Surprise! – It’s my D!CK! – Exploring the d!ck pic culture w/ Expansive Connections

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Almost nothing is more shocking than opening an email or text message and seeing the stunning visage of someone’s glorious phallus throbbing in all of it’s majesty…especially when you didn’t ask for it.

What’s the origin of the d!ck pic?  Why do guys keep sending them?
Is it easier or harder on people who actually get paid to look at them?  (Pardon the pun)

Whatever the case, we were lucky enough to be joined by two of the amazing staff from Expansive Connections ( to discuss not only the pictures themselves, but the motivations, the responses, and the outcomes of sending pictures of your family jewels to unsuspecting recipients.

Dig in and learn more about the almighty d!ck p!c on this week’s Casual Swinger!


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