You caught a WHAT? STD survival tactics for your relationship with Dr. Bailey

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Getting people to discuss STIs and STDs in the lifestyle is like trying to get someone to discuss their parent’s sex life.  Right?  Hell no.

It gets worse when you actually GET one.  Both in your relationship and with the friends and partners we make in the lifestyle, it’s SO important to be able to communicate and keep communicating.

Mickey & Mallory took the leap in this week’s Casual Swinger when we engaged with lifestyle sex therapist and marriage counselor, Dr. Ieshai Bailey! We talk to the good doctor about how to help your relationship survive when an STI/STD strikes, how to discuss testing in lifestyle relationships BEFORE one strikes, and coming to terms with it personally when it happens.

“You caught a WHAT!?,” is all about you and your relationships.  Survive & thrive in a world that isn’t safe with a great conscience, perfect communication, and incredible experiences…despite the perils that exist.

Join us this week for the second of a TWO part series… and learn how to ensure your relationship survives if this happens to you!


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