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The reach of the COVID is strong!  We’re late to the party with this latest episode, where we catch up on some of the video chats, family time, and music we’ve been into during this quarantine.  Also, we celebrate some of the parodies created by the amazing users on Youtube in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  


Doc Judy joins us for a short interview to discuss COVID and it’s impact on the lifestyle, and a sweet new cocktail from Mallory on COCKTAIL corner!

All songs are the property of the creators and can be consumed in their entirety on YouTube at the addresses linked below




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Links to the AMAZING Youtubers with COVID parody songs:

The Holderness Family – Songs to get you through this

Brent McCollough – Stayin’ Inside

Luke Murgatroyd – I think we’re alone now

Chris Mann – My Corona

Chris Mann – Stay Home Vogue

Rekording & Chris Franklin – Stay the Fck At Home

Adrian Grimes & Dana Jay Bein – Coronavirus Rhapsody

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SE03E20 – Playstyle Dynamics_mixdown

Fri, 8/27 5:28PM • 1:09:24


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:41

Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy. Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. I’m Mallory casual swinger. And what is that? I don’t know that used to podcast all the time, and they just fell face there. Just went out and got busy with life and went away. Yeah, I guess so. I suppose today, the role of Mickey will be played by yours truly. Excellent. Thank you for joining me. I heard he has a giant penis. I don’t have one of those. We’re just going to have to pretend logical fallacy. Oh, fallacy fallacy did you did was this? Yeah. All right. I see. We did.


Mickey Gordon  01:21

All right. All phalluses all the time. And fabulous Queen of Central Florida. Everybody. This is Mallory. Take a Palooza so what in the hell have we been doing for the last six weeks? that we haven’t been doing a podcast?


Mallory Gordon  01:37

Um, flyff. Work? Family Mickey got a new job. Yeah, you got a new job that definitely is kept us away. But you have been, you know, nose to the grindstone. Literally,


Mickey Gordon  01:48

I really every day trying to learn a new thing. And honestly keep casual toys rolling. And because that, you know, when you guys spend money with us, that’s a priority for us. And unfortunately, between the new job and casual toys, it’s kind of made it so I need to focus on that stuff. But yeah,


Mallory Gordon  02:03

I did think about doing an episode by myself. But answering myself makes me sound like an insane person. So


Mickey Gordon  02:09

I’m kind of thinking everyone would love it if you did an episode without me. So they didn’t have to hear my voice for a while. Yeah, but that’s like one long monologue. Oh, but it’s a good one you could be like, and this is how I masturbate.


Mallory Gordon  02:19

Okay, I mean, that’s that’s in play for late next episode. Right? Well, I think the last episode, but like we’re gonna be on time next time. Don’t worry, guys. He said that last three episodes. I think they’ve just surmised that we don’t keep our word.


Mickey Gordon  02:31

Okay, we are full of shit. But in the next episode, Mallory’s gonna whack it. Okay, if it. Yeah, sure. Why not? If that makes people tune back in you’ll just slap your been around on the shirt. YOLO can even see no one says that anymore. Do they? I think that was a very 2000s thing. You just said it was very such. Oh, you see, I’m cool. I use words like SAS in a sentence.


Mallory Gordon  02:52

Yeah. No, no. I mean, it’s I know what it means. It just doesn’t sound right coming out of your mouth. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  02:59

we have done a bunch of other shit. Right. So I think everything kind of led up we more or less accidentally took the month off leading up to peak app. And peak app is podcaster Palooza for those of you guys that live in Iraq, don’t listen, any of the shows, don’t listen to the other 11 content creators that were down there. It was a lot of fun, we would have to sound out with a bunch of cool last weekend people.


Mallory Gordon  03:19

I ton of cool ass people, it was so great to be in that type of environment. And he did such a good job of curating a place for people to have, you know, the world is their oyster to create their own adventure, essentially.


Mickey Gordon  03:34

And it was it was a journey for everybody that came whether it was a journey to go meet creators or a journey to learn something new or a journey to hang up by the beach and get fucked up because you’ve been stuck home with COVID for the last 18 months. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  03:44

the theme night, see the events everything was just absolutely wonderful. And I enjoyed meeting so many people that we’d connect with, especially during COVID and quarantine, that we actually got to meet in person. That’s fantastic. Oh, I’m just gonna say it. Honey spoon. Oh, wow. Wow. No one’s surprised by that. You and every other person there. Yeah, get in line. Yeah. Honey spoon.





Mickey Gordon  04:14

By the way, who is one of our casual ambassadors for that? Yeah, it’s I met her and her amazing husband. And it was just like, Wow, you guys are awesome.


Mallory Gordon  04:23

Yeah, we had all three of our ambassadors there. Yeah, we had Miss alleycat. Oh, yeah. And Pepe pineapple and Pepe pineapple. So it was awesome. Yeah, one of my highlights and I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this in there since we’re talking about them anyways, is when Pepe and honey spoon showed up to our table with a wet t shirts because I’d mentioned earlier in the day that there was a girl wearing a white t shirt. And it was wet and there’s maybe it’s like the late 80s, early 90s stuck in me but there’s just something so hot about a girl and a wet white t shirt to me.


Mickey Gordon  04:57

Yeah, that’s right. For those of you out there that were born in the wrong generation. Just go ahead and Google Tawny kitane


Mallory Gordon  05:02

Yeah, yeah, it was, it was so hot and I was so touched like, I was awkward and speechless.


Mickey Gordon  05:08

Oh, yeah, it was, it was crazy. I mean, it’s I don’t lust for honey spoon for no reason whatsoever. She was hotter. No. And they were both wearing casual swinger t shirts. Yeah, they were just really frickin off. Again, totally touch. I think we would have probably talked about this earlier. And honestly, we really I know you guys that listen to us regularly know that we don’t really do event recap episodes very often. So we’re really not going to do that. Because my guess is you’re gonna get 11 or 12 of these from all the different contracts down there. But it you know, it was crazy. We were gonna have them talk about it because we met so many cool people. I definitely caught a cold because I’ve been stuck in the house for 18 months and didn’t go out and do anything. So it wasn’t COVID or anything, but I couldn’t talk for a week.


Mallory Gordon  05:46

Yeah, no, I think you then pass it on to me. I sound like I can swap spit. I’m a sound a little hoarse. That’s not a pony. You caught it from my penis. Yes, I did. It was great. Yeah, we had lots of dirty sex with ourselves.


Mickey Gordon  05:59

We really did. Like we didn’t sleep with anybody. I tell you what, we went to podcaster Palooza and came back and everybody that was there probably thinks that we’re like complete frauds. They were like, nope, they don’t swing. We never saw them. Never saw us in the play rooms because we never went.


Mallory Gordon  06:12

Yeah, no, we were just so busy. I don’t know socializing that we forgot that we’re swinger.


Mickey Gordon  06:19

Yeah, we’re here to meet people. And we didn’t do that. Not at all. Let’s be honest, we rarely do that at events anyway. It’s not really our style. We’re kind of casual. But that’s okay. It’s not like a mad about it or anything. And you know, we did our session, which for those of you that did not go to podcaster Palooza, the folks that did go and came to our session on Sunday afternoon, were I don’t want to see treated too, because I think we might have punished them a little. But we we fucked with them, essentially,


Mallory Gordon  06:45

cuz you made them laugh till they were crying. Somebody vomited. And then I was the fucking party pooper. I brought everyone down like 10 notches.


Mickey Gordon  06:55

Well, but that was the journey we went through. We did on purpose. I mean, we had a period in our lives that we’ve never talked about in the show, and we’re not going to that was about six months long, where we had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. So we took the crowd through that in 45 minutes by taking them very, very high. And then bringing them very, very low. With the rest of the story.


Mallory Gordon  07:14

Yeah. And they forgave us. We got a lot of great feedback. Actually, most of that Sunday evening, we spent discussing some of that. And what I was really surprised by and really touched by, is there people that had stories that touched on or were similar to what we had discussed. And that almost makes me feel better about because I mean, I was still in shock. just telling that to the world because I’d never spoken out loud to anyone outside of us. Sure. We’ve kept it fairly quiet. Yeah, show that. Yeah. I was surprised at how, you know, raw, I still felt after talking about it. It was cathartic. Who are you telling? Yeah, I know. I know. I know. But it felt a little better knowing I’m not alone in there now alone, if that makes sense. Like we bonded a little bit over that.


Mickey Gordon  08:03

I kind of feel that and I feel that for a couple of reasons. Because standing up there and participating in the story with you listening to you tell your story. And lock from The Suite Life actually put it really succinctly. He said that we stood in front of a roomful of people in late our truth on the table. Very much so. And that was, by the way, it was that dude is awesome. I’ll get into that in a second. But it just, I mean, really. It was tough. And I didn’t realize how tough it was gonna be till I heard you doing it. And I’ve been a public speaker. For basically it’s all of your library. Yeah. And I don’t break up. I don’t screw up. I just don’t know. And yeah,


Mallory Gordon  08:44

you kind of broke character and started to get a little emotional. I did. I said out loud. If you if you do it, I’m gonna do it. And we’ll never get through this.


Mickey Gordon  08:51

This will never be over here the rest of the day. Yeah. So it was it was really kind of epic, to get that opportunity to share that story with those people and the lessons that we learned. And the biggest thing out of it that I got was closure. I feel like we’re finally moved on. You


Mallory Gordon  09:08

know, I was a little surprised to hear you say that, but also very grateful that that was a takeaway from you. Yeah, I was terrified in the hours leading up to it. I had conversations with you that I was really scared that I had started to make these friendships and connections while we were there. And then I’m gonna go in and paint myself as a villain to these people. And that is somewhere I’d be shunned or, or, you know, got the rotten tomatoes.


Mickey Gordon  09:36

I don’t think anybody was going to do that. But we definitely, you know, painted ourselves is not the heroes of the story,


Mallory Gordon  09:42

which is something we don’t tend to do as human beings. No, you know, we tend to like, put that stuff under the rug. And what actually happened for me is after you had finished your portion, and I started telling mine, I almost felt a little more at ease. I felt like I was among friends. And that was It was a safe space to do this. It was very strange, but wonderful.


Mickey Gordon  10:04

I kind of felt like they were all on that journey with us at that point. I think they were invested. They’re like, fuck it. We’re in it now. It’s like being on a roller coaster and you got to the top was like, Well, here we go. Buy in for a diamond for $1. Right, pitter patter. Let’s get out here. But I’ll talk about your Letterkenny obsession here later. But you know, I do think that one of the coolest things that came out of that was casual swinger. Because three months after all of that happened, yeah, casual swinger was born and that’s the thing that the people learned a pee cap. Is it casual swinger wasn’t born out of pride. It wasn’t born out of all the cool shit we know about the lifestyle. It wasn’t born out of us being experts. It was born out of humility.


Mallory Gordon  10:47

That is very true. I think it’s not something we’ve ever really said out loud.


Mickey Gordon  10:53

So I really felt like that was cool, but alright, on from that sappy rough shit. Thank you for everybody that came down to podcaster Palooza and took part in it with us and went on that emotional journey with us. But we did get to spend some time with some of the most amazing content creators in this business.


Mallory Gordon  11:08

Amen. Do you want to give like a few like bullet point like highlights and then we’ll move on? Oh, yeah. We got to do some shout outs.


Mickey Gordon  11:14

Everybody knows that. I have a man crush on Jay from average trainers. He is one of my favorite human beings on the face of this planet. He’s amazing. And oh my god, it looks so good. And his main Kini. You know, and I am being genuinely honest, when it says I know he and I fuck with each other on the air all the time. But there are very few people in this world that I personally call for advice. And he’s one of them. And that should tell you who he is. He’s that good of a human being. He’s that brilliant, emotionally speaking. Intellectually speaking, he’s a turd but emotionally he’s just you know, he’s amazing. But how about how about locking triste? From the sweet life?


Mallory Gordon  11:56

They were well, she’s hot. Oh my god. So when he walked into the room, I was like, Oh my god, they’re fucking high. Well, I’m at lock. Wow.


Mickey Gordon  12:04

And he’s like, my wife will be here. later on. I’m like, that’s cool. I get it. She just trolled you out here. You know? And then you know, maybe she’ll show up later. Maybe she doesn’t exist. And then next thing I know this smokin hot girl with hair a cooler color than mine is like, oh, by the way. I’m that girl he told you about.


Mallory Gordon  12:20

Oh, yeah, she looked like I’m fucking million dollars. Jesus. Holy crap. Rice that girl smoking. I was trying to play cool. No, I wasn’t cool. I stumbled on my single syllable words. Smile. Don’t say anything stupid. Like, Hi, my name is bbbbbb Nikki. What am I Oh my god. Bummer bell. Oh, another one. I loved hanging out with those guys. They’re amazing. as advertised, but even more so they’re so charismatic in person and so full of life. And like, I fucking love their smiles and I didn’t want to be a creeper. But like, if I saw them, I made sure like I wiggled my way into their little orbit so that we could at least have some conversation and hang out. Yeah, I really want to dance with bomber which I?


Mickey Gordon  13:03

Yeah, you know, I don’t go on the dance. No, you know? No, no, he definitely don’t I just hang out on the outside. But you know, we also got to meet some other great folks. The folks from naughty Jim. We got to meet the foot from swinging outside the lines. Yeah, chance to meet them before. And I know I’m gonna forget somebody. I think we pretty much had met everyone else other than those four. But I think you know, Locke made a huge impression on me because he went out of his way to come over and introduce himself to me and tell me who they are. And I’ve listened to their stuff, but I just never really got a chance to look them in the eye and shake his hand. And he took that opportunity which says so much to me, and I really appreciate it It definitely what bomber bomber is a great dude.


Mallory Gordon  13:41

Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing. I think we definitely got the fields. I do I get it feels now you guys got a case? Yeah, got a case of the fields.


Mickey Gordon  13:48

Definitely. And the last one that you know, I am a sepia sexual for those of you that don’t know and every sense of the word, right? When somebody really can engage with me intellectually look me in the eye and sit down and have a conversation about something that we might even disagree, and it’s okay. I like disagreeing with smart people because we’re not gonna insult each other. We’re not gonna call each other names. We’re gonna dig in. And that’s exactly what I got to do with the beautiful Kate, from monogamous marriage.


Mallory Gordon  14:15

That is true. And we actually got to spend some time with her significant other as well. Liam. Yeah, yeah, it was the next day. Yeah, we got both. Like we got the both It was so good. And here I’m wondering if you’re gonna want run over like superlatives before you got to them.


Mickey Gordon  14:33

I can’t say enough about them. Everyone knows she’s hot because her pictures are fire. But it’s they’re just the most amazing people are so freaking brilliant.


Mallory Gordon  14:40

They’re brilliant. They’re very open, transparent and brutally honest. Not I wouldn’t say brutally. They’re just the honest people. You can really engage them and just about any conversation and they’ll meet you there.


Mickey Gordon  14:54

And spoiler alert, they’re gonna be on our next episode, so Oh, shit. Oh shit. Hey, one last thing before we jump. On to the next thing because we do have a couple of things to do before we get to the breakouts. But Kate from wanderlust swingers baddest bitch on the planet hands down is just insanely detail oriented, organized. Everything we said she was everything we thought this event would be what it was.


Mallory Gordon  15:18

Yeah. And her level of, you know, customer care customer service stations, even a customer client friend. Like she, she was everywhere. at every given moment. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  15:29

everywhere except by the back fence when I threatened to poke that guy in the eye.


Mallory Gordon  15:33

That’s true. It was a weirdo trying to look through like the Yeah, the fence where we were trying to block it off. So the topless Pool Party was private. Yeah, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  15:42

Yeah, we were putting out a privacy fence. And he kept pulling it to the side and I walked over there and I was like, dude, you ever seen The Three Stooges? He’s like, No, I was like, well, guess what’s gonna happen? I’m gonna poke in your damn eyes. If you poke listening to the side again. He’s like, how do I get in? Like you don’t it’s a private party. And I pulled it to the side and zip tie to shit. Yeah, but I was like, I’m gonna poke you in the eye. And I would have I would have poked him. Right. He would have been a one eyed bastard.


Mallory Gordon  16:03

Yeah. So you were essentially the guy at the gate at the Emerald study. That was good for you. That’s right. It was not a horse of a different color.


Mickey Gordon  16:10

Oh, damn it, you stole my line. That’s the only line I know. All right, what else is going on because we have a whole bunch of travels, we got a whole lot of things we’re doing that are not going to keep us from doing new episodes of casual swinger. We have the new to the next two episodes planned. And we’re gonna get through season three and get season four started for you guys without a break. So since we just took it six weeks, which is crazy.


Mallory Gordon  16:29

You heard it here, folks. You’re gonna mock and shame him if he doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain.


Mickey Gordon  16:35

All the ridicule Jesus Christ feeling I’m feeling sassy, Mrs. sassy little. So


Mallory Gordon  16:41

what are we what else we have going on? We’re going to see Derek and I can’t wait out in the Midwest to see our a couple of our favorite human beings in the planet. Hopefully it isn’t snow in July there.


Mickey Gordon  16:52

Yeah. I mean, it’s one of the two days of summer they have an Iowa Yeah. Right. So I’m looking forward to that. We’re going to St. Augustine in July, St. oggy. A couple of really actually, we’re going to couples that we adore. So we’re really excited about that.


Mallory Gordon  17:04

Yeah. And then to Nashville and August. This has been a trip that we we’ve been trying to do for it’s been a year, year and a half, almost two now.


Mickey Gordon  17:12

It was gonna be a meet and greet. And then management. Well, they didn’t go tits up. They just had to shut down. Get that that location as a church now I think, or a homeless shelter or something crazy. Okay. But there’s a new location from an edge and it’s not going to work out for this trip. So we’re just going to Nashville to see Randy Rogers band. I’m cool with that. I’ve never been to Nashville. Oh, Nashville is amazing. I can’t wait. We have two ASN awards in September.


Mallory Gordon  17:32

That’s right by our own backyard for a long weekend. middle of September, my birthday weekend, if anyone wants to show up and give me a little, you know. And then we’re going up north to the DC metro area.


Mickey Gordon  17:46

Yeah, we’re going back back to our roots back to the DC area for about a week because we’re going to be old.


Mallory Gordon  17:52

Yeah, your roots, my branches.


Mickey Gordon  17:55

And last but not least, guys, we’re going on our last trip with Rachel’s rascals two hedonism in November.


Mallory Gordon  18:02

I know I’m super excited. This is gonna be an amazing trip. I know. They’re almost sold out of rooms. I think Jim has a couple left.


Mickey Gordon  18:09

Yeah, he doesn’t have a lot. I know guys want to go on our last rascals for a while. That’s a we’re never going to wrestles again. By the way. We love the rascals. Yeah. Family. Yeah. 20s don’t have the PTO.


Mallory Gordon  18:18

Yeah, yeah. our day jobs are like, hey, by the way, you can’t take that much ever again. So yeah, we’re gonna take 2022 off at a minimum. Yeah, maybe we’ll end up at Hito at some point. time allows, that would be awesome. But


Mickey Gordon  18:32

make it work. But we can’t really do it as


Mallory Gordon  18:35

if you wanted to travel with us in the rascals both at the same time. Feel free to reach out to us. It’s casual swing, calm slash travel with us. Happy to provide you the info and get you in contact with those folks. You can book something.


Mickey Gordon  18:46

Yeah. Well, hey, we never bothered to tell anybody since this entire catch up. What? What this episode is about? Oh, yeah, we haven’t just left it off.


Mallory Gordon  18:56

Yeah. So you name this after meatloaf song, which I love you for. I would do anything for love. But I won’t do that. And we’re talking about play style dynamics, right?


Mickey Gordon  19:06

That’s right. Anything for Levin’s, but I won’t do that. Yeah, this is a play style dynamics episode where we’re gonna talk about the different dynamics. Do people endure any new dynamic that we just embarked on?


Mallory Gordon  19:16

Yeah, this has been since the last Yeah. Last. Yeah. I think since our last episode. Yeah, just barely. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  19:23

So we did embark on a new dynamic in our play style. We’re going to talk about that we come back in just a couple of minutes. Sorry about this long intro guys. It’s been a while we’re a little rusty But hey, maybe you’ll enjoy it and hang in there with us. Mallory. As usual. Would you like to tell everybody where to find


Mallory Gordon  19:37

I can remember we are casual swinger everywhere. Guys, that’s our website. Casual swinger calm if you’d love to send us a message, feel free to email us podcast at casual swing calm and find us on social media. That’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and of course Twitter because it’s the only place you can post pictures anymore book and then the dating sites That’s double date, nation, as Lessons CC and Cassidy.


Mickey Gordon  20:02

That’ll do it. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back in just a couple of seconds and we will talk about playstyle dynamics. You’ve been listening to casual this week. Okay, gang. Welcome back to casual swinger. My name is Mickey. And I am Mallory. I figured you guys got that shit figured out by now we’re going to talk about playstyle dynamics, the way we play in the lifestyle. It’s kind of a defining characteristic. It’s one of the first things people ask when you meet them on a on a website or on a dating service or in person that is your club. What do you fall into? What do you do? How do you play?


Mallory Gordon  20:48

Yeah, and that’s fascinating, because why is it so easy to talk about the things you’re not into? And you won’t do it? But it’s usually hard or harder for people to say what they do want.


Mickey Gordon  21:00

They almost never do and especially on places like w eight nation or STC you see, you know, we do not play separately Don’t even ask, it’s like the first thing that something African often doesn’t have, you know, single guys, right? How about that one? That one’s on a lot of profile. My favorite one is University of Sydney, you’re not allowed to use these photos? You there is no University of Sydney.


Mallory Gordon  21:20

Okay? I mean, even us we have you know, no assholes including ours. That’s true. You know, because we don’t do but you’ve been asked for Angel hadn’t asked, but I say no every time just about it. At least that’s something you’ve been asked, right? Because the only guys that want to do it have like, can get friction off a pickle jar. And I don’t want my butthole to look different the next day or our butthole. And yours. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  21:42

you know, Matt Serra’s ears or something? Gross, big old, lumpy butthole. cauliflower crew, Okay, stop. That’s not sexy. But you know, in 15 years in the lifestyle, you know, we’ve seen so many of these warnings in the dating sites and all these things. People say that I’m not doing this. And and we’re not this, we’re not that. And I mean, don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of these profiles are beautiful. And they say we’re a soft swap couple, or we’re full swap couple and great. That’s a great way to do it. We applaud you completely. But then you go to another one. And it’s like, Don’t ever think you’re going to speak to my wife without me standing right next to you. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  22:23

I love which is kind of a default. And we can talk about how it fit into the dynamic. We’re gonna speak about later, that you know, only group chats period. I’ve tried to talk to us individually. I know. And one pump? Well, I don’t know. Anyway, I just wanted to bring that up. Well, cuz I have seen it quite a few times. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  22:45

And in 15 years of being in the lifestyle together, I’ve never one time to maybe maybe you’ll disagree with me. But I just kind of thought back on this when we were putting the framework of this together in our minds. We’ve never been asked to do anything behind each other’s back. I picked that guy, Adam the douchebag. In the beginning,


Mallory Gordon  23:03

I also the girl that propositioned you at one of the functions we did and said, I didn’t and hers need to know. Yeah. And that’s only recently that was only recently I saw that in the notes. And I’m like, oh, call you out on the air. Yeah, that was okay. I forgot it. But it doesn’t. It’s not common. It’s just it’s a it’s a rarity. And it’s it’s just one of those implied unspoken things.


Mickey Gordon  23:27

Yeah, at least. And did I just draw on my forehead? He did. Okay, that’s okay. I’m scratching my head with my pen. And I realize I’m scratching at the wrong but


Mallory Gordon  23:33

like, leaving your partner out of the conversation specifically, like that whole group chat only, you know, I’ve never had an experience that I was speaking directly to somebody else, whether it was the male or female in the group without one, letting it be known that that’s was what I was doing. Like, especially if it’s her, I’ll ask her, or I’ll ask her if it’s okay to text him. Oh, of course, which that’s only happened a couple times. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  23:57

And it is something that was fairly foreign to us. And I think we discovered, we kind of like it, we kind of like be able to have a little bit of direct conversation. And the end of the way when we talk about, we’re not leaving anyone out of the conversation, it just gives you an opportunity to more directly get to know somebody that you might be getting to know intimately at some point. But the way that I personally handle it, is I just kind of assume that my conversation with this person is going to be repeated verbatim to their partner. So I would never say anything to them that I wouldn’t say if their partner wasn’t sitting right there. I think that should be everyone’s rule of thumb. Yeah, just just assume that it’s gonna be like parroted Yeah. And badly. Think about telephone, right? Think about that game. Imagine it’s gonna go off. You’re like, You’re beautiful. And you’re back. He said, I had buck teeth, but they were pretty happy. Assume No,


Mallory Gordon  24:51

I don’t know how you got from point A to point B, but I do second telephone. No, I understood that analogy.


Mickey Gordon  24:58

But I don’t think I’ve ever really heard Did anyone ask me to leave you out of the conference now until now,


Mallory Gordon  25:02

it’s a good point that we’ve never been asked to play separately unless it was already on the table or discussed prior. Yeah, that’s true. Nobody ever said it’s, well, no, you


Mickey Gordon  25:12

know what, maybe I cut my own nose off to spite my face there. Because I have had people say that we would like to play with Mallory, but not you. What’s Yeah, that’s a dress. And what’s usually Well, I mean, dating sites, their location, can we hook up with her? We’re looking for a girl and she’s hot. Like don’t even know what it look like. It’s not like they look to me or like, hey, Quasimodo, can we talk to your wife? That’s not what happened. They just were looking for a girl and they thought, hey, you’re hot. Let’s do that. And me, by the way, well,


Mallory Gordon  25:40

and maybe it was just another like in their methodology. You know, some people, you know, unicorn, you know, hunting unicorns is challenging. And maybe the lower hanging fruit is finding a female that’s allowed to play separately with a couple. I mean, we’ve we’ve seen a lot more of that dynamic in the last three or four years and we saw of unicorns That’s true.


Mickey Gordon  26:00

And I you know, what? unicorn exchange is a great playstyle


Mallory Gordon  26:03

Yeah, unicorn exchange. Yeah, that sounds like a white elephant game. Like you play Christmas Eve. Exchange right? Instead of the slot where swap it’s just this one swap. Hey, let’s talk to TdnN see if they can create like a microsite that’s just for unicorn.


Mickey Gordon  26:16

That’s actually a brilliant idea. Even Andy if you’re listening, set that shit up. Right? You know, so I guess maybe in 15 years, we’ve kind of been asked to do all those things but not egregiously you know,


Mallory Gordon  26:29

never end poor taste or bad behavior. I think the two that you mentioned are probably the the only ones that I would give that kind of notation to


Mickey Gordon  26:37

I left a big one off there. Sorry about that. But that’s okay. No, but we have been asked to do a few things that are big no nose like a bareback.


Mallory Gordon  26:46

Oh, yeah. Which is it hasn’t come up in a long time. But when it does, at my always so foreign to me, and I’m like, I don’t think um, no, definitely, most definitely not. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  26:58

I know couples that are they’re fairly, I don’t wanna say, I don’t know what the word is because it’s not monogamous. And it’s not polyamorous because they’re not in love. And they are two couples, it’s dogmas. I don’t know what it is, but where they are kind of hooked up and they’re fluid bonded and cool. They’re the only people they’re fucking monogamous. swingers have exclusive play partners. There we go. Yeah, maybe? I mean, he and that’s cool. But you meet him at a club? No.


Mallory Gordon  27:27

Yeah. What about we’ve been asked to surprise their partner for a birthday and let’s be honest, you did that to me. For one of my birthday. I


Mickey Gordon  27:36

did. Yeah. But at the same time, it was still a four person event. I just invited them down as a surprise. Here’s our friends that we play with all the time. And we’re all gonna hang out for your and I invited a bunch of your vanilla girlfriends to Okay, that he tried to fuck


Mallory Gordon  27:52

Yes. Rewind that tape for a second. Can you imagine Put yourself in my shoes. It’s my birthday. We have the swinger couple that we had been swinging with for quite some time. He’s very gregarious. Oh my, my girl circle pole dancing friends. Yes, my girl circle there. And he was hitting on all of them. So it’s them. All my girls it was it was a melding of two worlds that oh, well, if they hadn’t figured it out, they knew that most of them were most of them had. No I don’t they weren’t there was only one


Mickey Gordon  28:25

they were sexually non monogamous experience Havers on the regular I don’t know what you want to call it. No, they weren’t don’t know the No, they weren’t only one of them was the other two found interest in it. They’re the ones that are closeted, or like to insecure now one of them ended up having experiences but the rest of him at that point she had not, I guess I am building some of those. Yeah, you’re you’re making up the story that fits your narrative and how but wow. Wow, hi, guys, Mickey’s back and he’s a dick. That’s right. The new Mickey is a penis. You know, I we have had people ask us to expand boundaries that we’ve set prior to play in the heat of the moment. Now that is, like, you know, bareback is just off the table. It’s just really awful. But we talked about, you know, people are like, oh, by the way, I know you said you wouldn’t do blah, but since we’re here anyway. Things like being offered drugs. Yeah. Yep. You know, that’s and say, Hey, well, we brought some of this with us anyway. How would you like to do that? I’m like, Yeah, I feel like I can totally trust you. What else do you have in that trench game?


Mallory Gordon  29:28

Yeah, well, I mean, and I’m not gonna be like somebody else’s young but it does change the dynamic for me. You know, if they want to do whatever they want to do, that’s fine. But it also means if they’re under the influence, I don’t feel as great about it because I won’t do it. Oh, yeah. Well, that’s a different and that’s a that’s just a personal choice for me. That’s me not judging them.


Mickey Gordon  29:46

Why can I consider drug use to be the same as alcohol, that excessive use of alcohol is a consent issue for me and I consider to be drug use the same Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  29:56

even if like everyone’s totally sober and they decide to overindulged. Yeah during Yeah, even then that makes me uncomfortable. Exactly. And I’m



not gonna judge you for it. I’m just not gonna play with you. I mean, it’s Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see here and babysit you and bring you snacks, right? Yeah, events


Mickey Gordon  30:12

we go to or we don’t play. It has nothing to do with not winning play with people just sometimes it’s just not right. Yeah. How about and this is kind of the last one before we kind of move on? Is it the picture swapping? Oh, every fucking time you get somebody like from Kentucky who’s like, Hey, I know I don’t live anywhere near Central Florida. But let’s exchange pictures and jerk off. Can’t wait, Steve, let’s do that.


Mallory Gordon  30:31

It’s just not our bag. And it’s I guess it makes it a little foreign to us. And I think it’s more common than we really know. That pick pick exchange is a thing. Well, I don’t know. It’s kind of hot with people, you know? Yeah. But I mean, maybe it’s a little bit of a fetish one as people you don’t know. I’m not sure.


Mickey Gordon  30:48

We have some friends that are amazing photographers. And they have beautiful Oh my God. And so when they want to share photographs, it’s super sexy, but we know them. It’s not and so why are we including this in play style dynamics? Because I think for some people that is their playstyle because maybe their partner has no idea. Yeah. Maybe they’re just not into maybe their partner is the slowest person. And so they’re like, Look, let’s just do it this way. And it’ll just be hot and we can look at pictures and talk about it for a year


Mallory Gordon  31:15

plausible. We could probably come up with a six different ideas of you know what we don’t know that could be right, we make up the makeup the in between, but I do find it as an interesting or fascinating behavior. But not that I want. I want to subscribe to


Mickey Gordon  31:29

No, no, it’s I don’t do it. I mean, I do different stuff with our photographs. Anyway, I get a lot of shit online for it. I get a message probably once a week, from some morning dude going, Hey, all these other people have only fans, all these other people are showing off, you know, more TNA more explicit, you know, pussy pictures, why don’t you do that? You should do that. Send them to me. Just send me It’s okay. Just send him to me. Like Yo, my God, dude, you’re so right. Let me just send you this directory of 12,000 photos of Mallory’s vagina that I have. All right, it’s 9000. I’m not that weird. Okay. But so let’s talk about some of the different playstyles. Yes, yeah, the different ones that we’ve encountered and embarked on and what they are


Mallory Gordon  32:10

you kind of? Yeah, you kind of want to go in order from like, most common, most common or where a lot of people start, like, let’s say same room? Sure. See, maybe probably the most common place. The same room could be soft swap could be full swap, but everyone resides in plays in the same square footage area. There’s a door there, everyone’s on one side of it.


Mickey Gordon  32:30

Yeah. And I think that’s popular for safety reasons people feel comfortable. And I do think that that’s one of the biggest challenges both for women and for men for different reasons, that when you go to embark on a non monogamous adventure with another couple, what you’re doing is you’re handing the person you care about the most as a female or a male, to someone else to have intimate time with. And it’s a very vulnerable position for both parties.


Mallory Gordon  32:56

Oh, extremely. When we first started, I was definitely not comfortable being out of your eyesight. I wasn’t necessarily as concerned about keeping tabs on you. I mean, I was interested in what you were doing, but it just felt so foreign and very uncomfortable in the beginning to be outside of there. Like I remember, there was a time early on, I think you left to get like water for everybody. And in my head. I decided that you were you were gone for too long. And I remember feeling so anxious and paranoid. Someone was talking to me and it was like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Yeah. Wah wah, wah, wah. Exactly. I’m like, I know your lips are moving. But don’t understand anything you’re fucking saying right now. Is mine’s my anxieties like peaked? Yeah, I don’t I don’t know why I think it is.


Mickey Gordon  33:43

My person’s disappeared. Maybe he ran off maybe he met somebody and maybe forgot about


Mallory Gordon  33:47

No, me and my brain no be found down. You know, the stairs are being carted off in an ambulance. Definitely. No. Well, again, I guess so. She’s dead. I’m fun. I’ve always cared like you’re hurt or injured.


Mickey Gordon  34:02

You have to worry that I fall into my do a single storey building.


Mallory Gordon  34:07

That’s my worst case scenario, like you were abducted by aliens. Or I don’t know. I just worry about you.


Mickey Gordon  34:14

I’m so glad somebody does. Because the whole world out there is going god he’s an idiot. So what about group play? I think group play and people think same room but group play. What I mean by that is to some for some more some Yeah. Right. It’s it could be more than for sure. Because same room can be. I mean, one of my favorite parts about hotel rooms is they have a sex bed and sleep. Oh, yeah. But when you have a couple over there most experts, that’s true. But if you’re all in one bed, that’s group playing, okay. Right. It’s you’re all in the same space. That means you may have incidental contact. Yes, that’s my foot. Get off me. By you know,


Mallory Gordon  34:48

yeah. Which is the wrong order of those words. That should be get me off.


Mickey Gordon  34:51

That’s right. Get me love. But I do think it’s different. I think that dog pile in group play. Some people really dig it and it’s going Have a fun dynamic. Oh, yeah. Yeah. My friends that really dig it.


Mallory Gordon  35:05

Yeah, no, I love it. Because that means more hands for pets. Which I love my pets you do.


Mickey Gordon  35:13

But yeah, I personally don’t love group play. It’s not my thing, mostly because I have ADD like a motherfucker.


Mallory Gordon  35:20

Yeah, you and I have talked about that. So I think it’s add is one of the reasons you and I understand each other and yours is a little different than mine. But like we overlap and I’m not gonna say Venn diagram even though I just did. Um, there we go again, folks. Another Venn diagram from Matt, we have overlapping tendencies, so we understand each other. But your your tics and hesitations and like where you tend to refocus is totally different work than than I so. But yeah, I can see my dog pals, like, it’s good for me because I have multiple things going on that allowed me to focus on me. It’s weird, like I listen to music or watch Netflix while I work, even when I’m doing some intense research, because it allows me to focus because there’s other things going on. I don’t know how you do that same reason I need a fan on at night. I need the noise I need to that tactile feeling of the wind on my face and listen to the noise.


Mickey Gordon  36:12

Like the only time I can listen to music while I work is when I’m doing accounting for casual toys or taxes or expense reports at work when I’m doing mindless shit. I was gonna say odd number for AIFF to call it Yeah, autonomic functions. Yeah. But if I’m trying to do for JB for casual swinger, I’m working on a website working on graphics. I can’t


Mallory Gordon  36:31

Yeah, and see, the more creative or in depth it is the more I need it. But I digress. So what about separate room play? That’s another dynamic


Mickey Gordon  36:42

that is another dynamic. And we’re gonna talk a lot more about that in a minute. But, you know, separate room is something that I think a lot of people are terrified of,


Mallory Gordon  36:50

especially in the beginning, a lot of people never explore that.


Mickey Gordon  36:53

No, they don’t. And again, for a lot of reasons, there’s trust security, there’s concern for maybe something’s gonna happen that I have no control over, or maybe even just basic logistics. Like, what happens if one couple finishes? are we all going to go watch TV until they get done in that other room? It’s tough. Yeah, it’s stuff you have to communicate about beforehand. And you know, we talked about this a lot in our podcast a Palooza session, but communication is pretty goddamn key. Because things like separate room, that’s where it’s really important. I mean, you’re gonna go beat on the door and go, Hey, I came get out of there. We’re done now. Oh, that’s not how that works. But separate room is very uncommon, actually, from our experience, almost as uncommon as people talking separately and as opposed to in group chats and stuff. Interesting that you mentioned that it is but we’re gonna get back to that. Is that foreshadowing? Yes. And literature we call that foreshadowing, folks? I love you. He’s so good at this about hot wife and cut clay. Let’s talk about them.


Mallory Gordon  37:48

Yeah, I mean, obviously, that’s another dynamic right hot wife, click Play stag, vixen? Anything, you can kind of throw those under an umbrella in a way. All little different in their own sense. But when one player goes out, player, a player a player don’t hate the player hate the game. When one player three is in the game, are we gonna make you explain it? When when one spouse of the couple goes out and plays with another individual or even another a couple of times, or? Yeah, no,


Mickey Gordon  38:22

it is well and so it can be cocky can be cut Queen, cut queen is a female cook. By the way for those that don’t know what that is. But yeah, it’s it’s when one person goes out and plays and the other one gets hella turned on by it and stays home and tries out like hell not to spank their monkey because they want to bug the crap out of their partner when they get home. It’s actually extremely common.


Mallory Gordon  38:43

Yeah, it’s more common than I would have thought. 15 years ago.


Mickey Gordon  38:49

Yeah. It’s outrageously common. Yeah. And how about soft swap full swap oral only? Right. It’s i think i think we that’s all kind of know what those things are. The weird one for me is where people are like oral only Yeah, like don’t touch me down there. But you can kiss it and I we’ve actually had a couple they don’t kiss me. Yes. Don’t get me. It’s all me on the poster. You can hear touch it.


Mallory Gordon  39:16

You can kiss me where it smells funny. But definitely a lot on the lips. Sure.


Mickey Gordon  39:21

I get it. I guess I don’t understand it. I’m not gonna do it. I don’t think it should smell funny. No, it doesn’t smell your smells delicious. Thanks. Yeah. Like, like fairies are down there. It’s going here have fairy dust. Nice. rainbows and sunshine. Yes. Oh, no. rainbows are unicorn farts. Yours don’t smell like unicorn farts.


Mallory Gordon  39:39

Yeah. And then there’s the other dynamic and it’s usually like the disclaimer dynamic. Right? Right. I would do we can do all of the things anything but insert what’s only reserved for my spouse here


Mickey Gordon  39:53

that like kissing. Kissing is a great example of that. Yeah, I only kissed my partner. You know, I can’t I cannot have sex without kissing. I just Kid,


Mallory Gordon  40:00

I can’t, I cannot find. I can’t even imagine trying to find a level of sexual draw desire to someone that I can’t kiss because it’s a precursor. Like when you kiss someone, that’s when the wheels start turning, and you start to anticipate what kind of lover they could potentially be. Yeah, that’s that first gate


Mickey Gordon  40:21

fetish. Well, that’s it, they can’t kiss your face. They’re not going to kiss your pussy worth a damn. That’s a good point, right? Because if they’re too rough, if they’re like, chomping on your cheek or something, or


Mallory Gordon  40:32

biting your tongue, I’ve had somebody do that before, which is very strange.


Mickey Gordon  40:35

I go, like, Oh, my tongue. Or how about reserving like, things that the spouse won’t do? Like? Like, for example, I we’ve actually had this conversation, maybe where some playstyle is, I’m really looking for anal, because my wife won’t do it. And my wife’s totally fine with it. She’s right here, see? And she goes, Yeah, you’re right. I won’t, but you can.


Mallory Gordon  40:54

Or the opposite, because I’m uncomfortable with it. It’s not part of our dynamic in or out of this situation.


Mickey Gordon  41:01

Yeah. So and again, that a lot of this sounds like yucking, somebody else’s yum. And I promise it’s not. It’s just kind of an overview of some of those different dynamics that are out there. They’re all okay, if everyone involved is okay with it. Sure. But if not, everybody’s okay with it. Where’s the where’s this come in? failures of communication. So what ends up happening is because you’re afraid of how people are going to react, people don’t like what you’re going to say, maybe you think that they’re not going to be okay with it. Maybe you hold it back, and then you end up asking for it in the heat of the moment. And that’s how that first thing happens that we talked about earlier in the segment, that now in the heat of the moment, you bring something up, that’s all new, that’s a terrible time to introduce something new. If you didn’t communicate it about it beforehand, then probably shouldn’t communicate about it while you’re having sex. Right? don’t pop new shit on partners and swinging. That’s


Mallory Gordon  41:53

not a good idea. Yeah, no, no, yeah. No, that’s, that’s terrible idea. And so where are we even talking about this? Because I think that overview went a little long. We have a fucking point to this. I don’t care. We haven’t done a show in six weeks, they’re probably gonna forgive us for it. So how about let’s ask a question, Where are we with our exploration? shoots happened in the last six weeks? Yeah. Yeah. I love that. We’re still doing new things over these years. But I’m also shocked that we it took us this long to explore it, and maybe it was just the right time, the right people.


Mickey Gordon  42:22

That’s what I think is gonna happen here in a second, we are going to let our listeners know that there’s something that we hadn’t done before, and they will probably have assume that we did. That’s true. And it’s probably going to be a little shocking.


Mallory Gordon  42:36

Okay, are we gonna give it to them? Because we’re not due for a break. All right, let’s give it to them. Okay, so, since we last spoke to all of you, we actually had legit separate room play. Yeah. And I say legit, because we’ve had play where maybe you were on the main level doing something else. And I was still there. And it’s it’s kind of open air like in reference to our domicile? Sure. And I’ve gone out and done the single guy hot wife thing. But that’s not really separate room because you’re home or elsewhere doing non swinger things. Yeah, they were in it was normal. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  43:12

I thought it would be very normal transition. But it’s still kind of came out. Like, like, don’t like we all huddled was like okay, and break. And?


Mallory Gordon  43:21

Yeah, yeah, kind of a little bit. But it wasn’t weird. It wasn’t weird. So Woody. So what do we think of it? What? How did how did that transpire?


Mickey Gordon  43:30

I kind of want to hear your thoughts on that. First.


Mallory Gordon  43:34

Okay. So I thought it was amazing. Actually, I very much enjoyed it. I had some reservations, of course, because it’s anything new. Right? You it’s an unknown quantity. So you don’t know what to expect after the fact. Right. And we’ve done such a good job at connecting with these folks. And that leads into something we foreshadowed, folks, is that we actually had an opportunity to engage with them individually. Yeah. And almost like a three way conversation. So we had a group chat with all of us in one place. You know, I would talk to her, I would talk to him, you would talk to her and you kind of talk to him a little bit, I believe. Yeah. Yeah, I like him. He’s a good guy. But we got to know each other a little more intimately. You know, leading up to them coming here, or meeting up? Yeah. And I think it actually helped a lot to establish this foundation and comfort level.


Mickey Gordon  44:33

Here’s what I liked about it. What it allowed us to take very different paths from point A to point B, when a group chat, people tend to follow the leader. So if things get naughty, then it’s a naughty chat for everybody. Yeah. But when you have that separate, segregated conversation, you can move, the two people might move slower than the other two people in terms of their path to being a little more risque or a little more I get it. But we all still arrived at the same place. We just arrived there at different times, which I thought was really interesting.


Mallory Gordon  45:07

Yeah. And I mean, it allowed us because when you think about it from a strategic in this sounds really kidzone candor and authentic in a way, but from a strategic perspective, you want to give the best opportunity to connect with that individual that you’re primarily going to be sleeping with. It’s not your partner. Yeah. And I think that really opened the door, because for me group chats, everyone’s schedules a little different. So I had trouble following and being on the same page as everyone else, when you reduce the number of people to just one other person and the person you’re praying to, nobody gets left behind. And then the two of you are going at your own pace. Yeah. And what was great is everyone was communicating and kind of giving, like summaries or bullet points that are up to date, because we’ve had problems with that in the past where we’ve independently spoken with one person. And they didn’t tell the other person like, you know, you never know how someone’s gonna feel about some things. Let’s trigger and, you know, even they’re just words, they can hurt sometimes. Oh, or be an issue. And this was not the case. It was absolutely wonderful.


Mickey Gordon  46:15

Yeah, it’s, I think it is, and I think we, we kind of covered what was good about it, was there anything bad about it from your perspective that would that would lead us to, we don’t want to do that, again, that plays out and work for us, or the lead into that play style wasn’t effective for us?


Mallory Gordon  46:30

You know, I will update you, if I identify anything that I can say was bad or negative or even indifferent to, yeah, um, nothing’s coming to mind me


Mickey Gordon  46:43

either. I can tell you that. For me. It was a lot of confetti in the air like it. Yeah, it was really good for me, because I have ADD like a motherfucker. So I said that earlier. And it really let me focus on the other person a little bit, which made it a lot more intimate, especially for that person, because I think she needed that. And I think I would absolutely do it again. Matter of fact, I’m looking forward to doing it again. And I think you’re as well. That I am as well, what looking forward to doing it again. Are you paying attention? Are


Mallory Gordon  47:10

you I am you swallowing something? I don’t know, an Egor? I don’t know. I missed that.


Mickey Gordon  47:16

But yeah, I’m looking forward to doing it again, because I think everything about it was great. And the last thing that I have for you is why in the hell have we done that before?


Mallory Gordon  47:24

You know, after all these years, I look back and I’m thinking the same thing. We’ve had some very close relationships. And I don’t know if it was a reflection of the other couples dynamic or that we just never asked or really thought about it. That or that intentionally. Because for us, we’ve only really pursued like, the hot wife kind of aspects. Because that does feed. You and I in a very personal and intimate environment. So dirty for us. And we’ve we love it. Yeah, I’m not really sure I came up with nothing when we were going through the notes on this. Yeah. I came up with it. There’s no I don’t. I don’t know if there was if we had any walls up with that. Do you think you did?


Mickey Gordon  48:12

I think that I had a irrational fear of a dynamic forming that never formed, I think I had an irrational fear that we would lose communicative points that we would lose the group dynamic that it would become about two separate relationships and not the group. And I think what we did really well was maintain that group chat as well as the individual chats.


Mallory Gordon  48:36

Yeah, we didn’t nurture the conversations as a whole. And just like we nurtured the playtime as a whole because it wasn’t just separate room play. I mean, we actually led with it, which was kind of funny. And like, in hindsight, but we also had group play. And it, it was actually a good physical reflection of the conversations we were having. Right? It was, it was fun. It was it was interesting, because I think she led the charge and the initial play separate. And then he did as well. And I was really proud of them. And for many reasons that we won’t get into that. They were kind of like the ringleaders there. And then we we did the group play thing, and it was almost poetic. It was beautiful. Yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  49:21

wish they’d come to podcasts of blues, I think we would have had a lot of fun. We probably would have been a lot less useful to all the attendees.


Mallory Gordon  49:26

I was gonna say we would have not been as hopeful or as present probably. Really, where’s the MC he’s in his room. And a lot of sex anyway.


Mickey Gordon  49:36

Well, what are your thoughts on transitioning between playstyles because, you know, I think everybody starts somewhere some people start soft and seem room or or oral only or they start girl girl only, right? I mean, they were there. Everybody’s got some list of fucked up rules when they get started. We did everybody else has.


Mallory Gordon  49:56

I don’t want to call them fucked up because everyone I mean, if it’s their rules, it’s a prerogative. Sure.


Mickey Gordon  50:00

But is there a way to progress between playstyles? If you wanted to do so in your opinion?


Mallory Gordon  50:04

I mean, sure there is. I mean, we did it. Of course there is, but it’s got to be ever the slowest person’s pace, right? I just think it’s crazy that we haven’t ever really done it before. It’s so mind blowing to me. It’s


Mickey Gordon  50:20

equally mind blowing, would you do it again, I would 100% do it again, even necessarily, with a different couple, but with some caveats. Okay, then obviously, with that couple because it worked out magically was fantastic. So of course, I’m going to do it again. But with, you know, the caveats for a new couple are that we do maintain that group dynamic, and that we let everybody know, they know that we do talk to each other, we are going to communicate wholly and completely we’re going to communicate for ways and make sure that everybody’s on the same page and find out what all of us want from our playtime. Yeah, right. What are you looking for? What you know, what scares you? Because I think irrational fear is the thing that grenades a good time. It really does.


Mallory Gordon  51:06

Yeah, no, I get that. And I don’t know, this is something we could blink, blink it do with just about anyone, per se, right, because everyone’s got their own, you know, rules and regulations and comfort zones. But if we are I do like the approach we took, I think it made it comfortable, more comfortable for all parties. And I think it led to better sex to Oh, God.


Mickey Gordon  51:25

Yes. It was awesome. Yeah, but you know, I will tell you the thing that always kind of stopped me over the years, because I’ve been in the lifestyle very long time. And I’ve done some separate room stuff, you know, before you. And the thing that I always I always go back to and I always think about is how much do I trust this person with the person I love the most. Okay. And I think that’s one of the barriers for people is is my spouse, wife, girlfriend, fuck, buddy, whatever, are they going to be? Okay. And if you are worried about it, you probably shouldn’t be playing with a couple at all. Yeah, and I think the, in my opinion, that’s just my humble opinion. Can


Mallory Gordon  52:02

I get into my experience? I think it was the second time we had departed to do separate room pleasure show to talk. Yeah, so there was a little unexpected anxiety but it was a blend of anxiety and excitement and the best way and God I hope there’s people out there that watch tik tok that know who this person is because this is the I know, I can paint the picture. So there is a woman on tik tok, and she does these sleepwalking videos or no it is silliness. Spooky boo. she the one that farts? Yes. But I did not fart. So you guys are still up there. We had just finished at least like the first or second round. And I went to come like inspections like checking and reading and get waters and all these things. And I’m literally like Scooby Doo gang like tttt tttt, the main floor and like, I want to celebrate all of the things that have just happened. But I’m also not sure of like what I’m supposed to do with myself and what the next steps are. So it was like a robot ran out of the room, grab some water, come back in, lay back down, take the robot hang out, maybe learn a little bit. Get up, put the robe back on, run out giggle look for people. No one come back to the room. Like it was. It was a lot like her videos when she’s in that euphoric state. And she’s just running around giggling and like, going in the fridge and offering inanimate objects like drinks. That was that was pretty much me. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  53:27

Meanwhile, I’m upstairs doing nothing playing checkers. Yeah, well with a pillow over her face because she was loud. I’m gonna call her checkers from now on. I was playing checkers. Look, if your add is Fuck, like I am, I will say this, that you’re transitioning to a separate room playtime is actually pretty beneficial. It was beneficial for me because you know, when we are in a group dynamic or steam room dynamic, I tend to focus on Mallory,


Mallory Gordon  53:54

okay. And I love that I’m your favorites, human being and I love that you’re so interested, and my pleasure and my happiness, that that’s a part of it. But I have, I do feel like it’s a hindrance on your own pleasure, because then you focus there takes away from your partner. But it also could potentially take away from your ability to get off. It does every time. And when we were talking about the separate play. I’m like, you know, I would really love to see how this impacts your ability to have more orgasms. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  54:30

I think it does impact it. One of the things that I remember is obviously a few weeks ago, but one of the things I remember the most is that I had zero trouble I normally like condoms are an issue right and unique condom has been a huge boon for me. The unique condoms are the most sensitive condom I’ve ever felt. So I think it was a combination of the unique condoms and the separate room right? But are you gonna tell you’re gonna make jokes about the fucking labels on the condoms? I know. But those condoms And the separate room made it to where I had no reptile issues at all like I was harder than Chinese algebra the whole fucking time. I was I was as hard as on naturale


Mallory Gordon  55:09

man, like all natural like you were ready to go with it. I know nothing. I was super excited for that. That was wonderful. You know, I enjoyed using the condoms as well. It definitely helps me a lot of them. You owe me money. I was lucky. That was rude. But one of the best parts was picking the stickers off your guys’s butts and balls because apparently as girls are you guys when like I put them on every time. I think he kind of liked it. But they never failed like, because it’s Dickerson you’re crevasses.


Mickey Gordon  55:51

I know I had one of my ball sack in the shower. And I was like, why do I have a green sticker? There’s one I can’t remember whose button was on. But it’s the sticker. See insert penis here. Oh, no, it was the best flick. It’s not close to taking a picture. Definitely not my button. Alright, well look, we’re gonna come back in just a hot second for you guys. I This episode is going to run just a couple of minutes long. But we don’t want to leave this out. We’re gonna come back and talk a Mallory’s toy box. We’re going to talk about the poem power extreme. It’s a new one. So awesome. Yeah, Mallory is going to talk all about this. I am



I was a little scared of it. Not gonna lie. But we’ll get into that all new stuff. Mallory want to let everybody know where to find us. And we’ll be back in a whole second.


Mallory Gordon  56:31

Yeah, we’re casual swimmer everywhere. It’s casual swing, calm, you can reach out to us podcast at casual swinger calm. If you like us want to leave us some love notes. Feel free to do that on iTunes. let other people know that we’re great. We’re also on social media. That’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And you can find us on the dating apps as well. That’s why Celeste sec and Cassidy.


Mickey Gordon  56:56

You know, it’s funny. I sit over here and I mock you for this like in my head. And I know that I could never do what you do. I could never get all that.


Mallory Gordon  57:02

Yeah. And he tried to distract me by counting and like trying to recite it or move your lips the same time as me. I’m an awful person. Yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  57:09

don’t know why you love me or suck my penis. That’s a great penis. There it is, folks. He’s got a great penis and he and his penis. We’ll be back with the beautiful Mallory in just a second. You’ve been listening to casually.


Mallory Gordon  57:35

Hey, guys, welcome back to casual swinger. It’s Mallory again. Did you get confused about what show this is? Oh, well, back to you. Casual I didn’t say. No, you didn’t. I did though. Jerk. Hey, welcome to my box. I love your box. Do you like to see what’s inside my box today? A few things inside your box in the last six weeks? That’s true. I’ve been playing with a lot of different things. Mm hmm. Yum, yum. Mallory’s toy box? Yeah. So yeah, we’re gonna do a toy box session because I feel rather spoiled these days. I got a few new toys over the last, you know, six weeks that we’ve been on hiatus unbeknownst to our listeners, you have a stack of toys I do. And this one I’m really excited about. You know, I’m a big proponent and supporter of the womanizer, that thing has changed my life. And I still love my ones I just struggled to use ones during play. Because of the ergonomics of it and the placement of it because of typically where I like to have the dual stimulation. I’m usually on my knees or face down or on my side. So it’s a curved like we’re spooning essentially, while we’re fucking are you doing me doggy style, but you used to use a wand every time I used to. Yeah, I used to use the nachi. And it just got to the point that was too cumbersome. To do so to hold the angles, right. And we placed Ray and I got so clunky that it was frustrating. It was actually taken away from potential natural orgasms. And oh, it was just a nightmare. That’s when we actually got the wedge because a wedge had the Hitachi o hole for it. Which is amazing. But it’s still not useful except for in that one position. Yeah, that’s right. We hadn’t figured like I’ve tried to bear hug it. Down face up. Yeah. That’s sitting, isn’t it? Looking at you, Derek. Yeah, so we found this toy. Actually, you found this toy and surprise me with it. There was a little goodie bag that was waiting for me when I get home. And it’s called a poem power extreme. And I keep on I call it a Palm Pilot. I know that’s like something totally else. It’s a utilitarian and outdated archaic tool. Now Ellery has dated herself. Hey, did everyone should date themselves. You do see sex toys all the time. But what I love about this, so it’s a one, but it’s a tilted one. Like it’s got it’s got an angled head. It does. And I was right before we started recording this. I was like, I don’t know how to describe it. You That hockey stick or a golf club, and yeah, that’s kind of the nature of it. So the head is perpendicular almost to the handle. It’s about a 4550 degree angle from the handle. Yeah. And it’s actually a really great angle. So if I’m laying on my belly or on my side, I don’t have to put my wrist in my hand in an uncomfortable position to make contact to where I feel is natural and comfortable for me. You can almost lay it flat on your belly. I could almost lay flat on my belly. You’re correct. Yeah, yes, almost lay flat on my belly and have this right underneath. It’s got a little bit of height to it. So I do have to like kick my hips up a little bit or use a pillow, which is or a wedge, which is kind of my go to like the little soft wedge, not the big wedge. But what I love about this is it’s got a few things going for it is water resistant. So no, don’t take it in the bathtub. It’s not submergible but you know, if I was in the shower if you’re squirter totally fine. Okay, yeah, silicone head. It’s got a silicone head. It’s USB rechargeable, which is kind of a half, two, there’s not many battery operated toys out there that, you know, I would go to, you know, the maps for these days. rechargeables kind of everything in my toy bag right now.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:09

You know what I noticed about the rechargeable part though? It’s a micro USB.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:12

Micro USB. Yeah. So like regular old your phone charger can return? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I don’t turn it on dad. It’s super super, this why it is super quiet. I’m kidding. And I’ve been sitting here for so it’s got seven functions, which means it’s got certain degrees of level right as far as the intensity, the vibration, and then pattern vibration to it, right. So may do some short bursts and long bursts, then pause and some short bursts and long burst and pause and the intensities are, you know, different. I’m not a mode girl or function girl. But because I get really annoyed because right when I feel like I’m gonna edit pauses, or it’s like when you tell your partner Oh, that feels so good. Keep doing that. And then they stop and they do something else. That’s kind of what it feels like. To me that’s doing intensity is really, really nice. So it’s got a nice scale. And what I love about this, so it’s got an on and off button. And if you hold on, there’s a function button. So it’s really simple. On function, good to go. Nice. But if you hold down the function button, what it will do is it started a low intensity, and then gradually increase the high intensity. So it’s almost no thought involved. It’s cool if I wanted to increase or decrease it. So I absolutely fucking love that. And what’s even better, easy instructions on how to lock the damn thing. So if Yeah, and I love traveling with a couple vibrators, I need them and when I’m traveling because I never have an opportunity to go out on my own when I’m out for work. So I’m going to 100% be masturbating in my hotel room by myself. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than when they pull your fucking suitcase out of the overhead compartment and go Whose is this? And everyone on the plane can hear it vibrating asked me how I know Oh, God, I wish I was there. And it’s and I can’t be like y’all whacking off and I can’t be like that’s my toothbrush cuz I don’t bring me electric Run with me.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:06

Sure, ma’am. That’s your toothbrush. So how do you compare the palm power extreme? And I said that, like, all the keywords are extreme. How do you compare that to the doxy, which is our like most favorite one.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:19

So I love the doxy wand, it’s similar weight, if it were a sword, and I’ve just we’ve watched fortune and fire lately, the balance is different. This is definitely heavier at the head because it’s got a high quality silicone flexible head. And I believe the motor is located right behind it. But it makes the handle nice and light, where the doxy it’s more balanced. You feel like equal weight distribution. Sure. So if I’m masturbating, it’s kind of a toss up between the two. It’s whether I like the standard wand sensation because the docks has got a higher RPM to it. So the vibrations feel different, even on low it’s think about when you’re going down on someone and it’s the same amount of pressure, but the cadence of the tongue flicking changes. I mean, I don’t know if really, as far as physics goes, that’s the best analogy. But that’s all I got right now. The docs is so wonderful. The head is not as flexible on the doxy. This has a little more play to it. But it still has stability. So it’s still firm enough to keep in place. I’ve had vibrators where the head just totally flexes backward. And you have to like write it like a bowl, just to kind of keep it in place if you’re you know, hitting the right spots.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:35

So for straight masturbation. Would you still go with the doxy because of its build quality battery life


Mallory Gordon  1:04:41

sucks is still gonna be one of my favorites, hands down. And I actually think it’s essentially replaced my Hitachi because and I love the Dachi It’s great. It’s just so fucking big. Yes. And then I look at like, like I’m an average size woman. I’m only five five. I say only but that’s another tall For short, I’m right in the middle. But like I think of smaller women with smaller hands trying to use a Hitachi and that’s got to be extremely cumbersome holding times Unless, you know, they’re like, you know, super built and have really strong risks. And, you know, I don’t know like, I’m all about more comfort. I feel like that episode of Grayson, Frankie I can’t even think of it. It’s a Netflix show, I watched with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. And they created this vibrator for old lady older ladies because they have issues with like carpal tunnel and arthritis and everything. And I’m kind of, I’m getting to a point where comfort is, is it important, just as important as quality as well. And that’s why I love the doxy I really like this I actually have only played with myself. So I’m looking forward to a session tonight to see how it does under pressure. So more to come, folks. Yeah, see what I did there. But as a masturbation toy, this is absolutely fantastic. And I would, it’s not so big that I wouldn’t travel with it. I’ve never traveled with my Hitachi even the rechargeable one because it is fairly large and I’m carry on only if I can get away with a girl and this won’t impede that. And it’s got to travel. And it’s got a travel lock which is a big deal. It’s a huge deal. I hate being embarrassed


Mickey Gordon  1:06:18

sorry captain. That’s just my vibrate Yeah, well there you go folks. That is the pomp our extreme that is a toy that is available on casual you can check it out in our brand new fancy ass search engine. The upper left hand corner if you click search you can even spell that shit wrong. It will bring up the right toy for you at the right time and look for any Yeah, what I love that new search engine Yeah, to use it.


Mallory Gordon  1:06:40

And I’ll tell you what, like the the doxy retails for what $220 Exactly. So it’s a it’s a pretty high end toy. This is half that 103 50 Yes Have that cost and if you reach out or use our ambassador or affiliate links codes, save some cash on it too. So this is so high quality item at a lesser cost. Sure.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:01

I think it’s a great thing. And make sure to check out those ambassadors of ours for casual toys. There’s ambassadors are alleycat and honey spoon in the baby pineapple at twitter. Yeah, you can find them on Twitter. So harass them those ladies have done a great job for us out there just honestly answering questions for you guys. That’s why they’re ambassadors. Yeah, they do a lot with our laundry lines a lot. And we have a lot of kisses back in stock. Oh yeah, lots of kicks. These are back in stock. So that’s kind of a big deal. And also we carry Levin’s now.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:29

Those are so correct me if I’m wrong. Levin’s is one of those Apotex toys that we’ve seen on like only fan sites and like chatterbait and stuff like that we got some pink sticking out of the posi elevens I have a little man in the boat that’s very very pink.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:45

Well that’s that’s loving. But yeah, no Levin’s is she’s right. That’s the chatterbait all the rage because people can control it remotely. And so all the elevens app actually lets you connect to sites like chatterbait Pornhub I think has a plugin for it where you can actually okay you know that connect with your listeners your followers so if you are a creator out there Levin’s make some great products and we carry them all in casual now that’s awesome. I’m pretty excited about it. You want to tell everybody how to how to find us we can get out of this long you know, you can make it a short one because we’ve only been here about 10 minutes for Toy Box


Mallory Gordon  1:08:19

guys, we fucking missed you. Thanks for hanging in there with us. We’re gonna get you know, get back up to speed here and hold Mickey to his word. We’re casual swinger everywhere. Please feel free to shoot us a note if you have any questions or comments podcasts at casual swinger Comm. You’d find us on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or on the dating sites. W nation Cassidy SLS in Assisi.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:39

She’s gotten better at it as the episode has gone along. Join us next time, folks, when we’re going to bring our friends the monogamous marriage. You’re going to join us for the next episode. As we wrap up season three. You’ve been listening to the swinger

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Ma Ma Ma Corona

Thu, 9/2 10:24AM • 1:23:19


clubs, stay, lifestyle, home, closed, people, talk, casual, good, virus, day, video, swinger, uv lights, called, friends, parody, corona, symptoms, point


Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise. Welcome back to casual swinger. This is Mallory and Mickey, and we’ve missed you guys,


Mickey Gordon  00:57

or we’ve missed a lot of things. I feel like we’ve been holed up in this house for months, not weeks.


Mallory Gordon  01:01

Yeah, literally, in the last four or five days. It’s I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even know what day it is.


Mickey Gordon  01:07

Yeah. And we looked up and you know, we had an episode ready to go for you guys. And it was it’s great episode.


Mallory Gordon  01:13

Yeah, it’s it’s fantastic. We enjoyed it. It’s locked, loaded, ready to go. But it felt a little inappropriate to release it right now.


Mickey Gordon  01:21

It felt plain wrong.


Mallory Gordon  01:23

Yeah. So we’re gonna can that and keep it and release it here. I don’t know, maybe the next few weeks month whenever it seems or feels right. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  01:32

maybe when things come down. And people aren’t like dying. I mean, it really so what it was is a celebration of our time at Hedo. And we had a great couple on that we had met down there and was a virgin trip and it was so great. And so when we canned it, it made this episode late, right? I mean,


Mallory Gordon  01:47

yes, yes. Well, not to mention because of the industry we work in. I’m on seven days, some seven day shifts at this point to help cover logistics. So


Mickey Gordon  01:56

yeah, fortunately for us working in technology means that we we are kind of essential


Mallory Gordon  02:01

it is but I feel really good about what we’re doing right now because we’re trying to get all those new teleworkers and students and teachers and healthcare workers access right now.


Mickey Gordon  02:10

So in with contributing to the fact that Pornhub has a 39% increase in traffic right


Mallory Gordon  02:15

now. Yeah, that’s true. I’m not surprised but what I’m surprised by as you mentioned, that the number one search right now in Pornhub is the word Coronavirus. Like 1.1 million


Mickey Gordon  02:25

9.1 million


Mallory Gordon  02:26

so people are looking for porn relating to this pandemic


Mickey Gordon  02:30

I they just like scrubs fucking I guess I


Mallory Gordon  02:32

don’t know but but whoever they are, what the fuck is wrong with


Mickey Gordon  02:35

you? Stop buying er n 95 masks to shoot porn. Oh my god. Don’t do that. Alright, look. So this episode is called mum mum mum. My Corona.


Mallory Gordon  02:46

Yeah, yeah, so even though it’s gonna be a little tongue in cheek we feel that a little laughter a little camaraderie is kind of needed right now. Yeah. And


Mickey Gordon  02:56

that is important and should we this is going to get serious at some point. This is probably going to be a little bit of a long episode and we did that because you know what? We screwed you and left you out there for a few weeks.


Mallory Gordon  03:06

Yeah. And take it into bits pieces, break it in half. Whatever works for you.


Mickey Gordon  03:09

Yeah, whatever you got to do because today we are going to interview doc Judy. And we’re going to talk some legit serious shit about being lifestyle in the air of Coronavirus co v id 19.


Mallory Gordon  03:21

Yeah, and doc GT is another person that we’ve met in, you know, our travels and in the lifestyle that we’re fortunate enough to have those kinds of resources and those people when we think about them a lot, especially the people like her, Dr. Rick, and everyone else we know that’s our yeesha frontline. Yeah, well, these guys that are frontline first responders like yeah, Sheila,


Mickey Gordon  03:42

she works in the ICU. Yes. So we got a lot of those going on. And I mean, I think about duty, but that’s different. That’s for an entirely different reason. Dirty Yeah, I’m sorry. She’s hot as fuck she really is. But look, so we’re gonna get to all that. Let’s start with the intro. Okay, so you guys probably have assumed at this point. Now, have you been listening to casual swinger for a while now, you know, that we had a very busy spring lined up?


Mallory Gordon  04:07

Yes. And basically everything for the first half of the year has been canceled. rescheduled. Yeah, we’re looking I think the first event potential rescheduling is an August.


Mickey Gordon  04:18

Yeah, that’s gonna be our national trip, which was next weekend. So we’d bow in and Randy Rogers we’re gonna be playing we were gonna go see them. But instead, they did an online concert.


Mallory Gordon  04:27

Yeah, yeah. Wade Bowen has been streaming live on Facebook every Friday night. So this was the second one. He’s going to do one again, this coming Friday, which will have jack Ingram on there. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  04:36

we’re gonna talk about that in a few when we talk about things that we’re doing to stay busy. But just keep in mind we do have a lot of things that have been postponed or canceled. So if you’ve been following along, make sure to check out casuals when you’re calm and see where those dates have been changed. Yeah, things like Nashville. That’s been moved to August. Yep. podcast. A Palooza has been moved to October which got news for you guys.


Mallory Gordon  04:56

October as long as everything’s willing. Good. The weather is outstanding.


Mickey Gordon  05:01

Oh my god so actually better


Mallory Gordon  05:03

in my opinion it is because you still have the warmer waters. Mm hmm. So say you’re extending your stay to, you know the beach to go to the beach hang out in the area. I love it. I love southern Florida in October and it bumps up close to fantasy fast. I think it


Mickey Gordon  05:21

does. So it’s kind of like do your Miami keys you really want


Mallory Gordon  05:26

to play? Yeah, fantasy fest is a huge


Mickey Gordon  05:29

I’ve never actually done fantasy fest but I’ve always kind of wanted to but even though we live in Florida for like three years now we need to get down there but actually


Mallory Gordon  05:37

we do and I told you my story about how the only time I’ve ever ended up in fantasy fast rate was totally by accident with my my roommate at the time. Yeah, yeah, it was the first time I saw naked people like out in the wild. And I was like, This is strange.


Mickey Gordon  05:49

Strange. This is a party waiting to happen.


Mallory Gordon  05:51

I was 18


Mickey Gordon  05:53

but you know, we’ll have a fantasy fest conversation some other time for these guys because this is already gonna be a long show. This is important. Casual toys is closed for shipping until April 13. Our warehouses are closed so even if you place an order with us, unless you’re you know, ordering like a my underwear or something which I don’t sell on casual toys, but I could make an exception for the customer.


Mallory Gordon  06:15

No, I can sell my underwear too.


Mickey Gordon  06:17

They want yours at home.


Mallory Gordon  06:19

Well Joke’s on them. I don’t really wear underwear.


Mickey Gordon  06:22

But hey, mortar calm guys, there’s I’m sure there’s gonna be other postponements. There’s other things that are gonna get moved around for right now, as far as we know, our August trip up to the euphoria foam party is still on.


Mallory Gordon  06:33

That’s true.


Mickey Gordon  06:33

So that should still be cool. We still got that coming up.


Mallory Gordon  06:36

Yeah. Yeah, like I said, I think a lot of things are getting rescheduled to August, September, October, November. Right.


Mickey Gordon  06:43

So speaking of other news and things that are going on, I am very sad to report that the champagne club has closed its doors permanently. So if you guys didn’t know about that, I wrote an article about that for ASN magazine a few months back, and Eric and Melissa released a statement that we can release at least a part of right now. They said we have fought for as long as we’re physically emotionally and financially able to the city of Fort Wayne was unable to win this case in court. Knowing this they used what can only be called blackmail to secure an eviction from a property owner of our location. Our property owner is 78 years old and in frail health, he uses the income from leasing many properties to live on and care for his family. With the fear of relentless and random inspections across all of his properties. He was left with no choice but to terminate our lease and the best interest of his family. We fully understand this choice. The city of Fort Wayne not only went after an elderly man, but they used the horrible state of crisis Our nation is under to have the judge issue a restraining order against Eric and I personally to cease and desist all club operations, saying our club is irreparably harming the public. Even though we’ve complied 100% with all CDC, local and state and federal guidelines to close during this time. They also saw a permanent injunction claiming clubs such as ours violate the nuisance act. All of this added up to an insurmountable legal battle, we can no longer fight. So sad. Very sad, because this is probably the best if not one of the best in classiest clubs in this country. They extended invitations to you and I to come to so many of their events. And we were planning on going to Fort Wayne this summer at some point.


Mallory Gordon  08:27

Yes, sir.


Mickey Gordon  08:28

That is true. And we spent money in hotels, restaurants, bars, it would have been something. Yeah. So it’s it’s a real bummer. complete bullshit. But it is a warning to every club owner out there. I think how so? Well, I think that it can happen anybody. And that’s something that Erica Melissa went on to say in this statement, that you’re not, you’re not, you’re not immune, just because you think that you’re okay. Because your zoning laws, you’re okay, because you got a good landlord. Things can change. And I think there’s an army of these people out there like the douchebag bird folds of the world that are out to get some of these folks. So I think that people should support places like the ncsf.


Mallory Gordon  09:09

Yeah, yeah. And just for anyone who doesn’t know, Berchtold is the attorney rate that is hired by these cities to consultant and go after these places.


Mickey Gordon  09:16

Yeah, that’s right. He sure is. And you know, he’s he’s marketing his services around the country. So I think you can happen to just about anybody. And the last thing I think you can do is support your local club, go see them spend money there, especially after this is over.


Mallory Gordon  09:27

Absolutely. And I hope when this is all said and done, we see Eric and Melissa getting back into it if if at all possible because they were really good at what they did.


Mickey Gordon  09:37

Yeah, they really were and they said in their statement that they’re not looking to do anything around Fort Wayne or in the surrounding area, or even necessarily in Indiana. They’ve been doing this nine years they poured their hearts their blood their sweat their tears now, so my hearts broken for those guys need


Mallory Gordon  09:51

time to heal.


Mickey Gordon  09:52

Yeah, so it may take a little time but hey, everybody here in the meantime, us our family, friends, as far as we know nobody’s sick. Nope,


Mallory Gordon  10:01

no I did get word today though about 10 minutes before we started recording that a family member did come in direct contact with somebody so another in isolation and quarantine for 14 days a week from their kids. Oh, yeah. It’s the landscape.


Mickey Gordon  10:17

Yeah, that’s the world we’re in right now. But so what have we been doing though to pass the time other than, you know, staring at each other and doing balloon animals and shadow puppets


Mallory Gordon  10:26

that grain a little bit and then going yeah, I think I watched all Netflix, um,


Mickey Gordon  10:31

all of the Netflix.


Mallory Gordon  10:33

I have not watched all of the Netflix


Mickey Gordon  10:35

Well, one of the things that we decided to do is we decided to do some video chats with groups of people. Yeah, creators. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  10:41

I think that is absolutely helped attribute to our, you know, semi sanity over here. Yeah, but I see your friends their faces laugh have a good time. We had what three of those last week for


Mickey Gordon  10:52

Yeah, we did. So but you know, that fun is not to take away from anything that’s happening out there right now. And neither is this episode. We are going to have a little bit of fun here in a few minutes. But we want you to know that our hearts go out to any of you that are directly affected by this virus or its effect on the economy. You know, we have friends out of work, we now have some family that’s been exposed to it. But thankfully right now, no one’s sick. So we’re gonna try to have some fun. It’s no disrespect. Today For anyone struggling quite the opposite. We want to give you a reason to smile.


Mallory Gordon  11:21

Yes. Agreed.


Mickey Gordon  11:22

So we’re gonna do some of that today. But these video chats right so we did one with other content creators. We did it with our naughty


Mallory Gordon  11:28

gas because it was Nikki’s birthday. Yes, yeah. And


Mickey Gordon  11:31

who else did we have?


Mallory Gordon  11:33

We did it with the rascals


Mickey Gordon  11:35

right yes. I was just talking about the content creator one


Mallory Gordon  11:38

oh on the content creator so we had euphoria Chronicles are naughty Kate joined us for a couple minutes, but she that was the same night she was doing a live with Tara. Oh, yeah. Um, who else was there? Oh, I know this. I know these answers. Yeah. Oh. ddn. We had david Andy.


Mickey Gordon  11:57

Yes. And sapphic. Yeah, view those shit up dirty


Mallory Gordon  12:01



Mickey Gordon  12:02

We got to see the swinging dog Piper.


Mallory Gordon  12:05

Piper so cute.


Mickey Gordon  12:08

Sorry, had a really good timing. You know these guys. So what do we do with these video chats? We do them on zoom. We do them on Google human FaceTime. And we did have some fun, right? We had all of these people and we played some games. We brought some digital games to the bar. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  12:19

yes. Can I please. I’m gonna go off the rails with this for a second. So, um, something we play at home is a game called quip lash and it’s available on There’s these game packs that you can buy and play virtually with other people. I mean, we did a screen share with it, but it is flippin hilarious. It’s like Cards Against Humanity. But you write in your own answers. You compete against each other.


Mickey Gordon  12:43

So we brought that to the table along with some other games. And we got everybody playing games together and just having some laughter doing some virtual shots.


Mallory Gordon  12:49

Yes. Oh, we got hammer. Oh, host Oh, so bad. That I had to do all video meetings for my vanilla job the next day. I had a hat and sunglasses on and doors are like you’re right.


Mickey Gordon  13:05

Okay, you good? Yeah, fine. No. You know, I do have one thing to say to those crazy ass people though. Hashtag 4g. Oh, my God. Yeah, had to be there to get it yet. messages for our friends. Yeah, we’re in our Nati. Now of course we did another one. Like what? A day or two later with Rachel’s rascals.


Mallory Gordon  13:25

We did and we got to see literally some of our rascal family from across North America. That was


Mickey Gordon  13:31

so much fun. We got the pastors Michonne. Cindy, they react. And Cindy. We got to see Allie get, I don’t know fingerbang or something’s going on in the background. We’re all playing a game we look up and we just see alleys. But yeah, that was that was that was good. And so, you know, kind of my point here though, is and we had chats with some friends privately.


Mallory Gordon  13:53

Yeah. And what was up with the Canfield Twinkies from jack and Kathy. Love you guys.


Mickey Gordon  14:00

Once we got over the come filled Twinkies, I think, you know, we just burned through a ton of booze and hung out with friends. Man,


Mallory Gordon  14:04

I wish I could remember the question. So I could give it more which one


Mickey Gordon  14:09

answer was comm filled tweet? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  14:10

well, because that was the first one had such an impact. I mean, you know


Mickey Gordon  14:16

well exactly what what works didn’t jack go all the way with like talking about that he clear from van Wilder. Yeah, the visual and I There


Mallory Gordon  14:24

we go. That’s what it was. Like that little girl off the the fake poop video that we made you watch.


Mickey Gordon  14:30

We’re not gonna put those ads in today. But look, you guys can do this. You can socially distance and still talk to people. we’ve hung out with friends from all over the planet in the last few weeks. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  14:41

yeah. And I can keep doing it. Exactly. And I have, you know, older parents and whatnot. And it’s a way for me to keep in touch. I had to teach my mom on FaceTime. Which


Mickey Gordon  14:49

really? Oh,


Mallory Gordon  14:51

yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the only way she’s gonna contact me from now on, man.


Mickey Gordon  14:58

Alright, well look, we are going to have a little bit of fun here today on casual swing your so we are big content junkies right? We play on YouTube when we play here on our podcast. Yep. One of the things that we’ve noticed is this trend on YouTube of people making parody videos,


Mallory Gordon  15:14

you know, any, any, anytime something’s trending, you know, this. Let’s take away the pandemic. I love looking for parody videos, because it’s a creative outlet for people to get, you know, involved or, or get a message out or just have a good time.


Mickey Gordon  15:30

Right? We’re all generation, right? That’s exactly what I was thinking. Right? So I mean, I grew up with, you know, what was that like? Fat? Yeah, just eat it. Just eat it. Right. But so nowadays, everybody’s kind of on that train. And I liked that train better than the one where all the stars were like singing imagine.


Mallory Gordon  15:50

I you know, I guess I appreciate the you know, the sentiment behind it. But yeah, I think it was maybe a little tone deaf a little bit.


Mickey Gordon  15:59

Yeah, it’s I mean, Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan called Wonder Woman a dumb ass for doing it. And he’s like, you know, you guys are rich. Your lives don’t change. You can sit at home there’s people that can’t sit at home right? With Rogan on that one. But I do love seeing artists do all these free concerts online.


Mallory Gordon  16:16

That no that’s amazing.


Mickey Gordon  16:19

So much. Yeah, I do think music binds us I know that if you guys listen to casual stronger you know how much we love music


Mallory Gordon  16:27

it’s it’s pretty much my primary outlet for anything creative. I love reading I love catching up on some shows some Brain Candy every now and then but musics really where it’s at for me if I had to choose music, literature, or television, I think I think


Mickey Gordon  16:44

they all come after sex. Well sex I don’t


Mallory Gordon  16:49

there’s no i don’t i don’t have to choose. I always get sex but if I had to choose, you know that entertainment


Mickey Gordon  16:56

okay. And you know, so we were talking about how much we love red dirt. So it’s important for us to let you guys know that one of our favorite guys out there is a guy named Wade Bowen. We’ve traveled to see Mr. episode about Austin is when we went down to see down and he’s doing we’re not


Mallory Gordon  17:11

obsessed. I swear. No. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  17:12

we don’t follow this guy like crazy. It’s just not


Mallory Gordon  17:14

like Bert kreischer when we go all over the country to Ranch is


Mickey Gordon  17:19

over, Bertie boy. Yeah, a little bit. A lot of that dude is he’s my spirit animal. Although he’s like in great shape now, so I feel terrible. And like now I need to go do So


Mallory Gordon  17:27

wrap around still as a shape.


Mickey Gordon  17:31

What did he say? I


Mallory Gordon  17:31

mean, I don’t know. I don’t know that he’s running like any iron ran. But I don’t I don’t know. I


Mickey Gordon  17:37

heard he did a live kettlebell workout the other day online. Oh, I missed that. Me too. Thankfully. But hey, Wade Bowen is doing these free concerts on Friday nights. He’s calling it Wade’s world you can check that out. I think next week is jackin. grim, like it is stalking grim. So that should be pretty cool. And that’s just basically him. And another dude sitting in his garage playing music.


Mallory Gordon  17:56

Yeah, if you like singer songwriters, you have, you know, an affection for Texas country or just just want to check it out. I highly recommend it. And


Mickey Gordon  18:06

also check out hashtag music heals.


Mallory Gordon  18:08



Mickey Gordon  18:09

Hashtag music heals is supporting some of these providers. And these we’re talking about the roadies, we’re talking about the sound guys. Everybody’s benefiting music heals is supporting people that can’t tour right now to entertain you. And that’s how they make their living. So hashtag music heals on Twitter and Instagram. These guys are raising money. And that’s one of the things that Wade is doing is doing these, and he’s taking tips and he’s spreading it out a portion of it all goes to music heals. So I think that’s a really, really good thing.


Mallory Gordon  18:37

Yeah, I think it’s a great cause


Mickey Gordon  18:38

I do. But in the meantime, everybody else is making parodies. And we’re gonna offer up some of our favorites to you, which we’re gonna take a gamble here. I did a lot of research on fair use in podcasts, and I think we’re okay. Okay, I think we are we’re gonna put links in the show notes to all of these, we’re going to give credit to everybody well deserved. And we’re only going to play a little snippet of each of these and we’re going to talk about them after we play them. So what’s the first one Mallory What are we going to talk about?


Mallory Gordon  19:05

I think this first one is going to be by a family that a lot of us have seen before. And it’s actually a medley. I like it. I


Mickey Gordon  19:14

like it do the whole thing is a medley, but we’re just gonna play one little snippet. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  19:17



Mickey Gordon  19:18

So here it comes. Ready, set, go.



Yeah, just touch my face. It’s the new cardinal sin. Baby. I thought I never did. But I get sad. like five times a man falling Tabby.


Mallory Gordon  19:50

Alright, and raise your hand if you learned that you also touch your face 3000 times a day. So much right. So that day It’s probably a horrible habit that I’m trying to cut it out of my life now, given the circumstances so well I love especially with, you know, clean hands.


Mickey Gordon  20:10

I love the Holderness family for starters. Yeah, do an amazing job.


Mallory Gordon  20:14

That’s what I meant to say is it was the Holderness family. And that’s songs for social distancing. And they’re the guys that did the Christmas jammies. Right?


Mickey Gordon  20:20

Yeah. And that I mean, you know, this medley of songs. It’s a lot of different songs that he did. And his voice has gotten better. Like he was always good. Yeah, better since they started doing stuff. I have


Mallory Gordon  20:31

to agree.


Mickey Gordon  20:32

And I like this from a social commentary perspective. I feel like they’re really kind of taking a song that everybody knows and pointing out something that we all actually do


Mallory Gordon  20:40

well, and it’s a it’s a more fun way to tell people to wash your hands instead of the news every five minutes.


Mickey Gordon  20:45

Wash your fucking hands. You know, I love it.


Mallory Gordon  20:48

Well, no, you actually can so probably shouldn’t joke about that.


Mickey Gordon  20:52

No joking about death bad. Yeah. Bad casual swinger. Yes. All right. So the next one up, I think I get to pick this one, right? Yes, this is all right. For me to you. We’re going oh, we’re staying inside.


Mallory Gordon  21:39

Now I’m not gonna really should suck.


Mickey Gordon  21:42

But again, this is the thing I love about these parodies is it’s kind of I mean, yeah, it’s social instruction and telling everybody Yeah, you know, we’re all kind of actually in this together and doing the same thing.


Mallory Gordon  21:52

Oh, absolutely. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  21:54

What is it? His name is Brent McCullough, Brent Yalla.


Mallory Gordon  21:56

And, you know I loved about this video is you can tell that this is a band that is social distancing, because it’s a four panel video. Oh, the


Mickey Gordon  22:03

video was so badly. Yes. Oh, by the way, all of these are from YouTube. You can go to YouTube and check these out. By all means, check out our show notes and go see each of these.


Mallory Gordon  22:14

Yes, because some of these guys have several up there that are outstanding. So we just picked our favorite.


Mickey Gordon  22:18

We’re gonna share them on Twitter too. So we’re gonna put all these on Twitter for you guys. And Brent makalah in his band, right, this whole band like and they socially distance and did the song together.


Mallory Gordon  22:28

So that was a cute little puppy.


Mickey Gordon  22:30

The bass player did have his dog he was doing it so good that I really love what they did with the song I think it was produced wonderfully. Yes. And again, just such a social commentary right now. And I really really enjoyed that.


Mallory Gordon  22:42

Exactly. So this one is it my pick? Is your turn. So this one is a throwback to my mall days. I love I love it for its Well, basically because I love the original let’s be honest, but I was surprised to see it on here as a parody. So here we got trying to make sure there’s no one else sir. I’m working from home. Watching series three of the crown self quarantine zone. Check in every hour on the ombre Barbara. I’m glued to my phone. on WhatsApp is the only sound so I’m scrolling. Okay, I love it so much. So for anyone who doesn’t know, that was Luke marketer droid. And that was the cover of the Tiffany I think we’re alone now, which was also a cover of what was it the Tommy James and the shondells


Mickey Gordon  23:43

just makes me I’m gonna go to a mall and dance.


Mallory Gordon  23:45

I know I am totally for the next Skype on date we have or Whatsapp Video or whatever we’re doing. I’m totally getting out masssage washed jean jacket with the buttons.


Mickey Gordon  23:54

You still have one of those I do. And you make fun of me. I do. Okay, just want to get that straight. So what I actually love about this, and again, it’s kind of the same commentary, right? This is it’s just kind of a reflection of where we are socially, but trying to have some fun with it using something that I think means something to all of us, which is music. And just I love music. I’m working from home now. So are we


Mallory Gordon  24:19

Yeah, we’re lucky enough to be working from home though. Like when in the grand scheme of things. It’s a blessing.


Mickey Gordon  24:24

Yeah, it is. But yeah, we still have a job. But you know, music, you know, I don’t know. I’m sorry that you know, because we were picking the clip the part of the clip that we wanted to use for this thing and it was we wanted to use that whole children behave, you know, I don’t know. I really felt like the chorus was important.


Mallory Gordon  24:39

I’m over here like sneaking my head and snapping my fingers.


Mickey Gordon  24:43

Yeah, just like I did in the mall. For me. You know, my turn and I want to pick what is I think one of the one of the best parodies that’s come out since then it was kind of my inspiration. When I went looking to see if anybody had done this yet. When we started we named this Episode I said, I wonder if anybody’s done a parody of this song yet. And this one’s just for you guys.



Well, that sounds fun. Why am I out here risking my life Corona, whereas a guardian working my face? Wait, I think I finally got my



toe inside no organic whoa no GMO fixed price now my standard gold


Mickey Gordon  25:31

Corona toilet paper. Oh, touch my face toilet paper, and he’s got all he hits all the high notes I love Chris man, this dude is hilarious. Yeah. And he’s got so many videos out there he really does shit else to do.


Mallory Gordon  25:46

Yes, yes. And I think what I’m gonna Well, I’ll leave it a surprise but


Mickey Gordon  25:51

well, I want to just talk about this for a minute because you know, obviously Corona Sharona remote rhymes so closely, we’re hearing a lot of people talk about it. And I think other people might have tried to do this and then saw what he did. And he did such a great job of touching on all the individual pieces of commentary that really matter, right? I mean, he’s talking about, I’m out of toilet paper.


Mallory Gordon  26:11

I’m brushing my feet. Yeah. And I’m risking my life to get to the grocery store. I think everyone feels that way. Yeah, right. Because like, we’re at a point we can’t get delivery. No, pretty much of anything. Anyone can do curbside pickup to now pick stuff up. So


Mickey Gordon  26:23

we have to go into the grocery store, we have to reserve lives. And he touched on all of that and did it in a fun and funny way. So I loved it.


Mallory Gordon  26:30

Yep, same here. Alright, so Joe, because you introduced me to this gentleman, I went through some of his other videos, and I came across this one, which again, is another throwback, and I’m just like, putting all my guilty pleasures out there. But it made me laugh. So I hope you guys enjoy. Oh, get your hands on. Everywhere you go to the floor. Okay, so obviously, I was a huge Madonna fan back in the day. And Chris man did this as a parody to Vogue. And what I loved is like that first line, like it’s everywhere that you go,


Mickey Gordon  27:25

right, you can even turn around now swing a dead cat without


Mallory Gordon  27:27

Exactly. And I think in a lot of ways, it’s a good thing because you meet people if it’s not in front of your face all the time they forget.


Mickey Gordon  27:35

Right. Well, and what’s the line right between public awareness and oversaturation. Right, because it’s everywhere. Everywhere. You we found his cat.


Mallory Gordon  27:43

I mean, can you really get oversaturated with you know, you could have been like this. Yeah, exactly. And have the wherewithal, you stay the fuck at home bitch.


Mickey Gordon  27:52

That’s, that’s pretty much the title. Come on, stay home remotely to your meeting. Yeah. But I love that he did that to Madonna. And yeah, g right. It’s an iconic song with an iconic video, it draws parallels in your head. Exactly. just crazy. So the next song and my last song for this group is actually not a parody, per se. It’s an original work the lyrics were by a guy named Chris Franklin. He’s given a shout out right in the beginning of this video on YouTube. But what happens after the fact is there’s this old guy who puts this poem to words or something and it just, it just blew me away because it’s so freakin good. And it’s hilarious. And it’s yours in 3d one



virus, so I written you a poem. We need your help to cure it. So stay at home. And if you have got 12 kids or you’re living on your own, lock it down and isolate and stay the fuck at home. If you think you’re not at risk here, you’re living in a dorm it spreads faster than a hookers leg. So state of fuck at home. I need the gym. I need the beach. I hear you bitch and moan you need to grow a brain cell and stay the fuck and Oh man. I


Mickey Gordon  28:57

feel Oh my god. I love that guy so hard. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  29:00

okay, that that may be my favorite


Mickey Gordon  29:02

social commentary out the ass like I know you got to go to the gym. I know that your life is so busy and you’re so important and you’re so special, but stay the fuck at home.


Mallory Gordon  29:11

Right? And also I like old guy singing to me. Yes, I’ll do whatever he says. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  29:18

you gotta watch this video. Go to our show notes and go just see this video and give this guy a click give him a follow give all these guys a click. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Chris, man. He’s amazing. Follow him grant McCullough. Yep. All of these guys. These guys in this mute. Oh, okay. Go ahead. Yeah, just I’ll do that. No, no, no, I


Mallory Gordon  29:34

bet that original poem like you said, I know it’s hard. I know. You’re you’re struggling. Everyone’s going a little stir crazy, but just stay home. Stay home, like each other for a while. Right? You


Mickey Gordon  29:48

get the coup de gras. You get the orgasm. What do you


Mallory Gordon  29:51

Okay, so I saw this on a friend’s page and I fucking died. I think it’s one of the most parodied songs. out there. Like if you google this parody, like there’s a bunch of different subjects that come up, but it’s definitely I think, next to old guys it’s like my second favorite because it’s so good and they did the song in the entirety. So here it is. allergy allergies escape from the family just had sadness. Okay, so you know you want to hear the rest of the song and you absolutely should that was Coronavirus, Rhapsody, the vocals were by Adrian Grimes and lyrics by Dana J. bine. I think his last name, okay. And


Mickey Gordon  30:57

again, these are in the show notes. We’re gonna put these on Twitter for you as well. You have to go give these guys a click and a follow. Yeah, between Graham’s holy shit would have right


Mallory Gordon  31:07

right and again the whole songs amazing like, you know the the crescendo of the song where they’re, you know, you did shoot a moose should a moose or what? Have some more is so good.


Mickey Gordon  31:18

So good. I absolutely love and we’ve been talking about social commentary, all right. But when he says I’m just a poor boy, I’ve gotten a job security. That’s legitimate. Welcome to America. Yeah, holy shit. I love that one so hard. And and you got to you got to do it. You got to introduce it. Well, I found it. I’m just sorry. And it to me. And I tell you what, I might actually put that into my like, my regular rotation just because it’s they did such a good job.


Mallory Gordon  31:44

Yeah, I was really impressed by as we said, I think they have a few other videos out there, too.


Mickey Gordon  31:47

They, I’m sure they do. Well, anyway, guys, that was going viral. That’s what we called this one is going viral is our little kind of segment. I


Mallory Gordon  31:57

see what you did there. Yeah. You’re trying to be funny. I am.


Mickey Gordon  32:01

I’m a funny guy. I’m very funny or funny or something. But hey, let’s get serious for a minute. Because we do have set we have a segment coming up that I think everybody needs to hear.


Mallory Gordon  32:11

Yes. You did an interview with Judy on dock, Judy. Yeah, where


Mickey Gordon  32:17

are you? What the hell?


Mallory Gordon  32:19

Point logistics?


Mickey Gordon  32:20

This was our funny? Yeah, I never played solo before.


Mallory Gordon  32:25

That true. I see what you did there.


Mickey Gordon  32:29

Anyway, I had doc Judy, join me for an interview. We’ve been trying to pin her down for almost three weeks. And I bet you guys can understand why she was busy.


Mallory Gordon  32:39

Yeah, she’s a family practitioner. So obviously, some of the protocols of change and how she’s addressing our patients, you know, with the the whole landscape of everything right now. So I think it’s great that you guys were able to connect and actually have a discussion around it around, you know, stuff that relates to, you know, lifestyle with this.


Mickey Gordon  32:58

Yeah. And I really wanted to kind of bring her in and talk about some of the things that have been really weighing heavily on our minds, both his content creators and his lifestyle people, like, you know, the economic implications of what’s going on, think about all these lifestyle clubs and businesses that employ people that have you know, bartenders, and staff and people that clean the building. And so the owners themselves. Yeah, I mean, these are massive economic implications. And I know that it’s easy for some of us to sit back and go, why didn’t you close? Why aren’t you socially responsible? I don’t know. They have a rent to pay or a mortgage to pay or people with families and in dance recitals and Taekwondo bills. And I mean, everybody’s got massive bills to pay. And I don’t know anybody that 12 $100 is going to solve that problem for


Mallory Gordon  33:40

Yeah, these are very strange, stressful and scary times we’re in right now. And I don’t know that there’s a right answer to anything. Honestly,


Mickey Gordon  33:49

they really are. But I wanted to call out two clubs that I know of, and these are, by all means not the only clubs that did this. But that went out of their way in harm themselves economically, to do the right thing first. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  34:02

that’s true. Didn’t we get a message from taboo?


Mickey Gordon  34:04

We did. We got a message from Vicki directly at taboo. She chose to close and shadow in Baltimore.


Mallory Gordon  34:10

Yeah. And they closed early, like didn’t really, really early on getting a march it was I think that was wise.


Mickey Gordon  34:14

And she actually sent me a message. And in the email she sent me She said, Mickey, we really want the members to be our primary concern and not make it based on numbers. Numbers will come back members won’t if something happens to them. Yeah. That was her statement to us. When we asked her why she closed so early. Now another club that closed early and again, shut down. No cleanliness standards. No, you know, here’s all the crazy things were doing was bronze in Northern California, they closed down early as well. So I just thought that was really cool of those guys, and really a big risk as a business owner. I get the ones that didn’t I really do. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  34:49

yeah. And again, it’s it’s it’s our call to make whether we go attend anything open, right. And we choose not to.


Mickey Gordon  34:56

Yeah, and then you’ve got other clubs that did some pretty interesting gyrations, right so mean people like champagne when they were intending to stay open, they limited their number of guests, they would allow into whatever the government’s guidance was an additional 110 different, you know, cleanliness standards, no spoons in the buffet. Crazy stuff like that to try and get things straight. But you know, who had the most interesting response that I saw?


Mallory Gordon  35:20

Was it secret? Yes, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  35:22

Secrets, they bought a buttload of UVC lights, and deployed them around the resort in in the rooms to try and clean surfaces with UVC light or UVC radiation, which has been shown to be effective in killing bacteria and certain viruses. It certain intensity levels over time, but


Mallory Gordon  35:43

now it doesn’t kill a virus. It makes it a nert. Right? That’s right. Okay,


Mickey Gordon  35:47

it doesn’t kill it. It makes it already keeps it from reproducing. Right?


Mallory Gordon  35:50

And I mean, there’s some there’s different research out there too, because then a BBC article came out recently around


Mickey Gordon  35:54

around those lights. It did yesterday, this article came out and what it said is, they actually don’t know if it kills COVID. They don’t know if it renders COVID and neart because there’s no testing been done on it. But where does do is hurts humans a lot?


Mallory Gordon  36:10

Well, it’s UV


Mickey Gordon  36:11

Yeah. UVC so apparently, you can get a sunburn in 10 minutes equivalent two hours of sun exposure. So what they say is anybody that’s using it or deploying it should be very well trained in its use. I wonder


Mallory Gordon  36:23

if it’s the same light bulbs that are used in tanning beds? I don’t know what those are. I should probably just keep my mouth shut because I don’t know. But I was like, Well, you know,


Mickey Gordon  36:31

yeah, they’re intense. Now, I know when I talked to Aaron, she said that they were just going crazy with them all over the resort. So I know secrets busted their ass to try and stay open for their employees and give people a safe place to go when they thought we could


Mallory Gordon  36:45

save as they could possibly make it given the circumstances and


Mickey Gordon  36:48

you know what? It no small expense to their own show? No,


Mallory Gordon  36:51

no, that probably did not run, you know, cheap. No, you know, but again, I’m a huge germaphobe I work from home Anyways, I’m kind of a hermit when we’re not like out there, you know, meeting up with friends or having activities left up to me, I’d probably just invite people over and never leave our house. Right. So thank God for you


Mickey Gordon  37:08

party in your pants. I’m a fun guy.


Mallory Gordon  37:12

You’re hilarious today.


Mickey Gordon  37:14

You got to get me out of this house. I need to tell jokes to somebody.


Mallory Gordon  37:19

But I mean, like, things are happening across the board here. Like everyone’s trying to gauge what this all means in the long run. Like, why is W


Mickey Gordon  37:31

been canceled for the year? Wow. The whole year. Even the November trip is canceled. Wow. Which by the way brings all kinds of weirdness to our rascals trip. I think we’re gonna be doing some crazy stuff. We’ll talk about it later. But Holy moly, yeah. Why SW canceled for the year, bliss cancelled or April cruise desire is closed from March 31 to April 30. So basically starting this weekend, yeah. Through the rest of the month.


Mallory Gordon  37:52

Yeah, well, and he does closed hido is closed,


Mickey Gordon  37:55

literally close to


Mallory Gordon  37:56

the government of Jamaica has not been any any flights in there. There’s, unless you are a Jamaican, you cannot come there.


Mickey Gordon  38:05

That’s right, you’re not allowed in. And you know, initially, they did the same thing as everybody else. We’re going to enhance our cleaning protocols, we’re going to, you know, make sure that anybody that’s exhibiting symptoms is cared for until right.


Mallory Gordon  38:15

And that’s what they did up until the last day. And they still have staff on property that lives there. They have staff quarters, they do.


Mickey Gordon  38:21

So you know, not only that, they kept a skeleton crew there. And so we actually talked to Harry Lang, because he’s a friend of ours. And Harry told me and this is actually a quote from Harry, where he said, We closed Hito Saturday, because Jamaica isn’t allowing any incoming flights from any country, we have a skeleton staff at hido. Continually cleaning and airing out all areas, we’re also performing maintenance items we didn’t have time to or were too difficult to do when guests were in house. We want to be ready to go day one when travel restrictions are lifted. So these guys are going out of their way to not only make it a safe place, but make it a better place


Mallory Gordon  38:58

they are and I think that’s wise on you know, Harry’s part to go ahead and jump in and go Okay, what are what’s on our project list that is easier to do now that the resorts empty, and we can go ahead and knock this out. And this was already in the plans for this year. And maybe we can up that timeline to maximize, you know, this time we’re given.


Mickey Gordon  39:15

Yeah, and now so we obviously love to do and we got a lot of listeners that love desire and desire is finally you know, closed down for a month and I bet they’re gonna do something very similar. But what does all this really mean? You know, I mean, lifestyle travel, shut down lifestyle clubs are shut down. I think it means that we started out really unprepared for this virus. We had no idea what this meant.


Mallory Gordon  39:33

Well, I think and I hate to say this, cuz I’m probably gonna make some enemies out there. But I think as Americans, we live in this bubble. And it was a big deal was it was a big deal worldwide. It was a big deal in Asia and China. And I mean, we just insulated ourselves because we did not have anything directly correlating to our day to day lives, or we didn’t correlate it funny


Mickey Gordon  39:53

that you say that because when I was talking to Kate the other night, she said and that’s swinging down under Kate, Kate and Daryl, love those guys. Kate said, This is day 81. So this is like a week ago, she’s almost a day 90 of dealing with this crap. Yeah. And we’re all going crazy and telling weird and dad jokes over here, because we’ve been doing this for two weeks.


Mallory Gordon  40:14

Yeah. Yep. So I mean, now that it’s here, and it’s at our front door, you know, I know life being lifestyle isn’t our identity as a whole, it’s part of who we are and what we enjoy. Life has not stopped for us, per se, you know, we’re still lucky enough to be healthy in our home with our family, our kids, you know, we’re doing the best we can


Mickey Gordon  40:35

very much so can’t agree with you more if I tried. Yeah. But what I would say is the takeaway for our listeners here is that, you know, people poured their lives and their hearts into these businesses. And this article that I’m putting together for, for Mike nasn. You know, don’t hate on these businesses, because they didn’t close first, don’t hate on these businesses, because they closed last, you know, in the rearview mirror, it’s easy to see what happens. Don’t hate on somebody today for what they didn’t do yesterday, if they didn’t know, either. So try to you know, think about these people in these businesses, these bartenders, these employees, those were the people they were thinking about, not necessarily their bottom line. I know some of these owners.


Mallory Gordon  41:13

Yeah. And, you know, just to put it out there, you know, I’m not trying to tell anybody what to do, but something I thought of while we were sitting here and you offered to do this with some of the people that you that provide services to you, whether that’s, you know, getting your hair cut or whatever, I went on my list of people that I usually go out and, and ask for them to provide me a service. And I started pre taping them because it’s money I plan to spend anyways. And it’s safer for us to socially distance even though well now. It’s in some counties around us. It’s mandatory. Right. So I went ahead and ven mode pet and palled, whatever I was planning to spend to ensure that you know, they have some sort of stability as it relates to their customer base in their lives and I hope I’m not the only one doing it for them because I’d like to see them get through this as well and be able to go back to the businesses to get they have established pen pal a


Mickey Gordon  42:03

new payment service brought to you by Mallory casuals when you’re


Mallory Gordon  42:06

I said pen pal. Ah,


Mickey Gordon  42:08

I’m at PayPal to many Margarita is


Mallory Gordon  42:11

I am completely sober. I’m just have mush mouth. It’s


Mickey Gordon  42:15

so embarrassing. Awesome. Guys. last message before we bring in doc Judy, and she has a lot of messaging for you. So I think you guys are gonna love this. But remember that fear is scary by itself. This interview is not meant to scare you. It’s meant to inform you and help you get a doctor’s perspective, in case you haven’t talked to one. And this is a doctor that’s not necessarily work in the frontlines, right. She’s just a doctor who’s watching what’s happening and can give you some perspective. And when we come back, we’re going to give you a special cocktail that you can make at home with something you probably already have. Yes. And that’s from our very own Mallory casual swinger not login did you want to tell everybody where they can find us and we’ll be right back. Sure,


Mallory Gordon  42:54

guys for casual swinger everywhere you want to find us online. That’s a B ww casual swing, calm and you can also shoot us an email podcast at casual swinger. If you’re looking for us on social media, we’re on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. And on the dating sites, we are double diggnation, STC SLS Cassidy, quiver, and


Mickey Gordon  43:15

God knows at this point, there’s another one.


Mallory Gordon  43:18

I think there’s another one that I’m forgetting, but that’s okay. That’s all right. And if you love us, you want to give us a shout out get some kudos, please feel free to go to iTunes and give us a review.


Mickey Gordon  43:26

There you go guys. We’ll be right back with doc Judy. right after this. You’re listening to casual swinger. Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. My name is Mickey and we are missing the beautiful Mallory right this minute. She’s on one of those essential work calls during this time. But we have a special guest and she’s got a very small window for reasons I’m sure you guys can all completely understand. We have the beautiful dock Judy with us duck, Judy, how you doing today? Good. How are you doing? A little nervous? Not gonna lie. Things are a little crazy. But and I’m probably not as crazy as they are for you, though. Yeah,



for a while the world is turned upside down in the past week. So yeah, things are very interesting right now.


Mickey Gordon  44:30

Yeah, no doubt about it. But I really want to tell you how much we appreciate you joining us on the show. You know, we like to bring experts and professionals in different industries onto the show to talk about the subjects we talked about. Because while we might think we’re pretty smart people over here it casual swinger, we’re not experts on everything. So speaking of experts, let’s talk real quick about your background. What kind of doctor are you and how long have you been at it? I my family doc and I’ve been practicing since 2010. She’s been at this a little while. So as a family doctor, you probably are hearing from a lot of your patients right now. And I mean, it’s allergy season. So you probably got a lot of folks that are concerned that they’re sick right now and maybe don’t have all the symptoms of Corona, are you seeing an uptick in activity just normally right now,



we’re definitely seeing a lot more stress and anxiety around what’s going on. Because unfortunately, besides, you know, now this pandemic, it’s towards the end of flu season and the beginning of our diseases. So you’re right, there’s all kinds of symptoms going on out there. And it’s difficult for someone to truly know. Is this my normal symptoms for the season? Is this the flu? Should I get tested? Can I get medication? Or is this Coronavirus? And I need guidance as to what to do. That’s the issue is a lot of people don’t know what to do. And I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there too, right? I


Mickey Gordon  45:48

mean, we’re in a meme society right now, where everybody gets their information from even worse than 192 characters on Twitter. They’re getting it from memes. So I think it’s important for us to talk a little bit right, just as as professionals and as intelligent people about what these responses are. So have you in your professional career ever seen anything like



COVID-19? No, not at all. And I think I can safely say nobody that is living right now has ever seen anything like this. The only thing that you can, you know, compare it to would be the Spanish Flu of 1918. Wow. And millions of people died then. And in 1918, the world population was significantly lower than it is right now. Correct. Wow. That’s,


Mickey Gordon  46:33

that’s staggering. So what’s so special about this virus that that the world response has been so overwhelming. I mean, again, in my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like this even on 911. I mean, things didn’t shut down to this level. So what’s so special about COVID COVID.



The reason it’s so special is because it’s what we call a novel virus. So a new virus, it’s a virus that we’ve never been exposed to before. So because of that, if you haven’t, if we haven’t been exposed, nobody has any immunity to it. So that’s number one. Number one, we don’t we don’t we have not known about it. Number two, unfortunately, it is a it is a pretty smart little bugger. It is spreading a lot faster than anything else that we’ve seen. I mean, clearly it is worldwide, which is why it’s now a pandemic. And it is mutating. So we it’s hard for us to get a handle on what it is what it does, and how we can treat it.


Mickey Gordon  47:30

So correct me if I’m wrong, but pandemic means that it’s it’s now out in the wild and it is uncontained. Right, it’s everyone correct. Pretty much just kind of get it or be exposed at some point. Right? Oh, correct. Well, so I’m seeing a lot of stuff on social media right now. And is it the flu worse? I mean, h1 n one killed more people? Why the major reaction?



Well, because we’re not done with it quite yet. So can we truly say that h1 I want to kill more people? we don’t we don’t technically have that data yet. Is the flu worse? And you know, your original question? Well, the flu we know, you know specifically that yes, about point 1% of people with the flu will die. What we’re finding, at least with this preliminary data, like I said, you know, jury’s still out, we’re, you know, we’re still collecting. It looks like with COVID-19 1% of people who are infected with it will die. So that’s 10 times as many people that’s a massive, I mean, if you look at it like that again. Yes. Again, if you look at it like that, if if if the numbers hold, but I mean, we know for we know what it can do. And yeah, so point 1% of the population pretty much every year will die from the flu. And again, there’s there’s nothing like this that’s ever occurred that has this level of mortality of any I mean, at least not in our lifetimes, correct. I mean, so what they are saying is this COVID-19 Coronavirus, is related to SARS and MERS. They put it it’s those were contained outbreaks. It wasn’t at a worldwide level, which is why we’re having issues with


Mickey Gordon  49:11

Yeah, yeah, well, and so let’s talk about containment a little bit. You know, we have seen measures being taken by nations around the globe that some are severe and some are less severe. And even here in the United States. We’re seeing certain states that are going in into complete lockdowns. I was talking to Jay from average swingers this morning and his daughter went out to do something fairly essential. She went out to get eggs, and she was turned away and sent home in Texas and said, Go home. You don’t need eggs. So now of course me in Florida. I could go get eggs right now. As a matter of fact, I could go get a haircut. So Oh, what what are we looking at in terms of responses? Is this wide range of responses healthy? Is this a good thing? Do we need a more unified response,



I would say we would need a more unified response, I actually didn’t realize that that different states were, you know, quote, unquote, locking down differently, you know, where, where I am, all of the, you know, hair salons and nail nail places, you know, basically non essential businesses have been told that they have to shut down. But we are able to still go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the liquor store, you’re allowed to go out for medical appointments. The key is is with, quote, unquote, locking things down, is to try to prevent possible exposure. So spreading this virus and then ultimately, and I’m sure you’ve seen, you know, all over social media, the term flattening the curve. So as we can force people to stay away from each other, we can then hopefully get a better handle on desire. Got it. And we’re going to talk about flattening the curve here in just a minute. But you know, this is casual swinger. This


Mickey Gordon  51:03

is a swinger podcast. So let’s talk a little bit about and thank you for being so open to have this conversation with swingers. By the way, I know that, you know, we don’t always practice the best things in the world. For example, a condom is not going to help you with Coronavirus, just in case any of you were wondering. It’s not gonna do a deal, right? Absolutely. But let’s talk about what lifestyler can do. What What can we do to stay connected to our lifestyle friends? Because obviously, you mean the thing you need to do is isolate and stay away from each other during this time, right? Correct. So I mean, are we you know, what we we just did a thing the other night with some other content creators, we did a video chat, where everybody got together, and it turned into what we called hashtag 4g, which was basically a bunch of people naked screwing in their own homes on video. It I don’t think we really meant for that to happen. It was more of just kind of a birthday party for Nikki from our naughty escapades. But is that sort of thing? Probably. Should we just look at that as the norm for the lifestyle for right now?



I think that’s great, actually. I mean, besides keeping in touch with everyone, you know, the, whatever outlet you want to use, I didn’t, that’s great. You know, nowadays, we do have the technology where you can video and see other people without actually being in the same room with somebody is fantastic.


Mickey Gordon  52:18

And how long? I mean, and I realize this is a swag. So let’s just take the professional opinion out of this for a minute. I mean, how long do you think we really should do this in order to to maintain safety? How long do you think this is going to go on? Well, okay, and you’re taking it right.



Now we can take professional hair out of it, or, you know, I’m okay, I’m looking at the data. So and if I can give it to you, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to, but China has been on lockdown since January 23. They are looking to list the lockdown for Wuhan. So which is the epicenter of where all the started April 8. So we’re looking at over two months here. Wow. And when we locked them, they locked down because as we know, other countries their governments actually enforcing when they say lockdown, basically you’re you’re you’re stuck in your home. So if we just look at that. I would say in my personal opinion, I think it was probably going to be for six weeks. So we’ve just started week two, we’re in it for a little bit longer. While Well, you heard it here, folks, six weeks. And that’s really just the idea of staying safe. Right. So


Mickey Gordon  53:32

six weeks in this? Yeah, I mean, and like you said other countries are actually enforcing this today, India lockdown. 1.4 billion people. That’s That’s no joke. That’s it’s pretty serious. So let’s What about private playdates? Like we know this other couple they’re secure, they’re locked down to how safe is that to go meet with those folks?



You know, that’s actually a really good question. It’s actually a question that my significant other actually brought up today. And I said, No, we cannot do that. Because here’s the thing. It, I think it is great. If you know, it’s another couple, you know, you you you hang out with all the time, you know, you know, where they work, who they interact with. But do you really do you know that maybe seven days ago, you know, Aunt Millie wasn’t listening to the lockdown and decided to come and visit from New York City. We’re just having a major issue right now. You know, you don’t know that’s a you don’t know, she could be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. And yes, we’re assuming that you know, you and the other couple are healthy, maybe no issues, but then you guys could come into contact with it. Maybe actually kept it and then possibly spread it to somebody who, you know, maybe you’re taking care of an L you know, in an older family member, and then that person gets severely sick. I just think even though I would I would love to say sure. But that would be completely. It would be wrong of me to say that that would be a good idea. It’s just not a good idea right now, we really should be trying to distance ourselves in a sense. I mean, the word, the real word is isolation. It’s not this distancing. It’s really isolating ourselves.


Mickey Gordon  55:17

Yeah, that’s, I’ve been isolating on my one man, kayak and the lake across the street from my house. So I think that’s about as



well, there we go. Right, exactly, exactly. I mean, they were showing pictures over the weekend, you know, people in DC because they wanted to see the cherry blossoms. Well, they were definitely not isolating. And I understand that you’re outside, but but you’re right next to the person that you don’t know.


Mickey Gordon  55:43

Now I read and in through a contact of mine at the at the CDC, I confirmed but I’m going to ask it here live on the air. So when we talk about the airborne nature, this virus, I was told that it’s viable for up to three hours in the air. If someone is to cough or sneeze, have you read or heard anything similar to that?



Yeah, that I believe is correct. But besides being in the air, we’re also finding that you know, it can live on surfaces for up to 24 hour degrees. So a lot of my colleagues and I, besides, you know, bringing a change of clothes to change into before, you know, getting into your car, and going home, a lot of us are actually stripping down before we even get into the house and immediately jumping in the shower, can you do me a favor and just set up a webcam for that? No.


Mickey Gordon  56:36

Fun. Just Just saying me for asking a friend. Alright, so let’s talk about some of the responses to the virus from clubs around the country. Because lifestyle clubs are a huge part of being in the lifestyle, particularly in North America. They’re all over the place in virtually every state in the country. And the responses have been all over the map. So you know, when we talk about clubs that decided to stay open. Now most clubs at this point are closed. Most of them have been given orders as non essential businesses, or as bars and a lot of places where bars were ordered to close. And that’s how these places were zoned or operated. Where as bars or restaurants or even hotels and resorts in the case of places like Cali interior secrets here in Florida. Now, some of these clubs made the decision to put out a notice very early on to say we’re open, we’re open for business Come on out and party. But here is our response. And their response were things like sanitizing door handles and high touch areas and additional sanitation protocols and more people wiping stuff down. I think we know now, that’s not enough. And it wasn’t enough,



right? Correct. That is not enough. I mean, first of all, you have to sanitize after every single person that person touches that door handle. And to truly sanitize. I mean, that when we use these cleaning pads, it’s actually the surface of whatever you’re trying to clean, should be wet and allowed to naturally dry. We don’t do that. No, you know, if you’re using these, these disinfecting wipes and whatnot, once you take them out of the container and put them on a surface, it’s essentially dry. So that is not actually sanitizing. All right.


Mickey Gordon  58:23

Well, actually, here’s a question for you. Or do you think lifestyle? Yeah, another question. Like, I wasn’t gonna ask you more questions. It’s a fucking interview. So our lifestyle is at a higher risk for contracting this disease by our nature, do you think I mean, it’s just the ultimate kissing?



The kissing disease is a virus. Yeah, you know, someone you know Manas, epstein barr. I really do think yes. If you continue the lifestyle during this lockdown during this period of time that we’re going to be dissing, distancing ourselves from each other. Yeah, I really do think just because think about it, we’re exposing ourselves to each side droplets, just because, you know, with having lifestyle, you know, there’s a lot of fluids. So we say generated, I mean, but ideally, but it’s also been, you know, where we’re exposing ourselves to basically. Well, yes. Every single mucous membrane that we have, yeah, yeah, it’s Yes, it would. Yes, we were. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  59:25

Yeah, I thought it would be at higher risk for sure. There’s almost no circumstance you can think of the lifestyle is higher risk. And I realized that question is kind of out of left field and sorry about that. But I think it’s important that we identify that for people right and say, hey, look, let’s think about this logically. And you just did it guys. You just heard a GP doctor, go back and go Wait a minute, every mucous membrane mounds eyes, hands, we use all these things in the lifestyle to interact. And if you knew Judy, like I know, Judy, then you know exactly why I want to use all of those things. But I’m just saying wow, This is this is we’re such high risk group. When it comes to this, that isolation is actually hyper important. Now here we’ve got a club here in Florida secrets hideaway in Orlando, super nice club, super, really great group of people that go there a great group of people that run it. And they, they’re a little ahead of the curve when it comes to tech. They’re younger people, and they really want to stay ahead of the curve. So they deployed UV lights, while they were still open, while the play rooms are open, and the rooms are open. They deployed UV lights to sanitize these areas. Now I realize this is probably this isn’t your area of expertise, necessarily. But have you heard of anybody else using UV light to sanitize areas? And does that sound like a good approach, especially with Corona and knowing what we know about Corona? Is that gonna really help? It’s interesting that you mentioned the UV light, because I’ve seen a lot of UV lights advertised online? Well, they’re using it to sanitize. So there they had a whatever name and said that exposure at certain times for a certain type of UV light would kill bacteria and viruses. And every bit of research that I found, and I did quite a bit said that it was effective in killing certain viruses, like MERS, for example, MERS was 30 minutes of exposure direct exposure to this light, but it had to be within eight cubic feet of the light in 30 minutes. But those are bacteria. Viruses respond differently



that you know, it’s a good question. I i? I


Mickey Gordon  1:01:21

I don’t know either. So I’m aware,



right? If a UV like and I know you like to detect things? I’m not sure. And so but as you said, though, you have to be pretty close. So then, I mean, that would just take forever to sanitising.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:35

It’s kind of what I was thinking it would take a really friggin long time. And I heard from people that were there. And it may be good for like your keyboard. Right? Well, I heard from people that were there that said that, you know, there were UV lights were all over the place. And they were going crazy with him. And they were always on and they were always in places. And I think it was a really noble attempt at trying to stay open. And let’s let’s cover this real quick. Because I do think it’s important to recognize, we’re not calling anybody out. We love all these lifestyle clubs, and we want to continue to do business with them. I think they’re trying to stay open to keep their employees employed. There’s people that I mean, everyone’s laid off, even secrets laid off pretty much everybody. So that’s these people are just trying to stay open and trying to keep their livelihoods afloat. And a great example would be the champagne club, and we’re going to talk about that in about two seconds. The champagne club, you know, made a lot of changes, like those guys limited their crowd size. That’s exactly what champagne did. They limited their crowd size to under the limit that was provided by the governor and took extra steps like eliminating serving spoons at the buffet and cleaning intervals for bathrooms. I don’t know that these steps are enough. But even in the champagne Club’s case, they ended up shut down and shut down permanently, which we’re going to do another episode on. But, you know, are these steps enough limiting crowd size and spoons? Or is it just better to just shut the fuck down?



I mean, I think it’s better to set the fact that as you said, we’re now finding that it’s airborne. So if it’s in the air, and if it can survive for up to three hours, I mean, unless you have the technology or whatever, some sort of equipment to then clean out the air. I mean, no, I would just know I would just be better if everyone would just stay away from each other. Let let this thing do its do its damage, and then we can get back to some sort of normalcy. Yeah, absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:32

So one of the things that that we’ve talked about a lot in the news, and we’ve talked about, you know, personally, is something that people are calling and you actually referenced it a little while ago called flattening the curve. So you know, when I explained flattening the curve to people, and I want you to help me out here and tell me if my math is crazy or not. Alright, you’re ready? You’re ready. Alright, here we go. So roughly 350 million people in United States that’s a little high, but I’m a little high for a reason. So 350 million people in the United States, this disease has a rough contagion rate of around 70% transmission rate is everything I’ve read is somewhere on that in that realm. So that’s 245 million people that are potentially at risk to catch this disease, then you multiply that times 15%, which is the number of people that do come in contact with the disease that contract the disease that now need acute medical care or staff medical care in order to function. So now, that number is 36.7 5 million people, 36.7 5 million people could potentially realize this is super high. This is the spike. So 36 million people potentially could need acute medical care. So here’s the number that should scare the living shit out of anybody listening to this podcast right now. There are 543,000 staffed acute care beds in this country 543,000. So when we talk about flattening the curve now, by the way, those numbers are all at maximum. If we bring There’s numbers down to reality, we’re still talking about roughly one and a half to 2 million people that require acute medical care at the same time, and that’s a 5%. If we take my numbers down to 5%, of what they are, at instead 100% 5%, it’s still in excess of the capacity of the healthcare system. That’s what flattening the curve means. Now, am I right? Am I wrong? Am I crazy, you are



correct, basically, by us distancing ourselves from other, we are basically trying to make it so that all of those say all those people that are going to need that acute care are going to need that bed in the ICU that are going to need that ventilator, don’t inundate the hospitals all at one time, make it so that people are just going to die because they can’t get the help, which is what has happened in other countries for other things, where they can’t get help. And then airgo, that’s, that’s where you see, like in the in, you know, in the first chart that you would see. So flattening the curve would be if we can do it, we we think that this, you know, distancing and you know, isolating and locking things down, then there won’t be that inundation into the healthcare system. And then people who really do need, you know, to get medical care will be able to get it and then hopefully get it.


Mickey Gordon  1:06:11

flattening the curve doesn’t mean that people aren’t ultimately going to get sick, because once a pandemic has been declared, that means it’s in the wild, and it’s pretty much everyone’s going to be exposed to it eventually. So correct currents that happens. We’re not trying to keep everybody from getting sick. We’re trying to keep everybody from getting sick at once. Correct? That’s exactly what we’re trying to do. So what does it look like? In your opinion, as a doctor? What does it look like if the healthcare system is inundated and can no longer deal with the number of patients that are critically ill at one time what happens?



People are just gonna die? And, you know, we were exactly we, we, you know, we live in, you know, the best country in the world, that should not happen, that should never be an option.


Mickey Gordon  1:06:59

So I think that answers the question of what can be what happens if we don’t stick to these social distancing guidelines, more people get sick at once and more people die? Right. Correct. So will sticking to the guidelines make this crisis pass sooner? I mean, are we able to accelerate that six week timeframe that you talked about by doing the right thing now?



I don’t know. I mean, that right, that would that would be well, that would be my guesstimate that would be my hope, is six weeks. Like I said, if we use China as an example, and like I said, it’s gonna be over two months. We don’t I don’t have the, you know, the the timeline for Italy yet, because they’re still in the thick of it. So I don’t know. But I do think if we can actually listen and do this, we we have a better chance of being successful here.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:43

I feel myself continuing to use words like wow, and oh, my God, holy shit. I mean, those are words that swingers should use a lot but not like this.



not admit it’s not that that’s not because I’m a liar. No. No, bueno. Weird. It’s definitely a weird time that we’re living in right now. I mean, like I said, Nobody alive has experienced this. No, but I think we just kind of have to roll with the punches. We do.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:09

And, you know, we’ve seen some pretty interesting things. Now, I don’t know if you heard, but desire just closed. They’re closed for about three weeks. And, you know, I don’t know, necessarily the resorts like hedonism in Jamaica had a choice because they shut down all incoming flights and ships into that country. So they’re just like everybody out, right? So when, when everybody leaves, that’s it. And at one point, they were quarantining, said, we’re going to quarantine people in their rooms now we’re going to quarantine them to the resort that they’re here on and now just everybody out. So this isn’t just affecting lifestyle clubs. In the United States. It’s not affecting lifestyle parties. This morning podcast a Palooza announced that it’s actually postponing until October. So events all over the place. Hell, we postponed our Nashville party. I think everybody’s gonna get in this in the lifestyle. Right. party’s over for a while.



Yeah. And I I do think people know, in the lifestyle, probably understand this better than the general population?


Mickey Gordon  1:09:10

I think so. Jay, by and large, one of the things I’ve noticed about lifestyle people is they’re a little more empathetic. And maybe the education levels usually a little higher. I find it and I think that’s where that kind of grasp of non monogamy starts we start questioning, where’s this coming from and why I probably a whole nother show we could do about that. But as, as a doctor, I am concerned I have symptoms. What symptoms should I be concerned about? And at what point should I seek medical help? If I’m listening to this show right now, and and I’ve got some symptoms. Are there any symptoms in particular? That should be red flags for our listeners?



Yeah. So it’s right now we’re still focusing on the big three, although I’m sure everyone is reading reports that there are now other symptoms that are Patients with COVID-19 have, but it’s really fever, cough and shortness of breath. Those are still the big three that we screen for. We we used to ask about travel history and you know, at this point, it’s, it’s worldwide. So it doesn’t really matter where you’ve been. We just need to know, if you have these symptoms 10 we are like, Are you in a state where we can get you tested. Or if you’re in my state at this point, we, if you have symptoms, we are just going to have to presume that you have it and treat you symptomatically. Which means technically, there’s not much we can do. So I mean, the only I think takeovers besides what we just talked about, you know, the big three symptoms. The other things that I can tell you is what we’re finding is that ibuprofen is not a good idea. So for fever control, we would like people to stick with Tylenol if they need it. And then the only other thing that I I can provide as long as you’re as long as your symptoms are not severe enough that you would require acute care in a hospital is, as I said, symptomatic control. So you know, over the counter, cough medication, cough and cold medication. That’s really all that we can do right now.


Mickey Gordon  1:11:15

Alright, so this is actually a question that’s a complete offshoot of what you just said. But if I’m not allowed to take Advil, and all I want to do is drink when this stuff is going on, and I’ve got a monster hangover. What am I supposed to take for my headache?



Well, you better hope that your livers not damaged and that you can take Tylenol? I can tell you.


Mickey Gordon  1:11:38

That’s absolutely awful. Alright, so you know, we’ve we’ve definitely got our hands full with this thing. I think we’ve got our hands full from a lifestyle perspective, but as a society, too, and looking out for each other is probably a great way to do this. Is there any sense whatsoever to some of the hoarding that you’ve seen going on? I mean, is there any medical reason why people should be hoarding some of the things they’re hoarding



because people are panicking. There’s so much today people are panicking. I don’t understand the toilet paper thing. I don’t know how toilet paper is going to help you because think about the symptoms I gave you. It’s not diarrhea. So I don’t understand that. You’re not? You don’t need it. How about you, you should when you sit down to have on hand, but you don’t need to buy out all the toilet paper so that other people can get it. But the hoarding of the hand sanitizer, you know, disinfecting cleaners and things like that. No, unfortunately, those people are doing because they realize that people are panicking, and they were actually going to sell it to make a profit was very sad to see. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:12:46

yeah, that’s terrible. Well, I think, you know, people are trying to take steps. You know, we definitely put out a list of toy sanitizers out there that are available that some of which have antiviral properties. But I think at this point, that’s excellent. Yeah, I mean, I think that those are valuable things. If nothing else, to really clean anything you might have put on your own toys. I know, we had some people come back and go, you really shouldn’t be sharing toys with anybody right now. And I’m like, that wasn’t the point. It’s that if you, you know, have something on your hands are on your body or on your person, that you’re able to clean these toys. So we did share that information out there from casual toys? Is there you know, anything else that people should know? I mean, if you had to give a message as a medical professional to people, what would that message be?



It would be washing your hands. It is kind of amazing how it’s the most simplest thing. Wash your hands. So good old soap and warm water. You know, helps kill and don’t touch your face. Basically don’t touch any place that has a mucous membrane, because then that’s how you can you know, potentially spread and infect yourself.


Mickey Gordon  1:13:56

Somebody told me that they put hot sauce on their hands to teach themselves not to touch their face. I don’t know that I want to go through.



I agree you need to do that, then there might be a problem.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:07

Well, I think it’s amazing.



It is it is amazing. What do you want and why it just goes to show you we touch our faces way more than you would ever think. Oh, so much. incessant? No, I


Mickey Gordon  1:14:19

do appreciate that person saying that. Yeah. But I wouldn’t do that. No, don’t do that. Just wash your damn hands and don’t touch your face. Alright, and right, you know, in from us to our listeners. Obviously, if you guys are listening to this, you know, it follow the follow the social distancing guidelines, right. I think that’s it’s pretty important because one person can infect four and a half people in an hour of interaction of just going out and seeing people it’s very, very quick to infect and those four and a half people can infect four and a half more. So it’s very easy for an entire room of people to infect each other. In no time flat, right?



So you are correct. So basically, it’ll be good your neighbors stay away from them. Kids, your neighbors


Mickey Gordon  1:15:01

if you like them and don’t want them to die, get away from them. Right? Stay away. barbecues, no more hanging out. And certainly for God’s sakes Stop fucking each other for a little while, right when you can, but as you said, good video. Video, right? Everybody stay tuned for doc Judy’s webcam where she changes clothes everyday. Not gonna happen. Look, Doc, I really appreciate you taking the time. You know, we love you. And I know it’s been really hard to nail you down. We’ve been waiting to do this episode. We had some listeners come out to us and say, guys, we’re when’s your next episode coming out? Really. We’re waiting because we want to make sure we get the professionals in here to have conversations with you that matter. And that’s exactly what this was. I know, it wasn’t a lot of fun. And I know it’s not sexy. But this is the world we live in right now. And we want to get back to the sexy time. Exactly. That is the goal. You bet. So thank you so much for spending time with us. We’re gonna be right back with you guys. We’re gonna have a little more conversation about some of those sexy things we’re doing. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  1:16:30

Hey, guys, we’re back. Welcome to casual swinger. And that was dumped duty with my better half Mickey and I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:40

Still me. I’m sorry about all of the me in that conversation, guys.


Mallory Gordon  1:16:44

You know what? You got to pitch it sometimes, man, you gotta roll with the punches. And I was a great opportunity to have a conversation with her. I’m glad you did it.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:50

It really was in you know, this has been one of our longest episodes of casual swinger, but we wanted to have fun. We wanted to be informative. And we wanted to bring you an expert, which I think that kind of sums up who we are. Right?


Mallory Gordon  1:17:01

I think so. I think it kind of rounds us out a bit. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:17:04

except for the staggering drunks which brings us to cocktail corner with Mallory castles.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:09

I think we need to music for cocktail corner,


Mickey Gordon  1:17:11

he music got a I’m on it.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:13

So we were talking about cocktails. Because I mean, I think we’ve been drinking a little more than usual given the circumstances because we’re sequestered at home. And all the recipes I was going through that kind of stuff I wanted to recommend and that I I like especially when we go out may require stuff that you may not have readily available and don’t want to leave your homes to go get. So I’m assuming that most of you are going to have something to make what I call the sangria of solitude. Love that. So I’ve made quite a lot of sangria in our days, and I think I’ve pared it down to the necessities here. And if you have a bottle of wine, and orange juice and something bubbly, you’re you’re in the game just like Coke count. Now I’ll go through the go through the recipe. So you can do this with red or white wine. With one whole bottle you’re going to need a picture and you’re going to empty the bottle into the picture. And then about a half a cup or more to taste if you like it a little sweeter, less alcoholic of orange juice. Orange juice is a staple in most homes, I think. And then something bubbly and when I say bubbly, I mean something like if you’re you know, don’t want it as sweeter or the the wine you have is a little sweeter, maybe some club soda, you know, if available. Maybe a lemon lime soda. A lot of people use sprites of it up those types of items when they’re making their sangria or if you want to punch it up a notch, a little bit of champagne and I usually try to match the amount of orange juice to the amount of bubbly because I’m not super sweet so say I have a bottle of Pino so I’m do the whole bottle Pino. I’ll add about a half a cup of the orange juice. And then personally I’ll do either a half cup of champagne, if it’s like I have a bottle open from like the night before, or I’ll do club soda because then I’m going to add some fruit in there like oranges or berries and you can really use either in the white or red the darker berries like blackberries or raspberries if you have some, you know in the freezer or you have some in the fridge. I usually do the darker berries in the red sangria. And with the red sangria, I’ll do a half cup maybe just a tablespoon or two more of orange juice and then I’ll use the lemon lime soda because for whatever reason my reds tend to be a little drier. So it just punches it up makes it a little sweet.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:43

I like it. This is the sangria of solitude I and if you drink enough of it, you won’t give a shit.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:52

Well, I mean I even break it up into I have mason jars laying around from beginning so I’ll even break it up into smaller jars and put the lids on And keep it keeps in the fridge for I think like a week.


Mickey Gordon  1:20:02

Well, and for you parents out there we can call it the kid tolerance Kool Aid. That’s a good one like that. I don’t know, man, I look guys, we are thinking about all of you out there. And we hope you had some fun. But you also learned a few things about this COVID nightmare that’s going on right now, not just in America, but around the world. This is genuinely a worldwide problem, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Not from a disease perspective, and not from an economic perspective. So support each other and look out for each other. And now you want to tell everybody one more time where they can find us.


Mallory Gordon  1:20:34

You can find us in our house and at monster cast fucking each other. And kameen No, I’m kidding. I’m not I’m not ready for that go


Mickey Gordon  1:20:44

in your underwear.


Mallory Gordon  1:20:45

But we’re casual swing are everywhere you want to shoot us a message. That’s podcasts that casual swinger? You can find us at casual We’re also on the dating sites, dating sites that includes double diggnation, SLS SDC Cassidy and quiver. And then we are on social media Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.


Mickey Gordon  1:21:08

Okay. fun places. Yeah, find us. And by the way, one more reminder, casual toys is shutting down for two weeks, more or less from pretty much today through April 13. So if you place an order with us during that time, you’re going to receive your order after it ships on April 13.


Mallory Gordon  1:21:25

Right and there’s that’s not a hard set stone date. So as it changes just follow us on social media casual toys, and we’ll keep you updated there as well as casual swinger


Mickey Gordon  1:21:33

or go to casual toys calm and you can see that information there Ladies and gentlemen, this has been my mama my Sharona and this is our late arona is my Sharona. I’m not sure Rona. Are you? Sure? I’m


Mallory Gordon  1:21:45

not sure? Dude, no, I yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:21:51

it’s my car. Oh, yeah. Yes, it is. It’s been mama my Corona. And we loved spending this time with you guys. Thank you so much. Be safe, take care of each other. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Hi,



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