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Last week OnlyFans, a British based platform for hosting content & engaging with fans, declared their intent to eliminate adult content from their website effective December 1st, with creators no longer able to upload explicit content after October 1st, 2021.


This decision sent literal shockwaves through the content creator space, sending those creators scattering across the industry looking for other services to host their content and continue providing for themselves and their families safely & securely.  Tonight we sat down with two of those creators, OnlyFans top 1% creators “OnlyAndi” and “ASMRMaddy” joined us to discuss how much effort goes into creating content and what this decision by OnlyFans means for them and potentially other, less prepared creators.


Find how how these ladies manage the landscape, their money, and an industry giant made by sex workers that suddenly doesn’t want them anymore.


OnlyFans bans sexually explicit content to appease banks and payment services

OnlyFans Website May Be Worth $1 Billion After New Startup Funding

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SE04E04 – Sex Work Is Work

Fri, 8/27 5:28PM • 1:11:05


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ASMR Maddy, OnlyAndi, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:22

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show was about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional. Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy. Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  01:01

My name is big titty Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  01:03

You ARE big titty Mallory. Those fuckers are awesome.


Mallory Gordon  01:07

Yeah, they look great.


Mickey Gordon  01:09

Oh, they feel great. Like so good.


Mallory Gordon  01:11

Yeah, so my my new tips are how many days old?


Mickey Gordon  01:15

Now? Like 668?


Mallory Gordon  01:16

No, I think they’re more than that. Maybe it’s a week old.  Maybe nine days old? I don’t know.


Mickey Gordon  01:21

I know that I finally get to touch them.  And it’s definitely Yeah, awesome. Yeah, gently. I have to be nice to them. I can’t smack them around. Or, you know, play the bongos or anything like that. But I have been chasing you around with a hard on for the last three days. I love it.


Mallory Gordon  01:34

Thank you so much for wanting me as 100


Mickey Gordon  01:37

it’s just been I mean, you are you are already a smoke show but like it. I can’t believe how much they changed. Just kind of the general profile.


Mallory Gordon  01:47

Yeah, period. Yeah. So we can get into that later. I apologize. I just like hijacked the conversation there.


Mickey Gordon  01:53

dem titties,


Mallory Gordon  01:54

dem titties.


Mickey Gordon  01:55

Alright. So what are we talking about today? Today’s episode is called sex work is a lot of work. Yeah. And for those of you that live under a rock, you were paying attention this week. This week, only fans decided that they were not going to allow sexually explicit content to be created after October 1 on their platform,


Mallory Gordon  02:15

fucking insane, like literally heard the screeching brake noise, that little clip in my head, like really the foundation of everything that this platform has built itself on? They’re going to toss out the window.


Mickey Gordon  02:28

Yeah. And it does seem really stupid, right? Because sex workers built this platform on their backs. They literally pick this obscure little platform out of England, which by the way, was started with two guys from the porn industry. There was a dude from the porn industry, who took investment from an American. Both of them have a porn background. And they created this platform with adult content creators in mind, but over time, was insisting in the last What is it? I don’t know, six years or whatever this thing has been around. Over time, they started picking up cooking shows and athletes and celebrities. And they got this fantasy that they were going to turn themselves into a billion dollar valuation business for investment in investment banks and merchant banks don’t like sex.


Mallory Gordon  03:13

Now they don’t they don’t see it. They see it as high risk, which is the same problem we had when we opened the toy store. You fuck yeah. Right. And there’s penalties you pay for being attached to anything sexual, which I think is bullshit. It’s the most recession proof industry in my personal opinion. Yeah. possible. Because people are always going to service their vices and sex is not just a vise for most people. It’s a need, like a need to survive.


Mickey Gordon  03:41

Oh, it was on Maslow’s hierarchy. He just couldn’t say it. Yeah. But I mean, relationships, right, and things like that. But you know, the thing that really kills me about this is sex workers. And and I think, you know, during this interview that we get into here in a little while, we’re definitely going to cover it at some point, but sex workers were given security by only fans, given the ability to ply their trade create fans show off their sexual side and have sexual interactions and sell access to those safely. They could be with people they trusted, right I mean, even people in peep shows in the in the late 80s don’t have control over that. No, they got killed outside the building because somebody waited for them. I mean, sex work has never been fucking safe. And this made it safe. It made it safe for them to do it and make money at it in feed their families. And they just took this away in the interest of what investment money


Mallory Gordon  04:36

that’s that’s what it looks like on paper. I mean, I still can’t wrap my head. I couldn’t wrap my head around only fans to begin with like, and I and we talked about this with the girls here in a few minutes that I never understood how a platform that you can’t search. Search is such a critical part of every engagement we do online. Like every anytime I go to look for something I google it if I’m trying to connect with A friend I searched their name or their association or their organization on whatever fucking platform I’m on how the hell is this gonna work and it’s made a shit ton of money in spite of that, you know, I’m not gonna pretend that I know everything about it. But at the same time, the the literal Foundation, the intention of it is being taken away. For what?


Mickey Gordon  05:20

Well, let me tell you why they didn’t have a search. Yeah. Because they’re not responsible for the content, if you can’t search for it. If they index the content, then that means they know what’s there. So it’s a liability. It’s a liability, right? So why not indexing mountain they’re actually maintaining a genuine platform status, just


Mallory Gordon  05:36

learned something. I learned how to farm versus a publisher, right? Or you go, huh,


Mickey Gordon  05:42

if you index it, you can be accused of publishing it because you sorted it. Gotcha. Right. But they don’t, they don’t have anything to do with it. And that’s the thing like, this is our junk drawer. Enjoy. Yes, enjoy our junk drawer. So you have to know where you put shit. So you to go find it. Or you have to tell people where you put shit. Now, here’s my thing. You know, they did this MasterCard says they didn’t put any pressure on them. And maybe they didn’t. But merchant banks absolutely did this. Right. Investment banks absolutely did this because of their reticence to actually involve themselves in a business that has a sexual side. And they’re hiding from their own history, when two guys from the porn business started something on the backs of sex workers, and then fucked over all the sex workers, it is high time for some geek with a dick in his hand, to create another payment platform that supports sex workers using crypto here, here, it’s gone this way for too long. It’s just it’s inexcusable, that this many people’s lives are going to be up ended. And you know, some of them when we talk to these ladies, we’re going to get into this here in a couple of minutes, we talked these ladies are going to find out how they diversify and how they’ve dealt with this and right, so it didn’t directly affect them quite as badly as it has some.


Mallory Gordon  06:53

Right. And, you know, maybe this is just a little hiccup or a bump in the road rate. Because there are other platforms out there. There there. There are pivot points that will allow them to publish explicit content on there, you know, just becoming higher cost. I don’t know, does it come with, you know, the same features more or less? I don’t know. But there will be pivot points. There’s always somebody else standing in line. And I get that I just feel that this is it’s insane. Again, I don’t know what the endgame is. Because I don’t see them having the same success going mainstream. It’s almost like the messaging I got because I love making this shit up in between the lines, like, We’re going legit now, right? I’m going to be a respectable platform.


Mickey Gordon  07:38

It is it is asinine. It really is. It’s this whole thing that they’re doing. They built a billion and a half dollar business. Next year, they expect it to be even larger, which without sex workers, there’s no fucking way that’s going to happen.


Mallory Gordon  07:52

So yeah, if you were we had this conversation you were talking about Tumblr? And what happened with Tumblr could could even the very same thing could happen here.


Mickey Gordon  08:02

Yeah, well, tumblr used to be a very sex positive inclusive space before Yahoo bought them in 2013 for $1.1 billion. So Tumblr said we’re gonna knock over that. Tumblr didn’t even do it. Right. It was Verizon that did it. So Tumblr bought them for 1.1 billion and left them alone, but by and large, and then Verizon bought Yahoo is operating business, which included Tumblr for like 4.5 billion. So it’s a massive purchase by Verizon and like, the first fucking thing that Verizon did was being porn in most nudity on Tumblr. And you know what? How many people you know on Tumblr today, matter of fact, tumblr got sold again, in 2019. ish. And the word is, they got sold for less than $20,000,000.04 point 4 billion to 20. Mills, how


Mallory Gordon  08:44

are you to be like the spot for fanfiction? And like, Oh, I can’t think that’s much but like, different types of erotica, the sub genres of erotica on there,


Mickey Gordon  08:56

come on. I mean, we busted my daughter. She’s a great writer, by the way, great writer, but it creeped me the fuck out. No, no, no, this ends now.


Mallory Gordon  09:06

So I mean, it’s possible that only fans could end up in a situation just like that in a very short amount of time. Because what was that? Eight years over the span of eight years? That’s right. Look at how much it changed.


Mickey Gordon  09:18

No. Yeah. Well, they they bled all their users, because the people weren’t there anymore. And


Mallory Gordon  09:21

in technology and the internet, though eight years is a very long time it is.


Mickey Gordon  09:25

But you know, people might come for the porn, but they also consume other things. Right? They’re also there for other reasons. Yeah, there’s only fans could have had both businesses. And instead of standing up for the people that helped build their business, and by the way, only fans took 20% of what each of these Oh, yeah, it


Mallory Gordon  09:43

was a revenue share. Yeah, it’s just like when you set up, you know, like, a donation site. Yeah. And I won’t name them because I don’t want you know, I don’t want to get many business now. But you know, they’ll take 10 to 20% of whatever people donating to us. If we have a goal of 10,000 they’re gonna get a grand right off the top. Yes,


Mickey Gordon  09:58

it’s ridiculous. But only if It takes 20% and a lot of these other sites, and we’ll talk about a couple of years in a second. But these guys are taking a huge percentage off these sex workers backs. And now they’re gonna keep that money that they made. Yeah. And then try and go public.


Mallory Gordon  10:13

Yeah. And then all the bullshit and lies like we saw so many posts out there that, you know, people as creators were reaching out and they were being told by support. No, no, no, it’s fine. Nothing’s happening. We’re going to be totally fine. And turns out it was total bullshit, because Bloomberg and everyone picked it up. And God What a fucking nightmare, right? These people found out on the news that their livelihood was in danger. Like, where are the answers to the creators out here for like, what if somebody’s got a six month a year subscription? Like, are they going to help them credit? rebill?


Mickey Gordon  10:43

Yeah, good luck getting old only fans for that one. And I hope that people that did sign on for six months in one year plans, go hit only fans and get their money back, do some chargebacks and show those people what chargebacks actually look like?


Mallory Gordon  10:55

Yeah, but the creators are still affected by those. Right? I don’t know. Maybe they maybe don’t want to see the Creator. Yeah. Like how Is there like a grandfather clause or like, or something like, yeah,


Mickey Gordon  11:09

I think I’m actually more angry about this than all the shit they gave us ever casual toys. We had the hardest time finding a merchant bank. That was sex toy friendly. You know, we had so many stupid rules through Shopify, which is our original merchant bank. And we It was so crazy. And I got so upset and so frustrated that people were really just looking down their noses at us, like how dare you sell rubber dicks. And but these people, casual toys isn’t our livelihood. It never has been and it probably never will be. But it’s a passion for fun. We love the community. We love doing things for the community and giving them great sexy stuff at reasonable prices. But you know, this thing that these people are doing what fucking douchebags.


Mallory Gordon  11:50

Yeah, I hope you know the then the next platform. And it gives them a lot more support than they got here. God,


Mickey Gordon  11:57

I hope so too. But hey, let’s let’s bounce on that subject. We’re going to get to ask them or Maddie and only Andy here in a minute to talk about how much work sex work is.


Mallory Gordon  12:06

Absolutely. Because it’s more than just rolling out of bed and turning on your camera. There’s there’s so much planning, preparation, production execution that is involved. Like I’m mad fucking props, because I probably said it 17 different ways. Just thinking about what they have to do to create content gives me anxiety. I don’t know that I could do that.


Mickey Gordon  12:25

Yeah, they spend a lot more time even than we spend creating the podcast because I spend five hours every two weeks, they spend five hours a day


Mallory Gordon  12:32

and there’s no OFF button. I mean, you know, they said it’s it’s at least a full time job, at least because they’re probably thinking about 100 different things at any given hour of any given day. And it’s multiple people. And it’s multiple people. There’s the public content, unique content, sexually explicit content, PG content, like Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  12:52

Kate just did a bunch of new content with this too, right? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  12:54

she, she got a blog out this past weekend. And today. So the episodes out there, she’s got an episode that talks about only fans, the different platforms and her and aerogel like into the sales side. I’ve only got partway through it. But you know, go check out wonderlust swingers on social media for both pieces of content on the subject.


Mickey Gordon  13:14

Yeah, I mean, the new episode came out two days. Yeah, like just today. Yeah. So lots of leafy and shit out there for you guys right now. Alright, so what do we got going on? Let’s give some updates. And then we’ll jump into the content.


Mallory Gordon  13:24

Um, just so folks know the ACE and awards that were slated to happen in September. They are moving. I believe the word on the street is to January so please check out their social media to find out the new dates if you


Mickey Gordon  13:35

guys on that one. folks don’t come to Orlando in September and expected ASN awards gonna be here.


Mallory Gordon  13:39

Yeah, no, I mean, you’re still welcome to come. Come on. I mean, that’s up to you. But we’ll party. Yeah. What else? your titties? Ah, yes. So we talked about me getting my boob job. That happened just a little less than two weeks ago. Funny. I feel actually a lot better than I anticipated. I expected recovery to be a little more painful. The first few days was intense. Yeah, well, in this episode art is your titties. Yes. Yes. So you guys are getting a sneak preview at my new boobs are they’re still a little swollen. But I’m a very happy girl. And I think I’m going to absolutely love the end result. I already love what they are right now. I think the only regret I might have is that maybe I didn’t, you know, take the steps a little sooner. But I’m glad I did it when I did the doctors. Fantastic. I love him to pieces like my follow up appointment tomorrow. I may actually hug and kiss the man.


Mickey Gordon  14:34

Yeah, I might hug and kiss them too. I’m so happy. But you know, I think some of our listeners have reached out and they enjoyed the Thanks for the memories episode so much that we may actually have your doctor on the show. I would love to have him on the show. Yeah. He’s super cool. But I hate your shopping for Hito right now too for you.


Mallory Gordon  14:52

I am so excited to the rascals released their theme nights for this November. Super cool. They’re all holiday themed. So I’m starting to shop on For those nights on there, and, you know, it just so happens that we loaded a bunch of stuff into the store. Oh my god. Yes. And because I was 1600 new items, yes. So Daisy, Daisy corsets, they have costumes and lingerie and you know, not just corsets, they have amazing course it’s been a bunch of stuff. So I am I am filtering through and trying to hone down on one or two outfits per theme, because,


Mickey Gordon  15:27

yeah, good luck with that, hey, one thing that we didn’t mention here, if you guys have not been paying attention to what’s going on down in Jamaica, Jamaica is reporting no movement dates in both August and September. And some others have already started in an effort to slow the spread of COVID. In Jamaica. So far, nothing has changed for people that are on vacation in the resilient quarter. But you really should pay attention to visit Jamaica calm or your personal travel agent to make sure that nothing that affects your trip, or your ability to get home happens between now and when you leave.


Mallory Gordon  15:56

Yeah, just keep in mind that this is a constantly evolving, you know, situation, and things are inclined to change at some point. So stay informed.


Mickey Gordon  16:04

There it is. Well, we’re gonna jump out of here, we’re gonna get back here in a couple of minutes with both only Andy and ASMR Matty, the user to 1%, top 1% content creators on only fans who are making a good portion of their living or their entire living, supporting you as a sex worker. So these guys, these ladies are wildly different in the content they create. But they’re amazing creators. And I think you guys are going to get a kick out of how much work goes into it, and how it’s received and what they’re going to do in the face of what only fans has done. Yeah, absolutely. So in the meantime, honey, you want to tell everybody where to find?


Mallory Gordon  16:45

Absolutely we are casual swinger everywhere. You can find us at casuals for her calm. She just messaged podcast at casual swing calm. love us want to say something nice. Feel free to leave us an iTunes review. You can also find us on social media. That’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and Twitter. at Mesa Twitter voice that’s fine. And you want to check out our dating profile. We’re on double diggnation, STC SLS and qasmi.


Mickey Gordon  17:09

And not fucking only fans, not not only fans, but we’ll be back in just a hot second with a couple of smokin hot ladies from only fans to talk to you about how much work sex work actually is. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been listening to casual swinger. And we’re back to casual swinger here. And I am Mallory. Mallory. Hi, long time no see you b i B, Mickey. Hey, so we’ve got some exciting stuff going on here today. Like we talked about in the intro, there are so many crazy things going on in the world of adult content creation, specifically, what happened with only fans and we thought it would be kind of enlightening and eye opening for you guys to hear from a couple of top 1% creators from only fans that work their asses off to make content for people and as a way to earn a living in this world. So we thought it would be kind of neat to hear from them and just how much can work goes in to creating content for humans, right? Yeah, so the two ladies we have here with us today. The first one is a great friend of ours somebody that you’ve heard from before here on casual swinger on only fan she goes by only Andy, how you doing, Andy? I’m Wonderful. Thank you for having me. We all love having you. It’s a thing. You know that you brought a friend of yours along with you and somebody that we hadn’t had a chance to meet? Those are the best kind of friends? Yeah, right. The friends we haven’t met yet. And her name is ASMR. Maddie Maddie, how are you doing here?


ASMR Maddy  19:02

I am so happy to be here. Thanks for having me, guys.


Mickey Gordon  19:06

Yeah, we’re excited. And you know what really is great for us because we have these two beautiful content creators on video with us tonight. And y’all can see


Mallory Gordon  19:13

I know be super jelly right now. I’m over here like rockin the dumpster fire like tank. And yeah, hairdo. You’re welcome. I showered this week. So I don’t even want to talk about


Mickey Gordon  19:28

that. Sorry. So without further ado, let’s kick this thing off. Yeah, but right sex work is a lot of fucking work in sex work is work. And I know that’s been flying around on Twitter and a lot of the other social media pages lately. So I’m going to start with Andy and we’re going to direct these questions that you guys but I know you’re both gonna get a chance to answer so don’t worry, don’t feel like you got a button and go that bench needs to shut up. It’s fine. You get your chance. But let’s start any with you. How’s it being an only fans creator changed your perception of sex work. I know it’s something that you just started in, you know the last year so you rocketed to the top of the charts for good reason. With only fans. So has it changed your perception of what sex workers? Do? You know, really,


OnlyAndi  20:06

it hasn’t much. I’ve never been I know it sounds kind of cliche, but I’ve never been what I would say as a judgy person. You know, I’m very sex positive. I love sex positivity. I love seeing women and men express themselves in themselves in different ways. Really, it’s just kind of you do you, um, it really hasn’t changed my perception. Honestly, I


ASMR Maddy  20:29

feel the same. I’ve always been really sex positive. I was raised to be proud of my body. I was almost raised a naked, kind of a naked house. No. And I worked as a stripper through undergrad and grad school. And so it’s always been work that made sense to me that I thought there was a purpose.


Mickey Gordon  20:51

We talked about sex work. There’s there’s a lot of taboos within a lot of crazy stuff. Now, Maddie, you do something specific in your content? Because you go by ASMR Maddie and we talked about that. gliadin tell us what is ASMR before we go any further so people know what the fuck this thing.


ASMR Maddy  21:10

I know it’s talked about a lot. And it’s it’s something that a lot of people are sure what it really is. It’s an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. And it essentially means the tingles that you get down the back of your neck or just kind of a pleasant stimulated feeling.


Mallory Gordon  21:29

I get that when like you tickle my my head and like my shoulders and stuff, like when we’re laying in bed is that kind of like it that’s exactly what it is. Okay, common triggers for hair cut,


ASMR Maddy  21:41

or if someone plays with your hair, that that might give you that sensation.


Mallory Gordon  21:46

I’m just gonna go ahead and say I’ve never done it or before, but I’m totally into it.


Mickey Gordon  21:51

It sounds amazing. I was about to say I prefer orgasm, but I might know we like pets. We pet each other. Well, you get petted. Let’s be honest. Yeah, it’s mostly come over here and pet me. Okay, so now I’m going to be ASMR. Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  22:10

I love it. And you know, it’s really great about your answers regarding like her perspective on, you know, the sex positivity and you know, being a creator, that really hasn’t changed. So it makes it sound like there wasn’t a huge adjustment for you when you decided to become a creator. My question is, what gates did you go through to make that decision? What inspired you to become a creator? And we’ll start with Maddie on this one.


ASMR Maddy  22:31

Um, I think consuming content is what got me to a place where I wanted to create it. I was watching ASMR videos, just relax for a number of years and then just thought maybe I could I have something to share, which is a very, very ridiculous that I think, when you’re looking at everybody has something to offer. So that’s kind of what got me there.


Mickey Gordon  22:56

I’m blown away. It’s I think it’s really cool. And I think there’s so many like me, like ASMR I never even occurred to me, that was a thing and you have 1000s of people that follow, not just follow you pay you to make this content. That’s right.


Mallory Gordon  23:10

So same question to you, Andy. What, what was that turning point for you to go ahead and become a creator. And the reason I asked is I’ll just give you a little bit more background on it is because you’re really putting yourselves out there. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in. So it takes a lot of self confidence and, and gusto to do that.


OnlyAndi  23:27

Yeah, you’re exactly right, it does. Because you’re, you’re always under the wire, you’re in front of everything. Every night, there’s no way to hide, there’s no shadow to go to. So you really have to really be in a good place with yourself to do it. My answer really was pretty easy. I love being recorded, and I love sex. So the two when you combine them was kind of a no brainer. So we had actually my husband Dave and I, we had actually been doing videos or recording ourselves for over a decade. So when we started our only fans, we had all kinds of content. So nice. I mean, there you go worked out. You know, there’s a win win. Yeah, what a great place to start. Yeah, I love it. That’s just Confucius says choose a job you love. You never work a day in your life, right? I think I got that fortune cookie.


Mickey Gordon  24:20

I don’t know that anybody would ever pay me to have sex but if they would, if only every guy ever said do you ladies view this content any differently than mainstream social media influences? I mean, I know we’ve all been kind of part of this evolving influence regeneration. And to an extent I personally detest what it’s become. Because now that’s all anybody wants to be. I mean, there’s kids in school that are like, I want to be an influencer. I want to be a YouTube influencer. And it’s a one. I mean, I think in some cases like these people that want to be in what the hell makes you think you have a right to influence anybody you’ve never been educated or done anything but you ladies This is a little different in sex work. You really can be an influencer. First of all, you’re beautiful. Second of all, you’re great at it. Right? So if you have all these things going for you, is it different? I mean, now that you guys have all these qualifications and in Maddie courses hyper educated. So does that apply and Maddie will take you first again, on this one.


ASMR Maddy  25:18

I think there are limits already set in place for us to where, for instance, we’re not able to get the same brand sponsorship deals as maybe that we could if we weren’t in sex work. So I think there are external limits. And there is a difference in perception. But I don’t personally think I think that we have a following and we have something to offer. You know, and there’s definitely a huge value in that.


OnlyAndi  25:45

You know, I think that ultimately, all influencers use some sort of sex appeal. I mean, I you know, I guess you could go super conservative and say somebody that bakes cookies, you know, doesn’t but I mean, every product, every person every, you know, duster, commercial vacuum cleaner, like everything is sex appeal. It’s just ours is less subtle. So, right,


Mallory Gordon  26:10

yeah, there’s no veil. Right? It’s right there in your face. There’s no subtleties or hints or innuendo. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So


Mickey Gordon  26:17

I want to throw out a quick follow up, because, and I made a reference to matties hyper education. But Andy is no slouch either, folks, by the way. She’s also educated AF. And that’s something that I think is important to kind of, look out here, this isn’t something you guys are doing, because you can’t do something else. Right? Right, you guys are creating sexually focused content for a different reason. Right? It’s, it’s something you love, and it’s something you’re good at. And there’s nothing wrong with it.


Mallory Gordon  26:47

Now, I think that society puts a label or a taboo around it, right? That, you know, pity, I remember having a conversation with my dad back in the day, and he had pity in the conversation towards strippers, women in porn. And, and that was the perception around, you know, the the content there. And I think that was, and probably still is very, very normal, which is crazy to me, because it’s so empowering to look at people in those positions and know these things like that. Both of our guests here, very educated, can can do probably anything they wanted to, and this is their passion. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Mickey Gordon  27:30

But yet, there’s a subsection of this economy in this world that doesn’t want you to do it. And they don’t want to let you accept money that you know, is I don’t know the currency of the planet, they want to make sure that you can’t get it. If you do this. That’s what happened. Only fans, they took the ability to process money away, which I mean, that’s, that’s beyond fucked


Mallory Gordon  27:52

up, you know, I’m over here going is it they just don’t want sex to have that much power, they


Mickey Gordon  27:56

pretty much already does. Or they’re happy to pay for it. They just don’t want other people to be able to earn money from it. For some reason. It’s


Mallory Gordon  28:02

sitting here and trying to put myself in your shoes. What kind of emotional mental gates did you have to go through to not just decide that you want to do this, but to get everything prepared and in place? Because you know, as we said earlier, sex work is work. It’s a lot of fucking work to produce content. And we know this from podcasting. I can’t even imagine adding the next level marketing efforts planning out in a different content. tailor made content. So you made the decision. How did you prepare yourself to do this? Well, it’s


OnlyAndi  28:42

a, it’s a constant, it’s that you have to be consistent, you have to really be all in. It really is a full time job. Managing different social media platforms, understanding the guidelines of certain social media platforms, they’re all very different. Some will allow certain pictures, others will shut your entire account down with no warning. But you also have to be consistent, because you’re always trying to build your subscriber base, your fan base. Because it’s evolving, people come and they go people see things they like, and then they get bored, and they move on. So it is a lot of work. It’s not just taking a few sexy pictures and opening a Twitter account going Oh, look, you know, and just expecting it to grow.


ASMR Maddy  29:28

I very much agree. Yeah. It’s it’s constant work in it’s also a lot of teaching yourself and going down the wrong path for a little while and then having to redirect because it’s a lot of things that people aren’t necessarily willing to share with you or that you just can’t Google to get an answer on. You have to get a lot of trial and error. Yeah, right.


Mickey Gordon  29:50

And how do you do that? I mean, is it do you just look and see that maybe content isn’t like they’re not downloading it. It’s that’s not ahead. You get feedback from your We’re fans that say, I kind of like this other thing better. I mean, do you? Do you take that as a troll and go? Well, fuck him? He sucks. I mean, how do you know that that content is real? Is? Is there a gate that is there a number of people? How does that work?


OnlyAndi  30:14

Well, watching the growth is important. Of course, I, you know, have the the benefit there, because my other half Dave is a kind of a techie nerdy guy. So he gets to watch analytics. So he’s got everything kind of tracked. And so we try to measure results as much as we can. And sometimes you can’t, sometimes it’s just impossible. And sometimes you just see it’s just a complete fail, you put all this energy into something, and it just didn’t, you know, turn out anything. And then the thing you least expect blows up.


Mickey Gordon  30:45

Yeah, very true. Kind of like what’s happened with my wish list program so far? Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  30:53

We’re there. Since you mentioned it. Were there any like aha moments? Like you put content out there? And you know, you didn’t have you know, that expectation of it. It’s out there to be publicly consumed. It wasn’t, you know, something that was asked of you to do specifically for a client, you know, was there anything that you didn’t expect to happen that may not be mainstream per se, that you put out there? That’ll be you. Maddie, by the way. As you take the pose of the finger, you’re like, Oh,


ASMR Maddy  31:25

that’s a really good question. It’s, it’s hard to, it’s hard to pin down, I guess, because I do put content on so many different platforms. But I’d say I did, I started uploading on Pornhub. And I’m surprised to see the growth that comes from Pornhub. Because I just started uploading there for fun, kind of F alaric. But I’ll have tons and tons of people that are willing, even though they’ve gotten something for free, they’re willing to come over and join only bands. And then beyond that they want to tip for an extra video or do something. And that constantly surprises me, I would have assumed if you’re already getting something for free, you have no interest in like taking it to the next level with their Creator, if that makes sense. But people from Pornhub on the hall have been so friendly and so welcoming and generous.


Mallory Gordon  32:15

I was gonna say I’ve heard that. And for unique content creators like yourselves, that’s been a great platform to give them a taste kind of like the drug dealer model, like here’s a little bit to get you to get you hooked, and then come see me for more. And I’m a huge Pornhub consumer. And I can say I found little niches of of different types of porn that I didn’t know I was into until I was literally just bored and scrolling until I stumbled on something. And I think that’s kind of the beauty of that platform. Yeah, that’s interesting.


ASMR Maddy  32:44

That’s very true. And I’ve joined people’s Patreon to join people’s only dance from Pornhub. And I don’t know why I just didn’t expect that people would come to me, but it’s kind of an honor.


Mickey Gordon  32:55

I’m just sitting here going so Mallory wax. got out of that change right there. Oh my god like versatility, right? So how much effort goes into it? I’m asking this as a dude. And I realized that I am a guy surrounded by three beautiful women right now. So I asked very stupid questions, and also the least educated person in this room. But how hard is it to be sexy for a living? Is that easy? Do you just roll out of bed and go? Yep, Mmm hmm. Yeah, I mean, I believe that I do. Because you’re smoking smoke shows my dumb ass in here. I mean yeah, I mean do you guys is is that i mean is that part of it? Do people want to see the the real use and the you know the messy been in the ball cap? Or do they want you guys to him it and doll it up for him?


OnlyAndi  33:47

I think they like the reality. I think kind of going back to answering Mallory’s question as well as yours. You can get all dolled up and the lashes and everything. You’re looking at every detail that they don’t even see when it’s processed and put on you know, video. But they also just like to know who you are, you know, going through a carwash or about to go into a grocery store. That has surprised me a lot that that’s really I’ve gotten a lot of good response from just normal stuff rather than something that takes me three to four hours to pump out a 10 to 15 minute video. So it’s interesting. It’s fascinating everybody’s behavior. So


Mickey Gordon  34:30

that is utterly fascinating. What about humanity? Do people like you to look like you rolled out of the pages of Playboy or do they like you to be the natural you?


ASMR Maddy  34:40

I agree with Andy I still just for the sake of wanting to put the best I guess my best foot forward. I still get all dolled up and work on lighting and you know really work a shot as best I can. But I noticed just like Andy was saying whenever I put something just real life just cooking in the kitchen. Or whatever I’m doing day to day people say I want to see more of that, or that’s really interesting. And I agree, it’s a complete surprise to me. But it’s nice to see that people want a lot more, they want to feel like they really know you because they’re in this, you know, kind of relationship with you already.


Mickey Gordon  35:18

Wow. So, are we saying that as sex workers, and I guess, to some extent, we all are here, but as sex workers, that people, it’s not all about sex, that it’s about a connection with somebody that you follow? And that you’ve invested in? Is that what we’re saying?


OnlyAndi  35:39

I think so. I agree with that. People, a lot of times just want to have somebody to talk to I get, you know, wish to Good morning or if there’s a holiday or non sexual conversation. I’m quite often I actually have followers on social media that aren’t even subscribers that will just randomly send something from the casual toys wishlist or the Amazon wishlist. What have you, just because you’re chatting with them, and there is no sexual, there’s nothing exchanged. There’s no video sent, there’s no, not even new to the on those social platforms. They just want that connection. Same Yeah,


ASMR Maddy  36:19

it’s really it’s heartwarming, actually, the people you want, whether they’re on only fans, you know, you talked about people trolling or sending negative comments. There’s so much less of that, and what I think anyone might imagine, it’s a lot of good morning, how is your day people will ask with genuine concern about my family, or, you know, we just went through an illness as a family and there was like an outpouring of people just genuinely wanting to check and see how things are going flabbergast


Mallory Gordon  36:51

I would absolutely fine file that. And it sounds like you’d agree like something positive and unexpected that came out of being a creator in this space. Absolutely. I love that. That’s I love heartwarming, little details like that, it makes me smile. So, you know, I need to go back to the work part of this because I have a deep appreciation for, for the effort that goes into being a creator in this space. And, you know, you plan out, you have your you know, maybe your your digital photo, you know, sessions that you’re going to try to accomplish this week. For the public pages, you have the the PG ones, the the x rated ones, and maybe you know, a pile of some that you have to do that are being requested, you know, as from each individual client, and then you have video content that you’re also doing. If you could take, let’s say, a piece of video content, that’s for public consumption on only fans, how long does it take to prepare that recorded and get it out to the world because I don’t think it happens in the space that it takes to hit record. And I think that maybe the perception around it that that that’s all it is.


ASMR Maddy  38:05

Probably the the quickest something would go from start to finish for me would be five hours for a video project and one piece of content, holy crap. And that’s setting up the shot, getting ready testing video and audio, filming and then going ahead and editing and then on top of that, you know, writing up a couple of paragraphs about what’s in the content, getting it ready to send out and advertise that that would be the most quickly something could ever go probably.


Mallory Gordon  38:37

Wow. So that’s the Express five hours, express format. You end it she’s


OnlyAndi  38:44

now right on the head. She’s She’s dead on. I mean, it is ours and you have to come up with a new creative way to do things. So there’s a brainstorming process as well. It’s not like you just do the same thing on the same chair every day, you know, it’s not it’s always you’re always having to evolve. So just the idea of process alone takes up time but like she said, you know, manually there’s just so much work that goes into it. And it’s not sexy. Sexy about


Mallory Gordon  39:14

in my head like you guys have storyboards like in Mad Men from the 60s ad agency and you’re planning everything out and takes weeks to prepare and I don’t know that I could personally do it just from that stress factor for me planning it out just different scenes like you you have you know, I’m assuming you have places in your home that you you produce content from but you probably need to change the scenery up now and then and that comes with a cost and logistics and operations like do I have what I need as far as lighting goes, What do I have to bring with me? What do I have to purchase for this specific project? Well, it just blows my mind while


Mickey Gordon  39:49

we were in Nashville. You ladies got together for a video that you shot together in like what an Airbnb that you rented or something. That’s an expense in itself. Yeah. I mean to rent a venue for a shot? or shoot rather? That, you know, I mean, yeah, hopefully you get a lot of mileage out of that. But is that something that you guys plan for as part of, you know, production costs and things like that? I mean, you get together and split it out. Does that show work?


ASMR Maddy  40:16

Yeah, that’s something that we regularly do. That’s at least once a month? Unfortunately, not usually with Andy. I wish, every time we can arrange. Yes, please. No, usually it’s with my husband, he’ll come and help me take photos. But you’re at it. It’s it’s neck furniture. And that’s planning to make sure that you’ve got new outfits, you know, a new location things people haven’t seen before.


Mickey Gordon  40:45

Wow. Just utterly stunned. You know, Is it this? I mean, is it the same? I mean, I know you said like five hours for video content. But in terms of production work for photographs, marketing, obviously, analytics, which Dave is a wizard at but I mean, what sort of things go into photo production in marketing is that what you use the photos for is to promote the video shoots? How does that work? Well, yeah, we


OnlyAndi  41:11

  1. So unfortunately, most of the videos that we do, we can’t really pull many screenshots from them and use them. So that’s a whole separate in itself, you know, photoshoots are different. I think that actually doing the photos are somewhat more difficult than shooting the videos because there’s so many changes. And with lingerie, there’s fucking clasps and zippers and hooks and eyes and what the fun, I’m sweating and I’m throwing lace everywhere. And I’m like, okay, you know, and these heels have to come off and put these five inch heels back on. So it’s actually a lot more physical moving around, in my opinion. And you get very little from it versus a video because you take so many pictures, and then you realize there’s a dog in the background or something. So you have so many to go through. So it’s just yeah, it’s always something


Mallory Gordon  42:03

Yeah, so we we try to take pictures for ourselves and for our Twitter feed and whatnot occasionally, and that is that is spot on. Like to the point where I get cranky after the second outfit like no, I stink. I look like crap. Like and I’m sick. I suck it in. I don’t know if you’ve taken the picture or like, I’m twisting, I can feel my back fat. Like I just, again, I’m trying to put myself in your shoes, and I’m getting stressed and sweaty now.


OnlyAndi  42:27

Yeah, no, Dave goes in the other room. He goes in the other room completely. He’s like, Okay, I know. This is bitch time it’s on. I’m just gonna stay over here. And she’s my Why isn’t this working? Yeah, that’s that. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  42:39

I think there’s two ways for me to be declared an idiot, the first of which is to try and take photos of my wife. And the second is to run for president. What you do, you’re a dumbass.


Mallory Gordon  42:52

So it’s just really hard it is. It’s unbelievably hard. And my mind, imposing


Mickey Gordon  42:59

somebody you love is very difficult. Because you get frustrated quickly with people you care about. And you take a different tone. And you know what that tone means? Because you live with that person. Right? But in


ASMR Maddy  43:11

Yeah, we, we actually hired a professional photographer that we used up until COVID kind of sent everybody in the isolation. But just it was so impossible for my husband to take pictures of me, he could give me no direction on how to pose other than to say, do something different. Don’t do that. And working with a professional really, really helped me learn like, Oh, this is what I meant to do with my body to not be so awkward. But yeah, I don’t think any I don’t think any staff can take a good picture.


Mickey Gordon  43:44

I actually reached out to Holly Randall, who is a world famous photographer, we’ve had her on the show, she was super kind to me. And I said, How do I pose my wife and she said, don’t. She said, You is almost impossible to take pictures of your spouse and have them come out professionally and stay married. It’s just very difficult to do so. And I definitely feel that but you know, we talked a little bit about marketing earlier. And you know, marketing yourself raising awareness that’s got to be really fucking hard. Because only fans doesn’t have a search engine. And now God knows what these other platforms because and we’re gonna kind of touch on this before we let you ladies go today. But only fans creators are scattering like roaches in the light right now. They’re going to 20 different platforms, pocket stars, fan sentro. I mean, there’s so many different places people are going when you market yourself and assuming you can’t market yourself on any of these new platforms. And I’m gonna ask you guys in order on this from starting with the end, how do you market yourself as a sex working content creator? And where can you do it? Because it’s not like you can go on Facebook and promote your post. You can’t even promote your post on Twitter and there’s nothing but Dixon assholes all over Twitter. You can’t promote that either. So how do you do an ad?


OnlyAndi  44:58

Right so it really It’s just growing a community with working on getting exposure getting your face out there. the right connections, which are difficult to make, trying to find other content creators. I’ve only ever worked with Maddie and she’s wonderful. And there’s just there’s not a whole lot. There’s not a lot of people that either do what you do or that are in your area or that want to work with you or that want to show their face or as there’s so many different points of that it’s difficult. But just trying to work on continuing exposure, finding the latest new thing, social platform wise, being astute to those guidelines on each one. It’s a it’s just constant. It’s just exposure, exposure exposure.


Mickey Gordon  45:48

Got it? How about you, Maddie, do you do it any differently? And you’ve been doing this a long time, compared to some folks that we know. And so you’ve had also a great deal of success, in my opinion. So what was your secret to success for marketing yourself? And how do you grow that?


ASMR Maddy  46:04

Thank you, I’ve been really lucky. It’s lucky for me to be kind of in a niche, doing ASMR specific sex content. But I also have a YouTube channel, where I’ve seen probably the vast majority of my traffic come from. And so I feel really extremely blessed to have, you know, a public safer work platform that also brings people over who are wanting more, I feel like that makes it easier than it would be I think people that are thinking I could just start an only fans, I’m going to quit my job. It’s so much more difficult to get your name out there, as you said, without having a search feature. And because the market is pretty saturated. It’s it’s hard to get going and you constantly have to maneuver, as Andy said, to to find a place to find a new way to get yourself out there.


Mallory Gordon  46:55

Yeah, that’s it. That was the one thing that I had trouble wrapping my head around when I was introduced to only fans as a platform. You know, what do you mean, you can’t search on it? It was such a foreign concept to me, I’m like, I don’t understand this thing is never going to succeed. Like that’s just crazy. And here we are. It’s earned how many billions of dollars is here? Oh, it’s Yeah, see, it’s an insane amount of money.


Mickey Gordon  47:17

There’s a lot of numbers being thrown around, but it’s about one and a half billion and a


Mallory Gordon  47:22

shit ton of money. And all without a search, it still can’t fathom you know, how they’ve skyrocketed to this point. And now the conversation is changing, right? the terms of service are changing. And I’m interested to see what’s what’s going to happen out there because it’s proven its profitability, it’s proven its interest, you know, people want that type of content out there. So where are they going to go What’s the next step? So I’m all interest I’ll be interested to do a follow up with you guys at some point to see how you’ve changed marketing yourself because getting yourself out there being exposed means like Andy said, taking you know some of these PG rated platforms and in still trying to leverage those to direct people towards you and then collaboration with other content creators, which sounds very, very challenging is probably the hardest way to market yourself but if you can, it sounds like there’s success to be found in it. Do you do you foresee any immediate obstacles with pivoting right now as far as the formula you have to market yourself changing now that the only fancy terms of services is pivoting?


ASMR Maddy  48:30

Honestly, it’s so I’m not gonna write on my phone. I don’t foresee that when the obstacles it’s definitely a challenge. But I’m surprised by how many people specifically on only the answer said Hey, where are you going? We’re coming to which is very encouraging. I think everyone is aware that it changes on the air and is just ready to keep you know, keep going on down the road. This has happened before obviously you guys have all the backstory on this but Pornhub was taken basically to their knees in February they still haven’t gotten their ability to process credit cards back so let’s you know I understand why the changes and sympathetic of what’s happening and hopefully hopefully things are going yeah, I feel like they I


Mickey Gordon  49:21

personally I’m kind of waiting for sex while online sex work to just go crypto I mean it just and tell the entire establishment for for merchant banking to kiss their supple white ass and move on and there’s plenty of people of color that are sex workers I wasn’t trying to be rude I’m just saying it’s one of my common phrases is kiss my supple white ass so by i


Mallory Gordon  49:43

mean it’s it’s like chalk Asian. So I have a I have a I don’t know that it the only sees the sun. Yeah, make it and it’s still white as hell.


OnlyAndi  49:54

Now you need to give it its own only fans. You just created your own niche. See?


Mickey Gordon  49:59

There we go. The I will be the beacon of light. Yeah, now I get to pose you, this will be great. Perfect. Mickey’s white? Love it. You know, it’s with what’s happening in Yeah, you’re right Maddie, this did happen to Pornhub, they still can’t process credit cards, these guys hold credit card processing, there’s a power associated with that. And a lot of times, really all they’re trying to do is get you to pay double for high risk processing. That’s what they did to us with casual toys. They took us down completely, and told us No, we could sell purple dicks or green ticks or pink dicks. We could sell masturbators. But only if they were made by fleshlight. I mean, there were the rules were the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard now and then. So I just said fuck it and paid for high, you know, high interest, or rather high risk processing, which is extremely high interest. I’m paying like 6% per credit card transaction. And I know that that kind of stuff is going to affect you is the movement in in prompts, we’ll get back to the regular questions. But is that this movement? I know, you said you’re not worried about it at this point, and I think you’re probably very careful with your main stream, content creation that kind of feeds your only fans, but there’s a lot of other people out there that have not been that smart, have not had that niche that you have. And they’re like, now what am I going to do if this gets taken away from me? Are you guys gonna have to pay more for these other services? I mean, because I know only fans was like 20%, some of these other services are 25. Some of them are 30. How does that factor into your decisions in terms of charging for content, what you charge for content where you market it? Are you looking at how you’re going to do this moving forward? And how do you insulate yourself from this shit happening? Again,


OnlyAndi  51:45

I think you just have to learn not to put all your eggs in one basket. And I think that’s what a lot of the creators have done. And so now they’re scrambling. And you know, we had a few different platforms we were on. Only fans, of course, was our primary revenue revenue generator. But you know, you just have to spread yourself out, some sites are gonna charge a little bit more. And so you just have to adjust what you want to charge for your content based on that. But I think this is a lesson learned for everybody that you really can’t just put everything into one. And then people like you said, we’re quitting their jobs. And this is their career. And now they’re scrambling and they have, you know, mortgaging kids. So you know, you just you have to look at what’s out there. You just have to protect yourself, keep your you know, exposure and traffic up, like Maddy said, and just try to hit all the sites, not just one.


Mallory Gordon  52:38

Yeah. So let’s get back to your content. Okay, we could talk about like the the different changes in the platforms. And like I said, I think, you know, everyone’s kind of got something in the back of their mind, a platform or multiple platforms, they may be, you know, moving to to kind of see where everyone’s going to join them. But each, I think both of you kind of have specified content that you provide to your, to your clients, and is there anything specific that you get more often than not like requests sexual, non sexual? That is unique content that they’re paying for? And what is it?


ASMR Maddy  53:19

I think people probably my most asked for, or the thing that I get the best feedback on is, like an ASR jerk off instruction, slow and soft and whispered and encouraging. Those seem to do really well and I really enjoy making she’s very good at it as well. And he’s like, I want to


Mickey Gordon  53:47

Yeah, I mean, you clearly have the voice for it like your tone is absurd. I’m over here. I think I might need to run one out if I can recommend a video for you. Love it. I love it. Well, and that’s just the thing I love supporting creators that we have on the show but I can’t support you guys without looking like a pervert.


Mallory Gordon  54:09

I have no shame. I will. That’s okay. Do it. Yeah, but here here’s another level like weird I would have Maddie read me a book like that. There’s something about your tone of voice Maddie that just it’s so relaxing. I can totally see why you’re successful. But it just read to me that’s that’s the unique Gosh, I would love to read to you and pet you. That’s happened to me. Well, that is literally I just lost Mallory.


OnlyAndi  54:40

Andy, what’s your most requested and what’s your favorite to me? I have a lot of people ask for really sacks. I mean, not specifically blow jobs or anything like that. They just want to see sex. They’ll say sex with different men or with more women Man, so I being that I’m only started in April, I don’t have a lot of content with several people. It’s mostly just Dave and I. And so, you know, it’s kind of hard to come across do you have? Do you ever have sex with anybody other than Dave? Or they’ll say, do you have sex with anybody other than Andy? at all, but it’s always, for us. It’s just people like to see sex, some sort of sex orgasm, that kind of thing? Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  55:30

It makes some sense to me. I know, one of the things that we see a lot of content creators out there doing is utilizing it as an extremely popular thing across whether it’s King stirs dominatrixes, you know, those types of people, content creators in lifestyle spaces, like where we live, or insects work in only fans in video creation, where you guys are people love wish lists, we see people using Amazon wish lists all over the place. As I understand it, Amazon was one of the first ones and the only one for a while that was able to actually hide your personal information. So you could you could get good, super important. Yes. And your fans don’t know to stop by your house, you know, at 223 Bleecker Street. So how do you guys use wish lists? And is it a part of your strategy towards earning or towards getting the things that you need? Is it something that you find to be really important and key in terms of content creation, and or earning?



I think that it’s, it’s I’m sorry, I jumped on any number. Again, if I can. Go ahead, go ahead. Oh, no, I’m interested to hear what you have to say about this. Because I


ASMR Maddy  56:43

even it just slipped my mind. But I just don’t, I don’t update my wish list that often. I’ll have people specifically ask like, Hey, I really like if you could wear some leather boots, maybe if you have a dominatrix video coming up, like Could I get those for you, and I’ll add them to the wish list. But it’s usually specific pieces of content. And it’s rare that I have somebody go ham on there. Surprisingly, people are, are more generous with their tips. And I don’t know if it just doesn’t suit my style. But wish lists haven’t been a big thing for me.


OnlyAndi  57:14

While on my end, so I’ve put a little twist on my casual toys wish list. So basically, I tell my subscribers, you know, if you purchase something off of my casual toys, wishlist, I will send you a free video of me either using or wearing that item, whatever it may be. So that’s been a lot of, you know, there’s been a lot of interest shown with that. But I get I think I like it. Yeah, I think, you know, part of the connection experience that I have seen is being able to, for them to send you something tangible. That’s what I’ve kind of gotten from it. You know, they don’t just want to say Hi, good morning. But it’s also like, I don’t want to take that next step. You know, you like coffee, you like this vibrator, I want to get that for you.


Mallory Gordon  58:00

I think that speaks to us as a society, you know, even though, especially now, like, you know, with quarantine and being isolated and all that people are still built to be around and connect with other humans. I mean, that’s, that’s part of our right, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right? Am I right? Someone, please tell me. I kid you not my brain that way. And I got my wires crossed. But I think it speaks to us as people because we do want that extra step in that connection, especially if we find ourselves drawn to a person and you know, in this creator space, I, it doesn’t seem foreign to me, it makes total sense that they want to take those steps to do so. We talked a little bit about and maybe that’s another unexpected positive that came out of that, right of a byproduct of, you know, being in the space. Would you guys have anything that comes to mind that that has been a negative that you didn’t really anticipate happening? Or has it? Have you been fortunate and just not had that experience?


OnlyAndi  59:13

I’ve been lucky to say I haven’t had a lot of negative feedback or experience. You have a few. I don’t know what you call what 10 years old haters, you know, that’s kind of outdated, but you know, that just want to throw a comment at you or tell you, they don’t like what you’re wearing or something like that. But it’s not very often and that, you know, you just roll with it and let it go. You know, somebody’s always gonna be there to make a snarky remark, but that’s okay.


ASMR Maddy  59:41

Yeah, I feel the same way. It’s more more frequently see it like on Instagram or on YouTube. In bigger public spaces like that, but definitely behind the curtain only fans people overwhelmingly are so positive, and the overall experience has been a really, really good one. Well,


Mickey Gordon  59:59

I think Then when people pay to be there, they’re it’s kind of like, it’s like an asshole buffer, right? When it’s free to be an asshole, everybody takes really too much advantage of it. But when it’s not when they paid to be there, then maybe they act like their mom is watching. Or maybe not honorably fans, but you know, as this thing is progressed, and I know, you know, we’re kind of coming up on the hour here. So a bit, you know, you ladies are obviously on the forefront of what’s going on with this only Finn’s thing? You know, in terms of obviously, with payment processing and banking with this industry, only fans was the primary place that this really affected you. Are you guys seeing any other impacts? I mean, are your customers or your your fans reaching out to you and wanting to know where you go? And? If so, what are you telling them? Where are you going? And make sure to plug your site here? Right? Tell us your and tell us or tell our people? I think we have like two people that listen, so you should probably talk to both of them. And let them know where you guys are going how to find these two sexy voices. Andy, you first? Well, I


OnlyAndi  1:01:04

have everything collectively under my website, only Andy calm, which is Andy with an eye. It lists all of the social platforms that I’m on, and all the fan sites that I’m on and it’s constantly updating. We keep it you know, updated all the time. So that’s the best way to find us as we grow.


ASMR Maddy  1:01:27

Awesome. Maddie, I am not as organized as Andy although I dream of being hoping she’ll rub off on me. But I do I have ASMR Maddie calm. And, and I’m planning a move to family. But I anticipate keeping my only fans open. Because they are going to be allowing nudity and I think there’s a place for people. You know, I’ve seen a large percentage of fans there who who really want like, just nude comforting ASMR. So I think I’ll keep that going with videos on a weekly basis. And then explicit content and up, I’m going to go ahead and move to fancily


Mallory Gordon  1:02:13

very nice, because that was actually my next follow up question for you guys is, you know, one, you know, with everything going on, and when the changes are official, are you are you going to leverage and still keep your only fans? And will that actually impact any additional considerations? Like, are you going to produce more content? That is not explicit. To help balance that out?


OnlyAndi  1:02:39

I think I will likely stay with them on the Moore’s explicit side. I am going to keep my only fans page up and going it’s actually grown since they made the announcement which doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Is that strange? Yeah, but I don’t for sale fire sale right. Now, you know, ending soon. We’re not kidding this time. But no, yeah, it’s uh, yeah, I’ll keep the only fans up. The, you know, subscribers have asked, you know, where are you going? And, you know, fans, Lee is one that we’ve looked at fan sentro. There’s several out there and who knows what will end up be the booming replacement for only fans, so Only time will tell?


Mallory Gordon  1:03:26

Yeah, that’s fair. You know, you’ll it’ll it Time will tell if they’ll have the same successes that you know, only fans has in this space. But I’m glad to hear that you guys are going to continue on and find another home for that more explicit content. Because I postulate that there’s quite a few folks out there that may actually move away from the sexually explicit because of the platform no longer allowing it and maybe they’re not interested in adding another, you know, platform to maintain like a fan center with not knowing you know, what the impacts could potentially be or not be more importantly,


Mickey Gordon  1:03:58

it’s it goes back to the eggs in one basket thing that Maddy said earlier. It’s in in India as well, I think you’ve kind of commented on when you do everything in one place. It’s not. I mean, we do the same thing, right. If we lost our Twitter, it would suck. I mean, it would literally be gloom. Right? Not just that. But it’s also I mean, it’s a way that we communicate with a lot of our listener basis on Twitter, because we don’t really do Instagram because every time I say just just pick us pick a noun, right? I could say Apple on Instagram and I get my hand slapped her hands are nice casual swinger. They’re like, swing or bad. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:38

Yeah. How do you know I’m not just like, you know, you’re an average golfer, I think. Casual golfer Fuck off. Yeah,


OnlyAndi  1:04:45

well, what’s so great about that too, is you have you get your hand slapped for something that’s very basic and tame and Very Vanilla. Yeah. And then there’s somebody that’s like shaking their ass with like, you know, a piece of yarn, and it’s just like, and it’s like a like, it’s Got 55,000 likes, it’s like no Andy, bitch sit down


Mallory Gordon  1:05:08

a bitch. Would it be a total bitch if like all of this kerfluffle is happening? They’re like, yeah, nevermind, we’ve decided we’re


Mickey Gordon  1:05:19

only fans slap you guys in the face. When they did two things right? The first thing they did is they told Bloomberg before they told you, right? They told Bloomberg before they told you that they did this. And then when you guys all reach routers that you name it all over all over the media. It was I mean, Reuters got it. I think Ars Technica had it BuzzFeed had it, a bunch of people had it. And when we talk about this, all the creators freaked out and went totally fans and said, Hey, what’s going on? And only fan support is fucking hard to reach in the first place. So when they reached out to him, he said, No, no, no, no, we’re just changing our terms of service. So unverified creators can’t upload sexually explicit content. And that’s why people started posting, they started, the sex workers started posting, you’re gonna be okay, it’s fine. Go ahead and sign up. And now they found out that it was actually happening with a letter. And yesterday, only fans went out on and put it up there, they pinned it to the top of their Twitter, that sex workers, we appreciate you so much, we would not be where we are today. without you. We’re working on solutions, day and night. Right. But the solution wasn’t, we will protect you, we will stand behind you. We will stand between you and the credit card. They did not do that. So ladies, I know we’re coming up on the end of the hour here. So I want to ask you both a question. What’s your advice? For the other creators out there? Maybe they’re not in the top 1%? like both of you are? Maybe they don’t have the skills or the background or the education to market themselves the way you do? How do you get through this? What if you could name one or two things that everybody should do to move forward from this? What would you suggest about humanity? Oh, man,


ASMR Maddy  1:06:56

no ad already said, diversify, which is what everyone absolutely should be doing. It would shock you the places that you can post content and get traction. I mean, between Tick tock, you know, different subreddits. I know Andy has talked about chive. There, just keep pushing, pushing, pushing, if this is what you enjoy doing. If this is the space that you want to be in, there is a market for it. There will always be just keep going and putting yourself out there as best you can. There you go. What about you any anything special to add? Before we get out of your


OnlyAndi  1:07:37

backing right up on what Maddie said, patience and consistency. It just takes time. And you’re gonna run into a lot of roadblocks. And you’ve just got to be patient. And you got to learn to pick yourself back up and just keep going. You got to expect that it’s not instantaneous.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:54

Nobody’s out there picking up the sex workers is what it sounds like. No, no, no, there’s no help out there for us. So this has been a conversation with both only Andy and ASMR Matty to top flight only fans, creators that are pivoting with everything that’s going on out there today. This has been a pleasure. Ladies, we can’t thank you enough for joining us just to kind of talk about just what it feels like to be a sex worker today. Because it’s not the seedy shit that it used to be back in the day in New York City in an alley right? This is up work. I think it’s evolved.


Mallory Gordon  1:08:29

No, no, I I’m not laughing at you. I just had the image in my head. And it was funnier than Oh, absolutely. I’m sorry.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:35

Right. But it used to be that way. I mean, before New York City was cleaned up back in the early 90s. Exactly what it look


Mallory Gordon  1:08:41

like if you’re giving that rough liquid Amsterdam bed like Yeah, yeah, no sex work, I think is a lot more respected now than it has been in the last 50 years. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:50

And I think what happened with only fans here took a step back. There’s women out there that won’t pivot the way that you ladies are doing it. And they’re not going to be behind a camera anymore, because they still got bills to pay, they’re going to go back to doing it the old fashioned way. They’re going to put their lives in their health at risk. And this is happening because some old white dude wants to control the way that they make money and I think it’s fucked up. Yeah, I agree. So that’s how I feel about it. Ladies, we appreciate you so much thing, both of you for being on here one more time. You want to remind everybody where they can find each of you Andy starting with you


OnlyAndi  1:09:24

on Thank you for having me. It’s a it’s a big honor to be on here. But you can find me at only Andy calm that’s a n di and that has all my links and all the goodies to get a hold of me and make my neck tingle. ASMR


ASMR Maddy  1:09:41

first and foremost backslash if normality and ASMR Maddie calm that’s an add way.


Mickey Gordon  1:09:50

Yeah, in keeping with that theme as we get the hell out of here. Mallory you want to do your thing?


Mallory Gordon  1:09:55

Yeah, I think I need to I should have prepared Maddie and made her do it just cuz I want to hear her voice. As long as possible, um, wear casual swimwear everywhere. You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Want to check out our dating profiles that is double diggnation STC, SLS and Cassie feel like shoot us a message. You can find us podcast at casual And I think that’s all folks. So out of practice.


Mickey Gordon  1:10:21

It’s only been two weeks, right? Yeah, go, folks. This has been sex work is a lot of fucking work. Thanks a lot for listening and we’ll see you next time you’ve been listening to catch