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Upgrading the twins is a tough decision that we agonized over for months, meeting with doctor after doctor…we told you all about it in our episode, “Thanks for the Mammaries.”  It was a tough go until we met Dr. David Plank from Mid-Florida Plastic Surgery, then everything changed.

Find out in his own words why his approach is different from many other surgeons in the area and why we enjoyed him so much.  Also, why don’t doctors have more personality?  What happened to Michael Jackson’s nose? When should you say when its too much plastic surgery?

Also, The Casual Cocktail, Podcast-A-Palooza, Naughty in Nawlins, and more in this week’s Casual Swinger!

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The Casual Cocktail – Join us for a mixology party like no other!

Mid Florida Plastic Surgery

Dr. David Plank – Guess Mallory’s hoots!

Whiskey of the Month – Michter’s US1 Rye


Naughty in Nawlins

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Mallory Gordon 0:08
You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast. As your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now, we don’t expect you to act like adults. Let’s have fun in that.

Mickey Gordon 0:22
We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show was about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.

Mallory Gordon 0:46
Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy

Mickey Gordon 0:56
Oh, hello there again, everybody. Both of you crazy, loyal, dedicated listeners out there.

Mallory Gordon 1:04
They’re so nice.

Mickey Gordon 1:05
My name is Mickey. And this is the casual swinger podcast

Mallory Gordon 1:08
and hi I’m Mallory. I’m here to play along.

Mickey Gordon 1:11
I like when you play me too. It’s fun. You’re dirty

Mallory Gordon 1:14
I can be if you want me to get on

Mickey Gordon 1:17
that shit. Literally. Hey, this is the best episode ever suppressed episode we’ve ever done yeah,

Mallory Gordon 1:26
it’s gonna be a great episode

Mickey Gordon 1:27
all about them Teddy’s

Mallory Gordon 1:30
hawkers fun bags knew who to this.

Mickey Gordon 1:34
Oh yeah, dude, I looked for a picture of owls to put like, instead of two Yeah, just like two owls standing next to each other because you keep going new hoots new hoots new tutus and I’m just gonna have a couple of hours going what? God dammit it’s

Mallory Gordon 1:46
I think it’s the funnest word finest is that a word? It’s a fun word to use to describe my boobs. I love hoots.

Mickey Gordon 1:54
I’m so glad you do words. That’s the funnest

Mallory Gordon 1:58
thing funnest isn’t where it is. What obscene?

Mickey Gordon 2:02
That’s right. It is a really fun word. I love Hooters. I love kitties. I love fun begs I had been a fan since I was a baby.

Mallory Gordon 2:08
Me too. Yeah, what are the chances so much we have in common so you

Mickey Gordon 2:12
just were the first TD you ever played with

Mallory Gordon 2:14
us for the first time? Like for like sexual fun? I’m not giving their name but it’s definitely in high school.

Mickey Gordon 2:22
Like sure we’re gonna say yours. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon 2:24
well, aside from mine, like of course I did cell phone. Exploration. But yeah, I think it was a freshman or sophomore in high school. Yeah,

Mickey Gordon 2:31
I mean, is it like the whole like general like brush up against and rub thing or do you like grab the nipples and twist

Mallory Gordon 2:36
it was actually very awkward because they’re standing there shirtless and like, oh, look, they’re kind of like mine. Reach out and like, just place a hand on it. Let it sit. Like, don’t think we’re sort of hanging on to it feels

Mickey Gordon 2:47

Mallory Gordon 2:48
it was it was kind of funny. Oh, get the hang of it quickly though. Like we figured this shit out. It was just nerve racking.

Mickey Gordon 2:54
Well, we talked about your your Mallory. That’d be you. Me your breast augmentation back in the episode we did called Thanks for the memories. But we had such a great experience with the doctor, we thought we’d have him back on and talk about some of the finer points of being a renowned plastic surgeon and maybe throw in like why Michael Jackson’s

Mallory Gordon 3:13
the fact that he knew that made me love him even more. Oh my god. Incredible. I’m so excited to have him on the show today. We’ve got a little competition going on for this episode. So if you go to his website, we’ll tell you in the segment and in the show notes here. I believe it’s Dr. David and figure out which new hoots belong to me wha Mallory? The first person had guessed correctly once either an arc wave ion for the guys, or iwi vite Nova to for the girls and you can choose to get one for your significant other special human, whatever. But those are the way one just one just one day has to be the first person and this could be through email social media. So best of luck to everyone guessing which ones are my hoots?

Mickey Gordon 3:54
I feel like this is a softball, right? I looked because he only put a few sets up there because he wanted people to have a shot at winning this now. And it’s like, Guys, you have like a 20% chance of getting it right. Right out of the gate. So best of luck. Yeah, and I hope everybody likes all your tattoos. Yeah. I’m fucking with you guys know you’re like, wait, what? That’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna be fun. But this is the best episode ever. We’re gonna get back to talking about titties here in a few but before we do that, we got to talk about what’s new after all. This is the intro. This is where we talk about fun shit we’re doing and I don’t know.

Mallory Gordon 4:28
Yeah, we have a lot going on. It’s gonna be a sexy fun summer. Lots of travel in store for us.

Mickey Gordon 4:33
But no, you had sloppy as fuck summer last year and nothing happened.

Mallory Gordon 4:37
That’s not true. That’s why we’re not seeing anything. Oh, okay. I’m not jinxing it. Okay. All right. You with me? Right? I’m with you. So yeah, it’s gonna be a packed summer. Something that’s new that’s going on that I love to talk about his casual cocktail event that we have coming up. I’m really excited about the future. I think it’s gonna be really awesome. This is a virtual event and at home however, we’re bringing a very entertaining bartender. The event is June 16 2020. too, this is going to be on a Thirsty Thursday. And we’re going to teach you guys how to make three amazing cocktails that are whiskey based. The only thing that doesn’t come in the kit is alcohol. But you have everything you need to make three drinks for two people.

Mickey Gordon 5:11
Yeah. And if for some reason you don’t like whiskey, you can still do this, you can still come hang out with us, and you can still make the drinks with other spirits. Or we’re gonna give you optional spirits, two or three different spirits you can use if you don’t like whiskey,

Mallory Gordon 5:22
and I believe there’s a mocktail option, but I’ll double check on that.

Mickey Gordon 5:25
Yeah, so we’re doing this for fun. We have an amazing what I like to call a bar median.

Mallory Gordon 5:32
Yeah, that’s true. I’m a dance. Yeah, he’s an improv comedian. Yeah, he’s

Mickey Gordon 5:36
kind of amazing. So and it’s a pajama party. So come dressed in pjs or laundry and enter to win some more free toys. You know, from casual toys. Yeah, this is gonna be great. I would think casual toys, but that’d be a little self serving since we’re

Mallory Gordon 5:50
doctors, Doctor, Doctor. Yeah, I got you got it. Yeah, but you know, we’re gonna party for a couple of hours. We’re gonna last laugh or asses off. And you know, in this kit, they get the casual cocktail cup.

Mickey Gordon 6:02
Yeah, those so I had some Chinese kids make us these cups. They’re absolutely awesome. They do a really good job. They’re really professional cup makers. So I got those. They came overseas, it took us like a month and a half to get in, which is why it took us a while to get these things off. But they’re awesome. They’re like Yeti cups. So they’re really, really cool.

Mallory Gordon 6:17
They’re short tumblers insulated, really well done black matte, they did a great job on them. They’re, they’re fucking fantastic. I’ll use them again, for sure. 100%. So anyone interested in attending the event, you can go to the casual for details and to purchase your tickets.

Mickey Gordon 6:35
That’s right, those tickets are $99. We’re not making squat on that, guys. If it sounds like a lot, bar medians aren’t cheap, and neither is all the stuff that comes in the boxes. So we’re gonna get all that stuff out to you. We’re not making shit on this. We’re doing it for us to have a good time and hanging out with you guys on a Thursday because people keep asking us, hey, when’s your next event? When’s the next time you’re going to do a thing. And honestly, with the new job and the grand spawn or the stuff going on, we just haven’t been able to book something in person. So we thought we’d get something on the books that you can do from the comfort of your own home. We’ll ship you all the shit to do it with except for the booze like Mallory said. So make sure that you go out and pick up a bottle of whatever your favorites. And by the way, today, we’re going to do another whiskey of the month. So if you don’t know what to put in these drinks and what to buy, stay tuned, folks, for the end of the episode will tell you all about Mays whiskey of the month.

Mallory Gordon 7:21
Now I’m super excited for that. And I promise I am definitely going to be wearing my PJs slash lingerie for this event.

Mickey Gordon 7:27
Ever. You’re going to take the hoots out for a walk.

Mallory Gordon 7:29
I might I might well see.

Mickey Gordon 7:31
That’s gonna be awesome. But hey, we also did something this that we haven’t done this in years. We booked this while you last week.

Mallory Gordon 7:37
Yeah, you booked men like out of nowhere. Where so we’re going to naughty Nolan.

Mickey Gordon 7:41
That’s right. Gonna nadion Rollins gonna be crazy fun. I think really what inspired me to book Nadia nollans This time is we were with Paige and Penn last episode. In New in Tennessee. We were with Janie Angie. And we’re like, we’re around all our friends. We’re so happy and we’re around her friends. And they’re all going to be adding in. We have a bunch of other friends obviously, that are going to be there. So we’re like, you know what, fuck it. We’re booking it. So we did

Mallory Gordon 8:05
FOMO got the best of you. Yeah, I

Mickey Gordon 8:07
guess we’re just No, I just got harassed by our friends enough until I said yes. Because like two or more to tango, who we were just on there. She

Mallory Gordon 8:14
keeps going. Yeah, it’s gonna be there. And there’s, there’s a bunch of people we haven’t seen in a long time that are going to be there as well. So I’m super excited. Thank you so much for doing that. I can’t wait to go party and then with you and you know anyone else going? Do we have any? Anyone that we know that has a code Fernan that we want to share? Oh, yeah. Wanderlust. There you go. There you go. So if anyone’s interested in going to not in Orleans in July, and meeting us there, you know, feel free to use case code wanderlust.

Mickey Gordon 8:41
Yep, please do. It’s gonna be awesome. Hey, what are we doing this week? Like literally six days from now?

Mallory Gordon 8:47
What are we doing? I’m packing furiously and hoping I remembered everything for PCAP

Mickey Gordon 8:52
because we got so much shit to take to PCAP it’s

Mallory Gordon 8:56
crazy. I’m so fucking excited though. I am like shaking with excitement. Well,

Mickey Gordon 9:01
so for PCAP. And we’ll give people a little spoiler here. For PCAP we’re doing a session on videoing the moment like capturing your sexual activities. And I was like, I’m just going to sit down and write down some highlights because you know, we’ll just kind of wing it and talk from from the hip. And we’ll just spend an hour showing these guys some of our favorite positions for photo and video sessions.

Mallory Gordon 9:21
Well, that and the equipment because I mean, we’ve we’ve found some gems and some duds in our experience, because we do enjoy filming. But what

Mickey Gordon 9:29
I like to do is give people something they can’t get here on the show because they’re paying money to go to this thing, right? So I want to give them something. Yeah, I’ve kind of

Mallory Gordon 9:35
like it that I was stretched. I was doing my stretches to make sure I was like able to pose Oh, hell yeah. And hold it,

Mickey Gordon 9:41
right flying lotus or whatever it is you’re doing. But now what I’m really getting at though is I sat down to do these highlights and 11 pages of writing later. I’m like a, maybe I went too far with it.

Mallory Gordon 9:52
Yeah, yeah, you got a lot of details in there. So I think we’re gonna have a partner to the track that we’re doing So what your would you call it a compliment to complimentary piece? Yeah, so I think you’re gonna have a blog piece,

Mickey Gordon 10:06
it’d be a hell of a long blog, but it’d be fun. But yeah, PCAP is days away. We can’t wait for this. If you do find yourself available, and you don’t have any plans, June 3 through sixth, come on out to Palm Springs. Use 10%, you get 10% of your room off if you use the code that we have. So we’re going to cover 10% of your room. If you use the code love toys. Yep,

Mallory Gordon 10:28
please do. There are rooms available for the code that we could only do up to 10 rooms. So only 10 of those rooms available. So yes, so we still have some rooms left. So if you have the time and want to come out, I know it’s just a week away. But it’s doable. So feel free to use that. That’s love toys.

Mickey Gordon 10:45
Go and be redonk podcast.

Yeah, see, that’s I talked cool like that. Because like that, that’s when I bring it to high school graduation. I thought it was cool.

Mallory Gordon 10:55
Yeah, exactly like that.

Mickey Gordon 10:57
Yeah, snap me later.

Mallory Gordon 10:58
Yeah. Talk like that. And all those your purple hair. Oh, and the fact that you embarrassed the kid they thought it was a pretty funny, I did Plant one on him. wet kiss on the side of his cheek. And I was like, Oh, dear God, thank God. He doesn’t have to convince these guys and Monday. That was fun. No, we had a great time. It was awesome.

Mickey Gordon 11:17
But anyway, we got one more thing coming up. You won’t talk about Park City.

Mallory Gordon 11:19
Yeah, this one’s interesting. It’s kind of vanilla. I’m not sure what we’re gonna get into. But I’ve never been to this part of the country. So I’m excited that we’re going to be around Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City and the Park City, Utah area. Next month, end of June. Yeah.

Mickey Gordon 11:33
into June, which I you know, I’ve never really spent much time out there. I’ve been to Salt Lake once or twice. It’s very conservative. I don’t expect that we’re going to have a lot of listeners in Salt Lake but maybe we do. Hey,

Mallory Gordon 11:43
give us a shout if you’re in the park city area or Salt Lake area. We’ll be out there for the weekend before a conference. So I don’t know if there’s any more than swingers out there Mormon

Mickey Gordon 11:53
swinger JB maybe, but

Mallory Gordon 11:56
I’m excited. It’s such a beautiful area. I’ve only seen it in picture so I’m looking forward to exploring and seeing what it has to offer.

Mickey Gordon 12:02
I think I just discovered a market get your jollies. Let’s be poly. Come on. We can do this. Oh

Mallory Gordon 12:07
my god. No, no, don’t No. Hallmark said no thanks. See you at attend. Don’t recommend.

Mickey Gordon 12:14
But we’re going to Park City. We’re going to hang out. I’m going out there for a conference. We’re gonna be out there for a few days ahead of time. If you guys want to catch up, shoot the shit. Find a bar in Park City and drink till 6pm and then go to church. We can do that. Okay, okay. No,

Mallory Gordon 12:28
maybe not.

Mickey Gordon 12:29
Not happening. Well, anyway, I tell you what, you guys want to get on with the show and hear from our good friend Dr. David. I’m so excited. Talk about dem titties.

Mallory Gordon 12:38
Oh, he’s amazing. You know, I hope everyone loves him as much as I do. Because he changed my life legitimately. For the better.

Mickey Gordon 12:45
Yeah, guy used to have a spectacular set of hoots. I really love you.

Mallory Gordon 12:50
And I just feel overall like better about myself. I feel more confident in my skin and naked. That’s the big thing.

Mickey Gordon 12:56
It really did kick off a bit of a renaissance for you a little workout six days a week now and you were all you always look good before but you were never like this monster in the gym like you are now and gears always active and you look fucking fantastic.

Mallory Gordon 13:11
I love you so much. I hope I don’t regret you saying that because people are gonna have this expectation that I’m like, totally ripped or something because it’s been 60s in the gym. No, I just felt horrible metabolism. And I’m trying to do my best here.

Mickey Gordon 13:23
Well, you’re killing it. I’m proud of you. Thank you, baby. Anyway, on with the show. Let’s get out of here and come back in a minute with Dr. David plank, but not before Mallory does the thing

Mallory Gordon 13:33
that’s saying I guess we have to tell everybody who we are and where we are. So we’re casual smear everywhere. That’s casual. If you want to check us out there, you can reach out to us at podcast at casual We are on social media that is Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to check us out on the dating sites, it’s double date nation SDCs Alesund Cassidy

Mickey Gordon 13:55
Oh, that’s all the things yeah, that’s all she wrote. All right, hang in there folks. We’ll be back in just a hot second with Dr. David.

Mallory Gordon 14:03
Yeah, let’s play with some boobies are having

Mickey Gordon 14:04
some fun and the best dressed episode ever not best but best episode ever, you’ve been listening to casual swinger.

Mallory Gordon 14:29
And you’re back with casual swinger. I’m your co host Mallory.

Mickey Gordon 14:32
And I’m still Mickey. I’m not that guy. This time. I’ve been that guy. Yeah.

Mallory Gordon 14:36
Well, welcome back. I missed you very much. So I’m very excited about our guest today. How about you?

Mickey Gordon 14:41
Oh, I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. We’ve been trying to book this fucker since you got new tickets.

Mallory Gordon 14:45
It’s true. I think this is the best personal investment we’ve ever made in in me.

Mickey Gordon 14:50
Right? Well, I couldn’t figure out how we were going to call this episode knew who to dis or the best episode

Mallory Gordon 14:56
ever. Basically my running joke for the first six months that I had my boobs you

Mickey Gordon 15:00
It’s absolutely fantastic. But hey, we’ve got a special guest on the horn with us right now. He doesn’t have a ton of time so we’re gonna get past all the pleasantries and introduce the amazing and I think he’s amazing because I love my new toys. The only thing you didn’t do that I wish he had was put squeaky toys in a negative Ghostrider. Come on, it would have been fun. But His name is Dr. Plank. He is an esteemed plastic surgeon here in the Orlando area. Dr. David plank. How are you today?

Dr. David Plank 15:25
Fabulous. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah, it’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? It

Mickey Gordon 15:30
really, I mean, I wasn’t when she got him. It was a fast time coming. But we’re talking about two different things. Christmas present it was, it was like having a new girlfriend which, you know, is less common for swearing and more common for Swingers, and it is for maybe other people

Dr. David Plank 15:46
that are up here. My face is up here.

Mallory Gordon 15:48
It’s not a bad life. I’m pretty happy with the results here. And especially you know, the symptoms that come along with it, especially the good ones, like you said,

Mickey Gordon 15:56
No, yeah, it’s been an absolute blast. But so this is the best episode ever. We’re going to talk a little bit about you. But we really want to talk about your approach, like we said in the lead and one of our favorite things about working with you was frankly, your you were human. Yeah, and humanity in the medical profession is fucking hard to come by anymore. And you really made us feel like you were looking to help and actually serve Mallory’s needs, which was a big deal.

Mallory Gordon 16:22
But yeah, your differentiator for me was that we were having conversations, which is bi directional versus a dictation, something that I experienced when doing my research and doing visits where this is what I do, this is how I do and take it or leave it and I found that really cold and not serving everyone’s needs. It’s like factory work.

Mickey Gordon 16:41
Yeah, very much so. So let’s start with the basic stock. Sure. What’s the name of your practice? What is your specialty? And what are your certifications give us the short version of your very extensive resume. I read all that shit on the wall, just give us give us the high notes.

Dr. David Plank 16:55
So again, my name is Dr. David plank. I’m a board certified plastic surgeon and went through six years of plastic surgery training to do what I do learned all the techniques of cosmetic surgery. My practice is mid Florida dermatology and plastic surgery here in ultimate springs. I do go to other offices. VO Clermont when you call my office, we can find you a closer office to see me. And yeah, that’s basically what I do. cosmetic plastic surgery.

Mickey Gordon 17:27
Awesome. And how long have you been doing that?

Dr. David Plank 17:31
I graduated in 2/3 2013 from USC, South Florida, and I haven’t left. I just love Florida so much. So but nine years, coming up on nine years. And then gret shortly after I graduated I did you have to go through board certification, which takes about a year and a half to do so I’m board certified in 2015. So yeah, it’s a long arduous and very expensive process to become a board certified plastic surgeon.

Mallory Gordon 17:59
Yeah, that’s dedication and commitment for sure. Well,

Mickey Gordon 18:02
and I would have to think that Florida, California, coastal Texas, those are probably the hotspots for plastic surgery because everyone’s got their tits out.

Dr. David Plank 18:10
That is true. You know, one of the things I grew up in Ohio very, very modest state and I loved Florida because a lot more skin was shown and you know you when you training in plastic surgeon, Florida, you have to understand the techniques you understand what people want and how they want to look in a bikini or even naked that’s for sure. But yeah, I love Florida. I love the temperature. Definitely. temperatures rise clothes fall off, as you probably know in these coastal regions, California for sure. But yeah, I grew up in Ohio, a lot of sweaters so you don’t get to see a whole lot of skin. So it’s kind of like a surprise if you’re hanging out with some people.

Mickey Gordon 18:53
Yeah, sweater puppies aren’t half as much fun when they’re covered with a sweater. That’s right, so I’ve been a fan of boobs since I was a baby personally, it’s just been a thing and I think most guys are probably wired that way. But what made you choose this field of medicine and why in the hell were you like fascinated with playdough Legos, what was your deal?

Dr. David Plank 19:12
Well, my dad was a mechanical engineer. So I was always told to you know, hand them tools, things like that, fix things and then kind of an engineering mindset. So fixing things make things better than the original. I originally wanted to go into cardiology, but when I got to med school, I found plastic surgery was very diverse and and then usually the plastic surgeons I hung out with for more fun they other than other doctors I found certain specialties attract certain personalities but some of the plastic surgeons are more fun and in the opportunities to help somebody individually on an immediate basis. That’s what was the sexy part about becoming a plastic surgeon is that you do a facelift boom. got huge improvement, breast implants, breast augmentation, and immediate improvement right away and you can see the results right away and the patient’s extremely happy with the result. So that was the main reason for going into plastic surgery. For sure, for me, I just love it every day every day is different. And I think most people that love their job, every day is different. So the challenge of not knowing what’s going to come through your door every day in the clinic, or what kind of surgery you have to do is the most attractive part of being plastic surgeon.

Mickey Gordon 20:31
Yeah, so I just got to imagine what a proctologist with a personality would be like. I mean, it’s probably unlikely but when it happens, like you’re looking at my butthole let’s go ahead and have a

Mallory Gordon 20:41
coach expect them to be an asshole. Is that what you’re saying?

Mickey Gordon 20:44
Well, they should be proctologist should be assholes. That makes perfect sense.

Dr. David Plank 20:47
Yeah, there’s like an old Seinfeld episode, right? Ask man, that was the best episode ever.

Mallory Gordon 20:55
I have to go back and look at it Seinfeld for when it’s at was way too smart. For me. I wasn’t quite there yet to catch all the jokes. But I love that that you. You chose a profession that gives you a certain level of gratification and compassion for people. And I absolutely love that. Something we didn’t touch on. Just to talk about you just little bit more is you work with the local university, UCF, University of Central Florida. Can you tell us a little bit about that work? And because I mean, I’ve shown a few of your residents my boobs already. So I think like 20

Dr. David Plank 21:29
Yeah, some of them keep coming back. They keep forgetting what they look like. That’s for sure. The Yeah, so I’m the director of plastic surgery there. I started as the assistant professor there when I was originally working at the VA down in Lake Nona and then became assistant professor and then slowly kind of evolved and I love teaching. So I have the medical students come and rotate with me and the residents from other hospitals come and rotate with me to learn a little bit more about plastic surgery. So that’s my involvement with the university. They invited me to give talks you know, I’m in charge of the medical students that are interested in plastic surgery, from medical school to residency so they come and seek advice and recommendations for him on a national level. So so far, I’ve been fairly lucky with these medical students are so smart these days. I’ve had this past year I had two medical students that went on into plastic surgery residency, which is the the most difficult residency to get into per. So the number of residents that have medical students that apply the percent of acceptance is very low. So I’m very proud that these medical students are able to come to my office, I’m able to help them and kind of Springboard them into a life of great career in plastic surgery.

Mallory Gordon 22:51
I will say every, every one of them that I that I ran into in your office, were incredible. You know, even telling our story or kitchen industry because we’d love to shoot the shit with you when we came in for the appointments and I was a little concerned that we rock them back on their heels or shock them a little bit and everyone just kind of rolled with it too. And you can see like them digesting and I could tell when they left the room which ones had questions for you as a follow up to like probably more medical or maybe it was hey, these freakin weirdos were just sitting there what

Dr. David Plank 23:20
I love to teach medical students real life experience that they’re not going to find in a textbook. So there’s certain things they teach them you know, proper care for patients but I think with plastic surgery such latter reality to it because you’re you’re dealing with you know, it’s very intimate with a lot of patients you know, breast augmentation, facelift, things like that. So you have to you break the ice with the patients and it’s nice for medical students to see physicians have an approach that I do very open minded very loose with the patients and it makes the patients more comfortable. Because I’ve had a lot of crazy jobs in the past and I’ve learned how to talk to all kinds of people so I think that experience my past has helped me currently in as a plastic surgeons kind of roll with it. No matter who walks through the door I can find a way to crack a smile on somebody’s face with with just a conversation for sure. But I had the medical students for sure. learn a lot just from the non textbook reality as to what is to be a doctor.

Mickey Gordon 24:31
Did you tell these guys before we got there already beware. These guys are crazy swingers and they’re really out there and her tits are probably going to be out in the lobby and

Dr. David Plank 24:42
no, I like to shock them. Because I’ll say something crazy. And then I like to look at their face to see what they have to say, you know, despite their facial expression for sure. I love it.

Mallory Gordon 24:54
Both of them try to be very, very professional. And I love that like that. It made me feel at ease. But it was also a little funny, if I’m being perfectly honest.

Dr. David Plank 25:04
Yeah, yeah, I do that on purpose as well. Just the shock and awe because, yeah, because, you know, I don’t really grade them, you know, I have no control over their lives. They’re just here to learn. And so being off a wall is certainly an educational experience for them. So they try to remain within the guide, you know, like within the, the stay in their lane based on how they’re how they’re guided at their institution at the hospital, whatever. But yeah, I think they’re, and then the second time they come in, they’re actually, the more times they visit, they’re more relaxed, for sure. They open up a little bit more, and they tell me more stories on there. And then they get a little bit more open minded about certain questions about certain things is what I do on certain patients and things like that. So they certainly open up more after actually, patients like you guys, since you’re so fun. They kind of loosen up a little bit more.

Mallory Gordon 25:59
Oh, that’s awesome. Hey, speaking of showing people my boobs, I think we’re gonna play a little game, aren’t we?

Mickey Gordon 26:04
I like playing games with your boobs. Yeah, well, I bury my face.

Mallory Gordon 26:09
Well, motorboats probably your favorite. I think what we’re gonna do for our listeners out there is Dr. Plank just upgraded his website, and I have my before and after pictures on there to my understanding. So if you can identify my before and after pictures, I think we’re gonna give away what Mickey?

Mickey Gordon 26:28
Well, I think what we decided we were gonna give away was, I think either an arc wave or a womanizer. Okay, depending on who it is. Yeah, if it’s a guy or a girl, Teddy’s Yep. And we’ll give away a womanizer. Or we’ll do the new joy from arc wave, which is a masturbator with eight different size settings. Ooh, fancy just in time for Father’s Day to That’s right. If you’re a father and don’t want to be one again, masturbate more.

Mallory Gordon 26:52
So how long? How long do they have to guess? We’ll go through the end of the month. Okay. So may 31. Is your last opportunity to guess?

Mickey Gordon 27:00
Yeah, well, actually, and I’ll tell you what we’ll do the end of June. Okay. Nobody guesses by the end of June. We’ll just guess it no one can fit.

Mallory Gordon 27:07
Okay, so that’s June 30. I had to sing the song in my head. 30 days has been very cool. Jesus episodes

Mickey Gordon 27:11
not going to come out for another two.

Mallory Gordon 27:13
That’s true. That’s true. So June 30. Last day to get stem titties. Yes, some titties. I’m thinking we’ll probably get some in the first 10 days.

Mickey Gordon 27:20
Usually get it by 6am the day after?

Mallory Gordon 27:24
But yeah, so Dr. Plank, what is your website so people can go there and look at before and after pictures to take pictures to take their guests?

Dr. David Plank 27:30
Yes. And it’s Dr. David And Dr. David

Mallory Gordon 27:37
Easy peasy. And what one word? All right. We’ll put that in the show notes as well. And on Twitter when we launched the episode for everyone to play along.

Mickey Gordon 27:44
Absolutely. So Mallory, I think this is probably a good time for you to talk about your journey with Dr. plank and kind of what brought us to Dr. Plank. And I know we talked about a little bit this a little bit in our last episode about your journey, but just give people maybe a short version of that episode,

Mallory Gordon 27:59
I’ll give a little summary. So I always liked my boobs. You know, I grew myself from scratch. And I was very accustomed to having them. But I always felt like there was room for improvement. And this is a journey I went on that lasted about 10 years, right when I made the decision to go get you know, additional consults, I had gotten cultural, maybe like six or seven years prior. It just the timing wasn’t right. The doctors weren’t right, my mental state wasn’t right. And I felt like this was the time and I went into it with a scout mentality going, you know, I have an idea of what I would like to happen and what my results I would like to be. And if that’s not achievable, I’m absolutely fine. Not doing this, but I want to if it’s possible, and in my journey, looking for the right doctor, seeing if these results were reasonable. I did stumble across, you know, a few obstacles and additional, you know, questions that I had, because it seemed like everyone that I had talked to, to a certain degree, had a very cookie cutter cutter methodology, like a one size fits all. And at that particular point I went you know what, this isn’t for me, you know, I feel like this should be a very personalized journey. And I look around and I see naked women a lot you know, we’re swingers we go on naked vacations. We’re in naked resorts and hotels. And women are so different. So versatile. How is this a one size fits all? And turns out it’s not. And after meeting, Dr. Plank, he really opened our eyes into the possibility of Yes, I believe I can achieve your goal and here’s how. And we had an it’s the first conversation I ever had about and it’s so impactful. how much that meant to me and my journey even if I made the decision not to do it. I will never forget that conversation.

Mickey Gordon 29:44
Yeah, it was really weird, right? Because I remember we went to see three or four doctors and it was a lot like the shady Hills booby farm, right? Everyone was the same they’re like this is exactly how we do it. All titties come at exactly the same whether you’re big, tall, fat, small, skinny, doesn’t matter. You’re gonna look just

Mallory Gordon 29:58
like this. There were only slight difference. says maybe the incision points, right? Yeah,

Mickey Gordon 30:02
that’s definitely a fact. And then there was the machine that Dr. Plank used to show us what you

Mallory Gordon 30:08
were gonna Yes. And he’s the only one I think we saw total six or seven doctors Yeah, was the only one that had that kind of technology does that machine

Dr. David Plank 30:17
that machine that Mueller is talking about is the backdrop. And it’s interesting technology has, it takes a photo of your body or face. But a Mallory’s case we chose, we took photos of her breast and has six cameras that triangulate on the breast, and it can reconstruct and 3d form the individual’s breast. And then with the software system, you can add implants. And you can see what you look like after surgery in a simulated form. So you can do a side by side before the surgery. And then in a basically augmented reality, so to speak, of what your breasts would look like after surgery, and you can vary the size of the implants. So you can have an exact image of what you’re going to look like after surgery. And it’s been very valuable in my practice, because, you know, you look on before and after photos. And individuals see other people’s breasts and everybody’s breasts are different. With this spectrum, it’s very individualized so you can see what you’re going to look like after surgery. And, and it does certainly add a lot of value and makes people more comfortable. Going into surgery because they have a mental image. They take photos of themselves, they take it home to their partner, and they look at it and they come back and make a proper and well informed decision. Decision.

Mallory Gordon 31:44
Yeah, you hit the nail on the head, I felt much more confident in my decision after we did the Vectra. Because what I was doing, and I was looking at before and after pictures trying to see, well, do my boobs look like hers? And do I? Could they look like the after picture? So I’m trying to align myself? Do I look like the before? And will it look like the after? And what are the different methodologies? And it’s so hard because you know, that person could be you know, 411 and I’m five, five, so no, that could impact the size, shape fill method. It means so many other factors. And I just got so overwhelmed and the vector kind of quieted all the mental chatter and gave me something real intangible to look at. So that was super beneficial.

Mickey Gordon 32:24
And I think the other thing that happened with Dr. Plank is your fear level was was really allayed by just a number one the way he is, but then the other thing was, you know, what you were trying to accomplish was what he was addressing where the other doctors said this is the only way to do it to avoid the dreaded capsular contracture. Right. And if you do it any other way, you have a 900% chance of having capsular contracture. It was like some stupid number. It wasn’t nine oh, 2%. And

Mallory Gordon 32:50
everyone’s everyone’s percentage was different, like no one agreed. The risk rate actually,

Mickey Gordon 32:55
I don’t know if you know this or not, but 88% of statistics are made up. See why it’s including that one. So no, Doc, I mean, that’s kind of brings us to another conversation here. So Mallory’s breast augmentation was, was over the muscle of subglandular, which was kind of what she wanted, because she was just trying to replace breast tissue that you know, was there and now it’s not. So you just want to fill them back up, right. But era back in the

Mallory Gordon 33:21
day, you had to have an unnatural composition to them.

Mickey Gordon 33:24
And so it made sense to us logically that this would be a good idea yet everybody else kept saying, No, it’s got to go into the muscle and like then what happens to the fun bag that’s over the muscle because it’s not filling back up? And no one could really answer us, you had a different approach. And you have taken over the practice for a gentleman by the name of Dr. Baker who did a friend of ours, breasts, and they’re fantastic as well. So we’re like this seems like the place to go. This seems like the way to go. Can you tell us a little bit about like how many women qualify for subglandular installation or augmentation? And I mean, can they all expect a result like Mallory got?

Dr. David Plank 34:03
Yes, I think most women do qualify for subglandular placement for breast implants. It depends on how much residual breast tissue they have. So there’s a test called the pinch test. It’s the upper pole, it’s above the nipple, that area above the nipples called the upper pole, the breast and you pension there’s a significant amount of tissue there two centimeters or more, then you qualify for subglandular implant placement. Anything lower than that you’re looking at two centimeters less than that individual would probably need a sub muscular implant placement which you’re probably talking about before, which you alluded to when you’re talking about other surgeons do one particular way. So that’s so that’s the two methods for breast implant placement above the muscle or below the muscle and the muscle is the pectoralis major muscle. And but most women I See, qualify for above the muscle. And I particularly liked this method that was taught by Dr. Jim Baker who actually developed the baker classification of capsular contracture. So he is the godfather of that he developed that over the years. And so he was my mentor for about 12 years even during residency, and I was fortunate enough to work with him as a colleague and partner before he retired. So I learned all this technique, and I saw all of his patients, and they all had longitudinally excellent results. So and I liked that method as well, particularly for most of the women, because it feels more natural. Some of the side effects for under the muscle is what they call an animation deformity, where the pec major muscle is over the implant, and every time you activate your pec major muscle, it’ll move that implant more lateral. And there’s plenty of Christmas videos I’ve seen of women. They’re juggling their jugs to Christmas tunes things about because the implants are under the muscle. So yeah, that’s always a treat every year, but those are the two methods. But what I chose a Mallory was above multiple she qualified. She had enough breast tissue, even though she did have some atrophy from the years, but she turned out well.

Mickey Gordon 36:26
Yeah, I’d like to think so. I mean, you’ve seen before and after pictures of my wife, my wife is way hotter than me. I think we can both agree on that. Right. Dr. Plank. I agree. I agree. Yeah. And it I think they came up sensationally?

Mallory Gordon 36:39
Yeah, I have to admit, it’s a hard, it’s hard for me not to show everyone my boobs, and I need to remember not to do it in inappropriate places, like the grocery store, because that’s not okay. So with with my procedure, you did an incision that was effectively underneath my breasts kind of in the fold. And, you know, in my research, you know, obviously, it was looking at, you know, incision types that correlate with implant types. What is that called? And why is that placement important, or incision important?

Dr. David Plank 37:09
Right, so I do the inframammary fold incision, one, it’s easier access to get under the breast tissue to make the pocket to put the implant. And so that’s the first incision. The second decision that you could do is the peri areolar incision, that’s just kind of cutting around the aerial of the nipple there and making a tunnel and then making a pocket through that way. And then the third is transaxillary, where you go from the armpit down, usually that’s significantly more difficult to perform. You need other instrumentation, surgical equipment to do that. And that came and went, they talked about that as a non SCARL or they scarless incision, but it’s still a scar on the armpit. But I think over the years that has gone by the wayside, the more prominent ones are the peri areolar incision and the South or the inframammary fold incision, but I choose the inframammary fold incision because it’s hidden. So once you make the incision, put the implants in the breast dropped her more natural todich physician work natural position so that incisions hidden, whether you’re in a bikini or whether you’re naked.

Mallory Gordon 38:29
Yeah, I think the only time they’re even visible is when I’m laying on my back and legs are in there. Yeah. And even then, like my scarring is very, very minimal for being about, I don’t know, nine months post op, it’s not bad, it’s at all and I’m hypercritical, like I could find a stretch mark, you know, from outer space on my body if I needed to, like I could totally do that. So for me to say it’s there, they’re irrelevant to me I actually mean I did the screen is almost nothing at this point. I’m very, very happy with that. So, with the method that you use with me, do you is that something that you consistently use with your clientele or do you use other methods depending on the patient

Dr. David Plank 39:12
I exclusively use the inframammary fold incision. This because I have good consistent results. There is some literature out there that shows that particular incision reduces the incidence of capsular contracture. The PERI early Oehler incision, has a little higher incidence of capsular contracture. But the inframammary fold incision, it’s a little easier to place the implant because you’re you’re already below and underneath the breast tissue, and I use what they call a killer funnel. That looks like a little you know,

Mallory Gordon 39:51
was it like a piping bag? Yeah. Yeah,

Dr. David Plank 39:55
yes. So I use that so that’s how the incision so small, easily Um, deliver the implant into the pocket that was developed easily in touch with methods so it makes it a lot easier to do the implant placement.

Mallory Gordon 40:10
It’s trippy. I think you had a short video on your Instagram maybe? Or your Twitter. Yep. It was so trippy to watch. I’m glad I watched it after I got my boobs. But it’s super

Mickey Gordon 40:22
neat. So they squirt it in like cake

Mallory Gordon 40:23
icing kind of Yeah. It’s, it’s fascinating. I

Mickey Gordon 40:27
shouldn’t feel bad about squeezing those. But

Mallory Gordon 40:28
yeah, and for someone like you who’s like, you get a little woozy about surgery. Like, there’s really nothing, there’s not a lot of blood or anything. It’s just like, all of a sudden, there’s no boob. And then there’s a boob. And it literally looks like piping bag. No shit. Crazy.

Mickey Gordon 40:41
That’s cool. Well, so there’s another scar that we’ve seen fairly commonly, Doc. And that’s the anchor scar that’s associated with a breast lift. So what would necessitate a woman getting a lift? And what types are there? And in what scenarios would you perform each type of lift I mean, does. This lift is the lift predicated on where you put the implant, whether it’s above the muscle or below the muscle, that kind of thing, Phyllis in

Dr. David Plank 41:07
the sense of breast lift, so I always have women when they come in. And they ask if they need a reduction, or if they need a lift, and I tell them to go home and look in the mirror and just lift their breasts up. If they like the volume of their breast, then they just need a lift, if they want more fullness to the breasts, and I would do a lift plus an implant. So with the anchor incision you’re talking about it depends how much ptosis of breast or a woman’s breast has over the years, a lot of women do a lot of breastfeeding. So over the time, you have what they call breast atrophy, and extra skin like rocks and socked. So, if those women want a lift and they dislike the volume, then I would use an anchor incision because that’s the only way to really lift the breasts and remove the extra tissue and the incision itself exactly the same. With the anchor incision, I also use I always put the implant on top of the muscle for those particular patients as well as they wish to have a breast augmentation with the lift. So kind of the same procedure implants on top of the muscle and then breast lift to them. Sometimes you can do a Peri areolar mastopexy. So you make a doughnut around the areola and kind of cinch it like a purse string. But very few women qualify for that they have to have a pretty smaller breast with small mild amount of ptosis. And then you can kind of cinch it up like like a purse string.

Mallory Gordon 42:45

Mickey Gordon 42:46
drawstring titties. You heard it first here on casual swinger folks.

Mallory Gordon 42:51
Oh, so why so in my journey, I you know, I mentioned that, you know, a lot of plastic surgeons had their specific methodology, they go sub muscular, and most of them wanted to do a lift on me with that said anchor scar. Why do you feel that they choose that exclusive cookie cutter type eight, because they seem so damn convinced or at least tried to convince us that it’s the it was the only way to go. So what what’s the psychology behind that or the method behind that for them?

Dr. David Plank 43:24
There are some techniques that has been in literature where it do some measurements, like the nipple to inframammary fold distance, and there’s been literature out there say for over nine centimeters and easy to lift. But for me, I always listen to the patient. A lot of times women don’t want the incision at all, they they don’t want the anchor incision off to the left. But what I can, what I do provide for patients is if they want what augmentation, usually you get a lift anyway, with the implants themselves. There’s high profile implants, which are used on you Mallory, which provide that lift and it avoids having to do further incisions to get a mastopexy or breast lift incisions. You know, I think some of those plastic surgeons, they have a certain technique that they have consistent results and they feel comfortable with those results. I think that’s why you have some of the plastic surgeons that have a certain technique and a certain way to do it. There’s nothing wrong with that for them. But in my my practice, I always listened to patients and listen to what I what they have to say and what they want to do. Certainly you could do the implants and then I always tell patients down the road if you want to live we can do the left. But I would say 99% of the patients that convinced them just to do the implants. They’re happy and they don’t want to lift

Mallory Gordon 44:50
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s kind of where I was because again, we’re naked a lot. So the scarring was an important factor for me and The opportunity for, you know, maybe a reduction in sensitivity, which was the fear I have a rational or not, that with a lift getting so close to that nerve bundle underneath my nipple, I love them. I love how, you know, their sensitivity levels. I didn’t want to ruin that either. And I’d rather, you know, if that was something that was a have to have in order to achieve the results I wanted. Again, I was just I was willing to forego it. But you gave me the opportunity to go, Hey, we can do A, B and C and down the road. If that changes, then you can do that as an option later if that’s what you choose to do. But I think we can get there through this. And I mean, I almost had to pinch myself. I’m like, is this real? Yeah, I might actually get what I want out of this. This is awesome.

Mickey Gordon 45:41
Well, at that point, I think we were actually leaning toward bailing on the idea because you said if I can’t have what I want, I’m just going to do nothing. Yeah, exactly. And it seemed like I mean, some of these doctors, I wouldn’t recommend them to mow my lawn. And I think, you know, we came out of this feeling so positively about you doctor playing fit. It was like, finally we found somebody that gets it that listens. And says either that’s a good idea, or that’s a bad idea. And not that’s a bad idea, end of discussion we’re not talking about anymore. By the way. I’m done here. Have a nice day. Thanks for coming in and give me my 100 bucks. Right. And that was not awesome. But there are complications. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows here and no, we’re talking about how great Mallory’s fun bags are. You know, that’s fantastic. I love that you have this catalog of colossal coconuts on your website. That’s so cool. But at the end of the day, what are the complications that can arise from this? And are any of them severe? Who would be at risk, who’s a person that you’d look at them and go, I am not touching them Teddy’s.

Dr. David Plank 46:42
Some of the patients that I screen basically, I have to do with comorbidities. You know, every patient gets a what they call caprini score. And it looks like the it looks at the basically the the health of the patient, how stable they are for surgery. So if they reach a certain number in the screening score, they’re not candidates for surgery. I mean, this is, you know, cosmetic surgeries elective surgery. It’s not life threatening. So I use that as a measure to protect the patient from potential complications down the road. But aside from that, some of the complications from healthy patients that undergo breast augmentation is infection. hematoma, which is bleeding in the breast pocket. capsular contracture is another issue down the road. But those are the three major ones. I think hematomas, probably probably the most problematic, because after about two weeks, women feel good, they look good. And things happen at 2am that causes bleeding.

Mallory Gordon 47:47
Whatever that could be. Yeah.

Dr. David Plank 47:49
So those are the major issues. But typically post operative care for these patients. I give them antibiotics, again, steroids, I give them Singulair for all for, to mitigate any of those complications, I follow patients fairly closely. Remember, I tell you what, two or three times within the first week after surgery, just to mitigate any of those problems, because most of the problems happened with about two weeks of surgery. So having the patients see me frequently. And also you guys had access to me 24 hours a day with my cell phone. So I think that puts a lot of ease with patients and then mitigates a lot of problems as well. So if you catch it early, you can take care of

Mickey Gordon 48:28
it early. And that was something I was actually going to bring up that I don’t remember the last time that a doctor said, This is my personal cell phone use it anytime day or night that I wasn’t friends with that we hadn’t, you know kicked off a friendship with. And I mean, we get there with with a lot of the medical professionals we work with partially because of the show, because when we have good experiences we do bring them in and talk about it. Dr. Phillips is a good example. Andrea Lilla boys, another good example. So we’ve got all these, you know, great doctors were friends with. But you did that you didn’t know us from Adam. I was like, Wow, that’s impressive.

Mallory Gordon 48:59
Yeah. And that definitely put my mind at ease. Because I mean, it is an elective surgery, you know, I have a nursing background. So, you know, I’m running the numbers in my head. I’m like, you know, this, this does come with, you know, risks involved. And, you know, there’s there’s a lot of things that could potentially happen after this, and what’s my investment and is that risk reward factor going to be, you know, for me and having access and the proactivity postdoc was really, really important, and I absolutely love that.

Mickey Gordon 49:26
Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. All right,

Mallory Gordon 49:28
maybe let’s switch gears for a minute and talk about swingers in particular, if that’s okay. As you know, a couple in an ethical, non monogamous relationship we tend to kind of be naked a lot, you know, we go to parties or clubs with friends at the beach. You know, not every procedure or method works for everyone, especially if their goal is to look good naked, like, like, my goal was right. Are there differences with how you perform certain procedures cosmetically in general, when someone wants to look good in their clothes versus looking good naked Does that come up often in your practice?

Dr. David Plank 50:03
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely I try to every surgery that I do, I try to mitigate or minimize the scars that are present based on how they look naked. Because when I see them postoperatively, or when they come to me for an evaluation, they just want to look better, naked, you know, and then if you look good naked, you’re gonna look good in your clothes as well, because I kind of follow that lead. So certainly, Scar hiding the scars under the inframammary fold for breast augmentation, tummy tucks, you know, I mitigate that by minimizing the amount of scarring, my incisions. And if there’s anything down the road that the patient is unhappy about with some of the incisions that I made. I have lasers in the office that I can easily smudge out like a little Photoshop finger. Little photoshopping is going to smudge out those, those lines, but I have patients wait about three months, let them heal by themselves. And if there’s certain concern area, I can just easily laser and just kind of make the incision disappear. That’s crazy.

Mickey Gordon 51:08
So awesome. We’ve come so far in the medical profession, it’s just nuts. So we have a friend down in South Florida. She was a good looking woman prior to plastic surgery, but she went through a divorce, sold her house, got a little money and decided to get a mommy makeover. And now she’s an exotic dancer in Tampa says changed her life completely. And she would she just she is like the poster girl for mommy makeover. Tell us what a mommy makeover is, what it how common it is, who’s a good candidate for it, and what can they expect what sort of things go into that package of services.

Dr. David Plank 51:49
So let’s consider the mommy makeover is a breast augmentation with or without a breast lift and a tummy tuck. So you’re looking at postpartum women that usually have a couple of children. And you know, having children does take a toll on the woman’s body. So they get the breast atrophied. And sometimes I have extras skin that also doesn’t necessarily fat but extra skin from the child. And so they just want to kind of remove the extra skin from the tummy and improve enhance the breasts. So that’s that’s the combo for the mommy makeover breast lift with or a breast augmentation with breast lift, or, and, and tummy tuck. And typically, these are women that have already had children, they only more children and the kids are a little bit older, I would say three or four or five years old, and they’re going off to kindergarten or school so they don’t really have to stay at home with them or they have more time on their hands. So they want to take time for themselves really. So they come in and and then see the console. And I tell him you know what the whole thought process takes and typically for these these individuals that require the Money Makeover, breast augmentation, with or without lift and then tummy tuck, or abdominal classes, we call it with liposuction. Typically those patients that do those combination cases, I have them stay in the hospital, for safety reasons have ICU nurse, they have a VIP section at the hospital that they have VIP care that takes care of and make sure that pain is under control. But typically there are a lot of women that are mainly healthy, they want to stay healthy. They’re fit but there’s extra skin that they just can’t get rid of. And that’s that’s the classic patient that usually gets the mommy makeover.

Mallory Gordon 53:41
Yeah, it’s something I’ve heard a lot being you know, a mom myself, as far as like plastic surgery goes and people I know that have had those types of procedures. Are there any trends and what you’re seeing in consults and the types of surgeries that people were asking like, is there anything changing the field is breast dog still, one of the most common is is it the most common? What do you seen?

Dr. David Plank 54:02
Well, so everybody’s heard the Brazilian butt lift where you take the fat from their belly and then inject it into the buttock area to enhance the buttock area. So for that they’ve adapted it to the breast so they take the fat and inject it in specific areas of the breast to enhance the breast and actually has fairly decent results. Sometimes with those individuals with with breast or fat grafting to the breast, typically may take one or two treatments, just because the fat itself gets reabsorbed about 50% gets reabsorbed over time. So you may it may be a little touch up but it certainly has a nice natural look. And so that’s been kind of an enhanced scene for breast augmentation or breast enhancement really, it’s safe, it’s your own tissue. You know I got time for that is sometimes you may get some fat necrosis little lumps and bumps, but typically on mammograms for women, the radiologists can determine whether or not it’s good or bad. And if that’s a concern that they would go get a breast biopsy from a breast surgeon. That’s the newer trend, I would say, for breast enhancement, using their own fat. It’s very common, though, because most women that need breast implants don’t have enough fat to put in their breasts. Really. Documentation is the way to go. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon 55:37
yeah. Wow. That’s crazy. Yeah, I heard of Brazilian Butt Lifts. You know, personally, I’m doing squats because I feel like I have enough junk up I think okay, there is that

Mickey Gordon 55:45
we’re all the shell facets are coming from, like these giant acids that seem to come out of nowhere. I mean, when I was growing up, yeah, acids were not three times larger than the person they’re on. But now they are. Is that how it’s happening?

Dr. David Plank 55:58
Yeah, it’s very trending right now. The, I don’t know when it started. Initially, it was for just improving contour, then you’re talking about 100 100 200 cc’s of fat on each side. So a can of Coke is like 355 CC, so you could put that mentally, you know, 300 CC’s on each side enhancement. Now, some of these patients are getting like 1000 milliliters, 1000 CC’s. 1500 CC’s on each side. So that’s, that’s your shelf?

Mickey Gordon 56:32
So two liter soda bottles on their ass cheeks?

Mallory Gordon 56:35
Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, for me, I was seeing a lot of younger women getting nose jobs, like as far as trending and when I was researching plastic surgery, at least that’s the perception I had. So I was just wondering if that’s kind of like, what these this influencer generation or the younger generation is considering versus breast. Org? Have you? Have you been seeing a lot of that as well?

Dr. David Plank 56:55
Yeah, the social media has reshaped how plastic surgeons have to approach patients because, as you know, filters with social media is all out there. So what you see on social media, when you meet the real person, it’s completely different. So it does distort what goals are that patients want, versus what can actually be achieved. I think you’ve probably seen on Instagram, where the new trend now is that they’ll show one side half of the image or the video will be a filter, and the other half would be unfiltered. And it’s like two different people, you know. So certainly, you have to approach as individuals and patients carefully because you have to understand what their expectations are. I have people show me what they want to look like afterwards. And sometimes it’s just done achievable. Because a lot of those photos, images or filters, plus makeup, you know, makeup artists nowadays can really kind of hide any blemish and things like that. So it’s very good to be very careful nowadays, and also be caring and also protecting the patient from from themselves sometimes because they have some false perceptions based on social media.

Mickey Gordon 58:08
And I think that’s one of the biggest problems facing people today, we did an episode not in the too distant past on just confidence. And, you know, one of the things that I brought up is something I’ve thought about a lot, which is, every day we wake up, we look in the mirror, and we’ve got socks on our teeth, and our breath is horrible, and our hair is messed up, and we’ve got you know, sleep in our eyes. And then we look on social media, and everybody looks like a million dollars. So well we see ourselves at our worst, and we see everybody else out there touched up fake best. And that gives you a fucked up self image. Right. And it seems like that’s contributing to your business in a way, which may not be a bad thing. But is that common? I mean, it seems to me that would be the case.

Dr. David Plank 58:53
Absolutely. Yeah. So I’m seeing younger women coming in for rhinoplasties nose jobs, as you talked about Mallory, for sure. They’ll show me images of Kim Kardashian, the Kardashian family and they’re no I have to. But I have to I have to guide them you know and I have them look in the mirror, you know, I point out what can be done what cannot be done. And again, it goes back to the vectrus. So the I can use the Vectra again on that 3d imaging and show them what they’re going to look like after surgery with almost 100% confidence. So they can tell them, Please don’t look at social media. This is us. This is how God made you. And this is what’s achievable what I can do in my hands. So it definitely opens her eyes, for sure. I remember one one patient that came in she had a little scar on her lip and I could barely see the scar. And so she was flipping through some photos. And I thought it was her cousin but because she had so many filters on the photos it was actually her so I was looking at The patient sitting in the seat here. And then I’m looking at her camera on her phone. And it was almost two different people, literally two different people. But because of the filters, it looks like two different people.

Mickey Gordon 1:00:12
Let me tell you how frustrating that is as a swinger, by the way. Oh, yeah. When people Yeah, we’re meeting people online and their pictures are so touched up that you meet them and you’re like, Where’s where’s that other couple that were in the picture? Because that’s not y’all.

Mallory Gordon 1:00:25
And what’s fucked up is we still would have went out with them and they just sort of showed us their real pictures, but it gives us like this level of in office in authentic I can’t talk now in authenticity. That’s okay.

Mickey Gordon 1:00:36
I’ll fuck it and post Mallory. It’s fine.

Mallory Gordon 1:00:39
I’m human, it’s fine.

Mickey Gordon 1:00:42
Now, so it over time and you know, I grew up in the National Enquirer generation, it’s all my grandmother read. And it seemed like every other issue was somebody’s plastic surgery, or someone getting repeated plastic surgery. This celebrity is addicted to plastic surgery. And you get you know, the Donatella Versace is of the world that look like a plastic shoe. Right? And of course, if for some reason she listens to this episode, I’m gonna get sued Shona, Melissa Rivers, yeah, Joan, rivers, another good example. So there’s all these celebrities that seem to be addicted to plastic surgery. So how many of your patients end up with more than one cosmetic surgery? Does this constant change? You know, like, it used to be tits were the thing. And now acids are the thing. And now they can put fat from your ass in your tips. If you want that. I mean, is social media driving people to come back and get it again? And again? Or is it that same addiction to change and self improvement? Do you see that a lot.

Dr. David Plank 1:01:39
I think the continuous self improvement has always been there in patients. But I think social media is added to that. You know, I think when I see patients initially that dip their toes in the in the cosmetic world, they’ll come in for like Botox or filler. And then you know, on one of the two visits on a follow up, they’ll ask about their eyelids, okay, and then it goes to their face, or then it goes to their body or their tummy. But I would say, you know, in my practice, I would say about 50% people do more than one procedure. And then it goes from there. So then you need to have the peer pressure to you know, you have like cousins or sisters or friends that get cosmetic surgery. They like what they have. And so they come in and do that as well. But peer pressure, I think is is really really strong as well. I think that’s always been the case, all through human history is peer pressure. But yeah, my patients come back they definitely have more than one procedure. It starts off small and they go a little bit bigger, I think has to do with trust with me with me. But then you talked about the patients that go super extreme, like the Versace’s and the Joan Rivers, where, you know, they’ll go out and have one surgery and then they’ll have a second third fourth, but I think what happens the the the good plastic surgeons, the safe ones will kind of stop that from happening. You know, they’ll probably say, you know, look, this is we’ve done this and this and this, I don’t think I can help you anymore. So and then that person goes to another plastic surgeon. So they’ll do a lot of doctor shopping so those patients that do that they they don’t take no for an answer to go out and find out a doctor that will actually do that. That’s what happened to well, Joan Rivers is one I think Kanye West mom was like that, I believe where she Doctor shops and she found after like eight or eight or nine plastic surgeons, she found one that did it and and then you know what the result was that from

Mickey Gordon 1:03:44
so Michael Jackson’s nose fell off. I mean, John,

Dr. David Plank 1:03:47
Michael Jackson, I suppose thought there’s a story behind that. One is the original plastic surgeon that did his November. He was in a Jackson Five and I think around the Thriller album, I think he might have had his first rhinoplasty. But then an hour after it got worse with time. The original plastic surgeon that did Michael Jackson’s rhinoplasty was at a national meeting. And he purposely went out and told everybody I’m only did Michael Jackson’s nose once I haven’t touched it since cuz he was worried that, you know, I don’t want everybody looking at that nose now and saying that I did it.

Mallory Gordon 1:04:20
Yeah, I think I’d want that disclaimer out there too. For sure. Right. Not my nose. Yeah, right. Yeah, it’s gonna be hard. And I think as a woman, we’re fighting aging. And like, I’ve made a decision. Like I want to age gracefully, but I don’t want to age quickly, either, you know, because we have these examples like fucking Jennifer Aniston who and Angelina Jolie who both look incredible, especially given their ages. So vampires, I think maybe I maybe so I think you know that for women. You know, maybe we have this unreasonable expectation. So I’m making a conscious effort to not try and go overboard because I’m not gonna lie in the last you know, few months I’ve been looking at, you know, you know, My forehead and like my, my neck and my my decolletage and like I’m having these ideas and I have to kind of pace myself and go, Is this really necessary? Is this what I want? And if I want it now, maybe I should wait, you know, a year or two and see how I feel, then, you know, maybe I won’t want it. I mean, maybe it’s my mental state right now,

Mickey Gordon 1:05:17
as a guy, we only have one question and we look down and go, I wish my penis was bigger. I wonder if I could make my penis bigger. Like, literally, that’s the only thing guys do. I mean, we’re like belly feet as whatever I want to.

Mallory Gordon 1:05:30
You know why? Because it’s double standard, because you guys are, is as long as you’re charming. Like you guys can get away with so much. And you guys get more distinguished as you get older, which I fucking am so jealous of I can’t even tell you. But back to what we’re talking about from an ethical perspective. You know, Dr. Blank, what’s the line for you as a doctor to say, No more? No, I can’t do this because X, Y and Z, whether that’s frequently a frequency or type of the request or additional surgeries? Like, what’s that line? And how do you have that conversation?

Dr. David Plank 1:06:03
That’s a great question. I think it has to do with upfront expectations from the patient. Meaning that patient comes in, they have a concern, and I tell them what, what to expect and what to what the outcome can be. And then, you know, if they have additional concerns, additional surgeries, that what they want to do, then that the resident raises red flags and see what they have like an issue of like body dysmorphia, you know, where people that are, you know, more mature, you know, 60s and 70s are showing me photos from their night from when they’re 20. That’s a red flag, you know, you know, if you do a facelift on an individual, or they show them like, their beach body from, you know, 1965 that’s a concern. So those are certainly red flags that you’re never going to be Mother Nature, for sure. And for the number of surgeries. You know, I lay that all in line out in front, you know, what do you expect? What’s your end game? You know, and I, quite frank with the patients to, you know, Mother Nature, I’m not going to be gravity, I’m not going to beat mother nature. Time is always against us. And this is what I can do. So I think it has to do with upfront expectations. I don’t promise more than what I can deliver. And I think that’s what patients appreciate about coming my office is that I’m absolutely frank with them. And they at that time, they can decide whether or not they want to have surgery with me or another plastic surgeon. But you certainly have to set boundaries with patients, certainly to protect them from themselves, protect them from their thoughts in their mind of what they want to look like. At that age. You know, I can’t turn you know somebody from 65 or 78 to a 20 year old body. So it has to do with expectations all the way.

Mickey Gordon 1:07:55
Okay, so if you were not a cosmetic surgeon would you be Airborne Ranger male stripper a gigolo porn star? What would your career choice have been if you were not a doctor?

Dr. David Plank 1:08:10
I probably would be an architect. I think it’s it’s cool and design all that stuff. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon 1:08:17
I know it kind of goes in line with with what you’re doing now. You’re building things during mindset.

Dr. David Plank 1:08:23
Yeah, building houses. Building.

Mallory Gordon 1:08:29
Building tidies is probably a lot more fun,

Mickey Gordon 1:08:31
be a great name for the business. Just change it from you know, mid Florida. Plastic Surgery centered up building titties.

Dr. David Plank 1:08:38
Or, like my September tagline for motion or something.

Mallory Gordon 1:08:44
Building today’s since 19. That’s great. So do you have a favorite surgery that you perform? Like whether it’s the the methods while you’re in surgery or the outcomes? Like do you have a favorite that you get excited about?

Dr. David Plank 1:08:59
I do like the breast augmentation for sure. I think that’s my number one. One. It’s a straightforward surgery. For me. I love the results. Because I know the patients helped me decide and guide like what volume what implants, they wanted to make it easier actually, for me, I know. In your surgery we talked about I’m going to be from this volume to this volume and you allow me to have that liberty to choose the final implant volume which is super helpful. But that makes it so much easier for me as a plastic surgeon to have going into the surgery knowing that the patient shows the volume and just kind of a mental ease to going into surgery. It’s a fun surgery. I know the people in the O R love it because everybody the patient sits up and then we all choose the volume. So it’s kind of like a pageant but the patient doesn’t know what’s going on. But then, you know, and everybody has their own I’d say but no, that’s the fun surgery and I think my second one be rhinoplasty would be my second favorite surgery. But definitely breast augmentation is my favorite.

Mallory Gordon 1:10:09
I love it. I can’t blame you like if my job could be look at boobs every day all day, I would absolutely sign up for that job. You need someone in the Oh are voting on the implant. sighs I’m totally there. If that’s something you don’t want me touching anything can set

Mickey Gordon 1:10:23
up a panel up behind the glass window and hold up like little key cards user a 10?

Mallory Gordon 1:10:28
Yes, exactly.

Mickey Gordon 1:10:30
You know, actually, I gotta say, Doc, that there’s something about your demeanor. And I hope that our listeners today I have seen a little bit of that demeanor from you, that really kind of ingratiated trust with us for you. And without that trust, Mallory wouldn’t have looked at you and said, do what you think is best. Like it’ll be somewhere in this range. Because I know in her head, she was very worried about having volleyball titties, right having these hard, boldest orbs hanging off your chest. But at the same time, as an experienced professional, and as a titty architect, you actually knew that, you know, they probably were going to need to be a little bigger than she thought they should be. And so you were able to make that decision because we trusted you. And what came out of it. Were these two, Titanic fun bags that I love playing with all the time. And they’re awesome.

Mallory Gordon 1:11:20
I love them. They’re actually perfect. And I’m really glad that, you know, we had that conversation that you chose the route you did, because at the end of the day, you’re the professional you knew better. You know, and anyone that says hard and fast rule, I think there may be missing the mark a little bit because you want to have the best result possible. And if you had handed me the implant size that I actually have, I probably would have ran out the door at first I’d be like, these are the only ones you need. But again, we had the conversation around it, and they they look amazing. I love them so much like, was it three months post off? I literally was like, I just want to show everyone my naked boobs.

Mickey Gordon 1:11:59
Well, yeah. And you did. I mean, there are a lot of pictures flying around. But I think you know, a lot of the other doctors who went to it was very much like this, okay, here’s your size. This is what we’re going to do. And because, you know, we went to the Monet of mammaries then you know, he was able to just do his work and bam.

Mallory Gordon 1:12:16
Yeah, they’re great.

Mickey Gordon 1:12:19
There you go. That’s your That’s your new name. Dr. Plank. You’re the Monet of mammaries better than I love that Picasso of pecks because Picasso was all abstract and tidies on the shoulder and

Mallory Gordon 1:12:27
it just, yeah, that would not be enough description. And please don’t do that. No, no, no, definitely no, definitely beautiful

Mickey Gordon 1:12:32
landscape of titties. Anyway, Dr. Plank, do us a favor. Tell us How can patients find you? Can you do remote consultations? What’s your website? What’s your Instagram? Let’s let’s point some people at you to have this conversation because I would love for some of our listeners to have the same positive experience that we had. And by the way, folks, we didn’t get a dime off of this surgery for doing this. We’re doing this for Dr. Plank because we had such a great experience. So just you know, this is you know, this is not paid. This is something that we really loved. Doc, tell people how to find

Dr. David Plank 1:13:05
you. Mickey Mallory, thank you so much for having me. It’s been a blast. I have been thankful and grateful that you chose me as a plastic surgeon to help you improve your life. Mallory, it’s been such a great journey. My website is Dr. David plank, Dr. David That’s my website. And my Instagram is the same Dr. Dr. David plank.or. Instagram at Dr. David plank. That’s my Instagram. Awesome. My office number is 407-960-6936

Mickey Gordon 1:13:46
Got it? And you need to go out and get one 800 dem titties because that would be awesome. Right? Well, this has been an honor. And it’s actually been an absolute fantastic experience from day one working with you, Doc. So thank you very much for pretty much everything about how you approach this business. I’m saying that as the guy that gets to play with her titties, I know Mallory has her own opinions. But it’s been great.

Mallory Gordon 1:14:11
It’s been wonderful. Thank you so much for my titties and this conversation.

Mickey Gordon 1:14:17
Let’s dip out of here and let the good doctor go on his way because I’m sure he’s got something else fun to do today. You want to remind everybody how to find us and then will we be back in a hot second with whiskey of the month for May.

Mallory Gordon 1:14:29
So we are casual swinger everywhere. That’s casual You can reach us at podcast at casual If you’d like to shoot us a message, we are on social media that’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as well as the dating sites if you want to check us out on SLS SEC Cassidy or double date nation.

Mickey Gordon 1:14:44
And there it is, folks. This has been the best episode ever with Dr. David plank. We’ll be back in a hot second with some of that risky unit as you know you can’t get enough of we’ve been listening to casual Swinging

And we’re back with casual swinger. My name is still Mickey

Mallory Gordon 1:15:18
and Mallory and I’m excited. It is

Mickey Gordon 1:15:22
time for another whiskey of the month. I feel like we do these like every other episode.

Mallory Gordon 1:15:26
I think we do but we have a lot of whiskies that we drink a lot of freakin whiskey

Mickey Gordon 1:15:30
in this bar. So we have a lot of whiskey to talk about. Before we get started with whiskey the month story. How do you feel about

Mallory Gordon 1:15:37
candy is dandy bow whiskey makes you frisky?

Mickey Gordon 1:15:40
Oh, that’s right. The whiskey of the month for may 2022 the year of our lord or whatever you want to call it is Victor’s us one rye whiskey.

Mallory Gordon 1:15:53
Yom this is definitely a staple in our bar. We’ve been drinking mutters for quite a few years now. And it turns out to have an incredible story.

Mickey Gordon 1:16:01
They really do. And you know, sometimes even I don’t necessarily know how storied some of the whiskies are. In our bar. Yeah, fair enough. Yeah. And some of them are absolutely crazy. A good example would be horse soldier, which was last month whiskey the month. That was a good one. Oh, by the way, I’d never actually watched that movie. 12 strong. I was on a plane this week. And I actually watched it.

Mallory Gordon 1:16:22
I was gonna say it was a phenomenal book, too. Yeah,

Mickey Gordon 1:16:26
I usually don’t watch movies after I’ve been through the book just because I don’t want to let them ruin it for me. That’s fair. That’s fair. Anyway, so anyway, this month is mixtures. US one rye whiskey. So let’s start with a little bit of a mixture story Mallory, and I’ll kind of trade off a little bit on this because it is a bit of a long story, which is to be expected.

Mallory Gordon 1:16:46
Yeah. This one’s a little long, a little sort of, you know, it just shows that the brand had some tenacity and just some fate associated with it to make it today.

Mickey Gordon 1:16:56
Well, this particular whiskey dates back to 1753,

Mallory Gordon 1:17:02
which is pre pre

Mickey Gordon 1:17:04
America. Yeah, it’s pre America. Yeah, and this is a brand that goes all the way but it was a colonial whiskey. It was so originally known as shanks and later is Bomberger, the whiskey company which ultimately became known as Victor’s was founded by John shank, he Swiss Mennonite farmer and Shaffers town, Pennsylvania in 1753. In the earliest days, Shanks produced whiskey from rye grain, a favorite local crop in Pennsylvania blue mountain valleys, where this particular distillery was located.

Mallory Gordon 1:17:35
Yeah, according to Pennsylvania Historical lore and commemorated by the Lebanon Valley Coin Club in 1978. This particular why whiskey was so valued that when the Revolutionary War broke out, General George Washington Yeah, I said that right. General George Washington, the guy the guy, the dollar bill, uh huh, visited the distillery and purchase whiskey to fortify his men as they hunkered down in their camps through the long brutal winter at Valley Forge. over 200 years later, the victors Pennsylvania management would say Victor’s was the whiskey that warmed the American Revolution.

Mickey Gordon 1:18:09
What a huge piece of information that is, first of all, like Valley Forge is I mean, that was kind of the turning point in the Revolutionary War if they could survive the winner. Think of fight. Yeah. What a huge, huge deal that was, and more importantly, General Washington went to this distillery to acquire whiskey to help keep his men warm during this brutal winter. Now, of course, what we’ve come to learn since then, is that whiskey doesn’t actually warm you up. It just makes you think you are, so they probably suffered from

Mallory Gordon 1:18:36
a lot of frostbite. She’s probably but they felt better about it.

Mickey Gordon 1:18:40
Yeah, they were much happier. They were at least fucking hammered. Well, they did it. But so in the mid 1800s, Pennsylvania, Dutchman Abraham Bomberger purchased the distillery and it became known for many decades as bombardiers whiskey, and the

Mallory Gordon 1:18:54
passage of prohibition in 1990 Did force the distillery along with other American spirit producers to shut its doors to the public. Although the is distillery did reopen after the repeal of prohibition, it changed hands many times over the next few decades and frequently occupied a precarious position financially. During the 1950s Lew Foreman one of the distilleries then owners created the modern mixers brand name so it came back or came to this name, by combining portions of his son’s name’s Michael and Peter

Mickey Gordon 1:19:27
mixers is actually it’s just kind of a slam together of Maya and Peter, who would have thunk no one would ever know that. But in 1989, with the entire American whiskey industry suffering a prolonged downturn. That’s right. In the 80s. Nobody wanted whiskey. Victor’s then owners declared bankruptcy and abandon their premises and leaving their Pennsylvania operations in complete disrepair. Makers name seemingly lost to history, written up for a fortuitous connection to two whisky lovers with an abiding admiration for the old mixers legacy and quality

Mallory Gordon 1:20:00
So in the 90s, just Jay Magliocco and his consultant and mentor, Richard quote unquote, Dick Newman, teamed up to resurrect mentors Magliocco and entered the wine and spirits industry after attending Yale College and graduating from Harvard Law School, was intimately familiar with mixers through his college days of imbibing bartending and selling mixers.

Mickey Gordon 1:20:22
That’s right. He was a drunk who went to Yale and Harvard. He was a smart drunk, but Newman, he followed up his service in the United States Marine Corps, for which by the way, he earned a Purple Heart. So it’s a bit of a theme to some of these brands that we offer. Or maybe it’s just the first responders and soldiers like boos, not sure which, anyway, we’ll come back to that some other time. his illustrious career in the whiskey business followed his certain military service, eventually running old granddad old crow, an old tailor for national distributors before becoming president and CEO of Austin Nichols. Austin, that’s wild distiller of wild turkey.

Mallory Gordon 1:20:59
Yeah, that’s fucking cool. I didn’t know that. So Mac Lyrica and Newman began with a simple strategy to honor Victor’s legacy by producing the best whiskey possible cost be damned. After filing for the unused and abandoned Victor’s trademark, they made their first major strategic decision to resurrect mentors in Kentucky and the heart of the modern American whiskey industry to ensure access to the best whiskey, talent and resources available.

Mickey Gordon 1:21:26
Today mixtures has three locations in Kentucky a 78,000 square foot distillery in the Shively section of Louisville, the architecturally significant Fort Nelson building on Google’s museum row and over 200 acres of farmland in Springfield Kentucky.

Mallory Gordon 1:21:43
So what makes mixer special What’s so special about this bottle? I think the first point is going to be cooperage right though the wooden barrel maker

Mickey Gordon 1:21:52
that is that is literally a cooper makes wooden barrels that’s what a cooper does. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon 1:21:56
I didn’t Yeah, I didn’t know that. That had an eight. Yeah. Yeah, that’s special. So Metro specifies wood that has been thoroughly improperly dried sometimes for as long as 18 to 40 months in order to enhance this natural properties of the wood and it allow I guess, better flavor and reduces the level of tannin imported to the whiskey because canon does that give it that bitter? A little bit harsh taste to it, okay.

Mickey Gordon 1:22:22
You know, it’s something we’re talking about this by the way, got a couple more little pieces here. Mixture says cost be damned. That means they don’t give a shit what it costs kind of like the whole John Hammond in Jurassic Park, spare no expense, right, they make the best whiskey they can make period. And so a good example of that is the toasting and the charring process. To toast a barrel before charting, it helps to make the word sugars more accessible. These sugars carmelize and concentrate to form the red line in the barrel stave cross sections due to the heat, ultimately adding more flavor and more color to the whiskey as it seeps through the char to the caramel red line.

Mallory Gordon 1:22:59
Awesome. You know, another point to make about this one is the low entry proof which I found very interesting. Although the the typical industry entry proof is about 125. Mixers believes that the lower at 103, which is 51.5 on alcohol by volume, which is historically regarded as the gold standard in Kentucky allows for concentrated sugars, the toasted and charred wood to dissolve more rapidly rapidly into the distillate as it cycles in and out of the barrel. So even though the lower entry probe yield, you were bottles per barrel makers believes that the smooth flavor and richer mouth makes it worth it.

Mickey Gordon 1:23:40
Right. And I’ll tell you another thing they do. And this is another where the cost be damned, right? Because this hurts them badly. They do something called Heat cycling and barrel. This is another way that they make less whiskey but better whiskey. Interesting. Okay, well, so what keeps cycling is the more often that whiskey expands and contracts cycles if you will, soaking in and then back out of the wood of the barrel, the more flavor it absorbs from the sugars and the caramelized red section of the wood. Heat cycling is an uncommon practice. And I’m gonna tell you why in a second. But it’s used to raise and lower the temperatures in the barrel warehouses to induce extra cycles within a given year. This practice is very costly, because heat cycling see nificantly increases the angel share evaporation during aging, but in most cases, very much enhances the flavor of the whiskey. If you remember the whiskey of the month from a few months ago, Angel’s envy, it was actually named after the phrase the angel share. So as whiskey ages, some of it evaporates. The whiskey that evaporates which is as much as 30% of the barrel and a given aging cycle is known as the angel share, which means the angels drink your shit.

Mallory Gordon 1:24:53
It’s cool that they do that. And even though it’s costly, obviously but that concentrated makers does have a really great profile LCM, which we’ll get into in a minute, they do another process they call chill filtering, which I wasn’t too familiar with. So mixers chill filters all of their Westies, instead of using carbon filtration that can strip out flavor and aroma because they want to keep that profile very pure or over rather than use the one size fits all approach that many distilleries do they use a filtration mediums and technique best suited to each individual whiskey offering because they have multiple offerings in their line. Despite it being time consuming and costly. This allows them to highlight each expression and, and accept the best qualities of each.

Mickey Gordon 1:25:40
Yeah, I think that’s just so cool. There’s so much that goes into it into a bottle of mixtures whiskey, and they have a lot of different expressions, right? It’s not just us one, there’s a bunch of other ones. I think we’ve got five or six of them in our bar. And they’re all very unique.

Mallory Gordon 1:25:53
They’re all very unique. And they’re one of the few brands that I can point at, aside from Whistlepig that I’ve enjoyed every example of

Mickey Gordon 1:26:01
yeah, there’s a few that are installed to look at because they were so expensive. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon 1:26:05
there’s a desktop model up there for sure.

Mickey Gordon 1:26:08
But hey, about mixtures. US one right, the nose. It’s warm, its inviting, kinda like your grandma’s house in the holidays. We should have like a little special background music and the love that immediate knows is a bit of lavender roasted corn and grain after a nice long draw from the bottle. Fruit notes follow cinnamon one few other things out and it’s a little fruity after that little first long note. And of course, a touch of maple sugar follows a little bit of old leather and a little bit of barrel char.

Mallory Gordon 1:26:40
It does smell very delicious. I love it’s one of the whiskies I like sniffing the cork, which I know he’s not really supposed to do that’s a wine drinkers thing. And I’m no small a but it does smell very, very nice. On the palate, it’s described as being dry warm, not too spicy, more black pepper than anything else. Rye followed by a rye toast with maybe molasses, burnt sugar, so you get a little bit of that warm char of taste to it, but a little sweetness. It’s definitely a bit woody Ford. But it’s not a bad thing. I mean, because these are fit finished and charred barrels so you want some of that with its helps give it its depth and profile.

Mickey Gordon 1:27:21
Yeah, so just a couple of final thoughts on mixers do us one rye whiskey. This whiskey is from a brand is old is this country. Older than this,

Mallory Gordon 1:27:32
it survived all the machinations

Mickey Gordon 1:27:37
it says basically, just a phenomenal example of what good whiskey can tastes like without breaking the bank. Try other expressions from these guys even from the US one line like the American whiskey or the bourbon. Both are within the price range we set for whiskey of the month. And they’re excellent expressions themselves of what a good affordable whiskey can be. Yeah,

Mallory Gordon 1:27:59
these are outstanding in mixed strings like an old fashion or a Manhattan or whiskey sour.

Mickey Gordon 1:28:05
Yeah, very much so. And of course they’re cheap enough to be a daily drinker for those who are predisposed to doing so. It’s up in the air. That’s right. Guilty as charged.

Mallory Gordon 1:28:17
Alright guys, I think that’s it for us. I got a fucking pack for PCAP I think our next episode is going to be a live episode from Palm Springs hot damn, what the fuck?

Mickey Gordon 1:28:25
It’s gonna be fun. Hey, we got a whole new board. So hopefully that one will let us record on the road without making a mess out of the audio like our last episode. Sorry about that, guys.

Mallory Gordon 1:28:36
Yeah, that’ll be that’ll be a good time. But hey, you know, we’ll see what happens.

Mickey Gordon 1:28:39
All right, guys. Wilson’s Mallory told you guys how to find this during the last segment. We’re gonna leave that off at the end here and just say we’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Live from PCAP this has been a blast Mallory want to say hi to everybody. Hi, everybody. I’m gonna go get my freak on Hot diggity. Damn, you’ve been listening, casual swinger.