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How to Party Like a Rascal

Thu, 9/2 10:08AM • 59:42


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Jim Frank – Rascals, Mickey Gordon, Rachal Frank – Rascals, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise.


Mickey Gordon  00:53

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. This is casual swinger. My name is Mickey. Hi, Mallory. Welcome back. Maybe you’re a first time listener. Maybe this is the first time they’ve ever heard Hello, their


Mallory Gordon  01:03

new friend.


Mickey Gordon  01:04

That’s right now welcome back. Welcome here for the first time.


Mallory Gordon  01:06

Pleasure to meet you.


Mickey Gordon  01:09

That’s right. So hey, safe travels. We’re introducing our first ta episode. We talked to some of our travel agent friends in the business.


Mallory Gordon  01:17

Yeah, yeah, these guys are pretty cool.


Mickey Gordon  01:19

Yeah, they are. We’re gonna talk today with Jim and Rachel from Rachel’s rascals. So


Mallory Gordon  01:24

that may be an understatement. We actually love these guys are good friends of ours. We’ve been traveling with them for over the better part of six years.


Mickey Gordon  01:30

Yeah, it’s been a long time. And you know, for me, I you know, if we’re gonna interview today’s we got to start with ones that are buddies, right.


Mallory Gordon  01:37

I think we’re allowed to be a little biased and have them first to the plate just a bit, but


Mickey Gordon  01:41

that is to talk to other folks. Right, we go there’s teed up, we’re gonna go talk to wet we’re going to talk to iOS connections. You get some of the folks we’re gonna chat with. But first up, we’re going to talk to Jim and Rachel but before we get into that, we got all kinds of announcements we’re going to kinds of fun stuff we do fun party slash good Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  02:01

yeah. I am in the currently trying to plan a visit to the Mid Atlantic is that technically the Mid Atlantic Yeah, it’s more area. Yeah. So yeah, we’re gonna do a friction party I think around Halloween. Oh, yeah. I guess Christmas. I


Mickey Gordon  02:16

know. That’s like a follow up from Nin Ray


Mallory Gordon  02:18

it is we get to see your sexy nun friends if we go.


Mickey Gordon  02:24

Looking forward to that. So you just called the Halloween the swingers Christmas? I did. It really is. It’s like our favorite holiday of the year if you’re in the lifestyle so and let’s see may 2020. Dude, podcast a Palooza


Mallory Gordon  02:37

so excited.


Mickey Gordon  02:39

If you guys haven’t booked or at least looked in like tried to make time for this thing. You really have to rooms are selling so fast.


Mallory Gordon  02:46

And there’s so many extras. I mean, keep from swinging down ladders doing a great job with pulling the right people in for this event. All the the bonuses, the entertainment, the themes, the aerial


Mickey Gordon  02:59

wars gone.


Mallory Gordon  03:00

I know. I’m excited.


Mickey Gordon  03:02

Right. And she teed up everybody up this week on Twitter and kind of fired everybody up about the seminar that we’re going to do. Yeah. And I’m like, Huh, maybe she knows something we don’t.


Mallory Gordon  03:13

And we started to put together our brilliant plan for what we’ll be presenting.


Mickey Gordon  03:18

Yeah, were there forward to it and I


Mallory Gordon  03:20

am too. I am too you know,


Mickey Gordon  03:22

we’re used to presenting in the corporate world not


Mallory Gordon  03:25

we are stylers so this like we actually get to stand in front of people and be us Yes. And not a different version or persona of us.


Mickey Gordon  03:32

Right. And there’s nobody that can tell me not to use foul language and not to talk about sex


Mallory Gordon  03:36

warning. I may do the whole George Carlin like seven dirty words like stick all dense. Yeah, right.


Mickey Gordon  03:43

Motherfucker, entity. Don’t forget to do it. Anyway, so that’ll be fun. And of course, you know, we’ve been teasing this next thing for months and we can finally talk about it. What is it? What is it? What is that? That’s right, we got swing jam coming your way.


Mallory Gordon  04:01

Wing jam. What’s


Mickey Gordon  04:02

that? It’s a swing jam. So swing jam is us swinging down under and that couple next door? squeal? invading hedonism?


Mallory Gordon  04:12

Yeah. Hito 2020 swing jam partnered with iOS connections. And that’s the last week in June correct? Yeah, it is the


Mickey Gordon  04:21

27th so


Mallory Gordon  04:22

say you guys can’t make it in May you got some summer vacation kids are taking care of you’re taking with the grandparents house or Fuck it. You just need to get out of dodge. Join us a Hito


Mickey Gordon  04:31

That’s right. Leave the little bastards at home and come play with us. Now of course Mallory and I we’ve got some experience in Hito we’ve hosted there a bunch we’ve done a lot of cool stuff. We got a lot of parties we bring to bear but you know what, the folks from swinging down under the folks from that couple next door they’ve been to desire they’ve hosted all over the world. And you know this people throw a mean party to so well.


Mallory Gordon  04:52

Yes, they do. Hell yes. We’re we’re in great company there. Yeah. This is gonna be very honored


Mickey Gordon  04:59

and Let’s not discount the fact that we have iOS connections there. those fuckers throw maybe the most badass party on the planet.


Mallory Gordon  05:08

That is true. So I can’t even wrap my head around how much awesomeness is gonna encompass this trip?


Mickey Gordon  05:14

Yeah. So June 20 through 27th. We’re doing keto. If you guys want to book with us, go to our website, go to www casual swinger COMM And we have a thing that says travel with us. Just click right there on travel with us. And we’ll make sure to get you some data booking link, whatever you need, if you want to get in on that,


Mallory Gordon  05:34

and June is a great time to go. Yeah, really, it’s a little bit on the warmer side.


Mickey Gordon  05:39

Before the Hurricanes get going before


Mallory Gordon  05:40

the crazy weather comes in, where it’s like raining like torrential downpours every afternoon.


Mickey Gordon  05:45

It’s a good time of the year to be naked all the time.


Mallory Gordon  05:48

It is it is it is great timing for people who have kids at school, which I’m really excited about because then it opens up opportunity and like we have teachers and people who, you know are on that calendar.


Mickey Gordon  05:59

So it’s it’s and I just talked to john from STC and he said they just booked 50 couples in as well that week that are super, super hot. So there’s so extended family actually. Yeah, so this is actually going to be a really big week. Sweet. I’m really looking forward to it,


Mallory Gordon  06:15

guys. Well, you heard him.


Mickey Gordon  06:17

Book your shit. Let’s do this. So speaking of week, we got we’re getting on the road together. This


Mallory Gordon  06:23

we are we’re traveling for work together, which is always awesome. This happens like once or twice a year maybe if we get lucky. So I always get super excited because I get a kinky hotel sex.


Mickey Gordon  06:34

I was just gonna say Yeah. Everyday, what does it does, which is a great stress relief. And I’ve always feel like I’m on point when I have you with me because I have that. But we also put out a call to action we did. We reached out to some folks on STC and Cassidy and just kind of said, Hey, we’re going to be in the area. we’re bored Wednesday night. Anybody want to hang out with a couple of swingers from Florida? Yeah. So let’s see what happens. By the time you guys here. This will be in Chicago, literally. So we’ll be cruising around downtown looking for something fun to do. So hit us up on Twitter and let us know where the cool stuff is happening. And maybe we’ll pop in and show up Say hi, which would be pretty neat. You know what? Speaking of neat, we’ve got some other cool stuff you’ve got going on. For example, last time we did an episode we launched casual toys. We did we did. And we got our first orders since the last episodes, which is super cool. You


Mallory Gordon  07:30

can’t see me but I’m Snoopy Danson. Thank you, Mr. Frank.


Mickey Gordon  07:34

Right. And we’ve had a few other since then. But it’s really exciting to see you guys are jumping in and checking out casual toys


Mallory Gordon  07:40

and also for your patients.


Mickey Gordon  07:43



Mallory Gordon  07:45

We had a couple hiccups here and there. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  07:47

yeah. We’ll call them hiccups. I may have had a blood pressure incident there over some of the stuff that happened. But I Captain Yeah, it is. This is this has been a labor of love. And we’re super excited that you guys are on board with us.


Mallory Gordon  08:01

Like, come on. Hito Joe’s support. Yeah, come on. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  08:05

it’s hard to be Hito Joe’s support. So what she’s talking about is the there’s a group on Facebook called our favorite Jamaican vacation place. And because they can’t call it what it is. But my friend Hito Joe runs it. And so his code to receive 20 off a casual toys is he dojo, so if you guys want to support he dojo and his group on Facebook that has over 14,000 members 14,000 people that love Hito It’s amazing. You can’t call it the Hito group though. It’s kind of call it our now Jamaican vacation place.


Mallory Gordon  08:43

That was a whole like thing, like a year and a half ago, wasn’t it? Yeah. So


Mickey Gordon  08:47

yeah, that’s alright. Well, he has got their own like Facebook group, I guess. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  08:50

Oh, well, of course they do. But I mean, he’s, he’s very supportive. He does a great job being you know, the administer of the group right now. Like, making sure everyone’s falling in line and not encroaching on any rules because it’s it really is a mind share.


Mickey Gordon  09:08

Culture, like minded people Sure.


Mallory Gordon  09:10

And find out who’s traveling when like, they have calendars like it’s he’s done a really great job of connecting all these people.


Mickey Gordon  09:16

I think the hardest part about managing Facebook groups these days, especially with you know, lifestyles and stuff like that is photos, the tittie pictures,


Mallory Gordon  09:24

as well. I mean, it’s it’s known, right? This is not a shock to anyone at this point. You’re even you know, at all on social media.


Mickey Gordon  09:34

Yeah, well, and it’s bullshit, right? I mean, it is. my titties are fine.


Mallory Gordon  09:39

I hate I don’t even want to get into the nipple conversation because I’m going to spiral out of control. It’s such bullshit because I have milk sacks behind my nipples. That minor pornographic and yours are totally fine.


Mickey Gordon  09:51

your nipples are mine.


Mallory Gordon  09:53

Exactly. Yeah. And they’re nicer to look


Mickey Gordon  09:57

at than mine.


Mallory Gordon  09:59

So I love your duties too. Don’t get me wrong. I just think it’s total bullshit.


Mickey Gordon  10:04

I think you’ll see plenty of men nipple next weekend


Mallory Gordon  10:06

though. I can’t wait to see man nipple. Okay, but I also want to know how they like figure out that’s a man nipple and this is a woman nipple.


Mickey Gordon  10:14

I’ll remember that when our friends come to town and the guy that’s got the big great big like salami nipples, and you’re gonna be so excited to see his nipples,


Mallory Gordon  10:21

whatever, you’re going to be pulling 12 inch cubes out of the fucking pool filter. So Best of luck, sir.


Mickey Gordon  10:27

Yeah, they said we’ve got this group of friends that are coming down to see us and we’re really excited. They’re coming to see us.


Mallory Gordon  10:31

Sweet they’re, they’re adorable. Oh my god.


Mickey Gordon  10:34

They are kind of Puritans. And they’re just like, she doesn’t shave and he you know, likes to wear a speedo around so and so that Yeah, there were giant pubes in the pool filled pool filter last time. It’s a pool. No, it’s an all up in it. What? Welcome to my all. We’d like to keep it that way. It’s up. The P is silent. So you know, this weekend we actually got to hang out with Jim and Rachel and Frank and Sheila.


Mallory Gordon  11:06

I love those guys so much. Yes, we were we went down. Sock up concerts.


Mickey Gordon  11:12

Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see. We saw a live in Polish. Yes. With our lady peace. Yes. And then last night we saw her Oh, power. Yes. Oh, we got there. Amazing. It was good girl power concert


Mallory Gordon  11:24

was and I’ll tell you what, that set was tight. Oh, yeah. Like, I don’t know. 70 years old, and they rocked the fucking house. So the night before that, we actually ran into swingers. Oh, my God, what are the chances? Yeah, what


Mickey Gordon  11:40

are the chances that happens? Right. So I work casual swinger hat and we sit down inside the pavilion, and there’s like, I don’t know, four hot women behind us and Aspen’s are smattered around, and one of them leans over and touches my shoulder and says, excuse me, what is your hat mean? I was like, we’re swingers. Oh, my God. So where are we? Turns out we’ve got two aisles full of swingers around us.


Mallory Gordon  12:04

Like of all the bars in the world walk into right. Literally eights fingers right behind us. And so we played this fun game like who’s with who? I totally lost?


Mickey Gordon  12:13

Oh, yeah. No, they were they I think they switch sides a few times they did over the course of the evening.


Mallory Gordon  12:18

They were having a great time.


Mickey Gordon  12:19

Yeah, they were hot and fun and interesting and having a great time. And that was like the live bush show. It was the night before because then last night, we had two chicks that sat behind us that came together. That’s all they were. They were a mess. They were like, Hey, we love your hat. Tell us more like we want to be in your shoes. So here’s the fun part. Earlier in the week, Frank had asked me what percentage I thought of people were swingers. And I said, Actually, it’s been studied a bunch. And it’s somewhere between 21 and 28%. He argued with me and argued with me. He’s like, there’s no way it’s that high. By the end of the concert yesterday, so many people had come up to us to say something about being in the lifestyle are loving it. That he goes, I’m starting to believe this 20% thing.


Mallory Gordon  13:05

Yeah. Which was it’s pretty hilarious. And you know that that study came from anyone who’s had an experience, not necessarily identifies, yeah, as lifestyle.


Mickey Gordon  13:15

Yeah, exactly. It’s like, you


Mallory Gordon  13:16

know, when you think about it, it’s like one out of four people. So that’s, that’s that crazy? No, I think that’s probably really accurate. I mean, it’s hard to say statistics are easily manipulated. Right,


Mickey Gordon  13:31

right. 80% are made up.


Mallory Gordon  13:34

That’s cute. You’re hilarious, huh? All right.


Mickey Gordon  13:37

Well, anyway, so let’s talk about travel for a minute, because that’s what we’re really talking about here today with Jim and Rachel. Right. They’re a travel agent, they primarily take people to Hito. And, you know, there’s lots of places and lots of ways you can go about getting to Hito. So we’re going to ask them some questions today, right? We’re gonna ask them about, you know, who should you travel with? Right? Why should we travel? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  13:59

yeah. And that those are important questions to ask if you’re considering trips like this, not just to Hito desire, whoever, if you’re going through a travel agent, you want to know, you know, what, what it is about their group? What’s their differentiator? What do they do? What are their extras? What do they provide you as the consumer? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  14:15

I mean, how do I pick a TA, right? I mean, and why do I need one and what’s different between them and in booking straight with Hito. So we think that this is a pretty good conversation, and it gives you an opportunity to meet our friends, Jim and Rachel. You know, beware. These guys are these guys are pretty fun to hang out with and enjoy them too. But in the meantime, Mallory, why don’t you tell folks how to get a hold of us, and we’ll be back in just a couple of minutes with Jim and Rachel from Rachel’s rascals.


Mallory Gordon  14:43

Alright guys, well, we are casual swinger everywhere. That is STC SLS Cassidy and double date nation, as well as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Send us a message ask us question you can reach out at podcast at casual swinger. That’ll get both Myself Mallory, as well as Mickey. And if you’re loving us, you want to send some positive vibes. iTunes is a great place to do that. So, take a minute. Tell us you love us and have a wonderful day.


Mickey Gordon  15:15

We’ll be right back after this, folks. You’ve been listening to casual swing.


Mallory Gordon  15:41

Hello, listeners. Welcome back to casual swinger Mallory here. Oh, I


Mickey Gordon  15:44

think, oh, be Mickey today. Oh, Jesus. I want to be somebody different to be cool. You are somebody different? Don’t worry. That’s right. It’s very special. Right? That that’s that. So that voice in the background, guys. That voice in the background is a good man by the name of Jim. He is the purveyor, the arbiter. The business owner Rachel’s rascals. And of course the beautiful namesake for Rachel’s rascals is with us today. Rachel and Jim, how are you guys? Oh, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  16:15

I love them. So my chorus, say no in stereo.


Mickey Gordon  16:19

stereo. That’s alright. So we’re gonna talk today a little bit about as we said in the intro, we’re gonna talk a little bit about you know why people go to Hito. And who goes to Hito. But more importantly, who to go to Hito with and we couldn’t think of a better way to start this thing.


Mallory Gordon  16:32

I know. It’s our show. And we could be fuckin biased. We love our rascals.


Mickey Gordon  16:37

So, you know, if you’ve listened to the show for longer than five minutes, you know, that we host for the rascals. We throw parties. And we hang out with these two sexy fuckers right here. And we wanted to make sure they were the first people you heard from. So what’s up, Jim and Rachel, how you guys doing?


Jim Frank – Rascals  16:51

Good, man. Good to finally get on the show. No, 26 years? Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know the language, the cast the show. The event. Right, the cast of kill works.


Mickey Gordon  17:02

It does. It does all work. So we’re going to kind of dig in here a little bit and find out more about Rachel’s rascal, so let’s start with you, Jim. How long have you been a travel agent? And you know, tell us a little bit about the rascals and in the heart of the group. Rachel, you know, you’re the namesake. So tell us about yourselves.


Jim Frank – Rascals  17:20

Well, I’ve been traveling for 25 years, feels like long, long time. But rascals kind of started as as a little hobby about 12 years ago, and started evolving and evolving. So it became a branch of the travel business. And now it’s become more and more that it just again, started as a hobby with just a few people that we met, and kept meeting more and more amazing people just like you guys, as we traveled Year and Year. And it really sort of snowballed into, into what it’s become today. And more and more amazing people, amazing. People seem to draw more amazing people in and that’s just kind of what’s happened. parting with great people, and it’s just become more and more every year.


Mallory Gordon  18:05

Amen. It’s positivity begets positivity. Right? Absolutely. Absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  18:11

That’s a good segue for Rachel because, you know, she just bounces from person to person when she’s he or she is


Mallory Gordon  18:16

I don’t think there’s a happier, nicer, sexier, sweeter human on that resort when she’s there


Mickey Gordon  18:23

new and better sunglasses. Rachel, tell us about your your, your keto experience and what you’ve done. Because you’re not just a travel agent, right?


Rachal Frank – Rascals  18:30

Yeah, I mean, I’ve I’ve taught classes down there. I taught exotic classes, pole dancing classes. I’ve made a lot of friends, kiss a lot of people all in my heart shaped glasses, which I think is just about how everyone recognizes me. I think I could probably go to Hito at this point without glasses, and people might not recognize me, which is kind of funny. It’s kind of like, somehow,


Mallory Gordon  18:57

yeah, it’s definitely part of your uniform and your persona while you’re there. But it’s so true to who you really are as a person. I love it.


Mickey Gordon  19:04

I could spot your but


Jim Frank – Rascals  19:08

I call her the drunken butterfly, sometimes. He just like flitting around from place to place, talking to everybody and being social with everybody. And you know, most people don’t know who I am. And most people don’t know I’m with Rachel because she’s moving around so quickly. I’m barely ever next door.


Mickey Gordon  19:23

What is that that thing you had painted on your back? That one time is I’m that guy with Rachel.


Jim Frank – Rascals  19:27

I’m that guy with Rachel. Yeah, you know that’s that’s and some people didn’t get it. And some people got that immediately like, oh, you’re the guy yeah, that’s me. Yeah. Everybody knows the wife. Nobody knows me story my life. It’s alright. I’m good with it. I’ve made peace. I’m happy.


Mallory Gordon  19:43

That’s excellent. So we actually have a trip coming up with you guys here November. I mean, the wrestlers go three times a year we have February, May and November. Let’s talk about the November trip a little bit since it’s right around the corner.


Jim Frank – Rascals  19:54

Oh my god. It’s gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be crazy. The biggest trip we’ve ever done by probably More than 50% over last year, because all the good people are telling all their friends and bringing all their friends, which means it’s just gonna be fun, another week long party and we’re gonna keep trying to step it up with more fun stuff and different events and activities and happy hours and pool parties and catamaran cruises, you know, something every day to make sure that people are having absolutely as much fun as they possibly can have. You can’t not have a good time at Hito. But we try to make a little better with with lots of fun stuff added in love this November’s really yeah, this November is going to be we are we’re in the in the major planning stages right now about to put our, our, our special beam nights out and working on the event schedule, and all kinds of great extras. So I don’t want to ruin too many surprises. Or more likely I don’t, I don’t have everything 100% pinned down yet. But we’re 90% there. And it’s going to be there’s going to be some great new surprises and some really great new fun events that we’re throwing in this November, we’re always trying to raise the bar a little bit, it’s getting tougher, because it was such a great trip last year, all the trips have been great. But it’s it’s, we’re gonna do our best to make sure that everybody has, you know, more fun than should be allowed by law.


Mickey Gordon  21:15

Got it. So let’s talk a little bit about extras and what groups bring to the party. Right. So I mean, obviously, the rascals do something that we think is fairly unique. That makes the rascals special. But you know, when you go to Hito, there’s a lot of stuff included hido I mean, water, sports, all your food, all your drinks, entertainment staff, there’s a lot of wonderful reasons to go to Hito. But tell us a little bit you know, about November, and you don’t have to get specific. But when you go with the rascals, what changes?


Jim Frank – Rascals  21:45

Well, a little bit of something every day we do we you know, we do great tool parties, which you know, because you wander around emceeing them in your in your big, supersize hats, and making the fun happen. Like I told a lot of people and I said to you guys, you know, you, you are the best emcee that money can buy. We love that you do that for us, you really help, you know, help this become an amazing party, you’re very engaging. And that’s really kind of what we try to do. We try to engage people on a regular basis. And, you know, make sure everybody’s having a good time, do what we can to make sure you know, there’s, there’s certainly extra tequila, I mean, we’re kind of known nowadays, as a group that kind of brings down some premium tequila, we do some happy hours and you know, get people a little extra drunk every day. So it’s, it’s, it’s really more a matter of like, there’s no, there’s no, there’s no bad weeks, usually, you know, but we notch it up and try to do as much extra we’ve got, you know, our body painters, I know, Jeff has been on your show a few times, you know, he and his lovely fiance come down and do body painting for us all week. And we kind of notch up our glow party adding some body paint. So it’s basically really what we what we do is anything that we can think of, to make it just more fun. So it’s really the limitations are pretty much the limitations of our imagination, if we can kind of find a way to add something that’s going to make everybody you know, have a better time, and then we’re going to do it. So you never quite know what each trips gonna bring. They’re always great. There’s always something a little different. But I think that’s why the week is growing and so much fun is because, you know, we just, you know, between us, Rachel and I and you guys who always help out with, with some of the planning of the events and the execution of the event as well. You know, it’s just, it’s just a good vibe. It’s just a good overall vibe. People feel comfortable people feel at home, people feel happy. And you know, it’s really what makes it again, it’s the people that make it we’ve got great people, you know, starting with you guys that just really notch that that week up into a different gear.


Mallory Gordon  23:43

Oh, shucks, I’m blushing over here. Oh, excited. We’re literally just talking about how excited we are for November it feels like, you know, so close yet so far away. Are there any rooms available still to travel with you guys?


Jim Frank – Rascals  24:01

We’re still Yeah, we’re still speaking in a few rooms. I mean, we kind of blew through the rooms that we were allotted. But I think there’s a few here and there that we can still get our hands on. So, you know, people are still still wanting to get in and even though it’s kind of late now. You know, we’ll we’ll find a way to get you in and make you part of the party. We’ll do our best. I think there’s still a little time to get get roomed in but yeah, it’s it’s again, the biggest group we’ve had and we kind of sold a lot more rooms than we were expecting to and so it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a bigger party than it’s ever been. But still still some room still some room left to squeeze people in. Yeah, that’s


Mallory Gordon  24:39

that’s one hell of a it’s gonna be one hell of a week. We’re just absolutely idiotic. So I’m going to ask this of Rachel. Do you guys remember how we met?


Rachal Frank – Rascals  24:52

I do. Yeah. If I remember correctly, one of you guys tried to pick us up while I was giggling in the pool. Like a school girl. And it turned out it was your honeymoon. And we just had so much fun chit chatting, and, you know, just being our silly selves. I mean, everyone knows me. I’m a jokester. So, you know, I think we just, we mesh like gangbusters, so to speak. We really did.


Jim Frank – Rascals  25:24

Like a school girl and that wasn’t Mallory.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  25:27

Well, he has just been schoolgirl outfits before, and cheered on the side of the pool. So there’s that, you know, I mean, it’s happened. Yeah, that’s funny.


Mickey Gordon  25:37

You guys did give me a big set of inflatable tits and tell me to dance on it. Well, you didn’t tell me to dance on the side of the pool. I chose to do that.


Mallory Gordon  25:42

You volunteered.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  25:44

We just dressed you and you kind of volunteered for the rest of where are you waiting?


Mickey Gordon  25:49

That’s right.


Jim Frank – Rascals  25:50

Yeah, a lot longer. burned into the view. There’s an image that’s burned into the brain permanently.


Mickey Gordon  25:58

Well, you know, I seem to recall that it was Mallory giggling like a school girl because she was looking at Rachel going. We need to be friends with them. And I’m like, I got this. So and I just walked right over and introduced us. I mean, that’s


Mallory Gordon  26:10

literally best wig man ever because I’m very freakin awkward when it comes to that stuff. Like I just talked about this, like you look you like what? I just have no game.


Mickey Gordon  26:20

Well, and I’m prepared for that.


Jim Frank – Rascals  26:23

We talk to each other at all because yeah, I think we’re kind of in the same boat. I don’t have a lot of game.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  26:29

Yeah, I was gonna say I’m the most I’m the most fabulous wingman for other people. But the worst for myself, right? For me, for me and shy, which most people laugh at, because if they know me, and they’re like, she’s not shy at all.


Mallory Gordon  26:47

I’m with your sister.


Mickey Gordon  26:49

It’s It’s crazy. But so let’s talk about the name. So obviously, we know who Rachel is. What the hell is a rascal? Is it some kind of fucked up sexual position? Where did this come from?


Jim Frank – Rascals  27:01

Well, I think we should have a competition on the on the next trip to you know, come up with a crazy sexual position that we can call the rascal and the person with the most interesting condition. You don’t get the prize? I thought about that the great question. Because you had said that to me before, but rascals just sort of came up. It’s, you know, I think probably eight or 10 years ago, you know, we started the group with just a bunch of people, and it didn’t have an official name. And we kind of got enough people together, we say, you know, we really need to put a name to this thing. And you know, being a little major, I had to do something with alliteration. So it had to be something, you know, our our or something like that. So we came up with Rachel’s rascals, and it sounded good. And everybody seemed to love the name. And that was it. You know, and I think it’s kind of kind of a good description. I mean, rascals Are you know, they’re fun loving people who like to get a little bit of trouble, but kind of silly cheeky way. So I think that’s a good summary of a lot of the people in this group, troublemakers. lovable, little troublemakers.



Are you saying I’m studious? And cheeky?


Mickey Gordon  28:14

That may be the best descriptor of Rachel I’ve ever heard. mischievious Yeah, she writes. Honestly. Yeah. Well, and so you know, interesting segue there because Rachel’s name is not spelled like most humans spell Rachel. It’s actually our AC h a l. And so we could actually probably do Urban Dictionary post like what is a Rachel? CDs in Chico?


Mallory Gordon  28:42

I am down to submit it for later.


Jim Frank – Rascals  28:46

What is the Rachel? I think that, you know, I tell the story that you know, when we first started obviously with Rachel’s name, spelling and nobody assuming that it’s going to be spelled that way. And we had to of course, get our hands on a website, which was luckily easy enough to do with the Rachel spelling with an Al. But of course, I wanted to grab the the other Rachel’s radicals website just in case people were typing it in the way they thought about it should be spelled. And at that point, that website was was taken by a childcare company out of Massachusetts, I think, I think we chased them. I literally think we chased them off that website somehow because they no longer have it. Probably gonna end up getting this. But I really think that we set out to chase them off that that website, so


Mickey Gordon  29:29

I’m pretty sure they hate us. I would love to listen to their voicemails Ready? Go. Right. Right. So watch my kids do


Jim Frank – Rascals  29:42

that I thought that would be I thought that would be a fantastic partnership come on to Rachel’s rascals trip and either Rachel’s rascals don’t care. So, you know, maybe there’s something in that although, you know, everybody lives you know, all the rascals live all over the US in different places all over the country and Canada. Am I in other countries? I don’t think we can pin down one childcare location, but it’s a nice idea. I love it.


Mallory Gordon  30:07

Well, you guys kind of like covered this a little bit about, you know why you think the script keeps going you reference like, just the amazing people and positivity begets positivity. But what do you think makes the rascals group so unique compared to other groups that go there? or just in general?


Mickey Gordon  30:23

Don’t say tequila, Jim? No.


Jim Frank – Rascals  30:26

Well, that is probably one of the more unique things, you know, the tequila happy hours? And he said, Don’t say it. So I’m gonna say it. That’s just how it rolls in. He knows me well enough that that was the segue I needed. But no, I mean, that is I you know, I don’t know how unique we are. I’m sure there are other. I mean, I think we’re a great group. Obviously, I love my group. And I love all the people in it, I definitely think it’s the people that contribute and make it what it is. I’m sure there are a lot of other great groups out there. I’m sure you’re going to be talking with some of those people in the very near future. And but, you know, it’s really we do, I think Rachel makes it unique, maybe that’s eating us or my wife is what makes this this trip unique. And I always joke, you know, that if ever for some reason, you couldn’t make it on a trip. And I showed up alone, there’d be a riot followed by a lynching. So I think that, you know, perhaps, Rachel is it maybe Rachel is the component that makes this this group more unique than anyone else?


Mickey Gordon  31:32

And Rachel, why do you think that’s all in you now darlin?


Jim Frank – Rascals  31:39

You are the queen, the princess and, and, and the the figurehead of the group.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  31:45

I think our group is, you know, it’s, I wouldn’t say that all groups are inclusive, some are very exclusive. Some are very specific to what they do, you know, there’s kink groups, there’s bind group, there’s, you know, hardcore, you know, swinging from the chandelier group. And we’re really a mix of all of that, you know, I tell a lot of people, we’re new to swinging from the chandelier kind of group, the majority of the group is in for some slapstick fun to meet some really amazing people. And whatever else comes out of that is really going to be what makes her trip. So that was, that would be my description of the group. And I think that there’s a large amount of people that are looking for that, you know, we throw a great party. But we also like to hang out. And as Jim would say, you know, drink tequila. I like to play, you know, silly, you know, silly games and have silly shenanigans. You know, I’m running down the beach and a unicorn hat or something along those lines. But these things happen.


Mallory Gordon  32:51

That is also a true story, every single person to run down the beach as naked with a unicorn mascot. I mean, why not? That’s happened.


Mickey Gordon  33:01

Yeah. So you know, here on casual swinger, I know, it’s a real shock to everybody based on the name of our show. We’re a lifestyle podcast. And that means, you know, we do lifestyle stuff, we talk about lifestyle stuff, and we talk to lifestyle folks. But as casual swingers, we also talk to people that maybe don’t do lifestyle stuff all the time, or maybe they’re a little more casual about it, or maybe they’re not lifestyle at all, but maybe they engage in some part of the industry or something that really affects lifestyle, folks. So to that end, you know, what is you guys’s relationship, you know, with the lifestyle? Do you guys think you do associate with it? Do you identify as lifestyle? And in what is your favorite part about lifestyle, folks? I mean, because I think that they are a different breed, personally, and we have favorites, but


Jim Frank – Rascals  33:50

what about you? Yeah, I mean, the openness of people in the lifestyle, you know, just that just I think people in the lifestyle speak their mind, they would, you know, they don’t, they’re not there. They’re really real people. And you get a chance to know the real person when you’re kind of, you know, I mean, being naked is the great equalizer. I don’t know that we want to label I don’t want to label ourselves or label anybody else. You know, we we obviously I mean, like, like, a lot of the people in the group. We are definitely lifestyle friendly. We’ve definitely dabbled we’ve definitely have experienced with it, but we don’t you know, it’s we’re not hardcore into anything. We’re hardcore into having fun, I guess maybe in terms of tequila, if you know people are my wife said yeah, you know, I tried to make tequila believer that everybody but but no, I mean, I again, I wouldn’t leave lesson and and I wouldn’t label anybody else, you know, and again, there’s people in our group that are heavy into the lifestyle and some are heavy into lifestyle, and I don’t even know it because, to be honest, it’s not necessarily my business. It’s, we accept everybody for who they are. But you know, it’s, it’s just again, the people with an open mindedness, you know, are just, I guess, the best people. So it’s more about To get our group, I think Rachel touched on that before, it’s it’s not so much about the lifestyle or any one thing. It’s just about the people, good people, and people making friendships. And again, we’ve made friendships in this group that I can’t imagine my life without, again, you guys being a perfect example. I mean, we hang out all the time outside of the the trips, and of course, lemons, see you on the trips, but so it’s, it’s, again, I don’t like labels. But, you know, I like everyone I like, you know, I just like good people. And, you know, whatever you’re into, we were happy to have you as part of our extended family on our trips, and outside of them. Amen. Amen.


Mallory Gordon  35:39

Well said, Rachel, do you have anything to add


Jim Frank – Rascals  35:41

to? That? Hopefully, that answered the question for the most part.


Mallory Gordon  35:51

It did very well said. And Rachel, did you have anything to add to that, as far as you know, you know, either being labeled lists or the, you know, dynamics of the group in general and how that relates to, you know, the overall philosophy behind it. Yeah,


Rachal Frank – Rascals  36:05

I mean, I think, kind of covered it. And I kind of touched on it earlier, it’s, you know, we’re just a large mix of people, there’s a little bit of everything. And, you know, we do have some people, they just like to be nude and come and hang out, or they’re really into scuba diving. However, they do dive, there’s different definitions on that, you know, but


Jim Frank – Rascals  36:31

we do have a large scuba contingent in our groups, people like to scuba dive, you know, we definitely have a large contingent that does that.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  36:38

Yeah, we have a person who has the largest scuba diving group there. So I know Mallory and I scuba dive differently than they do. But you know, that’s okay.


Mickey Gordon  36:52

No comment whatsoever.


Mallory Gordon  36:56

Mouth diving champion right here. Um,


Jim Frank – Rascals  37:00

the best times can be, you know, the best times making it bad or just letting Mallory and Rachel sort of, you know, get carried away with stuff. Y’all just want to go forward. You know, we’ll just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Mallory Gordon  37:13

That’s a perfect segue. Because my next question was, do you guys have like a favorite memory? Or like anecdote you want to talk about that involves the two of us or Hito


Jim Frank – Rascals  37:23

favorite memory are indelible. Yeah, there are a lot there are a lot with you guys and with other people, but you know, definitely a lot one, one that I can think of, and I can’t help laughing about it just because you know, it’s so it’s so burned in guy, it’s probably a couple of years ago, we’re all hanging out. And I think it was in our room and got a bit bored with not being a part of what was going on and decided that he would take it upon himself to become a cheerleader with with piles of clothing and little dance and we had to put them in a corner. And of course, he waddled over to the corner, like like oh, like I don’t know a child who has been told no. proceeds to stump his head loudly on the corner and the door which I guess maybe had to be there but it did I use the wrong word I use the wrong he’s the wrong name. You’re gonna have to edit that one. For a story and I get Nikki and Nikki with the with the cheerleading and the pom poms while other people are trying to have a good time. And his little dance and I get accused of doing a little dance moves myself when I’ve had too much tequila, but I still don’t think they’re nearly as funny. As when Mr. Making decides he’s gonna he’s gonna start, you know, getting jiggy with it.


Mallory Gordon  38:48

He was he was literally cheering you on with what I believe are were Rachel’s clothes. Yeah, like he literally use the mizpah palms.


Mickey Gordon  38:56

I feel like I need to defend my perspective here.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  38:58

I’m pretty sure earlier in this same evening, he we were trying to play with certain toys and he was so excited about some of these toys. It was like a five year old at Christmas. Oh, the double toys while we were trying to use it like no get that back. That’s for us.


Mallory Gordon  39:17

Yeah, he was trying to use it was what was it a double ended dildo right that had the little


Rachal Frank – Rascals  39:22

dojo. He was very excited.


Mallory Gordon  39:26

Yeah, it was pozible. And he was using it as a handbike.


Mickey Gordon  39:29

Well, it was so cool. And this thing is so neat. And I’ve never seen two people use them before. So I was really excited to watch what you guys were gonna do with it. I didn’t know if you guys were gonna have a sword fight.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  39:38

We were very excited about scissoring if I remember correctly, was


Jim Frank – Rascals  39:44

that thing you know, like that old toy that was an old toy like that you can make into a shape of a snake or a ball. You were literally doing that with this thing? Well, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  39:55

From my perspective, you know, I mean, you know, we obviously the girls are having a good Time and then you know, I believe you and Rachel decided it was time you I think it had been four or five days. Yeah, had not had sex yet it Hito so you you were ready to pop. And so Mallory and I are kind of on the other side of the bed kind of doing our thing, and I look up, and I can see it in your eyes. You’re in the seventh inning, you’re ready, you’re getting ready to blow. And I’m like, I’m at the other end of this runway, I’m moving. So I got out of the way to which Mallory’s like whatever. And she goes over and starts playing with Rachel. And I look and I see this pile of Rachel’s clothes, and I’m like, Hey, I’ll just cheer him on. He’s my buddy. I’ll be like, if Jim can’t do it, nobody can doo doo doo doo. And yeah, then you guys looked up got mad at me?


Mallory Gordon  40:43

Yeah, you got put in a corner.


Jim Frank – Rascals  40:45

Because you killed my orgasm for the first time, and not for the last time. That is. What did you say? I don’t know what I said then. But I’m saying now. And I said to people before, Mickey has the unique ability to somehow kill orgasms from 1000 miles away. Just by something happening that remotely reminds me of a moment in Mickey’s and our history. And I just, you know, start laughing hysterically. And there goes


Rachal Frank – Rascals  41:16

sorry about your thing. You’re thinking about Mickey when we have sex? Oh,


Jim Frank – Rascals  41:21

well, we could do something like start kidding. Yeah, that was just wrong.


Mickey Gordon  41:25

There’s a lot of guys who think about me while they’re having sex. It’s okay. pretty fucking deep on this.


Mallory Gordon  41:30

But I will say like, I it is a superpower. Like, and I never thought in all my years, that I’d have to look at my husband and go, please give that back. That’s for my vagina. Not for you. It was


Mickey Gordon  41:42

great. Love that thing. It was so cool.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  41:44

I should have time we hang out if we end up laughing so much were crying or cheeks hurt from laughing regardless of what the situation? Yes, was on or close.


Mickey Gordon  41:57

And you know what, I find that to be a pretty common thread amongst a lot of the rascals, right? Anytime we all get together, this sort of thing happens. So tell us, you know, when it comes to just hedonism, let’s take the rascals out of it for a minute, because a lot of our listeners Listen, because you know, they’re interested in the heat. Oh, think about heat. Oh, talk about heat. Oh, what’s your favorite part of hedonism? And why do you keep running trips there?


Jim Frank – Rascals  42:21

Oh, there’s some in the air there. I mean, the environment there is it’s just like a good charged environment. It’s just ready for the fun to happen. I’ve always had the staff there is amazing to me. And you know, talk about coming home, I really I probably called it home. Even the staff say welcome home when you get there. And it’s coming back year after year. And you know, again, seeing amazing people, but also the amazing staff who really they go above and beyond to take care of you they remember the faces, which we always find amazing. You know, even if you don’t show up there for a year, you come in and they know you are and they get EOG and they say hello so the staff at seven hedonism is is clearly one of their to me one of the high points. I mean, other than that other than it’s just again, it’s great atmosphere, I mean, the resort has, in my opinion, a good flow to it, we’ve been the other type of resorts, we went to the old Hito three, which no longer exists, which, to me was like a resort that could have been put anywhere. I mean, you could literally cut it up and you know, stick it in the middle of Spain or, you know, Australia or whatever, it didn’t have any Jamaican flow and, you know, you know, is it’s a nice piece of Jamaican beach and it’s just, it’s got that vibe to it. But again, it’s the staff, it’s the people that go in and that make it what we want to do year after year.


Mallory Gordon  43:35

Yeah, amen. I tell people who asked me, you know, it’s just there’s no other place like it on earth and you don’t know till you go. So yeah, I absolutely agree.


Jim Frank – Rascals  43:45

Yeah. So for people that you know, are worried about it, it’s just, you know, look, dive in and enjoy yourself and know that it’s, it can be a dark experience. I mean, for me, it was a little bit you know, who knew the first time that I went to the heat Oh, and I and this was back way before rascals existed and I was just the travel agent and back when he was run by SuperClubs and I got this fax one day back in the day that people actually still get faxing that hey, you know you can come to check out hedonism for some ridiculously low special traveling deal and I was like, well, this is this is the hook I need to get my wife on board with this plan. It’s gonna cost nothing practically. But she jumped on board and said, Okay, we’ll do it and I wasn’t sure what to expect. We got down there and of course, we got down to eat oh three we walk onto the beach. And it took literally three seconds for Rachel to start peeling off clothes and be completely naked. And I looked at her I was like, Well, I guess I’m going naked do now. So that happened.


Mallory Gordon  44:47

I love it. So let’s say I’m a first year forgetting


Rachal Frank – Rascals  44:49

the first time you brought me though gem. It was kinky week so I was fantastic. I was not told With it, we didn’t know that there were groups at that point in time the first time he brought us so I mean, it was amazing. I mean, we got to see a dominatrix wedding. We got to see people you know, crawling down the beach with in their leathers it was it was quite fantastic. Wow, I


Jim Frank – Rascals  45:15

was amazing is that we we were we were on the bus to Hito with a couple that looked you know, like your normal they could have been going to sandals for a week. They’re gonna be going anywhere. So they cannot be here with us and probably you know, we get into our room we check in you know, getting down to the beach and there is this same couple you know, head to toe with piercings she’s got them like with a with a metal leash that attached I believe somewhere to his nether regions and leading him down the you know, the walkway to the beach. I was like, Okay.



A little bit of shocking on I happen to Yeah. Come on. Love it.


Mallory Gordon  45:55

So if I was a first timer, and we’ll start with Rachel and then go to Jim, and I came to you and said, you know, what is a must you at Hito? What would that be? If you had to give advice on what must I do as a first timer at hedonism to


Rachal Frank – Rascals  46:09

first I would say just let your inhibitions go, let all of the BS and your life whatever’s going on in your life. You know, go down, if you’re with your partner, you know, really focus on enjoying yourself meeting new people, and trying they have a lot of different stuff at hido. You know, they have the watersports, of course, they have play rooms, they have, you know, Kama Sutra massages, you know, maybe experience going nude for the first time. And just meeting new people and being open to it. Maybe they have hidden hot tubs all over the resort. So maybe your quest is to let’s go try to find all the hidden hops. Or maybe it’s to have sex and the different play rooms that they have and use some different equipment you’ve never used before. So I would say just, you know, really try to be open to new experiences, or just meeting new people, even if you’re in the lifestyle or not. That would be kind of my advice. And eat all the yummy food too. Obviously.


Jim Frank – Rascals  47:12

The food is definitely gotten better from what it was 10 years ago, I you know it a low before it got bought out. But But yeah, you know, it’s just be yourself. It’s, it’s an opportunity to really kind of like, let your barriers down and just, you know, be free, you know, speak your mind, do what you feel like doing without worrying that somebody looking over your shoulder, they might be looking over your shoulder and watching you but you know, maybe you’re into that. So, you know, just just be your opportunity to be yourself and just like let it all go and not not worry about not worried about tan lines, either. It’s always a plus.


Mickey Gordon  47:44

Oh, yeah, big bonus. So Hito has the highest return rate of any resort in the Caribbean. It’s not even close. But why the rascals keep coming back year over year over year over year, you know, we have a great return rate in the rascals tos. Matter of fact, you know, this group is growing like crazy, in no small part because of the things we do. But why do you think the rascals keep coming back?


Jim Frank – Rascals  48:09

I mean, it starts with good people, it started, you know, even at the very beginning of this group, it was just meeting a couple of good people, and they wanted to come You know, and, and have fun with, you know, their friends that they just met, we met them, they, you know, they wanted to come back and party with us. And we met more people. And it’s really an opportunity. You know, we everybody lives in such different places, we’ve got people on the west coast, the west coast of Canada, east coast of Canada, you know, everywhere in the country, and even some people now in Europe and Australia, and you know, what, it’s a great place for everybody to say, Alright, we’re gonna, we’re gonna we’re the coming party, this is where we can all get together and party and even the people who, who sometimes go to the resort just you know, book on their own, or we don’t book in a group, you know, those people come back year after year, and often come around the same times. So if you come back the same time each year, you see so many familiar and friendly faces and people that you want to hang out with. So you know, as much as you can go just yourself anytime of the year that you don’t have an amazing trip, you know, going back there and just running into dozens and dozens and dozens of your friends. And knowing that you’re gonna get a chance to party with those people when you know, sometimes it’s hard for you to get from, you know, the southern tip of Florida to the northern tip of Canada, you know, to see them Let’s all meet in Jamaica and and party there. And then people look forward to that. They look forward to seeing their friends again. And certainly what what Rachel and I always look forward to is is seeing you know, but we we’ve been to Hito other times when our group isn’t that different. It’s still fun, but it’s like I look around and it’s none of the none of the people that I know and love that travel with the rascals I’m like, I wish they were here because I want to I want to hang out with them. And I think that’s the motivation for a lot of people, you know, to come back is to be back with the people that they love and hanging out with, you know, laughing their asses off with the people. They love.


Rachal Frank – Rascals  50:00

I have to agree like a crazy family reunion.


Mallory Gordon  50:03

It really is. That’s


Jim Frank – Rascals  50:06

like a family reunion. Except, you know, we actually like each other more than most people like their actual family.


Mallory Gordon  50:14

You guys are the chosen family, right, which is an added bonus because we’re all naked as well, and having, you know, a great time with our shenanigans and tequila and all that good shit. So something I’ve noticed as well as couples, especially, some of them are coming down there to like, reconnect and bring that extra element of romance and, you know, sexiness to the relationship. And you guys actually renewed your vows that Hito So, are there any tips insights for people celebrating the anniversaries or looking for that side of romance, you know, is somewhere like keto?


Jim Frank – Rascals  50:46

Yeah, I mean, when we had a great renewal of ours, we had a whole bunch of people there was on the beach, we had a range of steel drum band, which I had to do because we actually got married, you know, across the street from from Edo at what was grand Lido now is the Royalton monstrosity. But grand Leto was a great resort. We got married there and came to Quito right afterwards. And, of course, at my wedding, they were running around doing photographs. And I missed the steel drum band that I was so looking forward to because we were doing photos. So we did this renewal of vows, and a whole slew of food and steel drum band. And it really wasn’t, it wasn’t that expensive to do. It was just you know, it was such a fun time and everybody enjoyed it. It’s a great play again, there’s something in the air there. And it’s it’s great to reconnect. It’s great to explore your boundaries, too. But I mean, I think one of the best focuses is is is reconnecting with your other half. You know, that’s what a lot of people come after a week in Hito. And they say is really invigorated their marriage or their relationship is because, you know, it’s, again, something in the air there. It’s just a great vibe. And yeah, the staff there again, comes down to the staff, Lorna, who is the guest services manager who set up our renewal just does a fantastic job, because she honestly cares about the people. She’s known us for years. But doesn’t matter whether she known you for years, or for five minutes, she’s gonna treat you like your family, she’s gonna make sure that whatever you want to do there is special, and they did a fantastic job that couldn’t have been that couldn’t have been a better day. I mean, it was just such a beautiful day. And the resort did everything perfectly. So yeah, it’s a great place to renew your vows, I encourage everybody to, you know, come down there and, you know, renew their vows or get married down there, if that’s your thing, and be surrounded by, again, lots of people that love you.


Mallory Gordon  52:34

Yeah, agreed the pictures were beautiful, we’re still very upset that we missed it. But it looks like a wonderful time. And we’ve seen you know, vow renewals and weddings down there. And then they do like the romantic dinners on the beach. So there is plentiful opportunity to connect with your partner, if you’re going as a couple, as a triad as whatever, but you know, also singles. So one of the questions Mickey and I get are, either when to usually it’s when to go, like in we feel like is that the most important thing in when deciding, you know, on a trip to hedonism is when to go,


Rachal Frank – Rascals  53:08

I always say, whenever you can get down, there is the best time to go to Quito. But, you know, if you’re looking at going with a group, there’s a lot of different groups, and there’s a lot of really amazing group. I would research you know, if you’re saying, Okay, I have this month that I can kind of play with research to see who’s going to be down there, call the travel agent talk with them. You know, there, there are some groups that are heavy lifestyle, there’s some groups that are just notice there’s some that are, you know, completely in putting out a little more exclusive versus inclusive. So, you know, really research to see what you’re interested in. That would be you know, my biggest advice,


Mallory Gordon  53:50

right, because there’s like, even like pole dance groups that go down there have nothing to do with lifestyle. Right? Eggs. Yeah. So that’s great advice. I love that and, and then that kind of leads me into who to go with. So you’ve, so you basically find your time or your timeframe, and then do your research on groups, we highly encourage groups, and of course, support the rascals because of all the value adds the extras, and the inclusiveness that you get from that you basically have a group of instant friends, the second you walk on the property,


Rachal Frank – Rascals  54:17

you know, you can chat at a time, you know, most of the group’s, especially with all the social media that’s out there these days, if you’re new to the group, the majority are going to have you know, some sort of, you know, private chat room, to where you can meet the people ahead of time, and really get to know who you’re going to be partying with, who you may be sleeping with. Who knows. So, I mean, that is one of the cool things about the group versus not booking with the group, not to say, you know, if you can’t figure out you know, what your schedule is going to be and you say, I’ve got a three day weekend, I’m gonna hop on a plane and get down there and just go have some fun. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. That’s really,


Mickey Gordon  54:55

really cool. And something that we’ve always fantasized about doing but never actually got into Yo, so let’s go into Yeah, exactly. So let’s do this. We’re coming up on the end here. And this is, you know, we could talk to you guys for hours. Every one of our listeners is like, wow, it’s obvious these people are friends. We are. But we’re a little more than friends. We’re family. That’s the way the rascals roll. And of course, if anybody wants to talk about the rascals or you know, ask questions, you’re free to reach out to us here at casual swinger, we’re going to give you our perspective on it. But if somebody wants to reach out to the rascals directly reach out to Jim and Rachel, you guys, tell them how to do that and find out more about how to travel to hedonism and how to do it as a rascal.


Jim Frank – Rascals  55:40

Well, you got the website, of course, www, Rachel’s rascals calm. Remember, it’s our AC, H, LS, r a s. CLS, again, unless you want childcare, but that’s no longer there. Or 410. rascals pretty easy for 10. rascals. And that’s pretty much at this point, you know, that’s me, you get me on the phone, I’m the one answering all the, all the phone calls, taking all the reservations. So it’s not like a big company with you know, 20 employees, it’s just me. And Rachel and I, of course, you know, host every trip, she does a lot more on the on the trip side with the planning and the event coordinating on a daily basis, I do a little bit more of the, you know, talking to people as the reservations come in, but we’re usually pretty easy to reach out if you need to find us. There’s the website, there’s the phone, you know, people can call me whenever they want to call me. You can probably check us out on social media. There’s there’s various social media sites that are related to heat. Oh, and, you know, you throw our name out there one way or another, we’ll see it or somebody will point you in the right direction. So I don’t think we’re hard to find. And I think you guys are certainly point people in the right direction if they’re looking to have a good time. And so hopefully, we’re easy enough to find you so far. It’s it seems like people can find us when they need to.


Mickey Gordon  56:51

Sounds awesome. Well, first and foremost, thank you very much to Jim and Rachel for joining us from Rachel’s rascals to talk a little bit about their trips to Hito here on casual swinger. So thank you guys, both from the bottom of our cold bike hearts.


Jim Frank – Rascals  57:07

Thank you guys for for having us. We we’ve been looking forward to you know, obviously, we look forward to talking to you, whenever we talk to you. It’s looking forward to being on your show. And it’s, you know, again, awesome, and we appreciate, you know, everything that you do, and you’ve done an amazing thing with your podcast. I think you guys just again, sound great. Always sound great. And you know, it’s because you have true hearts and true spirits. I think it comes across. And again, we look forward to anytime we get a chance to talk or hang out with you guys.


Mallory Gordon  57:40

hate him to say that.


Mickey Gordon  57:41

Yeah, we did. But hey, Mallory, why don’t you tell everybody where to find us? And we’ll get out of here and let Jim and Rachel get on with their days.


Mallory Gordon  57:48

motherfuckers know where we are. We’re casual swinger everywhere guys. That is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SLS, STC Cassidy and double date nation. If you’re looking to send us messages hit us up at podcast at casual swinger calm. Also, if you’re feeling the love, hit us up on iTunes, give us a great review.


Mickey Gordon  58:07

There you go. And hey, if you guys don’t remember from last week’s episode, make sure to check out casual toys calm, that’s where we are offering some really, really good stuff.


Mallory Gordon  58:16

We are feeling all the good vibes, good prices.


Mickey Gordon  58:18

And if you want to use the coupon code or rascals, you guys get a nice discount. So make sure you check that out. Anyway, it’s been fun. Thanks, Jim and Rachel, everybody, you’ve been listening to casual swinger? Hi,



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