True Lies – “You’re SOOO big,” fake orgasms, and more…

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Mickey & Mallorysit down and talk about the ins, the outs, and the realities of telling the truth in the bedroom. From masturbation to faking the “big O,” we talk about the ups and downs of putting on a show for your partners.

Also, in “Swingin’ in the News,” there’s a club in Clark County, Nevada who is in danger of being sued by the county for operating an illegal sex club…but that’s not all! Their website claims their resort is lauded by major news outlets such as Playboy, Maxim, AOL, and others…despite a lack of readily accessible online evidence. Is this another example of true lies?

News Article on nude resort to be sued by Clark County

Website for “One Love,” or “Sea Mountain Inn”

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Yelp Advisor Reviews for Sea Mountain

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True Lies – You’re So Big

Thu, 9/2 10:07AM • 55:58


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise. Hey, welcome to casual swinger Mallory here. And we have Episode 19. for you guys today. Oh my god. True Lies.


Mickey Gordon  01:07

True lie. So many lies.


Mallory Gordon  01:09

Oh my God, you’re so big.


Mickey Gordon  01:14

You’ve been telling me for years.


Mallory Gordon  01:16

We’ll get into that a little later. No,


Mickey Gordon  01:19

it’s swingers season.


Mallory Gordon  01:20

It is it is literally it’s like springtime. The baby deer are coming out of the woods chicks are hatching and people are fucking like rabbits.


Mickey Gordon  01:28

No, it is dead a fucking summer in Central Florida. It was 88 degrees yesterday I was sweating like a whore in church trying to do stuff in the garage.


Mallory Gordon  01:36

I know you’re still new at this being whole like Floridian thing but that is spring here.


Mickey Gordon  01:40

Yeah, I tried to wear jeans and I almost died. Yeah, no, don’t do jeans are done. It’s all like


Mallory Gordon  01:45

anything linen as acceptable. Oh, great. I


Mickey Gordon  01:48

can look like Don Johnson all the time. Sweet. I support this. Alright, um, crack it who’s tubs? I need a tubs. Where’s my tubs? Not my dog either. Just cuz she’s hot tubs.


Mallory Gordon  02:00

She has fat. Your dog is a porker. Like, she’s, she’s basically a pot bellied pig. Oh, well,


Mickey Gordon  02:07

she smells like when we had to throw her out this morning. I cannot hear you stink. But hey, it is swingers season. There’s lots of stuff going on. Just like Mallory said we’ve been going to parties and doing stuff like


Mallory Gordon  02:17

yeah, we were out in Orlando to the STC party. Yeah, great.


Mickey Gordon  02:21

Yeah, that was actually really cool. Right? It was


Mallory Gordon  02:23

it was very neat. And I’m looking forward to chatting with the people. We’ll put it on this couple that


Mickey Gordon  02:29

meeting. Yeah. And it can 18 who they’re they’re out in the open. And they’re actually hosting parties. Now they actually invited us they’ve got a group where they’re going to be doing some parties, which is pretty cool. But this meet and greet in Orlando, which is open to all is the last is the last Saturday of the month, the first start of the month. Now we gotta go look, but I’ll put it in the show notes. He


Mallory Gordon  02:49

put me on the spot. I don’t


Mickey Gordon  02:49

remember him either. Um, I think it was last Saturday of the month is what it is. But they have it at this place called Sky Bar, which is kind of the preeminent gay bar in Orlando, which is pretty Yad


Mallory Gordon  03:02

Stonewall. So like, the open area, top level is is where they do the meet and Sky Bar.


Mickey Gordon  03:08

And the people that run the place used to run polls, which of course is an infamous place in Orlando with what happened but those guys all the donations that you make, go to the one pulse Foundation, which is really cool. So they do they raise some money for one pulse were there. And God I want to say there were what 100 150 people there.


Mallory Gordon  03:29

At least I was really surprised how far back that balcony went. There’s much more people up there than what I could see from the road when we entered.


Mickey Gordon  03:37

Yeah, I mean, we could hear it right because let’s so this this episode is all about honesty. Right? So Mickey’s gonna be honest for a minute and say, I’m an idiot. I am a complete buffoon, a moron, but it’s not just my fault. Google Maps fuck me. Because I took Mallory to dinner at this super nice Steakhouse right there on Church Street


Mallory Gordon  03:56

was very delicious. And


Mickey Gordon  03:58

yeah, and you know, we’re always a great we’re a little dressed up because we’re going out it’s a club and, you know, our best foot forward we’re swinging right, so we were like, Cool, so we get all dressed up. She’s got heels on. I got a sport coat on. It’s fucking hot in Florida. Don’t wear a sport coat.


Mallory Gordon  04:13

I mean, it wasn’t


Mickey Gordon  04:14

too hot but I was sweating but see oh reason I was sweating is because it was a 10 mile walk.


Mallory Gordon  04:19

Yeah, that’s right. That’s the third quote unquote three blocks. We had to go they were three fucking stadium blogs. They were literally no seriously. We passed two stadiums. arenas we did and went under Ifor.


Mickey Gordon  04:33

Yeah, and when you cross paramour and like in Orlando, that’s the thing. Paramore is that line in the sand. Where you go from your safe here to Lebanon.


Mallory Gordon  04:42

Yeah. You’re not in Kansas anymore. So we were like I’m making friends with the bombs, you know? Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  04:49

Hey, how you doing? Yeah, Praise Jesus. Here’s five bucks. Yes.


Mallory Gordon  04:51

Praise Jesus. I made it to the club.


Mickey Gordon  04:56

We finally get there which it’s this immense walk past you stadiums where And I’m pretty much dripping sweat from every board. And I’m like, I just need a bourbon. I need a bourbon desperately. And we get up there. And that’s either the guys were all super cool. The bartenders were great. Just the place was was fantastic. really impressed with it liked it a lot. And I think we will absolutely go back to one of those Right. I mean, that was a it was a good time.


Mallory Gordon  05:22

Yeah, absolutely. I had a great time. I look forward to going out there again. What else we got going on? Well, we got


Mickey Gordon  05:29

a Memorial Day party coming up.


Mallory Gordon  05:31

That’s right. That’s next month.


Mickey Gordon  05:32

Yeah. That’s kind of pineapples kind of why SW like a


Mallory Gordon  05:36

little bit while that group is very interesting. I


Mickey Gordon  05:39

really like these guys. So we’re gonna get the heads of this pineapple. Yeah. A couple that that we met. And they are just kind of the nucleus of this group of their old pretty young. super hot. Yep. fucking nuts is the only thing I can do. Does it right. These guys are all crazy, but they’re really cool. And I think we’re gonna have a good time. I think we’re gonna get him down here for a naked truth.


Mallory Gordon  06:03

Oh, that would be amazing. Yeah, that’ll be they do a great job. That’d be highly entertaining. Especially. Are you talking about our pain slot?


Mickey Gordon  06:11

No. So my K and a bit the pain slide. We met her at the STC. It may be interesting to Well, I think we’re gonna get them over here too, because they live like 10 minutes from I know. Go figure. Right? And she is a total pain sled. She loves getting her ass beat.


Mallory Gordon  06:25

Yeah. So we had a very interesting conversation when it came to BDSM. And some of the other things that they’re into.


Mickey Gordon  06:32

Yeah, I mean, they it’s I don’t know. I will get into them later. But you know, this Memorial Day party is a lot of people. Oh, yeah. Can a definitely a get them down here for the Naked Truth. But that group is who we’re meeting down there for Memorial Day because it’s a birthday, isn’t it? I think that’s what that is. Or no, that was just last week. I don’t know. We’re gonna we’re gonna get down there and it’s gonna be fun. And we’re gonna have a good time. But we’re also ordering swag for Nin. We’ve got so much


Mallory Gordon  07:01

coming in. We need to make sure that I have my list. Staton before we order. Oh, yeah, yeah, because like, I I have to stay organized.


Mickey Gordon  07:12

Yeah. And so much crap. I think I just give away too much. Right. I’m like, here you can have this you can have this here. Take some Well,


Mallory Gordon  07:18

I’m okay. No, I love that about you. I love Yeah, we should have tons of shit to give away. But I want to make sure that we’re not leaving here without you know, forgetting anything like I don’t know. or casual swing or condoms. Oh, we have only have like, 1000 What


Mickey Gordon  07:31

are we gonna do with 1000 condoms? No buts. 1000 people get laid?


Mallory Gordon  07:35

Hopefully I’ll get to a few of them. Well,


Mickey Gordon  07:37

I think our 15 year old raided the box. And I think he needed 300 at least he thinks Oh, yeah. I’ve looked in the box. And like I told you. I don’t know what he’s doing with him. But he took a bunch. Wow. So there’s that. Hey, if you wonder what kind of parents we are just looking at Episode Three, why our children need therapy and sex positive parenting son. There’s a box of condoms in my office. Feel free to take a few punch. How about our listeners? Right. So we’ve got this. We got this new thing coming up. We have Memorial Day coming up. Where do you guys want to see us go?


Mallory Gordon  08:08

That’s right, because we You and I have been sitting here talking to baby and I think we need to finally pull the cord rip the band aid off and get out there and do an actual meet and greet. And we’ve talked about Orlando and Houston and Atlanta. What are your thoughts? What our listeners thoughts?


Mickey Gordon  08:22

Yeah, that’s that’s really what we want to hear. We want to hear from you guys. Tell us where you’d like to see us go. And, you know, give us some feedback. Because if we can get a good idea of where everybody would like to see us, then maybe we can plan a listener party. So we’ve got some partners. Awesome. Oh, God. Yeah, I mean, just a good time somewhere. Maybe we rent out a bar or maybe we I don’t know We’ll think of something but I’m thinking to listener parties on the horizon. You just got to tell us where you want us to go. So reach out to us at podcast at casual Springer calm and give us your thoughts on why your city is the place that casual swinger needs to show up but hey, today’s episode, right true eyes. So what is a true eye is are we telling the truth in the bedroom? We’re telling truth each other’s lifestyles?


Mallory Gordon  09:06

I think it’s across the board. I think there’s so many lies when it comes to sex. And as that applies to lifestyle and it’s it’s kind of self destructive in a way right? Because no, I think biggest lies is a woman is Oh my god, I’m coming. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  09:24

yeah, she I think the biggest lie men tell is I love you.


Mallory Gordon  09:27

Uh, you know, maybe


Mickey Gordon  09:28

Yeah, I think it does. But we’re gonna get into that here in a couple of minutes. But guys, this is a this is an episode on True Lies and tell him the truth in the lifestyle. And we’ll jump into it when we come back. right after this. You’re listening to casual swinger. Hey everybody, welcome back. This is casual swinger and I’m Mickey,


Mallory Gordon  10:35



Mickey Gordon  10:36

And we’re talking about True Lies. We’re talking about telling the truth in the bedroom. We’re talking about telling the truth and the lifestyle, man. And we’d like to say we all do it, but I don’t think we all do.


Mallory Gordon  10:48

I don’t think we do either. I think we’ve found a way to excuse ourselves to allow ourselves to do it. Because we’re I don’t know maybe we’re afraid of with it their partner or maybe you want to make a group environment you


Mickey Gordon  11:01

good? Yeah. So we’re gonna break this up into some some sections. Right? Some we’ve written sections, but sorry, that was one way to


Mallory Gordon  11:09

make it awkward.


Mickey Gordon  11:12

That was my space invaders.


Mallory Gordon  11:14

I know. It was such a nerd.


Mickey Gordon  11:16

I love that movie. such a dork. I’m a total nerd.


Mallory Gordon  11:19

I love it, too. It’s okay.


Mickey Gordon  11:21

It’s great. All right, I’m gonna start quoting Space Invaders. Now for some odd reason. In the middle of you know, like I said, Dead of Summer in Central Florida. But let’s talk sex. Let’s just talk. Tell him the truth in sex and what kind of sex like kinky dirty sex? Boring sex. Boring married sex?


Mallory Gordon  11:38

Are you asking me a question? Or is that like rhetorical?


Mickey Gordon  11:42

Well, how do we tell that


Mallory Gordon  11:43

like boring married sex for 100? Alex?


Mickey Gordon  11:48

No, it best says we’re not allowed to have boring married sex anymore. We have to make it dirty. So


Mallory Gordon  11:55

what about that makes it dirty? But what’s the qualifier? Is it because your fingers now dirty? Or is it because it’s, it sounds like missionary?


Mickey Gordon  12:04

Well, it’s only me. It’s only dirty if I reach her and give you the dirty sanchez.


Mallory Gordon  12:10

No offense, anyone who’s super into that and finds it like a huge turnoff.


Mickey Gordon  12:15

We’re gonna hear from a listener named Sanchez going that bothered me. Yeah. But so lies insects, period. Right. And Amy, you can’t lie to yourself. You’re masturbating. masturbation is truth.


Mallory Gordon  12:25

That is, you read my mind. That is if you’re successful at masturbating, you have your truth. There is no what works. There’s no reason that we should feel compelled to lie about it.


Mickey Gordon  12:38

Oh, there are some people that are very defensive over goats. And if that’s what gets you


Mallory Gordon  12:45

Okay, within, within reason, I guess that’s why it’s bad.


Mickey Gordon  12:53

All right. So


Mallory Gordon  12:54

we’re gonna have to take like, 17,000 breaths in this episode.


Mickey Gordon  12:58

I’m very sorry. It’s been a hell of a day already. So but you know, you can’t lie to yourself when you’re whacking off. You know, but that’s actually a really interesting barometer. Like you just said, like, if I that’s what does it for me, like, I should probably be honest about it.


Mallory Gordon  13:13

Well, that’s at least your foundation, right? Like that. That is center. When I’m when I’m struggling and say it’s all a head game issue for me, which when I’m in that mental space, that’s usually what it is. I literally get in the same position. Use my favorite toy. And whether it’s solo or in tandem.


Mickey Gordon  13:34

You’re aiming for the end, right?


Mallory Gordon  13:36

I my goal is to get off


Mickey Gordon  13:38

well, and we think about it so we talked about boring married sex for a minute, but I mean, boring. Married sex is also like, we know what works. We have a few minutes before the dogs start barking or the kids need to go to school. And it’s like, okay, we’re gonna, we’re gonna do what we got to do. We’re gonna do as fast as we can possibly to it. So we’re gonna use the position that works. We’re gonna use a toy. We’re gonna, okay, one for you. One from me. Ready and go. And so I don’t never just one for me, though. No, it’s never one for you. Can you sorry? Yeah. selfish.


Mallory Gordon  14:04



Mickey Gordon  14:06

  1. I’m like, Okay, can I have my note?


Mallory Gordon  14:08

Again? 36 seconds left.


Mickey Gordon  14:11

It’s okay. Go.


Mallory Gordon  14:12

See, it’s not boring. It’s interesting. No, it’s always a challenge. But,


Mickey Gordon  14:17

you know, is we’ve got some things that we’re calling them lies, but lies as a kind of a nasty word. And sometimes we inflate the truth. Like maybe you put on a little bit of a show for you’re putting


Mallory Gordon  14:29

on airs. Yeah, man.


Mickey Gordon  14:30

And you know, because you want the person to feel sexy. Yeah, I mean, maybe that’s why or maybe you want to feel good about this


Mallory Gordon  14:36

PowerPoint. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  14:38

I see where you’re going with this. Or maybe it turns you on maybe, you know, talking shit or little extra moaning turns you on. Right. It reminds you when you’re in the moment. And then of course, in my case, maybe you’re addressing the other person’s kinks, right. Maybe you’re talking a little shit or telling a story or


Mallory Gordon  14:56

Yeah, I don’t think that’s that. Yeah, I don’t think that falls under line. Though I think that’s embellishing kind of I mean, but you’re, you’re planning into each other. Okay, you know that there’s still benefits to be had that are symbiotic. Right? You’re getting off on them getting off. Oh, I get off on you, sir. Am I just like, No, I


Mickey Gordon  15:22

think it does. I can hear my own voice. I like to hear your voice. Unless you’re mad at me. Like you’re going the other direction. But you know, I think that lies in sex. There are a few though we do tear sir slides. Straight bullshit. Yeah. So I’m gonna start with my favorite. The one that I’m like, Oh, fuck you. I knew. Oh, it’s so


Mallory Gordon  15:51

big. Oh, okay, so two things about that one? Yes, I think it’s one of the most common commonly used phrases for women referring to men in bed. Why? And one? How many of them mean it because if you sleep with, let’s say 100 men, right? 50 of them are going to be below average. Just statistically speaking, right?


Mickey Gordon  16:14

Yeah, you’ll have you could do that with 10 you don’t need 100


Mallory Gordon  16:19

get creative. What am I?


Mickey Gordon  16:22

What did you said you could do there with 10? Guys, you don’t need 100 but I mean, if you want to go for the gold.


Mallory Gordon  16:30

dream big.


Mickey Gordon  16:31

Yeah, we’re talking about dreaming big. So So why do we go Wait, oh my god. It’s okay, good.


Mallory Gordon  16:37

I wasn’t finished with my point here. So the it’s so big. Like, I also need my more creative space. Like if you’re gonna make commentary on a very specific sexual organ. Like you need to like, get a little more creative. Like, I love how it turns. Left, right. It’s that spot just right. That left


Mickey Gordon  17:00

you made on fallopian highway. That was hot. I can’t take it seriously though. Okay, but keep going. Alright, well, so I mean, you’re famous for You’re so hard. I’ve heard Yeah. When we when we were playing with another. Oh, you’re so hard. I’m like, well, he’s got a little tweeter.


Mallory Gordon  17:17

That’s not know why that is not my cover for it isn’t you know, because it’s different than you’re so big. And I will not say you’re so hard if they are not.


Mickey Gordon  17:27

Oh, so he’s trying to break down the barn door with a wet noodle. You’re like, Oh, you’re so soft. It’s so simple. No,


Mallory Gordon  17:38

I love the way you touched me. I don’t know, I find something else to say this is distracting. So we’re not focused there. If that’s the case,


Mickey Gordon  17:44

okay. Cuz, you know, maybe the maybe the guy’s already self conscious about it. You don’t want to point out the subtle curves of his


Mallory Gordon  17:50

well, and I guess I am known, like, if I’m not getting a lot of like, audible responses. I will go Would you like me to shut the fuck up? No, cuz I totally will just start moaning.


Mickey Gordon  18:01

Well, no, it plays into the other one. Because guys, I mean, eventually, if you’ve hooked up with a guy a few times, usually, most guys will not go for the gold. Like if it’s your first time or a one time hookup or, you know, it’s a Tinder date that went well. They’re not going to try and put in your button. But after a few dates, you know, maybe you’ve been together a while and you’re like, Hey, what do you think of the back door and married


Mallory Gordon  18:22

for 14 years?


Mickey Gordon  18:24

So baby? And you know, then the the the guys eventually like, Hey, what do you say? And the answer is always the same. That’s way too big for my is. That is not true.


Mallory Gordon  18:35

Well, it is initially. Like you just don’t go from nothing to sticking the whole COC up there. Like there’s a build up and there’s like prep work and you got to like work it out. Okay, you got to work it. Yes.


Mickey Gordon  18:49

I need I need RuPaul right now.


Mallory Gordon  18:50

There’s a graduation that happens like


Mickey Gordon  18:53

start with Pinky. Go to the index finger and then go for the gold.


Mallory Gordon  18:56

Wow, you’re so old school. No, you get way too much information from porn.


Mickey Gordon  19:01

Okay, actually,


Mallory Gordon  19:02

I think I did. Yeah, you’re so tight.


Mickey Gordon  19:05

Huh? Yeah, that’s not always true. Now, that’s not always true. Sometimes you’re throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Yeah, like, wow,


Mallory Gordon  19:12

this is the tightest. Like, why do you think I say that?


Mickey Gordon  19:16

was my question. I think the same reason girls say it’s so big. It’s what they want to hear. They want to hear that they’re making their partner feel good. They want to hear that they’re bringing pleasure to their partner. And that something about them is unique and special. So


Mallory Gordon  19:27

you think it’s it’s part of the psychological Fuck, even if they don’t mean it?


Mickey Gordon  19:31

Yeah. And I mean, so there are things that happen in the bedroom, right? Like, I mean, if you can’t feel it, if it isn’t very tight, maybe the guy starts to go soft a little bit, or maybe his head’s not in the game. And then it’s kind of hard to be like, well, if it’s so tight, why are you losing your shit? Yeah. So I mean, if it’s not, I don’t think you should say it. But you know, positionally speaking, there are positions that that make it tighter than others, right. I mean, you know, it’s, you know, big Down, as you know, is about as open as it gets. So if it’s tight that way, it’s going to be titled, it’s going to be.


Mallory Gordon  20:07

I learned something new.


Mickey Gordon  20:08

Yeah. You know, it’s like, if that’s tight, you’re pretty much gonna be able to have a great time. But as I’m told by Mallory, we’re not supposed to start that way. We can’t just start off, you know?


Mallory Gordon  20:19

No, that’s I think it’s a little too aggressive. Unless there’s been build up prior. Like, I just can’t do FaceTime as up right out of the gate. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  20:27

What if it’s makeup sex, and I’m feeling aggressive.


Mallory Gordon  20:31

But I get that I’m the boss.


Mickey Gordon  20:34

Yeah, she just gave me that look. All right, biggest lie that anybody tells in a relationship.


Mallory Gordon  20:39

I love you.


Mickey Gordon  20:40

Yeah, no question about it. So I had a family member that told me once that men use love to get sex,


Mallory Gordon  20:49

and women use sex to get love. That’s fact.


Mickey Gordon  20:52

So I think I love you as in relationships. The number one lie, people tell it now. They fake it till they make it right. Yeah, you start out going, Okay. Yeah, Yeah, me too, babe.


Mallory Gordon  21:06

That’s pretty much exactly how that went. By the way, the first time that


Mickey Gordon  21:10

I think you should tell our listeners how you told me that you love me.


Mallory Gordon  21:13

Fuck. Okay. So we’re dating long distance. So Mickey and I dated long distance for almost two years, we lived about 1000 miles apart. And in the very beginning, I think we’ve been together a couple months. I had a couple girlfriends I was really tight with and they come over hang out, we’d have a few bottles of wine and like, then you and I wouldn’t do our like Skype call or like video chat at some point during the weekend. And it was before after the Skype call or is rescheduling? And I think you were watching UFC I think it was a Saturday that you had UFC. Yeah. So I left you a message. So I didn’t want to like wasn’t being used to texting at that point in time. And I’m like, blah, blah, blah. This is what’s going on, did it. love you bye. hung up the voicemail looked at my girlfriend and I was horrified through the phone like it caught fire across the room. You


Mickey Gordon  22:05

beat you in the face and like oh my gosh.


Mallory Gordon  22:09

Cuz you can’t like log into your own voicemail and erase it. Right? And like, what what am I gonna do call you and tell you don’t listen to the voicemail cuz that’s exactly what you would have done.


Mickey Gordon  22:20

I would have been delete that no problem. I’m listening.


Mallory Gordon  22:22

So the next day when we talked it was like so everything’s cool. We never mentioned at the very end of our conversation I’m like, and, but that voicemail like, no pressure or anything like it just kind of happened. Like you just flew right out of my mouth.


Mickey Gordon  22:38

So here I am. I’ve got I don’t know. 20 dudes at my house. We’re watching UFC. We’re all Yeah. And I checked my voicemail. And I see I had a call from Mallory. And I’m like, Okay, okay, so I listen to it. And I’m probably not going to tell the guys about that right now. Just gonna keep watching the


Mallory Gordon  23:00

  1. Were you terrified though in that moment, cuz it was a very casual voicemail from what I remember. Just like, you know, me. And so and so we’re gonna go grab some dinner or like, I’m going to be busy or I was just thinking of you it was it wasn’t anything like of real context that I remember. And then it was like, okay, Love you. Bye. Yeah, well, that’s


Mickey Gordon  23:18

so we were still kind of in the, in the Groucho Marx phase. Right, right, and want to be a part of a club that would have me as a member, I didn’t really, if you would say that to me. I’m like, great. She’s telling 10 dude, she loves him. And I just wasn’t sure where we were at. Yeah, I think that that was a little scary. And when you drop truth like that, because you meant it, it was scary. So sometimes truth is a problem. Just like why is there a problem?


Mallory Gordon  23:40

That’s I have to agree wholeheartedly.


Mickey Gordon  23:43

And to be told lies in the first place.


Mallory Gordon  23:45

I had to have that conversation with myself and like, did that just fly out? Because something have it? Or is it because of the way I feel? And I was like, you know, I have to own it. I totally head over heels for this guy completely in love with them. Whether it works out or not. That is the truth.


Mickey Gordon  23:59

It kind of worked out. Hey,


Mallory Gordon  24:01

I think it worked out just fine.


Mickey Gordon  24:03

We had morning sex, so we’re still doing it. We are so um, you know, let’s go beyond because that’s all heavy and shit. So let’s talk about a lie that I think it gets told in two different directions. I’ve been with x partners, how many people you’ve been with and Do


Mallory Gordon  24:18

you still think guys overestimate girls


Mickey Gordon  24:20

guy guys guys overestimate or kind of fluff it up? I’ve been with 150 chicks. But and then


Mallory Gordon  24:27

the other guys though.


Mickey Gordon  24:28

Yeah. And then women, they round down and they round down hard. Like they take off the first 10


Mallory Gordon  24:34

You think so? Because I don’t even know if that’s really discussed anymore. If people talk about the number of sexual partners,


Mickey Gordon  24:40

I don’t think people in the lifestyle do.


Mallory Gordon  24:43

Okay, maybe I’m just in a vacuum then.


Mickey Gordon  24:45

Yeah, I mean, you’ve been with me so long, but if you I mean, you like let’s say that I get hit by a rampaging cow in the backyard. And in my meet my untimely demise. The next guy that you meet that’s gonna come up, it comes up in every relationship right? So How many decks Have you written there?


Mallory Gordon  25:02

347? Sir.


Mickey Gordon  25:06

idea. Carry the two. Yeah. Wait, I mean, yeah, I don’t miss I don’t think it’s a big deal personally. I mean, obviously as his lifestyle, there’s really like it. Yeah, I want to have sex, let’s have sex and then you don’t you don’t? I mean, I certainly can’t remember them all at this point. But yeah, the vast pantheon of sexual partners that I’ve had,


Mallory Gordon  25:25

do you think it’s a little classless to keep count?


Mickey Gordon  25:31

I think everybody’s kind of got a bucket list, right? Like this one some things. Right. So it’s a good


Mallory Gordon  25:35

way to put it. Yeah. So


Mickey Gordon  25:37

that’s, I don’t think but I again, I don’t think people in lifestyle talk about it. But I think that in relationships people do and they lie about it. That’s a very common lie. And maybe it’s a good thing, right? Because you meet a girl at church. And you know, she’s like, I’ve been saving myself for you, honey, you’re 42 you know, something bad’s gonna happen. Which leads me to my next lie. Oh, my God. You’re really good at this.


Mallory Gordon  26:01

You think it’s like autonomic insects? Do you? I mean, it’s, you’re so big. You’re so good at this. Like, do you think a maybe the impression porns given or whatever, like, those are the things that have to be said in the moment versus being honest? Like, alright, that kind of actually hurts. So maybe like, if I could just put my leg over about maybe a balancing act between is good for me. Good for you. Good for me. Good for you. Good for both of us. Oh, well.


Mickey Gordon  26:27

I mean, if her teeth are scraping along the top of my cock repeatedly, I’m not going to be like, Oh my god, you’re amazing at this. I have to think of something else to say like, perhaps if you keep that up, I’m not going to be able to have sex because I’ll be bleeding.


Mallory Gordon  26:41

Right? Which is kind of the point of the whole thing. Why lie?


Mickey Gordon  26:44

Yes. Why? Why lie? Right. Which because I mean, you’re the best I’ve ever had. Like, I mean, it’s great to feel like you’re on the all star team. That’s amazing. Like, it’s so cool that to feel like you’re like you’re really rocking it. Yeah. But if you’re not say something be like, Look, I really love this position. I like it when you x. Yes. do more of that.


Mallory Gordon  27:06

That is that’s advice that I took a long time ago from someone is, you are really good. When you blank or when we blank or at blank. Right? do more of that. Yes. Right. I


Mickey Gordon  27:21

think one of the worst things that we do his guys, and I’ve caught myself doing it. I think, actually people do it in general, right, you’ll come up, and you’ll start rubbing my back and I’m like, Oh, that feels so good. And you then every time every stop, you stop every time. It’s like wait a minute, I’m just not gonna say anything. Now I’m just gonna keep your mouth shut.


Mallory Gordon  27:42

You have a good point there. Like every I feel like nine times out of 10 when you utter those words, whatever was going on


Mickey Gordon  27:48

ceases and in the bedroom, it’s not that much different. Right there. Keep doing it that spot and what a guys do they change shit up while I’ll really throw a curveball


Mallory Gordon  28:01

is going to be better


Mickey Gordon  28:02

right? Or is gonna be better put my thumb irrational love that. That’ll throw right over the top. No, it won’t keep doing what she said to do. Yeah. But yeah, if they’re being that vocal about it, if you’re not telling the truth.


Mallory Gordon  28:15

There you go. And it doesn’t feel good. And you just told them to, then they’re gonna do it every time. Who’s winning that game?


Mickey Gordon  28:22

Yeah, nobody wins when you do.


Mallory Gordon  28:23

He’s trying to please you. You’re not having a good time. And you’re telling him to keep doing the same thing? It doesn’t fucking feel good.


Mickey Gordon  28:29

So in the lifestyle? Is it in


Mallory Gordon  28:31

this conversation with a girlfriend? Did you?


Mickey Gordon  28:32

Yes. Yeah. In the lifestyle? Is it important to give honest feedback. So you get what you want out of the scenario?


Mallory Gordon  28:39

Yes. Yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  28:41

would say that it very much is right. And I think that’s a really big deal. Because that leads us to the last lie we hear in the bedroom, which is the big one. I’m coming.


Mallory Gordon  28:50

This one’s a good one. So this is coming. Sure, you are ready to spit on my back. So I think I think and I did not look up anything. So we’re not doctors. We’re not researchers. We’re not scientists. We’re just slots fuckin married. Couple that like sex a lot. I’m gonna go ahead and say women lie about getting off more than men do.


Mickey Gordon  29:15

I think that’s 100%. Cuz again, like you said, What am I gonna do spit on your neck and be like, Well, that was awesome. Close your eyes will spit in your eyes.


Mallory Gordon  29:22

Yeah. Right. For a woman. There’s very little physical proof, right? Oh, no, there is with you. But you only know that because you know me so well. So when I’ve had sex with for the first time, then they wouldn’t they probably would not know.


Mickey Gordon  29:38

Now that’s true. They’d be like, wow, you’re really wet. I know. Cuz I came. I’m just really wet. Yeah, so that’s


Mallory Gordon  29:45

just get really wet and I don’t get off.


Mickey Gordon  29:46

Yeah, that’s true, too. Yeah, that’s actually true, too. So why? What’s the benefit in in lying about an orgasm for a woman? Because I mean, maybe it’s because he sucks out and you want them to stop? Right?


Mallory Gordon  29:57

It could be and that’s a tough one.


Mickey Gordon  29:58

She sucks at it. No. Okay, so there’s that. But I’m just wondering, I mean, how do we get past that? How do you get to the point where it’s like, Alright, here’s what’s up. I know what works for me.


Mallory Gordon  30:07

There’s so many women that are out there, maybe, maybe not in the lifestyle, I think, you know, we’ve, we’ve graduated and we we tend to know ourselves pretty well. But women out there that don’t know what works for them, or have convinced themselves that this mediocre or


Mickey Gordon  30:28

good enough


Mallory Gordon  30:28

is good enough. And


Mickey Gordon  30:30

that’s never the enemy of all,


Mallory Gordon  30:33

I met a girl who was 32 first time she had an orgasm.


Mickey Gordon  30:36

I know a couple of women that have never had one.


Mallory Gordon  30:39

Isn’t that that’s to me, that’s so mind blowing. And is that a byproduct of physical stage? Maybe something to do with nerve endings? Is it you know, anatomy related?


Mickey Gordon  30:51

Most doctors I’ve talked to say it’s mental. They said, Well, maybe a byproduct of abuse, or there’s a there’s some pretty harrowing shit out there, then that fucks up your ability to relax her sexually?


Mallory Gordon  31:04

Sure, or an inability to Kitt communicate with yourself.


Mickey Gordon  31:09

So speaking about mental space, do you think that lying about an orgasm from a female perspective solidifies? in her mind? anyway? The ability, the relationship that if I make him feel good about himself, and I make him feel like he makes me happy, then then we have a good thing? You know, yeah, I


Mallory Gordon  31:27

think it’s definitely it. It can spawn to feed the male ego, especially your early stages of relationships. Yeah, like, what about in the lifestyle, though? So the first time hooked up with a couple or guy?


Mickey Gordon  31:41

That just sounds like a bad idea?


Mallory Gordon  31:43



Mickey Gordon  31:44

I mean,


Mallory Gordon  31:44

I think it’s very similar. Do you? Yeah, I think we’d be just as inclined because we want to make them feel good. Okay,


Mickey Gordon  31:54

so we’re interested what you guys think about this, so give us some feedback on it. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, or on our email. We would love to know. Why do you fake it if you’ve ever faked it? And by the way, this is one of my fun things to do with mallery secret time.


Mallory Gordon  32:11

Secret time Have you ever faked it?


Mickey Gordon  32:12

Yeah. Oh, you had you beat me to it. You seriously beat me to it. So fucking Did you suck? secrets? Hilarious. All right. Well, quid pro quo, bitch. So have I ever faked it? Honestly, Yes, I have. Me too. I did. I faked it with a condom on. I was like, yep, I did. I totally came right there. See that? Oh. Yeah. So like a gorilla. Like, I don’t know what I sound like when I’m until I have tried to fake it. So you have faked I have


Mallory Gordon  32:42

fake? Yeah, it’s been a very, very, very long time. But I have and why I’m not good at it. I got caught faking it.


Mickey Gordon  32:49

Why did you fake it?


Mallory Gordon  32:51

Um, because I think I just wanted it to be over with. It was one of those things like it felt like doing the dishes or doing laundry. At the time, I was just like, no, wrap it up, pack it up. Let’s go. Wait a bit, we’re done.


Mickey Gordon  33:04

I mean, why that’s just terrible. This


Mallory Gordon  33:07

is terrible. And I pretty much decided that i i there’s no point in lying. If it’s just not working, I’m okay with saying, you know, it’s not working for me. Let’s focus on you. Hey, it’s not working for me in this position. Let’s try this. You know, I’m okay with raising my hand. And I found because I do that I actually check in Hey, do you do like, what I was this way when I was this way, like, and try to get some feedback from my partner if they’re not doing the same thing.


Mickey Gordon  33:33

I find that if I am sitting there thinking about well, I wonder what happened to all the left socks. It’s probably time for me to wrap it up. That’s not gonna happen. Yeah, right. If I’m sitting there pondering the mystery of the Lost socks. I’m done. Yeah. Like he might still be in the game. But it can happen. Yeah. So it’s time to move on. So why don’t we just say what we mean? Do we need to be lied to? Is there a price? for honesty? In the lifestyle and in relationships? It’s probably two different answers.


Mallory Gordon  34:02

Yeah, I think I have to agree with you. Um, yeah, I think and like, just real life. Yeah. I think we’re kind of bred to not be okay with ourselves. Yeah. I don’t know how to describe that. Well, think about it. On this,


Mickey Gordon  34:15

yeah. Walk through the airport, and you get ads for plastic surgeons. Oh, yeah. Right. You get you get ads for makeup ads for everything that says you need to be different than what you are. Yep. So we feel like we need to be better. And we feel like we need to tell everybody else that they’re better than they actually are. So they feel good. Yes. I think we kind of need to be allied to the government thinks you need to lie to us. Right. They will know, you know, $10,000 hammers, they’re spending that money on something. Yeah. So right. What’s the price of honesty? And I think the price is some people can’t take it. Right. Some people can’t take and that is going to damage some relationships but


Mallory Gordon  34:46

afraid of confrontation because of it. You know, fear of, you know, hurting somebody’s feelings.


Mickey Gordon  34:51

Yeah. Yeah. Now, is there a long term downside to faking it in relationships or in the way Stock Yeah. What do you think it is?


Mallory Gordon  35:02

and relationships? Are you kidding me? Like you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with this human? And you can’t get off because you’ve been lying about like he thinks you get off doggy style doggy style only with a thumb up your ass and you don’t and


Mickey Gordon  35:15

what’s terrible, bland? Terrible plan? It’s a horrible plan the lifestyle? Is there a long term downside to faking it and every time you hook up with this guy he’s gonna put us on the episode everybody. Welcome to Angel. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  35:32

I think I think actually that paints a good imagery, right? Because it’s like putting your finger in the hole of the dam when it’s leaking. Like,


Mickey Gordon  35:39

there’s the know if it’s leaking. I’m not putting my frog analogy.


Mallory Gordon  35:44

Poor timing, okay, I’m out.


Mickey Gordon  35:46

If it’s leaking, I’m not putting my thumb in it. Maybe like, we need to stop. I think there’s a downside. I think there’s a big downside to faking it. And I think in the lifestyle, it actually kind of keeps us from communicating openly, because there’s always that thing in the back of your mind. Like, wow, that person can not eat pussy. Yeah. And you’re like, Okay, if they can’t do it, then we probably you know, shouldn’t be doing it. But you know what, in the lifestyle let’s just talk lifestyle, strictly lifestyle for a minute. I think the biggest place where we you know, play this True Lies game is the profiles that we write online. That’s an excellent point. It’s looking at them. I mean, everything from you know, age old pictures, pictures. Yeah, I mean, height, weight, you know, I’m 60 you meet the guy, by the way. What’s up in Orlando with the height of dudes?


Mallory Gordon  36:43

It’s a lot of shorter dudes in this area. Yeah. I mean, it’s really surprised.


Mickey Gordon  36:47

Yeah, we went to that party. And


Mallory Gordon  36:48

I looked across most of them in heels. I


Mickey Gordon  36:51

could see over the top of their head. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  36:52

it was different.


Mickey Gordon  36:53

I mean, I’m six one. I’m not a really, really tall dude. But still, I was like, Wow, I didn’t think I’d be like Andre


Mallory Gordon  37:00

the Giant now. My back to miles. Yeah, back to profiles. And there’s nothing more disheartening than than chatting up a couple of meeting, you know, somebody online, and then they’re in person. They’re obviously you know, a few years older, and you know, life happens. So what you put on an extra, you know, 20 pounds, just be fucking be fucking yourself, be honest about it. Right? Well, and we, you know,


Mickey Gordon  37:23

we tell people all the time will party with anybody. Absolutely. You know, and you can be the most beautiful people in the world. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna hook up when you might not want to hook up with us. Yeah, we’re still, we’re still gonna have a good time. Exactly. I think the biggest issue we run into is we’re honest about the podcast, we tell people that we have a podcast


Mallory Gordon  37:39

is the shit out of people sometimes. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  37:40

we’ve had people that were talking to online ghost, when we say we have a podcast like book that you’re not talking about us? Well. But anybody’s been out with us knows, we don’t talk about you unless you give us permission. So yeah, we don’t do that. But, you know, the other thing that I think people in the lifestyle kind of put on a show is their financial status.


Mallory Gordon  38:02

Yeah, they can at times, I, we’ve seen a few, I mean, and or they’re either all about the, the style of life that they’re living, and want to be living or want to be living. And to me, that’s a little sad, because they they think that they’re going to gain attention or, you know, more, have more importance because of that because of status, socially economical status, like, and that would


Mickey Gordon  38:29

make me sad. I hope that’s not why they do it. I would love


Mallory Gordon  38:33

Same thing with the regular profiles too. Because I mean, if you’re looking at the 5000 foot view, it does kind of feel like a meat market. And then it feels highly competitive. Like I’m as a girl home Look at all these profiles. And I am absolutely comparing myself subconsciously to her. And her and her and him. You know, like, it does happen.


Mickey Gordon  38:51

Yeah, I think you’re probably right and I mean, I would like to think that you know, people put out what they want to get back. Yeah, right. You want a couple that they you know, what is it Kate says don’t yuck my yum right? She wants people that feel the same yum. You do. You know, she’s so and I agree. Like if that’s your thing, right? If you like going out on your yacht, and you own a yacht and you want somebody else that owns a yacht? Well, I’m then talking about your yacht. I don’t own a yacht. So anybody that talks about a kayak Yeah, my kayaks kind of awesome.


Mallory Gordon  39:24

Yeah. Awesome. Mine is like really lame. I have a paddle.


Mickey Gordon  39:29

I have a motor. I know.


Mallory Gordon  39:33

even told me


Mickey Gordon  39:35

adult woman with their shoulders


Mallory Gordon  39:37

by arms like good though.


Mickey Gordon  39:38

Yeah, they do. That was fun. But you know, I think when we talk about you know, financial status, there’s no no reason to put on a show and a reason to put on airs Be who you are. You know, I mean, if you got a Jon boat, not a yacht, you know, love you john boat rock what you got and you know, it’s funny. That works for peanuts. That’s fantastic. What about taking one for the team? That’s a lie in the lifestyle?


Mallory Gordon  40:05

Yeah, because you’re convincing the other person that you’re into and you might not be.


Mickey Gordon  40:09

Yeah. Why do I keep having to take one for the team? Stop saying that


Mallory Gordon  40:13

that is so not true. But 100 years since that’s happened,


Mickey Gordon  40:19

I know but I’m never gonna let you forget it


Mallory Gordon  40:21

one time. One time. It was just because our foot was clunky.


Mickey Gordon  40:26

She she had a clubfoot. She wanted to put it on my shoulders. Like please, please don’t touch me.


Mallory Gordon  40:31

Your face was amazing.


Mickey Gordon  40:34

I could see it. You were


Mallory Gordon  40:35

shocked. There was too much shocked


Mickey Gordon  40:36

by the foot too late. It was right there.


Mallory Gordon  40:39

I like how am I gonna slip that in? Oh, yeah, she’s sweet. Get it? They have this many kids. She’s super into that he loves your personality. Oh, by the way, she has a clubfoot. He just walked away. It was a stump. It was it was mutilated in an unfortunate accident as a child


Mickey Gordon  40:53

with a one over. All right, so last one, right? Or kinks.


Mallory Gordon  41:01

lying about the king lying about your kings, whether you’re into them or not into them or not bringing them up at all. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  41:07

I mean, yeah, I think you got to talk about it. We’re not gonna talk about it, but be honest.


Mallory Gordon  41:14

Yeah. Or you’re never gonna get it. Say I wait to bring up the spanking until I know, I can trust them.


Mickey Gordon  41:19

Until you know that you want them to be data


Mallory Gordon  41:21

because I’m still like, I’m still reserved, right? That’s a trust issue with me.


Mickey Gordon  41:27

Okay, that makes some sense. Yeah. I mean, you know, it’s funny, you know, it’s people ask me about kinks. And I’m like, Yeah, I don’t really have very many. I mean, you know, you’re over here making a face you’re like you should do,


Mallory Gordon  41:42

motherfucker. Definitely. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  41:46

But it’s, you know, it’s different for everybody. And I think you do have to be on spec if you like, and you want to be like, yeah, that turns me on. Let’s do this. And then you’re there you are with us. I’m in your ass. Again. We’re gonna get


Mallory Gordon  42:01

you better watch out bending over in front of me the rest of the week. Cuz All I want to do now let’s put one of my fingers in your ass.


Mickey Gordon  42:09

Can you make it a small one?


Mallory Gordon  42:11

I have tiny fingers anyway. Like even my thumb’s tiny.


Mickey Gordon  42:15

Let’s start with the thumb.


Mallory Gordon  42:17

You’ll be fine.


Mickey Gordon  42:17

It’s too big. Just


Mallory Gordon  42:18

take a deep breath. It’s so spot on that.


Mickey Gordon  42:22

You’ll miss and spit on my name is terrible. You spit like a girl, too?


Mallory Gordon  42:30

I really I don’t actually know how to spit.


Mickey Gordon  42:35

I know I never Oh, swallow every time.


Mallory Gordon  42:38

Like I think the only thing I can like spit watermelon seeds kind of. But like I can’t like get like, I can’t. It does dribble. It’s horrible.


Mickey Gordon  42:50

You’re the worst spinner. The history of spitters


Mallory Gordon  42:53

Hey, that’s why don’t spit I swallow.


Mickey Gordon  42:55

Oh god. Yes, you do every single time. Well, guys, you know, that’s just kind of a rundown on and kind of truth in lies in relationships and in the lifestyle. But there’s a moral here. Just be you. Be who you are, be what you are. Because if you do, it’s probably going to work out better because either you’re gonna end up in a great situation. Or maybe more importantly, you won’t end up in a bad one. And I think that’s really critical. I think Mallory agrees. She’s over here nodding furiously. Well, she’s drinking her coffee. So


Mallory Gordon  43:29

I am. I’m super tired and super thirsty. That’s my truth,


Mickey Gordon  43:35

or truth. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  43:36

no, no, absolutely. I agree wholeheartedly.


Mickey Gordon  43:41

So we’re gonna come back here in a couple of minutes with a special edition of swinging in the news. It’s fucking hilarious. I


Mallory Gordon  43:47

can’t believe you found this.


Mickey Gordon  43:48

Well, this is this goes with the lies.


Mallory Gordon  43:51

Yeah, does. So we’re gonna can’t wait to call these people out.


Mickey Gordon  43:54

I’m looking forward to it. We’re gonna come back here in just a second and talk about a lifestyle resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is trying to get shut down and I think they deserve it. But we’ll talk about that more. We come back. You’re listening to casual swinger. Oh, oh.


Mallory Gordon  44:53

Hey guys, welcome back to casual swinger Mallory here and yeah, I tend to do that there’s something about my name that just makes me want to sing you do you think this


Mickey Gordon  45:04

is Mallory?


Mallory Gordon  45:07

I can’t sing. So you want a bedroom. Sparkle fingers.


Mickey Gordon  45:15

Sparkle fingers.


Mallory Gordon  45:17

So you found a new resort in Vegas, right, that has all these sensational reviews and have app accolades from like, Maxim and these really big publication names according


Mickey Gordon  45:33

to them. They do. Yeah, right. So I mean, shit out. Yeah. So there’s a resort in Clark County, Nevada, which is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is basically Clark County. Yeah. And there’s a place that is, at least on paper is a meditative Zen center. It’s a religious facility.


Mallory Gordon  45:53

Yeah, we talked about one of these before. Did that


Mickey Gordon  45:55

one was in California? Yes. Outside of Sacramento. Yep. So this is a meditative Zen center. That’s how it’s registered with the with the county is a religious facility. However, when you go to look them up online, for example, nude resort, Vegas calm is one of their websites. By the way, they have multiple websites that all lead back to this one website. Okay. And this their website, their very website is a website that says that their clothing optional VIP retreat with luxury day and evening rentals, and it’s a lifestyle club and nudity. And they’ve got all these hot models and these lush gardens.


Mallory Gordon  46:32

And yeah, like they look like they’re standing on a bridge over a koi pond.


Mickey Gordon  46:36

Yeah, and I mean all these hot and they’re super high. Yeah, chicks ever and then a couple of Buddhas I see some Buddhist naked yoga or somebody doing naked do yoga. Yeah. Okay, is it naked yoga, naked do to look sleep, but that there’s a pole. Okay. And it looks really, like just kind of


Mallory Gordon  46:55

looks like it’s somebody’s backyard.


Mickey Gordon  46:57

This does look like the backyard of the house. Okay, here’s the thing. And we talked this is an episode on True Lies. So the very top best lifestyle resort in the world by playboy Maxim. And there’s no other grammars poor by playboy and Maxim and the LA Times. Okay, so I went ahead and googled it,


Mallory Gordon  47:17

right. And usually when you have an accolade like that, you link right under the name, like, say, the name, playboy, it’s bright blue, double underline, and it leaks out to that article or that page or that right back your shit right up. Yeah. And that’s kind of


Mickey Gordon  47:32

interesting. And by the way, when they talk about themselves on their other websites, and the websites that link back to them, ah, they’re always VH, one MTV


Mallory Gordon  47:43

ad it like so now it’s starting to build like,


Mickey Gordon  47:46

all of these buildings were like, Where is all this other information? I don’t know, their accolades coming. So I started Googling around, trying to find any one of these massive publications that talk about the sea mountain, one love, nude day club resort in any of these things, because this place is called the sea mountain in or the one love resort. And I have been looking all morning, and I can’t find a single reference to this place


Mallory Gordon  48:19

and themselves right in themselves. So the point of this is, aren’t they being sued now


Mickey Gordon  48:24

they are so Clark County has been investigating these guys for some time. There is an article out on ktnv, which is the local news outlet that says that after a month long investigation, Clark County Commissioners voted Tuesday to allow the DA to sue the owners of the property located on East Harmon Avenue in Clark County. So everything from their liquor license to their food, the motel and then of course, they throw out whatever sexual acts may be going on. They never got a license. So there are tons of violations. So these guys have been operating a lifestyle club. They’re actually there. There is a lifestyle club there that’s been operating as a religious worship center.


Mallory Gordon  49:04

Which I understand that completely. Yeah. I mean, yeah. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  49:10

But this place has been operating as a religious worship center, never got any licenses to sell food, never got any license to sell liquor never got licensed to operate an adult establishment. Like, you know, there’s some legit clubs, right, Las Vegas.


Mallory Gordon  49:23

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. There’s legit clubs there. And I’d love to hear from any listener who’s been to this club in particular, because now like, hindsight is 2020 with them not having the right you know, licenses or approvals. That means they’re not getting the proper inspections, either. Yeah. I mean, how, how endanger were some of the the patrons that have attending this facility.


Mickey Gordon  49:49

This facility and you got legit places. I mean, one that comes to mind is a place called the green door right off the strip, right? I mean, they pay good money to be where they are. Yeah, I pay for their licenses and their liquor. And everything else. And this ktnv article says the county document showed the property was operating illegally on both is a bar a spa a motel a nightclub, and had multiple names see mountain in and one love temple. Every Google Search takes you right back to you know, this one website that makes them look like they’re something they’re not. And I you know it, you know the last time this happened the last time we talked about a center, that was a swing club, they got shut down. We were on the side of the center. We were on the side of the people that got shut down because they weren’t bothering anybody. And they for them. It was a religious experience.


Mallory Gordon  50:41

Right. And I can,


Mickey Gordon  50:42

yeah, but these guys from everything I can see are full of shit is a Christmas turkey. I mean, I’m looking at this going. I mean, they’re their Yelp reviews, and their TripAdvisor reviews are pretty good. But if they’ll lie about who’s talking about them, if they’ll lie about, you know how good they are and who at AOL and maximum in, in, in playboy, if they will tell that lie right here in writing. Are these reviews real? I would ask that question. I mean, if you’re gonna lie, where’s the lie end? Yeah. And I mean, I can’t find it in you know, it’s not hard. A quick google search. If I search playboy, and this resort name, it should come up. I mean, it’s your marketing. So, guys, this is a huge lie. But I’m gonna put in the show notes. All of this, you know, their Yelp reviews, TripAdvisor. Well, and also this article to ktnv where these guys are getting shut down. This is kind of crazy.


Mallory Gordon  51:40

Yeah. I mean, it’s not something I would have thought of prior. Like, how much investigating do we do with some of the clips we’ve attended?


Mickey Gordon  51:47

That’s true. Yeah. Sometimes you’re just like To hell with it. Yeah. Right. I mean, we went to that one in Pennsylvania, where we looked at each other. And we’re like,


Mallory Gordon  51:54

yeah, we rip the band aid off in that one. And we’re like, No, no, put it back on. Put it back on. Gotta


Mickey Gordon  51:59

  1. Get us out of here. Time to roll left. Well, and it was the banjos when we were pulling up and, you know, mold wiped, and there was a house across the street with people staring at us or walking in?


Mallory Gordon  52:11

I think they were taking bats.


Mickey Gordon  52:13

They’re gonna leave early. Yeah. So you know, when we talk about swinging in the news, we’re looking for opportunities to just kind of express the lifestyle and talk about fun parts or lifestyle. But this episode was about wise.


Mallory Gordon  52:25

Yeah, this Yeah. And this, this article, this resort actually, you know, hit the nail on the head when, when it came to truth in lies,


Mickey Gordon  52:36

right really did. I mean, this is these guys are marketing themselves badly, and they’re probably taking money out of it.


Mallory Gordon  52:42

Well, with you having some journalistic background that I know it bothered the hell out of you did like, Fuck,


Mickey Gordon  52:47

you suck. Yeah. But hey, this has been fun. This has been fun kind of sorting through these things. And now,


Mallory Gordon  52:55

it’s been a little different. We’re kind of more relaxed and yeah, but


Mickey Gordon  53:00

we know you fake orgasms now.


Mallory Gordon  53:03

Why guys? Don’t fake orgasms. nobody wins.


Mickey Gordon  53:07

Well, and you guys have been listening. And you guys are probably caught. You know, over the course of this episode, you’ve heard some orgasms. Those are all fake orgasms from our listeners that you guys sent us. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed them. And maybe you heard yourself


Mallory Gordon  53:24

I think I think there’s one that’s real in there.


Mickey Gordon  53:26

Is there a real I think there’s a real one. Oh, boy. So now guess actually, that’d be a fun game. If you can guess which orgasm that we played during this episode is real. Let us know if we can guess but hey, this has been a blast Mallory. Why don’t you tell everybody what’s going on?


Mallory Gordon  53:42

You guys know where to find us? Right? We’re casual swinger everywhere. It’s not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SLS Cassidy and double detonation. Doubleday nation. That’s right. We added a new one.


Mickey Gordon  53:56

We did in fact, Facebook,


Mallory Gordon  53:58

and I said that already. Yeah. And YouTube. Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  54:02

We’re YouTube. Do


Mallory Gordon  54:03

you have a YouTube channel? We do. I didn’t know tone like yesterday.


Mickey Gordon  54:10

Automatically, so.


Mallory Gordon  54:11

Yeah. Alright guys. Well, thanks again for joining us and reach out to us at podcast at casual for any feedback questions, and leave us a review on iTunes. We love you too.


Mickey Gordon  54:24

Alright, everybody, thanks for playing. We’ll see you soon. You’ve been listening to casual swinger.



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