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Groundhog Day

Thu, 9/2 10:24AM • 1:01:30


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Mickey Gordon, Mallory Gordon


Mallory Gordon  00:08

Welcome to casual swinger. If you’re under 18, the following podcast is not appropriate for you. The subjects and language are for mature audiences only. If you’re not mature in nature, just make sure you’re old enough to vote. We don’t take ourselves seriously ever. No guarantees given regarding the accuracy of any opinions or statements made on this podcast or website or a blog. It’s all in fun, folks. This isn’t Dr. Phil. Now consider yourself the listener properly advise. Well, hello, everybody. Welcome back to casual swinger. I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  00:58

I am Mickey.


Mallory Gordon  01:00

And again, we miss you guys.


Mickey Gordon  01:02

Yeah, we’ve gotten to be pretty good at it being late getting these out during quarantine heavily.


Mallory Gordon  01:07

Yeah, I think it’s because every day is like what?


Mickey Gordon  01:11

Groundhog Day? Yeah, yeah, wake up. airs longer.


Mallory Gordon  01:14

Uh huh. Should I be same faces same places,


Mickey Gordon  01:18

right. It’s go outside, greet the dog. The dog runs up sniffs my nuts says you really should shower. I’m like, Okay. Yeah. If the dog thinks I should shower, it’s probably time.


Mallory Gordon  01:29

I’ve actually added that to my calendar like every other day making sure you guys have showered.


Mickey Gordon  01:34

Hey, the kids are way worse than I am.


Mallory Gordon  01:37

Anyway, so yeah,


Mickey Gordon  01:39

this is Groundhog Day. This is season two episode 21. We’re coming up on the end of our second season of casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  01:46

Yeah, yeah, we are.


Mickey Gordon  01:47

I mean, arbitrary shit in terms.


Mallory Gordon  01:50

It’s so arbitrary. I still don’t understand why you cut it off at 22 episodes. But,


Mickey Gordon  01:54

you know, it seemed appropriate. It


Mallory Gordon  01:57

had something to do with Viagra.


Mickey Gordon  01:59

Something phony bonies all that stuff. But, you know, just kind of getting into the intro here. So what is this episode about? It really is just kind of talking about what’s up. I know, a lot of people are doing a lot of interviews right now out there. And and we’ve got interviews on our mind. But just Something’s Weird.


Mallory Gordon  02:17

I think we’re all in our mental and emotional spaces. We’re, we’re a little off raid, maybe we’re a little bit in crisis mode. Maybe, you know, work has picked up for us a bit. And we’re blessed enough to be working. Yeah, but I just, I haven’t really been in a sexy headspace. So there’s that as well.


Mickey Gordon  02:34

Yeah. And I wrote that story for ASN. And that just put me in the biggest funk. I think that didn’t help matters. Now I’m doing all the research and learning and hearing about the healthcare people that are struggling. I mean, it just, it really put me in a bad place. I’m not gonna lie.


Mallory Gordon  02:49

Yeah. Yeah. And I and I totally get that I completely understand. It’s, this is not something I think we anyone ever anticipated seeing in their lifetime.


Mickey Gordon  02:59

Well, so I know. It’s been a couple weeks, but I mean, this is the intro. So let’s dig into what’s going on.


Mallory Gordon  03:05

Yeah. What are we doing? Where are we going?


Mickey Gordon  03:07

Nowhere. What’s going on? We’re not doing a fucking thing. We’re doing nothing. Yeah, but we’re just gonna open a little,


Mallory Gordon  03:18

a little bit. Yeah, go set your own estate.


Mickey Gordon  03:22

I don’t think we’re free to have sex. We can just inflate a condom and smack it toward a person and tell them to stick it in. And I think that’s what we can do. Just here. stick this in your pussy and see if it’s semi inflated. Sorry. Tell me something dirty. Maybe to get harder. Oh, my


Mallory Gordon  03:37

God. No, just the too much.


Mickey Gordon  03:38

But it’s not entirely true. I mean, we were still we have rebooked August.


Mallory Gordon  03:43

Exactly. I was trying to train to say before you got all silly on me. Oh, my bad. No, it’s all good. I think we’re trying to look forward to you know, the fall and late summer and get those trips. Yeah, yeah. Did you just sit in my little jealous I did not bring a drink in. We have a guest isn’t Yeah, Nashville and the film party?


Mickey Gordon  04:06

Yeah. Well, so yeah, August is gonna be kind of crazy. And I really hope it doesn’t get fucked up. I hope that Ohio pulls that stuff together by then, you know, we had this whole thing booked with double the nation and our naughty escapades. And I believe sapphic was going to try and come in and double the nation. Now, I said that already. But yeah, there’s just euphoria, euphoria Chronicles. We’re all going to try and get together in Nashville, which is such a cool city. We’re going to do this back at the beginning of April. And of course, now it’s all screwed up. So we’ve moved it to August 6 through the ninth. I think it’s on our website. Yes. Seventh through the ninth.


Mallory Gordon  04:39

Yeah, the Friday Saturday, Sunday.


Mickey Gordon  04:41

Right. So same hotel, it’s the Millennium Maxwell House. It’s all on our website. It’s got the information, you can click on the hotel, you can book your hotel room, just make sure that you do join up with manasses beforehand, because if you show up and you’re not a member, you’re not going to be able to get in. So if you want to do this Minaj thing with a bunch of podcasters Leave that. re and D we’re calling this podcast are shenanigans. So nice to point out. And then of course foam party in Toledo. We’re gonna do that which is going to be fun. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  05:11

yeah. And then we’ll have podcast Palooza in October.


Mickey Gordon  05:14

Oh, that’s right. Moves October. And you know, honestly, I think that’s going to go down by October South Florida’s gonna be back to normal. And this thing’s gonna be badass. And you know we’ve got a little more room now we got more room to run. There’s more rooms available so check that out at podcast dash a dash


Mallory Gordon  05:34

boop right yeah, I’m excited I think stuff will start shifting here soon and we have to upgrade as if you know everything is gonna go smoothly second half of the year and adapt if anything changes.


Mickey Gordon  05:46

Yeah, it’s you got to get me out of this fucking house before something scary happens.


Mallory Gordon  05:54

Who you telling


Mickey Gordon  05:55

to say I’ve been second as wieviel we’re gonna have a shining episode right here in this studio.


Mallory Gordon  06:01

Do not make me fight.


Mickey Gordon  06:02

You live on the air. That’s right. Come at me, bro. But yeah, so Quito in November that is still on. This is gonna be one of our largest November’s ever,


Mallory Gordon  06:15

right so that our week in November booked out within three months. So with everything going on, they added a second week to the end of the trips was actually to trip


Mickey Gordon  06:25

we sold out our November trip before 2020 even started. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  06:29

it was insane. Like I said less than three months and everything was booked. So we’re really excited that Jim and Rachel and the rascals are doing that. It’s gonna be fantastic.


Mickey Gordon  06:38

It’s gonna be awesome. And you know, it’s there’s going to be a ton of folks from club FA coming out. That’s right, which is going to be super neat. But we’ve also got that just this whole thing kind of happened. Because originally that was our week. Right, right. And young swingers week booked the whole thing and they took like the whole resort that week and kicked us out. So it was us in dirty pervs. And the week before. And now since young swimmers we canceled for the rest of the year. That week’s open again. We said What the hell? Let’s go ahead and book a second week. Go crazy.


Mallory Gordon  07:09

Yeah, because we had a lot of our main folks with, you know, everything going on? Yeah, all these cancellations canceled do it. Right. So now we have two weeks in November and then February 2021.


Mickey Gordon  07:19

Yeah. So if you want to book with casual swinger and go with the rascals, you can go to our travel page, which is at WWW dot casuals, when income, click on travel with us. And you’ll get an email back from Jim with the rascals we have nothing to do with it. It’s just one of those things where we host for those guys, we have a great time. If you want to come party with us. It’s it’s not gonna save you any money to go with us or not go with us. You just get to party with my beautiful wife and my dumb ass.


Mallory Gordon  07:45

It is a great time.


Mickey Gordon  07:47

So what else is on our calendar?


Mallory Gordon  07:48

I know. I’m washing our hands. I’m looking out the window with fucking dishes every day.


Mickey Gordon  07:56

There’s dishes come from?


Mallory Gordon  07:57

I don’t know, but I’m going to start to police that shit. Because it’s it’s annoying. Like I go to bed. Things empty. Wake up is fucking shit in there. I blame the dog. I don’t know why, like normally stuff like that wouldn’t get to me, but I have a tick over it.


Mickey Gordon  08:12

Right? Well, I see somebody walking by put a glass in the sink and then go to the cupboard and get another glass to get something else to drink. And I’m like, What are you doing? Police and I’m like, What are you doing? Like what’s going on right here? as a whole. I’m getting something different and no, no, no, no. You wash that motherfucker. And you put something else in it. I will put you on the streets. I will throw you out. You will live under an overpass you you crotch Goblin. Get out of my son. I know. You’re only 16 but back you. We’ve been drinking. We’ve definitely been doing some drinking. Have you seen all the dead soldiers?


Mallory Gordon  08:48

Oh, I’m so embarrassed by your recycling bin but I felt better because I watched the neighbor take theirs out and then accidentally spilled in them like Oh, no. And I went ran over to help and I didn’t get there in time. But I did see how many bottles they had. And I’m like, my people.


Mickey Gordon  08:59

You know what else? Maybe? They drink cheap booze.


Mallory Gordon  09:05

I drink cheap booze.


Mickey Gordon  09:07

Yes. It’s all it’s available. Whatever. My booze most of the time. It’s not cheap. Whatever. Yeah, you know what else? You’ve been watching my hair grow.


Mallory Gordon  09:16

Your hair is spectacular. I’ve never seen you with long hair before. I’m kind of digging it.


Mickey Gordon  09:22

This is weird. I think this is why you need a boyfriend. Because you really liked the strange aspect of looking at me while you’re banging me with your chia pet hair.


Mallory Gordon  09:30

Can I tell them what we did?


Mickey Gordon  09:31

I don’t fucking care. Good. So


Mallory Gordon  09:32

monkeys here is usually very short, like high end tight. Very, very short and it’s grown out. It’s probably three and a half, four inches long, longest I’ve ever seen his hair. I’ve only seen it longer in pictures.


Mickey Gordon  09:45

You know why I married you because you think this is four inches.


Mallory Gordon  09:49

Whatever. So we had this crazy idea. Actually, you had the crazy idea that you want to dye your hair funky color because it’s just gonna get cut anyways, right at some point, we’ll shave your head whatnot. Um, so I’m like, well, you’re gonna have dark hair. You have to bleach it first you have to lift your natural color for like kalita steak. And replace. It looks like Slim Shady.


Mickey Gordon  10:11

Uh huh. You got to lose yourself. Oh. Well, like I woke up this morning, I rolled over my condom wrapper.


Mallory Gordon  10:20

I’d rolled over I was like, Who the fuck is this guy? Oh, that’s mine.


Mickey Gordon  10:23

I know. After the second bleach round I am blonde is shit. It’s ridiculous.


Mallory Gordon  10:30

You look like Children of the Corn guy.


Mickey Gordon  10:34

Oh, sweet. I can’t wait for his brother jebediah It is so bad. And it’s so long and I have so much hair. So most of my friends actually get kind of twisted with me, because I do shave my hair so short. But I have and this is a fun fact for everybody out there a little casual swinger. Fun fact for you. I have a huge head


Mallory Gordon  10:55

like, fitted hats sized are about an eight and an eighth. Yeah, yeah, I


Mickey Gordon  11:01

wear a massive hat. I wear a hat that could double as a trap for wild animals. a five gallon bucket. I have a ginormous fucking dome. And when my hair grows out, it’s just it’s looking at me. I’m filling out these headphones. It’s


Mallory Gordon  11:16

like, I can’t see the top of your headphones because your hair is covering it. Yeah, yeah, I can’t wait to die at a funky color. But it was really cool. We had all the goop on there because like it kind of slipped down and I had it like all styled and you saw it like I totally freaked out. I was like, holy shit. This is kind of high.


Mickey Gordon  11:34

I you did you were like, it’s like I’m fucking a different dude. Right? Like, well, how’s that different realize, but okay, no, seriously, it’s, you know, and I kind of feel better about it now. Like it was something I did start as a gag. But our oldest we have two adult children and one of the adult children still lives with us. And she screwed her hair up royally. Looks like a Duracell battery right now. And I feel so much better than my hair is going to be so ridiculous. Because I think it’ll make her


Mallory Gordon  12:04

I think I will make her feel better. And I want it to be nice, but she didn’t want any help or advice. And she had virgin hair, which means it’s never been dyed before. And it’s beautiful. And it’s blonde and people pay a fuck ton of money to have that right. But she wanted something different. totally get it. And the first round didn’t turn out exactly like she liked it. So she figured a second round would make it better. And the second round she looks she walked downstairs. And I man I held it together. I held it together. But she had a braided and I was like fucking Pippi Longstocking? Oh,


Mickey Gordon  12:35

see, I was gonna break into one of the songs from brave Yeah, but I just don’t know any of them off the top of my head, they just weren’t as catchy as let it go.


Mallory Gordon  12:42

Oh my gosh, I did cracked a joke about getting a coat hanger and fixing it to the top of her head and I can bring it around. It says she could mold it to her liking. And she looked at me kind of confused. I was like, you’ll get it here. Eventually, it’ll take you some time. Your blonde roots are still there.


Mickey Gordon  12:58

coat hangers are proof that we’re still related to monkeys on some level, because I use it as like the universal tool in the garage. I use it for fishing wire, I use it for like, you know, unlocking cars. I’ve used coat hangers for so many things. It’s crazy. And you were gonna use it to solve a hair problem.


Mallory Gordon  13:12

No, no mocker children?


Mickey Gordon  13:14

Oh, well, that’s easy to do. I mocker kids all the time. It’s like my second favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. Now, the last thing, what have we been doing? The last thing we actually I think we’ve kind of gone over a hump. Right? In the last couple of days. Speaking of hump stay to like my choice.


Mallory Gordon  13:29

Oh my gosh. So I finally got sex. After years and years and years of waiting. It was it was I was about to just submit my application to the nunnery,


Mickey Gordon  13:46

whatever, or make a phone call.


Mallory Gordon  13:49

No, no, I abide by social distancing.


Mickey Gordon  13:52

No, no, you could social distance doggy style.


Mallory Gordon  13:55

No, that’s not six feet. pounds on the guy’s shame. No, no, I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m fantasizing about it. Every now and then. But


Mickey Gordon  14:06

yeah, so we’re gonna talk about that a little bit, our main segment right about just kind of the challenges that people have been having. And that really is what this episode about is in Groundhog Day is just kind of catching up on our challenges. But before we get into that, let’s remind you guys because businesses around this country are suffering right now. If you have an opportunity to help somebody that has been closed, and we’re talking about your Barber, your bartender, your waiter, your wages wherever your favorite holiday is, find out what their pay pal is and hook them up a little bit. If they are struggling hard. We are one in six in this country and unemployment rate. Now that’s 15% of this country in Central Florida. It’s one in four. So we have a huge, huge, huge loss of jobs. And I’ll tell you what, that’s been weighing on and it’s part of what’s going on. But the reason I mentioned that is it casual toys, which is our small business. Yeah, and closed. Yeah. It’s been closed for a while and you know, this is this. We’re relaunching this business for the third fucking Time and why the first time was because the bank shut us down. And then we were 60 days trying to get all that sorted out, which really infuriated me. But this last time it’s been because of COVID. And all of our warehouses were closed because there was no one to ship stuff, right. So now we’re open again, we’re shipping a little slow. hurts. But hey, everybody that placed orders during the shutdown, what do we say to those guys?


Mallory Gordon  15:24

Thank you so much for your support.


Mickey Gordon  15:26

Very, very, very much from the bottom of my cold black heart. I thank you for supporting us. Cold black heart on. But we wanted to give you something back from casual toys.


Mallory Gordon  15:40



Mickey Gordon  15:41

So if you’re listening to this podcast right now, or you follow us on Twitter, we’re going to do a little contest for you guys. Send us your funniest sex toy story or bedroom story to podcast at casual I’m gonna say that one more time send us your funniest bedroom or sex toy story preferably sex toy story to podcast at casual we will read our favorites on the air during the next episode of casual swinger Yes,


Mallory Gordon  16:10

so feel free to use pseudonyms whatever protect the innocent protect the guilty but we want to hear your funny stories that is involved sex toys, we’ll read some of ours and then we’ll we’ll read yours. Yes. So


Mickey Gordon  16:20

makeup everything but the stories you make up your name you can make up you know what color her butthole hair was. I don’t care. Just go ahead and send us that information.


Mallory Gordon  16:28

And what do they win?


Mickey Gordon  16:30

What do they win if we read your story on the air? You win a $50 casual toys gift card? Whoo


Mallory Gordon  16:36

that that buys a decent amount 50


Mickey Gordon  16:40

I can say 50 because I got m&m here. No, no, no. No. Is that Is that bad? Oh, sorry. Don’t hit the button.


Mallory Gordon  16:49

Love of our marriage. Do not hit any buttons.


Mickey Gordon  16:54

Okay, no buttons, but All righty then So hey, you know what? We’re gonna come back here in a minute. We’re gonna grab another Margarita because I want one. It’s quite


Mallory Gordon  17:04

a drink. I didn’t realize we were doing drinking. whenever it’s that time of day. It’s five o’clock in summer. In Asia as a matter of quarantine, we can drink whatever we want. You


Mickey Gordon  17:12

watch tell everybody where they can find us. Welcome back and we’re going to talk about Groundhog Day.


Mallory Gordon  17:16

Awesome, guys. Well, thanks for listening. You can find this as casual swinger everywhere we are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can also find our profiles on double date nation Cassidy SLS STC and quiver and Oh and if you want to reach out have questions podcast at casual


Mickey Gordon  17:36

leave us a review on iTunes. tell people how sexy my wife sounds and What a dumb as I am. That works for me.


Mallory Gordon  17:41

You’re a dork.


Mickey Gordon  17:44

Ladies gentlemen, we’ll be back in just a minute to talk for Groundhog Day you’ve been listening to casual swinger. Hey, everybody, welcome back to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  18:13

I’m still Mickey and I’m Mallory.


Mickey Gordon  18:15

And without further ado, I have another Margarita and it’s time to continue. Groundhog Day


Mallory Gordon  18:22

and I decided to partake as well. What the hell? I can’t beat him join him. spousal abuse is frowned upon.


Mickey Gordon  18:27

Yeah, Last I heard I don’t I keep getting my ass kicked that. I wouldn’t really fuck with you. What? You’re a badass. I am your sins when cuz you’re like, what’s the word for it scrappy?


Mallory Gordon  18:39

Oh, I okay.


Mickey Gordon  18:41

We’re gonna we’re gonna talk about that one girl the concert?


Mallory Gordon  18:44

Must you must you


Mickey Gordon  18:46

Alright, I guess we’re not gonna tell that. So what are we gonna talk about in Groundhog Day? What do we do every day? This soon take over the world. All right, Pinky. Brain. No,


Mallory Gordon  18:57

definitely. I love you. It’s your you’re the good looking one. Oh, no,


Mickey Gordon  19:02

Pinky, Pinky. Hey,


Mallory Gordon  19:05

no, I, I just kind of wanted to talk about like how we’ve been since all of this quarantine crisis mode started happening and just get it out there.


Mickey Gordon  19:18

Well, and you know what’s funny? Like, we’ve gotten messages from friends and listeners. And you know what, at this point, we’ve been doing this a little while now. I really don’t kind of draw much of a distinction. They’re all friends, right? Or, I mean, if you sit down and you listen to us on a regular basis, chances are you know we’re friendly. So you’ve sent us a message we’ve said, Hey, and we actually give a shit. Right? You know, if everybody’s okay. We’ve tried to ask we’ve done a few, you know, kind of zoom meetings and


Mallory Gordon  19:45

yeah, early on. We definitely Yeah, we did. A few of those we


Mickey Gordon  19:47

did into my hair started to grow and I dug myself into a hole.


Mallory Gordon  19:50

Well, I think in this situation, we both compartmentalize. We do very differently but we both do it You know, mine I can I can silo, lock it in the box and put it away but I soft unpack it at some point and say I don’t


Mickey Gordon  20:07

I just forget about it throw it away. I’m like goodbye. No, you


Mallory Gordon  20:09

think you do you store it there, you put it in a container, you lock it up, but you still have that key. And the the key chain gets a little fuller and heavier. And so somebody


Mickey Gordon  20:20

makes me angry.


Mallory Gordon  20:22

Yeah, it makes you grouchy. And then all of a sudden, you’re like, Why the fuck do I have all these gays?


Mickey Gordon  20:26

Oh, maybe that’s so but here’s the difference, right? So as a guy, first of all, I do have this gigantic head. And it’s kind of one of those. Everybody’s kind of got a thing, right? Like some maybe somebody’s got like an extra toe, or one boobs bigger than the other or one legs longer than the other, it was good to think about themselves that they just kind of secretly kind of harp on internally and minus the size of my head, I have a gigantic head. And it’s always been something that people have kind of made fun of me for. And as you know, when I got older, and I started cutting my hair really short, it made it a little less obvious. So as my hair has grown out over the course of this quarantine, I am fucking terrified for anyone to see it. He


Mallory Gordon  21:07

really are like you fell asleep with your hat on a couple nights.


Mickey Gordon  21:11

I did. And I don’t want you to see it.


Mallory Gordon  21:13

I know it’s, and I can’t understand it. But I can appreciate that you’re struggling with something and I’m not going to openly mock you for it. I get it. I don’t see what you see. But the it’s little things like that that get inside her head, especially since we’re forced to deal with it. Right. We’re stuck in a house. We’ve been second house for six weeks now.


Mickey Gordon  21:35

Yeah, we have and some of our friends and listeners have asked, Hey, are you guys are doing and you know what’s going on? And what’s coming up? And is there anything we can look forward to? And can you do an episode or we have episodes in the can we have really fun? Exciting, cool. Yeah, but we don’t want to release them right now. Because people are out of work. People aren’t feeling sexy, and we’ve been quiet.


Mallory Gordon  22:00

Yeah, it feels a little selfish. It feels a little inappropriate right now to and maybe we’re wrong. Maybe that’s just something that we’re harboring on our end. I don’t know.


Mickey Gordon  22:13

I know that some of the other content creators like monogamish, for example, a blogger out there that we love. They actually released a poll and they asked people about, you know, are you having less sex? Are you having more sex is nothing changed? And it was kind of even but less sex was the winner by a good bit. 49% I think was the end. Yeah, it is. It is definitely something that’s happening out there. I think initially, I was like, whoo, we’re home. We’re gonna bang we’re gonna buy a bunch of sex toys, by the way. Thank you for all those purchases. But as things went on, I think fear said in fear of losing your job, fear of going hungry, fear of your kids getting sick, fear of your parents, your grandparents getting sick.


Mallory Gordon  22:58

Right, right as time went on, I mean, I see a lot of people taking this Verity and the gravity of the situation very seriously. And, you know, being respectful and and doing the right thing socially speaking, but you’re right, I think, that innate fear, whether it was outwardly presented or in one blade digesting was there and that’s, that’s some of the influence right.


Mickey Gordon  23:19

And it can be apprehension, it can be trepidation. There are a lot of things that can be associated with legitimate fear.


Mallory Gordon  23:27

Yeah, I’m raising my hand over here. It’s same thing here. Usually my libido is a planetary luggage. I always want the sax


Mickey Gordon  23:37

she does guys seriously,


Mallory Gordon  23:39

but in the last three, four weeks, it’s it’s been top of mind because I haven’t wanted it and I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.


Mickey Gordon  23:49

Oh, who gets horny during a horror movie?


Mallory Gordon  23:51

That’s That’s true.


Mickey Gordon  23:53

It’s and that’s what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with a socio economic horror movie. And and maybe even a political horror movie. And there’s so many things that that we don’t know. Or think that yes to going to bed worried waking up worried. might still have morning wood, but I don’t know that you get there. Right?


Mallory Gordon  24:14

Yeah. Well, I mean, yeah, I get what you’re saying. I think with everything going on, we’re a captive audience right now, to this to our own reality show.


Mickey Gordon  24:23

That’s the last fucking thing we needed is to be a captive audience for America’s news media.


Mallory Gordon  24:27

Well, we don’t have any other outlets. A lot of people are confined to their homes and you know, going to gym is not an option. Going to the movies is not an option and going to the beach is not an option and in things where we were accustomed to doing to get some release or some sanity, it’s just not available. So it’s understandable. And when you occupy that too much space in your own head, it can be counterproductive as well.


Mickey Gordon  24:50

Yeah, I think we’re better off watching fucking Benny Hill and we are watching CNN or Fox News. Just my personal opinion. Yeah, but you know, I just feel like you You went from straight up Energizer Bunny to none. And I just don’t feel really engaged either the last couple of days we’re trying to be because I absolutely love banging you. You’re the hottest thing in the universe to me. Oh, and I feel like I should want to be happy. And I know that we still have jobs, which I’m incredibly grateful for. But I see what’s going on in social media. I see people attacking each other, all over the place. And I’m not one of those super squishy people, guys, those of you that know me personally, No, I’m not.


Mallory Gordon  25:28

I’m the squishy one.


Mickey Gordon  25:29

You are. Yeah, but I still see people being fucking awful to each other. And eventually, I don’t care how hard you are. And I’m not saying that I’m like one of those greenbrae hard bastards or anything. But I’m still you know, fairly bulletproof. When it comes to emotions. And it bugs me, it bugs me.


Mallory Gordon  25:45

I mean, treat each other like shit. Yeah, it makes you angry. And it makes me sad. Rightly does. Yeah.


Mickey Gordon  25:50

And I think that’s been messing with me. And I think it’s kind of brought us down. It’s made me not want a podcast, it’s made me not want to tell everybody something that I don’t think is positive. I like saying positive things to the lifestyle community.


Mallory Gordon  26:01

Well, we committed to that when we decided that we wanted to start podcasting is that this is going to highlight, you know, sex positivity. We’re not going to put, you know, anything negative or our drama out there. You know, we we love the fun side of life. There’s plenty of bad stuff going on in the world. And we can find those pieces of happiness and fun that we can share with people. Even if it’s just one person that inspires or makes their day better. That’s all we need. Yeah, that that fills my cup. You know,


Mickey Gordon  26:29

I gotta give a shout out real quick to Jay from average swingers. I love Jay Jay. We love him to death and we have actually talked to them a good bit and we haven’t really talked about it. But their last episode that that he called I’m a fraud was so raw and so personal and so real. In it actually made me feel better about releasing this episode. If I’m being honest, because I didn’t want to do this. It’s but I’m not okay. I am not okay. And I’m not not okay. Because I don’t have a job. I’m not not okay. Because my wife and I are getting along we are. I’m not not okay. Because my kids are sick because they’re not. I’m not okay, because I’m just tired of seeing people treat each other like shit and it’s getting to me.


Mallory Gordon  27:15

I think it’s okay to not be okay. And I I echo what you said, Jay made himself completely vulnerable. He was very honest. And that to me, that’s, that’s inspiring. And that’s tough to do, especially to an audience, you can’t see touch or, or, or you’re really here unless, obviously they’re sending messages. But it’s it’s a difficult position to be in. And I think you beat yourself up and it’s compounded. Because you’re like, I should be okay. And I’m not okay. And you haven’t accepted that. Not being okay is actually just fine. It’s It’s normal. You have to go through the motions denying it isn’t doing you any service. No.


Mickey Gordon  27:57

And I think the thing that I’m, I’m personally the most scared of is that somebody else that’s not okay, is going to take out they’re not okay, on somebody else. That’s also not okay. And I’m going to react badly because that’s where I tend to intervene is when I see somebody that isn’t supposed to be getting their ass handed to them, getting it from somebody. I’m like, Okay, fine. You want you want to pick on somebody, I’m your Huckleberry. Let’s do this.


Mallory Gordon  28:25

And mine here, my hero complex. And I’m


Mickey Gordon  28:28

gonna put myself in that situation, and I shouldn’t. And I’m going to ruin their day. And I’m gonna ruin ever. It’s just I just, I’m scared of what’s going on out there right now. And it is affecting us at home. Or at least it has been, it has been for months. And, you know, when we talk about our relationship, I’ve seen this going on. Mallory and I have been together going on 14 years. And it’s something I can tell you about Mallory is if something’s going on, whether it’s work, travel, or stress, or kids or whatever, and it keeps us from having a regular sex life. She gets mad.


Mallory Gordon  29:06

Oh, yeah, I raised the red flag and red


Mickey Gordon  29:08

flag, you raise the fucking megaphone.


Mallory Gordon  29:13

So I can tell you exactly where that comes from. And it took this situation to kind of pull back the curtain for me is I had this epiphany that I associated intimacy, directly with sex and not all of it, but a good majority stockholder of that. So when we’re not having regular sex, somehow my psyche starts to twitch. And it tells me that the universe is no longer okay? Because the level of intimacy in that environment that I need, or that I tell myself I need is not being fulfilled. And so of course, like a noun, like a regular human, I go to the external source and go What the fuck


Mickey Gordon  30:00

Why aren’t you climbing on top of me in the middle of the


Mallory Gordon  30:03

don’t? Yeah, didn’t you see me like in my booty shores been an all over and rabanal bond? You


Mickey Gordon  30:09

know, I was hanging drywall. I wasn’t paying attention.


Mallory Gordon  30:13

I was like cat in heat. I’m sorry about that. Wow.


Mickey Gordon  30:16

I don’t want the dog. But you know, I just, I get it, I really do. And I know that’s a thing. And honestly, it’s something that I, I’m not gonna say I live in fear of it. But I live in acknowledgement of your sex drive. And I know that if you don’t get yours on a fairly regular basis, no matter what’s going on in my world, it’s time to suck it up, Buttercup, and take care of Mama, because if you’re gonna regret it. So with that,


Mallory Gordon  30:42

thank you so much for doing that. For me. I know it’s hard to get into that mental space if you’re not already there. So the fact that you want to do it alone means the world to me. And this is gonna be part of my development, I think over the next year is, is there other facets of what I quantifies intimacy? That maybe I’m not focusing on enough to fill my cup?


Mickey Gordon  31:05

Why I started doing dishes. Hot as


Mallory Gordon  31:08



Mickey Gordon  31:09

hotter than my blonde hair.


Mallory Gordon  31:11

It’s a tie. It’s really, really good.


Mickey Gordon  31:14

You know? So I feel like we’ve kind of covered it right. I mean, yes, it’s been a little hard. It’s been it’s been hard to one a podcast, it’s been hard to stay intimate. Yeah, it’s been hard to stay connected to our lifestyle friends.


Mallory Gordon  31:25

It is because it’s, it’s this perpetual feeling of being in limbo, Limbo, and I was gonna insert some sort of like Star Wars Carbonite joke here, and it’s just not coming to me. But it does. It feels like Groundhog Day. You’re frozen in time. So like when we have these wonderful friends that reach out and want to engage. It’s like, I really don’t I am the same as I was four weeks ago. I don’t have anything productive to say I don’t even have any new jokes. I


Mickey Gordon  31:49

don’t get to see you. I don’t get to. I don’t get to hug you. Right. I mean, Ray and D talked about this and they’re showing God love them for everything they have going on. They made time to podcast. That was the other thing that got me off my ass was Randy. I mean, they’re buying and selling a house right now tearing down drywall remodeling a house and they still made time to fucking pocket.


Mallory Gordon  32:07

How can I do? They’re my heroes.


Mickey Gordon  32:09

I was like, Yeah, yeah, it’s time. Yeah. And by the way, guys, I will tell you this. The only reason we are late right now is me. Mallory has been bugging me for two, three weeks now. Like, hey, let’s get something down. And when we were going to talk about this always, this is always the subject we were going to do. I’ve just been kind of a shit about it. And that’s that and so there’s me layin you know, dying on my sword for you guys. Let’s talk about something more positive. Let’s get into some


Mallory Gordon  32:35

of this. So things we’ve been making note of and that I’ve enjoyed seeing out there are people adapting to this environment and providing some joy or fun in a community setting like it like whether it’s lifestyle or non lifestyle, like we had, what was that Iowa’s connections.


Mickey Gordon  32:53

This drive is so much fun.


Mallory Gordon  32:55

They’re having a great time. I think this is like their third or fourth week they’ve been doing a live cast DJ party. I’m like one or two different platforms. And something that made me smile ear to ear was listening to music, and they have the the UV lights on and then all of a sudden Here comes Heather and Heather has one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen in my life. And she’s just fucking grooving and shaking and waving at the camera. I mean, it. You You, you felt like you were there. It was it was so much fun.


Mickey Gordon  33:23

I it takes a special. I mean, I got I always call them special. And I know it comes out sounding like maybe I don’t mean in a positive way. But I really do. They love their their friends and their people so much that they actually took a room in their house set up Jason’s DJ gear, and just like completely jam, like played music and dance camera and just had at it like,


Mallory Gordon  33:49

it’s so good. And she’s been giving, like cooking lessons, I guess, online. But it’s so creative. And it’s just so nice. Even if it’s not like something everyone’s into just to see people doing that kind of stuff. You know, the watch parties that are live, you know, vanilla and lifestyle?


Mickey Gordon  34:10

Well, yeah. So I think you know, we’ve been talking about just having him on the show just to chat his friends. And I think we probably will have him on to let them tell their own story. But this is the kind of stuff that’s happening out there. Right. We’ve had a couple of game nights for some content creators and some Rachel’s rascals. Yeah, rascal friends out there. Hey, you sexy bastard.


Mallory Gordon  34:27

Yeah. Oh, and you know, those guys are doing like a virtual trip, right? For the main group, so they’re riding together. So all the folks really all rascals, I believe are going to be involved or or included in this they’re going to do everyday, something a little different, whether it’s a theme night game, they’re going to give out prizes.


Mickey Gordon  34:49

Those prizes are going to be casual toys, prizes. So we’re really excited because I think you know, this is the first and for me, Jim and Rachel. Their matrix has always been about their anniversary. What it is it’s their university, they went to Hito. To celebrate their anniversary was initially it wasn’t a rascal trip, it was just them going to Hito together. Yeah. And it turned into a rascal trip. And so now this is the first time since they’ve been married, they will not be at Hito on their anniversary. So they’re going to do a virtual Hito trip this week.


Mallory Gordon  35:19

Again, just something wonderful to see. Right. And there was also we’ve saw what three or four different virtual lifestyle parties


Mickey Gordon  35:28

Yeah, right. Right, Tom and Bonnie did one a few other folks that I mean, that stuff to me is so just overwhelmingly positive that they’re still trying to bring people together. And I know that we can’t be the only ones that are feeling a little off. Now. We’re still showing up and still doing it.


Mallory Gordon  35:46

Yep. I agree. I think it’s amazing. I applaud you guys. We’re gonna get our heads out of harasses. Seriously, we do we have to look at the bright side, we have to look for the positive, the positive and isn’t just gonna fall in our lap. Right?


Mickey Gordon  36:02

Yeah. So what about like some of these group chats? Because we’ve done a few of them with our friends. And then there’s been the zoom parties. Zoom is real. Zoom has a lot of really neat features. But what I will tell folks, as an IT professional, some of you know that I’m an IT guy, don’t get naked on zoom, would be my recommendation to you anything else is probably fine. They don’t really care what you’re saying. But there’s no guarantee that your data is safe on zoom just yet, if you want to do that sort of thing. There are other platforms. Google meet is a secure platform if you’d like to use Google meet it’s included in hangouts now and it is just as good.


Mallory Gordon  36:38

Yeah, yeah. Well, and on the IT side, nothing’s ever guaranteed, especially when it’s a free service. Let’s be frank, but it’s a safer Avenue. As far as we know today.


Mickey Gordon  36:50

Yeah. And you know what, the other thing that I kind of love that’s been happening lately. What? Are you kidding baby pigs?


Mallory Gordon  36:59

Oh, yeah, I’m not getting any boobies.


Mickey Gordon  37:01

I got one tonight. Just before we started recording the show from our friends in North Carolina. Nice is awesome. I’m not gonna call him out by name, but they know who they are. They’re amazing people. They’re good friends of ours. We met him he Hito and I got there. We’re watching McAllen candy bars all over. And she said, Hey, I got my favorite candy bars in the mail today. Love it. Oh, God in that picture.


Mallory Gordon  37:30

I think I knew what you’re talking about.


Mickey Gordon  37:36

I wonder if I should send her a picture on my hair.


Mallory Gordon  37:39

Oh, can I? Can I send her the progressive pics like the before, during and after? Yeah, well sold


Mickey Gordon  37:47

out of it. It’ll also send them my boobs just because I feel left out that will make his day I


Mallory Gordon  37:51

haven’t. That’s the other thing I’m not doing. I haven’t been sending any sexy photos. You know what I’m doing tonight? I’m taking naked pictures of myself.


Mickey Gordon  37:57

I think you should done. I agree. I don’t


Mallory Gordon  38:00

know what I’ll do with them. But I’m going to take him and then I’ll decide casual. So


Mickey Gordon  38:03

when you’re 2020 we support this message. Huh?


Mallory Gordon  38:08

Sorry. I checked out there first.


Mickey Gordon  38:10

She’s thinking about boobies. I was you know, this whole thing. Like the the virtual conferences, the parties, the DJ streaming the watch parties, the sexy pigs? It’s not a replacement for human contact. It really isn’t.


Mallory Gordon  38:24

Well, it is because it is and again, adapting and survivability. Like is there’s the role here and to see that and going yeah, you know, you’re right. Thank you for what you’re doing for the community. Thank you to keep for keeping positivity out there. I’m ready to on hermit myself. Yeah, at least socially speaking.


Mickey Gordon  38:48

I agree. And, you know, we did a really fun thing with Kate from swinging down under a week before laughs Yeah. Are we allowed to talk? Yeah, we are. So she just released kind of a, like, upcoming episodes thing. And she said that we did a truth or dare and I sent her a message. I was like, really? Was that what that was? It was actually two truths and a lie.


Mallory Gordon  39:07

Yeah, it was I was like I didn’t get there to do shit and I gave them way too much personal information about my


Mickey Gordon  39:13

dirty things.


Mallory Gordon  39:14

There’s There’s things they know that I don’t know that you knew before we started that. Well, the rest of


Mickey Gordon  39:19

the planet is going to know soon enough.


Mallory Gordon  39:21



Mickey Gordon  39:24

tuned into swinging down under if you haven’t, those guys are awesome. They’re good friends of ours. And they have an episode coming out where we actually for the first time join somebody specifically to be on their podcast. So we’ve we’ve recorded with Janie Angie, who right fucking adore, but nice. Yeah, but it was just kind of hanging out and they just took out a recorder and we’re like,


Mallory Gordon  39:46

oh, Angie’s track. Oh my gosh. You can hear it when in my speech.


Mickey Gordon  39:52

You and Jay were in the backseat just slurring words and we


Mallory Gordon  39:55

were talking in cursive. Like there was no enunciation. It was all one long drive. Out sentence of mumbles and grants.


Mickey Gordon  40:03

Yeah, it was, you know, do you think knew everything that’s going on right now? Do you think it runs run deeper? Is it more than just about COVID?


Mallory Gordon  40:14

Well, yeah, of course. Yeah. What do you get that?


Mickey Gordon  40:16

Well, I just, I mean, I, what I mean, as far as the lifestyle goes, you know, we’re When is it going to start up again? Who’s going to be there? What are options going to be? How are people going to act? I mean, they’re talking about people on planes, you know, not being able to being able to sit close to each other. I made a joke about inflating a condom and throwing it at somebody to fuck themselves with what, what? What’s gonna happen? I mean, what do you think? I mean, do you have any time now? Well, welcome to why people are having problems. Right?


Mallory Gordon  40:46

Okay. Yes. Because we want to know the whole story. You know, when you pick up a book, you have the option to read the ending, right? And figure out what’s going to go on. So you don’t have to have anxiety and panic over it. I think that that question is on a lot of people’s minds. It’s just, it’s a wait and see, we have to be very patient with the environment we’re in and strive for a sense of normalcy. Once we’re past this, and continue to adapt and fill our cups as best as we can. I think it’s going to change a lot of things. I think there’s going to be some hesitation and some trepidation when all these bends of travel and socializing are lifted, and the lock downs are, quote, unquote, over, I think it’s gonna be a lot of people’s mentality, mentality hat will adjust. I mean, think about our grandmothers grew up and then a great depression, right? Did your grandmother like save her bacon grease, and like, do all these things in like flour was, it’s not just measured for baking accuracy, because everyone knows that that chemistry behind baking is very important, but


Mickey Gordon  41:53

couldn’t get more of it.


Mallory Gordon  41:54

But like you like if you spilled flour, I think counter like by accident, you scoop that up and put it back in the bag like it’s it was it’s a commodity, and it was very valuable back then. So I’m curious to see how everyone’s behavior is going to change out of crisis mode, because some things stick and some things don’t. It’s hard to say. Like,


Mickey Gordon  42:15

that’s crazy. So do you think that for our generation, which I honestly thought the seminal moment in my generation was 911, I really did. I thought that was the defining moment of my generation. And now this, this is lasted longer. I know, there was a lot of stuff around it. And it’s amazing. The most offensive thing I hear in the American media is never let a good crisis go to waste. And it’s been repeated so many times and has nothing to do with what party said it because I think all parties have done it. It doesn’t matter. I’m just saying when, when anyone in power takes advantage of the way people feel it really it and they do they all do it. Fuck them. They all do it. But I just think it it creates a situation where things get fucked up and 911 it definitely happened. And it led us into wars that we’re still in and countries that we’re still in and people are still dying, there’s a listener that I get a chance to talk to, I’m just gonna call him catfish. He’s a great dude. He reaches out to us every once in a while and Facebook and we appreciate your service. Sir, I know you’re gonna hear this at some point, and we are thinking about you. But, you know, these guys are there because of things like this, these seminal moments that happened that affect our freedom and affect our country and affect our consciousness and affect the way people think and affect the way people vote. And I drives me nuts to think that something like people dying of a virus becomes, like vote worthy, like,


Mallory Gordon  43:44

an opportunity to promote somebody’s individual agenda. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I’m uncomfortable having this conversation publicly. I know. Yeah. It’s just because I hold my beliefs.


Mickey Gordon  43:58

I think the beliefs don’t matter,


Mallory Gordon  43:59

no matter. I think it does. But I don’t think that there’s going to be anything that’s going to change that you know, media’s of all caliber across the board or entertainment. You know, what


Mickey Gordon  44:11

will carry us through all this? What’s the nature of life? stylers The reason why we said we moved to Florida, we didn’t want to make friends with anybody, a lifestyle and why we didn’t have fucking friends for like 18 months.


Mallory Gordon  44:25

I think there’s an eight kindness and community aspect to it. I think they’re really good at persevering. I think they’re really good at adapting. I think that they have a more humanitarian part of them. I am maybe I’m just blessed with really great experiences of the people inside the lifestyle. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I live in a vacuum. But I think the caliber of people that occupy the lifestyle space are more often than not better humans, statistically speaking


Mickey Gordon  45:00

Do I honestly, I love people in the lifestyle. Even in you know, for me I income like lifestyle encompasses people that watch be watched, do share, don’t share, you know a lot of our listeners and I think you and I’ve talked about this before a lot of our listeners aren’t in the lifestyle at all. Yeah. Think about it and maybe it’s we had a listener send us a message this week. And he called it theater of the mind, which I loved.


Mallory Gordon  45:24

Oh, yes. That one was so well written by the way. He’s a really


Mickey Gordon  45:28

well, he was he was he was awesome. I love that stuff. I love hearing from folks like that, who talk about how this you know, affects him in different ways. And it’s not about sleeping with somebody else. It’s not about sleeping somebody is not your spouse or, or fulfilling fantasies. It’s about engaging with people that light up that theater in your mind. And I think that in the lifestyle for us. These people are more open, they’re more apt to talk they’re more apt to share.


Mallory Gordon  45:56

Yeah, a little more self aware. I enjoy


Mickey Gordon  45:58

that. And you know, speaking of sharing, and I realize we have no idea where this is going to go, but I know that these people are going to make things 1,000% better. We haven’t been recording a lot lately. You know, we have been doing and I have to give you all the credit in the world. What’s that? I know you’re looking at me like you have no fucking idea. No matter with this. No, but I am so proud to see the reaction of the lifestyle community to your playlist.


Mallory Gordon  46:27

Oh, yeah, I forgot we did that. No, I didn’t we my


Mickey Gordon  46:30

ask you Did 99% of it. The only one that I did myself without your help. No one’s seen because I haven’t posted it yet.


Mallory Gordon  46:38

Oh, that’s such a good playlist. And you know what, it’s just not a genre I occupy come on to smile a lot of my time. It’s so let’s be honest hairbands rock. Like that’s I listen to a lot of rock music. But I didn’t get really like you have some deep tracks on there. And I know the songs that I love the songs but I wouldn’t be able to have pulled that playlist off. It’s so good.


Mickey Gordon  47:01

Hey, we got to give us a little shout out to the pusher real quick because the pusher actually posted on Twitter that he was doing laundry to one of your playlists.


Mallory Gordon  47:07

Oh, wait, guys. And he told me that those playlists are a little personal because they bring me back to a place in time that I was I was listening to all of that music like so intimately, like it, again, holds a special place in my heart. So


Mickey Gordon  47:24

thank you. Let me tell you the place that it takes the Mallory back, just so you guys know the place is to a place in time where she was just past those adolescent years where it was illegal to have sex with her but she was probably doing it anyway. And the years before she became a functioning adult when her rent was fucking due. Okay, that’s what it took her back to because when she’s listening to these predated puberty Oh yeah, I walk into the kitchen and that ass is moving like a cyclone. Like what is going Oh yeah.


Mallory Gordon  47:54

Oh yeah, I would definitely be a mom of Tick Tock like just fucking breaking it down with spoon and one hand wearing my apron like how low can you go? Oh, watch me Where


Mickey Gordon  48:04

was your knees we’ll


Mallory Gordon  48:05

let you baby while they crack and pop which is so embarrassing.


Mickey Gordon  48:09

So if you haven’t checked out our new playlist on casual swinger comm go down the left hand side to lifestyle resources, click on the little plus sign and go to casual playlists. We have playlists like red dirt country, which is one that’s like my bump, bump bump bump. heartspace right there. I love it. Mallory’s 90s dancing her ass off life in quarantine beach chillin, sexy r&b like kink and the newest one? Babies of the 80s Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  48:37

that’s another good one. That’s why my MTV visual. Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  48:42

yeah, we’re gonna add some other some other stuff in there. I mean, I got to add my my hairband playlist I know that’s coming.


Mallory Gordon  48:48

Did we have that cover songs on there yet?


Mickey Gordon  48:50

Oh covers is not up there yet.


Mallory Gordon  48:51

Okay, I’m working on that one. I haven’t listened to it all the way through singer songwriters


Mickey Gordon  48:55

and other ones. Yeah,


Mallory Gordon  48:56

singer songwriters I’m working on. Uh huh.


Mickey Gordon  48:58

If you guys haven’t figured it out by listening to casual swinger, and I know there’s like 12 of you still listening to this episode at this point. musics our thing? We live for it. I mean, we’ve been watching every Friday night we watched Wade Bowen do his Korean stream.


Mallory Gordon  49:12

Yeah. And when I don’t watch live, I’ll go back and rewatch there’s a lot of like, independent artists out there and like bigger artists that I’ll go back and look at what they’ve put out there just for us. I mean, it’s it’s definitely worth the time and it’s like all this free, quote unquote, live music that’s available and I’ve never seen so much of it penetrating social media. It’s just it’s utterly fantastic. But going back to your music, Comment, Like that’s kind of what really cemented our relationship was that commonality we had and the passion we have for music and


Mickey Gordon  49:44

I sent you Vegemite.


Mallory Gordon  49:46

That and you sent me Vegemite? God it was anyone out there at stripped the acoustic versions of 80s hits. And you really impressed me with that album which is more about me. It was a great play. We had a really great night late last night. We had sex for the first time


Mickey Gordon  50:08

you threw it at me.


Mallory Gordon  50:10

Oh, yeah, you had my number. Oh my god so hard and then you went away like we lived, you know, 1100 miles apart. And then you sent a thing of Vegemite because we were listening to Africa, the acoustic version and I was like, What the fuck is Vegemite? I was not cultured. I have no idea what it was singing along down under, down under Yeah,


Mickey Gordon  50:31

Africa is on the album too, but down under his word are listening to that’s what it was. And yeah, because I mean, right now Kate and Daryl are freaking out. Man. What the fuck does Africa have to do with veteran?


Mallory Gordon  50:41

Oh, no, I should have not found it that drain it was I have the and


Mickey Gordon  50:47

my bad but awesome. But no, that was super fun. We had a really good time. And you did you definitely hit it like, like I was gonna pay at the end. It was awesome. And I really enjoyed all of it. But


Mallory Gordon  50:59

so my experience of Vegemite though is disgusting. And I was like he sent me fart and I can


Mickey Gordon  51:04

you opened it and gagged. I was very pleased. It’s yeast, I guess. But fortunately for you penis delivered from 1100 miles away because I came down all the time to give you


Mallory Gordon  51:15

made it worth your while


Mickey Gordon  51:16

you did it was you still do still kind of fantastic thing. Thanks for that this morning. By the way.


Mallory Gordon  51:22

You’re welcome. Now,


Mickey Gordon  51:24

what else do we have going on? We in addition to playlist, I’m a gamer, and a lot of you guys don’t know that. So if we have some listeners out there that are playing video games on the regular. I’m a Borderlands guy. I’m a Diablo guy. I’m a few other types of games. I do some Madden, and you know, some other stuff. I’m not great, but I do have fun doing it. So if you’ve listened this far in the episode and you’re playing some games reach out, let’s see if we share a platform. And I’ll jump in and play with you.


Mallory Gordon  51:51

And there goes my sex life. Whatever. I’m



making people happy. Okay,


Mickey Gordon  51:57

I bang you in the morning. I play with him at night. It’s a way it’s a win for everybody.


Mallory Gordon  52:00

Okay, as long as I get my bangs


Mickey Gordon  52:04

but don’t forget books and we are working on casual toys calm and watching some bad television. This has been a funky episode for us. We’ve just done a lot of back and forth and having you know, conversation that’s a little more raw. A little more real we have in a while. Yeah, I dig it. This is good. This is so


Mallory Gordon  52:22

good. I’m so glad you decided to do this. I’ve missed it.


Mickey Gordon  52:26

I do what I’m told you just have to tell me more.


Mallory Gordon  52:30

In my experience telling you to do telling you anything is not a wise approach.


Mickey Gordon  52:35

Well, we’re gonna come back in just two shakes, and we’re gonna talk Mallory’s box, well, her Toy Box anyway, we’re gonna come back and talk about some cool stuff you can wear and then we’ll get out of here. Ladies and gentlemen, back in two shakes, you’ve been listening to casual swinger.


Mallory Gordon  53:10

Hey guys, welcome back to casual swinger. This is Mallory. I’m Mickey. And we have a short segment for you today. Mallory’s tweet box and I really enjoy this product. I’m very excited to bring it to the table. I love


Mickey Gordon  53:25

your box. You do? Yes. It’s always got cool things in it.


Mallory Gordon  53:29

Yes. Do you love my nipples?


Mickey Gordon  53:31

They’re fun.


Mallory Gordon  53:32

Okay, because this is a delicious This is for your nipples.


Mickey Gordon  53:37

Gonna do a toybox episode?


Mallory Gordon  53:38

I am I am and here’s why. I’m really big into like cute little sexy outfits. I love my PCs. And I love unique items that are affordable. And like if I had to put this under like a category for like mallery approved or Mallory’s favorites it would be definitely be at the top of the best 120 and here’s why. There is a company called and I’m gonna I’m gonna butcher this and but we’ll have this in the show notes. Be jeu de nip.


Mickey Gordon  54:13

They do look a Frenchman a shoe. Visual the nip.


Mallory Gordon  54:17

I cannot do Alexander um yeah, that’s that was horrible. But what I love about them is they’re unique. They’re a little burlesque style with some flair to them. Like there’s one with like feathers that I absolutely love on beads tassels, but they’re not like a lot of the other mass produced ones out there. At least they don’t seem that way. They’re beautiful. Might have lasted multi uses, but they also have not just the pasty sticky version of it. But they also have one that is what they call painful like it’s kind of like a nipple clamp. They call it I call it a tweezer clamp but If anyone has tried nipple clamps or like holy shit, that was too intense, I hate that. This is like an, like a beginner beginner version of that because of the style and the times Snuggie kind of kind of it’s, it’s still it’s, you can still wear it on the nipple, but it’s not as intensity intensity comes from basically how hard you squeeze it or slide it up and down. So they still hang there. If you have, you know, kind


Mickey Gordon  55:28

of like a bolo tie. Kind of like a you know,


Mallory Gordon  55:32

like think, you know, the like tweezers, like what I pluck my eyebrows with. That’s, that’s the shape of the clamp, right? But I wouldn’t even call it a clamp. It’s more just natural tension. Okay, and if you’d like a little more grip there, you can slide it, I believe it’s up to give it a little more tension. If you like, looser, you can slide it down


Mickey Gordon  55:53

and keep those away from my nipples. Okay,


Mallory Gordon  55:55

yeah, that’s fine. Not everybody’s into it, but I love that they stay there. They’re not painful for me. They give me a little bit of a tingle. And again, they’re really pretty unique. Some of them are like the dazzle like rhinestone jewel things. Some of them are pearl. They’re light, so they don’t feel very heavy on your boob when you’re wearing them. So in that respect, they’re multipurpose, but just for the regular PCs. Again, I’ve gotten multiple uses out of a lot of these because sometimes they’re like one and done. And I love my PCs. Do not get me wrong piece tees is a great brand. But in most cases, they’re one and done because the oils from your skinny adhesive isn’t always up to par like you can use to pay tape and make them reusable. Then half your TD comes off with them. Right? Well, yeah, it is a little disturbing to watch. Like, I’m sure you’ve seen me peel it off and like it’s like a cartoon like my tits stressed out like 18 inches. It’s awful. It’s hilarious. I’m glad I’m glad you’re entertained. Great. But we’re gonna put two of my favorites in the show notes are all wonderful. And this is a lot of fun to do, especially for you folks that are like taking sexy pictures at home. I’ve seen a lot of sexiness on Twitter lately. On the pair really great with like a G string thongs Penny’s shorts. You name it. tuxedo? Yeah, yeah, sure you want a pair? That’s fine.


Mickey Gordon  57:22

That’s totally fine. Honestly, be shoo, shoo do noob Aries they had actually is a jewelry line that we carry out of other stuff. Some anklets and wrist wrist stuff that they do that is really neat. If you haven’t looked at our jewelry line on casual toys, there’s other stuff but obviously like you said, you really like those tassels that they carry. But I think they have i mean i we just actually sold some to a listener who bought a bracelet that was a big bracelet.


Mallory Gordon  57:52

That’s that’s trail and what I love about these is because of, you know, how we acquire them or whatever it may be, comparatively speaking, we’ve, we’ve priced them really well. I mean, they’re between like 12 and like $19. So they’re not going to break the bank.


Mickey Gordon  58:09

You may think that we’re cheaper than everybody else we


Mallory Gordon  58:12

are. Well, I just don’t want to sound like salesy. Like I don’t know that just weirds me out because we


Mickey Gordon  58:16

don’t do this to make money. No, no,


Mallory Gordon  58:18

we don’t. But like when I bought them before we had the toy store. I think I paid 2026 to $20 per pair.


Mickey Gordon  58:25

Oh, we don’t do this. We don’t want to fleece you guys we fucking love you guys. This is this is literally how we support our podcast. This is so we, you know. So you can actually do Patreon with one of the other content creators that we love. We want you to give them that. Absolutely. But if you want to buy some shit, buy it from us. That’s why we do casual twice.


Mallory Gordon  58:44

And then I’m picky and I like giving you guys good things.


Mickey Gordon  58:47

Yeah, that’s right. We buy good stuff. So hey, this has been Groundhog Day. We have one more episode in season 22 and I think that we should do something epic. I don’t know what but I know you have a look on your face it. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I don’t know if you know you’re gonna like paint my toes on the air or whatever. It’s a surprise to me too. Why don’t you tell everybody where they can find this one more time. We’ll get the hell out of here at 59 minutes. Beautiful.


Mallory Gordon  59:16

Thank you guys for your support and your patience with us during this time. We apologize for being delayed and having our heads up our ass. And thank you for joining us again. As you know, we’re casual swinger everywhere. Casual Feel free to shoot us a message. look us up ask us questions about traveling or about the toy store. Send us a message podcast casual swinger calm and if you’d love us, please give us a review on iTunes. And again, we’re casual swinger everywhere on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, in Iceland Instagram.


Mickey Gordon  59:51

People get it


Mallory Gordon  59:52

and on all the datingsites stubbled a nation cuivre STC SLS and Cassidy


Mickey Gordon  1:00:00

I’m gonna get her another drink, folks. No, this is Groundhog Day and we had a great time doing it with you guys. You know, regardless of whether we’re on time or we’re late, we’re always casually yours. Thank you so much for spending time with us. We’ll see you again in a couple of weeks you’ve been listening to casual swinger.



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