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Love, laughter, life, and of course…sex! Mickey & Mallory catch up with one of the most dynamic personalities they’ve met in their lifestyle journey, an ex-divorce attorney turned sex educator and coach, Beth Liebling! From her podcast to her book, to an ESPN radio show on the same subjects, Beth encourages positivity and sexuality everywhere she goes. She’s the founder and owner of “The Darling Way” adult boutique in Houston, Texas and joins us here on Casual Swinger to enlighten and entertain!

Segment One: 00:46

Mickey & Mallory catch up on what’s new, a discount code from Darling Way, and the “taboo” of lifestyle vs other alternative lifestyles

Segment Two: 23:48

“In the name of love…” meet Beth Liebling, proprietor of “The Darling Way,” an adult boutique in Houston, TX! Learn what led her down the path to be an Ivy League educated entrepreneur focusing on helping people have happier, better lives…and even BETTER sex!

Segment Three: 77:10

“Swingin’ in the news” There’s a house in Maple Glen, PA for sale, and EVERYONE is talking about it! This “private sex oasis” went viral last week and the neighbors are NONE too happy about it!


Darling Way Boutique, Houston TX

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Lone Star Spanking Party

Picture of the ORIGINAL “Sex House” listing on Redfin

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SE01E13 – Casual Swinger – In the Name of Love

Thu, 9/2 9:57AM • 1:29:01


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Beth Liebling, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:10

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advised.


Mickey Gordon  00:46

Hey there, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. This is Episode 13. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:53

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  00:54

And this is an episode we’re gonna call in the name of love.


Mallory Gordon  00:59

No more in the name of love, and the channel might integrate now what’s love got to do with it?


Mickey Gordon  01:05

You know, it’s, this is kind of cool for us. So, you know, we’ve picked up a habit here lately of doing interviews for you guys. And it’s not something that we didn’t start this show to do interviews. It really wasn’t our plan to be an interview show. But we’ve met so many amazing people.


Mallory Gordon  01:22

Absolutely journey, and I love being able to share that with other people. Yeah, because a lot of these people have been inspiring, influential, you know, admire, people you’ve never raised. Exactly.


Mickey Gordon  01:34

You just wouldn’t meet and so this person today, and we’re going to get to it here in a little bit. We’re going to talk about her but it’s author, broadcaster, entrepreneur, Beth Liebling,


Mallory Gordon  01:43

oh, is such like a feminist girl crush on her. Yeah, I’m


Mickey Gordon  01:47

gonna screw that all it is. It’s just yeah.


Mallory Gordon  01:49

Yeah. All right, because you have to keep it a PC.


Mickey Gordon  01:54

We’re gonna tell you guys how we met her. We’re going to talk about her here in a few minutes. But we got some news we got to get in.


Mallory Gordon  01:58

Now we have a lot to get through. So first of all, we’re given some shit away.


Mickey Gordon  02:03

Oh, yeah, we are. So follow us on Twitter. We’re not doing it on Instagram. This is just a Twitter giveaway right now. So if you don’t follow us on Twitter, you’ve got to jump in there. Follow casual swinger. And this is the catch and this is the tough part. But hey, we got to ask for something in return. You got to follow in retweet. We’ve got a post out there where we’re giving away. Mallory’s favorite toy one of her favorite toys in the whole wide world. It’s called a crave Vesper? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  02:29

and this toy is amazing. It’s great as a gift too great to have in your go bag. fashion. I do I wear it as jewelry. I absolutely wear it as Drori because it’s not it’s very conspicuous at least as far as I’m concerned.


Mickey Gordon  02:43

And I think because we had such good success and with so many people were following this we decided to upgrade it to the rose gold version.


Mallory Gordon  02:49

Yeah, rose gold is really in right now. And it’s super cute.


Mickey Gordon  02:53

Okay, so you’re getting a rose gold crave Vesper? How do you do it? You got to follow that. You got to follow us on Twitter. And then you have to retweet that post. You have a couple more days after this episode airs


Mallory Gordon  03:02

Sunday 17th. Yes. Sunday. We’ll be drawing right.


Mickey Gordon  03:06

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, five days. You got five days guys to run out there. retweet that post and follow us and you have a chance to win. We’re gonna give this thing away before we leave for Hito Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  03:16

speaking of Hito Holy shit, we’re leaving in like less than two weeks.


Mickey Gordon  03:20

I know. I’m not ready.


Mallory Gordon  03:21

I we have to take a day off like a winter body is right


Mickey Gordon  03:27

there right now.


Mallory Gordon  03:28

Yeah, we’re gonna have to go through my bags and boxes of flatware.


Mickey Gordon  03:31

Oh, God. Yes. We are going down to hedonism. We’re going in less than two weeks. And when we go down there, this is with Rachel’s rascals. That’s a group we we typically travel with. And they’re starting a new week. So this is for us a little different. It’s only going to be like maybe 25 couples that are with us. Another resort will be full.


Mallory Gordon  03:51

Yeah, the resort is slammed booked.


Mickey Gordon  03:53

But we get something different here. We said we’re gonna throw a full party. That’s why Benjamin Rachel


Mallory Gordon  04:00

to their balls to the wall. I love it. We have pool parties on Tuesday on Friday. And then we have the glow party on Tuesday night doing a games every day on the beach games


Mickey Gordon  04:06

every day in the beach tequila our two new games that we came up with this time so we got brand new games coming your way. Oh my god. They’re so funny. Oh god. I really I think we’re playing guitar hero and rascal. fidi


Mallory Gordon  04:18

Oh, so PT is great. It’s finger painting without fingers.


Mickey Gordon  04:21

Yeah, it’s it’s it’s it’s finger painting. And we also don’t have canvas. So you’re gonna have to use each other. Yeah. I mean, it’s, we really do have fun with that. And but what’s coming sooner. On a Friday, we’re going back with the pineapples.


Mallory Gordon  04:35

I know. Dude, that group is smoking hot. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  04:38

I know what that kid group. Like. I can’t look at it during the day. I get done with an erection. It’s almost none. Almost none. It’s like nope, my dad got hurt. I think God gave me two heads and only enough blood to run one at a time.


Mallory Gordon  04:54

I believe that? I do. I’m like I’ve seen it happen.


Mickey Gordon  04:57

Yeah, yes. He gets hard on the Yep. There we go. But yeah, we’re going up, we’re going to secret secrets is one of our favorite haunts in Orlando. And so we’re in talks right now to have them on the show


Mallory Gordon  05:09

would be so exciting. And I love how like that whole journey got started because he started with Hito party.


Mickey Gordon  05:14

Yeah, they did.


Mallory Gordon  05:16

This resort that’s now as destination for people who want to get that feel for a long weekend or a short weekend.


Mickey Gordon  05:25

You know, that, and a lot late, Beth, who were talking to you today, they’re kind of the essence of entrepreneurship, because, you know, it’s not like they had $10 million and just started, you know, this great resort. What happened? Now, they started in with some pretty humble beginnings and had been building out over time. So I really respect the shit out of what they do is secret. So we’re gonna go down there on a Friday, which is not our usual day, but we’re going down with a bunch of hot SP Yeah, so that’s gonna be fun. And that’s only you know, after this thing releases, it’s two days. But, you know, we talked during this interview with Beth about your little kink.


Mallory Gordon  05:59

That’s right. That’s right. So she introduced me to this party that’s happening in May in Houston. It’s called The Lone Star spanking Party, which I am very excited about. It’s essentially a few days there’s workshops and seminars and conversations and Mallory’s excited, I’m very excited. If it’s your first time listening, I’ve discovered spanking it’s something I really enjoy. And yeah, I’m just excited. So I think we’re gonna go down there we may even do a meet and greet if we can. Thank them


Mickey Gordon  06:32

is interesting in May, I mean, it makes perfect sense. We’ve got a great location to do it from Yeah, we’ve got I mean, obviously there’s some great clubs down there there’s Collette and then there’s darling way boutique. You guys gonna hear more about here in a few minutes? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  06:45

so for our Houston folks if you are interested in in the spanking party, it’s may 16 through the 20th


Mickey Gordon  06:52

Yes. And you know, it’s it’s just a place where people are gonna get together that share a common King so it may not be lifestyle and that’s a great theme for this episode because this episode is not just lifestyle No, that’s not darling ways. Not it’s sex positive.


Mallory Gordon  07:07

Yep. And it’s all inclusive. very supportive.


Mickey Gordon  07:11

Yeah, yeah, so this is gonna be pretty cool and I think we decided we’re going to do a meet and greet in Houston of all fucking places which by the way, looking at our stats Houston is like our number four market so so we get some people out if you’re interested and you listen to casual swinger? Do us a favor, reach out to us on podcast at casual swingers calm and let us know that you’d be interested in a meet and greet. We’ll figure out a place to have a party. have a few drinks have some laughs and get to know some you guys yeah. Which sounds like a lot of fun us But speaking of Houston, speaking of darling way


Mallory Gordon  07:42

Oh, yeah. Beth is giving away some free stuff or listened to free


Mickey Gordon  07:45

shit for you. Yeah, appreciate free shit alert, guys. What is it?


Mallory Gordon  07:50

It’s free song. So with any $50 purchase on darling spend $50 use the code casual swinger at checkout, and you get a free pair of thongs. I’m $50. It’s pretty easy to do. I don’t know about you, ladies and gentlemen out there. But anytime I go looking for toys or accoutrements or outfits, I can spend pretty $50 pretty quickly. She’s got some wonderful stuff in the shop and I’m talking for people on a budget all the way up to like, gorgeous couture lingerie. I’m talking like lace and French silk and she’s got bondage and BDSM and oh,


Mickey Gordon  08:25

and follow darling. Facebook and you see some hot ass lingerie with her but you know what, not just the hot women. She puts everybody in her clothes.


Mallory Gordon  08:32

Every woman looks hot. You can see the confidence but there’s women of all shapes, sizes, ages. I love it. Her lookbook is is the jam. Yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  08:42

yeah, it’s good shit. So I really love it. Guys, you know we are giving away thongs so I would put them on your lady guys. You just don’t look good on them. lace thongs don’t I don’t


Mallory Gordon  08:51

know. I mean, I beg to differ. I’ve had a few guys put on bongs for me.


Mickey Gordon  08:58

And I put them on my head. What has happened that man?


Mallory Gordon  09:01

Yeah. driving home from the club


Mickey Gordon  09:04

at night. Yes. Because your underwear always in the door my train? No, I don’t know why. I’m wearing underwear. The kids complain they’re like why are your underwear all over the car? Yeah, like cuz I’ve been fucking your mom in the backseat.


Mallory Gordon  09:18

Awesome. How to be great parents, everyone.


Mickey Gordon  09:21

Yeah, well, we’ve had an episode on what terrible parents we are. But you know what? Speaking of being terrible parents we did wait for the kids to leave this morning.


Mallory Gordon  09:27

We did. We were very respectful before throwing down and making me moan like crazy. Oh, that was fun.


Mickey Gordon  09:32

Yeah. You really don’t put my knees up. I’m like yes, but your knees. This is happening


Mallory Gordon  09:39

a little difficult when you first like enter in like whatever. A little bit of a shock.


Mickey Gordon  09:43

I’m rushing. Recent straight to the bottom. Yeah. So you know speaking to the bottom, you may have a deep


Mallory Gordon  09:50

I might I might I’m hesitant to talk about it because I don’t want to jinx it. Let’s see over under on him flaking. I don’t know. I don’t know.


Mickey Gordon  10:00

Yeah, it could be a hybrid find out we don’t know,


Mallory Gordon  10:03

either. I don’t know. He seems like a great guy. I’m very excited to learn more about him and see where my comfort level is. But I mean all signs point to big fat yes on this one. So Oh yeah, we’ll


Mickey Gordon  10:14

see. Yeah, big fat. Yes. What did we do last night because this is important. This is great. And if you guys don’t follow this guy, you Oh my God, this guy. He’s


Mallory Gordon  10:22

got an art lifestyle. So nothing to do with lifestyle. But I am a huge Bert kreischer fan. He’s the opposite of lifestyle. He’s absolutely mean to me. He’s a 47 year old frat boy, literally because he went to the Florida State University. And the movie van Wilder was based on his life


Mickey Gordon  10:39

and fucked up is that they base in National Lampoon’s movie on


Mallory Gordon  10:43

Yes. And I mean that video of his like three or four years ago, the machine Oh, it’s like 14 minutes long, but it’s one of the best stand up stories I’ve heard in a long time. And I’m George Carlin and Robin Williams fan so no machine, the machine. It was fantastic. So it’s all new material. We’re actually gonna see him again on Thursday. So


Mickey Gordon  11:02

good we’re gonna we’re gonna get into Tampa and see him again such


Mallory Gordon  11:04

a fan and he does the whole like bit with his shirt off and he’s got this beer belly because hairy and sweaty.


Mickey Gordon  11:11

And I think he’s finally that ball. But he’s like fucking I’m putting. So So Bert kreischer is one of the most riotously funny comedians that I know of in probably because he’s so real. He talks about his kids. He talks about his wife, he talks about his life. I can’t imagine he doesn’t get in trouble with his wife for the shit. He says, I probably die. Would you be pissed, but


Mallory Gordon  11:32

you he she she has to know what she got into when they met. Oh, right. And there’s something about that dynamic. That I mean, they’ve been together. What? 1515 years?


Mickey Gordon  11:42

Oh, God. Yeah, they belong.


Mallory Gordon  11:43

And they live out in LA. He’s on the road a lot that


Mickey Gordon  11:47

he’s from down here.


Mallory Gordon  11:48

He’s from Tampa. He’s from Tampa. I literally grew up like 30 minutes from where his stomping ground was when we’re a kid. And he turned his debauchery into being a millionaire. And we did what?


Mickey Gordon  11:58

I don’t know. We suck. We’re terrible. So the thing that I when I say he’s the opposite of a lifestyle, there’s because he’s totally friendly. Right? So we had a Rachel and a friend of ours, Miley showed up at one of his shows in their tops off just like him. Yeah, cuz he does every show.


Mallory Gordon  12:14

Oh, my God. And that was before we ever got to see but it was like, this is


Mickey Gordon  12:17

crazy, right? And we’re like, Why are our friends topless in public?


Mallory Gordon  12:20

So we end up going to a show what a year or two after that had happened. shows him a picture of it. And he takes out his phone. He’s like, I still have to tell my wife told my wife. It was great.


Mickey Gordon  12:32

Yeah, remember? Yeah. And so he is completely friendly to debaucherous fucked up shady talks about porn and sucking dicks and talks about you know, the Harlem Globetrotters, a second COC and he’s racially insensitive, but very sensitive time. He loves everybody. And I think he really does. He really establishes that, which is why it’s funny, because you know that he’s just like, I love you to death, but I’m still gonna


Mallory Gordon  12:54

fuck yeah, it’s a very much situational comedy.


Mickey Gordon  12:56

Yeah, it is. So you gotta go catch Bert. kreischer. If you get a chance to he’s coming you’re here. It’s called the body shots tour. That fuckers bunny. And I gotta say, I feel like I could tell you if somebody’s spying you’re not that motherfuckers funny. Yeah, yeah, and absolutely time. tastic and, you know, we’re going down there, we’ll probably gonna see my buddy Mikey.


Mallory Gordon  13:15

I do love Mikey.


Mickey Gordon  13:16

I’ve known I’ve known Mikey for 2324 years now. And, you know, Mikey’s always known that I’m a lifestyler I’ve been a lifestyler.


Mallory Gordon  13:25

So he’s been very accepting of it and curious, like, you know, questions pop up here and there.


Mickey Gordon  13:29

Yeah, he does, especially distros. But he has a lot of questions when he’s, you know, he asks, you know, questions about what we do and he knows you know, that it’s that it’s, it’s a taboo, but I gotta tell you, as much as I love my boy, most of his friends are kind of douchebags about my lifestyle,


Mallory Gordon  13:44

I think. Yeah, I think there’s just still so much taboo that surrounds you know, someone who has an alternative lifestyle. And I think it’s great that we’ve made strides especially you know


Mickey Gordon  13:55

what, I could get a temper that real quick, because his lifetime long time friends, his life’s his whole lifetime friends have been amazing to me. Yes. They have embraced me as one of the rune loving to death. I’m talking about his harem of girls. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  14:10

Are you talking to Yeah, no, I’m, I wear that scarlet letter every time we’re in a group. Because it’s just one of those things they in their head, they know. And they have this stereotype, like, because you’re a lifestyler you’re just out to fuck everyone and anyone, right? And so you’re a threat


Mickey Gordon  14:26

and you swing you fuck my boyfriend,


Mallory Gordon  14:28

and all of these things, and you’re like, wow, you spend way too many cycles thinking about somebody else instead of just having a good time.


Mickey Gordon  14:36

It was so why are we talking about this because we’re doing darling way. Today we’re talking about Beth Liebling, and she’s so accepting and so loving. And you know, my boy, I love my boy, Mikey that he’s always been accepting. And so this last time I was down there hanging out with him. The conversation came up, actually. So he asked me point blank, we were sitting there having dinner with another friend of his who of course, he had gotten drunk and told. You know what, you know what we do? So he asked me about it, his friend says, Hey, you know, I hear you’re a swinger. And it was a well that’s a great way to start the conversation. But yeah, we are and he said he had a lot of questions, which was fine pretty well, most of them do. All right. Yeah, I mean, um, he’s got a friend that you know, I’m not going to use any of these nicknames like Mikey’s Mikey, but I’m not gonna use the names, but he’s got a friend that lives up in Lakeland who had a lot of questions for me and he’s been so fucking supportive. And he asks how we are and how things are going if we’re having fun. I love that dude. And if he listens to the show, so hope he knows I’m talking about him. He’s He’s like, cocked diesel right now. He’s been working out. He moved his girl from out from Vegas and with like her nine kids, so he’s struggling as a stepdad. But I love this dude. And he’s been super supportive. But the other guy that asked, he was really supportive, and he was really cool about it. And one account that way the conversation went was why do people treat you differently? Because you’re in the lifestyle and like you said, they think you want to bang them. They want to bang your wife or their husband? Why is that? Okay? If we were any other alternative lifestyle? Would they be as judgmental? Would it be okay? I don’t know.


Mallory Gordon  16:08

I don’t know either. And honestly, I’ve gotten to the point where I will ask point blank, like, the last party we went to, there was a little bit of drama that ensued from a conversation like what have I actually done anything? I know, you know about it? Yeah. Have I actually done anything to make you treat me this way? Because I feel like you’ve, you’ve automatically discounted and devalue who I am as a person, you look down, whatever, whatever it is going through my talk to me. Let me let me Let’s throw the taboo out the window. Because sex isn’t taboo. It’s a universal language, like love. Like laughter Remember, the


Mickey Gordon  16:46

New Year’s party couple years ago, where we were, we actually caught some shit from the harem. Yeah, and then I walk outside and there’s a guy talking to two women about swinging sitting on the fucking porch,


Mallory Gordon  16:57

which is okay, that was totally fine, because he had a penis, and then mine. In this, I’m saying, This is the box that, you know, these people are living in. And part of me, I


Mickey Gordon  17:06

just feel sorry for him. Because now they’re, they’re reducing the circle of people they’re allowing into their lives based on whatever conformity they’ve decided is is acceptable. It makes me totally understand why some people are so relentlessly protective. of, you know, they don’t want anybody to know and they’re so hell bent on discretion, which I get. But at the same time, we can’t fix it if we don’t talk about it. Exactly. And it’s like, Look, we are consensually non monogamous, and we’re cool with it


Mallory Gordon  17:36

at the same time. The fact that I would bring up sex in general Oh, yeah, we can mix table with girls and guys out it like if that was not okay, but the guys could do it.


Mickey Gordon  17:45

Right? Our Puritan fucking society. This


Mallory Gordon  17:48

is the 1950s like, where am i right now? Right. It’s good dick joke.


Mickey Gordon  17:54

You got you got Good dick this morning.


Mallory Gordon  17:56

got great.


Mickey Gordon  17:58

Well, I don’t know. It’s my dig. So it’s better than average day. Let’s Oh, look. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on today, guys. We’re gonna have some fun. We’re going to talk to you miss Beth Liebling here in a few and then our segment today, which I know some of you guys really look forward to our segment. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  18:13

this is all over social media right now. So


Mickey Gordon  18:16

shouldn’t have caught fire. We decided Thursday night this was going to be swinging in the news this week. swinging in the news is where we talk about something lifestyle oriented or something sex oriented. And this week, what happened on Friday is there’s a house for sale in Pennsylvania, that sad net on fire


Mallory Gordon  18:34

badass house.


Mickey Gordon  18:36

And why? Because it had a fucking sex dungeon in the basement. And the real estate agent, to her credit, took pictures of it talked about it called it a private sex oasis. It is so bad as we’re gonna get into that. today. We’re going to talk about what happened, how it went viral. wehrlein viral and how the neighbors reacted. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  18:53

I’m very excited. So let’s talk about Beth. Let’s lead into our conversation with Beth here because I know we’re running a little short on time, because we didn’t want to cut too much out of her interview here. So tell them how we met her. Oh, so


Mickey Gordon  19:06

we met Beth. The end so by the way, she’s got a book called love and laughter you’re going to hear about it there’s a long title that I can’t remember


Mallory Gordon  19:13

but love and laughter sexy and meaningful sex for everyone. Wow, see


Mickey Gordon  19:19

you remembered but anyway so so this lady I’m standing ass naked on the beach waiting to get the casual swinger logo painted on my back by Jeff James. And this just really happy looking smiley lady is standing there but Nick and I’m like, hey, cuz you know what I do? And I got a pretty naked lady standing next to me. Hey, that’s how it works. So I said Hey, how you doing? And she said, Hey, how you doing? And she goes, What are you getting painted? I said, I’m getting casual swinger painted on my back into it. Oh my god. You guys are casual swinger. That has never happened to me before. That has never happened anywhere. Somebody actually was excited to meet us. And that was Beth Liebling. And she said my name is Beth and I have a radio show in Houston, Texas, on ESPN Radio where we talk about love and life and sex. And my show is called love and laughter I’m a podcaster I own a business. Yeah. And I’m like, I think I love you.


Mallory Gordon  20:14

Yeah. Yeah, she’s, she’s again, she’s inspiring. Like you said, She’s all of these things. Like she’s It’s like she’s living multiple lives. Yeah. And she’s a divorce attorney. Yeah. And I got to correct myself. It’s a love and laughter fun and meaningful sex for everyone. So that’s her book. Um,


Mickey Gordon  20:32

I thought sex was like pizza is no such thing as bad sex. It’s all fun.


Mallory Gordon  20:37

Dude, it hasn’t been a long time ago. I’m jet Anyways, back to back. Yeah. Um, she’s highly intelligent, Ivy League educated, but she’s down to earth and warm and fun. And just amazing. Again, I’m a total fangirl. I completely stopped her online and ordered her book.


Mickey Gordon  21:01

Yeah, so we’re gonna leave her show her interview full length because it was so good. And she had so much to say and there’s so much going on. So there’s gonna be a long episode guys. We do apologize in advance. But this lady is fascinating. jump into this interview and really take in what she’s doing and more importantly, jump on the internet. Go to darling use that coupon code casual swinger. Get a free pair of drawers for every $50


Mallory Gordon  21:29

as you’re making sex here are their dogs. Yeah, women’s thongs.


Mickey Gordon  21:33

Dong undershorts


Mallory Gordon  21:34

Yeah. I’m killing myself over here. I got it wrong for the second time. So Third time’s the charm, love and laughter sexy meaningful fun for everyone. Well,


Mickey Gordon  21:46

see what you guys know Mikey fucking gets it wrong.


Mallory Gordon  21:49

I am. I don’t have my glasses on either. So I’m like winging it. Like one I like I’m a drunk trying to drive home. Don’t drive home.


Mickey Gordon  21:57

Absolutely as in Hey, make sure you tune in here in two weeks, we’ve got a living history of hedonism with Howard Herrnstein. He has been to that resort. 38 years in a row for six weeks in a pop.


Mallory Gordon  22:08

Yeah, we’re gonna release that while we’re in Jamaica. We recorded most of this back in November when we were there. And we we had to break it up into different interviews because it was so amazing. He had such insightful and entertaining things to tell us about the resort.


Mickey Gordon  22:23

So and then we’re gonna follow that up the next day. So this is important. The next day, we’re going to release the interview with the guy that’s widely credited with saving heat. Oh, yeah, he brought the new owner Harry Lang, you brought the new owner to the table, you put the ownership group together. And he’s widely credited with you know, really starting the movement that saved the place we call home. His name is john gross. Yeah, so we got an interview with him coming up. We’re gonna release those back to back and we call those interviews a living history of hedonism, too. So that’s coming out while we’re at Hito. So you guys, stay tuned. Now why don’t you tell everybody where they can find us and we will get on to Beth Liebling.


Mallory Gordon  22:59

Excellent guys. Well, you know, we’re casual swinger everywhere. That’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SLS, STC. And Cassidy. Please visit casual And feel free to send us messages at podcast at casual We’d love your feedback. We love your input. We love your questions, and all of your support.


Mickey Gordon  23:19

Thanks a lot guys. We’ll get back with you shortly you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  23:43

Welcome back to casual swinger on Mallory and Mickey and today we have a very special guest for our listeners. We have Miss Beth Liebling with Darlene way boutique. Oh, wow.


Mickey Gordon  23:54

So we’re really spreading out across the country. Right darling ways in Houston, Texas. Yes. Is she just an entrepreneur,


Mallory Gordon  24:03

this woman is so many things. And I am personally going to be a bit of a fangirl over here because I’m super excited to have her on the show. One of the things I love about what we do here is the ability to meet people out in the wild, and who bring a uniqueness or give on to the world, especially inside and outside this community or in relationships in love and sex. When we run into those people, the first thing I want to do is share them with other people. And that’s that’s kind of the similar mentality to what Beth has.


Mickey Gordon  24:34

Well, I mean, I met Beth asked naked getting ready to get painted. And I’m like, let me get this straight this this person is a sex educator and a relationship guru and a lawyer and she’s all these things. And she looks really good naked and she’s standing here talking to me and now we have her on the show. Beth Say hi to the listeners a casual swinger.


Beth Liebling  24:57

I have never started the show with my faces right Read as it is right? Thank you. lovely introduction. Nobody, yes, I have not very comfortable actually being naked. So the fact that you saw me and now I’ve added me to the entire world is making me blush like crazy. So, but thank you. It’s my pleasure.


Mickey Gordon  25:22

Well, that’s crazy, you know, we brought you here because you, you have so much to offer this community, right? And so we said, Hey, we think it would be so much fun to have you here. And we want to talk darling way, we want to talk about your other businesses. You’re a broadcaster, your YouTube star, you’re a podcaster, you’re obviously a big personality. So we just couldn’t imagine a better person to come and talk a little bit about, you know, what it means to open up and have these conversations internally in our relationships. And you don’t, this isn’t just a lifestyle. Yeah, if you because, right. I mean, you cover everything. It’s not just lifestyle.


Beth Liebling  26:01

Right now, no, no, this is, um, this is really, my journey, really what I’m doing, and I think this is true for most people, we’re trying to heal ourselves. And by doing so, I hope that people learn from what I’ve experienced, because I came from a very, a family that there was no physical affection, there was God, no nudity, there was no any talk of sex, my sex education was my parents threw three books at me, there was no joy in sex relationships, I didn’t know about love, just nothing. And so I was starved for it. And so like I said, going to keto and being naked in front of people, but that’s a huge that’s still outside my comfort zone. I said, I could talk all the time. That’s so easy for me, but being naked, so I am not just encouraging, I think be hypocritical to try to encourage other people to push their boundaries and, and grow and change if I’m not doing the same. And but then. So that’s why I share my story, because I think then it maybe will help others in theirs. And I appreciate when others from different perspectives share their story with me, because that inspires and motivates me as well. Everything is personal to me. So yeah, I’m right there. So that’s why I tried to. Yeah, I think that’s the sense that I got from y’all with that you weren’t you were so easy to talk to. There were no cover so many different things on this show. But I appreciate because trying to limit what we what we talk about, or what we think about or something I think is just, it’s silly. And we’ve taken I think society as a whole has taken joy, and fun and happy and pride out of sexy stuff. And don’t put it back there. You you do this with an honesty with a warmth with affection for each other, and for the people around you. That I think is contagious and impressive. And I hope that I share that out as I read it.


Mickey Gordon  27:59

Right? Well, it’s going to be contagious in the lifestyle. Make it with your attitude, right? Absolutely. That is true. That’s true. I like that.


Mallory Gordon  28:10

Excellent. So let’s let’s start with your journey. Right, because you’ve had this this really interesting evolution, you know, you were a lawyer. You’re an author, podcaster sex advocate. I mean, you’ve made several jumps here. And how did you come to that decision to make those transitions? And I just want to our listeners to hear a little bit about your journey.


Beth Liebling  28:35

Well, yeah, my it’s been, it’s been a crazy journey. I. So I got knocked up at the age of 21. And, and got married then and went on. I was married for 23 years. I had five children. I still have five children. I have a granddaughter now. I resolutions. 53. Thank you. So I’m I’m 53 right now. But so when I had kids, I always knew I wanted to work with families because my family was so dysfunctional, and divorce and everything. I’ve nobody told me as a kid that I could actually talk about sex for a living. But I probably would have if I thought that so I’ve always been fascinated by sex, and relationships. So it was either psychology or law school. And I have terrible ADHD. So I realized that taking a bar exam would be way quicker than doing a dissertation. So I went to law school with the knowing that the only kind of law I would ever do would be family law. And I have a social worker kind of heart, I need to fix things I need to help people. I want the world to be a happy place. So I tried to do that by making divorce better, but divorce just sucks even when it’s the right thing to do. So that was that was just hard boundaries are not my strong suit. So So I actually quit practicing law for a dozen years and a hand and then my several years later, my marriage ended and when I looked around and thought I would spend 45 years old, I had to figure out how to find sexy again. And I had given all hopes we had 23 years of BMS born marriage.


Mallory Gordon  30:12

So great.


Beth Liebling  30:14

I’m gonna write that down. Everybody relates to that DMS. It’s, yeah, it’s amazing. But I needed to find sexy again and I looked around, there’s no place to go for a middle aged woman to think about that, you know, if you’ve got a Victoria’s Secret, they just laugh at you. You go to like stoma, they say, Oh, you poor thing. Why do you have to think about sex these days, I was like, this is all wrong. And I needed to talk about boobs and dating. And I wanted hope, because I just wanted to feel like there could be love. Anyway, so there was nothing around. And I realized, that’s what I thought of darling way. I didn’t know the name yet. But this was the place I wanted to shop. And it didn’t exist. A place that was more of a feeling, and an optimism and an inspiration and celebrated the joy of sex, not not being ashamed by it not feeling less than because I wanted it not feeling stupid for being a romantic. But a place that really I could, you know, you can take love insects as seriously as you want or be as silly as you want. You just have to respect it, and appreciate it. So it took me four years of getting the courage up to start it because it’s an outlandish thing for a woman to do to start suddenly talking openly about sex to open a shop. And, and how to do it in a really nice in a different way. Because I didn’t want to be like anything else that was around. I needed it to feel good. And so four years later, I finally just said I just had, I just had to do it, it wasn’t going away. And it’s the craziest, wildest, hardest thing I’ve done, you know, and it’s, but I love it. And it makes a difference to people. And we’re in a cute little cottage. And I don’t know if you know, Houston, but there’s this area called the heights. It’s like the only historic or one of the few historic parts of Houston. It’s residential. I have a cottage right next to people who live there with their families and old people and young people. And I say because I actually believe sexy stuff should be family values, because I want people now to stay together. And they never got people divorced when they were having good sex together. You know, a lot of people getting divorced because they’re having good sex with other people.


Mickey Gordon  32:24

Well, I don’t know, a lot of our friends have sex with other people and their marriages are awesome.


Mallory Gordon  32:28

That’s true.


Beth Liebling  32:30

No, that’s that may be true, too. But they probably they’re still having some sexy connection, probably with their partner. Oh, lots


Mickey Gordon  32:36

of it all the time. It’s usually happens after the fact right? Because lifestyles go out, they get it on and come back, and then screw each other’s brains off for three days talking about it.


Beth Liebling  32:44

Yes. See, and that is totally cool and hot. But again, it’s when you let that connection between the primary relationship, you know, if you have one, or if you’re poly, and you have lots of you know, if you’re in a situation where there’s no hierarchy, it’s just your relationships don’t really last particularly well, or at least in a healthy way. If there’s not, I think three things physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, and then some sort of sexual slash romantic intimacy. So if we don’t have those three things, I think they don’t stay together.


Mickey Gordon  33:19

I think you’re 100%. Right. And intimacy is the common thread. And actually, I Isha Bailey, a therapist that we had on recently said that intimacy can be broken down, by itself with into me I see is how she framed it in. So intimacy is a common thread amongst you very smart ladies that we’ve had on this show. So it’s pretty cool. But let’s talk about positivity for a second. Because, you know, you have framed the things that had that you’ve had happen to you in your life in a very positive way with the outcomes that you’ve chosen to enforce. Right? You’ve made these outcomes for yourself with your your advocacy, for sex, your advocacy for relationships, for families, as an attorney with darling way boutique. But were you always sex positive? I mean, and I don’t want you to go too far into you know, what happened in your marriage if you don’t want to, but was it? Was it a slow transition for you to become sex positive? What made you go enough is enough, this is what I want, and I want to advocate for others.


Beth Liebling  34:23

So I think I’ve always been sex positive. And I only sort of put a caveat with that because I actually, one I don’t judge as long as there’s consent. I don’t judge what people do sexually, and I always just wanted it to be more joy and stuff. I don’t. I feel like if it’s just physical, then then it’s a little bit. I don’t know, I want more. I want whipped cream on top of ice cream. You know, that’s how I think of so I’m not just an advocate for just going out and just having casual sex. over the place I, if you want to sometimes whatever, that’s fine. Again, no judgment. But it’s more that I believe in joy of sex, the joy of sex, and that that’s what’s missing. But I’ve always been like that because even as a kid, I was asking my cousin who lived in New York and I grew up in Texas, to cut out articles that this woman was writing in the paper. I forgot which therapist it was, but it was revolutionary. She was writing about sex in a in a daily column. And I happened to cut those out so I could read them. When I came up and visited over the summer. I was so interested and intrigued. When I went to college, I took my first year roommates who were all virgins, and I dragged them to the local adult store and said, You’ve got to see this stuff. You can’t believe what they have. It’s crazy. And so I’ve always been like that. But when I was married, and that’s the thing, I only had so little confidence. I didn’t know what other options there were, I say we good girls, you know, we’re taught we can either be good girls or slots. Those are our two choices in life. And so I became a good girl, I was a mom, I was a lawyer. I became very buttoned up. I didn’t embrace anything that was feminine. I didn’t know how to do it. I was 10 years into my marriage, I finally I got drunk and I don’t really drink. I put this in my book, too. I shared this I I was separated from my husband for the first time. And that’s when I finally I came home one night, and I asked him to spank me. And that was totally crazy. I couldn’t believe that I did it. But he got all uncomfortable. I got uncomfortable. We never spoke about it again. And we were married for 12 more years, but I never asked for anything else again. That’s how awkward that’s how insecure I was fucking tragic. And it’s so tragic. It’s so tragic. And so now, now I look back at I would say I would coach myself and tell him, I would tell myself, look, you’re going to rock the boat. And it’s okay, it’s okay to want just because you want to be a slot in the bedroom. And you’re you still can be a good girl with every other aspects of your life. You know, you can be smart and sexy, who the hell knew that? I didn’t. And so I would coach and I would coach myself also that look, you’re going to rock the boat for him. And he’s going to be scared and he’s not going to know what to do. And now, my radio show is on ESPN in Houston because I say men, they don’t even ask direction. So Who the hell are they gonna ask about sex? Right? I just like to talk and they listen, and they learn something. But they don’t know what to do. My husband didn’t know what to do. He was ashamed. He didn’t. And so it, it did nothing. And that’s how we had DNS. So I was craving sexy fun. But there was no place to help me feel good about it. And that’s why I could have gone to a local shop and bought a vibrator. But I still had that same shame. I didn’t know what to do with that I didn’t have the confidence. And it wouldn’t have changed anything. And that’s the difference. So darling way you walk in there. It’s a conversation. It is all personal. We talk, we explain things will give you different ideas. I’ll be like, don’t you know you’re not limited by this. You can use this this way. Don’t forget this. Oh, by the way, the first time you use that data, I’ll tell people, hey, this is one of my favorite vibrators. But it took me three or four weeks to learn how to use it, you know, so don’t give up blah, blah, blah. It’s all about the conversation. Because it’s our minds that have to change to open our bodies up to enjoy more. And I didn’t learn about BDSM until I was in my late 40s how crazy I didn’t know other people wanted to actually be spanked I thought I was wackadoo just totally off the charts crazy.


Mallory Gordon  38:31

was almost like a relief when you learn that there were other people out there like you.


Mickey Gordon  38:35

Yes. out there like you baby.


Beth Liebling  38:43

big dogs there isn’t such. But to find this other people want crazy stuff. And now I just say you know what time do you want is crazy to me. What turns me on is crazy to you. And so now we just if we laugh together, it’s so much better than laughing at people. So let’s laugh because it is so silly and it’s so much fun and it’s still joyful. It should be joyful. It should be the thing that brings us the happiest and most intimate connection. passionate, passionate relationship.


Mallory Gordon  39:14

So were you a little scared though, along this journey to venture out of your comfort zone terrified How did you do it though if you’re if you’re scared because when we have that fear it usually in a lot of cases it paralyzes us. And it’s really hard to take that and use that to push yourself to do something Adams


Mickey Gordon  39:34

your last episode on fear, uncertainty and doubt. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  39:38

so how was it? Uh, was it like bargaining within yourself? Was it you know, going over fantasies or dreams that you’d have because you you stumbled into it, like you said, like ventured into like, Who would have thought BDSM? Like how did you actualize that get over the feel fear of it, and, and push yourself especially


Mickey Gordon  39:56

given that it didn’t work out right the first time you talk to your house went about it. And you said, I want to get spanked. And then it was weird, right? Somebody made it awkward. So that that planted more fear than was there in the first place. So we would love to know how you got past that.


Beth Liebling  40:11

Okay, and so we’re talking about BDSM versus starting the business. Yeah, well, actually, it’s


Mickey Gordon  40:16



Mallory Gordon  40:16

Yeah, yeah. I mean, kind of kind of boots, like, how did you get yourself out of your comfort zone.


Beth Liebling  40:24

So the business, like I said, it took me four years to figure out to get the confidence up to do this, right. Because there’s nothing this is gonna be a huge public failure. If I didn’t do it not to fail. I really am a very, very alpha female, I like to succeed. So it took four years and just oh, my God, and remembering that as a kid, I encouraged my mother to follow her dreams and passions, and that, as a parent, I encourage my kids, so I had to talk to myself, like I was somebody else to give myself and I still struggle every day, thinking, oh, gosh, this is so hard. And am I doing the right thing. So it’s, it’s an ongoing struggle. And then it’s funny, because that was so public. Now the BDSM stuff is a more private journey. But it happened because I started dating, and several, several years after my marriage ended, I still didn’t know anything about BDSM. I never asked anybody else. Actually, that’s not true. One guy said, Well, you know, you could you could slap my ass or something if you want. And he didn’t know what to do with it either. Again, I’m still thinking, right, I’m just crazy. But then one. One person that I talked to, as she was telling me, it was a man, but he was telling me how he was actually a sexual submissive in a relationship with somebody who was out of town. I can’t remember Austin someplace. And I was listening to all of the stories. I said, What? And I said, Did you ever say no? And he’s like, Oh, well, he said, I said, No, because she wanted me to go to parties with her. And I wouldn’t do that. Because I was afraid I’d be out if I was like, Oh, my God, party party. Who else would do this in front of somebody else? Right. Again, I don’t get addressed in front of anybody. And, and so he, we ended up breaking up, but that resonates parties who else would do this? So I am so I’m really smart. But I was so stupid, because I was so blocked to this. But I thought, okay, I started Googling like Austin parties, like often sex passes, you know, and probably it took me two weeks before I realized it was like a light went off in my head hit the wall. And I’m like, if this party’s like this, and often, they probably have parties like this in Houston, you idiot. But that’s how much resistance there was to this, and how much fear and and then I found out that there is this, this huge, you know, kinky community full of people that are interested in BDSM. And that they, they have meetings and that they talk openly. And I started going and I learned so much. And I even said, if it’s vanilla people, people who don’t have any interest at all in BDSM, but just are interested in relationships, if they would talk like this with a mentor, the women talk everybody shares, so openly and honestly, every relationship would be better because of this level of outward expression and conversations that agree that was it. But as soon as, as soon as I found out, I was like, Oh, my God, this is me. I’m not the craziest person in the room. And it was amazing.


Mickey Gordon  43:32

Yeah. And so reassuring that enlightening moment for you. I mean, you said it took four years to make that leap to darling way. But so let’s, let’s talk to our listeners directly for a second because a lot of our listeners are lifestyle people. But a lot of our people aren’t they want to be a lot of people that listen to our show are asking themselves questions about their sexuality. They’re asking questions, and maybe they don’t know how to talk to that person. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll get mad. Maybe they’re afraid to walk into a store like darling way, because they don’t know what they don’t know. So how would you start? If you were telling somebody how to just walk into uncharted territory, whether it’s a store like darling way, or whether it’s making that leap and asking their partner to try something new, as is from your experience, because you have literally done everything? I have a list here that I wrote down in front of me, and you are everything. So how would you start?


Beth Liebling  44:28

Thank you. I think people need a little bit of support. I think that’s the first thing for any change that we want is to know that, that we’re gonna have like a sounding board and, and somebody to kind of share a little bit with. So if they can find a friend if there’s somebody they already know in their world that they can start opening up to that is not necessarily their partner, but to help give them the courage and to make sure that they remember that they’re lovable and they’re not just company We crazy, I think that can help because when somebody’s got our back, we, we feel a little bit more comfortable taking any kind of leap. But if you don’t have that in your life, then that’s, that’s why people end up coming to darling way too is they don’t know anybody else they can talk to, and they hear me or they read about us our reviews or something and they realize that they can come to us and that they can, they can talk and they can be open. And they’re not quite sure until, until they actually come in and see and feel and, and leave with a smile on their face. But, but that’s part of what we provide is just a little bit of a safe harbor where you can start your journey with us. And then love that. Then when it comes to it well and I tell people like we will love you until you learn to love yourself. When you love yourself. We will help you learn to love other people if that’s what you want. Right and that’s okay cuz some people want to be happily single. I’m totally okay. Just love your shops.


Mallory Gordon  46:02

We all just really so we let them dropping, you know, name dropping darling way a little bit. And I mean, obviously people have probably deduced it’s a it’s a store, it’s a boutique located in Houston. But it’s a lot more than that. So can we like just tell our listeners exactly what darling way is and, and who darling ways therefore


Beth Liebling  46:21

What’s it like to say darling mice the place I wanted to go when I was getting divorced and wanted to find joyful sex, or the hope of joyful sex and loving woman. But if I could run it like a community center, but really it kind of it’s, it’s actually a community center with the little gift shop, it’s just the gift shop just started. First and then because it’s the it’s the pedestal My mission is to change the way that people think about love sex and romance. But then everything that we sell it darling, why are the physical embodiments, they’re the things that will actually help you. So if you want to learn to cook, then you need some pots and pans and whatever. And we have that sort of assortment. So if you want fun and interesting, sexy passion stuff, then we have all sorts of things to help you find that whatever your version, no matter what you want to cook, we’ve got something for you to play with, and to enjoy, and to create your own romantic show. Because I think everybody should have a great romantic show, not see the same show every night in their bedroom, and that they show up a prop closet. And they should take care of those props and, and use them well. And be proud of them.


Mallory Gordon  47:22

I have to say absolutely love your analogies. They paint a


Mickey Gordon  47:25

wonderful picture. They really do.


Beth Liebling  47:28

Thank you. It’s the only way I can talk. It’s terrible. But but so so that’s what darling way is. And that’s why I’m telling you it’s it’s more about that people come in there and they connect everything to be as personal. And so if you just think of it as your, your community center, that that’s what it is. And then everything else flows from that. So we do classes and workshops, I teach classes on, you know, on how to blow his mind while loving his body. I’m teaching one this weekend on oral his and her oral pleasure I teach, stay at sexy make it naughty. I teach, are you the right word for people doing dating, right? Because we’re so looking for the right one that we forget to look at who we are. So Own your sexy power, anything and everything. And we host that for at parties. We host birthday parties, the local Chamber of Commerce has been there a couple of different times, anything and every reason to have people get together, be happy and smile and remember that love sex and romance. They’re just they should be the best parts of life.


Mickey Gordon  48:30

Tell me that the Chamber of Commerce coming in there did not just was not sobering for some of those people, right?


Beth Liebling  48:37

Oh, it was but it’s such It was such a good excuse. Some people need an excuse. They can’t own it themselves yet. So they come in with the excuse of something else. And that’s just wonderful, because then they know that we’re there. And that they can talk to us.


Mallory Gordon  48:52

Yeah, you kind of feel like a little pride going all right. We’re breaking some of the taboo here


Beth Liebling  49:00

every day. I can’t tell you that. And it’s good because I get shut down in so many ways. I have my insurance canceled. I had my banker 20 years not be willing to open a checking account for me watch why it’s because


Mallory Gordon  49:14

of the type of business you’re trying to get into.


Beth Liebling  49:18

Exactly why exactly. Because when you talk about that, even though I’m trying to do it in this in this way that’s valuable, that’s valuable, that’s meaningful, that’s important. That’s respectful. That’s open and honest. It scares people. And in this culture, anything about sex gets shut down. I keep waiting for my social media to get shut down. They flag us on everything. We can’t promote different things. We tried to promote sexy trivia. Because I think there’s so much interesting yeah, we totally understand that. I’ve


Mickey Gordon  49:49

been shut down 15 different ways for this podcast when we tried to grow it and we’ve been kicked. I mean, they won’t take our advertising money they won’t let us promote it just because swingers in art title. They mean nothing weed, no nudity in the pictures, nothing and they will not let us promote our podcast. They won’t let us I had I’ve had almost all these troubles that you talked about, I thought it was unique. I didn’t know there was another person out there that, you know, said, fuck the man the way I feel like it. But


Beth Liebling  50:18

yeah, well, frankly, I think if we were getting fucked more often we’d be a lot happier. be less issue with it. I think it’s like prohibition. How did we not figure out the prohibition doesn’t work? So


Mickey Gordon  50:33

yeah, that’s what I always say about sex positivity is that when I’m getting sex, I’m pretty positive about life’s


Beth Liebling  50:40

that see that sex positivity? Absolutely. I’m totally I like that. Did you know also, there’s a book Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill wrote in 1937. And he interviewed the billionaires at the time. And what he found was that the most successful professionally financially successful men at that time, were all in happy, healthy sexual relationships.


Mickey Gordon  51:05

No kidding.


Beth Liebling  51:07

Yes, he found that a bricklayer who was having regular happy sex, laid twice as many bricks, as a bricklayer who wasn’t having happy, healthy sex. And his argument is brilliant. And this is what I talked about. So we have to own our sexy power, is that when you have that energy, and sexual energy, it’s kind of this lifeforce. And when we’re using it in a way, that when you’re getting, you know, late at night, you’re getting that fulfillment, and that joy and that connection at night, then during the day, you are motivated, motivated, you take that energy, and you use it also in a positive way, which takes your talents and raises them to a level of genius. And then at night, you go home, you take that, and then you enjoy sex again, right? So you’re using in a very controlled way. Bill Clinton took that sexual energy, right, and it controlled him. And so he misused it during the daytime, he was busy getting weighed instead of creating. That’s the example when it’s controlling you versus you’re controlling it and directing it and positive forces. And so yes, you are when you’re,


Mallory Gordon  52:12

yeah, it’s like what spider man said, like, with great power comes great responsibility and sex is power.


Beth Liebling  52:24

To share it with all the others, to share the power. Let me Bless you, my child.


Mickey Gordon  52:35

There were so many ways we’re going to hell right now. So let’s talk to me what I’ve really grasped about darling way what I’ve grasped about you. And by the way, we’re gonna put so many links in the show notes for this because you do so much shit, that there’s just going to be a ton of things in here linking to your different projects, your ESPN show your podcast, or YouTube, darling way boutique. But so with all of that, I mean, we live in a world where the number of mediums for communication are fucking absurd, right? television and radio are not in any more. You’re on a podcast right now. And we represent an alternative lifestyle. So your experience runs the gamut of communication mechanisms. And I think darling way is a hub for communication. When people don’t know how to communicate, they can come in and learn another way or talk about something or feel comfortable talking about it. Do you think that there is a communication medium that’s more effective than others? And which one’s your favorite?


Mallory Gordon  53:29

Oh, no, I don’t choose favorites. I really like chocolate over vanilla like, like a both.


Beth Liebling  53:36

Exactly. All right, I want swirl. Exactly. Right. Cookies, candy. No, so I really don’t I just think that each for me personally, I I enjoy Facebook. I because I like words. So Instagram, where it’s just pictures. Doesn’t really float my boat. But there are other people who love Instagram. So I think we just end the same thing with sexy fun, you like to swing I like BDSM some people like you know, Tantra, whatever it is. It’s not that one’s better. It’s just so important that we each get in tune with what it is that works for us what fuels us what feels the best, and that we not buy into something just because somebody else is doing it. You know, I might be intrigued and strength sprinkly I am I I love to talk to swinger, though. There’s so much about this lifestyle that I love and appreciate and adore. And I want to be able to do that. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be the way that I live my sexy life. And that should be totally okay. So now I really don’t have a favorite media. I just whatever it is, and we try and do and we can’t do it all I do I hate FOMO fear of missing out. But, but we just we do what we can do. So I appreciate that.


Mickey Gordon  54:49

So you have a book called love and laughter. Right?


Beth Liebling  54:52

I mean, you wrote sexy, meaningful fun for everyone. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  54:59

So tell us about your But why did you write it?


Beth Liebling  55:02

Because when I was 40, something years old, people think that great sex is only about being in your 20s. Or thinking it’s about having a young, skinny body, and having lots of wild, crazy sex. And I think there’s so much more to it. And I was never encouraged. And I don’t think most women are to really appreciate sexy for what it can do for us. Most girls are raised to, we think about sex, and basically, we’re giving sex for love. And we’re much more concerned about a man’s pleasure than our own. And we’re not encouraged to have our own fantasies because like me, Oh, my God, that would make you crazy. And that could make you like, a slot, like sex?


Mallory Gordon  55:45

Yeah, it’s a positive term, in my opinion. But I have to agree with you. There’s always been this kind of double standard, at least, you know, that’s how I was raised. That’s what I observed. So my sexual journey, I look back. And it’s actually kind of shocking, because I don’t think given where I was 15 2025 years ago, that I would have ever guessed, I would have gotten to this point, because sex wasn’t talked about sex was shameful sex is something men thought about not women.


Beth Liebling  56:14

Right, right. No, I totally agree. And so, but I wanted to open the door for women to actually to appreciate the pleasures that they can find in their own body. And to, again, because what I see were marriages where people would actually love each other, and yet not have great sex. And I’m, I’m convinced so much of that is because women were just were held back and one of my clients actually, she was just lovely, 25 years of marriage. And what she told me was that she always loved her husband. But until she read my book, and until she found our only way, she didn’t love loving him. And now that’s what I realized. So I want people to love I want you to love with your heart and your body. Everything around us tells love with your heart. We don’t get any suggestions how to love with our bodies. So I want to help people love with their bodies and their hearts. So that’s what my book is for. And men have told me that it’s like a sex language translator. In fact, a woman of 25 years her husband read my book first. It gave it to her and said, You need to read this. And that’s what that’s what changed things and now Oh my god, they have so much sexy fun and they’re adorable. And and she was raised in a very religious background and


Mickey Gordon  57:35

if their marriage would have ended that would have been the biggest waste affecting race so yeah, you heard it here folks. Men are from Mars women are from Venus is for pussies if you want to know how to speak your language love and laughter that’s what you need


Beth Liebling  57:52

See, I think pussies right pushes a really really incredibly strong great was actually projecting when he talked about penis envy. It’s Monday we create our pussy literally burst wife. Yeah, your penis and your balls. Those are the weakest part of the man.


Mickey Gordon  58:07

Yeah, that’s true. Because you can take a beating.


Mallory Gordon  58:10

There’s a I will not do it justice soil not try but there is a great buddy. Wait, quote about why do they always refer to pussies is being sensitive, like Have you not heard of balls? Like pussies take a beating they give life. You guys are sensitive. It’s fantastic.


Mickey Gordon  58:28

Me in the nuts. I’m on the ground. Exactly. I encourage you not to flick me in the nuts by the way. Just don’t do that. That’s not cool. That’s never okay.


Beth Liebling  58:38

No, but if you have a desire to do that, there are people that enjoy cock and ball torture. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  58:43

she’s she’s got a point there. Yeah, I don’t know what his eyes are watering a little bit. He’s one of those like, if he thinks about somebody like puking or like somebody getting hurt or somebody kicked in the groin, like, all of a sudden he succumbs to his own psychosomatic pain. His eyes are watering. I know it’s pretty hilarious.


Mickey Gordon  59:00

No, no, no. empathy. I think that’s a good thing. Positive trees just not cool.





Beth Liebling  59:12

Just out for you exactly. Have to laugh about what makes us what turns us on. It’s crazy. If it doesn’t turn you on, but it’s just that’s the way it is.


Mickey Gordon  59:21

In Korea. You know the difference between genius and crazy is it’s genius after it works. Right. So to say you know,


Beth Liebling  59:32

good if I could I just want to go back because I felt like I shifted over. I you talked about like if there are people whether they’re in the lifestyle or otherwise that are still nervous about talking to their partner then about things. For example, I think that maybe there are people within the the swinging lifestyle that perhaps what either they want BDSM suddenly or or they actually have wanted it but they’ve been afraid to say it because they know their partners into swinging but not the others. You Maybe because their partner has laughed. Like you laughed at the idea of this and said, Oh, no, you know, I don’t want that. And but sometimes we then have to follow up with the question to the partner. Wait, I might not want that. But does that idea turn you on and not be afraid not just assume, because we don’t want it that our partner doesn’t want it. Right and not be afraid that if we want something slightly different, then somebody is going to be unhappy, or somebody has to give that up. And so, for example, I see a lot of people who are interested in the idea of swinging because and threesomes are certainly that’s one of the most popular fantasies for people everywhere men and women. But I will tell people look at the fact is, is that if you can just own your fantasy, if you can accept it yourself, if you can, then share it with your partner, give them time to think about whether or not you actually want that fantasy tip to come true, literally and figuratively, like we don’t necessarily have to bring a third person into your bedroom, for you to use that, that threesome fantasy, to bring you closer to your partner not not further. And so for example, I tell them, you can always be talking about Oh, so while I’m doing this, this person is going to come in the room, and they’re going to be doing this too. And you might just have to say those words to somebody to get that fantasy, suddenly, it’s real, and they’re off. And they’re having a climax, like, just at the thought of something else happening right? There all sorts of different ways. Once we know what turns us on, once we’re willing to accept it, that we can try it out that we can incorporate with your partner. So it brings you together. And then you can decide if you need more, maybe you want to go further. Maybe it was time one of you gets more comfortable with the idea right now really would get turned on by CBT. Maybe there’s a way that it could look like that. But without that intense sensation to you that that doesn’t feel good CBT


Mickey Gordon  1:01:54

ball torture for those of you silently, like Well,


Mallory Gordon  1:01:58

yeah, and I see what you’re saying. But because Mickey and I actually experienced this personally there, there are things that we’re as individuals into and that turned us on very much so but it doesn’t there’s not exact reciprocity there. Like let’s take Branston spanking. Now I discovered that that’s something I enjoy very much so and make you seem a little hesitant on it’s not something when he performs on me per se, that he gets like a physical stimulation out of it. He likes seeing my pleasure. But it’s not. You know, he wouldn’t say that. Am I wrong here? No,


Mickey Gordon  1:02:33

you’re not wrong at all. I I would go so far as to say I don’t get off on it. Because I personally have issues. And we’re getting really personal here guys. This is Valerie getting personal free. But I have issues with hitting women, I feel uncomfortable doing it.


Beth Liebling  1:02:51

And I say almost every man does.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:53

Yeah. And so definitely, yeah. And I and I don’t feel like I’m good at it. And and really, you know, doing it not with your fingertips and make sure you pull your hand back and don’t follow through. And there’s all these things that I’m trying to tell myself and I’m so busy telling myself do it this way, not that way. And I forget to enjoy it. And so I struggle with it. And that’s where a place like darling way would come in so handy to be able to go maybe together to a seminar and and really understand better for me because she does love it. She gets I mean, gosh, what? Wow, this is awesome. But I don’t know if I’m doing it right. And then if I do it wrong, and I had to do hard, and it’s it’s a lot of stress.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:29

It is a lot of stress, and I appreciate the support you do you do give and when somebody else does it right though, bam, yeah. She’s just one of those things I never would have thought.


Beth Liebling  1:03:42

And isn’t that beautiful? I tell people now that no matter how old we are, there’s always something new and different. No matter how long you’ve been with somebody. We can come up with new and exciting ways for you to connect. And you can be virgins together for the different things.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:56

I’m perfectly comfortable dying a CBT virgin. Well,


Mallory Gordon  1:04:01

I remember the first time I got spanked and I like ran in the room, jumped on the bed, put the pillow over my face. And I was like oh my god, I liked it.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:07

Oh yeah. Remember? You had a fit? You were like


Mallory Gordon  1:04:11

I was like a little girl that the boy said, Hey, I think you’re cute.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:14

You’re drooly pussy for today. Yeah.


Beth Liebling  1:04:19

See, that’s funny. But somehow there is this idea like I still I get into it. But you said at the beginning that you saw me naked with my face of bright red I don’t blush very often it’s crazy that there are still these these these stories these hang ups these things that we don’t know about ourselves but still feel silly and but feel crazy or something and feel like oh how could I How could my body enjoy this when it’s such a what? What should I get out of spanking? Why would a strong woman want to be spanked? Right all these different are head games and so yeah. Yeah, and what neither you Want to actually smack a woman’s ass? Right?


Mallory Gordon  1:05:01

Well, indeed, we don’t always know why, you know, figuring it out is half the battle. But speaking of spanking, let’s talk about that spank fast in May.


Beth Liebling  1:05:10

Oh, yeah, I’m very excited. I know, I’m so glad that I told you to. So it’s people because it’s nice when you get together with people who share your You’re crazy. And, and that’s what this is. So there’s the Lone Star spanking conference for a whole weekend in May in Houston. And it is just a group of people that will come together and they’ll talk all about the whys and wherefores in the house and the different props you can use for spanking and, and give demos and just indulge and enjoy. So sounds riveting. And there’s so yeah, there’s so much to thinking. It’s also one of the more prevalent fantasies for men and women. Because there’s something so primitive something about it, the power, power plays an important part of it, and especially the spanking, but just from a, an anatomical perspective, when you hit the buttocks, there’s all the general region is in there. So as soon as we start blood flow there, as soon as we start sensation there, then everything sort of life stops, and gets excited and starts getting more stimulated. So from a very physical standpoint, is a great way to start turning the body on. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  1:06:29

I think we have to, you know, bring you back and do a whole show on BDS. Oh, I think we need to come back and just kind of get deep on BDSM. You see what I did there. We got to get deep on, you know what it means to tie somebody up and beat that ass and whatever it is being the top, the bottom, the DOM the sub, and get into that a little bit because there’s a lot that I personally don’t know. And it sounds like you may have some things to teach.


Beth Liebling  1:06:59

Yeah, and I think there’s just a different perspective. A lot of people think BDSM it scares them because it’s, it’s, they just think pain. And they think basically violence.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:09

Yeah, stereotype maybe the fear of the stereo stereotype.


Beth Liebling  1:07:13

Yeah. And so we want to take that out and I want 50 shades turned so many people on that should give some indication that we need more conversation about it. But then it did a disservice by ignoring things like consent and rationality and, and stuff so and the idea that we should be cured of wanting kinky sex, I also thought this is not good. So. But that’s why the more open we can be about these things and start talking and be responsible. And this you know, the Lone Star spanking party in Houston and stuff. It’s just a great way to start getting more conversations and getting it out there. And ways for people to learn to figure out whether or not they want it to be part of their sexy fun repertoire, or not. Right, it doesn’t have to be. I said, the Rockettes are great. I want to see them once a year. I don’t want them as a regular routine in my romantic shows. So we all decide what what kind of shows we want on a regular basis, what kind we want more frequently, and don’t feel any shame. And I didn’t like that. I don’t like Phantom of the Opera. But no shame. Just that’s not my thing. So I think giving people permission, and that’s where, and then realizing once we start talking, if you and I hadn’t been talking Mallory about the same stuff, you wouldn’t have known about this. Yeah. And what a fun, exciting getaway you can like It or Love it or hate it doesn’t matter. But what it’ll be interesting. So I encourage everybody just to take a chance and then to share their perspectives without feeling judged or afraid.


Mallory Gordon  1:08:39

I absolutely love that. So with with everything you have going on everything you’ve done. You have darling way boutique. It’s a it’s a storefront it’s a pseudo Community Center. I love that description of it. what’s what’s next for you? what’s what’s in the cards? Or Where do you see yourself in, you know, two 510 years with with the path you’re on?


Beth Liebling  1:09:04

Well, I don’t know. I don’t think all I tend to dream big. No, no, I just like I’ll share myself, right? This is my heart and it only there’s this part of me that’s afraid, well, if I say this, and then I don’t make it, people are gonna think I’m a failure. Right? There’s that there is still that fear of being judged, whatever it is. But now I’m doing it anyway. So I’ll tell you quite honestly, I want I pause the radio show. I want a TV show. That’s really and that’s why I switched over to YouTube, but I want I want a TV show I want a bigger national if not international platform. Because I really do want people to to have a better option and I don’t want good relationships getting wasted because they can’t figure out how to support it with passion. And and I think that I am I have a unique perspective and an unique voice and it doesn’t have to be right For long, it doesn’t have to be the best. It’s just that it is what it is. And I, I’d like to be able to put myself out there and do that. So and then I want darling way to be basically I want it to be like, like a Home Depot, I want it to be national, I want it to be in every city. I want it to be a place where people think anything about love, sex and romance. And I like hey, let’s just go to darling way. We can ask them question. They’ll tell us how to DIY don’t give us classes. There’s it’s fun. There’s always something and and there’s no shame. It’s just in fact, frankly, I think people should be proud when they’re embracing their sexy side and I was you know, they walk around.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:35

Absolutely love to see you all on like HGTV one taking the taboo away like you’re watching the new episode of fixer upper. And we’re talking about you know, different, you know, spanking mechanism one


Mickey Gordon  1:10:45

girl TV. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:46

Like that would be fantastic. And Beth is so charismatic and you know, easy on the eyes. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:10:55

Well, so that we’re we’re coming up on the end of our time here. But you know, we met you at Hito. When we do we go to eat a few times a year, and everybody knows it. And we’ve got to Hito trip right around the corner. We’re leaving here in a couple weeks. And we’re going on the first February trip for Rachel’s rascal, so I want to ask you about Hito before we close this thing up, which is a little different, but was so was Was that your first time at Hito? What’s the wildest thing? what’s the what’s the wildest thing you did? What’s the wildest thing you saw? And who would you recommend Hito to based on your experience.


Beth Liebling  1:11:31

So for me, the wildest thing that pushed my comfort was really walking around stark naked, like just walking around in daylight. That was so uncomfortable. Still, to me, I did the body pain, because somehow, I felt like a three year old, but I was hiding behind some body paint, frankly, and he is just the most talented guy, I want to bring him to Houston to have him paint my body every day, or get it permanently tattooed. But anyway. So I literally hid behind body paint, because that’s how uncomfortable it was. And that it just it pushed, so for four days or something that was hard. And I was hoping to come home with a lot more physical confidence. I’m not sure I got it. But I do I appreciate it in so many other people. It’s just beautiful to say that was awesome. And the wildest, because I’ve seen a lot of sexy wildness. So that doesn’t really do it. So maybe, maybe the wild, especially for me was watching people who were so comfortable going around and doing just being with their totally imperfect bodies, because nobody’s got a perfect body. And, and just being and doing and sharing it with each other and loving on each other and talking to each other about not just sexy stuff, but normal stuff. With all of this going around. And, and the welcoming. That was actually what I appreciated most was how welcoming people were, how, how comfortable. They were talking about their own love story, which I think is huge, and their own journeys. And I always ask about jealousy, because to me, that’s what I grew up with my insecurities. And I know jealousy comes from insecurity, how they’ve dealt with it. And so it was, it was it was awesome. And what I recommend it, who would I recommend it to people who want a little bit of an adventure, whether or not they actually want to swing because I did not participate with anybody else except my partner. And so I didn’t get any flack for that, which I appreciate it very much. I didn’t feel any pressure to do anything I didn’t, you know, I went to the new part because I I wanted to not because anybody else was pressuring me to do that if I wanted to stay on the food side, which I lost, like the idea of me being approved just cracks me up. But I could but I could have stayed over there, but I pushed myself so I don’t want people ever to think that they have to go there and do anything about anybody else. It’s just what you’re comfortable with. And, and it certainly was eye opening. And it made me smile. It made me giggle. It made me feel like I was a virgin again, all of those things. So but you I would never want somebody to go there with other anything other than an open heart and kindness towards people who are doing things that you may or whether you choose to do them or not. Don’t ever judge somebody else who’s doing something consensually because that wouldn’t I wouldn’t wish that for hido and so that’s that’s what I tell people if they’re if they want to go just get their eyes open and see something new and different and push themselves a little bit. It’s exciting and it’s awesome. And the staff is lovely too. It’s It’s a fantastic place.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:40

Oh that is probably the best review those guys could ever hope for so they better give me my 20 bucks. But you know that the folks that are here to do a pretty good job but I think the people at Hito make it and I think you just summed that up pretty well. Well, Miss Liebling this has been enlightening.


Beth Liebling  1:14:57

Rachel Rachel’s rascals stay well. Have das and they helped us book our reservation and stuff. So Jim, I cannot say enough nice things about them. And if anybody I, absolutely, I would send people there. I’d love to partner with them. Also, because they were extraordinary.


Mickey Gordon  1:15:13

Well, let’s talk about that we host for the rascals. So that’s, that’s a lot of fun. And we would love to do more work with you. So, but we are about out of time. So thank you, obviously, from the bottom of our heart, you know, thank you from Red bottom. You’ve been amazing.


Mallory Gordon  1:15:29



Beth Liebling  1:15:31

Thank you. I am so honored that you invited me on this show. I love I just adore you too. And I love what you’re doing. I love your podcast, and I’m thrilled to be part of it so


Mickey Gordon  1:15:41

well. We think it’s awesome and we love what you’re doing. And you know we do we do this for our listeners because we want them to know people like you to know people like you are out there. This is we live in Orlando. So this is a community that’s nowhere near our community. But we have a lot of listeners in Houston this video so we want them to know that darlin way is out there that there’s resources there. If you have questions, concerns, right, we’re gonna put these in the show notes. We’re gonna put these links here. We’ll also put a link on our friends page to darling way so you can always go there and get right where you want to go. If you’re in the Texas area, you’re visiting Houston, look up Miss Liebling. She does have a radio show on ESPN. She’s got a YouTube channel. She’s a former podcaster she’s an author. She’s got a book called love and laughter You want to tell them what the rest of that title is? It’s pretty long.


Beth Liebling  1:16:26

love and laughter sexy, meaningful fun for everyone.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:29

There you go.


Beth Liebling  1:16:31

And if they’re not in Houston, they can go to darling, my calm, because we’ll help anybody anywhere. I mean, just it’s wonderful to connect with people.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:39

That’s what we do is so outstanding. Beth Liebling, thank you for spending time with us today. Ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be right back after this with swinging in the news. You’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:08

Welcome back to casual swinger. I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  1:17:12

Good to know cuz I’m Mickey. Not you are not making.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:16

I’m not gonna let him publish this, but I just interest in. And D myself, Mickey. And I’ve been over here crying from laughter and trying to compose me shit.


Mickey Gordon  1:17:27

That’s one of the funniest things ever stand like Well, I guess I’m Mallory. I’m going to play with myself because I’ve always wanted to know what that feels like.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:33

Yes. In the cadence. Because you’ve brought us in twice today. It just it was stuck in my head.


Mickey Gordon  1:17:38

That’s good. Well, Welcome back, everybody. We’re gonna talk swinging in the news swinging in the news. We talked about it earlier. today. We’re gonna let you guys know about a house in Maple. Glen Pennsylvania.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:48

Yeah, this I mean, this is literally viral. Oh.


Mickey Gordon  1:17:52

So I know, for our listeners out there that have ever sold a house. We have sold houses before. And I’ve sold two of them. And to get this kind of exposure. These guys guy just


Mallory Gordon  1:18:02

priceless. It’s absolutely priceless.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:05

I think everybody is going to go out and do this. They’re going to build this shit. Even if they don’t use it. I love that they


Mallory Gordon  1:18:10

market marketed to the sexiness of this house. Right.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:13

So here’s what’s up. There’s a house on Redfin. And this house on Redfin is in Michigan, Pennsylvania. I’m gonna read you the basis of what this says. Because I think it’s it’s kind of neat, right? The basis of it is it said, it’s a one of a kind, suburban home private, quiet lane of three homes leads you to a secluded four bedroom upstairs and one bedroom in the basement. Right. It’s like, it’s very simple. It’s very, yeah, kind.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:41

Yeah, but most houses you would find, and yeah, they’re more affluent parts of Pennsylvania.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:46

But when you dig in, right, they’re talking about the school district. They talk about all this stuff. Right. But in the process of talking about this, they get to and a private sex oasis in the basement.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:00

Ah, hello. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:02

Oh, private sex oasis.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:04

Now, over here going, how much value does that add? Right?


Mickey Gordon  1:19:06

Well, acquired quite a lot because the listing price was $750,000 for a 5000 square foot house. It’s been on Redfin for two days. Yeah. Right there at that point. So it hadn’t been up there long. We’re talking about a great house in a great neighborhood. But when you dug into the pictures a little bit this basement was a bondage Fiesta,


Mallory Gordon  1:19:27

it was Yeah. And it was artfully done. I have to give it to them. They really use the space to to their advantage. They have some really neat pieces in there. I’m sure they’re not cheap, not by any stretch of the imagination. And Beth made a good point. We’ve discussed this lately. In our interview with her that it’s probably a little colder than I would like but I do find it very interesting and I would totally Airbnb that well, they were Airbnb being and they’re getting big money for it. They should the absolute So that’s a unique experience. I


Mickey Gordon  1:20:01

believe Airbnb still has the pictures of some of this stuff up there. But we’re talking about a custom built Sex Swing, built out a four by fours stained really beautiful. And if you look in the background, two things really stand out to me about this picture number one, there’s a bed, but that bed has got a cage around it, but more importantly, it’s got a cage underneath it. Yeah. And Beth, notice that there’s a cage underneath that motherfucker. Yeah, so let’s think about that for a second. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna put your significant under in the cage where you get your groove on on top. I’d love to watch though. All right. I don’t know if I want to be in the cage. But you know,


Mallory Gordon  1:20:38

I’ll try anything once.


Mickey Gordon  1:20:39

Yeah, right. So I mean, we’re talking to me now of course, you can see the gym in the other direction. So you can either work out or work out. But here’s the thing. What made this thing go viral? When I looked at this thing on Friday, it had half a million views. Half a million views on a fucking real estate listing. Yeah, that is on Herta


Mallory Gordon  1:21:01

it is it is and again, it’s maybe that the it was feeling some sort of taboo that people were like, Oh my god, they’re actually admitting that they have a sex engine in here. Holy shit you got to look at?


Mickey Gordon  1:21:11

Well, that brings me to one. This thing got picked up by a lot of news outlets. BuzzFeed picked it up vice picked it up. And that doesn’t surprise me that much. Right? Because viral shit gets picked up by BuzzFeed and vice all the time. But Fox missionary sex only news picked it up. All right. CNN picked it up. Right. Sorry. Sorry. Anybody who loves Fox News, I’m just saying those guys are, you know, Puritans over there. They picked it up. Everybody picks this thing up. And of course, when they picked it up, they talked about you know, swinging and sex and, and you know, all the debaucherous shit you’re gonna do in your basement. And here’s what happened. So people at BuzzFeed got ahold of and we reached out to but didn’t hear back from the real estate agent, a lady named Melissa Leonard. They have pissed off neighbors. The neighbors are actually angry.


Mallory Gordon  1:22:02

Why? Exactly Whoa, we were talking about back up. So they’re upset because of what furniture eventually furniture is available inside this home for purchase.


Mickey Gordon  1:22:14

So I’m going to quote from the BuzzFeed article. So they caught up with the angry neighbor and slates, Dan coy overheard this, talking to Melissa Leonard Muslim 100 again is the real estate agent. This is directly from the BuzzFeed article. We’ll put this in the show notes. Male Voice we’re very upset about this whole thing. We do not want someone like this on our neighborhood. Take that off the internet. That’s disgusting. We don’t want that. Hey, male voice Fuck you.


Mallory Gordon  1:22:40

My house. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, what tough?


Mickey Gordon  1:22:45

I want to drive the maple Glen and fucking their front yard.


Mallory Gordon  1:22:49

Okay, so that he can actually get upset about that’s different. I


Mickey Gordon  1:22:53

just want to say,


Mallory Gordon  1:22:54

but God bless the person who buys that home right


Mickey Gordon  1:22:57

now. here’s the best part. Melissa Leonard. I love this real estate issue. Okay, I love this real estate issue for a lot of reasons. You’re selling a house in pa maple. Glen Melissa went Melissa hunter deserves your business. Yeah, because this girl has balls. She put these pictures on the red fin so she put this on the MLS? Yeah. That’s how it made it to Redfin. Yes, she called it a sex oasis. She put the pictures up there because you know what? It’s their house and it’s a selling point. They put something in there that was recreational and exciting and fun and brought them closer together in their marriage. And yeah, there’s a whole Rakesh that he beats her ass with


Mallory Gordon  1:23:29

regardless of how the real estate agent feels about that house what her personal beliefs or whatever.


Mickey Gordon  1:23:33

She’s doing her job she did. And you know how well did she do her job? 499,000 views folks, let me tell you something else about this house. I’m


Mallory Gordon  1:23:40

gonna get freaking Mic drop for her


Mickey Gordon  1:23:42

right big Mic drop. Let me tell you something else about this house. They actually took you can’t make an offer on it anymore. You have to submit it. They have so many offers that there. They put a what’s called an offer timer. And Saturday, it was 72 hours. It’s down to like 21 hours right now. They’re not going to review offers for 21 more hours. That’s how many offers they have. They’re like, you’re gonna have to I bet this house goes for over a million dollars and we’re gonna watch it. Yeah, I’m gonna watch it. I’m gonna watch it on Zillow. I’m gonna see what this fucker sells for. Because you can’t buy this kind of exposure. There’s no way you can say I want a million people to see my house. Yeah. And these people did it and they did it by being sex positive. Right on and I did not go whoever you guys are. Here’s what Melissa Leonard said to the guy. She said Sir, if the owner wants those photos in the listing, that’s their choice. And he said you have to take them down. We live next door and we don’t want this once more male voice Fuck you, dude. Yeah, right. And missile, Miss Leonard says you’re angry at me. But you’re really angry at the owner. I’m just trying to sell their house as fast as possible. And he says people are all over the neighborhood. And they’re all saying they’re here to see the Sex House. Let me tell you some folks. Every house is a Sex House. If you’re doing it right. Yeah. Right. My house is a Sex House. We’ve had sex in every room of this house. Guess the shit out of? Matter of fact, we have pillows in our theater room to say we had sex here. and here and here. Yeah, right. I mean, it’s if you’re doing it right, you live in a Sex House. If you are living in a Sex House. It would be better for you. What’s your mood like today? meller Oh,


Mallory Gordon  1:25:18

it’s so much better, right anxiety for for the work week is gone down drastically. So thank you for that.


Mickey Gordon  1:25:27

So ladies and gentlemen, check out our show notes. There’s a red fin link in there. The red fin link is boring as shit now I’m gonna go check that Airbnb link and see if I can find that house and see if they left it because the picture


Mallory Gordon  1:25:37

screenshot the original picture did have the original we


Mickey Gordon  1:25:40

need to post that in our feed. It’s on Twitter. I already posted it on Twitter. But I’m gonna go ahead and put that in the feed too to make sure you guys have it. But I do have the original Redfin posting where she talks about the Sex House. Apparently I’m one of few people that have that. They took it down pretty quick. Yeah, they got it, but I caught it pretty quickly. But look at the vise article in the show notes. Look at the BuzzFeed article. The pictures the video. I mean, these guys didn’t just do like a St Andrew’s cross. They have a fuckin pentagram. I mean, what’s it’s not a pentagram? It’s a star star. It could be a pentagram gets flipped. I


Mallory Gordon  1:26:10

think I looked it up and it has a specific name and I can’t remember what it is.


Mickey Gordon  1:26:12

Okay, it’s so bad. I mean, these photos on the BuzzFeed and on the vice article, just I mean, they’ve got a I don’t know what what is this a hobbyhorse for freaks? I mean, I you’ve been on one of these though I have. I remember that. That was fine. But I mean, just looking through some of this stuff. You look at it and you go wow, I mean, we got writing crops and we’ve got these like, ass whipping tassels. I don’t know what that thing is. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  1:26:38

they left all the accessories, which I thought was kind of


Mickey Gordon  1:26:41

the only one that concerns me is the fist. Do you see the disembodied fists sitting there? Stop looking at it, Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  1:26:49

We’re no judgement sounds her


Mickey Gordon  1:26:51

not a matter of judgment. I’m just like, what is it?


Mallory Gordon  1:26:54

It scares me. Guys like your drink cup.


Mickey Gordon  1:26:57

I do have a drink fist. Fist is pretty cool. But guys, this has been swinging in the news. This has been casual swinger. This is a show we called all in the name of love. We hope you enjoyed your interview with Beth Liebling. We hope you’ll learn something check out darling way boutique.


Mallory Gordon  1:27:12

Yes, yes, darling. Don’t forget use casual swinger as a promo code if you decide to shop online and get your free thong.


Mickey Gordon  1:27:21

Yeah. And by the way, that’s free shit for you guys. Just you know, if you’ve never listened to our show before we that’s not an affiliate code, right? You just go in there and it’s


Mallory Gordon  1:27:30

a we don’t get anything. Just Yeah, out of the kindness of her heart because she’s such a an amazing person. She just said hey, let me give something near Lister. So $50 purchase free thong casual swingers the promo code and I suggested a discount code. And she said, No.


Mickey Gordon  1:27:44

I don’t do discount codes. I give shit away. Yep. And that’s how I’m like, God. I love this one. Yeah, so guys, awesome.


Mallory Gordon  1:27:51

Check out check out her bed talks available on the website, too. They’re really cool. They’re video, Kath.


Mickey Gordon  1:27:59

Yeah, that’s Yeah, cool. So lots of things to check out lots of stuff that you want from this episode. And if you want to buy a badass Sex House and maple Glen, now you know where to do it. Now you want to tell everybody where to find us.


Mallory Gordon  1:28:09

You can find us as casual swinger everywhere. That’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SLS. SDC and Cassidy. Please visit us on our website at casual Don’t forget to look up the section ary or swing generi words I should say. We’re going to be including those in an episode here shortly, and there’ll be something in there for you guys. Um, you can also email us at podcast at casual swinger Comm. Send us your feedback, your likes, your dislikes, your questions. We love you guys. Thank you for all your support.


Mickey Gordon  1:28:37

What she said guys, don’t forget to leave us a review and we will be back to you from hedonism, too. In just a couple weeks, you’ve been listening to casual swinger.