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SE03E17 – Wanderlust or Bust

Fri, 8/27 5:29PM • 1:05:34


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Wanderlust Cate, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:02

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast as your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:16

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show is about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:41

Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy. And welcome back to another episode of casual swinger. I’m your host Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  00:53

Alright, so first of all, I’m Mickey and second about you’re assuming that they’ve been here before, because you said Welcome back. Well, yeah. Assuming that everybody loves you, and they come back, hang out with you. Are you a narcissist?


Mallory Gordon  01:04

Well, now I feel like I’m on the spot. I don’t even know what to say to that semantics. And the voice of God there everyone’s got in this room, folks. Oh, yeah. Well, welcome. We have a special guest in in studio today, which is fucking amazing. Right now. We have Kate from wanderlust swingers.


Mickey Gordon  01:23

Yeah, and you know, she’s not just in Florida. She literally in the casual swinger studios in beautiful sunny Orlando, Florida. Kate, how you doing?


Wanderlust Cate  01:32

I must say this chair is not as comfortable I was, as I was hoping it was going to be sir. Your CDs. Great. Thank you for having me. You’re Chinese and upgrade. I’m just saying. Alright, we’ll work on that.


Mickey Gordon  01:42

We’ll get to that. You know, I could go get you like a comfy rolling chair that just envelops your butt. No, so Okay, good. We have to work on our hospitality. That’s right. But we’re gonna get back to you. Okay, we’re not ready for you yet. This is the lead in all right. But hey, make yourself comfy in that folding. And I’m gonna sit over here and shut up. Drink your drink, woman. I love it. But hey, guys, we are days away from our first meet and greet just announced double the chance to win some of these amazing prizes that the beautiful Mallory has picked out just for you by registering before the event. Registration closes at noon on Friday, March 19. Are you doing a limited time only limited time only and double your money? double your money? Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Now so you want to tell people what we’re doing since I’m like a military event and they don’t even know maybe they didn’t


Mallory Gordon  02:28

yet know. It’s our first meet and greet. So please don’t don’t judge us. If it goes sideways. No, it’s actually going to be a great time. So we’re getting together kicks off at 9pm at Oasis on the river. We’re gonna have shenanigans. I mean, that’s kind of what we’re known for. There’s going to be games, lots of music, the raffle that you just mentioned, and it’s a great opportunity to socialize and meet new people on your area.


Mickey Gordon  02:50

Yeah, so these are door prizes right we’re not selling raffle tickets or anything yeah, no free with purchase Yeah, free with purchase right now if you’re coming to the event. We got drink specials we got all kinds of fun stuff going on. And don’t forget Oasis by the river has a pool so bring your bathing suit, just in case you’re feeling Froggy. Yeah, there we go. I think it’s gonna be a good time. So lots of things to enjoy. And not only that Saturday night, you get $5 off entry to top secret resort of Orlando with your wristband that says www dot casual swinger.com I


Mallory Gordon  03:19

love it. You know, we really should have pitched that like the shamwow commercial like hey, not you know, not only do you get one begin to and also there’s more like what we should work on that more.


Mickey Gordon  03:29

Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t really see that happening. Hey, what are we calling this episode? anyway? This is the 17th episode of season three, which means there are five episodes left this season. What are we gonna do?



I don’t know. It’s wonder lesser bus. Oh. hastily more. One, two lesson bust. Yes. I don’t know. There’s a lot of bust in that chair. But I think we’re talking about two different things


Mallory Gordon  03:49

he didn’t that’s actually a good thing. Like it means we’re determined to have this conversation with you because we’ve never actually had you on our podcast before. I know. I you You guys are so kind you had us and we’re assholes. We’ve never actually invited you on and Trish you’re here. Yeah. And you said you know, Hey, you guys are decks. How about we do something? Oh, see, I


Mickey Gordon  04:05

understand what we did here. See, since Daryl is not here. We went ahead and had them on the show. It’s really Darrell that you didn’t want to hear that’s just you. This is all against Darrell. Yep, it is. He gets a lot of hate. I’m not gonna lie. I’m gonna plead the fifth. I’m impartial. Are you winking at me? They’re like we are and we’re having a good time. I’m really excited about you know, by the way, I think everybody here needs to know. And Daryl you need to know that you missed out on this. Today is steak and blowjob day. You’re gonna miss out on it too. Wait a minute. That doesn’t seem appropriate. Why am I gonna put rice then like where are we gonna chicken? Rice helped me. Mickey’s in trouble? Now it’s steak and blowjob day what is taking blowjob day and why is it a day worthy of celebration for all of us around the world everywhere. It’s better than Christmas. It’s better than New Year’s. It’s better than you wife’s birthday folks. It’s the day that comes exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. When you gave her your all you gave her everything you gave her stuff you gave her diamonds. You gave her roses. You gave her a pearl necklace. What did she give you? That’s right. Today’s steak and blowjob day. It’s your day, gentlemen. So revel in it.


Mallory Gordon  05:20

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I’m sure if we celebrated Valentine’s Day, and I don’t know, like you remembered our anniversary, you we would be celebrating as well.



I feel like you’re judging me for my fault. I’m judging. I’m just I am sorry. Yeah. No, you’re more than, hey, I’m


Wanderlust Cate  05:33

the guest. I can judge away. That’s Yeah. And I’m sitting over here. Yeah, I can judge. Yeah, Mallory approved. No, right.


Mickey Gordon  05:40

Yet another Mallory approved. By the way, if you do make it out to waste, you might just get one of those Mallory approved tattoos that I’ve put up all over my bike, like the day they arrived. You’re gonna say used for target, right? That’s great. That’s fantastic. So any minute, guys, make sure you do come out. If you are in the Central Florida area this weekend. It does start at 9pm it runs till 2am it’s gonna be a fun little event. It’s our first meet and greet. Do we know how it’s gonna go? What do you think, honey? Do you have any thoughts on what’s gonna happen? I


Mallory Gordon  06:12

actually think it’s gonna go great. I mean, it’s, it’s definitely a still going to be very laid back but interactive, right? You know, the games are not going to be too audacious, but they’re going to be fun. And we’re gonna have an opportunity to do again, I think it’s any opportunity we have to meet local folks that have the same mindset is is fantastic. And ultimately, that’s the goal here.


Mickey Gordon  06:30

Yeah. And I like that he gives people that live a little north of Orlando, maybe an opportunity to come down and do something that’s lifestyle in the Orlando area without having to go all the way down to Kushner all the way down to top secret. Sure,


Mallory Gordon  06:38

sure. And I think we’re we’re very lucky with our location because within a couple of hours, we can hit some other major cities like Tampa Jacksonville or Gainesville. And you know, there’s there’s not a lot of opportunity right now to do these kinds of events elsewhere. So I mean, hey,


Mickey Gordon  06:53

we do have a couple of hotels close by we didn’t mention that before. We have a couple of hotels close by that have some nice low rates. So if you guys want to stay have some drinks Uber back to your hotel, maybe you meet a great couple and you want to go back to your hotel dirty shit you can do that too. Oh wow look at you just like throwing like all like no stops like just throwing it all out there. No, no, it’s like you’re right COVID is coming to an end in this country. It is time to fuck


Mallory Gordon  07:15

Yes. Hey, see ya see if you have any questions about the the local accommodations, feel free to shoot us a message podcast at casual swinger or hit the travel with us link on our website casual swinger.com


Mickey Gordon  07:27

Hello, and before we bounce out of here and then come back with a beautiful Kate from wanderlust swingers. Okay, yep, hi. Still here seeing she’s technically here, but we’re gonna come back to her in just a minute. Make sure you guys check out casual toys calm we’re finishing up our get lucky promotion, which is the St. Patrick’s Day promotion. I want to say it ends like tomorrow, which isn’t tomorrow St. Patrick’s Day. Now that is a. That’s Wednesday. Okay, so Wednesday is when it ends then. But that’s a 15% off coupon you can get that coupon is get lucky and we are giving away pretty much $1,000 worth of sex toys at this event on Friday. We are but tell me what does it get lucky? Oh, lucky. Just 15% off promotion sorry. I’m so behind the ball on that one. Yeah, it’s just right there on the front page you put in get lucky at the end, you get 15% off but you know, I’d rather you put in Wunderlist as the code right? Why not? Sure. Yeah, why not? At the way you’re getting lucky like that. Anyway, all right, let’s let’s bounce out of here and come back in just a second. You’re gonna go ahead and remind everybody where they can find us where you didn’t tell them before you know, not podcast at casual swinger. And we’ll come back and we’ll talk with the beautiful Kate from wonderla swingers.


Mallory Gordon  08:38

All right, you can find us everywhere as casual swinger that’s casual swingers calm Feel free to shoot us a message to podcast at casual swingers calm. We’re also on social media, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and feel free to check out our dating profiles. W nation, SLS STC. And Cassidy years so fucking fast at that. Thanks. I’m practicing to be an auctioneer. But don’t tell anyone.


Mickey Gordon  09:00

Either that or you can announce horse races. Would that be fun too? Alright guys, sit tight. We’ll be back right after this. You’re listening. Okay, as promised, we’re back. Guys. We’ll swing here. My name is Mickey. And I’m still Mallory. I would hope so. It was only a 10 minute lead. And so yeah, well, you never know I’ve been drinking today. That’s true. It’s one of those days we had a guest in the casual swinger compound this weekend. There is still a random weird ass blonde sitting in the casual swing your studios jet like Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?


Wanderlust Cate  09:44

I was hungry and I stumbled in and there seemed to be shelter and warmth and alcohol. So So here I am. Thanks for having me. Notice,


Mallory Gordon  09:53

he didn’t say kindness or any of those other things but don’t don’t buy a chair.


Wanderlust Cate  10:00

You’ve kept me fed. Oh, yeah, the dogs. Yeah, there’s many job paths. Are you getting fed? You’ve kept me look it up. This dog pads. I mean, it’s basically bliss up in here.


Mallory Gordon  10:11

But more seriously like, welcome. Thank you. Thanks for having me visiting the casual compound here. Like we’re really honored and excited that you took the time out of your busy schedule for traveling all the way. I mean, you came from fucking afar.


Wanderlust Cate  10:25

You drive down to Fort Lauderdale to pick me up so you get some props?


Mallory Gordon  10:28

I mean, okay, well, okay, thank you. Thank you. I don’t know that way. It’s really fucking deserved.


Mickey Gordon  10:33

Why from fucking Turkey?



For sure. I mean, technically, the attackee the New York City area. So So tell us what Where are we? What are we doing in Florida to begin with what what brought you here?


Wanderlust Cate  10:45

So I came out to Florida now for my I feel like it’s my fifth time out here doing discovery and working with some of the hotel and the contractors that we have for podcast deploys are essentially like, that’s the reason I’m here but then I sprinkled in some well if I’m gonna fly 24 hours, I’m gonna, you know, catch up with some friends and I’m going to have some drinks and I’m going to sit on the beach for a little piece. So yeah, predominantly, I’m here for podcaster Palooza, but sprinkled in with a little bit of fun. I’m gonna get mine it’s been COVID it’s been hard


Mallory Gordon  11:13

love it I’m gonna ignore the first part where you’ve been here five times this first time we’ve seen you here in Florida but that’s okay. Actually second second time fair second,


Mickey Gordon  11:20

so I’m not gonna lie I’m over here and I’m having to like just quell the well of emotion that’s coming up when I found out that she’s been here many times and I mean, do we not matter? Well, we did put her on the naughty chair. Like the shitty the shittiest chair in the house.


Wanderlust Cate  11:36

It’s my second time in Orlando and the first admittedly The first time I came to Orlando I saw you this my second time and that’s true. I’ve technically Florida is a big site. The same?



Yeah, it is America’s penis like Derby decks? Basically. I don’t know that we have a choice we are Floridians.


Mickey Gordon  11:52

It’s kind of natural. So I recently you and Darryl lovely husband. Yeah, beautiful soul that he is. Okay. You guys changed your name of your podcast you have been swinging down under as long as I’ve known you I was a fan of the show before we started casual swinger and felt like any you guys which was only totally creepy The first time I met you And guess what? Remember that time that you bought Yeah, I know. I love when I do that. Yeah, yeah. Episode, you changed your name recently to wanderlust swingers. So I’m curious. What the fuck is a wanderlust swinger? Why the name change? You have something against Australia? I mean, no,


Wanderlust Cate  12:27

I mean, look, we kept the whole swing down under brand. We started a podcast in Australia, we moved to Asia, we kept the brand because you know, we were like, well, we’re still technically like on slash below the equator so we can get away with it. And then now that we’ve moved to Europe, it didn’t make any sense. And wanderlust is a desire, a love for travel lover culture. And we figured it works really well. One last thing is we love culture. We love diversity. We love travel. We love meeting new people and the way that they approach the lifestyle and the way that they buy their food and prepare their food. Like it’s a whole gambit. And that’s kind of how we decided to change our name to one to Las Vegas. It’s been a bitch for SEO and podcast feeds. But hey, we’re in it. Now. Let’s just go ahead and write this down. Yeah, since it


Mallory Gordon  13:11

Yeah, no, it was actually really brave. But I do love the new branding. It does speak to who you guys are as people. Oh, yeah. Like your travels cuz you’ve had a lot of changes over the last few months. Like Natalie Did you know The saucy Aussies? Like change the names move from singing? from Singapore to Croatia? How’s that going? How’s that transition is like Penny, like fully adapted and assimilated?


Wanderlust Cate  13:30

Sorry, you’re asking about Penny and you’re not the first I’ve had countless messages where people are like, how’s Penny doing? And oh, by the way, are you in Darrell? Okay, like that is really common. It’s fair. I get it. She’s got any In fact, Darrell, she’s our mascot. We understand. She’s great. She didn’t let the cold but we’re all doing really well. Croatia is an amazing country. We’re excited to explore Europe, particularly the lifestyle scene, we’re excited to go to clubs. And I guess, explore that side of maybe the lifestyle that people aren’t used to hearing and then talk a lot about that. So that’s a really, I don’t know, a new thing for us. That’s great adventure.


Mallory Gordon  14:09

I love that. And I think I want to live vicariously through you I am I have not had the opportunity to travel as as widely as you have. So I’m absolutely going to be living vicariously through you. And what you were telling me about being located in Croatia is the proximity and the travel times between these these different countries. So not only do you get to immerse yourself there, but you get to have different experiences within a car right or short plane.


Wanderlust Cate  14:34

Oh, for sure. I mean, if you amazing if you take even within Croatia we have react, which has a club and has a nude beach. If we travel a couple of hours we can be in Sylvania. We can go to Poland, we can be in Germany, which you know is really big on BDSM clubs and King clubs. We can travel to Italy. I’m going to be in Qatar later this year. And that’s, you know, 40,000 new people on the beach like it’s It’s, it’s great. I’m excited. I’m excited to bring that kind of that new information to the lifestyle, but equally, I’m excited to experience myself because I don’t know if I’m ready for the European lifestyle. It’s great. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  15:12

well, you have a unique perspective that a lot of people don’t have. I mean, for us, you know, we moved from the Mid Atlantic down here to Florida, and everything Oh, my God, the lifestyle scene, how is it is it better and you really can’t swing a dead cat down here without hitting a swinger. So it was a


Wanderlust Cate  15:28

I killed a couple today, it was bad.


Mickey Gordon  15:31

We’re not cat people, three giant dogs. But, you know, coming down here, it was a huge culture shock for us in the lifestyle. So for you to go from Australia to Singapore, which had to be massive lifestyle, culture shock, and then go from Singapore to Croatia that is just like traveling. It’s must be different planet from a lifestyle perspective.


Wanderlust Cate  15:51

Oh, yeah. I mean, it is we’ve done some lifestyle stuff in Europe, you know, Spain and things like that. But it is very different. The approach is different. The knowledge is different how people interact, how they meet, very, very different. And so that’s, it’s it’s a learning process. It’s a learning curve for us. And I think the biggest thing then is, do we adapt? Do we push against it? Do we accept it? Those are all questions that we need to talk about as we explore more, because right now, you know, maybe it’s exciting and new. But what if the approach is so vastly different to what we used to? Do, we then adapt and accept What’s going on? Or you push against it and try to forge our own way, and make something new of that and create our own events or create our own community? I mean, these are questions and situations that are gonna come up and we just don’t know what the answers are


Mallory Gordon  16:41

sure, because there’s a big difference between like, like, being out of your comfort zone, and then overstepping a boundary that you may have. And some of that could be culturally related. Or, you know, who knows? So, I’ll be listening vehemently, like, all the times to see what what comes out of that. Because, again, I’m so uncultured, but those are the thoughts I had when, yeah, as you guys made the decision to travel and start talking about like, what comes next and what you’re going to be doing.


Mickey Gordon  17:09

And I’m I’m really, I’m almost tragically American. You make fun of me. You’ve done you’ve done it all weekend. You fuck with me for America. I


Wanderlust Cate  17:17

took the piss out of you a couple of times today. I just I literally took the piss out of you for being American today. Like, you’re so American. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  17:24

I mean, it’s it’s certainly true story. And I think as a lifestyler, I would struggle to go to Europe or Singapore or Australia, and really try to connect with people. Because I do speak so much differently than everybody over there does. And I think natural, especially as I drink when I get drink, my country comes out. Just it’s not good. But my question is for you as an Aussie. Has anybody ever tried to bang you just to get you to talk to them with all those fucked up? Where’d you go? Yeah,


Wanderlust Cate  17:53

what not me. But Darrell, like, I remember distinctly coming to the states for the first time that we traveled here. And I was I was working at the time we came here. And he rolled back in with like, a phone number on a pizza box. And he going out to get us coffee and enroll back in with like, Hi, I’m Tina. And here’s my number. Honestly, I the amount of times that he could get laid in America is just amazing. And people don’t know my accent because it’s so just a mishmash of all the places I’ve traveled to. And it’s just, I don’t know, it depends on who I’m talking to. If I’m talking to somebody from like the UK, it’s very different. If I’m talking to someone in South Africa, it’s very different. So I haven’t had anyone try to have sex with me because of my accent. I mean, it’s not off the table. you’re open to it noted, right? It’s not something that I’ve had but Darryl absolutely 100% he has been offered so many times inside the lifestyle and just outside in vanilla life to have sex just because he has an Australian accent. Well,


Mallory Gordon  18:53

I want to see the tap into an American zero times.


Wanderlust Cate  18:56

Oh, not sure. Americans come down to Australian people like Oh, you’re so different and interesting. Like, let’s have a look. Oh, yeah. Okay, I need to go to Australia.


Mallory Gordon  19:04

We get there and we sound like country bumpkins. Like with a drawn out vowel sound.


Wanderlust Cate  19:09

Anything that’s not the usual is exotic, and something exotic is fun and interesting. And therefore, people want to engage with that. Fair enough. Fair enough.


Mickey Gordon  19:17

I got this on my back there. I’m gonna drop a few darlings and the pants are on the floor. It’s gonna be hold them for you. It’s fine. Yeah, this is what I need you for Mama. All right. Well, I do have one quick question before we move on to the next one because I know that Mallory is dying to ask you a couple of more questions, but I am a Lord of the Rings fan. I’m a nerd for those of you that don’t know. And are you familiar with the riddle of the Strider? I’m not no this is a good one. Well, so the real illustrator says essentially that all that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost the old that is strong does not wither and deep roots are not reached by the frost. Oh, it’s fucking deep, right?


Wanderlust Cate  19:54

Yeah, a little bit too much for me right now after a couple of beers in Larry. You and I’m gonna come back to that later and reread it and then be like, Oh, I understand now. There you go. I think he’s trying to you’re drawing the parallel wonder last name. Okay, I got you,


Mickey Gordon  20:07

if not all those who wander are lost all those who wander in lust is a question.


Wanderlust Cate  20:12

That’s actually one of the one of the little play on a title that I really enjoyed is the Wonder lust side of it. Yeah, absolutely. big part of our name change on


Mallory Gordon  20:23

so you’ve been down here to Miami to prepare for your upcoming event p cap, which goes off in May. Yep. So tell our listeners, anyone who’s been under a rock what p cap is and how it came to be like the the inception of P cap. That’s your origins? Yeah, it’s


Wanderlust Cate  20:38

a really big question. What p cap. I mean, the elevator pitch side of it is it’s a three day, three night four day just curated event right on the beach in Southport, Miami, and it’s a hotel takeover. The ethos behind it was that I wanted the voices and the written word of content creators that are in the lifestyle space to come and share their passion with the listeners and the readers that are also in the community and just have a really, really good time. So our tagline is curated yet spontaneous. And the reason behind that is that, yeah, we’ve got some things on the schedule, and those are laid out, you know, we have some edutainment, we definitely get a wet schedule, not a schedule, because y’all set wrong. Okay, thanks, release. But she said, y’all, you guys, yes, your benefit. And to have these kind of different moments, but there’s also some spontaneity and some some prizes that I have lined up that I refuse to tell you, even though you guys I know, that are counting on the club, I know not to go like this, this stuff like you guys have no, I actually, you know what the hotel knows that the only people that know,


Mallory Gordon  21:46

that’s there. And you know what it is, for being a content creator, that’s actually going to be there, I actually really appreciate that. Because there’s a it gives another layer of excitement and something to look forward to. Because I mean, we’ve known you better part of two, two and a half years now. Your attention to detail is unmatched. Like so much. So like I think I can understand some of the scope. But it reaches on what my brain can comprehend. Well, I wanted,


Wanderlust Cate  22:11

I wanted everybody to have a moment where they have something they can take away. And that’s really, really important to me. I want people to make connections clearly. I mean, that’s why you would go to an event, sure, stop. But I want people to have these moments, these spontaneous moments in their journey where something happens, that they just take it away. And then like, that was a really special thing for me. And so that’s the intention, where it came from where P cap came from was years in the making. And I came over here, we came over in 2016 to the States, Darrell and I are from Australia. And we started to meet some like minded voices and podcasters. And we just decided that it was a it felt, just felt real. It felt like home and felt like community. And we wanted to kind of see how we could foster that into a broader sense. And so then 2017 2018 we created other events in New York City or Mexico. And then we decided for the very big undertaking of doing our own hotel takeover. And that’s kind of where we are today.


Mallory Gordon  23:11

I know I’m almost speechless over here. Because that’s that that escalation. those are those are really major steps. And, you know, there’s not an endless coffer at the end of this activity for you. Right, this is something you’ve invested your livelihood. Oh,


Wanderlust Cate  23:25

I’m shitting my pants right now. Yeah. Do not do that. In the casual swinger studio. I was gonna say like, I feel like I’m on casual selling a podcast, like there needs to be some poo involved. So like, I’m shaking my hand. So that’s what’s happening.


Mickey Gordon  23:39

We’re never gonna get away from this. Sorry, not ever. One person shifts in your floor and it follows you everywhere. It goes.


Wanderlust Cate  23:46

Well, there may be some shit involved in Peekaboo. Who knows. Oh, God,


Mickey Gordon  23:49

I hope not. But you did mention special moments. You’re looking to create special moments. Yes. I just like to invite all the beautiful ladies of the lifestyle to my room for some special moments.


Mallory Gordon  23:59

Do you not shit on my floor though? please for the love of God. clitoris massage maybe? No. I mean,


Wanderlust Cate  24:06

yeah, I, I hold a lot of stress in my upper upper clitoral zone. I don’t know why.



That’s fair.


Mickey Gordon  24:14

So I’m curious. I mean, why risk everything? I mean, you and I’m not saying that you’re going to like, you know, just jump off a bridge or anything. But I’m saying you can


Mallory Gordon  24:30

see what you’re saying though. I mean, you this is your livelihood. You’ve taken your hard earned dollars and cents and went okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna gamble on this. I’m gonna gamble on myself and I’m gonna gamble on the community. Yeah, I’ve


Mickey Gordon  24:42

seen this token you’re putting? I mean, a huge, huge risk out there and worried about what 82% sold right now. Yeah, roughly. So it’s it’s still a huge risk for you. There’s still rooms to be sold. But this event from what I know and you said there’s things we don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like that. So you have you put, I can’t even fathom I mean, you guys know me you guys have listened to enough episodes control center know that I don’t get speechless. I’m speechless. Why risk at all? Why put all this out there? Is it for the community for the people for your love of the lifestyle as your fucking status? What is it?


Wanderlust Cate  25:16

I like the fact that you’re like dollars and cents because I clearly don’t have any fucking sense. You know what I mean, when we first started hosting events, and this kind of rolls back to Sydney, Australia, you know, 3030 couples doing like a pub crawl that we hosted for free and we set up like five different pubs we’d go we do games, which are giveaways. And then we’d end up at a club at the at the end of the night. And these were free events, and it was just a good time. And I think back then we realized, this is a great way to feel like you’re part of something bigger. And I don’t mean like that ego of like, well, this is my event, and I’ve made it and so you know, I want all the praise. But there’s something to be said about just getting like minded people in a room together where they don’t feel ashamed, and where they can truly be themselves. And if nothing else, if that’s the takeaway from the time we spent together in Miami, like I’ve won, I’ve done what I set out to do. The fact that people can come and be themselves and take that moment. And I like to say, you know, you power up your energy by like, it’s an arcade game, when you’re around people. And then you walk away. And yeah, it gets depleted. And then maybe you see people again, and that’s, that’s it for me, like that would be the cream of the crop, if we can create that atmosphere where people go, I felt wrong. I felt jaded, I felt like I was taboo. And I came here and I met other people and we just had normal conversation ever a couple of drinks by the pool. And I walked away and I didn’t feel alone. I didn’t feel ashamed. And I’m not wrong. I’m normal. That would be a fucking win.


Mallory Gordon  26:52

Amen. That’s, that’s a bull’s eye for me. And we’ve been lifestyle for the better part of 14 years. And I’ve actually noticed that as the years pass, the harder it is for me to socialize in vanilla environments and feel my most authentic self. Because let’s be honest, I’m not, I’m absolutely not. So when there are opportunities to immerse myself inside the lifestyle community, whether it’s a small dinner party, or an event like this, I never feel more normal than I do. Right then.


Wanderlust Cate  27:21

Yeah. And I think, you know, when people talk about going away to you know, whether it’s heater, whether it’s design, whatever the event is, and they said like, come right back to reality. And I’m in a little bit of a slump. That’s real. You know, and I want to give a shout out if I can to Tammy, she’s a listener of ours, and she’s in Texas. And she said to us, listening to our podcasts, listening to other content creators, reading blogs, made her feel like she wasn’t wrong. It made her feel okay with herself. She wasn’t beating herself up for her sexuality. And that’s, that’s huge. I mean, yeah, if that’s what we create, fuckin amazing. Let’s do more of that. Yes, I feel let’s has our


Mickey Gordon  28:02

right. Yeah, I can’t do that. I don’t think that we’re allowed to say hello, because it just doesn’t sound right coming out of our mouths. But I I thought it sounded pretty good. You did better than I did. I tried. My mind just sounds like a stepped on something. But I really feel kind of not worthy. I mean, it’s, it’s such a powerful emotion that I can see coming out of you. I’m looking at you now. And you’re saying it’s no,


Wanderlust Cate  28:23

this shit makes me cry, like I will straight up crying.


Mallory Gordon  28:28

I don’t blame you. Because it’s, it’s, it’s it’s your baby. I mean, it’s true entrepreneurship at its core, because you are literally putting a lot on the line, right? But you’re doing it with a an altruistic approach, you’re looking at helping the community giving them a place to be themselves and giving them the best, you know, possible time they could have in, you know, a four day period.


Wanderlust Cate  28:52

Here’s what I will say, honestly, I think with the people that come to these kinds of events and in the community just at large, I mean, maybe you can come to this event, maybe you can’t. You could throw these people in a hotel and do nothing else. And I swear to God, they would find a way to have fun, they would go across the road and buy pool floaties if they needed to, they would make a new cocktail, they would get up and play games. on it. I feel a bit redundant. Because honestly, like the people that come to these events, they are just fantastic. And I don’t know if I wish that we had more time and money to do that forever. But it does. It’s it’s opportunity. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  29:30

yeah, no, you’re right. They they, they absolutely will they life sailors can have a shit ton of fun with very little resources, you’re really piling on like this huge value add with everything else that you’re doing. But at the same time, it’s like you’ve invested all this money. And in the long run if we were talking and I’m not a financial planner by any stretch of the imagination, but you could have invested that in something and made a shit ton of money and all you’re all you’re looking to do is provide People with a good time and not lose your ass. Oh, yeah. Essentially at the end of the day, yeah, that’s, that’s just amazing to me.


Wanderlust Cate  30:08

Look, I think, if not who, who would do it? You know what I mean? Like I, there’s been a lot of posts about, you know, starting clubs, starting events, starting resorts and I mean, I think we we all everybody wants to do the right thing it is very, very few people that you meet that don’t want to do the right thing. But it is it is risky. And it’s hard. And it takes a lot of courage. And it takes a lot of crying on your floor at 10am with a wine bottle in your hand and a block of chocolate on the other hand when COVID hits. That wasn’t me kinda it was. Yeah, I mean, I don’t know, I think people will. People will come people will have a good time. And I think it’s really beautiful. I think that being like, squishy.


Mickey Gordon  30:50

No, no, it’s not too squishy. Because you know what folks don’t know, we haven’t talked about this yet. So there’s no fucking way you would know because you’re at the casual compound. We actually hosted one of your listeners just last night. And he came in Mr. shrill. And Mr. Smith came in. And we actually had a conversation that we talked about wanting to include in this episode, and we haven’t thus far. But I think it kind of ties into what you’re talking about here, which is the things that really drive people to do these things and why it matters so much when you have a friendship with or a person that you meet that’s in the lifestyle, the relationship that you create with them is so visceral and so real and so impactful in such a shorter period of time, then any relationship you have with anyone you meet elsewhere. Is that does that play in to what you’re trying to create here is to give people the opportunity to create those visceral relationships that go beyond the confines of your event. Is this about more than an event for you?


Wanderlust Cate  31:45

Oh, 100% I mean, I’ve always felt like a full on outcast. Like I’ve always I’ve never felt like I fit in. I’m socially fucking awkward. Many people think like, oh, you’re really outgoing. I’m like, No, I’m socially awkward. Like, I don’t know what I’m doing. And with these events, yes, it’s three nights, four days. But the idea is that these events create lifelong friendships and camaraderie. Doesn’t mean you got to fuck everybody. Like it doesn’t mean you have to have sex with everybody there. You can walk away feeling that you have a couch to sleep on. And you have somebody to call if you’re having a hard day. Or you have somebody call if you’ve got a triumph. Maybe you’ve got a promotion at work, whatever it is.


Mallory Gordon  32:25

Sure. Yeah, right. You need an orgasm at 3pm in the afternoon. Exactly.


Mickey Gordon  32:28

Right. So yeah, not gotten that phone call yet. What am I doing wrong? Well, in fairness, I haven’t either, but I you know, there’s still hope there’s still hope for us. One can clean the small things and it can be 2pm I’m totally fine. My schedule is flexible. No, I mean, talking about clinging to the things you don’t like to cling to the small things I know. Mallory doesn’t like the small things. I like all the like all the small things. I knew you were gonna do. Saying this song cuz there’s coffee. But, so we’re gonna ask the question of you to ladies, because it’s important. Before we move on with the rest of this episode. Don’t be about your penis. It’s not about my pee. Why? Everything is not about my penis. Exactly. Exactly. Stick person. Yeah. Questions. Spit it out length or girth? Not my penis. Kind of little bit. I know not mine. Okay, girl. No, nothing.


Wanderlust Cate  33:21

I’m not your girl. It doesn’t mean it needs to be length, but I’m just I’m gonna go not girth.


Mallory Gordon  33:26

So if he whips it out and you have to do smasher pass and it’s like the he could get friction off a pickle jar. It’s pass.


Wanderlust Cate  33:33

I would just like rub it up on my clip that insertion. Okay, okay. Yeah. I don’t know why I’m making a lot of hand gestures.


Mickey Gordon  33:42

Like you’re playing the drums over there. Like little snare? Yeah. Alright, so you’re a girl. I mean, if I had to choose No What if he’s a lynx and earth person?


Mallory Gordon  33:51

Then I better eat my Wheaties some yoga. All right, just tap on me now like when you bought him, like bottoming out for me. there’s a there’s a very, very small threshold where it hits and it feels good. And then it hits a little harder and then it does not feel good.


Mickey Gordon  34:09

All right, well, there’s the answer. Yeah. And you’re just that person that says no, sir. No, sir. That coke can is not going in.


Wanderlust Cate  34:14

Yeah, I played that game before it hurts next day. Just look funny on the subway. Some regrets that


Mallory Gordon  34:22

I’ll let you know if I am ever in that situation. You’ll be my first phone call be like found it. Yeah. Yep.


Mickey Gordon  34:30

All right, let’s move on with the show. We still have some questions about p cap. So is this the first I mean, I feel like having looked at what you’ve done here. And I’ve been involved in events for a very long time. You can tell when someone knows what the fuck they’re doing. And you clearly do Is this the first big event you’ve planted me in your professional career and I don’t obviously don’t need to tell anything about your background. They don’t need to know but do you have a background in this? I mean, are you a fucking pro?


Wanderlust Cate  34:56

Yeah, it’s a good question. Because when I look at Even us attending an event. And I look at dedicating that time and that money to attending that event. And for us to like being in Australia, there’s or Singapore or whatever, there’s travel involved. So there’s significant amounts of time and money. And one of the things I look at is like, Okay, show me the history and the success of this event previously, and this is a first hotel takeover. So it is a really good question. And I think worthy. So my background, I’m a project manager. That’s my job. That’s what I’ve done in the past. I’ve handled large events, large contracts. But yes, I’ve done events for Fortune 500, fortune 100 companies, corporate events. On the lifestyle side, I’ve held small events, like our little pub crawls I spoke about earlier, or we’ve done takeovers that desire, but nothing to this scale this, and this is I think transparency is really important. This is our first big event that we are doing on our own. This is all backed by us. It’s our money. It’s Um, okay, john. And that’s, I mean, yeah, it is a first one. So all things probably going to go wrong. Sure. Absolutely. No doubt in my mind. Nothing’s perfect, but I’ve never given it a crack. And I think that the people that come we’ll kind of accept that for what it is. You’re definitely leaving your dick on the table in this one. I mean, you guys are really out there. Oh, I’m not gonna say like, we’re going to be perfect. I think that would be doing a disservice to people. Well, it’s


Mallory Gordon  36:22

not really your style. Like, I don’t look at you and go, Wow, that girl is braggadocious. Like, that’s not that’s just not you. That’s not that’s not in your cut. So but I think you you do have an air of confidence, because like, just saying, like, I you’ve handled events of notable size, and you can apply that experience to what you’re doing now. And it’s almost just kind of feel like you’re we do the what if game, and I think we played this earlier today, you’re like, what if there were no limitations? What would x be? Yeah, and I think in some, in some respects, maybe you had that conversation with yourself 100% this is this is where I want to hit it. If we’re gonna go all in we’re all in?


Wanderlust Cate  37:05

Well, I mean, think about corporate events that you’ve been to in the past that are very well managed, they website is on point that shedule is on point, their mobile phone app, they program, the layout, like you know what’s happening at every step that check in process, all really good. Those are what happens at corporate events. Because as a professional as a business person, that’s what you expect. And I think the lifestyle, we kind of We don’t expect as much. And so that’s been my, my idea is to kind of move some of those ideas and those professional methods or even to the lifestyle, and hopefully, we can then draw on the good stuff. still keep it lifestyle, and still keep it fun and floody, but then say, Okay, what do we expect as a community? And how can we be a little bit more legitimate and deserve better things? Are all I’ve been into some shady ass hotel like,


Mallory Gordon  37:53

like nighttime parties? And I can’t tell you how much I don’t want to do that anymore? Like ever sticky for parties? Yeah. Right. So speaking of hotel, can you tell us a little bit about the hotel for the event?


Wanderlust Cate  38:06

I can? Yeah. First first thing I want to say is the hotel is fully aware of our event and who we are. That’s amazing. That is extremely important it


Mallory Gordon  38:14

is and how many conversations did you have to have and how many doors were slammed in your face? Because of you, you have to be out of here, you’re?


Wanderlust Cate  38:23

Well, I mean, we had a certain set of parameters that we wanted. For our event space, we wanted certain things that were really important to us location pool, the kind of the environment, the way that it was set up. Those were things that mattered a lot to us. So already, we’re niching down into the available number of hotels, down to this idea of like, what would be our perfect hotel, and then going out to the, you know, the hotel community and saying, here’s who we are, here’s what our events about, and please accept us for sure. There was people slamming doors in our face, or worse was actually people saying, Sure, absolutely no problem, but we’re going to charge you an extra 50k because of who you are. Are you serious? Yeah, absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  39:04

People actually said based on your high risk profile. Well, they well, and why is it that financial people or anyone when money’s on the table, immediately assign high risk to sex?


Wanderlust Cate  39:18

Why? I mean, history, the general public, there is an element of risk there. I’m not gonna lie. And I think these are important transparent conversations you should be having with any vendor hotel or otherwise. You know, we spoke today about having a bartender or a DJ that knows what’s going on, because that’s really, really important.


Mallory Gordon  39:36

Yeah, absolutely. Like no surprises. Can you imagine their faces when they walk in there? And there’s all these half naked people with like shiny PCs? Like, uh, where did I just land? Exactly, my girlfriend’s gonna be pissed. Yeah, my wife. I’m just gonna have to leave the country and change my name because you’ll never forgive me for this. Like, just imagine those thoughts,


Wanderlust Cate  39:54

but No, we didn’t. We didn’t have a lot of doors slammed in our face. We still do all throughout America and even in Australia. We’ve tried to do events down there. And you finally settled on someone who accepts you as a professional business. And I tell you what the loyalty I have to this facility, these people already astronomical, like, whatever I can do for them, whatever our community can do for them. I’m on top of it, because if they accept us for who we are, then I think we need to rally behind them. These good businesses. Exactly. They’re now at that point, whether it be a lawyer or a financial institution, whether it be a person string PR doesn’t matter what it is. If somebody accepts us, then hell yeah, let’s get behind him.


Mickey Gordon  40:35

Let’s start with what’s the name of the hotel. So we’re at the Sagamore hotel. All right, in the Sagamore, and that is in South Beach,


Wanderlust Cate  40:43

right on the beach, South Beach, South Beach, Miami, hot, hot, hot. Bring your dancing shoes. Alright, sexy bikinis.


Mickey Gordon  40:52

So they embrace this. They embraced Who We Are they embraced us for being who we are. They support what we’re doing in terms of being accepting. But what about the just the structure of the hotel, the amenities of the hotel? Is there anything where you just looked at it went, Oh, my God, I love this. Well, I


Wanderlust Cate  41:10

mean, this particular hotel is very chic, and lends itself to my personality, for sure. Like when I go through hotels, I’m like, Oh, this feels like me. So therefore, I want to I want it to represent who I am. And I wanted certain spaces around the hotel where we could host not only our seminars and our edutainment, but we could host things like mingle events and pool parties. And I mean, we have late night pizza happening, which is I’m really, really excited about this woodfired pizza happening late at night, and I can hire a chef for that because they have the facilities to match. Oh my god, marry me. Exactly. Hey, yeah, LEED AP says like, Oh, you just hit hit me square in the heart. Yeah, I was just thinking, I really want pizza. No, you can’t, we’re having amazing steak later. That’s really to this day. But those were, those were kind of key things to me. And that’s why this hotel in particular, having that kind of that beach access, the sunshine, the vibes, the speakers, the poolside bar really mattered to me. And those were things that I I wasn’t going to accept anything less. And I hope that I hope the attendees care. Like I said, they probably don’t, they’re probably going to get there and be like, oh, here’s our tribe, we don’t care what’s going on around me. And then I’ll be like, but what about my balloon setup that I have over here to get like that spray? spray?


Mickey Gordon  42:33

So before we move on, because we do have more for you. I have one more follow up here, which I really feel like and I really do feel strongly about this guys. I’m not kidding. I’m not saying this because Kate’s my friend, and she is. That’s full disclosure, we are friends. But is it fair to say this is an experience not an event? I


Wanderlust Cate  42:54

Well, I mean, I heard like, that’s all I can hope for I mean, shit. Yeah, sounds like that. That’s the plan. That’s the I mean, that’s the idea. If people come and if they feel that way, I will be over joyed they’ve done my job. That’s amazing. That’s so that’s how you define success. Oh, yeah. If people leave hearing, they’re like, I felt good. I felt like it was worthy of my time and my money. I felt like the attendees were amazing. I felt like I made true connections. And I made memories. Fuck yeah. Done. Done done and dusted. Let’s go again.


Mallory Gordon  43:28

I love that and also disclaimer she’s your friend she did not say your hers. No, no, I’m pretty sure we’re friends.


Mickey Gordon  43:35

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well speaking of done and dusted, she did bring her Lamy as in here and start dusting off some of my stuff. Like your places dusty, you just read like hand dusting my things in the studio. I’m getting


Mallory Gordon  43:47

to literally name all the places I ignored my my lady that comes in and helps me clean touch. Like this is definitely off limits. I just this is where you stack shit from around the house. Sure, we’ll go with that. I’m gonna blame you for all of my chores the garage as well.


Wanderlust Cate  44:04

Sounds like we should do an ad or something like a break or something. Let’s look at dusting cleaning sounds like it’s time for a way can you find is Mallory


Mallory Gordon  44:18

Sorry, it’s time for my cue yet we’re gonna have it out live so COVID is pretty much screwed the planet like an entire businesses have gone under p cap was scheduled rescheduled. You did do a virtual event canceled in the year of the pandemic and and like what happened? Why Why did you end up canceling the first p cap? Let’s start there.


Wanderlust Cate  44:41

I mean, that’s just sounds like a loaded question. And also, when you’re going back through that, I’m like, holy shit. There’s been a lot of stuff happening. Yeah, I don’t like reliving that. Well. It’s been a long time in the making. It’s been a long time. Why we cancelled it eventually was just because we felt it was not appropriate to host the event at the time, Florida day. Are you open up for events? I think two weeks before peak app was rescheduled for. Could we have hosted it? Sure. Yeah. We chose not to. And we offered people a refund or kind of a reschedule for 2021. And it was just it was hard decision. That’s why I was saying before about the 10am in the bottle of wine in one hand and the like the block of chocolate and the other that was how Darryl family one day when I made the decision to cancel, because it was a long time when I was sort of setting this up. And I felt horrible for canceling. But equally, it was the right thing to do. I stand by it. I’m happy about it. It did hurt us. It had a lot of community members, but it was the right thing to do. Well, as creators.


Mickey Gordon  45:40

We make stuff and then we release that thing we create to the world. And none of us can possibly comprehend what it is you went through. Because you created an event you created an experience for podcast Palooza. 1.0 is what I affectionately call it.


Wanderlust Cate  45:56

Well, technically, it’s actually p cap like 1.1 because the original p cap was actually in New York City. And we had a bunch of people and this was like the trial test. And we had a we had a loft apartment and monogamous marriage and spiritual swingers. And that couple next door all came and we got about 40 people in a loft apartment that was like the original like OJP gap. That’s so cool. Yeah, to figure out if this was even going to be something that the community wanted. Sorry, technically, it’s like 1.11 point. Alright, so


Mickey Gordon  46:25

1.1 is the one that was standing underneath the turd that was COVID. And it was a completely different event. And as a creator, I struggle with understanding why it is that you took all that work, all that content, all all the just the supporting materials and just went, Okay, it didn’t happen. Fuck it on to 2.0. I mean, what is it that drove you to go, I created all this, I did all this. And I’m going to scrap it and move on to the next phase. I mean, it’s like it never happened because it didn’t. That is a huge decision that you made for a reason. What is it?


Wanderlust Cate  47:08

Have I actually no one’s ever asked me that question before. It was literally that I wanted a fresh start. 2020 was shit for so many of us. It hurt families, it hurt jobs, it hurt communities. And it just felt like I didn’t want to keep carrying this burden of what was and so we changed everything. We changed. marketing collateral, we changed the venue, we changed obviously the dates have changed. And we just decided well let’s not dwell on the past because that was really hard for me and it was a shitty time. Let’s move forward the future and what does that look like? And here’s the new version of pika.


Mallory Gordon  47:47

Yeah, and I’m gonna say this you have fucking balls because not only did you do that, you fucking double down with bigger. Why? What inspired you to do that you didn’t just take from, you know, the template though. That was the event that was you know, scheduled for 2020 you looked at 2021 and went double or nothing? motherfuckers


Wanderlust Cate  48:08

Well, I might even go triple at this point. Like I’m I feel inspired today. No, I you know what, it’s just a matter of wanting to it’s been a shit time. It’s finished a time and if we can do something a little bit bigger for this event that just helps people wash away everything that’s happened a little bit and I don’t mean to like put it under the rug. I mean, accept it, acknowledge it. But to come out the other side of it flourishing like a phoenix kind of thing. That’s that’s what matters. So that’s why Phoenix phoenix rising from the ashes. Now I’m saying that because of Harry Potter reference, because we’re going there tomorrow. So yes, we try.


Mallory Gordon  48:48

We I my I just want to see you nerd out with that Matt with that wand in that map. Like I seriously can’t wait. Yeah. Yeah, entry casual swing, a form


Mickey Gordon  48:59

casual swinger and wanderluster and beating Universal Studios. Tomorrow, we are taking the lovely Kate to see Harry Potter. It’s gonna be fun. And hopefully it will cap off. What’s been a great week for you out here. I mean, it’s it’s kind of nuts.


Wanderlust Cate  49:13

If I can say something. I know we’re wrapping up. But it feels it feels kind of hopeful out here right now. Like I came out here going, this is going to it’s going to be a go and no go for me. This is going to be make or break scenario. Do you know do we carry forward? Do we rescheduled or do we stop altogether and just wait a couple of years. Those were very real conversations that we were having. And I came out here and I met with the hotel I met with all my vendors, my security company, my balloon guy, my props, people, and it just felt like hope. And that was really important for me. So I actually kind of feel a little bit invigorated from being out here.


Mallory Gordon  49:49

Oh my god, I love that. That’s that’s literally the best outcome you could have had, oh, it was great for a while and I was like, I don’t know about this. And I don’t blame you like there’s this internal anxieties with All of the right pieces happening fall on the right places. And sometimes you do. And we, you know, we’ve all we’re all in business, there’s a lot of people that work in business, sometimes you have to pivot. And sometimes it’s a slight, very, very small pivot, you know, against the fulcrum, sometimes it’s very large. And you have to adapt. And I’m sure you’ve done some of that in the planning. And I know there’s a lot. We can’t look all the way up under the skirt of the event, but I’m sure you’ve had to do that as well. Yeah. But I love that everything that came out of this week was very positive. And something else I want to highlight is between canceling 2020 p cap and planning out in 2021. In the interim, you did a virtual p cap. And you also did like a Christmas event. Like, why did you feel compelled to insert those between the two.


Wanderlust Cate  50:40

So the virtual peek app that we did was a ticketed event that we wanted to put on for the pay gap attendees for hanging with us that was really important to me to show some respect and appreciation for the people that had held in the free events that like you guys did with me, we did that Christmas when we did the Halloween one. Those were free for the for the community because we were suffering as a community. And I wanted something you know what I’ve been paying for this virtual software anyway, because honestly, I keep forgetting to turn a subscription off, which is please people if you’ve got Apple subscriptions, turn that shit off or whatever. And I had the software I’ve been paying for and I decided, hey, let’s host some free events and you guys got on board which was really important to me. We had obviously swingers help get on board me on sapphic swing as we did those free events because it’s been shit. And if you can spend one hour or two hours or three hours just shooting the shit drinkin and being silly and being funny, and I don’t know trying to put condoms on sex toys, then Fuck it.


Mickey Gordon  51:40

I’d like to knit How is it that you managed to talk Santa’s into joining your Christmas event? Because that was I mean, how did that happen?


Wanderlust Cate  51:47

Well, I just pimped out Mallory’s policy. And then he came. It’s like, he just hooked into that they all came. Oh, it was like he just came into existence. Yeah. That’s exactly. You’re welcome, everyone. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  52:01

yeah. I’m not gonna lie. I hurts and enjoyed it. But Alright, so we are going to dip out of here before too long, but not quite just yet. We have a couple more things. Oh, I have a question for you as Oh, shit. Oh, wait. So we talked about 1.1 dot o and 1.1? What has changed between 1.1? And today? Because you did go bigger? You did change the venue. But did your approach change? Did your desire change? Did? Did you look at anything that you were going to do the first time and go? That’s not going to work in a post COVID world? I mean, what changed? And why did you change it?


Wanderlust Cate  52:38

I mean, there’s lots of considerations for COVID. I mean, we even today, right now as I’m sitting here, we have three different contingency plans based on what happens in the next couple of months. And those are very real conversations that need to be had. So there’s that. But the changes in the actual event, I mean, aside from the venue, we have changed the layout, the design, right down to our props that are coming in, we have changed our music, we’ve changed our DJs we’ve done a lot of differences that are, I guess, because we have more time now. So it really came down to Alright, if we’re gonna spend the next year planning something that we started planning a year and a half ago, let’s see how we can truly make this different and finding out actually more about what the community wanted. Because I’m sitting here and I’m like, I think the community wants this. Or this is really important to me as a person as Kate, but that may not be important to the community. You know, sorry. Yeah, even today, I asked you guys like what what matters to you? If you’re going on an event tomorrow, like what matters to you? And that’s really important.


Mallory Gordon  53:37

No, and I think that’s fair, because at this house, we definitely don’t make decisions in a vacuum. So


Mickey Gordon  53:41

not if I want to get laid again. Exactly. So that was a warning to me. By the way.


Wanderlust Cate  53:46

We’ve made a lot of changes, a lot of changes, but it has been some good some bad some from learning, whatever.


Mickey Gordon  53:56

So there are a lot of podcasters in this space today. content creators in lifestyle sexuality, sex, period. There’s a ton.


Wanderlust Cate  54:07

Yeah, we don’t have periods. It’s the thing guys get over it. Yep. Carry on.


Mickey Gordon  54:10

Yeah, I don’t have my read my thing. But I So first question is, is there ever a time when podcast of blues is going to branch out of the lifestyle First of all, and second of all, with all of these new creators out there? Some of them would love very much to be a part of an event, my podcast a Palooza? If I’m one of those creators, what do I do? Do I how do I become a part of podcast Palooza? Is there something you’re looking for in content creators that makes you want them to to invite them to this sort of event? How do I get invited to podcast a Palooza? If I’ve started a new swinger podcast or sexuality podcast or sex podcast? Is there more to it? And how do I get invited? What is the sort of podcast that you want to present to create this experience?


Wanderlust Cate  54:55

Well, I mean, it’s a good question. First party is how’s it going to evolve and That is definitely in 2022. If we survive joining joining one, we, we are looking at more ways to diversify our event. So, like you said, maybe that’s just sex positivity, maybe that’s getting in people that are clinical professionals about sex and having them present and having their voices here, and really taking the pulse on what the community wants. So I think after he kept talking to anyone, and the surveys and me harassing people for like, tell me what your feedback is, I think we’re gonna have a better idea what that looks like. But definitely, it’s expanding past just the quote unquote, swinger lifestyle. It’s about being fully open to any kind of sexual experience that you might have. And even even down to dealing with trauma. You know, these are things that we’re definitely passionate about, and we want to talk about. Your second part is how does somebody a podcast or a blogger be involved in the event and honestly, it’s, it’s reaching out, I do struggle to I try to keep up with what everybody’s doing. But there’s some people out there that I don’t know exist. And so just reach out. And I think when we first started, we were a little bit afraid of reaching out to the community because we thought, well, we’re just two Aussies down in Australia, and people don’t care about what we have to say. But the community has been so welcoming that I would just say, reach out, if you’ve got something, if you’re creating content, YouTube, whatever it is, reach out to multiple people get there, take a deadline, and just start to make connections like you would with any couple on the street or on a dating site.


Mallory Gordon  56:28

Something that I I love asking people, because you’re very passionate about this, you’re very, very transparent as well,


Wanderlust Cate  56:36

I try to be that’s one of that’s one of my things that I try.


Mallory Gordon  56:38

I fucking appreciate it, because authenticity is literally the currency of content creation, at least in my opinion, right. But as a creator, like, what, what drives you, because, I mean, obviously, you have applications in your vanilla life in your work history, you have the podcast, and you also write like you had an article in easn magazine recently, and now you’re doing this event, what is driving you to be a creator?


Wanderlust Cate  57:06

Ah, I mean, why does anybody do anything? I mean, there’s that there’s a little bit of vigor there. I mean, I’m gonna put that on the table. I’m gonna eat the elephant in the room, because I think content creators, we all say we do it for the love. But there’s a little bit of ego tied in, right? Let’s table that. Let’s move it on. For me, it’s about feeling that you’re adding some value to somebody out there who maybe doesn’t have a voice. And I had the luxury of doing that. Now I didn’t in my last job. It’s why our faces are out. I quit my job to do that. And enabling those people to feel that there for a moment in time. not wrong. That really matters to me. So if I can create a blog or post or podcast or YouTube that’s a little bit funny, quirky, but also kind of uncovers things that are real then shit. Yeah. So I do it. Okay. That’s a great answer. Do you have anything to follow up with love?


Mickey Gordon  57:57

No, I’ve talked plenty. In this episode. I think I could just sit here and twiddle my thumbs for the following closing moments. Do you have any thoughts for our friends, readers, listeners, dancers,


Mallory Gordon  58:08

I do. And this is gonna be a little selfish on my part. I mean, there’s, there’s a lot to be said about being bold about taking chances. There’s many of us out there, they don’t do either of those through the entirety of our life. And not only are you doing that you’re you’re following through, you’ve really committed two and a half years in the making. And then you’ve been faced with obstacles, that it’s stuff that’s unpredictable, like COVID. I mean, that’s, that’s the biggest one. And not only that, now, you’re you’re thriving, and you’re persevering, and you’re on the cusp of execution. So there’s, there’s probably a lot of mixed emotions that are that are going on. But lifestyle aside, I just want you to know, from a woman’s perspective, I’m sure there are men that feel the same way too. I absolutely admire and celebrate it. Because it’s one thing to have the thought to, to feel, to feel inspired or to tap into your imagination. It’s another thing to put it on the line and open it up because it’s your own, it’s a little vulnerable to, you know, this is this is literally your baby. And I know, I know, deep down this event is going to be a great success. And that has everything to do with your hard work, your integrity, and the support you have from the community. And we are very grateful for being a part of it. And I still don’t fucking know why you’re here in my house. I don’t know where the hell you’re leaving. Your flight information. I’m a little concerned. So you may be here all night Miami pops off. So who knows. But I just wanted to throw that out there that there’s there things that I truly admire about what you’re trying to accomplish. And it’s not just because you’re a woman, but she’s, well, maybe a little bit harder. Like, I am allowed to be biased. This is half my show.


Wanderlust Cate  59:53

Well, I think DREW Thank You For starters, but I think that my question is as we close out On this episode is that we’ve spoken a lot about the positives behind this, I’ve kind of shared some of the shit that we’ve been dealing with as well. But I think it’s really important to have these negative points to it as well. So if I can throw a question to you guys, I mean, why are you backing this? What could be done better? Is that something that you feel? could be something better that P cap does? Or do you see p cap kind of evolving in a certain way? I think these are really important conversations. I don’t want to just be here being like, it’s unicorns and rainbows. I mean, it’s there. Is there something that, you know, we should talk about this a little bit, maybe negative as well, or how we can improve either me or as a community or as an event? Aside from the constant barrage of like notifications on?


Mickey Gordon  1:00:49

Yeah, everybody that’s been booked for the trip knows that the mobile app is highly active. It’s the most active app I’ve ever seen hands down, which is alien DJ, what the


Mallory Gordon  1:01:00

fuck? I know, right? So no, it is actually really great to see people that active in the app, and I get fucking FOMO. Because it’s during the workday. And I see like, I’ve missed like 14 notifications, and it’s going off, and I’m in the middle of the most boring meeting of my life. The person on the other side, might as well be a potato. And I just want to read what’s going on. But I can’t let my eyes go off the screen because I have to make eye contact, like, you know, because we’re all on video these days. Yeah, and then I get nothing done the rest of the day. Right now. And as I sit here, I honestly and this is not blowing smoke up your ass. I can’t think of anything. Negative. Right now, I can’t see the vision that you’ve created and shared with us. Because I know there are some surprises and go, ooh, I don’t know about that. I mean, maybe people will be a little conflicted, debating on sunshine in the pool or doing a seminar track. But it’s I think it’s really gonna depend on what their interests are, I think that are that are interested in the subject matter, or interested in the the personalities of the content creators, they will take that time, so it’s more of those wonder what they’re gonna choose? Yeah. Okay. I don’t I don’t know that it’s a negative. It’s just I wonder what that’s gonna look.


Wanderlust Cate  1:02:20

Oh, it’s not. It’s a really interesting point. What do people value when they go to an event? Sure. age old question.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:26

But you gave them options, which is great. Everybody that talks about p cap as ourselves included, you know, because well, I listened to you every two weeks. I don’t need to pay money to come down in here. Oh, yeah. event. Because they don’t know that what they’re going to get at least from casual swinger is something they can’t get on the show. We’re going to tell stories and talk about two things that we will never ever talk about on the show. Correct. So I think if we can do something better before you start, and I want you to finish your thought that I want them to know what they’re getting into. I think that that would help people make the decision to join this experience. Yeah. So maybe even I mean, I know it’s probably something you’re going to tell people at some point what they can expect. Yeah, but I think that if people had an idea of what they’re getting into, maybe they would be a little more apt to pull the trigger. Yeah, I get that. That’s good point. That’s fair. Yeah. But anyway, we have run up on our hour. I told you guys this will go through. I’m hungry and my drinks empty. That’s right. or drinks over here, rubbing my boobs. I have no, I don’t know why, but I’m really glad you’re rubbing your eyes. Good. Both of you want to join it. It is. Listen, Kate, from the bottom of our hearts. We have enjoyed this time with you. We’ve enjoyed spending time with you this week. We’re gonna enjoy our time tomorrow, coming across the pond and hanging out for part of this experience. You’ve been a friend to our show, since we started this show, along with some other great content creators in this space. And we can’t thank you enough. So thank you for doing this with us. Thank you very much. This has been a blast. He’s lobbying for the blowjob because he knows I’m out. Right I’m just buttering you ladies up. Mel. Do you want to tell everybody where to find us? We get the book out of here. Yes.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:08

Thank you so much, Kate. We love you to pieces so we are casuals we are everywhere. That is casual swing calm. Feel free to reach out to us podcast at Kaiser swinger.com you have any questions, comments. And we are on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and your go ahead check out our dating site profiles, especially in the neighborhood, web nation, SLS SDC ang Cassidy.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:32

And don’t forget, if you are in the neighborhood this Friday, March 19, we have our first meet and greet. That is at Oasis on the river. You can find a link to that if you want to buy your tickets ahead of time at www casual swinger.com or you can just show up and pay extra if you’re that kind of person. This has been a blast. You’ve been hanging out with us in the beautiful game casual swinger. No, that’s great. Now she’s today. Alright, maybe today alright. bucket route cricket score. You’ve been listening