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Ever looked around and said…”I feel like I’m living in a hurricane right now!” That’s how it’s been for Mickey & Mallory, and it shows! Back from a skipped episode break, these guys came back large with news from a Pineapple Party, a new game called “He Said, She Said,” and a serious thirst for a good time.

A listener messaged in for Mailbag with concerns over getting into the lifestyle after a history of abuse, so Mickey and Mallory answered her on air for everyone to chime in and support our listener, Alex!

Hearing impaired? This podcast is transcribed for your convenience.

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Gettin Busy When You’re Busy

Thu, 9/2 10:07AM • 55:13


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise.


Mickey Gordon  00:51

Everybody, welcome to casual swinger. This is Mickey. And I’m Mallory. This is Episode 20. Like a big number.


Mallory Gordon  00:59

Yes. And we’re finally putting it down.


Mickey Gordon  01:02

I know right? Better late than never. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  01:04

yeah. It’s been a while.


Mickey Gordon  01:05

Yeah, so sorry about that. Guys. We had take a little time for ourselves. We’re gonna talk about that today. But you know, we’re gonna talk about getting busy. Yeah. When you’re busy.


Mallory Gordon  01:15

Yes. Seems to be the one thing that we were successful in doing over the last six weeks.


Mickey Gordon  01:21

Yeah, it’s so we were a little late getting this out. We really had, you know, some stuff we wanted to get going on. We had a lot of family stuff. Yeah. Other things we did. We’re going to talk a little bit about that in the intro segment here and, and, and really kind of get into the fun stuff. But what have we been up to? I mean, we should have been up to something for fuck sake. Right?


Mallory Gordon  01:40

Yeah. Well, you and I have been having a shit ton of sex. Yeah, like, but just with each other.


Mickey Gordon  01:48

Is it still can we count it as sex? If we’re fucking each other does that,


Mallory Gordon  01:51

you know, I, you know, you’re a swinger f right moment is right there. Because you’re like, yeah, we’re having a great time. And, you know, we’re having lots of sex with each other. But does it really count because we’re not having sex with other people?


Mickey Gordon  02:04

Yeah, well, and it’s funny, cuz, you know, we went to a thing on Saturday night with a bunch of swingers, right? We did a pool party. Yeah, that’s correct. And when we came home, we’re like, we had a really good time, but we didn’t do anything.


Mallory Gordon  02:17

No, I felt like we were the boring people. So like a failure.


Mickey Gordon  02:24

But, you know, the thing of it was,


Mallory Gordon  02:26

in all fairness, it was the first event we’ve gone to since I think our last podcast.


Mickey Gordon  02:30

Yeah, so it was like, we literally have done nothing now. No, we like went to 30 days a lifestyle ended. And I was like, okay, we’re gonna take a break from Twitter for a little bit because we were doing that shit every day for 30 days. And we’re gonna


Mallory Gordon  02:43

did take a lot of bandwidth. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  02:44

did and we’re gonna relax. And then I think we got busy with family stuff. And


Mallory Gordon  02:50

yeah, I’m sorry about that. That’s my fault. Shay had the fan and it did


Mickey Gordon  02:53

I put my hat on my ass and GP Chapman in G peaches is amazing. Yeah, GP is a big fucking deal around here. It’s in Daytona, and we’re a Jeep family not going to hide that shit at all.


Mallory Gordon  03:06

No, no. And for Mickey being, you know, a Jeep guy. It’s like a religion. Anyone who who has a Jeep? Who knows a Jeep person understands.


Mickey Gordon  03:16

Yeah, it’s there. There are times in my life where I’ve bled gear oil. And it’s usually because of that fucking Jeep. Yeah, we’d love it. I do. And so you know, that happen. And we just kind of were like, you know, what, with with family, and, and work and work, kids, and we’re like, you know what, Something’s got to give. And so for us, it seemed like it was a good time. But let’s take one step back, take a breath and make sure that we’re giving this the energy that it deserves. And so then we had this pineapple party this weekend, we’re like, we’re going we’re gonna fuck it. We’re going and we went up there. And there’s so many cool people right? There. Okay, your coolest fuck.


Mallory Gordon  03:56

We left K and a, and we got to see a few couples that we had met at a previous pineapple Party, which is great to see them and get to talk to them and and meet them again. Like, it was amazing. We get to meet some newbies.


Mickey Gordon  04:07

Yeah, we met some really interesting, right. And we’re not going to use their names here today, but they knew they are their brand newbies. And they actually kept us busy and talk to us for quite a while. So that was a lot of fun. And I think, you know, we had an opportunity to answer some questions and, and kind of help them break into their first. You know, their first event?


Mallory Gordon  04:26

Yeah, I think happened. No, and I was actually really impressed with them. Because, you know, being on a little younger than probably the average, I would say, at least as far as demographic goes in that environment. They weren’t drastically younger, but definitely on the younger end of that scale, and they have maturity in the in. I don’t want to say gregarious, what’s the other word outgoing?


Mickey Gordon  04:45

and 30. They were sub 30.


Mallory Gordon  04:46

Yeah. Oh, definitely. And well,


Mickey Gordon  04:48

she was. He might have been robbing the cradle a little


Mallory Gordon  04:51

Yeah, maybe a little bit.


Mickey Gordon  04:52

I’m just gonna say I thought his balls. She


Mallory Gordon  04:55

was Oh, she’s smoking. He was adorable. They were well spoken, but they asked a lot of intelligent questions. They weren’t shy. But they also weren’t naive in a lot of ways. Like they were asking the right question. So we’re super impressive. Enjoy the conversation we had with them.


Mickey Gordon  05:11

Yeah, I did too. And you know, so there’s an after party because Kay and I always throw an after party, and they were nice enough to invite us again. And everybody goes and jumps in the pool. And I was like, Oh, shit.


Mallory Gordon  05:22

Not gonna lie. Slightly jealous. I saw naked people. I’m like, Oh, those aren’t my people. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  05:27

well, and in retrospect, we should have jumped in the pool. I think we just kind of felt bad abandoning the newbies.


Mallory Gordon  05:33

Yeah. Well, I mean, in retrospect, what really happened is we kind of we were in our own little world and environment, right. We were still being part of the party, but we were so engrossed in that conversation that, you know,


Mickey Gordon  05:49

I think we still have a little bit of a hangover going on, too, right. We were tired. I was late. We had not been staying up till two o’clock in the morning lately. No, no, that was kinda huh. Yeah. Are we getting old?


Mallory Gordon  06:01

I mean, maybe you are a little bit. Are you I said we I mean, no, no, no, not I


Mickey Gordon  06:06

Oh. hairs on this head, baby. Everybody. You heard it here first. She’s full of bullshit. That’s right here right now. So anyway, there was the there was those guys now, you know, can a have a big thing coming up? It’s secrets. It’s Memorial Day. His birthday?


Mallory Gordon  06:23

Yes. Oh, that two?


Mickey Gordon  06:26

day it’s his birthday. Okay. No, no, yeah, no, it’s just more on it’s gonna be awesome. So do you know that kit group is so big? They can’t fit any more people in it?


Mallory Gordon  06:34

Seriously, I didn’t know that was possible. I’ve never been involved in a kit group that gets so large that people were not allowed to be invited to it anymore.


Mickey Gordon  06:40

I just fucking silence my kick because it goes off all hours of the day and


Mallory Gordon  06:44

killed killed my battery, like two thirds through the workday? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  06:48

yeah. And I mean, I really shouldn’t be bitching because like, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are so my favorite days.


Mallory Gordon  06:54

Oh, today, Tuesday and Hump Day. Oh, amen. Brother. Oh, my God. I’m like, young. I’m not. Yep, knuckles.


Mickey Gordon  07:01

I mean, you. I mean, the first of all, some of the women in that group have spectacular titties, I mean, and acids. And it’s just like, and it’s so awesome. But at the same time, when you get 40 of them in a row when you’re in a meeting. It’s like Teddy’s Teddy’s titties. tities titties.


Mallory Gordon  07:18

It’s kind of nice, though. Because like in the back of your head, aren’t you? Like I have the best life ever. And no one in this room can even begin to understand. No,


Mickey Gordon  07:25

they can’t. And, and I really did just create a baby. I think they’d be well. That’s the that’s why I have that privacy filter on my phone. So you can’t see it from the side.


Mallory Gordon  07:35

Yeah, I need to get one of those. So I don’t know. Any other people out there. Super cool. didn’t even know this thing existed. It’s like a screen protector. But if someone’s standing to your left or right, and you’re on your phone, you’re looking at maybe a private email or picture whatever. They can’t see what you’re looking at it obscures it. It’s so cool.


Mickey Gordon  07:56

Yeah, that’s incredibly good. For lifestyle. Oh, yeah. I got a lot of shit on my phone. I don’t want other people to see.


Mallory Gordon  08:02

Yeah, maybe you can post a link in like the show notes or something. Because I think that’s something that a lot of people who listen to us may be interested in.


Mickey Gordon  08:09

Actually, I will put that out there. That’s Yeah. Hey, public service from your friends at casual sweater. But, yeah, so that happened, but morlin is gonna be a lot of fun. It’s a huge kid group. We’re gonna play some of our games.


Mallory Gordon  08:21

I know. I’m so excited to dust these off. We haven’t played them in a while. They’re definitely more sexual in nature. They are but they go off like gangbusters, and there’s so much fun. They’re great icebreakers, too, and especially for a complete lifestyle crowd. It’s absolutely perfect. So


Mickey Gordon  08:38

yeah, we’re gonna bring tonight a little bit of Rachel’s rascals to our friends at the pine. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  08:43



Mickey Gordon  08:43

So we’re going to, we’re going to dust off two of our faves. And I think I think we’re planning on three but we’re going to two of our faves are blowjob karaoke? Absolutely. vibrator rodeo. Yes. My favorite. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m really not


Mallory Gordon  08:58

and I get to be a writer.


Mickey Gordon  09:00

Yeah, that’s right. You’ve already got your worst picked out there. I do I get to play this time. I’m so excited. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun. And these guys don’t know what’s coming to them. They’ve requested that I wear my hat’s which is pretty hilarious. Oh, man. So I guess this is gonna be like a microheater vacation, which you know, we’re desperately going to need it because our rascals are leaving in four days.


Mallory Gordon  09:23

I know.


Mickey Gordon  09:24

All rascals are going down there without us. They’re going to eat


Mallory Gordon  09:27

Yeah, I want to wave at them Have fun storming the castle.


Mickey Gordon  09:31

Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do what if you do take video so I can manage to


Mallory Gordon  09:36

Pixar didn’t happen. Lots of pigs. No, they will stay fucking Shayla. Are you talking to you?


Mickey Gordon  09:41

They will send me dick pics. That’s what those fuckers do.


Mallory Gordon  09:43

Which is so fucked up because I’m like, Can you show me all of them because I would love to see the dick pic.


Mickey Gordon  09:48

I don’t want to see any of these things, but I love them. So you know our friend, our friend in Raleigh. Guess who has a broken foot? Oh, no. Sweet, very sorry for him. His His name’s Amy. Also love him to pieces. He’s been receiving a cornucopia of dick pics since he broke his foot. Why two guys send each other dick pics? I don’t understand. I,


Mallory Gordon  10:10

I don’t have a penis. So you’re looking at me like I have the answer. And I don’t know. I mean, because women don’t do that to each other.


Mickey Gordon  10:17

You know, last time I didn’t last time I didn’t go on a rational trip in May. I got a lot of dick pics. And I’m like, What the hell? Yeah. Well, and then, uh, yeah, it


Mallory Gordon  10:24

was just I got some Teddy pigs.


Mickey Gordon  10:26

Yeah. So we’ve got a friend, another podcasting friend coming to Florida.


Mallory Gordon  10:30

I know, do we drop that name yet?


Mickey Gordon  10:33

I think it’s okay.


Mallory Gordon  10:33

It’s okay. That’s okay. Yeah, we may have a friend coming from Down Under.


Mickey Gordon  10:37

Yeah, Kate’s coming to Florida. I


Mallory Gordon  10:39

think we’re making the four or five hour drive down to South.


Mickey Gordon  10:43

I don’t think we can complain about it. She’s 22. No, I’m


Mallory Gordon  10:46

excited about that. What’s a road trip? Who cares? Like, I’m just excited to finally see her after all this time,


Mickey Gordon  10:53

right. You know, she and I did a video chat, which is to kind of talk about plans for stuff that we’re working on. And I’m like, I’ve never actually seen you before, like your actual person. And so it was really hilarious. And it was just a couple of minutes long. But you know, for me, I’m like, we need to like meet and hang out. This is going to be so much fun. So I can’t wait to actually meet her and Darryl in real life. They’re the coolest people. And you know, it’s funny because sometimes something will happen. And she will video Darrell responding to us and send a video. It’s really funny. So I’ll have to show you some of those it looks by the look on your face. I forgot to show you the video there’s so much


Mallory Gordon  11:33

about your life. I don’t know that is actually a we


Mickey Gordon  11:38

deeply mistake.


Mallory Gordon  11:39

We’re very siloed


Mickey Gordon  11:41

Why don’t we travel for a living so it’s we get around but so she’s coming out. But you know what? Something else crazy has happened. You know, even though we’ve been busy and we’ve been kind of disconnected from everything. STC has been picking up like crazy. That’s what you keep telling me like it’s just been going off the rails and I think in Florida or at least maybe in the southeast STC is kind of the spot like sec and SLS are the big ones.


Mallory Gordon  12:06

Actually, in that conversation that we were having like are the multiple conversations we’re having a pineapple party and other social engagements they we’ve been to that’s lifestyle focused in this area. Specifically, a lot of people prefer or mentioned STC, sometimes it’s STC and like Cassidy sometimes it’s SDC. And, you know, SLS but it I think you’re right, I think it’s really popular in this area.


Mickey Gordon  12:30

It sure seems to be in you know, even though there’s new ones coming around like double detonation, that’s a new one on the scene. And as much as that


Mallory Gordon  12:36

Yeah, they have a really,


Mickey Gordon  12:37

I love I love that site. It’s gorgeous. It’s brand new. So I mean, it’s it’s got all kinds of cool features, but there’s nobody on it.


Mallory Gordon  12:44

Other people hits bright and shiny. It is.


Mickey Gordon  12:47

But you know, it’s with STC, like there’s been so many like new profiles and new people and interesting people to talk to you. And so that’s kind of getting going and we have to really do a good job, we probably ought to turn our kickback on. Like I said, we silenced. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  13:01

well, I think I just it’s like it was on fire. Right? And I just threw it down, I turn the notifications off. Right. So I had a family member who’s really, really close to me who got very, very, very sick. And it was it was a little traumatic, and it got a little hairy there for a few weeks. And I turned it off because I couldn’t really get in that headspace. But what I didn’t do and I have to call myself out on this is put out the notification or like maybe like an out of office message. I don’t even know if kik does that but just saying hey, you know, on a very very short hiatus, please don’t be offended. Like I just let it go. Totally ghosted, which is a huge fucking No, no, not cool. You’re not on now. I bet. I know. I know. But so you and I have separate kik account we do. And I’m responsible for the primary because you do a lot of the social media profiles, you do a lot on Twitter. And it’s that is above and beyond what I’m capable, capable of with the bandwidth that I have to use for, you know, being a mom, my my current job right now, because I’m still early on in my career, it’s the years I’m pulling up my sleeves and working really, really, really, really hard. And then he added this family issue and I just totally freaked looped. Let it go. So for anyone out there, I am so sorry.


Mickey Gordon  14:20

Yeah, I don’t think you owe anybody an apology. You’re pretty good. You work your butt off. But, you know, I the same way. I mean, I definitely turned my you know, turn my head down and just kind of focused on everything. And, you know, your your family member that that was down as you know, she’s a big part of our lives. So that was that was a big deal. And it is hard to get your head in that space when someone’s like, hey, let’s get drinks, let’s party. Let’s be sexy. And, and we’re like, we’re just hoping to have 30 minutes where we can not think about all the other crap that’s going on. Yeah. And maybe jump each other’s bones, which we did.


Mallory Gordon  14:53

We were actually very successful at that.


Mickey Gordon  14:55

Yeah. So I think, you know, I think it happens to the best of us.


Mallory Gordon  15:00

I think so too. And I, and I keep telling myself, you know, I made a mistake. I regret it, you know, everything happened the way it happened, I can’t go back and change it. I can try to do better if you know I’m ever in that position again. And that’s the same advice I’d give somebody if they were telling me, you know, the same thing. So,


Mickey Gordon  15:17

so we say to our listeners, forgive us. We were a little busy, but we’re gonna do better and Enter.


Mallory Gordon  15:23

And I’ve missed you so much.


Mickey Gordon  15:25

And this Reese, this resurgence that we’ve had in an SDC has shown us something that I just I brought it up during the pineapple party the other day, because it was so fucking ridiculous. So a bunch of these new profiles that we’ve been getting hit up by, oh, we all have the same fucking thing in common.


Mallory Gordon  15:44

Okay, so we don’t want to offend anyone. But we’re going to and it’s not intentional. It’s not intentional.


Mickey Gordon  15:53

I offend people all the time.


Mallory Gordon  15:54

All right, well, then go for it.


Mickey Gordon  15:57

But our apology center over here, and Mallory says that we absolutely feel bad if we offend you. She feels bad if we think I do. I think it’s hilarious. So here’s what happens. So it’s a thing and I get it. It’s probably feels appropriate and cute. In a profile people go You know what? I’m having a hard time writing about us. So I’m going to describe you and you describe me. Yeah, and and we’re gonna so and they, they all read the same fucking way. Her sultry, beautiful eyes, her perfect ass. Her blowjobs are amazing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then she’s like his rock hard abs and his shoulders and it’s like, it makes for a very difficult read. Okay, kind of hilarious.


Mallory Gordon  16:39

Couple things. It’s much easier to write about somebody else than it is yourself. Right? Because you don’t feel like you’re being objective because you’re biased because it’s about you. I understand that completely. Second. I think that’s a newbie thing or newer thing. Yeah, it might newer to the lifestyle, I think they’re more likely to describe each other than themselves independently.


Mickey Gordon  17:06

So we decided that we’re gonna play a game on today’s episode of casual swinger, and it’s a game we’re gonna call he said, she said, he said, she said, and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to describe each other, but instead of being complimentary, and instead of saying wonderful things about each other for this profile, we wrote the profile to insult the living shit. The other person


Mallory Gordon  17:34

Oh, my is completely true. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  17:37

is that what this is? Okay, that’s how we’re gonna play. You’re You’re pretty Mickey’s a great writers. So I’m very scared how this is gonna go. So what you don’t know is that we have no idea what the other person has said now. So I wrote mine and she wrote hers, and we’re going to do it. Alternately. When we play a little game we call he said, she said, and we’re going to do it right after this break. But before we do that, now, why don’t you remind everybody where we’ve been and how to find us after all this time?


Mallory Gordon  18:07

Alright, guys, well, if you’re looking for us, we’re casual swinger everywhere. That’s Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. That’s also STC SLS, cassity and double the nation, double a nation where there is right and also on kick. That’s right.


Mickey Gordon  18:28

Alright, guys, thanks a lot. We’ll be back in just a minute. You’re listening to casual swinger?


Mallory Gordon  18:57

Hey, guys, you’re listening to casual swinger, Malory here, I’m still making and we’re gonna play a little game guys. So like Mickey said, we kind of have a spoof profile he said, she said, mixed to where we’re basically mocking the what would you call it? Oh, knocking the


Mickey Gordon  19:17

shit out of each other really? Oh, my goodness


Mallory Gordon  19:18

shut out of each other and just that kind of online dynamic.


Mickey Gordon  19:23

Yeah, and it’s not real right? I mean, I’m I’m confident that some of the things I wrote here are not my beautiful wife and but at the same time when we read some of these things, where people are talking about each other, they are perfect in every fucking way and there’s just no way that any of that is real. So it’s it’s just so funny.


Mallory Gordon  19:41

Yeah, and it’s totally subjective. Right, like,


Mickey Gordon  19:44

yeah, it’s it’s a me


Mallory Gordon  19:45

thing herself. A white ass is a little flat for my taste.


Mickey Gordon  19:49

That’s right, her pancake like ass. Anyway, we’re gonna dig into this a little bit, and we’re gonna do our best to read this. Like we wrote the profile, but again, she hasn’t seen what I wrote. I haven’t seen what she So this could really devolve into a huge fight right here in front of all you guys because she’ll be like, what the fuck do you mean you wrote that about me? No, I didn’t. Let’s just play it. I promise. I was joking. them, they’re


Mallory Gordon  20:11

gonna think you’re cute. Alright, he goes first, Mickey. Hey, it’s


Mickey Gordon  20:14

he said, she said, so. I’ll get this started. He said, this woman, my wife, my forever girl. What can I tell you that will draw her majesty into focus such that you’ll have but one desire in this life to fuck her senseless first, she farts in her sleep. She saves them throughout the day just for me and blows the covers three feet into the air as soon as she passes into a state of blissful slumber. Each night I pray that I might just this once fall asleep before the thunderous Symphony begins. The dog highly offended regularly evacuates the room but not before contributing to the eyewatering miasma lingering over my bed.


Mallory Gordon  20:54

Oh, my god, did he really just use my asthma?


Mickey Gordon  20:58

Hey, that’s a big word. That’s college words right there. You’re gonna be okay. Can you can you continue dry when already?


Mallory Gordon  21:10

Is that speaker true? Because how would I know if I hold them all together? Then we fall asleep


Mickey Gordon  21:14

to let them go back to staple the covers to the side of the bed. turns into a big blue right there. Hmm.


Mallory Gordon  21:22

My turn, she said. She says feeling cute. Make it real about the heavy. I don’t know. Now I’m kidding. Eat your heart out McDreamy. stepaside Tatum my middle age manchild has sass class and ask for days. He’ll melt away any woman’s heart and wet her panties with his debonair fashion sense. Oh yeah, ladies, I’m talking the classic sock sandal combo. Paired with a slightly faded obviously filthy three day old shoe shirt that he may have saved cereal box tops for or found in a crackerjack box. His natural old old do oil change will kick your pheromones into high gear and is enough to weaken your knees and water your eyes.


Mickey Gordon  22:11

Oh god.


Mallory Gordon  22:13

I got the oil change inspiration because you did smell like motor oil today. So part of that is


Mickey Gordon  22:19

I was working on the


Mallory Gordon  22:22

pig pattern.


Mickey Gordon  22:24

That’s gross. Oh, oil change. He said it’s easy to understand where all this wind comes from. If you’ve ever heard or snore, try to imagine operating a chainsaw whilst lying beside a Harley Davidson at a concert. I miss sleep.


Mallory Gordon  22:45

She says you’ll absolutely get lost in his smile and drown in his laugh. The drowning part will be due to the amount of spittle that he spews but it’s also convenient when in need of a spread thin. I highly recommend a dental shield may be useful for those who are already pre moistened, suffering succotash gestures. If that doesn’t do it for you, maybe the unique stylings of his private and critically acclaimed Colin choir. His gashes thunder, sir needs are his best to impress girls Prepare to be blown away. They can’t


Mickey Gordon  23:25

say no if they’re unconscious. He says she walks with a limp. Whereas orthopedic shoes as fashion apparel and finds maternity wear, which she refers to as sexy, comfy. I have to admit, it’s kind of nice and she whips out a teddy from those nursing bras.


Mallory Gordon  23:47

She says some helpful tips and hints for meeting and hooking up with my husband here. He can be a little shy at first, but he will gradually start to grunt and make obscene gestures once he gets comfortable, but no need to make direct eye contact, as it will definitely not be reciprocated. Most conversations if any will transpire between him and your tits. Hey, flirting tip lady’s hand licky dry humping and armwrestling are encouraged.


Mickey Gordon  24:18

He says she’s a biter. She treats every blow job like the last meal of a starving Idina. My dick is mangled and hangs in an awkward angle thanks to the visible scars left behind her love.


Mallory Gordon  24:34

She says, once down in funkytown, ample ball play is a must. I suggest what we affectionately call the harmonica. Expand the sack to full battling coverage across the jaw. And for full reverberation, make the side to side head movement like you’re playing a Monica solo in a blues band.


Mickey Gordon  24:58

He says She speaks in breathy tones that over the phone are positively scintillating. A gravelly sex kitten awaits on the other end of the line, albeit one with halitosis that would knock a buzzard from a shit wagon and 50 basis.


Mallory Gordon  25:14

gag a maggot.


Mickey Gordon  25:16

Starving maggot.


Mallory Gordon  25:18

All right ladies, hold on to his love handles because what comes next will be the best. Small second best 30 seconds of mediocre sex you’ve ever had.


Mickey Gordon  25:33

He says, fancy a comfy ride. Her ample frame provides cushion for the pushin complete with a dimpled, wrinkly ass you could snuggle for days that remember boys don’t do it at night. Her cavernous lady tunnel won’t crowd your man parts either. So throw that hot dog down that hallway gentlemen.


Mallory Gordon  25:53

She says last note, sorry women, anyone over 411 need not apply or respond. Those who qualify under those height requirements will get preferential treatment if a will send a naked picture holding a hoagie sub roll or obscenely large kielbasa or know all the words to the lollipop Guild.


Mickey Gordon  26:17

You had to go there. I did. Guys, then seen that he said, she said, that’s our take on these ridiculous fucking profiles we’ve got lately, which are so much fun.


Mallory Gordon  26:34

I think we should do this more often.


Mickey Gordon  26:39

I’m really glad you don’t have a dimpled wrinkly.


Mallory Gordon  26:44

I’m so glad you don’t smell like oil change all the time. Just today. Just today.


Mickey Gordon  26:48

Right? you snore though?


Mallory Gordon  26:51

You do? Bring the colon quired occasionally,


Mickey Gordon  26:55

gluteus music. Ladies and gentlemen. That was us doing a little thing. that week. All he said she said it was all in fun. If you guys do that with your profile, it’s totally fine. Right? I mean, it’s cool. You got to do what you’re comfortable with. And if you’re comfortable with talking about each other, that’s great. and have some fun with it. What we just did is made up a whole bunch of shit.


Mallory Gordon  27:18

I think I think the most important part is just to be real. If you if you’re funny in real life, be funny in your profile. Don’t take it too seriously. But if that’s who you are, who are we to judge?


Mickey Gordon  27:29

Yeah. And if you’re a total introvert, you know, you guys can just, you know, gather amongst yourselves quietly in corners.


Mallory Gordon  27:35

And that’ll never happen. Gather amongst yourself says no introvert ever?


Mickey Gordon  27:42

How did introverts hook up in the lifestyle?


Mallory Gordon  27:45

I think they met an extrovert that like put them together,


Mickey Gordon  27:48

right? They needed a counselor? I think so. So let’s let’s get to the point of this episode, because we still haven’t fucking done it.


Mallory Gordon  27:54

We do have a point. Or like they’ve been gone for weeks. And now they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. No, we’re just out here having a good time. But


Mickey Gordon  28:02

you know, how do you get busy when you’re busy? And so what we did is we kind of sat down and said, what do we need to do to write our ship? Sure, right. Because we we really got so busy that we stopped keeping up with all of our stuff.


Mallory Gordon  28:15

We really did. We really did. And I think you know, it’s important to have those conversations and go, how can we do better? And I think we came up with some good ideas here.


Mickey Gordon  28:23

Yeah, I think we did too. And these are ideas that we are going to put in to work for ourselves. Yeah, right. So this is not one of those. Here’s how to do it. Perfect. Guys. We don’t know.


Mallory Gordon  28:33

It could be an imperfect plan, but it’s going to be executed. And there’s a great great quote out there and I won’t do it justice. So


Mickey Gordon  28:39

yeah, it’s George Patton. Oh, that guy. Yes. It’s kind of cool. In perfect plan putting action is far greater than the perfect plan never put into action.


Mallory Gordon  28:48

See, this is why I married you. I was gonna say Patton Oswald. It would be totally wrong. Different patents. So not correct. much shorter. Yes. Yeah. But probably he knows the word lollipop killed. Moving on, Shaka, let’s talk about our plan here.


Mickey Gordon  29:03

So Alright, so what sort of things get in the way of lifestyle fun, and frankly, just having any fun.


Mallory Gordon  29:10

Oh, that’s easy. Family work. Right. Right.


Mickey Gordon  29:13

Starting with kids. They always get in the way.


Mallory Gordon  29:15

Yeah, of course. But I mean, can’t blame him, right. Kind of like Legion shit.


Mickey Gordon  29:18

Yeah, I need clothes. I need food. You shouldn’t be having sex ever.


Mallory Gordon  29:24

I think our kids are over that part.


Mickey Gordon  29:25

What are all those UI noises so yeah, kids getting away work gets in the way. Right and work is stressful. Man shits going left at work. You are not thinking about getting laid. You think about paying the mortgage. Yeah. So that stuff goes on. I mean, making your house look like squatters don’t live there.


Mallory Gordon  29:43

Oh, okay. So that was a personal goal of ours. We have. We’ve lived in this house two years and just recently we have got it to a state where it looks like we are not squatting.


Mickey Gordon  29:53

Yeah, like it looks like boxes in the front room for like,


Mallory Gordon  29:58

a year and a half and I still like My office has not finished like there’s still tons of boxes up there.


Mickey Gordon  30:03

I usually work from the couch.


Mallory Gordon  30:04

Yeah, that’s true. It’s a comfy couch.


Mickey Gordon  30:07

It’s a nice couch. But you know what even your podcasting lifestyle is get buried by life. So let’s talk about the things that we’re planning to do to do better.


Mallory Gordon  30:18

Yeah, and I love this one was planning the two week night days to sit down on committing to going to the profiles together and responding to messages and making plans because I and I love the days we packed. It was Mondays and Wednesdays crap. Yeah. I love that. Because then you’re starting off the week, you’re recapping the weekend. And you Monday suck, let’s just be honest, especially if you’re the person that works Monday through Friday gig, like Monday’s just fucking blow. And it gives you kind of like that light at the end of the tunnel, like I’m gonna do this fun activity with my spouse or my significant other later. And then Wednesday, I think is great, because then you’re halfway through the week. And if you’re making plans, you’re able to start compiling the information and the people and confirm, you know, what, what’s going to happen over the next, you know, three, four or five days.


Mickey Gordon  31:08

Yeah, and, you know, they also leaves a little room. Something that we found, especially living in Florida, is there’s a lot of people in that kind of 35 to 50 range. Uh huh. And some of those people are free during the week because kids are older.


Mallory Gordon  31:23

Yeah. And you made this point. And I think it’s genius. You know, a weekday meetup is the thing, right? Yeah, we should, we should definitely do that more often. And I know we’ve had that thought we’ve just not executed it.


Mickey Gordon  31:35

Yeah. I mean, it’s hard if you if you’re trying to play, right. And that’s the thing, right? If you want to meet somebody and have some drinks and get to know each other weekdays are actually kind of great for that. They’re


Mallory Gordon  31:42

kind of perfect.


Mickey Gordon  31:44

But if you want to book then maybe you need a weekend day, but that’s okay. Maybe


Mallory Gordon  31:48

not maybe in our situation. I mean, heck, summers around the corner. That’s true. Our kids aren’t infants. That’s Yeah, no, can we there’s no reason we can’t we couldn’t hook up


Mickey Gordon  31:56

during the week that we send them to Tijuana.


Mallory Gordon  31:58



Mickey Gordon  32:02

I mean, I hear they’re accepting immigrants. Kidding,


Mallory Gordon  32:07

you know what to say to that I like our kid.


Mickey Gordon  32:11

But you know, you do have to schedule time on certain nights to do so. So, Mondays and Wednesdays is what we’re going to do. We’re going to sit down, we’re going to check our sec checker SLS. We’re going to respond to people, we’re going to try and book some stuff, right. So maybe like a Thursday night, you know, with the happy hours or like on Thursdays they’re fucking great.


Mallory Gordon  32:25

They still do happy hours. Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  32:27

Yeah, right. I mean, you can drink I can’t, because I got to drive your ass around. But it’s still fun. I can drive you you just don’t like my driving, even when I’m sober. That’s because you can’t see. Now that’s I should have put that in. He said, Yeah, you like bottle size glasses?


Mallory Gordon  32:41

Hey, slightly night blind?


Mickey Gordon  32:45

No, but so you know, the idea here is make some time and make it when it’s convenient for you. And you really should cut that time out. Right? I mean, you should make an effort to cut that time out. Because if you don’t, it’ll get away from you.


Mallory Gordon  33:00

it well. And I mean, if the expectation is to, and this is in any relationship when you’re talking about staying healthy as a whole, right, and this is our personal goal for the lifestyle and you know, to connect with each other to because it is an opportunity for us to have that one on one time. But I think you have to work for it, you have to schedule it, because it’s not always going to come organically. And if you wait for something to just happen. You know what, there’s another great saying about that, if you’re sitting around waiting for something to happen, you’re gonna wait a very long time. And the things that may happen while you’re waiting aren’t what you want. Right?


Mickey Gordon  33:35

Right. And we’ll say there’s a here’s another saying you ready? That luck is the intersection of hard work and opportunity. So


Mallory Gordon  33:44

I knew I knew what it was I just couldn’t articulate it properly. Again, I’m just gonna sit here and look pretty.


Mickey Gordon  33:52

So when we talk about you know, having good luck in the lifestyle, and good luck meeting people and good luck making great friends and good luck building your tribe. I think good luck comes from having some good habits about maybe sitting down and working together and talking to some folks and exchanging information, having a plan for how you do it. So our plan that we we do things is I’m a big nerd. I handle the website. I handle the blogging, I handle the Twitter I handle the I did Facebook for those fuckers kicked us off. I handle Instagram, and Mallory handles kick. So when you send


Mallory Gordon  34:25

seems a little lopsided, doesn’t it? Well, you’d think been to kick kidspeace Oh, yeah, kick it’s it’s like rapid fire in it. And there’s some days where it’s very overwhelming. There’s 10 or 12 conversations going on and you know, 90% of those are very normal, normal conversations I would have with you know, my neighbors or whatever and


Mickey Gordon  34:44

some of them not so sometimes you get listeners and


Mallory Gordon  34:47

listeners sometimes we get weird, weird, odd messages and you know, I do my best to try to respond to everything and everyone, but it does get overwhelming at times, especially during odd hours in the day like say, you know, my after tend to be insane between errors of, I’d say 11am and 7pm our time, like, I’m just, that’s my work day, typically. And


Mickey Gordon  35:09

then I work California hours. So yeah, very strange. So yeah, so divvy up the labor is what we’re saying divvy up the labor a little bit and try to get to everything because you have to. So, interestingly enough, when you’re super busy, right, and we have been, and we just said that we went out this weekend to the pineapple Party, which we love that party. It’s a long fucking drive. But it’s super cool up there. It’s a great area, they call it Riverside, in Jacksonville. But it’s a couple hours for us to get up there. When you drive that far, and you have we haven’t been doing anything in a long time, right? It’s been a couple of months, since we really went out and had some fun. Did we feel any pressure like they mean, because if we felt bad that we didn’t really do anything, we didn’t jump in the pool, we just kind of hung out and talk to you. And


Mallory Gordon  35:51

we didn’t have a bad time. And, and it’s funny that we had this conversation the next day, because I think subconsciously and consciously at times that we both kind of felt that way. Like we committed to doing this activity. And I think the expectation was there in the back of our minds that we were going to maximize the time that we spent there. And you know, get in on some, for lack of a better term, some action, and go from there. And I think, even though I had a wonderful time, and I love seeing the people that I left feeling a little unfulfilled, but I don’t know that the opportunity had presented itself or if I would have fabricated it just to say I did it. And that is a weird position for me to be in. Usually I walk away. Not feeling not feeling like that at all. And I think it’s because we had that dry spell. And it was a significant dry spell for us a lot. One of the longest ones we’ve had in many, many years.


Mickey Gordon  36:43

No. And you know, we’ve never really had that that feeling before and even like the next day, we’re like shit, we’re free on a Saturday night. But we hadn’t made any.


Mallory Gordon  36:51

Exactly we hadn’t built up that momentum and hadn’t gone out and done the work in order to


Mickey Gordon  36:59

had no real conversations going on. Nope. Nobody really teed up. You know, it was like, Oh, God, well, we have time we should message a few people. You don’t send people just just for the record. If you guys don’t know this already, don’t send people a message it you know, four o’clock on a Saturday and say, Hey, busy tonight, almost nobody’s gonna be free.


Mallory Gordon  37:17

Well, like in back in dating, like legit dating. If I get that 4pm call on a Saturday. I was like, ah, someone got canceled on. First thing I thought Oh, yeah. If it’s what


Mickey Gordon  37:29

if it’s like a midnight call?


Mallory Gordon  37:31

And that’s, you know exactly what that is. So and even booty booty booty.


Mickey Gordon  37:38

So, I mean, when we, when we talk about pressure, right, we talked about, you know, like talking to people on SLS or SDC, your cast your double date or whatever. I think it’s the same thing, right? If you haven’t really had anything going on for a while, you know, pressure, pressure melt.


Mallory Gordon  37:53

Yeah, it does. It’s really easy to deny it or or maybe even overlook it. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  38:03

But what I would say is don’t feel that way. Don’t let yourself fall victim to that. You don’t have to do a damn thing. You’re not beholden to anybody. And by the way, that’s Mr. Mrs. Jones’s line. Yeah. You’re not beholden to anybody?


Mallory Gordon  38:13

No, the only person I’m beholden to is myself. Yeah. So well, maybe you a little bit by proxy. Oh, like the holding you down, huh? That’s fun.


Mickey Gordon  38:22

But you know, my thing is, if it doesn’t go, then sometimes you have to start over and start pushing the rock again. You got to roll it. And before and once it gets rolling,


Mallory Gordon  38:32

it’ll roll. Did you just say you have to roll your rock?


Mickey Gordon  38:35

Yeah, rock and roll, baby. Oh, I have to push


Mallory Gordon  38:42

the button.


Mickey Gordon  38:43

Don’t push me push my rock. But hey, you know what, that pretty much brings that segment to an end where we played a little game called he said, she said and we talked a little bit about what it means to be busy. And this is basically our gigantic Mia culpa. And to our guys, big hug going fuck we suck. We


Mallory Gordon  39:02

missed you guys. Crazy Sexy motherfuckers. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  39:06

we missed you guys. So we figured we’d get out here. And we talk a little bit before we get on. We do have a slew of interviews coming. We’ve got a bunch of great people joining us on the show. We’ve got a really cool couple of segments coming up that you guys are gonna do. Absolutely. I


Mallory Gordon  39:19

you know, I hope we give you guys a very informative entertaining summer because we got a lot on deck coming up. Yeah, and kind of a new segment of the show today. So we’re doing something that’s kind of like a mailbag. And we haven’t really done that previously,


Mickey Gordon  39:35

we really haven’t. And we’ve gotten a lot of good listener questions over the last several months. We’ve gotten some really good listener questions, some feedback from listeners, and yeah,


Mallory Gordon  39:43

and again, we don’t typically give like advice, advice, right? We can give you you know, our experience if we’ve had any, and just kind of, you know, paint a picture for you, you know, because we’re not licensed therapists. You know, we’re kind of fucking retarded at times, and I’d be me. Yeah, I mean, it is what it is.


Mickey Gordon  39:58

Yeah, but and we’re not perfect. We’ve been doing this a while. And we did get a question from a listener. Her name is Alex. And she has a pretty good question that we’re gonna get into after the break. And we’re gonna talk about it as we read it and kind of just give you feedback Alex as a listener, but, you know, hopefully other people that are listening that have similar experiences, maybe they’ll provide some feedback, too. And we’ll give them the opportunity to reach out Oh,


Mallory Gordon  40:23

yeah, and I think it’s a good one to go over dissect and discuss some kind of a long one.


Mickey Gordon  40:29

But we’ll get into that in just a second. We’ll come back right after this. You’re listening to casual swinger?


Mallory Gordon  40:56

Hey, guys, thanks for listening to casuals swinger you got Mallory here.


Mickey Gordon  40:59

And Mickey with? What are we doing?


Mallory Gordon  41:02

We’re doing? I don’t know. Do you call it mailbag? Do you call it on a beanbag beanbag. So we get messages. And some of them ask questions and look for advice and bring up some really interesting subjects. We got this email from a listener named Alex that we thought was really a great discussion point, because I think that there’s listeners out there, but I’ve been in the same boat. It is something similar.


Mickey Gordon  41:33

Yeah. And you know, what I thought was really interesting about Alex’s position here is that she had been in the lifestyle before, but it wasn’t a positive experience for her.


Mallory Gordon  41:43

Right, it was split down the middle. So and


Mickey Gordon  41:46

before we talk about it, why don’t since you’ve got such a pretty voice, why don’t you read at least the first paragraph of this email? And then


Mallory Gordon  41:53

sure, do you want me to read it in its entirety? Or do you kind of want me to summarize a little bit, it is pretty long,


Mickey Gordon  41:59

it will summarize where you feel is necessary to just make sure it gets across.


Mallory Gordon  42:02

So here goes, my boyfriend and I are going to go to our first club together and a few weeks after about a year of it being on the table. So they’ve been discussing this for some time. I’m super nervous and excited. At the same time, we both have previously had experiences in the lifestyle, but have not been in this environment before. And not as a couple. He was involved in the lifestyle for almost 10 years with his wife, and I was involved in a few years with the boyfriend. They’ve had several good experiences. And our he has had several good experiences in the last relationship. But unfortunately, most of her experiences were very negative or ended up being negative. So I find that interesting. And I’m going to pause there for a second. So two things. They both have experience, which usually going into it is a great icebreaker, right like it’s you already have someone who has established like a history there. But unfortunately, hers is negative. However, she’s turned that into Well, just because it was this way prior doesn’t necessarily it’s gonna mean i think it’s gonna be bad again, so strong she is it is and I have to give her mad props just for going you know what? I may be a little scared. A little nervous, but I think I’m gonna try this.


Mickey Gordon  43:25

Yeah. And what I what I really read into this is, you know, she does talk about that her relationship with her ex was abusive in a lot of ways.


Mallory Gordon  43:34

Yeah, we haven’t gotten to that part. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  43:37

And I don’t think that it’s necessary to call out all the ways that he was but he was abusive. Yeah. And that abuse didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the lifestyle.


Mallory Gordon  43:48

Yeah, I mean, we don’t know. We don’t know. Today, we don’t know either. But was paying. He didn’t


Mickey Gordon  43:53

take it that way. Right. She’s She’s saying hey, that, you know, the even though I didn’t have positive experiences, I’m interested in this again. Honestly, if the lifestyle was what was awful for her, she probably wouldn’t be


Mallory Gordon  44:04

exactly New Life New Leaf, you know, and she’s not it’s not um, what is it? Like the inversion, like when like, say I drink gin, for instance. bad enough, yeah, analogy. But if I get sick off of it, I never want to touch it again.


Mickey Gordon  44:18

My favorite thing that she says here is that she says my boyfriend now is amazing. And we have a great life together. And I want to be able to do this for myself. And for him. I love the idea of being able to fulfill each other’s fantasies, and I love collecting new experiences. A men, Alex, however, I want to say from Mickey’s perspective, I don’t think he wants you to do anything just for him. As a guy who loves the woman, he’s with very much. I would say he wants you to want things for both of you. Together. He wants something. And this is what we in the lifestyle that Mallory and I we do things that are about us. We do Things that are about togetherness. If something happens, even if it’s independent of each other, at the end of the day, it’s still about us. Yes. And that’s the way we approach the lifestyle is it’s always about us, even if we’re getting ours, you know, on an independent, you know, on a one off, or I mean, having a little solo play or whatever. It’s still about us. Everything is about us. So, I noticed here that you said that you want to do it for him. And if doing it together or doing it for both of you makes him happy, which I bet it will. That’s a really awesome thing. And that’s just that. Yeah, that’s kind of my perspective on it. So let’s talk about your insecurities. Do you want to read that last one? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  45:40

yeah, all read this paragraph. So she goes on to say that I also feel like I have so many insecurities running through my head. I’m worried I’ll be jealous. I’m worried I’ll feel less special. I definitely feel like he’s putting me on a pedestal. But I’ve been feeling insecure about my luck’s recently joined the three decade club, all girlfriend, it just starts to get good. Promise you that’s your sexual prime. Oh, yeah. She’s also worried that somehow she’ll disappoint them and that her insecurities about her experiences with you know, her ex may may come through. She says my boyfriend has been so amazing to me in every aspect. I don’t feel any pressure about this. I love that he’s really giving me the reins to take this at my own pace. So he words there.


Mickey Gordon  46:30

Yeah, they really are. And so Mallory, I think you actually can give her some really good feedback here. If you read back, actually, what she said Is she has insecurities about his experiences with his ex, yes, because he was in the lifestyle with his ex wife. Yes. So that’s something that we write,


Mallory Gordon  46:50

because now she feels like she’s going to be measured against something that was so positive that, you know, maybe that it won’t be the same or as good with her. I think that’s totally human. But I think it’s so disruptive to what you’re trying to do. I could tell you not to spend the cycles on it. But it’s really hard to do that as a girl. Let’s face it, ladies, we all kick ourselves worry about things we shouldn’t from time to time, and it’s to our own detriment. You know, you’re in this for each other. He’s with you for you. So I want to address


Mickey Gordon  47:25

Yeah, I want to address something she said here. She said she’s worried she’ll be jealous. She’s worried she’ll feel less special because he puts her on a pedestal. And she’s insecure about her look. So I’m gonna address those three things separately. First of all, jealousy. Jealousy is a natural emotion that every being in the world feels our dogs get jealous over who is getting petted? Most right?


Mallory Gordon  47:50

Can I add something to that? If you expect to feel a certain amount of jealousy? I think that’s that’s normal. Right? I think even as experienced as we are that that emotion still comes up. It’s how you deal with it. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  48:06

It is how you deal with it. You have to understand and accept and say, Okay, I feel this. Now, how do I want to deal with this? Why am I feeling this way? Does this feeling of jealousy? Does it mean something is is it rightful is something happening that shouldn’t be happening is something that happening that is not about us? Now, all of the things that you have stated here, can be addressed with communication. Communication is the number one thing that matters and the lifestyle in any couple. And it matters so much that if you don’t do a good job of it, bad things happen. Bad things happen in relationships that aren’t lifestyle when communication is broken. So if you communicate together and you talk about what you want, you talk about what you want to do you talk about your rules and what’s going to happen. So there are no surprises that’s going to help you heard that jealousy issue, self soothing and understanding your feelings will help you with the jealousy issue.


Mallory Gordon  48:59



Mickey Gordon  49:00

And about you feeling less special. If he puts you on a pedestal already, I don’t think you’re going to have that problem darlin you know, he’s he’s got you on a pedestal because you belong there. Your is your is clean, and he loves you. And I think he’s got you on that pedestal. He wants you to feel special. And he may want you to perform for him. He may want to watch you that may be his thing. So maybe you’ll even be on a bigger pedestal when you guys play. Now how you feel about your looks. You know, there’s a great thing going on on Twitter right now about body positivity and other lifestyle is for all kinds, all sizes, all types. And we would encourage you to rock what you got.


Mallory Gordon  49:41



Mickey Gordon  49:43

In the car business. They say there’s an ass for every seat. And I’ll tell you life is no different. You are somebody’s cup of tea and that guy across from you is one of them. So go find two other people that think the same thing and you guys are gonna have a great, great time. Man, I love that you don’t feel pressure about this. I love that he’s awesome to you. You know if we help you by talking about this, shoot us another email, you know, we’d love to catch up with you. But insecurities and getting out of your own head taken off pressure, just take a breath. Just take a breath and go have some fun.


Mallory Gordon  50:14

Don’t Don’t. Don’t focus on your insecurities focus on each other.


Mickey Gordon  50:18

Yeah, and if you can’t do anything else, just fuck it and rock on. Right? You know, it’s


Mallory Gordon  50:25

girl wash your face. That’s right. Take a shot.


Mickey Gordon  50:28

Move on. Yeah, you don’t have to play to have a good time. And you go out in the lifestyle right? We went out had a great time on Saturday, a anaise party, and we didn’t do a damn thing that we left there going.


Mallory Gordon  50:39

Absolutely. I can’t say that. I feel awesome. Because Oh, big news that I forgot to announce that I quit smoking. Oh, that’s all of that bullshit.


Mickey Gordon  50:48

That’s right. Yeah. In the middle of all this now. Yeah, quit smoking. I


Mallory Gordon  50:52

put on a couple of pounds. That’s nothing to do with my hand to mouth syndrome for


Mickey Gordon  50:55

four pounds.


Mallory Gordon  50:58

It’s much more than that. I’ll totally lied. Totally lied.


Mickey Gordon  51:04

You know what, and we’ve had all the sex.


Mallory Gordon  51:06

Yeah, no, you still love me. Thank you for that.


Mickey Gordon  51:09

It’s so much fun. You know, we’re having a great time, folks. But we have missed you. And this was an our This was our opportunity to catch up with a listener who was nice enough to send us a message with honestly, a lot going on. And I loved that she came back from, you know, a bad place.


Mallory Gordon  51:25

I need to I need to have a lot of respect and admiration for her.


Mickey Gordon  51:29

Yeah. Oh, good about that. And you know, Hey, I got to give a shout out before we go. Oh shit. Jojo, and Walt


Mallory Gordon  51:35

showed you on Walt rockin our swag swag game.


Mickey Gordon  51:39

Love it. That picture got posted on Twitter yesterday Jojo and well, we sent him some t shirts because they were pretty much our first Twitter fans. He jumped out you know, listening to our show and and love the show and we made some t shirts and we sent them a couple and they wore them to a swinger event in Southern California this week. God


Mallory Gordon  51:55

bless them like I have this weird like, love for them. I’ve never met them in person but like I think about them and how sweet and kind they’ve been and I get teary eyed


Mickey Gordon  52:06

right? And like what did you see the picture on Instagram to have Nicole’s heat Obama did like she turned her shirt into a sexy a little


Mallory Gordon  52:14

a little Chica is hot.


Mickey Gordon  52:16

Yeah, so we’ve got like some of our swag floating around I know, which is pretty cool. So if you are interested in picking up your own casual swinger swag, you can find that on our website which is www casual we make like two bucks on every t shirt. So make us rich by like a million of them.


Mallory Gordon  52:33

Yes, please. And also don’t forget, if you have questions, comments, feedback, please reach out to us at podcast at casual swinger Comm. That is our bucket email and we’d be happy to communicate with you there. Also leave us a review on iTunes. It definitely helps and it makes us feel good about herself. So it does I mean, I go in and touch myself after everyone me to write four times I read them two or three times because that’s


Mickey Gordon  52:57

just me. Now there’s that one guy that left us the really fucking terrible review though. Like he has no life. I’m pretty sure he lives with his mother masturbates to like the Sears catalog.


Mallory Gordon  53:05

Oh, you’re talking about milk toasts? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  53:07

whatever his name is, but hey, Is there even a Sears catalog anymore? Am I that old?


Mallory Gordon  53:12

I think you are that old. Fuck me anyways, right


Mickey Gordon  53:15

now. Yeah, maybe? Well, guys, this has been Episode 20 of casual swinger. We’re gonna call season one done soon. So maybe 20 to 24 episodes, we’ll call season one done. And we’ll move on to a whole new episode series thing we’re gonna do but it’s gonna be fun. This was a blast. We hope you enjoyed it. And we’ll be back in two weeks with yet another episode of casual swinger. Love you guys that will do it. Guys. You’ve been listening to casual swinger.



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