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Travel With Us

Rascals November 2020

The holidays are coming faster than you think!  Be ready to deal with family and those @#$%^@#  Christmas Carols by getting your dose of much needed sun, reggae, Rascals, and of course Casual Swinger!  We'll be hosting parties, playing games, and most importantly, hanging with some of our favorite people on the planet!

Dates: Nov 7-14, 2020

Details: Contact Jim Frank @ or book online at Rachal's Rascals website.


Rascals in February 2021!

Beat the Winter blues with Casual Swinger & Rachal's Rascals in February 2021!  Win awesome prizes and get some cool Casual Swinger swag for coming to hang out with some of the craziest, fun lifestyle friendly folks anywhere!

Dates: Feb 20-27, 2021

Details: Contact Jim Frank @ or book online at Rachal's Rascals website.