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Singlerarity – The Unicorn Perspective

Thu, 9/2 10:25AM • 1:07:58


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Mickey Gordon, Nicole WET, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise.


Mickey Gordon  00:51

Hey, everybody, welcome to casual swinger. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:55

And I’m Mallory, are you? I still am.


Mickey Gordon  00:57

I’m gonna have to scream that name later.


Mallory Gordon  01:00

Please do I love it when when that happened?


Mickey Gordon  01:02

Oh, what’s up everybody? Welcome to episode eight of season two. We call it single rarity.


Mallory Gordon  01:09

Hmm, why is it Rarity?


Mickey Gordon  01:12

Well, there’s a lot of reasons right? So we’re talking this is back to back episodes. For us. This is really different. So we’re doing two days of episodes. we’re dropping one today. And we’re dropping one tomorrow. Today’s the unicorns perspective. And we all know unicorns are rare. Right? Right. And then tomorrow is the single guys perspective. So single rarities because a great unicorn. Well, those fuckers are rare.


Mallory Gordon  01:32

Yeah, but single guys aren’t so rare. The lifestyle however, quality singles. Oh, hard to find hard to find.


Mickey Gordon  01:40

We’re good to find. Hmm. Wonderful to find. So hard man is good to find. Haha. But yeah, so we’re gonna we’re gonna talk to a couple of cool people. We’ve got a unicorn joining us today, her name is Nicole. And we have a single guy joining us tomorrow, his name is Tyler. And they’re going to talk about what they think the lifestyle is about for them as a single and we thought we’d bring that to you guys and let them kind of articulate their perspectives probably know both of them.


Mallory Gordon  02:08

Exactly. And I think they’re prime examples of how to do single in the lifestyle. So really excited to share that with our listeners today. So let’s go through some housekeeping stuff. Do you mind?


Mickey Gordon  02:21

Oh, no, let’s do some housekeeping because I suck at it.


Mallory Gordon  02:24

Well, we’re gonna do a shout out to Ray MD over a euphoria Chronicles. They have a code for you guys to use on our store casual toys that gets you 20% off your entire order. What’s great about this code, is not only do you get a discount, but they donate the proceeds. Right?


Mickey Gordon  02:46

Yeah, we give them a little, a little piece and they give it to charity. Yeah. You know, when they approached us about that de came to us because she’s such a sweetheart. And she’s like, Look, I would love to help you guys promote your store. What can we do for our charities? And like, like, yeah, so yeah, we give them a little piece to give to charity. So basically, if you use that code, we don’t make shit, but the charity does, that’s fine


Mallory Gordon  03:08

with us. We love these guys. So if you go to casual toys shop and use the code euforia that’s eu PHRIA


Mickey Gordon  03:19

Yes, that girl can spell It’s so hot and she


Mallory Gordon  03:22

actually can just read right? I had to write it down. You know,


Mickey Gordon  03:27

we’ve got so many things coming up. We actually had to write down our schedule with all this stuff. We have coming up like podcast Palooza.


Mallory Gordon  03:34

Whoo I cannot wait to be in Miami and may literally be my favorite month to be in South Florida. It’s the most perfect what weather interests me I’m a native here.


Mickey Gordon  03:44

Yeah, all the flowers are blooming right nice night blooming Jasmine all that stuff happens so


Mallory Gordon  03:48

good. But But what’s really great is the humidity is not overwhelming. It’s still nice and warm. You could be naked. You could be in your swimsuit, you can get a tan. Oh yeah, like it’s just it really is perfect. But what I found out when we were reviewing the categories that some of these already sold out for podcast Palooza is


Mickey Gordon  04:06

they are there are already room categories that are sold out and by the way, what is podcast a Palooza Just so you know, guys, it is a gathering of bloggers and podcasters who are going to be presenting to you guys on different topics. But there’s pool parties topless pool parties. Believe love boobies, right? topless pool parties. There’s going to be themes. There’s going to be I mean my breakouts Yeah, like so many cool things. You got to do it. You got to go to podcast Palooza.


Mallory Gordon  04:34

It’s gonna be it’s gonna be awesome so a few people that you’re gonna see they’re our friends over at swinging down under write diaries. Yeah, we got a thing sex uninterrupted monogamous marriage, sex because sapphic swingers average swingers and bed hoppers right I love average swingers.


Mickey Gordon  04:51

I can’t wait to see you guys in October. If you guys are listening to this. We I gotta tell you guys this. This is like totally off topic. But in October, it’s Mickey’s birthday Mickey’s me, and my beautiful wife got me tickets to see Wade Bowen in New York just outside of Austin, Texas. Yeah, so first thing we did reach out to Janie and Jean go Hey, guys want to go to a concert? They’re like, not really, but we want to hang out with y’all. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  05:15

I love them so much. So yeah, Mickey’s a huge Texas country fan. It just happened to be his birthday weekend. So like, the universe blessed us with the opportunity to hang out with those guys who are really excited.


Mickey Gordon  05:26

I’m excited to see Wade but I’m really excited to see these guys do so that’s gonna be fucking awesome. Oh, you know what? Another one for podcaster Palooza. If I mean, oh, if you haven’t met the lady half of monogamous marriage. Oh, she’s stunning. She is. I think one of the most naturally beautiful people I’ve ever met in our lives. Okay,


Mallory Gordon  05:46

secret tag. Mickey has a crush.


Mickey Gordon  05:48

I do. I’m not gonna lie. She is she you know what, though? She’s so nice. They both are genuine.


Mallory Gordon  05:55

They’re beautiful people sometimes you’re in someone else’s presence and you actually feel the warmth and kindness that come off of them like just that genuine thing and before we spoke to words, I could feel their presence and there’s just something that draws me to them and and I can’t wait to be in the same places that my gun


Mickey Gordon  06:15

show here excited to sit I’m just there’s that too. But anyway, what about Hito we’ve got heated trips coming up you know we love you know, here on couch.


Mallory Gordon  06:24

Oh, I’m already lining out outfit ideas and I’m working with other people who want to you’re throwing like noodles at the wall to figure out because we have our own theme nights. Oh


Mickey Gordon  06:32

my God, we have some really good ones too.


Mallory Gordon  06:34

Dude, we have this ABC night anything but close, which is usually a challenge. But like the ideas that are coming through are fantastic. So super excited about that. And that’s for our upcoming November trip.


Mickey Gordon  06:45

I’m gonna wear a mac and cheese box on my penis.


Mallory Gordon  06:48

I love it. It’s


Mickey Gordon  06:49

gonna be a limit. But we’re going to November 2019 we actually are sold out for November 2019 but we can still get rooms because some of the other ta is down there have rooms to sell so if you guys haven’t done that I also know that iOS connections in November which is a week that overlaps RS has some rooms to sell correct. So if you want to go and you want to party with us or friends in the dirty pervs or with the rascals November still as a couple of rooms left and that’s right around the corner. 43 days away.


Mallory Gordon  07:18

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait. Oh, I totally forgot to like start exercising and stuff.


Mickey Gordon  07:22

Oh shit. We better do


Mallory Gordon  07:23

that. So yeah, quick setups. Yeah, right. How many crunches do I need to do between now and November to have a washboard stomach? Oh, I mean, I think it’s in the millions. Probably 10s of millions anywho but can’t come in November. There’s always February. There’s


Mickey Gordon  07:39

February 2020. That’s right around the corner. And we’re doing it again with the rascals that’s gonna be another sellout week. February is so fucking busy at Hito it’s just absolutely crazy. So yeah,


Mallory Gordon  07:50

but I mean, talk about if you live anywhere where it gets cold or snows talk about the perfect time to get some reprieve.


Mickey Gordon  07:55

Oh, God. Yeah, yeah, get me the hell out of the snow. I don’t want to be anywhere near that stuff. And last but not least, and this is you know, it’s kind of sad, our friends at swinging down under who we love to pieces and our friends that couple next door who was speaking of


Mallory Gordon  08:07

Don’t make me cry. Okay, okay.


Mickey Gordon  08:10

No, kiss hot, too. But my point is, I must be horny this morning. And he already gave me some. So how did that happen? All right, you’re digressing I am. But those guys are not going to be able to join us at Hito in June 2020. But we’re still going. We’re going with iOS connections. Things are gonna change a little bit in terms of the name, but the week is still there. It’s still on the website, come over there and check it out. This is going to be a really interesting thing, right? Leave the kids at home because it’s drop him off with grandma.


Mallory Gordon  08:38

Yes. So this this trip is actually different in a lot of ways. We love our rascals and they’re a lifestyle friendly group. So you have a mix of everybody. This is a more lifestyle focused group agreed, you know, and there’s no guarantee that you go on a trip like this and you have to play. That’s not how it works. Not even a little bit, but it does help create that environment where you’re all together in the same place at the same time. And you have that commonality.


Mickey Gordon  09:05

Yes. So and and you never know, right? I mean, we’ll do some stuff like named necklaces with some colors on them to help people figure out what to do. We’ve got some really cool entertainment teed up for that.


Mallory Gordon  09:15

Oh, yeah. Chuck and Julie lays right.


Mickey Gordon  09:17

They are said it’s a dirty Magic Show.


Mallory Gordon  09:19

Yes. Sexy lifestyle magicians.


Mickey Gordon  09:22

Yeah, so cool. Super, super cool. And last but not least, just coming up here on October 11 and 12th in Kissimmee, Florida. Join us in iOS connections at secrets hideaway, which is the coolest swinger club in Florida.


Mallory Gordon  09:36

They are there all weekend and Mickey and I will be joining them on Saturday, October 12 for the pool party during the day and then helping them in the evening for the Save to Tatas event, which is a great event. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Perfect timing. Great party lots of boobies


Mickey Gordon  09:53



Mallory Gordon  09:54

Yeah, please if you’re in the area, come come see us. Come join us come party.


Mickey Gordon  09:57

Yeah, great. DJs Taylor, time and be smooth. We’re gonna do a live podcast. We got all kinds of crazy shit going on. But hey,


Mallory Gordon  10:04

enough with the ads, okay, yeah, yeah, let’s go ahead and get to the meat of what we’re going to be talking about today. Mallory would like to get to the meat,


Mickey Gordon  10:11

folks, can we get to the meat? Where’s the beef? So hey, this is a cool piece we wanted to do for a while, we never really had the chance since we didn’t have, you know, a great guide to balance it out. Right? We’ve always known unicorns, we have a few in the rascals we know a few from Hito. But that’s just why we call it single rarity. And we’re gonna start with Ladies first. So tell us about Nicole.


Mallory Gordon  10:33

So Nicole is a wonderful friend that we met at hedonism in Jamaica shocker, folks, right? I think that’s must seem like we live there. Um, but we’ve been really blessed to meet a variety of human beings that have enriched her life. And she’s definitely one of them. I think Mickey describes her as 366 ish with a delicious booty


Mickey Gordon  10:54

pretty much sums her up right there. But


Mallory Gordon  10:55

she also has this really magnetic personality. The girl loves living life. And just being in her presence makes you happier by through osmosis, I believe. She’s got a great story. And she was in the lifestyle as a couple. She’s in the lifestyle now as a single. And she really went through some trials and tribulations to, to really attribute to where she’s at in her life. And it didn’t stop her from turning it around and going, I want to live the best version of my life. And I’m gonna live it to its fullest. And I’m going to be unapologetic about it. But she also is not in the business of hurting other people right at all. So this is the convergence of all the wonderful things and I’m probably sounding a little crazy here and putting her on a pedestal. But I admire her and I love the empowerment I see in her. And as a woman in general. Much respect. She’s definitely one of my heroes when you know, she told me that story. It was just an awe. It was one of those you laugh You cry you hug. Boy?


Mickey Gordon  12:02

boobs, movies. Yeah. You know, for me, I love seeing somebody that takes control of their life and their future and in themselves and owns their sexuality. It’s one of my favorite things that you do Mallory, and you know, I for her, having you know, those struggles. It was like she was born again. Yeah, she when she took. And it was like the beginning of a new life for her. So it’s like she talks about her life. Like there was one. And now there’s this.


Mallory Gordon  12:29

Yeah, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes?


Mickey Gordon  12:32

Yes. Yeah. So that’s what we love her. And we wanted to bring her here to you guys, for single Rarity, we’re going to talk about what it means to be responsible single lady safety during travel and making long lasting relationships in the lifestyle. I think you guys are going to enjoy it and you’re going to enjoy her. So what else? Well, we got to do the other side of this thing, right? Because we have Nicole, so we have to talk about your friend Tyler.


Mallory Gordon  12:56

Ah, Tyler’s amazing. He’s a wonderful guy that I met some time ago. And it’s kind of funny. I you teed that up for me?


Mickey Gordon  13:04

I did. I actually, you know, Mallory had been talking for a long time about, you know, maybe wanting to have a little me time, you know, a little time to play and I’m a fan, right? I love when she gets off. And I love and she takes her empowerment to the next level and really takes ownership of your sexuality, just like we talked about with Nicole. So we had been reached out to and this is something that we are actually kind of against. Yeah, when guys reach out to us in our profile says not to, that’s kind of a strike that strike one right there, like reaching out to us. And when we asked you not to, we kind of like looking for them ourselves. However, one guy reached out to us, and he was so respectful and just so cool. He was like, hey, look, I know you’re not interested in me. But I have to tell you all the reasons I love your profile, I just moved here. You know, this is like a year and a half ago, I just I just moved to the area. And I would really love, you know, to hang out and have a beer. Right? He’s like, nothing, nope, no lifestyle stuff. I just love being around lifestyle people. And you guys seem like a blast. And I was like, Look, we’re gonna put a pin in that one. And we’re gonna hang on to it.


Mallory Gordon  14:06

Yep. Yep. And, you know, it just happened to work out. You know that that approach with no pressure? And that genuine tone, right? Because you don’t know somebody until you get to know somebody. Right? Yeah, you have to take a gamble and put yourself out there. And I could have showed up met this guy and be like, he’s he’s a dirtbag. You know, he’s just here to you know, he doesn’t give a shit. What’s between my ears. He wants to know what’s between my legs. So yeah, but he isn’t necessarily wrong with that. If that’s your Bally wick, it’s just a mine.


Mickey Gordon  14:38

Well, and he did a really good job, right? I mean, so Oh, yeah, I went back to the well and I said, Hey, you reached out to us some time ago. Here’s what’s up. You know, we’re considering this. Would you like to reestablish this conversation and see how it goes? And first of all, he


Mallory Gordon  14:53

was totally embarrassed to do it myself.


Mickey Gordon  14:55

Yeah, Mallory apparently is the worst swinger in the universe.


Mallory Gordon  14:59

I just I’m a flirt game is hurt


Mickey Gordon  15:02

flirt game is. Yeah, it’s dude. So I just kind of teed it up and you’re like, Well, how do you want to do this? You know, do you want to be a part of the conversation? Should I copy you on every message I send her. You know, he said, Whatever makes you comfortable, Mickey. And I was like, dude, no, I trust her. But thank you. And I kind of said, Wait a minute, this guy is pretty cool. And he’s doing all the right things. And this is kind of how we brought him to be a part of the single Rarity because he did such a good job and they’re surely dead.


Mallory Gordon  15:28

He hit all the high notes plus some I never even thought of


Mickey Gordon  15:31

so yeah, and that week, you did go out with him. And you did have some fun. You broke the roller coaster. What did it cost me? like three days of


Mallory Gordon  15:39

you? I couldn’t even sit down. No kidding. Yeah, it was. It was intense. There was a lot of passion, which is great. And that’s that’s chemistry that you can’t, you know, just pull out of thin air.


Mickey Gordon  15:53

Yeah, right. And make that shit up.


Mallory Gordon  15:54

No, you can’t. No, it’s crazy. So I had a great time


Mickey Gordon  15:58

and see what else is going on? Well, so this is kind of new, right? We’re traveling like crazy. This week. I’m going to Arizona. I’ll be out in the Midwest. Yeah, you’re going back to the Midwest. So now you know that’s not lifestyle travel. That’s just work. You did have a birthday.


Mallory Gordon  16:12

I did have a birthday. And it was so wonderful. And thank you everyone who sent well wishes and, and kind words. I’m such a squishy person on the inside it literally like I was laying there in bed at night. And I just felt like on top of the world. I was floating with the outpouring of love. So thank you so much. Ah, I think it was freaking awesome. And also speaking of floating Twinkle Toes over there.


Mickey Gordon  16:39

Yeah, got her ballroom dancing lesson. Oh, we’re going to shake our shit.


Mallory Gordon  16:43

Oh, ladies, my heart literally melted. I’ve been waiting 13 years to dance with this wonderful man.


Mickey Gordon  16:50

I don’t know about wonderful, but I’m gonna do my best.


Mallory Gordon  16:52

Even if we suck it up. It’s gonna be fun.


Mickey Gordon  16:55

Oh, you’re gonna suck. We’re talking about things again early.


Mallory Gordon  16:59

Come on, but I’m also going to tape up my toes.


Mickey Gordon  17:01

Yeah, I’ll probably just wear some steel toed boots. It’s fine. It’ll go with the dress. Perfect. Yeah, well, Anyways, guys, we got to get to the good stuff here. Well, yeah, you wouldn’t meet Nicole. She’s the unicorn with a booty let us know if you loved it and check her out in the show notes. We’ve got lots of information on for her and tune in tomorrow, where you’re gonna meet Tyler, the single guy who actually got Mallory’s attention, which is pretty tough to do. Mallory, you want to tell everybody where they can find us and we’ll come back with Nicole.


Mallory Gordon  17:32

Sounds great. Hey, we’re casual swinger everywhere. Guys. Look for us on social media that includes Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also find us on SLS SDC Cassidy. double date nation and REM quiver now. Yeah, we are actually planned axon quiver. Check out our website casual swinger calm and if you’d like to shoot us a note podcast at casual swinger. If you love us and want to tell us about it, please consider leaving a review on iTunes.


Mickey Gordon  18:04

Wow, that is such a mouthful. I don’t know how you do it and you miss it.


Mallory Gordon  18:07

I love mouthfuls though. Yeah, I like oral fixation.


Mickey Gordon  18:11

Here we go again. Hey, everybody, we’ll be back right after this. You’re listening to casual swinger. Hey guys, welcome back


Mallory Gordon  18:40

to casual slinger Mallory here.


Mickey Gordon  18:42

Oh, this is Mickey. And we have a guest for you. Oh, we do. So this is the first part of a two part series. We talked about this a little bit earlier for you guys. We’re calling the single Rarity, single rarity. We’re talking about unicorns and single guys and really just the ones that stand out. Maybe some of the ones that we’ve met across, you know, this country as we’ve traveled around, but what it means to be a single in the lifestyle. kind of crazy and that person that we brought for you guys today is from World exotic travel. She’s a travel agent. We met her on the beach in Jamaica. She’s that girl that backed into the lifestyle because harasses so fine, Nicole, how you doing today? I’m doing fantastic. I love that introduction. Thank you.


Mallory Gordon  19:24

My favorite. Nicole, thank you so much for joining us today when I think of, you know prime examples of people who take the single lifestyle and maximize it and approach it ethically. You’re definitely one of those folks that come to mind. Thank you. You’re welcome. So Single Ladies in the lifestyle are often referred to as unicorns because they’re so rare. How would you describe yourself? Would you describe yourself as a unicorn?


Nicole WET  19:54

Oh, definitely. Definitely a unicorn fairy by friendly Not by curious though I am curious in certain situations


Mallory Gordon  20:04

where I’m fear makes


Mickey Gordon  20:07

me furious. That’s crazy. Hey, real quick, tell us what your definition of unicorn is because you know people can go to our swing generi on casual Springer calm and see what a unicorn is. But why don’t you tell people? What does it mean to you to be a unicorn?


Nicole WET  20:22

For me being a unicorn is a bisexual, single female in the lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that I’m always with a woman doesn’t make them always capitals, and it doesn’t mean that I’m just gonna be with a single man,


Mickey Gordon  20:36

you’re twice as likely to get a date, three times it’s like, love it, love it.


Mallory Gordon  20:42

So I’m going to go ahead and take this next one, if you don’t mind, I want to know what experience thought fantasy brought you actually into the lifestyle as a single woman,


Nicole WET  20:53

as a single I was kind of rusted into it. I actually started out as a couple. And I was seeing somebody and he was seeing somebody else and said, Hey, the southerner I’m seeing is interested in a threesome with another girl? Would you be interested? And I said, Sure. And here I am.


Mickey Gordon  21:14

Wow, that’s the definition of ripping the top off a Pandora’s box. And


Mallory Gordon  21:17



Mickey Gordon  21:18

right or just opening Nicole’s box. So I mean, that brought you in, but obviously, that relationship didn’t work out because you’re single now. So I mean, did how did that evolve? What kept you in the lifestyle?


Nicole WET  21:30

Definitely the people. I did give it a hard thought, when we separated because I walked into this as a couple. And when we separated, I thought, do I still want to be a part of this? And said, Nope, I don’t want to do this anymore. And two days later, I went back to the club that I usually go to and said, I need to be around my friends. And here are my friends. And here are the people that I love. And I love the environment. So I’m saying


Mickey Gordon  22:02

so as a unicorn, would you say that most of your experiences have been positive or negative? And tell us a little bit about your experience as a whole? And how long you’ve been what what we call now consensually non monogamous how long you’ve been doing it


Nicole WET  22:18

and have your experiences been good? For the most part? Yeah, they’ve been all positive experiences. Everybody wants to meet a unicorn, so I’m taking advantage of that.


Mallory Gordon  22:30

Amen. You definitely a rare breed the most sought after objects. I don’t know how to describe it, what would you call it? Not objects. That’s a little offensive.


Nicole WET  22:44

We all objectify each other in a sense in this because for a couple, you have your significant other and everything else is just in addition to there is objectification, which is not negative at all? Yeah, sorry. I just jumped Oh, okay. Oh, good. Oh, good.


Mickey Gordon  23:04

No worries. Live conversation is tough to have. Yeah. And he’s triple versus all the time, ask our listeners how many times they’ve heard me go. Yeah, literally, he’s


Mallory Gordon  23:12

over there. thumbing his lips right now. Um, so you say it’s mostly positive. And when I think about non monogamy and the lifestyle community, like I can’t help but draw this parallel between what it’s like to date in the single life because I feel like those experiences in those environments are probably a little more negative, and a little more potentially hostile. And they are the lifestyle. I think there’s a sense of security inside this community. That gives singles a even more, I don’t know, positive environment to operate inside of


Nicole WET  23:47

definitely, it is more positive within the lifestyle community as a single person. I’m not judged when I’m with somebody, and somebody else comes up. And I’ve walked away with that person, nobody bats an eye and being single going into the vanilla world and explaining this to somebody and say about 75% of the time I don’t ever talk to them again once I bring this up, and I’m okay with that. Because this is where I want to be I have had some remarks made and I just smile and say, you know, I’m not everybody shot of whiskey, but I am for some and those are the ones I want to be around and they drink the whole fucking bottle down day.


Mallory Gordon  24:25

Yeah, by the way, I love Yeah, I don’t know if you know this


Mickey Gordon  24:30

whiskey drink.


Mallory Gordon  24:31

Alright, I’m gonna turn my perv down a little bit and get back to the No, no, no, I like it where it is. Okay, love you woman. So, um, do you have like any defining moments that gave you like an aha or a new and the lifestyle or even like a Wu fuckin


Nicole WET  24:46

who like I think the most empowering the first really empowering moment. For me as a woman in the lifestyle. Not as a couple as a single but as a woman with my first trip to hedonism in Jamaica, my favorite place to be. I was walking down by the new schools and stopped. And I was talking to this lady. And she looked at me and she said, Do you believe he wasn’t going to live before he stuck it. And I was dumbfounded and in awe. And I thought I can get away with saying this here. Because it is about women. And I was just so empowered hearing her say that and meaning it, it was one of the best moments, it was the biggest aha moment for me as a woman in the lifestyle.


Mickey Gordon  25:41

Are you saying that one must lick it? Before he sticks it?


Nicole WET  25:44

Yeah, I love him. It was I’ve never heard anybody say that before. When she said it. I was like, Oh, I guess gas, oil. And I fell in love with her and all of her because she was just such a strong, powerful woman saying that you don’t hear that?


Mallory Gordon  26:06

Isn’t that like, so hot, though, when you see that happen, you know, in or out of the community vanilla or not? Like when they’re just so


Nicole WET  26:12

free? Like that, that just turned on. She was sticking to what she wanted. And she wasn’t going to settle for anything else. And I was like, Oh, we can do that.


Mickey Gordon  26:23

And you know, who wasn’t working? on it didn’t like it? Correct. So, I mean, in a public setting, how do you identify yourself as a unicorn, whether it’s a lifestyle event, or Hito? I mean, I get it like after a few days, you realize that the people following you are just you’re like the Pied Piper that but just guys just follow you around all over the place. So like, how do you identify yourself as a unicorn? If you want to meet a couple? Or if you want to meet a guy? Yeah, I mean, I know you mean, you know, you bet those eyeballs and guys come running. But tell me how, you know, how do you identify? How do people find you?


Nicole WET  26:58

All right, thank you very much. I absolutely adore you, I’m gonna tell you forever. everything you just said.


Mickey Gordon  27:06

Here, folks, that’s how this word I get a podcast say nice things get laid by Nikki casual.


Nicole WET  27:12

He didn’t even have to talk and he was still gonna get like, you can go with the obligatory had been with the unicorn horn on it. You know, and people look at you, Nathan, are you unicorn guess I’m a unicorn. But I have the shirt. And I have all sorts of stuff that have the unicorn on it to make me stand out a little bit when I want to other time, you know, you’re in a group of people and somebody else say, well, who are you here with? And I pipe up and say nobody. I’m here by myself. And everybody gets quiet. And they look at you. And they say you’re here by yourself? Yeah, some unicorn. And that’s when everybody starts to smile. No, like, Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Mallory Gordon  27:57

Is that when you see like their eyeballs spin and all the sevens lineup like they hit the jackpot? Sure. Yeah, I love that you use something that’s a call to action that’s nonverbal, like the headband with a unicorn. So it inspires conversation for people to approach you and ask that question. So that’s actually really good advice. If you know there’s a single lady out there is going, you know, I’m standing here and no one’s really approaching me. And maybe I’m not comfortable approaching them not knowing what their situation is. So that’s actually kind of cool.


Mickey Gordon  28:27

Yeah. So as a as a unicorn, though, I mean, and I there’s a lot of ways to do it. Right? I think. I want to say Mallory had a shirt that said, I’m here to fucking chew gum, and I’m all out of gum or something like that. We had something like that. Not everybody’s going to wear a shirt or a unicorn horn fair, you didn’t want to be obvious about it? How would you approach a couple and say, Hey, by the way, I’m here alone. And I think one of you is gorgeous. How do you have that conversation in? Is


Nicole WET  28:55

that something that you do? I’m very careful with couples. So I I don’t approach that way, I’ll start to talk to both partners together. And I’m kind of read body language. definitely read body language, you know, making sure everybody’s comfortable. And then I hit up with, so what do you win to just keep watching them, but I like to do it with those people together. Because I don’t want to feel want to make one feel slighted that they weren’t involved in initial conversation that, you know, they’re taking one for the team. So I make sure they’re both there when I approached them. I tried to I really do. But you know, sometimes we’re all drunk and you just start talking to somebody. And as soon as they mentioned, they have a partner, like bring him either.


Mickey Gordon  29:41

Do this.


Mallory Gordon  29:42

I love that because you’re using some of those nonverbal cues to see if it’s the right timing to open up that conversation and going ahead and calling attention to it and bring it out into the open instead of you know, waiting for something implied or for somebody else to purchase the conversation. I love that you take control of that


Nicole WET  29:58

or you have to because there’s a lot of times where I think wives or girlfriends are really pushed into a circumstance where they don’t want to be where they’re not comfortable. So if I’m getting the vibe that they don’t want any part of this, and they’re just doing it, to appease him, I’ll excuse myself. So and you can pick up on that very easily by their eyes or body language, if they’re tugging at him, maybe stepping beside him even more or behind him, or looking away not being involved in the conversation. I just excuse myself. Gotcha.


Mallory Gordon  30:35

Do you say would you say that’s maybe one of the biggest challenges you faced, as you know, as single tackling, you know, ethical non monogamy? Or did it spawn any other challenges? Or have you come across any others?


Nicole WET  30:48

I think that’s the biggest one is just making sure that everybody’s on the same path that they both want the same thing. I’ve had a lot of circumstances where men will bring their wives ever to meet me. And they’re just not feeling it. And sometimes the wives the way we say, you know, what, can you just take him? Because I don’t want to do anything right now. Amina not interested in this, please take him off my hands for an hour, I need to be left alone.


Mallory Gordon  31:20

You’re like husband daycare center at your service?


Mickey Gordon  31:24

This guy can come six times in an afternoon, I only need three, would you please take these three?


Nicole WET  31:31

I do get that a lot. And I’m happy to help out there because sometimes getting with couples is it’s a lot of work.


Mickey Gordon  31:39

Okay, so let’s talk about that for a second. Because, you know, part of single Rarity, which is what this episode is called, is talking to singles, that we respect people that we’ve met out there in the lifestyle. And obviously you’re one of those people. So I want to know as a great example of how to single right how to do it right in the lifestyle. What is it that you think makes you successful? Because I think you’re wildly successful at being single in the lifestyle


Mallory Gordon  32:05

and athelete ethical, yeah,


Mickey Gordon  32:06

ethical. Yeah, you’re very ethical about it. Everybody knows who you are. And they know that you’re not there to take anybody’s husband away. So not now, I don’t want that again. What is it that makes you successful? Um,


Nicole WET  32:18

I think it’s because I include everybody in the conversation. I don’t try to exclude anybody in it. That’s the worst feeling. And I’ve been there, I know what it feels like to be excluded in that. And when you’re part of a couple us, as the wife or the girlfriend, you still want to be the main focus. So I do try to direct my focus more towards the woman. Like I said, I am married by, and that’s another thing, I really have to click with the woman to be with the man also, if there’s no chemistry with her, it’s not going to happen with him, guys, unless they have one of those where, you know, he’s allowed to go off on his own. But if it’s part of a couple of I’m not clicking, I don’t really have to click with him. But I really have to click with her. And vice versa.


Mallory Gordon  33:10

You know, I think I can completely relate to that. I mean, because it’s not like we went to like swinger college to learn this kind of etiquette. And a lot of ways we’ve even been on the opposite side of that equation.


Mickey Gordon  33:22

You got all the DS in swinger all the DS.


Mallory Gordon  33:31

But a lot of times, we learned by either being that other person the other side, and having that learning curve, or seeing it happen, and you know, by osmosis, you know, talking about this and communities and with each other, to, you know, continue being better at non monogamy here. So would you say you learned through experience and conversation, or is this something that you approach as a standard? And I mean, did you read books, forums, how did you come up with your list of ethics in this process?


Nicole WET  34:02

So my ethics came from my own experiences as a couple. When women would just approach my ex, like, I was meeting there. And he’d say, Come on, let’s get to the room. And I’d look at him like, he was crazy. You know, I don’t even know her. She hasn’t spoken to words with me. There’s no way of going back to her room with the three of you know, the two of you, it’s not happening. When I became single, I thought, okay, I’m not going to do that to somebody else. I hated the way it felt. And I thought it was pretty crappy that I had to come about my way, being single that way, but I mean, for everybody else, it’s pretty awesome. You know, they don’t have to worry about me sneaking behind or just coming up. You know, he would never have to worry about me coming up and making me saying, Hey, you know, let’s get back to a room without saying anything to you. I always come out and say, you know, Hi, I’m so you know, Nicole, do my little spiel. And who are you here with? I always want to know, upfront if they’re with somebody or not. And then I want to talk to them right away. I don’t ever want anybody to think that any, there was a hidden agenda anywhere. I definitely don’t want to keep them.


Mickey Gordon  35:25

Please take this back. I’m done with it.


Mallory Gordon  35:28

Short term leaves, please.


Mickey Gordon  35:29

So that kind of leads us to the next question and conversation here about doing it wrong. So when it comes to being a single in the lifestyle, and I think this probably goes for men and women, but from your perspective, what’s something not to do? And we’ve got a couple of things here. So we’re gonna ask you a couple of things, specifically, as it relates to other singles in the lifestyle. What’s it? What’s a do not do as a single female? What’s one of those things? You go? Oh, don’t fucking do that.


Nicole WET  35:55

Right there is there really isn’t any downside there. But


Mickey Gordon  35:58

it’s just


Nicole WET  36:02

like, hey, do you have an hour to spare? Like, I recall, one time walking back to my room, and I saw this hot guy sitting on the steps and I said to you want to go back for a while? And he said, Sure. I don’t think I even got his name. That’s fantastic. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  36:26

you for a unicorn for a female is probably more related to don’t give them hope that isn’t there, right? Because I think maybe single guys that are lifestyle would love to meet a girl that’s in the lifestyle. But if you’re not into it for more than just getting laid should probably say so. Right?


Nicole WET  36:39

Oh, thing happened. Everything evolved, and things evolve out of your control when it comes to that aspect. I’ve, I’ve met somebody and and we both are very similar in how we are in a lifestyle. But when we’re together, we’re kind of together. But you know, we’ll be with other people and we meet up. And I think that’s been evolving in a weird space. And I mean, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. But I’m enjoying it. So you’re kidding. You’re already connected. Yeah. And yeah, it’s kind of gross.


Mallory Gordon  37:22

But oh, it’s not your perfect however you are,


Nicole WET  37:27

I love being a single unicorn and pronounce alaikum.


Mallory Gordon  37:35

Whatever. So let me ask you this, I’m going to I’m going to make this a little more complicated. How do you approach jealousy? And what do you not do in an environment where it rears its head as a single person? If you come across, let’s say a couple or someone else that has that jealous bone? What advice can you say don’t do this? Or maybe do approach it this way. And that environment? Because we’ve seen it? It’s rare. Yeah, it


Nicole WET  38:05

does happen. It does, it does happen. I try not to be involved with it. And you can always pick up on it. And I just tried to distance myself from that couple. Thinking about it, I have involved in something similar, I was with a capital one. And the next time we met up, I picked up this horrible, horrible vibe from the wife. So I backed off. And I even said to the husband, you know, I don’t like the vibe I’m getting from her. I think you really need to focus on her, you know, say hi to me, whatever. But you know, let’s just leave it at that and keep our distance. Because I don’t want her to feel more secure. And we’re all friends again, which is really nice. She, you know, picked up on Okay, she’s gone after him and you have to pull away from it, you really have to distance yourself from that capital. Okay, he feels more secure about it.


Mallory Gordon  39:02

You know, and to me, that makes sense. Because you can’t therapy it out of them. You can’t fix it. But you can acknowledge that it exists and take yourself out of the equation and let them handle whatever it is they need to do. And try not indefinitely don’t force the issue is what I’m getting.


Nicole WET  39:19

Oh god no, no, because it when you can find it like that, especially at these resorts or conventions wherever you’re at. I think it just amplifies the situation. And just walking away from it and having the No Contact really helps to subdue and it does, I think empowers the wife again, the girlfriend that Okay, yeah, this is, you know, this is my territory and I’ve got it back and you just have to distance yourself and you don’t want to be the person who goes in especially to single females. Oh no, it’s all right. You just Shut up, walk away. This is something that you can just drop, and that’s one of them. walk away from it.


Mickey Gordon  40:07

So let’s talk about something that’s a little bit different. Right? You know, most of our listeners, they probably figured out that, you know, our real names are not Mickey and Mallory. Right, natural born swingers, that’s us. But we kind of hide behind a veil, just like a lot of us in the lifestyle. Do a lot of us in the lifestyle stand behind that veil of secrecy, because of how we’re concerned about being treated by people whose honestly, it’s none of their fucking business, how we do sex, it’s another business, what were you how we do it, where we do it, the number one thing I want to change about sexuality is that other people think mine is their business. It’s not. Now that said, Have you had trouble in the vanilla world with being outed or being single in the lifestyle and tell me about effects that maybe it had on your relationships,


Nicole WET  40:56

I am very open about being in a lifestyle, my friends know about it, people at work, pretty much know about it. I work in the mental health industry during the day. So for them, it’s more acceptable. I’m very fortunate in that aspect. Where they look at it as it’s empowering, because I’m taking charge of my sexuality in my life. So you go, and they know I go to nudist resort to vacation. You know, joke in the offices. Nicole never had to pack for swimsuit, when she goes on vacation.


Mickey Gordon  41:32

Well, I just wondered if it’s had an effect on your relationships,


Nicole WET  41:36

relationship wise. Trying to date in the vanilla world, being in a lifestyle, positive lifestyle. I don’t want my time wasted. And I don’t want to waste somebody else’s time. So you know, I’ll start talking to somebody and I feel like it’s clicking that I like him, maybe it’s gonna have some potential down the road, maybe to go somewhere, you know, and it’s not just a one night stand and say, Okay, this is who I am. I’m incidence, sex positive lifestyle. I go to these resorts. I go on these vacations. these are these are the clubs that I visit. And then I usually say after that, but I don’t want you to ask me any questions right now what I want you to do is hang up with me, Google, Google, everything I just told you. Think about some questions you have for me. And call me tomorrow, if you want to ever talk to me again. I’d love that. And I found that that is that works so well. Because I’ve just given this person and out, clear out. And I’m always shocked that they do call me back. I do get like 50% of the guys will call me back, which is always shocking to me. Because I figured, you know, this is where I’m going to lose them. And the questions are never as obscene as I imagine they’re going to be you know, in my head, I’m always thinking, it’s going to ask me about having a threesome or being with a woman. And just, I’m always there, I’m always ready for those questions. And I have yet to get that I usually get something on the line of how did you get into this? And you seem so strong and independent? I get that comment a lot. That, you know, maybe it isn’t that bad. And I’m really interested. And I the one question that I always do get is, do you think if we were together, you could be monogamous? And


Mickey Gordon  43:42

I got a question from Mallory when we met, she wanted to know if I could give it up. She said if I asked you to would you? What was my answer? By the way,


Mallory Gordon  43:50

if that’s what we needed to succeed in our relationship,


Mickey Gordon  43:52

I’d be there.


Mallory Gordon  43:53

You’d absolutely do it. But I would never ask that of you. It was a really interesting conversation to have, because I wanted to know how involved in your life This was because I was so oblivious to what it really looked like. Right, I came into it with that stereotype and with my taboos that surrounded it, because I mean, that’s what I knew. And party. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Like, is this gonna scale? And, you know, is this going to be what I want as well, because I think it’s great that you rip the band aid off. You put it all out there, you leave it on the field, you have them, look at it, digest it and go, okay, no guilt. This is who I am. This is how I want to live my life. I’m unabashed and unapologetic about it. But I also feel like I owe it to you to be upfront and put it out there and allow you to make that decision for yourself. And I think that’s a beautiful thing.


Mickey Gordon  44:50

You know why I never do key parties why I’d never do one even if they still had them. Because we


Mallory Gordon  44:54

don’t actually have keys anymore. Everything’s digital. Nobody’s


Mickey Gordon  44:56

got fucking keys. Door happens when you touch the damn handle. Now it’s really your mind. It’s like what the hell? But you know what if somebody did have keys, I get some dude’s keys. You get Brian Jamie. Oh, damn it. Frank, why are you here frame? Why can I get Sheila’s keys? Sheila never gets to his key. You got Sheila’s keys? I got Frank’s keys. That’s exactly what would happen. I love it. It is.


Mallory Gordon  45:24

So I have to admit article when we were talking there, and you were referencing the questions that they would come back and ask you versus what you thought they were, my mind was totally they’re thinking about what is your preferred play style, whether it’s couples or singles? Or what?


Nicole WET  45:41

Oh, it’s whatever the moment is, you know, yeah, I definitely learned you don’t go into a situation with a plan you plan never worked out. Like when you go somewhere thinking I this is what I’m going to do. It never works out that way. And then you disappoint yourself. But if you go into a situation with an open mind, and everybody’s got a great energy flowing, things will happen that you didn’t imagine you were gonna do that. And I and I love that. I love it. When somebody makes you feel very comfortable and secure in the moment, and you just start doing things and they’re always epic time. There always be that stories that you have my masturbatory highlight reel is almost strictly Mallory doing the shit she never thought she would do.


Mickey Gordon  46:37

When that happens, just like so this happened. And I’m like,


Nicole WET  46:40

I love those. I love those moments. When you’re thinking you’re in the middle of the Act. And you’re thinking, I don’t know how I got here. But I’m so utterly happy right now. I could not be happier. At this moment. I’ve got all this going on. And this is perfect. And if I would have stuck to my plan, it never would have happened.


Mickey Gordon  47:03

No. And there’s no way for a guy on the air on on you know audio formats to successfully imitating an orgasm without sounding terrible. I’m over here going. I mean, you just can’t make it sound right. I look like a jackass when I do it. I sound like a jackass when I do it.


Mallory Gordon  47:22

You know, we have to ask that guy Michael. I can’t think of his last name. But he was on police academy, because I bet he’d have a


Mickey Gordon  47:29

client and we’re gonna reach out to him tomorrow and hit his agent and be like, I got some sound. Can you do that for me? Alright, so real quick. You know, speaking of orgasms in sounds and all this stuff, Mallory has this go bag, which is her staple for playdates guys, girls, couples, whatever she wants to do. I kind of let her do her thing. But she’s got toys. lubes condoms, hair ties, mints, a vacuum cleaner. She’s like this kinky Mary Poppins. So I got to know Nicole, what’s in your go bag,


Nicole WET  48:02

my go bag. I love my go bag. And I always have my go bag with me with them at these resorts and conventions. It always has lube in it, of course, breath mints or gum, one of the other hygiene lights. Definitely hygiene, right? Because sometimes you’re not in a spot where you can go and do your little cleanup in the bathroom. It’s just not going to happen. But a lot of us don’t feel comfortable unless we can at least clean kills a little bit. I mean, it’s like you’ve been


Mallory Gordon  48:36

at a bit of a we need a horse back. Come on my horse. Yeah, some horses back.


Mickey Gordon  48:40

There you go. Yeah. So you don’t leave trails in your husband’s seat of his car.


Mallory Gordon  48:45

We’re gonna talk about that later.


Nicole WET  48:48

As a toy, it just depends. If you’re with two guys, you don’t need a toy.


Mallory Gordon  48:54

ice pack in a in an energy drink. How many is the present and again,


Mickey Gordon  49:03

never had a Brazilian even we had a million.


Mallory Gordon  49:07

So side note secret time. My birthday was the other day and I get this really cute birthday card in the mail from Rachel of Rachel’s rascals and Jim. And literally, there’s two Barbies on there. And she goes, You know, I just slept with a Brazilian and she goes, how many is that again? And I know it’s an old joke, but it fucking makes me crack up every time I see it. So I lost that one. Oh, it’s a classic. So Alright, so if I had to imagine myself, heaven forbid, Mickey’s like, now you’re out? I’m done. I don’t see myself never been in life. So I think that I will always have a part in it. And as a single, what platforms would I use to go out there and meet other people? Would it be online? Would it be events meet and greets? Would it be the vanilla world? You know, what do you use and what do you think is The most successful platform for singles


Nicole WET  50:03

dating in the vanilla lifestyle and in the in our fun lifestyle or sex positive lifestyle is pretty much the same. It’s really well, folks, there’s no hope for you. Congratulations. Yeah, it says it sucks on both aspects at least in the lifestyle. You know, nobody judges you when you have sex the first night. I like to say it’s part of the interview process. It is very important to me that we have great sexual chemistry. And you have the guys in the vanilla world you know, you sleep with them the first night they’re like, Oh my god, and I think it’s so funny that they still think that because you do that also, but online works great because I’m like where I’m at the bars are horrible. Unless I drive half an hour 45 minutes. You got an Uber? So online is really great.


Mallory Gordon  51:01

Is that like a lifestyle focus site? Or is it like Tinder?


Nicole WET  51:05

I do. I do a lot of us like Facebook just came out with their Facebook dating. And so that’s been a little interesting.


Mickey Gordon  51:16

The seriously started dating site.


Nicole WET  51:19

I don’t I missed it. But you know, it’s funny. The first two guys I met on there were both lifestyle guys.


Mickey Gordon  51:29

Were having swinger in our name. Fuck you. Facebook. Justin just in case. You douchebags are listening. So Alright, in porn. There’s a old kind of a dash in porn that says new dick causes problems. Now that was before Viagra. That was like from the back in the day, like before my time because I’m very young. But the day young stallion here, that’s me. And back in the day, they said young debt causes problems. So my question for you is, as a lifestyler, who’s out there meeting people online word of mouth events meet and greets, like Mallory said, Do God, do you find the guys often say I’m so down? I want to do that. And then when the rubber hits the road, they panic. They fucked up. They can’t perform? Do you find problems with guys that say they’re gonna be fine? And then they’re not or no,


Nicole WET  52:18

I don’t run into that very often. The last event that we were at, I had, I had no issues with any guy performing, which was great. There was a very young one. And there were two that were more age appropriate. My friends like to tell me, now I’m really enjoying that title. I’m really starting to revel in it. And I’m okay with it. And actually right now, I’m wearing my Cougar panties, pennies and my Cooper bra.


Mickey Gordon  52:45

Can you perfer listeners?


Mallory Gordon  52:46

Can you also send a pic for proof?


Mickey Gordon  52:54

resume PR they just take their praying bucket. Right? lifestyles not all play. Right? The lifestyle actually has a lot of things to it. It has awkward moments in in sometimes it’s kind of funny. So do you have any experiences, soundbites or anecdotes that you want to share with our listeners? What’s the fucking funniest thing that ever happened to you whether it was during play before play after play? hated it for play. Guys don’t talk about that. But girls can. Let’s hear about it.


Nicole WET  53:22

Oh my god. So Vanya, I guess would be the first time that I had slept with another man. This is when I was with my app, and we couldn’t find a room. My access with the wife and I was with the husband. And there was no room to be found. So we ended up finding this corner and we’re having a great time. And I look over and there’s my ex standing there. And I just saw and I said hey, do you want to join? And he’s looking at me and he’s like, No, I’m just watching. I was like, Okay, can you get me a gin and tonic? I’m really thirsty. And he’s like, sure any brought it back and the guy I was with was just like, okay, I can’t do this. I gotta go. Got up and laugh. And I was like, I just I don’t know how to act. I did not know how to act with another guy. I was like, I totally removed myself from it and just started talking to my husband. And it was it was so odd. And it was Yeah, I don’t do that anymore. Right now. Alright,


Mallory Gordon  54:30

here’s an off the wall one for you. Because I’ve been dying to ask this question for like 87,000 episodes, even though we only have 2017 if you died and you were reincarnated as a sex toy, what would it be?


Nicole WET  54:41

Oh, I would come back as the high massage or did you get to experience that


Mallory Gordon  54:51

and that was the most intense orgasmic


Nicole WET  54:54

I would have to be that because the ultimate orgasms to women


Mickey Gordon  54:58

and you can find a code on On casual for your very own I massage and receive a $50 discount.


Mallory Gordon  55:05

Yeah, dude new shit that thing is intense. I was for lack of a better word retarded for like three hours after go round.


Mickey Gordon  55:16

I seriously had no idea you were gonna say that but I totally did a shameless plug because I just added there I just added their add to our friends page. But


Nicole WET  55:23

yeah, the high massager sick epic and so if I’m gonna die and come back as something I want to give you an epic orgasm I mean I’ve already can.


Mickey Gordon  55:34

Okay, so Reason number 346 to fuck Nicole, folks, she wants to give you an epic orgasm.


Nicole WET  55:40

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Walking away smiling, skipping down the hallway?


Mallory Gordon  55:46

Yes, sir. Yes, that’s crazy.


Mickey Gordon  55:49

So let’s imagine for a minute that I’m part of a couple. Ah, shocker. stoner. I want to be really hard. Yeah, I know. I will be really hard. Because I’m approaching you. And I’m approaching you at a club. What’s the best way to approach you as a girl in the lifestyle for me and have any chance of success? What do you look for? And is it different? approaching you as a single girl? Then if we approach you together as a couple? Does it change anything? Is it better if Mallory approaches you first? Is it better if I approach you first? What’s the best way to approach Nicole and have a chance of scoring the time of my life?


Nicole WET  56:25

I know Mallory is gonna hate this. No, but it works better when Mallory approaches made because from the get go, I don’t have to play any game in the sense I’m not sitting here figuring out really into this issue okay with this is just going to cause problems. So if Mallory were to come up to me and just start chatting me up, and we start laughing, and then you come over, everything works beautifully, because I know where everybody stands. Because in the grand scheme of things this I mean, we wouldn’t have more power than men do. In this lifestyle.


Mallory Gordon  57:05

We are we are perceived as and the couple’s perspective, we are perceived as the gatekeepers, right? Correct. So biomaster I was gonna say if I approach her go, are you the key Master? You know exactly what I’m talking about.


Mickey Gordon  57:20

I have an impressive key. Would you like to see it? I would, again, girl right there. Alright, so I want you are actually I think actually, this is your question, Mama. I’ll miss stole one from you.


Mallory Gordon  57:33

Yes. Can you tell us about one of the hottest experiences you’ve ever had? You can protect the guilty, you can change their names. But tell me what’s up there for you?


Mickey Gordon  57:45

What makes you what thinking about it.


Nicole WET  57:49

So if he’s listening, he’ll know it’s him. I don’t need to say his name. This was my first time at naughty and I was unaware that when you get to naughty it’s mainly a capitalist event because I went down with World exotic travel. And I come out and there’s this guy standing there. And he looks at my name tag and he smiles and you know, we do our introductions and says, I’m definitely going to see you later. I was like, Oh, that’s cool. Okay, so later on came we’re at a bar, and we’re dancing. And we start making out and he says, Do you want to go back to my room? Yes, I do. I do. We walk back to the hotel. We’ll get to his room. We have been at epic times. I could not remember his name at this point. I was just so overwhelmed without an audience in it. Yeah, it was not important. And I was overwhelmed with how great sex was. And yeah, when I do think about that, I do get a little but little turned on there. And we had such an amazing time. So you know, I’m gonna happen after right now we really


Mallory Gordon  59:06

bothered and losing your words there. I


Mickey Gordon  59:08

love it. You know,


Nicole WET  59:09

I am human. He’s pretty awesome here. And we definitely had another repeat this last trip to naughty and I was not disappointed one bit. I was very happy. You know, people often masturbate to the sound of Mallory’s voice


Mickey Gordon  59:23

Nevermind. So maybe they really Oh god. Yeah. You know, we don’t have to show to masturbate to sexy boys.


Mallory Gordon  59:31

Oh, that’s so sweet.


Nicole WET  59:33

So sexy in person. I think the thing that makes them both of you. so incredibly sexy. is how genuine situ of you are and you guys are not just great to look at. It’s You’re such beautiful people. Oh, these guys have like all packets. I love it.


Mallory Gordon  59:51

You give me the feels. And when I say feels. I mean my vagina. It’s tingling. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  59:57

I’m glad that’s my favorite thing about Nicole. She’s a sweetheart And she’s fleshlight sighs I can just grab her and jerk off with


Mallory Gordon  1:00:03

my violin.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:05

I’m sorry, we’ll do it gently. Okay. All right with that I was gonna say, you know, we met you out at Hito and everybody that listens to casual swinger, which we love all you fuckers By the way, but everybody listens to casual swinger knows that we love hedonism, too. We love Harry, who’s a good friend of yours. We love Carrie Hito. But I want to know, why do you as a single woman traveled to a third world country? by yourself and go all the way to hedonism? What is it that you love so much? to take a risk that a lot of people would skip as a single woman? What is it about her that you love? And why do you feel safe? There


Nicole WET  1:00:46

you go. I love you know, it makes you feel like you’re calm. You can be who you are. You have nobody judging you. I can walk in there I give get my hug from Michael. My trip doesn’t start until I get my head from Michael. No, I hit the first bar. I get my drink. I’m already naked. I love it. The sun. The people are amazing. The staff is top notch, and they make you feel everybody makes you feel so safe. Even the other people who are there on vacation. I’ve never had a moment in hedonism where I felt that I should be worried about my surroundings. I’ve never ever come across that feeling. Everybody looks out for each other there. I was there on one trip. And I was leaving the nude pool with a gentleman. And somebody that I had only talked to a couple times came up and said, Are you okay? And I looked at I said yeah. And he said no. Are you okay with this? And I said yes, thank you. There is no reason not to visit hedonism. I feel so safe there. I’ve never not chopsticks. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  1:02:10

yeah, I mean, it is a very special place for for all of us. And I think that may be a hesitation that some singles may have out there especially of the female variety, right? That have this you know, concern that you know, is this going to be right for me if I go on my own without a group without a partner without a friend in? Am I going to be successful and safe there? Which kind of brings me around to this question because you’re not just a unicorn, you’re not just our friend. You’re not just this amazing human out there in the ether. You’re also a travel agent for World exam. Yes. So I would love for you to tell our listeners because we do talk to teachers and we have a lot of friends in this community that do that. Um tell them about the business, how they can reach you and what they can expect for you to provide and the wide breadth of trips that world exotic travel does offer


Nicole WET  1:03:00

we’re all exotic travel so I can be reached via their site at Nicole at World exotic travel calm we have all the contact information on there also the one 800 number which I absolutely love is 1833 to get wet. I love that


Mickey Gordon  1:03:24

number ever.


Nicole WET  1:03:25

Yes, get wet. We do any of the lifestyle trips we do the cruises, the bliss cruise, temptation cruise, all the different lifestyle cruises and naughty events. I love the naughty event for those who haven’t attended them. They really need to Nadi New Orleans is the biggest lifestyle convention. in us. It’s the best lifestyle convention. 2500 swingers I think last year we take over the hotels to take over bars on bourbon, private parties, epic play rooms, the parties that night are sensational. It’s just such a great event. So we do all of that any of the resorts temptations desires hedonism to which I love to get a hedonism to so whenever they say hey Nicole, can you you come down with Yes, yes, I find a way and I go Yeah, and they want to go back and they want to do it again and again. Like Yes, another happy customer. That’s what it’s about for me is sharing this to everybody. I think I really do honestly think everybody should visit hedonism to at least once in their life.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:39



Mickey Gordon  1:04:40

I agree wholeheartedly and you know something for me right. So we have actually been putting your contact information in our show notes for the last three or four episodes ever since we went to naughty in New Orleans. So if you guys go check out the show notes. You can find an email address for Nicole where you can reach out to her directly and world exotic travel but you can also click on the link to book naughty. And that will book you through Nicole’s link at World exotic travel for naughty in New Orleans, which means she’s going to reach out to you and she’s going to talk to you. She’s going to be nice to you. But she’s still my favourite, so you can have her. But hey, Nicole, thank you so much for joining us here on casual swinger today. And for single Rarity, we’re talking about being a single female in the lifestyle, because you’re more than just a single female. You’re a travel agent, and you’re also our friend. So thank you so much for doing that.


Nicole WET  1:05:31

And I am so honored that you guys asked me to do this. It was really exciting. I’m happy to share this with you. And with your listeners, and I love pushing your podcasts to everybody. I keep telling everybody you have to listen to these two. They’re great. It’s not just fluff. They have substance behind everything. And it’s a nice listen.


Mallory Gordon  1:05:56

We love you too.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:57

And you’re nice enough to wear our shirts and we’re bringing you a special one no yeah we’re pretty excited. Hey, Mel, do our listeners a favor tell them where to find us because we got to get the hell out of here. We’ve been doing this for an hour shit


Mallory Gordon  1:06:11

it’s been that long. Okay, just to recap real quick you have questions and want to travel. Mexico cruises hedonism reach out to Nicole at World exotic travel calm. You can find us we’re casual swinger everywhere except Facebook. like Mickey said, guys. That is Twitter, Instagram, SLS. STC YouTube Cassidy and double date nation. You can also reach out to us ask us questions. Give us kudos. Tell me I’m pretty funny. That’s podcast that casual swingers calm. And don’t forget casual toys. You need something to get you through the long weekend. We got Chuck Todd here. Oh yeah, that’s right. Don’t


Mickey Gordon  1:06:51

forget to do that. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been single Rarity with Nicole from World exotic travel. Thanks for listening. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Hi,



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