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Is That Poop?

Thu, 9/2 10:24AM • 1:01:16


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise. Welcome back to casual swinger everyone this is Mallory


Mickey Gordon  00:56

and Mickey and nice to see you folks again. Hey, it’s a new year it is


Mallory Gordon  01:00

a new me. Now I’m the same kinky bitch.


Mickey Gordon  01:03

I was last year I was gonna say you felt kind of like you did last year but I’m still waiting. Awesome. That’s good to know. We had sick husband sex this morning.


Mallory Gordon  01:11

We did. We did but you did. Well, it’s part of you. But you really put your back into it back into it on your side. But


Mickey Gordon  01:20

I was not. I’m still not feeling good. Like that whole meet and greet. Like I got sick again.


Mallory Gordon  01:25

You have to stop kissing all of the People’s


Mickey Gordon  01:29

beautiful people. I have to kiss all of them.


Mallory Gordon  01:33

Germs, men, I don’t know what to tell you.


Mickey Gordon  01:36

I’m literally drinking hot tea while we’re recording this swinger podcast. The first of 2020 and what are we calling this one? Is that poop?


Mallory Gordon  01:45

Definitely poop. Definitely. But I know that doesn’t make any sense to anyone right now. But we’ll get into that later. We didn’t anticipate having this conversation.


Mickey Gordon  01:54

No, our first episode of the year. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d ever record a so called poop.


Mallory Gordon  01:58

Yeah, we either. Yeah, there was a some hilarious conversation around the fact that we seem to like attract it are some things.


Mickey Gordon  02:09

We always talk about it a lot of poop stories. Yeah. Anyway, we should have poop stories and there’s a lot of pees and poops we call it shit stories are shitty stories.


Mallory Gordon  02:17

Yeah, crappy story. random


Mickey Gordon  02:18

shit. Fun shit. Silly shit. stupid shit, but actual shit. Yeah, I never saw that coming. Oh, man. That was like,


Mallory Gordon  02:26

I’m still I’m still befuddled.


Mickey Gordon  02:28

Yeah, so we’re gonna get into that a little later. And today, we also have swinging in the news for you guys.


Mallory Gordon  02:32

Yeah, this one’s interesting.


Mickey Gordon  02:34

Yeah, well, it’s a New Year’s thing, right? There was a New Year’s party out in California that didn’t quite go as planned. So we’re going to talk about that at the end of the show today, just to kind of fill you guys in on the goings on and how we’re being treated. And maybe we’ll even touch on the ncsf instead of some of the foster lawsuits that are going on out there. And we’ll we’ll touch on that too. We’ll see how much time we got left. But sounds good. Okay, it’s fun stuff. So before we get into all that, maybe the crappy EDS section which would make it faster don’t tune out guys don’t go too far forward. Because we do have all kinds of crazy stuff going on. You know? It’s funny for me anyway, like Christmas ends. And it’s like immediately now you need to buy stuff for some other Hallmark holiday that does


Mallory Gordon  03:18

Oh, you’re talking about Valentine’s Day? Because it’s around the corner. Exactly. Actually, like the perfect sex toy holiday though. Or like sexy holiday.


Mickey Gordon  03:26

That’s true. And we are here so we need to support the Hallmark holidays now.


Mallory Gordon  03:30

That’s true. That’s true.


Mickey Gordon  03:31

So what are we talking we’re talking about Valentine’s Day is coming in casual toys has a brand new supporter, which is one that really excited us. Honestly, when we found out about it and girl yeah, so we got a thing has now a supporter of casual toys, which I’m very excited about. And they have a code that code is the B GTP. C that stands for week got a thing podcast, that’s their code, you get 20 off if you use that on casual toys calm so check that out. Right on I some new stuff. And I think we’re gonna put some packages together for you guys for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, so that’ll be pretty cool.


Mallory Gordon  04:04

Yeah, we’re looking at some items. more to come on that. I think I have my go to lists. And I think it’s pretty, pretty complete. And I’m interested to see maybe we’ll post it on social media and get people’s feedback on it.


Mickey Gordon  04:16

Mm hmm.


Mallory Gordon  04:17

I love that.


Mickey Gordon  04:18

I just want to see him use it.


Mallory Gordon  04:19

So speaking of toys, we just lowered the free shipping didn’t we?


Mickey Gordon  04:24

Yeah, we did. We lowered the threshold to $69 cuz you know 69 Mm hmm. Yeah, we load it in you know, as we grow and as our shipping costs go down, we’ll lower them for you guys. I know that’s kind of a pain right? When you order a pair of panties and shipping is like eight bucks.


Mallory Gordon  04:38

Yeah, this is not by any means part of our retirement. But it is. I have a great affection for toys. And I love that we carry high quality stuff and we can make it as affordable as possible. for other people. Exactly. And honestly,


Mickey Gordon  04:55

we’re just passing it on right I mean, our distributor charges us a handling fee of like five bucks for some All orders. So that’s that’s where we get smacked. And that’s why the prices for shipping look as high as they are. We’re not actually making any money on it, but we’re lowering those prices as we can and getting them down for you guys. You know, 69 it’s nothing wrong with a little 69 on Valentine’s Day. So we’ll do some other fun stuff every now and then too, but, you know, also, I heard a buzzing noise coming out of the bedroom the other day of nice loud buzzing noise.


Mallory Gordon  05:22

Did you also hear the tumble? Game afterwards if


Mickey Gordon  05:26

you fell off the bed?


Mallory Gordon  05:27

Yes. That would be bad. Hi, massager.


Mickey Gordon  05:29

That’s right, we actually have a code for high massager too if you want to go to women and couples calm and check out the high massager, which is kind of our all time badass favorite sex toy, right is that it’s up there.


Mallory Gordon  05:41

It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. And you know, I’ve had the rivals like sybian motor buddy, you know, the Hitachi, you know, some of the really like popular strong ones. This one is just completely different because it does get those other nerve clusters and the design of the vibrating goddess now, but I know that’s not the word. I’m just the snoot. Yes, but the placement of it it’s just again, unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Yeah, very intense.


Mickey Gordon  06:12

It’s Well, I mean, I can’t personally say it just feels like it vibrates like hell, you know, that’s the thing is a guy. I have yet to find anything that’s better than good old fashioned jerking off as a dude, I you know, they’ve got all these pockets like yeah, like you’d


Mallory Gordon  06:24

rather jerk off and have sex. Oh, no,


Mickey Gordon  06:26

no, no, that’s not what I meant. Oh, like in terms of sex toys. Oh, okay. See, that almost got me in a lot of trouble. I know almost heard the death of Miki casual swinger right here. But no, I’m just talking about like sex toys in general. Like the the quick shout boost is really cool. It’s really neat. But I can still do it faster by hand. Like,


Mallory Gordon  06:43

I don’t know what that is. It’s a sprint.


Mickey Gordon  06:45

Yeah, masturbation for guys a sprint, not a marathon.


Mallory Gordon  06:48

And it may be because that’s what you’re accustomed to. So it’s something different. So it takes you a little bit longer to get that headspace or the right feel for it. Maybe so I would encourage you to stick with it and try other things, too.


Mickey Gordon  06:57

Yeah, I think I’m gonna get one of those hot octopus. It’s like a it looks selfie stick with like a thing on it. And it looks neat. But


Mallory Gordon  07:04

yeah, I totally support that.


Mickey Gordon  07:07

I mean, I know a guy that sells sex toys. I think I can probably Yeah. That’s all right, though. So you look, I mean, that’s a cool sex toy. And you get that a woman in couples calm with a casual swinger code. It’ll save you 50 bucks. Right


Mallory Gordon  07:20

  1. So can I just like, go on and on about double detonation? right now. It’s


Mickey Gordon  07:28

going on about end. Oh, my God, Dave. Okay.


Mallory Gordon  07:32

Is it getting warm in here all of a sudden. Now, I am in love with this platform. Um, I spent some time on it this weekend. I’m just going through the different tools and how to find people. And you know, it’s easy, and it’s so pretty. And I know that sounds maybe a little like, Babbitt or something on my part. Maybe a little vain.


Mickey Gordon  07:53

But it is a very pretty sight. And they did a great job on it. They did a baby. He’s done such a fantastic job building that site. I think the only thing they’re missing is you honestly our dear listeners. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  08:04

Yeah, please give it a shot.


Mickey Gordon  08:06

You can get how long for three months, three months free will 19 is the code. Yeah, so that’s well, I think I what I had done is I put casual as the code in your notes. And that was wrong. It’s actually casual. 19. So I’ve


Mallory Gordon  08:20

got it. I was saving. I’m just gonna shut up and let you run the show.


Mickey Gordon  08:24

No, Mallory’s looking at me going? You just stole my line? I’m going No, no, no, no, no, it’s I would have been wrong and didn’t want to do that to you. That’s excellent. What else do you have to say? That I am a fool for you. I love you.


Mallory Gordon  08:36

So you got the first like five words? Correct.


Mickey Gordon  08:40

Just a fool in general. That’s all right, though. Wait, what are we doing here? We got? What is it? like five weeks to Hito?


Mallory Gordon  08:48

Yeah, I’m six weeks as of yesterday. So it’s right around the corner. It’s posted on Twitter not too long ago. I’m literally negotiating my outfits for the week. I’m super excited to be there with all our rascals.


Mickey Gordon  09:01

Right. And I guess we’re doing some sort of a twisted toga night or something.


Mallory Gordon  09:05

I’m not really sure what that is. What’s like what’s under your toga? I guess. big penis. I don’t know. I wish I did find like these really cute sock puppets. that I think would be fun.


Mickey Gordon  09:23

Oh, so Mallory just got to look for me, folks. I’m like a what? Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  09:28

Yeah. When you get to the ball trick, so yeah, you can do the ball trick and make it look like it’s talking. Yeah, I’m moving. I don’t know.


Mickey Gordon  09:38

I looked cute. Anybody out there looking for a last minute escape. We’re only six weeks away. We are going to hedonism to with Rachel’s rascals in February. That’s actually a really, really great trip because it’s a little more relaxed than our November trips, which are just balls to the wall craziness all the time. We still have a couple of rooms available for that one, you can go to casual swinger calm travel with us and that you We’ll go to both Mallory and I end we’ll go to Jim over Rachel’s rascals.


Mallory Gordon  10:05

And you know what I found out this past weekend when when we were hanging out with everybody ever in secrets, what is euphoria are not escapades, and double diggnation are all going to be in Jamaica, literally the week after we’re missing them by like five days. Oh, so you and I are coming up with something fun to do leave for them, since we’re going to be so closely aligned as far as our weeks ago.


Mickey Gordon  10:31

So we’re going to set up some kind of a scavenger hunt or something for all of you out there that are going with double detonation and euphoria Chronicles and who else are not escapades? They’re all going to be going to Hito so we’re going to leave some goodies hidden around the resort for you that you can find to enhance your trip.


Mallory Gordon  10:50

Yeah, I think the tie in the hook for them is going to be they have to post about it in social media in order to get their next clue. I like it sound like I know you’re creative. I know I’m just insane and I’m very odd.


Mickey Gordon  11:05

Okay, well let me do that too. But anyway, so we got that going on and let’s see I mean listen we’ve got Nashville coming up in April which is going to be


Mallory Gordon  11:15

dude that’s turning into a party we heard rascal friends of ours are going to be in town the same time


Mickey Gordon  11:20

right I’m really excited they’re coming down they’re coming down from like, but foot cold candidates like literally the the tundra. Yeah, I’m really excited. They’re coming plus they’re sexy shit so it’s gonna gas


Mallory Gordon  11:29

and they’re ddn are naughty euphoria if anyone else showing up again so


Mickey Gordon  11:34

fuckin party. So we’re going to Nashville in April. We’re going to go see Randy Rogers at the Ryman Auditorium. My


Mallory Gordon  11:40

gosh, I’m so excited. Another little red dirt Texas country band that


Mickey Gordon  11:44

we love. So I’m very excited to go see Randy and the Ryman, which is church, you know if you’re into music at all Grand Ole Opry in the Ryman Auditorium or just church. So we’re going to do that. And then in May we’re going to have the sexiest, coolest most fun motherfuckers in the world to see Bert kreischer in Dallas


Mallory Gordon  12:02

April. Yeah, this is why I keep the calendar bro. Well, then


Mickey Gordon  12:06

why do you let me write these things?


Mallory Gordon  12:09

Because you like do I don’t


Mickey Gordon  12:11

know. Stupid. I really wish she’d go through my no now


Mallory Gordon  12:14

we’ll be in Dallas in April and April.


Mickey Gordon  12:16

Okay, so not may April. Don’t listen to Mickey listen to Mallory, but we’re going to Dallas. We’re gonna see Burton we’re gonna hang up average swingers, which I love. Janie Angie,


Mallory Gordon  12:26

I can’t wait to hug and kiss all over those guys. I missed them so much. She’s


Mickey Gordon  12:29

got big boobies.


Mallory Gordon  12:33

That was your ad in there. Your affirmation that you went there


Mickey Gordon  12:37

to go big boobies. Huge. Oh my god, I’m gonna kill you very excited. And then what if there’s a possibility that maybe we’re just gonna pack our shit and head up to Toledo in August for the euphoria film party.


Mallory Gordon  12:48

I’m twisting your arm as hard as I can. I think it’s doable. I think we can navigate our personal time off in order to do that I don’t want to miss out this year. I really don’t. And I’m even a film person. I just want to hang out


Mickey Gordon  13:00

with all this people twist lower. It works better.


Mallory Gordon  13:03

With both hands on to the tip and plus coconut oil.


Mickey Gordon  13:06

Coconut oil. Got it? Daddy says yes. And then last but not least, are crappy ads. How about peak app in May? Fucking egg dude,


Mallory Gordon  13:15

we’re almost 80% sold out, aren’t we? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  13:17

it’s um, we’re gonna run out of rooms for this thing. And yeah, he just came down to Florida. We did the whole secret thing, which we’re going to talk about here on the show today. But after she left us, she actually went down to Miami and did a bunch of video grabs of the rooms and the pool area and all kinds of stuff. So I’m actually a little bummed out right now because you know, we bought her that replacement toy that she lost and sent it to the hotel but it didn’t get there in time. So she actually has a replacement for her crave sitting.


Mallory Gordon  13:47

She either lost or stolen like so much shit while she was here between her visits with you know, J and Angie and then over here and, and Florida.


Mickey Gordon  13:56

Someone stole her skirt. She had to leave like the she had to leave Collette without clothes, like gave her a trench coat. Like


Mallory Gordon  14:03

that’s a little creepy, right? Like a souvenir.


Mickey Gordon  14:06

Maybe they’re wearing it on their head. Who knows? God knows. That’s all right, though. But hey, make sure that you check out podcast a Palooza that’s podcast dash a dash you can get all kinds of information about the hotel in your room and what podcasters are going to be there and what sessions we’re going to be doing and Funny enough, one of the sessions that we’re going to be doing well, it’s it’s shitty,


Mallory Gordon  14:28

it’s not Shetty. That gives the wrong impression.


Mickey Gordon  14:33

The theme of this episode is shits


Mallory Gordon  14:35

no but shocker. There will be an appearance of poop on our discussion.


Mickey Gordon  14:40

Yeah, it will be so you know, we struggled about what to call this episode we decided we finally decided Of course on is that boop. Yeah. And then you know, some of the other ones are some of the other ones we had.


Mallory Gordon  14:53

A What the shit.


Mickey Gordon  14:57

Episode Three, the Phantom shitter Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  15:00

I forgot about that. Shit happens for shits and giggles


Mickey Gordon  15:04

when shit to ship red ship blue shit.


Mallory Gordon  15:06

You You know, awkward actually shipped blue once after my 21st birthday I


Mickey Gordon  15:14

said make the show


Mallory Gordon  15:15

I Oh no, it just I had this flash memory I got really hammered off with the call fishbowls so has the was it blue? curico? Yes, yeah. And it has a ton of that in there. And I literally I was 21 and very naive. And like I called my sister in law the next day and I’m like, I’m pretty sure I’m dying because there’s Smurfs in my toilet. I don’t know what’s happening to me.


Mickey Gordon  15:39

I’d lay off the acid. I mean, really, we’re gonna get that out because it was really embarrassing. Oh, that’s fantastic. I’m totally leaving that. No, but you know, it’s all fun game so someone hits the floor. So stick with us and hear a little bit about our utterly epic weekend that we had a secret hideaway with our friends here just south of Orlando in Kissimmee, Florida. We had let’s see, who do we have with


Mallory Gordon  16:01

oh my gosh, we finally got to meet sabich swingers and we might as well be neighbors. I mean, they’re like three hours away from us. And those bitches are amazing. Oh, I’m so in love.


Mickey Gordon  16:12

Yes, absolutely adore those two. I mean, that will they came walking in the lobby, waiting and shoot up right and Oh, God, it just went downhill from there. So we had sapphic we had Ray and D from euphoria with Kate Tang and down under we had mixed nuts which is Korean Brenda and a whole shitload of awesome listeners. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  16:35

double date nation. Yeah even end our naughty


Mickey Gordon  16:38

it’s so many great people there and poop.


Mallory Gordon  16:43

Yeah, I still can’t believe there was human feces.


Mickey Gordon  16:47

Yeah, that made its way into included into the weekend. You’re gonna find out all about that here in a few minutes when we come back to get into the meat of is that boop boop Yeah. So why don’t you tell everybody where to find us? We’ll be back right


Mallory Gordon  17:01

Oh, you guys know who we are? casuals we are everywhere. That’s STC SLS Cassidy quiver double date nation at any of the other dating platforms. You can find us as casual swing on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. And if you want to shoot us a message please feel free to do so podcast that casual swinger. Now, if you love us and want to give us some prompts, we do you love our affirmations. So feel free to hit us up on iTunes and leave us a review.


Mickey Gordon  17:29

There you go. We’ll be back right after this. You’re listening to casual swinger? everybody welcome back to casual swagger. I’m still Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  17:57

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  17:59

And this is the that poop episode. Or what the shit?


Mallory Gordon  18:04

I think I have a little PTSD. Post Traumatic shit syndrome.


Mickey Gordon  18:10

I don’t know. Beans. Were a crappy idea.


Mallory Gordon  18:13

Oh, that was terrible. I told you when you were making all that barbecue to bring down there. And you had guys ever been to like events that are catered by, like, you know, like a restaurant or a barbecue place. And like, it’s the biggest aluminum pan you’ve ever seen in your life? Like that’s what you made? I did. And I’m going I don’t know if beans are a great idea given the audience. But I mean, we’re there already. So


Mickey Gordon  18:38

by all means, who invited William Shatner? No one ever has pooped in the floor. That did not dreadfully. Well. But I’ll give you one point. All right. Doogie Howser.


Mallory Gordon  18:55

Yeah, no, I’m pretty sure whoever that turd burglar was will never announce themselves we because we did try to figure it out like because we got in a conversation once we figured out so someone pooped on our floor. Like I don’t think we actually said that we so let’s go back a step. Someone shit in our room on the floor. how this happened? We have no idea. We don’t and then never found out who it was in the discussion amongst the group was do you like go around smelling people’s butts? To kind of like, figure it out? because no one’s gonna volunteer that like a dog.


Mickey Gordon  19:31

Yeah. All right. So let’s back this thing up a little bit. All right. So the shit went down in Newtown. Here’s what happened. So Kate reaches out to us a couple of months ago about co hosting at secrets. And she said she wants to come to town go check out secrets we’re like fuck yeah, we’re all in Oh, absolutely. Our from our house.


Mallory Gordon  19:47

Yeah, that’s our backyard and the opportunity to see her Of course I’m so fucking lately.


Mickey Gordon  19:50

Yeah, our home club and then once we started announcing that we were doing all this, a bunch of other podcasters jumped in a crazy out of nowhere like


Mallory Gordon  19:59

yeah Yeah, absolutely people travelled long distances. euphoria Chronicles are not escapades. I mean, they live up in the Midwestern area. I do double date, double date. Yeah, Mid Atlantic, these


Mickey Gordon  20:09

guys all came down just to hang out with us. And we thought that was so cool. And we’ll hang out together not just with us, but and it just was so much fun. And we thought this is going to be so cool. So if you guys I know we’ve talked about secrets before, but let’s talk about what secrets is. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  20:26

Yeah. For people who don’t know what it is, the secrets is both a club and a quote unquote, resort like as LS hotel. They


Mickey Gordon  20:34

call themselves a resort and spawn. Maybe a little bit of a


Mallory Gordon  20:38

that’s a little bit of a stretch when I think of a Resort and Spa because we do live in the Atlanta Disney. You know, where we travel for fun, but I get what they’re going it used to be like when like an old Ramada.


Mickey Gordon  20:47

Yeah, I mean, I tell you that just in the years we’ve lived down here, they have done so much good work to that, but


Mallory Gordon  20:53

you can tell they’ve put a ton of money, but shit. I almost said to Tom and I didn’t want to keep the puns going because I’m sure you have plenty to do. Oh, hold on to your pants folks.


Mickey Gordon  21:04

Pick up their pants up.


Mallory Gordon  21:07

So I mean, but they have the two pools occupy opposing sides of the courtyard, two hot tubs to Tiki bars. They have outdoor bathrooms like they’ve done a wonderful job they did. What new pavers outside, new lounge furniture, leave seating and coverage outside


Mickey Gordon  21:24

the stage area for the kind of an auxiliary DJ area. Yeah, I mean, and they’re doing I just I mean, they’re always doing something and secrets. But again, like Mallory said, there’s club secret and then secrets hideaway secrets, always the hotel. And club secret is the lifestyle Club, which is you know, the dungeon the play room?


Mallory Gordon  21:42

Right? You don’t have to pay to attend the club,


Mickey Gordon  21:44

correct. I mean, you can come and visit the club and not stay at the hotel. You know, we do that all the time. But that’s what those two things are. And again, it isn’t it’s you know, it’s a former former old you know, garden style hotel. But they have a heated conversation pool, two hot tubs, you know, bottle service areas in the club. They’re really fancy in the place up. Yeah, yeah. Generally speaking, I’m a fan. So what we rented there is one of their Deluxe rooms or premium rooms. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  22:12

I mean, after figuring out that, there’s gonna be a lot of, you know, people and listeners and other folks there were like, Well, you know, let’s make sure we have a space so that we can open our door, offer it up and give everyone an environment just to hang out and relax. Because the club opens at a certain hour. We anticipated the likelihood of the weather because this time of year it’s kind of 5050


Mickey Gordon  22:34

Yeah, you never know what you’re gonna get a great 85 and sunny or 60 and raining.


Mallory Gordon  22:37

Yeah, exactly. So we got the double room. So it’s, it was super long once I was a bedroom area with a badass shower. And the other side was like a living space with like a almost a full kitchen.


Mickey Gordon  22:48

Yeah, so they knocked down the wall between these two rooms front and back. And the front part is a living area with a stripper pole and couches and a 70 inch TV on the wall and a big Bluetooth tower speaker and in a kitchen.


Mallory Gordon  23:01

It was nice. And for the amount of people we ended up you know seeing I mean, it did get a little crowded get a little loud and crazy in there. But it was it was really nice to have that that space to be people lunch and have a little pregame before going down to the club. And I loved it.


Mickey Gordon  23:16

Yeah, I thought it was great. And you know that big shower was super neat. People in there.


Mallory Gordon  23:22

So I tried to do the camp counselor thing, because Friday night when we got there I was there. People were you know, coming and going and it was right before we’re all going to head down to the club and Fridays a little quieter. So it was kind of like this little mini invasion we were trying to do. And then now it’s to the room. I’m going to shower if anyone wants to join me, and I turn around and I get in the shower, and I look and nobody’s there.


Mickey Gordon  23:45

Because I didn’t hear you. Watch me. I think there should have been aligned to wash your ass. I’ve seen your ads. I know what it looks like. I love that room. It was fantastic. The beds are pretty comfy. I mean a big 70 inch TV back in the bedroom two and a Sex Swing. Hello.


Mallory Gordon  24:01

Yeah, we may use the sex way.


Mickey Gordon  24:04

We enjoy Yeah, I just kind of swung you there while I banged you That was fun. You know, that’s just a really great room for hosting. And we rented this big old room and in just a great experience, right? All these people came in we had I want to say we had 15 pounds of brisket. 30 pounds of pulled pork


Mallory Gordon  24:21

and you cook you cooked your ass off. You’re really dead. I’m super impressed with as much as you got done. looked at you. I was like I could order pizzas.


Mickey Gordon  24:36

And in retrospect, the beans may have been an error. So we had music we had dancing and laughs


Mallory Gordon  24:42

Oh my gosh, and sapphic and Kate putting on the show. Oh yeah. With the Flamingo slippers and singing show tunes. I won’t get too far into detail. But if that was epic,


Mickey Gordon  24:52

you probably articulate that a little bit.


Mallory Gordon  24:53

So we were like just I was drunk texting. It was probably a morning for her right cuz it was nighttime here. And I showed her a picture of my slipper against the Christmas tree. And they’re just these cheesy fluffy Flamingo slippers and I fucking love them. And she seemed to love them as well. So drunk Valerie, or is Katy Perry and give them to her. So somehow they ended up on one foot in one foot of Kate’s. And the next thing I know, everyone’s singing the song from Chicago.


Mickey Gordon  25:26

He had it come in. Oh, yes. It’s like this something blues or? Yes, it’s Yeah, but they were singing it at the top of their lungs. And I’m like this. There are a bunch of lesbians singing about knocking a guy off. This is not a room I need to be. It’s not gonna end well for Mickey. I did not want to die that. Think about that at the time. He had it come. Like No, no, no, no. He’s leaving. He doesn’t have anything coming.


Mallory Gordon  25:57

Well wait to set the tone ladies. No, but I knew like at that moment, I looked around. I was like, This is gonna be so


Mickey Gordon  26:03

much fun. Oh, yeah. I mean it. We really, and they were just getting teed up. This was just Friday night. Hardly anyone else. There was where it was dead because it was right after New Year. And I honestly thought it would be dead all weekend. But so many people came on to party with us. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  26:19

Oh, yeah. And Saturdays, typically are a little bit busier. But there were a lot more listeners and other folks that showed up.


Mickey Gordon  26:27

There were and I got to give a shout out to Aaron Yates, from secrets hideaway. She’s the marketing director over there. And she was so accommodating to us and helpful. Just awesome. So you know, if we had to back up and talk about some of our highlights, first of which everybody kind of like once they realized we were hosting in our room one of my favorite things was how everybody went and got stuff that they brought. Oh, yeah. contributed


Mallory Gordon  26:50

all of a sudden there was extra booze and mixers and snacks and like everyone just participated and contributed. That’s awesome. Yeah, I thought that’s kind of like the the whole theme of the weekend. Right? It was like great energy that everyone kind of brought to the table.


Mickey Gordon  27:06

Yeah, she’s sharing so powders. Yeah, it’s really awesome. But I think my highlight and I know it’s your highlight because you get all like googly eyed when you talk about sapphic but I they were a highlight for me meeting those two was huge.


Mallory Gordon  27:21

Yeah, they have an immense amount of positive energy. I’m absolutely adore them. Don’t call me out because you know, I’m blushing right?


Mickey Gordon  27:29

I know you are. But like if I don’t care who you are, man, woman or otherwise, it when when Rachel looks you in the eyes and just kind of just just like she’s looking into your soul. If you don’t get tingling in your special places when that girl stares at you,


Mallory Gordon  27:43

literally for my nipples down?


Mickey Gordon  27:45

Yeah, exactly.


Mallory Gordon  27:47

I was like, is this what an epidural feels like?


Mickey Gordon  27:51

So you know the the whole Let’s fuck shit up became a rallying cry for the weekend at that whole resort. In what about euphoria, and just re Andes kindness. I mean, I don’t know how to say never things


Mallory Gordon  28:04

now, they never cease to amaze me. Such good human beings. And like when we did that roundish raids downstairs like, we’re in the club, because it’s raining outside. And we did adult raids, they ran that she was helping ddn do this, like when a wheels spin the wheel thing that we were doing with all the DS like they just naturally take a position to assist others. healthy environment bring positivity and fun. I mean, in the cups that everyone had, I don’t know if people saw them on social media, but that that’s all D like. They’re just constantly doing for others. And I


Mickey Gordon  28:41

actually have I don’t know if you noticed, but said one of the guys that was setting up for Saturday night and he was decorating. He had left the hospital to show up for work. And he was struggling in D noticed and she went and talked to him and realize that he had basically put himself out show for work because he needed to work. And she grabbed somebody from our group and said we’re working. That’s what’s happening. And she went and helped decorate the whole club for that night for secrets. That’s just that’s who she is. So what a great way


Mallory Gordon  29:09

they literally and I think I said this time I’m not sure enough I didn’t I should. They like being around them makes me want to be a better person.


Mickey Gordon  29:16

It’s hard to be a better person. Um, as low as they come. But, you know, I will say that no far boxes were punched. But you you did. You did a cost Ray in the hot tub. Oh, man, I looked over and you were climbing him like a spider monkey


Mallory Gordon  29:34

got a little sassy?


Mickey Gordon  29:36

I don’t know. I don’t know if you’re trying to protect to predatory females in the middle of that. Maybe that’s exactly


Mallory Gordon  29:42

what I was doing. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  29:43

Yeah, yeah. altruistic. Yes. All right. I’ll buy that. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  29:49

It’s absolutely self serving,


Mickey Gordon  29:50

right. Was he dying? Did you have to breathe something into his deject like CPR.


Mallory Gordon  29:54

I wanted to see if my skills were up to par with what’s current since it’s been a few years. Have a certification. haven’t heard back


Mickey Gordon  30:03

also some mouth to mouth going on over there


Mallory Gordon  30:07

this podcast Mr. It was innocent guys it was making it more than very very sweet. totally innocent only grab his PT twice


Mickey Gordon  30:18

speaking of pee pee What about that girl that went underwater in that hole to give a blowjob.


Mallory Gordon  30:22

Okay, can I just say I’m gagging a little because you know me and germs. And like kudos you for you know getting your you know, deep dive free diving license or whatever the fuck it takes to do that roll diving. First of all, it’s like 185 degrees out that hot tub was hot. And also, water is not a great lubricant. And like that’s all in your like, gullet and lungs and like sinuses.


Mickey Gordon  30:53

No, it was not. Then she went down. She went down on a guy in the tub and went underwater. And I only noticed because I turned my head slightly to the left and all I saw was butthole like she if she ever asked was sticking straight up out in her head was underwater.


Mallory Gordon  31:08

That’s how she was breathing.



It’s her blow


Mickey Gordon  31:16

me stop just saying you said she was breathing through a hole.


Mallory Gordon  31:24

Okay, moving on.


Mickey Gordon  31:26

Well, that was fun, though. I think that they you know, for having a lot of single guys. It’s just kind of another referendum on secrets, by the way, for having a lot of single guests. That was single guy night on Friday night,


Mallory Gordon  31:34

actually. And actually was we saw a handful just around the hot tubs which is a little more than usual. Right? Like we’ll see one or two maybe on a non single guy night. For me. I didn’t I mean, I was with you and Randy for the most part. But I didn’t feel like they were being intrusive, like watching their behaviors and how they interacted. And some of them just sat there and waited until somebody engage them. Right and I think was a good call.


Mickey Gordon  31:58

I gotta give a highlight to one in particular, he kept walking by the room and we were having the meet and greets. And he went back to his room. He was a freshman who was in Orlando on vacation. I


Mallory Gordon  32:08

know exactly who you’re talking about. I won’t say his name, but I know exactly who that is. And he


Mickey Gordon  32:11

came back and asked if he could come in and party with us. We said of course. Come on, come on. Yeah. And he brings in a bottle of French champagne. Yeah. And donates it to the group. And so I poured some for everybody. And we all had a tote. That was super cool. It was just a super nice guy. So I thought that was pretty neat


Mallory Gordon  32:27

to talk about the guy that like poked his head and was like you.


Mickey Gordon  32:31

Oh yeah, bro, you got rhythm. I’m looking around. I was like me. You were you were grooving Saturday,


Mallory Gordon  32:38

I had an out of body experience. And my buddy had a mind of its own. But I was having a great time.


Mickey Gordon  32:43

Oh, you had a great time. I felt like Hugh Hefner,


Mallory Gordon  32:46

did you? Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  32:48

I’m sitting up in the VIP area. And


Mallory Gordon  32:51

he is surrounded by a gorgeous women. And I’m out there and I look a little little silly. We’re in our jerseys. Yeah, because my hair and I got like these big like, socks on my little booty shorts. I’m just kind of bouncing around in my checks and having a great time, right? And I look over my shoulder, and you’re laid up on the couch and got one arm behind, you know the girl and you’re kind of like, cozy up in your corner. And they’re pouring drinks for you. And they’re laughing and they’re smiling. And I’m like, dude, it must be good to be king. Oh, it was awesome.


Mickey Gordon  33:21

Right on. And what that was was that the good folks from Playhouse Lv came out in joins, right? It was so nice to meet those guys. They were fantastic. They were so nice. And you know, they were complimentary of everything that secrets was doing and they talked about some things that they do and and just I you know, and I don’t want to call her names out because I don’t know if they’re out but I’ll see the owners were just First of all, she is just a drop dead stunner. Dude, she will take Nicole Kidman


Mallory Gordon  33:50

yeah doppleganger her no Nicole Kidman but I would even say prettier.


Mickey Gordon  33:54

Yeah, drop dead stoner in Nice. just incredibly nice. And then the girl that had weather was a little cutie pie. And I was having a great time. I have a lot of fun. You You had a wonderful


Mallory Gordon  34:02

guy, they actually did something really cool with that VIP or because there’s a little bit of miscommunication. And remember how they cut that one half off? Oh, yeah. And that was that one person that wasn’t really kind about the whole situation. And then they jumped in and we’re like, nope, this is that’s not okay. We’re taking care of this.


Mickey Gordon  34:18

Yeah, that’s half the VIP area for all of our group. Yeah. And I’m their own dime, no questions asked. They just did it. I gotta tell you, if we go to Vegas, we’re going to play out so VTC those guys because they were they were super cool to us and so welcoming. And, you know, they hung out with everybody and had a great time. And I know they hung out for a few extra days to hear just being on vacation. I think it was their first vacation in two years. I heard two


Mallory Gordon  34:43

or three years like quite some time they they rarely leave the Vegas area because you know their involvement, the business and whatnot. So yeah, again, wonderful to beat them. What about Bob and Nikki? Can we call him out? Yeah, I’ve been text sooner like every day like I I’m obsessed.


Mickey Gordon  35:03

She’s talking about our naughty escapades. And that is a fantastic little podcast out of the Midwest. That is just the kindest, nicest friendliest people. And we had such good that girl can dance. Yes, she can, like Nikki can group was like, Hey, babe, my soul scissor right there. She was cutting a rug and Bob just goofy as a day as long as I love him. He’s awesome. I think he’s my spirit animal.


Mallory Gordon  35:30

You guys are hooked together. Like I can’t stop. I did not stop laughing.


Mickey Gordon  35:35

Yeah, we’re both. Yeah, we can’t take anything serious.


Mallory Gordon  35:38

No, no. And that’s perfect. That’s totally nice.


Mickey Gordon  35:41

I love how he walks into the room. I met him he’s asked naked. And he was it seems that I’m the only naked person here that went on. For hours. He was like naked versus the room is like, whatever, I’m naked. And then the next day, he goes, and they played with somebody, and he shows up and he goes, I’m half cocking it and what I looked down, he’s got no pants on. He walks into Dick’s Wigan,


Mallory Gordon  36:06

which is funny, because I do that all the time around the house. I was like, Yeah, totally. Man.


Mickey Gordon  36:11

Oh, so awesome. And he’s like, I just had great sex. And now I’m gonna get drunker. And I’m having a great time. God, I want to be him when I grow up. I really do. Yeah, lives like at a million miles an hour to the fullest.


Mallory Gordon  36:25

So let’s talk about the neat episode, if you may know, is this the best segue? The beans, the meat, meat and the beans, the cheese? Oh. I gotta find my constitution here because I am a little scarred. Even with my limited nursing background that I had, like a million years ago. There’s something about identifying who in your presence like I’m stuttering. I’m gagging a little bit. It was shit. It was shit. It was. So with this long double room that we had the bathrooms centrally located, right? The little shack right in the middle right in the middle. So it’s kind of perfect and a lot of ways, right? Because it’s right there. Um, no issue with anybody using it. Like everything seemed completely normal throughout the evening,


Mickey Gordon  37:11

except the toilet was square.


Mallory Gordon  37:13

It was a very weird toilet. And I didn’t know I’m so uncultured that a day. You there could be like a handheld of the day. Like the squirter like for your kitchen sink. Kind of like


Mickey Gordon  37:26

my grandmother used to bath Wolf,


Mallory Gordon  37:28

and I’m sitting there with a day.


Mickey Gordon  37:30

Well, it looks the same. It’s just like,


Mallory Gordon  37:33

okay, I was like, why didn’t you get showered in a day? Yeah, that’s well, it was really weird. But I mean, everything seemed normal. Everyone’s having a good time us explain. And then we start to migrate the group out to get into the disco, and everyone’s kind of filtering out and, you know, small little groups. And it hit me that there was a very unpleasant smell in the area. And I heard you guys laughing in the kitchen. I don’t know Who who are you talking to talking to


Mickey Gordon  37:57

Dave Doubleday. Dave. So I’m standing against the wall with these. And we were talking about geek stuff. And I went, dude, is that you? And Dave goes, I thought it was you. Okay, I thought each other. Great. And I’m like beans. What’s Al’s that smell? And then I started like sniffing my shirt. Because I thought maybe like it’d been left in the in the washer. And I was like, because it was kind of musty and funky. Yeah, I was like, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  38:24

it was it smelled bad.


Mickey Gordon  38:26

And I was like, okay, maybe, maybe that’s what this is. And my shirt smelled great. I’m like, Okay, cool. Glad I smell good. But this room doesn’t. And then I said is any who farted? Yeah, and then that’s when you really who shit?


Mallory Gordon  38:41

Cuz you guys, it took me a minute to figure out what you guys were doing and talking about? And I thought maybe like someone just like, destroyed the bathroom. Maybe they had a lot of beans, and I didn’t go well. And then I was gonna blame you for that.


Mickey Gordon  38:53

Thanks for that I


Mallory Gordon  38:54

look at there’s footprints on the white tile floor. Kind of like the Marauders Map on Harry Potter. I kind of looked down and as I got closer, it really hit me in the face on like,



Oh my God, that’s poop. And that’s not like dog that is human feet. That’s from a person. That’s what we said. We said maybe it came in from outside. Maybe somebody stepped in. And then we realized that it came back it came to the bathroom.


Mallory Gordon  39:23

It literally came from the back there are footprints leading out of the bathroom, down the white tile hallway out the door.


Mickey Gordon  39:29

Or and then but the thing that really bothered me the most is how the footprints just spread out once again, only what


Mallory Gordon  39:36

bothers you the most everything about that bothered me. Everything. I was accosted. My olfactory senses were molested was grotesque. We had to clean it up. Yes. And then the whole time Like what? We’ll never know how that happened. Like were you standing there taking a whiz as a guy and like gambled on a fart and lost.


Mickey Gordon  39:56

Well, like a little turd slipped out and you just didn’t know fired a torpedo right there. I mean, listen, I don’t I, I think the thing that actually bothers me the most is there were probably 40 people that left that room before we realized what had happened. Yeah, so this 40 people think that our rooms stunk. They don’t they think,


Mallory Gordon  40:17

I wonder if they all have that conversation like, Do you need some like Imodium or like some pepto because someone’s been farting in there? I mean, maybe it was assumed because of all the beans. I don’t know.


Mickey Gordon  40:28

Yeah, I’m not making beans for swinger event again, okay, guys. Yeah, he’s, yeah, you know, but I think I was telling Peter, who’s the manager. The next day when it happened?


Mallory Gordon  40:37

his explanation was kind of maybe plausible, maybe,


Mickey Gordon  40:41

but I expected him to be a little more like wait a minute, someone shitting the floor.


Mallory Gordon  40:45

He was not surprised at all. Oh, are you kidding? Does this happen?


Mickey Gordon  40:50

I was like, dude, is this like a common issue here? He’s like, Well, you know, maybe somebody was doing anal and then you know, they were nice and loosened up and just lets her pop that one just slipped out. Like Okay, so now I turn to slip i don’t know i know we Scooby ganged all over that place trying to deduce like what had happened and how this went down. Yeah, Sherlock Holmes Scooby gang. What do we want to say? But at no point that I go maybe somebody just parted ways with a torpedo right there. Now you and I guess I totally get them not like coming up and telling us this happen. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  41:24

yeah. Yeah, because if it were me, and it was an accident, like no, no fucking chance. I’m telling anybody that happened. But like, at least kick the turtle corners. Nobody steps in it. Like oh, the word like really like all of it was kind of bad and awkward because we had to clean it up. And


Mickey Gordon  41:42

I was skating around on Lysol way. Oh, yeah.


Mallory Gordon  41:45

You’re Swiss. You’re there like holding your nose like, oh, hoo, hoo. Solidarity motherfucker. No,


Mickey Gordon  41:53

no, you hit my wife. Oh, wait, I did the work. Yep. I gotta give David any credit. They hung in there and watched at least and they helped they helped us clean up our room. And you know what? Absolute awesome people to stay for that. Yeah, shit show. Show. I mean, we gotta


Mallory Gordon  42:12

tell JD G.


Mickey Gordon  42:15

Right. Have you ever had something so humbling happened? I just don’t know how to talk to Pete.


Mallory Gordon  42:21

Oh, anyway


Mickey Gordon  42:25

that’s our life. We actually had a guest stay over at our house once that shit the bed. Literally.


Mallory Gordon  42:30

When I when we say I think we mentioned this earlier that like there’s something about this that just follows us around. We love talking about it. It happens to us like the dog shit on your chest.


Mickey Gordon  42:40

That’s truly sharp a dog shirt it on me and we’re talking about 130 pound Rottweiler. She leaned forward and one right to the chin. What


Mallory Gordon  42:49

have I tightened with me surrounded by your that? You just said you’re going now what? Clear? I want to be a better person.


Mickey Gordon  42:59

I’m already there.


Mallory Gordon  43:01

I had to go clean up poop.


Mickey Gordon  43:05

So we had a meet and greet at secrets with five other sets of podcasters. And no if you count double date, but they’re vloggers slash podcasters slash and someone shouldn’t or floor that happened right here at River City.


Mallory Gordon  43:20

I’m I I’m speechless at this point. You


Mickey Gordon  43:23

know, it’s one of those things where we don’t really care at this point who did it? I think it’s funny, and it’s a thing. But it’s you know, it’s a way to we’ll never forget this weekend.


Mallory Gordon  43:33

No, never. Never.


Mickey Gordon  43:35

So how was your weekend dear listeners? Anyone shitting your floor?


Mallory Gordon  43:43

I’d really like to know if this does happen at like, other LS get togethers.


Mickey Gordon  43:47

Well, I think the fluffs had somebody shit in the pool. Hito like two or three years running? Yeah, but figured out who was doing they had a dead they did I guess I’m a little concerned if we have another meet and greet secrets that the Phantom shitter will make a return but hopefully not


Mallory Gordon  44:05

if that’s your thing, like do it. With consent in the privacy of your own room. Please.


Mickey Gordon  44:10

I will never consent to that ever. No, no, no, no. Yeah, you’re gonna break one off, go do it. Do it in the middle of my floor. Well, people are dancing. Yeah. So anyway, we had a great time and secrets. We had so many friends come down to hang out with us. And we’re gonna repeat that by we’re gonna go to Nashville. We’re gonna go to Dallas. I think we’re gonna go to Collette with Janie Angie in April. That’s amazing. That’s gonna be fun. And we’re very, very blessed


Mallory Gordon  44:35

right now.


Mickey Gordon  44:36

Yeah, it’s so much good stuff going on. If you guys have an opportunity to come out and play with us and hang out. We’ll keep you updated with our calendar.


Mallory Gordon  44:45

Um, before you try to tie this up, though. Like there was something I really wanted to talk about. And it wasn’t poop. Oh, I would love to talk about something other than Yeah. So did you notice that when we’re on and we’re doing like these meet and greets and whatnot like we struggle to like, actually engage and like do lifestyle things while we’re there? Oh, yeah, we never because there was some hype energy going on. And I mean, it was there right in front of me. And like, I almost like it was short circuiting my motherboard. Like I was just going insane. And I wanted it so badly. But I didn’t know how to turn off the camp counselor thing.


Mickey Gordon  45:23

Well, and I mean, we had a lot of people in our room, and everybody was there to party and be entertained. So we were doing our best to do that. But I mean, there were no less than three couples that we absolutely wanted to connect with. Oh, absolutely. that were in our room at the same time. And that’s actually a challenge in and of itself. If you share that, I mean, how do you pick one? Or do you just invite them all back and say, let’s party? I mean, I don’t know.


Mallory Gordon  45:43

I mean, yeah, we can get into like logistics and navigating that but my, my struggle is crossing that chasm of like, being able to feel like I’m permissive to play in those environments, when I feel like my job is to be kind of the Muse and maybe like that, that mom role. I don’t know, it’s weird. I just wanted to like, call it out and identify it so I can work on being better.


Mickey Gordon  46:08

So I think is what you’re gonna create. And I really think this will work out in your favor, is that our podcast friends, and our listeners that show up for our meet and greets are gonna look you and go Okay, Mallory, you’re done working? We’re going to play now by everybody else.


Mallory Gordon  46:21

I don’t know. Maybe. I mean, did you get ballsy with somebody gave me my name tag? Oh, you did?


Mickey Gordon  46:25

You went up to a single guy. And you’re Oh, go ahead and tell people what you did. Because this


Mallory Gordon  46:30

gives you many details. But apparently, I’m not a big flirt. Like, I don’t really do it. Well, I can engage affectionately with other people, but like, legit flirting and three lines out there. So not my thing. I’m just not good at it. So I tried to play to my strengths. hit it off with this person, we had pretty good chemistry and he engaged with me and was basically threw it out there that you know, he’d like to get to know me and that kind of like just got in my head. Now. I want to play with you. I’d like to see naked. Like, I’d like to get to know you and why.


Mickey Gordon  47:03

I’m interested is that code like Netflix and chill?


Mallory Gordon  47:07

Maybe I don’t know. Okay. But the girl I was that night apparently, gate I had my Maori name tag on. So because I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn my brain off from the mode that I was currently in. I gave it to him and told him I’d like to get this back from you at another time.


Mickey Gordon  47:23

Huh? That Oh, hold. It was


Mallory Gordon  47:25

pretty bold. on my part. I’m in my head. It was more eloquently put because his reaction was very visceral and very positive. So like, I I flipped my feathers walking away


Mickey Gordon  47:36

a little bit. I was proud of myself. I was in the clubs. You’re shaking your ass anyway.


Mallory Gordon  47:40

Yeah, yeah. But the next morning, I’m like, the covers up under my eyeballs going. I can’t believe I did that. I really do that.


Mickey Gordon  47:48

You did? You know? I absolutely love. I don’t know. And I mean, yeah, there was a bit of a shitty interlude. But there were so many great things like, Oh, here we go, well fit that in every time. Maybe not. But anyway, you know, I just feel like it was it was a great opportunity. And if you guys do get an opportunity, it doesn’t matter of where they’re not to see, you know, a group of podcasters together. There’s so much fun when you get lifestyle personalities together. Because they communicate. That’s what we do. We’re like communicators to the nth degree, right? So getting this folks together, you get to have a lot of really great conversations. And one of the ones that I really enjoyed was when that very single guy, he talked to another couple about how to talk to you know how they gave him a really good piece of advice. So he comes up to me and he goes, Hey, I just want to let you know, I think you guys are great. And I’m having a good time. Thank you for inviting me into your circle. And I’d like to get to know your wife better. Is that okay? I mean, and I was like, man, whoever totally gave you that advice, gave you great advice. always walk up and make friends. And he did that. And I think that played out well for him.


Mallory Gordon  49:01

It did. It did. So we’re texting.


Mickey Gordon  49:05

you’re texting like 12 year old children. That’s all right. But hey, we’re gonna come back with swinging in the news. We’re going to talk about a New Year’s Eve party where nobody shitting the floor, but some other stuff happened. And there were some angry parents.


Mallory Gordon  49:18

Yes, it’s very interesting. And I I’m curious to know what your stance versus mine is, or our opinions.


Mickey Gordon  49:27

So we’ll come back with that and just a couple of minutes now you want to remind folks where to find us and we get out of your


Mallory Gordon  49:31

Oh, come on, guys. You know who we are and where we are. It’s casual swinger everywhere. That’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, in YouTube. You can also find us on SLS STC Cassidy, Doubleday nation quiver, and you want to send us a message that’s podcast at casual swinger.


Mickey Gordon  49:48

All right, we’ll be back in just a second. You’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  50:08

Hello everyone, you’re back with Mallory have casual swinger.


Mickey Gordon  50:11

I wonder if it’d be Mallory of anything else.


Mallory Gordon  50:14

Mallory of the I don’t know. Find like my my Knights title or something. I don’t know, again, that gallery of the glade of the glade?


Mickey Gordon  50:25

I don’t know, we’ve shits putting Bane or whatever. I’m Mickey, and you’re still the casual sitting here. We’re gonna cover swinging in the news. You know, given that this is our first episode of the new year, there was a made national news. It needs CNN and Fox News. It


Mallory Gordon  50:44

made me I was all over the place. So this is about a lifestyle party that was hosted at a Doubletree hotel.


Mickey Gordon  50:52

Yes. And it was a group called a lewers, I believe is the name of the group and they tend to throw these parties fairly often, it would seem it’s just a kind of a hotel party. I mean, these happen all over the country, right.


Mallory Gordon  51:06

And in our research, we found that they have some tenure, they’ve been hosting for quite some time. So this is not a new event. Not a surprise. They’ve been working with the management team in this specific hotel for for quite a while. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  51:16

So this hotels used to these people, they know that they’re respectful. They know they don’t cause problems, they keep getting invited back year after year. Right. So what happened?


Mallory Gordon  51:25

So what happened was apparently a family father for a family of four, the father had booked a room there and then found out that this party was happening and was irate.


Mickey Gordon  51:37

Yeah, very angry, called the hotel and said, you know, you should have told me this was happening. And you should give me a refund, because I’m not going to bring my kids to a place where this is happening. And you know, I actually am with him on this one. Okay. Right. If if there’s going to be an event that it’s an event, you’d I mean, it could have been a biker rally, right? If he just and you’re like, hey, I’d rather not be there when that’s going on. Would you mind giving me a refund? I think the hotel probably should have accommodated. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  52:06

And I think they denied his refund. First, because it was New Year’s Eve, right? It’s and depending on the method, you book, and a lot of cases, you don’t get a refund anyways, no matter what day it is. So I get that, yes, they probably should have. But think about this. We travel a lot for our vanilla jobs. How often do we get to a hotel and there’s an event going on? Whether that’s a fundraising event, or some sort of seminar at convention all the time, all the time? How many times is a hotel notified us that an event is ever never ever so is this any different?


Mickey Gordon  52:38

I don’t think it is. And honestly, so the extent of my agreeing with this guy and in his behavior, and this the statement city made, that’s the end of it. I do think he should have gotten a refund. But he really went out on a limb First of all, a couple of quotes from this guy. Right? He says people that are paying good money to stay at the Hilton should be aware of what’s going on, especially if they have families. You know, there’s a hot tub there and there’s crazies in that hot tub. What makes them more crazy that night than any other night you take your kids to a Marriott Hyatt It doesn’t matter.


Mallory Gordon  53:12

I got news for him. I mean, if you’re staying in a hotel, I guarantee you somebody and there’s a swinger Yeah, there’s someone else’s day. There’s already a spring You’re so you have a crazy on on deck already.


Mickey Gordon  53:21

If that’s how you classify him. Yeah. And he comes, he does not get his name, because he’s not willing to now he wants to be in against this. And I have no problem with what people do. I’m at the point where I don’t want to bring my family into that environment. And I think it’s totally wrong, that Holden is putting on something like this. Well, number one, Hilton didn’t put it on buttons, a hotel, a luers, put it on and rollers paid to be there. And so did everyone else that’s coming. They paid to come to an event. You paid for consideration, and they’re getting it. They have the same rights that you do. Correct. And if you don’t like it, don’t go. No, that’s why I said that he should just get to give the guy a refund. Not a big deal. You don’t want to be here for this. That’s fine. But I’d love to know how he found out it was going on.


Mallory Gordon  54:05

Yeah. And all the articles we read. And the research I did not see anywhere. No, I didn’t either how they found out. So obviously the hotel didn’t tell them right, because there is protection of privacy for groups, events and guests. Right. Yeah. So it’s a real fine line between that transparency and ethical right. Do I think he should have got a refund? Yes. But I think a lack of understanding of maybe what that is, and I can I can see where someone who doesn’t know, the parameters were how it would be upsetting to them and bringing their children to a hotel.


Mickey Gordon  54:46

Yeah, I mean, I get if he’s, you know, totally weirded out by lifestyle. There’s but you know, every hotel party I’ve ever been a part of. It’s been there’s been a lot of notification to people going, Hey, we’re not here alone. Keep your play to the player. area’s keep your clothes on elsewhere in the hotel. Right? And, you know, I’ll tell you lifestyle events where it is a full hotel takeover where we own the hotel pletely different it can charge a premium for that they really it’s so much better. Yes. I mean, it really is. Yeah. But that’s nothing against the lawyers, the lawyers did all the right things and said all the right things and suited Hilton I like that Hilton stood their ground and said, you know, we support everybody. And if people want to book here, they can book here and these guys have been great customers. I mean, Hilton was great. I think the only thing they did wrong is it should have just given the guy his money back just to go the hell away.


Mallory Gordon  55:34

Right. Right. Well, and and interest of customer service, it’s probably the right thing to do, regardless. But one of my questions to you is why do you think the media picked up


Mickey Gordon  55:44

on multiple outlets? You know, I think they picked it up strictly because the word swinger gets clicks,


Mallory Gordon  55:51

you think so I


Mickey Gordon  55:51

think that’s exactly what it is. It’s it’s bullshit. It’s just a dispute between a guest and a hotel. And because it had something to do with swingers, it got picked up by every news wire,


Mallory Gordon  56:01

and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say anonymous, because he’s chose to remain anonymous. I don’t know that he was the one pushing for this to get picked up by multiple outlets.


Mickey Gordon  56:10

And I think, what do you think? I think he was just kind of a dick about it. And he wanted to raise hell and make make Hilton suffer and, you know, make it so and I don’t think he thought it would go any further than, you know, ABC 13, or mid sob or any of that. And this was in Sacramento, California. So I don’t think he really thought it was gonna go any further than that and ended up you know, on the front page of Fox News. I mean, of all places like republican Central, and it was on their front page. Shock and Awe. Yeah, right. Well, that’s just it. The word swinger gets everybody I mean, it’s just like somebody shitting in the floor. It’s shocking. Oh, haha. Oh, shocking.


Mallory Gordon  56:45

I want to talk about poop anymore.


Mickey Gordon  56:48

So hey, one more thing for swinging in the news before we get out of here because I think this is pretty cool. Back in the early days of casual swinger, we talked about a series of laws called sets to foster Yes, which is basically fight online sex trafficking, sex trafficking act. That’s what pasta is. And ncsf, some friends of ours over at the National Coalition for sexual freedom have been supporting lawsuits against foster to bring it down, because their concern is that that legislation will lead to frivolous lawsuits. Right? We were talking about this. Earlier today, the frivolous frivolous lawsuit, that there’s a ton of them out there, like we were talking about is that there’s some guy like suing Craigslist, yes. Well, it’s what it’s the same lawyer who’s running around suing anybody and everybody that ever had anything to do with anything that would have violated foster in this particular case. And


Mallory Gordon  57:38

this and it predates when the law was ratified?


Mickey Gordon  57:41

Yes, it does. By 10 years, Craigslist took down their dating sites in 2010. Personal ads. Yeah. And we talked about Back Page back page has been gone since before Foster was made a law, right, they raided that place a week before fight,


Mallory Gordon  57:55

started suing suing them, and now it’s Craigslist,


Mickey Gordon  57:58

well, and also MailChimp, ironically enough, and this is where he’s really stretching or shouting,


Mallory Gordon  58:03

okay, this is where I, I have a gap where I don’t understand why MailChimp


Mickey Gordon  58:09

Okay, so what this person is doing so MailChimp was the email marketing function for back page. And so they said, by virtue of the fact that you serviced backpage, you violated fossa 10 years ago, and you should be held liable today. So this person is filing a commercial lawsuit. It’s all on a tector article that will actually put in the show notes for you, where you can see a little more information about how FASTA is actually hurting legitimate businesses. And of course, you know, we all want to stop sex trafficking. No one wants sex trafficking to occur. But it’s killed personal ad sites, it’s made it more difficult for people that are of less in less means right to be able to do exactly right.


Mallory Gordon  58:51

Because now the requirement is that to pay for membership,


Mickey Gordon  58:53

yeah. And of course, it’s made life harder on swingers, but you know, what I really see now is companies like Craigslist and MailChimp are getting sued for stuff they did years ago, not something they’re doing today, Craigslist actively took their dating sites down, because it wasn’t worth the risk of what could happen in the violations in the remedies that are built into foster if you do violate the law. Interesting. So I thought it was really interesting. And uh, you guys might find it interesting, too. This is one of those something kind of tickled Mickey’s brain so I thought I’d throw that in there for you guys. But you know, swinging in the news today is all about New Year’s Eve and a father that didn’t even like the idea of going to a hotel where swingers might be and a lawsuit that is kind of I mean, wide reaching implications for everybody that’s not even in the lifestyle or in sex at all.


Mallory Gordon  59:41

Now, you know,


Mickey Gordon  59:42

that knowing is half the battle. Oh, is that GI Joe is a geek? I’m a total nerd. Guys. This has been fun. I know. We talked about some some stinky stuff today. But I think it was it was kind of neat, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it. And you’ll come back and join us again on casual swinger. You want to say bye, everybody Mallory


Mallory Gordon  1:00:00

Bye, everybody. I love you.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:03

You guys have been listening to casual swinger.



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