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Fantasy is a big part of every bedroom in America, regardless if you’re a swinger or not.  Couples have been dressing up & pretending they’re everything from the preachers daughter to a college professor since the beginning of time…yet lots of us never get into the practice.  Curious?

So are we!  So we invited hotwife/cuckold couple powerhouse Jack & Kissy back on to talk about their INTENSE role play game!  Hear about some of their favorite characters they play and why this aspect of their sexuality actually improves their luck with couples!


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Kissy, Mickey Gordon, Jack, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:10

Happy Halloween. You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your host. We need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear maybe sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:41

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious grew up. Our show was about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  01:05

Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy. And welcome to casual sweater actually just Welcome to the next episode of casual smear. Speaking Avon, lady, I think I did that last year. Oh, repeat. It’s still a good


Mickey Gordon  01:38

time. Oh, maybe no one was doing here was not there.


Mallory Gordon  01:42

Maybe By the way, I’m Mickey. But hi Vicki. Nice to meet you. I’m Mallory, by the way. Is it? Like hot in here? Like you gotta be the devil or something? Because, holy shit, you’re looking fucking good. I’m just saying thanks.


Mickey Gordon  01:56

Kind of having fun doing it too. Yeah, yeah. Do it. Hey, this episode’s called roll with it by the way folks. This is a roleplay episode featuring two of our favorite people we’ve ever had on the show because they told a story that knock you guys his socks off. Yeah, we’re talking about her friends jack and kissy amazing humans love those guys. Yeah, and you guys know how we roll here on casual swinger you know that if we’re not experts at something but we want to talk about it we’ll go find you somebody that is and that’s exactly what we did.


Mallory Gordon  02:23

Amen. And this is a great topic we’re covering role playing which is something that we personally don’t have a lot of experience on at the pro level these guys do so again, you bring new people that that know their shit they can speak you know, to it from an experience perspective and if you hit that damn button I swear to god what button the soundboard


Mickey Gordon  02:42



Mallory Gordon  02:45

Touching style bite your fingers.


Mickey Gordon  02:49

Well, hey, this is our spooky Halloween episode and what better time to dig into roleplay in costumes and all that fun stuff.


Mallory Gordon  03:03

writing your epitaph now knew I was gonna eulogy is happening this evening. It’s up.


Mickey Gordon  03:08

Anyway, we’re gonna sit down with jack and kissy. We love these guys a whole bunch, we’re going to dig in with them on their other passion, not necessarily the cook holding thing that you guys know and love them for, but dressing in character and really embodying the role that they play. So we’re going to talk about what they do with their lifestyle friends and at home and alone and how it enhances their personal sex life not just Swinging,


Mallory Gordon  03:29

amen. You know what, I, I love life so much, especially when we have the opportunity to do these things is I had to take away from that conversation. I think they are something really wonderful. And some of the methodology that opens and deepens those lines of communication. So you know, stay tuned, listen to the interview with these guys, because there’s some really great information even if you’re not into role playing. Uh huh.


Mickey Gordon  03:50

What Valerie said, but we’ll get into that in just a couple of minutes. In the meantime, let’s talk about what’s new first up. Yes, it’s true. We cannot make the rascals Hedo trip we announced that last episode, but since we announced that there’s been a couple of COVID related and schedule related cancellations much like ours with the grand spawn. So if you want to get in on a great group, Rachel’s that’s our AC h a l s rascals comm they have some rooms available for just two weeks from now


Mallory Gordon  04:20

Yeah, yeah just around the corner. If you if you have the time and you can book it we we hope you do. It’s a great group love those guys. But I have one condition for you if you go you have to. You have to tell them we love them so much and give people hugs if you’re comfortable doing so.


Mickey Gordon  04:36

Yes. Well maybe just like you can give them a crispy five or


Mallory Gordon  04:40

something. Yes. No, no elbow tapper. Knuckles something because your knees and yes, cuz that’s how I roll. No, but it’s it’s a great time and like you said they have a few rooms that have opened up so feel free to contact and that’s Rachel’s


Mickey Gordon  04:57

That’s a fact. Now since that last Last episode we announced you would not be able to make the rascals trip but the very next day we heard from Kate yes so so


Mallory Gordon  05:08

so because we don’t have the constraints with domestic travel it looks like we’re going to pick up on Korean Dallas


Mickey Gordon  05:14

we are we are making an appearance folks we will be at p cap encore in Dallas which by the way is sold out


Mallory Gordon  05:21

I love it we knew Kate would would sell that out they the the for the P cap we attended in May was just such a hit amazing experience now we’re just going as attendees as far as I know like we’ll be there and socializing and and you know causing a ruckus of our own you know


Mickey Gordon  05:36

yeah we’re not doing a session I mean yeah we’re gonna do some other stuff for Kate right i think i’ll MC a party or something but no big deal


Mallory Gordon  05:43

I you know we like being involved and helping but I’m excited to see some of our great friends and people that we met at the last peak app as well.


Mickey Gordon  05:50

Oh my god I love so many others love Texas so actually I’m pretty sure sassy Molesey just submitted an order to the store by the way and hey, but what they did is they put Mickey to deliver to pee caps I guess I’m bringing sushi like don’t ship it just bring it to pizza.


Mallory Gordon  06:08

Oh that’s great. Okay, well we get we get two free check bags right? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  06:13

it’s actually I’m just gonna ship it to Jamie and Jamie already messaged Jay I’m like hey Jay. I’m gonna ship this ship to your house and he’s like no problem that’s perfect so I love that so sassy melasti shits going to Jay and if he puts it on first It’s not my fault


Mallory Gordon  06:24

Yeah, it also means we’ll be bringing some stuff for the bags right like we’re gonna give people some some cool shit yeah,


Mickey Gordon  06:29

we’re working on that last night we’re gonna get some goodies in here so even though we’re not doing a session we’re gonna make sure that we get in on those goodie bags.


Mallory Gordon  06:35

Yeah, we like sharing the love Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  06:37

no no big deal there but hey, what else is new mama? Oh my gosh,


Mallory Gordon  06:41

can we just talk about the grand spawn for one minute


Mickey Gordon  06:44

oh my god oh


Mallory Gordon  06:45

my god she’s so fucking cute I’m dying. Yeah, she’s


Mickey Gordon  06:47

pretty cute. Yeah, it looks exactly like our daughter


Mallory Gordon  06:50

very much so I think she hit the nail on the head when she said she had copy and paste


Mickey Gordon  06:55

copy paste and squirting it


Mallory Gordon  06:58

I feel like I am we were pretty fucking young grandparents. So I’m looking forward to owning that and being like fun and Spry and cool and, and all these wonderful things that we get to do because we’re on the you know, younger side of the spectrum, but it is kind of surreal,


Mickey Gordon  07:13

isn’t it? Well, it’s It’s surreal because I didn’t expect my daughter to reproduce quite at this age. I had him I had my daughter young so that’s how we ended up being young grandparents and it’s still gonna be fun. I mean, it should still a little crotch Goblin. But at some point, you know, she’ll want to come down and go visit this godforsaken mousehole.


Mallory Gordon  07:32

Yeah, I mean God Willing would get her a couple times a year but yes, we will be doing that whole pomp and circumstance. Kill


Mickey Gordon  07:39

  1. No, it’s


Mallory Gordon  07:40

okay. It’ll be different.


Mickey Gordon  07:43

I hate Disney World. Your soundboard sorry.


Mallory Gordon  07:49

What is he doing? What is the scratchy noise? I


Mickey Gordon  07:52

don’t know. It’s just happening. Just go with it. Does


Mallory Gordon  07:55

it stop eventually. Thank you. Oh, hey, there’s another thing that’s happening, but say your fucking birthday.


Mickey Gordon  08:03

Oh, my bad. Yeah. Yeah, that literally if you’re listening to this right now, it’s his birthday. It is


Mallory Gordon  08:09

his birthday. So I have a call to action ladies. Let’s flood Mickey’s DMS you can find this casual swinger on Twitter, with all the boobies for him to have the breast birthday ever. Please, and thank you. And if you’re listening to this in January, still send him your boobs. You know,


Mickey Gordon  08:28

I had no idea you were gonna say that. You’re welcome. So I’m a little flummoxed right now. It is my birthday. Yep, I’m one year older and that is how it goes one more trip around the sun on this spinning mud ball we call earth but hey, you know what I just got back from Vegas. Yeah. And this was a really long trip and it screwed up my time schedule so I’m having trouble getting up before 10 and going to bed before three


Mallory Gordon  08:54

oh my god you’ve kept me up to 3am three nights in a row and I’m telling you right now that’s not happening tonight though. Like I’m you know how to walk out of the studio and I’m sleeping till tomorrow.


Mickey Gordon  09:03

Okay, you know how to put me out I do I do you know you got one in the back.


Mallory Gordon  09:08

Hey, Ashley, what do you want for your birthday? Come on. Give it to me tandem All right, I’ll see what I can do.


Mickey Gordon  09:17

I want a good video. You want


Mallory Gordon  09:18

to get hardiness McFaul


Mickey Gordon  09:21

folks when you Spock falls full swing I love Yeah, so I went to see my friends David Nicole at Playhouse l that’s right when you were in Vegas. That’s right. And you know, I gotta tell you, that little club is nice.


Mallory Gordon  09:33

It’s i i surmised as much just looking at photos that they’ve posted and knowing the two of them you know that they had a high standard


Mickey Gordon  09:41

they really do and I think the thing that stood out to me the most because you know almost no lifestyle club is in a nice area right in Vegas has a lot of like little warehouse areas around but their club is like five minutes from the strip. It’s not far nice. Okay, so it’s not like some CDs area. It’s not huge. But Dave did such a nice job. just laying this place out and it’s done so thoughtfully. Like, you know, when you first walk in, you’ve got security. And then you can go to the right or to the left and to go to the left to get back to Where’s kind of their main dance floor bar, you know, DJ area, but and you know, you go through the locker room and they have the lockers are all included with your admission, you get back to the bar area, and all of the sodas are included. It’s a BYOB type thing. But they had so many types of plate rooms that I really thought were thoughtful and interesting king size beds, queen size beds, group rooms, private rooms, in an aquarium with glass so people could see in, you know, but not interact with you. But I think my favorite room, and I maybe for remembering this improperly, but I think they’ve called it the silhouette room. what it was was beds that had the sheer curtains like sheets over them. So once you’re inside it, people can kind of see you, but kind of can’t.


Mallory Gordon  11:01

I like mosquito netting. Almost Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  11:03

but thicker. Oh, and so it was really sexy, especially with the red light that he had in the room because there were LED lights around every bed and how many beds in that room of two silhouettes. I want to say there were like six.


Mallory Gordon  11:14

Oh, that’s nice. It’s not overwhelming. But it’s enough to hear like if you’re if you’re an audio file and you enjoy the sounds and of people having sex, that people having sex, that’s probably a really good amount of beds. When you think about how many couples are on one bed ish, you know, because we’ve been in group rooms where there’s been like, maybe 20 or 30 mattresses, yeah, like our play areas. And that for me was a little overwhelming. It’s,


Mickey Gordon  11:39

it’s like on top of each other in a lot of places. But I gotta tell you, everything that David Nicole did with this club was either centered on customer service, or sexy sexy sensuality. I love to know and i like


Mallory Gordon  11:51

that i based in logic and comfort. I mean I think anytime you you’re looking at hospitality those have to be the two of the top five things you need to I don’t know use or utilize when you’re configuring that kind of stuff.


Mickey Gordon  12:07

Yeah, so that was alright, anyway, Playhouse lb check it out. If you get a chance. It’s Playhouse if you get a chance, and if you reach out to David Nicole want to become a member just let him know that you heard about it on casual swing or your friends of ours.


Mallory Gordon  12:19

Yeah, definitely. Hey, by the way, I heard whiskey the month was a hit. Yeah, people


Mickey Gordon  12:23

started reaching out pretty quickly about that. They were like, hey, check that shit out. And we started getting other suggestions for whiskey the month.


Mallory Gordon  12:29

So excited. I love trying being able to try new whiskies and have recommendations because sometimes we’ll stand there and we’ll see a few new bottles. And then we what do we do we open our phones and we try to go and look at a ton of reviews. And you know, it’s nice to have something come in like that. So we can experiment a little so I love


Mickey Gordon  12:46

well, and we don’t have to do a ton of that. I mean, we don’t have room in our bar right now for I think we have over 180 whiskies in our


Mallory Gordon  12:53

bar. That’s true. That’s true. We have a running list, like I’m very excited for the next whiskey of the month. So we do


Mickey Gordon  12:57

and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. So stay tuned for that one. And that next one is going to come in the next episode, which will be here pretty much on the first of November I think so we’ll roll that one in for November 1 up and don’t miss that episode it’s going to be hot that’s going to be Mallory’s episode so not gonna let that cat out of the bag on that. But if you hang around to the end of this episode, you’ll hear an overview of what that episode is going to be about.


Mallory Gordon  13:20

Yeah, so what else is happening around here? I think we have a little change in the weather.


Mickey Gordon  13:24

Yeah, that was really nice. Actually, it’s like 75 degrees today but yeah, I think we’re gonna play in another meet and greet So reach out to us and let us know however you get in touch Mallory tells you like twice an episode. We’ll get something on the books. Love it. Yeah, we need to do another meet and greet here soon. But Mallory Why don’t you do your thing tell people where to find us and we’ll get back to you here with jack in kissy roleplay


Mallory Gordon  13:45

I thought my thing was being a dirty dirty little girl


Mickey Gordon  13:48

god yes.


Mallory Gordon  13:50

All right guys, we’re casual swinger everywhere you can find it the casual swing calm. She just messaged podcast at casual you like us want to say something nice. Hey, do it publicly. Maybe. I don’t know on Apple podcast. That’d be pretty cool.


Mickey Gordon  14:00

Yeah, please.


Mallory Gordon  14:01

I need the affirmation. Desperately I feed on that stuff.


Mickey Gordon  14:05

She flogs me folks, it’s abuse. Help me like it.


Mallory Gordon  14:09

Um, we’re casual swinger on social media as well. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And you can also check us out on schedule Swinging on the dating sites. It’s called ancient philosophy. And


Mickey Gordon  14:21

there it is, folks. We’ll be right back in a hot second with the role playing couple of joking. Even listening to casual Swinging. All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. My name is Mickey and


Mallory Gordon  14:59

I’m Haha


Mickey Gordon  15:02

are spooky spooky spooky Halloween music is still in full effect.


Mallory Gordon  15:07

I think he did good


Mickey Gordon  15:09

yeah that’s a good kicker but hey we’ve got some friends with us on the episode today. They’re our friends jack in kissy jack and kissy are a cuckold roleplaying couple we’ve had on the show a few times actually it is his number two right now it’s a few right now it’s a few but a there are a lot more than a couple a couple and you guys of course remember them for all the crazy stuff that they did on their wedding night with their bowl. But now there are a lot more than that as a matter of fact they’re only fans right there their video on demand folks for only fans and doing a lot of fun stuff over there to help keep you guys entertained the only way they know how which is sexy. They’re pro level roleplayers though and today we’re gonna find out a little bit more about how the sexy couple plays but also how they choose their costumes as some of their personas stories they act out together. So without further ado, Jackson kissy How the hell are you guys


Kissy  16:03

we are good and we are so excited to be with both of you again We miss you tongs and we are just so excited about this show today cuz we could literally talk for days about role playing


Mallory Gordon  16:17

I can’t think of anyone better suited or I that I would be more interested in talking about the subject with because you guys from my perspective are the pros


Mickey Gordon  16:27

100% very much so


Jack  16:29

this is our most erotic time of the year and what do you guys got acquaintance for that right I What do you call


Mickey Gordon  16:36

it swinger Christmas Yeah,






he’s sexy you know the shot Yeah. The shadows are longer than nights are a little more crisp and it’s getting darker earlier and it’s just you know, it’s erotic it’s that time everyone’s costumes


Mickey Gordon  16:59

you see it drives me personally fucking nuts because every person I see is dressed is something else so I don’t know who they are and that’s actually a challenge for me and you know, maybe we can talk about that later but maybe that’s why I don’t really do the roleplay thing and you know here on casual swinger if we don’t know what we’re doing we bring on people that do and when it comes to roleplay you know, nobody else comes close.


Mallory Gordon  17:19

Not even within a mile. No.


Mickey Gordon  17:22

Yeah, it’s it’s just stupid. So we were so excited when we wanted to do a Halloween episode we were like, what are we gonna talk about red costumes? Wait a minute. roleplay Jacqueline kissy done? Like that’s just exactly yeah,


Mallory Gordon  17:32

let’s let’s give these guys a little bit of background and a little history. So can you just tell us a little bit about how you got into roleplay and what was your first experience like?



Yeah, absolutely. So when we you know, when we first started down that you know, path of the naughty as we call it, we had met a guy for a meet and greet. And this was going to be like a bull, hot wave cuckold kind of situation and met him at a bar and it was October and because he was all dressed to the nines, and just all sweaty, it was really fun. And he was a good looking kind of body builder, but the chemistry was there it was, it was it was hot. And, but he he started to go to his fantasies of wanting to do kind of this comic book roleplay type of play date, and how he wanted to be, you know, the evil villain and take on the super heroines and superheroes and, and how, you know, wants to dress up and wants us to dress up and that’s kind of frickin crazy. And you know, so we kind of talked about setting up a playdate and stuff and we left that meet and greet and we literally laughed on our way home like he was, gosh, it was going so well and then he just went left field with this whole you know, superhero stuff. But it started to sink in a few days later and we started looking You know, it was Halloween time we went looking for costumes and stuff. We started looking for superhero costumes, things that we can wear, we got excited and we bought costumes. And we’re like, oh my gosh, this is gonna be so fun. So he planted the seed with us.


Mallory Gordon  19:30

That’s awesome. Holy crap.



Yeah. I mean, sadly, we never actually pull off with him. That I know it


Mallory Gordon  19:41

was I wasn’t expecting



like a like a year or two after that seed was planted. We met a couple and this they were empty nesters. They were looking for something where They wanted to rekindle their erotic relationship with each other and needed to find something to reconnect. And the guy had a very similar fantasy of being the evil villain and capturing the superheroes. So it was his wife, silver slot, and Countess kissy. And of course, of course, boy blunder


Mallory Gordon  20:37

that’s amazing so the seed was planted so you’d already had time an opportunity to at least consider it I love how in like you the seed was planted you guys were like we’re all in we’re gonna go ahead and be proactive and go get costumes and and just jump in Why not? Let’s let’s give it a try. And then have another opportunity to actually fulfill that fantasy with another couple. I think that’s amazing.


Mickey Gordon  20:59

Yeah, so tell I mean, I don’t know. I mean, your first it really sounds like you just embraced it from your first time out. But what is it that’s your favorite thing about roleplay What attracted you guys to it and what makes you keep going back for



it, the thing about roleplay is just the ability to really scale the situation and it allows everyone the opportunity to just kind of have a an experience where you’re like wants and needs are met and also ensure that there if there are limits that somebody has that you don’t cross those so in situations especially with new couples or new people in a relationship, some of those you know sexual likes and dislikes are a bit hard to talk about upfront. But if you talk about them in the space of a roleplay and what you want to have happen or not have happen it makes it a very safe that’s great


Mallory Gordon  22:04

because you have to have very open dialogue very open communication about boundaries, wants desires, likes dislikes before you even venture into it and I mean I’m sure we’ll get into like the scripting and the posing and all that other stuff later but yeah, that is exceptional lines of communication.



half the fun also, I mean, really, the the scripting, the planning the things you just talked about Mallory’s I mean that’s like foreplay in itself as you work together with your playmates that you’re going to you know plan this play date with is is the planning and you get excited about oh I’m going to I’m going to wear this and we’re going to do this and use this the wand you know or the you know torture toy or something. I mean, all the things that you cannot build up in is just it’s it’s erotic it’s foreplay. Before you even get on that date Oh yeah,


Mallory Gordon  22:56

I’d be edging hard I can tell you right now that would be so hard like


Mickey Gordon  23:02

this edging this was no fun today


Mallory Gordon  23:05

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been on the ledge a little bit today but so so now that you guys have your your feet wet you know you’d like to experiences how do you go about finding other couples? Is this something you do like on like the traditional dating sites? Do you have other methods that you find other couples that are interested in this or do you have like a stable that you’ve already curated? Like how does that work? Yeah, we have we have a stable in the back. No, we love it.



We bring it out. We don’t we don’t specifically seek out people for roleplay but you know we are meeting people and couples on all the you know, regular socials swinger sites like SLS DD and Cassidy felt life you know or we meet people you know, hotel takeovers and our pro like in our profiles a lot of times we say that we we love imagination and creativity or when someone you know in some some guys like Hey, what do you guys into it’s like, creativity and imagination that always throws people what you know, but some people are drawn to that others are not so sure what that means but they’re open to it once we explain and you know, frankly, I could find 100 guys who just want to fuck my wife right there. Okay. But love you What else you’re for us. Give us some give us some creativity and some imagination that like well I really like it if you did this and in it Okay, now we start the foundations of roleplay. So you know, we, we throw that idea people we kind of advertise a little bit like this is what we’re into creativity and imagination and we’ll start that conversation.


Mallory Gordon  24:51

I love that that’s probably got to be the best response I’ve ever heard to that question because it gets asked all the time, whether you’re you’re doing the hot white thing or it Right first question excuse creativity and imagination now what I would take pause and that that would catch me off guard and I’d absolutely want to dig into exactly what that means but I’m also hearing when you say your say creativity imagination I want to know that your your mind is really open and you want to explore that side of it. Right?


Mickey Gordon  25:20

Right well it makes them form words too and then you get to kind of figure out because intellect is clearly a part of you guys’s you know cycle for picking partners. So yeah, they’re like duh


Mallory Gordon  25:34

he could be a caveman. I mean, that’s part of it right? He gives


Mickey Gordon  25:38

His roleplay grunts and Greg grabs his hair and drags her back to his cave



and it just it makes some of those conversations a little bit easier to write like roleplay takes a ton of pressure off frankly and especially if you’re you know meeting someone new you can introduce a very simple roleplay that has a little bit of structure and everyone’s not just you know sitting around after dinner wondering you know how that transition is going to go from from you know, this this date to the bedroom right so you have naturally built in some of the elements that get you up to where you want to go


Mickey Gordon  26:28

so you talked about you know, knew and I think is this is something as longtime lifestyles we have definitely seen you know, we meet newer couples and sometimes it can be a little frustrating sometimes it can be a little taxing and a lot of times we find ourselves saying the same thing, which is we can either be your Sherpa or we can be your play partners but we can’t be both so for you guys roleplay there I just don’t meet that many people that are on the level you guys are in roleplay so how do you introduce new couples to roleplay being as experienced as you are Is it hard and do you have that same policy that we have about I can either teach you how we’re pleased with you but not both?



So I really think you know that we’ve we’ve found it to be quite easy whether it’s a couple that we are introducing it to or whether it’s a single guy that we’re that we’re playing with and they’re you know, frankly is a couple that we’ve met recently had a hotel takeover and you know they’ve never done really anything within the lifestyle right i mean they went to a hotel takeover so good for them right they’re like put themselves out there but we you know we’re we’re talking to them and you know, in this situation we actually were kind of acting as as their Sherpas into the into the into the lifestyle but it was within a you know a roleplay scenario. So it was we kind of added the elements that we wanted well while trying to also you know kind of give them some help and advice along the way Yeah, we



met them out you know, we typically the typical met them out for drinks after the hotel take over one night and started talking about you know, we’re very open and honest because like look, we’ve been in this for a while you guys are new so you know please ask anything and stuff and we eventually got to like, here’s a really fun idea that that kind of takes out some of the awkwardness and we introduced them and they were like oh my gosh, and they said it like absorbed with them like three days later they’re like we have all these ideas. Like what if we do this or what if what if we were this year like it was really awesome to see it just explode in their minds and how they were like, this is fun and can be fun, like Yes, so


Mallory Gordon  29:06

that Okay, so not only is it like the ultimate icebreaker but the added benefit of seeing you know, the play partners and completely embody themselves and get excited about future endeavors. So that’s got to be wonderful.



Yeah, it’s super fun. It’s so fun to just, you know, sit because cuz we kind of went through that same journey, right? We initially thought well, that is just a crazy, crazy idea. And then as you started thinking about it, it was like, wow, this is just the most brilliant thing. And you start getting all kinds of ideas.


Mallory Gordon  29:42

I but I have to know if you guys like seeing like a whole new world from Aladdin to them. After they’ve had this experience,



we should have had the soundtrack play. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  29:54

they all just wake up and look at each other like


Mallory Gordon  29:58

fucking soundboard.


Mickey Gordon  30:01

She’s had enough of my sound effects already today. So it sounds like this whole thing kind of deepens the lifestyle experience for you guys. You know, since this we do have jackin kissy here, the naughty? Does it? Is that the case? Does it deepen the experience for you both?



Yeah, I mean, I think that it does, I mean, I think for, you know, for us, it gives us the, you know, the additional elements of, you know, our creative outlet, you know, because we, you know, have a creative side that we don’t necessarily get to express a lot in our corporate jobs. And so it allows us that that element, but it also allows us that ability, you know, jack and I have always said that anything that we do within the naughty is always about enhancing our relationship together, right? So it has to be about what is going to bring the two of us closer together. And so we always are able to add something within a roleplay that makes that connection and deepers the relationship that we have,


Mallory Gordon  31:15

that’s awesome. So from what so we don’t do roleplay you guys do it a little differently than we thought going in our heads and you really embody the characters you play and you even go as far to write scripts for this right?



We have Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  31:38

okay. So not every time but in certain situations



Yeah, absolutely. And so and I think that’s one of the things you know, we we have a few elaborate role plays we’ve done where we have scripted things out um, I think for the most part we have a general outline of what’s going to happen and you know, the dialogue and scenarios a little bit more freeform right so I’m you know, much more introverted than jack but I can get into a character or I can get into you know, a role that you know that I’m going to be playing um, and you know, it doesn’t always have to be an elaborate situation you can do something that you know is a is a pretty simple roleplay



and you know, I’ll let me add that I kind of think you you both have done maybe a bit of roleplay already you talked about that euphoria, 80s dinner you know, in the in your 50s first date on July and how much you enjoy how much you enjoy getting into the character and you got a taste of what that could potentially lead to moving into like an erotic roleplay right I mean, you


Mickey Gordon  33:08

know, as a preacher, I’m going to hell already


Mallory Gordon  33:10

that is true. And I was a little bit of a country like diva like pop star, but you know what, I could see myself taking on that persona, and then transition into the bedroom. Just Why do


Mickey Gordon  33:21

I always get stuck with the characters that will never get laid? I was basically because you’re always


Mallory Gordon  33:25

seeing the pussy tree and the irony is funny.


Mickey Gordon  33:31

Try try being whatever you can you can be throbbing the boy blunder. Yeah. It’ll be great. Well, so tell us about the satisfaction that you get from roleplay Is it an emotional satisfaction that you guys get? Is it physical? Is it entertainment, just wondering what keeps you bringing you’re just coming back to it Ray bringing that into your bedroom bringing that into your lives? There’s got to be something about it that lights your fire?



Yeah, I think it really it is it’s, it really hits on all of those things, right? Like, I guess I’ll kind of go back to you know, the fact that within a roleplay you you have the ability to to map out what you want to happen, right? You have that ability to say, you know, okay kisi loves getting her hair pulled and let’s work that into you know, whatever, whatever this whatever the situation is going to be we’re going to tie that in there somehow. And so it ensures that you have that those physical needs met, but it also gives you the you know, the the creativity part of it that you know, can be just can be so much fun.


Mallory Gordon  34:55

I love that I could see me leveraging something like that as a syllabus or an agenda for exactly What I want here’s your expectation boys.


Mickey Gordon  35:06

Right? And by the way, there’s a comment.


Mallory Gordon  35:11

Great. Oh, so something I was wondering, you know, depending on how deep you guys get into characters and the different roles you’re playing, and depending on the audience, like do you guys have like an inherent maybe like safe word that you use to come in and out of character or during play while you’re doing the roleplay? Okay. I love your honesty.


Mickey Gordon  35:40

We should but that that no, that’s, like,



so weak. Okay. We just pulled off a roleplay on on Friday evening. Okay, the


Mallory Gordon  35:52

Twitter I was so excited. Yeah, we do tell



kisi was the the, the college girl who needed an advisor procrastinated and so you know, we we talked, and he was like, I don’t know how to roleplay but we told me, he’s like, Oh, I love this. And we went back to the professor’s home. And, and it you know, it got naughty, really quickly and, and it he, you know, we told him what kinda and I told him like, okay, you know, she’s gonna be our little college or, and we’re gonna, like, I’m the counselor, you’re the professor, we’re just gonna, like, make sure that she understands what what she needs to do to get this advisory by the professor to be your advisor and, and he got very much into it and very much into it, where, where it was, you know, he was he was saying, you know, you’ve been verbal and stuff like that, but that was supposed to be okay. And I didn’t really I didn’t do a good job of communicating like, hog barn, you know, where those limits are, like, don’t go like super. And he Okay, you know, and there was a point where she looked at me and kind of like, Okay, this this is it’s kind of time and, and so I was trying to give the hits and, and he’s just like, he’s, you know, like, okay,


Mickey Gordon  37:14

still hammering away. Smoking,



right? So you need a safe word because you don’t want to you don’t want to make that awkward, like hey timeout, because that can just be a cock blocker ruins everything. So you know, eventually I’m like, yeah, you should, you should like finish inside her, you know, so I was giving him like, you need to, and wrap it up. Wrap it up. I would have had a safe word that we could have, like, understood what that means. like okay, that’s a little too much or something. So shame on me. Yeah, you should have


Mallory Gordon  37:54

noted No.


Mickey Gordon  37:56

There it is. So and now you guys kind of talk about how you had some trouble transitioning out of the roleplay with because of a lack of a safe word. Does roleplay make it easier to transition into play time? Because sometimes it’s a little awkward, right? So are we able to use roleplay to transition into play time more easily?



I think yes. I mean so most of the so I’ll give the example on the on the Friday night right? We We met at a bar and we just were you know just general chatting right we’re just all who we are and talking and you get to a certain point and I excused myself to go to the bathroom and that was kind of the signal for everyone that when I come back now we’re in the roleplay situation right so we had a establish that up ahead that you know yeah, we’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna have a drink and you know just get rid of some of the some of the nerves but then there is a clean break right like you have some kind of signal that happens that says, Okay, now we’re going to transition into into the roleplay. And you know, it allows you that opportunity to be able to you know set that parameter.


Mickey Gordon  39:21

You know we could do the Pogs like we do at the Brazilian steakhouse like the green in the red just flip the pago green everybody go



yeah but think about it like you’re out with another couple. And you know it’s first time and you’re everyone’s hoping that this is going to you know end up in the bedroom and and it can be a little like, okay well let’s have another drink because people are nervous and you know, how do you move to the bedroom who makes that move when so it is really effective we think like with another couple as that’s where when it’s time to move to the bedroom it can be awkward, it can be nervous can be anxious, feel so anxious filled using roleplay means everyone knows what Then when things will happen they know their roles they know that they’re not themselves they are their new Alter Ego naughty character it allows everyone to more easily slide into naughty play it gives the structure to the night without this potential endless awkward evening and some say it takes out a spontaneity but you can ad lib and again for a first play date it just increases the odds of success and the next play date maybe you take the roleplay training wheels off and you just be more spontaneous you still have a simple scenario you know or whatever but for that first you know potential play date I think like with this couple that we met in you know at the hotel takeover the in the spring and we we met them at a casino a couple weeks ago in Dubuque Iowa and and we we all know the plan and stuff and the girls were the you know, girls night out away from their husbands and the guys were boys night out away from the wives and after about a half hour so we met them. The guys met them at the bar and I slipped a little something in there drinking a little placebo, something that helped them to go. Oh, okay, yeah, let’s go to your room guys. And, and it, it was awesome. And it and they loved it because there wasn’t the awkwardness of Okay, now do I go you know, and it it was,


Mickey Gordon  41:29

it was brilliant, all the fun


Mallory Gordon  41:32

thinking that, oh my god, it’s so great. But I think you I think you actually are onto something because you’ve already outlined the expectations. Sex is going to be part of the equation already. So you’ve you’ve got that behind you now you can just focus on your, your, the persona you’re going to take on which I’m going to take a stab and go it’s not always far removed from who we are as people. It’s probably a part of us. That’s just exaggerated for that moment. Which I think is is brilliant because then you can focus on that not on your nerves, too. So it’s also acts as a something. I don’t know. It’s copacetic know, what word Am I looking for? Husband? Help me out here. You’re the runner. You’re the walking thesaurus. That plays it like I’m having a panic attack and I want to come down we’ll give me a word. Self soothing. Thank you. It’s two words, but just


Mickey Gordon  42:21

an episode on this morning,


Mallory Gordon  42:23

dude, I am on Vegas time because you came home with that. So I haven’t been able to sleep before 3am every night because you’re up like Whoo, let’s party. Every night.


Mickey Gordon  42:32

I don’t need to be up Vegas killed me


Mallory Gordon  42:35

this. But I digress. I think I really do think you guys are onto something as far as the methodology goes in play time. I really do love it. And you know, these scenarios has some really, you know, pretty simplistic right? easy to follow. Do you do like any other characters that have maybe additional or depth in their backstories? Like maybe even more involved?



Think Jessie can answer that one. There’s, I think she has one guy. Yeah, go ahead.



So so there’s there’s one. So it’s jack Johnstone. And he’s, he’s running for running for Senate. Right. And we met his, his campaign manager, right? So his campaign manager is, you know, the guy that we’re meeting introduced this roleplay to him and the campaign, this campaign manager, this guy just went off the rails with all of the backstory, right? Like he took jack and made him into a Senate candidate, right, like he made like campaign yard signs he had, he had like email fundraisers that he was sending out. He even like have this fake Irish like mafia accent that he would use when we got together with him. And always these little elements and details that he added in that made this so exciting when we were when we were planning it. And then we met for our play date. And he had created this like front page of a newspaper, right? Like this breaking news scandal that was gonna hit the papers tomorrow morning. Have you know how much of a horror the sun and moon wife was taking? Taking these pictures, you know, like from our flicker side or something, and, you know, it’s all gonna hit the news tomorrow, but he can you know, he can prevent it. If we can, you know, work out, you know, some other kind of payment to him. And you know, he obviously knows I was a little hoarse. So you know, that payment was is going to be but that was probably the most elaborate backstory that we had and it really was because this guy just embraced it and he ran with it and he I think also had just a lot of fun with you know, putting all of these little details in place but it made it just a great


Mallory Gordon  45:22

actor right there. Yes tremendous.


Mickey Gordon  45:24

Yeah. He was i that is truly impressive. So I was about to ask, you know, and I think as as as I thought of this question, you know, of course we told you guys what we wanted to do here. I think I’m going to kind of evolve this a little bit because I was gonna ask about capturing the experience and and you know, have you moved into that sort of thing but I kind of want to talk about how your role plays have evolved in complexity right I mean, like that guy was making campaign signs and and you know, newspapers and is it kind of like a lot of other things in sexuality where you have to up the ante right to really get the same effect I mean, are these things getting more and more complex as you guys go on? Or are you just doing them? Are they getting more complex because it’s more fun?



I would say it just depends on the person or the the play mates right your your play friends and what what what they want to do I mean, if you find a couple or or a guy or whatever that’s like all let’s make this really you know, elaborate word of word we’re right there and we and that that ups the ante of the eroticism and that makes it more exciting and builds the anxiety you know the it It builds up that play date and we really look forward to it’s that foreplay of planning together versus you know a simpler one but the simpler ones can be just as fun as well so I I don’t think we look for trying to to build the next one and to outdo the last one it’s it’s just kind of like you know, every every situation is different every person that you know, that we’re venturing on on a roleplay play date depends on you know, that really depends on them because we of course well like you want to elaborate we’re here we’re gonna make this elaborate but if you want it simple and we’ll make it simple I can’t even


Mickey Gordon  47:35

imagine the level these two


Mallory Gordon  47:36

dude my wheels are spinning right now just


Mickey Gordon  47:41

like I mean I’m think I’m a pretty creative vain Damn you guys make me feel bad



but it can be so simple right? You You can take a you know an MFM situation and we’ve done two that are just super simple right half of the guy deliver a pizza and whoops I don’t have the cash to pay him and you know now what’s gonna happen


Mallory Gordon  48:07

yeah amen girl I’m right there first thing I thought I was the cop at the door and I’m like one day my brain right my brain the cops gonna actually show up at the door and I’m going to get naked and arrested because of it


Mickey Gordon  48:21

while we’re inside the door and there’s actually nothing wrong with it but just in case you’re taking notes honey I’d



like well exactly and then you’ve got pizza for


Mallory Gordon  48:35

no good now when we we introduce you guys to the casual swinger universe here which is all five of us out here you know you guys are your cuckold couple as well right? The the story that you guys told when we brought you on the first time was about how your marriage was consummated by your bowl. Now knowing that you guys have that established power dynamic as part of your relationship there does that same dynamic exists in the roleplay do you incorporate it as well? Is it totally different that’s fair



you know we started off in the the ball hot wave cuckold dynamic well we first started and we you know, we’ll still do that on occasion. But we’ve also like we enjoy MFM we enjoy other couples so we’re open to like, any dynamic so it depends like if we meet someone that’s like you know, I’m like a bull and really want the hot wave cuckold thing it’s like, okay, we can make this work, you know, you can take any dynamic and plug into a roleplay very simply, and that’s why so good plugin. You know,



we did the we did the Uber driver this summer. All right, yeah, that was um and that was more of a that was more of a cook situation, right? Like this Uber driver shows up at the door. Because jacket accidentally you know called for an Uber and he you know comes to the door and he’s expecting to take us you know like I don’t know it’s like 30 miles or something and you know jack is like no I didn’t I didn’t make this call I didn’t you know mean to call him he was like well you’re you’re on you’re on the hook for this fair like I’m expecting this fair and if I’m not actually driving you there I’m gonna have to you know take that fair from your wife and


Mallory Gordon  50:33

well done.


Mickey Gordon  50:34

That’s right. Nice. Thanks for using Luber.



What was it? What was hard about it was we were actually we were in the Wisconsin Dells kind of a tour area and we were at like a motel not a hotel so he would pound it on the outside door and he opens the door just he’s laying on the bed with just fish nets on and looking very slutty and we were I was like hey man sorry we drank too much so kind of gave him that like oh I’m gonna take advantage of this couple they’re stoned and you know and that was a purpose that wasn’t good know Yeah. And so he kind of just barged his way in and and I had talked to him already like this is what you that he’s like are you sure this is okay and we have met him once before and it had you know a couple years before COVID so I’m like let’s do this we’re in you’re kind of part of the state and wanted you know we’re in town and he’s like Okay, let’s do it and it was it was crazy hot


Mallory Gordon  51:36

I just love your fucking creative brains these are amazing like I’m I’m thinking


Mickey Gordon  51:41

you guys are our favorite twisted humans You guys are so fucked up in the head the


Mallory Gordon  51:46

best way in the best way


Mickey Gordon  51:49

amazing. I really isn’t I mean that I mean so this is we’re talking about some of these characters and this is a question for each of you. So I want a different answer hopefully from both of you, but what’s your favorite character that you have personally ever developed in played? And we’ll start with jack



Oh, that would be that would be the very first that we did with that couple that their kids went off to college and he wanted to be the super he wanted to be the evil villain and it i was i was boy blunder and the reason why there’s a few reasons and number one was because it was probably the most elaborate roleplay and we got into details and we planned with them we met them quite a few times just to like, share stories and laughs and plan and get to know them right so we developed a really fun relationship knowing that we’re moving towards this play date and so when we did have this play date they booked a suite at the Ramada Inn two rooms you know i mean they did and we all had our costumes and we came prepared and I put on the gold tights and the you know Under Armour burgundy shirt I look like I look like the mascot for the Maryland Terrapins there it was but you know, I got to lose myself in this character that I was all dressed into and we you know, I went to try to capture him and the Countess kissy and whatever my wife’s silver slide oh yeah no like you know they’re like no jack you can’t go you don’t have the experience and I went anyway I got all tied up and I got so he ties me up to this chair and then they have to go and try to capture him and he captures kisi and he’s torturing her with the wind and and you know, like this is 45 minutes an hour and eventually like okay, we’re getting where it’s time to move into that next level and this is their first time ever so he got a little stage fright, and he kind of said something to his wife like, Hey, why don’t you go help out. Blade blunder he’s been tied up to that chair. Like forever. She comes over with kisi they both get other knees pulled down my gold tight. I got this amazing dual job that like why wasn’t my favorite time right so that I’ll never forget. We never we never broke character. We never laughed. We went the entire you know, hour it was about an hour and and it was just brilliant. And we we all were like we get


Mallory Gordon  54:40

every single one of you Everyone gets what I love. You guys record these for posterity. Sometimes note none of the time.



really keep that to yourself. We will write the story after but



yeah, because, well, part of it is, you don’t want to, like ruin the moment and like, wait, I got to, like change the camera and move the you know, and, and it can get in the way and some people are uncomfortable with that too. So, you know, we’ll do pictures like Okay, let’s do some posing and frame like the story and we’ll do some afterwards. Sometimes we’d filmed parts of it, you know, but Elliott kissy there that tell us about her favorite character.



So for mine, it’s, it’s not necessarily the, like, the the character for me, but it was the, the role plays that we did. So we had a friend Matt, the real actor. And Matt was like, an actual real actor. And so he would, you know, call us up on a Saturday, and he’s like, Hey, I’m showing this house on on Sunday, and you guys want to meet me there? And, you know, we would we’d get dressed up, you know, we’d like, we’d like get all you know, skirts, and you know, like,



I bet. Oh, yeah, we got dressed up because it was Sunday morning and work, we were going to church and stockings and a little skirt. And I’m like, trying to like, pull her skirt a little. And she’s like, we’re at



church. Like, he would take he would like, you know, he take us to all these, you know, these empty houses and you know, we have different scenarios of, you know, what, what the situation was where, you know, we really needed him to get this house for us, or to get a better deal, or whatever it was. And, to me, it was just fun. Because it, we, we were able to have a very, very simple, you know, roleplay, but it always changed the location. And the scenario was was a little bit different. And we just got to see some really cool stuff, like so


Mickey Gordon  57:17

much fun. Fantastic.


Mallory Gordon  57:21

I love that. So, I mean, we’ve talked a lot about developing the characters, and you know how simple or complex they can get. I have, I have a thought that just popped into my mind that I have to ask you guys, so with the rope plane being part of your dynamic, how do you define if it was successful? I what is what does success look like for you guys?



I think like success for us is if we’ve planned a roleplay that we not necessarily that everything was great in it, but that we were able to stay in the characters until the end. Got it.


Mallory Gordon  58:02



Mickey Gordon  58:03

that makes a lot of sense, actually. Because I mean, that’s probably the one of the hardest things is to not bust out laughing like we do every 30 seconds on the show, right? So it’s we actually love doing this and have fun doing it.


Mallory Gordon  58:14

Well. For me, sometimes I have to take pause to really think through my next actions are my next words or my next question. So for me, I would be concerned or have a fear that I would be like a stop gap times like intermission. The other thing


Mickey Gordon  58:29

is, you’re not asking what would mal redo your character? What would Yes, yes, you know, yeah, super sled or whoever it is, you’re playing


Mallory Gordon  58:38

for the Explorer?


Mickey Gordon  58:43

Well, so have you guys ever been a part of an experience in a roleplay? where somebody maybe took it a little too far? How do you handle that? How do you this is we don’t have a safe word. I mean, how have you guys dealt with it?


Mallory Gordon  58:58

think that the



The great thing about roleplay is that everyone really has kind of, you know, you have a general idea of what’s going to happen. But within the roleplay planning, you’re also able to get in those, you know, those limits of, you know, what’s what’s okay and what’s not okay for each of the people and that’s not always conversations that you have upfront with somebody that you’re playing with, right? So we’re not going to find ourselves in a situation where, you know, the guy pulls out a ball gag, because you know, that’s a hard no for fair enough. So we’re not we don’t get into that kind of situation because we’ve had the ability to map out some of that and it avoids those, those super awkward situations where somebody does something that you know, is a is a limit for somebody



Yeah, and I think, like, as he said, the limits and likes and dislikes in the context of a roleplay can can be a great way to discuss those boundaries, you know, in a new relationship we’ve occasionally used so there’s that BDSM checklist, you can Google it and find it, right? It’s a really, we’re not into BDSM. But it has like, Okay, what do you as the dominant, you know, in this role, the professor, let’s use Friday night, for example, what are your likes that you want you you want, but to pull her hair? Okay, what is kisi? In the submissive role? She likes her hair, they both rank it as five, oh, there’s gonna be a lot of hot damn hair pulling that night, you know? And so you can, that’s a great tool, there’s a lot of things you can share with each other. And that’s part of the roleplay planning as well as like, what is everyone’s fetishes? What is everyone’s kinks? And you got to be honest with it, because sometimes somebody may be like, I don’t want to let this couple know about this kink, because they’re gonna judge me on it’s like, No, no, no, we might like it. So please be honest, we’re not going to judge you. We’re saying we’re going to rank it a one. Like, no, we’re like, kissy is gonna go zero on the ball gag. And the guy may be a five like, okay, so we don’t do bulking. You know, but we do, you know, the the giant, no plug.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:18

Perfect. See, but again, I think you’re truly onto something because you just you, you go, Oh, great, we are absolutely playing and we’re just taking it to another level. So like the do’s and don’ts, the yeses in the nose, those are conversations that I see happen early on, maybe at a DOM sub or BDSM relationship. But not necessarily always in a Swinging dynamic, especially if you haven’t played before, I think that’s a lot harder for people to come out with. And maybe, maybe their their fear is it takes some of the magic away. But in this scenario, it just adds to the dialogue and, and the storyline, right. So I absolutely love that.



That’s kind of the beauty of using roleplay enables and enhances the communication upfront, because you’re kind of forced to talk about all these things. Whereas if you’re just Hey, we’re beating this other couple, you’re not going through all of those, you know, things on a checklist, more than likely, you know, so, with a roleplay, you have just much more the odds of it turning out successful, I just find it to be, you know, more in your favor, because you’ve done your due diligence, you know, you’ve been through the planning and through the communication.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:31

Yeah, I can absolutely see that. 100% It’s, it’s it’s frankly, it’s it’s quite genius, especially in this situation. Now, you know, we’ve already said the A when it comes to this, the stuff in it and rolling, you guys are really at the pro level. And if we have people listening, that’s that’s not obvious for you know, couples where they want to start, you know, maybe we can just give them some, some quick bullet points of advices. How to, to walk through this and how to get started, you know, and I’ll give you one right now, like, for example, if this is a brand new couple, how does the conversation start for them about roleplay? For a newbie couple.



I think it’s trying to identify really, like, you know, tapping into that creative side. Right? And, and going through some of those scenarios, like, what, what do you want it to be? Do you want this to be something where, you know, it’s just another guy? Do you want it to be where you meet a couple? Do you want this to be just private? You know, is it just going to happen at your house? Or do you want that element of some kind of public, ask, you know, public aspect to it, where you may be mete out and then transition somewhere. I think if you can just pick on some of those, those real basic elements and ask some of those questions. You know, don’t worry so much about, you know what the whole story is, but if you just have, okay, we want it to be something where we’re meeting a couple, and we want to have both a public aspect and a private aspect, right? So just those three simple things can give you a huge variety of different stories and scenarios that you can then build on.



The bartender at the casino was definitely what is going on here. Like these guys are picking up there. Oh my god, they actually start taking them back to the hotel room. I mean, he was like I could tell I hit him. And that was fun for everyone because they all were like, Oh, he had to do see and he was kind of looking at us and and so you know that’s what the public aspect You know, you’re not doing anything naughty in public, but people can listen in or eavesdropping and they’re hearing the pickup lines and stuff and they see it actually like, oh, they’re actually going up to the room. I mean, that’s that’s, you know, so, but keep it simple, sexy, right? Your kiss in law. A lot of times that’s that’s good advice is it doesn’t have to be elaborate even start simple and yeah kiss


Mallory Gordon  1:05:05

yep I love that keep it simple stupid. Yeah, that’s that’s kind of a mantra in this household, right? Like, keep it clean, keep it simple, you know, don’t overcomplicate things life does that for you anyways.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:18

That’s because Mallory secretly No,


Mallory Gordon  1:05:21

that’s not true. But I love I love this. This guidance here especially for for new folks. And you know, because some of the questions I had were like, how do you even pick the right role? In this scenario? Like where would you start at? So you’re starting to communicate, you know, you want to roleplay like, how, how would we tell talk to a newbie about you know, where do you start there? How would you help them to find it help them figure out their role? And would it be like a personal like, kink or fetish or like how where do you even look?



Yeah, I mean, I think that’s part of it, right? And some of it is, like jack talked about, like, what’s the like, what’s the dynamic right? Some things get automatically built in just depending on what the scenario is, right? So you you can take what is the what is somebodies fantasy or what does somebody you know, want to experience just try to try to go down to just the basic levels of of the simplicity and you can build off of it


Mallory Gordon  1:06:29

right on?


Mickey Gordon  1:06:31

That makes sense. I mean, just kind of, you know, keep it something you understand. Keep it something that’s part of your dynamic, keep it something that you can easily lose yourself in, but still kind of be cognizant and serve the overall play I guess makes sense. Now as far as goals go, right, I mean, it seems like it seems simple to say my goal and having sex is to come. But in roleplay it’s a little more nuanced than that right? I mean, everybody’s got to have a good time right? But should newbies have a set of goals? I mean, if you guys had to give newbies a tip and say this is what you should aim for in your first roleplay is that a time thing should they keep it short? should keep it and like you said keep it simple something they can achieve what do you guys think as far as some good first time like first outing goals for newbies?



Yeah, well it’s not to win the porn Oscar cuz you may get like oh I really blew it and I’m not you know I’m not pulling this off right? Um establish your establish your sexual goals you know are you planning a full Do you do the four of you want to do a full swap? Is it same room play? Is it MFM? Is it is it a caique situate? Like what what do you want? You know it well then there’s the personal goals like do you do you want some exhibition element of masturbating in front of someone or maybe it’s just the girl wants to give the head and maybe or maybe it’s our first girl girl experience you know a few simple things you would like to do and and experience and then just build a simple roleplay around those. This is what I kind of would like to have these are my goals is I’d like to, I’d like to you know, girl would like to kiss a girl. Okay, let’s build that into the world. You know?


Mallory Gordon  1:08:20

That’s wonderful. Well, I think they have I think I my mind’s blown and I can actually see me personally incorporating maybe not as strategic role play where I’m taking on a full on character, but I’m, I’ve grown a little interested on taking on a persona and maybe just honing in on that one part because I’m doing you know, hornies footfall because sweaty summer had a little hiccup in there. But I’m really, really trying to empower myself more to go out there, you know, experiment and explore the hot wife dynamic a little, a little bit and I found myself being able to hone in on a part of me to take on that persona and proceed with some of these experiences. So I’m, I’ve literally I, you guys can see me, but our listeners can I’m over here taking notes. Like literally almost like little, little positive mantras in our discussion here. So I really, I really appreciate you guys doing this for us, because I’m gonna have a takeaway selfishly,


Mickey Gordon  1:09:21

and that’s our thing for you guys, right is if you could tell our listeners out there that haven’t ever done this before. If you could give them a couple of pro tips from jackin kisi what would they be?



I would, I would just say just, you know, have fun, right? Like sex is supposed to be fun. Um, with thought roleplay was the most ridiculous thing when we were first introduced to it. And then we started thinking about how it can really take some of the awkwardness out of new situations with with new people that you’re meeting and, you know, or use it as a way to liven up You know, a relationship that you’ve been in for a long time, right? Like, add a little spice into into it. But really just, you know, have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be super serious. It doesn’t have to be something where you have scripts and costumes, you know, you can, you can, you know, start a roleplay in the, in the grocery store, when you bump into someone, you know, it, keep it simple and, and have fun with it.



And like what I like to tell, because we’ve had some couples that have contacted us after, you know, after our, our wedding story, we’ve got a lot of people who contact us and, and a lot of times we’ll get like couples of like, hey, we’ve never done anything, and we’re afraid and we don’t really you know what, and we’ll offer that the cat and mouse roleplay, right, which is, this is how we started a long time ago, we still love doing this where kisi goes into the bar first. And she’s got on you know, little skirt, little short skirts showing some cleavage. And she sits and I come in like 1015 minutes later, and I sit like somewhere else across and, and, and watch if any guys will like hit on her. And of course, guys are chicken and it doesn’t really have they’re like oh, she’s and so eventually Yeah, no, it’s funny because she always told me like, jack no one’s really gonna, you know, and I’m like, gosh, it’s so stupid. But anyway, all eventually go to save her. Right? And I’m the like guy in town that you know, and she’s like, yeah, my husband just left for the weekend. We were supposed to have a date tonight. And I’m like, oh, and and we’ll we’ll just do that little simple roleplay to take that home. But we were out in an environment we were at a location where you had some of those elements that were live and real and now we can take that to the bedroom in fantasy and on envelope some reality into our fantasy of I’m I’m the guy that’s you know, she’s cheating with and in bed with and, and that’s so easy to do. And it’s so excited. We’ve given this advice to people they’re like, Oh my gosh, we’re drying this. We did it, you know, and it’s like, yeah, you know, it’s well placed but it’s just between


Mallory Gordon  1:12:14

us interest interesting sex life i’ve ever heard about. I can’t even there’s no other words.


Mickey Gordon  1:12:21

Well, and you know, he’s right, this stuff is it’s not just about sleeping with other people that was just him in kissy just out on a Friday gathering. That’s the misnomer about the lifestyle that I think nobody gets everybody thinks that our life is entirely about having sex with people that is not our spouse. It’s not the case. It’s about the relationships and the friendships and the excitement that we bring to our own lives that oftentimes doesn’t integrate anybody else it’s taking the walls off of a life that never should have had them in the first place


Mallory Gordon  1:12:51

here here



has absolutely amen this has


Mickey Gordon  1:12:55

been a blast guys it’s always a blast having you on the show do me a favor you guys are you guys got your own thing now. People can follow you and see your adventures. They can go on only fans and see what you guys are up to tell our listeners how to find jackin kissy if they want a little bit more what you guys got going on?



Yeah, absolutely. So you know, you can find us on SLS and ddn and felt like it everywhere else is jack and kissy Andy. But we also so we started an ollie fan site about a year ago or so and just kind of because we were fielding a lot of questions and a lot of people were asking about our relationship and asking for advice and things and you know we didn’t really know what you were doing we started just posting some videos and some pictures but we started to do like a hot tub vodcast where we we just seemed about five minutes uh, we just you know, we’re pretending to be Mickey Mouse.


Mallory Gordon  1:13:52

I love you guys and we talked about



we don’t interview anyone but you’re welcome to be in a hot tub. And we just we feel questions or we’ll talk about you know, like tips for singles or hotel takeovers if you haven’t done one this is you know or roleplay ideas and and we’d like to use that as our forum to educate people and it’s free we don’t have you know, it’s not a subscription that you know it’s so our only fan so we have a few paid things but most of it’s free and it for us this is about helping others and helping others in the naughty helping newbies helping those single guys who don’t work clueless and they have cockpits but we try to help them like Hey dude, try this try introducing roleplay to a couple and they’ll be like well they made me go whoa no guy has ever come approached us with that so we try to help people succeed. The naughty so yeah, so only fans calm slash jack and Kizzy.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:53

There it is, folks. Well that’s absolutely awesome. I’m so proud of you guys for jumping out there and Not only being members of this community but trying to contribute back to it that’s really a mark of someone exceptional and we


Mallory Gordon  1:15:06

100% i mean i mean i didn’t know I could love you more but every time we talk to you My heart grows just a little bit bigger kind of like the Grinch cuz you’re gonna kill it so well we truly do miss you guys and appreciate you know spending your time and sharing and being so open with that you know with us and our listeners and pretty much every when you come into contact with


Mickey Gordon  1:15:27

Yeah, well thanks one more time to both you jack and you kissy? You guys are fantastic.



Thank you again we we won’t be we won’t be at all offended if you if you chop half of your view out. We know that we know we could talk for a really long time on


Mickey Gordon  1:15:47

on this I don’t think I don’t think



anyone will mind at all. This was this was great. Thank you. Thank you both so much. And you too are awesome and we miss you terribly. We hope we can see you in person again soon.



We’d really like to hear the helicopter roleplay Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:11

Something tells me that will be I can’t I can’t even well Hey, get your shit together and tell everybody the thing that we


Mallory Gordon  1:16:20

are casual swinger everywhere you can find us at casual swingers calm if you’d want to shoot us a message as podcast at casual swinger Comm. You can also find us on social media that’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as casual swinger and then we’re also on the dating sites. Check us out, double diggnation, SLS STC and Cassidy


Mickey Gordon  1:16:38

and there it is, folks, make sure to come back and join us here in a couple of weeks. We got our next episode all teed up for you. Matter of fact, it’s even got a title. It’s not me. It’s definitely you the hot wife conundrum where Mallory is gonna go in deep on some of her frustrations, securing reliable partners. Yeah, as of late


Mallory Gordon  1:16:53

packing lunch, I got a silverback loader.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:56

Mallory’s got some shit to grinds your gears, folks. Thanks for hanging in with us and our friends jack and Casey. You’ve been listening to casually Springer.