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Podcast-A-Palooza evokes the fun, excitement, and community-based festival persona that passionate lifestylers are about. Podcast-A-Palooza will take a lifestyle event to the next level, themed from start to finish, music and parties till the early hours to keep you entertained. While providing interaction, education, peace and (free) love to everyone that walks through the doors of our exclusive buy-out hotel.

ASN Lifestyle Magazine is committed to the Lifestyle community to promote healthy living and experiences. We are a taste-maker, an arbiter of style, and are at the forefront of trends in social behavior, political, sexual and economic freedom.

Our members consist of couples, seasoned swingers, curious singles, newlyweds, inquisitive partners, fetish seekers, and discreet lovers. You name it, you can find what you are looking for on Double Date Nation! We have a descriptive bio section where you can share with other members your interests and give some insight into who you are. You can even select a ‘No Expectations’ option to let others know that you are simply getting your toes wet with the whole idea of opening your relationship, or joining in play with another couple or single.

Jeff The Body Painter

Jeff James - Artist, Paranormalist, Porn Star
Jeff The Body Painter is a world famous artist, performer, and friend to many.  His art isn't just worn, though!  He's also an accomplished artist in other mediums, with his work shown in galleries around Southern California.
We host the Hottest, Most Exclusive Private Lifestyle Events, and Pool Party Takeovers In Las Vegas.

Ménages Club is an upscale, private, members only social club, providing an exclusive community for those interested in the lifestyle.

The largest lifestyle meeting site in the world. With the largest population of lifestyle members, swinger groups, club listings and swinger events.
The fastest growing social community for open minded adults and swingers. Find swinger parties in your area and have fun! Follow us on swing on playboy TV
Join & connect with the world’s largest lifestyle community of open-minded couples, singles, swingers and kinksters.

Our mission is to provide you with the quality of care you deserve. We follow the philosophy stated by Hippocrates 2,500 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. We plan to diminish the use of medicines when possible.The difference of our practice will become evident during your very first visit. In order to dedicate our undivided attention to your personalized healthcare, we must limit the amount of patients we accept. We do not believe in categorizing patients with similar conditions and using a “one size fits all” prescription for their healthcare.

The Rascals come from all parts of the USA, Canada, and beyond. We range in age from mid-twenties to “don’t ask.” Every year we gather in Jamaica to see old friends, make new ones, and have a week-long party that we won’t soon forget. We bring extra entertainment, premium tequila and an open-minded acceptance of anyone who wants to join the fun. Regardless of who you are, or what brings you to the party, we promise you will meet some amazing people and have the best vacation of your life. Our group members have become close friends and are always counting the days until we can meet again on the beach and toast with an ice-cold shot of tequila . . . and there’s a shot glass ready for you.
Amore Medical Spa, located in Winter Park, FL is the Orlando area’s premier destination for aesthetic, continence and sexual enhancement treatments for women, men and couples. Under the direction of Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown – duel board certified surgeon in Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPM-RS). She is a sexual health expert & bestselling author of the book Why Does Sex Hurt. She is also an expert in female incontinence and the bestselling author of Sometimes I Laugh So Hard the Tears Run Down My Legs.



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