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The S!ck D!ck Docs

Thu, 9/2 10:03AM • 1:23:33


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Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown, Dr. Lane Phillips, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:41

Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy.


Mickey Gordon  00:49

everybody welcome back to another episode of casual stringer. My name is Mickey. And I’m Mallory. You are you’re a sexy Mallory.


Mallory Gordon  00:57

Thank you. You made me feel sexy all weekend long.


Mickey Gordon  00:59

Yeah, you were sexy this morning to godly? Yeah, you take some dirty pictures I did. And they’re dirty as shit.


Mallory Gordon  01:06

I love it. When you do that, by the way.


Mickey Gordon  01:08

I like doing it too. You know, some of our friends on Twitter were like, Hey, can you show us to?


Mallory Gordon  01:13

We put we posted a PG one, didn’t we? Yeah. Okay, there we go.


Mickey Gordon  01:17

Dirty Picture on Twitter type every once in a while. What? There’s something?


Mallory Gordon  01:20

Yeah, once in a blue moon. Yeah. So


Mickey Gordon  01:22

this episode has been a long time coming, folks. This episode is called the sick dick docks.


Mallory Gordon  01:27

What are those?


Mickey Gordon  01:29

Ironically enough, there are a couple of doctors we came across who specialize in helping people get the most out of their sexual health. So not a reptile. Not necessarily female body parts, a little bit of both. But the idea is really to just get people’s sex life in line with where their mind is right. Because as you get older, your brain and your body aren’t necessarily on the same page. So we got lucky. And we met these folks. And they wanted to be on the show. And so we had Dr. Nicole, Aizen Brown, and Dr. Lane Phillips on the show with us this week.


Mallory Gordon  02:03

Yeah, that was such a wonderful conversation. And then obviously, we’ll get into more information on exactly what happened with the procedure part. But I really enjoyed talking to him, it was almost like a one two punch as far as like your chemical makeup and some, you know, underlying factors and then talking about function, not dysfunction, like improving function.


Mickey Gordon  02:25

That’s the reason I really wanted to do this episode, right? I mean, yes, just so you guys know, at the end of this episode, I absolutely went through some of these treatments myself, so I could see what they were like. And we recorded it for posterity. So yes,


Mallory Gordon  02:38

yeah. Cuz I’m stupid. Yeah, nothing like the ass waxing.


Mickey Gordon  02:42

waxing was worse. But this is definitely interesting. And I did want to go through it for you guys and kind of see what was up with it. But the thing that I came away from it with that really stood out to me is how much I don’t like the term erectile dysfunction, I think it’s fucking a masculine.


Mallory Gordon  02:58

Well, and if you look at the root word, and this d y s, or D is it means like, bad or ill, or it’s very, it’s obviously very negative. And it’s it’s a Latin word, and it’s used in medical terminology. But when you hear it, you automatically trigger to feel probably, you know, maybe inferior, or


Mickey Gordon  03:18

I think that men’s sexual health and their virility, they really kind of go hand in hand, like your status as a man is directly tied to your virility. And if for some reason, you know, you are having trouble from an erectile perspective, or you are having trouble with a sex drive perspective, or a sensitivity perspective, or we’re just anything with your dick or your sex drive. You feel like you’re, you’re shorting your lovers, and we’re not interested in them at all worst case.


Mallory Gordon  03:47

Yeah. And actually, I don’t think that’s any different from for women like that Peri and postmenopausal puzzle phase, especially. Because there’s a lot of things that change. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  03:57

I think you’re probably right. So all this said, folks, we were like, Hey, we need to make an episode out of this. And we need to find some folks who can help us have this conversation. Because I don’t think that everybody that’s out there. First of all, we did this episode a year ago on swinger insurance, and it was all about you know, phony bonies by coxa flop and and all these names for erectile dysfunction drugs, and I still didn’t like it, then.


Mallory Gordon  04:22

Well, and if there’s not that there’s anything wrong with those drugs, right,


Mickey Gordon  04:26

you know, a slave insurance?


Mallory Gordon  04:28

Sure, but they treat a symptom. And what we talked about today is, is treating the underlying conditions that create the symptoms.


Mickey Gordon  04:37

Yeah. And you know, there was one that actually really stood out to me, and I’m not sure if we actually catch it in the interview with the doctors, but the one that jumped out at me is that the earliest sign of heart disease is a reptile problems. Yeah. And I’m like, Oh, shit, that’s crazy. So some of the stuff that we went through in here and some things we talked about, there’s things like Gaines wave, which is a shock treatment. It’s a lot like lithotripsy.


Mallory Gordon  05:02

Yeah. And that’s Sonic vibrations, right?


Mickey Gordon  05:05

Yeah, that’s getting shocked in the balls. And I did that for you guys here on casual swinger. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  05:09

that was that was actually fascinating. If anyone listening is not old enough to know who more of in the Martian is sorry, it’s the best comparative, I have to remember is laser gun. Oh, yeah. That’s what it looked like that she was using. I saw it before she’s at me. And then yeah, it was, it was fascinating.


Mickey Gordon  05:25

It really was. Apparently, that was designed to break up the plaque on the arteries in your sexual regions, your, you know, genital regions, sexual regions, their genitals aren’t all sexual unless you’re a pervert like me. But, you know, when we talk about, you know, what this was, you know, the idea was to break up any any plaque that you have, and improve your blood flow in that area, improved blood flow, improve erections, all that kind of stuff. So, against me, it kind of goes hand in hand with this other thing that we talked about the doctors, which is something called the P shot in the


Mallory Gordon  05:54

ocean, that one was actually a little more invasive than I thought it would be even after you tell it? Well, I mean, but you’d had this conversation a few times prior. You I got the information secondhand from you. And then we met that day. And then when it actually started happening, I was a little taken aback. I looked at you and I wanted to be like, are you sure you want to proceed cuz she took


Mickey Gordon  06:16

65 gallon drum of my blood clothes, 60 cc’s. It same thing. It


Mallory Gordon  06:20

was a lot. It was a lot. And then she spent that down in a centrifuge. And then she took the plasma, like the platelets stuff. Mm hmm. And that’s used therapeutically to help that area and it was injected, like, into my dick. way into your deck, not just like surface like trimax. Like, into your majestic Oh, yeah, I was there six different places.


Mickey Gordon  06:43

Yeah. And so one of the interesting things about this that you guys gonna hear, and we didn’t really talk about it, because I didn’t wanna freak the doctor out, you know, but they do this thing called a penile block, which is they put this long ass needle into your upper deck area. And it’s supposed to numb everything that didn’t get all the way to the end of my deck.


Mallory Gordon  06:57

Yeah, when she hit the the tip of your deck, and she went in, but on the left and the right side, right, because you don’t want to hit the urethra. I was I don’t get nauseous, like procedures like that. Don’t upset me. And sometimes with you, I can waver at times because you’re my person. But when I saw your reaction, I got a little weak need, personally.


Mickey Gordon  07:19

Yeah, but I gotta say Dr. Eisenberg was great about it. She was she’s got such a good bedside manner. And she’s so effective. And she’s articulate at telling you what she’s doing that even like when my toes curled. And she’s like, oh, you’re in pain. We need to fix this. I’m like, Nah, actually, just go ahead and go on with it. And that was my choice, not hers, like anytime I was even remotely in a state of discomfort. She was like, stop, let’s let’s take care of the discomfort. And only because frankly, it’s funny is why I let myself just come here.


Mallory Gordon  07:47

Actually, I’m, I’m looking forward to seeing what your experience then versus a month and three months from now is like if you can attribute any gain and sensitivity or anything like that down the road after having these things done. You’re still getting the Gaines wave treatment.


Mickey Gordon  08:05

Yeah, well, I’m going through the whole thing is if I had a full suite of the issues that the treat In Memoriam medical, which is the name of Dr. Eisenberg’s clinic, but you know, that just the whole idea of, you know, going in and having the treatments was great for casual swinger, but for me, you know, one thing that could come out of it, which was exciting for me is I’m not very sensitive,


Mallory Gordon  08:27

right? We’ve talked about that


Mickey Gordon  08:28

before in the show, you know, blowjobs are kind of a lost cause for me I like them but


Mallory Gordon  08:33

yeah, and you’ve always been that way it’s not like it’s something that will progressively deteriorating as you get older it’s been since you were little


Mickey Gordon  08:39

which is why I’m so high on unique condoms because it’s their first condom I’ve ever actually been able to feel anything Yeah, because I’m not a very sensitive guy down there. So being able to feel something through a condom is bucking revolution for me, right but at the same time, you know, this treatment is is supposed to help grow new blood vessels and make me a little bit more sensitive. So I was actually excited to go through this personally and not just you know, for a gag for the for the show or for education for you guys. But I think it was all of those things, which is what I love about casual swinger, well, all the things it was a gag, but it was also educational, and we’re able to promote this amazing medical office Memorial medical that is offering this as a service here in Central Florida it


Mallory Gordon  09:22

is it’s actually kind of amazing the suite of things she can do and not just for guys, but for girls too, is that same technique, you know that we talked about, like the pulling the blood and spitting it down using that women can use that and their clitoral region as well if they’re having issues or they’re desensitized, or


Mickey Gordon  09:41

actually the biggest issue that it treats is incontinence after childbirth.


Mallory Gordon  09:46

Yeah, I you were reading my mind. Yep.


Mickey Gordon  09:48

So that’s like a really big deal for for ladies, but it also happens to increase sensitivity and sexual satisfaction. Yeah, because it creates new blood flow around your clitoris which happens to be next door to you your urethra as it turns out,


Mallory Gordon  10:01

well, kind of sort of there. I think the way she described it and I’d have to go back and listen to the tape. Again, I think there’s three different areas where for as a woman, you get a shot, you have the clitoral area because the nerve bundles are a little higher, but I think the shots actually in the clitoris, then between the clitoris and the urethra, or the urethra and the vagina, and then near the GG spot, rationally,


Mickey Gordon  10:23

I believe that is what she said. But we’re gonna find out here a little bit because we actually did talk about it here on the show. And I was really excited to do this. I’m excited for you guys to hear this.


Mallory Gordon  10:32

Me too.


Mickey Gordon  10:33

You know, the sick dick docks is part one of a two part series, we’re gonna have Dr. Leanne Phillips back by himself to talk about hormone therapy and talk about getting right with your you know, your hormones and your vitamins and all the ways that that can affect your sexual Well, I’m


Mallory Gordon  10:48

I’m under 40. And I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there. I can’t wait to dig a little deeper. And I know other shows have been done on that. But just my first round of treatment and working with him personally, I can’t even tell you how much better I’m starting to feel.


Mickey Gordon  11:01

Yeah, I think I’m in the same boat. Actually. Yeah, yeah, it’s I mean, obviously, I started with therapies with him. And we’re gonna get into that in the next episode that we do with Dr. Phillips. And it may not be the very next episode of casual swinger. It will probably be in the next couple of episodes, though.


Mallory Gordon  11:14

Yeah, no, it’ll be a great conversation. I’m excited.


Mickey Gordon  11:17

Yeah, very much. So. So coming up here, we’re going to talk with the SIG Deke docs. Before we get into that, though, we’re going to talk about the last episode we did.


Mallory Gordon  11:25

Yeah, I want to thank everyone who sent their love and support it was it was a little deep for me to go into my psyche and like put it out there for you know, public knowledge.


Mickey Gordon  11:37

That was a very different episode for us. But I’m actually


Mallory Gordon  11:39

really excited to hear I’m not the only one that has that fantasy or be interested in it.


Mickey Gordon  11:44

Oh, my God, we got so many messages. Yeah, you guys. Yeah. Oh, this is so cool. We want to try it. We’re into it. I didn’t know how many. I don’t know adventurous couples are out there that aren’t even necessarily hot wife, couples, right? Now they got the word. They’re just like, no, this would be so cool. Or they want to make their own porn or and it’s just really neat to see everybody realize


Mallory Gordon  12:03

it wasn’t we’re legitimately trying to make this happen this year. And you know, maybe I undervalued it, that’s another bit of feedback I got was it’s gonna cost a lot more money than what you think.


Mickey Gordon  12:17

We’ll see. Yeah, we got a lot of really good feedback on it, though. And we love that. And I think a lot of you out there maybe that had kind of given casual toys a try. At some point in the last year or two. That’s the urine fee. I think like three or four months, we’ve been open, but somebody had come in and had a look and was like, okay, it’s a little toy store and things have changed. So a lot of you came back to casual toys and a lot of you ordered from us at casual toys. Holy crap. It was awesome.


Mallory Gordon  12:43

Yeah, no, it was a really great year.


Mickey Gordon  12:46

Yeah, it was really awesome. Yeah, we’ve had a really cool month with people buying our bundles for the unique condoms. That’s


Mallory Gordon  12:52

right. You did like a buy for get a prize for


Mickey Gordon  12:57

micro Yeah, that’s MICR Oh, h exclamation point. That’s all


Mallory Gordon  13:01

you do love your branding.


Mickey Gordon  13:03

I do love my but it you know, that’s I love that. It’s I always tell people that’s the nicest vibrator Chinese kids can make but it’s it’s Mallory’s looking at me like you insensitive. douchebag


Mallory Gordon  13:15

Oh, yeah, hardcore.


Mickey Gordon  13:17

That’s what I’m getting right now. But it is a great little vibrator. We do give it away if you buy four packs of unique condoms, and it just auto populates. I really love that but it’s you know, everything’s going pretty good as far as the store is concerned got all kinds of cool stuff in there from Liberator and now elegant moments. Yeah, z corsets.


Mallory Gordon  13:35

Yeah, we added more elegant moments this store recently Last time we talked it was Daisy corsets and yeah,


Mickey Gordon  13:41

our girl alley bought one of our swimsuits one of the new Daisy swimsuits. I haven’t tried those. Yeah, well, she loves it. Like she messaged her ditching is amazing. The quality is amazing. And I picked it out for ironically enough, so lucky dog. Hey, sometimes my job doesn’t suck. I was gonna say, No, it’s not bad at all. But hey, we’re gonna jump into this episode with the sick dig dogs. Before we do that. Mel, you want to tell everybody how they can find us? You


Mallory Gordon  14:06

betcha. We are casual swinger everywhere. That’s casual if you have a question, reach out to us at podcast at casual swing calm. If you love this, feel free to drop us an iTunes review. We are also on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. And you find us on the dating sites double diggnation STC SLS Cassidy and quiver


Mickey Gordon  14:26

and that’ll do it. We’re going to be back in just a hot second with Dr. Nicole Aizen brown and Dr. Lane Phillips. These are the sick DIC Doc’s and we’re going to talk to you all about sexual health. It’s gonna be a good one folks. Don’t go anywhere you’ve been listening to casual swinger everybody, welcome back. casual swinger. My name is Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  15:02

And I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  15:03

We have a roomful of special guests for you guys today. You know, we talked about it in the lead in but this episode is called the sick dick docks. And we have a couple of esteemed MDS here with you. Dr. Lane Phillips and Dr. Nicole Aizen Brown. Ladies, ladies and gentlemen, how are we doing today? We’re doing great. Thanks for asking. Outstanding, awesome, we’re so excited to have you guys here and have this conversation with us about normalizing relationships with your doctors and talking about your own personal wellness and your own health. And I think a lot of us don’t do that for shame reasons and personal reasons that we feel like we need to just tell the doctor what we think they need to know. And I think that’s a huge fucking mistake. So we’re going to talk about this on the show today. And we’re gonna get into different forms of erectile dysfunction. But more importantly, and what we really want to get away from, like we talked about in the lead in is improving erectile function, not erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction. We’ve all been you know, Mike Ditka on the TV telling us that his dick doesn’t work. You know, all these names for you know, all the different, you know, types of Viagra, my coxa flop and my diksa failing, you know, Blue Diamond Phillips, all these other names. It just makes people think my dick doesn’t work. Right. And no guy wants to believe his dick doesn’t work. So let’s get started. Let’s get started by letting our listeners know you a little better. Dr. Aizen Brown. Tell us about yourself. What’s your area? Your your area of specialty? And where did you go to school? how long you’ve been practicing? And how did you get into Dix?


Mallory Gordon  16:33

I love really, really


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  16:35

good question because I get that all the time. Like most people, when they asked me what I do, when I say urologist, they said oh, neurology, and I’m like, No, no, no urology, and then they stop and there’s a big blank stare because they’re like, How on earth did you get into that? But the truth is, I had my left kidney surgically removed when I was 20. So when I went to medical school, I had a natural interest in urology, because it was personal to me. So I migrated into urology, which from my standpoint was kidneys, ureters, bladder, and then I find out it also includes all the male sexual organs and function and dysfunction. And when I was a resident, actually, ironically, my favorite problem to treat was erectile dysfunction, because I love the surgery of doing a penile prosthesis. I know it’s crazy, but I trained. I trained with one of the premier guys in the country, and he can do one in 15 minutes. And he’s not even rushing. And it’s just such a slick procedure. I just loved it. So when I went into private practice, I thought I’m I’m going to be the erectile dysfunction clean. So I go into private practice in Panama City, and I’m there for 16 years and I’m the only female in the entire panhandle. So all of my patients are women.


Mallory Gordon  17:41

Oh, yeah, sister.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  17:42

Yeah. So, so I was like, Okay, I’m gonna take care of what God brought me. So I started taking care of women and I did basically all pelvic health for women, a lot of sexual dysfunction, low libido and comments, things like that. And then I retired for private practice and moved to Orlando and tried to do a more holistic practice where I address the underlying problem and try and give, you know, take advantage of some of these more natural ways of repair the problems and now I’m back to Venus’s again. So it’s just been a wild ride who really has


Mickey Gordon  18:11

all comes back to Dick’s for you. Yeah, like, it seems you know, if you think about it, you kind of are a neurologist, because all of guys brains are in their dicks. Yes, yes. You really are wrong.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  18:21

I am. I am the true brain surgeon. That’s fantastic. All right, man brain.





Mallory Gordon  18:28

Speaking of all right, Dr. Phillips, this one’s for you. Same questions, actually. So what’s your area of specialty? Where do you go to school? And how long have you been practicing?


Dr. Lane Phillips  18:37

So I went to school at Nova Southeastern in South Florida. And I started off as family practice. I did that for a couple of years, and then went into urgent care, which I did for 15 plus years had 100,000 patients go through my clinic. And as the patients kept coming in over the years, I kept seeing the medicine list grew longer and longer and longer. And people were on 12 to 15 medicines. And people were treating the dogs for treating their symptoms and never not curing anything. And it aggravated me. And instead of complaining about it, I went and did something about it and decided to get into the preventative medicine, which is what led me into functional medicine about seven years ago. And that led into hormone replacement and back into the libido and erectile dysfunction. And so I started seeing a lot of that, and between hormones and having a healthy vitamin panel and a healthy gut to absorb your vitamins. Those three things are the foundation of health and I practice wellness medicine since that time.


Mallory Gordon  19:30

I love that that’s, that’s amazing. So just to be clear, specifically, decks aren’t new thing, but you’re looking at the big picture.


Dr. Lane Phillips  19:37

I look at the whole human being and you know, the erection is part of your overall health. It’s a clue of it because it can be related to a lot of blood pressure things and cardiovascular disease and also the mental game that we just talked about. But you know, it’s a complicated subject, but maybe there’s a lot of easy answers out there for it and hopefully we’ll get to some of those today.


Mallory Gordon  19:54

That’s awesome. I love that it’s overall wellness.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  19:57

Yeah, well in urology, we consider rectum dysfunction of the canary in the coal mine. It is the first early sign of cardiovascular disease. No way. Yeah, because the diameter of the arteries in the penis are half the size of the diameter of the arteries in the heart. So you will see a decline in erections far sooner than you’re going to see hypertension or cardiovascular disease or heart attack.


Mallory Gordon  20:18

Oh my god, I love learning. Yeah, that’s fascinating.


Dr. Lane Phillips  20:21

It’s that it’s that important to pay attention to. And yes, there are some things that are not related to it. But if you’re having reptile problems, this is really why you need to talk to your doctor about them, because you’re gonna have some clues and some workup involved in it. In many cases.


Mickey Gordon  20:35

I like it. Well, so let’s kind of stick with you on this. When Dr. Phillips you treat a lot of things in your patients. But it seems one of the things that really gets men into the doctor’s office, it’s like the first thing. And what I’m talking about here, Mallory says all the time that I won’t go to the doctor if I lose an arm, but if I get a nick on my dick, I’m in the doctor in a heartbeat like I’m there. So like, problems in the bedroom, get guys in the doctor’s office problems with their dick get guys in the doctor’s office, whether it’s true problems with erections, reaching orgasm sensitivity, lack of desire, lack of interest, they all kind of point to some form of what we’re calling erectile dysfunction. So how is erectile dysfunction really defined in? Should it be better defined to kind of include some of these cases for improving sexual health as opposed to making people feel broken? Well,


Dr. Lane Phillips  21:23

I mean, it’s a great question. But there are basic desires that human beings have, and it’s food, water, shelter, and sex. I mean, that’s just your innate, you know, energy of life. And, you know, when things aren’t working in one of those departments, it’s going to be one of those things you fix. And generally, when people come in here, it’s low libido. It can be erectile dysfunction, we have questionnaires for this so that they’re not uncomfortable. And also, you know, fatigue and low energy just not feeling well in life. And, and I have watched such a great success rate through hormone replacement therapy and other things that have changed people’s lives. And, you know, it’s really important to to see your doctor for these things, as we just discussed a moment ago. So yes, it does bring them in. And generally, some people are uncomfortable talking about it, sometimes you have to go to them a little bit. But people are getting more open. I see about talking about it.


Mickey Gordon  22:10

So it’s not like we’re gonna walk up to a guy on the street. Like, sounds your dick today? I mean, that’s, I mean, I might, but you might not. Yeah,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  22:16

yeah, women are far better about talking to each other about things than you men are. Yeah, we just don’t, we just don’t


Mallory Gordon  22:21

we are much more in everything in life. I like over sharing. Like my thing. So since we’re touching on, Ed, Dr. Eyes and brown, how common is it? And what are some of the medical reasons for it?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  22:37

Okay, well, it’s it’s far more common than people realize. And I think that’s why people, men in particular, don’t want to talk about it, because they don’t hear any of their friends talking about it. In fact, quite the opposite. Everybody’s always kind of bragging about how manly they are, and how well they performed in the bedroom. But I’m a simple person. So I tried to memorize sort of a simple statistics. And when I read recently, for an article I’m writing for a magazine is, it’s about 10% per decade, and that’s mild to moderate, you know, the kind where, hey, it’s just not what it used to be more now, I’m really starting to have trouble. So a man in his 50s, up to about 50% of men in their 50s. It’s not like it used to be, you know, it’s there. Either I have mild trouble or moderate trouble 60% of six year olds, etc. So and I’d like to expand on a comment that Dr. Philips just made about, you know, the whole sexual activity is a basic human function. In fact, it’s the most common unifying activity that we have as human beings outside of bodily functions. It crosses all races, all societies, all religions. I mean, not that many people exit the planet without having had sex.


Mickey Gordon  23:45

Unless you’ve been in Congress, then they just fuck us.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  23:48

Yeah, exactly. Don’t bring that up right now, please. But you know, it shouldn’t be something that’s so hard to talk about. I mean, you walk in with a broken arm, they’re gonna say, hey, how do you do that? Okay, just because you can’t see that you’re not happy that you’re having trouble in the bedroom shouldn’t be any more difficult to talk about, especially with the doctor. Yeah, that’s a good point.


Dr. Lane Phillips  24:10

We’ve heard it all before. So you shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It’s not like you’re going to be the first person I you know, I see people check in with colds and then come in and talk about their sexual stuff, right? Because they don’t want it on their paperwork when they come to the clinic, or even if they get a STD or anything of that nature, you know. So it’s interesting how people are uncomfortable talking about it. We always hope that you open up to us because it makes a difference in how we treat you. And you should be honest, because you’re not going to be the first time we’ve ever heard anything that you say. Sure.


Mickey Gordon  24:36

Well, so Dr. Eisen redhead kind of alluded to some things that can lead to erectile dysfunction, like you said, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and any of these things that reduce you know, blood flow to your extremities. Diabetes would be another one basically come to mind.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  24:55

Well, the two things that have to be functioning for you to be alive and of course are the nerves have to be intact and You have to have a good blood flow. So for the most part, cardiovascular, erectile dysfunction is poor blood flow about 85% of the time. That’s That’s it. But nerves can be a problem too. So for example, diabetics, diabetes is an awful, awful, awful disorder, and it destroys the entire body, but it destroys your erections too. So someone who’s had a spinal cord injury, or they’ve had prostate cancer and their gland surgically removed, they have very limited options on how to fix that. Most of the other people, it’s cardiovascular disease, we have lots of options of how to treat that.


Mickey Gordon  25:32

Okay, what about some other things? Dr. Phillips, so things like, Are there mental blocks or anything that’s really not physically medical, that can lead to these type of problems? Yeah,


Dr. Lane Phillips  25:41

and one of the things we decided not to talk about was get to medical in this stuff. But for you know, I have to do a little bit here, but you have a sympathetic nervous part of your nervous system and a parasympathetic, and the parasympathetic, which is your relaxed part of you, is the thing that makes the erections occur, and the sympathetic your fight or flight you may have heard of before, when that gets overstimulated, you don’t have a balance there. And that will soften any erection that you have. And this is why the mild to moderate exists. And while we’re not necessarily in treatment, yet, this is where things that help stress or talking about problems may be part of the treatment for it. But there there absolutely is a mental component to this.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  26:19

Yeah, performance anxiety. You know, years ago, we thought this was all mental, we would just tell them it was in their head. Well, we now know it’s mostly physical, but you can’t eliminate the psychological part. The second you have performance anxiety, you’re pulled the rug out from under yourself, you know, so for some men, especially younger men, it really is that they’ve lost their confidence. And if I can just give them a couple or a few good experiences, so they get their confidence back, then they’re back in the game,


Dr. Lane Phillips  26:46

perfectly said, because that’s the fight or flight, or maybe we’ll just call it fright.


Mickey Gordon  26:51

So before we started recording, we actually talked about this a little bit, we talked about how you can be too excited and to in the game. And if you’re too in the game, the same thing happens. What’s the reason for that?


Dr. Lane Phillips  27:02

Well, I would just you’re exciting, the sympathetic nervous system, and you know, in especially in the lifestyle that you guys are in, I mean, you could have somebody that’s new or comparing themselves to someone else, you let something get into your head, and you stimulate the wrong system that you want to and that’s actually what would will make the erection go down. So yeah, I mean, it gets in your head. I mean, simply put heads, yes. That was going


Mallory Gordon  27:25

to throw a curveball in here because it just got me thinking is a lack of desire, or if your desire or interest in sex starts to wane or goes away, even for someone maybe in the younger range 30s to 40s. Is that an identifier to go see your doctor?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  27:41

Oh, absolutely. Yeah, yeah, I mean, libido is is testosterone is the primary hormone for libido in both men and women. We all recognize that in men, and we all talk about testosterone levels in men, but it’s important in women too. So you know, when women go through menopause, or you know, surgical menopause or or anything, they lose their estrogen. Well, they also lose their testosterone, you know, so all of a sudden, they don’t have an interest anymore their partner does that causes discord in the bedroom. That kind of tumbleweeds on its own. So


Mallory Gordon  28:09

absolutely, yeah. And I think especially women don’t take it seriously enough. Oh, they definitely don’t, because we’re like, oh, we’re just stressed the kids the, you know, the laundry, you know, work and we don’t use this as a leverage point to actually talk to our doctor, because maybe there’s other underlying issues going on, like you said, low testosterone, or,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  28:26

well, it’s kind of a catch 22. If you don’t have desire, you don’t see it as a problem that needs to be fixed.


Mallory Gordon  28:33



Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  28:34

you know, I mean, if you don’t want it, why do you see that as a problem, too? I got to go fix the fact that I don’t want it. Yeah, that’s unfortunate. Sorry,


Dr. Lane Phillips  28:43

it is no it, isn’t it because it’s one of the enjoyments of life. I have 85 year olds on hormone replacement. And I will tell you this, you know, because I treat men and women, I literally have an equal amount of men and women because there’s not a time where the partner isn’t in within three weeks when they see what happens. And then they realize what they’re missing out. So and it doesn’t have to be all men and then the woman’s like, Oh my god, I can’t keep up or vice versa. Yeah, I try not even to do consult without both of them present in the room because I know the other one’s going to come in and then have to do another hour and 15 minutes. So I just say just come in, it’s free. Might as well just doing both at once because it’s I maybe have five people in my whole practice who may be single or other reasons. But maybe that their partner is not getting treatment as well. And it’s important in men and women, especially men over 40 it starts going down and women it may start a little later or surgical menopause it then they don’t have any testosterone at all. It’s it’s like literally zero. And just a little goes a long way for females.


Mallory Gordon  29:38

Amen. I can testify.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  29:39

Yeah. And to expand on what I was saying to like, I told you I treated a lot of women for sexual dysfunction when I was in private practice and the most common thing that they would say they would come in to me and I’d say, you know, if it was up to me, and I never did it again. I’d be okay with that. Oh, but I love my husband and my husband wants to do it. So I want to enjoy it too. Okay. Can you help me?


Mickey Gordon  30:00

So if I have to go to Disney, let’s make it not suck? Some people love Disney World, some people screaming children’s not drunk germs.


Mallory Gordon  30:11

That’s that’s mostly Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  30:12

that’s Yeah, that’s definitely mostly basically have to be on drugs to go to Disney. I’m in your camp right there.


Mallory Gordon  30:17

Okay, I will drag you both, it’ll be fun. Alright, so we have been pretty fortunate to have doctors as guests and casual swinger quite a few times. And we always try to frame the conversation with them to help normalize talking to your doctor. We want the conversation to be you know, shameless, because you guys are the mechanics for the engine of our sex lives. If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it. So for each of you, does your approach to Ed or sexual health discussion change at all, if the patient is a swinger, and if they want to improve their performance in bed, as opposed to having a problem that it’s initially bringing them into your office?


Dr. Lane Phillips  30:56

Well, mine always starts the same, I have, you know, I have a questionnaire and I have a workup. And I start very methodically through this, because as a functional medicine doctor, I’m looking at the whole picture. So if somebody like, it’s not hard to diagnose erectile dysfunction, you know, if it’s working, or it’s not, like come in, and in their questionnaire, which is usually hormone replacement, which is most of what I do these days, they’re in here for that reason, or low libido. I don’t necessarily care in any way, shape, or form, why someone comes to me they’re having a problem. That’s, that’s generally easy to fix. And I use a stepwise approach to it, it may start off with just simple things like, you know, nitric oxide, which maybe we’ll talk about in a few minutes or just natural therapies. If that doesn’t work, you know, all the medicines. You’ve talked about these things before. And then we’re going to talk about some other treatments a little later. I’ll let Dr. Brown handle that. But does does it matter if they’re in the swinger population? No. And it does put the performance is important, because you want sex to be enjoyable. And if you’re not getting a full erection, or it’s not lasting during the sexual activity, then that’s not going to be that much fun. Or they may be just want to go longer.


Mallory Gordon  31:58

Yeah, you know, Yeah,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  31:59

I agree. 100%. I mean, I’ve been a urologist for over 20 years. So I’ve heard it all. And I don’t think there’s anything somebody could say that would shock me, I have to do that challenge. Challenge. And the challenge there, that’s, you know, it doesn’t matter too, as long as you’re not doing something illegal or hurting somebody, your life’s style is yours. And I’m not there to judge. I’m just there to help you and your life. So patients that I have in my practice right now are really fun people. I mean, maybe because you guys aren’t intimidated by a lot of stuff down to earth. And and you talk easily, you’re, you’re, you’re not embarrassed to talk to swingers. Now, any refreshing for me, because, you know, when when you’re talking to somebody that’s uncomfortable, it makes you uncomfortable, and I do everything I can to make them comfortable. But if they’re climbing out of their skin, it makes it harder for me. But yeah,


Mickey Gordon  32:54

I mean, a sex toy store. So we I get it all day long. I’m like nothing shocks and you trust me. And then every once in a while somebody says something I’m like, Huh, I’ve never done that before. So this is a follow up to that. You know, we talked, you know, Dr. Phillips, you said initially, that it’s obvious if erectile dysfunction is present, it’s obvious if the dick doesn’t work, right, because, you know, you got a gummy worm hanging there, and you can’t do anything with it. But I think in women, their lubricant has become so commonplace in bedrooms. And lubricant has become such a common thing for people to use, that it masks the dysfunction in women, that it masks the word, the lack of enjoyment in women, because they just use lube and get on with their day and do what their husband wants them to do. And maybe even they still reach orgasm, and they think they’re enjoying it as much as they can. Do you think that there’s a large percentage of women out there that are just getting by with lube and really not enjoying their body the way it was meant to be enjoyed?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  33:50

Absolutely. Because it with men, you have to be able to perform. We women can just lay there. I mean, literally, you know, we use some lubricant, we can just be like, Okay, are you done yet? I got dinner to cook or whatever.


Mallory Gordon  34:03

She’s giving away our secrets. Now.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  34:05

What happens is that so so for women, they can still perform, so called perform, but if they’re not lubricating, okay, we can fix that with use of lubrication, we can use some vaginal estrogen, but if they don’t want it, or if they’re not getting pleasure from an orgasm, it’s not the same experience for them. And that is going to translate into the relationship because the men are not going to be as excited and you’re not gonna have sex as frequently.


Dr. Lane Phillips  34:30

Yeah, and listen, if a female’s gone through menopause, they’re going to stop estrogen production, and eventually they’re going to get dry and need to use lube. So the age is relevant there. But going back to the basics of that, you can pretty much tell if that’s gonna happen to somebody based upon their labs, if they’re not producing any estrogen. You know, they’re not going to be as lubricated during that. So, yeah, it’s very important for both partners to enjoy the sexual experience.


Mickey Gordon  34:55

You know, speaking about normalizing things and normalizing the conversation with your doctor which is what we wanted to do here? Do you often find that people come in and talk to you? And then you look at their labs, and you can see that they’re full of shit. Like they say, I don’t have that problem. I’m wet every time and then you look and you see they’re not producing estrogen. You’re like, a fucking liar. I mean, does does that happen? I mean, I’m sure you guys have ways they can lie to you. But


Dr. Lane Phillips  35:17

I mean, I don’t know that that’s an absolute, but I don’t know that that happens very often, I suppose maybe I’ll get one of those shocked moments, if that’s the case. But you know, it’s pretty much you know, five years after not having any estrogen, you’re gonna have some changes in the vaginal area, you’re gonna get some atrophy. Quite often they’ll talk about painful sex or which is called dyspareunia. But they’re there. Listen, it’s sort of an easy thing. When it comes to hormones, you’re missing it, we replace it, it’s very easy to do if your tanks on empty, you got to put the gas in it. And it’s very easy. It’s the same thing with vitamins. If you look in, you’re missing something, you replace it, it’s not even really that tricky in the science. Now, it’s a little sometimes harder to mount a balance female hormones, because everyone reacts different. We’re all individuals. And so dosing isn’t isn’t always the same. But at the end of the day, if it’s missing, you’re going to have not just the erectile stuff, but you’re also going to lose a lot of health benefits along the way. And that’s the reason I ultimately, that’s why I went into hormone replacement. And you get all the benefits when you take it. But people feel certain things and see certain things with hormones. For me, I’m doing it to the protective benefits that they don’t see or feel so that they don’t get a stroke or heart disease or all this other stuff. But it doesn’t matter what reason you pick on that scale. If you’re missing it, you got to replace it.


Mickey Gordon  36:30

Alright, that makes sense. And we’re gonna come back to that in another episode, if you exclusively to talk about hormones. But in the meantime.


Mallory Gordon  36:38

Alright, so I think we’re gonna set aside Ed for the moment. And let’s talk about making, making sex better in general. So many folks, including you, Mickey and myself, have experienced stronger orgasms as a result of using EDI medication like Viagra, or other drugs out there that are medically safe to use but increased sexual satisfaction.


Dr. Lane Phillips  37:03

The answer to that is yes. In particular, oxytocin, the pleasure hormone, I’ve had great success giving that stronger and longer orgasms. Yes, there’s a few people that it doesn’t work in but the majority it’s been very successful as the pleasure hormone and it’s and it’s easy to take a sublingual and it’s the the enjoyment and desire and libido of sexual activity for sure.


Mickey Gordon  37:27

What it what is oxytocin and how does taking it work? I think we all understand how taking Viagra works, you take it, you get hard. How does oxytocin work? And why does it improve sexual function?


Dr. Lane Phillips  37:37

You know, when you start to get on the pathophysiology level with all of this stuff, including, like, why does testosterone work? Well, they think it’s a nasal dialer, not everything is well understood. But we do know that oxytocin excites the pleasure receptor in your brain. And that’s that’s the way that it works. So I won’t get like microscopic with it, but it’s literally exciting that the pleasure center in your brain and it’s safe to take it’s safe to take you know, you don’t take everything every single day. We never recommend that. You know, the women’s dose is a little different than the men’s dose, but it absolutely works in both in most people. What about


Mickey Gordon  38:10

the other drugs like Viagra Cialis, sildenafil roll, you know, which is a generic Viagra, all and then things like trail mix, and Vitamix are those safe for semi recreational use as well, last night with Dr. Isaac,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  38:24

I believe so. You know, as a urologist when I was in private practice, the first thing we would use is all the oral medicines like Viagra, Levitra stacks, and Cialis. There’s a bunch of them out there. Now, if that didn’t work, then we would move on to either Muse which is a caplet that they put into the urethra, and that’s a direct Faisal dilator. There’s a pump that you can use with a construction ban that helps to just forcefully hold the penis erect so that they can have intercourse. And then there’s buybacks and travex which are injections into the penis, all of them have their pluses and minuses and, you know, I would go whichever direction they wanted to based on which one they found the least evil. You know, nobody wants to put anything in their urethra. Nobody wants to give themselves a shot in the penis and nobody wants a ring at the base of the penis. But


Mickey Gordon  39:07

do you see a needle in the penis? Yes, sir. I did. Okay, good thing I’m sitting here. Just want to make sure I understood.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  39:15

So. But now we also have other sort of non medical treatments that help eliminate or reverse the cardiovascular disease, which is what I do now with PRP injections was the P shot and the Gaines wave, both of which help improve erections I think much more naturally. And then the last thing we offer is the penile prosthesis. Because that works 100% of the time, but it’s a surgical procedure. And once you get on that path, that’s the only path you can be on.


Mickey Gordon  39:42

Got it. You know, and it


Dr. Lane Phillips  39:45

brings up another important point of why you need to talk to your doctor though because some forms of treatment are going to be specific to you. If you have a blood pressure or you had a cardiovascular incident and you’re on nitrates and you start giving Viagra then it’s not going to work and so there Are contraindications to something. That’s why you use other things. If you have nerve damage, as Dr hasn’t been mentioned before, you may lean more towards like a shot like a try next shot. So you know, a lot of people are going online and buying all these things, they don’t know if it’s going to interact with any of their medicines, they don’t know if they have any health history underlying it. And so I do think it’s important for your entire community that’s listening to this now to know that they shouldn’t really even be self treating, you know, if they’re completely healthy, and maybe a 35 year old without any underlying that, you know, maybe it’s not going to do anything. I mean, I don’t like to buy things online. But at the end of the day, don’t ignore their erectile dysfunction problem if you have it, because there’s a lot more to it and you want to do something that’s safe, whatever it is that’s chosen for you.


Mickey Gordon  40:41

Sure. So I think television did a good job of of normalizing the dysfunction conversation, again, did go on TV for Levitra, things like that, you know, people running through the, you know, sounding music fields holding hands for Viagra, ads and bullshit like that. But we’ve just mentioned a couple of really big leaps, in my opinion, and erectile dysfunction treatments. So in term and again, I don’t like calling a dysfunction, I’d rather call it wellness. Because it to me in my head, that’s what these things are for. They’re about improving your satisfaction with your life, whether it’s with a consensually non monogamous partner or with your monogamous partner, or your natural partner, however you want to refer to it. But more than pharmaceutical intervention, medical procedures are becoming kind of the norm. Which kind of scares the shit out of me, right? I mean, needles in your deck and rings around your deck and putting bees in into your deck. And what wouldn’t you do to have fun in bed guys. That’s the shits about to get real. And it’s going to get so real. They’re going to do it to me here in a little while. So hang in there. But I read about a procedure called the P shot. And I read I heard about it from you and you’re an author. So before we’re done here, I want you to tell everybody where to find your books, and things like that. But p shot and the O shot What the hell are they for starters? And if I get one, do I have an instant orgasm or something? I’m what’s the benefit of a p shot? And what’s an O shot? What are they where they come from? How do they work? Let’s hear it.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  42:05

Okay, well, both both the P the P shot is stands for precipice which is the Greek word for penis so it’s the male version of Oh shot is orgasm shot so but they’re both basically the same thing. That’s PRP, which is platelet rich plasma therapy. And PRP is used a lot. In many fields of medicine today, it’s very, very commonly used in orthopedics and in dentistry, because bones, ligaments and joints are very poor blood flow tissue and blood flow is the key to healing. But the concept is you take a very high concentration of growth factors and injected into a tissue and it heals faster. So what we’re going to do to you in a little bit is we’re going to draw your blood, we’re going to spill it out. So we’ll get rid of the red cells, the white cells, proteins, things those things are very important functions in the body. But for healing, we want the platelets because they carry 21 different growth factors. So we’ll spin it out to a high concentration of platelets. And then yes, we do inject it into the penis.


Mickey Gordon  42:59

So look a blast. I can’t wait.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  43:00

You will love it because you will be happy to know I gave everybody a penal block. The inventor of the P shot who’s Dr. Runnels does not give people a penile block. And he for two reasons. Number one, he doesn’t like the sensation of what his penis feels numb. He doesn’t want to feel like it’s not there. I get that, whatever. I mean, he also takes pride in the fact that they can go and literally have intercourse right after the shot. I feel like I could wait an hour to till the numbness goes away.


Mallory Gordon  43:28

Yeah, I’m good with you waiting as well. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  43:33

You mentioned growth. Is that a side effect of this?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  43:37

Yeah, I need more information on that. And you’ll see why here in a few minutes. Because I said it could grow up to X percent. I was like, that may be a problem for me. Now. I will tell you, we don’t promote it for growth, but it is sort of a side effect that some men find a good side effect. Sure. 60% of men do experience. Ai, meaningful increase in length and girth? Oh, geez, Louise. I’m sorry, honey. It’s okay. Give them a half a shot.


Mickey Gordon  44:06

Yeah. We might need to get you a donut to sit on. Yeah,


Dr. Lane Phillips  44:09

I did pick out a nice cc syringe for you. It’s a giant one. So we’re gonna be nice to you.


Mickey Gordon  44:14

What’s the intended result of the P shot? Why Why do people do it? Like why do


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  44:19

you improve erections? Yeah, yeah, you inject the the growth factor in there and it tells the body it’s activates the stem cells, the stem cells trigger, you know, and the theater cells to create new capillaries. So you get new blood vessels which don’t have any disease. The Nomad makes the old blood vessels healthier. So the net result is that you get better erections. And then I kind of see Yes, and I didn’t I kind of didn’t mention the O shot you asked about that. That’s the female version of it. It does two things. It treats incontinence. So you know, as women have babies and vaginal deliveries and hysterectomy is and just aging in general, the urethra gets a little bit hyper mobile. So Cough laughs knees it kind of bounces and so the door opens and the little urine squirts out. So but if we inject them PRP right under the urethra that stimulates collagen production and helps the incontinence but in my opinion the best part is we inject a little bit into the clitoris and it really enhances orgasm.


Mallory Gordon  45:16

Oh I didn’t know that cuz I was just gonna ask you if it was a G spot treatment or if that was external


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  45:20

sort of a G spot and the clitoral you know the G spot we don’t know if it’s it’s really a region right most sensitive part of the vagina and a woman is right under the urethra. So that’s that’s where where they say the G spot is okay. So yeah, so it enhances both vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms.


Mickey Gordon  45:39

Well, our listeners are wondering right now so I have to ask if it makes men’s digs bigger. Does she have clip Zilla after she gets it? Is that I mean?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  45:46

Yeah. I can I can share that probably shouldn’t but from personal experience? Yes.


Mallory Gordon  45:54

It does mean that’s okay. It makes it a bigger target. It’s a bigger target. Some guys have a hard time finding it to begin with. Yeah, so it’s just it makes it a lot easier. So are there? Yeah. So are the results typically permanent? Are they just more therapeutic where you come back over time, or


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  46:09

both of them are based on Dr. Reynolds data last about a year to 18 months? You’re injecting your own blood into your body. So there’s no there’s no like limits. You know, you can get it as often as you want. I have men that will come in and get a p shot every six months because they just really love what it does for them. But you shouldn’t. It’s not like Oh, you’re like, go away, right? Yeah, yeah. last a lot longer than Botox. There


Mallory Gordon  46:35

we go.


Mickey Gordon  46:36

Are there any downsides to this? It sounds like it’s magic, other than a needle, a new deck that okay. But yeah, anything else? Sounds like magic.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  46:42

Well, it’s it’s holistic way of treating a problem. So the downside is it’s not free? It’s sure, yeah, there’s there’s freight? Well, of course, all the things that are free are really not worth anything. To you pay for it. Yeah. Like, the time and energy that you put into it. And you know, there’s a mild discomfort, you know, with the block, you’re going to feel a little bit of a needle in the light of Kane, you can bruise a little bit, but very, very minimal.


Mickey Gordon  47:10

How long has this procedure been around? The first time I heard about it was when I met you and Dr. Phillips. And I was mystified. And I thought I knew my way around this stuff pretty well. So this was something and I think, like trimax is also I had heard about it because of something had happened to a friend of mine that had a allergic reaction to try mix that resulted in him having to have the prosthesis right. It was not It was a long story. Long sort of tale. Yeah, that doesn’t sound good. Yeah. Trying to use a half hard dick and breaking it. But that’s, you know, it happens. This and this. Has it been around a long time? Has it been tested? I mean, what’s the history of this?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  47:46

Well, PRP has been around for a long time. And there’s over 12,000 peer reviewed literature studies on PRP in general across all fields. The P shot and the O shot the patient was invented by Dr. Runnels. And I don’t actually know how many years ago I trained with them two and a half years ago, I know I was aware of it for at least probably three to five years before that. So I would say probably in the last decade, it might have been around longer than that. Well.


Mickey Gordon  48:14

And so and I’m going to jump ahead a little bit here. But you with this procedure, you do another procedure called Gaines, wave, correct. And Gaines wave. I’m curious about what it is and what its point is and how effective it is, is a treatment. I mean, it looks like shock therapy to the balls. That’s what it looks like.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  48:34

Well, then you’re looking at it wrong because we don’t treat the testicles it’s the penis. There’ll be no point shocking the balls.


Mickey Gordon  48:42

gonna say other than pure comedic. exactly exactly worse. Let’s just try it just


Mallory Gordon  48:47

what I was actually gonna say I’m looking forward to them like jumping in and out.


Mickey Gordon  48:52

Word to my agony.


Mallory Gordon  48:54

I don’t know you are the same guy that guide your balls wax without a penile block to by the way. That’s true. That does not sound like fun. I gotta tell you my


Mickey Gordon  49:01

asshole waxed on the air. That was a great, yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s funny there, though. It wasn’t. So tell me about Gaines wave. What is it? Where did it come from? What was the idea behind it?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  49:10

Gaines wave is low intensity shockwave therapy. As a urologist we use shockwave therapy. We’ve been using it for like 30 years to rig up kidney stones. But that’s at a very high intensity because we’re basically trying to break a rock


Mallory Gordon  49:23

like lithotripsy Yeah, what it’s called Yeah, okay. They had it done. No, but I was fascinated by it. Yeah,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  49:28

it works really, really well. But But anyway, we don’t want to hurt anything. So this is a very low intensity Shockwave. So as the the wave penetrates the tissue, it creates a low grade inflammatory response. Now chronic inflammation is bad, but focused, purposeful inflammation is how your body heals itself. So we’re basically telling the body to heal this it’s activates the stem cells which, which live right on the outside of the arteries. It softens the plaque that’s in the arteries you have so they become more elastic so they can respond to the nitric oxide better which is the on switch for erections. And then it creates Neo angiogenesis and I’m sorry, did I use that word but basically that means new blood vessels. I didn’t mean to get on Dr. Phil upside. Oh, I love big words. Yeah, but, but that combination of healthier old blood vessels and new blood vessels creates more robust blood flow into the penis in response to the on switch, which is nitric nitric oxide, and you get a firmer erection, it closes the venous channels so that the blood can escape and you get a hard direction that lasts longer. So it’s very well,


Mallory Gordon  50:32

yeah, so in my head, if I had to imagine it’s like a 10s unit, like when you have physical therapy, it’s kind of like the same thing where you’re, you’re, you’re telling Well, there’s vibration? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  50:44

So you mentioned nitric oxide, can you get the same thing by hitting a can of whipped cream at the grocery store? I don’t know. Dr. Phillips, can they? I don’t, I


Dr. Lane Phillips  50:52

don’t think so. I don’t think that’s gonna do anything for you. Except don’t mess up your brain, maybe a little bit. Alright. So Whippets and nitric oxide, not probably not a big fan kills a lot of brain cells. And,



you know, yeah, it’s important.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  51:04

But it’s interesting, you mentioned that because like, when a client comes to me, I like to address all the things that contribute to erections. And that’s why the first thing I want to knows what their testosterone level is. And if it’s low, I want them to go see Dr. Phillips and get their hormones balanced. But then we also want their nitric oxide levels to be normal. And we know that they decline with age, naturally, 10% per decade. So you know, someone who’s 60 years old only has 40% of the natural levels that they had. The good news is, it’s just like if your vitamin D level is low, you take vitamin D, I just put everybody on a supplement. So I always try to enhance the on switch. And then I also block the off switch, which is the PDE five which is what Viagra and Cialis block. Because I want to promote good blood flow to the penis 24 hours a day, not just at a party, or Saturday night or whenever the occasion is going to be we want. The other thing we do too is the use it or lose it principle applies. Those of you out there who go to the gym know that someone who goes to the gym five days a week is in far better condition than somebody that goes once a month. Well, the same thing is true with your penis, when you were 20 your body exercised your penis while you were asleep. You got eight to 10 good erections every night. And I’m sure you were more sexually active in your 20s then you end up being in your 40s 50s 60s etc. So I put everybody on a pump and I want them to get two good erections every day for three months.


Mickey Gordon  52:25

Wow, honey, that’s a prescription.


Mallory Gordon  52:28

Okay, I heard it. I had to write that down before.


Mickey Gordon  52:31

I need you to write that no prescription for me.


Mallory Gordon  52:33

Yeah, but she didn’t say I had to get you off. I just have to get you erect. So I can only once your heart


Mickey Gordon  52:39

I know you you won’t know now said yes. No man left behind. But so when discussing this episode, when we really sat down to talk about it, for both of you, we we came across a listener that actually had the P shot to great effect. We ran into him in Quito, okay, and a huge fan. Like he just


Mallory Gordon  53:00

he did he did wax poetic about it.


Mickey Gordon  53:03

He did. He followed me around and talked about his dick for two days. It was adorable for you. What struck me was the his poetic romance with the procedure. He was so excited and so happy to have the conversation because I don’t think he had ever met anybody else that even knew what it was. So I guess, you know, I think the thing that really stood out to me was his quality of life improved. He was so excited about his life at that point, not necessarily swinging, not necessarily just anything other than he was just excited to be alive and to be functioning the way that he or God intended I guess. Reduced anxiety about sex more enjoyment, optimism, is that the point of everything you guys do here,


Dr. Lane Phillips  53:48

I think so the basis of what we just talked about before, it’s your basic need your once you satisfy it, and if you remember the ego and the super ego, it is your basic desires, and your your ego, keeping them in check. But, you know, you’re satisfying the most important things that really, you know, define us as humans and you know,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  54:07

but I think you know, when there’s any particular area of your life is really on fire, it spreads to other areas of your life. Okay? So and for men being able to be strong in the bedroom is your sense of manhood. That’s probably one of your core things that has to be strong. And that will spill over to you being more confident at work, you know, etc. So absolutely, I think I think these things all cross, they cross pollinate, so to speak. Yeah, you


Mallory Gordon  54:37

guys can play that. But yeah, Captain caveman over there. super important. Well, I’m not gonna live. From my perspective, this stuff is kind of scary. We’re talking about, you know, needles in the deck and needles in the vagina, which doesn’t really sound awesome. So obviously, we we’d love to normalize this and how do we do that? How do we normalize these conversations with people


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  55:00

Well, that’s our challenge. I mean, when somebody is in a room with me, they’ll they’ll talk about it. But out in public social situations, people get very uncomfortable. And I think doing this podcast, for example, on all the podcasts that you do help normalize it. When people hear other people talk about it, and they hear other people’s stories they don’t feel as alone. And the fact that you’re doing it, yeah, it’s probably gonna help normalize it a bit. So


Mickey Gordon  55:24

that was the idea. Yeah, it’s like, Alright, I’m gonna throw myself on the sword for these guys and figuratively, so to speak. Yeah, but your listeners are really gonna appreciate Yeah, I don’t know if they appreciate it or not, but they do think this shit is funny.


Mallory Gordon  55:38

Yeah, I’m gonna do my best at the color commentary, but we’ll see how it goes.


Mickey Gordon  55:42

Right? Yeah, it should be in least modestly entertaining. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  55:46

so is there like an order of operations before they start talking to the doctor about you know, the the P shot or the O shot is there is there something they should do first before jumping off that ledge?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  55:55

Well, when when I see in my head, there’s a I get a you know, medical history on them. Of course, I want to know if they’re on medications that are going to interfere with their erections. Beta blockers are very, very well known to block directions. The antidepressants hinder orgasm, etc. Want to know whether they’ve had a prostatectomy or anything like that it’s going to affect their nerves or diabetes, etc. But then I also give them a questionnaire that kind of puts them on a spectrum. So I know where they are compared to other men that would come in and move and verbalize things a little bit different. And depending on where they are on that score, it helps guide me as to what is realistic for them, you know, I if someone has a relatively good score, they’re going to do well with anything that they choose, and I give them their options. But I also have to be realistic for the person who, for me, the hardest person I have to deal with is the man who cannot get hard enough to penetrate. Because there’s a very hard line in the sand, you have to be able to penetrate to have meaningful sex. If you can penetrate, it’s just not as hard as you want it to be. Anything I do is going to be gravy, you’re going to notice it’s gonna be better. But if you’re on the other side of that line, even if I get you 100% better, but you’re not across that line, you still can’t have sex. So it’s, you know, I use that a lot in counseling men


Mickey Gordon  57:13

like it. Now, what if it doesn’t work? is there is there another step? Is there something bigger than, you know, Gaines wave? I was gonna say electroshock to the balls, but apparently that’s wrong. So like, Is there something bigger than Gaines, wave and P shot no shot without surgical intervention? Is there something bigger and better? Where do you go if you tried Viagra tried Levitra tried p shot tried Gaines wave.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  57:43

If those treatments don’t work, then you just have to continue down the path. Probably the next thing to try would be try mixing by mix which work for most people. If we can’t get a good direction with like a high dose of trimax, then your only option is a penile prosthesis. And that’s an option and people who get that are very satisfied with it.


Mickey Gordon  58:02

And try makes can make jello hard and make jello hard. But


Dr. Lane Phillips  58:06

this goes to your performance question before but try makes you know it’s not. It doesn’t work by the stimulation part of it, you can ejaculate and still stay hard for as long as that medicines in your body. It’s bypassing that system that’s causing the basal dilation and the erection. So this is one of those things where you might last an hour or two erect till and then we’ll talk about the point of no return. But it’s it’s not by stimulation. So even if you were to ejaculate, you can go a lot longer. And so that’s probably the one that people might pick from a performance or worried about stage fright or anything else of that nature. But I think I’ll leave it to the doc to talk about erection that last too long, because it’s


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  58:45

well, I was gonna say that’s probably the only really serious point that I would like to make in this discussion because I see people in the emergency room with priapism, which is, you know, an erection that won’t go away. And that four hour limit is serious. So I tell my patients that if it’s still rock hard after two hours start heading towards the ER because after six hours your penis starts to die. Whoa, yeah,


Mickey Gordon  59:09

yeah. And just to put it out there, there


Dr. Lane Phillips  59:10

is an antidote that you can take when you’re done if you didn’t go down. So you’ll try like it’s basically Sudafed, and there is a even a shot of that that you can use, right? So if you if you’re getting to that point, you’ll do that first and that’s going to generally work it’d be very rare to get the priapism for that long but like like Dr. Eisenberg said there is a time when you do not ignore it.


Mickey Gordon  59:30

Right. Now one last thing and this is totally unrelated what we talked about today, but we see a lot of guys wearing khaki rings to make their dicks look bigger.


Mallory Gordon  59:39

All day long. Yeah, I feel like that’s that’s a big no no, because it’s constricting, right. And they do it so that they have a semi heart or full on heart on for the entire day. And I can see your face right now. That’s probably good. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  59:55

I had a guy with a stainless steel Cocker and I’m like, dude, you take that off for a while, man. You’ve had it on for like four hours. And he’s like, no, I wear them all day. It’s fine. I’m like, No, it’s not. It’s not fine. I was like, you know what your dick dude, do you? Wait, it’s so for our listeners wearing a car carrying around all day is a good idea or a bad idea?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:00:12

I would say a bad idea. I mean, you’re the likelihood that you’re likely you’re decreasing or cutting off oxygen supply to that tissue is not good.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:21

And that’s what your brain is, fellas.


Mallory Gordon  1:00:22

Yeah. Don’t you love It’s totally


Dr. Lane Phillips  1:00:25

normal, like the dick dies if you don’t get the blood flow in and out. So yeah, there’s a certain amount of time that’s okay. And anything past that? Probably not healthy. Yeah, who long? Who


Mallory Gordon  1:00:33

knows exactly how many long term problems they’re having. But isn’t it great that like, you can look at another man’s penis and be like, hey, gotta gotta gotta because it doesn’t happen in the day to day work here,


Mickey Gordon  1:00:43

out here. I really do. This is all about fingers.


Dr. Lane Phillips  1:00:46

We look at the content. It’s great that you walked up to him and said that and but now about the other treatments that we’ll do some similar stuff that


Mickey Gordon  1:00:52

you’re gonna need if you kill your penis pretty much. Alright, so before we go, I guess we’re gonna go over and try one of these procedures on yours truly, folks, so I’m a little nervous. So before we move on, why don’t we give each of you an opportunity to promote your practices tell people how to find you if they have questions or they want to get in touch with you or they want to become a patient here in Central Florida. Dr. Aizen brown wells. Let people know how to find you.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:01:18

Okay, well, for those of you who are driving the easiest way would be is the Florida Gaines that’s not hard to remember our office numbers 407212953 to call that are again Florida Gaines, wave calm, like eyes


Mickey Gordon  1:01:35

are brown but eyes in brown and we’ll also put these links and information about their practices in the show notes and we’ll also put information in those notes for Dr. Phillips whose information was not available at the time we recorded this podcast we’re gonna move over and check this thing out. We’re gonna see how this procedure works. I may cry like a little girl but before we do that, Mallory Why don’t you ever be know how to find us at casual swingers?


Mallory Gordon  1:01:56

I will point and laugh. We are casual swinger everywhere. That’s casual if you’d like to message us it’s podcast at casual love us please feel free to leave a review on iTunes. We are also on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Yeah, definitely Instagram and all the swinger sites double A nation. Cassidy calm quiver STC and SLS Are you on rumble and parlour yet?


Mickey Gordon  1:02:24

No no avoided those although we parlor apparently lets anything go so we might jump on there before too long. But


Mallory Gordon  1:02:29



Mickey Gordon  1:02:30

nothing else keep people from stealing our sexy cool name.


Mallory Gordon  1:02:33



Mickey Gordon  1:02:33

All right. We’ll be right back after this. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Alright everybody, welcome back to casual Springer. My name is still making the beautiful Mallory the Mallory’s here she is hovering around a little bit for the moment. So Dr. Aizen Brown is going to start by sticking me with a needle. I’m really excited about this drawing your blood. Where’s your best vein? The my dick. You don’t need to draw. Okay. Well, I’m probably here. Probably my left. All right. Let


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:03:20

me take a look first before we get started, all right. I’m a doctor, not a nurse. Okay. Okay, so just qualifying that right there.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:27

You know, Doc, I trust you implicitly. My dick is in your hands. I mean, no, my arm presently in a few minutes. Okay. Squeeze your fist a couple of times. Let me just see what we got. She’s rubbing my arm right now, folks. So just when you wonder she’s saying she’s, she’s playing with my arm. And while I can we find some gloves? It’s okay. We can always work it out. Do you need up? You’re going over there. I got you. Got you. So the cord on my microphone is not quite long enough for the beautiful women in here with me, which is a problem I’ve had since high school. You’re forcing I know. Right? The crosses you have to bear Mickey in his tiny penis. Oh,


Mallory Gordon  1:04:09

she’s gonna see that shortly. You better be careful.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:12

All right. That’s right. Yeah. Well, it’s a thing that I do I just show it to people. It’s a term of endearment. Welcome.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:04:25

It’s kind of funny. Every once in a while I’ll be doing what I do, which is my life and whatever. And, you know, it seems normal to me, and then I’ll get a flash of like, my father watching me and I’m like, Oh, this is not normal.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:36

Well, normal in our businesses. Yeah, yeah. Well, you so you can relate, you know? Yeah. I mean, who is no, no, I’m, I’m good. Right now. I got to refill what was in there. Your pumping machine is.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:04:53

So how much blood do you take? It’s a bit in the 70s for 60 cc’s. Is that a lot in comparison, well Hey, this is a 60 cc syringe. So I’m going to fill it.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:04

So she has just penetrated me with her needle, and is now filling this horse syringe. It’s gigantic with like, a liter of blood we’re taking I could die right now, folks, and I’m doing this for you. This could be the end of Mickey right here.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:05:21

Well, then it’s gonna be the Mallory show. I get to talk what


Mickey Gordon  1:05:25

whatever you do all the talking anyway, but everybody listens to All right, so yeah, is definitely she’s one handed pulling this syringe of my blood. So the idea of this folks, is they’re going to fill this syringe with my blood and then they’re going to separate the platelets from the blood and or from the plasma, rather, I guess is that


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:05:46

well, the platelets will be in the plasma. Got it. It’s it. It’s a double spin system. So the first spin gets rid of the heaviest things, which would be the white cells, red cells, proteins, all the liquor I drink, and then the next heaviest thing is the platelets. But that’s what we want. So then we spend it a second time so we get rid of a lot of the plasma and make it really concentrated. Sweet.


Mickey Gordon  1:06:09

That’s a lot of blood, dawg. I promise you, you’ll be fine. It’s really only a few tablespoons. Only a few tablespoons. And now she’s finished. The Vampire has finished relieving me of my blood. Damn, I’m bleeding all over the place. Hey, how to make your doctor panic by Mickey casual swinger?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:06:32

Yeah, six. Let’s not do that. I have had people pass out on me before. Oh, really? Well, you know, a very common fear is needles,


Mickey Gordon  1:06:42

like, needles in your blood. Oh, apparently I still have a spot of blood coming out of my arm folks. I got. She’s got it open. So she’s gonna tear all the hair off my arm thing now you’ll do that when you take it. Oh, excellent. You’re like very fond thoughts of me. Okay, so it’s time for me to get the Gaines wave treatment. Yeah, so it was designed to open up blood vessels in the penis rate, the low low intensity Shockwave. low intensity shock wave to the nuts, folks. I hope you’re ready for that. We didn’t put it in numbing cream on you do you want? I don’t need it. Okay, without it. Alright, so we’re gonna pause for a second. We’ll be right back just in time to hear me get shocked in the nuts. I’m going to let the Volkswagen out of the garage. We’ll be right back in a minute. Oh, come on here. Yeah, right. So she asked me if I wanted the big needle or the little needle. That’s what I’m gonna ask every girl. Yeah. So what they’re doing right now is a penile block, which is basically going to make me not be able to feel my dick until what next Tuesday? No, about an hour or so bout an hour.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:54

All night.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:07:54

There’s two ways that I do it. One is you can just go right in the center and then kind of that way and that way. Or you can go here straight to the pubic down towards the base. So I kind of just do each side a little beasting that was awesome.


Dr. Lane Phillips  1:08:07

We should do that all the time. So now we know your masochist. Because Oh my god.


Mickey Gordon  1:08:13

Yeah, right. No. Well, she’s a sadist. She’s sticking a needle in my junk. I’m trying to make it so you don’t. That’s the good news. Oh, that’s the great news. So last time I got my asshole whack. She’s like I said, You wax my ass. She’s like no. hassle. Yeah, a lot more actually. No, no, the acil waxing her more, like tremendously. So I’ve got a gallon of blood spinning next to my head. I’ve got a doctor with a needle in my deck. So what she’s going to do now and she’s going to shock my nads, that’s going to be great can’t wait. And open up my veins, arteries, arteries, which are different than veins somehow, arteries that blood flow in the blood flow out. So we


Dr. Lane Phillips  1:08:58

when the artery goes in, it fills up that direction is expressed in the vein.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:09:06

There’s a little bullet in this chamber that goes back and forth. And as it hits this plate, it creates the the acoustic wave that is so there’s there’s four areas that we treat


Mickey Gordon  1:09:17

those guys often the man,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:09:22

half of the penis is visible outside of the body and half of it is buried under the skin. So we want to get the peridinium part, which is down here.


Mickey Gordon  1:09:33

And now I’ve got four people staring at my butthole This is fun. We’re not going to fit it that way. Yeah. So that loud noise you’re hearing is me getting zapped in the junk. How does it feel like I’m getting zapped in the junk? Does it hurt? That doesn’t hurt. It’s just a very unique sensation.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:09:55

I’ve had people describe it as like holding a sparkler You know, and when the little sparkles hit your skin, a sparkler on


Mickey Gordon  1:10:03

your nuts might be a different experience. Yeah,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:10:06

I’ve one person described it as being a heavy metal rock concert, and being able to feel the vibration, but not the pain.


Mickey Gordon  1:10:14

Yeah, and little rubber bands is the other way. I was gonna say it’s like little rubber bands smacking you repeatedly is kind of the sensation. Are you okay? Well, yeah, I mean, I’m at the mercy of a roomful of people. It’s awesome. And it’s definitely unique sensation. It’s interesting, but it’s not painful. It’s like getting my asshole wax that was painful. This is more like it’s perplexing, I think is probably more than anything. Yeah, when it stays in one place for a while, it stings a little. And again, this treatment is designed to break up anything that’s impeding the arteries break up the plaque that you have, but also stimulate new blood vessel growth. Well, I hope this is educational foggy out there because my nuts are in her hands. Notice we’re not shocking the balls, not tracking the balls, just kind of swishing them around I kind of moving them out of the way. Well, they’ll move themselves out of the way out of care. They’re like, no, that is probably exactly what they’re doing. Yeah. I’m not gonna lie to you guys. It’s a little weird having four people talking about my balls in the same room. Like you’re not you’re just talking that’s okay. I’m just gonna sit over here and not be here. This meeting my balls, my dick. It’s not me. When you know for those of you that are considering Gaines wave out there, it really is not painful. It’s just a unique sensation that you’ve never felt on your liquor balls before around your you know that any of that area. So we also put a numbing cream on most of the time. We we just didn’t do that with you. Yeah, well, you know, I am a sadist. No, I’m a masochist. You’re the status. Exactly. I wanted to know how it felt because I honestly can’t tell the listeners what it really feels like if I’m numb. So Dr. Brown, I have a question. Sure. How long after the treatment should a person see or feel results? Um,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:12:13

both with both the games with end the tee shot, people tend to notice stuff the first week, especially the tee shot, but it takes four weeks to grow a blood vessel, you know, so those new blood vessels that we’re talking about, so the bulk of the improvements are really, wow, it takes four weeks to grow the first one, so but you know, so the body’s going to keep doing that. So I tell people, you get the bulk of your results in four to 12 weeks timeframe.


Mickey Gordon  1:12:41

I gotta tell you the last time I had two women in a room with my penis out it was very different. Yeah. I hope so. Much different experience. Like it wasn’t weird enough. Great. We had now separated the platelet rich plasma from the rest of my gallon of blood that Vlad the Impaler took from me. This kind of feels like medieval medicine. Well, you know, things do go around. fashions come and go. And we’ll have blue jays pecking a wound again. Right? in here What’s happening?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:13:24

All right, well, I’m just waiting for this to stop doing what it’s doing, which it is. Alright, do you want to take a look at this?


Mickey Gordon  1:13:33

Let’s get a picture of that as well.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:13:35

Okay, so this is the platelet rich plasma. Okay, this is the old blood. So this is really concentrated just red cells, white cells like super dark. Now, if you’ve ever seen blood spin in a spinner, the top parts always yellow. That’s the plasma. The Buffy coat is where the platelets are. And it’s right between the plasma and the red blood cells. So we always this this machine is designed to take the very top layer of the red cells so we get all of the Buffy coat. So that’s why it’s still tinted pink. But you notice it’s a much lighter color than the other one. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  1:14:11

definitely is. Is there a reason that Buffy coats necessary or Buffy coats where the platelets are? Okay, all right. I just learned something.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:19

We’re all learning things today at the expense of my penis, although I shouldn’t feel much because you put the block in right?


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:14:26

I’m going to tell you honestly, some people feel nothing at all. Other people feel a little bit. It’s it’s very different. And that’s why I think the anatomy of everybody’s nerves are a little bit different. That’s why I kind of tend to go overboard on the lighter cane because I want to give us I want to make us numb as possible. Right. So


Mickey Gordon  1:14:45

what they’re doing is they’re putting on some gloves and then where I was formerly a man, I’ll be a machine. Correct. Oh, you’re for White. Every time I get a hard on I’m gonna go nananananana And then and then and then and then see, like, I wonder like how much of your crabs can get get bionic dick joke? I think like 10 of them are like, What are they talking about?


Mallory Gordon  1:15:12

Anyone under 30 gets bonus points


Mickey Gordon  1:15:14

the $6 million penis before he was just a man. All right now Okay, he’s got my dick in her hand so something’s about to happen. All right, so can you feel anything sharp? Nope. All right. Sorry. How are you? Well, my Dixon your hand, and apparently you’re stabbing it so


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:15:34

that you didn’t jump off the table. I didn’t jump off the table. That block must be working pretty well. Right?


Mickey Gordon  1:15:40

He did that or I have a non penis. So just flipping the same thing might be medical stuff. Alright. For Science. We’re lucky. Okay. And are you feeling anything as it goes in? Just a little bit of pressure.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:15:52

Okay, good. Because it can if you if you don’t have appropriate, I don’t know. anesthesia. It burns when it goes down.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:00

Oh, no, my dick is not a flame. Thank you.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:16:02

Good. I’ve had PRP injected in my face and you can’t mix it with lighter cane. So you have to do it without anything and it hurts.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:12

This may be the longest my dicks ever been in a woman’s hand non sexually. Yeah, well consider that an honor. It’s probably a trophy in there for you. I did actually feel I can feel that. All right. You okay to go do it? Doctors like do you feel that? Yes. Can we go anyway? Yeah,


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:16:32

well, it didn’t feel like it was that sharp? So I was like, Okay, do I need to give you some more light again? Because I can’t. Alright, so now this is we do put a cc in the glands. The was the head of the penis. Okay, now, not for nothing. Did that hurt?


Mickey Gordon  1:16:50

Oh, yeah. That’s all right. We’re good.


Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown  1:16:53

Now the glands is the erectile tissue, your mouth. Also some people don’t do the glands. But But Dr. Runnels does recommend doing the glands to help improve sensitivity and cool with that is an important part of the experience. felt that


Mickey Gordon  1:17:15

Alright, I still have a penis and this procedure has been completed ladies and gentlemen. Oh, my dick still in her hand. I think it is. Oh, good. Good to know. A little bit of pressure. Okay. minimizes the chance of a bruise. Oh, yeah, it’s probably gonna look like it went five rounds on its own. Mickey Why does your dick look like Barney’s dick? First of all, why do you know what Barney’s


Mallory Gordon  1:17:37

No, no bruises? No,


Mickey Gordon  1:17:39

we’re good. Mallory says medic looks normal. Awesome. We’re done here. Right. So any thing about that, from that experience you want to share with your audience? You know what, it was very clinical, very professional, very weird. But more importantly, as we come back over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to share the results like what changed. So that should be very interesting. And we’ll come back and share more with Dr. Aizen Brown. And Dr. Phillips, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back right after this.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:23

And we’re back. And you’re still with us.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:25

And I still have a penis.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:26

I know. So just a quick recap. After those procedures, how are you feeling


Mickey Gordon  1:18:32

really good, actually actually increased in sensitivity a little bit, which is kind of crazy. That’s very exciting. I really had no clue that that was going to happen. I’ve been back to see Dr. Aizen round, since we recorded what you guys just heard, like three times for additional gains, we have treatments, which was not something I needed. But she wanted me to go through the whole experience for you guys. And it really is a good experience. I mean, every time I’m in there, they know me, right? So they ask about me and how I’m feeling and the issues that I have with sensitivity, which are my primary issues, and not something you know, in the theme of this episode that you would call dysfunction. It wasn’t dysfunction, I just don’t work as well as it could. Yeah. And so that’s what they’re concerned with. And a young going through some things that maybe aren’t going to have a huge impact, but the P shot did have a big impact. Now something else that we talked about with the docs, and you know, this is a while ago, you may not remember this as well. But there’s a possibility when you get to be shot that your dick can get 20% bigger.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:35

Yeah, her and I had it out about that. I was not prepared for that bit of information. And I don’t feel like there’s been a drastic or real significant increase in size. I’m with one treatment, maybe like the first week after you had it because you had more volume in there.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:55

It looked like sloths from Goonies.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:56

It was a little lumpy, I mean, you had additional fluid in there. No. But yeah, if it if it legitimately grows in length and girth 20% I may be in trouble. I’ll need frozen peas. everyone listening out there. Yeah. inflatable doughnut.


Mickey Gordon  1:20:14

Yeah, it was a lot of fun to hang out those those doctors, but more importantly, I feel like they really shine the light on something that matters. And I hope that we got to do that for our listeners here too. Yes, I got my ball shocked in the air. It was


Mallory Gordon  1:20:28

I thought stop calling it a shock to me. That’s exactly what it sounds like. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:20:31

yeah, they heard it. I mean, yeah, sorry, guys. But I think it’s worth it. I think if you do have it, maybe if you got to a point in your life, where your erections aren’t what they used to be, and you’d like them to be, there’s something out there for you. And if you would like the possibility of being larger, if you’d like the possibility of being more sensitive, if you’d like to have better, firmer, longer, more predictable erections, especially as a person in the lifestyle, there are things for you out there that go beyond, you know, Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis.


Mallory Gordon  1:21:02

Yeah, and these treatments aren’t going to be right for everyone. But it’s nice to know that there’s procedures out there that are that go above and beyond taking something or insurance or you have a little blue pill, or blue diamond, Philips or whatever.


Mickey Gordon  1:21:18

Well make sure to reach out to our friends at a more medical, they’re here just outside of Orlando, but they could give you at least some guidance on whether or not this is right for you, even if you don’t live in the area. So check out the show notes or hit us up on any of our social media platforms. We can give you some of that information on Dr. Nicole Aizen Brown, and then we’ll come back here in a couple of weeks and talk hormones and vitamins with Dr. Lillian film Kim


Mallory Gordon  1:21:42

Young. I’m excited.


Mickey Gordon  1:21:43

You want to tell everybody how to find us get out here this long episode.


Mallory Gordon  1:21:47

Yeah, we’re casual swinger everywhere. Check us out at casual swinger calm reach out to us at podcast at casual swinger. We are everywhere I mean, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and you can find us on the dating sites that’s w nation, SLS SDC Cassady in quiver.


Mickey Gordon  1:22:05

Yeah, that’s right casual swinger coming soon to a billboard near you. But make sure to check out casual toys you still have two weeks left till Valentine’s Day We have the bundles out there we got the unique condom bundles, we got all kinds of good stuff out there and use code e mine, e m i n e for 15% off anything in the store. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll see you in a couple of weeks that’s hanging out with us. You can listen in on the swinger.


Mallory Gordon  1:22:58

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