You can take a WHAT but not a compliment? – Examining affirmation in the Lifestyle

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Why is it so damned hard to accept a compliment.  It’s not a gender thing, a professional thing, or even a LIFESTYLE thing.  Taking a compliment is WAY harder than it is to give one…but we have to ask?

Why don’t we believe the people in our tribe when they tell us the things we HOPE others believe about us?  What’s it gonna take?

We examine this and more with our friend “The Alabaster Scrotum” in this latest episode of Casual Swinger!

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Mallory Gordon  00:08

You’re listening to the casual swinger podcast. As your hosts, we need to warn you that the material you’re about to hear may be sexual or explicit in nature. This podcast is intended for an adult audience. Now we don’t expect you to act like adults. What’s the fun in that?


Mickey Gordon  00:22

We’re a married couple living in Florida with over 13 years of experience in the lifestyle and we take almost nothing seriously. Casual swingers a variety show meaning we’ll cover everything from music to events, travel, and even the occasional hilarious screw up. Our show was about entertainment. We’re not licensed professionals had anything and our stories, commentary and guidance should not be confused with the opinions of a licensed professional.


Mallory Gordon  00:46

Now that you know, let’s take those pants off and get comfy


Mickey Gordon  00:57

and thank you so much. This has been a long awaited, long overdue. Welcome to another episode of casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  01:06

Why did it sound like you were trying to come there?


Mickey Gordon  01:08

I was trying to do not it was what I was doing. I was rubbing fucking fury.


Mallory Gordon  01:12

It was like a dramatic, over indulgent, kind of come


Mickey Gordon  01:17

Alright, as a person that seen 1000s of your fake orgasms. I just want to say that dramatic. Oh no, you take the


Mallory Gordon  01:24

1000s of fake orgasms because they don’t know how to fake orgasm. I just don’t believe staring into your eyes. There’s no faking it. No.


Mickey Gordon  01:32

Especially not when that little puddle shows up.


Mallory Gordon  01:34

It’s very obvious. Hey,


Mickey Gordon  01:37

everybody, Mickey here,


Mallory Gordon  01:38

and Mallory and the


Mickey Gordon  01:40

owl. Bear stir scrotum


The Alabaster Scrotum  01:43

did feel Hello? Hello. Hello.


Mallory Gordon  01:45

Pair of creepy eyes in the room.


Mickey Gordon  01:46

I do. There’s like this fucking bald president. Ghost of the ghost of baldness passed in the corner. I


The Alabaster Scrotum  01:52

can’t 10 Get over it.


Mickey Gordon  01:55

You really can’t. You’re just chalk Asian fucking like friend that just sits in the corner.


The Alabaster Scrotum  02:00

The best part is, you know I am. How do you say I had the Santro pay tan compared to my daughter. She is like literally you can see her bones.


Mallory Gordon  02:09

She is translucent. She’s like that fish at the depths of the ocean where you can see all of it. But she’s a beautiful human. She doesn’t I will say you make gorgeous children. She


The Alabaster Scrotum  02:18

doesn’t have the teeth of those kind of the teeth of the fish down there.


Mallory Gordon  02:23

Are you raising the roof over there?


Mickey Gordon  02:27

Stop using your Barry White voice and start talking not like Christian Bale. Alright, so first things first. Yes. Let’s get this out of the way.


Mallory Gordon  02:37

We we skipped an episode we had PCAP life got in the way. So we keep saying we’re gonna do better. And then. You know what? We’re just human.


Mickey Gordon  02:46

That’s a lot like my sex life before we became swingers wife got in the way.


Mallory Gordon  02:51

Remember? The last time before we was off? I was like that’s on you. Anyway.


Mickey Gordon  02:57

No, wrong one.


The Alabaster Scrotum  02:59

My brother was Jewish.


Mickey Gordon  03:01

Ah. Found it. I didn’t hit the puke button. I’m not in trouble. All right, so anyway, yeah, life got in the way. We went to PCAT that was cool.


Mallory Gordon  03:11

I was a fucking amazing. Yeah, we’re gonna play that. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  03:14

And then casual cocktail happened and, like, week and a half ago? Yeah, like a week and a half ago, but I’m just saying we had a lot of shit going on, which kind of necessitated us. Maybe just not getting an episode out on time. I think it’d be cool.


Mallory Gordon  03:28

I appreciate anyone that sticks around. Whoa, whoa,


The Alabaster Scrotum  03:30

whoa, I don’t want to buy that. Well, no, that people don’t care. Are you kidding me?


Mallory Gordon  03:35

I think they do. But I think they give us a certain amount of forgiveness for it. They have to otherwise they still wouldn’t be listening. There’s you know still three people out there they give a shit but very


The Alabaster Scrotum  03:45

true. But I know you guys have very robust travel schedules, but you know everything I’ve seen that you guys are insanely popular. I love you


Mickey Gordon  03:53

is this is why you’re my friend. This is why you get to come.


The Alabaster Scrotum  03:57

Alright, stop.


Mickey Gordon  03:58

I don’t


Mallory Gordon  03:58

I’m also like, I love balls. And alabaster scrotum is here.


Mickey Gordon  04:02

He does look like a fucking ball sack. Look at him. There’s like two eyeballs peering out of his scrotum just staring over the microphone right now it really isn’t me you know


The Alabaster Scrotum  04:09

what if my ball sack look like my head? I’d be happy right now. It’s like a fucking hacky sack. Hey, when I walked down the street I got a kick.


Mallory Gordon  04:16

Is that the cause of the environment or genetics? That’s


The Alabaster Scrotum  04:19

because I’m fucking old. Okay.


Mickey Gordon  04:22

I thought it’s because you were in Florida and you just everything was just hanging low


The Alabaster Scrotum  04:27

from the Northeast so it’s like you know usually it’s fucking nice and tighten up and


Mallory Gordon  04:30

but like a brand I have so it’s like a high insight like you’re going into the military and the worst part is


The Alabaster Scrotum  04:35

my kids sit there and then depending on the camera, I go I take with an iPhone. And I look like Megamind it really irritates me


Mickey Gordon  04:46

you fucking


Mallory Gordon  04:47

I’m so glad you joined us for this episode. So when we get into the court and the meat of this all of because we’re obviously gonna have Yes. Affirmation so like your country. ablutions given, especially that little anecdote there.


Mickey Gordon  05:05

In this room is just, it’s overwhelming. So this is going to be a casual shit show, folks. Yeah, but what are we talking about? We love you. Yeah. And she right the casual shit show. So, today, like hanging around to the end, no matter how fucking stupid this episode gets because June’s whiskey of the month is going to happen in this episode. I know. It’s our only episode of the month. It’s not normal for us, we apologize. But what are we going to talk about today? No.


Mallory Gordon  05:32

So we’re going to talk about affirmation holistically, mostly in the in context of receiving affirmation how important it is, but mostly how the majority of us take affirmation and kind of put up the shield and like deflect it like no one really knows how to take a fucking compliment. But affirmation is crucial to our beans.


Mickey Gordon  05:55

So you can take a cock but not accomplish 100% How much if anybody wants to know how much cocking you


Mallory Gordon  06:02

better taking a cock and a compliment? I know. That sounds very harsh of me to say but it’s the truth.


Mickey Gordon  06:08

Are you better at taking a really big Cocker a really big compliment?


Mallory Gordon  06:11

Cock 100%


The Alabaster Scrotum  06:13

Shoemoney Chris Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  06:15

Welcome to the show. Alabaster screen. Thank


The Alabaster Scrotum  06:17

you. prefacing what we were talking about today because I’m not uncomfortable at all.


Mallory Gordon  06:24

We do like as a holy thing. We suck so much for taking compliments and


The Alabaster Scrotum  06:28

then we say suck she did we really suck it. Oh, wow.


Mickey Gordon  06:35

But you know what? You are so pretty.


Mallory Gordon  06:39

Actually, that sounds a little condescending. So now I’m on the defense. Well, this


Mickey Gordon  06:43

is what happens. I’m like, you’re pretty interesting. Fuck you.


The Alabaster Scrotum  06:48

You’re very pretty.


Mallory Gordon  06:48

Thank you. Thank you.


Mickey Gordon  06:50

Fuck you. Someone else tells her she’s pretty.


The Alabaster Scrotum  06:54

It’s all about reflection. You were like Marilyn Mallory. You’re so pretty. I was like, Man, are you so pretty? It’s all about the inflection. It’s the way you stated your bald No shit.


Mickey Gordon  07:08

Right so anyway, we’re gonna get back to this later we’re going to talk about what it is to take a compliment and not a cock we’re going to talk about where Jimmy Hoffa is buried because as I understand the scrote knows exactly where he is by


The Alabaster Scrotum  07:20

the way being called the alabaster girl was not complimentary that’s not that’s not a compliment


Mallory Gordon  07:24

you know that you you designated yourself as such? No, absolutely


The Alabaster Scrotum  07:27



Mallory Gordon  07:28

I’m pretty sure you did. Oh, absolutely.


The Alabaster Scrotum  07:29



Mallory Gordon  07:30

we’re gonna go with yes. No


The Alabaster Scrotum  07:33

that’s a foolish have stated Mickey


Mallory Gordon  07:35

did Mickey do that?


The Alabaster Scrotum  07:37

They’ll please you know him. Do you have any names? i


Mallory Gordon  07:41

Yeah, I actually you do hold there’s a plethora of nicknames that you hold alabaster skirt for this purpose and in tundra it, it is a favorite.


The Alabaster Scrotum  07:50

It’s pretty much it’s definitely one of the funniest.


Mallory Gordon  07:54

But you guys inherently mean to each other. So you have like nicknames for him, too. That’s true. And like, only boys get away with that shit. If girls treated each other the way that guys do. Like that is inherent, like I will hate you for the rest of my life and hold a grudge.


The Alabaster Scrotum  08:10

There was just a meme that went around that, you know, the one it was two women talking the one was like, oh, you know, I feel so fat. And he goes oh no, you’re slick. So pretty. Oh, you’re so dynamic. And the other one was two men talking guys guy guy. Yeah, dude. I feel a failure as a yeah, you fucking fat.


Mallory Gordon  08:27

Yeah, exactly. That’s it. End of story. You guys don’t even give a shit. No. Yeah.


The Alabaster Scrotum  08:34

Call me. Your boy.


Mallory Gordon  08:38

Yeah. Ever girl said that. Like you’re taking off your lead press on someone’s holding your hoops. You’re taking your wheat like, whoa. How old are you?


The Alabaster Scrotum  08:46

Leave press on nails and hoops. Coming to you live from the trailer park. This is Mickey and Mallory. Okay. Well, I


Mallory Gordon  08:55

never lied about my upbringing whatsoever. Not once. But going back to


The Alabaster Scrotum  09:01

going I don’t know what button you hit. But that’s probably appropriate.


Mallory Gordon  09:05

It said Wow. So I think everyone for the vast majority of a Sukkot taking a compliment and I think it’s it’s generally we’re uncomfortable. So maybe there’s shame and having that affirmation to some degree. And or whether or not we believe someone so does it actually resonate? Do we believe someone when that when they’re actually giving us an affirmation, like, do we deserve it?


Mickey Gordon  09:32

Yeah. So we’re gonna get deep. We’re gonna talk about some of the stuff because I do think that you know, if anything, and we’re going to start to go down this direction, but if I learned anything, PCAP it’s that people. I think the people that do spend time with us here on the show and let us into their head. The here that we’re real people that have very, maybe in different opinions on the universe, and we tend to Be a little out there about how we feel about all the bullshit that happens around us. And I think they like that. I think that that’s something that’s why they listen because they know we are going to get to the good shit at some point. We’re gonna have a fucking good time doing it. And I think that’s what we’re gonna do here today. So


Mallory Gordon  10:13

let’s take your sex life.


Mickey Gordon  10:15

Yeah, right. It takes me takes me a while to get there. Kidding. All right, so let’s talk about the casual cocktail event that just happened. I think this event was fucking awesome. I love all of you for coming. But I want to hear Mallory, what was your take on taking all that cocktail?


Mallory Gordon  10:33

Oh, my gosh, it was so much fun. I struggled. So I think I need a big screen so I can pay attention because my EDD kicked on, I was trying to watch all the little tiny squares, and acknowledge all of our new and old friends that were on there. I feel like everyone had a good time. I had a great time. I learned a lot. You told very embarrassing stories about me which I’m totally fine with which the weight room was there for us. So we told a story that involves me sleepwalking into a closet, which happened to be alabaster scrotum, this closet in the first time I’ve ever stayed at his house. And I’ll just fast forward to the end where I thought I would never be invited back or like, be able to look him in the eye. Oh, I actually denied that it even happened.


Mickey Gordon  11:15

It was so epic. And you’re not allowed to watch Criminal Minds anymore.


Mallory Gordon  11:19

I’m not I actually stopped watching.


Mickey Gordon  11:21

Ever. You changed houses and you kept the stuff she broke?


The Alabaster Scrotum  11:25

Oh, absolutely.


Mallory Gordon  11:27

I am 100% certain I cost you 1000s of dollars just by existing that closet and fighting for my life.


The Alabaster Scrotum  11:33

It was so worth it.


Mallory Gordon  11:36

Do you remember?


Mickey Gordon  11:36

Okay, definitely the third person you captured in the closet.


Mallory Gordon  11:40

We tried. Yeah,


The Alabaster Scrotum  11:41

she’s gonna want to get out. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  11:43

we tried to like paint the picture of like how this actually felt in from my perspective. Do you remember in the morning where we were talking about the event, and it occurred to me that this wasn’t a dream and I started laughing crying. Like I was laughing with everybody. But I also started crying at the same time. The


Mickey Gordon  12:00

bottom of the stairs. You were still hung over. Like we didn’t know I was hungover. You look like we


Mallory Gordon  12:05

were also drunk. Because this was New Year’s Eve that this happened. And I we were all laughing you guys were laughing hysterically and I was laughing but I was also crying at the same time because I realized that actually happened. I hadn’t drempt it.


The Alabaster Scrotum  12:19

Oh, absolutely. Hey, yeah, the saving graces. You didn’t piss in the closet.


Mickey Gordon  12:24

Honestly, guys, that’s what I thought had happened. When I heard Mallory rummaging around this closet in the middle of the night. I thought Oh no, she’s gonna shit in the scrotum, his closet. And so I like jumped up. And I’m like, hello. Is that you? And I’m like


Mallory Gordon  12:42

You saved my life.


Mickey Gordon  12:45

been trapped and kidnapped and I don’t know where I am. I think you’re in a closet. Get me out of here. I was


The Alabaster Scrotum  12:55

never mind that. Like five steps to the left was the actual


Mickey Gordon  13:00

actual bathroom. The actual I’m so glad she didn’t shit in your closet. scrotum? I wouldn’t have


The Alabaster Scrotum  13:04

  1. Oh, you will me both. Because I’ll tell you what. I’ve had friends that have slept over addition your claws? No, not at my house. But when we were much younger,


Mickey Gordon  13:15

kind of fucking friends. Do you have no wonder you’re friends with her?


The Alabaster Scrotum  13:19

They’re all depraved. But this is actually kind of funny. So they had just gotten married and we went to my buddy Steve’s house. And you know when you’re young if you first have kids, yes, I you know who fucking cares? We’re gonna get a drunk and we’re gonna have kegs and we’re gonna play beer pong and we’re Baba blah, we it’s like denial. So everybody kind of passes out stays over well, you know, I gotta fuck they’re not gonna listen mark and Colleen state and


Mickey Gordon  13:46

honorary swingers


The Alabaster Scrotum  13:48

they’re passed out in the living room. So this is kind of one of these colonials and we’ll say one of the New England states so this is very common design like the whole back wall was like fireplace and then one of the part of the fireplace was the kind of where you put the wood no matter what. Yeah. Jesus Christ. So you weren’t putting the wood after there after this. So my buddy Mark wakes up and he’s like kind of groggy looks at him and he’s like, Fuck is Colleen a fuckin scans the room and obviously it looks toward the fireplace and he sees his wife stumbling toward the fireplace, drops trowel where the wood normally would be. And just starts unleashing this torrent of urine in this he’s like and she’s like, What like an hour later, they were out the fucking door. So he ran away. Oh, absolutely. So the best part is, you know, we all it was my buddy Steve’s house. So we all knew who was sleeping where. So the next day is like, what the fuck just happened here we walk down like there’s a big old puddle of fucking yellow just fluid sitting at the bottom is where the would go


Mickey Gordon  15:03

with soaking into the wall. Absolutely.


The Alabaster Scrotum  15:05

And we’re like, start counting people and He’s stayed here. He stayed here.


Mickey Gordon  15:13

People peed on the floor. I would rather see


The Alabaster Scrotum  15:15

people on a child. Now by the way, what happened? They own a daycare center by now. Oh, just that sounds about right


Mallory Gordon  15:22

now effectively they’re choosing that moment on the


The Alabaster Scrotum  15:25

rear their children are now of age so it’s paybacks are gonna be a bitch.


Mickey Gordon  15:29

Alright, so that minor sidebar was brought to you by the


Mallory Gordon  15:32

scrotum. Oh, and the guys will cocktail and the casual


Mickey Gordon  15:35

cocktail. So nobody pitched in the floor during the casual cocktail. Just you guys know, we had an event we had a zoom event where we had folks kind of just come hang out with us. We sent them boxes with enough materials to make the


The Alabaster Scrotum  15:48

agreement say coming out with fucking gay pride.


Mallory Gordon  15:51

And boxes. Yes, June.


Mickey Gordon  15:52

Noticing. And by the way, bisexual bread is still pride. Yeah, what


The Alabaster Scrotum  15:59

I love is love. Whatever


Mickey Gordon  16:01

Love is love Mallory is by furious. Yes, we know. She hates both sexes.


Mallory Gordon  16:06

No, I am so bisexual. It’s like a furious undertaking.


The Alabaster Scrotum  16:10

Interesting. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  16:12

I tell you. I used to think that I consume vagina with veracity until I saw her bury her face in it like it was a snorkel and she was 30 feet underwater.


Mallory Gordon  16:21

Yeah, it was the last supper every time. No, he


The Alabaster Scrotum  16:24

asked me for the last breath gasping desperately happily, we’ll


Mallory Gordon  16:27

go that way.


Mickey Gordon  16:28

Desperate horror wives right here on casual swinger. But we had all these folks come out and hang out with us. We made three drinks with our bar median Amadeus. We had 34 couples join us only two of which had their boxes destroyed courtesy of UPS.


Mallory Gordon  16:44

Yeah. Thank you should be fine boxes. Oh, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  16:49

Boxes. Oh, goodies.


The Alabaster Scrotum  16:50

Oh, well. Yeah, that’s still let’s clarify, but whatever. Yeah, we


Mickey Gordon  16:53

still owe a couple of those people something that came in those boxes that only PCAT Really,


The Alabaster Scrotum  16:57

dude. Really? Really?


Mickey Gordon  17:01

Because like I can’t get away with any window with you Iraqi Jiminy Christmas. I just keep


The Alabaster Scrotum  17:06

talking to him. By the way. Thanks for the invite. Appreciate glad you could join us You said Yeah, I don’t like bourbon, whatever.


Mickey Gordon  17:13

Yeah, have some bourbon casual but


Mallory Gordon  17:15

and also you’re gonna really hate us. It was a silver party to some degree. Yes. Women showed up in laundry and there’s a lot of hot chicks. There


Mickey Gordon  17:25

was a ton of it was absolutely awesome. But and I women were crazy hot and everybody was in lingerie. We gave away casual cocktail Yeti cups, which you got a couple of tonight’s but


The Alabaster Scrotum  17:36

I think they’re actually really cool. They’re pretty fucking


Mallory Gordon  17:40

great. Some are like fixed. Yeah,


The Alabaster Scrotum  17:43

exactly. For like cups. Yes, absolutely.


Mickey Gordon  17:47

Yeah, I really was excited about him. I’m excited. We made him I think we’re going to have those Chinese kids make us some more which was really happy they made this for us. So it was I guess my glasses, like I would have made by kids on any corner of this planet. I really would. I mean, children work hard, so I will absolutely have to


Mallory Gordon  18:04

please fucking edit that out


Mickey Gordon  18:12

all right, so anyway, casual cocktail was awesome. We’re going to do another one closer to the holidays.


Mallory Gordon  18:17

Yeah, I think we’re gonna do between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But if you have a suggestion list now.


Mickey Gordon  18:21

Well, so interestingly enough, we haven’t had chance to talk about this yet. So I’m going to tell Mallory something she doesn’t know All right.


Mallory Gordon  18:27

Oh, I love this one this happens on the air. My favorite much makes me feel so in the loop let’s go


Mickey Gordon  18:32

on when I do this on there you guys ready? All right, so we had another fucking


Mallory Gordon  18:36

button and I was with the fucking button.


The Alabaster Scrotum  18:38

We that’s


Mickey Gordon  18:43

the gist of it all is we heard from our folks from done at home who we partnered with to do this. They would love for us to do it. But they would actually ask us to do it a little before


Mallory Gordon  18:53

Thanksgiving. So maybe between Halloween and Thanksgiving


Mickey Gordon  18:57

possibly or even before Halloween maybe a costume party? We’re going to talk about it we’ll figure something out. But I know


Mallory Gordon  19:02

you guys will we’ll do it sometime in the fall. How’s that as a generalized statement,


Mickey Gordon  19:06

but we love our charity cases. So we we’ve always been a big fan of Toys for Tots.


Mallory Gordon  19:11

Okay, you should rephrase that. charity cases is not a positive note like phrase I was referring to single mothers. Yeah. No, I’m I’m gonna just fucking stop you from getting as canceled right now. All right, so we do a lot of charity work period. And there’s an opportunity there to combine the two period and I’m going to be your peer agent so just sit there and be pretty


The Alabaster Scrotum  19:40

cute. Imagine that at 6am period we do a


Mickey Gordon  19:43

benefit for strippers


Mallory Gordon  19:44

yeah we support Yes.


The Alabaster Scrotum  19:47

We support that provide


Mallory Gordon  19:49

positive sex


Mickey Gordon  19:50

work let’s talk about some it’s not going to get me canceled. Let’s talk about we booked for Nadia knowledge. Yes,


Mallory Gordon  19:54

we did. We’re leaving in like I don’t know like less than two weeks as soon as we get back from work city. Yeah, we leave later. Really in six hours we leave for our flight to get to the airport and go yeah, we’re going to Utah. We’re going to Utah. I’m May I don’t know I may bug some Mormons like I don’t I don’t know. I’ve done so little research, which is unfortunate except for like, the Google Maps view of Park City like I’m just excited to go out there and have an adventure fly by the seat of our pants. See how it goes? Like it’s a beautiful area of the country that have never explored I’m so excited to do it with you don’t drink the water whenever you do like Mexico or do I turn Mormon or polygamous? If I do know you’re


The Alabaster Scrotum  20:33

gonna be an absolutely polygamist


Mickey Gordon  20:36

monogamous? Absolutely.


Mallory Gordon  20:38

I’d be a disrupter as a sister wife for sure. You would be I would told you. No,


Mickey Gordon  20:44

no, I try to put you in your place and you’re like, My place is above you, bitch.


Mallory Gordon  20:48

Either if that’s what I want, where I want to be.


Mickey Gordon  20:53

This is what happens but like a housecat. All right? So let’s talk.


Mallory Gordon  20:56

What? Like I do what I want. Like I will be there if that’s where you want to be. But it’s uh,


Mickey Gordon  21:03

she’s she she’s shitting your sand if she wants to. I think she tried to ship


Mallory Gordon  21:09

my clothes. Like the fact that I want to be there at the same time you want me there is happenstance. All right, that’s


Mickey Gordon  21:15

true. All right. So I want to talk just for a couple of minutes. And this is really important because we haven’t talked since we got back here. Before we go to the actual fucking point of this episode. Which longest lead in ever. Congratulations. I blame the scrotum. But I gotta tell you guys we went to podcast to Palooza and this is not a PCAP episode per se because there’s a lot of recap episodes I highly highly, highly, highly, highly recommend some of the PCAP recap episodes out there from some of our friends that are amazing bed hoppers fucking crushed Amen recap episode. It was awesome. By the way recap episode is amazing.


The Alabaster Scrotum  21:54

100% not gonna lie but hoppers is pretty cool name


Mallory Gordon  21:58

too. They they’re the best people. I tried the whole fucking week weekend not to go total fangirl like play cool.


Mickey Gordon  22:09

She loves British


The Alabaster Scrotum  22:10

accents. A T shirt on that said I love that offers.


Mallory Gordon  22:14

I will fucking make one and the heart will have both of their faces on each side kind of like looking like they’re kissing. But also me in the middle.


Mickey Gordon  22:24

I think you should have PCs made and I bet you thought or H and Mrs. h four little kitty and make them


Mallory Gordon  22:31

together. To


The Alabaster Scrotum  22:32

have its epic.


Mallory Gordon  22:34

Yeah. Ah, that has happened.


Mickey Gordon  22:36

We can actually we will make and sell those. If Kate does another PCAP we will make and sell those pasties so people can wear them. And everyone can have the H’s


Mallory Gordon  22:47

Simon Simon Kitty stickers were on point like, stickers are still on my stuff. They’re all over stuff. I fucking love them. They’re genius. They’re incredible. Oh my god. Definitely one of the biggest highlights of PCAP but I love that so I’m glad it’s recorded here for posterity.


Mickey Gordon  23:06

So fucking horrible.


Mallory Gordon  23:07

Cough. You taught taught your threat.


Mickey Gordon  23:12

No, look, I guys, you know, we’re talking obviously British and shit because we can’t. Well, obviously I suck at English but this particular event, it was the hoppers that was monogamish marriage. It was the hot wives. It was a foreplay it was life a spice. It was average swingers because I’m just going to leave J at the end because fuck him.


Mallory Gordon  23:33

Yeah. monogamish I said that first. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s okay. I was reading my notes. Oh, no, it’s my bill up because I didn’t want to I don’t want to.


Mickey Gordon  23:42

I gotta tell you one of the best that I fuck you stole my thunder. Sorry. It was when I think of thunder. I think of bomber he’s just he brings the thunder it’s what he does. Not bells beautiful ass but just bomber. No, it’s I absolutely think that those guys they busted their ass on a great presentation and everybody loved it. If you listen to Kate’s episode and her recap, everybody talked about how much they loved the idea that they talked about photographing men and because everyone’s take


Mallory Gordon  24:14

like I don’t want to say underserved but like under highlighted


Mickey Gordon  24:17

Yeah, it was fucking awesome. It was so cool to see everybody celebrate them just not themselves. But each other Obama said themselves well, I’m like


Mallory Gordon  24:25

the presentation in the format of how they did it. And like sending pictures in were incredible. Meanings swinger universe University was great. Oh my God. They were great. They were fantastic. Yeah, their session. gangbusters. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  24:37

And insightful as hell. Those two by the way. I was really surprised. I hadn’t really surprised I hadn’t a chance to meet him before so I really wasn’t sure what to think of what I was going to.


Mallory Gordon  24:47

I love the scout mentality. When you get an opportunity to meet someone you don’t know you have no preconceived, like notions of who they are. And like every vibe we got in that environment, foreplay life A space for your university people who’ve never interacted before, at positive All Around


Mickey Gordon  25:06

100%. And that’s kind of I mean, I know we have a lot of other stuff that we kind of made notes about about, you know, like Mrs. Burns his birthday. Just incredible. Mark and Rebecca’s honeymoon. Oh, and there were so many things that were such a big deal. And I was, you know,


Mallory Gordon  25:25

oh my gosh, we’re gonna be tasting we’re gonna forget so much here but the entire event in and of itself was absolutely incredible and hands down and this is no bullshit. I’m not blowing smoke up anybody’s asked. I love that by the way. I this is not I quit smoking. My favorite lifestyle event hands down. You cannot replicate this kind of vibe. No, it’s all about the vibe and for these environments or something for every we sell sex toys, and it’s all about the vibe just so you guys know, seriously. We’ve been lifestyle 16 years, and we’ve gone to a plethora of events over our span here. And it’s all positive. It’s all fun. Even if you don’t want to fuck them, you’re having a great time with your this group of humans and I’m sorry, you there’s a great opportunity to meet people you want to talk to like, it’s just an incredible opportunity to engage and connect in a very intimate but fun relaxing environment. You get to learn stuff you get like I said Kinect party. It’s just absolutely incredible. I can’t say enough great things about it. And it’s all because of this you know mastermind behind the scenes Kate like that brought us to fruition and it’s just an incredible brand incredible event series.


Mickey Gordon  26:49

Yeah, I never thought I would see the surface of Mars. And then here


Mallory Gordon  26:53

we worked out weird like Palm Springs like we didn’t even know fucking Road Runners were a real thing.


Mickey Gordon  26:58

Road Runner down the street lizard so well.


Mallory Gordon  27:01

So did a several No, I will show you the fucking video dude. down it’s real. And it actually runs like the Road Runner kind of in the cartoon. You wouldn’t


Mickey Gordon  27:11

didn’t do it didn’t hold up a sign it even has


Mallory Gordon  27:13

like the little fucking Mohawk


The Alabaster Scrotum  27:15

off a cliff. And just like I was literally


Mickey Gordon  27:17

looking for animals the whole way


Mallory Gordon  27:20

we did not size


The Alabaster Scrotum  27:21

hole in the bottom 100%


Mallory Gordon  27:22

There were potholes there will like manhole covers but no wily coyote and they’re the Road Runners legs didn’t spin when it took off and it didn’t say meet me but he didn’t but you can he’s fucking fast as shit oh quick. Yeah, I’m just putting it out there they’re fucking real they have the Mohawk they run Road Runners are real.


The Alabaster Scrotum  27:43

It put it in millennial terms. That’s Captain.


Mickey Gordon  27:46

Oh God, we don’t speak that language here. We’re old. Striker. He’s you know what, I do want to throw a little bit of special shout out for everybody that answered the call. So at the end of the hosts meet and greet. I stepped up and asked folks to give us a hand putting the playroom together. And I asked and you know what? I didn’t mean for this


Mallory Gordon  28:07

to be Yeah, you got a little sexist with it but not intentionally you were like all the dudes


Mickey Gordon  28:13

because honestly, you know what I wanted the girls to have a chance to go to what the fuck they wanted to do. I said hey guys, Guy half so the hosts any any male hosts that are in this room do me a favor hanging out afterward? I need some help putting the playroom together and I gotta tell you,


Mallory Gordon  28:27

every female counterpart showed up by the way and every guy that showed up his girl showed up right back 20


Mickey Gordon  28:33

Fucking people putting the playrooms together for PCAP and that’s because the host in this group answered the call and I gotta give every one of you people props I’m not going to call names out you know who you are. You’re badass is we appreciate you thank you thank you to bomber in particular for a couple of nights into the event. I said I needed somebody to go down and check on the playroom and he said I’m on it and boom he was gone and he went down there and checked on the playroom made sure everybody was cool made sure people had towels made sure everybody felt good and comfortable. That dude me and bomber were all right. He’s He’s a good dude.


Mallory Gordon  29:11

They’re they’re fucking amazing and honestly, I cannot wait like I hope sometime in the near future we get to collaborate with them and see them I just I have an immense mental love for that. Yeah, those folks. Anyway,


Mickey Gordon  29:25

we’re getting up in the morning we’re leaving for Park City Utah. So if you’re listening to this and you’re in Park City casual storage with you when you listen to this if it’s the week of I don’t know now, but in the meantime, we’re not going to talk about Park City because we got to move the fuck oh,


The Alabaster Scrotum  29:41

we gotta go talk about Park City. I mean, this is a foreign concept to me. I’m a skier so the fact that you’re going during summer is bizarre them it


Mallory Gordon  29:49

is well, I know. I don’t like it’s not hold. I don’t like it.


The Alabaster Scrotum  29:54

You go to bed or ski you know go there to just, you know, Netflix


Mallory Gordon  29:59

and chill look like an athlete. Yes. No.


The Alabaster Scrotum  30:02

Did your fit as fuck stop if


Mallory Gordon  30:05

I missed it. I’m as coordinated as a baby on its new legs. I’m sorry.


The Alabaster Scrotum  30:11

Maybe when you have a couple cocktails, yes, no,


Mickey Gordon  30:14

she I watch her and she’s in when the totals like lift this arm and then stick your right leg out and then do the hokey pokey and she does it so well.


The Alabaster Scrotum  30:22

So listen, folks, you know, the subject today is about being able to take a compliment. Right now. She’s not taking a comp No, she’s bad. No matter what she says today. It’s all bullshit.


Mickey Gordon  30:32

A the people that PCAP know how hot Mallory is you stop and by the way, here’s the best part when I’m like, she’s hotter than me. They’re like, you were right.


The Alabaster Scrotum  30:41

Like I know, you look at your lump of shit sitting there. I’m not gonna lie.


Mallory Gordon  30:46

I’m gonna just go this woman could not talk to each other like


The Alabaster Scrotum  30:51

don’t get me wrong it’s not like I’m sitting here like fucking Flavio But Christ lobby. Oh, come on. Alright, maybe because I look I maybe have a little I’m a little round but I don’t have the I don’t have the flowing locks. I already said it looks like fucking Megamind for Christ’s sake.


Mickey Gordon  31:09

For Mallory, let’s come back and talk about affirming not going to take this in a whole talk about taking a cock but not a compliment. Yeah, we’re gonna come back in just a hot second. Tell everybody how to find this.


Mallory Gordon  31:21

Oh yeah, we are casual singer everywhere casual If you want to shoot us a message that podcast at casual If you feel like giving us a review because you like us and love us that is most beneficial on iTunes. Otherwise, just send us a note or just have like a vital note. We are also on social media that’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. And you can also find us on the dating sites. It’s Cassidy, sec cat. doubletake nation and YouTube fuckers are still like they’re sorry, there’s hand signs and SLS. There’s like a whole nother nonverbal language happening in the background here.


Mickey Gordon  31:58

There is the scrotum ICR whiteboard. So he sees a bunch of the ideas for episodes on our board and he’s like, What the fuck? Yeah. All right. So I want to


Mallory Gordon  32:06

talk on some of them because I’m sure you want the farm explained and I’ll go there in a second. No, I


The Alabaster Scrotum  32:11

hadn’t. Oh, I didn’t. I didn’t see the farm.


Mickey Gordon  32:17

Episode. All right. We’ll be back in a hot second, folks. This casual shit shows not over hanging out to hear a little bit more about affirmation. And why it is that Mallory can take such a car, but not a compliment. And by the way, we stole that from the bed OPERS I’m gonna call that shit out. She has a t shirt. We’ll be back you’ve been listening to casuals?


Mallory Gordon  32:55

And welcome back to casual sweater and Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  32:59

Are you sure? Positive Yes. Okay, I can’t see you. I took my glasses.


Mallory Gordon  33:03

Oh, yes. Yes, actually,


Mickey Gordon  33:05

I can see far away and you’re way far away from me be still beautiful. God


The Alabaster Scrotum  33:08

fuck you. I’m the Calabasas scrotum. Yeah, I went to California recently. So I feel


Mickey Gordon  33:15

alabaster is the way you’re pleasantly pink. Absolutely. You do turn pink in the sun quickly. So we’re doing affirmatively affirming the affirmed ye for the alabaster screwed and can take a COC but not a compliment.


The Alabaster Scrotum  33:29

We’re going to talk about I do not take the COC.


Mickey Gordon  33:33

We’re actually just you know, this is a thing. You know, while we were in Palm Springs, we got the opportunity to have dinner with with Keita wanderlust. And he talked about affirmation and I was really glad to spend time with her friend.


Mallory Gordon  33:46

Okay, so that was a wonderful evening, there’s we’ve had very limited opportunity to have that kind of dedicated time with her and I’m just gonna say selfishly, that was an absolute highlight. It really loved


Mickey Gordon  33:58

I shouldn’t say that was the highlight, I think because she worked so goddamn hard for this community.


Mallory Gordon  34:04

Yeah, I 100%. And we we had the ability just to have some downtime with her. And we’re gonna have to give her credit. We started to have this conversation and she paused on it. This would be a great topic for a podcast. This is actually her fault. This is her fault.


Mickey Gordon  34:19

She invited us Grudem to our house to


The Alabaster Scrotum  34:21

have this conversation. I don’t even know who this woman is. She’s Australian. You had a good day, mate. Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie. Oh,


Mickey Gordon  34:30

yeah, well won’t upset her. God, hey,


The Alabaster Scrotum  34:33

listen, I’m a quarter Australian. My grandmother was born and raised in Australia. My father lived in Australia for seven years.


Mickey Gordon  34:40

You were gonna say to your grandmother was in prison to


The Alabaster Scrotum  34:42

know I don’t know what she did to get there. But that was born there. But so maybe your father was a criminal.


Mickey Gordon  34:49

You know, but the thing of it is, if you add together our conversation with Kate from wonderlust, which was all about affirmation, and then we kind of talked about what A compelling topic it was while we were having dinner with the bed hoppers. Yes. I mean, because and it was a lively conversation. It was because I think at our core, like we all need a certain amount of affirmation. We seek it or wanted or do appreciate it to some degree, right. But we don’t know how to face it one on one. Well, yeah, so I’m gonna go out at worry. So I don’t often call Mallory out because I like getting my dick sucked and it won’t suck. It’s really good. I think


Mallory Gordon  35:27

you’ve done a really good job this like in from the intro, but please proceed.


Mickey Gordon  35:31

I blame the scrotum. Oh, I


The Alabaster Scrotum  35:33

have a story on that. And I’m gonna go ahead.


Mickey Gordon  35:37

I do feel like you suck at taking comp


Mallory Gordon  35:41

I do. I make it. I even go the extra step and make it fucking weird. Like someone goes, Hey, you look really nice today and like, thinks I showered and put on deodorant. Like, I don’t just say you just for me today. I did. Like that’s when I default. Like I fucking make it weird. Like I go. Oh, wow. Like someone’s trying to put me on a pedestal. I’m like, oh, Grant dirtball. Yeah, so like, normally I’m a scrub, like, day to day life.


Mickey Gordon  36:11

Thank you so much. I poop today. That must be why.


The Alabaster Scrotum  36:14

That’s why these make those T shirts. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  36:17

Oh, look at the radiance that I’ve exuded now that I’ve extruded this corn from my body. Yeah. You don’t eat corn?


Mallory Gordon  36:24

No, I don’t actually want


The Alabaster Scrotum  36:26

to awesome like corn on the cob. Yeah, it’s like Christmas lights.


Mickey Gordon  36:30

It’s Christmas lights for poor we’re


Mallory Gordon  36:32

never gonna be late again.


The Alabaster Scrotum  36:36

I had no nevermind.


Mickey Gordon  36:38

Oh my god. No. All right, but no, seriously. So like when you meet people? And I think they really do compliment you generally, and genuinely, not generally. But genuinely, I think they, uh, you’re a beautiful woman. I can say that. Most everybody that listens to shows this point seen Mallory? They know they’re she’s hotter than me. And sure story. They are like, hey, wow, like us, right? You’re pretty fucking hot. You always kind of reply with this awkward silence. What’s up with that?


The Alabaster Scrotum  37:07

What the fuck are you supposed to do? Well,


Mallory Gordon  37:10

thank you.


The Alabaster Scrotum  37:11

I mean, seriously? Oh, yeah, I know. I mean, it was seriously it doesn’t


Mallory Gordon  37:15

Well, I’m just saying thank you period. Low. So there has to be. So in that environment. I feel like there’s a necessary exchange rate. And I struggle to accept the fact that someone has something kind to say and be genuine about it. And that has everything to do with me and not to do with them. I do take them at face value. I don’t know how to receive it. And believe it in that is totally amazing. But also responding in kind, appreciating and accepting that. And then also, reciprocating, even though I feel it is thinking in my mind, I have trouble being that vulnerable to say, this is how I feel about you, and hand it off. So I usually just fucking make it weird or just silent. And like I could actually hear my eyelids blinking together like Tink Tink, because it’s such a visceral, and like that moment of accepting the compliment, and then the wall after it. It feels like eons pass before the awkward silence is broken. And it’s never by me 100% of the time, if that’s the way it goes.


The Alabaster Scrotum  38:28

Consider somebody that you feel is unattractive, is giving you this compliment. So I’m going to play the part of the unattractive person. So her husband so So hi, my name is Mickey. McKay. I’m the Canadian. We’re going off in different accents. I tried to I don’t know what that was. That was like English, Australian, maybe a little Swedish. I don’t know. Whatever. So I’m McKay. Okay, so. Okay, Mickey. Mallory. You look terrific tonight. Thanks. So you never say that. Although simple fact of the matter is the person that takes the compliment has to sit there at that particular point, and analyze that entire statement. So the first part is like, alright, what are they trying to do with that statement? Are they really just being complimentary?


Mallory Gordon  39:20

Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Also,


The Alabaster Scrotum  39:23

is this guy trying to get in my pants or see? Is there an answer? Once I take this compliment? How do I respond? It’s like, okay, if the guy or the person is good looking, you’re attractive, and I have something to compliment them back on. Okay, I can do that. But however, if you know, the guy’s a lumpy piece of shit that looks like Megamind and do I just say thanks and move the fuck on? Well, the simple fact of the matter is and then not only that, then take that and considered our own personal image of what we feel. So the simple fact of the matter is, look, I’m not gonna lie. I’m gonna pretty sexy motherfucker. But when I look in the mirror, look, I put I point out all my fucking flaws. My kid soon as


Mickey Gordon  40:07

the sun was shot I’m talking


The Alabaster Scrotum  40:11

about my domain or my flow keep going. So So the simple fact that matters look everybody looks in the mirror and goes, you know, I don’t like this about me I don’t like this about me but whatever. Most people don’t see that shit. People don’t see it however that’s a key point that you did. It’s absolutely a key point so the simple fact of the matter when somebody compliments and I have a lot of dude I can talk about this for fucking ever so


Mickey Gordon  40:37

it’s not about what else do we have to do by all means, dude,


The Alabaster Scrotum  40:41

you got bourbon? I got fucking gums we’re gonna flap all night. The simple fact of the matter? You don’t. There’s 1000 different ways of response. So it’s the compliment is tough. Look, I don’t I can’t take a compliment. Well, I really can’t.


Mallory Gordon  40:56

I don’t. I don’t know that I have a prime example of this is the best way to take a compliment. I think this is something we all struggle with. And also you made it you made a really good point. Oh, joy. You’re shocked? No, no, I didn’t say this photo made a focal point. Oh, wait,


Mickey Gordon  41:14

I got in trouble for saying something about Chinese. I know. He just made fun of every slow person. I


Mallory Gordon  41:20

think one of the worst things we say is do I hate the segue of going Actually you’re right or actually you said that because it says I discounted the fact that you could potentially have something to contribute to the conversation that’s not what


The Alabaster Scrotum  41:33

you’re saying. I can’t get through what the fuck is going on? I know my closet


Mallory Gordon  41:41

eight we do struggle because you I think you and I are kin in this. I went I will go down the hole like is there an ulterior motive? Is there something they’re expecting from this conversation? And I have include myself into when you’re gonna shake your pants if you keep laughing like that. It’s not healthy for your sphincter you’re giving yourself


The Alabaster Scrotum  42:02

dude, I’m solid bro. for a living.


Mickey Gordon  42:08

Never I know you pooped on an airplane. I was there.


Mallory Gordon  42:10

I think what my question is, as a whole do we feel shamed to actually believe? Oh, you too? I can’t even right now. You make it so hard to focus. Alright, right. Are we good? Because this is a question for the group. Inherently, do we believe as a society it’s disrespectful to take the compliment for face value because that makes us narcissists.


The Alabaster Scrotum  42:38

Absolutely. Because we’re that absolute


Mickey Gordon  42:42

expectation to remain demure. Yes, an expectation humble, remain humble about being celebrated for something that all right, I’m not saying it’s obvious and my breathing in Year Zero


Mallory Gordon  42:57

is affirmation doesn’t have to be a physicality like, Oh, you’re beautiful. It’s, you did a great job, or I appreciated your contributions or affirmation comes in so many different forms.


Mickey Gordon  43:09

So one of the hardest things is to accept that I owe you nothing for kindness. Yeah. And so when we talk about accepting a compliment, so let’s just kind of so one of the things you guys don’t know about me is I sold Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door I


Mallory Gordon  43:26

knew that about you. We do not know you didn’t? Yeah, he did. I did.


Mickey Gordon  43:31

I sold Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door when I got out of high school while I was selling cars and trying to figure out what the fuck I was gonna do in my life where I went to college. And I got spit in my face. And I got treated like shit and all these things, until I started showing up at doors with one of my tricks of the trade, which you have seen before, which is I carry these bite sized Snickers with me in my backpack. And what I will do is when I walk up to somebody that I want something from, I’ll give them a Snickers. And I’ll be like, You know what, you look like you’re having a rough day, I want to give you something and I give it to him. And when I hand it to him. Inherently there’s this thing that happens in a person when you give them something,


Mallory Gordon  44:13

I would look at you very skeptically. And of course,


Mickey Gordon  44:16

here’s the problem with skepticism. skepticism comes from I owe you something now because you gave me something.


Mallory Gordon  44:23

Fucking candy. They teach you that in kindergarten? No,


Mickey Gordon  44:25

my van says free candy. It’s fine. But my point is that when you give someone something of your own volition of freewill, it creates a gratitude that you can’t figure out how to rationalize. You can’t


Mallory Gordon  44:42

it’s the reciprocity. Show up with


Mickey Gordon  44:44

paper towels and they hand you a roll of paper towels through the door and go here and now you’re holding their paper towels and now you owe them. The courtesy packet


Mallory Gordon  44:52

spiked that shit like you’re playing volleyball


Mickey Gordon  44:54

because you’re an asshole, but like people do that they have but this This is why the canvassing crews who are selling you window washing or Kirby vacuum cleaners or anything else. Hand you something because Human Nature says that if I give you something, you owe me something, and this is why we have a problem accepting the compliment, because human nature says, You gave me something new. I owe you something. And I don’t know what to say now.


The Alabaster Scrotum  45:24

I won’t argue with that fact. Except for the fact that you come with that shit in the Northeast. You guys are brutal on my face. Yeah, you try to hand me something. Get the fuck away from me. Seriously, what the fuck are you doing? Get away from what do you fucking diseased? Get away now.


Mickey Gordon  45:39

All right, you know what? scrotum. So I feel like when we travel, I know like, I don’t. We’ve been traveling for a long time together. We you and I’ve known each other forever. And I don’t pull that shit in the Northeast. I don’t watch it. Well, I don’t do the whole like, I’m gonna give you something to get something because I think maybe in certain parts of the country, people are a little more skeptical may take


The Alabaster Scrotum  46:02

you outside. No, you don’t. But like, can you just continue your thought?


Mickey Gordon  46:08

Well, I’m just saying that I get it. Like we’ve known each other a long time. And I go up to those parts of the country. But I just think that it’s still the same. When we think about it. Everybody wonders, what’s in it for you? What’s the other side of the equal sign? Why are you being nice to me? You don’t know me? And I think in the northeast, it’s a little exacerbated because there are people up there that maybe are making you an offer you can’t refuse. I can’t even do an Italian fucking accent. Oh, walk in here. Yeah, exactly. Like, I can’t go up there and pretend I’m somebody I’m not. So I go up, and I tend to kind of be what I am, which it may get me drunk and you make me forget my broadcasting heritage, my country comes out.


The Alabaster Scrotum  46:53

So what I will tell you is it’s one of those things where from a northeast perspective, you know, there’s a given a certain given take, and it’s probably every part of the country, you know, there’s, there’s a certain back and forth you expect to happen when you walk into a bar in the Northeast. And the guy’s like, well, you know, the fuck you want. Are you doing? You know, listen, I would like to find this, you know, beverage and put a little, you know, country twang on it, whatever. And the guy all of a sudden has to go. You can’t see me shaking my head. But it’s like, what


Mickey Gordon  47:30

you see me down here, yelling from around here, are you?


The Alabaster Scrotum  47:33

Right? It takes it from a from a northeast perspective, it takes a little bit of a reset, because especially in the northeast, you think that once you hear that southern accent you think of things slow down things are


Mallory Gordon  47:49

especially the IQ.


The Alabaster Scrotum  47:52

No, no, I will never say on IQ perspective. I actually had some very, very intelligent Yeah, like you’re making me sound stupid. No,


Mallory Gordon  48:01

no, I’m not. I’m not just fucking with you.


The Alabaster Scrotum  48:05

The fact that matters, it makes it makes you know, the the aggressiveness of people in northeast sit there and take a step back and go, What, and all of a sudden, they become normal human beings again. So it’s interesting, but one of the things I wanted to talk about was some of the things you brought up. So from a compliment perspective, I think you can look at it from two different angles. So the first is a personal kind of a compliment. So if I walked up and said Mallory, you know, you look terrific today. Uh huh. That’s I’m complimenting you. Uh huh. Whereas if you were in a work setting, and someone’s Hey, listen, Mallory, you did a fantastic job on that project. Awesome. You know, you helped close the account. I think the ladder is very much easier to take and say, You know what? Fucking Hey, I kicked ass on that project. And you know what, I work my ass off. And, you know, thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah. Whereas if somebody compliments you from a physical perspective, or from you know, a strictly appears perspective, you’re gonna like it’s um, it’s more uncomfortable because then we have our own. You know, fuck I said, we all look in the mirror and go, You know what, I don’t like this about me. And I’m like this about, like this about me,


Mickey Gordon  49:25

or you compliment me or who I am or what I did. Yeah, correct.


The Alabaster Scrotum  49:29

And not only who I am is what I look like.


Mallory Gordon  49:33

Yeah, I there’s, there’s so many different levels. It’s brilliant. For instance,


The Alabaster Scrotum  49:37

we can take another direction. So let’s just say, you know, I have a very close, you know, my girlfriend had a very personal issue where, you know, someone her family member just got diagnosed with a very serious disease and, you know, she flew out there and it was there for that person. And, you know, if you complimented that person on You know what she did to support that person is completely different than saying, Hey, listen, you look beautiful in that dress. Yeah. Now 100% is so from being able to take a compliment is on many different levels and it really depends on the situation. I’m not gonna lie I maybe I’m a little arrogant in this aspect, but I’m pretty good cook.


Mickey Gordon  50:23

Yeah, your Dude your Biscay is really on fucking point, dude,


Mallory Gordon  50:26

I I fuckin I still watch it. And I take full credit for it every time we make it.


The Alabaster Scrotum  50:31

However, if I serve you food, and I think it’s on point. If you don’t give me negative feedback and what’s wrong with it, I take it as a personal affront. You want people to negatively critique you on your good food? Absolutely. Like if you tell me that. That is delicious.


Mallory Gordon  50:49

masochism a little bit like Do you Do you know which side of that equation you’re on? Say that? Say, Siri?


The Alabaster Scrotum  50:58

I want you in my Yes. Because my sauce. Good. No, but I like I am a an absolute perfectionist when it comes to shit like that. And if you don’t, you can tell me oh my god, this is fucking delicious. I’m not going to believe you.


Mallory Gordon  51:15

100% of the things I’ve ever eaten that you’ve made are fucking delicious.


Mickey Gordon  51:19

Alright, so my question is does the Mistress of the scrotum ever just like fucking tie you down and call you an ugly woman and tell you all the ways you


Mallory Gordon  51:27

suck? Why do you want to know that about your friend?


Mickey Gordon  51:30

I just need you because I mean, she’s like your cooking sucks. You’re terrible and often that


The Alabaster Scrotum  51:35

I don’t get off on what I want is I always want to improve so when it comes to food perspective, like you know, I want something to to get better. It may This is weird. Maybe it’s I don’t know what it is.


Mallory Gordon  51:50

Okay, I think I do. It’s never good enough. She’s going somewhere good enough. Yeah, like, in your mind. Even your best efforts are never good enough. So you want that? Maybe not margin of error but that room for improvement.


The Alabaster Scrotum  52:03

So you dudes. Oh my god. You


Mallory Gordon  52:06

can feel that delta that soul? No, no. So I get you on a fucking spiritual level though. Right now all of


Mickey Gordon  52:15

  1. scrote right. This is this.


The Alabaster Scrotum  52:20

By the way, it’s gonna be


Mallory Gordon  52:21

like you just like it’s like you having a one to one conversation with your balls in the bathroom. Like you just pulled up a beanbag forward a sprout. Listen, you and I


The Alabaster Scrotum  52:35

were getting fucked up and we’re gonna fuck some pitches. Yeah. And get money.


Mallory Gordon  52:39

Just get money. Yes. No, but I feel you because there’s also the exchange factor. And I think we talked about this offline a little bit. Anytime someone hands me a compliment and can be rolling paper towels or like saying I like pretty you’re like I did a good job. Whatever I can verbally reciprocate is never gonna be enough to show them that I appreciate the affirmation they gave me. So one of my defense mechanisms is Thanks, but I feel like I could have done better tell me how. That’s another thing. Weird fucking thing I do. Yeah, tell me how I could have done better.


The Alabaster Scrotum  53:15

So yeah, I mean, it’s very uncomfortable. Yeah, a couple it is it because you feel obligated to return the favor. It is. And


Mickey Gordon  53:22

by the way, two of the three of us in this room are lifestyle, one of us isn’t, which says that the inability to accept a client


Mallory Gordon  53:31

is universal. It’s universal is the human factor,


Mickey Gordon  53:34

which means that swingers are just like everybody else. But


Mallory Gordon  53:39

should swingers be better at this because we’re in an environment where we want to be complimentary and positive and whatever. And


The Alabaster Scrotum  53:46

well, we’re trusted. Weird doesn’t mean you’re trying to bag a Jag.


Mickey Gordon  53:52

Well, I agree with you. I do. Here’s what I will say is that I think that what we want is people to genuinely accept us for who we are. And


Mallory Gordon  54:04

we’re in general disbelief that that can happen because we’re in denial of the because


Mickey Gordon  54:08

our recent episodes have said which I don’t, by the way, the scrotum doesn’t listen to the show, because he doesn’t wanna do the kinky Thank


Mallory Gordon  54:14

you very much, because I would feel very awkward.


Mickey Gordon  54:17

But what I will tell you is if you’ve listened to our episodes on confidence, if you’ve listened to our episodes, on the imposter syndrome, if you’ve listened to us, you know that sometimes you just don’t feel it. Sometimes you don’t feel like you’re worth it. Sometimes you don’t feel like maybe you’ve earned your place in the company of these people that you hold in such high regard.


The Alabaster Scrotum  54:43

Oh, can I talk about? Can we talk about that for a minute? What the? I don’t I don’t


Mallory Gordon  54:49

you don’t think it’s specific to their demographic? No, no,


The Alabaster Scrotum  54:51

no, I I want to understand more of that mentality from the standpoint of you know, let Let’s take the the audience of this podcast. You know, you’re all, you know, in this particular lifestyle. So especially when you go out to different events and different, you know, travel to, you know, say Hedo or whatever, you know, you’re all that’s that that’s the environment. So the fact that you said that is kind of confusing to me. Well, I


Mickey Gordon  55:25

think it’s confusing because I think when from the outside looking in, there’s this glorious acceptance that occurs that this is who I am. And I give and I take based on this who I am, and part of that because you know, me, and I’m more or less this. I don’t know how much shisha but the gist of it is. I don’t know that we all do that. I think that we go and we put out whatever the best version of who we are. We believe that to be and we hope it’s good enough. But I don’t know that we believe that it is. You put out you put on the your best theme night outfit. And you put on your best. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter the female whatever it is, you put you put your best version of yourself out there. And you hope that it’s good enough. And when someone comes up to you and says, Damn, that was you don’t want to believe it because you will always and we’ve talked about this before in again, because I said you haven’t listened. I’m gonna think


Mallory Gordon  56:32

that’s unfair to the person that’s giving you the compliment. It’s unfair that you shouldn’t believe him. I think that’s where the shock and


Mickey Gordon  56:40

lifestyle well yeah, that’s not that’s exactly what we’re us. We are a subset of everyone else.


The Alabaster Scrotum  56:48

Yeah, I mean, that happens every day. I mean, holy crap. I mean, I have a same situation every time I go out with my girlfriend. Honestly, stress is 1000 times very me I look like a lump of shit and I go no matter what I do short of putting on a fucking tuxedo. I feel it.


Mickey Gordon  57:04

I’m so excited that you started calling Steve your girlfriend I know. That’s been


Mallory Gordon  57:10

oh my god you guys


The Alabaster Scrotum  57:11

Her name is Stefana I’m sorry. And just for the record on the big spoon.


Mallory Gordon  57:21

I can’t even with you guys


Mickey Gordon  57:22

know I think you’re spot on though. It’s all of us. It’s it doesn’t matter who it is. Whether it’s a new jacket for you in AI, or just something that makes us feel good enough for the people who hold in high regard and our friends that you’re in the lifestyle we hold in very high regard.


Mallory Gordon  57:41

Yeah. But the competence of like, or the comparison between male and female counterparts. No offense, but you guys are welcome to my makeup drawer and my hair rollers and all of the things in the machinations we go to you. You make us look


The Alabaster Scrotum  57:54

really funny hair roll me. Look at me.


Mickey Gordon  57:58

I haven’t had hair since 82. scrotum, Chroma


Mallory Gordon  58:02

i Honey, I don’t know what happens below the belt. I’m just saying like the your you guys are welcomed the fucking bullshit that we do to feel good about ourselves, which is never enough. Let’s be on


The Alabaster Scrotum  58:17

society. But yeah.


Mallory Gordon  58:20

But even like, I actually get more compliments when I’m under done than overdone.


The Alabaster Scrotum  58:25

Alright, well, I’ll take a hint. Yeah, well, seriously.


Mallory Gordon  58:27

You know what, though? Like you but thank you.


Mickey Gordon  58:33

You really get? I mean, obviously I compliment you every chance I get it. You do?


The Alabaster Scrotum  58:39

You read me? You know, and that’s not bullshit. Because I’ve known you for a long time. Notice the personification of the fucking Mickey? Yeah, no, you know, it’s a compliment to you. Yeah, yeah. It’s a compliment to you. Yeah, you’re not gonna take it apparently. Yeah, no,


Mickey Gordon  58:58

no, you tell the wild stallion and no, I just stand around. And just as


Mallory Gordon  59:03

long as it’s not an escalation of you as a person like, I I think we have a good thing. I think we’re very yin and yang.


Mickey Gordon  59:13

So what is it about our own individual self images? And I would like each of us to say something about this. What’s wrong with our self image? And I have a thought on this, but I’m not going to say at first I want you


Mallory Gordon  59:26

when I go last. You fucker. Of course you do.


Mickey Gordon  59:32

But what’s wrong with our self image that when someone complements us, we don’t believe them. We don’t feel like we’re worth it. What is fucked up because I know you have good parents and I’m pointing at the scrotum right now. And I know that Mallory and I come from our own individual chips. Chips.


The Alabaster Scrotum  59:52

scrotum? Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  59:53

well, our well Mallory’s parents are good. They’re just and my parents are a fucking disaster. But I just we come from very disparate backgrounds in this room right now. But I still think that our self image has been fairly well formed. I mean, that we could actually tangent into bullying and all these other things that have made us into who we are. But I think we’re fairly well adjusted humans, despite America being what it is. Why can’t we believe that we deserve what’s being said? Mallory, you go first. Wow, what the fuck is wrong first?


Mallory Gordon  1:00:32

Yeah. So I think that’s a projection of my own self image. I mean, I’m not gonna lie I have I inherently I will always walk through life with my subset of insecurities. And I’ve decided, I’ll never get over them. I’ll get through them. They’ll always live there. And my mind’s eye they it’s not something that can necessarily conquer. They’ve been there for ever.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:01:05

Can I ask you where those insecurities came from?


Mallory Gordon  1:01:07

Oh, do you we meet a lot longer. And then


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:01:11

five, and you’d have why you can’t Why can’t take a compliment, right?


Mallory Gordon  1:01:15

I think it started with the social economical disparity of where I was as a child, and when, when, like, I became aware of it, that I was less than some of the other kids like if there was a hierarchy there. And it was a larger child growing up, like I love dance, love dance my entire life, but I was always the round, fat kid back, because I was also tall, and I’m not tall now. But I was very told the time. So and then you became very aware of your place and all these smaller more petite young girls that I was slightly older than so you also had like the growth spurt factor. But like if put like that, I think that in dance like dance in general will give you body dysmorphia. Absolutely. to the nth degree. So I think that’s kind of like where the roots developed. And I mean, we get into it and it because I’ve talked about this at nauseam throughout my lifetime, but like, I think that’s kind of where it develops. So when I look at myself, I think I see that version of me’s that adolescent inserted into the adult version of me. So who I see in the mirror is not who you guys see today.


Mickey Gordon  1:02:32

Wait a minute. You just said something extremely important. What? Who I see in the mirror


Mallory Gordon  1:02:39

is not who anyone else’s period. Why? I don’t know.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:02:44

We’ve talked about you not?


Mallory Gordon  1:02:45

I I?


Mickey Gordon  1:02:47

Is that the details? I don’t. Instagram?


Mallory Gordon  1:02:50

I am starting to


Mickey Gordon  1:02:54

in the mirror when you’re brushing your teeth and your hair looks like Mufasa No,


Mallory Gordon  1:02:58

I won’t fuck I don’t even want you to look at me. All right. Do you still love the world? I put out the best version I possibly can.


Mickey Gordon  1:03:08

Awesome news. Now I know the Scruton can’t do that because he’s bald, and he’s not attractive. But


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:03:13

I Oh, dude, that’s not so not true. But


Mallory Gordon  1:03:16

I also I also like the unfiltered on makeup like at the beach fucking sweating. Like hair up in a fucking ponytail. If I’m living my best life right then. I don’t mind sharing that. Physicality the


Mickey Gordon  1:03:32

way some of the sexiest pictures I have of you are that girl right there.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:36

Yeah, those are not the ones that go back and look at


Mickey Gordon  1:03:41

you’re not that’s me.


Mallory Gordon  1:03:43

Fair enough. But like I don’t mind being my real self even if I don’t approve of her. This is sorry. Anyway, I did Screw it. What about you?


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:03:51

There’s a lot about what she said. That is interesting. So the


Mallory Gordon  1:03:56

What about you though? We’re not talking about me now.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:03:59

I find it a compliment like a champ.


Mallory Gordon  1:04:01

Yeah, thanks.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:04:02

I look to you know,


Mickey Gordon  1:04:03

that last one you got back in 79


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:04:06

and 1980 get it right. So the funny thing is anyway, from a male perspective, you know, anytime you get a compliment the like for me anytime I get a compliment the first thing that pops into my head is a chiseled Christian Bale plow on that one chicken American Psycho. Oh, yeah, that fucking blank stare. Like you know, like a fuck yeah. Fucking you can’t see him.


Mickey Gordon  1:04:33

He wasn’t hard in the blank stares because he hadn’t had carbs in two years


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:04:36

for us fucking jam. But that stares kinda like you know that that’s like a fucking ego narcissist fucking play. So anytime, you know if you don’t as a male if you take that fucking compliments like yeah, I’m the fucking God. Fuck you then. No good for you. Yeah. I grew up as a fucking very skinny kid. I you know, I graduated high school weighing 135 Fucking pounds. At six foot, wow, damn, even xylophone on my chest. It was a fucking rib bones right exposed. But anyway, the simple fact of the matter is, you know, even today at 52 years old, I still feel like a skinny kid. So if I put any weight on, I think I’m a big fat fuck. Like right now I’m walking in 203 and I think I’m fucking ginormous.


Mallory Gordon  1:05:22

You look great, though, you know,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:05:24

you think I look great. I think I have a fucking gut. And I’ve loved handles and all this other shit. So there’s a mindfuck based on how you grew up what your your your body looks like, you know, when I was in high school, I knew I was a skinny kid. So it’s one of those things where you sit there and it was feel bad for you. from one extreme to the next. Yeah, don’t get me wrong. Back in the day. 2013 I was doing CrossFit. I was jacked, I was ripped his shit. And I felt the best I’ve ever felt my entire life. My body was fucking phenomenal. Had a fucking six pack as strong as shit. But you know, as you get older in life happens. Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. So you know, you go from extremes. You know, when I was younger, you were super skinny when I was, you know, in my mid 40s, I was in the great shape of my life. And now I’m, you know, I’m not thrilled with what I am. But you know, I’m also accepting of


Mallory Gordon  1:06:20

what were you confident when you felt at your best? Absolutely, I was confident you were you were a little bit of a nerd.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:06:27

So without a doubt. So now I look at what I used to be and what I was able to achieve versus what I am now. I’m like,


Mallory Gordon  1:06:38

but did you feel like a narcissist, and could you take a compliment then?


Mickey Gordon  1:06:40

That’s the question. Yeah.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:06:42

You know what, that’s a fantastic question. And I’m gonna have to sit there. Yes. I think I was able to take the compliment, okay. Because you believe I was able to take it because, you know, I knew how hard I worked to get to what I got to and we were like, celebrating it. But however, I wasn’t arrogant about it. That’s I think


Mallory Gordon  1:07:04

the line because like you’re allowed to celebrate Uh, yes, I fucked and worked hard. Yes, I approve of myself too. So thank you. I appreciate the fact that you fucking notice that I’ve worked my ass off. And we’re gonna do a little happy dance. Oh, thank you. I appreciate you.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:07:18

However did I also maybe pontificate a little bit once I got


Mallory Gordon  1:07:23

the word that’s like $5 pontificate Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:29

I’m do it all the time.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:07:30

I love to pontificate. That’s why I fucking


Mickey Gordon  1:07:36

here’s the thing that and I’ve listened to both of you say very valid things. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:43

Okay, your turn. Very valid. Wait,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:07:46

wait before I stopped. So


Mickey Gordon  1:07:48

let him pontificate further. All right, screw


Mallory Gordon  1:07:51

what you guys do it?


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:07:52

You put a fucking microphone my face. I’m gonna blow.


Mallory Gordon  1:07:56

You’re so comfortable at home right now.


Mickey Gordon  1:07:58

But it’s actually possible. I don’t give a fuck how long this episode go continue. Let’s go. So


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:08:03

there’s two, again, the if somebody right now again, I’m not in the fucking best physical shape ever. But if somebody complimented shape or whatever, then I’ll take it for if somebody probably couldn’t move or whatever. But if somebody would compliment me on my work, and my work ethic, and yes, I would take that shit. And I be like, you know, thank you very much. I appreciate I was you know, I put my heart and soul into that


Mallory Gordon  1:08:27

100% I feel you at spiritual level there.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:08:30

So it’s such a weird dynamic. It’s especially fun.


Mallory Gordon  1:08:36

Yeah, I actually would describe them. Go ahead. Yeah, the mental and emotional complements more than the physical, the physical ones. I don’t know if, like, makes me I totally come apart. But like my contributions as a, as an employee or as a peer and counterpart in those kinds of environments and like, thinks, and you’re like, I know how to act in that I actually feel that they appreciate me at that level. And I believe them when they compliment me there. So I’m


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:09:07

gonna, I’m gonna put it in context of you and I so you drag


Mickey Gordon  1:09:11

me make money? Me Mickey?


Mallory Gordon  1:09:12

Yeah, yeah, that’s okay. I can see you but they can’t.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:09:18

It’s almost like the scrotum is now pointing at Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  1:09:22

So he is the Harryman pair. So


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:09:25

for Mickey you and I, you drugged me into this whole Jeep environment, it’s all a Jeep world. So when somebody was and it’s one of those things where you know, it’s you know, you take this Jeep and then you put a lift on you put different wheels on a different tires, you know, a roll cage and bla bla bla bla bla, you upgrade this Jeep and somebody says, Hey, dude, nice cheap, you know, it’s you don’t it’s one of those things you can easily take that kind of a you know, thanks a lot is a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It’s not because it’s not about you. It’s not about you. your work ethic it’s not about it’s like, hey, look, you got something that’s pretty cool. Hey, yeah, it’s easy to take that compliment. Thanks. But when you pull it internally, it’s like somebody says, Wow, you look really good in that Jeep you’re like, Oh, really well


Mickey Gordon  1:10:20

to your point where the G or turn to your point, and I’ll get back to where I was going with it, but I’m going to address your point. Address your point. Dr. dressed? Yeah, I’m going to address your point.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:33

How much perfect is that one not judging you? Somebody? Oh, no, I like how you drink your bourbon. You look nice.


Mickey Gordon  1:10:41

We’re not taking your compliment.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:42

I love you. We’re fighting.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:10:45

Love your Chester.


Mallory Gordon  1:10:48

He’s got like four


Mickey Gordon  1:10:49

away, I said, both


Mallory Gordon  1:10:52



Mickey Gordon  1:10:54

Anyway, I’m gonna address your point. The reason you can accept a compliment about a material thing is that you don’t have to work to maintain it. Oh, I disagree. Well, well, you and I would because we understand what it means to have it. But when somebody says, nice Jeep, it’s still a nice jeep. If you put it away, you cover it. And it lives in a garage and it’s in a barn for 50 years and it comes out. It’s still a nice jeep. But if you put me in a barn for 50 years, I’m gonna come out and maybe I won’t exist at all. Maybe I’ll you won’t have any chickens left. I’ll be well fed.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:40

And waiting and waiting for the allegory here.


Mickey Gordon  1:11:42

I’m just saying that physical things. The reason why Jeeps are easy. The reason reason why trucks are easy. In fact, guys get into car classic cars is because it’s easy to make them look good.


Mallory Gordon  1:11:56

I don’t think that’s it,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:11:57

I think you’re discounting is the work it took.


Mallory Gordon  1:12:02

I think I know where he’s going with this, homeboy, if that’s your thing I think it has it’s not a representation of how you woke up that day. It’s a view.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:12:13

So I’m gonna, I’m gonna argue with that from the standpoint of the person that built that Jeep that call an effort versus an employee. It’s your blood sweat. It’s an effort and this is yeah, this is your non persona representation of shit you’ve done. It’s like, it’s my avatars cheapest me. Yes, it’s your fucking average.


Mallory Gordon  1:12:36

It’s your avatar. Absolutely. So


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:12:38

discount in the it’s a fucking Well, no. Fucker. This is me. Talking metal and fucking vinyl and whatever.


Mickey Gordon  1:12:52

We do that about our body. Exactly. I


Mallory Gordon  1:12:54

think that’s the point. You’re trying to make. That it’s you’re like, Look at me.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:12:59

Like plastic surgeons exist. Hey, you


Mickey Gordon  1:13:03

fix anything on me? No shit. Those titties?


Mallory Gordon  1:13:08

You guys should show how I didn’t want to comment. But they are. I love them. They’re amazing. I love them. Oh, yes. They’re amazing.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:13:19

Um, Jesus, Claire.


Mickey Gordon  1:13:21

Good to get dead heat Zeplin race in this fucking it’s


Mallory Gordon  1:13:25

not. But they’re, I think he did a really good job. But I think you’re onto something. So it’s indifferent to our person. Just same thing as when somebody complements our work efforts. And your Jeep. Like, those are something we can tie our efforts into it when someone addresses you personally or physically. I like the way you look. Or I like the way you have. You stand. I don’t know something that maybe we don’t have, or perceive ourselves to have control over. Like someone says I look pretty and I turn into a total dork. Don’t know how to take the compliment. i Yeah, you too, buddy. Thanks. You know, little fist bump on your shoulder


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:14:12

if you make it weird if you took it any other way. You’d be a fucking Kardashian every day like What a fuck?


Mallory Gordon  1:14:17

Well, that’s just it. I think we have that inherent like it’s not okay to say thank you. Because then that makes us narcissist. And I think that’s actually wrong. I think that’s a negative culture we’ve created


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:14:29

you know, the front and so it’s very interesting from the standpoint of if somebody complimented you and all of a sudden you got uncomfortable and didn’t know how to respond you said which is a you


Mallory Gordon  1:14:46

I think thank you is the right response.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:14:48

You’re it’s a valid response. But at the same rate, you’re kind of like, I don’t know what to say you just say thank you, but you know, it’s weird. So it can be taken as a you know, a this girl doesn’t know what to how to respond or be she’s an absolute fucking bitch. Well, it’s Thank you Ting and I don’t mean to say girl could be anybody but mostly girls. Yes. Well because yeah, I mean the girls don’t compliment guys because guys are ugly. But anyway, so So let me because this question I told you I’m gonna bloviate so the interesting thing about me is like I said you know I know I’m a pretty good cook well fun thing Why are you looking at me? Oh Swinging get a compliment me I like the way the light reflects off my shiny head


Mickey Gordon  1:15:37

I do love how I can change lanes and traffic based on the Sun radiating or


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:15:42

tell time by the way when you sent that email at work and nobody commented. I was so sad about I’m not gonna lie I was kind of sad about


Mickey Gordon  1:15:51

it in the ventless fucking email. Like He is bald though so anyway, he goes no,


Mallory Gordon  1:15:58

it’s like when somebody comes but it just kind of out


Mickey Gordon  1:16:01

when it just rubs out in


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:16:03

less than we’re not all 21 years old anymore. Yeah, it’s not the I fling younger days. The ropes for some of us are long gone. The state of prostate welcome tickling we’ll find out whatever good take you


Mickey Gordon  1:16:23

back to your subjects


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:16:24

great if a girl Jiminy Christmas


Mallory Gordon  1:16:29

Eve said Christmas like three times.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:16:33

Jesus fucking Christ off and half your audience.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:36

Like I haven’t. Alright, so


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:16:40

this is Episode. This is another show. This is


Mickey Gordon  1:16:44

the end of casual Swinging.


Mallory Gordon  1:16:46

We’ll just call it average swingers.


Mickey Gordon  1:16:48

Oh yeah, this is absolutely average. Jay fuck you. I love you, buddy.


Mallory Gordon  1:16:55

Love you guys.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:16:56

I don’t know what you just said. But the simple fact that matters have a fucking chick six finger up my ass and goes could she could she could What are you kidding me? It’s like


Mallory Gordon  1:17:04

no, we will see that. It would it would go


Mickey Gordon  1:17:06

you’re not gonna see anything because you don’t want to offend the person with fingers


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:17:12

coochie coochie coo


Mallory Gordon  1:17:14

No, no, there’s gonna be some. Honestly no one’s gonna like no one Chicka Chicka it’s a trust me


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:17:21

muser two fingers Yes. See?


Mallory Gordon  1:17:22

Yeah. Oh, yeah, but when one and done should should get it. But two twos not bad czar bad plan that


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:17:31

to Jesus Christ. Yeah.


Mallory Gordon  1:17:32

Baby fingers like me.


Mickey Gordon  1:17:36

What if she like curl her fingers and asked you what the Fibonacci sequence was for your fucking Bonacci said Fibonacci now. Fibonacci. Fibonacci.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:17:46

I think he’s a Pavarotti. Yeah. Yeah. What’s the proper aspirins? Yeah. Oh, so my point was, so listen. So my question is this. Alright, so listen, I already said that. I can’t take a compliment when it comes to my cooking or a cock. I do have a nice caulk.


Mickey Gordon  1:18:13

I’m not gonna lie. That happened but literally been edited out. I snorted


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:18:17

What’s the fucking get it out? You know, look, what is understood doesn’t need to be discussed. However, I can take a compliment the


Mickey Gordon  1:18:27

alabaster scrotum is accompanied by the mighty alabaster.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:18:31

He go. However, I can take a compliment about the jeep. So why is it so I’m producing two different things I don’t value representing I built I built this meal. Why can’t I? Why can I take a compliment about the jeep and not take a compliment?


Mallory Gordon  1:18:48

Here’s a question for you can can you take a compliment about your cock? Yes, absolutely. You can too. Yes. No, but yeah, you can like yeah, I’ve seen you do


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:18:58

shit because he tells me you can. He’s a big


Mallory Gordon  1:19:01

fan, but you can’t. I’m here person that is Sonny does it. Actually I saw you out. You also fish for compliments about your crock. Dude, he was your very


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:19:11

Oh call me hoarse because I can run fast. He does the whole fucking mini me tripod.


Mallory Gordon  1:19:18

I will say most men most men do very well taking compliments about their cock but not of their person.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:19:25

So listen, you know what so listen. Here.


Mickey Gordon  1:19:32

Here’s the thing. I really feel like one of the biggest things that we face. When we talk about you mentioned jeeps, and that was really well done. Just ignore it. It never happened. I just threw a pen across the room. But when we talk about things like physical objects that are hard, not your penis, we talk about


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:19:55

I take pills,


Mickey Gordon  1:19:57

things like our house or a Decker Eating or our cars. It’s easy to accept a compliment. Yeah. Because we’ve, they’re generally accepted as beautiful. It’s really hard. When someone comes up to you and goes, You’re so funny. You’re so beautiful. You’re so interesting. You’re so special. You have made my life better in a particular way. Or I want to have sex with you. Because you arouse me because I find you attractive. These are things that are hard to quantify. When we talk about quantify, I think how many how much? I can’t put a number on it.


Mallory Gordon  1:20:44

Right? And it’s the person giving the compliment has already quantified, quantified it we just can’t accept it. We don’t know how well we don’t necessarily believe them because of our own insecurities and our


Mickey Gordon  1:21:00

ourselves not to the billboard we passed on the weight of fucking PCAP said, but also I can take care of your chin fat. Did you not see it when we Uber? Oh my God, it was a fucking billboard that said that we can take care of that unsightly chin. Chin. Funny


Mallory Gordon  1:21:18

you said that because I looked at a picture of me. Yeah, actually, I


Mickey Gordon  1:21:22

saved it just for you. scrote I just want you to take care of that because it’s bothering


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:21:27

notice. Like that’s not a compliment that


Mallory Gordon  1:21:30

your chin has fat until that billboard. But you’re not wrong. You’re not You’re not wrong. But also I think it comes back to our inherent insecurities.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:21:39

I mean, that in the media doesn’t help with that. Advertising, whether it be because we don’t tick tock


Mallory Gordon  1:21:46

100% Because we don’t believe


Mickey Gordon  1:21:48

ever. We don’t. You just said it best. Go ahead. Oh, I’m good. No, go ahead it because I think you’re on your way to where I’m


Mallory Gordon  1:21:55

heading. You don’t believe in ourselves. So how can we believe it from others because we perceive that as an authentic


Mickey Gordon  1:22:01

100%. So let’s take that in authenticity. Well, that’s not fair. That’s Instagram. To me and Twitter. No,


Mallory Gordon  1:22:10

I’m talking work let’s move past like how we’re comparing ourselves against others. We don’t believe it in ourselves regardless of the influence that happens. It’s so disrespectful when you take it from the 5000 foot view and go this person feels this way but I’m going to discount it and disregard it and combat it because I feel this way about myself so therefore they’re the way they feel is invalid


Mickey Gordon  1:22:32

if that’s true. Why do you believe it from Kylie Kardashian when her lips look better red but you’re still I don’t though. Like you don’t but why does everybody else are we like my lips don’t look good


Mallory Gordon  1:22:44

this race is a vicious circle. No,


Mickey Gordon  1:22:47

but we are in a vicious circle and this is the point so how can you fix it?


Mallory Gordon  1:22:52

Yes, how can we do better we respect a person but this is how we connect with our fellow humans now in this environment. How do we take a compliment not look like a narcissist but also


Mickey Gordon  1:23:06

not act like an influencer?


Mallory Gordon  1:23:09

I’m not even go that far.


Mickey Gordon  1:23:11

What about all the times we saw those fucking people that act like jackasses and they call themselves influencers. We were like, Hey, I My name is Mickey. What sure isn’t anything Oh, I’m, I’m in he gave me some extraordinarily interesting name. And he said, I’m an influencer. That’s literally how he introduced himself. Remember that guy?


Mallory Gordon  1:23:29

Fuck off, because there’s, if


Mickey Gordon  1:23:33

it great abs, he really did.


Mallory Gordon  1:23:37

What’s wrong with that as big as you can take a compliment and you don’t see yourself that way. So because there are disparities, he was waiting


Mickey Gordon  1:23:44

for me to appreciate him for whatever it is that he failed


Mallory Gordon  1:23:49

to sell it. Okay, I


Mickey Gordon  1:23:50

thought he was an idiot.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:23:53

So, I mean, that brings, here we go. So take the source of the compliment. So for instance, you have an inner circle of people that you trust that you love that you value. When a compliment is placed by one of those people, it’s going to carry more weight than some hammerhead. That, for instance, is looking to be an influencer that’s looking to either a get laid or what have you. So I’m gonna give you a very concrete example. From the standpoint of, you know, I I’ve told you that from a cooking perspective, that I don’t take a compliment Well, however, my dad is the biggest fucking critic. When it comes to food. It doesn’t matter who cooks it. He could go to a five star Michelin rated restaurant and be like, Man, it’d be a great spot. Emily’s ever had myth. My dad tells me John, that’s pretty fucking good. I take that as a compliment, I, I will actually ingest that, I measure it. However, I take that as a as a somewhat high rating, but I think my dad is this, you know, culinary, you know, fucking master taster, whatever, no, but at the same rate, I know, he’s a picky son of a bitch. And it gives me a compliment, you know what, I’m gonna take that I’m gonna say, you know, I feel pretty good about what I made. So again, it’s your inner circle and the people that you you value people’s opinion. So you know, Mickey, if he told me that, you know, listen, you know, the project you put together pretty damn good. I’m going to take that as like, you know what I really, I really respect your opinion. And I’m going to internalize and so you know, I’m gonna feel pretty good about that. But if I’m sitting there going, you know, listen, you really don’t know Jack crap about what I do for a living or the technology that I deal with. And you owe a good job. And you don’t know. But okay.


Mickey Gordon  1:26:14

But none of us know what it takes for a woman to put in. And when I say none of us, I’m talking about you and me. And I’m pointing at the scrotum right now. But we don’t know what it takes to put on lipstick the right way. I mean, I know, maybe the scrotum does, because he like, he spends a lot of time in this well, and he has to put the lotion on his skin and some other stuff. But my point is, I think that not we don’t know what it takes to go through and do the things that make the opposite sex as attractive as they are to us. So we just kind of react to what we find attractive. You look great today, your hair looks great. Your dress, it’s great. Your body looks great. Your tits look great. Your ass looks great. I wonder how many of those affirmations that we’re providing feel like affirmations and don’t feel like requests for attention. And I think that that’s some of the challenges that we face is requests for attention as males as females. And and I think it’s fear that maybe we’re going to be asked to do something we’re not prepared to offer. And I think that’s where this I can’t take a compliment comes from is what do I owe you in fucking return?


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:27:38

Well, I mean, the funny thing is, there’s that interesting dynamic from the standpoint of tag on what you just said, there are instances where a significant other may not be getting the compliments they expect at home. And will, I’ll say dressed to the nines or put extra effort in when they go out and to conferences or, or different things to kind of generate those compliments from strangers, because they’re not getting that affirmation at home.


Mickey Gordon  1:28:16

That’s the fear of the lifestyle that a lot of people have that aren’t in it, though. They go well, wait a minute, but can’t get it home, I’m gonna get somewhere else. And what I’ll say is the lifestyle. If you’re doing it, right, doesn’t replace what you’re not getting it home.


Mallory Gordon  1:28:30

Yeah, you’re not you should never try to backfill the holes that you’re you have in right now. Right? And I’m not gonna lie as a woman. And this is no judgment or a or anything against my spouse. But it does hit different when someone compliments me physically versus my husband, because there’s this inherent link. Well, you have to say that because you’re married to me, and you have to say that because you love me. And you have to say that because you are bias and you’re my person. So you see me differently than the rest of the world. That’s how I


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:29:08

thought Why would you put more weight into what a complete stranger thought Wait, when they


Mallory Gordon  1:29:15

may not have an agenda, because they’re exactly they may have like, ulterior motives or whatever. But they’re, to some degree in that moment. We like well, they have an unbiased opinion, which is totally not fair.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:29:28

All right. The simple fact of the matter is you got this person married you Yeah, I


Mallory Gordon  1:29:35

know. They get the words and all their opinions should have


Mickey Gordon  1:29:39

more weight and scrote you’re not wrong. Yeah. But I will say in Mallory. So we were at the pre cap house in PCAP. Pre camp and I’m sitting in a chair and I had my back to the pool and honey spoon walks past me and she runs her him through my hair. And she goes, I love your longer hair. You’ve been saying that for like 10 years. I don’t know. Since Methuselah walk the earth. I don’t know how long it’s been. But I know that when it happened two years, and I was like, Cool, she likes it better. And that’s enough for me. By the way. It’s always enough for me, whatever you want is enough for me. It was incredibly valid.


Mallory Gordon  1:30:24

It’s different. It hit different validating.


Mickey Gordon  1:30:27

And I went, Wow, thanks. Why? Because he didn’t have to say


Mallory Gordon  1:30:33

a bit. So he feels like, again,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:30:36

like I said, either. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:30:40

It in my head in my heart that felt like she would have said anything to make me feel like I was good enough. But on the spoon would not have done that.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:30:52

What so what what is? How many spoons motivation to tell you that.


Mickey Gordon  1:30:56

But I will tell you this when Mallory says it, nothing means as much as when she does. So when she says I’m good enough, and she says that I’m doing a good job when he when I went, here’s


Mallory Gordon  1:31:07

when I say you’re doing a good job. It’s different than when I say, compliment your physical appearance. I think we always diminish that. Yeah, I don’t care. Especially when it’s


Mickey Gordon  1:31:17

hard to wrap your head around this thing. Ever. That’s why we’re talking about this hour in 34 fucking minutes. I


Mallory Gordon  1:31:24

have to go to bed like you two are doing Whiskey a month on your own.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:31:29

This is a sore subject for me.


Mickey Gordon  1:31:31

It will it’s a hard subject, which is why there are no podcast everyone. Yeah.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:31:35

I mean, from the standpoint of, you know, I, it’s a fact that you can you can pay a compliment to your significant other, and it doesn’t carry as much weight as a perfect stranger. I don’t know any, especially you know, if it’s a male complimenting a female, and then that female getting quote unquote adoration from a, you know, somebody that they’re not dating, it’s well, don’t get me. I have a lot of issue with this from the standpoint of why does the comment from somebody you’re not dating carry more weight


Mallory Gordon  1:32:18

you’re in? Yeah, you’re in a hierarchy phase. If there’s an


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:32:23

issue. That’s, that’s a prime?


Mallory Gordon  1:32:25

Yeah, I can, I can totally see that. I respect it. To some degree. I understand where you’re at.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:32:31

Now. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  1:32:33

he’s all bitter about it.


Mallory Gordon  1:32:37

I know. I know. I I totally fucking understand. And, but it’s not wrong. It Yeah. How you feel isn’t wrong? How we feel isn’t wrong.


Mickey Gordon  1:32:48

You know? Why? No, it’ll really be.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:32:52

You’re not wrong. Why? No, let’s pick the fucking scam.


Mallory Gordon  1:32:57

Because it’s inherent, I do feel my husband will tell me, he I feel like he sees me through a different set of goggles and the rest of the world because he loves me so unconditionally,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:33:08

the good the more. So when you carry more weight?


Mallory Gordon  1:33:13

I know. I know. It should. I know. At its core, it should. And he would, he feels the same way when the roles are reversed. It’s fucking hard to look at someone and go, you know, me and my best and my worst. And to hear that compliment. When someone has seen you at your worst. It’s so fucking hard to go dude. Like three days ago, I was playing I was like 18 patronizing it? No, I think I think there are moments where it’s not fair at all whatsoever. But it feels secular, like almost like a habit. Like you have to say this thing because this moment arrived. And like, that’s the insert phrase here. Which is not fair, because they should absolutely get 100% of the credit for giving the compliment. But there are moments where that that happens. But so seeing the warts and all Yeah, you’re like, fuck, there’s no way you could feel that way about me right now. Because, you know, three days ago, I looked fucking homeless.


Mickey Gordon  1:34:19

Actually, the warts and all is a great way to put a cap on this thing. Yeah. My point is, I had a lunch with a listener today, and I couldn’t answer all of his questions. I couldn’t. And what I realized during that conversation, which really formed at the end of this for for me, is that not knowing the answer is not a reason not to have the conversation. I that’s what we do for a living. But that’s hard as a podcaster. And as as a content creator. We think that we have to create content to answer a question. That’s not what we did here today. We had a conversation that probably feel similar.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:34:56

We don’t think it’s provoke conversation sometimes.


Mickey Gordon  1:35:00

Maybe but as a content creator, I think we fail at that we, we want desperately to give the answer.


Mallory Gordon  1:35:06

Oh 100% Because we had conversations about topics, because it’s real life world examples and then we go no, because it’s, it’s not necessarily negative, but we can’t put up like a tie it up at the end because it’s open ended, or because we can’t answer the question and of itself, we can give the explanation of our experience, or create some dialogue around it. But we would hesitate because, yeah.


Mickey Gordon  1:35:36

So much like, yeah, my lunch with that listener this week, which I enjoyed very much. I said that to him before we left. I learned as much from this conversation as I did from the question itself, and I learned as much from that conversation as they did from the questions themselves. This was this was awesome. So I want to thank both of you for being willing to have it. We’re going to come back in a hot fucking second and we’re going to talk about whiskey of the month. Because this is the longest episode in the history of fucking cows.


Mallory Gordon  1:36:06

I love you both I your whiskey


Mickey Gordon  1:36:10

lie you’re lying back in a hot second, folks, you’ve been listening to and we are back. I sincerely apologize for having an episode that’s this fucking long but it this is segment we’re going to talk whiskey of the month Not gonna lie. I’m fan of whiskey. You while we have been imbibing some whiskey this evening. Cheers my brother. Cheers. And starry. Tell us what time it is.


Mallory Gordon  1:37:04

Candy is dandy. Bow whiskey makes you frisky.


Mickey Gordon  1:37:08

And with that the whiskey of the month and by the way, you guys might notice that the beautiful Mallory’s not with us for this whiskey the month it’s because it got late and she’s got to go to bed because we are getting on a flight first thing in the morning. Now, what you don’t know is the whiskey of the month is drumroll please. Old forester we’re going to do old forester. Now, the one we’re going to talk about today is 1897. But I’m going to throw a few others out there. And I remember whiskey the month requires a couple of features. It has to be available in at least 40 states in this Greek country. It has to be under 50 bucks. That is a tough fucking order. I hear from you guys all the time saying wait a minute. I think this whiskies better that whiskey is better if it’s 52 Fucking bucks, it’s not whiskey of the month can’t be. We might change that at some point. But today, we’re going to offer up a couple of different expressions in the $50 range. This is different than what we normally do for whiskey the month the official whiskey of the month is old forester 1870. The original experts at erode the expression rather old forester sourced from three different ages and profiles to create its distinctive taste. In the case of this 1870 Old forester it was three different distilleries that he got his whiskey from. Now today, it’s three different barrels from three different ages in three different Rick houses where he gets his this from, and it can be found for pretty much under 50 bucks everywhere, including Total Wine, drizzly and sip whiskey, which are three of the ones that we recommend on the regular. So we’re going to talk so I’m going to talk about three different expressions of old forester here. Now some of you guys have met with us at PCAP and come to our whiskey of them or whiskey tasting and we’ve talked about whiskey the month every month, you’re on casual swinger for the last few months, and normally again, like I said, under 50 bucks available in 40 states, however old Forester is special, old forester has been around since damn near the dawn of whiskey. Why, what’s special about it? So, in this range of the whiskies we’re going to talk about today we’re going to talk about old forester 1910 Old forester 1897, an old forester 100. But we’ll also kind of talk about our touch on a little bit old forester 1920 1910 was a tribute to the fire that shut down their line and forced them to read barrel whiskey for the first time creating a double barreled expression that they continue to sell today is something that you call old forester 1910 on with our other brands, like the excellent Woodford Reserve double oak, which uses the very Same process that they learned in 1910. So old forester double oat is widely regarded as a great whiskey and even though the scrotum is one myth 55 bucks for a double barreled whiskey is a pretty good deal. Old forester 1897 is bottled in bond celebrating their first year of single barreled production to comply with the bottled and Bond Act of 1897, which is what it’s named after. At 52 bucks. Now, old forester 100 is a lower cost 100 Proof whiskey without sacrificing the complex flavor. The 100 is a handpicked blend of barrels that won the gold medal in 2019. In San Francisco, by the way, that one is 27 bucks, it’s dirt cheap. So if you want to get into old forester on the cheap, jumping on that old forester 100, but it’s going to hurt. Now let’s talk about why we talk about old forester at all for a second now, you guys know if you guys have listened to casual swinger for a while we love a crate whiskey with a great story. So let’s talk about the story of old forester because there are very few stories in whiskey that even touch the story of old forester. Absolutely. It’s actually tremendous. Now the scrotum and I talked about this in the kitchen a few hours ago, before we went to dinner, and he looked at me like I was an insane person because of the number of things I told him about old forester


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:41:21

Dude, you’re like Wikipedia for whiskey.


Mickey Gordon  1:41:24

It’s stupid, but I’d like you guys Alright, So picture this Sicily 1945. No, okay, Golden Girls reference but anyway your dawn. Imagine a time where the solution to your problems was whiskey but to get that whiskey required you to walk into a tavern with a container and have it filled. Only hoping that container didn’t include some unsafe additives. Like I don’t know, fucking gunpowder. That happened back in the 1800s specifically previous to eat in seven. Local saloons indeed used to have to stretch their supplies which created more public health concerns when you wanted whiskey back then you had to bring your own container and get it filled from the barrels on the wall at your local tavern. Now the driving force behind this young pharmaceutical representative in Louisville, Kentucky, became the first to bottle whiskey in glass containers to ensure consistency, both in taste and quality of his product. His name was George Gavin Brown, and he’s the legend of the whiskey that brought us the brand known as Old forester. So let’s talk about George. We’ll talk about George Garvin. I don’t mean to keep keep calling him Gavin was George Garvin Brown, the legend that brought us old forester originally he’s from Munford Ville, Kentucky, he moved to Louisville, and eventually began selling. Remember I talked about what happened. People brought their own bottles, their own containers and these containers oftentimes contain other things. Those things contain bleach, those things contain gunpowder, those things contain other alcohols. The problem is you don’t know what effect that had on the container because a lot of containers back then were wood. So George Garvin Brown, moves to Louisville and eventually began selling the first bottled bourbon whiskey in America in the early 1870s. That’s right, he pioneered bottling whiskey as opposed to bringing your own bottle or bringing your own container to get your whiskey instead of interesting. So whatever you brought to put it in now that doesn’t sound like something that would make somebody a legend does it?


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:43:34

Absolutely not. But if fucking does know what makes you a legend is when the government starts to tax you on it. Well, don’t get


Mickey Gordon  1:43:41

me wrong, we’ll get to there because the old forester, which initially had two R’s in the name, by the way, was named after a prominent position in Louisville, Kentucky, his name, Dr. William forester. And true to the typical application for spirits at the time, if you guys remember our very, very first cocktail corner, we talked about the old fashioned cocktail, because at the time, Whiskey was used as medicine, and it was sold as a medicinal product in pharmacies. His original product was sourced from three different distilleries, one of which he ended up purchasing in 1901. To better comply with the bottled and Bond Act of 1897. See, the bottle wasn’t old foresters only first they were one of only six distillers to apply for and receive permits to continue making whiskey as a medicinal product during Prohibition, following the passage of the Volstead Act.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:44:37

I’m gonna not gonna lie, you know, we talked about this in the kitchen. And that’s utterly astounding to me because prohibition is kind of like, what we were taught in schools like prohibition is provision absolutely nothing from an alcohol perspective was ever produced ever distributed. What have you so not gonna lie this little note? Get the information was like, seriously,


Mickey Gordon  1:45:03

there are brands in this country that are as old as this country itself. You know, we talked about Victor’s last month, and mix your favorite mixtures, believe it or not George Washington bought mixers for the soldiers. So let’s go back to permission for a minute the Volstead Act was passed. Following the passage of the 18th amendment of the constitution of this country, the 18th Amendment of the Constitution is country made illegal, the sale, transport or consumption of alcoholic beverages that resulted in intoxication. So for those of you that don’t remember, because none of us were fucking alive, the Protestant Christians pushed the narrative in the early 1800s, that crime illness and vagrancy were entirely the fault of overconsumption of alcohol. Good,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:45:55

you’re oppressing my people stop


Mickey Gordon  1:45:57

the dude, you’re Irish, fuck off. Protestant. But, you know, the reality is that in the early 1900s, crime, illness vagrancy, they were not the result of consumption of alcohol. And the states banned the sale of alcohol, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, there were so many that did this. It led to what we call the full set act of all set act criminalized violations of the 18th 18th Amendment, which said that basically, you were gonna go to jail, there were criminal penalties if you violated this act. Now, let’s fast forward a little bit. We’re afraid. We’re afraid of what could come we’re afraid of what could be. Now it wasn’t until 1941 1942 that World War Two came around. And we realized that we were actually at the problem, not what we imbibe or not, we consume. But in the prohibition era, we were just terrified. And what we created was the mom. We created organized crime by trying to stamp out crime and trying to stamp out vagrancy and trying to stamp out this vagrant behavior this, you know, awful thing that we became, and it was awful. It wasn’t until 1933. So we’re talking about effectively is 14 fucking years later. We’re like, whoa, this was a bad idea. And that was the passage of the 21st amendment. So three amendments later, folks 21st amendment, the prohibition was repealed and Americans could finally get their fucking drink on again.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:47:38

Yeah, so basically, you’re oppressing Irish people?


Mickey Gordon  1:47:41

You know what, fuck the Irish. Emily only. Here. I love the Irish. But now you know of the six distilleries that produced alcohol during Prohibition. And we just had a nice long conversation about brats.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:47:52

Thumbs me, by the way,


Mickey Gordon  1:47:54

only six distilleries there were 10 that applied. Only six were given license to produce alcohol during Prohibition, one of which was old forester. Now, here’s a fun fact. And this is something that Mr. scrotum and I talked about earlier today. To celebrate their status, they produced a whiskey called prohibition style to this day that’s available by old forester as a 1920 expression. It’s bottled at 100 proof, which was the federal requirement at the time, meaning that the angel share we’ve talked about this previously, increase the proof of the barrel do 115 proof which means that the whiskey today if you buy old forester 1920 for about 55 bucks from you know total wine or drizzly or anybody else is going to be 115 proof, an homage to that rich profile from that era. Okay, now, of all of the brands 10 received a certificate, six actually produced whiskey during Prohibition, only one remains that made whiskey before Prohibition, during Prohibition, and after Prohibition. Interesting, that is old forest. Now, old forester wasn’t done with firsts when this happened. As old forester was the first distillery to electively cease manufacturing of spirits and provide alcohol for the war effort following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. They were also pioneered the barrel pick by offering single barrels for sale in 1962. And to our this day, the only distillery operating their own cooperage in the United States in addition to distilling whiskey in the same building cooperage is or barrel making facilities as a matter of fact, they have their own in the headquarters on Whiskey Row in Louisville, which they return chew in 2018 after being housed elsewhere since 1919, meaning for 100 fucking years they went somewhere else and came back and bought the old building back and put the barrel making facilities and the whiskey distillery back in the same joint right next door to their competitors.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:50:16

So let me ask you this is that because Is that a good marketing ploy? Or was there a particular reason


Mickey Gordon  1:50:22

it’s big dick energy baby. That’s all there is to it just came back and said Daddy’s home. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. So the name of that company that makes old Forester is Brown Forman, the parent company responsible for old forester Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels, and others is still under the curation of their fifth generation descendant his name, Campbell Brown, and he’s ensuring this American legacy will remain so for not only now, but for generations to come, because I’m sure he’s banging in the snot out of some pretty girl in Kentucky, and making errors to this great Brown Forman legacy. By the way, Brown Forman is a publicly traded company and over 70% of the shares for Brown Forman remain in control of the original family that started this legacy back in 1870. Now that is whiskey of the month to tell you a little bit about this 1897 flavor that I’ve got in front of me in my hand, started about the nose. Bright, floral, fruity. Take a sniff scrotum, what do you think? It’s a bright whiskey? It’s It’s a little hot, right?


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:51:41

It’s hot from an initial nose perspective. And once you get past that,


Mickey Gordon  1:51:45

it’s well yeah, that’s drinking it. That’s not No, no,


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:51:48

it’s on my nose.


Mickey Gordon  1:51:49

Okay, don’t snorted


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:51:52



Mickey Gordon  1:51:53

Now something you need to know if you if you amp up just a couple of bucks to the 1910 that we talked about. Remember the 1900s a double barrel and doubles down with more of the baked goods feeling that comes and it only increases as it breeds. The palette is caramel and oak. It’s an easy drinker. Again, you know, it’s it, you’d think it’d be a little harsher than it is for being a six year or less. But the 1910 which again adds that second barrel adds berries, Marshmallow, and a very visceral drinking experience. The finish, which is what comes when you breathe out after you drink whiskey for those you that don’t remember, is cinnamon and maybe a little bit of Grandma’s kitchen when she’s baking pies, which are things like nutmeg, and maybe a little bit of flour of the 1910 and that double barrel has a little bit more of an oaky finish kind of like a cigar box feeling that’s dominated by chart would still highly enjoyable.


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:52:49

I’m gonna tell you what, I’ll drink this all day every day. This is a very easy drinker. It’s a very you could easily make this an all day drinker if you can find it. I’m quite impressed. I’m not gonna lie. I’m stunned because of the the amount of hate that it gets online. And I don’t know where it comes from. I literally don’t know where it comes from


Mickey Gordon  1:53:15

this. This is why we started with you the month under 50 bucks available everywhere. What can you get that that can introduce people to whiskey that don’t know whiskey because Why do I have to have a $250 bottle to feel like I’m having good whiskey, you don’t. And this is where we are and by the way, scrotum, thank you for validating why we started the segment in the first place. Absolutely right to introduce whiskies that are very tasty, can change your palate can change your stars and have one good glass with a friend who have you seen you haven’t seen in a while. And that’s what we did here on casual swimming today. scrotum, thank you for joining us. Thank you for spending some time with us and pleasuring. So this Mallory went to bed so


The Alabaster Scrotum  1:54:00

you know this whole she was a fan of it to actually she


Mickey Gordon  1:54:04

is she likes. She likes some of the other expressions of old forester but we have different tastes and by the way, if you like Mallory’s taste, well, you don’t like me anyway, so it’s okay. You might like the scrotum if you like and bald ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to do something we don’t normally do here on casual swinger two hours and 12 minutes into this thing, which I may edit some of this down a little bit, but the gist of it is, if you don’t know where to find us, check us out on iTunes. We are on iTunes. If you want to make me feel better about myself and keep me from self flagellating by all means leave us a positive review. If you want to check us out on social we are on Cassidy we are on STC we are on SLS, we are on double date nation. We are and by the way, she’s way better at this. We’ve talked about this many many times. So feel free to tell her much better she is this than I am. But also if you want to check us out on Twitter if you want to check us out On Facebook where everywhere we are casual swing are literally everywhere. Or you can just send us an email if you need a hand at podcast at casual And don’t forget, we are on casual toys casual choices where you can pick up anything and everything that gets you off or makes you say woohoo. That is WWW dot casual If you have questions, issues, comments concerns, you can catch us in the chat bubble in the bottom left hand corner that goes directly to the cell phones for myself for Mallory, and of course the casual offspring that’s Caitlin or you can just shoot us a message at sales at casual This has been a pleasure. It’s been my personal honor to do this for you guys. Alabaster scrotum was hit by a man a few words, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve been listening to