Sex: The mother of invention? An interview with Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear

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Mickey & Mallory have an awesome sex life. They love their toys, perhaps none of which more than the sex positive furniture from Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear!

They’re joined by Angela Leiben, PR director for Liberator, to talk about where this innovative company came from, it’s headed, and which toys are the coolest for your bedroom and sexy lifestyle adventures!

Intro: 00:00:55

Interview – Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear: 00:17:25

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Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear

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SE01E21 -Casual Swinger – Sex is the mother of invention

Thu, 9/2 9:57AM • 1:03:27


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Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise


Mickey Gordon  00:52

everybody and welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. I’m Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:57

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  00:58

Yes, she is. She’s three week looks good. Yeah, still. Can we think of something cooler? Is it about time for us to fuck up her names again and change him?


Mallory Gordon  01:08

No, I like Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  01:10

Yeah, anybody that just joined our show in the last, you know, 19 episodes or 20 episodes, or actually, it’s just 21. So our first episode, we had different names. They were terrible. I


Mallory Gordon  01:19

forgot about that. So bad. They were bad.


Mickey Gordon  01:22

I went back and listen to that first episode. It was a piece of shit. It was


Mallory Gordon  01:25

Ah, for newbies? I think we did. Okay,


Mickey Gordon  01:27

well, yeah, maybe just okay. I mean, I think actually, we did worse. We actually went like five episodes where we kept playing with the audio and everything just kind of went to hell. But hey, everybody, how you doing?


Mallory Gordon  01:35

Yeah, what’s going on, guys? Oh, forgot you were here. Yeah, we do for a second.


Mickey Gordon  01:40

All you listeners out there. So this has been an interesting week for us. Right? This is our first week of actually like sitting down and making ourselves do profile time.


Mallory Gordon  01:50

Yeah. What do you think of that? It’s a little clunky, right?


Mickey Gordon  01:53

It was it was a little weird, right? So we had this plan, right? We said okay, because we felt like we were kind of ghosting people on STC.


Mallory Gordon  02:00

No, I totally was ghost like I was ghosting people people on kik.


Mickey Gordon  02:04

Yeah, like we were just ignoring people because we got busy with life. And like we said, a bunch of shit happen. So we were like, Alright, we’re going to make ourselves Sit down. And I’m going to, I’m going to bring three profiles to the table, and you’re going to bring three profiles to the table. And we’re going to decide who we’re going to message. We have to pick one from each pile, at a minimum, unless they’re all amazing. And a lot of you guys are amazing. So that’s cool. But it really was kind of strange, right?


Mallory Gordon  02:30

I think it was, I think it’s a little clunky, I think, because we push it out the entirety of the day. And our brains weren’t as fresh maybe.


Mickey Gordon  02:40

I don’t know. I don’t know. It just kind of it kind of came off weird. And you know, when you sit down you’re like, Okay, now we finally decided we want to message these people. I’ve been looking at the profile for half an hour. They think I’m a total creeper because I’ve looked at it 18 times. And then I’m gonna write them some sort of deep introspective, you know, message that’s going to make them think that we’re the best thing since sliced bread and they should totally want to hang out with us. And we won’t talk about them on our podcast no matter what.


Mallory Gordon  03:04

Yeah, and that’s where I like had nothing like I was like, I like these people. And I want to say something I was like, but like my I could not get the for lack of a better term pen to paper or word.


Mickey Gordon  03:16

Yeah. And he was like, okay, fuck you were like no,


Mallory Gordon  03:18

cuz I’m gonna like you the kid. I bet you smell nice to play with them.


Mickey Gordon  03:27

Can I please put my face between them? Yeah, it really was kind of tough right? And then you know kick has been crazy. Because the pineapple party’s coming right? Yes,


Mallory Gordon  03:38

those fuckers are nuts. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  03:40

you really are. Love it. That’s it’s like the busiest kick group I’ve ever been a part of. There’s 130 people under 50.


Mallory Gordon  03:47

And surprisingly like usually my ADHD is like yes all this content and like I can’t even keep up No, it’s crazy. And then we’ve got the the


Mickey Gordon  03:55

Nin group that’s forming in kick as well. And then we also have the podcasters meet and greet group and me which I’ve kept you out of because I just Yeah, I just don’t think you can like you’ll just lose your shit. Something will give who’s the lady playing with her lips sitting crisscross applesauce in front of the hotel. Well that’s Mallory. She went fucking crazy. Yeah, so yeah, like that. I mean, yeah, which lips right


Mallory Gordon  04:19

yeah. So funny.


Mickey Gordon  04:21

But we did buy a bunch of goodies last night. We spent some money we did you spend some money I don’t know but yeah on what?


Mallory Gordon  04:29

Oh, yeah. vibrator red again blue Jeff karaoke so what we’re talking about Yeah, that is Yeah, that’s


Mickey Gordon  04:34

coming that was what Eldorado and Amazon are do we do it all of it.


Mallory Gordon  04:38

I don’t even remember I went on a spree.


Mickey Gordon  04:40

Yeah, so and I mean, that’s crazy. So we’ve got all these goodies will be picked up show. I really, I probably ought to do some shirts to give away this thing.


Mallory Gordon  04:49

I think that’s a necessity.


Mickey Gordon  04:50

Yeah, I think we’re gonna do some some casual swinger shirts that you guys can only wear at this one place and you’ll never fuckin wear them again. I think that’s pretty much what’s up. People will wear casual swing your stuff at swinger events. Yeah. We need to think of like, I


Mallory Gordon  05:04

mean, I mean, I don’t see more church. No, I mean, let’s just be honest. No,


Mickey Gordon  05:09

I Well, I mean, I bet we have a listener that were to church. Just one Oh, my ugly


Mallory Gordon  05:13

picture didn’t happen.


Mickey Gordon  05:16

Picture didn’t happen. I think we need to come up with something that we can put on a shirt that people can wear.


Mallory Gordon  05:21

I have to agree. I mean, I think we’re pretty funny. Yeah. And I think we can come up with some good ideas. But I’d also like to see what our listeners our feedback is like, our name is casual swinger. Yeah, and they start changing that.


Mickey Gordon  05:36

No, and I like the natural born swingers thing? I think


Mallory Gordon  05:38

I do, too. that’s near and dear to my heart.


Mickey Gordon  05:41

Yeah. And I think it really plays well. And we’ve got lifestyle, less ordinary, but then again, there it is. swingers, right out there. So yeah, it’s really hard to brand that sort of thing. We got Hito balm, and heat albums. Pretty cool. But again, people like what’s he do bummed you like anal, and then they’re having a conversation?


Mallory Gordon  05:59

With my answer, right. There’s a lot of people that I’ve met in the grocery store parking lots or in various other places that think you like it in the butt.


Mickey Gordon  06:08

Yeah. My license plate is Ito bomb. So yeah, he do bomb.


Mallory Gordon  06:11

Yeah, he likes it.


Mickey Gordon  06:12

He do every change he gets. He loves it. You know? So does she. Yeah. Anyway, so you brought up a couple of pretty cool games. We’re bringing a couple of our rascal games to secrets. We are in two weeks.


Mallory Gordon  06:26

Can’t wait. So it’s a little like gangbusters. I think I need to order like 12 more vibes. Yeah, these I think it’s gonna be a hit.


Mickey Gordon  06:34

Or your personal favorite is vibrator rodeo. That is a game that we came up with for Rachel’s rascals. And it was so much fun. We first did I broke a toe the first time we played that game. You did break it. Oh, that was entirely Sheila’s fault. It was Sheila’s fault squirted all over some girl and I just broke it. Oh, yeah. And I did not drop the microphone or break character. So which was pretty cool. Correct. But tell us all about vibrator radio from your perspective, because I’ve never played it.


Mallory Gordon  07:01

So this is a fun game. So you have a writer and you have a horse, right? So I would be the writer. Which means I’m the one getting stimulated in the horse is the person that is driving. Right? That’s it this writing they have the vibrating party. Exactly the responsible party, and always, always always shows showmanship counts. So the goal is to not to have a good time, obviously. And if you get off fuckin a


Mickey Gordon  07:30

right but the process by which you get there is really weird since this is a game first of all, this is a game where everybody wins. Because every person that plays gets a brand new in the box will charge but a brand new vibrator.


Mallory Gordon  07:44

Yes. And they’re not. They’re not like these little cheapy Viper. No,


Mickey Gordon  07:47

we buy good ones.


Mallory Gordon  07:48

I I do not feel good about handing somebody something that I haven’t used and appreciate myself. Well, not me not having you know, you use that model.


Mickey Gordon  07:56

Yes, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  07:59

I should reverse it. So I wipe this off really well. But watch the handle. A little slick.


Mickey Gordon  08:03

This one has my personal seal of approval form of my


Mallory Gordon  08:07



Mickey Gordon  08:09

Scratch and sniff vibrators folks. It’s a thing we’re doing it.


Mallory Gordon  08:16

So I’m supposed to explain this. So I’m gonna it’s just fucking entertaining. Because usually most people start off in the same position. And the by the end of the game, everyone it’s like a like a Tetris,


Mickey Gordon  08:29

right? Especially once people figure out how we award winners in this game because showmanship is everywhere. And so I mean, down at the resort one time one of our favorite wins was there was a guy who were there was a girl and a guy up there and there was a guy from the pool calling out instructions going do this, do that do it this way faster, slower, lower, harder ended. And I’m like, dude, shut the fuck up. Right and


Mallory Gordon  08:55

no, and I’m like, No, give me more. I’m trying to help communicate, because it turns out that that was the husband of the wife. That was


Mickey Gordon  09:01

Yeah, the guy who was the guy that was actually doing the vibrating with some friend of theirs. Yeah, so he was giving him total instructions on how to get it done. So that’s one of the games we’re gonna do. We’re gonna give away a buttload of vibrators. I think we ordered like 10 so we’re gonna give away a bunch of vibrators say a


Mallory Gordon  09:19

buttload of vibrators are they but vibrators are they’re just regular vibrators that you could put in your bed if you really wanted to, but they specifically made for the but


Mickey Gordon  09:25

anything is a Dodo. If you’re brave enough. Oh


Mallory Gordon  09:29

are sassy today.


Mickey Gordon  09:31

I am sassy. I’m Safi. So we got another game. And that other game that we’re gonna be playing is one of my personal favorites. And I just because it’s funny shit to MC and it’s a game we call blowjob karaoke. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  09:45

this is such a good one. Some of my favorite game memories come from this.


Mickey Gordon  09:49

Yeah, blowjob karaoke is a fucking riot. So what is blowjob karaoke budget karaoke is where we line the guys up along with their favorite partner. They get 30 seconds of fluff time, fluff time means those ladies are kind of provide oral pleasure to the gentleman. That oral pleasure, you know, once they’re good and hard, we’re gonna start playing a song, a song that ideally everybody knows, I’m going to walk down that line with a mic in my hand and I’m going to choose a person. At that point, the music stops when the music stops, it is your job to sing while receiving oral pleasure from a lady friend or a guy, friend, whatever you happen to bring with you. That said, if they can fuck you up and make you mess up the song, then they win. And if


Mallory Gordon  10:35

Also, if you don’t know the words, you lose to by default,


Mickey Gordon  10:38

yeah, but but if you can sing that song and you you do a good job, you’re still in it, you can stay in it. And and then we eliminate people as we go on.


Mallory Gordon  10:47

Yeah. And we’ve been known to like, role reversal make her saying which is funny as shit. So you’re essentially you and your partner are essentially battling against each other while chat being challenged by the every everyone else’s team. Up there.


Mickey Gordon  11:02

Yeah. And we’ve seen serious shit in that game. So we’re looking forward to bringing those to the pineapples. I don’t know. I still need to probably message some of the folks at secret to make sure that I can get mad at us for it. But


Mallory Gordon  11:15

yeah, definitely, we should probably ask for permission rather than forgiveness there.


Mickey Gordon  11:20

Because I’m gonna come rolling in there with a speaker and a mic and be like,


Mallory Gordon  11:23

and by the way, like Oprah you get a vibrator. You get a vibrator.


Mickey Gordon  11:27

If that was what Oprah did, her show would still be pop.


Mallory Gordon  11:31

Oh, please.


Mickey Gordon  11:32

It’d be like in vibes for you and vibes for you. But you know, speaking of, you know, Who’s it? Hito right now.


Mallory Gordon  11:39

Our rascals,


Mickey Gordon  11:41

all of our guys are you fuckers left us.


Mallory Gordon  11:45

We miss you.


Mickey Gordon  11:46

We miss all of you. We’re thinking about you. But we know you’re not thinking about us. If you


Mallory Gordon  11:51

hope not doing you are totally doing it wrong. Yep. So


Mickey Gordon  11:55

the rascals go in May November December and February and the May trip and the December trip we don’t go on we only host in November. In fact, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  12:05

this whole we’re only getting certain amount of time off from our day jobs doesn’t put a damper on travel occasionally.


Mickey Gordon  12:12

Well on the the boy can’t quite take care of himself yet.


Mallory Gordon  12:16

No, no, not yet. He did the whole like, hey, kind of still need parents sort of


Mickey Gordon  12:22

conversation. We came home from the last trip and it was all Lord of the Flies around here. So like, put clothes on dammit.


Mallory Gordon  12:28

Yeah. Yes. That’s a crock of shit. We have amazing gets house to clean dogs are fed. Yeah, yeah, trash was out.


Mickey Gordon  12:35

He’s more responsive. We’re


Mallory Gordon  12:36

better at adulting. And we were


Mickey Gordon  12:39

cool. We were home. They are but my


Mallory Gordon  12:41

laundry was folded. Right?


Mickey Gordon  12:44

Right. Well, mine wasn’t what did I do wrong? Like I


Mallory Gordon  12:45

know, I didn’t teach them that. Oh, God bless their hearts. Take good care of us.


Mickey Gordon  12:52

What are we doing today on our little show, we’re doing a show with liberatore Adventure gear


Mallory Gordon  12:59

was so excited. And I don’t know if it came across as such during the interview, but I am such a huge fan of this product we’ve been trying to get Angela on for quite some time now. She had some issues. She heard her back. And I hope if anyone has questions, feel free to reach out to us in regards to these products, they do have a customer service line. It helped me tremendously. I am not, you know decrepit by any stretch of the imagination. But in the past, I’ve had some really, really big issues with my hips. And it prevented me from participating in specific positions or if I had to put any weight bearing in it was it was very disheartening. And as much as I love sex. The wedge really, really helped. And it gave me the ability to have sex with you from behind again until I was recovered. recuperated Yeah, you know,


Mickey Gordon  13:55

I thought it was the craziest piece of shit I’ve ever seen in my life I’m like what is this crazy weird thing you brought into the bedroom and you’re one goes in it and like this is just it’s crap and then I got really got to look at it and touch it and play with it and I was like it is so high quality and it’s in quake and next thing you know your face down ass up and I’m partnered and Chinese algebra as


Mallory Gordon  14:16

well and the positioning of it it’s there’s a lot of thought that goes into it because it’s it’s hard to be like a one size fits all it’s all how where you place yourself and relative, you know, relative to your partner. And it was almost fluid like it came very natural. There was not a whole lot of guesswork, and then they supply the positioning guides.


Mickey Gordon  14:37

Oh my god. Yeah, that is just the craziest thing ever. And it’s great. It


Mallory Gordon  14:40

kind of turned me on like I feel like I was looking at my mom’s JCPenney camera was like, why am I a little turned on?


Mickey Gordon  14:46

Well done


Mallory Gordon  14:47

today. It is very it’s very artful


Mickey Gordon  14:49

heights and we got to give Angela credit for that Angela Lubin is the PR director for those guys. And she joins us on the show here in just a few minutes. But why are we bringing them on the show for you? Cuz they’re manufacturing right? So first of all, as usual, we don’t get paid by these guys. Nope. So there is a coupon code. It’s casual 30. Yeah. Do you want to go on liberated, calm and buy some shit? By all means please do? Yes. But we don’t yet don’t buy it because we get so mad. We buy it because you want it. And after you listen to this interview, I think you’re gonna want it. Yeah. And I mean, because we don’t get shut out of the way we do things we Yeah, about things we use.


Mallory Gordon  15:24

Yes, exactly. And that’s why I talk about on Toy Box. That’s why we try to go after these guys to do interviews is because it’s something that had a positive influence, or we had positive outcomes with.


Mickey Gordon  15:35

Yeah, and you know, so these guys are super sex positive. Right. I love that. When we asked a question, we asked her a question about, you know, products that were made for more than two. Yes. And when you’re talking to him, he’s not in the lifestyle. They’re kind of like, why


Mallory Gordon  15:50

are they get a little hesitant? Or, you know,


Mickey Gordon  15:53

like, he knows, like, absolutely, we do. And let me tell you about these products.


Mallory Gordon  15:56

We’ve had four or five people on this one. Yeah, it was great. And there’s multiple products on there that are looking through that I can strategically go Okay, I think this would be great for group playing. Here’s why.


Mickey Gordon  16:06

Yeah. So I absolutely believe in these guys. I love what they’ve got going on. And I think you guys are gonna love him too. This was just a lot of fun for us. So without much further ado, why don’t we jump into this interview and Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  16:21

let’s do it. Just do it. Yeah, quick reminder, liberated calm, casual. 30 is the coupon code. And if you’re looking for us before this interview and have some questions, we’re casual swing are everywhere. Twitter, SLS, STC Instagram, double date, nation. YouTube.


Mickey Gordon  16:40

Yeah, I’m missing ones right YouTube and glasses. And of course on iTunes login


Mallory Gordon  16:46

Yeah, say nice stuff. say nice things about me. Specifically me


Mickey Gordon  16:50

just just her gesture. Alright guys, we’ll be back in a flash with Andrew and Angelo Lubin from Liberator bedroom adventure gear, you’re listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  17:25

Welcome back to casual swinger everybody, Mallory


Mickey Gordon  17:26

here, and this is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  17:29

And we have something new for you guys today.


Mickey Gordon  17:32

Yeah, it’s a special guest. This is something we haven’t done before. And you know, we’ve had lots of guests on the show, but you know, we have some of our favorite toys that we keep here in the house. And we call them toys but that’s probably a misnomer. Bedroom adventure gear is a better way to call it tremendous accoutrements. Yes. I don’t know furniture. We convinced our youngest that it was a video game chair but we have with us Miss Angela leavin, the marketing and public relations manager from Liberator bedroom adventure gear, Angela, how are you today? darlin? I am Fantastic. Thank you so much for inviting me on your show. This is awesome. We’ve been we’ve been chasing you to to get you on the show for a while. So we’re really excited that you were finally able to join us. This is this is kind of a big deal for us. So you know it let’s let’s start with you. Right? Tell us a little bit about you know who you are and what you do for Liberator and how long you’ve been there? and How the hell did you end up working for bedroom sex furniture company?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  18:34

I always question that, too. How did that happen? It happened really, organically. I just reached out to the CEO asking him if he needed help because of the area that I live in. He called me in for an interview and hired me on the spot as the Content Manager about five years ago, and then he the company really recognized my ability to do marketing and PR. So for about four years, I’ve been the marketing and PR manager for for Liberator. And it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much about the industry and about manufacturing products.


Mallory Gordon  19:21

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So have you thought about like when I move forward in life and what comes next, like how that looks on the resume and like how you’re gonna have to explain that like later on down the road, or is it something you’re just comfortable with and proud of?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  19:36

This is something I am so proud of my mom tells me all the time that I was born to work in the sex industry. I’ve been educating people about sex and sexual wellness, probably since middle school and it’s been, you know, in trouble for it for a lot of time. Yeah. And so it’s just something that I love. Do I’m not ashamed of it. And I don’t know ever, and I don’t fit in the kind of corporate kind of funnel where you sit in a cubicle all day and do the same thing over and over again. So this was just a perfect fit for me and my, in my life.


Mickey Gordon  20:22

That’s so bad ass. And I feel like that’s kind of us too. We, we get crammed into the tech industry. You know, I’m a total nerd, but I’m a marketing guy too. And, and mouse right there with me. So it’s just kind of, you know, we sit here and look at you know, positions like these that you do. And it’s, we’re a little envious, right,


Mallory Gordon  20:41

right. It’s to be able to talk about sex. So liberally See what I did there. And honestly, in your day to day job, sounds like a dream come true. In a lot of ways, it


Mickey Gordon  20:52

is just so incredible. So you know, liberators, that household word in here in our house. You know, we know what this stuff is. And we have for some time, there’s been a few different times where we’re out shopping, and I’m like, hey, let’s get a new piece of Liberator gear. I almost bought the, I don’t know, it was like some sort of like bench that I was going to strap Mallory to it had like, handcuffs and all kinds of cool stuff. It was, I don’t know, there’s so many cool things from Liberator. But tell us a little bit more about the company tell us who founded it. And what made them think, you know, they’re getting into this business was a good idea. Like, where did Where was the market? And what did they see? Tell us a little bit about the Liberator story.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  21:31

It’s a really interesting backstory, the company was started by Lewis Friedman, who is still our president and CEO. And he, I think he was just in a doctor’s office reading an article about sex positions. He’s a sexual enthusiast. And you he noticed this article has said, you know, for better thrusting, and better power in the bedroom, use a pillow. And he thought, that’s kind of weird. Why would you want to use a pillow, you sleep on it, and then you have to stop and reflect it. So he came up with the idea of developing a wedge to something a simple wedge that almost looks like a little piece of cheese, and started selling those not necessarily out of the trunk of this car, but just was marketing them directly to friends and, and then to some people in the public interested in using the product. And it just took off from there. That was about 14 years ago. And then he introduced the wedge, and the ramp combo, because he felt that some people had a need for larger pieces. And the design process has just taken off from that point on.


Mickey Gordon  22:52

Well, first of all, I mean, sex enthusiasm, what a fucking great name. Yeah. I think that’s literally every person that listens to this show, is like, I am a sexual enthusiast kind of


Mallory Gordon  23:06

Sora fine sex, right? shirts made? Right?


Mickey Gordon  23:10

I think that’s gonna be on my website for the days over.


Mallory Gordon  23:14

So with the design in mind, and you know, after reading this article, and, and you know, considering the demand, you know, where where did the word Liberator come from? Is that something that was always always a part of marketing, or later?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  23:30

Well, I think it came later. And I think he was inspired by the liberate or bicycle poster. It’s this beautiful poster, and I can’t I don’t know what the data data I would say, early 1900s. And it has a Valkyrie on it. And I think he had that poster hanging in his house. And it just kind of clicked with him going, you know, this is a great name for a product and a company because these products basically liberate people from being confined to a mattress you can explore anywhere you want, just using a simple shape. And that’s where the the the genesis of that idea came from, and then it just stuck. And then he put the tagline said bedroom adventure gear on there so that people would know exactly what the products are, are meant for.


Mickey Gordon  24:26

We had a beautiful badass on our show a couple months ago by the name of Beth Liebling who runs a boutique in Houston Texas called darling way and she referred to regular old married sex as boring married sex. So she’s so she calls it BMS. And I think that’s kind of what Liberator probably does is helps people break that cycle, right? Because not everybody’s a swinger not everybody, you know, goes to keto or goes to parties and does all the crazy shit that we do. So you still want to break this out to start somewhere? Yeah, you got to start somewhere. So speaking of starting somewhere, tell us about the first Liberator product, I think you mentioned that it was the wedge, or maybe it was the ramp. And then one follow the other tell us what those are, and how they work and how you how you use them.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  25:20

The wedge I think, is like, I still use the wedge, I love that product. And it has, it has high density polyurethane foam, with a moisture barrier, in inside, it’s like a ballistic nylon. And then it has this wonderful microfiber cover on top of it. And they come in different sizes. So if you have partners that are a little bit larger, there’s a plus size version. And then there’s the regular version, and it can hold up, I would say, really up to 300 pounds. Giving your body that full support. So it’s one of the easiest pieces to use, because it doesn’t feel like you have this extra component in the bed with you it just kind of naturally morphs with couples. It’s just wonderful. Yes, it just becomes a part of the experience. And then the great thing about it is that you can use it virtually on every position, it really helps people encourages individuals to try different positions that you normally can’t get into. Just by using this one piece. And then the wedge ramp combo is really interesting because the wedge gives that 24 inches of height. And you can combine it with the ramp does so sorry, 24 inches of height, and then you can add the wedge with it for extra lift for thrusting positions. And for from behind position. So and it’s really going to hold on to your weight. But the interesting thing about these products in general, is the microfiber fabric. It has interlocking threads. So each of the pieces kind of locked together and your body is not going to slip off of any of the shapes.


Mallory Gordon  27:23

Yeah, it is pretty interesting when you sack them appropriately. Like they really don’t move.


Mickey Gordon  27:28

Yeah. And I’m looking at some of the pictures online and it like the wedge and the ram combo. And I’m like, Alright, I


Mallory Gordon  27:33

know. Yeah, the position guide. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  27:35

Yeah, what the hell to do with this thing. And then you got all these fucking positions up here. And then she’s talking about 24 inches of height. And I’m like, Well, my dick does the same thing. We don’t need that. Not 24 inches. I’m just getting a shaking head from Mallory into my


Mallory Gordon  27:48

coffee this morning. Because you’re, you sound a little sassy of yourself.


Mickey Gordon  27:52

I am sassy this morning. And we are doing this very early in the morning. Sorry about that, Angela. But so yeah, I just think that there’s so many different, you know, configurations for some of these things. Do you think I mean, as far as the wedge goes, has it evolved much since it first came out?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  28:10

Oh, yeah, we have a couple of pieces that kind of, we still have the original wedge, but we also have the decor hardware edge, which is more it has a heart shape to it. It’s something that you can leave out on the bed if you want to, if not, you can store it. But it’s a really nice decorative piece. And then we have the arch wedge, which kind of looks like a pair of lips. Kind of sexy, I like that design. And then we have two other pieces that the jazz and then the jazz motion, which are a little bit smaller, a little bit more compact, so you can travel with them. They don’t, they’re not as high in the pitch, but they still do an amazing job. And then and then the world is more of like a bolster. It doesn’t have that wedge shape, but it’s more circular. And that’s something that you can keep out on the bed with that, you know, you don’t have to take these things off the bed when when your parents come over and


Mickey Gordon  29:16

tour your house. Unless your parents are total freaks and they’re like, I know what that is. That’s fantastic.


Mallory Gordon  29:26

So I’m gonna be honest here a little bit of secret time. I think one of the reasons we ended up with a wedge or Yeah, the pillow in the first place was I was having severe hip issues at the time. Yeah, so it offered me some like additional support. And I think you know, aside from us being freaks you know, in the bedroom that that offered me a little bit relief and expose me to maybe positions we weren’t able to do at the time. So that’s kind of the experience. I have stuck In my head, but what is like liberators ideal target market and customer like, we have listeners out there that probably don’t know that they need them. So can you tell us a little bit about who that is and why it’s perfect for them?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  30:15

You know, that’s a really good question. Because we’re more sexual positioning shapes, and not necessarily toys, per se, we’re more of like, positioning aids, I think, first of all, anyone can use them, it really doesn’t matter your your age or even your size. But really, it’s more about for couples that really want to enhance the experience inside or even outside of the bedroom, wherever you are using the shapes. It’s about building that connection and, and having that that enhancing intimacy between couples. So you know, that could be you know, someone that’s in their 20s 30s 40s. And we’re also is really good about these products, it’s good for individuals that have issues with mobility, I just recently hurt my back. And so these products really helped keep me stable and helped me open my hips more without being pulled on, on to gravity. So they’re designed for everybody doesn’t matter. You know, if you’re even doing solo practice, it’s just really good for an entire blend of of couple.


Mickey Gordon  31:45

Wow, love it. Yeah. And I mean, I know people that are in this position, people that have traveled with us to Hito then you know, struggle that try to find positions that work for him. And maybe they fall into that hole, you know, boring married sex thing where they’re doing the same thing over and over, because it’s what works for them. Basically, it’s not that they don’t want to hang from the rafters and fuck like monkeys. I think we all do want to do that. We don’t always do it. But you know, everybody wants to show. I think that’s, that’s a pretty big deal. So, because I’m a marketing person, I wonder about this kind of stuff. And of course, I’ve gone out on Amazon and out on the internet and looked around a little bit. You know, you guys got your first patent in What 2005? So the process in 2004 2005 Yeah. So despite that, you guys have imitations coming out of the woodwork stuff that looks like liberate or bedroom adventure gear. So have those limitations changed your strategy as an innovator and a leader in this space? And how do you respond when somebody says, Why do I pay more for that product,


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  32:50

we run into that issue a lot. Especially now with these Chinese manufacturers. Really, they saw a crack in the market and now they’re just emerging with all of these different types of products. The thing about liberate er is we make everything here in the United States it is all the materials are sourced from US companies. So you always know that you’re going to get quality. The polyurethane that we use is high density, like a champagne foam, it has a certain kind of patent to it. And with these limitations, you’ll know immediately once you get on the product, you will sink it will not support the body and they’re selling all over Amazon you know making all of these promises or even using some of our images which just drives me insane. Like stop you know, if you’re going to do something, be original about it and shoot your own position guide don’t use our right. But it’s it’s hard to tell between an imitation and a liberator product. Now, because they look so much alike. These these manufacturers are becoming more sophisticated. But we really tried to separate ourselves with the quality of the materials, the quality of the covers, and elaborate or shape, we’ll always have the Valkyrie logo sewn on to the actual fabric the outer cover and not include on and it will always have this telltale sign because the Valkyrie is more of an upset upside down when you position the ramp or any of the shapes. Um, she has like an upside down head so that that’s what really helps to differentiate ourselves. You know, just like any kind of designer handbag, there will always be these telltale signs that you you found yourself. With an imitation product,


Mallory Gordon  35:01

yeah, yeah, I will say it is it’s surprisingly supportive because you anticipate it being like a memory foam where you sink in and you don’t you get a lot of support and at my hips, that’s super important because that’s, you know, I have a big ass to hold up on my own. I love that. So, I recently discovered the Black Label line. And I want to talk about that a little bit because this is me venturing into my you know, little kinks and my little Friedan’s, I haven’t tried any yet. So who is the Black Label for and tell us a little bit about that product line inside of liberate? Er,


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  35:37

I love the Black Label line. There’s the original collection. And then the Black Label collection and Black Label is really designed for individuals that are curious about light to bondage, like BDSM. The products are basically the same as you would see from the original collection, but everything is black, the black microfiber, but we have reinforced clips sewn into the cover so that you can either clip or attach any kind of restraint devices, like they do come with our galore cuff. But you can also include, you know, rope, silky ties or leather accoutrement, if you want, and then you can explore bondage on a safe, stable positioning device. And it’s just really good for people that are curious about it. But we also have the hardcore bondage enthusiast using the products too, because you’re able to get your partner into certain positions that are otherwise really difficult on just like a flat platform. So it’s just a great way of, you know, discovering new things. heightening the senses a little bit more and, and not being so intimidating. Because you know, bondage can be intimidating for a lot of beginners. And I think there’s people that try it, then you know, they can, they can go for more they can start adding implement spanking implements, or any kind of sensory devices with the products later on if they choose to do so.


Mickey Gordon  37:28

So it’s kind of like a liberator plus rate. So it’s a limiter Plus, you know, some tie downs and some other you know,


Mallory Gordon  37:36

possibly some tie downs. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  37:40

shackles or the ring. Strap your butt. And you know what, I found it, Angela, I found that one that we almost bought when we were fair villa. Yeah, it was the spanking bench. Yes. Yeah. That Christmas.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  37:57

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s a really nice product. We’re actually going to be coming out with a kind of like a spanking horse, portable spanking horse. And it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s still in prototype right now. But it should be hitting the market within a couple


Mallory Gordon  38:15

hours. So how do I how do I test that product for you guys?


Mickey Gordon  38:20

Okay, we’re down at Hito. And this is when I yelled at Harry. He’s the CEO of of Hito. Because I told him you cost me $2,000 he son of a bitch. And here’s what happened. We we were down there and we went to the playroom and I threw Mallory’s ass over their bench. They had a spanking bench, if you will. And you know, it’s it’s pretty standard spanking bench, right elbow pads, knee pads, the whole shebang. And she had such a damn good time. She’s like, we need one of these. Now we need it. You know, I’m like, well liberate her has to make one so it looks like it belongs in our house. You story you just spring


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  38:58

it’s coming in. It’s beautiful. It’s gonna have a kind of like a, we use this product called ultra leather, which is anti microbial and is washable. So it’s going to have that as the outer layer with the microfiber side panels. And then it’s going to have di D rings attached to the base of it. And it’s, it’s just super sexy. I absolutely love it.


Mallory Gordon  39:25

I’m pretty much going to spend my afternoons laying across that waiting for you to come into the bedroom.


Mickey Gordon  39:30

Let’s do this once. Yeah, we’re kind of building this foreigner tutorial upstairs of random Liberator products, but that’s okay. So tell me a little bit in 14 years, since that first patent to a customer tastes? Have you seen them change? And what is the trend that you guys are responding to? From a product perspective? And from a PR perspective? Are you seeing any trends that are changing that you guys have to respond to as a company in order to stay relevant?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  39:56

Yeah, so a lot of people are looking for More stationary products that they can kind of incorporate with their home decor. Because pulling some of these shapes out of stores or in your closet or underneath your bed takes takes time. So if the mood strikes, a lot of our customers just want something that’s instance that is in their bedroom right there and already accessible. So we’ve met that demand by coming out with sex furniture pieces, like the s and then the the new benches that we have that go at the end of the bed. And then the s two series, which is, is on a wooden platform with these beautiful Maple legs, so you can just keep it out. And then when you’re not using it, you can relax on it or watch TV, or do whatever you want to do on it, but you don’t have to, you know, kind of stored in in the corner. Like some of our other products, you know, a lot of people want to, you know, throw those away, but these can be left out and we’re looking more at luxury to by adding this ultra letter component to it with some of the pieces having a network of clips hidden underneath the products so that if you want to explore bondage, or BDSM you’ve got those clips handy. And then you can put them away when you’re done using the product. I


Mallory Gordon  41:31

love the versatility and I do love the trend that you’re making furniture that is in conspicuous and can be left out. It’s it’s exciting for me because I’m not so good at cleaning up after myself. I


Mickey Gordon  41:45

know. That like walks away.


Mallory Gordon  41:50

I dropped the vibrator like it’s on fire and I leave. Yeah. Like everywhere all over the house.


Mickey Gordon  41:57

Is that bench called the prelude? By the way?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  42:00

That is the prelude bench.


Mickey Gordon  42:02

Okay, God dammit There goes another 800


Mallory Gordon  42:05

my my list for Christmas and birthday this year has grown dramatically just from this conversation.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  42:11

I can tell you that the leather on that is is just amazing. It’s by ultra leather. But it comes in these two different textures like a Komodo, which kind of feels like a kind of like a lizard skin in a way. And then the smooth leather that has some kind of marble texture to it and it just feels good against naked skin. It’s just sexy.


Mickey Gordon  42:36

There you go making Mallory horny.


Mallory Gordon  42:41

So hard to do. So hard to do. So Mike, my next question for you is this. So I mean, obviously we’re we’re sex positive couple, we’re both in the lifestyle, I can see some of the bigger pieces like the bench, for instance. But are there any other pieces in the Liberator line that are really good for more than two players at once.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  43:02

They’re there are so you know, our larger pieces can accommodate, I would say like three, three people. But we also have something called the flip stage. And I love this product because it can’t it’s actually a foundation for the sex furniture that we have. But it’s flipped open into this amazing little playground. So it’s like a padded playground. But some of the flip stages have clips on the side so you can tie people down. And the most people I’ve had on a flip stage itself, it’s been five people, okay, you know, comfortably fit about four or five people and it’s just like this nice memory foam. padded playground. That’s the only way I can describe it.


Mickey Gordon  43:55

It’s like a playpen for adults. I’m looking at it on your website right now. And I’m looking at the Black Label version. But the other thing that it looks good for is, is bringing the s up a little higher if you happen to have long legs.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  44:06

Yeah, yeah, that’s what we originally designed it for. And then we realized Okay, well why don’t why don’t we create something that it’s multi use? Where you can just flip it open and invite more people onto that that particular shape?


Mickey Gordon  44:22

Yeah, that that’s really really neat. So yeah,


Mallory Gordon  44:24

again it Yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  44:25

don’t think I ever would have found that if we hadn’t done this interview. Yeah, more money. Well, good thing you gave us a coupon code that we’re going to give to all you listeners at the end of this so stay tuned guys but alright, so we do a little thing on the show we call secret time and it’s your turn Angela for secret time. What is your personal favorite the Raider product and why?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  44:51

Oh my goodness. I have all of them. Naturally. I yeah. I I would have to say really honestly, it’s the wedge. I always Yeah, it’s the Oji product, it’s something that is, is manageable. I don’t feel I don’t feel overcome of trying to position myself. It’s just it just works with me and my husband, we we just love using that because it just gives us that extra arm. And and I just like it and then I enjoy using it to prop my legs up later on while he cleans the sex toys. Okay,


Mallory Gordon  45:40

so do things. If you have everything when can I come over? And two, I have to agree with you the wedge is it’s an incredible piece, it doesn’t get in the way you don’t feel like you’ve added like player three to the game. You know, it’s it’s not an eyesore, and it’s it’s so multifunctional. So I think I’m with you there with all the different products, the wedges the ramp, you know, so on. Who is it? That is the genius behind the the positioning guides? Who figures this stuff out? I’m dying to know I would? That would be me. I officially want to be you now, right? Yeah, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  46:20

coolest job ever. Because these models are super hot For starters, by and then the positions are crazy.


Mallory Gordon  46:28

Yeah, some of them are fascinating to say the least.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  46:32

So what we do is, so for the illustrated position, guys, we usually will have models come in, and I will work with the photographer or the creative director in positioning them. And then we just shoot them with their clothes on and then we send it to the to the illustrator. But even that, it still gets really hot.


Mickey Gordon  46:56

You know, when you did this, I got to give you crazy props here, when you created this guide, you slid in Drink Recipes into this, the PDF guide that you created. So for those listeners who are paying attention at home, if you go to liberate, they have a position guide where you can flip through on the website, but you can also download it and print it, keep it next to your bed.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  47:19

Which Yeah, put it in the packaging. But you know, because we want to save trees and not do too much printing. It also somewhat on the retail boxes that there is a series of six positions, the illustrated positions are on the actual retail box. And then yes, you can download the positions. But then also on our blog, I’m always writing about the different positions that you can use with whichever whichever shape you’ve got. So you can go onto the blog and check out the positions and try them out. And some of them are animated. So you can actually see the function and movement of those.


Mickey Gordon  47:58

And you had to laugh your ass off naming some of these because some of these names are right.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  48:03

I love that’s my favorite part is naming them.


Mickey Gordon  48:07

That’s fantastic. So tell me a little bit about your interaction with customers as a PR person and how Liberator factors, customer feedback into product designs.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  48:21

So I rarely work in the store. But when I do I work with a lot of individuals that are that are just looking to spice things up and and we’ll go over what about this, and then I’ll think about it and go Okay, I’ll make a note of that. And then we’ll go into the development phase of something like there’s this product called the Tula. And it is a sex toy amount, but it has the texture amount on the top and the sides. So that feedback actually came from a customer in our development team, the design team who are just genius and geniuses behind the scenes, didn’t get much attention. And I think that they deserve so much attention is that they came out with this beautiful mount that is really good for lesbian couples. So that one can ride the toy and the other one can get stimulation from a magic wand or a wand type massager. So that’s where the feedback comes in. And then also with this new prototype that’s coming out with the spanking horse that’s all been based on on customer feedback of going, Hey, when when are you going to create something where I can lie across it. And so that’s where all of that comes from and then we read the reviews to our customer reviews are an integral part of our business. So we want to make sure that people are happy and we’re constantly keep up to date and giving, giving them new things to play with.


Mickey Gordon  50:06

So how if we have listeners that are liberatore customers? Is there a forum or a blog or a mechanism by which they can provide feedback easily deliberate, or


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  50:18

we used to have a forum but because we have a very small crew of people, it, it just really, it, they had a hard time keeping up with the questions. So we took the form down, one of the best ways of interacting with the company directly, is through customer service. These girls are fabulous, and they know their shit. And they are willing to go above and beyond in answering any questions that that people have when it comes to Liberator shapes to even sex toys. There’s a one girl that we just hired. She’s amazing. Her name is Olivia. And she is just this Spitfire that is not afraid and has no shame talking about sex in general. And then sexual wellness and sex positivity for couples.


Mickey Gordon  51:12

I like it,


Mallory Gordon  51:13

love it. Love it. So we learned recently and you know, maybe I don’t know where the customer service reps up, you know, live, but I’m gonna assume maybe somewhere outside or close to Atlanta because that’s where we discovered that there’s the facility, the factory store out there. Yeah, so tell us about that I didn’t, I didn’t even know it existed.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  51:37

So I’m outside of Atlanta, we have 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility. But that’s where we’re all station because we have our offices there. That’s where Customer service is located in the design. So we’re vertically integrated, so everything from receiving to out the door is done in our building. And then we also have a factory showroom there which is probably one of the best sex boutiques in Atlanta, because we only sell premium, high end luxury products and it’s lit perfectly. It’s designed so that you can walk in and experience the whole factory in itself because we have like an experimental place in the back where you can try out the shapes and then also all of the sex toys and sex accessories that we have are all plugged in and charged so that you can really experience the product before you buy it. With your pants on folks pants off. Thank you


Mickey Gordon  52:50

Don’t make us throw you out again. Right. So you know you had an event there a few weeks back for a new premium writable toy called the cow. Yes. So tell us you know about that device right because it looks to me to be very similar in a lot of ways to the CBN or the motor money but I think it has some differences and you know, that kind of leans into you know you guys do carry a lot of premium toys on liberated calm and in your store. So you guys gonna resell the cowgirl was at a marketing event and why that one in particular.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  53:28

The cowgirl is actually a product that we sell online and in the store. It is made by a company co tr which was developed by Alicia Sinclair. She also makes B by product and the lawan which is kind of like a competitor to the magic wand and this writable monster is amazing. So we had people come in with their pants on Bryce’s unit and I couldn’t even go past number seven, it was that intense shift through my jeans. So it’s, it’s got a couple of components to it. One, you can use the flat silicone piece with it. The really cool thing about the cowgirl is it has a dial device that you can control yourself. Or you can use the app that goes with it so your partner can you control from across the room because it’s Bluetooth and Wi Fi enabled. And then it also has another piece that comes with it which is insertable and it swirls and it pulses it’s it’s just amazing. And then they just came out with another component. It’s actually like an accessory kit that comes with another internal piece but a Wharton wheel and some I think a blindfold that comes with it. So we’ll go Wharton wheel and ask me sister. It’s just, it’s just a way of getting people to discovery to discover more sensory experimentation, while using the kaggle. Or not using the cowgirl. It’s just encourages people to start adding sensory components into their play. But I love I love this product. It’s very classy. It kind of reminds me of an old Marshall amp. It’s just black with wind slimline. It’s just a beautiful piece, and it is super duper powerful. So if you ever had the chance to come to Atlanta, you can come ride by the cow girl. That’s awesome.


Mallory Gordon  55:52

As a power green, that’s definitely something in the area I’m going to do. Right. I love my motor bunny. And I think you’re right there. Like the design of it is very, very, it looks very top of the line, very beautifully put together. And the reviews say it’s pretty damn powerful. So


Mickey Gordon  56:09

yeah, and I think one of the things that it has going for it from what I was finding online was that it’s quieter than some of the other premium rivals that


Mallory Gordon  56:16

would be very interesting because the other rivals are pretty pretty loud. Like we have a cement floor and hovercraft Yeah, well, we have doors on on our main level, thank God because when we had wooden floors, forget about it. If anyone was even near the house, you knew exactly what I was a long. So we have listeners all across the country and worldwide that may not get to Atlanta all that often. So where can they find these products? And if they’re looking to try them out? where are some suggestions on where to start.


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  56:55

So definitely, if you’re not able to come to Atlanta, we do have retailers across the country, and actually in Europe and Germany and the Netherlands that carry the Liberator product. We do have I think on the website of where you can find a retail it’s down at the bottom of liberate or calm. It’s a retailer locator. So if you’re interested in looking at the actual shape, and kind of getting a feel for what you want, you can go to your local retailer. If not, you can order them online at liberate or calm. If you have questions about sizing or what product is the best for you always reach out to customer service, we have a chat enabled. You can chat through the website with a live customer service representative and they can help you find the right product that fits your needs.


Mallory Gordon  57:54

I love that and not that I mind talking to like Bob in India when I call customer service for the plethora of other things that I may need, but I love that it’s local. And that I’m going to talk to a woman.


Mickey Gordon  58:06

Oh, yeah, yeah, that now you’re gonna have like 500 dudes from our podcast big time. So when do you like to ride


Mallory Gordon  58:14

to not do that? Don’t do that Mallory will be very upset with all of you if you know who’ll be cool. Can’t be a deck.


Mickey Gordon  58:23

You know, this has been a blast. Angela, thank you very much for taking, you know, 45 minutes out of your What is it Wednesday morning. And spending some time with us to tell everybody a little bit more about your company. But I think my favorite thing about this is that it isn’t just a company to you. It’s obvious This is passion for you. This is something that you love doing. So thank you for spending some time with us, number one. And number two, anybody listening out there since you hung in here this long, you guys are gonna find out we have a special coupon code courtesy of Liberator and Angela that coupon code is casual 30. And why don’t you tell people what that coupon code gets me into?


Angela Leben – Liberator Adventure Gear  59:05

Sure. The casual 30 code is available when you check out online or in the store and it gives you 30% off anything that’s on the website. So come by and or login and order your favorite Liberator shape and get 30% off your order.


Mickey Gordon  59:26

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna use that.


Mallory Gordon  59:29

I already have things in my cart.


Mickey Gordon  59:32

That is absolutely awesome. So thank you once again, Angela lieben from liberate her bedroom adventure gear. You can find them at WWW dot liberate So, Mallory, why don’t you tell everybody where they can find us since we’re casual swinger? Let Angela get off of here for the day.


Mallory Gordon  59:50

So you guys were casual swinger everywhere. That is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SLS. SDC and Cassidy and double date, nation.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:00

All over the place. And don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes. If you hop out there and say something nice about us. I’ll send you naked pictures of my feet. No, no, no feet. No, you’re just looking at me. Alright guys, you’ve been listening to casual swinger. We’ll be right back after this. everybody welcome back to casual swinger. This is Maggie. And I’m Mallory. I love when you say that was so much fun with Angela. Add that just I think she really represented her company in crap. Absolutely.


Mallory Gordon  1:00:47

Absolutely. I had I enjoyed the conversation. I hope our listeners did too. And again, please go on their website Liberator calm, use the code casual 30 to get some sick discounts on their gear, I believe that applies sitewide furniture and in the store


Mickey Gordon  1:01:04

and in the store. And it’s anything they sell. So you can get premium goods like Lilo and other stuff. That is a fat to


Mallory Gordon  1:01:11

30% off the cow girl. Yeah, seriously.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:14

Oh my god. Oh, so here’s the fun part. Um, you know, if you’re in Atlanta, go check this store out, right? Because they have so much cool stuff. That’s 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility with a store attached to it. Yeah. So they got a lot going on. I love that. She did that for listeners. So hopefully, some folks will take advantage of that. And by the way, they have a 30% off coupon code that you can get right there on their website. But it’s if you spend more than 500 bucks, yes, you can get you can use ours for something less than that. So that’s true. You don’t have to be a rich person and to use our code on liberating calm, so I think you totally should. That said, I think that was a lot of fun. And hopefully everybody enjoyed that. If you guys I know we probably just told you a few minutes ago, but if you haven’t go leave us a review on iTunes. come find us on SLS SDC comm find us at secrets next week. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  1:02:07

we will be at secrets for Memorial Day weekend parting with the pineapples, and everyone else is going to be a jam packed weekend with lots to do games, new friends, new experiences, lots of sexy times looking forward to that. And then basically what we’re doing for the rest of the summer is gearing up toward nadion Orleans.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:27

Yeah, so we’ve got a lot a lot of really cool stuff coming. Yeah, we got some really cool shows coming for you. We got some more good guests for coming for you. So this has been a lot of fun. And it’s our first guest in a while so I know it’s good to be back right? It is all right. Well, why don’t you say bye to everybody since I always do. We’ll get


Mallory Gordon  1:02:45

out of here. Adios amigos. All right. We’re casual swinger everywhere. You’re looking for us that is SLS STC Cassidy comm double date nation Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. And don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes. Peace