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Catch up with Mickey & Mallory as they discuss building your perfect playlist for playtime! Hear what some of our personal favorites are for sexytime, priorities for building our playlists and a BRAND NEW GAME, one we call “Game of Tones!”

Hear us sing TERRIBLE verses of songs the other should know, with all new lyrics! It’s a total riot where we wreck these songs, and each other’s vocal prowess in the process!

In Swinging in the News you’ll hear a bit about a new article in ASN Magazine where we discuss the Homewrecker Torts and their potential effect on you in the lifestyle!


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Wild Thing – You Make my Heart Swing!

Thu, 9/2 10:25AM • 1:06:13


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Jay TCND, Kay TCND, Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Jay TCND  00:07

Hi, I’m Jay.


Kay TCND  00:08

And I’m Kay. And we’re that couple next door. You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast. This is the part where we’re supposed to give you the safety warning. Like if you’re too young don’t listen. If you’re offended by sex positive talk, don’t listen. And yeah, I agree if any of those categories apply to you don’t fucking listen.  I mean, you’re lame.


Jay TCND  00:29

Yeah, pretty much.



Sadly, we’re not going to see them in Hedo. Oh, cuz I was really looking forward to fucking them.


Jay TCND  00:35

No, but you will hear some sort of sexy tale that they’re going to tell you tonight. And if you’re into that kind of thing, you should totally check out our podcast.


Kay TCND  00:43

We have lots of things.


Jay TCND  00:44

We do.


Kay TCND  00:45



Jay TCND  00:45

that couple nextdoor.com is our website. You can find us on any podcast listener by searching for that couple next door and have a red light night.


Mallory Gordon  00:57

Hey guys, welcome back to casual swinger Mallory here.


Mickey Gordon  01:01

And this is Mickey


Mallory Gordon  01:02

and we’re doing the music episode today.





Mallory Gordon  01:07

But let’s let’s talk about that. That disclaimer there.


Mickey Gordon  01:12

Oh, that’s right. j I


Mallory Gordon  01:15

love those guys.


Mickey Gordon  01:16

That’s that couple next door they stepped in, you know, these are our anniversary episodes. And they stepped in and did a little intro for us. And I Ks voice is so sexy. Right? Like it just makes me stand here and hump the air.


Mallory Gordon  01:28

Yeah, it’s masturbatory.


Mickey Gordon  01:30

Yeah. A lot of it. A lot of


Mallory Gordon  01:32

like, creepy.


Mickey Gordon  01:33

Yeah, but you know, I think that you know, Jays affection for your bad fucking jokes. I think he wants you to like,


Mallory Gordon  01:41

he has no idea how strong my mom jokes are. Like,


Mickey Gordon  01:45

oh my god.


Mallory Gordon  01:45

I got another one for fun. Let’s say this out there. So this is just for why did Adele cross the road? Oh, God. Why? To say Hello from the other side.


Mickey Gordon  01:59

It is the music episode. For God’s sakes. You had another music joke.


Mallory Gordon  02:04

Love it. Love it. So what do we got going on today?


Mickey Gordon  02:07

Hello, it’s me. I’m gonna do it. No more phones voice Whoa, whoa. Ah, me.


Mallory Gordon  02:13

Now that’s that’s not this episode. Okay, sir.


Mickey Gordon  02:17

What are we talking about this week? Before we get into any of the crazy stuff we’re gonna do with music this week. Which by the way, we’re going to talk about your play styles, your playlist your fun your sexy time. What do you listen to? How do you build a playlist for sex? Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  02:33

yeah. Music is such a integral part of our relationship and who we are as people it’s it’s easily translates to the bedroom.


Mickey Gordon  02:41

Well, yeah. for you because me it just messes up my rhythm. You had to get my hula on and you’re playing our Kelly.


Mallory Gordon  02:46

You have some caveats. Right.


Mickey Gordon  02:49

So I got ready to start music.


Mallory Gordon  02:51

Yeah. No, I’m


Mickey Gordon  02:52

like, I look like a lane trying to dance. Wow, that was good when


Mallory Gordon  02:58

your impression of yourself is really on point.


Mickey Gordon  03:01

You know, I feel like I played me better than anybody could.


Mallory Gordon  03:04

Oh, no, I do a pretty good one. Fair. Yeah. Okay, moving on crappy ads. The


Mickey Gordon  03:09

crappy ads?


Mallory Gordon  03:10

Are ads. We This is updates for the ongoings. What to look forward to where you can find a see us Come join us party with us.


Mickey Gordon  03:17

Yeah, we don’t have sponsors or anything like that. So we just kind of call our like, what’s up with a section or a crappy ad section? I don’t know if we can always call it crappy ads. Because one day we get a sponsor. We can’t call her ads.


Mallory Gordon  03:27

No, no, that’s probably true. I


Mickey Gordon  03:29

didn’t do that.


Mallory Gordon  03:31

Yeah. So what’s coming up next? What is immediately on the agenda?


Mickey Gordon  03:35

We’re leaving for you in the morning?


Mallory Gordon  03:36

In the morning? Yeah, by the time you guys are listening to this, I’ll be naked on the beach. I’ll be naked to


Mickey Gordon  03:43

you. And I might not be at the beach. I could be in the massage hood. I could be in the room. I could be having sex on the stairs. I could be in the pool. I could be anywhere when you listen to this.


Mallory Gordon  03:52

Well, now I feel boring. Larry, I gotta I gotta appreciate a game. Alright,


Mickey Gordon  03:56

what? At that heat Oh event we’re gonna do something that you guys need to pay attention to. We play a game while we’re there with Rachel’s rascals that we call what’s under my hat. I wear all kinds of crazy hats and drives Mallory crazy


Mallory Gordon  04:09

I don’t know about crazy cuz I do. I have the ability to easily spot you in a crowd. Yeah, so for that benefit. It’s great. Spoiler alert. I have matching headbands this trip.


Mickey Gordon  04:19

Yes, you do. You are getting in on the hat game. I am no but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna play a game called what’s under my hat. We’re gonna play this game on Twitter. So you got to follow us on Twitter. Why can’t we do this on Facebook or Instagram? Because we tried it last year and I got kicked off of Facebook bukky Facebook, because of an illegal sweepstakes. That’s what they said. And we’re giving away


Mallory Gordon  04:41

Yeah, sure. That’s right. I forgot about that.


Mickey Gordon  04:43

Yeah, so we can’t do it on Facebook. But we can do it on Twitter. It’s not a sweepstakes. We’re just giving away some toys or a T shirt. So those toys are courtesy of casual toys calm See, there’s the crappy ad section.


Mallory Gordon  04:56

I absolutely love that game and I can’t wait. So we’re going to get Tomorrow, and what comes next right the holidays, sweet Christmas, New Year’s. And we will be at secrets with double detonation and swinging down under


Mickey Gordon  05:11

cats gonna be awesome. Yeah, so that’s the double tip. The double date event, I think is we’re gonna call it double your pleasure.


Mallory Gordon  05:18

Love it. I know with family kids around the holidays, it’s hard to get out. So if you miss New Year’s definitely come out and see us that weekend. Well, yeah,


Mickey Gordon  05:26

and you know, traditionally that weekend’s kind of slow at a lifestyle club, but I think this is actually going to be a really good opportunity for people because when you go on New Year’s, it’s so busy it is and this is going


Mallory Gordon  05:38

to it can be like when you attire combinations.


Mickey Gordon  05:43

Yeah. So leave the ungrateful little bastards at home that you just bought all that stuff for for Christmas, and come hang out with us and swinging,


Mallory Gordon  05:51

rusted refresh and have some me time and when I say me time, I mean Mallory time. That’s right. Come hang out with me. Come hang out with me.


Mickey Gordon  05:59

But Kate, she’s not coming from sample.


Mallory Gordon  06:02

Of course. Of course. I sounded like a jerk.


Mickey Gordon  06:04

That’s not what I’ve meant. It’s gonna be super awesome. We can not wait for and that’s the Double D event at secrets hideaway in Orlando, Florida. So we’re looking forward to that in January. And then let’s see coming up right after that. This just happened like yesterday. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  06:18

so we have a little bit of a berth between January and May but like once may 2020. Like starts it’s off the fucking chain. Oh


Mickey Gordon  06:25

my god. Oh my god. Right. What are we doing? bird bird bird bird bird. Bird anyway.


Mallory Gordon  06:33

It’s so cool. We absolutely love Bert kreischer. We saw him twice last year. We’re gonna be able to see him again in May, here in Orlando. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  06:42

yeah. And Kate’s come in from Singapore. So she’s gonna come with us. How’s the Falcon cool is that it is gonna be really, really neat. We love Bert, the machine Crusher. And he is an absolute blast. And he always goes out drinking somewhere after so I’m sure we’ll catch up with him and try and get another picture of you know, you guys with your tits. I


Mallory Gordon  07:00

like it’s tradition now. Like, I have to get that picture taken.


Mickey Gordon  07:06

No question about it, we absolutely have to do that photo again. If nothing else, I get to see you guys with your shirts. I’m pretty excited that it’s gonna be so much fun. We’re really really excited about that. And then immediately thereafter, which is the whole reason that Kate’s actually going to be in Florida. is p cap podcast a Palooza


Mallory Gordon  07:23



Mickey Gordon  07:24

In May. gonna be awesome. We got what 10 content creators, because we have both bloggers and podcasters that are going to be there giving, you know, really insightful panels and events for you guys. A lot of piece panels, podcast,


Mallory Gordon  07:39

parties, parties. Yeah. performers,


Mickey Gordon  07:42

performers, yeah. Fire performers is gonna be all kinds of neat stuff. But I think the cool part, from my perspective is getting some of those insightful stories and panels and stuff that maybe you don’t hear on the air, kind of like what we’re talking about.


Mallory Gordon  07:55

Exactly, exactly. little teaser for you guys out there. So we’re going to talk about what happens when the shit actually hits the fan. And these are stories and insights on things that actually happened in our lives. They’re fun. They’re funny, but they also have like a moral the story kind of like a Aesop’s fable for adults. Yeah. So we look forward to talking to you guys about those things and having a good time.


Mickey Gordon  08:20

Yeah, kind of the good, the bad and the ugly, right.


Mallory Gordon  08:23

Literally, literally and stuff we can’t talk about on the air.


Mickey Gordon  08:26

Yeah, they’re literally stories that we can tell that I absolutely can’t tell on the air because it would get me killed. Absolutely. Yeah, we can tell them in person. So that’ll be fun. And then coming up right after that in June with iOS connections,


Mallory Gordon  08:41

summer swing, summer swing, baby back to Hito.


Mickey Gordon  08:45

So if you guys want to come to Hito with us, reach out to us on our website at casual swinger Comm. We just put up a new contact us page, we also have a travel with us page, both of them will reach out to us. Send us your information and let us know you’re interested in June 2020. It’s going to be a great weekend. You know, people ask us all the time, why June? Why are you going in the summer? Well,


Mallory Gordon  09:04

there’s many reasons right? I mean, it’s still pretty warm down there. Right. I love the sun. But it’s also after the kids get out of school, you know,


Mickey Gordon  09:14

yeah. And some people won’t be a wolf family vacations or summer baseball, or this or that or the other. Now, the whole idea here is that you actually can get away, right and you should get away and it’s going to be a great time to go in. It’s also one of the cheapest times of the year to go to Hito.


Mallory Gordon  09:29

That is correct. If you’ve definitely one of the more affordable


Mickey Gordon  09:32

Yeah, if you’ve ever thought about going you definitely want to consider this. It’s it’s worth it. And and just awesome. But let’s talk about Hito for a minute because it is heat a week. We hadn’t been Hito since February.


Mallory Gordon  09:46

I know it feels like a year.


Mickey Gordon  09:49

It feels like it’s been forever. Ah, I think it’s been long enough that I gained weight so I’m really


Mallory Gordon  09:53

happy. Oh, you and me both, but I love you.


Mickey Gordon  09:56

I think you’d like hat. I can still see my knees. That’s all that matters. We’re going with our friends Rachel’s rascals. That’s Jim and Rachel, you guys heard from them a few episodes back where we interviewed those guys. You know what happens with the rascals?


Mallory Gordon  10:10

Oh my God, we have so much flippin fun, man. We have the most ridiculous absurd games that are a hoot to play in watch. We have our pool parties. We have lots of you know, I read it creates an environment and even if it’s always sex with each other with you and I, it’s amazing. Just to like, have no outside influences. Just be totally present. And get down and dirty.


Mickey Gordon  10:41

Yeah, you know that we talked about stripping away like all the worries and and leaving our troubles behind. I did that on Twitter today with the picture your ass as you’re walking away. But, you know, the idea is to get down there of course, you get the mirrors on the ceiling and in the music and the reggae. And it’s just awesome. It’s a great time to get down there. And our friends are there with the rascals who we absolutely adore. But, you know, I guess I think about Hito and I think about resting and relaxing with my favorite person in the world at BU.


Mallory Gordon  11:13

I think I’m gonna say roster ralphie


Mickey Gordon  11:17

with roster. He spoke lazy, which is still alive. He was like 1010 years


Mallory Gordon  11:22

old. He literally looks like he’s a man. Like the man of the sea. Yeah, like Oh, man, literally,


Mickey Gordon  11:27

it’s in those muscles.


Mallory Gordon  11:30

He’s Yeah, he doesn’t have an ounce of body fat fucking ripped,


Mickey Gordon  11:34

eats fish all day and fishes and dies.


Mallory Gordon  11:36

He married us remember that? He did.


Mickey Gordon  11:38

He’s the first.


Mallory Gordon  11:40

The drug. We told him. We were getting married. And then he did the ceremony over a drug and gave us his phone number. And since then, I’ve probably seen 700 of those drums with his phone number on them.


Mickey Gordon  11:51

Yeah, he charged us $30 a drum though I’m gonna get a drum full of rum cream. I’m gonna have some dirty bananas. You see some of our favorite Hito too. Oh


Mallory Gordon  12:02

my gosh, I can’t wait. Polet and camp and elden huh?


Mickey Gordon  12:07

Yeah, Michael can’t wait to see him. Yeah, that’s gonna be pretty cool. And, you know, maybe I’ll get lucky and maybe catch a video. You doing something dirty? That’s kind of


Mallory Gordon  12:16

cool. Well, you want to like that


Mickey Gordon  12:18

while you’re down there. Secret time, huh?


Mallory Gordon  12:20

Love it. I want a little like MFM action. Damn. And I can’t promise I will sneak away with a lady friend. I think like there’s all the all the kinky freaky stuff is starting to play through my mind. So don’t have a good time. I’m just gonna keep my mind and body open.


Mickey Gordon  12:42

Keep your legs open, good things will follow. Right? You know, speaking of though, you know and kind of moving on a little bit because we’re just kind of hanging out here tonight before we leave for Hito talking to you guys, which it’s a different sort of podcast for us. And we usually sit around listen to music when you do this stuff. But yeah, lately, you know, today was the first day we got a message on one of the services in weeks. Yeah, it’s


Mallory Gordon  13:02

been dead. What’s going on there? I don’t think University is this like the standard, you know, dead zone between you know, Halloween in New Year’s?


Mickey Gordon  13:11

I don’t know. Maybe Halloween is so overcharged, you know, secrets had 1300 attendees.


Mallory Gordon  13:16

I believe that was crazy. So many people there.


Mickey Gordon  13:20

Yeah, it was absolutely nuts. I kind of think that kick is partially to blame. Whoo. Okay,


Mallory Gordon  13:25

I see where you’re going with us. Yeah, cuz they announced they’re shutting down. Everyone scattered like ants. What are we gonna do what platform we use? There’s a lot of conversation we even talked about on on our podcast, and then


Mickey Gordon  13:37

Haha, just kidding. We’re actually not going away. We’re just gonna add shitty ads to this platform.


Mallory Gordon  13:43

Well, they somebody bought that part of the service. Right? They


Mickey Gordon  13:46

did. And they actually keep it and I think it’s brilliant. They bought a great platform with you know, hundreds of 1000s of users and then started marketing to them, which is fantastic. Right. brilliant move on their part. But I think a lot of people abandon the platform and switch to wire and telegram. Hmm.


Mallory Gordon  14:02

I think you’re I think you’re onto something there telegraph. Tell it.


Mickey Gordon  14:07

Tell Steve. Yeah. Okay. I’m not sure what telephone. I don’t know. Tell us something. We didn’t do it. We haven’t switched over. We’re still on kick. But even like STC is slow and Cassidy’s slow. And SLS is slow. Everyone’s except


Mallory Gordon  14:20

except if you’re traveling. Oh, God. Yeah, that’s a discussion we we have like skirted around and like overviewed. Between you and I, maybe that’s something we should, like rekindle and start talking about that again. Because if that’s where the opportunity is, and that’s what our schedules look like. Yeah, well, maybe maybe that’s an option. Maybe


Mickey Gordon  14:40

during the slow times, say, Hey, we’re going to travel to a city and just go meet some people. Or you know what we could do? We could be really enterprising and create a travel date in our own city. So we pop up on everybody’s radar.


Mallory Gordon  14:50

Ah, well, Will that work? We’re located here. The next town over


Mickey Gordon  14:58

Oh my God. We’re traveling to Tampa from Orlando. Okay, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  15:04

we’re soliciting sex over here, folks. You know me Pick me Pick me.


Mickey Gordon  15:09

So we’re on a new one, like legit. We’re on quiver.


Mallory Gordon  15:12

Yes. I think it’s a really pretty platform. I’m interested to see what the interactions are going to be like moving forward. We’ve been on there for about a month, month and a half maybe


Mickey Gordon  15:22

Yeah, they actually just kind of gratis gave us a platinum membership. So


Mallory Gordon  15:27

Oh, that’s so sweet.


Mickey Gordon  15:29

Well, and they want to build it up here in Orlando, which we really appreciate. But when you’ve got you know, we’ve got STC you’ve got SLS we’ve got Cassidy, we have double the nation. Now we have quiver. It seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting the service. See what you did there? Right. But I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. STC is definitely the big one here in Florida.


Mallory Gordon  15:49

Yeah. And I think they’re all tied to their specific geographies where they’re more predominant, like Cassady, I think when we were up in the northeast Mid Atlantic area that was a little more prolific up there.


Mickey Gordon  15:59

Yeah, cities definitely bigger on the west coast, Cassidy’s like the West Coast jam. stcs, bigger on the east coast in general. But remember, up north when we were up north, it was love Voodoo. Love Voodoo was like, Yeah, that’s right. And then they just kind of went away,


Mallory Gordon  16:13

because they had a lot of parties up a taboo in Baltimore.


Mickey Gordon  16:16

Yeah, so that was kind of a thing up there. But that’s going on. And you know, we’re casual swinger everywhere, guys. So if we get on a new service, or casual swing, or if you go looking for us, but why don’t you kind of fill everybody in on what we’re going to talk about today? Because this is your jam. What the guys this whole episode was Mallory’s idea. Oh.


Mallory Gordon  16:36

But you guys could play me. I see what you did there, too.


Mickey Gordon  16:39

I think it’s brilliant. I love this. Because it’s such a big part of our lives. And I think you deserve credit for it. You do so many good creative things. And because I have such a big mouth, people don’t always know that it’s used, I think.


Mallory Gordon  16:51

Thanks, me. So music has been like I said, an integral part of our lives together. That’s literally how we started conversing, and then it escalated to dating. We enjoy it so much. So I love heavy music app parties when we’re having friends over at swinger events, and definitely in the bedroom. Now, we’ve overcome some challenges there between you and I, because our interpretation and mindsets are different. And we’re gonna go over some tips, tricks, experiences, and have a little game in there too.


Mickey Gordon  17:28

Yeah, a little bit. So we’re coming up. We’re gonna we’re gonna come back from a break. And when we do, we’re gonna, you know, we were just getting ready to say this show’s not gonna be a music show. It’s gonna be a fucking shit show. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  17:41

that’s fine. That’s fine with this should show and if we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do all the way so Mickey, why don’t you tell everybody where they can find this?


Mickey Gordon  17:48

Oh, you think that shit? Oh, you’re It’s all I knew that was going dropped. Well, we’re gonna come back just after this. We’re gonna do a little bit of swinging in the news and our segment today we’re going to talk about some fun things that are going on. But before we take off, why don’t you guys make sure to come find us? You can find us on casual swinger comm where we have a brand new contact us page in addition to our travel with us page, we’re on STC we’re on SLS. We’re on Cassidy. You are on quiver. We’re on double date nation. We’re on Snapchat. We’re on kik. We’re on Twitter. We’re on Facebook. We’re all over the frickin place. But don’t forget, make sure to check out casual toys calm and if you do check out casual toys, calm use code red light. Red Light is the code for that couple next door you support not one but to podcasts that hopefully you love. And if you do love them, make sure to check us out on Apple reviews where we could use a podcast review because your validation makes it so I can get off.


Mallory Gordon  18:48

You did fabulous like that. Excellent work, sir.


Mickey Gordon  18:52

That was my first time doing it. It was like a virgin. Everybody, we’ll be right back. After this. You’re listening to casual swinger. Welcome back, everybody to casual swing here. My name’s Nikki and


Mallory Gordon  19:26

I’m Mallory. Here you go. Singing


Mickey Gordon  19:28



Mallory Gordon  19:29

I’m just getting prepped.


Mickey Gordon  19:30

Yeah, you better get those pipes warmed up because we got some bad music dubbing coming.


Mallory Gordon  19:35

Oh, such a bad thing. Or we may lose some listeners.


Mickey Gordon  19:38

Oh, we’re gonna lose a lot of listeners because I second it too. But you know, that’s one of the things we got coming here for you. We’re gonna play a little game at the end of this segment. And that game is where we’re going to sing songs that you’re supposed to know. And the other person has to guess what artist in song you’re talking about? Well,


Mallory Gordon  19:56

and it’s not just like songs. You’re supposed to know. It’s the reworked worded versions like misheard lyrics


Mickey Gordon  20:03

oh boy


Mallory Gordon  20:04

with sexual twist.


Mickey Gordon  20:06

Oh boy okay this is so fucked up but it’s gonna be a blast.


Mallory Gordon  20:09

Well and the whole reason behind that is because it can I can I go down this I’ve had my little diatribe. Yes, our show time something that I do. innately it’s, it’s the weirdest thing, I hear a song. And immediately I have to change it the lyrics something sexual or fucking weird. And then it kind of ruins that song for me moving forward. But there’s a lot of words or something that I enjoy. Like if I latch on to the lyrics like that it’s over for me. Like that’s all that exists in my world and then I lose my shed. Anyway.


Mickey Gordon  20:42

Well, that’s happened to us more than one time in the car, and there’s been a few times you’ve turned around to take a swipe at me for ruining one of your songs. Yeah, that’s, it’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna get into that a little bit. But let’s talk about the perfect play playlist.


Mallory Gordon  20:54

Let’s talk about sex, baby. No,


Mickey Gordon  20:57

it’s really can’t fuck that one up. Okay. Let’s talk about chess. BB. O C. Haha. Did it. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  21:06

Anyway. So let’s let’s talk about building the perfect playlist because there’s so many ways to do this depending on what the environment is, right?


Mickey Gordon  21:12

Yeah, I mean it like is it just you and somebody else is just like couple sex is couple sex and playtime like threesome or for some sex? Is that a different playlist for you?


Mallory Gordon  21:23

Maybe Maybe it depends on the audience. I put a lot of thought into it. Yeah. For like new folks. That will probably be like a little something a little safer, sexier. Really, really low volume like almost an audible but enough in the background to kind of give like something during the pauses and the silent moments, right. Really are wrapped up. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  21:45

I just did blows me away. I don’t really


Mallory Gordon  21:47

really need to look at my Spotify some time.


Mickey Gordon  21:49

I’m worried about your Spotify. I mean, so so you


Mallory Gordon  21:54

have a fuck me hard playlist. Uh huh. Uh huh.


Mickey Gordon  21:58

Valerie has a fuck me hard. Everybody. Did you hear that shit? I


Mallory Gordon  22:02

have let’s cover that you actually see foreplay live.


Mickey Gordon  22:07

I really need to look at your spot. Or your behavior, apparently. So when you went out like for a hot wife play? Yeah, you took a speaker with you. And I was like, Oh, she’s taking the speaker big deal. But apparently you’ve had prepped up playlists for the night. So let’s talk about your playlist. What went on and why.


Mallory Gordon  22:22

Okay, so that one, the majority of it was sexy. I want to say r&b.


Mickey Gordon  22:29

Okay, you’re making music?


Mallory Gordon  22:31

Yeah, yeah. So our genre, but over multiple decades, like they all had a very similar tone and played again, it was present, but it wasn’t the predominant thing in the room. So like if one of us was moaning or talking, like you could hear the other person wasn’t overbearing, but also, I don’t have bumping grind on there anymore. It was very distracting and hilarious in the moment.


Mickey Gordon  23:00

So what’s most important, and I actually just had a thought, right, so I actually had lunch I saw the light bulb go on. Oh, it was crazy to see that my eyes light up. So before I get to my question, actually, I was gonna cuz I do have a question for you. But you know, when I had I had lunch with mixed nuts today. And love those guys. Super cool. Yeah, Kwame brindar good peeps. Yeah. And so I had lunch with him today. I had lunch with Corey. And it’s funny because we talked about music a little bit. And we talked about what’s going on in some of the clubs. They have the silent DJ parties where people wear headphones, and everybody’s dancing to different music in the same club.


Mallory Gordon  23:37

Is that what that post was? Hold on? Can we do this in our home?


Mickey Gordon  23:44

We invite people over right but I want to see how one person dance into polka while somebody else is dancing, dude.


Mallory Gordon  23:49

Yeah, I will be rocking the Carlton. And then fuck everybody up shopping cart. On more back to Carlton.


Mickey Gordon  23:57

But I want I want to have a silent DJ party where everyone’s having sex with headphones on to different music.


Mallory Gordon  24:04

You’re not almost feel like you’re making fun of deaf people now. Now I feel bad.


Mickey Gordon  24:09

I actually hadn’t thought of that. Why do you always sensitive? No, I didn’t mean to be I didn’t have a fantasy. Now really


Mallory Gordon  24:19

sexy with your headphones on now. But if we were throwing down I don’t know that I could keep a straight face because like they wobble a little Right. Right? Like what if? Yeah, what is the the earpad like, comes flying off and smacks me in the face that I get Molly whopped by your headset.


Mickey Gordon  24:37

That’d be funny for you. So let’s Okay, so what’s most important because we are talking about building a sexy playlist, I know we’re all over the fucking place tonight. So sorry, guys. But, you know, obviously you want to build an experience between you and the person you’re with or you and the other people that you’re with. For example, we had a threesome one time where the bitch wanted to play threesome by Britney Spears over it. Yeah, we


Mallory Gordon  25:01

get the songs actually called three. But yes, okay. Yeah, it was on repeat for like two hours to the point where I couldn’t even hear the name Britney Spears without twitching. No,


Mickey Gordon  25:11

that’s a way to ruin an environment with music. Right? So what’s most important to build a good environment? Is it the beat? Is it the rhythm? Is that the words? What’s the most important thing to build? Whatever environment you’re trying to build?


Mallory Gordon  25:23

Are you asking me directly, okay, you’re the word I get off. So, again, it depends on the environment, the atmosphere, you’re creating, let’s say, hypothetically, we’re inviting people over, maybe not a house party, maybe an intimate, more intimate gathering. But let’s say we have, you know, five to six couples here, right? Maybe a small house party. So the plan is going to be come over, have some drinks, loosen up some snacks, maybe dinner. So during that time, it’s a little more upbeat. Without being like the like house translate EDM music. Baby songs everyone knows mixed in their little 80s rock or, you know, something that’s current, but you know, not extreme. Because, you know, we’re not, we’re only getting the party started. And after dinner, after that first, you know, section of cocktails. It could go one of two ways. Yeah, you take a left, and you put on the the sexy, sexier, maybe slower r&b side, maybe you stream over to the EDM, if you’re getting like trying to inspire a little kink play with maybe a little dancing. Or maybe it’s more of a hip hop, pop, or you want to have a little fun dancing and be bubbly before sexy time comes on.


Mickey Gordon  26:42

Hmm. So you’re actually to build a perfect play playlist. Uh huh. You’re actually building to something you’re telling a story, at the beginning of the evening is to getting to know you have the music on in the background, maybe songs that people know, and then move in to something that brings people closer together.


Mallory Gordon  26:59

Exactly. And I kind of feel really, like a creepy Pied Piper, when I’m cultivating allow me to orgasm, curating these playlists for when we have these types of activities. But I’m also like, up to adjust the link, sometimes the mood shifts a little. And I’d like to accommodate that. And we have the ability to do it in multiple rooms and play different songs and playlists. So like, say, you know, we’re gonna have a little little kink upstairs. You know, that room will have different music playing then maybe down here where we’re still socializing, or people are, you know, enjoying a more vanilla ask atmosphere?


Mickey Gordon  27:39

Sure. Well, I’m a giant nerd. So every room has different lighting controls and different music Exactly. Were the same depending on what we want. Exactly. Yeah. Which is kind of neat. This house is kind of built for play better fucking kids won’t leave. But hey, whatever.


Mallory Gordon  27:51

I think, I think the only thing I haven’t, like ever had sex to or have used on playlists. And I like all music. So like, I listen to country. I love red dirt. But I would never put it on an environment like that. Because there’s very few that have songs that inspire I feel sexy for everyone in countries, not something that’s beloved by everyone.


Mickey Gordon  28:13

I would agree. And some I’ve never wanted to have sex and fix my tractor at the same time. Or find my dog, right. I mean, it’s just not something I’ve ever been like, I can’t wait. And you know, that is some sad song comes on about losing your friend and like, Oh, no, yeah. Now you just could are looking off and looking solemn. It’s just no fun. But, you know, let’s talk about go twos then. So we talked about kind of what we want to achieve in the playlist we want to achieve bringing people together and exactly what you said, when you’re with somebody specific, like just one person, that you have different playlists that you can pick, depending on how the evenings going. Yeah, if you’re building a play playlist for a group of people, then you want to build to some sort of a crescendo you want to bring people together over the course of the evening. Correct. What are your personal goatees? Now? We all know we heard on that episode, was the man episode was the king of the jungle episode with Tyler, where we talked about how much you liked our Kelly. So what else What is your go to? For sexy time? music? I mean, I’ll tell you mine.


Mallory Gordon  29:14

Okay. Okay, so like I again, I’ve gotten down to just about anything like i’ve i’ve had sex to Enya for crying out loud. How? I’m not kidding. It worked. It was very sensual and like spiritual in a way. Stop. You sound more like sloths than you do. And yeah,


Mickey Gordon  29:35

it sounds to me.


Mallory Gordon  29:36

Um, but it maybe it’s my age. I don’t know. But like there’s something about 90s r&b that just fucking does it for me and obviously our Kelly’s on there. But like Edina Howard and 112 Mary J. Blige, Keith Sweat. Really good. Other Isley Brothers like contagious. Yeah, how does it feel saw


Mickey Gordon  30:03

by your music? I’m like it was some guy going where do you see my dick?


Mallory Gordon  30:08

That’s actually another song I’ve listened to and how text to that singing twin. So that’s what’s resolved. But like I love having that element of sensuality is where you know, you could have a, you know, a fast hot and hard luck session to that music as well as a slower more sensual, intimate sex session and I don’t really have to shift the playlist too much.


Mickey Gordon  30:34

You know, I gotta say for me if I have to pick something and maybe it’s just kind of just my headspace. Yeah, I love reggae. I love the beat of reggae. I don’t get as wound up in the words as I do. Because you know, when I love music in ways that I can’t even describe you, I love songwriters, I love poets. And the words hang me up if there’s too many words. I’m in trouble. So I my command of pot was very good. I like one because yeah, I can’t hear what they’re saying. And I just hear music in the beat. And I’m like, sweet, and it makes me think he Hito and then I just want to go ahead and throw it down. But if I had to talk about some of my past hits, Oh, here we go. And this is gonna eat me a little. I love these. I hate you sometimes. But I’m going to start with the granddaddy of them all Nine Inch Nails.


Mallory Gordon  31:26

How have you had this on your playlist? And we’ve not listened to it and had me like tied up bound and like smacked around


Mickey Gordon  31:34

the little it’s only nine o’clock we have time. We will tie you down with zip ties and I will make you look like a baboon when you walk into heater. Your ass will be so red.


Mallory Gordon  31:47

Okay, let’s let’s dial it back a


Mickey Gordon  31:52

bit. Hey, so and you know the other one and I gotta tell you in college this was like, first of all, we had CDs, right? So


Mallory Gordon  31:58

yes, we had mix CD.


Mickey Gordon  32:00

And my CDs were just jam packed with lords of acid that like straight up bucking music. Yeah. Like that’s what they made it for the fuck to right. So lords of acid, Nine Inch Nails, the Prodigy crystal method.


Mallory Gordon  32:15

Those are all great. I have those on playlists today. Do you? Oh, yeah. All right. Well,


Mickey Gordon  32:21

I bet you don’t have this one on there. And this was like my like, when I was DJing back in college. Okay, definitely. Something that I played when I thought people were ready to start, you know, getting close. And nigma Oh,



have had sex to that. See? Wait a minute. I like it over you. freakin 10.


Mallory Gordon  32:41

Bro. too young, way, way too young. But I AV Music Music was part of my culture growing up regardless of my age. So I drew from many genres and decades. When I was compiling music. I didn’t watch a lot of TV or any of that the only TV I watched was MTV. But yeah, enigmas a good one. I don’t know if I have it on a playlist right now. But it should be.


Mickey Gordon  33:06

Yeah, yeah, it kind of should be. You know, and there’s, there’s a lot of different genres of music that are great. And, you know, obviously, you have to know your audience. You know, for somebody that’s in your same age range, stuff that I just talked about, right stuff like, you know, Nine Inch Nails. Right? Which closer to God, that be ultimate fucking song. It literally says, I want to fuck you like an animal? Yeah. You know, there’s some people that that are not going to get into that. I mean, I can think of some of the folks that we’re friends with in the lifestyle that would very much prefer a nice jazz. Yeah, they would, then that something just make them feel sensual and sexy and kind of make them want to drink their wine and flow. And that’s awesome. But like you said, you have a hard playlist. I doubt jazz on it.


Mallory Gordon  33:55

Like, it’s like shoes for the seasons, right? Like it multiple audiences multiple moods, and it almost sounds like an obsession. So I feel like I’m really weird now. But great, you know, again, it is part of knowing the people. I mean, if you’re gonna have sex with me, you know enough about them to maybe have some background as to what may appeal to them. Maybe it’s classical music.


Mickey Gordon  34:21

Maybe it’s like you said jazz? Do you think that there are a lot of people out there that need no sound at all that it’s a distraction to,


Mallory Gordon  34:31

um, aside from you, I’ve only really met one person that has raised their hand and said as much, which obviously I appreciate because last thing I’m gonna do is lock up the no pants party.


Mickey Gordon  34:40

Right? no pants parties kind of. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  34:42

So, um, but yeah, I do believe they’re out there


Mickey Gordon  34:45

when we talk about building the perfect playlist, which is really how we started this segment off, like how do we really create the perfect environment for a great sexy time. There are a lot of aspects to creating a great environment and we talked about you know, that we have Special lighting in our house we do sure


Mallory Gordon  35:02

a lot of people talk about that in our podcasts,


Mickey Gordon  35:05

the prayer society, I’ve talked a lot about building the perfect vironment, but I think music is a critical piece of that. And knowing your audience helps, but it has to be good for you. For starters, if it’s your party, and your room and your space, it’s got to be good for you. Yeah. So build your perfect playlist.


Mallory Gordon  35:23

That’s yourself up for success and comfort.


Mickey Gordon  35:24

Yeah. Something that you’re comfortable hearing something that you love something that makes you feel good, something that brings good memories, build something that matters to you and works for you. And I think that’s that’s really important advice to give folks. And it’s not just music, but today it is. And we’re talking about stuff that you said like you so are Kelly’s off your list who’s on your list? Now, by the way, if you had to pick a song right this minute that made you want to get it on? What would it be?


Mallory Gordon  35:48

You really put me on the spot? Yeah, I did. So I’ve been bopping around the house singing all my fucked up songs. That’s what stuck in my head. Um, I came across a song that hasn’t come up. I play this season that exists, and I mentioned it just a few minutes ago. How does it feel by D’Angelo? It’s definitely more sexual or naked by I think it’s more cheese Houston. They’re slow and so damn Central. But like I want to strip off my clothes slowly and touch myself in like an all my naughty bits like yeah, it’s it’s it makes me want to almost masturbate when I hear them


Mickey Gordon  36:30

on the spot. You ever listen to music while you play with yourself?


Mallory Gordon  36:32

Absolutely. Wow.


Mickey Gordon  36:33

Yeah, seed guys definitely don’t do that. What we’re doing is furiously looking through the next three things on Pornhub to try and find that one. That’s gonna work I’ve


Mallory Gordon  36:41

actually found that I can achieve orgasm faster with music versus porn.


Mickey Gordon  36:45



Mallory Gordon  36:46

Because I gives me some imagery with some suggestive maybe lyrics. And my brain just takes it from there. And I create my own little porn.


Mickey Gordon  36:58

I’m I’m over here just looking dumbfounded folks. We just learned something here on casual swinger. today. We learned that Mallory prefers music to porn. said no.


Mallory Gordon  37:09

Yeah, sometimes sometimes. I’m just too lazy. No, just watch porn. Wow.


Mickey Gordon  37:13

Yeah. So that’s kind of our kind of take on the perfect playlist. And now we’re gonna get to the game, man.


Mallory Gordon  37:21

Oh, I don’t know how this is gonna go. I don’t really I don’t know that I want to sing. So can I can I do spoken word like William Shatner?


Mickey Gordon  37:31

I don’t know if it’s gonna work. So, you know, we don’t even know what to call this game yet. We just decided this would be kind of fun. We literally did this during dinner tonight. We said we should take a few songs apiece like five songs. Okay, and so you got to pick five, we each have at least five. And you’re gonna just kind of take whatever the lyric is that you changed, you’re gonna sing it. And then the other person has to say what the song is.


Mallory Gordon  37:55

Okay, you go first when we come back.


Mickey Gordon  37:59

So that’s what we’re gonna do. I don’t know what we’re gonna call it. Maybe we’ll call it fuck that tune, but we’re gonna play it in just a couple of minutes. We’ll do twisters. Brain titty twisters. We’ll be right back folks. You’re listening to casual swinger?


Mallory Gordon  38:31

Hey, guys, you are back with casual swinger malar here. My name is Mickey. And we’re gonna play a game up


Mickey Gordon  38:37

to we have a name for this game.


Mallory Gordon  38:41

I’m gonna be DJ denarius over here. No kidding.


Mickey Gordon  38:44

I’m game of bones. Oh.


Mallory Gordon  38:49

off topic. I can’t wait to use my geek toy. That’s right.


Mickey Gordon  38:53

We did buy it. Yeah, Kiki sex toys. Yeah. And we used Kate’s code by actually. So yeah, she got a little affiliate level. We’re gonna play a game attunes though. And how does game attunes work we’re going to seeing sort of because neither of us can sing Shetty lyrics to a song that the other one has to guess the name of the song And ideally, who’s saying the goddamn thing.


Mallory Gordon  39:14

Yeah, I love misheard lyrics to the point where I make them up myself. Yeah, this is part of my life’s work. So this is what we’re


Mickey Gordon  39:20

doing for your fucking entertainment. Yeah, really, for you guys.


Mallory Gordon  39:23

But how this ties into everything just really quickly is why I curate my playlists so much is because I’ll again, catch on to these things. make up my own words, lose my shit, and I can’t rein myself in. After that. It’s a it’s a K hole. right for me.


Mickey Gordon  39:39

My problem is I end up having to pull over because I’m laughing so hard because of whatever lyric is popped into my brain. And it just doesn’t


Mallory Gordon  39:46

want to be fed. You go first. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  39:49

God, I have to do it first. All right. You guys ready? Mallory has to tame that Loon.


Mallory Gordon  39:58

You’re gonna sing it. I have to guess what, that’s Actually his


Mickey Gordon  40:01

actual song is that that I’m seeing Okay.


Mallory Gordon  40:03

All right. I’m ready. Are you ready? Well, I


Mickey Gordon  40:06

saw her face. Now I’m gonna leave her.


Mallory Gordon  40:09

I’m a believer. There it is. Okay, she, okay, this will be fine. Except for when


Mickey Gordon  40:15

it’s your turn.


Mallory Gordon  40:16

Okay. My eat as well. They say you’re a dick with a glove.


Mickey Gordon  40:22

Robert Palmer stick with a glove. Nobody likes a dick.


Mallory Gordon  40:31

Hey, no. Safety first kids. All


Mickey Gordon  40:33

right. All right, you go. It’s my turn. You ready for this? This is fun. Go. She’s sleeping with hairy guys. A furry bastard with pubic lice.


Mallory Gordon  40:43

Oh my god. It’s something with paradise.



We sing it again.


Mickey Gordon  40:49

Fuck you. Oh, I need the song. You’re running out of time.


Mallory Gordon  40:56

tickets to paradise? No, it’s what is it?


Mickey Gordon  41:01

cheeseburger in paradise? Jimmy. Oh


Mallory Gordon  41:03

my gosh. How did I get that wrong? Okay. I don’t know that you’ll get this one. Because it’s a newer song. I got my pants off. genitive baby. How you feeling? Good.


Mickey Gordon  41:16

Is that a song? Is it by a person?


Mallory Gordon  41:19



Mickey Gordon  41:20

Did they speak English?


Mallory Gordon  41:22

Yes. Did I not speak English?


Mickey Gordon  41:25

I don’t know. I’m just gonna go ahead and help myself right now. No, no bye. Bye lipo is that a lizard?


Mallory Gordon  41:36

I do my hair. Check my nail. Oh, my God.


Mickey Gordon  41:39

I never would have gotten it. Seriously. I love that song. Alright, it’s my turn. Are we ready? Alright. Show Should I move shadow mousse? Can I have some more mangoes? It is. Can I have some more mangoes? Oh, oh, we told you this game was everybody. Alright, we’re ready for yours?


Mallory Gordon  42:21

Yeah, you’re ready.


Mickey Gordon  42:23



Mallory Gordon  42:24

This is easy. No, God. Can chicken with it. No, no, no, no, no.



No, not kick a chicken with it.


Mickey Gordon  42:32

Kick it a chicken is getting jiggy with it by Will Smith.


Mallory Gordon  42:37

I love the little like arm shuffle dance that comes along with it. And I do the lame. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  42:43

Okay, you know, I feel like I’m putting way more effort into these songs. All right. You ready guys? Whoa, she got no hair. Whoo. She shaved your pubic hair.


Mallory Gordon  43:02

I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. Can you do that again?


Mickey Gordon  43:05

You were naked or nah. It is slipping.


Mallory Gordon  43:15

Living on a prayer Bon Jovi.


Mickey Gordon  43:17

And you know what? When that song came out, I was praying that chicks would shave their beads. Really? That’s where they came from.


Mallory Gordon  43:24

Oh my gosh, you made that up in your


Mickey Gordon  43:27

adorable in like 87 I think we each have one left.


Mallory Gordon  43:33

That’s it. I have like three that I want to do. Okay, can we do two more?


Mickey Gordon  43:38

I don’t have to. Okay, I do. I do have to. Okay, let’s do two more. Jesus. Okay. I don’t think our iPad listener we have is checked out at this point. But let’s finish the game by all means.


Mallory Gordon  43:51

Like the legend of the penis. Oh, ends with beginnings. Daft Punk.


Mickey Gordon  43:59



Mallory Gordon  44:03

I’m about Knights. Good luck. I got to go find my duck is


Mickey Gordon  44:10

fuck is wrong with you?


Mallory Gordon  44:12

You should see me when I sing the whole song.


Mickey Gordon  44:15

Well, I just put a camera in the shower. So we’ll catch it before long. Okay, awesome. Okay, so. Oh, all right. I said Baby, you’re gonna be the one that shaves me. And after my balls, your my wonder bra.


Mallory Gordon  44:35

I have no words. I have no words. It’s Wonderwall. By Oh, he says. I love you. Never saying that again. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. You


Mickey Gordon  44:45

don’t want to be the one that ever after my balls.



Oh god, you’re gonna do this one. I’m gonna do this one. I was trying to think of something that had more lines and this one’s really late, but I love it.


Mallory Gordon  44:58

Tommy why Ain’t nothing but a fart Hey Tommy why Ain’t nothing but a meat steak?


Mickey Gordon  45:13

backstreet boy


Mallory Gordon  45:15

fuck you cuz you know who that is? And you know you like him.


Mickey Gordon  45:19

I hate him. My cousin played him on fucking repeat forever. It was awful.


Mallory Gordon  45:26

But her and I were that generation where all the boy bands live.


Mickey Gordon  45:29

Yeah, we can’t see right now is the Mallory’s doing the dance. Like all these like boyband guys were just groove in it like she’s in the video while she’s singing about their meat steak. Yeah, fuck. All right. So this is the last one for me.


Mallory Gordon  45:46

All right. I got this. I got this.


Mickey Gordon  45:50

This is one of my all time favorites. I totally ruin this song for my father. Oh, I don’t know that I noticed. Okay. Smooth masturbate.


Mallory Gordon  46:04

Do you think your dad was a finish day? How many times do you think masturbator and that’s



okay. smoothly.



Oh, that was fun. Oh, no,


Mickey Gordon  46:20

you have one left. Oh, I do. Yeah, cuz I went first.


Mallory Gordon  46:25

Oh, that’s right. I


Mickey Gordon  46:27

you just tried to bail out.


Mallory Gordon  46:28

Like I’m a CPA. I’m not a professional accounting person.


Mickey Gordon  46:31

That is so typical of your generation. What?


Mallory Gordon  46:36

them’s fightin words. Oh, let’s see. I’m gonna do Oh, this one’s Yeah. She’s got electric boobs. Um, all her suit. You know, I read it in a magazine. Oh. Oh, that was awful. My Captain caveman. Wow.



Fuck my life.


Mickey Gordon  47:03

It’s Benny in the Jets. Yeah, that’s what


Mallory Gordon  47:05

I think everyone knows that way. But like fucked up lyrics.


Mickey Gordon  47:10

guys know about stupid I got a guide in that game we tied. So we’re gonna give ourselves a hand here on Kansas. Thank you. Thank you. I owe it all to you. They like me. They like me. They really like me.


Mallory Gordon  47:29

They only like me because they stopped clapping when we started talking. Oh, what the fuck?


Mickey Gordon  47:34

That was absolutely terrible. But it was game of tunes. A game that we may never play again on casual swing.


Mallory Gordon  47:41

So this your feedback tell us if you looked at it.


Mickey Gordon  47:44

Guys, we’re gonna be right back with swinging in the news. You’re listening to casuals winger.


Mallory Gordon  48:05

Welcome back, everybody to casual swinger Mallory here.


Mickey Gordon  48:09

And this is the non singer Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  48:11

Oh, please. You did very well. I’m super impressed. I’m also calling bullshit because I think you over prepared. I think you set yourself up for success. When you pitch the idea of the game at dinner.


Mickey Gordon  48:23

Knowing you would win. I just figured you know, I mean, I put the time in, you know, 10 hustle more. I just thought that’d be fun. All right. All right.


Mallory Gordon  48:33

Next round, whether we were recording it or not. Yeah, it’s on. We’re doing


Mickey Gordon  48:37

are we? Yeah. It’s we’re gonna cover swinging in the news. We’re gonna talk about some of the stuff that’s going on here in the world. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  48:45

So the article and the situation you brought up kind of blew my mind. So I haven’t completely wrap my head around this situation. So So our listeners about this man that’s on trial for rape for making scentless threesome?


Mickey Gordon  48:59

Yeah, this is, you know, it kind of leads into something that we actually just wrote an article about for ASN and how consent is evolving in America. And out in Singapore. You know, we’re talking earlier about our friends from Singapore coming to visit. Well, in Singapore, a jobless man, roughly in his 20s 26 years old, I believe he is took part in a threesome back in 2016 with somebody who contacted him online about having sex with his girlfriend because it was his fantasy. without her knowledge.


Mallory Gordon  49:29

Yeah, that kind of blows my mind. And I think I skipped ahead in our swinging, and I apologize.


Mickey Gordon  49:33

Well, it’s a big deal, actually. And I could see why it would hit you as hard as it did. Because this is a massive violation of not just consent, but love and respect and affection. I mean, she let her boyfriend tie her up. She trusted him.


Mallory Gordon  49:48

She became she allowed herself to become completely vulnerable. 100%


Mickey Gordon  49:52

Yeah. And and, you know, he had brought up the idea to her of this before and she wasn’t receptive to it. She specifically told him She wasn’t receptive to it. She said, I do not consent to that. And he did it anyway. And they went to great lengths to conceal it from her. This guy knew they were concealing it from her. It is such a massive failure of consent. And this guy at 28 years old is going to serve 20 years in a Singapore jail for his transgressions. And he deserves do I think maybe, yeah,


Mallory Gordon  50:23

I mean, I can’t imagine how that feels to, to open yourself up that to, to trust someone. And then in that moment, she’s just literally tied down, right? When she realizes, oh, my God, this is not my partner. Can you imagine the amount of fear that went through her mind in that moment?


Mickey Gordon  50:45

I mean, I think a terror rage,


Mallory Gordon  50:47

I mean, I’m sure someone out there listening may may be able to relate. And that’s so sad. And I’m so sorry for that. I cannot


Mickey Gordon  50:55

well, and there are people that fantasy, right that say I do want that person different. And that’s different. They consent to it, this person didn’t at all. And so this guy’s going to jail for rape. And that’s, you know, we have news crawlers out there that are always crawling the web for whatever’s new, interesting going on. I have some keywords rate is not one of them three, definitely not. That


Mallory Gordon  51:17

was a little bit of a shock.


Mickey Gordon  51:18

Yeah, this came up under threesome. And, you know, I was really stunned to see that somebody had gone to these links, but I was happy to see that the Singapore courts charged this guy with 10 different sexual offenses for charges of rape for this instance, so I think we could learn a lot honestly from the courts in Singapore about how to trust the victim, and listen to what’s being said here. And the reason that we bring this up in swinging in the news is because consent is a big thing for us in the last few weeks. AF s.


Mallory Gordon  51:52

Yeah, absolutely. There’s not only the the respect for your fellow human beings, right, that comes into play. I mean, it should be a given that consent should be a thing that should not have to be requested. It should be always expected. There’s another level to implied consent and express consent that we haven’t considered before you did this research for your ASN article.


Mickey Gordon  52:15

Yeah, yeah. So what had happened is we saw in the news, a gentleman in North Carolina had been hit for a $750,000 judgment under something that became known in the news as the homewrecker laws in North Carolina. Now, there are six states that still have these laws on the books. And these laws date back to 12th century England, when women were viewed as property, they were tantamount to livestock, cows, slaves. That’s how they were viewed. Once a man married a woman, she became his property. And if for some reason, she had sex with another man, because of course, back then that’s all he would do. God forbid they would have sex with a woman, if they had sex with another man, that man owed them recompense for their transgression. And that’s where these laws were born. And they were two different laws that were born, one was called alienation of affection. And the other one was called criminal conversation. So alienation, affection means that you were wrong, they did something to you, maliciously, and they hurt you. They had harmed your marriage. Criminal conversation is the simple act of having sex with a married person.


Mallory Gordon  53:20

And that having no conversation,


Mickey Gordon  53:21

yeah, criminal conversation, that’s still what it’s called in North Carolina. Right. Boom.


Mallory Gordon  53:25

Mind blown.


Mickey Gordon  53:26

Yeah. And so what this really came about in the consent conversation for Mallory and I, we really started talking about it around the dinner table, is the importance of consent with someone that is not the person you’re having sex with, but their partner, if they’re from states.


Mallory Gordon  53:43

Yes. So rewind to single guy discussions, right. There have been a few conversations that have been flying around and bless Tyler for being awesome and amazing and completely transparent. But there were a few on the table there and I addressed one guy directly, and he came back with the I’m technically married. And to me, that’s, that’s a huge red flag, because that means that there’s not a specific level of transparency that he is giving to me, and that there could be another person on the other end of the equation that may not be privy to the ongoings or consenting to that in their marriage.


Mickey Gordon  54:22

That’s right.


Mallory Gordon  54:23

So at that point, I was like, Okay, I appreciate your honesty. I just left I deuces I’m out. Because the last thing I want is drama being brought to our doorstep, right? We have a family, kids and regular lives. That’s not something we want. But I also don’t want hurting anybody. And now I don’t want to set myself up to be financially responsible for someone’s pain and suffering. Well, I guess in North Carolina, that’s, that’s what happens. You can literally sue the adulteress or adulterer. On the opposite of your spouse, for harming your marriage, and then you’re a fiscally responsible for was that reconsent?


Mickey Gordon  55:11

Well, and that’s crazy. Yeah, right in there. So what Mallory’s saying is, Hey, I’m a good person. I don’t want to do that. Yeah, but in some parts of this country, South Dakota, Mississippi, North Carolina, right. We’re talking about fam, we’re not just talking about Wyoming, the least populated state in the country, which isn’t one of those states. By the way. We’re talking about North Carolina where the original 13 colonies, we’re talking about a serious situation. And what we’re talking about is that person if Mallory had gone through with it, because he said he was married, he did not connive, he did not lie. Right. He said, I’m technically married. If she had gone through with it, and they had been from North Carolina, she would have had cause to sue Mallory for a criminal conversation. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  55:57

So yeah. So you now you have two avenues to go down. Right? You don’t ask? So plausible deniability. Or if you’re told, then you have to take into consideration what the, you know, risk factors are, do a risk assessment. Is this something I’m willing to do knowing what I know now, and moving forward with it? And it’s, it’s kind of crazy to me, I almost feel like I need that Christian gray form, before like proceeding in those environments, just so every party is privy to what’s really happening here, and no one’s gonna go. You know, hey, you know, thinking back five years later, you know, maybe I felt a little pressured to do that.


Mickey Gordon  56:39

Yeah. Well, so the neat part about it, at least in North Carolina, is they are trying to roll these laws back in some ways, right? So they managed to put in a statute of limitations of three years. So anything longer than three years, they don’t allow those cases to be prosecuted all the way through. Now, keep in mind, these aren’t being prosecuted, the criminal cases these are what are called torts, which are civil cases, people brought against each other.


Mallory Gordon  57:01

So what’s what’s what is a tort?


Mickey Gordon  57:04

a tort is essentially a law that was never legislated. But it was it was created through the courts, and it was brought over by the ships from England. So these laws exist specifically because they’ve been legislated in or rather, they’ve been argued in the courts not legislated. So no state Senate, no House of Representatives has ever taken this up as something should be a law. torts have been around forever, and they allow you to seek retribution on somebody that has wronged you personally. It’s not a law that went through Senate or house representatives at all. It’s just something that’s been on the books forever to allow you to go after somebody personally. It’s crazy. I really fucking nuts. It does not belong there. All.


Mallory Gordon  57:46

Yeah, I’m like a quizzical puppy over here. My head’s like turning into a scene still trying to digest all of this.


Mickey Gordon  57:52

Yeah. I mean, Hell, I wrote an article on it. That was 5000 words long. I’m still blown away. It’s a


Mallory Gordon  57:57

great article. It’s a great article, I still can’t wrap my head around how this is still applicable in the law at at the same level?


Mickey Gordon  58:07

Yeah, yeah. Well, and think about it this way. Let me tell you how applicable it actually is. So in 2011, there was an award of $30 million.


Mallory Gordon  58:18

Well, too, so a civil suit goes to court, the defendant had to pay $30 million.


Mickey Gordon  58:27

Well, so here’s the thing about these cases they’re very rarely collected on they’re almost always used as leverage in a divorce case. So


Mallory Gordon  58:34

it’s revenge,


Mickey Gordon  58:36

okay, they’re almost never actually collected on because then, you know, goes to appeals. And if it does go to appeals, they usually bargain these down between 50 and $90,000.


Mallory Gordon  58:48

So let’s just assume for a minute, so harmful for the average family,


Mickey Gordon  58:51

rather than harmful for the average family. If the average family in America is making $55,000. At best, that is massive damage to an average family, a plea down to $50,000 that you now owe somebody is crazy, and they’re used as leverage in divorce claims. It’s absolutely asinine. Go check out the latest issue of ASN lifestyle magazine. That’s ASN magazine.com. It’s page 184. Yes, I wrote the article. But there’s lots of content in there. You know, I interviewed a professor from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Law, distinguished professor of law. When I brought this up to her she was flabbergasted because first of all these things do get prosecuted in North Carolina, but second of which she’d never heard of it being used this way. But Kate from SDU, brought up a case where it actually was used against somebody in a swinging situation just a couple of years ago. So it has happened already.


Mallory Gordon  59:49

So this is kind of like a buyer beware. Write a little PSA out there to our listeners to make sure that you’re in the know where you’re looking To geographically, if this may apply to you, if you live in a state that still has these torts or laws in play, and gaining that consent, having a witness, for example, when you engage in this kind of activity, to make sure that there’s something you can call upon in the event, something were to, you know, happen. And then that person has certain transgressions that, you know, they want to leverage in a case where maybe they’re, they’re emotionally, you know, harmed, maybe a little unstable, and maybe have a mix of emotions. And it’s a tough situation to be in again, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Sometimes when we look at this picture as a whole, and what we do each other in this society, and if you’re not engaging in these things willingly, please God, raise your hand and say, so yeah, but if you are, and then you’re leveraging that time you had together because your your marriage is falling apart and your relationship is falling apart. That’s that’s bad juju. Man, that’s, that’s harmful to it’s not just the other person that you’re hurting, that’s not your, your husband or your wife. That’s, that’s somebody who could have, you know, three kids to feed or they’re taking care of their mother or there’s so many. Like, it’s, that’s that’s not okay.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:20

No, it isn’t. And, you know, Mallory makes a great point, there are two ways to defend yourself. If anybody’s just listening to this, and you’re never going to read my article, then the thing that you really need to know is that there’s two types of consent, implied consent and express consent, implied consent does not exist, there’s no such thing as implied consent. Now, people would suggest it, it’s not real.


Mallory Gordon  1:01:41

And there’s a law in the eyes of law, Implied Consent is not a thing.


Mickey Gordon  1:01:45

ticularly in North Carolina, now, the two ways you can do this, you can get it in writing, or you can do it verbally. If you do it verbally, if you ask somebody, husband or wife, if having sex with their spouse is okay with them. Make sure there’s somebody there that heard it clearly that they said absolutely have a great time. I’m good with it. And even better if they’re not party to the action, if they’re not part of this contract between the four of you, for


Mallory Gordon  1:02:10

example, the said spouse that you are requesting to have sex with


Mickey Gordon  1:02:15

exactly that’s kind of a bad witness. Right. Yeah. But the the thing in North Carolina courts that helps that hold up is that what a reasonable person believe that you had consent. So that’s what your your real issue is here. And you can get it in writing, you can actually get it in a text message, that they’re okay with it as long as you have it. As long as you have something that a reasonable person could surmise from that interaction that you had consent, you’re good to go? Or if they lie to you, so if you’re hot wifing out there. And they lie to you about being married. They tell you they’re not but they are, you got nothing to worry about as long as you can prove that they told you they were not. Now if you’re never


Mallory Gordon  1:02:54

writing, that’s right.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:56

Yeah. If you never if you never asked. It’s


Mallory Gordon  1:02:59

exactly ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of law in North Carolina. Nope.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:03

ignorance of fact, can be but that can be a difficult thing to prove. And you really want to go to court over who you had sex with and make it public.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:11

Man, think about that, especially in the you know, that part of the country, right? It’s part of the Bible about it as a very conservative part of the United States.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:20

That’s what’s going on in the news. That’s actually a thing right now. Somebody lost $750,000 for having sex with somebody his wife, he wasn’t a swinger he but it happened. And it’s because he didn’t get consent. And there’s a guy in Singapore, who’s going to jail for a very long time because he listened to a guy who said have sex with my girlfriend and she’s not okay with it. You’re a dumb ass. You deserve to go to jail for that, sir. That’s what’s going on. was swinging in the news, man. What a mess right? We’re going to Hito


Mallory Gordon  1:03:49

whoop Hito Hito


Mickey Gordon  1:03:52

That’s right. I’m gonna pay you back. Why don’t you tell everybody where to find us so we can get the hell out of here and catch you guys in two weeks.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:59

I got this motherfucker. Right We are casual swinger everywhere. That is now Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. If you want to message us we are podcast that cause casual swing calm. Also, you can find us as casual swing her on STC SLS Cassidy cuivre, Double D nation. And again, like Mickey said earlier in the podcast if you want to give some kudos you love us. You just want to give us some affirmation. Because you know, I live for that. And please hit us up on iTunes. That sounds


Mickey Gordon  1:04:29

like a pretty complete list. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been the music episode. kind of crazy. Oh, you had a lot of fun doing it. Wild Thing. You make my heart swing.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:41



Mickey Gordon  1:04:42

yeah, that’s right. Hey, until next time, we’re casually yours. You’ve been listening to casual swinger. Hi,



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