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Mickey & Mallory made the journey to the great city of New Orleans along with 2600 other swingers from around the world for “Naughty in Nawlins,” a huge lifestyle focused conference in the heart of the French Quarter. We give some tips for first timers checking out this great conference, launch our new toy store (, and talk a little about her new toy from Women & Couples…the Hi Massager!



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Nawlins & The Sex – How Two Virgins do NIN

Thu, 9/2 10:25AM • 55:00


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger if you’re under 18 the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun folks this isn’t Dr. Phil now consider yourself the listener properly advise Welcome back to casual swinger everybody Valerie here making and we’re so excited to report back after naughty and Nolan’s Oh, man, I


Mickey Gordon  01:01

still have a hangover.


Mallory Gordon  01:03

I think my liver is more pruned than anything.


Mickey Gordon  01:06

Shut up. liver. You’re fine.


Mallory Gordon  01:07

Right? We saw that shirt several times.


Mickey Gordon  01:10

Yeah. Yeah. Weren’t riding like Mardi Gras. Nikes is like the last night we were there.


Mallory Gordon  01:16

Yes. Oh, yes. Yeah. And we have some tips about pacing yourself and being in that environment later on in the show, but it was a great event. Yeah, I was very excited and feel very fortunate to be able to attend.


Mickey Gordon  01:27

Yeah, and I finally got to say that I you know, took your virginity is something you did, you’d never been in before.


Mallory Gordon  01:33

That’s true. I was like, wait, but we’ve already done the bad stuff. Like what?


Mickey Gordon  01:41

Yeah, so I you know, I got Mallory’s virginity and then


Mallory Gordon  01:44

Love it. Love it. So awesome event, if you’ve never been highly recommend if you have the ability to go do it at least once. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  01:50

yeah. So it I think it is pretty much the largest lifestyle convention in America anyway. Yeah, really? Yeah, it’s the


Mallory Gordon  01:58

there are a lot of swingers lifestyle. There’s like a little bit of everyone at this event.


Mickey Gordon  02:04

Yeah, I want to say 2600 people. So it was three hotels. It was the Astor Crowne Plaza, it was the st, which is a super cool hotel, we’ll get into in a little bit. And then there was an overflow hotel. So it’s, there’s a lot of young people


Mallory Gordon  02:17

it was and you know, what I got out of that was a little bit of our taste of Jamaica, right? Like, how often are you in that type of environment, where you have that same commonality. But whenever that sense of community you almost feel normal,


Mickey Gordon  02:31

but we’re gonna get into all that in the main part of the show today. You know, for now, we’re just kind of, I don’t know, recovering and, and you got a new recovery device, didn’t you? I did back from then. And it was all shiny and new. And I


Mallory Gordon  02:44

did I did. We met Steven Wendy there, right. And there’s this great story behind this product is called the high massager. And he developed this for his wife after she had a C section, correct?


Mickey Gordon  02:57

Yeah, she had tissue adhesions after a C section. So what we’re talking about is a product from a company called Women and couples. And it’s called the high massager. It was developed by a guy named Steve mageau. And he is an engineer by trade. He’s a great guy to talk to and never talked to him. And what you realize immediately is that he knows a lot about a lot of things when you talk to this dude.


Mallory Gordon  03:19

I was very impressed. Because does he have like any medical background?


Mickey Gordon  03:24

I don’t think so. I just certified sexologist.


Mallory Gordon  03:26

Yeah, so there you go, certified sexologist. So it was very interesting to hear the story behind the utility and the function of it and then go Oh, by the way, amazing orgasms. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  03:37

right. Oh, by the way,


Mallory Gordon  03:38

bonus orgasm, like crippling seizure can’t tell you my name. I have to lay there and drool on myself for about 10 minutes after kind of work as


Mickey Gordon  03:48

you know, I picked it up and I thought it was a stormtroopers rifle. I was just playing


Mallory Gordon  03:52

such a dork. These are one of the reasons why I love you so much is you you can make anything fun or funny. So bless your heart.


Mickey Gordon  04:03

I did. I turned it around backwards. And while pew pew pew pew in the room. She really was not impressed. She’s like get put my


Mallory Gordon  04:10

notice serious business. We’re going to try to have an orgasm, but we’re not playing stormtroopers. I mean, we can roleplay that later. But


Mickey Gordon  04:16

that wasn’t the plan. But yeah, like this thing has like these two percussive heads on it. And then it’s got squid words nose hanging off the end of it. And you like put the percussive heads on your goodies and from my conversation with Steve and we’re gonna have him on the show here in a couple of weeks to talk about it in detail. But he said that the a typical vibrator works one nerve. Yes. On a female.


Mallory Gordon  04:39

Yeah. And this targets the vagus nerve, correct? I think I believe so.


Mickey Gordon  04:44

I don’t know. I have the penis.


Mallory Gordon  04:45

I believe so. Because I mean when you think about it, that nerve cluster especially when you’re talking clitoral. Most of it is underneath the skin, which is why someone went Hey Hitachi.


Mickey Gordon  04:56

This is a great idea. Women could use 100 horsepower vibrator. Yeah. But Steve 1000 horsepower. It’s the Hellcat vibrators folks.


Mallory Gordon  05:07

Alright gearhead, but the point is like it has these two nodules that are percussive. So they kind of move more in an up and down fashion versus then a rumble or vibrating, which the vibrating part is on the end and it’s curved. And like you said, You You had a great analogy. It’s squid words nose.


Mickey Gordon  05:24

Blue, too.


Mallory Gordon  05:25

So it took a while to kind of like figure out where it fit my body cuz everyone shaped a little differently. And you we watched some videos and read some of the tutorials just kind of refresh her memory on that. And whole Lee Bach


Mickey Gordon  05:41

was impressive. It was I mean, I I watched you come a few times over the last 13 years. And I can say that that was an interesting view like you. You kind of curled up like a Cheeto, yeah, it was pretty impressive. My


Mallory Gordon  05:54

face was not sexy at all. It was all in the moment.


Mickey Gordon  05:57

It was awesome. Yay. Super cool. So anyway, they put this thing together because percussive therapy worked for these tissue adhesions for his wife. And he built this product. And during the testing, the side effect was massive orgasm. And so what I thought was super, super cool is the investors that he was going to said, if you can eliminate that side effect, we’re interested He’s like, eliminate it. We’re gonna celebrate it. Fuck you. Yeah, for real. That’s, that’s what they did. And so that product is what came of it. It was on Indiegogo. And now it’s in our bedroom. And we’re going to have them on casual swinger very soon for you guys. But


Mallory Gordon  06:33

it’s a it’s a great tool for the massaging benefits as well. Amazing. Yeah, totally using it on my button, my


Mickey Gordon  06:41

hips later, I’m gonna use something new. So we’re talking about toys right now. And we’ve got a big, big, big, huge, like, huge, massive Trump impression. Huge. Yes. huge announcement for you guys from casual swinger malar, you want to do the honors.


Mallory Gordon  06:58

So we have announced and launch our toy site, casual toys, calm casual swinger is bringing you premium wonderful toys to bring to your bedroom.


Mickey Gordon  07:10

I thought you were gonna help you were getting married.


Mallory Gordon  07:12

Oh, we already did that. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  07:13

okay. Yeah, awesome. A few of our closest friends. That’s right, guys, casual toys is coming. Casual toys is actually there. It’s dub dub dub casual We got a couple of things going on there. Right. When we launched this site, we said why in the world do people need another place to buy toys. And Drew, you know, you listen to our show, you’re hanging out with us. This is like hanging out in our living room. It’s what most people say when they listen to the show. And when you hang out in your friend’s living room, sometimes you talk about the things that you love, the things that you buy, the things that you’re interested in. And we said, you know what we’re gonna give people that same service with the toys that we use, and we love


Mallory Gordon  07:51

correct. So I am a connoisseur of many types. And I feel very passionate about toys, whether that’s for solo play, duel play, group play, all facets of them. And what I struggled with or have struggled with is finding a reliable source for feedback, and types brands for what I like. I like a variety of things. I’m very lucky in the fact that I am multi-orgasmic. I can orgasm many different ways. And I want to invest in good products and products. I know we’re our trusted. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  08:32

that’s totally bragging. By the way. I’m multi-orgasmic and there’s so many women out there like fuck you. Yeah, I


Mallory Gordon  08:39

get it. I get it. But so when you have too many options, sometimes here’s the catch 22 you don’t know what you want sometimes.


Mickey Gordon  08:48

So you have the cable TV of pussies. Kind of like I don’t know what I want.


Mallory Gordon  08:52

I know. I know. tough


Mickey Gordon  08:54

life, right? It’s important to the same way. We spent two and a half hours finding a video in two minutes jerking off. But, you know, I think casual toys for us was an opportunity to give back to people, right because we give you the opportunity on casual toys to write reviews of your own. But also we’re going to give you a Malory approve section where you can find out, you know, hey, Mallory use this. She liked it. And here’s why. Because not only is that going to be in the Mallory approve section, but it’s gonna have a review from Mallory herself talking about why she liked it. But you guys can write your own to write maybe you disagree. We want to hear what you guys think. And you know, this thing is growing. I upgraded the chat engine this morning. That product so and also we’re going to be doing some upgrades later this week, where all of the products collapse into individual products. You don’t have five different things to click on, depending on what color you want. You click on the one thing and then pick your color.


Mallory Gordon  09:46

Yeah, essentially. I mean, you guys, our listeners, our fans or friends, you are our beta audience.


Mickey Gordon  09:52

Yeah, you’re helping us launch this thing.


Mallory Gordon  09:54

Yes. I mean, we’ve put a lot of time energy and love into it and, you know, your feedback is going to be critical. In our success and providing you with a great experience a great experience. Thank you, Hey, I’m getting Tongue Tied there.


Mickey Gordon  10:07

So, you know, our first partner in this is our friend, Mike from ASN magazine. He was our first partner. So if you guys are listening to the show today, and you want to try out casual toys, you know, give his code a try and see what it does for you. His code is ASN mag. Yeah, SNM a g, every time we talk about this, and by the way, you’re probably wondering shit, Mickey Mallory don’t sell us. They don’t sell us on anything. They don’t talk about brands, they don’t take ads. So now they got their own thing. So that’s all we’re going to talk about. No, it’s not, no, we’re not gonna bludgeon you over the head with this thing. This is an opportunity for you. We’ll talk about it every once in a blue moon for 15 seconds. But when we do every time, we’re going to give you a different person’s code that supports our site. So in this particular case, the first one up is our very first supporter and the person that’s been super helpful to us. That’s ASN magazine, a s and m a g. That’s the code and it gets you 20 off on casual toys. And that’s everything


Mallory Gordon  11:03

on the site. That’s the lingerie which I will have to say if you’re into thigh highs. Ladies, the kicks These are amazeballs I have no high quality. Love them. Well, and I’m a mess. I ruin them. Every time I buy a pair of thigh highs. Yeah, it’s like, I go into it going okay, these guys are going to be disposable one time use only now and with regular hosiery care. I’ve been able to keep mine for dozens of uses at this point.


Mickey Gordon  11:29

You actually have products you kind of were like hell yeah, we have to carry this.


Mallory Gordon  11:33

Oh my gosh, I love them.


Mickey Gordon  11:35

Yeah. And I was like, Okay,


Mallory Gordon  11:36

I don’t know that we can offer them a discount cuz I’ve paid dearly for them in the past.


Mickey Gordon  11:40

Yeah. And you know, the other thing that we did we built this and when you guys go look at it, it’ll have the same look and feel as casual there’s a reason for that. We built this site because we don’t want it to be this giant flood of ads. right it’s clean. It’s simple. It’s premium. It’s it’s us right pleasures priceless.


Mallory Gordon  12:00

I journalism purists over here.


Mickey Gordon  12:03

It’s me. Well, it’s just when I look at some other sites out there. It’s just like buy this. This is on sale. This is on sale. Oh, for God’s sakes. I mean, with you go looking for an orgasm mount. Do you go looking for what’s on sale?


Mallory Gordon  12:14

I mean, it helps but not necessarily. I’ve invested probably You’re right.


Mickey Gordon  12:20

I think I think sites with a shitload of ads on them are built. Dude. I think generally speaking, that’s what happens are built by dudes who are trying to sell products for women to women. We don’t get it. Now. We have no idea what we’re talking about, which is why let Mallory drive this bus folks, you are not buying this shit for making you’re buying it for really no idea what I’m doing. But I do know the tech side. And I do think that we’re growing something here. That’s that’s pretty wicked for you guys. And I think you’re really going to enjoy it. So if you get a chance, do us a favor, check out casual toys calm and let us know what you think. Let us know how it works for you let us know what doesn’t work. What makes it difficult for you? What stops you from buying something or makes you want to buy something? Because this is something that we’re doing to help us support the podcast of course. But mostly we’re doing it for you guys. Right? So I think this is going to be a pretty cool thing.


Mallory Gordon  13:12

We’re passionate about pleasure. What can we say?


Mickey Gordon  13:14

Yeah, I’m passionate about watching you get off. That’s a lot of fun. But we have some really really really cool stories for you guys from then we went down there and had such a good time. It was such a blast. So we’re going to talk about and then we come back from this break. Thanks for indulging us in cast guys and Thai massage room. I want to tell everybody where they can find us and we’ll come right back and talk about our experience. And Nadia Nolan’s love it well, we’re


Mallory Gordon  13:39

casual swinger everywhere, folks. That’s Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SLS. SDC Cassidy and double date, nation. And less Mickey said, if you’re interested and want to check it out and give us some feedback, or of course go shopping. finest, casual


Mickey Gordon  13:57

Thanks a lot, guys. We’ll be back right after this. You’ve been listening to casual streaming. Everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. I am still Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  14:27

Oh, let’s get to know and I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  14:30

So Nin, we’re coming back to talk about and then and, of course, my Google Home just chimed in and wanted to play some edge here. It did. We’re all broken up. Would you like to go to a party, a party and sex? We’ve got a running joke around here this week. With some couples we’ve been talking to you and there’s one in particular we’re not gonna throw under the bus. But it seems like every time we hear from him, they’re like, Hey, you guys want to get something to eat and insects.


Mallory Gordon  15:02

It’s great, but I think that’s like another I guess stereotype. Yeah, like if we had to write a parody, and what types of swingers and how they engage with other couples. Like there’s always like I like would you like to come over and like we can talk about music and get to know each other and sick?


Mickey Gordon  15:19

Yeah, I feel like we’re talking a bore at every video like it just sex. Like, we were talking about rain. sod my yard, you’re like, oh, how’s your sod in the sakes. Get it. But anyway, so let’s forget about the sex for a minute and talk about Nin. We just got back from Dottie in New Orleans, not in New Orleans. If you live under a rock I’m really excited that we have reached under rocks but not in New Orleans is put on by Bob and Tessa Hannaford. And it is this united states largest convention for lifestyle swingers and sex positive individuals, which means you don’t necessarily have to be a swinger to enjoy nadion valance correct. You can be a lot of different things. And we had a lot of different stuff represented there.


Mallory Gordon  16:04

Yeah, you can be you which is amazing. That’s one of the things I loved the most about it.


Mickey Gordon  16:08

Actually. I felt the same way. Yeah, the last night was the Mardi Gras party and I had a forefoot top hat on during this Mardi Gras shocker. Yeah, shocker. You know, Mickey wears big hats. But I had a giant top hat on during this thing. And I’m walking around. And you know, there’s probably two places in the world you can wear a forefoot top hat and not feel utterly ridiculous. One of them is probably keto. And the other is not acknowledged because I walked down the street I walked on Bourbon Street wearing a massive top hat. And all I got was high fives and love that hat. Not like Dude, what is wrong with you? Yeah, right. But the thing of it is on Mardi Gras night, I’m standing in this hallway surrounded by like 1000 people, and I felt so at home, it was ridiculous. I felt so comfortable. And that for me was the takeaway that I brought back from Ninh right if you just want to fast forward to the end and go, how do you feel about Nin home, it was so comfortable, his closest thing to being at Hito they agree with that.


Mallory Gordon  17:04

Because the other side of that not only are you in this community of people who accept you, whatever version of you you are, or who you are being or you unabashed, completely yourself. Also, the people of Nola were very comfortable with all these swingers lifestyles and others present. So it that also made it feel like Jamaica at home in that community aspect where we weren’t being judged. I mean, we were handing out casual swinger gear to the bartenders and they were high fiving and hugging and yeah, they were all over it. Oh, I mean, some of them are still wearing our stuff on Yeah, that was hilarious. We,


Mickey Gordon  17:41

we brought a lot of gear down there, right. So buddy, man, I mean, super cocky. But Oh, thank you, boo, cocky bus. So our friends CNS with the pukaki bus muled I don’t know, a shitload enough stuff that she looked at us and said, You better give it all the way cuz I’m not taking it.


Mallory Gordon  18:00

legit. verbatim. That is her her word. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  18:03

that was her words. And so we like 500 t shirts, 500 pairs of glasses. I mean, 600 necklaces. I mean, you name it. We gave out so much stuff. But the cool part about it was it the people were just digging it right on Bourbon Street. Like the bartenders are wearing our glasses and our necklaces. And I mean, every I mean, there’s just a koozies everywhere. I saw casuals when you’re koozies all over Bourbon Street. So just so much fun, right? Yeah, I guess we do this for fun. And my favorite part actually. And you and I talked about this or not. But one of the bartenders that we gave sunglasses to listen to the show. Oh, yeah. And the next time I saw him He’s like, because I’m not a swinger. But I love that show. He saw insane. Like, that’s cool. We appeal to people that don’t fuck each other. Okay, cool. So,


Mallory Gordon  18:53

what are the Unix monks? Okay, you know, don’t fuck other people’s wives. Gotcha. Gotcha. I got what you’re saying, man. Yeah, and I had fun. I love being a swag fairy. And bouncing around and meeting new people giving them prizes. Like that was a lot of fun for me.


Mickey Gordon  19:08

That’s going on your license plate. Swag fairy. Someone’s gonna be like, What? What’s a swag? Let me show you. So what isn’t in men is it’s two things, right? It’s a conference with you know, panels and seminars. Oh, yeah. And they’re put on by some of your favorite people right sex because Cooper Beckett. I mean, john and Jackie Melfi who own Collette. I mean, just see these what what tests and Bob do is they assemble some of the best voices in the lifestyle. And they bring him you know, to bear to give you an opportunity to hear from these folks on different topics. And sometimes it’s a panel and sometimes it’s just a presentation.


Mallory Gordon  19:47

Or sometimes it’s advice like are the friends that we met down there. There was how to have anal like a porn star.


Mickey Gordon  19:54

Right? There are all these really cool seminars that people could go to. Now I would say maybe a little less than And half of the people like went to seminars, I mean, maybe everybody went to one, we went to one. But, you know, I think less than half probably go for the seminars, they go for the parties.


Mallory Gordon  20:11

Sure. That’s probably a fair assessment, it’s hard for me to take a step back and look at it from the 5000 foot view. But I there were people, like, on the calendar, excited about this seminar this day, this one that day, and maybe balanced both maybe did more of the parties, less of the seminars, but it seemed to have a great overall balance. So there was always something to do always somewhere to be no reason to be bored, but also no reason to feel like you’re stuck there either. Like you can do. It’s your oyster.


Mickey Gordon  20:39

Yeah, you can do anything you want. And I felt like a freshman kid in high school for two reasons. First of which he drank too much. The


Mallory Gordon  20:46

first few days, I made a sex video that we forgot about. That’s also true. That happened. I was my freshman year. I’m kidding.


Mickey Gordon  20:53

your freshman year was way cooler than mine. I discovered masturbation. But Alright, so you know, I felt like a kid in his freshman year for two reasons. First of which is we signed up for every single seminar in class on the schedule before we went so I got like 5000 spam messages about Hey, me mail, make sure you make it here. Make sure you make it there. And I’m like, Oh my god, I feel so busy. We didn’t make it any of them. Except for one, but not one that I signed up for, ironically enough. But you know, you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to go to every seminar like you said, the world is your oyster, you can do anything. The other reason I felt like a freshman in high school is my backpack weighed 700 pounds. Oh, you were


Mallory Gordon  21:31

so cute. I literally spent half the time with you and your ninja turtle backpack. And that’s what I called it because you look like you had a huge shell on your back. Two things, one to make sure I could access swag and like get it out because it was great to have it so accessible. But with that many people on Bourbon Street and in the clubs. I was like, please don’t take out the pretty blonde to your left leg.


Mickey Gordon  21:49

Don’t turn every time I turned around. I would knock out. Can we


Mallory Gordon  21:53

get back to that sex tape though? Oh, God has every time I think about it. I want to like hold on to my ankles and rock back and forth.


Mickey Gordon  22:01

Yeah, so here’s what happened. Okay. We were at Nin. We started drinking. I don’t know 11 o’clock in the morning because you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. And so we started drinking early and then I don’t like it was late. We were back in the room. It


Mallory Gordon  22:14

isn’t we weren’t hammered most of the day. Like we just kept pace and like I never felt smashed until we got back to


Mickey Gordon  22:21

the room. Well, I can tell you Mallory wasn’t hammered. No, I wasn’t this video. I was hammered. Oh my gosh. Can


Mallory Gordon  22:28

we play it for our listeners? Okay, he’s an audio clip. So


Mickey Gordon  22:31

this audio clip is just for you guys. And it’s coming up right now. It’s really the focus of this. Oh, it’s not the phone. It’s my eyes. Okay, guys, okay.


Mallory Gordon  22:48

Because my eyes


Mickey Gordon  22:51

Why do I always have to be the sacrifice?


Mallory Gordon  22:55

It’s actually really hot video eight. It’s easter egg like a great surprise. Like the next day you’re like, Oh, wait, it’s in. I didn’t when I watched it. I didn’t watch it with the volume on.


Mickey Gordon  23:05

So it took days for me to figure out that there was like, golden commentary in the beginning. Right. Well, and that happened and I think that particular day. So here’s the way the parties work at Nin. There’s a noon party. There’s a three o’clock party so there’s two three hour parties back to back at a bar. Right and they’re usually thrown by somebody awesomely Cassidy or iOS connections or world exotic travel. I mean, Tom’s trips and somebody is sponsoring a party at a great bar. And then they do something fun.


Mallory Gordon  23:37

Right game to add Miss


Mickey Gordon  23:39

no swimsuit? Yep. Right. I mean, the beach party was just insane. Cassidy’s beach party I don’t even know what the hell yeah, he couldn’t move in


Mallory Gordon  23:45

and bourbon heat where you hosted with iOS connections and Taylor time holler.


Mickey Gordon  23:49

Right, my boy Taylor.


Mallory Gordon  23:52

The booty shaking contest they gave away. They were giving away free nights for Orlando and a bunch of other shit like everyone’s party, I have to say, was off the chain. It really was like, I was very impressed.


Mickey Gordon  24:03

Yeah, I don’t think my voice is entirely recovered from emceeing for for Taylor time. That was my voice was done for like three days. Yeah, make


Mallory Gordon  24:10

some No. Can’t do it like you do. But I literally heard that in my sleep.


Mickey Gordon  24:16

So you know, I would say if you are thinking about Ninh, you thought about Nin it sounds like fun to you. Just do it. Okay, just go and do your own thing. Go to a class, go to some parties make some friends. And you might get lucky and have the sex and this egg.


Mallory Gordon  24:36

Speaking of like, how did we meet? Also, it blows my mind we’ve had a bunch of people from our backyard right well, we were there to like we were on the swinger plane. Fuck yeah. Well, yeah,


Mickey Gordon  24:46

like on our plane was full of them. Yeah, that’s great. Oh, and by the way, hot Jesus. One moment. Well, I don’t know Jesus is hot, but they were hot. Yeah. They were super, super cool. Yeah, that was that was very, very cool. And I was really excited to meet them. Our plane was full of them. And somebody asked us, like, how many people have you met? And we said honestly, probably 20 just live local to us. Yes. And they said, You live nearby we said, Now we live in Florida. How did that happen? By talking to everybody? Right? We we literally stopped just about everyone. How you doing? Where are you from? What’s your name? Nice to meet you. I


Mallory Gordon  25:20

love that. That fills my soul. I love meeting people. And so, as a I’m not an introvert, per se, but I need my recharge moments. And I’m a little hesitant and out in the vanilla world. Right? I’m very social, but connecting with other people can be difficult because I feel different. right because of our our lifestyle our lives and and how we live them.


Mickey Gordon  25:43

Yeah, I get that out there.


Mallory Gordon  25:46

It’s a lot easier to do it somewhere like Nola admin. So, anyway,


Mickey Gordon  25:52

we digress. So um, you know, something else that happened there So you mentioned you know that we got to help out our friends at iOS connections. I emceed the party and little load which was which was freaking awesome. The booty shaking contest was just absolutely insane. So good. Desi, if you’re listening to this, you’re still my favorite. You make my heart and a girl. Damn. Yeah, but you know, I we’ve got some highlights. But before we get into the highlights, I want to talk for a minute about our friends at swinging down under our friends at swinging down under Kate and Daryl planned an event that was outside of all of the naughty events at Channing Tatum’s, saints and sinners.


Mallory Gordon  26:34

Yeah, they did an amazing job. They really really did


Mickey Gordon  26:37

a good job they did. And not only marketing this event and letting people know about it, but just setting it up and getting all I mean, we had special drinks at this bar and every podcaster had their own special drink. So people could go up and order a drink. That was from their favorite podcast. I thought that was super cool. neat way to market great touch. Yeah, great touch and they had a big table full of swag or people could come and get their, you know, favorite average swinger stuff or torrid was there? Yes. Gotta love me in those ladies hold. Just a man it was just cool. It was a great way to meet all of your favorite folks in one place. 250 people were lined up outside that door and we walked up there he believed that


Mallory Gordon  27:20

it just it still blows my mind.


Mickey Gordon  27:22

Yeah, and blows my mind kind of saving the one that made me belly laugh the hardest for last on the podcast. Not back I suppose. But podcasts meet and greet. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You for Your Chronicles.


Mallory Gordon  27:34

Yeah, I’m gonna totally tongues punches firebox. I still don’t know if I actually said that. Or if he convinced me I did.


Mickey Gordon  27:42

Okay, so if you follow us on Twitter, we we got up one morning and had a message from from Ray and D at euphoria, and they’re like, so for 1995. Mallory’s offered to tongue punch raise firebox. Mallory rolls over looks at me goes I think I need to stop drinking.


Mallory Gordon  27:57

Yeah. I’m really not sure how they came up with it. Maybe we I think we set it in the morning like it because I had been talking about looking buttholes like, all day long. I think it was just on my mind. And I was like, That sounds like fun.


Mickey Gordon  28:11

phrases and mystery to me too. Anyway, so


Mallory Gordon  28:15

they were great. Love me and I’m can’t wait to see him again. That happened. You know, and,


Mickey Gordon  28:20

you know, it’s I think when we talk about being comfortable, you know, it’s because we’re around obviously I’m there were a ton of podcasters there there was a ton of bloggers there. There were a ton of businesses there right. ASN quiver, champagne club secrets. You know, so many great great places are all in you know, all come together. And then you got my jackass walking around in a top hat on Bourbon Street. Right? We had so much swag sunglasses we gave out all over the place. all that other stuff. We gave out our room.


Mallory Gordon  28:50

Oh, yeah. Right. Like we got robbed. I mean, it was a mess. I mean,


Mickey Gordon  28:55

the cleaning lady stepped in and handed us towels and said


Mallory Gordon  28:58

literally, she was like, I am not going in there. It was it was wild. Yeah. Totally wild, which also kept us from bringing people


Mickey Gordon  29:05

back to her room. People like Hey, what do you think about you know, going to your room? Mm hmm. You could die there. Yeah. They’ll never find the boat lose you. It was pretty bad. So you know, we went down there to kind of meet everybody and talk. Well, we didn’t get down there to do at least in our heads is hook up. And I think that’s why we did oh my gosh,


Mallory Gordon  29:26

we scored


Mickey Gordon  29:29

we got some booty


Mallory Gordon  29:34

where you guys can’t see us. But we’re dancing like jackasses.


Mickey Gordon  29:36

Yeah, that was a really good time. You know, we don’t kiss Intel you’re on casual swinger. But, you know, it was one of those things where we had kind of seen a couple earlier in the week. And I was like, hey,


Mallory Gordon  29:46

Oh, don’t even lie. I spotted them. Yeah, there are moments where you meet somebody, and there’s an initial like spark or connection or electricity. So I wanted to investigate further. There was just something really I’m positive about their energy and I was just so drawn to them. So, like, I tried not to be creepy because especially when it comes to girls, I have no fucking game. Not like I turned into a bumbling idiot. Oh, you smell good. Like, it just gets really weird. So I made a point and I told her straight out like, I’m a terrible swinger when it comes to closing the deal. I would like to spend some time with you and see if we can make this x and


Mickey Gordon  30:27

if it was coming,


Mallory Gordon  30:28

and how do you feel about this?


Mickey Gordon  30:31

How do you feel about having a drink it she,


Mallory Gordon  30:33

I think she thought it was kind of cute or nice. I don’t know. But she’s like,


Mickey Gordon  30:36

pity on you. And like a


Mallory Gordon  30:40

little puppy needs a friend. She’s


Mickey Gordon  30:41

slow. She wants to take


Mallory Gordon  30:45

it was great. So we get to use their sex bed.


Mickey Gordon  30:47

Yeah, well, that’s not really exactly how it started. Right? So I’d started as you know, it’s the last day and we’re like, fine. Like, this is like you guys like us. We like you. We’re gonna do this. And, you know, there’s been lots of conjecture and coverage on podcasts about being good at flirting, bad flirting, closing the deal asking for the business. And Angie, actually, I said something end the night before the last night we were there. I was thinking just aren’t doing a very good job of and she was just ask, she’s like, just go up and say, Hey, I like you.


Mallory Gordon  31:15

Yeah, I didn’t even know you


Mickey Gordon  31:16

had that conversation was funny because you turn around and did it the next day. And of course, these guys are super cool. subra they naturally they live 900 miles away from us. That is exactly how our luck always goes. We made a couple we really dig and they live forever away. But we went looking for the play rooms. The play rooms at Ninh are awesome. They’re on the the middle floor between the second and the third floor. It’s kind of like that midway point. And that I mean, those rooms were so well done. They did such a nice job setting them up with new mattresses and coverage and stuff. But they were full at night.


Mallory Gordon  31:50

Oh yeah, by the end of the trip. So what happens is, I think subconsciously everyone’s like last day to have the sex must get to play room must do it. So it was really packed. So we decided to go check out the st which we hadn’t been to all week and go visit their play rooms. There was a little bit of caveat apparently, our new couple friend on the female half was like, Hey, I spent X amount of years in Catholic school 16 years Catholic school Catholic school. And the first store we come to is the Lucifer room cuz they’re all named after saints. And she was like, okay, that’s just a little too much. crossing the line for me. email her


Mickey Gordon  32:21

that’s a bridge too far. I’m not going to fuck you in the Lucifer suite.


Mallory Gordon  32:26

Okay, moving on. Michael it is st like do some rethrow fucking Whatever you need, sister. Just let me in. Well,


Mickey Gordon  32:35

I know one thing is as soon as you know, I got the lick. And I heard Angel singing I don’t know about you. It was like sunshine and rainbows. It’s delicious. Yum, yum, yum. Loved it anyway, anyway,


Mallory Gordon  32:44

we not supposed to get syntel Well,


Mickey Gordon  32:46

I think we called her sunshine. We still call her sunshine.


Mallory Gordon  32:48



Mickey Gordon  32:49

Anyway, let’s moving on. We’re gonna give you 10 tips and tricks. 10 things that will help you next year. And then also, in the show notes. We’re gonna give you a link, a link where you can sign up for and then if you do it before August 5, which is Monday, August 5, that’s tomorrow, you can save 75 bucks. It’s the early bird special. This link is not casual. swingers link we don’t have one. This link belongs to our friend Nicole from World exotic travel. World. Exotic travel is a full service travel agent. They’re there. They’re friends of ours. Nicole is a good friend of ours, a friend of ours. She does a lot of nice stuff for us. So we’re gonna put her link in our show notes. So if you guys want to sign up for it, then you can save some cash.


Mallory Gordon  33:32

Excellent. Love those tips and Jasmine? Yes. All right. So number one and this is with any new environment new experience. And this is what I tell people when they’re going to Hito sire parties, weekend takeovers Don’t try to do everything that’s on the engender itinerary. It’s okay this is your own adventure build it how you want to. There’s a ton to do it then. Do what makes you happy don’t feel like you’re obligated and chained to do everything to maximize your daughter your dollar


Mickey Gordon  34:03

right right you can maximize your daughter by carry your bags if you want I suppose but nobody caught that. Oh no, I did. But yeah, maximize it you know but at the same time relax. Number two piece your self


Mallory Gordon  34:17

Yeah, right.


Mickey Gordon  34:18

Okay said you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. But they are very, very, very long days. Drink responsibly.


Mallory Gordon  34:23

Kids, right if you don’t as grown ups make mistakes. I’ll take it too far. Yeah, we’ll tell you all about that in two seconds. You know,


Mickey Gordon  34:29

if you start at noon, right, you start at noon and you drink till two in the morning. That’s a long, long time to three in the morning. Ask our friend clunk


Mallory Gordon  34:39

clunk first party. We walked into his day one first party of the day. You can tell he’d been drinking all day already. I mean, he was he was swaying when to get him a chair. He didn’t want to set turn around and I see him run into somebody and then fall down hit this mat really, really hard because all the bars on Bourbon Street on that main level are all smashed. I mean, it’s concrete guys. And I mean, it was like a melon hitting the ground. It was awful and out cold. Day one awful. later


Mickey Gordon  35:09

there was a noon party.


Mallory Gordon  35:11

Yeah. Noon or three. I can’t remember. It was very, very early in the day. That’s all I know. And I felt bad. I was like, holy shit. This guy is weeks over his concussed turns out we saw him later that day and he made it through the week. It’s fine it’s fine. Yeah, I mean he may if he hits his head is getting you may need like a drill cup.


Mickey Gordon  35:28

Yeah, we some shit faced in the elevator a couple days later. Yeah, just kind of leaning against the wall holding the wall up. But pace yourself, guys. Yeah, it is they are very long days. Drink water. Right. Do one than the other one. Yeah. It will be good for you by when everything on Bourbon Street is a bar. So everybody’s got liquor. You don’t have to rush.


Mallory Gordon  35:50

And pick. Yeah, pick the right poison. New Orleans. Number three has a ton of charming history in and of itself. So don’t feel bad or guilty to go check some other stuff out like stray away from the itinerary and maybe do some you time or us time in there.


Mickey Gordon  36:06

Yeah, wander around a little bit. The architecture is crazy. We took a couple of cool bands where we are now


Mallory Gordon  36:10

we took a lot of cool pictures and we talk to locals. This is another tip talk to the locals about where they eat, where they go. If you have specific interests. Like I was like, where would you go to lunch? Because we’re on Canal. We’re on bourbon. And I just I want to have like tradit like what the locals eat, you know, even if it’s a you know, obscure, and they pointed us as diner just three blocks away from the hotel, but it was off the beaten path per se. Yeah, it was a spine. Yeah. deenis. So if you’re in Nola try deenis they were


Mickey Gordon  36:41

awesome. deenis was the shit. So yeah. And you know, we talked about Chairman history. They got like the world war two museum. They have amazing people. And yes, if you’ve heard stories about New Orleans, it smells like shit. I don’t know why the city smells like shit. But


Mallory Gordon  36:57

there were problems.


Mickey Gordon  36:57

Yeah, it just flooded right? They just flooded like three weeks before we were there. So I mean, when that happens, it’s gonna happen and you have to understand is these these people that live there are proud and awesome. And they’ve survived so much with I mean, Katrina was terrible. And they’re still there. They’re still kicking ass are still party and they’re still true to their culture. So support them, right, go check it out and see some other stuff. That’s, that’s a way from what we’re doing. So tip number four, bring your favorite condom. Right. Right. And what have been your favorite kind of we brought 1000 condoms. We did.


Mallory Gordon  37:31

We did. And they’re gone. They’re gone. They’re gone. We didn’t y’all know how to fuck.


Mickey Gordon  37:37

So we spread casual swinger branded condoms all over the place. And you guys used a ton of them. But I recommend


Mallory Gordon  37:44

it’s kind of an obvious one, I think.


Mickey Gordon  37:45

Yeah. Like your own. Bring Your Own. It seems silly. But we had people come to us looking for condoms. Yeah. And I was like, Whoa, Well, okay, well, hope you like it. But if you don’t


Mallory Gordon  37:55

teach me your magic, if you’re already out, right on. So number five, there is plenty of stuff that is convenient. This is a walking city. If you forget something, which I always panic when I pre pack and I’m starting to backup my outfits and zip blocks and you know, assort my, you know, toiletries stuff. I’m always scared when I forget something I have to remind myself especially in an environment like Nola, that I can walk pretty much anywhere and find what I need. I mean, the CVS sells, you know, vodka and tampons. Like if I needed something I could find it. I’m glad we only needed one of those


Mickey Gordon  38:27

vodka. Yeah. In a cooler. Yes, we didn’t have a fridge. Yes. So we bought a cooler Yes. And donated the cooler we did. Somebody I don’t know. But okay, so you know what, this is a great one. Eat the food.


Mallory Gordon  38:40

I know that we diet I know that we do. We exercise and we’re worried about our abs and our wastelands and the clothes and how they look on us and how we feel and the lifestyle but let me tell you something in New Orleans Hall. The food’s amazing. It really is and that’s I there’s a reason that they’re so good at the types of food that they serve the SE fe and you know, oh my god, I didn’t even know how much I would love crawfish right never even thought to try it before and I’m a Floridian


Mickey Gordon  39:04

so there’s a thing they’re famous for in New Orleans called a ba. Ba is a French donut covered in powdered sugar which to me, um country is shit. I was raised going to the cow oh my gosh, you’re such a dorky. Like it’s like a foo cake. It reminded me of a funnel cake is what it reminded me of. Except it was much like fluffier and more delicious.


Mallory Gordon  39:23

Yeah, it’s got like a denser like yeast base to it. They are utterly delicious. Amazing. So good.


Mickey Gordon  39:29

So Kate walks up to me one day and she’s challenged on a beignet. This is at the swamp. There was a party at the swamp. And so Kate walks up to me with this bag of beanies and crams one of my face goes here eat this and I’m like, Oh my god, it’s the most delicious thing ever put my mouth She goes, Okay, now here hold the bag. And she handed me the bag. I was delicious. Hmm. Okay, I got you second most delicious next to Mallory’s badge. But it’s so I’m holding this like three pound bag and I’m like, wow, there’s a shitload of them in here. She was looking at it. I looked in it. It was all powdered sugar.


Mallory Gordon  40:01

Now I’m hungry. Food, yes. Oh, number seven. This is super important. I said it was a walking city. Bring comfy shoes, like I want to be sexy all the times don’t get me wrong, but I also want to survive the entire week. And that’s something that I learned the first day. So I had my comfy flip flops or flippers as I like to call them. I also had some Tani’s my Converse that I wore, and I was much better served for it. I wear heels at night, intermittently. But I mean, I also knew we had three days after the night I wear heels. So if I was sore, or whatever, I mean, if you got gams for days and can handle that shit, more power to you, ladies more power to you, gentlemen, whoever you are, but comfy shoes do matter,


Mickey Gordon  40:45

and the sex and the sex. Just throw that in every once in a while. Alright, so number eight, we talked about this a little bit earlier, but Introduce yourself. This is a convention full of people that are just like you that have the same thoughts, fears, concerns, worries, once, right, they all want the sex. But you know, that’s this is an opportunity for you to present yourself as you you know, we talked about profiles and the lifestyle and online, not everybody digs online. Not everybody does online interaction.


Mallory Gordon  41:16

That’s I’m guilty. I can do it. But I don’t know. Like, it doesn’t capture my I don’t feel as connected. Yeah, just someone. Yeah, you


Mickey Gordon  41:27

definitely struggle with that. Like until we actually go out and meet somebody, you’re like me. And then once you meet me, like, I


Mallory Gordon  41:32

want to be invested. But I think the person I create in my head versus the person I meet tend to be two different things. So it sets a different level of expectation. And that’s not their fault. That is mine. No, no. So yeah,


Mickey Gordon  41:45

but you know, so my suggestion is, get out there and meet these people, talk to them and see how it’s different, right? You’re not a profile at that point. If there’s something funny talk about it, if there’s something sexy talk about it, be yourself and see what type of people you can meet.


Mallory Gordon  41:59

Yeah, you’re never gonna know who you can become friends with. Who can impact you or who you can impact unless you put yourself out there.


Mickey Gordon  42:09

That’s right. Hey, you know what, at a lifestyle event, I met the guy that solved our landscaping problems. As a matter of fact,


Mallory Gordon  42:15

boom, right there. Take


Mickey Gordon  42:16

those guys to dinner to my hero, and He’s my hero. Yes, there you go.


Mallory Gordon  42:22

So never nine hit the tables hit the vendor tables, you we had podcasters there. We had on the the clubs there. We had travel groups. They’re a they bring schwag they bring information, they bring discounts, and they bring a great attitude as well. So put yourself out there. Take their shit. Go say hi.


Mickey Gordon  42:42

You know, one of my favorite things was about our table is that people met at our table. Like they had a prize wheel on our table where people could spin the wheel.


Mallory Gordon  42:50

I still want to know how quickly that those two couples ended up banging. Oh, it was?


Mickey Gordon  42:55

Because there were sparks. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And but people would stand at our table and hang out and shoot the shit and play with the prize wheel. And we were giving away vibrators. We were giving away pocket vibes, nicest vibrators Chinese children can assemble. And I mean, we had all this cool stuff to give away. And people were hanging out at our table and loved it meeting each other because they were hanging out at our table. I


Mallory Gordon  43:15

love that. That was so cool. It was great. And I love that we’re kind of responsible for you know, an infinite amount of orgasms out there in the ether now, oh,


Mickey Gordon  43:22

I want to say at least 500 Yeah, at least 500 I know this vibrators worked at least once. So that was super cool. And tip number 10. And we have a bonus tip. So there’s going to be 11. But Tip Number 10. And this is kind of my personal one. Don’t feel like you have to stay at one party, especially if it’s crowded beyond belief. Some of these parties are so popular that you just can’t move. You can’t breathe. I mean, the one that razoo Tom’s trips was so hot and sexy with their Miss no swimsuit, which couldn’t move. Yeah, you couldn’t function


Mallory Gordon  43:52

you had to get there early. The courtyard was great. There was wonderful people out there. We got to mingle meet new people. But we didn’t feel beholden either. Like proximity to these parties, especially during the daytime is very close. So you can write it beautifully planned in that aspect. Love it. So you could bounce back and forth.


Mickey Gordon  44:11

Now that’s great. Which is super cool.


Mallory Gordon  44:14

Yeah. So yeah, bonus tip. And this comes from K and K, which was amazing. We’re standing in line getting ready to go into the beach. And they were like, you know what you guys need to talk about and what no one really talks about because it was getting late in the week, and the playrooms were getting full they were like de fucking no one things to factor the fucking swingers we till two three and 4am to close the deal


Mickey Gordon  44:36

now. Well and so then I actually heard that tip twice because you know k and k are like everybody needs to do the day fucking that play rooms are empty, right? Yes, hashtag day fucking so that’s a thing. But it turns out that our friends that we got to think did something very similar. They’re like, we like to look up in the daytime and party in the evening.


Mallory Gordon  44:55

I love that idea that I can see everything.


Mickey Gordon  44:57

Yeah, that’s utterly awesome. You know before we move on because we have a special cocktail corner for you guys today, based on our trip to New Orleans, we haven’t done a cocktail corner in a long time. But before we move on to that I want to show a special shout out to two couples that really helped make Ninh for us. And both of them our listeners that came and found us. Yes. The first of which is our first iTunes review. And I think our third or fourth Oh, they’re amazing. They’re from Detroit, Michigan m&t for more fun you guys know, holler. What a great dinner we had out with those guys.


Mallory Gordon  45:34

Yeah, that was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And their support has been just,


Mickey Gordon  45:39

it still is right. We’re friends on kick now. And yeah, we get to talk to them on the regular.


Mallory Gordon  45:43

Well, I mostly creep because I’m so add and like overwhelmed at my vanilla job that like I’ll check in and read through. And even though I don’t respond, because I’m a creeper and a jerk. I love hearing from them.


Mickey Gordon  45:55

Yeah, well, and I mean, they’re helping us with the casual toys website and like, you know, given us their feedback has been great. Just I can’t thank all of you enough. Even if we didn’t meet you in in the feedback we get from all of you that says, hey, we could use to hear about this or we like this, or we want this or more of this or less of that. You know, sometimes we’re gonna do it right. I mean, sometimes I hear from people that aren’t happy with the things we do trust me, I’m not going to change. So yeah,


Mallory Gordon  46:21

and and the lunch date we had all the lunch date.


Mickey Gordon  46:24

Oh, God, those guys were that was


Mallory Gordon  46:25

I could have sat there for hours. Yeah, it was it just happened since we were on the street at the same time. She was a listener. We were just like, Hey, we’re getting food so


Mickey Gordon  46:34

well they were nice messages on Cassidy Yes. And they’re from Alexandria, which is close to where we used to live and we had so much in common and so cool to talk to them he’s ex military thank you for your service sir.


Mallory Gordon  46:46

Again, it could have could have spent hours days with them.


Mickey Gordon  46:50

Yeah, thoroughly enjoy and they were freaking hot. So that is awesome too. But you know those guys and then we had some folks who bought some of our casually yours towels that came up to talk to you. Those guys were awesome. They’re amazing. Like we can’t say enough good things about Nin. We’ve said enough things about nindo. We’re going to hop out of here and come back with cocktail corner here in just a second. Mallory, you want to tell everybody how to find


Mallory Gordon  47:14

guys know where we are, but just just for posterity. We are casual swinger everywhere. That is SLS SDC Cassidy and double date nation. You can also find us on social media, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


Mickey Gordon  47:29

There we go, guys. We’ll be right back with cocktail corner after this. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Alright guys, you’re


Mallory Gordon  47:51

back with casual swinger Mallory here.


Mickey Gordon  47:54

And your resident drunk, Mickey. So


Mallory Gordon  47:58

recapping, knotty Nolan’s was the highlight of this podcast. So Mickey had the great idea to piggyback cocktail corner as a segment since it’s been so long, because there are two signature drinks that come out of New Orleans.


Mickey Gordon  48:13

Yeah, well, and we did to show one of them is relatively new. It’s only a you know, in the last 30 years, yeah, last 30 years. Other one has been around since the mid 1800s.


Mallory Gordon  48:23

I don’t know how you find this information. But like now I want to read all about it.


Mickey Gordon  48:28

I want to novel on this train. So for me, the cocktails that mean the most. And remember when we did a cocktail corner in the old fashion, it was a medicinal cocktail. It was created for medicinal purposes. Well, much like the old fashion in the mid 1800s of Creole apothecary ame Antwan push showed he started selling his own medicinal elixir with the promise of health benefits, and he called it the Sazerac. The sasser ad goes back to 1838 when pushout invented that in his shop on Royal Street, right in New Orleans. Wow. Yeah, Royal royal. They said he served it to his fellow masons after hours in an egg cup.


Mallory Gordon  49:08

Oh, so he was a Freemason?


Mickey Gordon  49:09

Yeah, nice. Yeah, and I may pronounce this wrong, but I believe it’s pronounced coca tear. And it’s a special type of cup. It’s an egg cup. And it is the word that most people insist evolved into the word cocktail. Interesting. So this was one of the original cocktails, much like the old fashion. The name of the drink comes from fishos favorite French brandy says arac deforge blah, blah, blah. There’s some other shit in there. I’m not French. But I can tell you that somewhere along the line, American rye whiskey was substituted for cognac. And in 1873, a bartender by the name of Leon lamothe added a dash of absence, and they changed the name to a drink called the green fairy, or black death because of the licorice flavor band in 1912 because people We’ll set it cause hallucinations. Soon after that shows own bitters were substituted in its place in the Sazerac was truly born. Today, Sazerac is made with cognac bitters, sugar, Herb St. And it’s turned into what is widely known as the official drink of New Orleans. So that is the Sazerac. It is cognac bitters, sugar, an herb St. Today, most of the places in New Orleans use rye whiskey instead of cognac, but you can order it either way. If you order a straight up Sazerac, you’re going to get it with whiskey. If you ask for it with cognac, you’ll get it if you like old fashions. If you’re a bourbon guy, like I am, get it with the cognac, it’s a little sweeter, and it’s a little better. It’s a little, it’s just kind of a neat, neat switch. And everyone’s


Mallory Gordon  50:46

palettes a little different. I think I preferred it with whiskey, and it’s definitely more my wheelhouse. In that version of it.


Mickey Gordon  50:54

It’s actually it’s really cool. Not my favorite. Right now. I prefer the old fashioned, but it is the signature drink in New Orleans. It’s the sasser AK. It’s been around since 1838. So when in New Orleans, do as they do, and in check out the Sazerac and try it with cognac because that’s how it was originally made. But there is a restaurant Yeah, on the corner of canal in bourbon called the bourbon house. So good. What a fucking selection of bourbon by the way.


Mallory Gordon  51:22

I was very impressed.


Mickey Gordon  51:24

I’m not gonna lie. I mean, it’s hard to impress us with a bourbon select. Yes. And wow, what a selection of bourbon these guys had. I mean, everything from wellard Blanton’s to I mean, they had bad Pappy. They had I mean, they had everything dead. I mean, I mean, this shit you can’t find.


Mallory Gordon  51:40

Yeah. You know, they ever works in procurement. Yeah, there is on point. Yeah, they


Mickey Gordon  51:45

have blood oath. I mean, they had I mean, obviously, everybody’s got Sazerac right on there. Right. That’s just like and by the way, Sazerac is a rye whiskey brand. And it’s also a type of drink. So don’t use the to


Mallory Gordon  51:55

correct correct and Sazerac whiskey brand is also very good.


Mickey Gordon  51:59

It is. It’s cheap, dude. It’s like 20 bucks. But hey, let’s go to the signature drink for the bourbon house. It’s a 40 year old drink that they developed in house at bourbon house, and it’s called the bourbon house frozen milk punch.


Mallory Gordon  52:13

Okay, sounds weird, but it’s fucking delicious. Right? It is.


Mickey Gordon  52:17

It’s basically dessert in a glass. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  52:19

don’t it. This is lunch. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  52:22

I mean, if you have it, just go ahead and just go to CrossFit. Just do it and go straight to CrossFit. Well,


Mallory Gordon  52:28

now, you have to drive and I think you’re a little too fucked up after drinking.


Mickey Gordon  52:31

Right. So what’s the bourbon frozen milk punch? What it is, is it’s four cups of been alive. Scream a cup of bourbon. Take your pick. Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract a teaspoon of simple syrup. Don’t know why you need it with the ice cream, and some nutmeg, combine it, blend it for eight seconds until it’s slushy, and go nuts. Absolutely insanely good. Or you can say sprinkle it with nutmeg. But you could also put cinnamon on it. Yeah, in sanely. Good drink. Yes. So there you go, guys. That’s two drinks from the cocktail corner courtesy of your friends at casual swinger, the Sazerac which is the official drink of New Orleans, and the bourbon milk punch. And if you find your way into New Orleans, make sure you get down to the bourbon house and just get one from the original. It’s right there. We walk in big sign try and milk punch knew it. Yeah, good stuff. But hey, guys, that’s gonna do it for us here today. That’s just a real quick cocktail corner and a big update on noon. Yeah, so


Mallory Gordon  53:29

we’ve missed you guys can’t wait to put out the next episode, we got a few guests lined up and subject matters that are near and dear to our heart. So stay tuned for those


Mickey Gordon  53:37

and the sex


Mallory Gordon  53:38

and the sex. And don’t forget to visit us at casual toys calm as well check us out. We appreciate your support and all your love.


Mickey Gordon  53:46

Thanks a lot guys. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Hi,



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