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Mickey & Mallory jump into their first interview with our friends, Frank and Sheila!  They’re a new couple with their own experiences in the lifestyle, and LOTS of their own opinions.  The TWIST is that we interview everyone TOTALLY ass naked!  That’s right, the “Naked Truth” is more than just a saying.  We tackle a listener question about politics in the lifestyle, and Mallory and Sheila tag-team an installment of “Mallory’s Toybox.”

Part 1 – 00:50

We’re in the final countdown to Hedonism II and our Rascal friends!  We can’t wait!  A quick catchup on the goings-on in our world before we let you guys in on a big piece of news about how you can travel with us, Casual Swinger!

Part 2 – 11:04

Audience, meet Frank and Sheila!  We strip down to our bare ass-entials and interview them about their turn ons, their kinks, and of course how they got here.

Part 3 – 48:30

What happens when you find out the couple you’ve been shagging lives on the other side of the political spectrum?  That’s a question asked by YOU, our listeners and we found a couple that embodies just that…the far edge of the spectrum.  We talked about how they handle it and inject some opinions of our own, all while being respectful and supportive…just like lifestylers should be!

Part 4 – 60:07

Mallory’s Toybox with special guest:  Sheila!  They cover a BARGAIN of a sextoy that comes in at only 25 bucks!  It’s legendary in Rascal circles and is a can’t miss item!

Passion Wireless Theraputic Massager
Hedonism II

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S01E06 – Casual Swinger – The Naked Truth

Thu, 9/2 9:56AM • 1:17:30


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Sheila, Frank, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:09

Welcome to casual swear, if you’re under 18 the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advised.


Mickey Gordon  00:51

Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger. It’s episode six. The Naked Truth ra in uncensored. What do you think of that, dear?


Mallory Gordon  01:00

I love it.


Mickey Gordon  01:01

Yeah, this is a big episode for us. We’re super excited. It’s a special episode, something that we haven’t done before. Which, you know, we’ve been talking about doing this for a while. And I think initially, we thought maybe it was gonna be a segment and turned out being the whole damn show. Right?


Mallory Gordon  01:15

It did. And we had so much fun doing it.


Mickey Gordon  01:18

Yeah, it was super cool. We’re definitely gonna have to do it again. And I think we might have turned Frank in Sheila into podcasters.


Mallory Gordon  01:25

Yeah, they they were totally on board with being special guests again, and I would love to have him on. We’re


Mickey Gordon  01:30

gonna tell you guys more about the Naked Truth here in a couple of minutes. But before we get into that, Mallory, why don’t you tell folks what we’ve been up to? Oh, so much lately. So we ended up at secrets for Halloween party a couple weeks ago, which was awesome. Everyone looked amazing. And the club was packed. We went on a date night, which went fantastic. Met a great couple locally. I’m very excited about that as well. And we have some big news when it comes to travel. We do don’t we do. So everyone out there. We have a February trip to hedonism to opened up. We’ll be traveling with Rachel’s rascals. And if you’d like to travel with casual swinger, please go to our website and sign up under travel with us. Yeah, absolutely. So if you guys haven’t been on our website lately, go check it out. We have a brand new section called travel with us. And you know, there’s a lot of other podcasts, websites groups out there that they monetize in different ways. And maybe that’s they do Patreon. Or they do you know, whatever. That’s not really our bag. We’re not trying to make money at this. If you want to travel with us, you book with the same people we do. We book with Rachel’s rascals. So I put a link up there that link when you fill that out, it goes to us and it goes to our friend Jim at Rachel’s rascals. So we don’t make any money off of this. It’s not an affiliate link. It’s just one of those things where we thought maybe our friends and our listeners might want to actually go where we go and party with us. So that’s a way to do it.


Mallory Gordon  02:56

Yeah. And I love that idea. So I’m looking forward to hopefully some listener signing up making new friends and connections and getting away from the winter. Not that it gets very cold here in Florida, but


Mickey Gordon  03:07

yeah, God, right. I think what was the other morning, it was wet. 68 and I had a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I


Mallory Gordon  03:12

know you’ve acclimated I’m so proud.


Mickey Gordon  03:15

I’m a true Floridian but I wore flip flops. Hey, as you did, and then. Yeah, so


Mallory Gordon  03:21

the other big news would be the Naked Truth episode.


Mickey Gordon  03:24

Oh, yeah. So let’s talk a little bit about Naked Truth. What is the Naked Truth? So lots of podcasts out there do interviews, they have people in studio, they go see people and for us, we thought we’d do something a little different. So here’s the format for the Naked Truth. We give the people we’re going to interview some parameters, we give them an interview sheet that Mallory made up, right, yeah, and that sheet lets them pick two things they won’t talk about. And other than that everything is on the table. So pure, unadulterated, raw and Uncensored, Naked Truth. But what else is naked about?


Mallory Gordon  04:00

Us and then the only thing you’re allowed to wear during the interview is a name tag.


Mickey Gordon  04:06

That’s it. They’re asked naked when we do these interviews, so we are asked naked their ass naked. And I gotta tell you, it was a little disconcerting to sit across from Frank. Well, he sat there and played with his car the whole time we talked.


Mallory Gordon  04:19

That was fantastic. Actually. I think when we got there and Frank greeted us with a naked hug. He was ready to go he


Mickey Gordon  04:25

was naked. We got there he was. Yeah, so we actually went to Frank and Sheila’s place to do this interview, which was over an A little further in South Florida. And we learned some things about these. We’d known these guys for a few years.


Mallory Gordon  04:37

We haven’t It feels like a lifetime, which is a great thing about meeting people in the lifestyle. There’s that deep connection and I feel like I’ve been friends with them my entire life.


Mickey Gordon  04:45

Right? Yeah, they did reveal a few interesting things we did not know right off the bat when he leans over. And so these guys are going to Hito with us here next week. And so everybody that’s going to Hito as far as the girls go is holding off for that last wax before they go, which means there’s some hairy bitches around this pool.


Mallory Gordon  05:05

I can’t believe you’re calling us out. Yes, it’s the week before. So we get wax on Thursday. So the bushy ness was not all just the foliage that surrounded us outside. And frankly,


Mickey Gordon  05:18

it was so funny because Frank leans over and takes a giant snort off of Sheila’s armpit. And I was like, wait a minute, what was that? And that was one of his kinks that was revealed while we were there. So this is part of what’s coming up. You guys are gonna hear this whole interview in its entirety. But one of the kinks that didn’t really come through because I didn’t really react to it in the moment because I wasn’t sure what I was witnessing is it turns out he’s got a kink for the smell of a woman and he does


Mallory Gordon  05:44

it all natural version of a well, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  05:46

And he loves the hair and everything else. So so she was sitting there in all her glory. And she’s gorgeous. The picture if you didn’t see I did a teaser picture of Mallory and Sheila, on Instagram and Twitter this week to let you guys know this episode was coming. But she’s gorgeous. Mallory’s gorgeous. It was a very good day for us. But the girls had some further down below. Yeah, we did. And we rocked it. Oh, they did. It was so hot. And it was so cool. But that’s the cool part about Naked Truth. Right? It was completely unadulterated just Bedlam. And when I by Bedlam, I mean, there were dogs barking, there were planes going over there were cars going by.


Mallory Gordon  06:24

We did the interview outside. So there’s going to be some peripheral noise. It’s not the same quality you’re used to when we’re in studio, but trust me, folks, it’s so worth it highly entertaining, and a good listener question segment that we did with


Mickey Gordon  06:39

them, which was really the whole point right of bringing Frank and Sheila into this episode, Frank and Sheila live pretty much on the opposite end of the political spectrum from kromus. Even though you know, we tend to be we tend to be middle of the road type folks, like listen to everybody care what everybody has to say. We’re very positive folks. They are more polarizing. And we had a listener question come in a couple weeks ago, about what happens when you find out that someone in the lifestyle is on the opposite end of the political spectrum for you. So I said, You know what, let’s go to our favorite, you know, crunchies, Frank and Sheila, and let’s ask this question. So we did we had a discussion with those guys, about what happens when you have political differences. It was a great discussion to cap off our visit with Frank and Sheila. And we really think you guys are going to enjoy it. And it gives you especially this day and age in this social climate, a little bit of perspective. So next time we get together here on casual swinger, it’s gonna be what Thanksgiving it is, we’re releasing our next episode after this one, Episode Seven, the day before Thanksgiving, which I am very excited about. I gives our listeners something to listen to, while they’re stressing over, you know, cooking and family and all the happenings that week. So hopefully will entertain you and take away some of that stress and give you a few laughs I’ve been on my keto diet for like three weeks. So food sounds really good. No, I can’t wait to eat all day on Thursday that week. But something we’re going to be doing in that episode is 10. Things to be thankful for. And the lifestyle which I think you guys are really gonna enjoy. Oh, absolutely. And of course, we’re gonna talk about the recap from Hito some live interviews from the zoo, which is gonna be fun. Yes. And last but not least, we’ve got a Twitter battle, that you guys should keep up on that Twitter battle. And we can talk about it now because they’re not going to hear this. But actually no pay. Well, we can we can talk about it a little bit. We have a Twitter battle coming up next week at Hito. And you guys should pay attention for that. The hashtag you should look for is Hito vs desire 2018. So that’s hashtag keto versus desire 2018 our friends from swinging down under are going to be on the resort the same week we are, we’re going to be with the average swingers at hedonism, so Janie, Angie, shout out guys. So we’re going to hang out with J and Angie and the swingers down under and a few other podcasters are going to be a desire.


Mallory Gordon  09:13

That’s true. That’s true. And we also have the bliss cruise stopping by for a day. Oh, yes, we during our pool party, which is going to be amazing.


Mickey Gordon  09:21

So there’s going to be some epic shit happening on social media next week, guys. Don’t miss out. Please participate in the fun. We are looking forward to it.


Mallory Gordon  09:30

Yeah, actually, my ask of you guys is if you’re following us on Twitter during this battle. Post your pictures too.


Mickey Gordon  09:37

Yeah, we want to see what you guys got. So we’re really looking forward to this. So speaking of what you guys got Mallory, why don’t you tell everybody where they can reach out to us where they can find us.


Mallory Gordon  09:46

All right, guys. You can find us at www casual And don’t forget if you have any questions or want to contact us directly, it’s podcast at casual swinger. And you can find us as casual swinger, everyone else. That’s twit Facebook, Instagram, Cassidy and SLS.


Mickey Gordon  10:04

Absolutely. So she’s, I think I say absolutely every time she does it because I’m so impressed that she remembers everything, kind of like that waitress that remembers all the specials and the entire menu and you just kind of look at her with your mouth open way. How do you remember


Mallory Gordon  10:15

well Also keep in mind you the guys send to the grocery store to get bread and you come back with 30 items that are not bread and no bread and no bread. Exactly.


Mickey Gordon  10:25

So there’s a method to my madness, guys, that’s how not to get sent to the grocery store by Mickey casual swinger. But hey, let’s let’s get into the episode. Without further ado, this is the Naked Truth. And hopefully you guys enjoy this and you’ll come back and join us thanksgiving for Episode Seven. But enjoy our friends Frank and Sheila and learning a little bit more about political division. You guys are listening to casual swinger? everybody welcome to the first ever Naked Truth with us here at casual swinger. I’m Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  11:12

I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  11:13

And we’ve got a couple of special guests for you here. Today we’re sitting poolside in the breeze here in Florida. It’s like 70 degrees. So it’s probably the worst day ever of the year to do this. We said hell with it. We’re gonna give it a go. We’ve got some guests here for you. And Frank and Sheila Say hi, guys. Hey, how are you?


Mallory Gordon  11:29

Welcome, guys, we’re so excited to have you. Thank you for joining us today.


Mickey Gordon  11:33

So we’re gonna talk a little bit about what the Naked Truth is. The Naked Truth is a special segment that we’re going to do every once in a while for you on casual swinger. And it’s an interview format, we’re going to talk to swingers, like you about you the things you do the places you go, and we’re going to hear some of their special stories. But there’s a couple of twists to the Naked Truth. Mallory, you want to tell him what those twists are? Sure. So the first twist is, this interview is done completely naked, which is awesome, because I love my naked folks. naked. Everybody is asked naked. And it’s also a metaphor. This is a unfiltered real conversation between four people here. The other only other rule is no questions off limits. You guys got a pre interview form. And anything that was listed there, we’re not going to discuss but everything else is. fair game. Yeah. So unlike some of our future, interviewees, you guys chose not to fill out the form like, I’m just gonna tell you guys, whatever you want to know. All right. So that’s pretty cool. But this is the Naked Truth. And that’s what it’s all about. So anybody that’s interested in joining us for The Naked Truth, keep in mind, you got to be asked naked with nothing, but your name tag. So that’s kind of how this goes. And I’m sitting with three beautiful naked people to get into our format a little bit today. So how often are we going to do it? Yeah, we’ll probably do it every couple of months, or as often as we’ve got good stuff. So let’s talk a little bit about Frank and Sheila. Right. So who are you guys? Tell us about yourselves? A little bit, maybe? How long you guys have been swinging?


Frank  13:07

I’ve probably been swinging since 2002. Wow. Just date yourself. Yeah. It was the reason. However, the relationship got to it. We went to a club to where it was in the northeast, there was a not a premise on site club, but where you get to meet people, and that’s where it started from and awesome. From there, we went to house parties and different things. Never did a trip with that person, you know, to any destination, but we did some of that, you know, and


Mickey Gordon  13:51

awesome. That’s how I started. Yeah. So who drove the conversation? Was it you? Or was it her? I probably made to start Yeah, I have to say my, it’s a question I always asked others is Whose idea was it? Because


Frank  14:06

I’ve heard you it was maybe a 6040. It was not it was like, you know, as soon as the subject was broached, the interest was piqued. Right. You know, so it wasn’t. Oh my gosh, and you know, like ours. Like, what the hell are you talking about? Oh, it was Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, mate. Well, interesting. And it was pursued about you, Sheila, how long have you been sweet?


Sheila  14:33

It’s been about 10 years. And I can’t call myself really a swinger. Honestly, I wouldn’t. I would say I’m in the lifestyle certainly and open to the lifestyle and have had some experiences but my first experience was going to hedonism our favorite place. And I actually don’t know how I ended up there. It was my partner at the time who suggested the place Based on somebody he knew from work, and she was in the lifestyle, she went to clubs and things like that. And they had dated in the past also. And he’s like, what? Let’s go to this, this resort. I’m like, okay, and I’ve always been comfortable naked. And I don’t think I really understood what hedonism was before I went there. Maybe I did. I don’t know, looking back, I’m surprised that I actually agreed to it. And I’m so happy that I did because I met the best people. They’re best friends and have had some interesting experiences as well. And that’s kind of you know, where I got started. I’ve never been to a club. I’ve never really interesting swinging much outside of hedonism, honestly, until recently, so yeah,


Mallory Gordon  15:44

you’re definitely a casual swinger. Yeah, it’s all organic for you.


Mickey Gordon  15:48

Yeah. I don’t know that. I know. Anybody that likes sex more than Sheila.


Mallory Gordon  15:52

That is. That is masturbating. Yeah. masturbator. How about you? guilty guilty. I think I think that’s why we get each other. Yeah, absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  16:06

Both of these girls own rideable vibrators. So yeah, murder bunny. One’s a sybian. Right. So you guys are


Mallory Gordon  16:12

Yeah, we’re serious about her man.


Sheila  16:15

We’ve invested lots of time and money in these devices. And it’s just for research, you know? Yeah, I think you guys should have a ride off at some point. Oh, I think now we would win that one. Well, then we need category. It’s a challenge. It depends. You know, what the duration? You know?


Frank  16:36

moisture level, quantity, quantity. or number of Yes, yeah, there’s many



things that Sheila when when she squirts is true. She has a squared square. It’s an amazing thing. I really think you guys ought to have some kind of a ride off or something or maybe a race or I’m down. Let’s do it. Oh, I just need to decide how do you win?


Mallory Gordon  16:58

Right so we need metrics


Frank  17:00

to win multiple multiple you know, these divisions you have to have fastest? Most you know, volume of volume of wetness. You know, there’s a number of things. Volume of sound right?


Mickey Gordon  17:15

There’s many things speaking of wetness. She could just squirt all over it. That’d be fine. She was squirts. If you


Sheila  17:23

I absolutely. It’s like a fountain. That’s why I have this lovely mat to do it on. Oh, Matt, we need to get you a mat. If we know it’s on the right side.


Mallory Gordon  17:35

I have yet to swear. But I’m looking I’m looking to try and find you a guy named Matt to squirt on. Well, there’s instructions I can.


Sheila  17:44

Alright, actually, there’s somebody that we know wants tattoo shop, that he’s a master of making making somebody squirt.


Mallory Gordon  17:53

I know. That’s not what I thought was gonna come after master.


Mickey Gordon  17:58

  1. I’ve been a master debater for years. But so let’s get back to what we’re really talking about here on the Naked Truth. So in this interview, we find out more about people like Frank and Sheila. So let’s talk a little bit about you guys are a lot a bit about you guys, however much you want to say. Yeah. Let’s start by talking about you, Frank, how’d you get into the lifestyle?


Frank  18:17

It was, you know, a few eons ago in 2000. Probably two relationship I was in very sexual woman and myself and pursued that thing. Yes. It was no, yes. No. And you know, first quarter by the way.



I learned a lot.


Frank  18:41

But we you know, we went to a off premise club, just you know, you could go meet him sexy music and it was a lifestyle club takeover at this really cool bar. And we were going okay, met some people. And from there learned of, you know, websites and going to house parties. Some were good, some were good. But it was the introduction to the lifestyle and, you know, what do you like,


Mallory Gordon  19:08

and and who started that conversation who brought it to the table?


Frank  19:11

I probably I probably did. I have to say, okay, it was very well received, though. It was not. There wasn’t shock, or Oh, how could you think that there was no convincing? It was like, Oh, that sounds cool. Right. And seriously, it was I mean, that sounds cool. And I was like, all right, when when? Okay, so Sheila, how about you? Was it your idea? It


Sheila  19:37

probably was not my idea and it started with hedonism or favorite resort. My partner at the time, thought it was a good idea to go based on a recommendation from somebody at work, who was more actively in the lifestyle. She went to clubs and things like that, and she had been to the resort before. It’s somebody he had day did in the past as well. So I’m sure that was part of the reasoning behind it. But so we we went to hedonism, I didn’t really know what to expect. And I probably didn’t realize how much of a swinger oriented resort it is. can be. can be, but I’ve always felt comfortable being naked. And I’m like, let’s, let’s do it. Let’s see what it’s about. And I remember actually our first time when we went to the new pool bar, we had, you know, some clothes on shorts and a tank top. And he had, you know, shorts and a T shirt on and look around and everybody’s naked. And we’re like, oh, okay. That’s how it is here.


Mickey Gordon  20:43

So tell me something. And we know each other, obviously. Yeah. So tell me, you said at one point that I’m, I don’t consider myself a swinger. But I consider myself lifestyle. What do you feel like the differences?


Sheila  20:56

I think that’s when you at least call yourself a swinger. That means that maybe you’re more actively pursuing other partners outside of your primary relationship, whether it’s together or separately or whatever. I have always kind of been more about something happening happening naturally, you know, meeting people you like, and if things go that direction, then that’s fine. But it’s never something that’s on my mind where I see somebody, I’m like, Oh, yeah, this needs to happen, or that’s not, you know, we’re going to help you guys, um, or anything.


Mallory Gordon  21:33

So my goal, your you pretty much label this. And you’d like things to happen organically, and you’re pretty much what we would call a casual swing.


Frank  21:43

It’s the perfect, you know, and even, you know, swinger, it can have the negative connotation in the vanilla world


Mallory Gordon  21:53

was viewed in the 70s. Yeah, well, that’s


Sheila  21:55

what makes me when I think of swinger, I think of the key parties and things like that.


Frank  21:59

And, you know, it’s it has happened, it may happen again, you know, probably will, but it’s more about, you know, are we open and free and enjoying, and, you know, to be part of the lifestyle, there are things that people are into that you probably never be into? Sure. But you understand that that’s what they’re into. Right. And that’s, it makes us way more inclusive than XClusive. Awesome. So


Mallory Gordon  22:25

let’s talk a little bit about how we met each other, and how you two met.


Sheila  22:30

Well, so we met each other, again, at our favorite resort.


Mallory Gordon  22:36

So funny thing here, so


Frank  22:37

running theme, and we were undecided on this, we had this discussion a week or so ago, how many years ago we met, whether it was for sex, so I want to call it five, but it just seems longer than four. Right? It’s probably


Mickey Gordon  22:49

a byproduct of the resort like that. It the relationships feel so much more visceral.


Frank  22:54

You, you get to people’s core? A lot earlier. Sometimes. Yeah. Right. And that’s the interesting thing with just being naked.


Sheila  23:06

Right? Because you don’t, you don’t have clothes to judge somebody by everybody’s very open to socializing. You know, you see somebody at the bar and you strike up a conversation immediately. Whereas, you know, wearing clothes


Frank  23:18

that are in the street bars, you’re just, you know, you’re just waiting for your drink. You’re not gonna hate that person. It’s your man. It’s like, Hey, how are you? Where are you from? Right? Yeah, we’re on vacation. But there’s something special about, you know, the whole being nude, and being Are you allowed to notice that she has great tits? Yes. Yeah, right. Yeah. And you can say those are really great. I love you know, I love the tattoo on your ass. Right? And it’s not it it. How else do you want me to say that? Right? You know, and that’s the nice thing. It’s, you know, so much of what we deal with in life is gone. When you take off the clothes, right? It can happen. It can happen in our backyard. It can happen at a famous resort, it can happen wherever you learn how to shed that. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  24:07

So it helped you get to the core of the matter faster. And speaking of getting to the core, I got to Mallory’s core this morning. I was this morning, but I don’t know how many when’s the last time he got to your core. Actually, it’s been a few days, which is unusual, extremely unusual. What’s wrong with you? You’re you’re not in a good bad place right now.


Frank  24:30

between work and travel between our schedules, and


Mickey Gordon  24:35

it was a lie to me, you’re gonna knock the bottom out of it this afternoon. So we’re gonna get to the more fun part. You know, we love telling a little bit of an origin story here. We love talking about how people get together, but I am interested in getting into your heads. Right That’s really what I’m interested in right heads beds, that all sounds the same. Right? So tell me a little bit about in Remember, this is the Naked Truth. Don’t so when we talk about this remember everything on casual swingers about positivity and having a good time. So if you hear something on here that sounds like it’s a little not PC, we’re just having a good time. We love everybody. We’re everything positive here on casual swinger. But I’m gonna ask you a question I want you to answer, honestly. So we’re going to start with Sheila, because there’s always ladies first, what turns you on?


Sheila  25:22

Well, I discovered recently, actually, that I like to watch Frank masturbate. Can you say that louder for us? I like to watch Frank masturbate. Boy. So we had, you know, a night where I’m like, you know what, I want you to just do what you would normally do. Pretend I’m not here. I’m just gonna watch


Frank  25:44

so naturally, he jerks off. No, no, it’s like, hang on. Let me get my computer. Right.


Sheila  25:53

So and I, you know, I said, I don’t want it to be a wink. I want it to be a session. Yeah. Two different things. Do you have a masturbation station? Um, a couple. And then a few special ones. Yeah. So yeah, no, it all depends on what’s going on. Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. All right. So midgets So it was very interesting. In the beginning, actually, it was a little bit boring in so far. As you know, for men a lot of times they watch porn. I personally don’t watch porn ever. I just typically I’m not really


Mallory Gordon  26:26

in a way I love my imagination much more than when I can


Sheila  26:30

even don’t need my imagination so much. It’s more about paying attention to the feeling and just fair Yeah, things are so he’s you know, flipping through different things on his iPad. I’m like, Alright, you know, this. This sucks, actually, to be a guy when this is a


Frank  26:45

word. I was like, This is going good ad now that’s this lane. Oh, no. If you like maybe a noun down done, and they knew how long it took us to turn.



Oh my god, two hours of looking for porn.



There it is. It’s looking. right one. I don’t want to waste this. I’m jerking off. It can’t just be wasted. Right. So yes. And then I actually fell asleep at one point briefly.


Mallory Gordon  27:13

A champion squirter but she’s also been our she can nap like your queen? Yes. Five hours minimum. Alright, so tell us what So then, you


Sheila  27:21

know, then he got into his zone. And then I started touching myself. And all of a sudden I’m like, Oh, my God,


Frank  27:27

I’m coming. And I like it. No, seriously, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? She was like 123. And she’s coming. And that’s a hugely unusual experience


Sheila  27:38

that I’ve actually never done that with just my, my natural born hands. It’s always been with a vibrator or something like that. I’ve never had an orgasm like that. Oh, my goodness. This is so


Mickey Gordon  27:50

amazing. goldstar had your first hand orgasm. At this age. Yeah, that’s fantastic. You out and by watching him stroke his route.


Frank  28:00

I know. Yeah. No, I mean, so it’s really fun. Just going What do you like? What don’t you like? How can we feel about this? There’s we’re discovering things about I didn’t know where I really like, Oh, yeah, I really like that.


Mickey Gordon  28:16

Okay, so your turn to answer the same question, Frank. What turns you on?


Frank  28:23

What turns me on? Oh, my God. Stinky armpits? Oh, there’s so much there’s so many things I love. Uh, you know, I mean, I love a woman. I love a woman. And so like when she has her, you know, X number of days underarm growth. I love it. Because I’m celebrating her womanhood. I love your dirty bastard. I am a very dirty bastard. I love that she squirts, right. And the thing is, you have to be careful with that. It’s can’t be a goal. It just has to be that it’s going to happen. Right? So I can’t go in and I can’t go in trying to make I wanted to squirt. Right. Because maybe that can physically but it has to be. It has to happen. It’s I love celebrate. What turns me on is celebrating her. And the the amazing thing with us is like she kisses me. And it’s like, Alright, Game on. Right? It doesn’t have to be anything more than that. Yeah, she can tell me how much she loves me or something like that. You know this and it’s Game on.


Mickey Gordon  29:25

It’s, there’s a saying that my grandmother used to tell me that the secret to happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you have.


Sheila  29:32

Absolutely. Yeah. This is the same grandmother that had passed on her couches and just wondering Oh, they all have it now.


Frank  29:40

It’s like, you know, oh, yeah, that couch. The new couch was you know, in a day and a half. Yeah. Okay. Yep. It’s been christened.


Mickey Gordon  29:51

So, one of the things about the Naked Truth you guys gonna find out here in about 10 seconds is that when we ask a question, it is not a one way street. Our guests Get to ask us questions. So Naked Truth? quid pro quo. Do you have any questions for us?



Well, why don’t you tell us about your lifestyle story because we haven’t heard it. That’s a true statement. Well, so our listeners have heard our lifestyle story. You can give a brief follow up from there. So


Mickey Gordon  30:20

we were dating long distance at the time and it was one of the trips he came down to see me and we had a real great night it was super romantic. And literally, like, you’re into each other, sharing each other’s eyes and he goes, you’d make a great swinger and I about shit my cuz I went from 1000 miles an hour. Oh, my God, I’m falling. so in love with this guy. And then he wants to fuck everyone. And like, how, what are you talking about? And it was a turning point in our relationship. It wasn’t make or break, not the smartest thing. And it ended up obviously working out. But it was not the best introduction. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions. And I knew she had tried to arrange a three way for me with one of her friends at that point. So I thought it was Game on. We know that she also likes women’s Oh, I love women. I’m bisexual to the max like squared. Yeah, so that happened. And it was some time before we actually played. It was quite a while before we really got to that point, because she definitely said, I don’t think I want to sleep with somebody else just yet. So it was maybe even a couple of years before we got to the


Mallory Gordon  31:25

Yeah, it was a traditional monogamous mind frame that I had. And that’s because that’s how I was raised. Like everything


Sheila  31:30

most people are that’s Yeah, you meet the prince. And then you get together and you live happily ever after. And and that’s it. Yeah, that’s that’s how it is. Yeah, you have a couple


Mickey Gordon  31:39

kids, whatever. And then you and the prince are fucking a couple of friends on a roll and the dude. And the Baron. So that’s it, boy. So then, what are you guys up to now? Oh,


Sheila  31:56

because I think you guys are maybe turning over a new leaf have some new developments that we haven’t heard about. Yeah, that is true.


Mickey Gordon  32:03

That is definitely true. Mickey, why don’t you? So Well, what are we up to? Let’s see. Well, we were obviously hitting you know, we have a podcast. So we meet lots of people through the podcast, through the club. Right. We were at see weird secrets last weekend, and we went on a date last week. Well, we’re very, very well, they were super cool. She was super cute. So that was a lot of fun. But, you know, we’re, we’re as far as casual swingers go. We tend to take it a little slower, and make sure that we can make friends with those people first, because the friendships that we create are more important to us than the notches on the bedpost. We agree. Absolutely. So we tend to you know, take it a little slower. And then once we know that there’s some compatibility there, then I start thinking about the faces I can make or make.


Frank  32:49

And it truly is about compatibility. If there isn’t a click, you know, and it’s hard with you know, with four way to get that to work. And you know, and you know that every but that nobody has to take one for the team anything like that where it’s a good four way


Sheila  33:08

it’s hard You know, two people to find somebody that you like to be with


Mickey Gordon  33:11

the worst five words in the lifestyle taking one for the team. Yeah, no. And and everybody says they won’t, but everybody has a story. Yeah, it’s gonna be a podcast for us one day we talk about it, you know, you try not to and you don’t want that for for anybody. You have a question for them. Right, Mallory?


Mallory Gordon  33:27

I think everyone, we just talked about what turns you on. I think everyone has a dirty little secret. A little kink in there that that we don’t, you know, always talk about, so I want to know what’s yours?


Sheila  33:38

Oh, this is Naked Truth time, kids. You really should have filled up before. Well, we were just talking about this, but we probably won’t share those secrets. No, not. Did it involve banjos? No, no, no, not at all. It was not scissoring in my path. Well, we locked out of my memory. I’m like, Oh, I did this. That was it was interesting to hear that story. Yeah. So you first time Frank, what’s your?


Mallory Gordon  34:11

What’s your dirty little secret? What’s something that that gets your motor running or something that has happened?


Frank  34:18

Um, you know, the, the fun thing is, I don’t do a whole lot of playing at home. Right? You know, and I like it more on vacation. It can be part of that. But the fun thing is the really is getting that when I can see that there’s somebody new to x, whatever it is, whether it’s taking off their clothes, whether it’s having somebody the girl or a guy eat them a little pussy by the pool, something like that, you know, you know, that’s, you know, that’s really fun for me is is getting, you know, the first getting people on board to that thing. And what, you know, people like to refer to me like Oh, I like to get passed on. It’s like, okay, fine, that feels good, right? And it does feel good. And I recommend you trying. But the thing is, I get more turned on getting somebody to do it for their first time, right?


Mallory Gordon  35:16

Or you walk up and you did this little thing. You guys can’t see Mickey and Frank over here, but they have their hand raised kind of like a high five, and then they’re trickling down their finger.


Mickey Gordon  35:27

What the fuck is this? What are you doing? He wants a golden shower. looks at him like, What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is this? Out of this world funny. And of course now, you know, Frank’s one of our best friends. So we got a great laugh out of it. And that is definitely one of your dirty secret. It is a dirty secret, not a secret.


Frank  35:52

And somebody actually tried to steal it. And that became a stole it from somebody else. He didn’t take it to the level. Right. So so your was like, you know, it was just like, Alright, you know, that’s a good process. Let me fix that. And I just took it. I mean, there was one


Sheila  36:10

trip that there were poor girls in the shower with Frank, pissing on him at the same time. And he loved it good. Yeah. So and then there was another trip where Frank brought me drinks on demand, just so I would have to go



Yes. Because the next bar, you need to come with me.


Mickey Gordon  36:33

spectacular. So. Alright, Sheila, it’s your turn. Give it to us. What’s your dirty secret? What’s the thing that most people don’t know? Um,


Sheila  36:43

I think actually that it’s another turn on of mine that I’ve discovered recently that I actually like watching two guys together. Wow. That’s interesting. So it was secret for me too.


Mickey Gordon  36:57

I just found out that’ll make you popular in the LGBT community. Yeah, well, that’s where I hang out. Yeah, well, you’re a resident unicorn. So look at that. She’s She’s transcended the unicorn status. Okay, so one more time. So unbridled Naked Truth question for us. What do you got? That’s a tough one. Take your time. Nobody’s masturbating right now.


Mallory Gordon  37:26

Candy. Yeah. We’ll get to that later. A little surprise for the toy box. There’s a shocker. What’s coming in the toy box? I see what you did there.


Sheila  37:41

Well, why don’t we throw it back at you and tell us your favorite tournaments? Favorite tournaments? Why don’t you take that one first?


Mickey Gordon  37:49

Ah, my favorite turn on. So I’ve had a recent development. And this is all fantasy based. But I would love the opportunity to be in the next room or nearby while you were having sex with another woman in the shower. I think the last three or four masturbating sessions. Wow. Is that a challenge for you? It’s like a challenge. I’m taking application. I could hear the water splashing. And it kind of sounded like the water when it passes through, like slapping together. Yeah. And I’m going Oh, that would be so. It was over. So I did it five or six more times? Of course. Of course. Yeah. Yeah, that’s fine. About 10 times. Wow. Let’s see. So what’s mine? I mean, it’s it’s she already knows what it is.



Just kind of just deck.


Mickey Gordon  38:45

Yeah. Anyhow. So my turn on what’s my turn on? It’s it’s pretty much not a secret I love when she gets whacked. It’s one of my dad’s super hot for me. Especially like she has something she wants to do. Like on her own. They give her when she wants to. That’s when it’s hot. Like when it’s her idea. I’m not because I want her to not because I think this is cool, not because it’s happening. If she comes to me and says, I’ve got a thing I want to do, I’ll see in an hour. You know, that’s just I think that’s


Sheila  39:17

really cool. That’s part of, you know, the interesting part about the lifestyle is that in some ways, your relationship can be stronger because of the things you do with other people.


Frank  39:28

We were we had a recent trip, we were in Canada and we saw a bunch of friends and somebody introduced me to the term conversion. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  39:37

let’s talk about conversion. I love that word.


Frank  39:40

You know, I’m it’s a super ideal if you’re in this lifestyle in any way, shape or form, that when x is happening with your partner, that you’re hoping for their enjoyment in that Yeah, right. And the huge battle between That is, you know, just the betrayal of intimacy and the betrayal of the connection. Yes. There’s a lot of you know, I, you know, and that’s the whole, of course, you know, oh my god, he’s fucking stunning, right? Yes, of course, I want you to have that. Right. But there’s that, you know, it’s maybe it’s the base into the basic, you know, human thing of jealousy or, you know, attachment and all that. But I think it’s that idea of love. And, you know, knowing the connection and having making sure that that connection is the strongest, right, then that is where you can get the true conversion. So with our friends, I don’t know if I’m there yet and this in our relationship, right. But watching our friends and knowing what their relationship was there, they’re a drinker. Right? And I try. Yeah. And it was really, you know, and it, okay, and seeing, it’s, it’s impressive.



Right, like, there’s


Mallory Gordon  41:02

this, like, what do you call it, like an evolution of emotions that goes in to doing that. And like, if we’re talking about, I don’t know, if it’s Hinduism, or Buddhism that has all of those different factors where you level up in life? I


Mickey Gordon  41:18

think that’s one of them. Hmm, so it’s interesting, because obviously, that’s, you know, a big twist for me, and it took Mallory a while to really come around to it. I don’t really feel like that about anybody else had to look at them that way. So when she started opening herself up to that, it really changed our relationship a lot. It made a situation where she’s like, Okay, I think I finally come to this point. I think Hito was actually the first time he did.


Mallory Gordon  41:44

I was I was able to compartmentalize the different emotions that go along with sex that aren’t identified simply with the relationship, your primary relationship.


Mickey Gordon  41:53

I think the story that emotions are okay, if we’re talking about our masturbation station sessions, one of the ones that really gets me it wasn’t the act of what she went and did. It was the conversation she had with herself where she was walking to his room. She was walking to his room, and she said, I don’t think I can perform. I don’t think I’m going to get wet. I don’t think my girl is going to be on board. I was so nervous. What happened, it was a mess.


Mallory Gordon  42:16

Like I’m literally walking back to the room and it’s still like it because it was so exciting. And


Frank  42:20

that’s the that’s it’s the writing part. Yeah, that’s the thing. It’s that thrill. You know, you have the thrill when the initial with your spouse or with your partner with who you’re dating, and the pursuing sometimes, they all go away and it’s like and yeah, and it is it but it is and you know, for me, you know, the doing the act at the you know, when we’re on vacation, or whatever doing the act is less important about having, oh, I have some butterflies. Oh, this is she’s into me. Yeah. Oh, my God, they psyche flirty, right? And then I love all that right? And then you know, and for me most of the time, it’s then just bringing it back to my partner and giving her all that that energy I have. Does it just happen with others? Yes. Am I not opposed to that? It just needs to be right.


Mallory Gordon  43:09

So why in the shape was your Katie and when you got to the room, it was ready to go. So I you know, I was nervous butterflies. And then it was very euphoric, because you took those emotions and basically dumped them into what we were doing. And it was, it was a very good session. But I came back and you know, I’m still wet and I’m still turned on and then the dirty talk and I think we went five or six times. Because it was just so


Mickey Gordon  43:38

yeah, I was like a Saudi drilling for oil. I was doing my best. Yeah, it was it was a good time. So it’s, it’s really interesting, the different levels and the things that we do we go through as we go through some of these experiences, and they’re super hot. And you know, there are things that are turn ons for us. And I think as couples we want the other person to have a good time. We want to do the things that turn them on and Asan together and separately, so maybe we’re filling our spank tape because you and I both travel for a living Yes. Sounds like bring me something Bring me a video Bring me a picture right? Those are definitely things that get me off you know, I want to see evidence of what she did. That’s super fun for me but so before we close out this segment because we’re coming up on the half hour, tell us a little bit about your I told you to go fast right? But tell us about your favorite lifestyle experience. Is it clubs, is it house parties? Is it hotels, is it or is it a resort? I think I know what the answer is. But I want to hear what it is and why it is for our listeners. your lifestyle experience that you enjoy the most or is it just dating by itself through online?


Frank  44:45

Now? No, it would be it would my best experience would have would have been at resorts. There is one that was a house party but it was with friends that had been resorts wasn’t a house where it was at on site premise Park In New York City, which was fun, right? It was, it was fun. And it was very exhibitionist. Right. And it was with really good friends. And we had a blast, right. But as far as things that were like, that was really fun and interesting or unique, or I didn’t expect that it’s all happened on vacation at a resort.


Sheila  45:22

I mean, I would say the same thing. But also my experiences primarily at a resort, a little bit outside of that, just in a private setting. No parties and no


Mallory Gordon  45:34

clouds or anything like that. We’ve been at you know, someone’s house and it’s been group. Yeah. So,


Sheila  45:40

so shot I enjoyed too, because then it’s, you know, just the people that you feel closest with. And you know, things can happen, and it’s just, you know, all in fun.


Mallory Gordon  45:50

Would you be open to going to a lifestyle club? At some point I do. The moment arises, I


Sheila  45:54

think I think I would, I would try it out. I’ve always been wary of it just because of, you know, I lived in the northeast before. And I heard about clubs in Philly in New York. And the word of mouth wasn’t, it just sounded like it was kind of dirty, and people are just looking to hook up. And I’m like, I’m not really about that. I’m open to it. You know, if I can have a nice conversation, almost, if you can duplicate that resort feel, then do


Frank  46:19

it in the four to six hour period, right? make really good friends with somebody. And now let’s go play. You know, it’s hard to do. And definitely,


Sheila  46:28

you know, it doesn’t take a long time to make a connection with somebody. But you feel that pressure when you’re at just a club versus you have a week or whatever, when you’re on vacation to kind of develop something. Because that’s, I feel like that happens a lot too, that you do meet somebody on vacation. You’re like, Oh, I’m interested. But maybe both of both couples are a little shy and don’t want to go there. And then by the end of the week, it’s like, oh, shit, we’re leaving. Yeah. And you’re both regretting it. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, we totally would have hooked up with you. Or we would have


Frank  47:02

well, but you know what, that’s how I met, you know, some of my best friends. It’s like, we met him. It’s like, oh, that didn’t happen. Oh, and then we saw him again. Oh, we need to exchange numbers. And oh, and we just, you know, it’s just to see each other. It’s, it’s really amazing thing is, then you


Sheila  47:17

get into this place where all you really care about is just seeing your friends again. Yeah. And you don’t even worry about the other stuff and not, you know, come secondary, if at all. It’s a lesson for life, right? The relationships are the best part. Yeah, it is


Mickey Gordon  47:30

definitely not the stuff. So that’s, that’s where we’re at with the first segment of the Naked Truth. So we’re gonna go to a break. Mallory, why don’t you tell folks where they can find us?


Mallory Gordon  47:41

All right, guys, if you’re looking for us, you can find us on www dot casual And don’t forget, you can email us there as well at podcast at casual You can also find us as casual swinger on Twitter, Instagram, Cassidy and SLS. Absolutely. So


Mickey Gordon  48:01

we’re going to come back here in a quick minute after a break, and we’re going to talk about questions from our listeners. We got a question from a listener in our second week that really hit us hard, and we’re gonna use that to talk and our second segment of the Naked Truth with Frank and Sheila, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  48:33

Welcome back to casual swinger. Everybody on Mallory. Yeah, Mickey. And we’re going to discuss a listener question today. And this has to deal with politics, which Mickey did say this is the dirtiest word in the lifestyle. And he’s gonna get into the listeners question here for you.


Mickey Gordon  48:47

Yeah, absolutely. And I really do think this is the dirtiest question that we asked. And not really the dirtiest question, maybe even the dirtiest word in the lifestyle because it is so divisive. But let’s talk about the question from a listener. This came to us over Twitter. And the question is on a very vanilla trip to Puerto Rico. Last year, my wife and I hooked up with another couple. It was a messy attempt as we were all too drunk to adequately perform. But that’s a hot mess of another story. Later, we discovered they’re on the opposite side of the political fence from where we stand. My question, Is this with all the political division going on in our country right now? Has political persuasion ever played a part in how you were connecting with other couples that you played with? Or that you’ve attempted to play with? So that’s a big long question. In Syria, parents apparently didn’t want to answer us. But you know,


Mallory Gordon  49:35

that’s too hard of a question.


Mickey Gordon  49:37

Right? Naked Truth. Yes. series, like fuck you. We’re not talking about politics. But yeah, Naked Truth, guys. You’re gonna get the raw, unfiltered version, including birds and airplanes and everything else here in this backyard where I’m reminding all of you were asked naked answering all these questions. The pool is great. Yeah, we took a little pool break. And now we’re coming back talking about this. So let’s talk political division.


Mallory Gordon  49:56

Yeah, I think this is a great question. I think it’s come up in many countries. stations in and outside the lifestyle. And it’s an it’s important to talk about how to deal with this.


Mickey Gordon  50:06

Yeah, I mean, it used to be right. And maybe I’m old enough that I remember it was not considered appropriate. It was poor etiquette to ask somebody how they voted. In the last election, it was inappropriate to ask somebody who they vote for now, how we feel, how we act, how we treat each other. That’s the most important thing to me. And how I see you treat people how I see you treat waiters and waitstaff and bartenders, and I can tell what kind of person you are by how you treat somebody who’s taking care of you how you treat your wife or your husband. Yeah, it matters a shitload more to me than who you vote for. But at the same time, some people would say that how you how you vote is indicative of who you are. So my question for you guys that we want to discuss is that, of course, the listeners question. Is this something you guys have run into where political division has interfered with your ability to connect with somebody in the lifestyle? And how do we avoid that?


Frank  51:03

I wouldn’t say it’s interfered. It’s been a factor in friendships. And I think that’s the important thing to remember that you have a friendship, right? And there can be differences. Sheila just squirted all over. Sorry, guys. It’s it’s really turned me on. I think, you know, if you’re truly my friend, you know, you know, we can then have a conversation around politics. And, you know, my go to on whatever we’re getting to is like, what’s the goal? Not the process? What’s the goal? What do we want at the end? And more often than not, we’re so close, if not spot on. It’s then about the process. And, and you know, and then there’s times when, you know, that’s, you know, whatever. 11 o’clock in the morning, when you’re casual and relaxed, and what have you, when we’re in the middle of a nice party, and it’s one in the morning, and somebody brings up, Hey, what about this, no, got shouted down by three people. We’re not doing that. Right. And there’s, it’s just like, you know, what’s appropriate? You know, I mean, it’s and the level of friendship, we had a bus ride that some guy started on the bus ride. And it


Sheila  52:26

was right after the last presidential election, and it was crickets. Yeah. It was like, it was awkward. Yeah, I think people felt very strongly about the 2016 presidential election. I know I certainly did. And it was very strange, like it is, it was a couple that was on our same flight. And we all ended up writing together. And then something got brought up politically and Frank, and I just were like, nope, we’re not doing this conversation. And the rest of the week, it was actually, you know, I said hi to this couple. And,


Frank  53:05

but I had a reservation with them the rest of the week, it didn’t make them less attractive to me. But it was like I didn’t even know I was less interested in even engaging them.


Mallory Gordon  53:18

It didn’t represent like intolerance to you, are a least likelihood of you guys having that chemistry together as a couple or


Frank  53:27

less likely of even chemistry of less like we’re, we could we’re good enough to be friends. Right? You know, if that and especially if that’s your first thing in our on your in our introduction, politics. And yeah, we’re probably not going to be friends, because that’s not my first and I ever want to talk about with anybody,


Sheila  53:48

or how it even went there. I think it was a comment that came up and then blew up into something. And for me, I found it more from the other side, that I felt that they were called to me then and I tried to just, you know, say hi. And it wasn’t even like we never talked the rest of the trip.


Mallory Gordon  54:04

So would you say I’m sorry, to Mickey. But I had one question to Frank’s point, when you said, you know, let’s not talk about the process. Let’s talk about the goal. Do you use that maybe to defuse some maybe hot, hotter topics where the conversation could go down that rabbit hole and become maybe a little more?


Frank  54:22

arguably, you know, we can because I like take a political show, but arguably, you know, most of the country’s moderate, right? Most of the country is centrist. Most of the country is understanding right most of the country doesn’t have a problem. We know you’re most of it most of the country is pretty good with social liberties, you know, even to the LGBT, you know, q level, you know, they’re not it’s not that and what we see and what we hear and all that and so, if you can cut somebody that has somehow gone left or right, right to what’s the goal, right? You know, as simple as that, you know, simple thing, you know, gun control, blah, blah. But guess what, what’s the goal? I don’t want kids getting killed in school. Good idea. Let’s work from there. Let’s work from there, right versus you’re taking away my rights and all that, because we both agree on that golf shirt.


Mickey Gordon  55:19

So so without going into our personal politics, I do want to point out that I picked Frank and Sheila, for this segment for a specific reason. We are on opposite ends of the political spectrum on a lot of things yet here we are with our friends asked naked by their pool. We love him dearly. A great time. And that’s that’s really kind of part of what I’m getting at here is does political division have to be the way that it is out there today? Does it have to stop us from enjoying each other on an emotional level? on a physical level? At what point and to the listeners question? If you’ve already been with a couple, and find out after the fact that there’s a huge political delta between the two of you? How do you deal with that?


Sheila  56:02

For me? I don’t know. I feel like a lot of times on vacation. We don’t talk about these things. And why would we you know what I mean, what what is the point of bringing up stuff that we may disagree about, or may agree about or whatever, but it’s, who cares? We’re on vacation. It’s


Frank  56:20

stressful stuff to talk about regardless. And we’re on vacation for lots of reasons, but one of them is to not have stress.


Sheila  56:27

Right. So I mean, I typically I’m not one of those people to really have these conversations with people. I don’t know. It’s something that I sometimes have conversations with people I do know. For example, last night, I was on the phone for three and a half hours with a good friend that I met at Hito. And our rate winner bar right winger, I’m a far left winger. Oh, he doesn’t he thinks he is, but he’s not. We actually we we talked about just we wanted to catch up, because it was a long time since we had talked. And but also these political things came up. And I’m like, dude, we don’t agree. We don’t agree. We don’t agree. Why are we still talking about this? Because this is a pointless conversation. Some of it actually, I hope I educated him on a little bit of things. He thinks he knows everything about everything. So he thinks he taught me everything last night. But um, you know, it’s, we notice about each other. We’re great friends, very close friends. And I love him.


Mallory Gordon  57:36

It doesn’t Yeah, he’s wrong. doesn’t diminish his value to us what you’re No, no. And I think my goodness isn’t,


Frank  57:44

it doesn’t matter. It increases the value that you can have these, you know, pointless arguments, whatever, you’re wrong. And the next time you see him, you know, it’s hugging a kiss and looks like how are you? and How are the kids and what’s going on? And let’s have some fun. Right, right. I


Sheila  58:02

know, we’ve had these conversations with Nikki and Mallory, too. And we’re not on the same end of the spectrum. We don’t always say far apart. But we talk about things. And it’s, you know, it’s okay. And it’s a nice conversation when you know that you still accept the other person exactly for who they are. And we’ve created that environment


Mallory Gordon  58:23

for each other.


Frank  58:24

You know, in my folks day, it was things, things that you didn’t talk out in a party politics and religion. Yes. You didn’t ask somebody who they voted for. You didn’t even ask it was it was considered really poor form? Right. You didn’t know? Did you vote good. Right, if anything? Right, you know, and even that wasn’t it was expected. Right. And that’s, that’s some of the, you know, the differences that, you know, I mean, we’re, there was one point in this conversation, it just came back to it’s like, when you remove all the clothes, right? And you remove that stuff, you have real conversations


Sheila  59:01

about having a good time, typically, you know, yes, alcohol, obviously, is a factor. Everyone’s a little more loosened up. But also just, you know, the point of point of it is to have a nice vacation. And that’s it. And there are certainly other people that in that say Akito


Mickey Gordon  59:18

Yeah, because at a lifestyle club. First of all, very rarely, I think, does any of this come up right now? Because it’s much more task oriented, right? Yeah. Yeah. So getting back to kind of really what we talked about here on casual swinger. How do we keep this from fucking our sex? Right? Have you keep fucking up our good time with people that we like that would be otherwise attracted to my feeling on the subject and we’ll go down the line. So start with me, Mallory, Sheila. Frank, my feeling is, don’t talk about it. It’s not important to the task, right, which is to meet and enjoy the company of people that you may find out you care about very much and honestly, if you learn everything about them, how they choose to press a button is an important it’s how they choose how they choose to spend their time, or the charitable or the kind or the good to their kids or the good to their wife or the good to their friends. When you find those things out whether or not they love their gun is probably not important to you at that point. Because everything else is more important in how people treat each other as the most important thing to me, Mallory, what do you think


Mallory Gordon  1:00:22

I think I have to agree with you on this one. And if it does happen to come up in conversation, so you make good friends with somebody, and it comes up down the road, you’ve already played, you already have a connection, I think the most important part is to create a positive environment to have those conversations and have tolerance of each other.


Sheila  1:00:39

And I somewhat agree, I will say, you know, having that mutual respect, being able to have that conversation if you choose to great. But, you know, as I was saying to you earlier, Mickey before we were on air, I think that the way people vote is somewhat indicative of who they are as a person and what they care about. That’s, that’s why we vote it’s because we have things that we care about. And we’re trying to make it happen, you know, in the rest of the world as well in our local and state and federal environments. So while I wouldn’t say it is going to affect our relationship with another couple or anything like that, it can be something like, for example, that couple that we had, you know, that wrote in to the resort with us, where it just all of a sudden kind of blew up and like why why are we doing this? nobody showed us he was an asshole looking for a fight. Yeah. And I think that I think


Frank  1:01:36

yeah, I mean, that’s what, that’s where I think what it can show, you know, even with folks, you know, what I’d like to take from, you know, the political thing, it can happen, you know, don’t force it, if you’re, if it’s, you’re having a drink, and it’s whatever, you know, whatever. And you want to have that conversation when that person is agreeable, you know, keep respect, and we always should. And we’re all naked right now they know, you know, he knows your ball and your deck size, right? So you know what, that’s out of the picture in the argument. So now bring your facts or whatever. But, you know, the thing is, with even folks of difference in political spectrum, we all enjoy what we’re doing right now. Right? We’re all within and I mean, really enjoy, you know, getting to know people because they’re raw and real. Right? And I just want to grow from that. Right. And that’s that together part that you know, being frickin nudists to lifestyle is to swingers to whatever you want to call it is, you know, we’re all in this, you know, the hedonism. It’s fun, you know, and it’s pleasure and goodness. Right? fun. Yeah. Oh, goodness. Yeah. It’s not about it’s kind of doesn’t have a title.


Sheila  1:02:49

No, no. The thing is, we I feel like we really get to know people in the circle. And that can mean a lot of different things where you have, you know, social media has made political opinions very public. I think people are much more willing to share about things, again, they care about, which I think is great. Make issues known that maybe other people don’t know about, but at the same time, it fosters this kind of fighting mentality where it’s one against the other and the meme wars. Wars. Yeah. You know, so there’s that misinformation. Yeah. And if you choose to bring things up like that, and keep it, keep it civil, and don’t want to affect your friendship, you know, what I mean, we know somebody who he’s like, I don’t talk politics on vacation, politics on vacation, I don’t talk politics period, unless I absolutely have to.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:40

Well, I mean, it may be a part of that is also identifying that boundary, conversation comes up, go, you know, I’m just like you said, I’m just not going to talk politics. I don’t believe that’s conducive to our relationship. Oh, absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:50

As we come to the end of this segment, because I do want to keep this segment from running too long, because politics aren’t sexy and aren’t fun. But I do think that our listener asked that question. I thought it was a really important question. And it’s very topical, in this world we live in today. The last question I’ll ask you guys as my panel is, how do we repair friendships that have been damaged? by political differentiation? Right? I mean, when people say you know what, I’m out. I feel like you don’t agree with me see, you suck. Is that something we can fix in continue lifestyle relationships? Maybe not personal relationships, but lifestyle relationships? Does it break? Does it break? And is it something we can get back to Can we say, Hey, you know what, we had a disagreement, but I still care about you. I still like you. I think we probably shouldn’t talk about that. What do you guys think?


Sheila  1:04:35

I mean, I think lifestyle relationships are personal relationships, they are friendships. And the thing is, it all depends on how you how you view it. So if you feel like how you vote or how you feel about certain issues is what defines the person then, really, honestly, maybe you shouldn’t have been friends with that person in the first place. You know, if you really disagree in that sense. So I mean, Friendship is about having common interest common ground and enjoying spending time together. Yeah, but it’s you really feel so differently about things and sometimes that’s just how it is.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:10

Does it change anything if they’re a fantastic way? Great question. I mean, if they’re really just got a big dick and he’s really good with it doesn’t change anything for you. She’s like, well,


Sheila  1:05:20

I don’t love him big dick anymore. If he has a small dick, and he’s a right winger,


Mallory Gordon  1:05:27

alright, let’s do it. big penis good with it. Oh, yeah, I would never let it become between a friendship and a relationship penis come between you see, what is there? You’re very funny. No, as long as they’re the same line for him, you agree to disagree? That’s okay. You know, showing tolerance and respect for each other note would not become, you know, an issue and I’d be absolutely up to quote unquote, repairing a relationship as long as the other party’s willing as well.


Sheila  1:05:58

It also depends if you’re friends or if you’re just fucking, because if you’re just fucking and hooking up, then who the hell cares about anything else? Right. I


Mickey Gordon  1:06:06

mean, that’s true. And for some people in lifestyle, that is what it’s all about. So if she’s got an NRA tattoo on her forehead, it can suck start a Harley, you say? Yeah, I put a bag on your head. put a hat on her. She went there. She did. So folks, obviously we love having fun with this stuff. And that kind of brings us to the end of that segment on political division on a country and whether it affects people in the lifestyle. There’s a bunch of different opinions here. But one thing I want to point out to you guys is we don’t all agree here even Mallory and I don’t agree on everything. But you have to find a way to come together because if nobody comes this thing sucks. So we got to have a good time. Mallory, why don’t you tell everybody how they can find us before we come back with a special episode of Mallory in Sheila’s toy box. Yeah, tell him where they can find. Alright guys, you can find us at www casuals. If you’d like to send us an email its podcast at casual swinger Comm. You can find us as casual swinger on Twitter, Facebook, Cassidy and SLS as well as Instagram. We’re all over the place guys. Thanks for hanging in there. We’re gonna take a quick break and come back with the toy box you’re listening to casual swinger. Welcome back to casual swinger everybody making I want to thank our special guests today, Frank and Sheila for joining us. This has been so much fun. I greatly appreciate it. As usual, during the break, they said they’d love to join us again. So we’re gonna make future plans to have them back as guests. So you guys are joining us for Mallory’s Toy Box today. And I’m going to include Miss Sheila in on this. We have a toy here that is a waterproof massager. It’s a wand, correct one, it’s the one and it’s made by a company called lush. It’s a passion wireless therapeutic massager that it’s waterproof. And it is described as a one. This thing comes in many colors. And it’s a great little toy. This one was actually discovered a few years ago on a trip. They were giveaways. We used him for a game we called a vibrator rodeo, right? Absolutely. Yeah, that was a great time was it I’m 344 I win every time except for with one particular person unfortunately. vibrator rodeos coming up here on our next trip.


Mallory Gordon  1:08:43

We play that we can team up and make a comeback this time that we come back. I love it. Well, one very plenty today. Thank you very, very funny. What I love about this thing is it’s not super subcompact, but it’s compact enough that’s easy to travel with. Why don’t you tell us about your experiences with this because this is like your old reliable This is your favorites. My


Sheila  1:09:05

third one. I won the first one. I bought a second one and then I recently dropped it and the vibrating mechanism moved inside of the shaft of the wind and was not where it was supposed to be. So then I had to buy another one. But I literally I put this thing through the washer by accident is with the sheets and it survived. So that’s how waterproof it is. However, it’s waterproof not submersible because I was harassing people in the pool with it. And then it died after that. Yeah, so keep that out play shower. So it was like that wasn’t wanton masturbation that broke it. It was no it was you know, we’re here for care. Yeah, shocker. But at the price of 2495 on amazon prime. Yeah, you can’t go wrong. So


Mallory Gordon  1:09:52

this is a budget toy. This is a absolutely a


Sheila  1:09:56

very, you get so much for your money. And for me, I like to buy I like on. I don’t like the settings, there’s like 10 different settings on it or so which I like.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:05

But like you said, you can just turn it on and go. I’m good to go. Yeah. So I love this thing. What do you love about a designer? Because you were telling me about the horsepower girl? Yeah.


Frank  1:10:16

It’s not on it on plus, is there another plus? Hopefully, two plus? Yes, yeah. And she’ll might be happy.


Sheila  1:10:24

Well, I feel like there used to be two additional speed settings to it. But maybe that changed or something like that. Because I also remember it was smooth, all the way. And now it has like quilted look to it. But there’s three buttons, there’s on there’s power. And then there’s the different settings as well, like the policy migration


Mallory Gordon  1:10:43

or enough. But you were telling me there’s a one that’s very similar to this. It’s called the shabari. It’s about 10 to $20 more. And I think the biggest difference between the two of these is the head. Yeah, the


Sheila  1:10:56

continuity. So what I really like about this one is actually that it’s not so flexible. And shabari, we gave away the mini shabari halos, I believe they’re called. And it was fine. I liked it. But the head was actually a little too flexible. And I felt like I couldn’t target at where I wanted it.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:13

Right. And I’ve noticed with some toys if they are too flexible, you can’t get that extra additional pressure that you’re looking for. Because I’m I am also a power queen. But I’m also a pressure queen. Yes. So as are you? Yeah, yeah. And this is a great thing. It’s totally rechargeable. How long do you think it stays charged for?



Oh, a long time, like how many uses because what I mean by our sessions or sessions, I’m usually literally is a stretch but can do three? Again, you guys have pretty long session. They can be Yeah, they can be long session.


Sheila  1:11:44

Well, and I unfortunately, I’ve started taking longer to have my first orgasm, which I’m very upset about. But it lasts. And I think part of it is probably I don’t know if this is a plus or minus, but I feel like when you first turn it on, it has more power, and then it loses juice a little bit. But it’s still it’s still very strong. The other thing, this is not for this toy in particular, but I think I’ve noticed that I’m start getting a little numb. While vibrating.


Mallory Gordon  1:12:13

Yeah, I’ve taken five to 10 seconds pauses in between. and that definitely helps it makes a little bit better.


Sheila  1:12:19

Yeah, because otherwise you’re just going going going and you’re like, I feel great. But this is not getting to where I need to. So I’ve been doing the same thing or I do the on and off. And you know, you have to accept that you’re not getting your orgasm right now. But it’s still gonna be good with me. And you know, the nice thing is with this one we know so many people who have everyone who’s tried this and seem to love it up and because I get it for everybody that I know rates knocking stuff. It’s a great stocking stuffer. Right people, okay, but you know, now I have three charging cables for it because I’m on my third one. Car, one


Mallory Gordon  1:13:03

car and I had that before I loved it. It’s a silicone cover. So it’s easy to clean, easy to sanitize. It doesn’t collect like fuzz. Have you ever thrown it in the back of the drawer before and like some of them just collect all this extra lint? This one does not


Sheila  1:13:16

know. very sleek. It comes with a little baggie, you know, carrying case I like a little carrying and you can put the charger in there as well. It’s fantastic. But I bought it for friends of mine. Going through divorces and like, honey, try this. And they’re like, Oh my god, this is so great. It’s


Mallory Gordon  1:13:36

also great because it’s also another compact one that’s good enough for group or


Sheila  1:13:40

Yes, yes. Absolutely. So I know I’ve used that way before. It’s kind of awkward with any kind of toy to kind of use it with somebody. I think it’s small enough though, because it’s not like a Hitachi. Where has the giant head? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  1:13:54

you know, I do live my magic. Don’t get me wrong. But I mean, that’s, for me, that’s not a group play. That’s


Sheila  1:13:59

the thing. That’s just by yourself. And Hitachi is nice because you have different attachments you can use. This is just a one time deal. However, it’s fantastic. It is my go to every single time. I don’t want to use anything else. I have many toys. And I’m always going with this one. And it’s also you know, nice, like I said with a partner. Your partner can feel a little bit


Mallory Gordon  1:14:22

too. Yeah, so doesn’t hurt. Yeah, yeah. as well. So it’s 25 bucks. This is a big winner. Winner, huge winner. It’s performance value and


Mickey Gordon  1:14:35

satisfaction. We take a couple dozen of these things to Hito with us we give them away as prizes. We use them for vibrator rodeo everybody gets their own so everybody’s a winner right who is not a winner when you get a free vibrator and an orgasm. Thank you for broken that was your fault for squirting. I did break a toe when I saw it that that’s a true story for another time guys. So any Did you have anything else to add? tell people where they can find it. Okay, we’re gonna post a link to this tool. With the podcast, but it’s made by a company called blush. It’s the passion wireless therapeutic massage or waterproof wand. I know that’s a mouthful. Again, we will post this it comes in many colors, sometimes the colors especially if you’re buying in a warehouse, subsidiary, like an or something like that. They may differ by color, but it’s the same product regardless,


Sheila  1:15:21

and I know for certain it comes in black, purple and painting. Yep, purple seems to be the winning color. So you know, make sure you label your vibrator.



Be Okay, like,


Mallory Gordon  1:15:35

I’m used to do with your underwear. A lot of different colors there. So Well, I think what waterproof writing though, yeah, I use a sharpie.


Mickey Gordon  1:15:45

Well, this has been a lot of fun, right? This is our first time doing an interview segment. We wanted to bring somebody on here that not only served our listener questions, but maybe looked at it the lifestyle from a different angle than we do, right because like you said, You’re not necessarily lifestyle, or not necessarily swinger, but your lifestyle so you definitely do, you know, see things from a different perspective. We really appreciate you guys coming on with us and hosting us in your backyard to do this today. This is definitely different for us, but I know Mallory and I both had a good time and reminder for nega truth. We’re all asked naked for this.


Mallory Gordon  1:16:17

Thank you very much. I love movies.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:21

And more importantly on our Twitter feed or Instagram feed, pay attention because I took some pictures today guys.


Sheila  1:16:28

All I can say is that it was my pleasure. You have been masturbating the whole time we’ve been off on and off again during the breaks another testament to how quiet


Mickey Gordon  1:16:39

she’s been having a good time. So if you guys are looking for us, you can find us at www casual swinger comm you can send us an email at podcast at casual We are on SLS. We are on Cassidy and Twitter and Facebook


Mallory Gordon  1:16:53

and Instagram are everywhere. Gosh,


Mickey Gordon  1:16:56

we’re casual swinger all over the place. We can’t thank you guys enough for joining us for our interview. And we’ll be back in a couple weeks. We’re headed for Hito right. Do it Oh yeah. Thanks a lot. We’ll talk to you soon.