got all that taken care of. And, you know, it’s funny because it kind of does feel like the first time with it’s been so crazy. You know, it’s 2020 I mean, everybody talks about it, so you know how much bullshit it’s been But for me, this is a different I mean, we’ve got so many new people coming on this trip at the rascals. If you don’t know, we’re talking about talking about Rachel’s rascals, which is the travel group that we host for. And this is a new trip for a lot of these people. And it’s also their first real exposure to humans since COVID. So we’ve done something different and this was your idea, and I loved it.


Mallory Gordon  05:21

Yeah. Oh, the bracelet.


Mickey Gordon  05:23

Yes. Yeah. Social distancing bracelets to help people if they’re not comfortable having people in their bubble being touched, or if they’re totally come from and say, fuck it, lick my face. We have bracelets for each of those folks. And yellow red.


Mallory Gordon  05:37

Yeah, yeah. So I mean obvious colors things thinking of a stoplight like red. Don’t you know, please respect my bubble yellow? Possibly. But you know, ask me first and then green does not mean like my face. It says you’re comfortable having people in your bubble, you still have to have consent? Can I lick their face? If I get? You’re annoying. Let’s get past this.


Mickey Gordon  06:00

Anyway, I do think it’s a really cool idea. And I love that you came up with it. And this is this is going to be a really powerful vacation for us because I think it’s our effort to get back to normal as safely as possible. And so much so that what do we have nine bags


Mallory Gordon  06:14

are nice. In this trap. I like typically it’s our to check luggage and our carry on because in southwest world that is free. And I love free.


Mickey Gordon  06:27

Free is my favorite.


Mallory Gordon  06:28

But we have five enormous bags to carry ons and to hand luggage is and I’m just like, aren’t we gonna be naked? Like 90% of the time? I want


Mickey Gordon  06:37

to know which one of the kids you packed in one of those.


Mallory Gordon  06:39

I may I may have smuggled a Canadian in there.


Mickey Gordon  06:42

Oh, yeah. So let’s talk about that for a minute. We got a lot of Canadians that are not coming on this trip because they can’t because of what’s going on at North right now. And basically their restrictions and a lot of candidates say that they have to quarantine for a couple of weeks after they get back from vacation. And that’s just not feasible with you know, work schedules and things like that. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  07:01

I mean, with what you and I do, even if it was a mandate here because we work from home. You know, the impact for people like us is not drastic. I know. I have to be home anyways.


Mickey Gordon  07:12

Yeah, we’re home and we never see anybody. First one.


Mallory Gordon  07:14

Yeah, no. Yeah, I saw my neighbors for the first time in like three months yesterday. Yes,


Mickey Gordon  07:18

because our dogs beat their dogs.


Mallory Gordon  07:20

Oh my gosh, it was so bad.


Mickey Gordon  07:22

It was not awesome. I got to watch Mallory wrestle three Rottweilers and a Dalmatian yesterday. That was really


Mallory Gordon  07:28

I thought, all those years of watching UFC with you that my ground game would be a lot better than it was. Well, no, apparently, I


Mickey Gordon  07:36

do not know how to grapple. Zelda is just better at it.


Mallory Gordon  07:39

I wrote her halfway down the driveway. I literally had dirt and dogshit from my elbow to my ankle.


Mickey Gordon  07:48

Why do we have to talk about shit in every episode? Because


Mallory Gordon  07:50

it’s the truth, though.


Mickey Gordon  07:52

You did get chucked in a pilot. Oh


Mallory Gordon  07:53

my god, I smell like what my adrenaline was still pumping. And the first thing that I realized once it all like stopped and everyone was okay. I mean, everyone was okay. Everyone’s fine.


Mickey Gordon  08:03

So is the donation. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  08:04

the dogs are fine. Everyone’s fine. And it was it was funny. I had a heart attack. And but the first thing that hit me was the smell of this shit.


Mickey Gordon  08:12

You smelled ferocious when you walk


Mallory Gordon  08:14

through it with those clothes away. I was in a work shirt too. So now I have to order another one.


Mickey Gordon  08:19

Oh my god. So yeah, we’ve had a bunch of stuff going on getting negative this ready for this trip. And it’s it’s a little a little crazy. But we’re really excited. And we hope that you enjoyed this. Hopefully you noticed we had a little Jamaican new, tropical vibe with the music,


Mallory Gordon  08:34

a little Jamaican. And that’s, you know, just to kind of,


Mickey Gordon  08:37

we got to get back in the mood, right, if we can travel safely. Jamaica has proved it over and over and over again. Is it 100% safe? No, but it really never was. No,


Mallory Gordon  08:48

no, that’s true. And you know, it’s, everyone’s gonna have a different level of comfort to that and it’s okay.


Mickey Gordon  08:55

Yeah. And so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get down there for 10 days, we’re gonna take I think we have, I don’t know, 80 or 90 couples, which is a lot less than we usually have in November. But that’s okay. We’re gonna be there with not only Rachel’s rascals but our friends from dirty perv weak. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  09:10

man. Oh, yeah, they have a bunch of people in our crowd that we just frickin adore. So just being able to hear their voices and see their faces. Makes my soul smile.


Mickey Gordon  09:19

I get to see Tina.


Mallory Gordon  09:20

Yes, you do.


Mickey Gordon  09:22

I’m not gonna lie to


Mallory Gordon  09:23

you. Oh, she’s so they’re amazing. They’re


Mickey Gordon  09:26

so me have a crush on that little Do you share deal? Oh, that’s just do if she ever listened to this, she’s gonna know I have a crush on her. No.


Mallory Gordon  09:35

Oh, I’m gonna make them now. I’m gonna I’m gonna mention it. Hey,


Mickey Gordon  09:40

guys, you know, we haven’t talked about it. Yes, yet this episode. See? I said yes. This episode. Clearly we’re tongue tied. We’re so excited about leaving for Hito that we can’t even get our shit straight to say what we got to say. But if you guys haven’t been on casual toys, since November 1, we added something new for casual. This is cool.


Mallory Gordon  09:57

I know what you’re gonna say. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  10:00

Sorry about it. So we added something that and we added it to Mallory approved, ironically enough. So we’re going to talk about this in a second. But it’s a new product line. And we did something we haven’t done before we actually invested in this product line and bought in a bunch of it. So I’ve got boxes of condoms all over the place. Not weird at all. A little strange. Yeah, what are we talking about? We’re talking about unique condoms, and it’s on the main page of casual toys.com. Make sure to check it out. Why did I buy these things? So here’s kind of the story of what happened in the story of where they are. So what happened with these things is I was looking for a thin condom, because I’m not a very sensitive guy. So I needed a condom that I you know, for playing in the lifestyle that I could feel something I’ve been looking for. It’s like the holy grail, right?


Mallory Gordon  10:49

Yeah, I mean, condoms can be challenging. There are a lot of guys and I mean, I’m not gonna pretend like I know what it feels like. Can I tell a difference? Yeah. But it’s not enough for me to change my experience. For a lot of guys like just putting it on. It’s it’s a wood killer.


Mickey Gordon  11:07

Yeah, well, and a lot of guys.


Mallory Gordon  11:10

That’s true skins a great brand. And we’ve used skin for years


Mickey Gordon  11:13

we have and these are so much better than skin. I was blown away.


Mallory Gordon  11:17

I okay. Honestly, the first time I opened it, I was like, What the fuck is this? Because it looks so strange or unique.


Mickey Gordon  11:25

They’re definitely there. They aptly


Mallory Gordon  11:26

they did a great job naming it and it’s its design is wonderful. And what I was nervous about, and I didn’t know at the time, is I not latex sensitive, but I’m just sensitive in general. So anytime I have I see or experience something new. I always have it in the back of my head that I could not feel so great the next day or that night. Yeah. And these were amazing. And they’re what resin base.


Mickey Gordon  11:49

They are polyethylene resin, which is they call it a C 10 resin, they are three times thinner than latex and three times stronger than latex.


Mallory Gordon  11:59

So I agree with it actually feeling different. Because it was almost like shrink wrap like once once you put it on it has What did you call it a skirt, it’s flange at the bottom,


Mickey Gordon  12:10

it is flange at the bottom so it doesn’t roll on like a traditional condom. It actually has a skirt at the base where you pull it on. And you pull it on from that skirt. But the nice part about the skirt is the additional safety that he gets you from skin to skin contact


Mallory Gordon  12:23

creates an additional barrier right there the the base of your penis and that pubic area.


Mickey Gordon  12:27

Yeah. And that’s where condoms fail you in terms of safety in the lifestyle when we talk about skin to skin contact, you know, your balls are going to be smashing into her taint. Basically, if I can be really crude. And if you’re, you know, she’s excited. She’s probably wet there. So there’s skin to skin contact that occurs whether you’re wearing a condom or not.


Mallory Gordon  12:45

Yeah, and I mean, it’s not it doesn’t cover an enormous area, you know, surface area down there, but it covers enough that it would absolutely matter.


Mickey Gordon  12:52

Yeah, it’s not a shopping bag or but.


Mallory Gordon  12:55

But it’s like a shrink wrap. And because when you put it on, I was like, hmm, I’m not so sure because it had this crinkle to it. And then all of a sudden it was just like, just completely conformed. It was like magic. It was I wanted you to take it off and do it again.


Mickey Gordon  13:10

It was like heat shrink. It was like shrinky Dink. Yes. Yeah. Well, it was so neat for me because when I put it on to test it with you. I felt your heat I felt your body heat immediately.


Mallory Gordon  13:21

That’s That’s right. Because, I mean, again, I’m not a I’m not a dude. But I hear that like the transfer of heat isn’t as predominant with traditional latex condom. Not


Mickey Gordon  13:30

at all. Not at all. You can’t feel heat until you really warm it up.


Mallory Gordon  13:35

warm it up when like smokes coming out of her


Mickey Gordon  13:37

pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. She’s got smoke pouring out of her hole, then you know that you’ve done a good job. But for me, I think that these these condoms are so unique because they work with any lubricant. So you can use them with coconut oil, any oil based lube, you can use it with silicone, you can use it with water based lubes. So that’s unique. They transfer heat almost immediately. That’s unique. They’re thinner than latex that’s unique. They’re stronger than latex that’s unique. They have the skirt for additional protection that’s unique. And they’re three two a package that fits in your wallet and doesn’t leave a circle in your wallet that shows you that you’re still in high school looks like a pack of gum does. Oh yeah,


Mallory Gordon  14:15

I was playing with it on the desk and I was like this literally looks like a half pack of gum. Like it’s it’s genius. Yeah. Anyway,


Mickey Gordon  14:23

so we absolutely love these things. They are our new condom of choice so we bought in a whole bunch of them into casual toys calm we recommend you check them out. They are pretty amazing. It’s a premium product but guys they’re worth it.


Mallory Gordon  14:37

Yeah, definitely at least give it a try. Especially if you have a latex sensitivity again latex free non vegan friendly


Mickey Gordon  14:45

Yes they are. Yeah, yeah they’re hypoallergenic as well. Yes. So no GMOs. No wasn’t tested on rabbits. I don’t know how you test a condom on a rabbit unless the rabbits having a really bad day


Mallory Gordon  14:54

but oh my gosh, what you’re killing me. I’m so tired from all the past. And working this week and


Mickey Gordon  15:03

you just don’t think I’m funny.


Mallory Gordon  15:04

So don’t think you’re funny right now.


Mickey Gordon  15:08

Good thing for me. I’m over here and you’re over there right? Me.


Mallory Gordon  15:11

I heard a joke today.


Mickey Gordon  15:12

Oh shit. Let’s hear it.


Mallory Gordon  15:13

What kind of tea do babies like? Oh no What titties. problems. Found this. I found that meme somewhere and I sent it to like 12 people today.


Mickey Gordon  15:24

Oh god. Well guys, one last thing womanizers if you guys don’t have your womanizer, we’re selling a ton of them right now. So it’s clearly the Christmas season. If you haven’t gotten a present for that beautiful girl in your life. The toy that Mallory recommends the most as the woman is a premium. It’s the best so make sure to check that out on casual toys COMM The womanizer premium actually is on sale between now and the end of the month.


Mallory Gordon  15:47

Yeah, yeah, Christmas is coming folks. As Hanukkah.


Mickey Gordon  15:50

Check that out. You want to tell everybody where they can find us we can get into a Derrick and Jess.


Mallory Gordon  15:54

Yeah, absolutely. It’s my time it is. Alright, we are casual swinger everywhere. If you’d like to send us a message that’s podcast at casual swinger calm. Of course, you could always visit our website casual swinger.com we’re on social media. That is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And if you’d like to check us out on the dating sites, please look for us on double date. miesian STC SLS Cassidy and quipper


Mickey Gordon  16:20

Okay folks, that’ll do it. Let’s get into feels like the first time with Derek and Jess and their first trip to hedonism Chu in Negril, Jamaica, you’ve been listening to casually swinger


Mallory Gordon  16:43

Welcome back to casual swinger everybody I’m Mallory and Mickey and we have friends with us today guys.


Mickey Gordon  16:49

We have friends we have friends what are we good friends from? We


Mallory Gordon  16:52

collected them from Jamaica. Oh, yes. I


Mickey Gordon  16:54

like these friends. We keep them


Mallory Gordon  16:56

I think so. a habit I think they’re gonna let us


Mickey Gordon  16:59

Oh goodness gracious Jess and Derek. How are you guys today? We are really good. That sorry. Pressing like


Jess Cornfed Swingers  17:12

better after that intro, you guys oh my god. Yes, sir. true professional.


Mallory Gordon  17:20

We try. It is hard to come back to reality because we’re What? 12 days 11 days post Jamaica


Mickey Gordon  17:27

I finally kick the crud. Yeah, I’m pretty excited that I can breathe and I’m not coughing every third breath. I think I caught some leg derivative of the Coronavirus. Don’t


Mallory Gordon  17:37

say that. Can’t even Yeah, the CDC word. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  17:41

don’t do that just be tackled. So we have with us today. As we told you in the intro, Jessen, Derek from the great state of Iowa, they are actually listeners of casual swinger, and we met them on the beach in Jamaica at hedonism two very recently. Really exciting. So we’re really happy to have you guys here with us on the show. So welcome, and thank you for listening is the first thing I think I have to say right now.


Mallory Gordon  18:08

Yes, yeah. That’s very polite and professional. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Just give us five more minutes. We’ll get dirty.


Mickey Gordon  18:15

Right, exactly. Thank you for tolerating our shit show. Although it’s not supposed to be a actual shit show.


Mallory Gordon  18:21

Every episode. Something about you guys were there a week? I mean, it came up at dinner. How many nights and it wasn’t my fault. I was freaking out every night for dinner with you guys.


Mickey Gordon  18:36

See, God see. All right, mate. All right, it is me. It’s me. Because I knew I was gonna do. She’s looking at me like she’s gonna die right now we’re fighting. Alright, so guys, you know, as listeners, you probably have a great idea of what to expect from us. So we really appreciate you taking the time to come out here. What we’re going to talk about today is just your experience as Hito virgins and I realized Jess that virginity is a ways back for you, but we’re gonna we’re just gonna, you know, pretend right? But great. first timers de Hito we think you guys have a really valuable experience. So we’re really excited that you’re open to sharing that with our listeners because you know what, there’s a lot of people out there that are trying to figure out where to spend their lifestyle time, whether it’s a desire, temptation, or Hito or even something like podcast Palooza, which is coming right,


Mallory Gordon  19:28

exactly. And I think your perspective I mean, you guys are i i’d say on the younger part of this, the spectrum you know, you’re the 30 and under right crouch younguns. But you also have experience you both are professionals. You’re well spoken. And from what I was watching on the outskirts, you know where you guys were in the pool or meeting people at the bar, you really seem to encapture and embrace the the hippo mentality and so quickly and so organically.


Mickey Gordon  19:59

I was surprised Good day.


Mallory Gordon  20:00

I know, I know. So when my first questions once we, you know, warmed up a little bit, so I didn’t scare the shit out of you was, you know, are you guys? Have you been in the lifestyle a while because it just seems so second nature to you


Jess Cornfed Swingers  20:12

we Well, we’ve been together for 10 years and married for almost six, and then the lifestyle for just over two years. But this was definitely the first time in this kind of party environment.


Mickey Gordon  20:27

So when you guys talked about going down there, I mean, you guys live nowhere near the coast. So obviously getting the hell away from the tundra. And you guys are in Iowa, correct?


Derek Cornfed Swingers  20:40

Yeah, we’re in Iowa. And that is definitely one of the drugs to going down to the Hito. But definitely not. Obviously, the only thing, but definitely going in February is definitely helping, helping that aspect of getting out of this terrible cold.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  20:56

I was like it was like negative negative five degrees, I think a couple weeks before we left. So it was very, very welcome. Break from the cold,


Mickey Gordon  21:05

holy shit that’s freezing. So, you know, obviously I was probably not a hotbed of lifestyle activity. So tell me a little bit about how you guys kind of ventured into the lifestyle? And what was the turning point for you when you decided to take the plunge? Because a lot of people don’t necessarily do that at a younger age. I mean, I think you guys have seen it. Certainly having been in the lifestyle two years, that usually it’s couples, maybe the empty nesters are people that are I don’t want to call them more mature because you guys got the maturity thing down, down tight. But tell me like, how did you guys do that? How did you make that turn to the lifestyle?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  21:39

Well, it was kind of a progression, as we were kind of reflecting back on, you know exactly how we got into this. When I was in college before Derek and I met, I had an experience kind of like a typical year in college and have an experience with a girl one night, but I was so into it, it was so hot. So that was kind of the very kind of beginning of it. And then Derek and I started dating and moved away after college met some really great friends and had never talked about swapping or the lifestyle or anything like that before. But we’re somehow on the same wavelength one evening with our friends after a few cocktails. And next thing you know, we ended up separate room flopping with them. And looking back not an ideal situation for us to start by any means that could have gone terribly wrong. But it actually worked out really well for us. And then a couple threesomes followed. And so then we’re kind of like, maybe this is a thing. And so they’re just summaries. Turns out it is a thing. Online. Yeah, very big thing, lots of options and even know where to start. But he created a profile on sec, a couple are actually probably three years ago, and didn’t really find anyone we connected with Intel a little over two years ago. And yeah, I didn’t even tell you about that either.


Derek Cornfed Swingers  23:11

Jeff, that was the one thing you kind of stumbled upon it. So why didn’t tell me about it? I knew that.


Mickey Gordon  23:18

I’m like, Oh, shit. Oh, guys heard it first and casual swing. Are these two are about to throw the fuck down?


Mallory Gordon  23:27

No, no.


Mickey Gordon  23:29

So let’s let’s back that train up for a second just so you guys first lifestyle experience was a separate room swap?


Mallory Gordon  23:39

Correct? Yeah, I think is pause for effect is is warranted there?


Mickey Gordon  23:43

Right. I’m just kind of sitting here my mouth open. And that’s the second time in three weeks that I’ve been sitting here with my mouth open during an interview with a casual swinger. That is highly unusual, highly unusual. Yeah. And the best part is, it was awesome. Right? You guys had a great time?


Derek Cornfed Swingers  23:59

Yeah, it was, it was a great time. And definitely at the start, you know, we had no idea about the lifestyle or anything. So we even talked a lot about it, then. So the communication came up a lot, even during that time. But it was it was a crazy experience. And then we kind of took a little bit of a break after that. from it because we had no idea what we just did, actually, it was just kind of, like Mind blown kind of thing. You know, it definitely turned us on to the fact that we’re both sexual people.


Mallory Gordon  24:34

So what I find fascinating about this is is couples go in to the lifestyle and a lot of times they do a lot of research a lot of curating a lot of talking before they have their first experience and you fell into it all the stars aligned. It happened. And then after the fact where you like, what the fuck just like, Is that real? Or are we Oh, are you confused? used and like, out of sorts after,


Derek Cornfed Swingers  25:02

definitely confused, I was definitely confused about the entire thing. I didn’t know how she felt, you know, me being with another girl, I was on the edge. And that’s another part of our lifestyle experiences. I’m not totally into the whole, watching her get pleasure from another guy. I obviously, don’t mind it, but it’s not something that I get turned on by. So I was navigating through that all at the same time. And like he said, we just had no idea what we were getting ourselves into Intel. We really, you know, two, three years later, we started researching and figured out it was a thing. And then we kind of hit the ground running after that. But it was definitely crazy experience. But it was good to, to kind of get started with it. I wouldn’t change it or anything. But


Jess Cornfed Swingers  25:55

that’s interesting. You said that we I think we overthink things sometimes, which we’ll probably talk about later I would have


Mickey Gordon  26:04

Well, what I was gonna say is you guys, you guys have a lot of onion to peel back here because when we talk about really becoming comfortable with feeling attraction toward other people, that is a step in and of itself to say it’s okay to be attracted to somebody that’s not my wife or my husband in the case of Mallory and myself. But then you also have the fact that you guys maybe have identified that you’re not necessarily turned on personally by seeing her have pleasure with someone else but you’re happy she had it. So you’re cool with it, but it’s so it’s really neat that you guys have really figured all that out already. I’m I’m blown away


Mallory Gordon  26:43

I am too again, when I knew you guys were very special because when I was watching you I have some so creepy when it’s when I say that. I was watching you guys engage with other people and and again, embrace kind of the spirit of Hito like you just seem so natural at it and it sparked a curiosity in me and I had to find out more.


Mickey Gordon  27:05

I’m a little creeped out right now. I am here I’m washing my hair. I love it when you bless. Oh, it’s so fucked up though because her watching it’s great she she watches and it’s hot. I sound like I’m masturbating in the Grotto watching people.


Mallory Gordon  27:26

Yeah, so you guys have like established like your your lifestyle. Back at home. You guys are meeting people. Did you guys like do you guys have clubs down there in Iowa? Did you do any events


Derek Cornfed Swingers  27:38

to house parties. And we’ve just kind of recently started to venture into like the house party aspect. There’s definitely not any around our area. But when we go we actually travel to the outskirts of Chicago and there’s event called young couples party. And it’s a great event. And but that kind of almost warmed us up for Hito with so many people all around us at once we before we are just doing the whole online dating, go have one data at a time. See if you like the person or the couple. And then, you know go from there. Definitely the club aspect is something we just recently over the last three, four months just gone into. And we kind of really enjoyed it. But we had actually already booked keto six to eight months before. So we definitely just took the jump in thinking Well, we’re not gonna do it. But yeah, so as far as the club events, and our whole lifestyle at the very beginning it was just meeting other couples and that was that was all we really ever did. But we’ve we’ve really liked this new event over and over in the outskirts of Chicago.


Mickey Gordon  28:54

Then I was right that basically Iowa is a desolate wasteland that’s nothing but corn from corner to corner and UK said believe and go to Chicago. Also as a lot of rascals now so we do have a bunch of rascals there and yeah, two of the hottest rascals I can think of by the way





Jess Cornfed Swingers  29:18

we like Iowa I was good stuff.


Mickey Gordon  29:20

You know what I’m a fan of Iowa Now I wasn’t I wasn’t a fan before but I’m good. Yeah. I’m with you. You know So in we said this in the injury guys. I will say it again. So Justin Derek, not only are they really nice people, but they’re beautiful shit too. So


Mallory Gordon  29:36

there’s like a stunning like you You can see them from afar and your mouth is just a game.


Mickey Gordon  29:43

Which kind of brings me to my next question. right because i think i think it doesn’t matter. You know, we talk about body image a lot in the lifestyle. We talk about people maybe who and you know, we’ve had issues with folks on the beach, maybe you had a scar that they didn’t feel comfortable with the There’s a lady that had an extra toe, she wasn’t really excited about that I couldn’t do anything about it except to put socks on. But, you know, there’s all these different things that play into the first time we get naked in front of strangers. So did you guys have any reservations about getting naked in front of strangers? And how long did it take you when you got to Hito? And more importantly, who did it first don’t lie?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  30:26

Well, luckily, we had an opportunity to kind of dip our toes in a little bit before we came to Hito. We’d been to a nude beach in Miami a couple years ago, with some lifestyle phones. And then we went to Hawaii recently, and was just going to visit the nude beach there once and ended up being there, or staying there, you know, four different days in a row. So we’ve at least done it before, but not to the extent that you are naked at Hito. So of course, that first evening when we got there, walk up the, you know, nude beach sign, and, and there was a little bit of hesitation, you know, because we don’t know anybody here and we don’t know what to expect in general. So there was that, that hesitation, but I would say 10 seconds and close. We’re off. So but no matter what you Yeah, yeah. But I will say the first time ever, was in Miami. And I was very surprised by this. But Derek was the first one to drop trout on the beach. And it was like, the second we found our spot. So that was, that was actually very interesting to me. But it was also comforting, because it made me kind of just go for it right


Mickey Gordon  31:52

after he did it. So he just released a crack and right there in front of all the elderly, right? And that approach, boom, right there.


Derek Cornfed Swingers  31:58

I did. And maybe that helped helped me the fact that you know, there are all shapes and sizes, and you don’t have to be beautiful to take your clothes off and feel natural. And I was the one that actually had more insecurities. When we first talked about being naked. I think thing Kristen did, you know, maybe just from a man’s perspective of how big is my penis? What are my balls look like? All that aspect of it. I had no idea what to expect, you know, but then once I got there, I was just like, these people are so free on the beach. And that sounds awesome. So I was just ready to go for it. And then a little bit of you know, you’re the only one with clothes on. You might as well just go for it and drop it and just go for it. That’s why I did yeah, cuz


Mallory Gordon  32:44

when you’re the only one with clothes on, you definitely stick out like a sore thumb. So you kind of did like, the whole like When Harry Met Sally. And they’re like, I’ll have what they’re having. This looks like a good idea. So we’re gonna go for it. Exactly, exactly what I did. Well, perfect.


Mickey Gordon  32:59

So you know, and the reason I really wanted to kind of dig into that a little bit is because, you know, while we were at Hito I watched Derek do chin ups. 20 feet off the ground. Oh, stripper pole.


Mallory Gordon  33:12

Oh, stealing my thunder.


Mickey Gordon  33:15

This guy, right? It’s doing that shit. And yet he’s still concerned about taking his clothes off on the beach. So that’s something that I really think people should get from this conversation is that everybody worries about whatever that is that no one sees but you right? We all don’t give a shit how how tall, short, fat, small, skinny, hot, whatever. Everybody has that concern that someone’s going to judge them even somebody like just under


Jess Cornfed Swingers  33:44

and I wouldn’t I have a public service announcement. If you’re going to get a Brazilian wax before you go to Hito make sure you do it with from a trusted aesthetician or someone that you’ve been to before that you trust and you know it will go well because mine did not go well. So it was a little bit rough those first couple days. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  34:04

oh, that sucks. Was it as bad as mine? Oh, whenever


Mallory Gordon  34:08

you get your asshole wax, it really wasn’t


Mickey Gordon  34:13

worth it belong with my soul.


Mallory Gordon  34:17

Easier than the rest of it? Yeah, honestly. As far as pain,


Mickey Gordon  34:22

it’s actually so easy. Yeah. All right, Derek, you’re next. Oh, gosh, I can’t imagine.


Mallory Gordon  34:29

Sorry, bro, I’m out.


Mickey Gordon  34:33

Right there out the window. So.


Mallory Gordon  34:34

Okay, so I love this conversation because we’re learning things about you guys that maybe we didn’t get to when we were you know, face to face. So you had a little bit of experience being naked and being around lifestyle people in a larger environment. Did you guys have like any reservations before you went on your trip? Did you have conversations around those?


Derek Cornfed Swingers  34:53

Yeah, I mean, we talked in depth about just all aspects of Hito. being naked, the lifestyle part. Akito what to expect, and we really just tried to, I mean, we’re down to earth people. So we just tried to almost temper him, because we were just so excited thinking about, you just build it up in your head a little bit, I feel like as a as a lifestyle couple going there thinking you’re just gonna, you know, be meeting all these people and swapping with them. And it’ll be the greatest time in your life. And it’s, you know, it’s obviously great. But as far as the expectations, we just tried to go on a little bit. And we just talked about, you know, different ways that if, if things went wrong, as far as Jeff kissing somebody at a different point, and you know, either of us get upset, it was just all about the communication, like, what did we do wrong? And how can we fix it? And then, you know, and we just, so we definitely talked all the time about our expectations. But it was hard to, just like I said, suppress the excitement of going to eat Oh, really?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  36:01

And I think not, you know, we didn’t know what to expect, we’ve never been there before. And there’s kind of in Quito and in the lifestyle in general, that there’s kind of a trot so that not knowing what to expect, you know, the excitement of meeting somebody for the first time, it all kind of there’s, we’ve kind of realized there’s just an excitement with that there’s nerves, there’s fear, but that kind of creates an excitement. So definitely, definitely some fear and reservations. But overall, I would say our feel was, was being excited.


Mickey Gordon  36:34

A lot of times when people go to Hito, the first time, they they almost always have this conversation together. About what do you want out of this trip? Hey, honey, like, if you could get one thing out of this trip? What would it be? Did you guys have a conversation like that at all about what your individual desires were and what you’d like to get out of this trip in a perfect world? And if you did, what was it?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  36:58

That’s a really good question. I don’t unless Derek has a different opinion. I don’t think we specifically talked about what we hope to get out of it. We just came in with low expectations, because we had no idea what to expect and, and honestly just knew no matter what, we would have a great time because what an all inclusive resort in Jamaica, on the beach with like minded people in a sexually charged atmosphere. So we really, really didn’t have that kind of conversation, which looking back that would have been an interesting one to have and kind of see how that actually, you know, ended up playing out. Interesting. Yeah,


Derek Cornfed Swingers  37:36

I agree. Yeah, I would say to add on to that to it. We just basically talked about well, if worse comes to worse. Like we said, we’re on a beach in Jamaica, sexually charged atmosphere. And then Jess and I will just have a ton of great sex is all I guess I expected out of it. I knew I was gonna have sex one way or the other. Perfect.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  38:03

Yeah, I won’t say the mirrors on the ceiling are friggin awesome, dude. Right. Amazing,


Mallory Gordon  38:08

dude. So we positioned our bed at some point when you know, I can afford to do like the the aesthetic things around the house again, because we’re working on some structural stuff and like, maintenance stuff. That’s boring. But we’re gonna put mirrors over because we have a canopy bed and I can’t fucking wait because that is one of my favorite parts about those


Mickey Gordon  38:28

that you won’t let me take the fan. You need to have this


Mallory Gordon  38:30

we don’t need the can isn’t perfect. It’s at the end of the bed. And then the mirror will be over the bed. We just can never ever ever ever move that bed. We can’t move it anyways, that was like a million pounds. Hey,


Mickey Gordon  38:42

I upgraded that bitch. It doesn’t squeak



it that is fucking true. Drive at home daddy drive at home a rhino could fuck on that bed.


Mickey Gordon  38:49

And it wouldn’t squeak. Well, the rhino might squeak but the bed? Fair. Fair. Wow. That’s awesome. So


Mallory Gordon  38:55

getting back to our conversation. So it sounds like usually, and I had this and there’s a lot of people that do have an inherent fear and that anticipation before going but it sounds like you guys had a lot of communication. Was there anything you were scared of? before you went and knows that acceptable answer?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  39:12

I would say kind of going back to what Derek said about, you know, not knowing what kind of situations we might get into, you know, being in the pool, people drinking, having a good time. And, you know, we’d kind of played out some scenarios and how would we react to this? So I guess that was a little bit of a of a fear, you know, like you do something so bad that the other person can’t forgive you. But at the same time, we know each other’s boundaries. We’ve talked about them to death. And, you know, we we went in saying you know, if one of us is upset by something they see or something they hear that the other did, we need to talk about it. We need to figure out how not how it’s not going to happen again and move forward and have fun because you can’t plan for situations I don’t think somewhere that you’ve never done.


Mallory Gordon  40:04

Amen. Especially in a place like that. It’s like this kinky little vacuum sometimes, and things happen really fast. But it sounds like it’s an exceptional level of communication with each other, which is a beautiful thing. I absolutely love that.


Mickey Gordon  40:21

So we have long, long bouts of communication between us. I mean, you know, we’ve been together a long time, and he calls


Mallory Gordon  40:29

it beating the horse to death. I yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  40:32

call it beating the dead horse. It’s just done. It’s just pulp. And then we talk about it support this Allison.


Mallory Gordon  40:38

Hello, my name is Mallory, and I’m over communicator.


Mickey Gordon  40:42

Nice to meet you. You know, but I absolutely love that you guys are doing that. Because you know, when we talk about communication and the lifestyle, and we talk about it all the time as being one of the most important things you can do to communicate with each other and say there are no deal breakers, right? But at the same time things are going to happen. This is a live fire exercise. And so it’s not a joke. There’s an old saying that says that no plan survives the field of battle, right? You have to be willing to kind of, you know,


Mallory Gordon  41:13



Mickey Gordon  41:13

yeah, adapt and overcome whatever things that are facing you, I love that you guys are talking through it. And that you’re not saying well, you know, you broke the rules. And this is that. And that takes me back to something we talked about, which is the word trust, right? Fear is a big conversation that people have. But trust is another one. I think trust is so misused, because everybody says, I trust you. And and we say that means I trust you not to have sex with somebody else. I trust you not to fall in love with somebody else. You never say, I trust you to what? Right? We never say that to each other. Because we just have this assumption that I trust that person to make me happy? Well, no, I trust you to put me first in when these types of relationships,


Mallory Gordon  41:54

I trust you to make good choices,


Mickey Gordon  41:56

to make good choices to take my feelings into account. I trust you to look out for me,


Mallory Gordon  42:01

I trust you to grab me a drink when you get one for yourself.


Mickey Gordon  42:04

I’m still learning that.


Mallory Gordon  42:06

It’s okay. I’m pretty sure.


Mickey Gordon  42:09

So when we talk about trust, what do you guys trust each other to do?


Derek Cornfed Swingers  42:13

So I think as far as trust goes, Jeff, and I definitely have all that trust. But I always trust that she’ll put me first and she’ll always have my feelings. I think we’re both people that that really think about the other person, even when it comes to these relationships in the lifestyle of what is he or she going to be comfortable with. I never want to make her uncomfortable. She never wants to make me uncomfortable. So I really trust her to be in that situation really think about my feelings, because she knows that I’m thinking about her feelings at all times too. So that’s, that’s where where I really just feel comfortable and lifestyle about that, that I always know that she has my back and that, you know that we’re a team and this and that we’re both doing this to, you know, fulfill different aspects of our lives as far as sexually and different things like that just about you


Jess Cornfed Swingers  43:06

in regards to the lifestyle and trust. I could never picture doing the lifestyle with anybody else. And I mean, just doing life in general with anybody else. Derek is like the most amazing human I’ve ever met. Not to get all mushy, but I just said, we



we see you naked, it’s fine. Yes.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  43:32

We just, you know, like, we’re each other’s number one person and because I feel like our communication is so, so good. We would feel comfortable if there was ever any sort of hesitation or fear or anything that would lead us down a path of distrust, so I feel like we’re just really had a good answer, but he just nailed it.


Mallory Gordon  43:59

I think I think I was really yeah, I’m on the same path as you everything else in life becomes so much easier when you have a partner like that in your corner. There. Yeah, takes absolutely it takes a lot of the the worry away that you know out in the wild or in the vanilla world even that that I almost feel sad that they haven’t discovered that or haven’t embraced that because of baggage or hangups or social norms or whatever it may be. So I get what you’re saying. Because at the end of the day, like we have a rule doesn’t matter how fucked up shit gets how hard it gets. This is it. There’s it’s always gonna be you and I at the end of the day, we’re gonna figure it out. And that’s really at the end of the day. It’ll always get you and I so for me that makes everything else so much easier because I don’t have to worry about that.


Mickey Gordon  44:50

There are no deal breakers


Mallory Gordon  44:51

Right, exactly. No deal breakers, but it also makes me protect us a little bit more. Does that make sense?


Mickey Gordon  45:00

I certainly to me. Alright, so we’ve covered a lot of stuff here today. And I kind of want to get back to the resort. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. Because I really love that we’re having this conversation because I feel like you guys, and I don’t want to make you the poster the the poster people for for Hito. But I think you really embody what’s great about Hito. We talk about heat, and we say that it will take anything that’s wonderful about your relationship, and it will multiply it times nine. But we’ll take anything that’s bad and multiply it by 90. And so what surprised you about heat? Oh,


Derek Cornfed Swingers  45:35

yeah, talking about multiplying it by 90 year, you’re exactly right. I mean, we might, on the surface seem like we have everything figured out. But no one really ever has everything figured out. And this, this type of lifestyle. So just a couple things back up to previous lifestyle experience we’ve had we’ve had, we’ve sort of been on a pushy side of each other, you know, and I really learned on the Tito trip not to ever push, Jeff, because I almost felt push in certain certain periods of Hito. And I really didn’t like that, but kind of got under my skin a little bit. But it was only because outside of keto. And you know, when you’re at keto, you’re navigating so many different things you’re navigating being naked or navigating, do I want to possibly pursue? swap with with this other couple, do I want to spend more time here there. So it’s kind of just overwhelming in that aspect of it. But I would say just from some experiences that Hito, I definitely learned within myself that I don’t like to get pushed, so I don’t ever want to push, push, Jeff any more than I than I ever will. So that’s something I definitely learned. But I think it took Hito to really explain that to me, personally, because like I said before, and other aspects of the lifestyle, we did push each other. And some of those experiences had really turned out really well. But to really play off that, I learned that he knows that pushing doesn’t go well, especially at Hito. Because there’s just so many things that you’re navigating. But they did turn out really well. And other other parts of the lifestyle. Like this one experience we had in Mexico where I really wanted to have a threesome with this girl. And Jess really wasn’t into it at all. And I just kind of kept pushing her. And then we ended up having a threesome. And that was was an amazing experience. But, so I feel like that really, really changed our mindset on pushing each other just a little bit too far and making each other uncomfortable.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  48:03

And I kinda want to add on to that a little bit. Because, yeah, you were pushing me past what I appreciated in that instance, in Mexico. And I think part of the reason but one of the reasons I didn’t want to do it is because you were doing that I wanted it to happen more organically. It’s not that I wasn’t into the idea, I wasn’t into you, you know, being telling me to Hey, you should go talk to her or, you know, stuff like that i was i was more into it organically, kind of happening.


Mallory Gordon  48:32

I know, I think dresses in my head, that’s actually a very similar dynamic to us. And sometimes they need Mickey to kind of push me to take advantage of the opportunity or to open my eyes to it. And let me feel confident in the decision. But there’s a fine line between support and pushing at times. Because if I feel like I’m being cornered on a subject, the first thing I’m going to do because I’m a rebel at heart is the exact opposite. It changes my level of comfort because organically, that’s where I benefit the most out of an experience as a whole when it just kind of happens and comes together. And sometimes you do have to take those extra steps to make it happen. Yeah, organically if Does that make sense? Am I just talking about my arrows over here? Okay, my errors.


Mickey Gordon  49:23

Now I think that you’re full of shit because your level of comfort is the fact that you come 40 times for everybody else’s one orgasm. That is just nice.


Mallory Gordon  49:32

It’s not 40 and maybe for winning. Yeah, winning and winning. Yeah, it’s sometimes it’s a catch 22 at times because there’s you’ll have nights where there’s one more in the chamber and you just know it and you’re like put my vaginas sore.


Mickey Gordon  49:47

Always one I gotta stop. It’s very taxing. It’s very difficult. I



know. I


Mickey Gordon  49:56

yeah, my people should have sympathy for me out there.


Mallory Gordon  49:58

Dino started GoFundMe. Something


Mickey Gordon  50:01

go fund me to buy you more vibrant. Good 400


Mallory Gordon  50:05

ice packs. Good. Oh, we’re just silly. We’re having a great time with you guys, by the way. So is there anything else that stood out to you about this trip or the resort? like another takeaway? We talked about what surprised you?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  50:23

I guess in terms of surprised us about the resort. We knew it was going to be nice, but it was beautiful. Like, just in general the resort. The grounds are beautiful. The Beach was beautiful. The restaurants were great. The staff was great. Not that we were expecting, you know, subpar and anything but we were pleasantly surprised with how nice you know, everything was


Mickey Gordon  50:49

Yeah, some of the TripAdvisor reviews describe the place as a glorified trailer park. And


Mallory Gordon  50:54

I’m sure it was back in the day.


Mickey Gordon  50:56

I was there back in the day. No, it wasn’t it was. Okay. But yeah, it it’s damn sure better than it used to be. And there’s no question about that. Definitely


Jess Cornfed Swingers  51:06

not a glorified trailer park. Definitely. And the other thing, we never felt uncomfortable with anyone we were talking to. So not that again, not that we thought that would happen. But you know, you never know what you’re getting into, or what kind of people are going to be there. But everyone was so nice from the staff to all the guests or resort to all the rascals. Oh my gosh, we can’t say enough about the rascals. They’re also great. In general, so good, so good.


Mickey Gordon  51:34

Is there anything at all you guys would have done differently as first timers? Remember, you guys are really representing virgins here. virgins everywhere. Do what Jess and Derek do now. So you know, is there something you would have done differently? Maybe in your preparation? Or how you communicated leading up to it what you did at the resort? Something you wish you had done that you didn’t do anything at all?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  51:56

Definitely. Like Derek said, We’re both people pleasers, it was sometimes hard to navigate just because we were overthinking with some people we were we were interested in talking to but weren’t interested in sleeping with. So how do you navigate that kind of relationship? Because, you know, we weren’t there to sleep with people like we were there to meet people and talk to people and just have great, genuine conversation. So I think we were in our head a lot in that aspect. I think we probably might have missed a play opportunity or two because of it. So probably just getting out of our heads a little bit, something we would do a little bit differently, and maybe just being a little bit more upfront to like you were just saying Mallory, you know, but we kind of like things to happen organically. But sometimes you just got to toss it out there.


Derek Cornfed Swingers  52:46

We definitely didn’t take that extra extra step. Like we could and I might be to blame for that one. Jeff. I am definitely again, the people pleaser. And for me to get away from a conversation, we had one conversation, a pool that Jeff was yanking me on the arm to basically try to get me to leave the conversation. And I didn’t. So I have a lot to blame for as far as trying to navigate those conversations. But it’s hard because everyone is so nice. Like just that. They’re they’re just amazing people. So much. So many like minded people that like a travel that like everything pretty much that you you just have so much in common with with each other. And it’s just so easy to just continue conversation. There’s There’s never a downtime that you know, I think that’s what I really liked about it too, was just, there’s always something to do. And there’s always somebody to talk to you. And being people, people. We just really like to talk to each other and other people.


Mallory Gordon  53:47

I love that and I’ll take the blame for that. I was just trying to capture you guys. And you caught me. So I’m sorry, just to drag you away. So but you’re right, though. No, we always talk to you guys all day long. We didn’t get to talk to you enough. Well, now you’re stuck with us because like I said, we’re friends and that is not changing. They’re coming back in November. See that was Yeah. You stole their thunder. But yes, we’re so glad to hear you guys are coming back. dealer thunder. You did steal their thunder, but that’s okay. We’re just excited. Whose


Mickey Gordon  54:21

Thunder? Am I stealing? I was sick in bed while everybody was happy.


Mallory Gordon  54:24

I know. I know. So sad. But you’re right. Like I was trying to say before you interrupted and stole their Thunder was it’s hard because you’re meeting so many people from so many different backgrounds. Like me, I need more input. Tell me all of the things about you. Because what how did you get here? Who are you? What do you like, that fulfills like this, this part of me that likes connecting with other people because it’s not just about the sex. It’s it’s about the experience as a whole. So I totally get that in his first timers. You were probably a little overwhelmed with the amount of activity in people at times.


Derek Cornfed Swingers  55:01

I’ve definitely and I agree with the fact that, you know, part of our aspect of lifestyles is more than just being attractive physically. We’re very big mental people that kind of, well, kind of my fetish. And as I told you guys at the resort, but it’s just finding people that are smart, intelligent, have have a good conversation that doesn’t, you don’t even have to be smart. Just having a great conversation really attracted me to people. So maybe that’s why, why we just love to talk to people. So


Mickey Gordon  55:35

I think Mallory’s gonna need you to wear those Excel glasses to bed. Deal. And then we’ll send you guys a picture.


Mallory Gordon  55:45

I’m trying to write a dirty story. That’s like the little SMART goals here. So if you get a surprise email from me, yeah, it’s not going. I’ve started making up words at this point,


Mickey Gordon  55:57

obviously, we kind of, you know, we try to keep these things to about an hour, and we could talk to you guys all day long, right? You guys are so much fun. You have such a cool dynamic. And I really love how far along you guys are with your dynamic. And having only really been at this a couple of years. But, you know, when we talk about Hito, he knows thought of in circles with with lifestyles, but it’s a lot more than that. And you guys just touched on that a little bit. You touched on the mental aspects of it, you touched on some of the conversations that you had, and some of them were really hard to break away from. So in terms of your first trip, you know, was is Hito just for swingers? Or do you think it’s valuable to people that are just non lifestyle, but really want to be around open minded people? Where do you think the value is having been there one time,


Derek Cornfed Swingers  56:49

I really think the value is just is it’s so much more than then definitely the lifestyle or swingers it’s it’s a great vacation just to shed your layers. Well, pun intended with that one, but to break down your walls and and in really just be yourself. And whether you’re maybe just thinking about being a lifestyle or have no desire to be in the lifestyle he knows is really for everyone. because no one’s judging there. No one’s gonna think that you’re a bad person for being any sort of way other than the way you are, like, no one will judge you one bit of Ito and that’s what really, really stuck out to me. What’s one of the great things about hypnosis is how welcoming everyone is. And that goes from the employees there to all the guests. It’s just a great place just to have a great vacation. Even even if you’re not not a swinger.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  57:48

And God’s like the sexually charged atmosphere, you know, you have a lot of really great sex with your partner. They’re just, you know, being there and feeling the atmosphere and watching people. Yeah, did


Mallory Gordon  58:01

you feel like this charge come over you like in this empowerment in like, how you held yourself and how you felt being a woman there?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  58:09

Yeah, I would say so. I learned that I’m horrible at taking compliments.


Mallory Gordon  58:14

Welcome to the club.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  58:16

Absolutely, you know, put me to taking clothes off and and just doing your thing. And oh, gosh, it was it was empowering. I was it was really awesome. Very much. So. Right on.


Mallory Gordon  58:29

So since you guys, you got your virgin trip under your belt. And if you’re talking to somebody else that’s on the fence or thinking about going or maybe they’ve booked their first trip? What would you tell that person? This is a must do when you go? What kind of advice would you give them for must do?


Jess Cornfed Swingers  58:44

I think we would say don’t overthink things. But make sure that your communication is on point with each other and just go for it. Like, do the activities at the pool, especially if you’re with the rascals. They’re epic.


Mickey Gordon  59:00

You’re gonna have to get the corn painted on your chest stick for me one more time.


Jess Cornfed Swingers  59:03

Oh my gosh, I’m gonna need to up my game this next time though, it’s gonna be even better than it worked before I got a corn stock. That was coming popcorn on my channel try and win a contest. And it was Oh, it was awesome. Walking down the beach wondering why people were staring at me weird. I mean, I was like, why are people looking at me weird and then I looked down like oh, that’s why


Mickey Gordon  59:28

you know that that contest was all about having to out fucked up Mickey. So I think that was was pretty great. And you did an awesome job and it gave me an excuse to stare at your chest all afternoon. very badly. So good. Alright, Win Win forever. One last question for you guys. And we will let you guys get out of here because again, we could talk to you all night long and we really really, really enjoyed not just meeting you, but getting to call you friends. So we really want to you know, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For spending that time with us and doing it here on casual swinger, but I have one last question for both of you. And I already know the answer, I think, but I want to know why. So the question is, would you do it again? Would you go back to Hito, as first timers have any experience you had, but why


Derek Cornfed Swingers  1:00:16

we are going back again, in November, like you said before, you have to gather back, but we’re so excited. But there’s a lot if there’s so much more to explore, you know, we just, you know, again, we over communicate everything and, and, and there’s some things we can improve on to have an even better vacation. And I think we’re hooked by now. I think it’s gonna be definitely a yearly thing as many times as we can go. We’re definitely gonna do it. And it’s just, there’s just so many reasons to go back. It’s just so, so relaxing and so fulfilling, and every aspect of what we well about vacations and what we love about the lifestyle. It’s just, it’s amazing. Everything kind of rolled into one I think is a good way to describe it. All of our favorite things.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:06

Oh, I love it. I am literally Snoopy dancing over here. Yeah, and I hardly ever do the counter like this for out from November, but I have it going now. She really? Yes.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:20

And you guys haven’t even been on one of our cat cruises yet which are utterly epic. Yeah, so you guys are really gonna enjoy. We’re doing that in November. Correct? Yeah, that’s


Mallory Gordon  1:01:28

so Thursday’s cat cruise day. Yeah, yeah. And yeah, that is a go rate.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:34

And we sell out the cat cruise, we sell out the big boat and camber. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun. Oh, by the way, this is a great opportunity for anybody listening to this who’s thinking about being a rascal for the 2020 trip we are damn near sold out for November. So if you are still thinking about going make sure to hit us up on casual swinger comm slash travel with us. Or you can just go to the website and click on travel with us. There is a link there to Rachel’s rascals where you can find some of this information you can find out how to book and become a rascal. Like our friends Jess in Derek Johnson Derek you guys are bucking amazing. Like you know, I can’t say enough good things about you. But I’ll probably try especially in a we’re an hour into this and we keep throwing praise at you. But you deserve every single bit of it.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:19

Amen to that. Amen to that. Thank you so much. I know this was a big ask to come on here and talk about your first experience because it’s it’s really, you know, close to your heart maybe even a little intimate, right. So we we appreciate it so much and can’t wait to see you again. We can’t wait to see you guys are awesome. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:02:38

seriously awesome. Now you want to tell everybody how they can find us and we’ll let these poor poor people off the hook.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:44

Sure can wear casual swinger everywhere that is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and any other social media platforms. I don’t know all Anyway, moving on. We’re on the dating sites. STC Double D nation. Cassidy SLS and quiver. That’s right.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:02

Awesome. All these crazy places. Folks, this has been a time with the Virgin’s Jessen, Derek from Hito This is what is it feels like the first time I think is. Just had to get that out in you. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a blast. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Hi, I’m



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