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SE02E02 – Stop Talk Decide – STDs with Dr Rick

Thu, 9/2 9:57AM • 1:04:55


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Mickey Gordon, Dr. Rick, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil now consider yourself the listener properly advise.


Mickey Gordon  00:52

Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of casual swingers season two, Episode Two. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  00:59

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  01:00

And this is our episode. Well, one of two special parts, right. So this is a special series and I know we always say it’s special


Mallory Gordon  01:07

and they’re all special. And they are a special part. But this is


Mickey Gordon  01:11

back weeks, which that made me special. And today we’re talking about something that is kind of not fun.


Mallory Gordon  01:18

Not fun, not sexy, but fuck it. We got to talk about it. Yeah, we


Mickey Gordon  01:22

got to talk about it. Because if you don’t talk about it, it still happens. What are we talking about STDs? Yeah, STI is Yeah. transmitted infections. Yeah. Taxes.


Mallory Gordon  01:33

No taxes. Okay, maybe not tax Oh, God, not taxes. I’d rather talk about sex. And


Mickey Gordon  01:37

I’d rather have chlamydia than talk to the IRS ever again. Oh, maybe you wouldn’t rather I had chlamydia, but I’m just saying But anyway, so we’re gonna bring you a lifestyle doctor, the lifestyle doctor that you guys met and die on rooster booster Stoney bonies Cox brackets. Now we’re talking about Dr. Really shade. It’s Charlie Sheen’s. We had him over here to talk about sexual dysfunction. But we’re going to talk today about STI is with our favorite resident lifestyle. Dr. Dr. Rick, and we’re gonna talk about listening to you, sorry. It’s kind of how I feel about his wife. I’m like, Hey, baby. But anyway, we’re going to talk about some of the most common diseases and some of their symptoms, the efficacy of some of their treatments, and of course, suppressive therapies.


Mallory Gordon  02:22

There was a strain infection or definitions. Yeah, we had vocabulary lesson. But it’s actually I’ve learned a lot, right? Because you assume, like we’re doing the research and being you know, establishing lifestyle and having regular appointments with our physicians that we know it all right.


Mickey Gordon  02:41

The only thing I’ve ever learned from Web MD is I’m going to fucking die. I get a head cold and it’s always Ebola.


Mallory Gordon  02:45

Why Black Plague every time Black Plague every time I swear to. Yeah, right. I’m


Mickey Gordon  02:51

like, my balls itch. It’s like you’re gonna die. It’s cancer,


Mallory Gordon  02:54



Mickey Gordon  02:55

Fuck you Web MD.


Mallory Gordon  02:58

No, but it does. It does it ring true to home. I think that we operate in many ways thinking that somehow we’re elevated and protected because we’re in this community. And it’s just not true. Because we’re more honest, we’re


Mickey Gordon  03:13

more open. We talk to each other better. I mean, we communicate better, right?


Mallory Gordon  03:17

62 but at least sad ignorance to like lean on. That’s true. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  03:22

ignorance is a powerful motivator. What we’re gonna do here is we’re going to talk about our typical positive sex positive, happy fun spin. But this is real.


Mallory Gordon  03:32

It is and we just want to take the taboo out of having these conversations and being real with yourself. your significant other and your partner’s


Mickey Gordon  03:39

Yeah, so think something through guys and this is something that Dr. Rick actually comments on that blew me the fuck dude. blew me away. Well, it’s lifestyles are in the same risk group for STI s as people who frequent sex trade employees.


Mallory Gordon  03:57

Like they just that for a second. Suck that one down for a minute. Haha, pun intended. Big, big,


Mickey Gordon  04:04

fat sick hard bun. So yeah, what else? What did we do last night because it was funny shit. Shout


Mallory Gordon  04:11

out to the Joneses. I got my sparkle fingers up for you guys. Thank you so much. They spent a few minutes with us, we’ve been trying to stand up a meet and greet. And we’re just so blind and so naive. And so I’m just overwhelmed with how we can stand something like that up for our listeners locally. And they let us like, use their cycles and give us some really great advice and feedback


Mickey Gordon  04:35

and told us for some potholes are


Mallory Gordon  04:37

like they’re just there was something about seeing their faces and talking one on one that just like made me love them even more. Yeah, I wish I could hug them through the screen.


Mickey Gordon  04:48

Yeah. So you know, it’s one of those things where we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to talk to some of our listeners and get to know them a little better. And it’s so I don’t want to say it’s weird because I get it like you guys listen to the stuff we say and you get to know But we don’t get to know you until we get to know you. So, the way you get to know us is by the things we say on the air. So when we hang out or we talk, you talk about the things that we say and sometimes for us, it’s like, Oh, God, I remember when I said that I really sorry, you heard that. And last night, I gotta do that. Yeah, I got to be in this episode. Where you did this. I totally get to fanboy


Mallory Gordon  05:25

I was trying to play cool. Oh, I wasn’t like I was trying to talk about what I needed to because I didn’t want to like get cuz I get stupid. Like, I have no game I symbol for my words. ever got laid? Ah, peeps, some people found it charming. I guess it’s cuz you’re hot. Huh?


Mickey Gordon  05:44

There’s that she’s blushing, blushing anyway. What the hell we’re doing over the next couple of weeks. Because between now and when you guys are actually hear from us on our next big episode. We’re doing a big event New Orleans. We’re going in, we’re going to knit and we’re going to Nadi in New Orleans. So those of you that are out there that are going to Ninh and there’s like 3000 of you there’s some big shit going down and then what kind of stuff?


Mallory Gordon  06:12

Oh my gosh, there’s parties. There’s the parade. She’s there’s all the theme nights and the parties of the hotel, the blue Bayou and a galactic Mardi Gras glow night. Oh yeah, shit podcasters meet and greet. There’s


Mickey Gordon  06:24

a big event at 11 o’clock in the morning on one of those days called the podcasters. Meet and Greet. If you want to be included, you want to come to the podcasters meet and greet. You want to meet us in like 19 other podcasters we’re all going to be there. And I know at least your friends at casual swinger are bringing a shitload of casual swinger swag for you guys.


Mallory Gordon  06:44

Yeah, we’re gonna be the dorks with like the big backpacks, and we’re gonna have prizes in there. We may make you work for him.


Mickey Gordon  06:50

I’m gonna look like a freshman in high school. My backpack?


Mallory Gordon  06:52

Yeah, like strapped up all tight because we’re gonna have to for counterweight, at least I am. Right. Well, yeah, you know,


Mickey Gordon  06:58

I’ve got this giant penis that will counterbalance the front so I’m fine word. Anyway. So we’re gonna be there. We’re gonna have fun with some friends. We’re really there to have a good time. We’re going to parties and we’re coming to hang out with you. So if you guys are admin, and you’re looking for us, shoot us an email at podcast at casual swinger. We’re going to be monitoring that all week long.


Mallory Gordon  07:19

Yeah, we want to party with you guys. We want to meet you want to have drinks?


Mickey Gordon  07:22

Yeah, you got questions, you want to shoot the shit or you just want to shake a hand and make a friend. That’s what we’re there for. And we’re going to be there starting Wednesday, all the way through Sunday. So if you don’t catch us one particular day, you don’t catch us at the meet and greet or you don’t catch us at the table during one of those parties. Make sure you just reach out and we’ll find you


Mallory Gordon  07:39

Yeah, and you know, maybe we’ll try to keep everyone updated on Twitter let it let them know where we’re at. That’s


Mickey Gordon  07:45

actually a really good idea is just put it out on Twitter’s come find us on Twitter. But hey, you want to know something else cool that we’re doing?


Mallory Gordon  07:51

Hey, what?


Mickey Gordon  07:52

She doesn’t know my ass. She knows all about I have a podcast and Palooza


Mallory Gordon  07:56

I’m so excited about this. This is like a huge, like honor to be included in this group of humans.


Mickey Gordon  08:03

So I was looking at the website today and I saw a word that means a lot to me as as a former journalist and you know, former radio guy and we’re headlining podcaster Palooza with some now fucking names you’re fucking with me I’m not and I’m like whoa, wait a minute. us us. So folks swinging down under Katyn Darrell we got a thing the Joneses


Mallory Gordon  08:27

I’m like tearing up over here about Tara


Mickey Gordon  08:29

and James from sex uninterrupted, so amazing and all of them sex because those guys are legit bucking doctors dude. Like sexy. Oh, yeah. swinger diaries page and pen. Again, originally,


Mallory Gordon  08:43

girl and I’m just gonna fan girl the whole time. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.


Mickey Gordon  08:46

I’m gonna walk up to them. And I’m just gonna start quoting their episodes and just walk away because I’m, I’m


Mallory Gordon  08:51

totally doing the Wizard of Oz moment. And you were there and you were there and I’m going to miss you the most. And you were there. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  08:58

No, you and your little dog too. Well, no, sir beastie ality panel there.


Mallory Gordon  09:02

Oh my god. No,


Mickey Gordon  09:04

did I go down a hole? You did? Okay,


Mallory Gordon  09:06

I need the soundboard for the effects. We’ve got one. Pretty much.


Mickey Gordon  09:14

Anyways, so also, there’s gonna be four more podcasters there. We’re


Mallory Gordon  09:18

they’re surprised.


Mickey Gordon  09:19

They’re surprised. We’re drawing names because, you know, this event in Miami in May 2020. So I’m gonna put that out there. Follow us on Twitter. Check us out online. We’re gonna be promoting this thing in the show notes. There’s a link where you can sign up to come. There are 198 slots left. We’ve sold two rooms already. So


Mallory Gordon  09:38

that’s awesome. Well, and I will say as a resident Florida in Miami in May is brilliant. The absolutely brilliant.


Mickey Gordon  09:45

It’s gonna be so badass. There’s gonna be so much fun that there’s gonna be a lot of great podcasters panels, presentations, but more importantly, an opportunity to a party with some of your favorite peeps. So personally, I think we were chosen for really one big reason


Mallory Gordon  09:59

because we’re dies?


Mickey Gordon  10:01

No, because we live in Florida. It’s in Miami. That’s probably why. Okay, well,


Mallory Gordon  10:06

that’s a little less wind in my sails, but I’m still rocking. And I’m still on cloud nine, because I think it’s just amazing. No,


Mickey Gordon  10:12

I think we were chosen because you’re hot. Yeah. Oh. Okay, I think you’re that


Mallory Gordon  10:18

sweet. I love you. Well,


Mickey Gordon  10:20

you know what I know why it is because we’re dedicated to you guys out there that are listening to this show right now making sure you guys have a great time, and making sure that you get some great education on stuff in the lifestyle. And you know, when I say education, I don’t mean that we’re experts. We bring you experts, experts like Dr. Rick today, that dude went to medical school. And I’m not talking to like how my kids go to college for 12 years and come out with a bachelor’s degree. I’m talking about actual medical school.


Mallory Gordon  10:44

Yeah, right now he’s legit. And he’s, you know, he puts his money where his mouth is, he’s also in the lifestyle. So you have a very unique perspective. And again, it’s not gospel, it’s somebody else’s opinion, even though they’re an expert. It’s still their professional opinion. So at the end of the day, these are your choices to make. Right? It is, and then no one on this side of the microphone is going to judge you for those choices. No. And, and so I think, you know, when


Mickey Gordon  11:12

we talk about events, right, and move, come on here. We’ve talked about going over the pineapples, we talked about hanging out and going to secrets. And, you know, I heard from one of our listeners, he said, Oh, you know, we just can’t afford to get out that much. I get it, I get it. And we have really started to try and find things we can do. Maybe that anybody can do. And we’re going to talk about that in an upcoming episode about you know, what, lifestyle on the cheap, you know, how do we do it? And that’s so that’s one something we’re going to talk about in season two. I’m



not sure when we’re gonna get to it because we got to work on it a little bit and find stuff that really sounds like yeah, I want to add value to that conversation and really like


Mickey Gordon  11:50

Yeah, but you know, things like podcasts, a Palooza and things like naughty in New Orleans, they’re not cheap. They’re not and going to Hito not cheap. Even, you know, flying to Orlando and going to secrets, not cheap. Anywhere in regular swing club, you’re looking at what 150 bucks. 200 bucks. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  12:06

most of them are membership. Or, you know, night passes or day passes. And yeah, become at a cost. So what are the other options out there? And what if Yeah, yeah, for our listeners who live maybe in a more rural area, how I think I know


Mickey Gordon  12:21

exactly what we’re gonna do. What are we gonna do, we’re gonna have a meet and greet, invite people to come to it, and it’s not going to cost them any money.


Mallory Gordon  12:27

I love it.


Mickey Gordon  12:28

So that’s the idea. We’re gonna give folks an opportunity to come do stuff that doesn’t cost them a ton of money for that exact reason.


Mallory Gordon  12:34

I love that. I think we’re looking at what would you say September? Yeah, September. Yeah. So that’d be pretty temper is my birthday month


Mickey Gordon  12:42

boat. Oh, you guys have to come celebrate with Mal. I’ll be 29 behaving right.


Mallory Gordon  12:49

You look 29 here, finish it. I love you.


Mickey Gordon  12:52

Next week, so this is gonna be a back to back episode week for casual swinger. We’ve done stuff like this before when we did the living history of hedonism, too. But this one, so this week is STDs, stop, talk, decide with Dr. Rick. But next week, we’re doing a special episode as a follow on to this episode, which is with Dr. Aisha Bailey.


Mallory Gordon  13:12

Yes. And I love this. So we talk about STDs STI is how you talk about them, what they are, how prolific they are in society in general, what our risks are in lifestyle. And then we talk about worst case scenario. Let’s say you get something that doesn’t wash off. How do you deal with that, and your marriage, your relationship and in the lifestyle? And I think that is going to be very beneficial for our listeners out there. I for me


Mickey Gordon  13:40

completely agree. And I do think it’s going to have a massive impact. You know, Dr. Bailey is a licensed doctor, she’s a clinical sexologist, she is in the lifestyle. And she’s amazing, and I love her no bullshit approach to everything. So we’re going to talk about how to have conversations about STDs and STI s. And you know, we talked with Dr. Rick about that. But I want you to hear from two different doctors read a doctor that specializes in people and a doctor that specializes in human physiology.


Mallory Gordon  14:09

Yeah, think about it. Like you have physical therapy and occupational therapy. Right? Yeah, two different perspectives.


Mickey Gordon  14:15

So we’re going to talk about your heart and we’re going to talk about your body. And so today, we’re going to talk about your body with Dr. Rick. And next week, we’re going to talk about having conversations you know, when you both have an STI and one of you has an STI or neither of you have it and you don’t want to catch one. So lots of cool stuff coming your way. Yes, this is heavy, is going to be brutal. But we tried to have some fun with it and we did it the casual swing your way and we hope you guys really enjoy it. And as soon as Mallory tells you how to find us, we’re going to come right back with the amazing Dr. Rick and talking about stopping talking and deciding on STI s


Mallory Gordon  14:52

I’m going to flip the script I’d like to see Mickey take us out and tell people where we


Mickey Gordon  14:57

where they can find us. You realize how badly This is gonna go.


Mallory Gordon  15:01

Okay, okay, okay, next time we we’re gonna we’re gonna do a role reversal


Mickey Gordon  15:05

right? I’ll be like you guys can send us an email. My name is Mickey and you dance good not that literally You make me sound like I have some sort of syndrome but it’s true I literally stumble over my words with repetition but you you got it


Mallory Gordon  15:20

all right all right all right, let’s cut this to the I went back here. Alright, we’re casual swinger everywhere guys. Let’s Twitter. Instagram, YouTube, SLS Cassidy, STC Double D nation. We also have a website casual swing calm, you can reach out to us and ask us questions and communicate with us podcast at casual swinger Comm. Shoot us a note that it’s an email, ask this question. Or you can just leave us a wonderful review on iTunes.


Mickey Gordon  15:52

Was that your William Shatner impression there for a little while now


Mallory Gordon  15:54

it was I’m so glad you picked up on that.


Mickey Gordon  15:57

I really did. It’s it’s like a Priceline commercial. Guys, we’re coming right back with Dr. Rick. Thanks so much for being here. You’re listening to casual swinger?


Mallory Gordon  16:29

Hey, guys, welcome back to casual swinger Mallory here. And I’m Mickey. And I’m here with two of my favorite guys, Mickey, obviously. And our good friend, Dr. Rick, how’s it going? Well, I’m doing well today. Thank you so much for joining us. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  16:43

So cool to be back here with Dr. Rick. And even though this is a tough subject. It is.


Mallory Gordon  16:49

Yeah, it’s definitely not a sexy subject. Let’s be honest. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  16:52

Yeah. It’s not sexy. But that’s probably when nobody really brings it up. Right. I mean, it’s people want to kind of get this on the DL and pretend like it doesn’t happen as long as they use condoms. Right.


Mallory Gordon  17:00

Sure. And it’s definitely hard to approach but


Mickey Gordon  17:03

yeah, but let’s let’s start by letting the good doctor reintroduce himself. You it wasn’t that long ago, you were here with us? Right, Dr. Vick? We were talking about sexual dysfunction and bony monese and Roman and hymns. But tell us a little about you how long you’ve been practicing where you practice where you met us?


Dr. Rick  17:19

Well, what’s the I been practicing and se for? Wow, it’s been like 1213 years now. Getting old.


Mickey Gordon  17:29

Gray balls. They’re


Dr. Rick  17:30

a thing to get the biograd I love it. Yeah. Been in the lifestyle for five years, five, six years now. And met you guys. Edo? Actually?


Mickey Gordon  17:48

That’s right. He did. So


Mallory Gordon  17:49

magical, magical place.


Mickey Gordon  17:50

What do we have is a highly qualified medical physician who not only goes to Hito, but you’re in the lifestyle. So these things that we’re gonna be talking about today? They really hit home with you, right?


Dr. Rick  18:01

They do. Yeah, it’s, it was quite an eye opener, our first trip to Quito. And we looked around and saw all the people having unprotected sex, and it sort of blew our minds. My wife is a nurse and me being a physician. We were all for having fun. But we were a little blown away how many people were careless about it?


Mallory Gordon  18:23

I have to agree. I don’t operate from a place of judgment. But it does raise a red flag. And if that voice of concern comes into play, right, you know, I don’t feel like our community, the people in the lifestyle or people who are in consensual non monogamous relationships are really talking about this as much as they should. Would you agree?


Dr. Rick  18:45

I do. And one of the biggest fallacies that that I think people are told to tell themselves they, you know, there’s a common belief that people in the lifestyle are safer to be with than regular people. And actually, it’s false. The statistics show that in the lifestyle, the risk is the same level as being with a prostitute.



Oh, boy, wow.


Mickey Gordon  19:11

So people that participate in non monogamous relationships are in the same risk group. In other words, the same percentage risk factors as people who frequent people in the sex trade.


Dr. Rick  19:25

Correct? Yes. You know, when you’re at Ito, when you’re having fun, you put yourself in the same category as if you were to be hiring prostitutes because of, you know, the level of risk as


Mickey Gordon  19:37

well as, as a physician, you probably have conversations about, you know, the physical aspects of sex frequently. But how do we make this a little less taboo? I mean, as a lifestyle person, how do you approach this if you’re gonna sleep with a couple or maybe you’re joining a couple of you guys are bringing a couple over? How do you approach this conversation? And do you approach this conversation but For you have sex with them. I mean, you’re a doctor and a nurse. How do you guys handle it?


Dr. Rick  20:04

Well, that’s exactly how we handle it. Like Valerie said, it’s not the attitude of judgment. It’s just open communication. And, you know, we just let people know we’re in the medical field. And, obviously, because of that, we think about things differently than the average Joe. And so we just bring it up as part of our requirements, when we’re talking about our rules of play that are number one is protection. So we’ve never had anybody get upset about that yet.


Mickey Gordon  20:33

Awesome. Well, so when we talk about stuff like this, and there are a lot of medical terms here, guys, when we did the intro today, we told you some of this is not going to be our typical fun, silly shit that we do. I hope that you’ll stick with us here though, because this is solid stuff in the place that I always start when I teach anything in life, whether I’m teaching kids, adults, old farts doesn’t matter. We love everybody. But when we teach, we start with definitions. So let’s start with some definitions from Dr. Rex, I’m going to ask you, I’m going to give you a word Dr. Rick, and you describe the definition for that word. And then we’ll just go to the next one. And once we get those out of the way, I think everybody will have a frame of reference as we get into some of these things a little more deeply. So with like a tip. It is it is your vocabulary test. Pop quiz, best of luck, I hope English is your first language. Let’s start with communicable


Dr. Rick  21:27

Well, it basically means you can transmit it to somebody else. Just like you pass on information, you can pass on disease,


Mallory Gordon  21:35

communicate being off at the operative root word. Okay, cool. What about preventative?


Dr. Rick  21:43

Well, obviously, you don’t have to catch it. This can be prevented. Okay, so


Mickey Gordon  21:49

any measure you take to not catch something as a preventative measure? How about transmission.


Dr. Rick  21:55

That would be the act of passing it from one person to the next. Like you pass the ball from one football player to the next, you transmit the ball to somebody else. So if you pass your balls from one person to the next, you pass it on to the transmitted


Mallory Gordon  22:10

avenue of transport. Got it? What about viral?


Dr. Rick  22:15

So when it comes to a CD, there’s more than one kind. There’s bacterial infections. And there’s also viral infections. And obviously, other kinds of infections, too, that parasitic infections. And viral is one type of t. And, for example, you can have a cold virus let’s one type of virus, you have HIV virus, that’s another type of virus, different kinds of viruses that cause different kinds of diseases. And in this category, we’re specifically focusing on the viruses that cause sexual infections.


Mickey Gordon  22:55

Okay, so when we talk about So you said, parasite, we heard that word, which is a living organism that is now posting itself or you’re hosting it rather, when we have infection in disease. So, and we heard we’ve heard my whole life when I was growing up, they talked about STDs in school, right? So let’s talk about infection versus disease versus parasite and what I mean, what are we talking about there?


Dr. Rick  23:21

Well, to me, the difference between infection and disease is, if you catch something that can be erased or washed off, as you’d like to say, that would be an infection, you catch chlamydia, you get treated, you’re cured, you had an infection is gone. Now, the disease is a permanent situation, you have it. And that’s the distinction I would make in this category, you know, like you catch HIV can’t be cured of it as a as of yet. So all you can do is treat it. So with a disease, you have to sort of manage it. It’s a permanent part of your life now, and it has to be dealt with versus an infection where you know, you caught it, you get treated and


Mallory Gordon  24:02

got it. And this one’s a tough one. So I am not an English major. And this is definitely part of the medical terminology here. We’ve been doing our research and it keeps coming up. What about efficacy?


Dr. Rick  24:15

Lead simply refers to the ability to produce a desired result. So if you’re talking about the ability to prevent the disease or something that you would take to cure a disease, that’s where that term would come in.


Mickey Gordon  24:29

So how well shit works. The accuracy of my penis.


Mallory Gordon  24:36

It’s a sliding scale, like, we’ve measured this.


Mickey Gordon  24:40

Well, I mean, when I was younger, and I had to worry about it. I used to keep a picture of Barbara Bush and she was my suppressive therapy. So tell us what a suppressive therapy is Dr. Rick


Dr. Rick  24:50

suppressive therapy that would be so you have HIV and you take the anti retrovirals and the suppress the These in your body, ideally, to where the levels are so low, they can’t be detected. And the idea is to prevent you from transmitting that infection, or if you had herpes virus, you would take the antivirals to suppress that that virus and hopefully lessen the chances of spreading the disease.


Mallory Gordon  25:21

Now, would that apply to any of the hepatitis?


Dr. Rick  25:27

hepatitis is a disease that you would be vaccinated for to try to keep from catching it. Once you’ve caught it, it can’t be cured, it can only be treated.


Mallory Gordon  25:37

Gotcha. I know there’s several versions. I knew the vaccine was hep B. was introduced. What in the last 1520 years ish? Maybe? Two of the big ones?


Dr. Rick  25:51

Yeah, yeah, those are the big ones. They’ve always had the vaccine ever since I’ve been a physician. So I don’t know when it was introduced. It was before my time. So I’m not that old yet. But


Mickey Gordon  26:01

you called yourself a little while ago. So you did actually just mention something you said treatable, not curable. So when a disease is treatable, how’s that different from a disease it’s curable?


Dr. Rick  26:14

Well, the you still have the disease. So once you catch herpes, it’s permanent, you have it, you always will have it and you just have to make a place in your life for it. You can suppress it and prevent or minimize the risk to your partners by taking your medications and hopefully not spreading, but it still could be spread. So there is some risk involved. All right, that


Mickey Gordon  26:41

Yeah, and I think we’re gonna dig into that a little bit more about suppressive therapies and how it affects people in the lifestyle and what their chances are being able to continue in the lifestyle so I want to get into that but let’s let’s actually look so recently, when we were preparing for this episode, I pulled up a bunch of shit which you guys can Google this listeners out there. If you want to go do your own homework. You can


Mallory Gordon  27:01

the most. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  27:02

yeah. Go do your own homework because their most recent CDC report, there’s a big ass PowerPoint slide out there. That says that we’ve got a list of Usual Suspects when it comes to STI s. And STDs in some cases. So chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis HPV, which also known as p ID, herpes, HSV. Two and HIV. Holy fucking shit. That’s a long list. It was longer than I ever thought it would be. Did I miss anything?


Dr. Rick  27:31

Let’s see. There’s a few on there. You missed. There’s my app here. The most common ones I you hit most of them but there’s chlamydia gonorrhea. There’s mycoplasma genitalium. Bees. Go ahead,


Mickey Gordon  27:47

keep on your list, and we’ll get back to


Dr. Rick  27:50

Hepatitis B. syphilis, the trichomonas, HIV. Those are the STD men you have all the like the hepatitis which is not technically in a CD, but it can be transmitted by sex. So right. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  28:08

so this mycoplasma, can you explain that one to me? Because that one’s fresh. Never heard of it before?


Dr. Rick  28:15

Honestly, I probably shouldn’t say this, but that was a new one for me too.


Mallory Gordon  28:18

Okay, that’s fair. We’re learning together.


Mickey Gordon  28:21

So it’s, it’s interesting in some of the research I did I had come up with with, you know, that is a infection with some potentially devastating results. I’d done a little research on this with a gentleman that’s going to be on our show in a few weeks, who came up with a new sex toy. And he actually cautioned me about mycoplasma as being potentially devastating and very easily transmittable. So maybe what we’ll do is we’ll put something in the show notes for our listeners, so they can read up on that particular virus, which is a little insane. But let’s talk about something that you know, the traditional ones, Dr. Rick, let’s talk about things like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis. Interesting. Right? So I think those are the four that Ajax washes off. So let’s talk about how you know, maybe if you have something, maybe what some of the symptoms are for men symptoms for women. Yeah, the treatment looks like and how important is that treatment for you to get you for you and for your partner?


Dr. Rick  29:22

Right, so I’m not sure where we start. But usually, the most common symptom of an STD infection for women is the vaginitis symptoms. We’ve got a chain burning and discharge and for men, you have some discomfort when you pee in some discharge from the from the penis itself. Most of the time that’s caused by the gonorrhea, chlamydia pkh herpes, you’ll notice the blisters on your genitalia or your mouth. HPV is essentially asymptomatic and till you catch the warts that it causes or the cancer that it causes and HIV IV is asymptomatic until it causes the secondary infections. syphilis causes a called a Shanker it’s a pain was sore lead on your genitalia. And that’s the classic syphilis presentation.


Mickey Gordon  30:15

So two things right. We fucking warned you. This was not going to be sexy listeners. We said, this is gonna be tough. This is clankers Shanker


Mallory Gordon  30:23



Mickey Gordon  30:25

My wife didn’t make dinner. I’m going to Shanker. But so, when it comes to chlamydia, how common is chlamydia? I mean, what’s the percentage of people that have caught it or that have it? I mean, do you have any of those numbers handy doctor?


Dr. Rick  30:39

Well, you know, of all the the website I’m looking at of all the new STDs that are found 70% of them are gonorrhea. 63% are chlamydia. So those are definitely the top of the list.


Mickey Gordon  30:53

And just for the record, those do wash off with Ajax and or a common antibiotic, right?


Dr. Rick  30:59

Yes. Two different antibiotics we use? Yes, they are very treatable and curable.


Mickey Gordon  31:06

Awesome. And when it comes to things like herpes, and HPV, those don’t wash off. So when it comes to stuff like that, I mean, obviously, it’s a little devastating. When you find out you have something you can’t get rid of. How’s that conversation? Go with your doctor? Are there drugs out there that help?


Dr. Rick  31:27

Well, you know, it depends. I had a lady come into the ER a few months ago, and she came in said she had a burn on her leg. So me and the nurse walked back and took a look under the sheet. And she said she burned herself. When she say she was on the tanning bed, I think. And first thing I said was, you know, first of all that is not your leg. And the second thing is that’s not a burn. It did not come from the tanning bed.



Oh, shit.


Dr. Rick  31:58

Yeah, it was a tough day for her. Unfortunately, she had, she’d got her so waxed and tanned and then taking advantage of her or new situation then got herself a raging case of herpes. And


Mickey Gordon  32:14

that’s so much for her. It was terrible. Yeah, I mean, and so, you know, I realized that people do lie to their physicians, we’ve talked about this, right? Don’t lie to your doctor, don’t lie to your accountant. Don’t lie to your lawyer. And based on the look, I’m getting, don’t lie to your wife. But so, I mean, how do you have that conversation? When you walk into an ER in urgent care, your family doctor? And you look at that doctor, and you have questions about these things or symptoms that scare you? Is there a way to even start that without feeling like a pariah?


Dr. Rick  32:55

Well, you know, it is a tough conversation. And I think it’s easier with your family doctor, because you have a relationship there. In an ER setting. We see it all the time. And usually people are there out of desperation, they need help. And that’s their last resort, and they don’t know where else to go. So they show up and ask for help. And it’s a situation where everything’s entirely confidential. And you know, there’s no judgment or anything. We see it every day. And keep that in mind. This is not just new to you, but it’s not new to us. And if you come to the ER with a company infection, I’ve probably seen two or three people that week already with the same thing. So it’s not


Mallory Gordon  33:36

a regular day at the office for you. Right? Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  33:40

Is it true that when men’s penises have problems, they come screaming into the emergency room? holding their penis like it’s on fire?


Mallory Gordon  33:47

That’s just you. Oh, okay. I swear that’s the only way I get Mickey to the doctor is if I’m wrong.


Mickey Gordon  34:00

He’s very hyper aware of protective of his penis. It is my best friend. He may only have one,


Mallory Gordon  34:05

literally lose an arm and like rub dirt on like the hole or the wound and be like, it’ll be fine. But his penis is just a little like hanging a little too far to the left. We’re going to the doctor and


Mickey Gordon  34:19

putting in a doctor supple hands and notice


Mallory Gordon  34:21

Yeah, which is great. I encourage that. And I feel like a lot of people should have that mentality. If something’s a little off. I have no qualms about making that appointment and going. It’s probably fine. But just in case, she makes a load


Dr. Rick  34:35

when the guys to manage because the woman came in and got treated and gave them strict instructions. They better show up and get treated to where they’re not getting anything more. So


Mickey Gordon  34:46

not given this ship back to me buster.


Mallory Gordon  34:49

So if I could bring this back a little bit because this is something as a woman I’m very interested in. I learned about HPV as a teenager and it really scared me There was something about that conversation that I had with my gynecologist that really hit home with me. And it terrified me and made me very apprehensive about sex and very overly cautious about protecting myself during sex for a very long time. I have a history of cancer that runs in my family. And it’s not something that I really wanted to expose myself to. Now, after some education, obviously, you know, my mentality has changed a little, but I’m still all about the preventative care. Let’s talk about what HPV is, what it causes, and what the effects are on women versus men.


Dr. Rick  35:44

Well, HPV is a virus, it is not curable. And once you catch it is permanent. There are a number of different strains of the virus. Some of them are more harmful than others. For example, some of them cause genital warts, others can cause cervical cancer or oral cancer even. And the good news with HPV is there’s no vaccine for it. The strains that caused the cancer, we’re now vaccinating for, and men and women can actually get this vaccine. And it’s showing very promising results. One of the most recent studies showing that it’s almost entirely eliminating cervical cancer when it’s used. So, wow, it’s really good. Good vaccine.


Mallory Gordon  36:32

I don’t know that’s the human papilloma virus, right. That could also cause what he called p ID, which is pelvic inflammatory disease.


Dr. Rick  36:41

Actually, that’s caused more commonly by gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV is just causes the warts and the cancer that gonorrhea and chlamydia is the most common infection and left untreated, it causes pelvic inflammatory disease,


Mallory Gordon  36:57

now known as the risk the same between men and women, I mean is because of the communication of it or they the ramifications of having HPV.


Dr. Rick  37:09

Women can catch cervical cancer have that as a result of HPV men can’t. So the women are more at risk. The men really just have to worry about the oral cancers or the rectal cancers and the genital warts. Ah,


Mallory Gordon  37:28

I learned lots of things there.


Mickey Gordon  37:29

And there’s so when we talk about some of these STI s and STDs, you don’t have to have sex to catch them. Right. So


Mallory Gordon  37:41

in March Bill Clinton defines it.


Mickey Gordon  37:43

Well, no, no No is as Mickey casual swinger defines it actually says


Mallory Gordon  37:47

if you don’t come it doesn’t count. That’s correct.


Mickey Gordon  37:48

If I don’t come, it doesn’t count. Such a shit. Okay. But anyway, what I’m getting at here is, you know, as hosts at the resort that we frequent and we love as hosts here locally for parties, we see a lot of organizers bringing sex toys, various types, the sex toys can be right edibles. They can be, you know, premium toys, there’s a lot of different things they bring. And I see them shared a lot. I see them, they see them, cleaning them off with Lysol wipes the same cleaning them off alcohol in a bottle and spraying things down and wiping them down. What is the efficacy of wiping down a sex toy? And can you still catch something from something your road that somebody else rode before you even if it was wiped down?


Dr. Rick  38:40

Well, let’s start by saying that sex toys were not made to be shared. The I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody recommending that officially.


Mickey Gordon  38:51

But it does make for a pretty good party, though.


Dr. Rick  38:54

Right? But you know, obviously, we’re all about having fun. So we need to find a way to do it safely. The thing you have to be careful with is the transmission of sexual infections is the bodily fluids. So when you talk about wiping something quickly with a wipe, I don’t know about you, but that’s not good enough for me, I want to make sure that it’s definitely killed all the germs and viruses there. So you know, I’ve seen the same thing you’re talking about and they wipe it quickly with with a rag and put the next person on it and I personally would not get involved with that. thorough cleaning,


Mallory Gordon  39:35

amen. And the other side of that is I wouldn’t spray Lysol up my pussy. So I don’t know that I would put anything in there. That was treated as such. That doesn’t sound delicious. Now


Mickey Gordon  39:45

Lysol does not make it taste better,


Mallory Gordon  39:47

doesn’t make it feel good either. I would imagine.


Mickey Gordon  39:49

I don’t have a PC but I know Lysol is not delicious. But you


Mallory Gordon  39:53

stayed in holiday in what not last night, but


Mickey Gordon  39:55

before Okay, so, you know we’ve got all these tools to print Talk to us, Dr. Rick we’ve got and I think safety ratings have kind of been overestimated because you know, initially, you know, when I was in high school is like you have a 99% chance of use a latex condom with spermicidal lubricant of preventing pregnancy and infection. And I don’t think 99% fucking right. I think that’s well over estimated. So how effective are condoms, dental dams and any other barrier contraceptive against STDs? And is there anything new on the market that maybe my dumb ass doesn’t know about?


Dr. Rick  40:31

The number one, recommended prevention is a condom. And it’s not 100%. But it’s pretty good. There’s no way to prevent completely sexual infections, if you’re doing what we’re doing. It’s there is risk involved. And what we do is we weigh the risk benefit ratio, and we say, you know, it’s worth the risk to have fun. And honestly, that’s what my wife and I do. And we’re at Hito. We first got into lifestyle, you know, she’s a beautiful woman, everybody wants to kiss her. Yes, she is. Right. So you have all these old farts that want to kiss the Brea little girl. And that was one of the first things we had to have a conversation about, like, we don’t want to be rude to anybody. But we also don’t want to kiss the entire resort, because there’s no benefit to us if we’re not going to play with it. So why would we exchange any bodily fluids with them because we don’t get anything out of it. So if we are not going to have fun with somebody, we’re not going to kiss them. So if you go to kiss my wife, now she’ll turn her cheek and kiss you on the cheek. What safer than kissing on the mouth, you can transmit HPV that way, there’s just no reason to take any risk.


Mickey Gordon  41:40

Well, and that goes, that actually opens a huge rabbit hole of consent to because a lot of folks who feel they may be they were raised that way. Maybe that’s their culture, that it’s okay to greet somebody with a smooch. Me personally, I have never felt that it’s okay to need to approach somebody lips first. But I think there’s


Mallory Gordon  41:58

somebody here meeting for the first maybe few times, everyone’s got their


Mickey Gordon  42:02

I might throw my hands out real wide and go, are we huggers? Is that how we roll and then and that gives them an opportunity ready to extend a hand and say this is my level of consent, but we’ll talk about consent in another episode. It’s but you know, is there anything that we’re unaware of? That’s new in the market? I mean, condoms are number one, what are what else are people using?


Dr. Rick  42:22

vaccinations are important things like hepatitis A HPV. Those are huge. They Unfortunately, some of these don’t have any vaccines. But when you can, you should be vaccinated. In our situation, I think being in lifestyle, we should we should all be vaccinated for HPV we should all be vaccinated for hepatitis A, B, and C are again, there’s no vaccine procedure A and B. And as much as you can use us safe sex. Be cautious.


Mallory Gordon  42:54

Yeah, yeah, we do take on that risk. And I think you’re absolutely right, I think you hit the nail on the head there, there’s a certain amount of, you know, ethical conversation that you have, and then you you assume the risk. And you know, it’s everyone’s individual choice of whether it’s worth it or not. And I’ve been lucky, it’s been worth it so far.


Mickey Gordon  43:13

Clearly, I have issues because I almost broke into a little Jackson Five there, ABC.


Mallory Gordon  43:19

You’re gonna write a hepatitis song now, aren’t you? I am. Okay. That’s what we’re doing with the rest of our evening. Thank you very much. So my question for you next is, how often do you think this is hypothetical? That lifestyles get tested?


Dr. Rick  43:37

You know, I think it’s an individual, individual thing. Yeah, I certainly have my opinion, opinions on it. My wife and I get tested every time we come back from a trip. That’s not for everybody. I guess some people would only get tested when they have symptoms. Some people don’t bother at all. And it’s just like you see down there and, you know, you see some people that are selective who they sleep with. And then some people sleep with everybody. And


Mallory Gordon  44:07

I’m gonna go with, I’m gonna go with even those of us who are very hyper aware, it’s probably still not enough. Like you said, most people wait till they’re symptomatic. Right?


Dr. Rick  44:20

Right. I’ve always asked him for responsibility. If you haven’t, you haven’t, you might as well find out and get it fixed or treated if you can. Not going to do anybody any good for you not know, but it is a scary thing is there’s a large number of people who have infections that are unaware of their being infected.


Mickey Gordon  44:41

That’s terrifying. Number one, but you know, it’s funny, I’ve heard some other great conversations on this topic. You know, I got to give life on the swing set, a throw a throwback here, a shout out. They did an episode on STDs, like a year ago. Maybe a little longer. And one of the things that came out during their episode, which really stood out to me was that if you have a test, and you have any sort of sexual interaction with somebody else, even your spouse, the test results are out the window, unless they got a test too, right? So your test is only as good as the last person you had interaction with,


Mallory Gordon  45:20

ah, controls and variables.


Dr. Rick  45:22

There’s this girl for you. It’s even scarier than that. Because take HIV, for example. I think as many as 25% of the people who have it are unaware that they have it, which that’s terrifying in and of itself. And then there’s a six month window where you will, you could have it but not test positive. So you could have it test negative and pass it on to somebody before you even found out that you get it even if you’re being regularly tested. So


Mallory Gordon  45:52

Jesus Christ. Alright, right. So let’s take it Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  45:58

it is. But let’s say somebody catches a curable STI. Should we get tested post treatment, because they give you this handy dandy little bottle fillet antibiotics and you’re supposed to go take it and sooner or later, it doesn’t burn me up anymore? But is the treatment effective enough to just rock on? Or should you go back and get checked after your antibiotics to make sure you are good to go?


Dr. Rick  46:19

If you do what you’re supposed to do, and take the medicines like you’re supposed to take them you should be fine. What we run into often, though, is is people either non compliant and don’t do what they’re supposed to do. And with gonorrhea and chlamydia, I try to treat it all right, in the ER state. They walk out with everything they need being done already. That way, I don’t have to rely on them, doing what they’re supposed to do. However, if somebody were to come in and be treated, then go back and sleep with the same sexual partner who had not been treated, they’re immediately reinfected again. And you wouldn’t think you would have to explain that to people. But you do. And it’s amazing how many young ladies come in and get treated, and they’re back again, a few weeks later being treated again because the department didn’t get treated. And


Mallory Gordon  47:08

do you think that’s like a lack of understanding of how it works? Like, I’ve got it? I’ll never get it again mentality or just what do you think that is?


Dr. Rick  47:17

It’s a case by case. situation, some people intelligence issues, some people it’s an education issues, some people, you know, I don’t give a shit issue. It’s it’s, there’s a lot of reasons. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  47:30

yeah. Yeah, I think that’s something we’ve never held back, especially when we talk about our kids ours are quite a bit older than yours, per se. We’re on the back half of the parenting sprint here. And you know, as much as they hated at times, we’ve always been super vocal and open about talking about sex and stuff like this, because we don’t want them to go out into the world, and be naive and not know those kinds of things. What’s it’s a wise approach, I think, yeah, it makes for some squirmy children, but I sleep better at night. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  48:04

every time I started to have a conversation with our with our youngest, he’s like, Oh, God, are we having this conversation? Now? I’m like, Well, I’m glad you think I’m a god. But yes, we are.


Mallory Gordon  48:14

I did have another question about the suppressive therapies if that’s okay. Like, what about them for viruses? You know, how effective are they in preventing the transmission? And can we can they be trusted? Let’s say, you know, let’s say herpes, or I’m blanking now, HIV, HIV? Yeah.


Dr. Rick  48:37

Right. They’re very effective, you know, they can reduce, and it’s a case by case situation, and most of the time, they can reduce the viral load to almost done the technical levels. But when you ask the question, can it be trusted? The answer is no. Once you have a disease like that, you owe it to your partners to inform them and allow them to take precautions themselves. And, you know, it may be as simple as wearing a condom. And a lot of people have the diseases already, and they may be comfortable sleeping with you still, but it’s still responsible to bring up the subject and it’s not fun, but you need to do it. It’s not fair to somebody to expose them to something out of pure selfishness and not to give them a chance to protect themselves.


Mallory Gordon  49:20

I love that. And yeah, absolutely. Do not let the fear of rejection or having a negative response. Be your driving factor into not telling your potential or your current partner.


Mickey Gordon  49:32

Yeah, don’t take the power of trust or power of choice. Yeah, someone else, no matter how hot they are, and how much you want to fuck. Right? I mean, that’s, that’s really what we’re getting at there. So you mentioned earlier that some STI is and some STDs can lie dormant, right and be asymptomatic for a long time. So are there any non curable diseases in this category? And if there are, how long can they lie dormant? So again, so we’re looking at HIV HPV and HSV, two herpes, how long can they lie dormant?


Dr. Rick  50:04

Well, you know, the HIV is the scariest one. And that can be has a six month window or you might not test positive. As far as laying dormant I guess depends what you mean by that you can have it for quite a long time before it hasn’t the effects on you physically. And by the time if you don’t know you have it by the time you wait until it’s causing the infections, it could be pretty devastating to you. So that’s why it’s important to get tested. The things like HPV, you can have that for many years before it causes a problem. It can be well, I think it can take up to 11 years to cause warts in some cases. So a lot of people have it and don’t even realize.


Mickey Gordon  50:50

Wow. So, you know, again, it’s it’s scary as hell right? When we talk about h a, we talk about HIV and HSV, two and HPV, and there’s all these things that can happen. But let’s not forget, we’re doing these things in the pursuit of having great relationships and friendships and deeper, more meaningful sex with our partners, and getting to know each other better and getting to know these other couples. I mean, being in the lifestyle is fucking awesome. It’s amazing. But there’s a downside. And we have to be aware, and we have to protect ourselves because some people suck. Some people might know they have a disease, might not


Mallory Gordon  51:28

with great power comes great responsibility.


Mickey Gordon  51:31

Oh, I love it when she quit Spider Man. Now I’m all hard. But you know, Dr. Rick, we’ve scared the fucking shit out of our listeners today. And we’ve talked about kind of how to have the conversation with your doctor or your partner when it comes to testing diagnosis and moving forward. So here’s my thing I, I would like you to do me just a quick solid because you are a lifestyler. And you’re a doctor, and we talked about this before, but I really, really think the most important thing our listeners can take away from this conversation is the I don’t want to say the impetus. But the confidence to go forward and have these conversations with each other and have these conversations with their doctor. So if you could give somebody a sentence, if I came to you and I said I’m in the lifestyle, Dr. Rick, and I don’t know how to talk to people about making sure they’re tested. How do you do it? So if you’re meeting a new couple, how do you bring it up? And I know we talked about this a little bit earlier in the episode. But I want to leave people with something that’s really valuable. And I think this is the most valuable thing we can do. Talk about it. Have the conversation, stop, talk, decide. And that is exactly what we call this episode is stop, talk, decide or STD. So how would you do it when you’re talking to a couple? And how do you do when you’re talking to your doctor one sentence? I need to talk to you about x? How do you bring it up?


Dr. Rick  52:54

Well, first of all, I’m going to quote my favorite doctor about the house who says everybody lies.


Mallory Gordon  53:02

I love that you did that. I love that you said that.


Dr. Rick  53:06

And it’s true every day people lie to me all day long. And I’ll come in, I’ll give them their final diagnosis. And then they’ll finally spill the beans and tell me the whole truth about what’s really been going on. And and I’ll say, you know, if you would have started with that we could have saved you $1,000 worth of testing. And if he just told me what the truth was, I think that’s the case in the lifestyle. I mean, it’s built on trust, but you really only trust yours, your spouse, your partner. And the idea is to protect yourself. And I don’t get into a huge, long questioning people that we’re with, I just assumed that even if I did, they would lie to me. So my wife and I protect ourselves. When we go into this, we just laid out up front like I’m a physician, she’s a nurse, and we use protection. And it’s not an option. It’s not on the conference. It’s not up for debate. And if there’s a guy that tries to take his condom off, we’re done. And my wife kicks him off and have your night. It’s just not even up for debate. And that’s just something we do to protect ourselves that we also like to watch when we’re at the resort and we don’t jump into sleeping with people right away. We just keep our eyes open and watch how people act if there’s a couple and yeah, they’re hot, but they’ve slept with five people already today. We’ll probably pass on that we’ll find somebody who’s maybe not trying to sleep with everybody and just kind of keep your eyes open. And that’s what we do. As far as with your doctor. I think just be honest. You know, doctors aren’t there to judge people they really don’t care. They’re there to do their job and take care of you and they got reply 10 minutes in the room with you and you’re not going to shock them we’ve already seen it on Earth at all and not at all we pull various objects out of people behind every day so we’re not going to bother us so just say hey, I’m in the lifestyle and my mom monogamous relationship, however you want to phrase it whatever is comfortable for you. I sleep with multiple partners now. You know I need to be vaccinated and protected


Mickey Gordon  55:03

so two things number one with great fun comes great personal responsibility. I had fun with that in non monogamous doo doo doo doo monogamous sorry fuckin songs been in my head all day this asshole


Mallory Gordon  55:20

right here across from me, like brings that song up at breakfast and literally all day like between conference calls or like I’m making lunch and like it’s playing in my head and it finally stopped about an hour ago so that’s if he’s sleeping do as manava monogamous do Tony thank you so much so I doctor explain I love that everyone has their their threshold right there their their level of comfort with other people. You do make a great point, human nature, peace some people just lie, you have to assume the risks and it doesn’t mean like don’t get into lifestyle everyone run away and leave never have sex again join a convent, like go be a monk. No, that’s not necessarily true. But, you know, we just I haven’t seen those conversations happen as often as I would have thought especially given this community. So again, we just want to take the taboo about it. And if there’s anyone to be shameless in front of absolutely your doctor.


Mickey Gordon  56:23

Well in based on the conversations we’ve had with our listeners, apparently Mickey and Mallory, he could be shameless in front of them.


Mallory Gordon  56:28

Oh, yeah, we encourage it.


Mickey Gordon  56:31

Alright, so we’ve got one last question for you. I’m gonna leave that for Mallory because it is hers and it’s hilarious.


Mallory Gordon  56:36

Okay, so many, many, many moons ago, I thought I was gonna start a career in the medical industry, right? So I started nursing school when I was in there only for a brief moment. And I had a friend who says she got crabs by wiping herself and her goodies. But like a leaf in the woods. And there’s a lot of these like little stories out there. Like I caught it from a toilet seat or whatever it may be. Is there something that stands out to you? That was like that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever


Mickey Gordon  57:07

heard. Help me out with this real quick, your friends and she caught crotch crickets from a toilet seat.


Mallory Gordon  57:12

Yeah, and from a leaf it probably came off. And the words they were campaign and came back with crabs had nothing to do with the guy she went camping with.


Mickey Gordon  57:22

So if a hoe shoots in the woods, does it make a sound?


Mallory Gordon  57:27

Yeah, it sounds like scritch scritch scritch? I don’t know. I just go and I don’t think that adds up.


Mickey Gordon  57:33

Alright, so Dr. Rick, what’s the craziest form of contraction you’ve heard other than someone catching crabs from a leaf in the woods, which is obviously bullshit.


Dr. Rick  57:41

Yeah. Well, you’re the funniest part to me is always the human element, you know, the, the people that are in denial or you know, like the lady, but she got it from being waxed or from a tanning bed. Or, like one of my good friends is he called me one day and his wife had an STD. And, you know, he was trying to find some reason for her to have this STD STD other than having sex with somebody else. And I was like, sorry, man, you know, statistically, it’s almost impossible to catch any of this from any other way. That’s why they call them sexually transmitted infections. They’re transmitted by sex. And if your partner hasn’t been laid,


Mallory Gordon  58:29

it’s not the cold or flu, sir.


Dr. Rick  58:32

Right. So, you know, the, I’m still not sure if you believe me, but when I wasn’t there when he’s married, I just gave him the answer. You know, I had to give him and sorry, man.


Mallory Gordon  58:42

That sucks. It sucks so much.


Dr. Rick  58:46

But yeah, the human always, always, always the funny parts. And maybe the, the, one of the funniest things is, this is probably bad. But I had a young man coming to the office one day, many, many years ago. He was 17 year old kid and he had a rash. And so he was a little embarrassed to show me his rash or even careless and I wanted to kind of teach him a lesson. So he dropped his pants. He showed me the rash and I looked at all the and then he was terrified, like, No, I’m just messing with you, but use a condom. That’s


Mickey Gordon  59:21

awesome. Dr. Rick is my kind of doctor. He probably should have self right there blesses art DACA that’s really not that funny. Yeah. Yeah, no, but that is crazy. So I’m gonna I’m gonna add one question to the end here because I think it’s important and I think in the lifestyle, maybe we convince ourselves of a level of safety that maybe isn’t there. How safe is oral sex? How safe are blowjobs and how safe is Eaton Posey from contracting some form of STI s And how likely is it that somebody is going to use protection in those cases?


Dr. Rick  1:00:05

But it’s very unlikely they’re going to use protection? Yeah. And I think it’s because the decreases the pleasure and they don’t realize the likelihood of catching something, it is highly likely you’re going to catch something that way. The HPV is very contagious that way, the herpes virus very contagious that way. And, you know, anytime you exchange bodily fluids, you’re taking risk. And, you know, let’s face it, that’s what we’re about. We take more risks than the average person because we have more fun than the average person. And it’s just a matter of what risk you want to take. But last time I was at Hito, there was a carwash by the pool, and which is a fun time. But at the end of the carwash, there was a lady that got down and stuff every day that came to the carwash. And if you look at the statistics of, of how many people are STDs, you know, she contracted something that they guaranteed the it’s just not a wise move. So I’m not saying don’t have fun, but just what your risk and your benefits and are you getting enough benefit out of the situation to take that kind of risk? Depends. choice.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:11

Fair enough. My wheels are turning now.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:13

Well, you know, I’m sitting here thinking that this entire episode has called into question a lifetime of bad decisions.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:20

It really has. I feel like


Mickey Gordon  1:01:22

you have fucked my life up doctor.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:25

Well, we don’t want our listener like I said, No one’s joining you know the monastery or convent based on this episode, right? Like that’s not what we’ve accomplished here. But I do have one final thought.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:36

final final,


Mallory Gordon  1:01:36

final final final thought. We’re behaviourally more likely to use a condom during penetration sex and not oral sex. So when you think about it, a female me is like, yeah, totally have to cover that to put it in my pussy, but in my mouth. completely fine. Yeah, something to think about, like, with our psyche.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:01

Yeah, that’s kind of fucked up and kind of hilarious. So we’re gonna have to kick around but you know, when we come back to see you guys next week, we’re doing something special. We were told you about this in the intro, but we’re doing something special. When we come back next week. We’re gonna bring you Dr. Ayesha Bailey. Dr. Aisha Bailey is a sex positive lifestyle, marriage counselor, PhD in clinical psychology, clinical sexology


Mallory Gordon  1:02:25

and a badass and a badass and


Mickey Gordon  1:02:27

talk about how your marriage survives and STI how your marriage survives in a CD. How


Mallory Gordon  1:02:35

you survive your relationship. Yep.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:36

How does lifestyle survive it? So we’re gonna bring you another expert next week to talk about this stuff. But in boom, the meantime, we got to thank Dr. Rick for spending an hour with you guys. I know this episode was long. But I think it’s worth it. I think it’s worth it to have the conversation. I think it’s worth it to have the balls to talk to your partners about it to talk to your doctors about it.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:56

And I’ll come up with an excuse to talk to Dr. Gregg. And


Mickey Gordon  1:02:59

I will absolutely go out of my way to talk to Dr. Rick and his absolutely staggeringly beautiful Southern belle wife. She could read her ABCs to me, that would be just fine. But Dr. Rick, thank you so much for joining us here on casual swinger. And I hope you’ll be willing to do this again as more questions that surround medical in the lifestyle come up. I think people need this. And I think you’re providing a value of service. So thank you, sir. Thank you. All right, great. Well, guys, we’re gonna let Mallory describe how to find us and we’re gonna get out of here Mallory. Tell everybody. Where are we? Oh,


Mallory Gordon  1:03:36

come on. Now guys. You know where to find us for casual swinger everywhere that is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SLS, STC, Cassidy and double date nation, please feel free to leave us a review on iTunes. We are also available to chat and answer your questions podcast at casual swinger. And if you’re looking for us, you could also find us a casual swinger calm.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:57

That’s right. And if for some reason you got a giant hard to find us on a new platform, we joined a new platform this week called luminary. You can listen to us and yet another place. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a conversation on STDs and you’ve been listening to casual swinger.