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Making Love to the Camera w Holly Randall

Thu, 9/2 10:04AM • 1:30:16


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Holly Randall, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:41

Now that you know, let’s stick those pants off and get comfy.


Mickey Gordon  00:50

everybody welcome back to casual swinger. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:53

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  00:54

And today’s a fun one today’s all about making love. Whoo. I love that brown chicken brown cow.


Mallory Gordon  01:02

Making love


Mickey Gordon  01:03

to the camera. Oh, that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. We have been so excited about this episode. I know we get excited for every episode. And we get all like this is a special guest. But


Mallory Gordon  01:14

this one is fucking huge. Actually, as you know, we are kind of excitable people. So that that makes sense. This one’s enormous. This is a really, really came big deal for us.


Mickey Gordon  01:25

I really felt it was a big deal because you know, we’re such a fan of her work and who are we talking about? We’re talking about a erotic photographer and in legend in in the family is a legend in erotic photography. We’re talking about Holly Randall.


Mallory Gordon  01:40

Yes. And Holly Randall has a podcast called Holly Randall unfiltered which is amazing. By the way, after we talked to her, she mentioned that her favorite episode of Gosh, what is she up to 160 something or 70 some things a lot and all of the content is wonderful. I love the dialogue she has with people in the industry and kind of normalizing and getting deep. Some of it’s a little darker, but it’s it’s great content. I went back and listened that first episode with her mom and dad. Oh Suze Randall.


Mickey Gordon  02:09



Mallory Gordon  02:10

my gosh, is that fabulous?


Mickey Gordon  02:12

It really isn’t. It really gives you this perspective on her and her career that just completely disarms you. So who is Holly Randall? She is? She’s a producer. She’s a photographer. She’s a podcaster. She’s an icon in adult content. Absolutely. And she’s an amazing photographer. She’s a fantastic photographer. She’s going to be a mom soon. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  02:35



Mickey Gordon  02:36

She’s the daughter of Suze Randall who is a legendary photographer. And we reached out to her because, you know, we’ve checked out a couple of her podcasts. And she really paints adult content in a bit of a different light than a lot of people do. And they she normalizes and makes people a little more real. And it just, it was so awesome to be able to sit down and just talk to her about her career and her perspective. But also, we got to talk a little bit about taking your own erotic photos and kind of scoring some really, really great tips from a pro. Taking good pictures. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  03:08

I mean, we bounced all over the place talking about her because I’m so we’re so fascinated by her. I have so much respect, especially for her and her mom, because they were they’re trailblazers in that industry, in my opinion. Yeah. And for her to give us tips at all on something it probably it’s second nature to her now. Right with regards to photography,


Mickey Gordon  03:27

yeah, 25 years in the industry herself, and then growing up around it. And she really, you know, she went to art school and in photography school and came back and started taking photos, you know, for her parents essentially said it just to grow up so sex positive, and then come away from it and be able to have such a constructive conversation about adult performance and sex work and talk with those folks and then take photos of those folks. And we asked her things about being starstruck and then they talked about potatoes.


Mallory Gordon  03:58

Oh my God, please don’t remind me I got really nervous right. And I think this is the first interview that I can legitimately say that I was I was shaking. And I know people are people. But I was just so honored to have the ability to talk with her and the more real she was, the more nervous I got because she was completely transparent. I’m just I loved every moment of it and I’m starting to get choked up again because I’m a dork just thinking about it.


Mickey Gordon  04:27

I was I was a big fan of her just her willingness to talk about whatever which was was really cool and she was so open you know a lot of times when we reach out to people that have a big name or a celebrity even even in adult content celebrities they’re tend to not want to talk to swingers I don’t know why that is but she was really super open. She’s like, yeah, fuckin a swinging is awesome.


Mallory Gordon  04:49

Yeah. And I think you know, the, some of the people we follow very closely, what we love about them is their authenticity. And we know we’ve talked about that quite a few times, as of as of late either just between you and I are on the podcast. And and I love that she is genuine she’s authentic GOOD BAD indifferent.


Mickey Gordon  05:05

Yeah yeah there was there’s she literally doesn’t have a fucking filter. No and that’s amazing which is it was really really cool


Mallory Gordon  05:12

but not trying to hold on to a persona right image to put out there she’s just being who she is


Mickey Gordon  05:17

no and I love that and then I didn’t know this till after we finished the interview because I hadn’t seen it but she’s actually making a maternity content for so adult content for like her only fans and stuff, which is super hot. Like,


Mallory Gordon  05:30

oh my god.


Mickey Gordon  05:30

Yeah, like and she looks amazing. We saw the pictures on Twitter and I was like, wow, hottie check you out?


Mallory Gordon  05:35

I know. Right? Well, she’s stunning to begin with. And I was not a cute pregnant lady. I’m gonna put that out there right now. Now I look like I made like grunting sounds every time I took a step. It was it was not cute. So I wasn’t there guys. Stunning, stunning pregnant.


Mickey Gordon  05:50

Yeah, it was it was she’s she was hot as hell. And I you know, we we just learned so many cool things about it. We’re not going to give it away before you get into the interview. It is a little bit of a longer interview. So once again, we’ve got a long episode for you guys. But I think it’s gonna be fun. I think you’re gonna get into it. And let’s talk a little bit about our weekend and our week and what led up to this episode and it’s just been active.


Mallory Gordon  06:12

Yeah, it’s it’s been a great week, actually. I mean, I’m a little tired. Maybe,


Mickey Gordon  06:20

maybe I don’t need another drink right now. No,


Mallory Gordon  06:23

no, I’m done with the water. Um, yeah, I mean, we had you know the interview with with Holly and we did another interview. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say who that was for who it was when.


Mickey Gordon  06:34

But wait a little while to find out when it’s gonna come out. Yeah, that was a really nice. That was a legit like news anchor that interviewed us. It was crazy.


Mallory Gordon  06:43

And having the table’s turned is always a little different for me because we’re not we’re usually one’s interviewing somebody else.


Mickey Gordon  06:50

Very much so but you know what, I learned a few things from interviewing her. And I was able to use that in my my other blog.


Mallory Gordon  06:56

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And also we had a wonderful weekend. We broke quarantine. A semi quarantine.


Mickey Gordon  07:03

We just opened the door. We really didn’t break quarantine. We just oh, there’s people here.


Mallory Gordon  07:08

Yeah, so we’re the lovely ladies of sapphic swingers decided to come up and sapphic sleepers out of out that tip slept really well here


Mickey Gordon  07:21

to slip the whole weekend. She’s left in the bowl. She fell asleep in the fucking pool last night. We actually did check on her to make sure she wasn’t dead. Nope, not


Mallory Gordon  07:30

dead. Oh, she kept thumbs up like every three to five minutes, right. I


Mickey Gordon  07:33

felt like I needed like a cowbell to bang or something and be like, raise your thumb if you’re good. She’s, I mean, well, we were all sitting there talking around the fire pit and just kind of chatting and TIFF stands up and does a little stagger rips off hafer clothing and just jumps in the pool. Right on. And then next thing you know she’s floating and sleeping on a on a floating. Yeah. And


Mallory Gordon  07:52

we’re all like, yeah, that’s normal. Sure.


Mickey Gordon  07:54

So we just sat there and talked to Rachel well, to flip it around, listen to music


Mallory Gordon  07:59

now. But it was a fantastic weekend. It was sad to see them go. It’s been so long since we had an opportunity to see them face to face. They’re just such wonderful human beings and such a pleasure to be around. My face in my belly hurts from laughing.


Mickey Gordon  08:14

I really wanted to talk him into standing on let’s just stay one more day. It’ll be fine.


Mallory Gordon  08:17

You could just move in.


Mickey Gordon  08:18

Yeah. Come on. I’ve got the room. Come on. Yes.


Mallory Gordon  08:19

Yeah, the dogs miss you.


Mickey Gordon  08:22

Right. Oh, yeah. I’m telling you what the casual dog is looking around right now going. There’s no one here to rub my belly. Like really? Dude, seriously, they there’ll be back one day. Yeah, they were they were big fans of the sapphic sleepers. But they they came up here and hung out with us for the weekend. And we made food on the grill and we hung out in the pool. We went for a Jeep ride never got out of the Jeep. Yeah, you know, it’s it. So for quarantine, hang out with some lifestyle friends. It was really good.


Mallory Gordon  08:48

Yeah, it was great. And I mean, this environments very strange. You know, everyone’s taking stuff day by day. So it means a lot that they came up here and broke their quarantine because you know, you, you want to stay in contact. But you also want to keep that security of your bubble. So keeping that bubble you know, as clean as possible, right while still trying to be semi social in a responsible manner takes a lot of consideration. What was super important to them was and I’m so flattered that they were like we trust you guys.


Mickey Gordon  09:19

Well, we haven’t done anything or gone anywhere.


Mallory Gordon  09:22

No, we’re embracing our hermit life now.


Mickey Gordon  09:24

Yeah, we’re trying on the introvert have Royals. Yeah. Well, that was a lot of fun. We miss you ladies are ready. You haven’t been gone that long. But I hope that it’s a safe drive back to the great Fort Lauderdale region. You know, have fun with the cows and the camels.


Mallory Gordon  09:40

The camels. What did I miss with the camel?


Mickey Gordon  09:43

I missed it too. She just started looking for camels in the field. I


Mallory Gordon  09:45

don’t know. I don’t know either. I was like there’s a donkey out there somewhere.


Mickey Gordon  09:49

Yeah, Somewhere over the rainbow. Hey, we had a rainbow tonight.


Mallory Gordon  09:53

We did. I think it was an honor of their departure. It was just the


Mickey Gordon  09:55

that’s the funny one of our kids goes all they’re going to It was in their honor. It was awesome. But hey, we’ve got some stuff coming up for you guys. If you’re not aware of virtual podcast Palooza is coming up at the end of August here in just a couple of weeks. That’s August 28. Through the 30th virtual podcast Palooza is going to be an online only event that online only event is going to include some of your favorite podcasters like bed hoppers. Sex uninterrupted. We got a thing swinging down under monogamous marriage, sapphic swingers or sapphic sleepers, and of course, yours truly


Mallory Gordon  10:34

these fucking guys.


Mickey Gordon  10:36

Yeah. I think it’s gonna be really neat. It goes on all weekend long. So Friday is going to be the welcome party and a DJ set just in a panel just kind of messing around having some fun.


Mallory Gordon  10:46

Yeah, I think there’s gonna be some really great content. Of course, it’s not the platform that was originally planned. But I think it’s a great opportunity to still connect with your favorite content creators, I get some valuable information and have a lot of fun.


Mickey Gordon  10:57

Yeah, I think so too. And I think it’s going to give people a taste of the lifestyle that they’ve been missing. So don’t miss out. Especially Saturday, Saturday is going to be 1pm to 4pm bed hoppers and us sex uninterrupted there’s a panel and then we got a thing at 4pm


Mallory Gordon  11:12

love it.


Mickey Gordon  11:13

You can get tickets at podcast a that’s podcast dash a dash they’re 25 bucks so you can get in and check out some of that new content coming your way. Also, we got an NC we got another video date coming up with our friends out in Arizona


Mallory Gordon  11:29



Mickey Gordon  11:30

and that was really went well last time it lasted longer than I really thought it would be ours


Mallory Gordon  11:35

there’s nothing better than that meeting somebody on new and feeling like you’ve known each other for years having this like just inherent rapport with each other that you can Josh around a bit and have some laughs but also talk sexy. Oh, yeah, it’s That’s awesome.


Mickey Gordon  11:51

And they are sexy shit. So that doesn’t hurt. But what else we have going on? Let’s see how about double date nation if you guys didn’t know we’re sponsoring a giveaway for double date nation, they didn’t ask us to we did it because we love them. And what it is, is they still have lifetime memberships available for a short time more. So if you buy a double date, nation lifetime membership between now and September 30. You’re entered into a drawing for a womanizer premium that’s 199 99 sex toy or $200. For those of you that are doing the roundup math, that’s a womanizer premium. It’s one of Mallory’s favorites on the hole down, hands


Mallory Gordon  12:25

down my favorite.


Mickey Gordon  12:27

Yeah, it’s a badass away, you get one of those. If you sign up for a lifetime membership, and you win the drawing, that means you go into a drawing for a woman as your premium, you don’t automatically get one you do if you win the drawing. But I still think it’s going to be really cool. And we’re happy to do that not only for people that joined double date, because if you’re on there, that means we get to talk to you more. Yeah. So you join our community to


Mallory Gordon  12:47

Yes, please join our community. So what do they have to enter in order to isn’t there like a promo code or something?


Mickey Gordon  12:52

They just have to do it, Dave’s gonna just pull it but if they want to use a promo code and get three months free, the code is casual 19 awesome. It doesn’t matter. You can use whatever code you want. You can use we got to things code, you can use sofex code, it really doesn’t matter. Perfect. If you buy a lifetime membership. You’re in for the drawing love


Mallory Gordon  13:08

those guys. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  13:10

we do too. So last but not least, just a couple of months ago, we did a thing with dating kinky. That was called what’s wrong with swinging?


Mallory Gordon  13:17

Yes. And we had on the panel. Quite a few content graders that are friends of ours, monogamous marriage, staff explaining swingers and our escapades.


Mickey Gordon  13:27

Yes. So we held a panel where we talked about, basically what is wrong, why can’t you be a swinger? Right. I mean, you can be a swinger. Even if you don’t swap, you can be a swinger. If you just like to be watched, or watch. There’s a lot of things that make you lifestyle. And so we talked about what’s wrong with the term swinging as a panel and it was really, really good. And dating kinky was nice enough to give us that content to release as a show. I know we’re gonna do this a special show.


Mallory Gordon  13:52

Yeah, I love those guys. I’m dating. Kiki has also their own dating web website that they’ve launched. They have a lot of content that’s associated with that site. They’re just a wonderful group of people. And we’re so flattered that they had us on to host


Mickey Gordon  14:05

Oh, hell yeah. So that should be a lot of fun. Look out for that. We’re hoping we can release that next week. And without too much further ado, we’re gonna get you guys on with the beautiful, amazing, talented AI I’m gonna run out of adjectives before anything else happens. But Holly Randall is with us on casual swinger this week, and we’re so fucking excited.


Mallory Gordon  14:28

I told her about mailing potatoes Really? I don’t know where the please don’t judge me folks. Please don’t. Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  14:34

Mallory and her spuds folks.


Mallory Gordon  14:37

My spreads are duds.


Mickey Gordon  14:38

All right. Well, can you and your spuds tell people how the hell to find us since we skipped it in the interview. You’re like everybody knows already fuckit so why don’t you go ahead and tell them now before we get on with Hollywood?


Mallory Gordon  14:47

Sure, guys. You can find this as casual swinger everywhere. Feel free to go to our website which is casual you can shoot us a message podcast at casual swinger. You love us, drop us a note. Say something positive on Apple podcast. That’d be awesome.


Mickey Gordon  15:02

That’d be super cool. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  15:03

iTunes, and we’re again casual swing everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and all the dating sites because we love sex with you. And diggnation SLS SDC cuivre Cassidy and probably others I’m forgetting.


Mickey Gordon  15:24

That’s all right. I think that’s enough of them, folks. Hey, we’ll be back in just a hot second with the amazing Holly Randall you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  15:47

Welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. I’m your co host, Mallory,


Mickey Gordon  15:51

and my name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  15:53

And we have an exciting guest for you today. I’m going to be fangirling a little bit so please bear with me.


Mickey Gordon  15:59

You’re excited. I’ve been dancing only going to hustle for the last like two days.


Mallory Gordon  16:03

Yeah, we have Miss Holly Randall on with us. Hey, Holly. Hi, how are you guys? So let’s tell our listeners who Holly is if they don’t already know.


Mickey Gordon  16:13

Well, I kind of think we need to let Holly tell people who she is. But, you know, for us, this was a big deal. So there’s a lot of people over the course of history, you know, in in our swinger history and lifestyle history that have really stood out to us and I love content creators. I love people that have an eye to catch stuff. And so I’ve known First of all, I knew who Holly’s mom was. And then then all of a sudden, she came on the scene and I’m like, holy shit, it runs in the family. So we’re betting that anybody and everybody knows exactly who you are, Holly, but let’s talk about your life for a couple of minutes. You’re a photographer, you’re a director, you’re an educator, you’re a podcaster. You’re a daughter. Sounds like you’re a sister, you’ve got a shitload of titles. So tell us a little bit about your life and how this path to fame happened.


Holly Randall  16:56

Yeah, we can actually add soon to be mother to that I’m Congrats. Congratulations, having a baby girl in October. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  17:05

Libra, these are the bomb.


Holly Randall  17:07

Libras are pretty fun. I know. Everybody keeps telling me that. And I’m like, I don’t know anything about astrology. So I don’t know what that means.


Mickey Gordon  17:13

But I don’t either. I’m a Libra. I’m pretty fun. Okay, well, then, Ben. Thank God, it’s


Mallory Gordon  17:18

like sold. Sold? Uh,


Holly Randall  17:21

yeah, I don’t know, you kind of covered all of the bases. I’ve actually never been called an educator before. So that’s exciting. That’s a new title that I’m definitely going to add to my repertoire. But I think that that probably just comes from the podcast. And if anything, the podcast has educated me on so many things, and hopefully I’m passing that education on to my guests as well. So I guess that does make sense.


Mickey Gordon  17:48

Yeah, a little bit. Right. And I think that you do some photography classes too. Right? You teach?


Holly Randall  17:54

Oh, yeah, that’s true. I do. I haven’t. So I haven’t done a photography workshop in a while. I actually was doing them about twice a year. And then I kind of stopped doing them in person, just because they were so exhausting. There was so much work. And I just had so many shooting jobs that I was really overextending myself. So I started working on doing online courses. And then quarantine and COVID hit so that kind of, you know, closed the door on that I was able to get like one, one episode out. But my plan to create a bunch of different courses got put on pause. But yeah, so I’ve definitely taught people stuff about photography. And that’s, that’s really fun. I actually wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, I thought I was going to become an English teacher. So it’s kind of nice to combine my love of photography and teaching into the same thing.


Mickey Gordon  18:54

That is awesome, but show you for people that don’t know you and don’t know who your mom is. Talk about kind of just how you went from point A to point B, like, I know it’s in your bio, but maybe they didn’t read it. Right?


Holly Randall  19:07

nobody reads anything anymore on the video. That is true. So my mother is Suze Randall and she’s considered one of the female pioneers in the adult industry, I would think she was a prolific erotic photographer, she directed some movies as well. But back in like the late 70s, early 80s, but that really wasn’t her thing. Her thing was mostly photography. And you know, back in the day, you could actually make a living as a photographer just shooting for magazines. I know, that doesn’t exist anymore, but that once was a possibility. So I started working for my parents when I was 20. I kind of thought it was a transitional job between you know, I had Just come back from Santa Barbara where I was going to school and I was transitioning, to go to UCLA and finish up my degree in World Literature. And I thought I was going to maybe become an English teacher, like I’d mentioned. And I started, you know, working for them in the office and freaking, I just help out with admin stuff. And I just got kind of sucked into the world of porn and never left.


Mallory Gordon  20:25

So before I get down to the the first question that I want to ask you, this just had a thought we have kids, and they’re very well of our lifestyle on our podcast. Were you always aware of what your mom did? like growing up? Was it always out in the open?


Holly Randall  20:38

Yes, yes, it was. It’s I don’t remember ever having this epiphany ever finding out this this moment. I think, probably the way my parents explained it to me when I was very young, was something like, you know, mommy and daddy, take pictures and make movies for grownups. And this is not, you know, it’s not appropriate for you to look at these magazines that we make. And when you’re grown up, you can look at them. And that was kind of like the extent of my understanding. And you know, when you’re when you’re very young, you don’t really care what your parents do for a living fair, that’s fair. And I obviously became more curious as I hit puberty and got older. But, you know, I wasn’t raised with any kind of sense of shame about sexuality, or nudity, or anything like that. My mom always told me that the female body was a beautiful thing and a natural thing. And so I think, because my parents didn’t make it this huge, big taboo, I never saw it as a big deal. So, you know, like, normality is relative. And I grew up in what I felt was a very normal household. And so I don’t think it was ever really a problem for me. And I have a brother and a sister, who are not in the adult industry at all. And, you know, they have very normal lives. So I think we had, we had a pretty normal upbringing, despite you know, what my parents do for a living.


Mallory Gordon  22:08

I love that. I love that one of our favorite things that our kids have ever said is that they have the most sex positive parents. And to me, I kind of wear that as a badge of honor. And so my thought I was wondering if that is part of what led you down the road? Because it sounds like you had a different career in mind. And then when you went to work for your parents or your mother, that that that course kind of changed? Do you do you think some of that fed into the your ultimate decision in your path?


Holly Randall  22:36

Well, I will tell you that photography has been a passion of mine since I took my first class at 12. So I always loved I actually always wanted to be a photographer. So when I was, when I was very young, I thought I would become a fashion photographer. And that was my dream. And then as I got older, I became afraid of trying to pursue a career in the arts. Because, you know, that’s difficult. And it’s not all that stable. And I thought, well, it’s safer to choose a career in education. And literature is another thing that I love. My father was an English teacher and my grandfather on both sides. And so I thought, Okay, well, that’s a safer path to follow. And so when I started working for my parents, and that really was at the very beginning of the internet, so it was like this, this time, is incredibly transitional time. So my mom found herself in a situation where she was no longer beholden to any of her clients and her magazine clients. And she suddenly had found all this independence in her work that she’d never had before. And that cultivated an environment of, you know, extreme creativity. times were easy. We had big budgets. It was just really, really fun. And the environment was a wonderful one. I know people have a very often have a very specific idea of what they think porn sets are like, but I can tell you that as soon as Randall set is nothing like what most people think porn sets are like. So the experience for me was very, very positive. And I was like, why wouldn’t I want to stay? This is? This is so much fun. We’re doing really cool shit. And we’re making a lot of money. And so I said,


Mickey Gordon  24:35

Well, I think there’s really two keys there. Right? We’re doing really cool shit. And we’re making a lot of money. Yeah, I mean, I bet that didn’t last No.


Mallory Gordon  24:44

I was gonna say, you know, a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to do either a little on both at the same time at all in our lifetime. So that that’s, that’s something really special.


Mickey Gordon  24:52

Yeah, I think most people would put dogshit in a box and ship it for a lot of money. So they would do whatever


Mallory Gordon  24:58

people ship potatoes. to each other and the millions of dollars


Mickey Gordon  25:04

Yeah, you can face on a potato that can happen. wordless tribe.


Holly Randall  25:10

That wait. Okay, I feel like I need to learn more about this. What are we talking about?


Mallory Gordon  25:16

Is it the strange world we live in like an idea like that that can make you a lot of money in a short amount of time. There was a company I can’t think of the name but you used to be able to like put your face or message on a potato and you can mail the potato I think it was on Shark Tank.


Mickey Gordon  25:30

It was it’s potato parcel calm. Yeah. Yeah, potato parcel calm. You can literally send them an image. And they will superimpose the image onto a potato and ship it to somebody


Mallory Gordon  25:39

because there was no rules against shipping, Potato, potato and standard USPS mail,


Mickey Gordon  25:44

lawless spuds flying all over the country strained.


Holly Randall  25:47

So this was a profitable venture. I assume a lot of people did this. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  25:52

they got like a $250,000 investment from a shark. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  25:56

I think I think the novelty has worn off in the past couple of years. But I mean, it sounds


Mickey Gordon  26:05

Well, I mean, I think they branched out into avocados and a few various vegetables.


Mallory Gordon  26:11

I was gonna say avocados are temperamental, because it’s like, you wait three days for it to rape and then like an hour, it’s it’s overripe and rotten. You’re supposed to


Mickey Gordon  26:18

avocado. We’re male calm. Yes. But anyway,


Holly Randall  26:21

wasn’t there wasn’t that not to take us totally off topic? Um, Wasn’t there a service where you could actually send dog shit to people that you didn’t like? Oh, my God.


Mallory Gordon  26:33

I don’t know. But we’re googling that. After that. I’m pretty sure that there was that list. That’s better than the glitter bomb.


Mickey Gordon  26:39

Yeah, yeah, you can send a bag of gummy dicks to people too. You can eat and eat a bag of dicks on the front of the bags. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  26:46

I like that. Yeah, but chocolate assholes better.


Mickey Gordon  26:48

Oh, yeah. Have you seen that? Oh, no. No, I haven’t. But that’s like, delicious. You don’t want to? Yeah, I don’t I wouldn’t send like a bag of gummy decks to someone I didn’t like it’s true. We serve delicious. And chocolate assholes. I mean, it just looks like your butthole. And it’s made out of chocolate. But anyway, he’s gonna take us back to the topic, and he’s talking about your amazing life. So doing what we do. You know, every once in a while we come across people that, you know, I’m not gonna say we’re hanging out Mel Gibson or anything. But we’ve met a few people that are kind of celebrities. And I always get a little gooey eyed, especially like, we met some of our favorite authors and things like that. But you have photographed actual fucking famous people. Do you ever get starstruck anymore? No. You’re a regular person? No,


Holly Randall  27:35

you will be cuz I mean, to me they are I guess. I don’t know. I mean, I guess his adult stars. They are famous to certain people. But to me, they’re just like my, my colleagues. I don’t know. Yeah, I never get starstruck the, you know, the adult industry is very much like a, like a small little family. So I don’t know that. Especially if you’ve been in the industry for a long time. I don’t know that we get starstruck by each other.


Mickey Gordon  28:07

Yeah, you just don’t kind of know each other.


Mallory Gordon  28:09

And that’s got to be kind of a relief. Because when you think about the art and performance and the planning and everything when you’re in the zone, like that’s probably a better perspective to have on it so that you can focus on the details that you need to be successful.


Holly Randall  28:22

Yeah, and I think also to a lot of these, like big adult stars, I was shooting them when they were brand new. So like Riley Reid, you know, like people before they blew up and became really big. I was working with them. So I’d known them before they were famous. So it wasn’t like they came to me. And they were this big name. It was like I had, you know, I already worked with them. So we kind of you know, I just saw some regular person.


Mickey Gordon  28:50

So you work with them before they knew where to put their hands. We’ll get it Yeah, later. Yes. Oh, Dana research.


Mallory Gordon  29:01

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So yeah, I’m not gonna lie. I know your website. Well, um, as an artist, what are some of the most things? What are the things you’re most proud of in this space? Is that your favorite? Like, piece of work? Like the photo, the film? Maybe your podcast? Because I mean, that’s an art form, too.


Holly Randall  29:22

Yeah, I mean, they’re also different. I, I’m definitely very proud of some of the photography that I’ve done. I’m working on an art book right now. So I’m really trying to kind of get out of the box and, and step back from my typical glamour shooting and do different things. I’m shooting on film again, which is crazy.


Mallory Gordon  29:43

So really, yeah, that’s exciting.


Holly Randall  29:47

It is, it’s actually really cool because it’s kind of like Christmas because you don’t get to see what you’re shooting at the time. And so you have to wait for the film to get developed and then come back to you. So it’s like the anticipation is really fun. So I’ve been enjoying that very much. But, you know, I’ve been doing photography for a long time. And the way that my podcast has grown and influenced people is an entirely different things. So I think that, yeah, you could probably say, I’m the most proud of my podcast, maybe because it’s also like a newer thing for me. But, you know, before when I was shooting just porn, which was great, and don’t get me wrong, I love my job. And you know, I had fans that said wonderful things about my work. But I never felt like I ever made any kind of impact in the way that my podcast has. You know, when I have people tell me that they see porn stars differently, because of my show, they see the adult industry differently. Because of my show, I’ve had these wonderful letters from people that have told me that listen to my show has improved their relationship with their significant other, that it’s helped them deal with sexual trauma, that it’s helped them overcome, like their fear of intimacy, I mean, all these insane things that I never would have imagined, I never thought that I would ever create something that would have that kind of impact on somebody’s life. And look like, I’m not going to take the credit, you know, this is all due to the fact that I have wonderful guests on who are incredibly open and honest and raw with me, and tell these inspirational stories. So it’s, it’s all thanks to them. But yeah, that kind of response, you know, I never, nobody ever really told me that, you know, my photography was so good that it like, helped them deal with a deep dark depression. And it like saved their marriage, you know what I’m saying? So it’s been. So that’s been an entirely different experience, which has been really wonderful.


Mickey Gordon  31:47

Yeah. So here’s the thing that just came to mind, actually. But you said you went back to working in film. So one of the things that I found when digital photography became a thing is it allowed you to suck more and take a lot more photos looking for the perfect shot? Perfect pose? Perfect look. And so the question is, do you take more photos raw? Or do you take less now that you’re shooting on film, instead of digital?


Holly Randall  32:13

Oh, I take less, I think because I combine it with the digital, I shoot some digital frames to cover my ass. And then I shoot some film. Because I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t shot on film in such a long time. So it’s still almost a little bit of a learning curve. And also, I’m working with like an old camera that doesn’t have autofocus. So I was shooting these, these pictures of Jenna Fox, actually. And it was at sunset and the sun was behind her. And so the glare was really strong, it was very difficult for me to see and very difficult for me to focus. So my focus wasn’t really on in a lot of the shots, but like, you know, I just kind of like added more grain and like, pulled back and, you know, increased the flare. And I was like, it’s art, the beauty of Yeah, must be out of focus, you know, like, you can kind of get away with that with film, you know,


Mallory Gordon  33:08

beautiful things in life start as mistakes.


Holly Randall  33:10

Yeah, yeah. So So, but I definitely am taking just less also too, because it’s, you know, 36 frames, I mean, that the biggest rule of thumb, you can get a 36 frames, right. So whereas you can get a digital card, and you can shoot like 500 pictures on it. So I don’t have as much that I can shoot on one roll anyways. And generally, I’m juggling between two cameras and trying to do a million things in a day. So that’s definitely


Mickey Gordon  33:39

the last that’s what nobody tells you when you get into photography is that you carry a lot of heavy shit, right? Yeah, you better be in shape. There’s no such thing as a really fat photographer. Just doesn’t


Holly Randall  33:48

that’s not true. I’m gonna tell you right now, that is 100%. Not true. But I will say that, it it’s best to be in better shape. Because especially if you want to get different angles, get on the floor, get up high. move around a lot. If you you know, don’t have the money for a big crew and you get to help move furniture and lights and stuff like that. It’s that’s exhausting.


Mallory Gordon  34:19

I just assumed all of you did yoga.


Mickey Gordon  34:21

Right? Go? Yeah. Alright, so let’s talk about unfiltered for a minute. So your podcast is called Holly Randall unfiltered. And it shines a very bright light on the adult industry. And that’s not a bad thing. The episodes are insightful, funny and in my opinion, authentic. So what we want to know is what drove you to start unfiltered and how’s it been received in the industry and more importantly, the mainstream.


Holly Randall  34:45

So I started my podcast during like a very dark time in my life. Actually. I was having this kind of existential crisis where I had I had been terminated from my job at playboy. I am back shooting with them now and they’re being run by completely different people. So I just want to like point that out there that I’m not like here to like say shit about playboy like they’re great. But you know, they were going through some transitional phases and they had some new leadership and they didn’t like my work. So, so they they terminated me, which was really heartbreaking for me because I’d been their main producer for play plus is sorry, I should specify not the magazine, because I know people get confused. So for the website, play with us, I’ve been their main producer for like seven years, and I’d shut all their cyber girl the year stuff, they’d flown me to Mexico to Costa Rica, you know, and I done some of the best work in my life for them. And I was very proud of working for Playboy, you know, it’s a household name. And, and then another one of my clients pretty much dropped me from like, I don’t know, six, eight scenes a month to one. For reasons, I still don’t really know why. And, you know, I just had some other situations like I had left the people who are running my website, and they rip me off for a bunch of money and start a new one and shit man, I just had, yeah, a lot of things happened at once. It was really, really terrible. I think my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the same time, it was just a bad, bad time. And I had relapsed from being I’d been sober for seven years, and I had relapsed. And even though like my drinking wasn’t insanely out of control, it was still something that I was having a difficult time managing. And then after all those things happened, it definitely got worse because, you know, I couldn’t, I couldn’t cope with the depression. And it was a really awful time. And so I was forced to really think about, okay, well, what is my place? Now? What am I going to do for a living? Like, it’s very difficult for someone who, when, especially when you’ve been so, you know, active in the adult industry and your faces out there? And, and, you know, there’s no hiding what you do, it’s very difficult to transition into another career. I mean, I certainly couldn’t become an English teacher now. Right? That was not possible


Mickey Gordon  37:07

to take into account. Oh,


Holly Randall  37:09

yeah, that was never gonna happen. So. And, you know, I just felt like, there was no place for me in the adult industry, you know, a lot of really amazing directors had come in, and these companies were shooting these incredible movies and, and I just felt, you know, really out of my depth and, and so I thought, Okay, what can I do? What makes me special? What makes me different? What advantages Do I have that maybe other people in industry don’t? I thought, well, I like to talk. Here, this podcasting thing is doing really well. And I have a lot of friends in the adult industry and, and people who I think respect me. And I’d really love the opportunity to show the world what the adult industry is really like from an insider’s perspective, rather than, you know, the mainstream, outsider’s perspective, which is usually very biased and, you know, seeks to fill a negative narrative. And so I thought, well, you know, I’ll just I’ll do 10 episodes. And I’ll see how it goes. It probably won’t go anywhere. And I did, and it did really well. And almost immediately, I had like, incredible feedback. And I never stopped.


Mallory Gordon  38:31

That’s amazing.


Holly Randall  38:32

Oh, go ahead and say, and that was actually three years ago, I keep forgetting to check the actual date, but like, I’m coming up on my three anniversary, like this month at South. Congratulations. Yes.


Mallory Gordon  38:45

Yeah, absolutely. Congratulations, I have to give you two kudos here. Because when you’re in a place like that, and I can raise my hand and say, yeah, I’ve been to the darkest places, and in myself as well. And to have an introspection and to step back, and try to highlight the good in yourself, because it’s not really a place you’re naturally going to go when you’re in that state. And then to take a step forward, and take a chance during all of that. So huge, huge kudos to you. That’s amazing. And I’m glad it’s turned out really positive for you.


Holly Randall  39:19

Thank you. I mean, I think I’ve always been a fighter. And I also think, too, that a lot of it has to do with the experience that I had my first time trying to get sober because you know being being an active alcoholic is having an addiction is a terrible thing. And it’s it’s really awful in the way that you can’t when you can’t control your own behavior, no matter how much you want to it’s really, really scary. And so when I got sober the first time it forced me to learn so much about myself, and incorporate and coping skills And get a support system and look at things in a different way and try to always find the silver lining. And know that no matter what I went through, I could always get out of it because that was the one thing that getting sober gave me was gave me an enormous it gave me that, that confidence to know that, like, if I could beat that I could do anything. So even though I had fallen back into it, I knew I could get out of it again, because I had done it before. And so I think all of that just really helped me and had given me like I had mentioned the tools to wade out of that dark hole again.


Mickey Gordon  40:40

I’m stunned because that feeling that you’re careening out of control, you’re about to go rocketing off the side of a mountain at any time is terrifying. And some of the most people can’t deal with. Right? That’s why we’re all control freaks it at heart. So yeah, good on you.


Mallory Gordon  40:54

Yeah, I’m almost speechless. And again, I don’t have words to like, tell you how you better your fucking podcast. I’m searching for it. Because I’m still I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little star struck. So I feel myself like stuttering in my throat like tickling every time I go to speak. Anyway, I’m gonna embarrass myself here. But no, I think it’s amazing. And it’s an inspiration. I mean, to come out of it. I mean, because as a woman and a business owner, and now soon to be mom, and you know this, the resume that you have is just so impressive on its face. And then to humanize yourself and go, Fuck this. I’m a fighter. I’m scrappy. I’m gonna move forward, and I’m gonna kick ass while I’m doing it.


Holly Randall  41:37

Well, it’s like the minute you give up hope that’s when it’s all over. Yeah, man, you know. So,


Mickey Gordon  41:43

I think what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna isolate all your titles down to storyteller. I like that, too.


Mallory Gordon  41:51

So some of our guests that we’ve had on have really compelling angles. And with you in the industry, like you’ve had, sex is art with saucer gray, family integrity and racist racism. Even like, what was it the medieval sex? Yeah, that was fun one. Yeah. So that like the lifestyle has struggled, especially in recent years. I think it’s we’re seeing an improvement there. But there’s an ongoing concern conversation that’s happening. And the levels of nuance involved, and many of these different situations, while you were directing, and an advocate, is there anything that you’ve covered in relation to like adult films, and this area? Is the conversation ongoing, and in your opinion, like, for example, with the guests on your podcast,


Holly Randall  42:41

you talked about like consent and boundaries, and all of that round sets. Oh, man, that is, I feel like we talk about that in every single episode, especially now since we’ve kind of especially now since the the meteor movement. And then anybody who kind of pays attention to the microcosm that is like the sex work, social media, space knows that we’ve kind of had like the second wave of me too, over the last few months since quarantine happened. And a lot of directors have been outed for abuse, for covering up abuse. So it’s something that’s impossible not to talk about. And, you know, I have clients that are very concerned about this, and, and are working actively on a code of conduct on set to make sure that you know, these, these abuses don’t happen with their directors. And it’s been a very teachable moment. For me. As a woman, obviously, I never want any female performer on my set to ever feel taken advantage of to ever feel like she’s pushed into doing something that she doesn’t want to do. And I’ve always thought that I was careful to watch for that I cultivated a culture on set where women felt safe, and they felt like they could speak up and also to like, I generally don’t shoot very hardcore stuff. They don’t shoot a lot of like gang bangs, or double anal or anything like that. So I kind of always felt that my sets were, were safe. You know, I would never have that problem. But listening to women talk about their experiences, and especially listening to women talk about how, you know, they were afraid to speak up on set for a multitude of reasons. I realized that that wasn’t really good enough that I just thought because I was a woman, I could read the room and I could I could tell if you were uncomfortable with the scene. And so it’s really driven me to make sure that boundaries are discussed before we start the scene. I think we’re probably going to revert to like a written consent list. Once we go back to shooting. It’s kind of an interesting time because we’re having all these discussions on how to Improve adult sets. And, you know, create this, this code of conduct and this, this culture of safety. But we’re not really back to, most companies aren’t back to shooting really yet, at least that like, you know, I shoot for twisties as my main client, we’re not back to shooting it. So we haven’t really been able to institute all of these newzik new ideas that we have. But I think like written consent list will probably come into it. There’s been talk about having advocates like liaisons for the models on set. So there’s been a lot of discussion about how to make sure that adult sets are much safer and enjoyable for everybody. And I definitely welcome all of those conversations. And, you know, I always do my best to make sure that everybody on set is happy and has a good time. But yeah, it’s it’s it’s a conversation that is ongoing, and I think is important. And I’m really glad that, that this has all come up.


Mickey Gordon  45:58

Yeah, it sounds like your perspective is probably changed over the last few years as this has been going on. And, you know, just before me, too, you actually interviewed the president, CEO, founder of evil Angel, who has come under a lot of criticism for some things that have happened on this on his sets. And I think he did a great job. I think you addressed some of it during that podcast, I was really happy to see that. But you know, has your has your perspective changed over the over time.


Holly Randall  46:27

That was a difficult interview for me. And that was actually in a direct response to the interview I’d had prior with ginger banks, who, you know, had issues with him. And then john Stagliano reached out to me and said, I would like to come and tell my side. So that was tricky. For me, I actually don’t feel like I navigated that conversation, as well as I could have, I don’t think that I challenged him enough. But I was, you know, nervous. And I was and I still feel inexperienced, you know, as an interviewer for sure. So, um, so yeah, that was a that was a difficult one. And, you know, there’s been back and forth about that since then. And ultimately, you know, I wasn’t there. I don’t know exactly what happened. And there’s a lot of he said, she said, but I think what that whole thing made me realize that was kind of part of the key of of me, recognizing that it’s really important to listen to people who feel victimized onset. And it’s important to recognize that people may not speak up at the time, because they don’t feel comfortable doing so. And it just reiterated the importance of communication, and checking in with the models. And, you know, like I mentioned, not assuming that people, you know, because one person can say, Oh, this is a vanilla scene, well, vanilla scene means one thing to one person in something different to somebody else, especially if you’re a swinger.


Mallory Gordon  48:04

Very true.


Holly Randall  48:06

Yeah. So it just like that, that whole thing really made me recognize, you know, how incredibly important all of all of that is. And there’s a real, there’s a real change in the culture, in the adult industry. And it’s, you know, it’s important that that women have the feel okay, and feel empowered to speak up. And, you know, the rest of us have a lot to learn from that myself included.


Mickey Gordon  48:33

There’s a lot of change in culture period going on in the world right now. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing on by almost any measure, the fact that you feel like you didn’t do a great job in that interview, and you should have challenged him more is reflective of how difficult it is to be a woman in in the adult industry, and have something to say and be talking to a powerful person and feel like you have a question you have to ask. But sometimes it’s hard. So even today, that might be easier. But it’s still hard. It’s hard, because you rely on the adult industry and the fact that you did it at all. We’re proud to know you for that. So thank you for doing what you do. Thank you. I appreciate that. So let’s have some more fun because this is getting heavy. And that’s not to


Mallory Gordon  49:15

say I think this is great, though, but yes, and have some fun questions for you.


Mickey Gordon  49:19

So as many couples whether your boyfriend and girlfriend are just hooking up a lot of people’s first area of play that they go into is photography, whether it’s selfies or full on sex photography, it’s been around since before Polaroids, you know, shake it like a Polaroid picture anyway. So what role do you think photography plays in the bedroom? And why is it so thrilling to get a nude or sexy image from your favorite person?


Holly Randall  49:43

I think one of my favorite things about photography is so I have this kind of obsession with time and like the passing of time and, and that’s a whole other thing. But the thing about photography is that it’s a way to freeze a moment in time that will never happen again, right. Each moment that passes by will never ever be duplicated. Photography can freeze that moment in time for you. And, and maybe there’s some kind of controlling aspect to that, that I like. But but but I love that. And if you can, when you can take a great photograph, and you can encapsulate the feeling of the, the feeling of that moment, and you know, the person and a certain expression and a certain body position, there’s something really magical about that. And I think that we, when we take that, and we apply that to sex, and to nudity, you know, we’re really embracing our sexuality in a way that we don’t perhaps always do that we’re like committing it to eternity, you know, by by taking this photo. And, you know, there’s obviously something quite risque about it, as well, because you’ve now created this permanent marker of this moment, you know, not everybody wants nudes of themselves floating around, because that could go out to people that they don’t want to see that. So that that can be very thrilling for some people. And it’s a way to capture an intimate moment as well. So you can kind of go and reflect back on it, which is really nice.


Mickey Gordon  51:07

We call that a spank tank.


Mallory Gordon  51:10

I think I think it’s also reflects like the level of trust you have in another person and how you want to embrace the moment. So fun fact, I have a family member that was really, really close with that it’s not here with us anymore. And one of the things I used to love to do is go through old folder mountains and and those albums to me we call them time traveling because I mean some some of the photos dated back to like the early 1900s.


Mickey Gordon  51:34

I was terrified. Yeah, we’re going with that. No, no.


Mallory Gordon  51:36

So I’m I am not a good photographer. I’m not a good subject matter because I never really awkward but I love the ability to go back and look at moments like you said that were captured and and it’s it’s there for eternity. It’s it makes me sentimental, like even in the more risque photos that we take Personally, I look back and he’s probably got I don’t know. 2000 3000 on our drive here. Oh, wait, we’re just me, which is makes my heart full. I have to point to some of them and go. Oh, man that night. Do you remember and this was during the time of this. And it starts to pull from your memory bank. And for me that’s that’s a lot of fun.


Holly Randall  52:16

Yeah. Yeah, I’ve always been. It’s, it’s funny. So I’ve always kept. I’ve always taken a lot of pictures ever since, you know, elementary school. And I’ve always diligently stored them in photo albums. So I have like 12 photo albums spanning all through high school all through college. And we’re cleaning out some of the rooms at my parents house when we found like my old photography work from when I was at Brooks Institute. And some of the stuff I shot when I was in high school and it’s fucking hilarious. It’s so funny. My old work. Like I have these like really stupid like moody collages of black white pictures I took with my little sister with like a quote from the cure underneath. And it’s, you know, it’s be really trying to like, figure out my creative process. I look at it now. And I’m like, Oh, this is terrible. But I remember at the time thinking that, you know, this was like the best shot that I’d ever taken. But I’m so glad that I have those. And it is fun to go back and look at them and reflect back on you know, a simpler time


Mickey Gordon  53:22

should see the shit I wrote in high school, Holly, it’s unreadable. But at the time, I thought I was gonna get a Pulitzer.


Holly Randall  53:28

Yeah, well, no, that’s your handwriting. It wasn’t necessarily before. It’s your fabulous writer. I’m biased, but you are. So now in today, like, how do you define a great photo? Like, what does that even mean? I think that ultimately, it has to like all art, it has to evoke some kind of emotion. Right? So it has to make you feel a certain sort of way. Whether it is happy or sad, or amused or whatnot. And obviously everybody’s opinions are are different. But yeah, it’s hard to pinpoint that. It’s one particular thing, it’s just a balance of, of many things of the subject matter of the texture of the lighting. I mean, sometimes it’s even like, you get it’s funny, sometimes you can take a picture that isn’t like all that great, but if you like, blow it up really big and then frame it nicely, suddenly, it feels like it’s art, like it’s, you know, the hype can add to it as well. So there’s no mean by well, so if you see, like if you have somebody who has a gallery show, right, and they have like all this publicity written up about it. And if you saw one of the photos, maybe by itself as a four by six on a table, it would be something that you wouldn’t even look at that you kind of pass by but if it’s mounted and framed, And it’s in an art gallery. And it’s given some kind of significance based on the buzz around it, that it you see it differently. So it’s okay. It’s interesting. There’s a lot I mean, you know, they talk a lot about how art is all about. The art world is all about, like, the buzz. Yeah. Yeah, some people find it very pretentious in that way. Because, you know, I think everybody’s like heard that, or, you know, kind of joked about like a white canvas. That’s, that’s sold for $100,000. Because it was done by some specific artists who was supposed to be, you know, the, the, the hottest thing and you know, and then one person can see one thing and be like, this is art, this is terrible. And then some other person sees a huge amount of value in it.


Mickey Gordon  55:47

I just want to see Jackson Pollock’s contract with Satan.


Holly Randall  55:53

Yeah, I mean, you see what I’m saying? Like, it’s, you know, and maybe you no one could say, Oh, we have an untrained eye, but I’ve definitely been to art galleries and seen photography, and I’m like, this is terrible.


Mickey Gordon  56:06

You know, it’s funny, I take a lot of photos of Mallory. So my secret people asked me about the photos that I take her and and what’s our secret for a great photo, I


Mallory Gordon  56:13

say no to 99.9%


Mickey Gordon  56:17

doesn’t like any pictures, I take a route. But for me, it’s always there’s this focus of the photo isn’t necessarily what you think it is, until post production when you go back and look at it and go, Wait a minute, there’s something else in this photo that if I make that the focus, this becomes a lot more interesting, or this to this photo tells a different story. If I do this with it, maybe it’s green, maybe it’s a 10, or a sepia or something like that. Right. So I mean, it’s, it’s a lot of different things. But the question I have for you is, most people in their bedroom, don’t have a professional photographer, it’s just not an option. And having your partner directly involved in the process can sometimes bring a level of foreplay that you never even imagined. So what would advice would you give us and our listeners because I imagine both people out there listening to the show right now that like us. So how do you take great photos at home? And is there different advice that you would give if they were doing your standard foodwatch versus truly erotic or sexual photos?


Holly Randall  57:14

so well. So my favorite thing is window light, right? That is one of the usually like the most beautiful light that you can find. It’s a huge source of soft light. Unless the sun’s coming directly through it. And then that can be interesting in its own way. So for me, like I love lighting stuff with window light. But somebody pointed out to me when I was giving advice about how to take sexy pictures, I was like, oh, use window light is beautiful. And some pointed out to be like, Well, most people want to take like 60 pictures at night when the sun’s not out, you know what I mean? usually aren’t feeling like shooting broodwar photos at three o’clock in the afternoon. I was like, Oh yeah, that’s true. And so without having to get because lighting is so complicated, and actually was more important than looking at where the light falls is looking at where the shadows fall, that is more important than where the light falls, because bad shadows is what makes a bad picture. Good shadows is what can make a great photo. So there’s some basic kinds of types of shadow play that in portraiture that you can look at, like there’s like Rembrandt lighting, that you’ll learn in basic photography. But ultimately, you want to and it’s it’s so hard to generalize, right, because I can say like, this is the standard that you should follow but then some amazing pictures. Like one of the things about photography is that you learn the rules so that you learn how to break them and and make those images look great. So you really want to look at Yeah, like I said, where the shadows fall. So if you want to do something simple, and just flattering light the ring light is is your friend and you can get a ring light on Amazon for really cheap and they usually come with like an iPhone attachment, or a smartphone attachment I should say like inside the ring light where you can put your your iPhone camera and then you’ve got really flattering light. Because generally like beauty lighting is when the light sources as close to the camera as possible because then it washes out any imperfections. You don’t really worry about where the shadows fall because there generally aren’t any because you’re front lighting everything. So if you just want something that simple and flattering. My best advice is just to keep the light source the main light source as close to the camera as possible and a ring light will definitely give you that. The other thing that you have to really be careful about is you need to look at your background and a lot of people don’t do this. And especially if you’re working with a camera that is not doesn’t have manual capabilities. You don’t know how to manually adjust it. The camera will always look for the brightest spot in the room if it’s on automatic and it will auto Automatically exposed for that. So if the brightest spot in the room is a really bright lamp behind you, it’s going to expose for the light coming out of that lamp and you’re standing in front of the lamp are going to be dark. So that’s also a really important thing to think about. And you can do things like, you know, put a diffusion over lights. Just make sure you don’t set your house on fire.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:28

Pro Tip


Mallory Gordon  1:00:28

I’m gonna go with that’s probably about bad plan for me because I’ve set my vacuum cleaner on fire.


Holly Randall  1:00:33

But also to like you can get different colored light bulbs also, which can work. So if you’re shooting in your bedroom, and you want to give it like a moodier, more nighttime feel. consider switching out the light bulbs in your lamps with blue ones or red ones. And then you won’t have this really harsh, bright light behind you, you’ll have a softer, more colorful light, which also can just add more interest to the setting in general.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:00

I love that. So when you say like, I’m like the autofocus, I’m just the average show. I have like my iPhone, right? And I’m using a camera. Does that lighting not only talk like when you talk about that is that not just in reference to the actual light source like a bowl, but also the coloring behind us? If I’m standing with a bunch of like bright white background? Does that make a difference? versus a darker or more detailed background? Well, there’s other things going on?


Holly Randall  1:01:28

Are we talking about terms and color balance? Are we talking about light? Oh, I’m just an amateur?


Mallory Gordon  1:01:33

Because when you make the red light, the effect of light? Yeah, because I mean, there’s the the refraction and the absorption, right? Between like white and black. Right that that has different effects. So is that something I should be conscious of when I’m trying to help? Because I’ll be very honest, when we try to take photos, I get very frustrated because I’m standing there and I’m trying to because I’m just very awkward. I don’t know what to do with my face and my hands. And I’m trying to ask for direction. I’m like, Is this like better? Does this spot work? And I think we have a debate over, you know, how is it translating? Is this right? So there’s, you know, 150, what I would consider fails and the process for you know, what are two good pictures?


Holly Randall  1:02:16

What is the issue that you come across the most? Because there’s so many. There’s so many things that can go wrong when you’re taking. And sometimes you don’t even know until you take it like I’ve taken photos. You know, I’ve set up something where I thought oh, this is gonna look amazing. And then it wasn’t until I took the photo that I realized that the background wasn’t working like it was a highly reflective paint on the wall. Maybe you don’t see with the naked eye. But the minute you hit it with a flash, it’s like this bright hotspot, you’re


Mallory Gordon  1:02:44

like, Oh, that’s not gonna work. Yeah, um, I think he notices more of the background stuff than I do. For me, it’s all in. It’s not me being hypercritical of myself and my body because I feel like I’m really comfortable in it. But when I look at pictures of myself I look really boxy or really tense are like my I’m like, Oh my God, my body looks great there. But what am I doing with my face? I look like I’m constipated. Like, what is that?


Holly Randall  1:03:11

Okay, so now we’re talking more about posing? We’re not talking about lighting so much, right?


Mallory Gordon  1:03:16

Yeah, I think yeah, I think I was trying to get down the road and they did a poor job of that lake. Posing and angles for me is probably what I’d like to learn more about.


Holly Randall  1:03:25

Okay, gotcha. Yeah, there’s so many different things about photography to learn, right? There’s so many like things to think about it. This is why this is an art that takes years to perfect. I mean, you never perfect it, right? I’m always learning. And okay, so with posing, so generally, being completely straight on to the camera, is usually not everybody’s most flattering angle, you generally want to go turn a slight three quarters, so that you can start to see the shape of your body so that you could open up the curve of the waist, it opens up the curve of the boob, the butt, that kind of thing, when you’re straight on you can be pretty boxy. So doing a slight angle away from the camera. And you’ll see too if you kind of experiment to do a straight on shot and then turn slightly away. And you’ll see that it brings out the shape in your body. relaxing your shoulders is a big thing. That’s something that a lot of people do. People never know what to do with their hands, right? That’s like the biggest thing.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:25

I have chicken hands. I look like chicken feet.


Holly Randall  1:04:29

Okay, so God, I mean, I could go on hands forever, right? Because that’s like, generally the biggest problem that I that I have with people. So when you’re taking a photo, you always want to Well, obviously, depending on the kind of photo that you’re taking, but let’s say with sexy photos, you really want to exude a kind of confidence. And so you want to you want every pose to feel intentional, every placement of the hand be intentional. So props will actually help a lot if you don’t know what to do with your Hands. So holding something like a champagne glass, or a flower, or even holding on to your clothes, you know, if you’re wearing like something like a sexy robe, grabbing the edge of the robe and like opening it up a little bit, we’ll give you something to do with your hands, you usually want to have your hands placed on your body. So you don’t want them just hanging there. And you you want them in. And you don’t want them generally right in the front of your body, right because the hands are that are as big as your face everybody’s are. So you usually want to minimize your hands. So instead of like putting your hands like on your stomach right in front and move them to the sides of the body, so that they’re minimized a little bit. Also try to make sure that your hand placement is either like boob area, which will naturally bring your shoulders down if your elbows come down, or hip area. When people place their hands like on their stomach in a weird way. Unless like you’re doing a maternity shot. That generally looks pretty awkward, you usually die


Mallory Gordon  1:06:01

that looks like indigestion.


Holly Randall  1:06:03

Yeah. So you usually want to the idea is that you generally want to fill the frame in a confident way, right? And you want to kind of lengthen your limbs. So usually placement of your hands on your hips in the hip area is a good place to put them. But yeah, like, or your hair that also works to a hair can be a great prop. Especially if you’ve got like big flowy like gorgeous hair, play with your hair. It’s Oh, it’s all about like trying to find something to do with your hands. And a lot of times, like I said, just like instituting a proper saying like that will make a big difference. Oh, that’s


Mallory Gordon  1:06:42

great. And what vice I think the the only other sore spot that I have for myself when I go back and look at pictures and bless his heart. He loves them all. And of course, you should love them. Ah, I love it job. Yes, yes. But my face. So like I had a friend. But hey, I have these awkward moments where I’m I just can’t, I can’t tell my face what to do. And a friend of mine said, pretend like you’re taking like a deep inhale or a deep exhale. And I’m like I that I did that in the mirror. And that doesn’t look good.


Holly Randall  1:07:17

Yeah, it’s different for everybody, it would be hard for me, unless I shot you, it would be hard for me to tell you what your right angle was. Because everybody’s different. You know, like, if you’ve have ticularly long nose, generally, you want to keep your chin kind of up a little bit, which will shorten the the apparent length of your nose. But if you have like a weak chin, you might generally want to keep it kind of down. Also, the lighting makes a ton of difference, as well. So and you know, everybody has different angles that look better. Some people look better with their head slightly to the side, some people look better with their face straight on. I think it’s kind of just all about looking at yourself in the mirror and taking a bunch of pictures and figuring out what the right angle is, um, sometimes like blowing through your lips helps. Like even sometimes I know some girls who make noises while they’re modeling. And that helps her.



They’ll be like,


Holly Randall  1:08:15

like these little noises and it helps relax her mouth.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:20

Do me like a front to back thing there actually. Yeah. All right, I got it.


Holly Randall  1:08:25

Right. I mean, ultimately, it’s about confidence, if you feel confident, that will show in your face. And a lot of times with taking photos and this, you know, it’s coming from somebody who shot hundreds of girls who you know, at the very beginning of their career when they had no idea would do with their face or their hands. And they’re now like these incredible models that if you’re feel confident and sexy that will show in your face, but that can take practice. And it’s not easy. I believe me i’ve you know, sometimes when I’m in front of the camera, I forget everything that I’ve told other people about how to model. And I feel totally lost.


Mickey Gordon  1:09:06

And shows the guy shooting the picture, which it’s usually me taking pictures my wife, I think some other people have taken a few but another story for another time. You know, as the person shooting the picture on my end, I try to keep in mind that I can move. So if I don’t like the angle, I move and I try to kind of rotate around her in a semicircle because the perfect shot might be on the other side of her and I won’t find it till I get there. So, for me if somebody asks me for advice, Mike, you’re the photographer. Don’t be lazy. Don’t lay there and take 15 shots of her in the same position. Get your ass up and move around a little bit. You know?


Holly Randall  1:09:39

Yeah, absolutely. You’re right, because sometimes you’ll find an angle that you didn’t know was was good I say like and also to like some general rules. And again, it depends on the person but usually if you’re shooting like a three quarter a headshot, you want to be at eye level or slightly above. You generally don’t want to shoot up somebody’s nose if their face is like the forefront of the show. But then also, when you’re taking falling photos, a lot of times you want to get low because you don’t want their legs to look stunted. And you want them to look long. If you’re taking booty shots, they almost always look better from underneath. I mean, anybody who’s watched a Gonzo video, that, you know, like big wet asses knows that all of those shots are from underneath. Because that is where the curve of the button is not at the top, the top is kind of flat. So, yeah, just like, if you don’t know, just do a bunch of angles, and delete the ones that look shitty.


Mickey Gordon  1:10:34

Right? You know, the problem with all those guns, who videos is all those nasty old farts that filmed them? There’s new creepy guys that are coming behind them. So they’re still around like I was thought maybe they would go away. But they’re still there. Like, there’s still a lot of these types of videos out there. I don’t know, just my two cents on the subject. Yeah. So let’s talk about something else for a second. Let’s let’s talk about only fans, because I feel like only fans has blown the fuck up in the COVID era. And I feel like it’s changing your content.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:02

Yeah, there’s there’s a few different sites. Yeah. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:11:05

number of photos and videos is fucking insane. Have you ever heard Never heard of it? Holy crap. Okay, so everyone and I’m cousin. I’m joking. Okay.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:16

I was, I was sitting here going? Well, damn, I know. She’s busy. But


Mickey Gordon  1:11:20

that was just gonna change the title of the episode to Holly Randall lives under a rock. Yeah,


Holly Randall  1:11:25

right. Yeah, only fans is like dominating the industry. And as it comes up on my podcast so much, I almost feel like they should like fucking pay me as a sponsor. Because I promote the shit out of them all the time, because it’s such a big topic of conversation.


Mickey Gordon  1:11:43

So the question I have for you, though, is is only fans good for the adult industry? And is your quality suffering?


Mallory Gordon  1:11:49

Or is it improving? Hmm.


Holly Randall  1:11:52

So I think that I think ultimately, it’s good. And it’s good because it has given financial independence to performers in a way that they never had before. And it’s given them power. And it’s given them the ability to create their own content and not have to rely on working for other people. So I think that, that that’s really important. And I think that levels, the playing field, and I think that that the makes the adult industry a better place to work. And ultimately, it’ll make for happier models. Right. Now, I mean, in terms of the quality, generally, people are just shooting stuff on their iPhones in their bedroom, which is, you know, subject to Yeah, exactly. For me, it’s like, man, but I think it’s also showing a shift in the preference of the fans. Because what only fans offers that, you know, a big studio website, you know, like twisties, that I shoot for, doesn’t offer isn’t intimacy with your favorite performer that you never had before. So now you can talk to her directly, you can directly request custom videos, you feel like she’s creating this content specifically for you. She doesn’t feel so unattainable if she’s not just as glamorous woman on a box cover, that would never give you the time of day. So I think it also speaks to the changing preference of the adult industry’s audience, and really just, in general, and I think you can see this across all platforms, you know, in mainstream as well, is our desire as a society to connect with people in a digital way, because we’re not really connecting with people in a personal way anymore, especially in quarantine. So I think it’s feeling fulfilling that need that that people have, because they’re lonely.


Mallory Gordon  1:13:49

Yeah, I think it’s, it’s developed a more tailored environment and tailored stage for that. And I kind of feel and maybe I’m wrong, because I’ve not been on that side of the camera before. But there’s got to be a level of empowerment that comes from having complete and total control over how much how often what you do, what you do for it, or how much it is. I mean, that’s that’s got to feel really good to be that independent in that specific environment. Absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:17

And then some people it’s probably keeping them afloat. I mean, they’re not working. They’re not shooting scenes, so they’re not getting paid unless they have licensing deals, which is probably a little more rare than it sounds.


Holly Randall  1:14:26

Yeah, it’s it’s definitely saving. It is the saving grace for a lot of people. A lot of sex workers are making it through this quarantine, because of platforms like only fans.


Mallory Gordon  1:14:38

Yeah, and a lot of people have invested into sex work because of the environment now. So yeah, and and I think that’s a great thing, because I think that starts to bring it a little closer to, you know, normalcy, right? Social, social acceptance.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:53

So you said something and this is, you know, kind of going back to what we talked about in the very beginning. You That only fans has a way of normalizing or making, you know, talent seem a little more accessible. When I was a teenager, one of my uncle’s, who we had a lot of open conversations about sex, and more so than I did with my parents, ironically, and even though they were swingers, but so and I asked him, aren’t porn stars worried about getting pregnant? And he’s like, Oh, those women can’t get pregnant. And that showed his ignorance. Number one, of course, now, as an adult, I know that because of course they can. But why they couldn’t get pregnant. I don’t know. He’s a hillbilly, let’s not get stuck on that. But the most important thing was though, that it showed me as an adult, that he didn’t view them as people and view them as is human with feelings, or, or fears, or concerns or self consciousness or self body image issues, mental image issues, mental health issues, addiction issues, any of the thing that can happen for these are those things that you reflect on when you have these folks on your show on unfiltered. I mean, do you get to really portray them as real?


Holly Randall  1:16:08

Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, we’ve gotten into some really crazy, I’ve had people cry on my show quite a few times I’ve made I’ve had men cry on my show.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:17

Alright, Barbara Walters,


Holly Randall  1:16:19

I really did come out of some of those episodes. I’m like, I am fucking Barbara Walters, a porn hero. There’s almost a part of me that was like a high get you to cry. I mean, like, obviously, not really. But you know, the fact that people felt like they were in a safe space that they could be open and honest. And they and they were able to, you know, be emotional meant a lot to me. And yeah, absolutely. I mean, I’ve had, that’s the thing is like, my episodes are all over the place. You know, summer, absolute hilarity, you’re just laughing your ass off the whole time. Some are really like, kind of, I don’t want to say depressing. But you know, like, just Really? Wow. And definitely all that. I’m lightning, there you go. That’s it, that’s a much better adjective.


Mickey Gordon  1:17:10

I think every node has a rocky patch. It’s just a matter of how long it is and where it falls.


Holly Randall  1:17:14

Yes. And, you know, inspiring. So we, I mean, I’ve, I’ve had adult stars come on to talk about addiction issues. For sure. We’ve had a lot of sober stars on to talk about that. Talk about depression. Talk about suicide attempts. It’s been, it’s amazing. And you know, I always give them the space to talk about whatever they want to I never tried to push people into conversation they’re uncomfortable with. But the way that people open up when given that space, and given a platform to do so is really, really like a magical thing. And it’s, it feels really good to have those kinds of conversations, and I walk away from them feeling like, I understand people better and it’s brought me I feel like it’s made me more compassionate, more insightful. And it’s just been like a really wonderful experience.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:11

Oh, that’s, that’s, that’s amazing. I have to go back and listen to the rest of them now because I think I started on, like the mid two or three.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:21

Well, you went back there. She’s got I did. I did. I know.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:24

I know. I think I was God. And now I’m gonna trip over my words. I won’t even put it out there. But I started in the middle. I always like starting in the middle when I researched new podcasts. Because people hone their skills. they’ve they’ve decided what subjects they’re going to pick and why. And it’s very intentional. So


Mickey Gordon  1:18:42

yeah, I would definitely say I’ve improved. One of the first five oh, yeah, don’t listen to the first five podcasts are


Mallory Gordon  1:18:49

terrible. Now,


Holly Randall  1:18:50

one of the biggest criticisms I would get is that, like, I would speak over my guests too much. So I really tried to really tried to stop doing that. So But yeah, I mean, you know, some are better than others. I mean, I’m sure you guys have a podcast, obviously, you understand, like, you know, when some people are like, Oh, I listened to your podcast, you’re like, wow, I hope you aren’t listening to these episodes. And you’re listening to these other ones. Because, you know, if you listen to like one episode of a show, and it’s one of the not so good ones, it’s just like,


Mallory Gordon  1:19:21

so and also that’s a matter of perception, right? The one you think was invaluable to you could be somebody’s favorite. Well,


Holly Randall  1:19:29

that is true. That has happened to me. I’ve had I’ve had guests on, and I was like, That was terrible. And then I’ve had people be like, Oh, it was my favorite one.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:37

I was like, really blows me up every time. I’m like, are you? Are you Hi. Listen to that. Because I really felt bad about that one that was over. But that’s


Holly Randall  1:19:46

when if I had to recommend one episode, I would say actually, ironically, is my very first one, which is where I interview my parents. Oh, I think that’s the best one. So,


Mallory Gordon  1:19:58

okay, that’s on my list. Tomorrow,


Mickey Gordon  1:20:00

yeah, number we I was gonna listen to it to see if you sucked when you started. But now I’m gonna listen to it because I want to hear your mom’s perspective on this.


Mallory Gordon  1:20:08

I think I have one more question for you if if you’re okay with that. Yeah. So I’ve, I’ve years I have thought about hiring somebody to come take pictures of me for my husband, and really kind of for me as well. But I don’t know the prodding questions to ask like, how do I ask? Because like googling erotic photographer, I’ve gotten some interesting results in my area. Some folks that on their face don’t look like someone I would trust to take those photos and even boudoir photos? Like, is there any advice that you would give as a professional as to what I should be looking for asking these people in advance before you know even offering to hire somebody?


Holly Randall  1:20:54

I definitely ask for referrals from other models, for sure. Obviously, ask for their portfolio. And then make sure that you ask about post production? Are they giving you the raw files? And then you got to figure out how to retouch them and get them color corrected? Or are they going to retouch and color correct your pictures for you? Are they giving you a hard drive? At the end of the day? Or are they drop boxing it to you later? Do they have the ability to use their images in their portfolio? And if so, are you okay with that? And if you’re not make sure that you tell them that I don’t maybe even have it in writing, even if that’s just over an email. So yeah, referrals, I would say is like, is the big thing. Talk to people that they’ve worked with before. I mean, it’s difficult because it’s like, if I’m assuming you guys are not in California, no. Other coast. Okay, cuz if you were I could like, recommend.


Mallory Gordon  1:22:04

You know, anybody over here, I’d be totally open because the other thing I was trying to think about, and unfortunately, I don’t know, anyone who’s done erotic photos, I know a couple people who did boire. And there’s usually two options that you can go with in their studio, which could be at x, y, or z or maybe in a hotel. And I have some reservations and like, do I need to worry about my safety, integrity? like do I book a pre meeting with these people? Because a lot of times they won’t meet you in person. It’s all over email before you book the appointment. And to me that kind of smells a little funny. Is that just normal? Am I being overcautious?


Holly Randall  1:22:39

Um, I think it depends. I know that I unless somebody was paying me a fuck ton of money. I would not meet them in person before because like, that takes an enormous amount of my time. Okay, that’s fine now, but if you were offering to pay me for my time, then sure. I mean, I feel like you know, you could have a phone call, at the very least, because then I feel you can get a sense of what somebody is like in a phone call. I think also too, one of the things to look out for is somebody who’s not willing to answer your questions. If they’re not receptive to your questions, and understanding that you being kind of nervous that you would have a lot of questions. That’s kind of a red flag, you know, because if somebody I know that, like, it can be kind of annoying if somebody constantly pesters you with questions, but if I know if I’m working with somebody who’s never really done this before, I really want to be clear. And I want everybody to be on the same page. So I’m always happy to answer anybody’s questions, because I think communication is really key to making sure that you know, you feel secure and safe going to set and that I hate surprises. That’s like the biggest thing. And yeah, nobody likes surprises. I guess some people like surprises, but not me. Yeah. So like, I would rather you ask me questions so that I can be clear about it, then you come to set assuming something that’s not the case. And then it’s like awkward.


Mickey Gordon  1:24:11

Alright, in LA, it’s it’s really common to have people that are photographers that are comfortable or experienced shooting. I will call it erotic photography, but let’s just call it what it is, which is essentially amateur porn. But have a professional photographer shooter or videographer shoot it is, is it something that’s common in other parts of the country? Is that Is it easy to find? Do you think? I mean,


Holly Randall  1:24:32

I don’t know. I don’t think so. Because there’s no industry for it. So you don’t have people who are doing a lot of professional erotic content, because there’s, there’s no, there’s no work. And you know, the model pool isn’t there. So, yeah, I would imagine that it would be very difficult to find that in other parts of the country if you’re not in like a main production hub area.


Mickey Gordon  1:24:58

I mean, the valley Yeah, I mean, you guys said you were in Orlando. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  1:25:02

Yep. Well, I


Holly Randall  1:25:03

mean, I know that there’s a lot of people who shoot adult in Miami. I know that’s kind of like, that’s kind of the other like, like the main place for porn is LA. And then probably Vegas and then Miami. So maybe I won’t lie. I don’t know how fucking big I don’t. I don’t know how far Orlando is from Miami. I really don’t.


Mickey Gordon  1:25:24

It’s a it’s four hours. It’s nothing in California speak


Mallory Gordon  1:25:27

two bottles of water and three snacks from here.


Mickey Gordon  1:25:30

Okay, stops to pee stops.


Holly Randall  1:25:32

So you might be better off looking for somebody in that area.


Mickey Gordon  1:25:36

Okay, that’s a really good,


Mallory Gordon  1:25:38

definitely something to consider. It’s really only like four hours, four, maybe five hours from here?


Mickey Gordon  1:25:43

Well, Holly, it’s a heartbreaker for me, personally, because I have been looking forward to talking to you ever since you responded to our requests. So thank you so much for making time for casual swinger today. I know that there’s going to be people out there, they’re going to get so much from just the conversation that we had. Even the deep places, we went with consent and feeling good about yourself and what you went through as a person. You’re a fucking rock star. You’re amazing. So and we love your work. I’m going to keep loving your work. I would have loved your work even if you told me to go fuck myself in the email, but I’m really glad that you didn’t do me a favor. Take a second and tell everybody how to find your podcast how to find your work, where you’re where you’re doing stuff these days. How can people consume more Holly Randall? Oh, man, I have so many links in the show notes.


Holly Randall  1:26:33

So to find my podcast it’s Holly Randall unfiltered if you’re familiar with like the audio podcast platform, which I assume you are because you’re listening to this show, then you can find my show on any podcast platform, it’s on all of them. If you want to watch the video versions of my podcast, you can go to my YouTube channel which is slash Holly Randall unfiltered. If you want to support my podcast and access bonus content, you can go to slash Holly Randall unfiltered my not safe for work website where all the content that I direct and produce is at Holly Randall calm. And I also have an art book that I am trying to fund you can go to slash Holly Randall art for that one. And on social media, you can find me at Holly Randall on Twitter and on Instagram. I am shadow banned on Twitter. And I’ve had a lot of people tell me recently that they’ve had a difficult time finding me. So I’ll give you a little trick. And this will actually work for anybody that you’re trying to find on Twitter. Rather than going to the Twitter app and trying to search within Twitter. Go to Google and search Holly Randall Twitter and then my profile will come up and you can click on it and follow me and that will actually work for anybody who shadow banned and that’s how I find people’s real profiles. Versus like all of the fake ones that are out there trying to pretend to be sex workers and who are trying to scam you for money. So


Mallory Gordon  1:28:09

that’s great advice.


Mickey Gordon  1:28:10

That is finta and that’s how I found you actually that’s how I was looking for you on Google trying to figure out how to get in touch with you and I found your shadow be on Twitter which I didn’t know the shadow ban but then I found your email address was yes yeah, yeah.


Holly Randall  1:28:23

My emails on all my my socials but yeah, if you actually go into Twitter and then try to search in Twitter, apparently I don’t come up. That’s what several people have told me so you pissed off somebody in California Go figure.


Mickey Gordon  1:28:37

This has been a ball Mama, do you want to tell everybody how they can find us? It’s not gonna be as long as Holly’s list.


Mallory Gordon  1:28:42

No, no, we’re casual swinger everywhere. Twitter, Facebook YouTube, Instagram podcast at casual swinger calm. If you guys have questions, feel free to give us some kudos on iTunes. If you have the time. And other dating apps. I’m not gonna run through the line. I’m tired.


Mickey Gordon  1:28:58

There you go. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been hearing from Holly Randall, who’s Holly Randall unfiltered she’s a photographer and she’s assumed to be mom. This has been a lot of fun. Come back and catch us in two weeks, you’ve been listening to casuals?


Mallory Gordon  1:29:40

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