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From Anaconda to Dipstick, from Dong to Family Jewels, from Member to the “Steamin’ Semen Roadway,” there are more names for the male genitalia than you can shake a stick at. Guys have so many names for their junk because it’s more or less the center of their universe.

Whether they’re done having kids or never wanted them in the first place, one option for permanent contraception remains “The Snip,” otherwise known as a vasectomy. Many men refuse to go under the knife, however, so we reached out to two of the most hilarious experts on dicks we could think of, the beautiful Dr. Ashley Winter and the hilarious Mo Mandel, both of the “Full Release” Podcast to get the skinny on your jimmy.

Get your questions answered (and some you didn’t know you had!) on this week’s Casual Swinger!

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The Snip w Dr. Ashley Winter & Mo Mandel

Thu, 9/2 10:04AM • 1:33:46


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Dr. Ashley Winter, Mo Mandel, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:41

Now that you know, lipstick goes pants off and get comfy. Welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. I’m your co host, Mallory, and Mickey. And we have a wonderful show for you guys today.


Mickey Gordon  00:59

Yeah, welcome to the snip.


Mallory Gordon  01:00

Yeah. When when you say snip, what do you mean by that? Is that like the SEC to me?


Mickey Gordon  01:04

Oh, yeah, that’s the clip. snip the old deal. Yeah, each week and berries.


Mallory Gordon  01:09

Like I asked you like I didn’t know. Yeah, like I wasn’t there for the conversation.


Mickey Gordon  01:13

You’ve been writing me for 14 years. There’s no bullets in this gun. I can point it at anybody. They don’t care.


Mallory Gordon  01:17

Yeah, yeah, that’s true. So we have an interview for our guests today with Dr. Ashley winter and her husband momen Dell.


Mickey Gordon  01:24

Yeah. Which is really exciting because they have an awesome podcast called the full release. And when I was looking for a urologist to join us on the show to talk a little bit about discectomy. And if there were any side effects or downsides for anyone that’s considering it, whether they’re considering it just further monogamous relationship, or they’re considering it for their non monogamous relationships. Does it affect the way you have sex? Does it affect how your dick works? I know that you’re a dick expert, I pick experts we need to define


Mallory Gordon  01:51

and I did say in the Holiday Inn Express once


Mickey Gordon  01:53

you saw a lot of dick this weekend, but that is an entirely different situations. So


Mallory Gordon  01:56

I am really tired. And this is our fourth take


Mickey Gordon  01:59

this is we have


Mallory Gordon  02:01

Sorry, I It reminds me of being a teenager and like staying up all night and you just get slap happy and I just giggle at nothing. There’s really nothing going on. That was like that funny. But before this make a sir.


Mickey Gordon  02:15

I don’t remember the last time we stayed at till 4am. Two nights in a row.


Mallory Gordon  02:19

No, I didn’t know my body could still do that.


Mickey Gordon  02:21

Well, did you see the Red Bull cans in the trash?


Mallory Gordon  02:25

Or the counter? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  02:26

there’s a lot of Yeah. But anyway, so a couple of housekeeping items before we get on with it. Oh, how about the casual toys giveaway we’ve been talking about for a couple of months now with double digit nation. So everybody that bought a lifetime membership to double digit nation in the last a month or so month and a half or so, is eligible to win a womanizer premium from casual toys calm. Yeah, winner is going to be selected in a video from Double D Venetian any day now.


Mallory Gordon  02:54

Yeah. So keep your eyes and ears out on social media for their announcement.


Mickey Gordon  02:59

Yeah, so the time is past October September 30. Was it started as October 1. They’re gonna pull that I haven’t talked to Dave yet to find out who our winner is. But we’re gonna find out very very soon. I


Mallory Gordon  03:08

think it’s super secret. Secret squirrel.


Mickey Gordon  03:11

squirrels are like tree rodents. Know why we’re talking about squirrel.


Mallory Gordon  03:16

Thank you.


Mickey Gordon  03:18

They have secrets.


Mallory Gordon  03:18

Yes. I thought one I the anniversary of me fighting off a squirrel. Oh, my


Mickey Gordon  03:23

God. I don’t know why you fight squirrels because


Mallory Gordon  03:26

we’re gonna fight me. Hey, broke into our house and I tried to get it out and it attacked me like three times. So I had to barricade myself in the dining room. rescued me.


Mickey Gordon  03:36

Well, now you know it. You heard it here first, folks. Mallory is even attractive to squirrels. So anyway, November is just a month away. The rascal trip coming up is in almost no time. It’s in four weeks. Sold out. That


Mallory Gordon  03:51

is I’m like, I’m getting my clothes laid out like it’s almost packing season. There was


Mickey Gordon  03:57

a lot of wear this weekend.


Mallory Gordon  03:58

Yeah, we got a fashion show. But I’m not trying to


Mickey Gordon  04:01

brag. Oh, that was fucking awesome. Yeah, you had out all the keto outfits. And then of course, we’re going to talk about this in a minute. We had some visitors this weekend. So there was a keto fashion show. And of course, we’ve got all these new toys and all these new casual swinger and casual toy gifts coming for this trip. My gosh, yeah, it’s been a packed week. It really has been a lot going on. But if you’re still interested in joining us at hedonism to, not this year, you’re out of time this year, but February 2021. We’re going to be back at hedonism two on February 20 through the 27th with Rachel’s rascals. If you’re interested in joining us, make sure to check out www dot Rachel’s rascals calm that’s our AC h a l s for rates and information. Or you can go to our website casual swinger comm slash travel with us. That’s dashes between that travel dash with dash us and dash.


Mallory Gordon  04:51

Dash come celebrate our anniversary because February is our anniversary. It


Mickey Gordon  04:55

is our anniversary and no one else was our anniversary. What September was our two year podcast anniversary and it went with no fanfare. We didn’t say a word about it.


Mallory Gordon  05:05

Oh, yeah, hurry for us.


Mickey Gordon  05:06

Yay. We’re still here. And you’re still here. Both of you.


Mallory Gordon  05:11

I’m still hungry.


Mickey Gordon  05:13

How could you be? No, no, we ate like pigs this weekend.


Mallory Gordon  05:16

I don’t know. Sleep deprivation makes me hungry.


Mickey Gordon  05:18

Okay, maybe. So we had a hell of a weekend. We had a couple of visitors come in. We


Mallory Gordon  05:23

did. I believe our listeners will get to know these guys here shortly at Eric and Jess, Eric


Mickey Gordon  05:28

and Jess actually joined us for an episode last February. So they joined us on a rascals trip. They weren’t listeners came with us to hedonism in February. And we really thought they were so great and lived up Hito so well, for their first trip that we wanted to do an episode with him. But by the time we went to release the episode COVID had happened. And you know, people were getting sick. People were dying, people were scared, and it just didn’t seem like a good time to release a grade. So we’re gonna release that episode while we’re at Hito in November, so you’ll get to know Derek and Jess. By


Mallory Gordon  06:05

now, like we did. No, No,


Mickey Gordon  06:07

I’m kidding. Not like you did. So I gotta tell you guys right now Mallory is gonna crush


Mallory Gordon  06:14

crushes his crush singular or plural. Both. Boys say that?


Mickey Gordon  06:21

It was it was pretty hot. And I’m not gonna lie.


Mallory Gordon  06:23

You’re not gonna answer my question. I’m stinking on the grammar.


Mickey Gordon  06:26

It really doesn’t matter. You had a crush on both. A pair of crushes. a cornucopia of crushes. You sound like you’re a little annoyed. And it’s just gonna make me laugh more so many crushes. You know, it was really, really cool. You know, it’s been such a shutdown. And we haven’t had a lot going on. And to find out that some friends were going to be in the area. Yeah, they came to visit us and we got to hang out with them. And they are beautiful people. And what I mean by that is they’re just amazing. They’re kind, funny. Smart, sexy as shit. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  07:04

When you talk about somebody, or people having the total package, especially in this community, we live and breathe in. That’s it. 100% smart, funny. Beautiful souls kind. Yeah. And


Mickey Gordon  07:19

you were here when I said that, like 10 seconds ago, right?


Mallory Gordon  07:21

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was. I’m just reiterating. Oh, good candidates, make sure I don’t want you to get all the credit for flattering them.


Mickey Gordon  07:29

You know, the thing that really stood out about it to me is I’m like, Oh, look, there’s the perfect couple and Oh, awesome. There are there are 1000 miles away. Perfect. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  07:37

What happened?


Mickey Gordon  07:39

I think they’re more than 1000 miles away.


Mallory Gordon  07:41

Yeah. I think it’s a few.


Mickey Gordon  07:42

Yeah, it’s a couple 1000 miles away. But anyway, if you guys are out there, and you guys are listening, we miss you. And we really enjoyed it. And we can’t wait to see you at Hito in November. Yay. It’s gonna be awesome. So


Mallory Gordon  07:54

excited. I’ll be good. Now. I got my shit together. Yeah, yes.


Mickey Gordon  07:57

So let’s talk vasectomy for a minute before we move on with momen Dell and Dr. Ashley winner in the snip. Okay, so


Mallory Gordon  08:05

why why did you? Because this was your brainchild. Why did you decide that? We wanted to talk to our listeners about vasectomies?


Mickey Gordon  08:12

Well, you know, every time we go out and we meet new folks, we go to bars, we do meet and greets, or we get questions into casual swinger Comm. A lot of times people ask about this ectomy as an option. Sometimes we hear wives reaching out to us and girlfriends saying, you know, we’ve got two kids or three kids, and I’m done. And my husband would even consider a vasectomy. Do you know anything about it? And while I do since I personally have one, and I think we’ve talked about this on the show, before that I do have one. Sometimes they want me to reach out and talk to them. And you know, hear it casual swinger. We love talking to you guys about our experiences. But we also love reaching out to experts and bringing those experts to bear for you with actual real life information from people that are qualified to give it to you.


Mallory Gordon  08:57



Mickey Gordon  08:58

So in this particular case, while I do have something to say about discectomy, and I do have my own thoughts on the subject, I felt like it was a good time to maybe bring in somebody and then when I came across Ashley winter a moment ago, he’s fucking hilarious. Oh, my God, I have such a good rapport between them that it was just it made perfect sense to bring them on. And it was not about idea. My God, they were funny as hell. We went two hours. I mean, I had to edit the crap out of the episode. Did we talk so long? Because we just loved him.


Mallory Gordon  09:26

Yeah, it’s amazing when you, you have a connection like that or drive with people like that. Like, I get to talk to them for hours and hours after we had concluded


Mickey Gordon  09:34

I want to drink with them. I really, really I know they’re not swingers, they probably be scared of us. But we would love to just get shit faced with those two sometimes. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  09:41

And I love that they said they have questions for us, like after the fact because you know, I’m sure people are just curious. And I’m like, Oh, God, I want to know what they are thinking


Mickey Gordon  09:49

about how smart those two are collectively. a comedian you have to be smart enough to be quick and Moe is quick. Yeah, he’s very quick and I was very excited about that when you join us on the show, because I would make it Comment and he would make it funnier. Which is just how Yeah, and she obviously is brilliant.


Mallory Gordon  10:05

Dude, have you seen her Twitter posts over the weekend? They’re awesome. Her one liners are sensational. Like, I hate to say it, but like, she made a joke about, like Gen hygenist should be a thing. Like just saying. Like, fucking hilarious and yes,


Mickey Gordon  10:22

yes, I support that. But that’s coming from a person that is not a swinger. If you’re non monogamous, you know that genital hygenist should be a thing because you’ve run into some stank ass balls or stink aspose he at some point,


Mallory Gordon  10:34

I don’t think it’s that common in our circles, but it probably does app I think


Mickey Gordon  10:37

most of us try to take care of our junk. Right? But I mean, you want people to lick it. Think about it you like, drop those doors and unleash the crack and and it breeds fish in your face? Yeah, pom pom pom? I don’t know. But and maybe it’s me and me to some fish. Maybe it’s dog breath? I don’t know. I’m just saying that because our dogs breathing in my face and smells awful. Yeah. But you know, the thing. The idea behind having these guys on the show, and the idea behind talking vasectomy today is Is it scary? Is it a bad idea is a good idea? Are there any side effects? What are the chances? And you know, what sort of possibilities? Does it open for you in the lifestyle? Right? Is there something? I mean, would you and let’s let’s turn this around on you, Mallory. Okay, would you choose to play with somebody versus somebody else? If they had a vasectomy? Would it mean anything to you?


Mallory Gordon  11:26

I think it’s a bonus kind of because then it eliminates any other. I guess margin of error. I mean, I’m hardcore protection 100% of the time. So


Mickey Gordon  11:37

even working like condoms on your fingers just because it’s funny.


Mallory Gordon  11:39

Sure. Yeah, that’s exactly what I do. Um, but I think it’s just kind of a it’s a bonus. I don’t think it’s, it would encourage me more. I guess it’s about the person. But it’s it’s not a bad. Like,


Mickey Gordon  11:51

it is it is nice to know. Yeah, I mean that. If you know there’s a break that the only thing you have to worry about is that they’re clean. Exactly. So that is nice to know. You know, it’s funny, as a person who has a vasectomy, and no one’s ever asked me about it. I don’t put it on our profiles. It’s not something that we talked about at the bar sitting down going. So tell us about yourself. What are you into? What do you guys like? Do you have any rules or the bullshit questions? It’s weird to ask each other. You know, it’s not so. You shouldn’t bikes.


Mallory Gordon  12:16

Yeah, it’s doesn’t really come up in conversation.


Mickey Gordon  12:19

Here’s one for you. Does it taste different?


Mallory Gordon  12:22

Oh, that’s a good one. No, I don’t think so.


Mickey Gordon  12:27

Yeah. Jesus, Joseph.


Mallory Gordon  12:29

Yeah. Okay. So I mean, it’s it’s based on your diet. Mostly you think


Mickey Gordon  12:33

oh, See, this is why I drink heavy steady. Yeah, no,


Mallory Gordon  12:36

I think that’s a fallacy. We should have as now that I think about it. We need to we need to message


Mickey Gordon  12:44

follow up with Ashley winters. Does pineapple work? Yeah, right. Why? You know what? Mine it does have less calories.


Mallory Gordon  12:51

The pineapple urges the jizz Are you sure about that?


Mickey Gordon  12:55

It has to Yes, it’s diet semen. That is what it is. Gentlemen, go out and get your vasectomy. And tell the ladies you have diet semen


Mallory Gordon  13:06

sperm zero.


Mickey Gordon  13:08

That’s right. Come get your zero calorie semen ladies. I got it for you. lifetime supply courtesy and Mickey it’s not low carb. Oh it is it’s all protein. No, it’s


Mallory Gordon  13:19

all carbs.


Mickey Gordon  13:21

Don’t tell people that because no one on keto blow me ever


Mallory Gordon  13:26

make me laugh cuz I won’t stop


Mickey Gordon  13:27

let’s move on with this thing guys. Without further ado, we’re gonna jump in here with Ashley winter and Moe Mandela the full release podcast before we do that Melody’s gonna tell you how to find us if she can get through it.


Mallory Gordon  13:37

I don’t even know where I am right now. Okay, guys, we’re casual swinger everywhere. That’s casual swinger comm messages podcast at casual swear. If you have any questions love us. Feel free to leave us a review on iTunes. We are on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. love us and want to date us maybe I don’t know. double date nation, SLS SDC Cassidy and quivers while you’re filling out profiles.


Mickey Gordon  14:03

Oh, that’ll do it. Ladies and gentlemen, that further ado, we’re introducing you to the full release podcast and answering questions about vasectomy. You’ve been listening to casual swinger everybody welcome back to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  14:30

My name is Mickey. And I’m Mallory. Oh, I’ve


Mickey Gordon  14:32

been looking forward to this one for a while do so I you know every guy’s dream is to achieve the full release. You know just a complete entitled.


Mallory Gordon  14:43

Yeah, think as much as possible. So not a girl’s dream. Well, I mean, maybe mine. Oh, well, you


Mickey Gordon  14:48

all you you achieve release like 16 fucking times. Every time you go to bed. You’re the commonest creature I’ve ever met. But today we have a full release for you guys. We have two guests recent newlyweds to our show. When hosts of their very own podcast, their names are Ashley winner and mo Mendell, they are the hosts of the full release podcast. Guys. How are you today?


Mo Mandel  15:09

We’re currently jealous knowing that Mallory gets 16 in on every go.


Mickey Gordon  15:15

Yeah, that’s a lot.


Mallory Gordon  15:16

Yeah, give or take a couple. That’s, that’s Oh, that’s a lot.


Dr. Ashley Winter  15:21

I’m feeling jealous. But I now see that mo feels inadequate. Is that was this? Yeah. Is


Mallory Gordon  15:27

there a word that sums up inadequate and jealous and intimidated? Right. Well, that’s all making. I’m not the wordsmith.


Mickey Gordon  15:34

Somebody says what? You know, how would you describe your orgasms kind of like an AR 15


Dr. Ashley Winter  15:40

the question I have for you Do you sneeze a lot in a row?


Mallory Gordon  15:43

Oh, yes.


Dr. Ashley Winter  15:45

Yeah, see, this is one of these things so one of my former bosses who was like my mentor in my like Sexual Medicine fellowship was always say that women who do like the the lots of serial sneezes for some reason are like more likely to be multi orgasmic.


Mickey Gordon  16:00

Yeah, no kidding. Well, there is a minimum of three times and I am not multi-orgasmic I come once and go directly to sleep.


Dr. Ashley Winter  16:08

Yeah, we got a lot harder for sure. There there. It can happen in guys but it’s like way harder. But But I like like to ask women when they say that they are multi orgasmic if you do this music.


Mallory Gordon  16:20

You know, I’m gonna ask that at parties now. Like, I’m gonna go up to girls and ask them to these knees a lot in a row.


Mickey Gordon  16:27

I just liked it. The dick doc is using harder as her favorite adjective over and over and over again. I can’t be by accident.


Mo Mandel  16:34

What you should do is next time you’re at a swingers party just walk up and accidentally like, drop a little bit of pepper in front of somebody and if they bang out nine in a row. Oh, yeah, that’s gonna be fun.


Mickey Gordon  16:44



Mallory Gordon  16:44

I like her already.


Mickey Gordon  16:46

All right. So who do we have? You know, Ashley winter is a Board Certified urologist and her husband now husband mo is a comedian. These guys do make up a great, great, great pair and a really great pair to help us answer some questions today about the snip. So that’s what this episode is all about is about vasectomy and


Mo Mandel  17:05

maybe. Like circumcision. I was like, Oh, they they put it together the momento the Jewish angle.


Mickey Gordon  17:11

Great. We went and got the Jews. I could talk about my traumatic snip for hours. Okay. Besides me, though, I understand. Yeah, well done when you were 30. But I mean, it’s way more dramatic. Oh my god. This is going to be a shit show. Guys. We’re excited to bring a shit show to you. We love bringing shows to you that are a little serious and a little silly. So I hope you guys are gonna dig this.


Mallory Gordon  17:34

Yeah, absolutely. So big Congrats, obviously on your recent nuptials. I stopped you guys a little bit on social media, especially Twitter because I’m kind of one of those Twitter whores that I just sit there and look at people all day long. It’s kind of like my, my personal tic Tock hole. And I saw that you guys had a wedding dance. So one of my favorite songs like top 10 of all time, and like you did the lift and everything so I already loved you guys, but I lost my shit. They’re like, I’m a total fangirl. Now. Your dynamic, your conversations the format of your show, so yeah, thanks. Yeah, big Congrats. And yeah, huge fans. If you have other music you want to put out there I’m totally gonna stalk you again.


Mickey Gordon  18:15

That whole thing is just you whoring on them for a while doing a lift at the end of their


Mo Mandel  18:20

journey. So you know, I mean like that that Dirty Dancing kind of vibe is in her blood. So we definitely wanted to bang it out. But it got dangerous. I broke my finger right before our wedding. And all of a sudden, I didn’t think I’d be able to do the lift but I could tell like I’m just gonna have to buck up this made my first big sacrifice as a husband because I knew she really wanted to


Mickey Gordon  18:39

do it. Was this some sort of like comedian accident How did you break your finger? Oh my god, it’s ridiculous.


Mo Mandel  18:45

I wish I could say it was like a swinging accident but it was actually just playing football at my bachelor party. And game one interception though just want to throw that out there game winning pig


Mallory Gordon  18:56

are worth it.


Dr. Ashley Winter  18:56

Got it. But I told him if he goes away and has a bachelor party that if he comes back and has COVID and ruins our wedding that I’m like not gonna go through with it. So instead he just decided to break his ring finger which was very


Mo Mandel  19:10

I haven’t put a wedding ring on yet because we bought a ring and then I broke my finger and before I even realized is broken went to get the ring in the guy’s like, your fingers like two sizes bigger now. So I don’t think he’s gonna take him to the doctor. Yeah, that’s what the actual doctor


Mallory Gordon  19:27

gosh, that says so much about the world we’re living in because usually a bachelor party like don’t come home with herpes a stripper or illegitimate child. And don’t come home with COVID and ruin our wedding.


Mo Mandel  19:39

Oh, aged COVID herpes. That’s almost like coming home with a bouquet of flowers. Yeah, that’s all your brain.


Dr. Ashley Winter  19:45

Like herpes? No, like we would be like I would make him go ahead with a wedding. But like if he is COVID we can infect everybody we know so you have to call it off. That’s a good point. If you have herpes is a very little chance to infect your dad at your wedding.


Mickey Gordon  19:59

Yeah, well And we’re swingers, so our wedding, it was a high chance we could have infected everybody. That’s, that’s how that shit goes. But anyway, for our listeners that are listening to you guys for the first time, let’s give them some details about the two of you your podcast the full release. So a doctor and a comedian meet in a bar,


Mo Mandel  20:18

we actually met in the bar of a comedy club that I was performing in in Portland, I was coming from LA to do a weekend at this club called Harvey’s. And I noticed Ashley in the front row, and I started a little flirting with her, you know, I’m just gonna bait that hook a little bit and then I was selling my mirch my stupid shirts and CDs I think it was like literally at hard CDs at the time. She was a sort of leering around, you know, just kind of hanging around and she was a guy who’d be creepy, but she was a beautiful woman. So I was like, okay,


Mickey Gordon  20:46

it’s much cooler when hot chicks do that. When Yeah, dudes do it. You’re like, can you please leave?


Mallory Gordon  20:52

Yeah, absolutely.


Dr. Ashley Winter  20:54

What happened was in basically my I went there with a friend and then she, like Moe was on stage making it because he was headlining and he made he was making jokes. And one of his jokes, you know, is basically about being single, which I found out later on. You know, the comedians were single do when they’re on the road specifically to announce, you know, that they’re like, yeah, sure, mathematics. And so, and I was like, Oh, he’s hot Penny single, you know. So like, my friend saw me kind of like drooling over him. So she goes, like, barreling up to him after when sellings work is like, most single friend wants to talk to you. And I’m like, hey,


Mo Mandel  21:31

do you doozy as I was overwhelmed, oh, game I had she had no game. She was like, I’m here. I was like, I will do okay.


Dr. Ashley Winter  21:39

Tonight, and they It was like a ton of free wine. And I was like, already, like, hung over from like a wine hangover. And I felt like shit. And then so yeah, I had no game but but I thought mo was adorable. And and then we did go to a bar afterwards.


Mo Mandel  21:55

But she wouldn’t come on with me though. It was actually I tried to get to come back to my hotel, the Red Lion. And she said, I can’t go home because I’m not a floozy. That’s an actual term. She I’ve never heard her say that word ever since.


Dr. Ashley Winter  22:11

And can I say I’m not against going home with somebody on the first date. But you know, I had been around the dating pool long enough that people play all sorts of like mind games, and I liked him a lot. And I was just like, I’m just gonna like, let things cool down tonight and see what happens tomorrow.


Mallory Gordon  22:30

Yeah, make him prove the investment. I like Yeah.


Dr. Ashley Winter  22:32

Yeah. And then and then he got in his car to go back to his hotel. And literally, these people were like slow clapping when I walked into the event. See this kiss on the street? Really good kiss. I gotta say. This these ladies. Like I didn’t know.


Mickey Gordon  22:51

Is there a floozy problem in Portland? Like, is it a thing?


Mo Mandel  22:56

There is an issue. Think about that. She didn’t go home with me though. Because as I’ve since learned, like, yeah, like she kind of hinted a bit. She’s definitely rock many a one night stand? Well, no, I think I’m okay to say that we talked about in the podcast.


Mallory Gordon  23:10

So, listening to some of your earlier podcasts, I think telling our listeners a little bit about your show first, would be really beneficial. So tell them about what your format is and what you guys do and talk about.


Dr. Ashley Winter  23:23

So we start our podcast now almost since like, two and a half years ago, at this point, which is crazy. Yeah, we just passed our 102nd episode. Yeah. And basically, you know, he’s, he’s a professional comedian and writer, and I am a board certified neurologist. And I also have, you know, a specialty in Sexual Medicine. And you know, what, we’re realizing a that it’s just like a funny combo to have a comedian and a lady deck doctor, you know, if you will, and also that, you know, what I saw in my, in my life was that, you know, a lot of medical professionals were kind of talking amongst themselves, right writing articles for literature, you know, medical journals, going to their own conferences, but not interfacing with kind of easily digestible media meant for, you know, the the population at large, right, and then a lot of information or discussion about sexual health and men’s health, women’s health, whatever, you know, in the mainstream media was about people who don’t have necessarily great information, right. And so, we were just thinking, like, how can we kind of interact in a way that’s like digestible and answer people’s questions and, you know, kind of talk about some of these topics, you know, in a way that’s fun, but also not full of bad information.


Mo Mandel  24:47

You know, I think we’re both like big fans of loveline you know, growing up Yes. We were just sort of like, you know, Ashley will come home from work sometimes would be like, ah, hi. I’m so tired of looking at decks, you know, I hate when I plan for the night. I’m like, holy shit, I just said that. That’s funny. To me like, it’s, it’s like a comedian who tells a lot of dick jokes. And a doctor is looking at a lot of decks. And we’re both kind of got sort of a bit of a crass sense of humor is like, we’re making ourselves laugh all the time. And I’m learning a shitload being with this brilliant woman. So it’s like, maybe, maybe that’s a dynamic that other people would enjoy. You know, and I think it’s so far they have, you know, like laughing and learning about something that ordinarily you don’t hear anyone talking about, and certainly not a gorgeous young woman like Ashley,


Mallory Gordon  25:31

I have to I have to agree with you. Because I love that it’s disarming because you use that knowledge loblaws A and the the humor to talk about stuff that’s typically taboo in most circles. So that’s something we enjoy talking about on our show. Because, you know, if you hear the word swing around about you’re not talking about golf, you usually get a little bit of a sigh. And, and I’ve learned a lot listening to you guys. And I thought I knew a lot of things about decks. Apparently, I have a lot more to learn.


Mickey Gordon  26:00

I thought you were a developer.


Mallory Gordon  26:01

I thought I was do you probably


Mo Mandel  26:03

know a lot about like decks that are like fully functioning at that moment. Oh, you


Mallory Gordon  26:08

would be surprised. Okay, maybe not. Surprise.


Dr. Ashley Winter  26:13

We were saying, you know, and there’s so much sexuality in the media and on TV and movies and whatever. But there’s, there’s very little, you know, approachable portrayal of when people have problems with Oh, yeah, you know, questions about it, and, like, making people feel not isolated when they have those issues. Right. Like, if you, you know, have a cold you don’t mind. You don’t feel like stressed out and alone and, and kind of alienated. You know, there’s all these ways that some reason, like, you know, having anything go wrong with your genitals is like, you know, just really hard dude. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  26:47

I mean, for anyone, but I think especially guys, because it’s not something I think they talk about in their own little social circles, if they’re like on the course or at a bachelor party or whatever. They’re not sitting around talking about, you know, the funny thing my dick does that probably not normal.


Mo Mandel  27:00

He Steve, my shaft itches. I mean, if that’s happened at a bachelor party, that is like the worst broken finger at a pandemic non strippers bachelor,


Dr. Ashley Winter  27:12

I can say it’s actually funny. So I do a lot of treatment of pepperonis disease, which is, you know, when people get a curved erection, and it can, in certain cases be genetic. So when I do when I see people for counseling for the first time, I’ll ask, you know, do you have any family history of this? And, you know, 90% of the time, like, the guys are looking me like I ever talked to my dad about what fraction was parent, like, What are you talking about? You know, but on the rare occasion, I’m like, Oh, yeah, my dad this too. I’m like, Alright, man, I’m your dad talk to you about real shit. He’s like, No, no, I just walked in on them having sex one time.


Mickey Gordon  27:46

And mom was standing off to the left and dad was fucking the hell out. Everybody was pointing in a different direction. So since you brought up peroneus, let’s just throw that out there real quick. How common is curvature of the penis? And how severe does it have to be for you to need to get it looked at.


Dr. Ashley Winter  28:03

And so that used to used to be thought that pepperonis this curvature of the erection was super rare. Now, it’s estimated that it’s at least one in 12. Men, not when you’re younger, because the average age of onset is in your 50s and 60s, but you know, by the time you reach your 50s and 60s, at least one in 12 men, it could be higher, but they think the reason it was always thought to be rare, and probably isn’t. It’s just because people would never go talk to their doctor about it. They’d be like, Oh, my penis is 90 degrees, and I can never have sex again. And this is devastating. But I am too ashamed to talk about it. Or, you know, we make people feel like sexual health is not part of health. Right? Like, you’re not allowed to talk to your doctor about that. Like it’s not worth their time. You know, even though talking about a mole is worth our time, right? Like it’s sure Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  28:56

Yeah, um, yeah, but nobody ever catches you playing with your mole and it scares you. Right? That’s true. I play with it all day. Nobody says a word but you whip


Mo Mandel  29:08

Yeah, especially if you’re getting on the bus you know people just very weird about that these days, you know, especially in this sort of this very conservative way that’s happening. I’ve been banned from three out of the four Walmart’s in Orlando. And luckily there’s got to be more than four Walmart’s in Orlando. Let’s be honest, there’s got to be 40


Dr. Ashley Winter  29:26

because somebody like me like the pantsless convenience store, like you know, oh, that’s


Mickey Gordon  29:31

a thing let’s


Mallory Gordon  29:32

do that exists. Cuz I have this thing against pants like hard.


Dr. Ashley Winter  29:38

Like where you can just go in wearing whatever you know, like, Oh, yeah, I’m in like you have to we’re doing COVID you have to have your mask on but like everything else right? I


Mickey Gordon  29:46

be asked naked wearing a mask and make fucking I’m wearing a mask. That’s a sign says a mask. Everything else optional. Yeah, that’s exactly where I’m at with it. So you know that’s it. Speaking of uncomfortable situations, right? Cuz that’s, I mean, some of things we’re talking about would make some people uncomfortable me walking in without pants, for example. So do you get to go home and the things that you talk about with Ashley, do you get to talk about those things on stage? Is there any of that, like patient doctor privilege, she’s like, you wouldn’t believe the dick I saw today. And you can go on stage and be like, so my wife was working on this set of elephantitis nuts. And, I mean, you get to talk about that kind of shit on stage.


Mo Mandel  30:22

I talk a ton about her on stage and about her job in general. Unfortunately, there is like a HIPAA thing out there where you can talk about anything specific, you know, like about individual people, and if there was an our podcast would be phenomenal. But you can’t obviously, you know, talk about any of that stuff. But I do get just like a ton of material out of just like, just the situational pneus of our relationship. You know, I mean, that, like, when she leaves the house, she’s going to look at like a, you know, starting lineup of decks, you know what I mean? And then it’s sort of like, well, I should at least be able to get on read to for a few hours. Yeah, I mean, it’s like, it’s just such a ridiculous situation, you know, and so I got a ton of material out of out of out of this relationship.



Yeah, I was feeling I need to get a commission. Yeah, she should get a commission and in my mind, it’s good material. Like, I you know, although sometimes I look at my acting like, Man, I’m talking about men’s genitalia, about 30 minutes here that’s got an audience I’m open to, that means


Mickey Gordon  31:24

you’ve had one your whole life, you’re an expert on that aspect. I mean, top down, you’ve got this. It’s the bottom of view that you’re not used to


Mo Mandel  31:32

  1. The thing is, though, like, you know, like, cuz, obviously, yeah, you know, you can’t talk about any specific stuff. And so and you know, Ashley’s very serious about that. So she would never talk about any of that stuff on the podcast, but just like, or to me, in general. I don’t know any of that real stuff that she’s got going on. But one thing that’s strange about, you know, being with ashes, I learned all kinds of things about my deck that I have to be worried about. Like, I didn’t know what pay Ronis was, and I didn’t know if you, you know, if you’re not fully hard and you have sex, the wrong angle, you could cause something like that. So now we have sex. I’m always asking, like, kind of like, do I shoot hard enough for my anthem Wranglers? We got we got a protractor


Dr. Ashley Winter  32:09

like sometimes we’re done with sex. And it was it was very good. And everyone’s satisfied. And then he rolls over and he needs to do some sort of debriefing. Like, do you think do you think I did anything that like could be there. Like, what do you think? Just what do you think about that? I’m like,


Mickey Gordon  32:26

most romantic Pillow Talk ever. Alright, I’m looking up priapism. What is that?


Dr. Ashley Winter  32:32

Yeah. But, you know, they people will say that, like, why would a woman become a urologist? And I’m like, I don’t. Like it’s really great for me to spend time thinking about things that aren’t gonna go wrong with my own body. Like, I don’t have a prostate. So I don’t need to worry about all these things. You know, like, it’s, it’s fantastic. If I was delivering babies, and then I want a kid. It’s like, dammit,


Mallory Gordon  32:54

that’s actually genius. I never thought about that. Because I was thinking, like, what brought you down that road to decide that this was going to be your specialty? And that might there’s a light bulb over my head that just went on? Please say


Mickey Gordon  33:06

because you were a hoe in college? No. That’s cool.


Mo Mandel  33:13

Um, that is amazing. That 20 is that crazy? Well, she was smoking hot in high school too. But I mean, she was also like valedictorian. So I mean, maybe she does prioritize differently.


Dr. Ashley Winter  33:22

But like, I didn’t have any sort of, you know, like, conservative upbringing at all. I was just like, I was just, like, shy and like, kind of out to lunch.


Mallory Gordon  33:29

I don’t know. Like some people, you know, they’re just not ready. So yeah, but when you found out that was her specialty. How did it make you feel? What was your reaction?


Mo Mandel  33:38

Well, it’s so strange, because it’s like, I didn’t even really know that was a thing. I didn’t know. They were dicks, surgeons. I thought dicks were like horses. You know, when they got sick, you just put them down. I didn’t know that somebody was there. Giving him CPR and stuff,


Dr. Ashley Winter  33:52

just shooting. It wasn’t very long work into our dating and it wasn’t something I kept from him. And then we had to debrief about like, I think that night at the comedy club. When I when when my friend was like, Oh, you know, this girl wants to talk to you. He’s like, oh, what are you doing? I was like, I’m a penis surgeon. And I was like, you’re


Mallory Gordon  34:09

really good in bed or whatever. So it was her pickup line, like


Dr. Ashley Winter  34:16

yeah, I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure that’s what Yeah, she was not I was not on my a game. That is



the cutest thing. Yeah, I


Mo Mandel  34:25

mean, it’s not to me intimidated. You guys get intimidated addict doctor or dig surgeon like not because she’s dealing with digs. I’m intimidated cuz she’s smart enough to be a fucking surgeon. You know, I mean, like, I’m an air. I don’t know how to do anything. Like she knows how to like, she’s legally allowed to cut people open. And I’m just like, I am such a fucking moron. It’ll take me eight hours to edit a YouTube video of this. Like, that’s what’s intimidating, you know, like, he could look at all the other digs she wants as long as you know, it’s in a non intimate setting. Yeah,


Dr. Ashley Winter  34:55

but you know, I’d said Moe has like, been on network television shows. and created a television show that ran for a few seasons and you know, has legitimate IMDb and compared to what you did, no, but it’s not dumb, you know. So from my standpoint, I’m like, Oh, this guy’s famous, that’s from timah dating, you know, like, Fuck, you know. So, I mean, I whenever I said, I just think it’s great when people are impressed by each other in ways that are different, you know, it’s nice.



Yeah, very


Mickey Gordon  35:23

sign of a great relationship when you’re kind of in enamored with each other’s professional capabilities and still like to see each other naked.


Mo Mandel  35:32

Yes, yeah. I mean, look, man, we’re still going this strong after 28 days of marriage, I think we can make the distance. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  35:38

I think you’re over the hump, dude. Yeah, you’re


Mo Mandel  35:39

still going strong after 28 days. So it’s clearly just the right thing.


Dr. Ashley Winter  35:44

Yeah, we’ve been married for like four days, and we hadn’t had sex for like two days, we’re like, we went half our marriage without having sex.


Mickey Gordon  35:52

Yeah, that’s just when you have to have a quickie on the counter. Just just knock it out.


Dr. Ashley Winter  35:57

But I shouldn’t as an aside to say that I do see women patients, but I, you know, I don’t do like baby stuff, and things like that. But But I definitely also see lots of plate patients. So I’m not genetics. So, you know,


Mickey Gordon  36:09

let’s talk a little bit about sexual health and wellness. You know, this is this is your bailiwick, Doc. You know, I know that in lifestyle circles, we run into people who have varying levels of conversation about vasectomy, I personally have had one, so I have a lot of things to say about it when these things come up. But a lot of times, it’s the guy going Fuck, no, no one’s taking a pair of scissors, and you’re my dick. And then there’s, you know, girls going well, you better or you can’t have it anymore. Tell us a little bit about the basics of vasectomy today. You know, how serious is the procedure? What is it? Exactly? Go?


Dr. Ashley Winter  36:48

Yeah, sure. So vasectomy is where you you know, you have your your testicle carries your sperm to your urinary tract, through your vast deferens, that’s the tube that connects them. And the way to basically make sure that you have you don’t have any more children or are sterile is if you have a procedure done, where a small segment of your best deference is, you know, cut and removed or cauterized so birth on the inside. And, you know, generally that’s done in a urologist office, there are some primary care doctors, family doctors who do it also. And, you know, it’s super common. You know, I mean, I think it, it can be, obviously, it’s a very precious part of your body. So it can be a very intimidating thing. But in the scheme of procedures, it’s a very safe and effective procedure. You know, it’s one of the only ways to have, you know, kind of contraception. That’s, that’s male based aside from condoms, right? So if you’re a guy and you, you know, want control over fertility, it’s a great option. You know, and I see that I mean, I’ve had guys who have come in who are single guys, you know, and one of us ectomy because they don’t want to get a woman pregnant, not because their partner told them they had to, you know, so, so yeah, and it’s, uh, you know, most of the time done in the office with local, of course, their local anesthesia, sorry, numbing medicine. Of course, there can be complications, but, you know, in the scheme of procedures or in the scheme of permanent sterilization options, you know, vasectomy is a really safe


Mo Mandel  38:31

what I’m always shocked about when you talk about those surgeries, babies is like, people with biggest gets local anesthetic are fully awake, and you’ll be like talking to them while you’re doing it. Which is so nuts to me. Yeah. I mean, they’re making small talk while you get your hands on a guy’s ball sack.


Dr. Ashley Winter  38:46

Yeah, I mean, that’s my favorite. The best way aside from giving the light acade you know, to get a guy through this ectomy is just to make small talk. And that’s one of my favorite things in clinic is because every other patient comes in with a problem that you have to talk to them about, right? Where’s the second guys coming in with no problem? So you’re just talking about whatever the fuck so like, they’ll come in and I’ll start doing the procedure of like, so tell me about what you do you know, and, and it’s usually you know, young active guys who are in a productive stage of their life. So I’ve had all sorts of people come across my office and you know, I’ve heard about just a crazy range of things you know, from people being like, I didn’t know what up were the Pacific Northwest. So you know, you hear about people being like salmon fishermen and like you know guys who do the tree stuff or your arborists and you know, whatever tattoo artists and people who work in government and like all this crazy stuff, so it’s actually


Mo Mandel  39:43

don’t tell them your awesome joke that you hit them with. Oh, good, good. Hi Hat sound effect running in a hi hat sound effect right hit him with it right before the mistake you What do you say?


Dr. Ashley Winter  39:56

Before it’s right after I take out the the piece of the best difference It’s a nice piece of that is one of the nurses comes in with a trombone. So yeah, so I don’t know, I tend to find when we really hit it off and have a great conversation that most guys when they’re done with a vasectomy was like, Oh, that was kind of fun.


Mallory Gordon  40:23

That was kind of fun. Oh, that’s unexpected. Like, that


Dr. Ashley Winter  40:26

was a great chat. Like, I wish I could have a you know, there’s like a reality show or three best effort, so I could do it again.


Mallory Gordon  40:33

So how long does it take? Like, once you get them out on the table, given the local like, I’ve heard it’s pretty quick. And I didn’t realize they were awake either until Mickey told me about his so that was that was thing.


Mickey Gordon  40:45

smoke coming up from my balls. That was not okay. It makes


Mallory Gordon  40:48

me cringe a little. But yeah, it’s it’s a pretty quick procedure. Right?


Dr. Ashley Winter  40:54

Yeah. I mean, it depends, you know, on the person doing it, and the technique they use and the person’s body type, you know, but I’d say it can be anywhere between like five minutes and half an hour, depending on those factors.


Mickey Gordon  41:08

Drive Thru vasectomy by Dr. Ashley winter.


Dr. Ashley Winter  41:11

Yeah, I would say I’m not super on the five minute side, but one of the guys you’re having, like five minute, hold conversations, you know, you’re going through politics, you’re talking about sports. I mean, we’ve definitely talked about sports and politics and all those things. So yeah.


Mickey Gordon  41:26

You’re talking about when you’re bolstering somebody’s hand holding scissors. Why would avoid politics? Oh, yeah.


Dr. Ashley Winter  41:35

It’s a real icebreaker. I’m just saying, you know, it’s like, how do you break the glass? You just have somebody balls in your hand. So you know, you’re just like, well, I feel I I’m close to you right now.


Mo Mandel  41:48

We’re, you ever just put Do you ever just whisper in the ear? I’m inside you. That’s not uncomfortable at all. No, you can use that. And so the nice piece of bass I


Dr. Ashley Winter  42:00

did, I did one type of guy who wanted to watch so I was like, Okay, so then you would give him like some extra pillows that he just propped in solvent, but his elbows and like, watch me do is


Mickey Gordon  42:11

I’d be passed out. That’d be the end for me. You’d have to make somebody wake him up.


Mallory Gordon  42:14

Yeah, that’s just a lot about its constitution, especially when it’s on your body. Right? Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  42:19

Yeah, that guy’s definitely also fall asleep. So that you must be good. Yeah. That must be uncomfortable if people fall asleep and fart in the middle of it, though.


Dr. Ashley Winter  42:33

Actually, I think that there, but like their asshole is so tight. Like, nothing is getting out. That’s


Mickey Gordon  42:41

like a fucking snare drum? Nope. stuck. Tell us about your discectomy experience. Oh, God. Yeah, mine was not good. You know, it’s it’s, I actually I think it’ll actually be a nice segue into another thing we wanted to talk to you about. But you know, it’s, I took the plunge at 24 years old. Right. So I was it was really early on. And it if you have children already, yeah. So I had my daughter with a girl that I did not get married to because I am a person of extremely high moral fiber. And I essentially, was paying so much money and fighting for custody. And I just went so badly that I really decided that I was never going to give up that control again. So naturally, I ended up meeting two other women in my life that I did marry, who had sons, they needed fathers, so I have three anyway. But only one is actually mine. But that whole experience led me to get a vasectomy because I am the kind of guy that could jerk off in the floor and somebody could slip and fall in it two days later and get pregnant. I was just kind of like, yeah, I think that I should probably get this taken care of. But I had issues with recurring prostate infections, I had granuloma I had, I had so many problems that just kind of came at basically every possible side effect and issue you could have I had except for them going back together. Because the granuloma happened, there was no way they were ever going back together is pretty much what it boiled down to so the I guess the the question that I had is, are how common are these side effects? Right? Because I did have some pretty massive issues. And I have a lifelong desire to kick that doctor in the balls that did my procedure, because I felt like you know, I don’t know, I’d like to blame him. Maybe it’s not maybe it’s just luck. But there’s other questions that I want to get to that. How common are the issues that I just told you about for example?


Dr. Ashley Winter  44:34

Yeah, I mean, if you look at the literature, the rates vary. You know, I’d say typically, long term pain issues from a vasectomy, you know, are quoted to be you know, like one to 2% you know, if I, I mean, I’ve been doing vasectomies now for years I, I don’t know of anybody who’s having chronic pain issues that I’ve done, but that said, I don’t know if they would come back and tell me You know, so I don’t know if you ever did you end up seeing your?


Mickey Gordon  45:05

Yeah, so I ended up going to a new doctor and this is back. We lived in Virginia as a matter of fact, the same doctor that reattach john wayne bobberts penis was the one that took over for me. Yeah. Is that was it awesome?


Mo Mandel  45:18

Did you have like a huge frame photo? Like if like Mike Tyson comes into your restaurant, you get him to like take a photo or a headshot


Mickey Gordon  45:23

or something. Actually, he had a neat little sign in his office and said, ask us how we put a little kink in it. And so yeah, he had a pretty good sense of humor about it. He’s out of the practice. Now. He was almost dead then but his name was doctor saying he was insane. But his name is doctor saying. You know, the thing that really hit me was the white light pain every time I even thought about sex for about six months after I had mine it was the end it was a result of the recurring prostate infections I’m past it now doctor seen pretty much said I have to have sex or get off pretty much every day. And that’s the way I’ll keep my prostate healthy. That was his advice. And He even wrote me a prescription for a wish I still had it because it come in handy at the bar. But what Mallory on steroids just to keep up with your, your prostate at this point.


Mallory Gordon  46:12

So the procedure predates me, he actually got it done with his first wife. And according to sources, and I’m not going to name names, the prescription was invalid. She would not be


Mickey Gordon  46:24

concerned. That’s hilarious. Wait really every day. Use it really.


Mo Mandel  46:32

I would not be into that. as much fun as it is. Definitely don’t be to come every day. Every day. I do it every day. Really? You guys are fucking weird. You know, Nash, you have to watch Netflix and eat ice cream every day. I don’t know if that counts,


Dr. Ashley Winter  46:52

we do we do. We have to eat ice cream every day. That is true. We have very good metabolism.


Mickey Gordon  46:59

I eat ice cream every day, you’d literally have to make bigger doors to get me in and out.


Dr. Ashley Winter  47:05

Um, so I will say I think that a lot of the problems that can arise after a vasectomy in terms of chronic pain, you know, historically, a lot of them have been poorly managed or poorly diagnosed. So you know, for example, a lot of chronic pain related to post vasectomy, yes, there can be pain associated with the backup or the back pressure of the of the sperm. But then there’s also people who get what we call a pelvic floor dysfunction from the process of having a vasectomy, right. And so what I mean by that is, you know, you come in, you’re tense, somebody is maybe pulling on her balls, while they’re stressed out that the that process in itself is traumatic, and you can get basically a situation where your muscles are spasming. You know, from a traumatic event, right. And so, you can have that in the muscles that surround your testicle, your spermatic cord, that can also happen in your pelvis. And then as you get over the pain of the vasectomy, in the days following the vasectomy, that whole process can become compounded. And, you know, I have seen many men who have pelvic pain and like, you know, you, I examine them, right, and you literally put a finger up their ass and it’s like, you know, so tight, right? Like, they are so tight, and they are, you know,


Mickey Gordon  48:26

I’m a virgin.


Mallory Gordon  48:28

No, you’re not


Dr. Ashley Winter  48:31

saying this is you I’m not saying this is you just kind of as like, you know, my, like public service announcement about this is like, you know, if you break like, touch something that’s hot, pull your muscles away from it, right? Like, if you touch a flame, and the same thing, your body tends to react and pull itself away from a source of pain and muscles will tense. And so like, a lot of guys were having some of these issues after vasectomy, you know, they potentially should be seeing like a pelvic floor physical therapist or somebody who could do internal work on them. Or, you know, there are tons of interesting options that maybe, you know, you even needed somebody to present to you, you know, early on and they didn’t have to


Mo Mandel  49:09

jump in here because she said pelvic floor work. So this is like one of those moments that I was like, You got to be kidding me. This is a part of your job. She was in LA and that she was like hey, I gotta go do this conference. for like a day a class. I was like, What do you guys like learning pelvic floor work? What it involved was her going to a place and it was all female urologist right? No is felt pelvic pelvic floor physical therapists, okay. She was learning from pelvic floor, physical therapists, how to massage guys. Inside pelvises.


Dr. Ashley Winter  49:43

So there was they were the some of the physical therapists were teaching other physical therapy,


Mo Mandel  49:48

whatever. The point is, you went out to a place and there was a bunch of guys who had volunteered to have you know, you guys wait women, put their fingers in their assets and massage their areas. It was like that. That’s what you did all day. Yes, that’s right. That’s where you’re at.


Mallory Gordon  50:03

I picked the wrong profession.


Mickey Gordon  50:04

No shit.


Dr. Ashley Winter  50:06

You could be a course instructor for physical therapists free call doughnuts. therapist, you know, but yeah,


Mickey Gordon  50:13

I I’m stunned by it of course but you know, it’s when we talk about the whole pelvic floor like we’re that’s what we call fucking


Mallory Gordon  50:23

Yeah, that’s true, but like manipulating the prostate and like that whole area I think is really underrated in regards to like traditional sex too. Yeah, yeah.


Dr. Ashley Winter  50:34

Yeah there’s me when guys used to come in for with public pay like an old school thing was that you would go to a urologist and they’d give you a prostate massage and you would basically like, you know, have what they call expressed prosthetic secretions all but I mean, like, I mean, this is like old school stuff like you would go there and the urologist would just like, throw up your prostate until that happened. Like people don’t really do that anymore. But that was considered classic treatment for like male pelvic pain, like you’d have your kind of lineup of guys would come into the urologist office and have their like weekly prostate massage from their urologist that’s not covered


Mickey Gordon  51:11

under my HMO doctor.


Mo Mandel  51:16

That’s so surprising to me that you think like a doctor in the 1950s he just comes home and it’s just had like numerous guys come in his office from like, that was his day. Guys felt better afterwards. No, I’m sure they did.


Mallory Gordon  51:29

I’m still waiting for the day where they treat women with hysteria by making them masturbate. Well, I mean that you can still use like a you know vibrators on them. I really think we need to like start a petition to bring that back because I think it would improve a lot of mental health too. I mean, I’m not a doctor.


Dr. Ashley Winter  51:45

Just like the room they have like the masturbation room. Yes. masturbate right now. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  51:53

yeah, we work from home so like any whatever room I’m in at the time kind of works.


Mickey Gordon  51:58

Every room in this house is a masturbation room. I literally walk out to go get a bottle of tea or something and she’s on the couch. Like okie dokie. Yeah, whatever. Keep


Mallory Gordon  52:07

doing this don’t make eye contact. Now,


Mickey Gordon  52:08

you know, some of the guys we talked to here on casual swinger. Because this is a swinger podcast. Ironically enough, even though we’re just cutting up today and having a good time. But some of the folks that listen to it, you hear him talk about the things that scare them about discectomy. And, and a big part of what scares him is you know, someone coming within 100 yards of their nuts with a pair of surgical scissors. But other things like reduce sex drive, reduce volume, of semen intensity and distance of ejaculation. Apparently, some guys judge their virility based on their ability to paint a headboard. Reduce testosterone levels and other issues. Are any of these fears real?


Dr. Ashley Winter  52:44

So most of those observations in men who have had a vasectomy are, you know, like subjective. I also think that if somebody had a traumatic experience with a vasectomy, and they’re experiencing pain, or they’re, you know, expecting to have reduced virility, you know, all these things, and like, you can get into headspace where you’re feeling less into it, or because your balls hurt, you don’t want to have sex or you know, or if you’re having pelvic floor dysfunction, maybe you’re not ejaculating as hard because your pelvic floor is a huge part of your ejaculation, right? Like you that those muscles squeezing right before you come like you can tell that there’s a muscular component to that, like that’s happening. So it’s not to say that people don’t experience those things, you know, they’re not generally a direct physical consequence of having a piece of your best reference taken out. So here’s some examples, right? 95% of your jacket comes from your prostate, and your seminal vesicles. And your, you know, Peri urethral glands, right? So all of that stays intact after a vasectomy, right? So the average guy is not going to perceive a reduction in his ejaculate volume after it was ectomy. Because most of it is not from your balls. Like that’s just, you know, whatever the physiology of it so, so that’s what I mean maybe tiny but if you’re able to tell the difference in like five to 10% of your ejaculate volume, like you’re very sophisticated.


Mickey Gordon  54:24

You maybe like spending a little too much time looking at it. You don’t judge my measuring spoons next to the bed.


Dr. Ashley Winter  54:31

Right? If you are Jackie leading into a yes onto like a highly sensitive, Baby, you’re going to notice that. I like to jack off into the scales of justice. Am I guilty today are my kids.


Mickey Gordon  54:49

I thought you were gonna say you jerked off into one of those little hug drinks that we drank when we were kids. I was like, what do you do and I tried to fill up an entire Capri Sun Oh God, sorry.


Dr. Ashley Winter  55:02

This is a good one I heard was a you know, we give people a cup after the vasectomy to bring the sample back in. And like somebody thought that they had to fill up the entire cup. So like they brought in, like just an entire cup of calm. Wow. What is this? Like?


Mallory Gordon  55:23

How many times did they have to whack off to fill it up?


Mickey Gordon  55:27

Right? This was this was 19 hours of Pornhub. That’s what this was.


Dr. Ashley Winter  55:32

Yeah, so in terms of the testosterone thing, the testosterone is produced by the testicles. And, you know, testosterone production is what we call endocrine function, meaning that the testosterone goes directly from your balls into your bloodstream, it doesn’t go through your vast difference to produce its effects. Okay, meaning like, cutting your rest efference isn’t going to lead to a change in the amount of testosterone you have in your body right now. If for some reason, something went really wrong with your vasectomy, and the blood supply to your testicle was cut, then you could have drivelling of your testicle, it probably wouldn’t be very noticeable, but that would be like testicular atrophy. The chance of you having that happen from a vasectomy is like really low. So, yes, on some really crazy complication. You could have testicular atrophy and reduced testosterone. But that’s just not even something I would expect to happen.


Mallory Gordon  56:35

Right on. Yeah, so it sounds overall, this is a very safe procedure to get as a guy. There’s obviously and these are concerns we’ve actually heard from from other guys, either family, friends, swingers, it doesn’t matter. So educating them may help them and the decision they make moving forward, which is great. Now, my question is, is there still like an ethical policy involved, when gentleman shows up to have the procedure done in regards to age either on the younger side, or the older side?


Dr. Ashley Winter  57:12

I’m trying to think, um, you know, some guys in my group definitely make guys who are younger, let’s say, like, you know, if you’re younger than, like, 20, to, you know, kind of have, you know, a discussion before they do it. And also, if you don’t have any children, to have a discussion before they go through with it, because there are plenty of guys who don’t have any kids that want to do it. In terms of older I’m not sure. Because, you know, you can be an older guy and have a younger partner, it’s not like they’re necessarily going to make a decision that they’re going to regret if you’re having a vasectomy when you’re like 50, you know,


Mallory Gordon  57:51

right. So as a girl, the reason I asked is, after I had my son, I was really, really young. And I was like, Alright, I want my tubes tied, because this is a lot more than I bargained for wasn’t planned. And I just want to make sure that this one that I have, I need to take care of that I’m, I’m doing the best I can, but I don’t think I want to go down that road anymore. So being very young, there was no doctor that was willing to do it. Oh, tubal ligation was not on the table. And what I kept hearing is, maybe talk to your partner and have them come in to get the vasectomy, because that’s a lot safer, easier. And they don’t, there wasn’t these quote unquote, restrictions. And I don’t know if that was like a personal thing for the specific doctors that I saw, or if it was just like an ethical thing across the board or, or insurance, which is kind of like I said, why I asked. But the other thing I was curious about, is there any like health benefits? Like if if the guys have a vasectomy, is there anything that’s a plus or a pro other than birth control?


Dr. Ashley Winter  58:52

Those awesome questions. You know, in terms of your experience, I think even in the past, you know, 1520 years, there’s been, you know, radical shifts in terms of allowing people to have the reproductive autonomy and respect their decisions, you know, that they want to have. You know, and the reason I say that is even, you know, when I was when I was in my 20s I remember I wanted an IUD. And because I hadn’t had a child before, no gynecologist would give me one. And that’s a reversible form of birth control. Right, right. Like, I mean, it’s crazy. But and I was at the time in medical school and knew that it was safe to have an IUD if you hadn’t had a child before and they still wouldn’t do it. Right. And I live in like a, you know, I lived in a northeast like liberal state or whatever, but it didn’t matter, you know, and now now, I think the vast majority of doctors would give a woman who hasn’t had any kids yet an IUD, you know, and so And I see in my own practice, I think that some of the older physicians, you know, kind of have some more, more moral sense of needing to make sure people are making decisions about not having children, then maybe some of the younger doctors, like, younger doctors are like, well, if this person wants to discectomy, you know, we’re gonna, like, respect that choice, you know,


Mallory Gordon  1:00:26

right on.


Mickey Gordon  1:00:26

I don’t think we’re struggling to populate the earth at this point. Right? Right. Yeah. Okay, Abraham, sit down.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:00:33

Right. I mean, like, you know, a 25 year old guy, like, That’s his decision, it’s not my place to like, because you’re 25 say, like, you have to have kids for another 10 years, like, that’s your decision? How do you know you’re not going to want to be poor and have less time in the future? What if you want that option? And it’s also just great. I mean, in this country, we to take 18 year olds, and we put them in wars, and we celebrate that, right? And it’s like, if you’re 18, and you’re allowed to decide to put your life on the line. Good point, like, why can’t you decide that you want to have sex without making somebody pregnant? Like, I just or


Mo Mandel  1:01:08

even more, so you can just buy a gun when you’re 18? But you can’t decide you don’t want to get pregnant? Yes. Right. You can kill someone. We’re fine with that. But we don’t want you create. We don’t want you taking the ability to create somebody Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:21

can’t drink by cigarettes. No, either.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:01:24

But that’s good. You know, it’s unethical to do a vasectomy or any procedure on somebody without explaining the risks and benefits. Right? So like, fair enough. Hopefully, every guy who has a vasectomy has been told, yeah, there is a risk of chronic pain. Right. And it’s low, but that’s a real thing, you know? And, yeah, right. That is the that is the key, I don’t think it’s necessarily that somebody is young or old is that you really did take the time to let them know what those things were in, you know, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:51

So what exclude somebody from being eligible for a vasectomy?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:01:56

Um, I don’t think there’s too much I exclude somebody, it’s more like things that make it so that we have to do it in the operating room. Ah, you know, like, if you’ve had a history of scroll surgery, and there’s a lot of scarring there, or I can’t feel your vast deference, you know, a guy who’s like, maybe a lot larger, and it’s harder for me to feel the vast difference, you know, penis or a fat guy. More like a fat guy.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:26

That’s just what you mean, you said larger. The giant penis you can get out of the way. You know, I when I went in for my vasectomy, and you can ask my ex wife about this when next time you


Mallory Gordon  1:02:38

die. Well, I love her.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:39

She was with me when I went in for my for my console. And I walked in, and I just assumed that the girl that was in the room with us was the one that I needed show to so I dropped my shorts and whipped out my junk. She turns around and goes, Oh my god, I’m the receptionist. So I showed my dick to the receptionist, thinking that she was the nurse or the doctor, whatever. And I was like, Oh, so does that mean, I should put it away and I’m in waddling after and put my pants around my ankles. Oh, my gosh, it was great. I can only hope you were wearing that shirt. You’re wearing casual swingers, that would be great.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:03:13

Although I would say you know from a professional stamp professionalism standpoint, and probably she should have been like, Okay, great. I’ll go get the nurse and just like walked out of the room instead of being like, I’m the receptionist, why her pants off, like, unnecessary.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:28

I was entertained. My ex was mortified. She said, I’m never ever coming here with you again. And I was. I’m not coming for six weeks.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:03:37

The funny thing is our nursing staff will always say is like you’ll they’ll tell a guy that address from the waist down. You know, and they’ll walk out of the room and when they come back. The guy’s like buck naked. Yeah. All the time. And hilarious because women never do that. Like


Mallory Gordon  1:03:55

No, no, because I think guys are generally uncomfortable. Just shirt what we call a shirt cocking. Actually, a friend of ours coined that term. There’s naked from the waist down. They only have a shirt on there like this just feels silly.


Mo Mandel  1:04:09

It’s a very goofy goofy look like a little 10 year old kid like waiting for your dad to like, you know, help you like get dressed in a locker room or something?


Mickey Gordon  1:04:17

A little Winnie the Pooh with like a little Yeah, I feel like Winnie the Pooh. Yeah, I look like when I resemble Winnie the Pooh when I do that. Okay, so it’s just not a good thing, but


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:04:29

so awkward for everyone in a room and I guys was like, and also, a thing that guys will do is we’ll give them the sheet and instead of them opening up the sheet and putting it over their, their lower half they just leave it in a little nice little square. Like a napkin just over the area. Yeah, just sitting there was a nice little square sitting there on their lap and then they’re totally naked. And we’re like, guys, just like it’s hilarious. I was working


Mallory Gordon  1:04:55

in a doctor’s office now.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:57

Nobody, nobody gets hurt in your office. Ever. Do they?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:05:01

I mean, it happens, like on rare occasions, usually, anxiety thing, you know. So I think part of being a professional is just saying, I mean, you can you can tell if somebody gets an erection and it’s kind of inappropriate or an accident. Yeah. And then when it’s an accident and the vast majority of the time, it’s just an accident, you know, and I think part of being a professional is just like, normalizing that and just being like, it’s okay. You had a stress reaction, like, whatever,


Mickey Gordon  1:05:27

you know. That never happens when I’m getting my taxes done.


Mo Mandel  1:05:33

Yeah, that’s true. Very good point. Yeah. Why? Why are you never get pulled over by the cops like sorry about this hard on officer? I’m super stressed out right now.


Mickey Gordon  1:05:41

Just killing me works tough. kids won’t shut up. Oh, man all the time.


Mallory Gordon  1:05:45

I wanted to talk about before I forget the HIPAA compliance factor, because every individual right has a right to their their privacy when it comes to the relationship with the doctor. And conversations about female side and a little swinger circles is, you know, if a husband were to go in and have the procedure done, there’s no obligation to inform the wife because that is that is his doctor. It’s his procedure. And it’s actually against policies that correct. Yeah.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:06:15

I mean, they get the person when they come in there, like a week. So yeah, there’s no reason to contact anybody bout it, you know, if they went and came in, and had it done under anesthesia, for example, then they’ll fill out a card ahead of time saying, like, when I’m done with a procedure, who am I supposed to call? You know, for example, they come get me and then you also check a box. Are you allowed to talk to them about the medical information? You know, right. But, but yeah, I mean, that’s Yeah, it’s just not our it’s just not our not that. I


Mallory Gordon  1:06:49

think there’s like, probably a ton of guys doing this in secret, but there’s probably a few of them, or at least somebody that have thought about it. It’s not my place to judge


Mickey Gordon  1:06:59

me when I was dating. I had, you know, I mean, I had a house and a daughter, and I was a single dad, and I was doing all that stuff. And I had a couple of people that, you know, tried to surprise, I think I’m pregnant. I think it’s yours. And I was like, Huh, that’s funny. To me for 10 years, you’re or get away from me.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:07:27

The great thing about this, actually, though, I mean, it is like in that way, it’s empowering for you, right? Like so many guys think of a vasectomy as something that’s like put upon them. And it’s like in your experience that allowed you to be active with multiple partners without the fear of impregnating somebody like that was your troll you don’t I mean, like, that’s exactly. You have that option. If you want to have it. You


Mallory Gordon  1:07:50

know, I’m pretty sure you took a lot of antibiotics early on. Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:53

When I was in college, it wasn’t cute. I was a petri dish in college. But, you know, it’s when I was, of course, I was an adult with a daughter at this point. So I was actually safe, and you’d actually used a condom with that person. And she tried that bullshit anyway, but so Mo, I gotta, I gotta ask, and I’m sure this happens because you seem like a really approachable guy. Do you friends or you know, people just walk up to you and ask you questions about dicks and balls and all the things that you know, show.


Mo Mandel  1:08:21

Yeah, because literally on our 100th episode, we we made a segment out of the fact that my friend Tyson, he said, I can say his first name, his last I had been texting me pictures of his bruised up testicles post vasectomy all week, and I was like, dude, stop sending me these. I don’t want to see these. And he’s like, showing your wife does I lose a job and I’m like, we just got married. I want to show her another dude’s balls. Like right now. If you keep sending me these, I’m gonna put these on our website. And I’m going to try one. We literally have them on our website right now. The full release pod.com the holy pod calm there’s one pornographic image and it’s Tyson’s bruised and battered ball sack. And then we had Ashley kind of like go through it on our podcast. But yeah, I don’t want to make a habit of that. I definitely am not comfortable. I don’t like seeing my friends balls up close. Or even for far away. I should be clear about that. It was just like, this is not I don’t want this to be like a regular thing of guys be like Hey, but they do ask you that they’ll be like, can you ask your wife what it is? I’m like, I mean,


Mickey Gordon  1:09:23

right if you I’m gonna ask is my comm supposed to be green? Can you ask your wife? No, right? That’s like an estimate. Kermit very, very comfortable. Very comfortable with that. Oh, I love it. I love it. Yeah. Go ahead, Bruce balls.


Mallory Gordon  1:09:40

Well, I mean, it’s normal right after that.


Mo Mandel  1:09:42

I couldn’t get out but I’m totally gonna go to the website and look now because I missed that. Take a look here we sent on the website but his balls look like gonzos knows from Sesame Street.


Mickey Gordon  1:09:51

Oh my god, dude.


Mo Mandel  1:09:54

It does not look like gonzos I think it does weigh in on the website. All right, I see. dontos notes.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:09:59

I will say Do I see postprocedural scrims all the time? You know what I mean? Like after mastectomy is after other ball surgeries and like, his balls just looks so fine to me. I was like, Oh, that looks wonderful. I was great. And mostly, oh my god, this is tolerable, I cannot


Mo Mandel  1:10:15

handle this. It’s also rare to see just like, just, you know, the problem is a cell phone is like, it’s when you open up your cell phone, there’s just like, oh my god. Now the picture was balls. Like, it’s just like, it’s jarring. You know, they’re very, they’re, they’re, they’re quite visceral looking.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:10:33

Funny, though, because I, on the other hand, you know, with the textbooks, I have an article I read, you know, like, they’ll just see photos of pieces of body parts all the time. You don’t I mean, like, Sure, yeah. Moon mode. I were flying to see each other every time you know, and he was in LA and I was here in Portland, you know, I’d be on a plane, you know, reading the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which is my favorite journal, and I’m on the plane, and there’s just photos of penises in there. And I’m holding it on a plane and I’m like, I don’t care. This is like, I’m a professional. This is not, it’s not pornography. It’s not pornography, it is health. And you know, people, you know, can can.


Mo Mandel  1:11:15

And if your baby’s gonna, if your baby’s gonna be crying on this flight, I’m gonna hold up this magazine full of bent decks in front of them. Yeah.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:11:23

I’ve never been like sitting right next to a seven year old. But like, if you’re sitting there next to an adult person, and they can’t handle you looking at a mat, you know, a medical journal, just because it has, like, you know, below the belt body parts, you know, then what kind of, you know, we just need to normalize these things.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:38

What kind of fright you tie is this? Yeah, right. Either you have one or you’ve seen one, get over it?


Mickey Gordon  1:11:44

Well, and that’s actually what casual swingers is all about is normalizing some of these things. Yeah, undoing some of the fuckery that, you know, happens with our puritanical tendencies.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:53

Yeah, man, speaking of normalizing, can I talk about how much I love balls? I think they’re absolutely amazing. You know, obviously, I don’t have any and I just find them to be very attractive. And I have questions since I don’t have them. Like I noticed when we don’t have sex for a few days, or something that like if I go to touch Nikki’s balls, like they feel a little heavier, but I wonder if that’s like psychosomatic? Like, they look a little bigger, they feel a little heavier. Like, is that? Is that a real thing? Or am I just making that up in my head?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:12:25

Think you’re necessarily making it up? I think probably they’re hanging lower. But that’s probably a muscle thing more like, oh, okay, volume in the balls thing. So, for example, right, when you’re sexually aroused, or you have or in the process of sex, you’re, there’s a muscle that the testicle hangs on, it’s called a cremaster muscle and that will tense up and will bring your balls up towards your body. So it’s, it’s possible that if you you know, haven’t been recently aroused, or near the arousal state that your balls are just like, hanging lower, I mean, your pan but


Mallory Gordon  1:13:05

because like, Guys, other guys, I’ve been with her dated before be like, Oh, they feel so heavy. Like I have blue balls. I need to get off. And I mean, obviously we know they don’t turn blue. But the thing is that a thing like the blue balls happen.


Mickey Gordon  1:13:17

No. She just looked at me like I was an idiot.


Mallory Gordon  1:13:20

I can’t believe


Mickey Gordon  1:13:22

I’ve ever talked to you.


Mallory Gordon  1:13:23

No, but what’s the mechanism that makes it feel like, like, almost painful, right? Is that a good way to describe it, Mickey? Like, Is it painful? Like to point?


Mickey Gordon  1:13:32

Well, it’s just a very uncomfortable, it’s like, it’s like sitting on a tennis ball to not copy. Yeah, exactly. When you’re aroused. And you’re not. You don’t have any way of releasing it. For example, you know, you’re on a plane on a plane. Right? very stressful situations.


Mo Mandel  1:13:45

It’s weird. I’ve heard certain guys say that, but I don’t feel like blue balls is across the board at all i amount of times that’s happened to me maybe like one or two times I can think of in my life. And based on my high school years, there’s a lot of not coming going on and not sex going on. But that that’s so funny. Like, there’s one of those things that guys is learn about right away. And that’s just like one of their go to things they are almost any of them have experienced it.


Mickey Gordon  1:14:15

Yeah, it’s terrible is what it is. But that’s all right. Now, you know, before we get you guys out of here, and we’re, I think I think every episode this season, we run long and we’re good with it at this point, especially when we have somebody that’s a lot of fun on like you guys are. So we want to ask because this episode is called the snip, you know, and the other snip happens usually before any of us are cognizant of what’s going on around us and we certainly can’t tell somebody not to cut the end of our deck off but they do it anyway. So how common is circumcision in adult males in America today? And do you get patients that are asking to have it done as an adult because of embarrassment or social issues? Because I think you know, in the swinging lifestyle, there are some guys that are a little concerned About whipping out, you know, the hooded warrior. So, is that something you guys run into in your line of work?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:15:06

Yeah, definitely. So, the, it definitely is becoming less common circuit to be circumcised as a as an infant. You know, if you look at like our parents generation, I’d say, you know, when I have guys coming in, right, who are 70s or so I mean, almost every person is circumcised, or at least of people who are born in the US. So generally, generationally that was definitely across the board, kind of something that was done. I think you see more younger people coming in not circumcised and more parents nowadays deciding not to circumcise their children. You know, in terms of people coming in and doing it as adults, it’s not infrequent. And there’s a number of reasons. So on occasion, it’s somebody coming in who, you know, they’re in a relationship and they feel, you know, self conscious about the, you know, appearance of the penis, but most of the time when I have an adult who I’m circumcising, it’s because they’re actually having problems with the foreskin, so you can get something called ballon itis, which is, you know, inflammation of the foreskin or even infections like fungal infections, and they’ve tried lots of different medications and, and ointments, and it’s not going away. And you know, it’s somebody who, for the first 30 years of their life, they were able to pull the foreskin all the way back, and now they can’t, and every time they try to it’s like, bleeding, and painful, and, you know, that just sucks, right? So, and they can’t have sex because it started bleeding, and it’s painful every time there’s any traction on it, whatever. So to those people will oftentimes want to circumcision and it’s a very, you know, obviously positive choice if if other treatments have failed. So then we just do it. And, you know, I mean, we do it, that we give them anesthesia, some some neurologists do that in the office, but I don’t on adults. And, you know, I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. I, you know, I think there’s a lot of there’s a lot of controversy. There’s a lot of people who like to be very controversial about circumcision. You know, I think that’s whatever. That’s that’s a whole area that I don’t I don’t dabble in, I just let those people you know,


Mo Mandel  1:17:15

you go off on people about that, like in casual conversation. casual conversations like that become very not casual.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:17:23

That’s not that’s not public. Sure. Okay. Like, like parents. Yeah. I mean, like people getting upset that their parents circumcise them. And they did have a decision about that. That’s not I don’t know, it’s not my place to, to say whether or not they should


Mallory Gordon  1:17:36

  1. That’s fair enough. But like, the net net of it is there’s like, it’s not like unsafe to have an uncircumcised dick, just like it’s not necessarily unsafe to get circumcised.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:17:48

So there are there are health benefits from being circumcised, right? So, for example, the risk of if you’re, if you’re circumcised as an infant, not as an adult, but if you’re circumcised infant, the risk of penile cancer basically becomes almost nothing. The vast majority of penile cancer in the world is in men who have not been circumcised. You know, you can see it can’t happen, but almost never. That said penile cancer is super rare, right? But when it does happen, it’s like really bad, really bad cancer.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:19

I’m thinking that’s the worst one I can think of. Having a penis to me is a really, like you’re in I don’t even like hearing that.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:28

I don’t have one and I just cringe. Yeah. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  1:18:32

God, my diction. For the rest of the night.


Mallory Gordon  1:18:37

God saved the penis. Yes,


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:18:39

they do that it’s called a parent olyroos rasmi, where you basically have to cut off the penis and then you reroute the urethra up behind the scrotum. That’s like if you have a penile cancer, that’s where you can have have to have done. Yeah, wow.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:52

Mallory’s face is fucking priceless, right? You guys gonna have a swinging party plan for tonight? Oh,


Mallory Gordon  1:18:57

no, no, no. Tonight’s are night off.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:59

He’s gonna be rocking a gummy worm tonight, folks. It’s not getting hard.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:03

I’m gonna hug your penis so hard tonight. Like


Mickey Gordon  1:19:09

favorite please don’t


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:19:10

wait me. Mo gives me shit. Definitely. Cuz he’s like sometimes you just go and you definitely know that you can just terrify people and say crazy shit especially loud in restaurants.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:21

Did you know that you could piss out from behind your scrotum with the right What? Pick the meatballs and


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:19:29

interest is just there like absolutely horrified. I’m like, Oh, yeah. Oh, we can’t have a penis. You just pee behind your scrotum? Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:36

Oh my god. I love it. It’s you know, there was one question about discectomy that you know our listeners that go be told a few listeners we were going to be having this conversation and the one that they had more than any other was about how effective vasectomy is at preventing pregnancy. Is it foolproof?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:19:54

So it’s not foolproof? You want to that’s one of the reasons why after your vasectomy You should continue to use contraception until you have given your sample and it shows that there’s no permanent, right? All the way to the top, not just one, splash. That’s enough. But that is a big deal. And this is one of the things I always also say like if you go out of there and you know, get somebody pregnant before you checked, I’m like, I’m not paying the birth control. That’s what I joke around with. But that is an unintended pregnancy after vasectomy is what I think the main reason neurologists get sued for things. Um, oh, so yeah, yeah. And then and then it can, like you were mentioning, all kind of you were very familiar with the complications from discectomy. So recanalization is something that can happen, where basically the two ends stick back together. It’s not common, but it can happen. And that’s why again, you just have to make sure that you wait that time, we say three months and 40 ejaculations. And make sure that it’s you know, shows that you’re sterile before you do it. But But and there are some guys who do it and they it’s not, they’re not sterile and then they have to have it like, revised or not again. But, but yeah, once you’ve been documented to be sterile, like the chance five years later of you, somehow having sperm in there is like extremely rare. That’s probably like one in a million


Mallory Gordon  1:21:29

I was gonna say there’s there’s probably seven or eight digits in there that factor into that one person that it may happen to. Yeah,


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:21:37

yeah, so the main risk is afterwards before you check or if it never like if it never really yeah, right away you know, I mean, like it’s never really been sterile in the first place. But you can check that so


Mallory Gordon  1:21:49

right on so before we bring this up close and let you guys go mo knowing all of these things and hearing these conversations, do you I mean, do you feel inspired to get a vasectomy at some point in your life? Like


Mo Mandel  1:22:03

Absolutely not. And I haven’t wanted to and doing this podcast only increased me not wanting to and I absolutely don’t want to know I’m definitely not doesn’t sound I mean we don’t have kids yet we want to have kids so I got a I got some time but no I mean like it’s even though I know from what she’s told me it’s super safe and you’re way safer cannabis Acme than your drive on the LA freeway. It just still there’s like an instinctual just like no, no, now I understand why you got it at that age because you went through something probably more traumatic. So you’re like let me make sure that doesn’t happen but no. knives in my deck. I don’t want to happen yeah, yeah,


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:22:44

definitely traumatic. Like we don’t walk into like a set of like, I’m assuming I don’t you look


Mo Mandel  1:22:49

like Dexter you have like 75 different blades you pull out that’s what I’m assuming? Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:22:54

I’d rather have sex with live sharks angry ones then ever be anywhere near that woman and impregnate her again, but I still you know, I I’m happy I did it. Um, it certainly saved me from a lot of trouble and tribulations over the last you know, years. But I you know, I wonder. I mean, do Do you ever get like swingers, in your practice are people that are not monogamous that are consensually non monogamous and want to get it done so they can have more fun?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:23:27

I probably have those people haven’t told me that’s why Oh, come on. Boys. You


Mickey Gordon  1:23:33

got to do it. Yeah,


Mo Mandel  1:23:33

we did it. We did have a swinger couple on our podcast one of our earlier episodes, you can find it called meet the swingers and their claim to fame was that they once together fucked Ron Jeremy. And I wonder given the lawsuits that have just came out if they’re still using that as a bragging


Mickey Gordon  1:23:49

go so well for him.


Mallory Gordon  1:23:51

I don’t know what though. I don’t know if it’s as rare as people think it is.


Mickey Gordon  1:23:58

I think he’s been with like 90,000 people at that point. You’re like Yeah, I got run over on the freeway. It’s


Mallory Gordon  1:24:04

so fun story. I he was there in Jamaica that people were talking about his porn trick. And I was like, hey, my husband has a trick he can he can make his balls dance. And I’m trying to convince my husband to go show ron jeremy his dancing balls it didn’t work out I was really disappointed but like just having the image in my head makes me happy Yeah, well


Mickey Gordon  1:24:25

his trick is cooler he can come on command



you can like have one go up the other go up Yeah, like you can do the Oh you got like Charlie Chaplin nuts Yeah,


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:24:34

yeah that’s pretty good. That’s good. Oh, Mo can I control is


Mallory Gordon  1:24:39

that says swinger party tracker. Yes,


Mickey Gordon  1:24:41

my party trick she’s whenever we’re naked with around people. They’re like here do the trick. I have to whip out my junk and make my balls dance to music. I can’t dance but my moleskin


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:24:50

you know it is this funny thing because people think that because of what I do. I must be this like hyper sexual person. Or people ask him Oh, like Yeah, and for my soundboard. It’s kind of like, you know, when I think of people with their pants off, it’s kind of like work, you know?


Mo Mandel  1:25:08

Well, it can’t be working. That gives you fresh, we have a very good sex life. And you’ve ever tried to charge me for it.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:25:18

But it’s also you know, you’re like, like, it’s just I don’t think it makes like, like, people aren’t urologist because they’re hypersexual, they’re just like doctors. And that’s, you know, whatever.


Mo Mandel  1:25:29

Like, so like, if you were at a swingers party, you’d be going around being like checking everyone’s prostates. Unless it was like part of the enjoyment factor.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:25:36

Yeah, well, that could be like a whole roll. You know, like, yeah, giving everybody their prostate massage, but the actual shocker, folks,


Mallory Gordon  1:25:44

yeah, I’ve been I do it. Sorry. Oh, I’m just making it weird. Now.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:25:51

You can play the sexy urologist at your next party.


Mallory Gordon  1:25:54

Oh, actually, I have a surprise for you. But you’re gonna have to wait till November will know for we have a Hito trip


Mickey Gordon  1:26:03

already gonna be in a skirt.


Mallory Gordon  1:26:04

We get to hedonism, too in Jamaica, and I have a specific theme night outfit that I think you will appreciate. We’ll send you pictures from Jamaica. It’s a clothing shows or and you’re excited about the outfit you’re going to. Yes, I know. Ironic, right?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:26:17

I want a resort where you have to wear only shirts the whole time.


Mallory Gordon  1:26:23

A very warm nipples and a very cool bump. So what’s up next for the full release? You guys have any plans for the show? Anything we should know about? Yeah, we


Mo Mandel  1:26:33

got some great guests coming on. We’ve got Josh wolf. Kelsey cook from the self helpless podcast. My friend Chris fringilla has a friend of mine from doing Chelsea Lately, and he’s on juicy scoop all the time. And so we have some fun guests. And then we actually today are in the process of like building our new stage are really our first set. Because we’ve been shooting in front of water. We cleared out a room we’re building the, you know, set and we’ve got this YouTube channel that we’re like now filming all the episodes. So if you go to the full release on YouTube, you can see us our 100th episode, we’re in our wedding outfits, which is exciting to see out Ashley and her gorgeous dress and me and my suit. You guys


Mallory Gordon  1:27:11

looked amazing. Stunning. Both of you.


Mickey Gordon  1:27:14

And look at these guys figuring out a use for the wedding dress a second time. Yeah, whenever where’s that fucker again?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:27:20

Dude, that show was the most expensive piece of clothes I’ll ever own. I mean, it is right. This whole thing that is only for your wedding day. I’m aware that all the time. I mean, I probably like not figured it if I wait one more pound than I currently do. But


Mickey Gordon  1:27:37

Oh, one more.


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:27:41

But what was your other friend who did the sound for the?


Mo Mandel  1:27:45

Oh yeah, this is cool. So I just shot this little special for the Discovery Channel that I hosted and it was like going around to these different small towns in America and I met this guy who was the sound dude on his guy named jack who actually is from Florida. He’s from Pensacola and he is the sound guy on Naked and Afraid. Oh, so trying to figure out how to sound those people out and he’s gonna come on the podcast and a few weeks from location but an undisclosed location because he can’t tell me where it is. And he’s going to actually while he’s quarantined in the hotel is going to call into the podcast and chat about love it


Mickey Gordon  1:28:17

tell him he is a liar because Pensacola is not in Florida. That’s South Alabama.


Mo Mandel  1:28:21

Okay, I will make a note. He loves Pensacola. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad or good about Pensacola. He’s a big vansickle.


Mickey Gordon  1:28:30

Well, once you guys let everybody know where they can find you, your website, your contact information, if they can’t get enough of Ashley and Moe, how do they find your show?


Mo Mandel  1:28:40

Yeah, go to the full release. And that’s on iTunes and all the podcast apps for release on YouTube. And then the full release pod on Instagram is what we do all of our stuff on and Ashley is a big Twitter star. She gets like a ton of retweets and stuff these days. So, babe, but given your Twitter info,


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:29:01

it’s Ashley g winter. So yeah, but and then also one of the main things about her podcast, you know, like you were saying HIPAA, so you can’t, you know, I’m not gonna talk about my work. situation. So what we do is have people you know, contact us specifically to have us talk about their questions on the podcast. So the best ways to do that are to email us questions at the full release. pod. [email protected]. Yeah, the full release [email protected]. And then we have a phone number. So you can leave us a voicemail with your question, which we love also to have, and that’s 213-631-3460 or, again, that’s 213-631-3460 and definitely send us your questions. We would love to answer them. You know, talk about your concerns. We will keep it you know, totally confidential. And we also love it when people you know, ask us fake questions.


Mo Mandel  1:29:59

So yeah, we have a second called real answers to fake questions. So if you have any completely bizarre ridiculous question that you want to hear doctor weigh in on whether it’s getting STDs and Narnia or anything you want to discuss,


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:30:12

called in with a penis that just wouldn’t stop growing and it was like 30 feet long and he was asking what to do with it. And so you know, I try in my most scientific and dry manner to answer their fate question so people can just send those into Yeah,


Mo Mandel  1:30:26

also, if anyone like stand up if you go to mo Mandel comm you can see where I’m, you know, performing around my dates post virus pandemic started in 2021. I’ll be back on the road. So if you’re, if your road brings you to Orlando, you got to let us know. I’ve done the improv down there. I


Mickey Gordon  1:30:40

had a great time. Oh, we’ll be there with bells on she might even wear a shirt. At the sex club in town here.


Mo Mandel  1:30:49

Oh, yeah, there’s a sex club in Portland that they do a show and I have performed right before the sex.


Mickey Gordon  1:30:56

All right. And before we let you go, guys, there was a tweet that went viral recently about scrotums. Actually, you want to tell everybody what that tweet was?


Dr. Ashley Winter  1:31:04

Oh, it was the scrotum is very forgiving. That was? Yes. I think that’s the best tweet I ever had. Everybody loved it. forgiving. But you know, that was also one of those tweets that like, the responses to it was the joy in it, you know, like, all these people were being like, but does it forget, you know? Yeah. You know, like, yeah, so it blew up. And it was like 1000s of retweets, and people just say crazy shit. And it was like, that was a good time.


Mallory Gordon  1:31:33

Oh, that that was hours of entertainment that I’m so happy I invested in


Mickey Gordon  1:31:38

it was it was good. That’s something Well, guys, thank you for hanging out with us for a long episode of casual swinger. This is pretty much our longest episode ever, which means we had fun talking to you. And it’s because you guys are great. You guys have a great dynamic and we love listening to your show. You can count us among your wet spots. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks for having us guys. We’re gonna have to have you guys on soon. We can’t wait I’ve been fortunate Mallory. You want to tell our listeners where they can find us if they don’t fucking know already?


Mallory Gordon  1:32:04

Oh, yes, we are casual swinger everywhere. That’s casual swinger.com and if you want to send us a message, please reach out to podcast at casual swinger. Look for us on social media Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and you love us when a datas Find us on Cassidy SLS. SDC and double date and quipper


Mickey Gordon  1:32:25

Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a long episode but it’s been a fun one with comedian momen, Dell, and urologist, Dr. Ashley winter. We had a great time with these guys. We hope you did too. Join us again in a couple of weeks for another episode. You’ve been listening to casually swinger.


Mallory Gordon  1:33:11

Hi, I’m Venus from the Venus cackle just podcast and I have a special message for all of the single ladies listening. What if you could have a loving, committed partner who wants to stay totally faithful to you, but who would love to see you have incredible experiences with others? It sounds too good to be true, right? It is true. You really can have it all and be loved, celebrated and even put on a pedestal. Learn more at Venus connections.com