Hallowswinging and the Great Hotel Party Fail

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Mickey & Mallory went lookin’ for lovin’ on the one day of the year when nobody is what they seem…as if we needed THAT issue in the lifestyle? It left us wondering how folks meet OTHER than on websites, and some of the advantages/disadvantages of each.

Part 1 – 00:30

Our heroes talk about connecting in the lifestyle, the how/where/why and the different methods available to you, getting into each of FOUR ways you can find a good time.

Part 2 – 36:14

Hear how our heroes struck out hard at our first hotel party, surrounded by ghouls, goblins, a very horny villainous duo, and some ponies.

Part 3 – 54:30

COCKtail Corner

Learn more about the “Bourbon Boom,” and what’s driving the 1.5 billion dollar market for the tasty beverage, and the origin of the “Old Fashioned.” Also…a great recipe for this delicious concoction.


Basil Hayden Dark Rye

High West Double Rye

Whistle Pig 10 Year

NBC Story on “The Bourbon Boom”

Bourbon of the Day – The Bourbon Boom

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S01E04 – Casual Swinger – Hallowswinging and The Great Hotel…

Thu, 9/2 9:54AM • 1:06:48


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Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:09

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advice. Welcome back, everyone. This is casual swinger. I’m Mallory, Mickey. Thank you for joining us on episode four. This is hollow swinging. It’s the great hotel failed barley crown



hills, a barley crown. We can’t say Charlie Brown. Okay, so we’ll say burly crown. That guy was a loser too. Right? Oh, wow. Are we really up to four episodes


Mallory Gordon  01:16

or episodes already? Yes, sir. We do is sit around and record podcast. We really like hearing ourselves talk. Yeah, almost as much as we have sex. Oh, that’s true, too. Yeah, I get some sex that they don’t I guess you do. Oh, yeah, that’s already. So what do we got lined up today? What are we going to talk about? We just went over online presence.



Yeah, we did. We talked about the three P’s of creating an online presence. But you know, we talked about how expensive or how expensive that can be right? A lot of different websites and stuff. So what are some of the other ways that people can get together in meet people of like mind, so we wanted to follow up the three P’s with the different ways and the different places people could go to get together? And, and even around the country? There’s a lot of different ways, right? I mean, there’s some parts of the country where you can’t find the lifestyle club. Like, I don’t know where we used to live.



That’s true. Right? We had to really commit to it and go to in three states away. Yeah, literally take a hike.



Yeah. So we thought we’d talk about some of those different things. Talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of those types of things without referring really to anybody specifically because we’re not you know, we’re not attacking anybody. I think it’s different strokes for different folks.


Mallory Gordon  02:24

It is it is different venues for different people.



Yeah, definitely. So, as usual, we’ve got three segments for you guys today. Today, we’re going to talk about those different ways people can get together. And that’s going to be our first segment. second segment is going to be about how low swinging in the great hotel party fails. We’re gonna tell you guys about a Halloween of years past for us that kind of soured us on hotel parties for a while a


Mallory Gordon  02:46

little bit a little bit and how different it is looking for loved ones during Halloween. Oh, yeah. Looking



for loved ones. I’m just getting great by Harley Quinn. Yeah. But anyway, and then our last segment of the day, our special segment, we’re gonna do cocktail corner today and talk a little bit about the bourbon boom, and it’s gonna be kind of fun. So we’re gonna have a good time. And without any further ado, we’ll dig in. Let’s do this. Absolutely. So let’s talk about, you know, the different ways that folks can meet each other. And I mean, outside of online, right. We all know, online, we talked about online a bunch, and a lot of people do it. Why do people prefer online dating? Do you think? What do they like that?


Mallory Gordon  03:27

I think it’s because they get some insight to the people they’re going to be meeting or potentially meeting, you know, right, like a writing on the back of the bottle. Oh, right. Yeah. So



there’s writing on the package that makes a little bit of sense. I think that’s probably an advantage and a disadvantage, right? Because, like, we’re gonna find out later, sometimes people write bullshit on the package. Occasionally. So I mean, it gives people an opportunity to put themselves out there and be themselves, like we talked about last time. But I think it also gives people an opportunity to be disingenuous.


Mallory Gordon  04:00

Good, it could, and you know, everyone’s different. Some people aren’t into the online scene. So there’s other options out there.



Well, in what about the older generation folks that maybe weren’t raised with a tablet in their hand, right, that actually went outside and did stuff?


Mallory Gordon  04:15

Yeah. Or, or that are inundated with it? Like, yeah. Fucking computer right now. Like I am 12 to 14 hours a day. So which is why you take ownership of the messaging side.



I’m in front of a computer too. And it’s, it’s okay, though, because I don’t mind talking to all you guys. It’s fun. But so yeah, so we’re going to talk about four ways that you can meet folks that aren’t online. And by the way online can play into any of this, you know, that you can catch somebody you know, online and go meet them in one of these places,


Mallory Gordon  04:46

right. And a lot of times you have to look online to find when these events are happening.



And yeah, if it’s not a physical location, so those four things, there’s four different ways that people can hook up. First one is house parties. Second one is hotel takeover. Hmm. Third one is lifestyle clubs. And the last one is lifestyle resorts. So we kind of ordered those that way and in order of how expensive they are to go to, because not everybody and money for


Mallory Gordon  05:13

Yeah. And potential accessibility,



yes, yeah. And accessibility, right. So that’s another thing. So let’s talk house parties first, because house parties are the one that I don’t know, in my mind went before I really got active in the lifestyle, they scared me the most.


Mallory Gordon  05:25

And they didn’t mean to because it’s such close quarters, there’s really nowhere to run or hide, right. So you’re almost expected to in engage in conversation and actually meet people where versus a club or resort, you can fade to the background a little more.



Yeah, that’s true. It’s hard to wallflower if there’s nine people there. It makes it a little tougher, right?


Mallory Gordon  05:47

So and there’s there’s pros and cons to that with us being extroverts house parties. Were pretty much in our element.



Yeah, that’s true. We do manage to find our way around the crowd and meet everybody pretty quickly. But, you know, the the thing with house parties, I think, for me, anyway, is that they’re hit or miss, right? Depending on attendance. If you show up and it’s you and one other couple. The party is pretty much it’s really prep. It’s predicated on whether or not you hit it off with that couple. And then and then it could be a really good party could be a great party. Or it could be Hey, this is just a date at your house as it turned out. So


Mallory Gordon  06:24

and we’ve seen a lot some of them are, you know, 810 12 couples, some of them are 50 couples, I really depends on people’s



housing at the seams. Right. So the highest party we went to down here. Wow, that was a Yeah, that was pretty cool. And I got to wear my hat, which I was pretty excited about. You love those hats. Oh, yeah, that is I have this big of noxious shamrock top hat that just I mean, you couldn’t miss me from 100 yards away. It was pretty cool. And you know, I think that that venue, so I think and that’s something I didn’t I didn’t put in our notes here. But the venue plays a big part in the house party.


Mallory Gordon  06:55

It does.



Is it a Good Party house? You know, do they have lots of room? Do they have space for everybody is like


Mallory Gordon  07:03

bathrooms, players make sure you always have enough toilet paper, folks. That was the thing that was missing. The last one we attended. Yeah,



it was a you know, 150 people, two bathrooms, four rows of the toilet paper do the math.



Yeah, yeah. They had somebody in the hallway, literally rationing squares. No kidding. They did. But it was probably should have been a good idea to start the party with you, right?



This is yours. It’s your cleanup tell? No, but it really, I think house parties give you a better chance to get acquainted, like you said, it’s a little more intimate. And again, and I think that intimacy does create that hit or miss nature.


Mallory Gordon  07:42

It does. And I and this is just me speaking, but I tend to have a much stronger vibe. When I get there on that connection is a little closer a little deeper, because of the the intimacy, the smaller venue. So for me, I’ve had better luck finding and obtaining parting ways. And that kind of atmosphere.



Sure. So like anything else do you think knowing people before you get to a house party? Absolutely. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  08:15

absolutely. I mean, and, again, this is another bias of mine. I prefer to get to know people before I act upon any of the sexual activities. Sure.



So you it’s not like your first date.


Mallory Gordon  08:28

Right? Exactly. There’s



still a lady. second date, it’s on? What was that rule of yours? Was it three times or four times that you made people wait, and as


Mallory Gordon  08:38

I was when I was pretty standard, three dates, right,



right. Yeah. And then it was look out. So you shaved your legs for the third date.


Mallory Gordon  08:46

It wasn’t my legs.



So the thing about house parties that’s that, in terms of advantages is it can be a lot closer than a club, right? Because depending on where you live in this country, you may not have a club nearby, and house parties happen all over the place. So that was one of the reasons why we like house parties, especially where we used to live. There were no clubs within two hours of us.


Mallory Gordon  09:09

Yeah. And I find them mostly in the groups and communities online.



and special events, that sort of thing. Again, most of the websites we’ve used have those. It’s also one of the most inexpensive ways to meet people because right they usually just collect up a donation at the door. Donate for the party.


Mallory Gordon  09:24

Yeah. And donation doors. A lot of times it’s BYOB. Um, there’s a lot of finger foods typically involved people



brought stuff change. Right. Yeah. So I think that was was pretty cool. a downside I think for house parties is you know that there are a lot of play areas. So if you do have


Mallory Gordon  09:43

a house, three bedroom house, yeah, exactly.



But adult goes back to the house right. The one that we went to that house was friggin huge.


Mallory Gordon  09:51

While on the level of privacy available around that house. We’ve been to a couple where, you know, they had neighbors right on top of them. So you know, being naked outside was a big No, no. And then we’ve been to, especially that one. Oh, yeah, you were pretty much free to wander and walk around in the nude. And



yeah, what a great way to see sorry. I think the house kind of makes the party we keep going back to it. If you’ve got a great house for a party, you can have one hell of a lifestyle. But they had a pool they had. I mean, the DJ was set up and you could hear the music all throughout the house. The only thing they had to do was take the doorknobs off the rooms upstairs because people kept shutting the door to the group room. Yeah. Which, and so that was a violation of the rules. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  10:33

So if you guys are not familiar, and this goes for clubs as well, there are typically areas that are reserved for groups. So that that voyeurism and exhibitionism can come out. And you know, typically it’s a bigger area. so more people can pile in, in play versus two, four, maybe even six people in one room. You have 10 1220



Yeah. And so, you know, people turn around and sneer at you, you look in your eye.


Mallory Gordon  10:59

And that’s, that’s a lack of education on what that purpose of the room is. So in a group room, typically, doors stay open.



That’s right. Or the window. In our case, when we go to some of these the big, you know, the big one fishbowl, yeah, right. So well, let’s talk about who told takeovers because that pretty much sums it house party. So hotel takeovers, which we’re gonna talk a lot about in this episode, because the great hollow swing fail was definitely a hotel takeover that we went to. But what’s your take on hotel takeovers?


Mallory Gordon  11:27

For me? Definitely hit or miss? I think it depends on the group on the location. Um, we’ve been to a couple the, the hollow swinging, which we’ll get to in the next segment, epic fail. One of the I think I had an out of body experience there at least three times. I was terrified. Yeah, so I think we didn’t do a lot of research prior. So I can’t really, you know, don’t get negative to tell guys. Yeah, so um, but I like the idea of having that many people in an area because it’s larger than a house party smaller than a resort having an activity like a dance floor, DJ dinner, all in that area and then rooms, because it’s not just the room you reserve on site. It’s also the rooms that they open up. Typically on what a floor.



Yeah, well, it depends on how big the party is. Right. So sometimes they have their entire an entire floor reserved for their for their group. And that’s really a good thing if the group is big enough that they can take a whole floor. Because once you’re on that floor, the rules relax a little


Mallory Gordon  12:29

Yes. Yeah. Cuz like in the hotel, because a lot of times they’ll have an event in the ballroom. And there’s no place Oh, no age, no naked male play, and they still have to abide by the rules.



Right. And you can have vanillas walking into that ballroom. Yeah. I lost all the time. Oh, yeah. That’s a little shocking to them when they come in, especially if it’s an event where, you know, maybe the ladies have dressed a little sexy, and they’re, they’re feeling it. And they walk in and you know, there’s two guys with their hands up or dress on the dance floor. And then vanilla walks in and goes and complains to the hotel manager, which is not a good thing. Now. That’s exactly what happened in Tyson’s corner, Virginia. There was a hotel party back in the day. And it was a real that was on the local news wasn’t popular. It was national news. It was one of my favorite groups back at the time, because they had a great video that opened them up. I’m not gonna call them out here because you know, their people are still around and it didn’t end well. But the police showed up. And it was bad. They put the whole party got busted and broken up. And they all lost their deposits and their rooms and broken up. I’m breaking shit over here. Yeah, right. Yeah, she’s throwing pens and stuff. But no, and that’s actually one of the downsides for me, right? For hotel parties is it is very, it’s very possible that it could be exposed to vanilla, it’s and


Mallory Gordon  13:45

and it may not be an entire takeover that hotel May, like you said have have rooms or other floors that have normal people there.



That’s right. So in some people are in rooms that are right next door to normal people or vanillas, or business travelers. Yeah, yeah. And that could be a very scary thing. Typically, hotel takeovers usually have a cash bar, right? You can’t do BYOB at a hotel. So that’s kind of


Mallory Gordon  14:08

how it’s usually against the like color, depending depending on what state you live in. But most of them will not let you bring in your own alcohol. And you know what, that’s okay. It’s a cash bar, just some things. If you know you’re in, you’re going to an hotel party, make sure you got some bucks in your back pocket.



That’s right. And, you know, we’re talking about that because this we’re kind of ordering these in level of expense. And that’s an expense you may have to be prepared for. But, you know, for us anyway, and some of the ones we’ve been to have been some pretty seedy hotels.


Mallory Gordon  14:33

Yeah, yeah. I will say, you know, I think the majority leans toward the not as opulent, yes. House. Well, and I think that’s because of the agreement, the groups that have that book them, you know, have with the owners or proprietors or whoever’s running that establishment, because let’s be frank, you’re not going to see this at, you know, the Ritz Carlton,



no, well, and the one that got busted by the cops, it was a Hilton. So and I mean, in in itself, right? They the higher end the hotel, the more dicks, they’re going to be about, you know certain things. I mean, because a senior hotel is probably going to be happy to sell 100 rooms in one night. It’s something they may not be doing that time of year, right? So when you’re putting these types of things together to hotel, if you’re trying to throw your own hotel party, do keep that kind of stuff in mind. And accessibility is important right off the beaten path isn’t necessarily a good thing, because people might want to go to dinner first or do other things. Right. So all that kind of comes into play when we talk about hotel parties. And the other thing I think it’s worth mentioning is you can’t party is late at a hotel party, right?


Mallory Gordon  15:37

Not in areas that like Like you said, when they have that floor reserved just for the group in those events, then it’s common, it’s however, and then you always have your room too. So historically, we’ve gone down participated in the cash bar. If we’re partying after our say the party closes at midnight, which are usually keep it going at least to one. We go back to our room. Yeah, we had a little fifth or you know, if we feel like drinking, and having a little extra nightcap. It’s kind



of an unwritten rule, isn’t it that swingers don’t call the front desk on each other. If they’re being loud at four in the morning.


Mallory Gordon  16:11

No, no, they stand at the door and give each other a round of applause or Yeah, like wreck on dude, knuckles. I don’t know how you’re still. I don’t want to hear it anymore. You open your door. We’d like to watch sounds like you’re doing good work in there. Do you remember that one time? Akito I yelled next door God’s not gonna answer stop calling. Holy shit. Wait was actually great was I’m over here going? I’ve heard that joke a few times. So I like chuckled a little. They started laughing their asses off next door and now it’s funny.



Yeah, I ruined it. I think I cost him as would I don’t know who’s Oh, you stole but you stole someone’s cuz they stopped right here. He had been wearing her. So we had an early flight. I think we’re leaving like five or six the next morning? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  16:53

I think that was the last time we left on an early.



Yeah, we don’t pay for an extra night if we have to. bug that. So anyway. But yeah, so that’s kind of hotel takeovers in a nutshell. I don’t wanna spend too much time there. Because we are going to get to that a little bit more talking about hollow swinging. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  17:10

So let’s talk about lifestyle clubs.



Oh, yeah, my favorite. I think clubs are definitely my favorite personally anyway.


Mallory Gordon  17:18

Now they’re definitely going to be more expensive than your contribution or the money that you spend when you go to a hotel takeover or the donation you make at a house party. So keep that in mind. It could be as much as $100 or more depending on if you’re going as a couple. Or if you’re going as a single. Single guys are gonna pay a boatload more right? Then guys are always the most expensive. It’s the way it goes. Yeah,



that story. Remember, we were talking about when that buddy of mine walked in, I walked into that club in Vegas? I think we paid easily $100 a person just to walk in and walk around


Mallory Gordon  17:49

for i think i think that’s a minimum. And I think we’ve seen it as much as $250, depending on the city, the location for membership, yes. And the tear of the club, some of them are a little more upscale.



That’s true. That’s very true. And you know, I think you’re paying for something that’s worthwhile when you do that, though. First of all, they do typically have rules that are beneficial, right? protective of women, that sort of thing, which we’re a big fan of. They have security and that staff is usually volunteers. But yeah, security volunteers. people depend on the club people to clean right, one of our favorite things about about taboo and vault. Is


Mallory Gordon  18:27

that a cleaning crew?



Yeah, I mean, you come out of your room, and they come in and sanitize that room before somebody else gets in it. Yeah, we’ve been in clubs with they don’t do that.


Mallory Gordon  18:35

And where you’re the person, the last person in the room is solely responsible for cleanup. And, and most people do a fantastic job. But there are some out there that don’t and leave some questionable.



Remember that club in Pennsylvania, we went to where there was a puddle on one of the beds and we walked into the room. We were like, Oh, they didn’t clean the sheets. They didn’t clean up. They just laughed. They’re like, okay, we’re done. This is somebody else’s problem now. Yeah. So


Mallory Gordon  19:03

anyway, maybe they were never told maybe they were never told.



They didn’t get their tour, which means somebody failed, right? Yeah. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  19:11

I’m a fan. So you know, I know that sounds really negative mF fan of the club scene. Because I think it gives me the security. I’m looking for the temporary evening, right? Because you’re not spending an entire weekend or 1000s of dollars to go on a trip. There’s not always hotel takeovers, or house parties. So it’s very convenient. And I feel generally speaking pretty safe there.



Yeah, I think so too. And what we did is we did the math, we said okay, if we’re going to go out to dinner and drinks, and then whether it’s a movie or whether it’s going out danino see a band, we looked at what we would spend doing that versus going to a lifestyle club where it was BYOB, we spent about the same amount of money if we stayed on site. So that’s another advantage of lifestyle clubs. Number one, you can play on site but number two, a lot of them have onsite lodging. Right. So a good example of a secret hideaway here in Orlando they have on site not only lodging, but you can buy a condo there you guys. property.


Mallory Gordon  20:11

Yeah, you can own a room. Yeah, on the resort, right. So



that was really unique. The first time we went to secrets, I was like, Whoa, check this shit out.


Mallory Gordon  20:18

And I found them really unique because we did a lot of visiting these kind of clubs in the Mid Atlantic and the Northeast. And down here. It’s you they have pools and an outdoor courtyard and it’s kind of a 365. Yeah.



of small clubs I’ve been to and by seeing a small club I’m certainly not you know, being insulting I mean, it’s it’s not enormous. It’s not a you know, 50 acres or anything like that. It’s not massive, but they do have a bunch of rooms it did have pools, and they did have their play room and, and the disco ocean had to just go to club but whatever, you get my point, we just call it disco. Because we go to yoga.


Mallory Gordon  20:54

And you just stated yourself, I know. I’m not that



fucking old. Oh, my God. But you know. So when we talk about these clubs, one of the first things that you notice going into a club is they do require every club we’ve ever been to you to buy a membership. Mm hmm. And I think some people are like, whoa, wait a minute, what do I need to be a member of Why do I have to give you this information? And that’s because you’re signing an agreement. Right? you’re signing an agreement to abide by the rules not to be a douchebag? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  21:20

follow the rules use discretion, you know?



Yeah, absolutely. And I think that that’s really protective. It’s one of things we actually like that it protects you and the club, right, there’s some indemnity in there for them that they’re not responsible if you know, you do something stupid, or you try to jump into the pool from the second story kind of stuff. Yeah. Right. So that’s a good thing. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  21:40

And a lot of them do the, I guess, for lack of a better term that try before you buy,



right, the short term memberships right, I think pretty much most of the clubs we’ve been in to do that they say hey, this is a one week membership. And you can do this one time and then whatever.


Mallory Gordon  21:55

Yeah, and what whatever you spent on that applies toward your total cost of membership if you choose to purchase it,



right. I think we saw that the first time we ever saw this TJ is in Pennsylvania, right?


Mallory Gordon  22:05

That’s true. And I think if you did not buy the membership, you cannot use that same offer again within like six months or a year. That’s right. And then so much



so and so tedious, actually brings me to an interesting point about these clubs. Okay, shoot, they are in the middle of fucking nowhere.


Mallory Gordon  22:22

Some of them really are right. I remember the first time we drove and it was two and a half hours. And we’re passing cornfields I’m looking for malikai at this point to the corner Thor ever beacon all the way yeah and like I’m like we’re like in Amish country right we’re here banjos battle faster? Yeah. But we pull up and it was very you know, I undetectable to me I would have never guessed that was the college Yeah, yeah, that was the catch No. In TJ is unless you know what it was Yeah, well and you could miss exists on that two lane divided highway right there by the water



right on this is gonna Yeah, and we and so the funny part is I told you about that club. I came home from a trip and I happen to drive home off the beaten path because I thought it’d be cool to drive down this is gonna I passed it and I’m like, that’s a swing club. And I knew what it was just


Mallory Gordon  23:14

I have like this like radar about you because literally if you stand out there It looks like there might be a bar behind this wall but that’s it.



I just knew like something was in it. So I looked it up actually I said hey, guess what? I found a swing club. Let’s drive three hours to go find it. Which it was much sketchier right i think we went to that one in a hurricane once we did he’s spent the night there during her game power when you want to be sketched out at a swing club. Do it have the power go out in the middle of a hurricane with the SCADA with flood warnings telling people to get the hell out of there. We’re so stupid Yeah, we had a really good he’s over here like yeah, baby. Let’s do it. Hey, if you’re if your wife says hey, I want to go to the club and let’s party you say yes hurricane began


Mallory Gordon  24:02

all about making time remember that?



Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. But the point that we’re trying to make is some of them are off the beaten path and and I think that’s a little bit of that economic NIMBY effect nobody wants it back it


Mallory Gordon  24:13

is and I’m not sure what kind of you know i stuff they may need from the local government or municipalities their apartments they are never next door to a church they almost never unless it was Virginia. In West Virginia could have been Yeah, yeah. Literally. We’ve been to strip clubs there that there’s a daycare in church across the street. That hilarious literally, um, but yeah, I kind of like that it’s off the beaten path. Because it does give another level of privacy.



Exactly. And you know, the other thing they do is they are pretty strictly governing of single guys and a lot of them we’ve been to I’ve been to ones that don’t that are all about the almighty dollar and come on in fellows. Here’s your here’s your handful of lube enjoy.


Mallory Gordon  24:55

Or the other side of that is are providing the scene for the people that want



that that’s true too. Because there are people that want that. And honestly, we’ve met some really cool single guys that were totally awesome. And were super fun to have around. So that’s not a bad thing necessarily, but it is good that they have some rules that govern them in some places.


Mallory Gordon  25:12

Yeah. And the fact that they have on site play, and a lot of them are open to like three and four in the morning if you’re not staying on site.



Absolutely. So the only thing I think that weirded me out in terms of lifestyle clubs, it’s always weirded me out is the buffet. Why do they all have?


Mallory Gordon  25:29

So I think that brings part of the value of being a member. Right? But I don’t I don’t want to go there and like, be nominal chicken fingers. I know. That’s the perspective we had the first time like, are we gonna find pubes in the salad? What’s going on here? anywhere? Something’s wrong. Well, that’s kind of my point that never comes back. ever come back. So remember when we were DJs for you know, a weekend party? I think Cassidy maybe we have been hosted or once together with a group that used to host there.



So let’s add a couple there. The friction was never there. Friction was hotel, okay.


Mallory Gordon  26:05

So, and I got I was, I was, I had been rode sauteing, like all the way there. So I had a great buzz and then she was sure face guy was pop and that is not like me. I do not get that hammered. And that they hammer that for all those other times. Oh, stop it. lifestyle club. But someone brought me mac and cheese. And I cannot remember this person’s name. I wish I could because you literally saved my life. And it was delicious.



Well, delicious is always a good reason to be happy. It was the best mac and cheese I’d ever had in my life in that moment.



Yeah, so Okay, so that’s a good reason to have a buffet and a lifestyle. I still think I would look like an ass sitting there, like just chowing down on chicken wings when I should be chowing down on you.


Mallory Gordon  26:54

Or for the outs offered up on the buffet. Well,



I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m an equal opportunity guy. I mean, if they all want to sit on the buffet, I will work my way down the pussy buffet like a new game. Oh, that sounds amazing. That’s a great idea. So anyway, lifestyle clubs a little more expensive, more private than hotel takeovers. They definitely have lots of events, a lot of times are affiliated with local clubs are affiliated with online sites. So you can get some discounts, maybe discounts getting in if you’re affiliated with one club or another. So there’s a lot of good reasons why lifestyle clubs are I think are our favorite. And of course, the last and most expensive of these that’s worth really pointing out is the lifestyle resorts.


Mallory Gordon  27:35

Yeah, if you have you we have to mention those. Sure. Absolutely.



And when we say lifestyle, we don’t necessarily mean swinging.


Mallory Gordon  27:42

No, no, I’m the open more open minded, all inclusive resorts like



clothing optional. Yeah, no. And of course, there’s lifestyle weeks resorts where maybe you have a group booking that everybody that knows that what they’re getting into that this is a lifestyle oriented event. So what are some examples of those, obviously? Hito that’s where we spend the lion’s share of our time.


Mallory Gordon  28:05

Uh, huh. Desire pearls. And RM, Kelly, anti Tampa area,



paradise lakes, be another one in the Tampa area. So there’s a few in Florida is what we’re saying. But Kelly and Jay, I think is probably in the continental US. Next to I think freedom makers would be


Mallory Gordon  28:24

Afridi makers on the west coast.



Yeah, but we’re free to makers a little different than respect that it’s like an RV community you got to buy your way it is it is is Yeah. But still. And I bet there’s others, right. So if our listeners know of others, and you want to throw them out there, we’ll put them in the notes or put them on a blog.


Mallory Gordon  28:38

Yeah, that’s that’s actually an interesting question. So yeah, any of our listeners, if there is a resort, that you frequent or go to or have been to, and want to give us some details, we’re making travel plans for 2019 and 2020 years coming up. So we’d love to hear your feedback.



Yeah, we’ll stop in and check it out and talk about it here on casual swingers love


Mallory Gordon  28:59

it and you can send us those messages on www casual swinger.com. Or you can find us as casual swinger on Twitter, Instagram, Cassidy and SLS.



She’s so much more efficient at saying that than I am. So when we talk about lifestyle resorts, we know that they’re more expensive, right. And the most expensive way pretty much to book with anybody that I’ve seen is to book directly with the resort.


Mallory Gordon  29:24

You know, historically, I think that’s probably pretty accurate. And has seen you get a better value when you book with a group.



So because well, and it’s kind of, you know, like, you’re fighting the Forrest Gump, right. It’s, you want to know what you’re going to get out of that box of chocolates. And when you go with a particular group, you do you know what their thing is? You know what, though, you know what they’re into, they mean groups have themes.


Mallory Gordon  29:49

Yeah, typically, some of them are more like the party. Some of them are a little more relaxed. Sometimes they have a theme like tequila, or



is that our theme? That’s really But yeah, yeah, it’s a you want people, you know, that are of like mind. Right. And I think I think you and I went to Hito in August once.


Mallory Gordon  30:10

We did as a couple, we didn’t go with a group. It was definitely It was. It was good for me being a first timer there because that was my very first trip. And the resort was busy as it usually is the rest of the year. It was empty. It wasn’t empty. There were 30 couples there, it was empty, and 99.9% of them were hot.



Yeah, that’s true. So people but interestingly enough, we we asked a particular couple of hair, you guys don’t lifestyle and they got all offended. And they’re like we’re nudists. And really.


Mallory Gordon  30:43

There was a small group of notice there. And you know, I didn’t know the difference. And he were cute. So I figured it the polite thing to do was ask.



Yeah, well, and they were bitter, and they act like grumpy, nudists. They act like I was janitor jerking off talking to him, which I wasn’t that time. But it’s, you know, I think what it illustrates though, is the value of groups beyond the almighty dollar. Right? It’s not just about saving money, because you can save money by booking with a group home.


Mallory Gordon  31:11

It’s all Yeah, desire, whatever. Exactly. It’s all about the value. Because there’s a lot of extras that usually come along with going with a group that’s true cat cruises and hosted parties and schwag and freebies and giveaways. A lot of these groups do nights on of Giveaways from toys to close to merge two free nights to got you name it just about everything.



Sure. Well, I mean, in it well, in sometimes, right, your favorite podcasters are going to particular groups like swinging down under is going to be a desire that’s rising. We’re hosting it. Hito


Mallory Gordon  31:47

That’s hilarious. I wonder if we can like get some communication going? Well, we’re both at different locations. You’re fucking awesome. I love these guys. I love you guys, too.



Yeah. And so we were talking and I’m not gonna give them away what they’re doing. But we always bring stuff. And they’re bringing stuff for the folks that desire to and when I found out they’re bringing I fell out of my chair laughing. I think it’s awesome. And but that’s what I’m getting at. Right? So whether they’re into what you’re into, or maybe they’re the folks who listen to you, and you want to go party with them and let them throw your party poolside. You know, I think that’s super cool. If you think we’re cool, I can tell you where we’re gonna be. We’re gonna be in Edo. But this stuff is a blast. And these resorts, yes, they’re expensive.


Mallory Gordon  32:27

They are. But remember, it’s also all inclusive, you don’t pay for your food, your alcohol. And personally, I think he has really stepped up with the level of alcohol they’re providing, but not just that level of food level. Food is fantastic with all these in a lot of these places have themed restaurants, like they’ll have an Italian place and like I bought you grill and all these other things. So you’re not just eating another buffeted every night either. Now, I



would say and of course with some some point we’ll talk in detail about veto, but


Mallory Gordon  32:55

their salary soon, very soon. We’re four weeks away.



Oh, God. Yes, we are. So we are going to have a keto conversation soon. And we’re gonna broadcast from Quito


Mallory Gordon  33:03

we are.



So that’ll be fun. But that’s so yeah, that’s a solid four star resort. And you know, the last thing about lifestyle resorts that we want you guys to know before the break. These guys are read the reviews are everywhere. Look at TripAdvisor. And any other number of travel sites, you can see what you’re getting. You don’t see what you’re getting with a hotel party, you don’t see what you’re getting with a house party.


Mallory Gordon  33:25

Yeah, there’s much more transparency, because of the financial obligation that comes along with it. And it kind of goes against the norm when it comes to reviews. Because usually people only review stuff when they’re really angry. You’re gonna find much more reviews about people and their experience and how much they loved it. That’s true, what they loved about it, and then that content, you’re probably going to find what’s going to suit you for your all inclusive vacation.



That’s right. So if you’re choosing to vacation as a lifestyle, you can vacation where you want with the amenities that you want. And with the group, you can pick who you want to vacation with.


Mallory Gordon  33:57

Exactly. So



there’s a lot of opportunity with lifestyle resorts, but that kind of puts a cap on four of the ways that you can meet people outside of just online but don’t forget online can augment any of those things, right? Because if you pull mentary Yeah, if you booked an expensive vacation to somewhere like desire or Hito, you should absolutely find out who those people are before you go. So you can start creating those relationships, whether it’s adult travel forum, or whether it’s on one of the lifestyle sites. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  34:26

and some of the groups they host jets prior to the trip. So ask



about that. If you’re thinking about booking right, and they have a weekly chat 30 per Oh, yeah, that’s right the burbs do it too. I love those guys. So there you go guys, resorts, clubs, hotel parties, house parties are so many ways to get together. And we hope that you guys are out there doing it and you’ll tell us about it. Or you want to tell everybody how they find us again to tell us


Mallory Gordon  34:50

yeah, you guys can find us at www dot casual swinger.com or as casual swinger on Twitter, Instagram SLS and Cassidy. So But what about these holidays? Oh, we’re gonna talk about some Hollis swinging here. Yeah,



that’s right it’s Halloween time there’s pumpkins everywhere pumpkin spice underwear and god knows what else What are they gonna put pumpkin spice in my deodorant soon you can


Mallory Gordon  35:15

put pumpkin spice in my big jingle Can I play with your pumpkin?



Yeah but can spice in my region go I just thought about that. That sounds like a lot of burning.



Burning burning a jingle yeah no good got that name is terrible. But no, you know so yeah, we’re going to talk about Halloween. We’re going to talk about the holidays right you got What is it? Hello, thank Miss is somebody on my Facebook feed was calling it earlier because they’re like, you know, Halloweens in a couple of weeks. The day after that is Thanksgiving. And that weekend is Christmas is basically how fast it goes. Yeah, but it is the holidays. So we’re going to talk about lifestyle at the holidays. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the disaster we had at hollows swing in a hotel. When we get back after the break, we’re gonna grab some water, we’ll get right back with you Don’t forget you’re listening to casual swinger. We’ll be right back.


Mallory Gordon  36:15

You’re listening to casual swinger Mel here with Mickey, and we’re gonna get into hollow swinging. This is the story about the great hotel party fail that we experienced. Oh, God, it really was. This is interesting, because Mickey came to me, like two, three days before and said, Hey, I got this great idea. Here’s this group, which was, I don’t know that I want to call him out because Okay, we’re not okay. But it was a group that was



in the state we lived in. There were no lifestyle clubs.


Mallory Gordon  36:47

Right. And, and our thought process, hey, this is something much closer, and it’s probably got that, you know, club feel to it. So yeah, let’s give it a shot. And that’s pretty much all the forethought we put into what to expect.



I really expected something similar to a lifestyle club. I did. They said that we pretty much had the whole hotel and their description. So I was like, Okay, so I’m not really worried about vanillas or anything like that. And in reality, I really should have been more worried about the cockroaches



was not the nicest hotel we’ve ever been to. So if it wasn’t bums outside, that’s where their sleep under the underpass.


Mallory Gordon  37:23

They weren’t, we weren’t. We didn’t drive a super nice vehicle there by any stretch of the imagination. But we were definitely worried we were gonna come out with no wheels and tires on it. The next morning, I didn’t want to walk home. It was not a good neighborhood. So but yeah, like I said, we only had a couple days to prepare. So I’m running around trying to figure out costumes for the both of us. We didn’t invest the time to really research and and figure out what to expect once we got there.



No, not at all. And I gotta say, some of the things that I have done to poor Mallory over the years. I they all happen from lack of preparation on my part, for the most part, like hey, let’s do this. This seems like a great fucking idiot.


Mallory Gordon  38:00

You’re a dreamer. That’s who you are. And I love you for it. And it does come with a warning label.



Oh, yeah. Yeah. Some assembly required. requires supervision. Yeah. Yeah, that is definitely definite supervision. Definitely a warning label, especially if I’ve been drinking tequila.


Mallory Gordon  38:17

Oh, yeah. Tequila friends. That’s for another episode. Yeah,



for another episode. So we decided to get down and see these guys on Halloween, you know, wasn’t a new It was a new club. And we did all the right things, right. We found them on our site of preference. And we tagged ourselves as going. We tried to reach out and find some people that there was pretty much nobody from our side of the state. There was no


Mallory Gordon  38:39

  1. And, you know, we tried to look at that, you know, with silver lining. Hey, a whole new group of people. This is you know, Greenfield for us.



Yeah. Well, and we also had this curse that, I mean, that curse seems to have lifted since we moved. But that curse was we can’t meet people that live closer than two hours. They just can’t do it. So and that was that way for literally like 10 years. So everybody, you know that was that said they were going like great. We’ll be down. We’re newbies. But we’re not you know, we can’t wait to meet people and say hi and have some drinks at party. We were going to bring we did bring our own booze for the room. Right. But it was a cash bar.


Mallory Gordon  39:17

Yeah. And we didn’t know that. So I think we didn’t maybe we should kind of go over what we could have done better to prepare ourselves. One a little more research looking at, you know, feedback from other people as far as hotel parties. Maybe not showing up early. As early as there. Yeah.



Well, we had dinner and we’re here and did you?


Mallory Gordon  39:37

Yeah. Yeah. Walking around aimlessly is the only people in costume.



That was pretty hilarious. We were worried that maybe we mistaken it. Maybe it was the next weekend. Oh, yeah. We


Mallory Gordon  39:47

did have that thought we thought we were at that wrong hotel.



Yeah, we had that going on. It was literally a comedy of errors for us. And it had I mean, that happens to us all the time. And it’s usually like I said, it’s always my fault. But you know, we said this Hotel the elevators didn’t work so had to go up and down five flights of stairs that’s right on the fifth floor.


Mallory Gordon  40:05

That’s right and using the elevators to get to the ballroom part of the party because we had to walk down the hall to use the other set to get to the other side of the building. And remember when we got off and that had the the ceilings were the holes what they called drop ceilings, and all the wires were hanging out and I’m like, is this sticker ration because it looked super creepy because all the lights were out



in the shining is less creepy? Yes. Yeah, exactly. It was an eye we could have been decoration but again then one of the roaches rang about you know went by with the maintenance man writing it.


Mallory Gordon  40:37

Well the mousetraps in the hallway gave it away. Oh, yeah, mousetraps. Yeah, got about that. Which I mean, I’m glad they’re catching him. So he could have made him pet so that and that’s all in hindsight, you know, we’re optimistic we’re gonna go meet some people and have a party and you know, maybe these are all like decorations. So



right so we dipped out for a while went got some dinner, a complete in our Halloween costumes. Because we were early and that that is a rule for life. Don’t show Don’t be the first ones to show up to the lifestyle party.


Mallory Gordon  41:06

But learn that lesson in high school, didn’t we? like come on?



We think you were having sex. were too busy fucking in the back of a fan. me. I was actually the one that was showing up at the party going well, I had pizza. But


Mallory Gordon  41:22

hey, I’ve been at a fold down bed in the back, Buster. Well, it was very convenient.



I didn’t have a fan. My car was a piece of shit. So if you guys heard that noise just now I apologize. That was the dog desperately trying to get into the room. He hears us in here talking. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  41:39

slightly codependent.



Right. Well, you know, you try like crazy to find a time to record when nobody’s around. And the dog goes, I’m still here.


Mallory Gordon  41:47

That’s what Forgive me, guys, your special guest today.



That’s right, casual swinger is all about real life. But hey, back to this party. So we get you know, we came back from dinner. And what did we find? What we found was, it was full, right? We were only gone like two hours. I was and everybody showed up. Costumes everywhere.


Mallory Gordon  42:06

Yeah, yeah. And then we’re like, heck, yeah, this is gonna be awesome. Look at all these people.



And I think that’s where we learned like the biggest lesson about swinging on Halloween and especially summer you don’t already know people who can’t recognize


Mallory Gordon  42:18

a damn



person. Oh, like we had all these people that we tried to talk to you online before we went to this party. We did the right thing. Yeah, I’m trying to make friends before we went. Well, I you weren’t dressed as the fucking Joker on your profile? No.


Mallory Gordon  42:32

And exactly. There was an we didn’t even think to ask the question. What costume Are you going to be wearing? And no one asked us either. So good fucking thing because we didn’t know. Yeah, I called that one couple by the wrong names all night long. And they never corrected me. And I feel like such until the end of the night. Well, and so was that said Nancy, because you kept you called him sit all night long. Yeah, I called them sit in Nancy, because I didn’t know what their names were. Well, it were but it turns out we had introduced ourselves online to them.



Oh, well, that that helps. I didn’t Yeah, well, I’ve been hitting head a few times. I don’t remember them at all. But until of course Mallory mentioned him, but


Mallory Gordon  43:06

and that’s not their names, by the way, said Nancy is a was what they were dressed as.



Yes, exactly. That’s Yeah, they were dressed as Nancy. But they were from like South Carolina. I mean, they would have been pretty far away. Yeah, they were like we said we can’t meet a couple lives closer. We hit it off and and Mallory I think she kind of wanted to get into his leather pants, but


Mallory Gordon  43:26

ah, yeah, uniforms and tight pants. Yeah.



And it’s just pretty cute to see is George St. Pierre package on the front there. I mean, who said I couldn’t see it, you know you were talking about? So there’s an upside to Halloween. Right? So the thing about Halloween in swinging. And the reason why we talked about this in this episode is you really, you know, it’s hard enough to gauge the person in compatibility and things like that. If you don’t know that the people you’re going with Halloween is not the time to go try to meet people, because everybody’s putting on a different face. And you’re already trying to figure out which one they had in the first place. Yeah, that’s a great point. That’s a great point. And I think it does, I think maybe that holiday does bring out people in a more rare form. So well, and I mean, you want the ladies to vamp it up and sexy it up and look great and feel good about themselves and get out and dance and she could, you know, show us what they got. But these Halloween costumes and a lot of the Halloween costumes that these guys are in these Halloween costumes are. They’re just not representative. They’re just not representative of who and what they actually are. I mean, for example, I got chased by Harley Quinn. Oh, yeah, that’s right. And she was very aggressive.


Mallory Gordon  44:41

She was she had that huge oversized hammer. She tried to hit you with and I don’t know why she wanted to beat me to death.



She laid eyes on you. And it was it was on. And when she had the Joker with her to write the day she literally


Mallory Gordon  44:56

Yes. And I mean, you know, I had to You know, politely declined a few times, but it wasn’t aggressive. She was definitely much more aggressive with you.



Yeah, she she put her hands in places that I was really smacking me with the hammer got old. Yeah, she chased me around with the hammer a lot. And I think it was more representative of he had decided he really liked you. And he wanted her to occupy me was was more the picture that I got. Because she and I really that’s


Mallory Gordon  45:27

I don’t I wouldn’t like that. That wouldn’t be cool for me. No, she wasn’t cool for me. Now,



I only get hit with with hammers, even if they’re big fake hammers. But that you know, and that, so that’s the kind of thing you know, maybe it inspires Halloween brings out the crazy, it brings out the the wild side of people. And that’s not such a bad thing, right. But now,


Mallory Gordon  45:48

and maybe you know, we’re gonna have to go to another Halloween event at a club here before the end of the month. So maybe that mentality be a little different because the venues change. So I’m looking forward to kind of seeing what happens.



Yeah, and we’ve been to this place a few times too. Right. So this Halloween party at a club that we’ve been to right and I already mentioned him in this episode. It’s I’m it’s secrets. So they’re having a big Halloween bash the weekend of Halloween. So we’re gonna get down there and check it out. And yeah, it’s I think it’s gonna be pretty cool just to see if that point what the place looks like full because we’ve been there a bunch of times. And there’s a lot of empty real estate and every time we go down there,


Mallory Gordon  46:28

yeah, and it really depends on I think the party names Right, exactly.



They tell us they kept telling us you know, come back, come back when it’s crowded. Come back when we have a takeover come back when we do this. So we are going to go back because they have their partner with fair Avila who is that’s our favorite store. I


Mallory Gordon  46:41

love fair villa. I’m lucky enough to be close to literally walk into one of their stores. But they’re all over the place or even down in Key West. We have a friend who makes beaded outfits and they sell them there.



Yeah, I don’t know if I told you that. I saw it on Facebook as Yeah. As super cool. But so Halloween, you know, when you do a hotel party on Halloween, the party shuts down early. Like we said the party shut down at midnight. But this top floor was totally reserved for us.


Mallory Gordon  47:07

It wasn’t an ended up being a good thing that they did that because it shut down at midnight, and like you couldn’t get into the ballroom, you couldn’t get a drink. So everyone eventually migrated up to this one floor. So plus side, they had space for everyone that was pretty much all night long until the rooms got shut down. And they were all themed.



Well, a lot of them were themed. They were all open more than one Oh,


Mallory Gordon  47:29

yeah, it was it was another only play rooms basically. And yeah, and they like you said they each had a theme. It was really hard to navigate, though,



it really well kept because it was one long hallway with 300 people in it. And from my perspective, when we got up there, you know, we hadn’t we only made you know, maybe a couple of friends because we were having a good time talking. But it was a little crazy. And a lot of people as usual know each other doesn’t make it clicky just means they all knew each other already. So there were a lot of groups standing around talking, and which is hard to break into those groups in the lifestyle. Right? It is


Mallory Gordon  48:03

it is and I think like halfway down the hallway, we started yelling fire marshal coming through just to make a little extra space to get by.



Right? Well, and it’s, you know, any anything you got to do to get somebody to get out your way. But we’re talking about small hallways and not a high end hotel. And if you ever been in a non high end hotel, you know what I’m talking about. But those rooms that were hoping I think they weren’t really welcoming, especially for women, right? Because there were a lot of guys that were piled around the doors trying to see what was up.


Mallory Gordon  48:31

Yeah. And there was a lot of guys or couples just sitting around waiting for a show to take place maybe on a bet or a poll or is I think they had a Sex Swing in one. And I think it set the stage for if you’re an exhibitionist, that was a perfect venue for you. Sure, but



if you’re not, but you wanted to maybe play with your partner or a group of people, it wasn’t exclusive to a group like a a club would be where you can go into a separate room. That’s still part of the quote unquote, party. Well, and I think the other thing that is a big deal, honestly, is if you are not the sort of person that is into anonymity, meaning I don’t want to know who you are, I just want to take you I want you to take me, Halloweens a bad time to go out and swing. Because if you need like you, you like to know the person and like the person and trust the person. You don’t want random zombie 123 you know, to jump you from behind.


Mallory Gordon  49:31

Yeah, and I think I’ve gotten more tactful at addressing those situations when they come up because you have to be honest, you have to say no, but I think you’re right about the anonymity.



Yeah, it’s it’s just something that I think about I don’t know that I’ve ever really seen it happen and we didn’t see happen there. They were super nice people and they worked really hard to put this party together. And yeah, that hotel was sketchy as hell but I can tell you I looked to see where they were having their Halloween party this year. They picked a new hotel. Good for them. Pretty exciting for them that they got the message now awesome. Yeah, that hurts. Not awesome. But so kind of getting on to the last piece of this segment before we before we close up this segment and move on to cocktail corner. So why do we think that Halloween is not a great thing? I obviously I think the anonymity part of it. It’s hard to get to know people when they’re trying to be somebody else. I mean, Halloween is fine.


Mallory Gordon  50:21

But it is it is fun, but it set the right expectations that may not be optimal for meeting that person or persons to



up with. I agree. And so the last thing and the reason why it was a true epic fail, I think that really really put it over the top for me anyway, is the fact that we didn’t get any sleep that night. Yeah, well, and I didn’t I got laid like we fucked but we didn’t like we didn’t hook up. It was it was expensive as well away from home. It was a mess. I was in a bad mood. And then my daughter at the time was big. into my little pony. Yeah, yeah, I was a thing as kind of an older kid. Like it was very weird. Everybody was in my little early However, they called themselves. Oh, goodness, what did they call themselves? They call Ronnie Ronis? That’s right. They were brown Ronis. So we thought this was the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard on our life now, Tom, it’s just it was just off. Not mine. Weird. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It was weird, but then only because her boyfriend had like my little pony tattoos and stuff. I mean, it was very strange. multiple ones. Yeah, we digress. But we had our neighbors right there in the room next to us. Turns out we’re brownies. And the only reason we knew they were brownies is because they were dressed as ponies. For this party. Yes.


Mallory Gordon  51:45

Yeah. And it was a triad with two girls and they walked around, which I thought it was part of the costume to turn out. There were two couples,



there were four people. Oh, really where you just didn’t see him. At first. When he finally came out. He was dressed with hooves, the whole shebang. Like he was kind of like


Mallory Gordon  52:03

the furry thing too. Oh, yeah. Which I’m not mocking this is I remember catching the girls in the hallway. And they had the plugs with the tails. And I was like, Oh, it’s not part of their costume.



Yeah, it was actually up their ass, which is awesome. I mean, I guess. But they’re having a great time, this thing to that next level door to us. So as it turns out, bronies have a thing they do. They call it clubbing.


Mallory Gordon  52:28

Yeah, we learned that from this experience. We had no idea what my daughter told me what the word was, which is why I’m still fucking horrified. sex positive.



I’m sex positive, but I’m horrified at the same time. My kid told me that I think pretending to be horses and fucking


Mallory Gordon  52:42

Yeah, well, that’s what threw us off. Because I mean, they I mean, they put it down for hours. I think it was close to 530 in the morning when it finally died it down enough for us to go to sleep. But we literally heard them name next door. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah, it was it was interesting if i given it to Wilbur. I looked at it as a learning experience. The



thing that I think for me, I mean, me at 430 in the morning, like we said, Springer’s don’t beat on the door, right? We don’t yell at each other, and we’re having a good time. But the thing for me was when he was doing the winning because she was giving it to him and I was like, Whoa, man. Way to go. And they were full on horseplay. Yeah, and I


Mallory Gordon  53:25

yeah, that term was never the same after that for us. When someone says horseplay. We still giggle.



Yeah. And at that point, I was like, wow, I really just can’t wrap my head around this, but I support them. I mean, next day, next morning, I gave knuckles on the way buys like Nice work, guys. five in the morning. That’s no bullshit. You guys killed it. So, but it’s still so anyway, wrapping things up. That’s Halloween for you guys. That’s the end of this segment. We’re going to come back after a short break and we’re gonna get into my favorite section since we did Mallory’s Toy Box yesterday, I just said box really specifically because I love Mallory’s box, but we’re gonna talk about my favorite segment, which is cocktail corner, and we’re going to talk about my favorite liquor and drink that we make from that liquor. So we’re gonna talk a little bit about what’s going on in the country when it comes to that. And we’ll be back soon you’re listening to casual swinger?


Mallory Gordon  54:35

Hey, guys, casual swinger back for my next favorite segment on our show, which is Mickey’s tuck tail corner, and I emphasized COC that time because I’m a big fan of yours.



Oh, well, I’m a big fan of your tail so it really works.


Mallory Gordon  54:54

So just to preface the segment, Mickey here is a kind of sewer of fun. Bourbons. So he’s going to go over some tips, some history, some drinks here, and I’ll let him take it from here. That’s a really nice way of saying your husband’s a drunk. So Well, I mean, I’m I am a big fan of a fine bottle of bourbon. And I think I had the same school of thought of you when it comes to that. I’m just a little I like my vodka. Do I like some gin? I love my beer. Oh, yeah, and, and wine.



I’m definitely more of a bourbon guy. But you know, one of the things we’re gonna do in this segment for you, as time goes on, is we’re gonna bring in some experts bringing some bartenders getting drinks, we’re gonna do some interviews for you on this, because I think cocktail corner is an opportunity for us to expand our taste buds. But let’s talk a little bit today about bourbon in the United States, right? So bourbon, as far back as 1999. was an all time low. Right? In 1999. bourbon was one of the lowest selling spirits in the country. Yeah. And this year, it’s risen to $1.5 billion.


Mallory Gordon  55:58

Yeah, there’s been a it’s like a trend now.



Absolutely. So this bourbon boom that we’re seeing is really the fault of two companies for roses in Jim Beam for roses was acquired in 2002. And for the previous 50 years hadn’t really been sold in the US. Jim Beam was sold in 2014, for $16 billion, and more than half of their inventory ends up going overseas. Wild Turkey was sold for 575 million, just a couple of years after that.


Mallory Gordon  56:27

My first dance with the bottle was with wild turkey.



Yeah, it’s just nuts. So when we talk about four roses for roses, was pushing bourbon to Europe, in Asia, right? Wild Turkey was pushing to Italy. So almost half of the bourbon that’s made in the United States today is shipped outside of the country. It’s actually a massive export for us, which is where the boom is coming from. It’s really not on fire here in the US.


Mallory Gordon  56:51

So it’s an export



it is it’s a massive x Wow. And most of the bourbon most of the bourbon brands that we buy that and so there’s this craze right now in marketing, and we’re big into marketing here in this house. It’s a big part of what we do. But the marketing push on bourbon is what you’re seeing most of the Bourbons you buy aren’t made by the company that you’re buying.


Mallory Gordon  57:13

Yeah, that’s interesting. Because you mean and it doesn’t always say in the back of the bottle. No. And we talked about this, I think two years ago, when we started to see less and less of our personal favorites on that shelf. And we said, Did they really make a demand to limit the supply?



And in some cases, they do? Yeah, it’s really they they they really are limited release. And, and part of that is because the boom, right? You can’t find certain things that you want. Because, you know, they only have so much of it that is that is in these houses that what they call they’re called brick houses is what they store urban in. And so these giant brick houses full of bourbon, there’s only so much of it. And so if you remember a few years back Maker’s Mark said they were gonna water down their bourbon because they were selling so much of it, that in order to keep up with demand, they needed to water it down. They had a huge backlash from this, it was massive. So what has really grown is something called wholesale distilleries. So wholesale wholesale distilleries are responsible for a lot of the brands that we actually buy and like blaye would be a good example, widow Jane would be a good example.


Mallory Gordon  58:15

Do you love widow Jane?



It’s delicious. But if you look at the front of the bottle, it says how it’s the water comes straight from the widow Jane. Well, it comes from the fucking Hudson.


Mallory Gordon  58:27

So what a good analogy be on these paper manufacturers that make let’s say plates and towels and napkins and stuff, where other they sell them to other companies like grocery stores to put their own name on, but it’s the same thing. Absolutely. Absolutely. So



what happens in this is my point in all this, and I’m going to talk a little bit about widow Jane here in a second because there’s an NBC News article that you can find in our synopsis that NBC News article talks about widow Jane as a particular brand that has marketed small batch and craft as an excuse to charge $90 for a 750 milliliter bottle of bourbon. And what I’m trying to encourage our listeners to do is follow your taste buds. Don’t follow names, marketing names, good brands, good brand where the whiskey came from is not the point.


Mallory Gordon  59:16

I agree. So if you’re dipping into the waters and want to try something new flights are a great option and do do it blind. That’s right a bartender loves to give you a flight



that’s very surprised me show me something new and don’t be afraid to try it neat or on the rocks and you know I got some good


Mallory Gordon  59:32

I’m a purist I think if we’re gonna try it anywhere has to be neat. Or on the raw earlier Childers. Okay, on the rocks. I’m a little



Yeah, when it comes to drinking guys, Mallory’s dick is bigger than mine because she she drinks her bourbon straight, no ice. It’s like, I gotta put a little something into it to touch it up. I love my bourbon. I really do. And so what that brings me to is and I’m going to show you that article. But when you look at these brands, when you go out And you’re doing your shopping and you’re saying what’s good. Don’t fall for what the label says. Look at some reviews go online and see who’s drinking it. How and why. You’re gonna see things like shred up whiskeys, Bourbons. Why is it a whiskey versus a bourbon? We’ll talk about that on another cocktail corner one day, but Raj is bourbon. And then there’s also rice. And there’s lots of different types of rised. I am fairly partial to write. And you’re gonna find out about that when we talk about the actual cocktail as part of this cocktail corner. So what’s the word cocktail? Right? Well, somewhere around 1800 that word cocktail mint hair of the dog was a morning drink that they made with liquor, alcohol, water, sugar, and bitters. It was medicine. The word cocktail meant medicine was the hair of the dog to cure a hangover. And it wasn’t really supposed to be delicious. And later in the 19th century, it expanded the word cocktail to encompass just about any drink,


Mallory Gordon  1:00:54

any mixture, any



mixed drink, right? Yeah. And since then, the old fashioned literally means the old fashioned way of making a cocktail.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:04

That’s so cool. And that’s a very popular drink in this house.



It is that is my favorite drink. And it is the modern contemporary expression of my favorite drink. So we’re going to talk a little bit about the old fashion. So in the old fashion, I like three brands, and I like my old fashions a little sweeter. I’m going to start by saying, There’s no wrong way to drink your booze. No, I learned this from an Irish bartender, a legit Irish bartender in New York City. I apologize for the way that I ordered my drink. And he said, Why would I be angry at you for hiding? I can’t do his acts. I’m not even going to try. But I love this dude. And I still know him to this day. He, he said, Why would I get angry at you for the way you drink your drink? You’re drinking it, not me. He said, I’m gonna make it for you however you want it. But if you want a suggestion from me, I’ll give it to you. So a great bartender. And I’m going to tell you, this is how I drink my old fashion. But old fashion, in its purest sense, for example, doesn’t have an orange peel. It doesn’t have cherries, it doesn’t have seltzer or water of any kind and it isn’t shaken. So when you see in in, you can tell when you order an old fashioned if you ordered at Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday’s is probably going to be shitty unless they hired a really good bartender because their book tells him to put seltzer water in it or something in it to break down that sugar. And that’s what it’s for. But what goes in an old fashioned, it gets two ounces of bourbon, a teaspoon of sugar or a sugar cube or simple syrup. Simple syrup works much better than either the sugar or the sugar cube because the sugar cube is going to require water to break it down.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:37

And and some modeling and I prefer simple syrup. It’s made from Bratton light brown or dark brown sugar versus white sugar even better.



Even better. A brown sugar simple syrup is fantastic. two dashes. And by the way, a dash is not a unit of measurement. use your best judgment based on your taste. But orange bitters is my preference. Other types of bitters will work for you. But I prefer orange bitters, and a cherry. And by the way, use good cherries. maraschino cherries are chemically red. They’re disgusting. maraschino cherries, any self respecting bartender doesn’t use those. My recommendation for cherries is the Traverse City whiskey company makes


Mallory Gordon  1:03:16

are they’re so good. I mean, they’re like candy. They’re dark, dark red. These cherries are picked in Michigan, and preserved and canned right there in Traverse City. That’s



right. They’re gonna cost you about 20 bucks for a candidate thing. well mannered I


Mallory Gordon  1:03:30

think we get probably, I don’t know. 40 drinks out of one can.



Yeah, there’s a shitload of cherries in there. So one cherry. We’ll get it done. They are super sweet. And that orange peel for garnish what you do with that orange, but you peel the orange and you rub it around the edge of your glass. You can drop it in if you want to. You can take an orange slice and give it a little squeeze again if you like it sweet. Now, why I said if you like it sweet. I do like my old fashioned a little sweeter. If you like your old fashioned a little sweeter, use a rye bourbon.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:00

Yes. it’ll it’ll capture those flavors from the sugar and from the cherry. And brighten that up for you.



That’s right. It’ll bring them forward and my favorite three rise in order are whistlepig 12. Year whistlepig is a phenomenal so good right out of Vermont. Absolutely fantastic. Basil Hayden dark right which is a very sweet right


Mallory Gordon  1:04:23

it is and it’s not my favorite and old fashioned because it’s too sweet for me, but I love it on the rocks. Like after dinner drink.



I actually drink it straight. That’s one that I drink straight because it’s so smooth it is and then of course last but not least the high West double right.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:38

This is one of my favorite absolute. I’ve become a big fan of high West the burai the double MRI, MRI, they’re all good



they are and the one that you can get on that list. The cheapest is the basil Hayden darchei across the East Coast up to the top to down or north to south top to bottom. You’re going to get that somewhere in the 40 to $49 range. Yeah, the others are a little more pensive whistle pigs bad 90 bucks and high West is about 60. Yes, but those are good, good. Good Monday


Mallory Gordon  1:05:05

through Friday is a little rendezvous is a little cheaper, you can actually get the rendezvous rylo cheaper. That’s great. It’s I will drink that one straight too, but I do like mine with a little more bite. So.



So what you’ve got here is a recipe for an old fashioned right two ounces of bourbon, a teaspoon of sugar, two dashes of orange bitters, a cherry and an orange peel around the rim. Give it a stir, and you have yourself the original cocktail. And I thought that was a great way to start our first cocktail.


Mallory Gordon  1:05:32

Oh, I learned something new today. I hope our listeners did too.



I hope they did too. Now you guys have been with us for a full hour now. So we’re going to close this thing up and thank everybody for joining us for episode number four for already have casual swinger. Tell me Mallory, do you have any idea what we’re going to talk about in Episode Five?


Mallory Gordon  1:05:51

I think I want to make it a surprise. I’m not sure Should we go ahead and tell them I will leave it a surprise. We’ve got it. We got a surprise and story. I’m so excited. It’s it’s gonna be a special edition. It’s our first one. Very cool,



everybody. Thank you so much for listening. You’ve been listening to casual swinger, Malory. Tell them where they can find us.


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You guys can find us at www casual swinger.com or as casual swinger on Twitter Cassidy SLS and Instagram. She got it a Halloween everybody. Thanks for playing. We’ll see you soon.