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It’s LADIES NIGHT on Casual Swinger!  This special bonus episode brings you into a room with Mallory, Nikki from Our Naughty Escapades, Andi from Double Date Nation, and Angie from Average Swingers for the ladies to participate in the first of THREE special episodes for you guys!  Tonight the ladies talk online dating, dating during COVID-19, and video dates to keep the swinging spark alive!  

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Ladies of the Lifestyle – Panel including Our Naughty Escapa…

Thu, 9/2 10:04AM • 47:43


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Angie AverageSwingers, OnlyAndi, Mickey Gordon, Nikki Our Naughty, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:41

Now that you know, lipstick those pants off and get comfy. Hi, everybody, welcome to this episode of casual swinger. I’m your co host, Mallory,


Mickey Gordon  00:55

and I’m Mickey for this episode. This special out of sync episode for the third fucking time this season. I


Mallory Gordon  01:03

know we can’t help it Who doesn’t like a good bonus like bonus stick? That’s always good.


Mickey Gordon  01:08

Bonus stick is that what you’re gonna get tonight? When we go? Yes, you got late earlier


Mallory Gordon  01:12

I did. I love starting off our mornings with sex. It’s a wonderful wonderful thing


Mickey Gordon  01:17

that didn’t well it did suck but not in the way it didn’t suck. It was it was fun.


Mallory Gordon  01:22

I totally sucked it. So this episodes really awesome. I’m super excited about it. This is a the next version of ladies of the lifestyle which I was totally honored and flattered to be able to do thank you, Angie. Love you bunches at the end of average swingers, by the way,


Mickey Gordon  01:38

yeah, so this thing kind of came to be. We got together with double detonation in our naughty escapades in average swingers in order to record podcast a Palooza because virtual podcaster Palooza happen. And we had this idea that we wanted to do. We wanted to get together with these people. We wanted to really kind of make it twisted and fun and funny. So Jay agreed to show up and be our Butler for this virtual double date.


Mallory Gordon  02:05

Yeah, the virtual double date I think was genius. I think we had some unfortunate technical errors with the internet connection.


Mickey Gordon  02:13

Oh, yeah. chills, internet sucks.


Mallory Gordon  02:14

Oh, man, that was such a bummer. Because it was so much fun and such great content. I love collaborating with that group of people so much. It didn’t feel like work. It was very natural. It was a lot of fun. And a lot of good information came out of it. And it was you know, tongue in cheek, which is very on brand for


Mickey Gordon  02:31

  1. Yeah, very much so and Jay, of course was butt naked from the waist down. And he was hanging towels over his Robo penis, which was utterly hilarious. Oh my gosh, it was so great. And what most people don’t know is so every time Jay came up to see us when we were doing virtual podcast Palooza. He had a note for me with questions from the audience.


Mallory Gordon  02:53

Yes. Because Angie was running the board, right? Yes. So she would see what would populate into the chat or the q&a. And she would gifts that to Jay and he would deliver it to us. It was really genius. And we didn’t plan that they’re just really good at execution. Yeah, it was it was genius.


Mickey Gordon  03:10

It was it was crazy. And there’s so much fun. And what that led to of course is we were all in the same place at the same time. So he does this thing called ladies of the lifestyle.


Mallory Gordon  03:20

Yes. And it’s no boys allowed on very candid and honest conversation between groups of women talking about various topics from stuff that relates to the lifestyle or personal health sexual wellness, emotional, like it scales the full gamut.


Mickey Gordon  03:36

I had no idea what this was because the guy’s like we all left. We went to the dispensary.


Mallory Gordon  03:40

We literally kicked you out.


Mickey Gordon  03:42

We left the fucking hotel. We’re like, we’re going to buy weed We’re leaving. So he went to the dispensary and left you guys there alone to record this shit by yourselves. Yeah, which was crazy. Like until I edited it. I had no idea what was in it.


Mallory Gordon  03:57

So I’m used to speaking in my vanilla job, which I have no problem doing and I’m used to doing the podcast with you. So it was a it was a lot of fun. I was a little nervous, obviously. I mean, who wouldn’t be when you’re in new environment with people but so


Mickey Gordon  04:11

proud of my baby birds.


Mallory Gordon  04:13

Baby we have we have recorded with you know genealogy before. So, I mean, after 30 seconds, it was just like a bunch of friends who’ve known each other for a long time talking about Ana shit.


Mickey Gordon  04:25

Yeah, it was great. A bunch of cackling herpes. I


Mallory Gordon  04:30

it was so much fun. I could have done it for hours and hours and hours. So this episode of ladies of the lifestyle is it okay to get into the Yeah. Okay, so there’s gonna be three versions right that come out. So ours talks about virtual dating in virtual parties, which you’re gonna hear in a few minutes. The second episode two talks about bisexuality. And there was a lot of really great conversation around that as well and that’s gonna be released by our Natty escapades because Nikki was the representative from that podcast. There. So that’ll be coming out a week from today. Oh, and then the third edition average swingers Angie, will release the next week.


Mickey Gordon  05:11

Okay, so now our weeks are all ladies


Mallory Gordon  05:13

all the ladies all the times. I love I love all the segments and Angie is going to be talking about body image. Okay,


Mickey Gordon  05:23

yeah. So so these are they’re really not that long guys. They’re like 35 3035 minutes apiece so you guys aren’t going to be overwhelmed here. What you are going to hear is ladies really having this honest conversation with no guys around so fellas, if you ever wondered what women talk about when you’re not there, it’s a good time to check it out.


Mallory Gordon  05:44

Yeah, we got it. We got it recorded for the most part. And on all of these episodes, Andy from Admin Andy from double diggnation joined us to she was a fat fantastic distributor. I know that I had I had a roomful of sexy ladies and we behaved ourselves.


Mickey Gordon  05:59

here Don’t mind me.


Mallory Gordon  06:00

I’ve curse on all of them. So today’s episode technically releases, I guess it’s kind of Monday.


Mickey Gordon  06:06

Yeah, there’s releases at midnight tonight. So


Mallory Gordon  06:08

you can expect it next weekend, which is going to be the weekend, October 4, or fifth for Monterey, the escapades and then average swingers will release the following week. Which look for that I think 11th or 12th


Mickey Gordon  06:24

will speak into double detonation and the hottie herself admin end. Don’t forget guys that on September 30, which is just a couple of days from today, because tomorrow is the 28th which is when this comes out. 29th and 30th on the 30th we’re gonna pull a name we’re gonna pull a name from double date nations lifetime members that have joined since we started the promotion for casual toys calm.


Mallory Gordon  06:45

Are we doing this at like, 1159? Yeah, right now. 30. Okay, I’ll stay up late. We’ll


Mickey Gordon  06:49

  1. We’re gonna so Dave’s gonna pull a name, he’s gonna give us a name and that person is going to win a womanizer premium courtesy of casual That’s Mallory, a nice little side gig here that’s kind of loosely associated with casual swinger in casual But if you still don’t have a lifetime membership to double date, nation, you got two days left to get in on that lifetime membership, lifetime memberships are going away. So you’re not going to be able to get a lifetime membership that time next month. Yep. And you get a chance to win a womanizer premium courtesy of casual toys calm so you got like two days left guys don’t fuck this up. We’re gonna give positive reinforcement there. I’m not I’m not that like cushy give you a hug guy. I’m like yeah, Hey, stop fucking up. Yeah, but I do. So roll and we got that going on. And we’re leaving for Hito and like a month


Mallory Gordon  07:41

I know that’s so crazy. So November sold out now thinking Thank you everyone who booked with us. So excited to see everyone in November. If you still want to come party travel with us we have our February trip we self remote open so if you’d like to travel with us go to that page on casual swing calm.


Mickey Gordon  07:56

Yeah, and that’s pretty much what’s gonna happen right. So we knew that you know, we had a few rooms because you know, we had a bunch of cancellations because of COVID. And then all those rooms that cancelled ended up reselling. So we’re gonna see the same thing happened in February. So if you want to go with us in February, check out casual travel with us. It’s on the left hand side all the way down at the bottom. And you can get it basically it’s just a link to Rachel’s rascals calm you can save yourself some time and go there. That’s our AC h a l s rascals calm.


Mallory Gordon  08:24

Yeah. And you can reach out to us directly. If you haven’t have questions before you decide you want to book.


Mickey Gordon  08:30

I just did that yesterday. A couple reached out to us and I actually did a three way call and set him up with Jim over the rascals and you know, it was weird. I was kind of like a fly on the wall. It was very strange.


Mallory Gordon  08:41

Usually like that though.


Mickey Gordon  08:43

That’s only when you’re playing that’s my kinky bastard. I am a king lava. Anyway, without further ado, we’re gonna get you guys off to the ladies of the lifestyle. These ladies are Mallory from casual swinger Nikki from our naughty escapades double date Andy that’s admin Andy from double the nation. And he is I want to double D with the end Fuck off. And of course Angie from average swingers and this was her baby her idea that is something they do so really appreciate them


Mallory Gordon  09:12

including us in this. Absolutely. So so flattered. So we’re going to discuss virtual parties and virtual dating and our views and thoughts on them. So excited.


Mickey Gordon  09:21

Yeah, before we dip out you want to tell everybody where to find us. And we’ll bring the ladies in I


Mallory Gordon  09:25

guess. So we’re casual swinger everywhere. Folks. You want to look for us casual swinger calm send us a message at podcast at casual smile calm if you have any questions. You can see us on social media that’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and love us when a data go to double detonation quiver as LS STC and Cassidy.


Mickey Gordon  09:45

There you go, folks. Without further ado, this is ladies of the lifestyle you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  10:07

welcome to Lifestyle. I am Mallory from the casual sooner bypass. And I’m Andy from double date nation. I’m Nikki from our naughty escapades. I’m Angie from average swingers. Oh, well, thanks for having us, Angie. I appreciate being on here. And today we’re going to be talking about virtual dates and virtual parties, which I think is something we’ve all either done or heard a lot about, especially given the times, right. We’ve also actually recently, yeah, we’ve been sequestered quarantine, you name it, and we’re trying to keep her sanity and still have part of our lifestyle. still be involved. Right. So has anyone here attended a virtual date or a virtual party?


Angie AverageSwingers  10:49

Yes, virtual party is not a virtual date. Okay. So we have done a couple of virtual parties as host and then as attendees. So it’s, it’s different. Yeah, yeah.


Mallory Gordon  11:00

What did you think of the virtual party? I mean, it’s, it’s very innovative. So out of crisis comes innovation, I truly believe that. But the execution, and everyone’s feedback has been a little mixed. So what was your experience like,


Angie AverageSwingers  11:13

um, as as attendees, it wasn’t that bad, because we could go in and out of rooms as we chose. And you can have interactive conversation, you could leave your camera on, or you can leave it off, you can mute yourself or not, I mean, that was your control. So that was nice. I’m on the host side, it was a little bit different, because you have your hosting, but there’s a lot more technical stuff to do. So it looks like you’re not paying attention to the crowd, because the cameras on you, but then you’re doing stuff looking down playing with the computer and this and that. So I think it’s a little bit different for both, but I didn’t really get anything out of the intended part. So it wasn’t like I overly enjoyed it, or didn’t stimulate me. Anyway, I guess that’s the word I’m looking for. Yeah, I think


Mallory Gordon  12:03

the expectation of having it be, or feel like an event that we would attend in person, I think that you’re setting yourself up for failure there. It’s just an opportunity to engage with other people. But you’re saying you there’s other rooms as that kind of like structured maybe like, have any of you been to like work conferences where you go to booths? Yeah, for instance? Yes, yeah. So instead of like a conventions over everyone has like a pop up or cube and you go make the rounds, and you stop and talk to whoever you please. And in the digital universe, it’s how I kind of imagined it to be like, I haven’t done a virtual event, actually, until today, Andy and I did the virtual recap, wiki as presenters, and that was a lot of fun. And the feedback is the attendees really had a good time. And I’m very curious what it’s like on the other side. So so you guys end Nikki, you guys haven’t done anything virtual of that nature.


OnlyAndi  12:57

Yeah, I have not done a date. I’ve done the parties, which were pretty fun to set up for because you could get the blacklight and a little strobe light, which are all relatively inexpensive on Amazon. So that was fun, kind of setting up kind of getting that the energy and vibe and pre gaming. That was all kind of part of one of the you know,


Mallory Gordon  13:14

it’s almost an event is is picking out your outfit for the day, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Right on. And that’s a lie. We did something virtual for your birthday. Nikki, do you remember that? That’s true. Yes, that was a lot.


Nikki Our Naughty  13:27

That was a blast. I didn’t know that. You guys were gonna do kind of the same thing and decorate behind you. So I was so special. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  13:36

It was a lot of fun in it. You know, granted, we much prefer to be in each other’s company physically. But as an alternative, I think that worked out really well. It did. And I suppose some people get a little uninhibited, maybe more so than we would if we’re just going out to dinner or a bar together. Oh, yeah. Yeah, there was definitely some naked sexiness. Yeah, there was. I probably was, I probably was, my inner exhibitionist came out of it. And I was like, Alright, it’s on. I see one naked person.


Angie AverageSwingers  14:05

I’m all right. That was that part of the nevermind,


Mallory Gordon  14:09

I don’t remember. Okay. Just kidding. Are we still in the 80 seats? So for those who haven’t gone, What kept you away from participating in the virtual event? Like,


Nikki Our Naughty  14:24

I think I didn’t understand and wrap my head around how all of that would work. Yeah. So we just didn’t. I don’t know. Maybe I knew I know why.



This new thing that’s happened during hell.


Nikki Our Naughty  14:43

COVID Yeah, I don’t know. Yeah. He just didn’t.


Mallory Gordon  14:48

And so you felt maybe a little more hermit ish. And you’re like, I’m just not you’re my head’s not there. Yeah. I think we’ve all been there. I think this weekend is when I’m finally like, okay. Regardless of what the outcome is going to be, I have to find a way to still be myself. Even in like a vanilla setting in my vanilla life to engage and interact with people, even though I feel like closing all the walls and just shutting myself in until it’s safe to come out kind of like a mole or an ostrich or an ostrich. yourself nice getting don’t do that. But I think that’s a natural reaction to you know, the time’s right? Like we’re scared, and we’re just wanting to all go away. And it’s time now to start adapting? Well, I think I’m trying to embrace that more, we just recently started doing virtual dates, which I honestly highly recommend, for whatever reason the people on the other side of the screen there, again, a little more uninhibited. And I’m not saying like they got naked on the first date. But there’s a lot more transparency and honesty that happened. And I found that very sexy, super sexy because of the comfort of their own home and we dressed up kind of like we would dress up for a date anyways. And we’ve had probably four or five, and they’ve been smashing, like 100% we’re engaging with people we normally wouldn’t have. Like, we just talked to a couple from Arizona. And so we’re like, guess we’re going to Phoenix at some point. This is gonna happen. So you haven’t had a bad one yet? Not a bad one than knowing how to figure out where to exit? No, no, and maybe it’s just our luck or our perception or maybe like the, the know, what’s the word I’m looking for? Like, no one’s assuming like, stuffs gonna go down there’s a lot less pressure. So yeah, so was there play on there was a little nakedness a couple I mean, it nothing that would be I would call pornographic but definitely on the table. Gotcha. Definitely on the table because it was really hot because


OnlyAndi  16:57

you could play sexy games the game of the lifestyle and you know, even virtually, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  17:02

how the gamer lifestyle Yeah, I think I saw I didn’t keep do something on that. She did she have you guys ever played Game of Life? Now? I haven’t either. Thank you so much. Okay, so tell us about how would it work virtually no.


OnlyAndi  17:18

So you would just not have the room to work with? Can we just make it work? So you just draw a card or the other couple draw card for you, whoever else is involved if it’s a party or just a date, right? And then you have to do what their card says and vice versa. So you could definitely get creative with it. Really? So


Mallory Gordon  17:35

it’s like all like is it kind of like there’s no way


OnlyAndi  17:38

so Yeah, I was gonna say the vacuums happening and I’m like, it’s not gonna work. out and I should be done in a second. We’ll just use this as a small Anyone have to tinkle as we’re recording? Yes, I want some me. No, I’m good. I’m not hungry. So for breakfast pancakes,



and I’m number


Mallory Gordon  18:05

one so much of the biscuit in my mouth last night. So I’m like, well, you need a penny in for a pound. And I see you getting too upset about it. Like it is whiskey right no word


OnlyAndi  18:22

maybe I think this gets codeword for something who sticks? What in your mouth? Oh literally.



My suck at this game. Um It was very broad.


Mallory Gordon  18:36

I was like, I think this is like what the animal kingdom does like here’s some of my acorns. I like you. Yeah, this is key secret stash. Secret Stash should be brought up you just randomly popped it right in my mouth. Yeah. Alright, so we were talking about gaming lifestyle so is it kind of like dares


OnlyAndi  18:57

so it is it’s kind of like a kind of like a spin the bottle mentality that that dynamic? So some of I think it says in the bottle on the top of the cards. So if you’re able to do that you just randomly whoever the bottle lands on you do the action on the card so it could be like I think there’s an icebreaker cars three decks and then that goes up and peppers I think in levels and there’s extra hot those are aggressive. I mean, it’s gonna tell you to



you have to be comfortable with Yeah, you’re around to play the hot hot ones.


Mallory Gordon  19:30

Okay, so it’s like different levels, right?


Nikki Our Naughty  19:32

Like right you have more of your eye your icebreakers are touched the person’s arm. Your peppers are stuck on boobs or Cocker it could be anything pick someone or it says specifically the woman to down from me or something so so this is awesome. So like


Mallory Gordon  19:52

in real life and the best of times we get a sat around a table and have 15 of us play this game. Oh yeah. even or odd numbers doesn’t matter how many girls Boy, that’s interesting. Yeah. And you can do it virtually. Yeah. And now we’ve done some vanilla games like we did like the jack boss TV stuff, which I think did we do stuff like swingers? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I love quip lash. That’s probably my favorite murder mystery.


Mickey Gordon  20:22

The murder party murder party is my favorite. Yeah, yeah, that was fun. Like the murder party. I’m just weird, though. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  20:32

So we like you that way. It also,


Angie AverageSwingers  20:34

I think being virtually now it has taught some people how to be more technical, I never would have been that way. We never had to have to do that. It’s they’re learning something new too. So if you remember a technical person, or No, he didn’t like your cell phone, because it was too technical, or whatever the case may be, you now had to learn how to zoom or Skype or whatever. What other website is out there for adapting? Yeah, you had to learn to do those things where you wouldn’t have done so before. So


Mallory Gordon  21:05

yeah, and actually, I think that’s a really good thing. Coming from the industry I work in. One of the metrics that’s out there is people who don’t have connectivity, or don’t engage in the IT applications like zoom or, I mean, anything that we hear this people may find common in our life. But it’s almost like speaking another language in an English speaking country to them, like there’s a barrier there when they don’t engage haven’t or don’t have access to it. So I think that’s actually a benefit that’s gonna come out of all of this negativity and, and stuff that we’ve been seeing since COVID. Hit. Yeah. So


Angie AverageSwingers  21:39

I guess Nikki, I wanted to ask you, is that why you guys didn’t engage more on your part of the visual? Or are you just not really into the technical part of it? Was it too much to try to stare at a screen versus and engage with somebody? I don’t think it did not have anything to do with technical talks. It wasn’t there. You in particular know it?


Nikki Our Naughty  22:01

I think it was, I was in a shell. Yeah. Like, I wasn’t comfortable with myself. And I did. I’ve gotten bad about doing my makeup doing my hair. So I just felt frumpy. And I didn’t even just from the neck up when we zoom. I tried to get that damn laptop as far away. Just because I’m that uncomfortable. This that’s beside really what’s happened during this pandemic. It’s just I just wait. It’s mental. It’s it is kind of depression from the moment. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  22:34

yeah. And that’s hard to come to terms with because I don’t think we realize it right away. I think it’s something that operates in the background. And when it comes to the forefront, you’re you’re usually pretty deep enough. It’s usually Bob asking me repeatedly, what is wrong with you what to drop? I’m thinking nothing. Yeah. And now person I’m calling what you’re talking about? And did you find yourself feeling guilty when he approached you about that? I’m like, Oh, my God, I thought I was fine.


Nikki Our Naughty  23:00

A little guilty. But more puzzled, because I didn’t recognize it. I just fell into this amiss, I guess. And it’s helped knowing that there was something to look forward to, because we haven’t had that right in a long time. So I think that has a little bit to do with it, too, on how I’m trying to make my comeback. I mean, everything’s affected from my sex life to Yeah, how I treat my kids and how present I am. In being nice to a person, you know what I mean? I’m just checked out. So yeah, I’m getting better.


Angie AverageSwingers  23:35

People it was would have been easier. Having a mentality like that is it’s some people would never admit to that they would admit to that. I just didn’t want to I wanted to stay a recluse I didn’t want to engage and want to turn the camera on, I now have to engage at some level other than what I do on a normal basis. So which was already too much for me. Yeah. So yeah, I don’t see that. And I think me and j have switched during COVID. Whereas before, I was always the outgoing. And he was always not, he was just like too many people to me, you know, whatever. Well, during COVID, it has switched where he is losing his shirt. Sometimes if you don’t get to see other people like in 10 days, like it can’t even go two weeks. We can’t go two weeks without seeing somebody can see be like I need interaction. And also I think what helped was that we used to host meet and greets. Well, now we don’t see that interaction with different people anymore. And he goes, I don’t think I realized how much I liked it till we stopped doing it. And me, I’m just like, I don’t really care. Yeah, and I’ll sit here and in the house for two. There’s been days, weeks where I haven’t left the house. Because I need to.


Mallory Gordon  24:46

Yeah, same here. I don’t know that I’ve been inside a grocery store and I don’t know nine months.


Angie AverageSwingers  24:51

I’ve done the grocery store. But I mean, like I haven’t left, like physically left the house because we don’t do much grocery shopping and everything can be delivered. So I don’t like to, and I work from home. So same here.


Mallory Gordon  25:03

Same here, I actually had to start forcing myself even if it’s a walk around the neighborhood, literally just getting out my front door. But it was it was like this epiphany. I’m like, I have not been outside and 30 days. 30 days, I have not put my foot on grass, right? This is not healthy. This is insane. Yeah. So I think I mean, like you said, just talking about it and realizing that, Okay, I need to do some self care, I need to look at what’s going on here. It’s hard to talk about, I think it’s, I know guys have this like machismo thing, in some environments, or even in some generations where they don’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings. But I think it’s it translates to women, too. If we, if we bare our souls and become vulnerable, we look at ourselves and go, we’re broken. And if I talk about being vulnerable, and my problems, people are going to look at me as broken, and I need to be strong. Because that’s our role. Right? For most of us. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Don’t show the cracks. Yep, exactly. Yeah. Smile and carry on. Yeah. Yeah. How did you fare Andy in the pandemic?


OnlyAndi  26:14

I mean, did you guys well, we both work from home. So it wasn’t a major change, however, normal everyday errands and things like that. So you get out of the house. Like what Mallory said, you know, you were literally cooped up with the same four walls and you start feeling like you’re spiraling, you’re just spinning and you don’t really want to come out of it is a weird mindset how that


Mallory Gordon  26:36

is you almost get comfortable in the chaos. Yeah, like you settle into it and have accepted it. This is now just how it is now. I think like everyone’s going through the grieving process, right? Yeah,


Angie AverageSwingers  26:45

definitely. Yeah. Yeah, we were worried about in this may terminal dark, we were more worried about those in abusive relationships. Outside, we’re not. But those people, whether it’s mental or physical. Normally, the Busey can get away at some point, whether it’s work or whatever. So we were we were thinking about how do women get out of this or men if they’re an abusive relationship, and now you’re stuck at home with that person all the time.


Mallory Gordon  27:18

Same thing with children. They’re not. There’s no one else outside the home. Yes. To see if there’s something off or miss. Yes, there. They’re literally drowned. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, right there with ya.


Angie AverageSwingers  27:29

So it was it was little I mean, we weren’t so much concerned about ourselves as we were about how it’s going to affect people who needed the work or school or errands to run as an escape route for something else.


Mallory Gordon  27:42

Yeah. That makes sense. All right, do we want to switch to something a little more lighthearted.


Angie AverageSwingers  27:50

So in that respect, yeah. Doing virtual hat may have brought somebody out of that, like out of that, I get to see somebody else, I get to interact with somebody else. So bringing that negativity to ally, I get to learn how to do this. And I can talk to other people. And I think we use zoom or Skype more in the last six months than we have in the last 15 years. Yeah. Mostly, because most of them we’ve talked to more people. We’ve talked to bed hoppers in the UK, we’ve talked to Kate and Singapore, so and the timing is easier to because everybody’s home. Yeah. You don’t have to wait for somebody to get home. Yeah, everybody’s gonna make sure they’re awake.


Nikki Our Naughty  28:33

They’re enough. Yes. My sleep schedule. Like I have multiple naps during the day now. Yeah. And masturbation times. Yeah. Nice face mouth. It’s a good thing. Yeah.


Angie AverageSwingers  28:45

So how would you if you if you decided you wanted to do a virtual party? And say you had a nice glow thing? Because that one’s too easy. Okay, you decided we’re still doing this during Halloween? How would you decorate a room on a backdrop for Halloween, and then still be able to use your resume for everybody to see it?


Mallory Gordon  29:06

Oh, that’s a tough one. Because I’ve noticed with we had a couple fails. So lighting is kind of everything. So whatever you do have to make sure people can see you because like we have this whole like purple, black, blue light thing going on, and then realize we are shadow puppets. And that doesn’t translate very well. So we had to figure out the lighting for the most part, but for our backdrop, I mean, we’re kind of weird. I mean, I would probably know just a little bit. I mean, I would totally go for like, you know, something traditional, like Halloween theme because I do love Halloween and Christmas. Like those are mundane. Like I go batshit that girl, I’m that kind of decorate. Shit. I just called myself out. Don’t tell my husband.



That’s actually


Mallory Gordon  29:54

a squirrel, y’all. Molly’s gonna see. Yeah, she’s editing this All right. Yeah, I’m paying for it. It’s fine. Um, but I think it would be cool to have like a slideshow because you can do the virtual like backgrounds on zoom. Yeah, like something that’s horror movie theme and have it like rotate like a slideshow in the back with classic horror movies. I mean, that would be a little fun. That would be fun because you can get really creative with those things. And then it costs you $0. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Angie AverageSwingers  30:28

And you can do that with anything, though. If you decided to have any kind of party. Yeah, Halloween being an example. But even at Christmas time if we’re still stuck. Yeah. You can’t fly by wire because your we can’t visit family. Yeah, if someone’s sick, you can see them. Yep. So work is still decorate and do all the things open gifts together mean, you can just set your computer out on a countertop and see everything that’s going on. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be right on your lap or really close.





Mallory Gordon  30:56

That’s a good point. I’ve got a friend that does that her parents live in another country. And she’s got two kids. And every Christmas she actually does that. She does it live stream and then she records it to send it if you know for whatever reason, they’re able to livestream that system. And on Christmas morning, two hours worth of content for her books. That’s really brilliant. Actually. That’s good. Yeah. So I


Angie AverageSwingers  31:16

mean, there’s there’s many ways to make it not just personal, but is it they’re like standing there with you. Yeah. And you’re just you’re talking to the screen, but they can still see what you’re doing.


Mallory Gordon  31:27

Yeah. So all of you guys have kind of like hosted and attended events. I love that question. How would Andy and Nicky, what would you guys do? like would you decorate for Halloween? Like what are some ideas?


OnlyAndi  31:39

I would I’d call out not have a theme and of course they’ve been technical. I would have them put something on the screen somehow, like digitally. Yeah, I was on bats flying around and some scary music and then I would like nice run around in a witch outfit or something. You would never know. Just random you would be the one person that got the screen. Exactly.


Mallory Gordon  32:06

Right, right. Exactly. Nailed it. Yes. Yeah, I’m not that good. I am not the creative one. Really? I’m not that is I wish I would have pegged you being like, crafty and creative. I’m looking at me I’m not even though I can’t sew a button or two. mean he’s got it all I have nothing. Oh, wow. He has a sewing. Digging. Yeah. Oh no. Your see we won’t tell anybody. No. You can make you


Nikki Our Naughty  32:39

draw he can for you and he actually can’t and we have a cricket so Oh, do that. You could use that.


OnlyAndi  32:46

Didn’t you just get a router that you’re enjoying? You can show you guys are really this is good. I’m getting what I’m wearing right now. I’m so wet. I am so wet right now. Say router tools a router? a router again. See? Your so dirty. So you work with power tools? I don’t know crafty. I’m not that is Pinterest though. Okay. I don’t even follow your you’re still better than me.


Mallory Gordon  33:22

I can’t even operate a vacuum without a catching fire. So the fact that you can use a router I’m impressed. I’m with you. I’m a big power washer. It’s like instant gratification. cleans every like there’s one question on the power washer. How often have you used to dump? Ah, I haven’t because that shit hurts. Yeah, I hit my Oh yeah. Let’s see hurts. Now back to safe zone. You can say where you should stand and I’ll decide how hard it should be.


Angie AverageSwingers  33:56

Good idea. That’d be a funny virtual video. Yeah. How to I would watch Bobby a bitch.



Hold on. When he’s got a shirt cracking


Mallory Gordon  34:09

that’s, that’s obvious. Yeah. It’s like his calling card is I don’t know how that actually I do. It was Jay. Jay.


Angie AverageSwingers  34:17

It was our fault last year. Last year at the phone party, okay. He was running around.



He was like, oh, what


Angie AverageSwingers  34:25

are you doing is everything below my waist is warm my my. My shoulders are cold. I was like, oh, okay, Jays, like sure. cochon. Good


Mickey Gordon  34:34

job. You know, better than a Bolero jacket. I don’t know what that is.


Mallory Gordon  34:43

So it’s like the little jackets to just go across your shoulders. Yeah. For is that for girls? I mean, anyone could technically wear it, but I’m sure naked with a boleros interesting two jumpers into juice or something I don’t know is that what ballerinas wear? I’m sometimes Okay, yeah, like the long sleeves that time jacket. They watched her walk in and I’m looking for her really tiny jacket. And you know what? I made me? You know what I mean? Yeah, really tiny. shoulders. Man, we call that a scarf. Don’t get sassy, ma’am. I want it now. Oh, but I mean, can we go back to a virtual date? Yes. Yeah. So, anyone else? Am I the only one? That’s virtual dates? I think so. Yeah. Okay. Would you guys be up for a challenge? Yeah. Okay. So in the next 30 days, I’d love to see you guys book a virtual date. And then let’s all get together and talk about it. Okay, yeah, book a virtual date and see how you want to as somebody we know, are new people. I think that I’ll let that be up to you guys. I don’t want to put anybody under undue pressure. But make it like a date. Like you’re going out to dinner or a party together. Get ready, get the whole Get ready, have a plan to interact, you know, obviously, talking and asking questions and whatnot. It’s fun. But like you said, the gaming lifestyle, something that’ll bring a little something extra to the table. And it doesn’t have to be like super sexy, get naked. And let’s, you know, have some life porn. Oh, no expectations, but just see how it goes. Okay, it’s been so positive for me. I mean, I’d love to see if I’m an anomaly, or if it will help other people. Well, I’m gonna get out of it if it’s bad. Oh, well, why don’t I just use that one. Mickey edit. Edit. I mean, you develop a code word. Yeah. Yeah, I’ve got to go walk the dogs. Oh, I gotta get up early for work tomorrow. I have an early. That’s a kid. Yeah, my mom’s calling I have to go. Yeah, it’s actually I think it would be a lot easier to get out of it. If you’re ready to cut it short. And it’s not


Angie AverageSwingers  37:08

going well. It would be easier, but you still don’t want to just kind of No, no, when I think that I have some sort of accident or some


Mallory Gordon  37:15

sort of end to it. Yeah. And I think you have to commit to it for an hour because there’s an awkward, like first five to 10 minutes as you’re getting started, right? Because it’s there’s no tactile interaction, right. So reading them takes a little bit longer. But once you get to a comfort level, again, my experience is much more transparency, much more honesty and a lot more laughs


Angie AverageSwingers  37:39

So what about location? I mean, some people have been zooming from their couch. But you can totally just sit the laptop on the table or the tablet or whatever you’re using on the table and you can actually have dinner and eat whatever you decide



if you want to do that if you want to do that.


Mallory Gordon  37:58

That’s true. I don’t know if I feel comfortable eating virtually infinite someone I’d have to like really think about often get kinky, but you don’t want to eat in front of people. And guess how fucking weird I am. Retrieve and I’m like I’m sick dinner my hair’s like hold on I have a mouthful Yeah, you’re just looking at me all day those you’re having food


Angie AverageSwingers  38:22

I mean you can break it down just an appetizer. It was to make it as authentic as you can you would want to have some sort of edible because there’s going to be a silence of


Mallory Gordon  38:33

you Me Me want to clarify edible I’m not edibles food to eat something I want to get


OnlyAndi  38:49

busy eating along and it’s just kind of gets quiet and you just like I smell did you guys get the spaghetti. It’s really fun that way.


Angie AverageSwingers  38:58

Especially if there’s people out there who like to cook. Yeah, and they have cooked a nice nice meal that gives you something to talk about. And then they can talk about their food that they cooked for themselves. But you know, it’s just another way to have another avenue.


Mallory Gordon  39:11

I like that. So we’ve done them in a couple places we done at the kitchen table. Last on we’re we have a cute little bar neck area. So that’s been fun engaging. So like if we’re doing like sangria that’ll all be premade and the carefree it will be like right next to us without glasses so we don’t have to travel or move and get up so we stay engaged and present. Um, and also we have some neat we’ve strategically put like some weird stuff in our bar. Like we have a baby Yoda there. We have a dope picture and they’re all like, it’s almost like find the hidden picture


Mickey Gordon  39:43

game eggs. Yes. What do they call? Are they


Mallory Gordon  39:46

Yes, yes, kinda like easter eggs that gives us something to talk to, like maybe they notice it or maybe we’ll bring it up in conversation. But I find like if you have something a little interesting that by magic, maybe you have a picture that hangs in your living room that you could Your background you know, maybe something that you painted or I don’t know like, the area like outside if you have a porch and it’s nice outside and Lanai or pool or sturdy trees a stripper pole that would be interesting to why Yeah, cuz I wanted to look like JLo and I’m really not close at all. Do Dan in the Super Bowl? No I walk around it was touching it. Okay


Angie AverageSwingers  40:32

and like see her heels on when she does it because she can’t even stand that is I’m good is what she’s saying. She likes heel clicks too.


OnlyAndi  40:44

Yeah, like just let me know what I mean. Like the strippers slap there. Yeah. Okay, so it was just me.


Mallory Gordon  40:50

I don’t know. I don’t like actually go to strip clubs. Oh, it’s called clocking Lackey. Yeah.


Angie AverageSwingers  40:57

I know. It’s family time is a word so showed me was you guys should make videos. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. It’s like they’re like they do this. I’m like, I don’t know. Generally, time I’ve ever been is strict. Yeah. Yeah.


OnlyAndi  41:08

And they slap them on the stage. Yeah. So that’s clacking. today. The word for the day is clacking? Is it any sound that you can use? Yeah. Well, I mean, I don’t have any laughs sorry. I don’t see. How do you get bacon juice? That’s the question. You milk the dog. Right. Yeah, that’s how we we talked about bacon having the balls? Yes, we do. Yeah. They have a right to have your nipples anyway. Only after Milka. I think if you do it right, you can make it.


Mallory Gordon  41:41

So okay. 30 days from now, what’s the date? date day seven. It’s August. 29. Right, August 29. I’m gonna open up the calendar here. We’re gonna kinda already Yeah, so 930 the whole month of September, which is Wednesday. That is the last day of September, so then we’ll reconvene after then. Be a virtual? Yes. Yes. And maybe even invite the guys maybe? I don’t know. We’ll see. Yeah, yeah. No, get everyone’s take on their virtual date. We’re good. Okay, guys, we’re back. I hope you enjoyed that segment. one of three of ladies of the lifestyle talking about virtual dating and virtual parties.


Mickey Gordon  42:43

Yeah, you know, having listened to it once already, when I edited it. I was really just kind of blown away at how deep you guys get into some of these conversations. And I realize how badly men effects some of your conversations. We really are these bumbling oaf sometimes sometimes you get a word in edgewise and


Mallory Gordon  43:04

sometimes sometimes we have to battle you for it and that’s you know, that’s okay.


Mickey Gordon  43:08

I don’t mind Yeah, but it’s such a good thing to do this ladies of the lifestyle and let you guys talk amongst yourselves about topics the way you see them without getting our two cents because frankly you don’t fucking need are two cents all the time.


Mallory Gordon  43:20

I mean, I’m a swinger so I like sharing in general but in a room like that with women that I love and respect. It’s somewhere in there, it feeds my soul. And I enjoyed it. I got a lot out of it myself personally, even though we were creating content obviously for listenership but it was very raw very real. I’m looking forward to the next two episodes releasing because we really got pretty deep


Mickey Gordon  43:44

Yeah, you guys did and I know what’s coming because I saw the other pieces and I think anybody that doesn’t really consume all of this and it is different right it’s four voices in a room sometimes all four ladies laugh at the same time and it’s loud and it’s good it felt so good though. Yeah, well I tried to temper it you know I use you know some audio editing yeah to try and yeah a little less painful but yeah, you guys got loud there for we


Mallory Gordon  44:08

did and I and we apologize. It was my first go using all four mic so the sound quality may have been a little off not what you’re accustomed to. So that’s my bad.


Mickey Gordon  44:18

You know what, it’s obvious we recorded something that was not here in the studio. It’s not going to be the same thing yet when you know we’re here in the casual Sooners studios in beautiful sunny Orlando, Florida. But I still think that this was something that is so unique that you don’t want to miss it. I’m really glad that you guys hung in here with us. Yes.


Mallory Gordon  44:37

Thank you. So again, look forward to the next episode being released by our naughty escapades. You can find them on Twitter. That one we’ll be covering bisexuality. And then the following week will be Angie from average swingers talking about body image.


Mickey Gordon  44:51

That’s right. And of course admin Andy from Doubleday nation is just there all the fucking time.


Mallory Gordon  44:57

I love her. I love her so much. She was a great contributor.


Mickey Gordon  45:00

For those of you that are still hanging around here in the episode make sure to join us next Sunday next week that’s next Sunday at midnight when we release our episode which is coming your way and that’s the regular episode that’s coming your way where we actually talk the SEC to me dirty


Mallory Gordon  45:17

not dirty but


Mickey Gordon  45:18

I yeah, I was very interesting it was because we talked with an extremely hot urologist


Mallory Gordon  45:24

like stunning Oh yeah, absolutely stunning and most pretty hot to almost hilarious I’m


Mickey Gordon  45:31

not gonna say he’s hot because I’m not into


Mallory Gordon  45:32

I think they’re a beautiful couple.


Mickey Gordon  45:34

They are well, they’re they’re very attractive couple they’re not swingers, but


Mallory Gordon  45:38

we’re gonna try. No,


Mickey Gordon  45:41

I’m kidding. Gonna reel them in. But what we’re talking about is the full release podcast. The full release podcast is joining us next week here on casual swinger. It’s, it is a urologist by the name of Dr. Ashley winter, and mo Mendell, a comedian, her husband, and they join us to talk about discectomy and circumcision. That’s right. Join us next week for the snip here on casual swinger.





Mickey Gordon  46:03

You want to remind everybody one more time, we’ll get the hell out of here.


Mallory Gordon  46:08

So we are casual swinger everywhere, folks, casual swinger calm you send us a message at podcast at casual if you have any questions or want to reach out, we are on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. And if you love us, please leave us a review on iTunes. We’d greatly appreciate that.


Mickey Gordon  46:27

That’ll do it, folks. This was ladies of the lifestyle. Be sure to catch up with our naughty escapades. Next week for the same thing and catch us next week. Like we said before the snip, you’ve been listening to casuals.



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