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Mickey and Mallory invited Stacey in to help us understand the differences between the different kinds of skin care in a lifestyle world where great grooming is often the difference between a successful hookup and a failure to launch. Sheila hopped in for color commentary and a great wax job.

Of course, the girls decided that Mickey had to get waxed TOO…and his poor, (but still glorious) man parts were sacrificed to the giggling harpies at the end of the table…


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S02E04 – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Thu, 9/2 9:58AM • 1:11:23


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Sheila, Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advised.


Mickey Gordon  00:53

Hey there everybody. Welcome back to casual swinger. My name is Nikki and I’m Mallory. We are recording in a special place today, which is a different room of the house.


Mallory Gordon  01:01

It is it is written


Mickey Gordon  01:04

for Victorian media room. Okay, it’s a media room to be honest. But anyway, we’ve got a special guest with us today. We got a young lady by the name of Stacy. She’s an aesthetician Say hi. Hi. Hey,


Mallory Gordon  01:15

thank you so much for joining us. This is like, just amazing. I think you were my first friend. I don’t know if you know this when I moved here because like it was like, gynecologists esthetician, let’s do this.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  01:26

Yes, I can definitely relate to that. Because when I opened my business here, I didn’t know anyone. So actually, all of the friends that I have here are people that I’ve met through Lake Mary waxing, love it, so have it well, we appreciate your company. Thank you for having me.


Mickey Gordon  01:41

Oh, no, thank you very much. You know, grooming in the lifestyle is a big deal. Nobody wants to go down on any walk. Right? So it’s I mean,


Mallory Gordon  01:50

people might some people might but I mean there’s a there’s different levels of grooming different types of grooming and being in a sufficient we thought you’d be the perfect person to bring on and talk about all the facets of taking care of your skin. What?


Mickey Gordon  02:02

waxing clean your junk. Junk, or Hey, there’s other bodies. Yeah, but I mean really all I care about junk. And so we brought Stacy in today to talk about this. We also have another special guest who’s sitting behind me she’s very quiet now the way Sheila How are you honey? holler. She said she’s awake. So she’s here. We’re gonna get waxed today. All I know, casual swinger. I am very fucking concerned right now.


Mallory Gordon  02:29

We all look like Chewbacca below the belt right now.


Mickey Gordon  02:31

Oh, I seriously have a full on 70s


Mallory Gordon  02:34

it may have been like lowing on them. Like just to watch the


Mickey Gordon  02:39

showers really cool. I felt the breeze blowing in my


Mallory Gordon  02:42

never seen your drone out before the answer,


Mickey Gordon  02:44

my dears blowing in my pubes. Alright, so let’s get talking to Stacy. Let’s talk about grooming.


Mallory Gordon  02:52

Yeah, well, let’s talk about you first. Tell us about your business, who you are and what you do.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  02:57

So I opened Lake Mary waxing. Two years ago, a little over two years ago, when I moved here, I moved here from Los Angeles. And I moved here because I was having a baby with my husband. And we wanted to be closer to family. So I said, Well, I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Because this is what I do. This is what I love to do. And I want to make it happen here. So I had that in my head. And I knew it was what I wanted to do. I love skincare and removing hair. And you know, there’s a bigger side of it to me, helping people meeting people connecting with them. That’s probably what I’m most passionate about it. I think everything else just comes easy for me as far as my talent with it. You know, when you’re good at something you just are, you’re good at it. So for me, it’s a little bit. I think more than that, like I get a lot out of what I do. So I wanted to keep it going here. And I opened the business and I started with zero clients. And I think I would have, you know, one or two like a month. And then now I see about 80 to 100 people a month. So it’s been really good.


Mickey Gordon  04:17

That is a lot. Another reason


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  04:18

there’s a lot it is, and you know, probably 85% of my business is bikini waxes Really? Yeah, I do have a small amount of people that will just do eyebrows or underarms or you know, something on their face. But most people are getting Brazilians. Mostly Yeah, with your hand. And then whatever else they want to but it’s probably about 85% of my business.


Mickey Gordon  04:45

So we party at Hito, four times a year and you see more naked people that we do. Yeah, yeah. I see a lot of people naked. Yeah. So I think I’ve can paraphrase you in a really short sentences. You’re a sadist. Passion is tearing people’s hair off. They’re another I don’t know that


Mallory Gordon  05:04

she expressed like I get off on like people like she’s passionate


Mickey Gordon  05:07

about watching people.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  05:11

Well, if you look at my reviews, a lot of people will say it’s the most painless wax I’ve ever had. It didn’t hurt. She’s very gentle. So


Mallory Gordon  05:20

it is you do a great job. And I’m I am a wuss. Like I am not the person you want to bear your pain because I will crack I will crumble and you’re always fine. But I will say it’s the best experience I’ve ever had. And that comes with, you know, having that passion, compassion and being good at what you do and making us feel at ease.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  05:39

I swear I don’t want to hurt you or anyone.


Mallory Gordon  05:42

You also make us leave there feeling confident about ourselves to and that doesn’t matter if it’s my nose hair or eyebrows or my Brazilian wax like you feel better when you leave because you feel quaffed clean. You feel. Yeah, definitely just busted out quad


Mickey Gordon  05:57

on the show. Alright, everybody get a dictionary. Mallory used a college word college words everybody on casual swinger?


Mallory Gordon  06:04

Oh, I don’t mean to sound condescending. Oh, it was.


Mickey Gordon  06:10

So I don’t think anybody wants to like cop TV, are they thinking it hurts because you’re like, all in shape. And Shin got that whole, like, you know, I think they’re like, I’m tough. I can handle it.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  06:19

I never lie to people and say that it’s not gonna hurt. You are getting hair pulled from your body. So from the root, it would be ideally, that’s how I approach it, you know?


Mickey Gordon  06:34

Not gonna lie to you. This is gonna hurt one of us. Oh,


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  06:37

it would not be realistic for me to tell you that. But I will say that 100% of the time with new clients, people come in and they say it’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Oh, that’s good. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  06:51

Okay, so let’s, I mean, we’ve got a lot of questions for you. But I’m curious, you know, somebody that’s thinking about coming in and getting this sort of thing done. What sort of person makes the leap from shaving to waxing? And what are the primary benefits of it?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  07:04

Well, and and this is another thing I love about what I do is, waxing isn’t confined to like one type of person. You could have somebody that’s, you know, a nudist, so they prefer to have no hair. They could be a stripper. You could have a virgin who has skin issues with the razor. Yeah. Or, you know, I get married women, older women, very modest women, but they just don’t like the razor. And they just want to get cleaned up.


Mallory Gordon  07:36

It’s a lot of upkeep. I mean, yeah, I think about it, I have super sensitive skin. So one of the leaps that I made it, I was researching ways to get rid of the bumps, irritation, and the constant need. I mean, I was a mom was working full time, like, I want to shave every other day. But I wanted to feel sexy when it comes to there. So in my research, it told me that this might be an option for that. And I mean, do you feel that’s true? Does it reduce the level of irritation and maybe


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  08:02

bumps that we don’t like to talk about? As long as you’re doing proper at home care? Yes. Okay, but not if you’re just coming in, you know, whenever you feel like it, and then you’re going home and putting crappy products on your skin, because when you wax your pores are open. So anything that you put on your skin is going right in, and when you wax your hair actually starts to thin out. So if you’re getting that, yeah, it thins out, it’s much finer, there’s less of it. So if you’re waxing and now you’ve got these open pores and you’re clogging them with parabens and sulfates, or you’re not exfoliating and you sweat a lot or you’ve got dry skin, what’s going to happen is your pores are going to get clogged and these nice, fine little hairs are just simply not strong enough to penetrate through whatever’s going on in there. So without the proper homecare, like you’re gonna have a bad time. Basically you’re gonna have bumps and breakouts and things that you don’t want. But if you do everything that you’re supposed to, you can avoid all that and have great skin.


Mickey Gordon  09:08

So you just mentioned a couple of things like parabens and sulfates and that’s all Greek to me on college words again. But let’s So you said good products and crappy products. What is a good product versus a crappy product? What are some of its characteristics and what are some that you would recommend for before care after care that sort of thing.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  09:27

And this is strictly when it comes to waxing. All natural products are going to be a go. Natural Products don’t have parabens and sulfates you know the things that make all those nice bubbles that make you feel really clean. Those are not cleaning you fragrance fragrances Yeah, but you know you can get really nice smelling things from natural oils like tea tree or pine oil. There’s a brand out there that’s relatively inexpensive called Jason’s it’s not what I carry, because it’s not what I use. But I do recommend it for people who are looking for something a little bit more budget friendly. Yeah, Jason’s is great. You could get it at TJ Maxx. The brand I use is from California, it’s called to well, and it is a little expensive, but it’s worth every penny. In fact, the body wash has a touch of glycol in it. So you’re getting an exfoliant just through that. You want to avoid I, I tell my clients to avoid things like sugar scrubs and salt scrubs, particularly for the bikini area, legs, arms, okay. But the sugar and the salt are just a little bit too abrasive, in my opinion for the bikini area. I recommend Yeah, I recommend pumice. And even a lot of the say if you were like, Well, I have this dove body wash and it has its exfoliants. And it smells really good. Stuff like that is not good. Because typically what those exfoliants are, those little beads are plastic. So if you have open pores, it’s different than if you’re just you know, rubbing that on skin that you’ve shaved, it doesn’t matter because there’s still hair in the poor. But if you have an open pore, and you’re putting plastic in it, I mean, that’s terrible for your skin.


Mallory Gordon  11:23

Yeah. And it’s kind of I mean, I don’t want to say tantamount, but it’s like, would you drink it? Right? No, like, you’re gonna die if I put this in my mouth. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  11:32

Yeah. Is any of that stuff that you just said? I mean, does it? Is it different for people who shave the instead of getting waxed? Because right now we are talking to some of your institutions true skincare in addition to waxing? So is it different if you shave versus wax?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  11:45

In a way in different ways? Yes. Because for example, if you’re shaving, you’re only removing what’s on the surface of the skin. So the poor that’s beneath the skin still has that hair in it. The razor is very drying. So if you’re using something that has a lot, you’re taking away live skin, not just dead skin. So if you are then putting on something that’s like really has a lot of fragrance to it that’s drying in itself. So you could spin an alcohol, right, exactly. So you’re going to have irritation, but for different reasons. So I don’t really ever recommend anything that’s not all natural for your skin. It’s kind of bad, any which way you look at it.


Mallory Gordon  12:31

So let’s pretend that I’m brand new. I’ve never walked before and I come to you. Is there anything that you should know about me or I should know about myself? As an aesthetician before I go get waxed, regardless of the area.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  12:42

I’m like, definitely I have everybody sign a waiver. If you’re on any kind of like retinoids or blood thinners. If you’re taking you know you’re doing skin thinning treatment facials, there is a timeframe that you have to wait to get waxed. And people know that which is why I have them sign a waiver because people are like, well, I’ve got a date tonight. And I want my eyebrows done. So if your skin peels off when I’m waxing you, you know, I told you and you can’t sue me.


Mallory Gordon  13:15

Yeah, but I mean like what about like allergies? Or like skin type tone type of hair? Like is there anything we should know? Let’s let’s talk about like maybe just down there like over shaving? like should I be what? What kind of full transparency Do you need for me to give me the right feedback? In order to have the best experience


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  13:32

the right feedback for me is just going to be you know in in regards to what I’m doing to your skin so in other words, I’m putting all natural products on your skin I do need to know of allergies are you allergic to tea tree? Are you allergic to Arnica? Are you allergic to aloe? So most people know these things, some people don’t. And even if you don’t, the reason why it’s okay is because it’s natural. So I tell all of my new clients you know, worst case scenario, you may have a histamine reaction. You may have not known not have known that you are allergic to lavender, and you are so In which case, throw some aloe on whatever area take a Benadryl and you’ll be fine. And that’s what I like about using all natural products is it’s very safe for me as a business owner.


Mickey Gordon  14:30

So, obviously, you said that 85% of your customers are bikini wax, chances are you’re not talking about dudes. When it guys get done. I know you don’t characteristically handle men but in your industry. I mean what a guys get waxed.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  14:44

I have a lot of male clients that get their eyebrows. Chest back back is big here. Mostly eyebrows, I would say and I do have a lot of calls about the man zillion


Mickey Gordon  15:01

Tell me what that wait.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  15:03

No, no. The man zillion. You have the Brazilian and then you have the man zillion. So it’s pretty


Mickey Gordon  15:11

much butthole wax.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  15:12

Yeah, and actually, I will do but strips for men. That’s fine, but I just do not have the time to weed through the perverts. Okay, so I’m not going to unfortunately, it’s just not a service that I offer. I mean, I mean, the serious purpose


Mallory Gordon  15:33

is that you do not want to be in a closed room when exactly, we were funny.



Oh, yeah.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  15:39

So it’s just not a road that I want to go down and people make a lot of money doing it. I mean, you could charge $100 for a man zillion. And it could take you 15 minutes. Well, um, but it’s just a lot of Yeah. It’s just a lot of people looking for the wrong thing.


Mickey Gordon  15:57

Do you know why pervert cross the road? No, because the stick was stuck in the chicken.


Mallory Gordon  16:01

Just say so not, you’re grounded.


Mickey Gordon  16:05

So anyway, yeah. Sorry.


Mallory Gordon  16:07

Do you hear about that a lot in the industry, though, like the the gentlemen that cannot behave themselves? Yeah,


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  16:11

sir. I’m part of a lot of different like blogs and groups on Facebook and things just to, you know, be in the loop. And you do hear about I mean, you’ll be you know, turning around stirring your wax pot and somebody ejaculated, like, it’s just, I never want to be in that situation.


Mallory Gordon  16:33

I can’t say that I blame you. I mean, there’s there’s also safety to consider, but like, and talk about, like, me to come back.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  16:40

And it is my decision, I am married. And my husband straight up was like, Look, if that’s what you want to do, because he didn’t know at first He’s like, Wait, do you do men? And I’m like, no. And he’s like, Well, you know, if you do, I just don’t, I don’t want to know, I don’t care. And I’m like, Well, you know, I don’t so.


Mickey Gordon  16:59

Well, I’m trying to, I’m trying to reconcile on my end as a guy, like, first of all, to go from quick, she turned around, let me pound one out real quick, right to she’s getting ready to rip hair off my asshole, I am not going to come anyways, everyone


Mallory Gordon  17:12

has their own brand of legality, and that’s fine. But it’s always with consent. And that doesn’t sound very consensual to me that


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  17:20

I turn on it is that the person doesn’t know that you’re doing it. And the man finds that to be, you know, like, he gets off on that, like he likes that you’re not you don’t know what’s going on? Well, that’s what I’ve taken from


Mickey Gordon  17:35

our listeners, you’re not okay with that in the lifestyle. You know what, let’s put this out there. I think we said this earlier. Stacy, you’re obviously not in the lifestyle. Are you just tolerate you just tolerate. By you know, consent is a big conversation has been for the better part of the last year, there’s been a lot of conversation about consent and what’s okay and what’s not okay, and talking to somebody before. I mean, we’re very touchy, feely, lovely group of people anyway. But hug, kiss, put your arm around somebody. And even that has started to become a concern in lifestyle circles. So I can only imagine in your circles, what people you know, are the consent conversation that you have to have, I’m going to touch you, I’m going to put this on you, you understand that? Right? I mean, that has to be a huge conversation for you. Right? Especially with new clients, make sure they know what they’re getting into.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  18:22

I think people know what they’re getting into when they come in. And my job is to take control of that so that they don’t have to feel like they have to do anything. I want them to be comfortable with me. The first time I had ever gotten a Brazilian wax was in Texas with my sister and I was visiting her and she was like, you have to do this. So I’m like, Okay, I’m all excited about it like and most people that do this are excited for their first time we came in and it was this beautiful spa and the girl that was doing mine, we were getting pedicures first. And you could just tell that she did not want to be there. So I had to sit through like a 45 minute pedicure with her and then be kind of in like this vulnerable position. Like I was vulnerable. I mean, I was very uncomfortable. Like she was not nice to me. And I still did it but like I didn’t feel good. And that has always stuck with me and I never want anybody to feel like that. That’s why I appreciate you because my first experience was horrifying, like didn’t speak much English. It was basically like a cattle call like it was a spa but yeah, the Watson center like they took no appointment she was in when she was then. And like you stood there in line and like, there were strips and I should have walked out I just didn’t know any better but like strips of somebody else’s hair like stuck to the floor. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  19:50

I know. I know. Hello comments and should have clicked but I was like I was feeling so brave. Like I finally decided to do it that I was going for


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  19:59

it and most people people that come in have been researching it and thinking about it for like months. So it’s a big deal for them. And I get that, like you are coming in. And this is like, what’s going on in your life right now? Like, this is a big deal.


Mickey Gordon  20:13

And this is your fourth beaver this morning that you’re Yeah, yeah. It’s just like, whatever.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  20:18

And I’m like, I tell people, I’m like, this is not the place to be shy. Like, this is my job.


Mallory Gordon  20:23

I mean, she’s literally ripping like, my lip, and we’re talking about family. And what we’re doing is Yeah, we talk about the show.


Mickey Gordon  20:32

We talked about, you know, what makes a good place to go and what makes products good. And what makes a good aesthetician. It sounds to me like confidence makes a good esthetician that because your natural confidence, you exude it. So it makes the people around, you feel better, right?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  20:47

I really enjoy making people feel better, good, whatever, even if somebody confident walks in the door, anybody that comes in, I want them to feel better than they did before they came in. And, you know, you do have like, my techniques that I use, I’ve developed over the past, you know, eight or nine years. So my technique is there. But yeah, people I feel like, you know, sometimes though, there was a salon that had opened across the street, or I opened my salon with a European wax center two miles away, like that just didn’t concern me because my clients, I feel like, come to me because of me. And I just so happened to, you know, be skilled at what I do. So I do think that it’s, you know, that makes sense that you would that you would pick up on that.


Mallory Gordon  21:45

I’ll say for folks that aren’t local to the Lake Mary area here and can’t come see you. Although they may want to desperately? What, what things should they look for? If they’re going to a new institution? or looking for their first institution? What advice could you give them?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  21:59

Um, the advice that I would give, because there’s a lot of, I would say outdated information on the internet, like people are like, Oh, we don’t double dip our sticks. Well, nobody does. Like, nobody does that anymore. They might have like, 10 years ago in a salon. But I think more of the things that you would want to look out for. And it’s very easy to keep a clean space, like you’re not if you walk in and you see that it’s filthy, like I mean, obviously you would leave. But I think more of the things to look out for would be if somebody is rushing you, or if you feel like they’re not explaining why they use the products that they use, you should probably ask them like, what kind of products you use unless they give it to you? Because I mean, I know they’re softer waxes and harder waxes, but I don’t know. Yeah. And what that means. I mean, if somebody is not upfront, talking to you about those kind of things, that would be a red flag for me. Okay. If they’re just like, Yeah, come on, in, stripped down. You know, part of the reason why I do the consultation is to not only get information on things like allergies and whatnot, but it’s also to kind of open up the door to conversation and to make them feel comfortable with what I’m doing. So I would, I would definitely, it would be a red flag for me if I went somewhere and didn’t feel like I was being treated as an individual. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  23:29

What about licensing? Should we check for that?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  23:32

You know, I don’t even have my license hung up in my room. Yeah, I have it. Um, but I mean, is that hey, I mean, you could meet the best waxer in the world and she may not even be licensed. Okay, that’s fair. But yeah, definitely, if you feel like somebody is rushing you or if you’re getting waxed, and you feel like giant strips of wax on you, like that’s not normal,


Mallory Gordon  23:59

giant strips. Yeah, I like how giant like my legs of my arm or herd of


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  24:04

people will do like one strip right across the top, or like one from the top of the thigh to the inner lower leg. Those are all kind of for me, you know, if you’re not removing the hair properly, meaning from the root, you are breaking it probably at the root. So yes, you leave with skin that has no hair on it, but the hair is gonna grow back as if you shaved because a waxed hair. The new hair that grows in is a brand new hair so it’s different, it’s tapered at the tip. A shaved hair is blunt, and when you don’t pull the hair from the root, it doesn’t shrink the follicle at all which is the purpose of waxing because you want the hair to thin out and then eventually stop growing. So if you’re just constantly breaking it at the root, you’re not getting the benefits of of waxing. So when you have huge strip light strips like that it’s just not the proper way to remove the hair from the root.


Mickey Gordon  25:06

Alright, so we’ve got you here today to do some waxing. Yes, live on casual swinger, which I am very fucking nervous about before we get to that. I’m excited. You’re on the show, we do try to have some fun. So I’m going to ask you a question. Yeah, the most awkward or weird or funniest shit that’s ever happened on a waxing table? You don’t don’t use names, obviously. Yeah. For your, for our listeners. What’s the worst that can happen? So let’s hear it.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  25:32

You know, it’s there’s a lot of different people that you meet. I’ve met men with, you know, they would come in for a leg wax, and they’ve got on a hot pink thong and bellybutton rings, and hair extensions. I’ve seen it. I’ve had a woman She must have been from the, I think she was from like Phillip, the Philippines. And she came in with what I believe to be, you know, the guy that Mel ordered her. And she just was very sweet. She was all of maybe like 70 pounds. And she came in and she was so scared. And I’m like, you know, why are you here? What are we doing today? And she’s like, Well, my husband, she didn’t speak much English. And I’m like, okay, she’s like, and she told me she had her period. I said, Okay, well, you just need to be using a tampon, no big deal. And she’s like, well, I just have a pad and I said, Well, you know, you need a tampon in order for me to wax you. And I forget what happened if I gave her one or if she got one from somebody. But she comes back from the bathroom. And she’s up on the table and I always have people butterfly their legs. So here she is,


Mickey Gordon  26:44

what does that look like? Because,


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  26:45

like you’re touching the bottoms of your feet together. So it’s like the butterfly frog position. So here she is this tiny woman and her legs are out. And she’s got a tampon hanging out like two inches. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  27:03

bless her heart. So I did it because I felt so bad. Like I just plaster or you put the tampon. No. I waxed her. I have no idea.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  27:20

But I did feel I was uncomfortable. But I just I didn’t have the heart to tell her like


Mallory Gordon  27:26

you didn’t like I’m not gonna be harder.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  27:29

Yeah, it was all the way out pretty much maybe like except for, you know, a half an inch there. It was that I was just like, really?


Mickey Gordon  27:37

What’s this supposed to do?


Mallory Gordon  27:39

This is what we’re doing. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  27:41

yeah. Some


Mallory Gordon  27:42

of you are not making her day harder though. Bite your tongue.


Mickey Gordon  27:46

Right dive in. I’m like, I’m just gonna do this for her. Well, we could sit here and talk to you all day. I know. I have a lot of questions because I don’t know how we’re talking about. That’s okay. We’re gonna watch it because we know you got to get out of here and get back to your regularly scheduled life. Before we do that you were going to wax Mallory and Sheila here in today. So we’re gonna rearrange these mics a little bit and and you’re going to talk us through what it means to wax these beautiful ladies. And I’m gonna sit over here and not doing it. Anticipate no ejaculating no jacket All right, we’re gonna get this set up but it’s gonna take us just a couple minutes and we’re gonna be right back after this. Mallory you want to remind everybody where to find us sir


Mallory Gordon  28:27

you know you guys can find a schedule somewhere everywhere that is www casuals from your comm you can send us a message podcast act casual Springer. We love your feedback, your messages, your questions, please leave us a review on iTunes. If you get a moment and if you want to find us on social media that is STC SLS pacity with her Instagram and YouTube and YouTube o w mission. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  28:51

So many places. Hey, everybody. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for hanging out. We’ll be right back. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Alright, we’re back. So everybody that’s listening at home. Stacey just said the Mallory’s badge will get a little sticky.


Mallory Gordon  29:19

Yes. Yeah, apparently there’s humidity.


Mickey Gordon  29:23

It’s a humid place.


Mallory Gordon  29:24

Yes. You look a little concern there.


Mickey Gordon  29:30

I’m more concerned for my own Well, I don’t care what happens there


Mallory Gordon  29:33

is there is a trick to getting your another reason wax in my humble opinion. Like if you could have conversation and kind of like busy yourself and like taking a deep breath. And like inhaling exhaling while the strip is being pulled off definitely helps me personally. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  29:52

I got it. So this is a I get what you were talking about. When we were doing the intro here. We kind of talked about vulnerability and how some people can I feel like this is an incredibly vulnerable place to be.


Mallory Gordon  30:02

Yeah. Aside from you and my gynecologist like, this is the second most vulnerable position. I’ve, I usually,


Mickey Gordon  30:09

I kind of feel like Stacey might know you better than you’re gonna know. She says you’re like more often.


Mallory Gordon  30:13

Yeah, that’s true. Like once a year,


Mickey Gordon  30:17

have you ever had to look at a customer and go, you may want to do something about that.


Mallory Gordon  30:22

Let’s talk about etiquette and like pre grooming before you go to get


Mickey Gordon  30:26

your baking bread down there, lady.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  30:27

Yeah, um, you know, the, the thing about that is people kind of have this misconception that somebody is going to come in dirty or with a yeast infection or whatever. But most people that come to wax do so because they care about this area. So they’re already so they’re not gonna come in, like leaking or Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  30:54

So if you’ve got something dripping from your ganja, that’s the same color as this wax. Yeah, it’s like, fluorescent green, by the way.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  31:01

And fortunately for me, I’ve never had that problem where I’ve had to tell somebody you know that I’m not able to wax nearly as they should maybe see a doctor.


Mickey Gordon  31:14

I’m gonna need you to let me see if I


Mallory Gordon  31:17

can we


Mickey Gordon  31:17

you first quaffed and now pustule? Yeah. Are you trying to make every listener turn off their radio right now? Sorry.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  31:26

No, I’ve never had anybody that I mean, I’ve definitely like I’ve been doing this for eight or nine years. So I’ve definitely had some people that, you know, weren’t the best kept. But those aren’t the people that come down.


Mallory Gordon  31:43

What do you mean? My cuz it really goodies.


Mickey Gordon  31:47

Your goodies are out there for the world.


Mallory Gordon  31:48

When the one on the side did hurt, though. It doesn’t feel great. It’s like


Mickey Gordon  31:54

taking it over your head.


Mallory Gordon  31:56

But it’s been way worse. So like, this is the walk in the park compared to other experiences I’ve had like,


Mickey Gordon  32:02

like your first one. Yeah, fuck you. I’m leaving. No.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  32:08

Most people I would I I see are pretty. Now I also work in a great area. I’ve worked in some not so great areas that, you know, sometimes I would see somebody and I would just pray that they never come back.


Mickey Gordon  32:23

Please don’t ever give me your money again.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  32:29

But those people don’t care about their skin. So they’re just coming in because they have like a hot date or like, you know, Valentine’s Day will sometimes bring people out of the woodwork in the wrong area.


Mickey Gordon  32:44

So, I mean, basically, if you’re going to go to the effort of getting wax done, you probably you’re doing it because somebody is going to see that space, right? If you if you’re one of those people that never gets laid, you really care if you’ve got a giant bush down there.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  32:58

Um, it depends on the person. It really does, because I have met people that are single, but they just have irritated skin and they’ve heard that this can help them or their friends do it and they, you know, pass along how much cleaner they feel how much better it is. So you can get people that you know, no one’s seeing it. I had full on Napoleon Dynamite. Like when I was in high school it was pretty impressive. Like you go to zip up and like oh god I


Mallory Gordon  33:29

really did I need to wait. I remember the first time like thinking to myself because I had sex at a very young age so young that like I it’s embarrassing to even talk about like we do gag, but like thinking that like I couldn’t see like what I wanted to done there. So I literally trimmed it with scissors. Ouch. Well, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  33:52

scissors and I’m like hey, you can use scissors just been going way too long.


Mallory Gordon  33:55

Yeah, right. But like I didn’t know any better like we didn’t really have internet


Mickey Gordon  34:03

so Frank just messaged over and said what if you happen to like giant bush stop judging Mickey


Mallory Gordon  34:09

I’m not judging him at all more parents bush good for him.


Mickey Gordon  34:16

He does he is a firm burger kind of guy.


Mallory Gordon  34:19

This is not gonna feel bad I’m gonna pass out really bad I may throw up in the floor to me those of those to the sides like they cross over like just on the edge of where your lips me like your legs to me that is one of the more sensitive areas


Mickey Gordon  34:39

well now I know what it looks like a prizefighter after every time you come back from CST


Mallory Gordon  34:44

the ibuprofen definitely helps in my opinion you take you know a couple of before and then a couple after you know obviously no more than the recommended dosages but it definitely helps reduce the inflammation cuz I have very sensitive skin and it gets like puffy and red. Yeah, and your pores will get upset at you? Yes.


Mickey Gordon  35:02

Yeah, well, I can’t imagine why,


Mallory Gordon  35:04

like, anything abrasive, like no exfoliating, nothing like that for at least the first like three days. Okay. Let it calm down.


Mickey Gordon  35:16

It’s really crazy. So and for those of you that haven’t been out and been wax before, when she dips this tongue depressor into the wax. It’s like cotton candy. She has to pull it up and like twist it and wrap it around. And then it’s this art form like hand wavy lake. Where it is when Guardium leviosa I think she does with the you know, look at my geek cred. I’ve been to Universal. But yeah, she does a little magic one wavy thing, right over Mallory’s pusa. And then off goes there.


Mallory Gordon  35:48

Yeah, pretty much just like that.


Mickey Gordon  35:51

We need to think of the spell that gets rid of us here. What is it?


Mallory Gordon  35:55

Think it’s laser? Something laser?


Mickey Gordon  35:59

Yeah, I think a couple of years ago, or a year or so ago, Keaton Darrell did a laser episode where they got lasered Live on the Air. Yeah, something tells me that probably is different than if I’ve had laser. Yeah. What was it worth it experience?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  36:13

The thing with lasers, you never know if it’s gonna work until you stop the treatments. So you could potentially spend a lot of money. And then several months after you stop getting the treatments, because it’s similar to waxing in the sense that you go like every five or six weeks. And but once you stop, the hair could very well come back. But while you’re getting the treatments, it won’t.


Mickey Gordon  36:37

So isn’t it true? That laser works best on people with fair skin and dark hair? Yes. So if you’re a ginger with light skin, you’re screwed.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  36:45

If yes, pretty much. Or if you’re an African American with dark hair, you want a contrast between your hair and your skin. So if you’re like a Chinese person, and you’ve got really fair skin and black hair, you’re probably a great candidate for laser. Me Not that my skin is super dark or light, but it is more olive. So I don’t have that contrast, which is why I don’t think that it worked for me. Having a child menopause, all of those things that affect you hormonal II can cause the hair to grow back to so it’s just not for me personally, it’s not. I need more of a guarantee if I’m going to spend all that money.


Mallory Gordon  37:35

Amen, sister.


Mickey Gordon  37:36

It makes perfect sense. So I’d like to point out that Mallory has not made a sound playing table.


Mallory Gordon  37:43

Typical appointment here, except we’re usually making fun of our family and talking about kids and stuff


Mickey Gordon  37:49

laying here with our who. Yeah, pretty much. An alien blood smeared all over it.


Mallory Gordon  37:56

Actually, I think I was in this exact position where I told Stacy here I was like, yeah, so my husband and I were doing a lifestyle podcast. And she was like, why


Mickey Gordon  38:06

did you react? What’s the lifestyle? Yeah, what was that? Tell us about that? I was like, what channel is that? Where can I listen? Did you know what she was talking about? And she said lifestyle? Um, yes. Only because I knew of the Jamaica trips.


Mallory Gordon  38:23

Yes. Yeah. But


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  38:24

yeah, but I think I probably like, you know, asked like for you maybe to go like more into detail. Like, what what do you mean?


Mickey Gordon  38:34

It’s funny, my barbers do the same thing. They’re like, tell us what happened. Tell us. Tell us something funny.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  38:38

I would imagine that. It’s kind of hot and cold with the type of people that you talk about it with. So I think that when you we did talk about it, like it was like the perfect timing. Like I was like, we were already like, halfway there. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  38:57

All right. Let me a week since


Mallory Gordon  38:58

I warmed her up.


Mickey Gordon  39:01

She couldn’t have introduced herself and said, Hey, would you like to join us on our podcast?


Mallory Gordon  39:04

No. I’m a singer. Can you wax my vagina? And that’s talking about this podcast. I mean, realistically, you probably knew I would be all for it. Like, you have that nature, though, where you’re just generally accepting of other humans, especially when they’re doing no harm. Yeah, like, that’s just who you are in your demeanor, which makes you really good at what you do. Well, thank you.


Mickey Gordon  39:26

I think that you’re being complimentary because you have well, her hands on hot wax on your buzzy. Yeah. You ought to hear the shit. She says. I know


Mallory Gordon  39:34

where my bread is buttered.


Mickey Gordon  39:35

I know. She’s buttered.


Mallory Gordon  39:38

I wonder if like the mics are picking up.


Mickey Gordon  39:43

But I really hope so. Cuz it’s like, rip.


Sheila  39:47

Look, Frank says he can hear it on my headphones. So can Okay. Oh, that’s impressive.


Mallory Gordon  39:53

No, before you ask Mickey. You cannot come to my next annual appointment with the guy. No.


Mickey Gordon  39:57

Oh, I would love to heckle your I know


Mallory Gordon  40:00

Yeah, I can see you there with a speculum now.


Mickey Gordon  40:04

I’m gonna bring a list of cheeses to ask him which one’s his favorite? Oh, no, no, no. Is that a bad time to talk about cheese grows?


Mallory Gordon  40:16

This is a fucking half a male guy. No, no female.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  40:20

I have a male. And I’ve always I’ve always had a male like I just


Mallory Gordon  40:25

Well, they technically rotate. So I never see the same one every time.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  40:29

Okay, so Well, I think my mind delivered my daughter. So but I moved here when I was eight months pregnant. Wow.


Mickey Gordon  40:37

Yeah. So that’s a hell of a time to meet somebody. Yeah.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  40:42

And I knew I wanted a guy and he was my first choice. And luckily, he accepted me because it was actually a lot of places wouldn’t with me that far along. But I adore my guy. No, really.


Mickey Gordon  40:54

So how did that conversation go? Did you say how does it look down there? I haven’t seen it in six months. Um,


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  41:02

you know, it’s funny, because every time he’s done, he’s like, okay, now go ahead and get dressed. Come on. I don’t want to see that.


Mickey Gordon  41:12

He’s a damn liar. That’s awesome. Right. He’s really good.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  41:16

He is a great doctor. He has purple hair. And he’s probably I would say maybe in his early 60s. Nice. Yeah. Really great guy.


Sheila  41:27

Do you mean like purple? like purple? Or like violet colored like purple? Like Barney?


Mickey Gordon  41:33

Yeah. That’s not supposed to distract you while he’s down there with the instruments. taking a peek.


Mallory Gordon  41:39

possibilities want to reach down and like,



Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  41:45

Let’s just like, look under the hood. You know, I get it.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  41:52

I actually really enjoy seeing him. When I go. Yeah, I really like him.


Mickey Gordon  41:58

Is it okay to make jokes when you’re in that business? Can you be like, Whoa, john, your car keys? Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  42:06

Your car keys.


Mickey Gordon  42:08

Okay, I just I feel like that would be a great time. I would appreciate it if he did. Maybe an echo machine. Like every time I said something while I was down there. Oh my God. That would be funny to remember


Mallory Gordon  42:20

where I had the temporary tattoo of the mustache. On my hoo, ha. Oh, that was great. And then I went to the gyno.


Mickey Gordon  42:29

Afterwards, I forgot about that. You went to the gynecologist.


Mallory Gordon  42:32

It was like the most permanent temporary tattoo I’ve ever had in my life. Like, you could scrub and scrub and scrub and that son of a biscuit would not come off like then he’s a female. But I was so afraid that a dyed my skin and I’m going to Ghana is starting to grow out and she’s like, so do you have your husband? Like have some playtime or like what what’s going on down here? Like, I feel like there’s a really good story about this. Haley. She was interested. Yeah, it was really I mean, it was huge and went from like side to side, it was


Mickey Gordon  43:02

a little it’s only so big. You don’t have a very large badge mill.


Mallory Gordon  43:05

Well, it covered the majority of the the width of it. So she was very interested in the story behind it.


Mickey Gordon  43:11

I’ve seen some pretty beefy computers and you were not on the list. But I’m just saying. So tell me. Here’s a fun one for you, Stacy. Tell me because people do get patterns waxed into them and they get stuff. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever waxed into somebody’s junk?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  43:29

Not by me. That’s not something that I do. Because you just can’t properly remove the hair by doing that, like I’ll do a stripper like a triangle. But one time I had somebody asked for a Playboy Bunny, which was odd because like it was in you know, the 2000s


Mickey Gordon  43:46

Oh, wow. It was their downtime. Yeah, but no, I don’t know. No, just don’t do it. You’re making a face like oh, what’s wrong with you? know, I had a barber like shave a barber pole in the back of my head one time he thought that was funny.


Mallory Gordon  44:03

Sure, it wasn’t a penis.


Mickey Gordon  44:04

It was probably a penis. Probably.


Mallory Gordon  44:06

I know. Your barber is probably a penis.


Mickey Gordon  44:09

He’s a pretty funny dude.


Mallory Gordon  44:10

He’s great.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  44:13

People have asked for like initials or hearts. But because it affects the quality of service that I give is, why don’t do it.


Mickey Gordon  44:24

Makes sense.


Mallory Gordon  44:25

I just wondered maybe it’s because of the type of hair I have, in particular. Like how does it how did those shapes translate? Because I’ve never actually seen when I’ve seen a heart. I’ve seen the triangle. I’ve seen the strips but I don’t know that I’ve seen anything. Like dramatic like a Playboy Bunny. Like how does that even happen unless you have really short curly hair like


Mickey Gordon  44:43

how’s anyone gonna know what it is? Because when it grows out it’s gonna look like a long haired rabbit.


Mallory Gordon  44:47

It’s gonna look like a donkey. I think the


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  44:51

shape the donkey into your pussy? Yeah. You’d have to stencil and shave around.


Mallory Gordon  44:58

Either like I would think like that’s thing more like clippers than waxing? Yeah.



Donkey Busey. That’s good to see.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  45:11

You know, I mean, I’m sure you guys know too and your lifestyle. Everybody is different. You know, everybody has different anatomy. And most people are not most people. But a lot of people can be like insecure about that. But the fact of the matter is, is like, everybody is different, everybody. Yeah, so I don’t like your prints.


Mallory Gordon  45:34

Yeah, we all have fingertips. But


Mickey Gordon  45:36

that sounds like a pretty good tagline. cc, every body is different. I like it.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  45:43

But you know, so you should never feel like embarrassed at least, you know, coming in with me because I it’s funny, I don’t. I’m looking for hair. That’s my job. I literally have one job, and it’s to remove hair. So if somebody is like insecure about their body and thinking that I’m looking at anything else, I’m really not about your follicles, man. Alright, don’t


Mickey Gordon  46:06

even notice you have a face? This is a different question. And this is probably something a lot of people wonder about, but nobody has. I don’t. You just can’t ask because you can ask your own provider this question. But since you know, we’re friends now. I’m pretty sure we’re friends since you’re staring directly at my wife’s. But the question is, what’s an appropriate tip for a wax service? I mean, in not, I’m not saying like, what’s a good one? What’s a bad I’m just saying like, What? What’s the rule of thumb for somebody to give you something where you don’t look in when you cheat piece of shit.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  46:42

For me, personally, I work for myself. So a tip for me is not like, you don’t have to tip me. I have people that will come in for a lot of services, and they break them up because it’s expensive. And I’m like, Look, you were here last week, like please don’t hit me. I’m not working off tips. So I, when hiring people out, you can add a tip. But that’s just kind of to avoid like that awkward like, Oh, I want to add a tip. And then I’m like, okay, no. So it’s on there. And I appreciate tips. But for me personally, like, it’s thank you and the Yeah, so Okay. And I have sometimes people hit me, and sometimes they don’t. And I never, it never bothers me if somebody doesn’t hit me, because maybe they’re thinking in their head. Yeah, she’s pocketing all of this money. So why do I have to tip her? So? I don’t know that I guess that’s kind of a weird question for me to answer because I don’t really for me.


Mickey Gordon  47:46

Alright, well, then I’ll pose it to Mallory, because and the reason I asked this is we have listeners all over the country, right? We have listeners all over the world as a matter of fact.


Mallory Gordon  47:53

So I think anyone who provides aging, ask the same question. From my perspective, as a consumer who


Mickey Gordon  47:58

wants to hear me talk, you’re the one that can push it out.


Mallory Gordon  48:03

So as a consumer, like anyone who performs the service, in particular, in something like this is of a more delicate nature. I always say donated generously, because there’s not many people who do it well. And with the level of professionalism, so, you know, I I’m of the school of thought anywhere between 25 and 50%, depending on the service. Look, how about you Sheila,


Mickey Gordon  48:27

Mallory just hit me. Well, there it is.


Mallory Gordon  48:32

It’s something I am. But it’s Yeah, it’s it’s I’ve had horrible experiences horrible. There’s only been one other person and all of this that has done a great job in comparison. And she didn’t speak English. It was Russian and she worked for a spa down the road for us. And then when we moved I was like, Oh, no, I have to go through this again. Yeah, it’s time to learn Russian. Yeah. Right. Yeah, she was awesome.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  48:59

I always tell people though, the same way like if they give a service, yes, it’s just I, depending on like, if somebody goes above and beyond always tip, I never liked to not tip but 20% to me, is what I always do, because it’s easy. I just double and that’s kind of standard. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  49:16

this is this. That’s just my school if I didn’t want to go to a restaurant 15 to 20 depending on the level of service and anything above that is exceptional, right.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  49:23

And because I do get tipped, I kind of look at it as one of those. What do you call it? Like if somebody pay it forward? Pay it forward? Yeah, that’s how I look at it. So I’m always like, I see tip jar. I’m like, it’s gonna come back to that. It’s gonna come back.


Mickey Gordon  49:37

Yeah. So are we good? So yes, I feel like this is exactly where I was at with it. If I give somebody just the tip, they’re happy.


Mallory Gordon  49:46

That’s how this all started. So I don’t I don’t know that you want to be point blank range right now.


Mickey Gordon  49:52

I probably Oh, are you getting ready? All right, let’s do this. Don’t hit the mics. All right. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, Mallory’s starfish. Oh, she’s she’s spreading her cheeks.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  50:05

Everybody has to help me a little bit spread the cheeks.


Mickey Gordon  50:08

Wow, she knew exactly what to do she just reached by train. Well, she never does that for me.


Mallory Gordon  50:12

So I’m in the prone position. Literally holding my hunches face.


Mickey Gordon  50:20

Whole out.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  50:21

And this is the part that doesn’t hurt. Although actually the wax you can get sensitive to the heat back here, but that’s about it.


Mickey Gordon  50:31

So having hair unceremoniously torn from your asshole doesn’t hurt


Mallory Gordon  50:35

does not hurt as much as the fret.


Mickey Gordon  50:37

Nope. Really,


Mallory Gordon  50:38

it’s actually doesn’t hurt at all. Like it’s just like, it feels warmer because of the type of skin or where it’s at, but it doesn’t burn. It’s just


Mickey Gordon  50:50

for those of you fantasizing out there right now Mallory is face down ass up. Well, not really. She’s just facedown


Mallory Gordon  50:57

down as wide swath. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  51:02

I’m having fun with this. I really am. This is great. This is my favorite episode ever.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  51:06

And this is probably like the most you know, vulnerable position for people this is it’s like, really more vulnerable. Isn’t


Mallory Gordon  51:14

that you’re like, really nervous. About whole but my vagina totally.


Mickey Gordon  51:18

But you show your doctor like you lay down and throw your legs open for your doctor so it’s not that rare.


Mallory Gordon  51:24

But you


Mickey Gordon  51:25

Yeah, exactly. I’m the only one that sees this view.


Mallory Gordon  51:29

Well, you’re not think about it know?


Mickey Gordon  51:35

How many people have seen your so Sheila


Sheila  51:36

so many people. I have actually pictures of my butthole on my phone. So probably a lot of people who stand behind me. Oh


Mickey Gordon  51:46

yeah, there’s two more here. She was tagline


Mallory Gordon  51:48

is? What’s my butthole today?


Mickey Gordon  51:52

Yeah, well, every time you video chat me It’s either Frank steak or your asshole is the first thing I see when I answer my phone, which is not good in a meeting by the way. I care about your meeting. No, it’s it’s time for Sheila’s asshole, everybody. Here we go. All right. Yeah. Well, that’s why we pick them for the first Naked Truth episode. We have another one of those coming Naked Truth filtered. Is as Mallory told you about the Naked Truth, Stacy.


Mallory Gordon  52:19

Have you? We may have chatted about it. We’ve only had one episode release. We have a few on deck.


Mickey Gordon  52:26

Yeah, we do. They’re gonna be fun. So Naked Truth is where we have people over and we all everybody’s asked naked during the interview.


Mallory Gordon  52:32

Yeah. Oh, that’s cool. Yeah. It’s a metaphor as well, but it’s also fun.


Mickey Gordon  52:37

It is. But the the fun part about it is so the reason we call it Naked Truth is because you get to pick three things that you won’t talk about. But we don’t get the same courtesy. So we have to answer you. You can ask us a question every time we ask you one. And we have three things that we can ask you, but there’s nothing you can’t ask us. That’s the way Naked Truth works. And Mallory’s done folks. Mallory, clean, fresh, clean, hairless, red, swollen. And we’ll be back right after this where I think Sheila’s hopping in and yeah, she was definitely ready. She’s got a full on Merkin growing down there, folks. So we’re going to be coming back right after this for a couple of minutes with Sheila. And this will be some more fun so you guys are listening to casual swinger? All right, we’re back and she was on the table getting done. getting done by Stacy. I just saw a shag carpet be ripped from Sheila’s armpit, please. Oh, it was impressive. Oh, God. Did you hear it? Oh, wow. I mean, I am. I am really, really horrified by what I’m seeing here. Yeah,


Sheila  54:08

I usually actually not grow it this long. Typically. A lie.


Mickey Gordon  54:12

I’ve never seen it this long. Oh, well, I’ve had it longer. She’ll, okay. She’s never seen. She lives. I was like, No,


Sheila  54:20

I mean, I’ve had it long enough where I’ve taken clippers to it.


Mickey Gordon  54:23

So what happens if somebody comes in with a shag carpet in their armpits? Stacy hat? I mean, is that can you still get waxed? Long? Yes, sir.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  54:29

Yes, definitely. Um, if I need to trim any areas I can and I will, but it’s only certain areas.


Sheila  54:40

I got yelled out. Oh, yeah, the underarms are usually fine. But I went to somewhere local. Which was upsetting. Yeah. You guys


Mickey Gordon  54:50

broke a bed recently, didn’t you? Oh, yes, that did happen. How did that happen? Were you writing were you writing?


Sheila  54:58

I definitely was writing Frank. It’s the strength of my hips. What


Mickey Gordon  55:01

can I say? Alright, so you’ve got to polish childbearing hips and you’re just slamming into his poor decrepid body is that what’s happening?


Mallory Gordon  55:11

Yeah, I didn’t see any complaining that he survived after pictures and I was like, I’m surprised there were no injuries. And now we have a nice new Ben.


Mickey Gordon  55:19

Well, we saw Aftermath pictures of the bed. What are the pictures of the sex look like? I gave the thumbs up after I survived.


Sheila  55:28

He survived and he enjoyed it. And he lived to tell the tale


Mickey Gordon  55:32

and Frank walks with a limp To this day, actually does maybe that’s why you’re having back problems. It’s that young virol pussy that you brought into your life. No. he regrets nothing. he regrets nothing, of course,


Mallory Gordon  55:52

is the new bed like bolted to the floor. No.


Sheila  55:57

I’m a little scared for it’s held up so far. But I think it’s a good thing that the headboard is not too tall. But it’s not secure enough. That’s what we were looking for in a bed is a secure headboard and this was not it but it wasn’t too expensive. So we can just buy a new one in six months.


Mickey Gordon  56:14

I think we just might have to put a handicap bar at the top of that what she’s done to your app she can grab on break down a handicap bar to the bed and a phone call right now and I gotta tell you I’ve never like fully broken a bed I’ve broken some parts of a bed but I have broken a conquering weight. Well he has not he is that’s all right I’m good with it. Cuz he hasn’t broken my pussy yet either. Yay. Oh no. We’re talking about we’re talking about she was pushy. She was pushy is being D haired as we speak. I


Mallory Gordon  56:49

had an announcement that I’m collecting Daniels now instead of Robbie,


Mickey Gordon  56:53

you are collecting Daniels. Mallory’s collecting then she used to collect Robbie’s now she clicks the cameraman now. Alright, so we’re gonna vid Well, you guys aren’t gonna see Sheila’s pussy, but we all see Sheila’s buzzy. We’re all looking deeply into. Sheila’s vagina. There it is. Yes. Look. Look on his face. He looks at him. I can flip it. You can you screenshotting that pussy right now. Oh, he’s my spot hole all the time. He did. He just took a screenshot. I saw it.


Mallory Gordon  57:29

That’s one of my favorite videos.


Mickey Gordon  57:32

He said I think Yeah, I know. He did. That’s fantastic. What is your favorite videos of Sheila’s acil?


Sheila  57:38

Oh, yes. Actually one of my favorites. Oh, yeah. Daddy does a good little sound clip. Daddy.


Mickey Gordon  57:49

So why don’t you ever send a sound clip Sheila for our show like lick my butthole daddy. That’s a great sound clip. I have it. I can send it to you. Yeah, we’d like to have that for the show. We’ll play it for our listeners. Like my bottle. Betty, anything good for the last one that you wanted? What was the Viagra ads? Didn’t we? That’s the one that started one and nationwide is on your side. Yeah. What is that you’re smearing on her? It looks like 1000 Island.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  58:16

This is a different wax that I had sent to me to test but I ran out of my wax here. So this is what


Mickey Gordon  58:24

we’re experimenting on. Sheila’s Pacino. Well, I’ve used it before.


Sheila  58:27

Oh, yeah. I feel like I’ve never used it. Okay, well, then I am out of my mind.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  58:34

I don’t typically use any other wax on mine. That is so precise. She really is


Mickey Gordon  58:43

precise. And like all the little flyaways just put some up. I tried twice if she was a fucking sorceress. She’s a wax sorceress. Alright, folks, the moment of truth is here. It’s time for me to get on this table. So when we come back in just a second, I am gonna put my butt on that table and we’re gonna see what happens. So don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back. Alright, folks, we’re back and I am getting on this table. So I’m gonna walk around there’s gonna be a little bit of rustling going in here I am getting on the table to apparently get my glorious man parts waxed. Stacy’s gonna participate, as are Sheila and Mallory. I’ll be back with you momentarily.


Mallory Gordon  59:40

Okay, you’re gonna lay down and be comfy.


Mickey Gordon  59:44

Alright, I am so comfy. My man parts are hanging out for three women. This is just a little powder. Okay, I’m the only one. I have a lot of hair.


Mallory Gordon  59:54

No, he’s not a very hairy man to begin with. And this is like what two weeks of growth for you.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  59:58

This is almost four Yeah, I’ve never waxed a man before. But my husband I have wax natural.


Mallory Gordon  1:00:09

That’s excellent. Awesome. All right. Well,


Mickey Gordon  1:00:11

I love it randomly. Where are you taking pictures of my penis? Sheila?


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:00:18

Yeah, we’re like we would start. So you always want to hold the skin taut.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:23

Okay, good luck with that one. So, you could really start anywhere.


Mallory Gordon  1:00:32

So you’re going against the grain or with the grain, the hair with the hair. Okay, we’re playing when


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:00:37

I make like allegiance like this, that I have something to pull. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:43

Well, I can’t help it. They’re just dancing. My my balls


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:00:50

Okay, so this is hard wax. So what that means is that hardens and turns into the strip as nothing is


Mickey Gordon  1:00:55

hardening right now.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:00:58

Which we have to use the linen to pull up. So then you want to pull it taut this way. Okay, boy.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:03

God, fuck me running. A little bit of pressure. Okay. Frank took a picture of your junk. Yeah, and I put that on my deck. Cuz she gave me a glove.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:33

I’m Michael waxen. Okay, so I had the stick and I’m gonna go with the grain too. So you want to hold it back here? Hold it this way. Yeah, good. And then I’m gonna just play it here see the difference here you doing? It is so thick like how do I extend that out like this? We should probably do. Yeah. Alright, so inexperienced versus experienced.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:04

difference I feel the experience.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:06

I just need you to know that I love you and I’m trying and it’s not going well why don’t feel the love that way. Well Oh, no, I love you so much. All right, Stacy. I fucked this up big time. You have to pull it off. Okay. All right. So women


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:02:20

I want you to explain to them how it felt when I did it versus when





Mallory Gordon  1:02:28

and then just like Yeah.



Oh my god.



Oh my god.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:51

Oh, are you okay? Oh, Jesus, it was more than just a concentration camp. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  1:03:11

are you Oh, she’s fixing it. Oh, oh. Oh,



do your best on crutches took a deep breath. Deep breath in.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:25

Mother Teresa.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:32

You You literally asked for this remember this?


Mickey Gordon  1:03:36

All of you and I know we love you. I know that Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:45

Like I you’re gonna have a little bruiser in here it looks fine. It does. To me get rid of this. Okay, this one’s not gonna hurt oh you lying fuck I am so sorry. And can you guys see the difference in the quality of the accuracy


Mickey Gordon  1:04:00

is crawled up inside me and I’m gonna have to stick my finger is in your snake we’re gonna come back out. Oh, that was


Mallory Gordon  1:04:10

that was not your


Mickey Gordon  1:04:13

Happy Trails no longer happy. See Oregon. refund it out for me. Thank you.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:21

I’m very sorry.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:22

You look sorry. I know. I liked you Stacy. I did. I can’t help it. Oh Christ. What is the budget strip?


Mallory Gordon  1:04:37

Yeah, do you want to get your



what is the Yeah, yes. Yeah, it’s not as bad as who I think.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:44

Fuck it went in for a diamond for $1 folks make he’s getting this out. Oh, boy. I wouldn’t recommend apparently Spread I’m gonna spread my cheeks I’m gonna hold them. Oh this I have a very hairy asshole. I’ve never ever taken the hair.


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:05:07

You should do a follow up on this because you’re gonna feel great.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:10

Yeah, and I feel great. Do you hear that feel so clean? I narrowed my asshole once and it did not end well there’s no it doesn’t go well with a man’s ass crack stubble.


Mallory Gordon  1:05:21

Yeah, no you don’t get you don’t get stubble with waxing. That’s the whole point. But you will feel so clean. Like,


Mickey Gordon  1:05:28

if you could still see my face right now you’d see deep concern the whole prostate massage thing on your face. I can only see your butthole I’m glad that you’re looking deep into my asshole. It thinks the same of you Frank. Alright, she was looking at my asshole. apparently she’s taking video of my asshole. Oh, it’s winking at you. Oh god, there’s hot stuff on my butt crack. Oh no. Does it feel hot? It does feel a little hot. also feels a little invasive. Stacy I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we’re fucking friends now. Good good. Oh, she’s so soothing. Isn’t she is I’m not gonna let my cheeks go cuz they’re gonna stick together and they’ll never come apart I’ll help you with Oh, there’s two people holding my cheeks open currently for those of you that are playing along in nice and smooth that’s because it’s a virgin unlike yours. We can literally feel the ceiling fan blowing on my now hairless it feels wonderful oh you’re asked isn’t hairless just your asshole


Mallory Gordon  1:06:34

so glad you specify that because you’re not hairy but that’s a separate service Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:06:45

But all of you at home he Oh man. Deep breath the morning pool will feel really good tomorrow when you white so clean. Telling you looking forward to it. Deep breath good. Wow, that’s really clean. Oh. I just had my asshole waxed for y’all. It’s better that you guys enjoyed it. I’m going to go drink bourbon and I didn’t even flinch


Mallory Gordon  1:07:25

I just want to reiterate that we’ll be back right


Mickey Gordon  1:07:27

after this folks. For fuck sake. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Oh my god. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to casual swinger. My name is hairless asshole, Mickey. Mallory. I’m so glad you fuckers are entertaining.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:57

Through this you so ask for it.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:59

So I just had my nether regions waxed live on the air with you guys. Stacey. Thank you a thing.


Mallory Gordon  1:08:06

Yeah, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:09

All right. I think it might have been every bit as bad as I can because I’ve never had that done before it but I honestly it was far better when Stacy did it and when you did it so a licensed professional is a big fucking bonus. Oh


Mallory Gordon  1:08:19

bad. Don’t ever do it yourself. Folks. I


Mickey Gordon  1:08:21

don’t know anybody gets hard in that condition. I think you’re safe from perverts. I don’t want to find out No, I don’t want to find either but hey, let’s take a second and let you plug your business. Tell us what is the name of your business? Where’s it located? Yeah, tell us how long you’ve been doing it how to contact you if it’s an email it’s a phone number and how to let people know if they get a discount for listening to casual swinger


Stacy – Lake Mary Waxing  1:08:41

definitely. So you can look me up on I’m my business name is Lake Mary waxing. I’m, of course located in Lake Mary off of international Parkway. And you can check me out at www dot Lake Mary I have a Facebook which is like Mary waxing as well as my Instagram handle is like Mary waxing. You can call me text me directly at 407-319-9060 it’s always going to be on me on the phone. And if you mentioned this podcast, I am giving $10 off your entire service. Plus the first time client discount of 25%


Mickey Gordon  1:09:22

Wow, awesome. Thank you so much. And by the way, Lake Mary is just outside of Orlando, Florida. So if you’re coming to Disney to take your kids down to let them make you suffer come let Stacy make you suffer. But no, this is super cool. We can’t thank you enough. Thank you guys. Yeah, this was it was fun, right up to the point where you started ripping hair on ceremonies.


Mallory Gordon  1:09:45

There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance and ceremony. Let’s be honest,


Mickey Gordon  1:09:48

lots of serum. Well, I was hoping I was gonna get out of it, but fuck me. So anyway, ladies and gentlemen, this has been the grooming episode for casual swinger. We have had a great time with year today. We’ve had a great time with Stacey, we hope you’ll come back and join us Mallory, you want tell everybody where to find us.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:00

Oh, you know who we are. You can find this schedule swinger everywhere. That’s our website www casual Feel free to shoot us a message at podcast at casual swinger. You can also find us on cassadee STC sl lassa double date nation is casual swinger Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Mickey Gordon  1:10:19

Oh, all those places. Next time you catch us we’ll be at Nordea New Orleans, ladies and gentlemen. Oh shit, but the good times roll. Oh, I love it. Alright guys, we’ll catch you next time you’ve been listening to casual swinger.